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November 9, 1929
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Volume III. TAMPA, FLOi't.lDA, MARCH 15, .1930 Price fi Cen t s Per Copy Yearly Ily lllail $2.00 No.5 1 DJ ured City Prisoner Is Neglected FEDERAL INJUNC TION TOUCHES ONE MACHINE b ANOTHER IN'! STANCE OF CRIM INAL NEGLECT Workmen Laid Off To. Man Save 1STALNAKER ELECTED STATE HEAD OF THE JUNIOR O.U.A.M Parks Frees M. Williams In Liquor Appeal Federal Injunction Applies Only to One Machine Knownas Today Vendors; Biggest Money Making Business In Tampa Today Is the Slot Machine Trade. .. New slot machine operators in eel for Being Drunk;. Re Employees Being Laid Off, So ceives No Medical AttC'iilion High Officials Can Contiiiue While In. a Semi-Co11$cioua to Draw Full Salaries State. More employees are falling un-Following closely upon the ocd 'er_ the ax. Mayor D. B. :Mc-,.-curence. of the death of Georg_e Kay's orders have gone out' a.nd -Hurst, 80 years af age, in the city employees are b eing laid o!f bejail, from exposure, lack -of nour-cause .the mayo r says that the city ishment and attention and the in-cannotmeet the payrolls. That firmities of old, age, came the re-means tha.t the high officials port this week or anot.b.er city must get their salary and since prisoner. who' "had been .. severely there isn't enough to go around beaten androbbed and then pick-the 'little fellows without in.ed up on 'tl!e street by a city_ po-fluehce must 19se out and lose liceman and. in jail k m & their jobs. The largest cut so far charge or drunkenness. Thls in has been. made in. the sanitary de jured priso!'.i e r received n.:i -medi-paFtment: under Tucker. Savage x c41 attention although he remain-is, tlie sanitary chiet. State Councilor ST A TE CONVEN TION HELD AT FT. LAUDERDALE L. D. IIoyt, West Palm Beach, 'Elected t0-Fill Place Form-erly Occupied by Stalnaker as State Vice Councilor. Reputed Bootlegger and. Garn this locality are eva(l.'ing the law Ft. Lauderdale at 5:30. The Lit-bier freed In Four-Year-()ld and are operating machines tha t tie River Fife and Drum corps Liquor Prosecution. are not protected under the fedl e d the parade, followe d by floats I eral injunction from seizure. A and the Juniors in regalia. At Mack Williams, reputed big recent investigation by those in-the night session of the local liquor man and owner of a Gafe 0111 terested in this situation has dis -council a numbe r of candidates I closed that the greatest money were iLitia ted ihto the order. Royal Street, and sentence d al-making business in T a mpa today The Jr. O. U. A. M. maintains most four years ago to pay a fine is thfl operation of slo t machines. two national orphans' homes, one $.500.00 and to a thirty-day Most of the slot machines being located in Lexington, N. C. valued' J a i l sentence by Judge Raleigh operate d in the city are now subat almost one and one-half mil-Petteway, went free this week un,Je c t to seizure and do not come d e r the ruling o! C ircuit Judg e lion dollars, and another located under t h e protection of the r ea t Til'fin, Ohio, valuAd at upwards L. L Parks, who was consider-cent f e d eral injunction which en-The Junior Order United Amer-""' th 1 t hi or' five million dollars. The Tif-m g e case on an appea 0 s joine d officers of the law from ican mech.anic s the -uation,'s oldest court from the criminal court of -fin home accommodates over patriotic oreder com_posed of2men one thousand children alone The rceord. Juc!!'e Parks ma.d e an d e r reversing the judg m e n t of the criminal court in the liquor :: -ed 1n a practically unconscious.' 'i Fifty Jobs Gone. : -.. state days in _He has abolished practically flf,:L.'. :-.... : tY. of employees of every business and p rofession, order was founde d eighty years e lected as the hea. d of the l ago and is composed of nati ve born citizens. case. orgamzat10n for the coming y ear, Convicted For Gambling. Leo Stalnaker of Tampa, forme r It was also remembered this seizing these machines This injunction was obtained by Peacock le Pa:rker as attorneys !or 0. L Rickard; A copy of this f e deral injunction order show s that only one type machine is protecte d from seizure by the officers and that is the type known "as "Today" venders. Only a comparatively sma.11 number of these are being operated in Tampa and these even are not protect e d from seizure from certain sources. All of the rest of the slot machines being operated can be seized by .. '.,;.-._-, !18.lne Withheld; have_ been, removed "for cause/: "' v);bo .. o\it-..tiie :to his-report.-t o the -lit,.. +;;. -tl:ie'ii ni:ii.e : Of the: Dian 'ill'.th<:i "for cause': has not yet been given .-: :"; -fqt reasolfS, ollt to the public But fa gener11.i. f'.": ,' liut 'the n 'ame will -be given later-ly reported that the "cause" is :Wifh_;_full details of the that the "higher ups" must keep member of the Florida legislature It seems to be pretty gen e ra.Hy week that some time after the conand former judge of the muni-admit_ted in state now that a viction of Mack Williams on this Tampa, Mr. _StalHoovercrat is entitled to vot e the liquor charge in the criminal nake r was elected the State d emocratic ticket in any election court he was also tried before Councilor of the organization un-In which the pope is not a candi-judg e Petteway on a gambling animously and without opposition. date But in Alabama the regulu1 charge, -and was sentenced to The state convention was held at are not yet ready to admit that serve one year. At the time ,, rence.: J:t sems that this. prisoner, their from being cut Un-LEO STALNAKER Ft. Lauderdale last Monday and a Hoovercrat is even human. Judge Petteway _sentenced Mack On Page. 3) (con;tiqued On Page 2) was attended by delegates from The Arcadian (Continued On Page 2) (Continued On Pa'e Two) "' the diff e r ent local councils New York Money throughout the state Vice-Councilor Two T erms. Mr. Stalnaker was elevated to the highest office in the state from the station or state vice-councilor where h e had .served two terms. ,. l"I .-r. __ r -Back B ootl egging Mr. Stalnake r succeed s Charles T.0 Vining, iJf Mim s, Florida as state councilor. Mr. Vining had Big Money and. Bmtks ing the rum trade The liquor busi-. "Do you think I dont know that also served two terms in this of-Hv A I B kB. l ness and the gambling p;rofession liquor is-sold in Dearborn. Of .. ce, havi"n g been elected for the ere so _ac oot egging, u are. two of the outsanding busin-I know it. It is sold here first time_ at the state convention SiLY Prominent Tampans'.. .-nesses in Tampa. because the liquor interests are held at Titusville two years a g o. .. House CoIDJUittee Gets concenti,:ating in this neighbor-Mr. Vining via select_ e d to the The York World this week bo.od because they know I am a office of Junior Past State Coun-quoted Henry Ford as that Mr. Ford sent a telgram to the dry the big money-interests in. New-house judiciary committee in "Prohibtion can be enforced York are back o f the bootlegging Washil!:gton describing the prohi-because we enforce it here at my in tb.is country, and that liquor in-bition amendment as the great-factory. I simply won't let men Free Airport Sites Do Not Appeal To the City Officials Tract. '. terests are coneentrating near ,his est source of comfort and pros-work i! they drink. factozy :in Dearborn, Michigan, perity ln the United States. fa "Wl).y are the New York news becau!!e they know he lsa 'dry. his telegram Mr. Ford is quoted papers so foterested in prohiblProminent Tampans th.is Wf!ek. as having asked, "D() you think I tion? I'll tell you why It is be-commenting. upon"' Mr. Fords as-do_n't know who is back of the cause they are contz:olled and sertions declare.: that_ the big bootlegging-busiiiess in this coun the y do what they. are told. Evmoney inter!iJsts -.here in, .Tampa tr;r?'' erybody wants to show up Henry are backing the bootlegging ap.d ''It is th{l big money interests Fords town.' Any way it is very apparent to zation for a number of years. The the public tha t the airport sites other officers elected include: E o ffere d so far, free to the city, 0. Cossaboon, state treasurer; F. have r e c eived v ery little considerH. Morley, state conductor; Jobe ation. The latest offer o f a free Brown, state warden; E. B. airport site tract came from the Pirtle, state inside sentinel; G. Curtiss-Bright Company this smuggling' in this. city and that of New York. You dont think the It i s said that" the N e w York certain ban!t officials here are bootleggers could finance these World sent a staff representative H Sapp, state outside sentinel, week. and: J. E Over, state chaplain. 360 Acres Off e 1ed. lending a: helping hand in fin.anc-liquor deals themselves, do you?' (Continued On Page Two) .. underworld Among Gamblers PFovokes 'Chief Nationa1 Councilor Attends. The Nationa1 Councilor of the order, Omer C. Stubbs, nationally known attorney of Covington, Kentucky, attended tb:e meeting and addre ssed the state convention. both at the morning and the afternoon session. Mr. Stubbs has under his direction approximately four -hundred thousand .,.....---------. members of this order through-Big Businesses Not Required To Pay License To the City i Says Polii=e halls who have been paying off on I some of which has been-made to out the nation Mr. Stubbs, prev-Two of Tampa's Big Businesses On bolita on the numbers thrown by the officers of the law, that the ious to his election as national "'-e Not Reqwr" ed by the _, Has Fifteen Men to His e, I -any license at all for the privilege J legal business are not rejll.uired of doing business. These are the to contirbute in any way to the liquor joints and the gambling upkeep of the city or. toward' the AU the big three. The big three Big Three are not playini the councilor, served as a member of City to Pay Any City .Licene '" -But He Will Render Pos-some time ago .began to have game. square. They complain the board of trustees of the or-., I halls. Perhaps the most prosper-burden of taxation. Very f e w '. ,. isible '' double and triple drawlngs at that they ai'e being discriminated gf..nization. Monday night Mr. Discrimination Made Against -. night to financially hurt the lit-against aB.d it seems that some of Stalnaker addressed a joint meet-Others in Legitimate Business ous business in Tampa today ls merchants or other business or the gambling industry. Slot ma-professional men are doing the chine operators,bolita operators, enormous business being done by l The: wa.r going. on 'tie .,fellows. The latest. move them feel. that the police depart-ing of the members of the order '' _in .Tampa.-the .gamblers, ina9e a. few days ago by one of ment ought to do something abput and the Ft. Lauderdale councii the big Pote and .the Big T1:tree was to have its it. They want the polic to of the Llaughters of America. Mr. :._ the .. little independent regular'-daily throwing_ several make the Big Three g Ung Stalnaker also addressed the ; : .. .-, gambling scattered all over hours ahead of time and then send houses stop their unfair tactics' convention at both the morning f :the clty;,.l!as Ohief of ou_t rlihn_ers to all the 'independ-and shoot straight with the lit-the afternoem session. Mr. :.:0 ,,Police Esli. Knight: 'It -appears ent houses who bought up all of tle fellows. Police Chief Knight Vining, tlie retiring state coun:--'that some of ... the 'available bollta tickets qn the is somewhat dsturbed. over the cilor also addressed the state _-:-: --: ... : t :_.ent number big f?ss and week, convention in tlie afternoon and tpat are ._being -at&; b _ee11 at. Serafm's bu,t of "The originaLorders _.. Mayor at the joint meeting Monday agii.inst. Fof wb,,lth the independent _houses' McKay had. never been _changed aight. months. this war has been going were unaware. It about and these orders will be enforc-theo:Blg .Three,and the tiroke t,he little fello"iv'S. ed' to the letter; It is presumed Hold Parade.; independent' and from tiine Wap.,t Fa.tr PlaJ". that Chlef Knigh t was referring to ,_ :" 5 *. .. At the close of the state council Monday afternoon a parade was held through the streeta of (Continued Oa Pace I) The is discriminating in lottery operatos and the operat-the owners and proprietors of the collecting the city license tax for ors of the big gam'!>ling halls Big Three gambling halls here as the doing of business within the that are running wide open in the well as the other gambling estabcity 'limits of Tampa. Doctors, city, are doing the most flourish-lishments and liquor jojnts. Yet merchants, and other business ing business ever experienced in these proprietors escape taxation, and professional men by the hun-Tampa but yet no city license is both in the way or occupational dreds have been summoned into required to be tacked on the tax and ta:x: on personal property. court this week to pay their city wall. S _ince 1t is illegal to have posses-license ta.:x: for the. privilege of Legitimate Business Suft'ers. sion of gambling paraphernalia doing business .within the city Legitimate business is sufrering and. equipment under the city limits of Tampa. But they are on account of thitf'iiiscrimination. ordinances, these proprietors opbeing discriminated against by People doing business erate their places of business with the city oftiela.ls. Two of the in the city are required to help fixtures, furniture and app&ratus principal businesses i11. the city of P&Y the expenses and burdens of costing Into the thousands of dol-Tai;npa are not required to pay the city. Those who are doing 11-(Continued On Page Two) ...


.siturd.;y, March 15, 1930 --1 A.a Ieadeat, PncrH.iH W"kly Newitpa)er QnM. Pwltliallel nry 8att!raay lty tile J'LOlliaA. LIPI! PUaLil!UNG COMPANY, '!uaa.. neria ..aterl11l ..... 11 .... o 41i eau llr--' Plteae'Oll ....... _. ................ ----....................................... =-=----- -.r.a aa MO&ua Matter, Karell !1,. 1111, a.t tit. !"Htoace at 'PaaJ&, FterW.a, Va'1er tile A.ct ef Maralt 3, 117!. it is something which one should-"'possess even though he _must part with all else in order to obtain it. The parable of the net, considered the fifth parable in the series in today's lesson, has to do also -with the coming of the kingdom and separation of the go9d and the bad at the final coming. The good and the bad shall be separated and appropriately disposed of. sis in this last parable is not so much upon the presence -Of the good and bad the net that was cast info the sea. but upon the certain separation of the good from the bad when. the net was brought to shore. LEGITJMA TE BWSINESS SUFFERING. make raids upon the -underworld political reasons. Since the unless they are willing to work "econamy program' did not begin over time during-the night for with the "higher ups" it is fear-Will Hogg Revival which they get no pay. But there ed that the ones to lose their jobs Dr. Will Hogg will speak at all ls absolutely no excuse for the will be ones who perhaps do not three services in the l "nite d Bre-. police department not putting a merit dismissal. then Chu_rch Sunday. At 2:30 stop to lawlessness says the citl-in the afternoon his subject will zens. The .city has more th!).n be the Second Coming of Jesus. fifteen policemen to every deputy Church Notice He has chosen this su_bjcet by re-sheriff in the sheriff's office. quest of hundreds of Tampans Sheriff Joughln said, "I am glad First United Brethren, 3300 who have heard him deliver this that the city has thrown its forces Nebraska Ave., Rev. W. D Mitm essage on previous occasions. J 1nto the fight. I am with them chell, pastor. In principle and purpose. Tile po-Preaching 11 a. m. -by Dr. REGISTER XOW. You can't ,-ote lice department has about fifteen Will Hogg. either in this primary or at the men to my one. I think the drive Preaching 2ff30 p, m. by Dr. general election unless regisshould be against lawlessness Hogg subject "The Second ter anew under the 1929 law. where _ever it exists. The big ing of Jesus." Sat.:_ Oa Teu la A.clnaee U.tl ats K.tln la -'.&T&IUI fl.It Legitimate business is suffering in Tam pa because of the of lawlessness. The citizens are going to. awaken to that fact before long and an public sentiment is going to force the city administration to do its dufy. Merchants, doctor's, lawyers and other business and professional men are being called upon in large numbers this week to pay their occupational taxes to the city to support the burdens of government. The mayor says the city can not meet its payroll. These license taxes must be forthcoming. But the most prosperous and flourishing businesses in Tam pa are not required to pay taxes. The liquor trade and the gambling trade goes on and prospers as never before but not a single liquor joint or gambling hall pays one penny to the city for taxes. No occupational tax is required the is illegal. Not one penny is paid for personal tax on costly equipment and gambling paraphernalia because the possession of this is unlawful. Yet legitimate business must pay its taxes and contribute to the city's coffers. How much longer will the citizens suffer this condition to exist? fellows along with the little ones. Preaching 7: 30 p. m.-Public "Strugglling laws, for Ip.stance. Any :failure on my part has not been for any lack of purpose or ultimate intention." Ford Says New York Money Interest Back Bootlegging (Continued from page one.) to Dearborn to e stablish how much comfort and prosperity the eighteenth amendment had brought to Dearborn, and that this mission was inspired by the telegram that l\fr. Ford sent to the house judici11:ry committee. More Workmen Laid Off To Save City Officials (Cont inued from page one. ) d e r the may ors e c on omy program in operation and an opera for stands nearby with his pockets full I TltE VOLLOWYN6 PlErt.tJON!'l AltB BY Tl'lis!T 2!1"ooa-A.T eoUMAMDDlti G!Dl'Jll&AL, WDOM W1ll ALL MU i .. of money to pay cash for the cheeks that the player::. receive I XU!l i !:, tl!Jl'N. PVSIAC, TO AJNWER TBJi; F-OLLOWJNG QWS are drawing down from-the slot machines when the players make three bars on TIOWG : -salaries. tre m endous the machines they get the jack pot which is anywhere from To Dr. G. C. Bottari, city physician: Did you do as Going, Going, Gone. A t least a d o ze n mo r e men from much for G1';orge Hurst, the aged prisoner who died in his cell. the sanitary d epartii1en t a l one a r e i as you did in providing medical attention for bhe other, injured slated to g o in the next !ew j last week who remained in a practically unconscious d a ys. O t h e r departments of the 1 f h d d I citv als o a r e to r e e l the ax so I Our attention this week is directed to .the of finances c o n d iti o n some time a ter e was arreste e to miunes re-. other "running e x-I f h H cei"ved at the hands of thm?:s who robbed h .im? that the $20.00 on uP.. .... FINANCING BOOTLE9GING. Ford to the hose judici;uy committee with reference t o To the C onstable o f the Y b or City District; ls the r e any out further hindrance. The Hause Elections Commitstruggle if he can eventually bet e e has finally decided that Ruth come a real lawyer. There are Bryan Owen is the representative many attorney who have been of the Fourth Congressional Dis-struggling forty years to become trict. Of course all of us know a lawyer and have not qualified this before but with the official fas yet. Some of the m a r e good seal put on Our Ruth her work 11 bookkeepers and: others are good "'.ill probably be made easier this stenographers and some g o to the time forward. l e gislature "Always the Molt oft-he BeSt fop the Least" You Will Be Delighted With the \Vide o f F ood Products Carrie d in Our Stores. The Assort men ts Cover Practically Everything You Require for .Your Table. or t e bootlegger as a result-of the telegra m sent by e nry p ense s of the city can g o on with I bition. Mr. in his telegram declared that the big money federal injunctio n that prevents you fro m seizing the slo t m a -The "iittle feller s"are quiwr-. interests of New York. were 'backing bootlegging S"!v eral chine s in the ElDorado C afe that use h a lf dollars and pay oif ing in t h eir sho e s. Eve r yone i s I fu[]OOOO!J[)QQGO!J!JDOODODODOoOOODDDODOOOOODCi:::Gcoooooo h ; specu l ating o n who is t o go n e,t. OOOODIJOODDODDOCIJOlJOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOODOOO DDOOD prominent Tampans have remarked that the same con dition in t e s a m e size e.xists here, and-that ap.d smug g l ing here i s j To D. B. McKay : Since the a n d g;;p fmanced by big money interest s and by some b ank officials. l business IS the most prosperous and, fl o unsh1ng business m public d e p a r t m ent !s also slated .. Mr. Ford said, "YOU don't think these could finance' Tampa don. t you think-you oug h t to recomm e n d t o the board for a bi g cut in p e r sonnel. d d Th. b I f ld h d th t d h Id T h e citi z"n s genentll y glad that these big liquor. eals-themselves, o yo_u? e oot egger is o a ermen t at persons engage m ese ra es s ou pay -compelled to have financial aid, in handling large deals. It is" a city occupational license to the city? the p e n s lioners" ln the I sanitar y d epartment are likel y to '.; unthiqkable. that the banks of our country would lend their aid T o a federal judge: Why are you so interested g o that i s i f the ec o n o m y program -: to law violations. But it is sa:id that this is done in the in trying to get anti-prohibition speakers sent into this state? is fairly c a rried out. The r et!r-=_. Tampa as well as -in other sections of the country, ing head of the sanitar y d e p art-' : b M F d p k F -e i ,,.ht."-fi""e ner cent o f the mone y men-t Fre d McIa v a r e d boc_>j:_leggmg ;and smugglmg IS a profitable usmess. r. or I ar s rees b '- w a y s plac e d in the machine r emains ago s aid that these "leaches pre-qoesxi't give work to _men _wh? drink. If other big business men Mack Williams the re. Some of thes e m a chines sente d a n impo s s i b l e situation i n _::Wo"U.Id adopt this.policy there would be 'more happy_hon;,es In Liquor Appeal pay off in. coins but t h e nio s t or tlt e depar t iile n t a )ld co nstituted a we would-have more law enforcement. Mr. Ford said, Proh1-them pay off in checks I n many tre m endo u s each mont h _.be -eriforced because we enforce it here at the (Continue d from pag e one. ) instance s an e m p lo yee remai a s on the taxpayer s ; It is feared I l I k h 'f th-' d k Th t n ear the m achine w i t h money in tha t a large n u m ber o f these "po -"--.-t. ozy_ <_. s1m_ p .Y w on t e_t m en wor ere 1 c:y nn a w_ illiams on the gamb.lin. g c,har g e -cf i. his pocket to r e deem the lit ical pensioners" will be kept for :. ,-_1s "a:h_ : adq_:i1rable rule No man shoul be given wor-".: :or em-[ 1t was fou_ nd that Wilham s apchecks a s -soon as t h e y are ob-_,ploymeI}t firm or_corporati9n who will break peal in the liquor case to J u d g e taine d from the m achine, T>ic se h .: c' F d PaTks h a d not be e n -completed for t e .of_ Mr-. o r further asks the mterestmg s ome i"easoh. Judge Petteway im-checks are r edeemed in c a sh. The 11 R E N T A C A R .and '.lns""e:rs it as follows: "Why are the New m edia \ e l y dir e c t e d the f1e i-k of his gigantic scal e on which these ma-Drivo YOIU'll011 d h'b' ") I'll 11 h I chines are being o pe rated and the i f:tandard Daka, lUI mlldtls new,sPa_?ers mtereste m pro 1 Itron. te you_ w y. I court to issue a _In amount of money being AUTO RENTORS, INC. ; Becaus(!'they are controlled, and they do what theyare told to' some m anner the appeal was fm from these operations i s as-11 113-Z'lek S t P!iou 1281 do.''.::._ Aiid, itis, s?-fe 'to sa:fe to that ihe Tampa newspapers ally brought b efore. Judge Parks tounding. j .. h h Thb h b h but Williams has never paid any Opposite Vi11tary TJ;teatre r are_ ,m.,t e :same s ape. ey are ot wet ec;ause t ey are '"""'COi : ,_ .. . fine or served any time. a ::!Ilan takes-a stand agamst the bquor interests In the liquor case Williams was and-the underworld this city, both newspapers will jump on convicted of possession and sale him both feet criticize 0and ridicule and attack him of liquor and Judge Petteway from every When: the opportunity is presented for either impos e d a penalty or $500.00 fine j :,..,_;;=:.newspaper .to make 'an attack upon that person and thirty in. the jail .' d with the. stipulat10h that m d e ->--.'the .motive and the real facts, tliat opportumty 1s never passe f It f t f th r w-1 l au o pavm e n o e ine 1 -Big Businesses Not Required To P.ay City License (Continued fro m page on e.) Jars and y e t do not pay o n e penny of personal tax. The city can by.-. 'These' newspapers will willingly-anp knowingly withhold! Iiams was to serve an additional ;t < ; in order-to. mislead the public and P!OSecute and camou-five months in jail. not very well collect tax on per--, flige th'e iittackupo_ n a pe:rson-who has the nerve and backbone sonal property that is 1lle gal for one to have ln his pos session. a!1d to Evade Slot ":'---,, i Machine Injunction -PARABLES OF THE KINGDOM. I Citizens are beginning to complain that there is a reason for ;,-.h I l U "f I (Continued from page one.) -' ... e nternatlona m orm Sunday School lesson for study th ,,,1 f th 1 d _., <,-, _,, -e oucers o e aw an are is entitled "Barables of the_ Kingdom." The les i not proteded under the federal inson nmtenal taken from the 13th Chapter of Matthew con-: junction. Certain officers hav e ,:\> 9f Jesus -The first two parables deal 1 been_ using the excuse that the 'With the_co_ mi:ri.g of the kingdom, but u _nder two federal in?unction them the hard times in thi s city and there ls a reason why legitimate businesses suffers. ........ .. .,,, .. d 'ff." ' ._.. .; :Th bl f th d d from seizin (7" machmes Underworld War, Among Gamblers Provokes Chief >.-. 1 e para e o e mustar see Pay 'lngh For sbi.nds. com:s fro:1} small beginnings.-Th.e The slot machine operators (Continued from pag e one. ) plantsthe seed is not d1.:;couraged because the seed is coming into this locality are fight gav_ e as a matter of form -when that-}t takes a long time' to gr.ow. So_ it is ing !or places in which to he assume d the office of mayor of : Though its beginning is -it their machines, pool rooms, drug that .the underworld must b e life and _growth, and is always alive and stores; cigar stands and other clo sed up. Ever since lt h a s bee n ...... ... . of business are coinino-tlie wider open tha n eve r before in -: ,i:g--tqw ... in. g '_arid_._:_,_ n o o ne. should: be discouraged With its. apparent .,. ...-o money. Slot machine operators the history of Tampa. i ---and motive of all -five are ofl'ering twenty-five -per cent Would Hit Big Boys i The urcoultn 'J<.ouge l .lorida' a Moat pretty much the same as in the of the profits from the ma_chines Sheriff Joughin declared this I ip) >tir last Sunday.' 'ihey-are plus $500.00 a year, merely for week that he would do every-t9 .. ,r -their fajth in the privilege of' placing a slot ma-thing in his power to assist the. b: :: ::, !:: 1 Beautiful Nixht Clult the ;jpiilstard are located near schools and the regula:r deputies who are kept I "'' A fl'fe :ean-secure in these nickle an and responding to. emergency qu_arter machines. -the machines calls throughout the county. .. 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. Injured City -. Negl'ected ;'" ,;My Barb"er, was Prosser, Wasbington; stores do 1;1,ot contribute to the th.at t'here is no person in the State: of Florida the service of a growth and welfare of a; subpoena upon whom would bin.d L. E. WOMACK, ity, but a:l'!'ay more money the said defendants. or either or Solicitor for Complainatlt (SEAL).... ->-. By ODIS E. MOY,. -Deputy, Clerk. (Continued Fr.om tha,nthey bring_ in. They_ do not them, and that each ot. the defen-State of Florida, County of Hills.' 'i ... who also well up in years, had been sev:erely a_nd robbed and let.t in an unconscious condition upon the streets _by contribute the su'pport of char-dants are oyer the age or twenty-borough. . one years; it is therefore ordered I h b t'f th t th b ity. If contmued, cham stol'es will. h .d d t D f d t ere Y cer 1 Y a e a ove t at sa1 non-resi en e en an s a,nd fore"oino-is a true copy of the prevent the youth ot. today enter-be arid they are hereby required to 1 "' d "' f bl" -t' d -,. d d' t t th B'll C 1 i t origma or er o pu 1ca 10n ma e ing busmess ._as. an m epen en appear o e 1 O om_p an jn said cause onfile in my oftl.ce. merchant. thugs. A city policema_n happen-. "I think e!lch 41omm{mity is bet-ed upon' the body and sent the ter o.l! .witb the independen,t stores man. to the city jail charged with owned and operated by local peodrunkenness. The man 11.ppea.rpie owning homes and. otner pro-ed on Monday morning before the t d h t .b te their per y an w o con ri u police Judge atter having spent h f t"e taxes help support d s are o u -two days ln Jail'. was m a the schools; churcjles and contrisemi-conscious condition and was b. t t h ritv and do other things d Id ueoca.J, sentenced to. spen severa ays h. h t ake a -community 1 It d th t w ic go 0 m in the city Jai is sa1 a th living in." friends visiting the prisoner dis-wor filed in saill cause on or bet.ore Monday the 7th day of April, A. Tampa, Florida, March 4th, D.-1930; otherwise the allegation11 1930 of said bill will be taken as con W. A DICKENSON, fessed by said Defendants. Clerk. It is further ordered that this (SE .\L) order be published.-once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordere d in Tampa, Fla., this the 6th day of March, A D. 1930. By ODIS E .MOY,, Deputy, Clerk. _(3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. 39207-C Bowling Green Exp_onent. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. In the Circuit 'Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. Chancery. -MARGURETTA FOGLE, Co'mplainant. covered that he had been severe-(SEAL) !y beaten on the back of his head XOTICE! By KATE C. ROBINSON, n. C. ..,-s. -;, it is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa,, Fla., this the 7th day of. March, A, D. 1930. W .A.. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. (SEAL) By KA.TE C. ROBINSON, Il. C. PE.A.COCK & PARKER, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida, County of Hillsborough. I hereby. certify that the abon and foregoing is a true copy of the original order of pul;llication made in said cause, on file in my -0t11ce. Tampa, 1930. Florida, March 7th. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court (SEAL) By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. and was cut and bloody and they LEO STALNAKER, LYLE E. FOGLE, Notice is hereby given that I, Solicitor for Complainant. Defendant. K. aeos&-O immediately demanded some medl Cherrie Claridy, heretofore ap-State of Floridll., County of H1lls-The State of Florida to In th elreult Court, Tllirteentb cal attention for the man in his pointed guardian of the estate of borough. Lyle E. Fogle. 1udielal Circuit, H!U1borough cell. This medical attentio' n was W Thomas Claridy, insane, will I hereby certify that the above It appearing by affidavit ap-Co11.nt:r. State of Florida. lB promised but was not" sent until make application to the-Hondorablef and foregoing is a true copy of pended to the bin in the above Chu.cry. d Th i ed Judge G. H. Cornel,ius, Ju ge 0 the original order of publication stated cause that the residence of COR.&. J the ay: e rema n the County Judge s Court in and made in said cause, on file in my Lyle E. Fogle, the Defendant Cemplaln&nt, !lractically for sev-'for Hillsborough County,-Florida, office. therein named, is unknown; that Ta. eral days. on the 8th day of April, A. D., Tampa, Florida, March 6th; the defendant' s last known ad-1.AMM H. WJ:ST, Cit'' Interested in Cats: 1930 at 10: 30 A. M. o'clocJ\ or 1930. dress is 703 North 12th Street, Deflendaat. ,At. last meeting of the soon thereafter. as I can. be W. A. DICKENSON, Terre Haute, Indiana ; that there ORDER FOR PUBLICATION heard for authority to sell at Clerk Circuit Court. is :no person in the State of Flor-It .. ppearin: by ,atl'l.da.Tit a.tr boa_rd or-aldermen it seem that private sale the foll9wing_ describ (SEAL) ida the service of a sub1.1oena up-pended to th bill 1n th abon the city is tremendously interested ed property, situate, lying and By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. on whom would bind the said demta.ted ell.UH tla. t 1a.me11 H. Weit, in cats and dogs and in matters being in the County of Hillsbor-( S )-8-15-22-29 ( 4 )-5. fendant, Lyle E. Fogle,, and that tho defend11.nt therein namttd la pertaining to the city impounding oug17 and State of-!lorida, niore he is over the age of twenty-one or the State of Fl-0rff. d th ab h particularly described as fol-No. years; it is therefore ordered that Ida, and i' a resident of the Coun-9 ieer an : e a.i s lows. b d h t f S lk d St t r 1 l In the Circuit court, I'hirtc:>ellth said Defendant e an e i s nere-Y o uuo an a. e o ....... 1a-county Humane Society an_ d spent Lot 414 of Meadowbrook b d t t th B.ll chusett, and that the Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Y require o appear o e 1 so A .. considerable time In discussing Subdivision as per map. or plat County, Florida. In Chancery. or Complaint filed in said cause on a.nd pre!'lent or the defen-cats and dogs but the case of the thereof as recorded in Plat NETTIE E. BAILEY, or before Monday the 7th day of d ant is 816 Orme _.\ve., Phoenix, Ge Book 11 at page 71 of the Compl.ainant. April, A. D. t930; otherwise the Ariiwn&; and_ that is no per. death .of aged prisoner, orge .Public Records of Hillsbor-hi& St t th i t Hurst, in hi,s cell at police head-OU2'.h Coun tv.' Florida, said vs. allegations Q.f said bill will be tak-I son in t & e,h e een lcde bo. d' HENRY JACK BAILEY,. en as confessed by said Defendant. aubpoena upon w om wou lil qua!'ters while awaiting;trial -for property also being known as Defendant. It is further ordered that thiS the Gaid d efendant and that he i 9 vagrancy, no action 102 West North ;Bay The State of Florida to order be published once a week oTer the age of twenty-one yea.r11 official investigation from the according to ..... the enumeration Heilly Jack Bailey. for four consecutive w e eks in the ot. a,ge; it is therefore ordered board ::-Of aldermen. Dr: G. c. of the Cit_y of T ampa: It appearing by aftl.davit ap-Tampa Life; a newspaper pub-that sa.id non-resident defenda.nt the same bemg the property of pended to the bill in the above lished in said County and State. b alld he is hereby ordered and ,_ Bottari, city physician, made a W. Thomas Claridy Insane. sntated cause that Henry Done and ordered in Tampa, reQuired to be and nppeu to the full report on _the "death of :Mr. CHERRIE CLARIDY, Bailey, the Defendant therein Fla., this the 7th day of March, b1ll of complaint filed on s:tid Hurst in the city jail and said Guardian for the Estate of W named, is a of the A. D. T930. cause on or before Monday, the physical examinatiqn of Thoma-s Cla.ridy. State of Fforida: and tha t his last W. A. DICKENSON, 7th day of April, A. D. 1930; oth-,the prisoner-_showed th_ e man at (3)-_15-22-?9 (4)-5. known residence as particularly as Clerk Circuit Court. enrise the allegations of sa.!d bill known was Sacramento Califor-(SEAL) will be ta.ken as confessed by s11id the time of his. arresf to. be suf-l\IOTlONi OF ADOPTION nia that affiant "does ncn' know his By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. fering .from. exposure and' a COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH address. tha"t there is no PEACOCK & PARKER, It is further ordered th&t th!E ailment c .ommon.;to persons ot. ad-TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: p erson in the State of Florida the I Solicitor for order be once_ a week vancing years. Hurst died from Notice is hereby given that the service of a subpoena .upon whom I hereby _certify that the abov e I !or four consecutive weks in the undersigned persons intend to ap-would bind the said defendant and foregomg is a true copy of T;;.m_p:t Li!e, a news:e>aper pu_bllsh exposure: lack of nourishment and ply and have applied after pub-and that Henry Jack Baile y is I the ori!$in a l order o f publi?ation ed in add County and ?tate infirmities ot. 'old age and the lication of this notice as over the age of twenty-one years; made in said cause, on file m my Done ai: d ordered m Tampa, c;ity report clc:sed with by l aw. in a newspaper, published it is therefor e ordered that .said I office. Florida., this 12th d;i.y of February the .suggestion that s.uch in the county of residence of the non-resident Defendant be and he Tampa, Flonda M arch 1 t h A. D 1930. undersigned persons, for an order is' herel5y required to appear to 1930. W. A. should :not be in the from the Honorable F. M. Robles, the Bill of Complaint filed in said W A. Clerk Clrcuit Court. judge of the. circuit co'urt in and caus e on 'or before Monday the Clerk C1rcmt Couri:. (SEAL) -. 2 .for said county, to authorize the 7th da. y of April, A. D. 1930; oth-(SEAL) By ODIS E. MOY, D. C adoption of Russell-Collins, a erwise tbe allegations ot said bill By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C ANNA A KRIVITSKY, HERE. ANO THE.RE male mfuor child, of the_ age of will be taken as confessed by said ( 3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. Solicitor for C omplninnt 2 ye1irs, as child, and to Defendant. State or F l o rid.a, County of Eill11- 0, change-the namB. of said mino:r to It is further ordered that this In the Circuit Court, T hirteenth borough. tax-reformers shouid L eroy: .:Fleetwood, as-provided b y order b e Pl:lblishe d once a -week Judicia l Circuit, Hillsboroug h I hereby certify that the aboT e the tim; to. getthe ;Jaws : of F,lorida, 14th day fo r four consecutive w eeks in the County, In Chancery. :.ud foregoing is 11. true copy of the t .. 1--1 : 1 t b of March, A. D 11l3 0. Tampa Life, a newspape r p u b -MILDRED D U NCAN I original ord e r of publication macl.e ,. 0 fl ,egis o'"' .,. e :., -, ':'S. :L:.-FLEETWOOD, lished":in said County. and State. Complainan t. / i n s aid cause, on file -in my o ffic e _;,.j!flre afte_r: :: c -_: _LOLA FLEETWOOD; _-Don e and orde.r e d in Tamva,, --vs. I Tampa., F lorida, Febru11ry 12th. .- .:.- --{March -0-12. L Fla., this thJ 6th day,of !lfa!'ch,11 JAMES W. DUNCAN, Jr., 11930 .. .. : -t';::;. .:._; < -_:._. .. / -A;-D : A, !'.IICKENSON, !-The of W. -::-'. ,.-'-;.. .. .. re_fused H f d&-'Circuit-"C-;urt, Thirteenth Clerk Circuit Court. .fame s W Duncan, Jr. i (SEAL l :,. with ----Judici;iJ Circu_it; Hills .borough (SEAL) 1 It appearin g b ) : affidaYit filed in By ODIS E. MOY, D. c der'.s cham' store inag:nate-in the.,.--.. Co .unty, Florida. -In ChancEl,ry, By KATE C. ROBINSON, D C. I' the above stated cause that James (l!)-1622 (!l ) -18-16: "on the-.:sub: MEYER,: A c. BROOKKS w. Di;mc:a n, Jr., the Defondant :.'-: .. c .ompla.lnant.:_ Solicit.or !or Complainant. therei n named, is a resident of No.-89001-0 -. .---. -vs.-. State or -Florida, :co_unty of HillBthe State of Florida, but so con-In the Circuit Court, Thlrteenth talk tl!ef" ean'_t 'GEORGE.FRED MEYER, 'borough. ceals himself that service cannot Judicial Circuit, Hlll5boroui.;-h talk ;-.-o _-: .. -c __ ,_ '-Defendant. r. hereby certify. that the abo_vil b e had and that t h e r e -is no p e r -County, Sta.t e of Florida. I n Tlfo. Sta4' of .Florida to and foregoing is a true copy or son i n t h e State of Florida, the Chaneery. .: __ -__ -.,.. 'i:'"o:' '.::--.. George Fred Meyer. the -origin-al order of publication service of a sub p oe m1. upon whom LILLIAN M. COOK :--: _,.. :,:-. u appea,riiig_ by ap-'made 'in said cause, on llle in my would bind the said defendant Complainant, salons ,peJided to, the bill in the above_ office and that James W. Duncan, Jr., i s vs _,.. who _inTit!l.d '.'..!.Ol ,S .tate o i or a ( .4)-5. 7th d a y of April, A. D 1930; 0 t h 1 th& above stated cause Is oTer the sub_poe_IJ.a up'?n wl!oi:n -?tould bind ,_ er.wise the allegations of said a.g-e of twenty-one years and that (. .. .. -" .. "the said _George Fre_ d 39178-C Will b e taken as confessed by said he is a r esident or the Ceunty o f r ; "' ";:;: .t,. <<: ,-_,,_--'-t -;.._ -.Meyer, and that. heis .over the age In the Circuit Court .or the Thir-D efendant. Hillsborou&h, Sta.te o f Florida ll.nd ,. .If a } l or twenty-one years;. it is :there-oteenth Judicial Circuit Of the It is further ordered tha t this th:i.t he }1a:i been absent from th\l i l!"ould: ]Je fore -that said State of Florida, in and 'for order be once a. week county ot. Hill!borough and Stat e [ plenty. ot.-.ch.:nn.els':C.or the:'other _and, he is required to" _Hillsborough County. !or four consecutive weeks m the of F lorid-. for more. tba.n sixty c d "'' ;i. '; -.,.o-,,.. .. . appear to the Brll of Complaint In Chancery. Tampa Life, a n ewspape r pub-( 8 o) days ne:xt preceding the 1'11 1 i;. kin.'.,-:'::; .':lf.C:,:-._--._ '''r-.-i .. -:-. ... fil .ed in said cause on or bet.ore 'oIHLLA M. MULLIGAN, J.ished in 'said County and State. i1t: or this Bill of Complaint; a11.d : tha t his known address, t o ;-. :. .. ; _. .. e e oun y, or a, res mg a ., is e the best of her lcnowledi:-e e.nd In-..,__ ,:. Pi-a 'tse :F'iorrni-.Roall.s : :or said bill will be taken as con-108 Hyde Park .Avenue, Tam-. A. D. 19 3 0. t.orma.tion, ii in ca.re-. or L ykes. -, :._ ---. -_,._,, .fessed.by.said Defendant. pa, Florida, W. A. Broa. Steaml!hi:i:> Company, Tam-" It is further ordered tha-t.' thi1 Complainant, Clerk Circuit Court. Pa, P'lorlda; a.nd that there i s no .oJ Bank'.. .Ra-)ie: pu,blished once a week vs. (SEAL) pus on in this Sta te, _th e serviee o t :cpidS; fqr four c o "Jisecutive ill the ERNEST C. :MULLIGAN, By KATE C. ROBINSON, D.-C. a iubp oena. upon whom would : ; tine'sV sys'te m of the Li'fe, a newspap_er pub-who to your Complainant's PEACOCK & PARKER, bind the sa.id defenda.nt; it I! !.-: jished in 'sail! County and State. best information and' belier, Solicitor for Complainan t therefore ordered tha t tbs sa.lt! .. He so lnt.ormed._th e.i:'D'one and ordered In Tli.mpa, resides at 1109 Chicago Av-. state of Florida, County of Hills-defendant b e a.n d i s hereby ro-Club 7tb day of March; enue Evanston, Ill., borough. quired to appear to the B1ll o r -,?tour of _the .., -:-A'. D. 19 3 0.. Detendant. I .. that the above CJllPlaint llled In said ca.use o n have. "in every sfn:te in':_:, W. A. DICKENSON, Order of Publication. '-and foregoing_ is a,true copy of or betore l\Conday, the 7th da.y o r ; _:--:the Union,'.' he said a s .he applied -. Clerk Circuit Court. It appearing from the Bill of the or.i gina_l order _of .\pril, A .. D HSO; otherwise ,. tsEAL) Complaint al).d the affidavits of made m said cause, on file m my allegations of a11.id bill wlll bo ta-:-:.: for-road information ,on routes to By:KATE : C. ROBINSON, D. __ c. Complainant, Orilla M. Mulligan, office. 1 -ken as confessed by, said defend-'. No:rth =and East, "il.na I want PEACOCK & PARKER,' who is over the age or twenty-one Tampa, Florida, March 7th, Allt. ( the oeilt for Complainant.--years, thereto. attached, which is U 3 0. It b further ordered tha:t th! l,: ''..: d \ 1 ;., '. ot Florida,. County of H111s-pn_ file in this Court, that the D eW A. I erder be. published once a. weel.t r< --r?!l see. n .,___ -.- 'f?oro .ugh. -rendant,_Er.nest C. Mulligan; who Clerk Circuit Court I for four consecutlTe we!ta ill ; -:.; I .here.by certify that the above is-over the age ef twenty-one (SEAL) C Tampa. Life, ., new.11paper publish ? --.b y Hro a.th .er viliftors and. foregoing is -a true copy of years, is a non-resident of the By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. ed in a aid County and State. t_._' .. .the .the order .of. State or Florida and.is a; resident (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. Done 11.nd ordered' in Ta.mpa. 0 St t -Tli -'J{'-.p 1 'tk said cause, OIJ,l e 1n my of Co _ok of lll-ionois, Florida., thil! 12th da.y of February a e ... ey wez:e ___ ._. .sw-a 6fllce ... -.-"' whose particular adai:'ess is lJ.09 39206-0 : o s Florfda, -Mar.ell 7th, Chicago -Avenue, Evanston, Illin-In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth A. D. 1 9 A DICKENSON, -".--""R. Glidden of Middleboro --Mass .. : 30. ois, so that the_ ordinary process Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Clerk Circuit Court. ::'"'' .The.roads W. A. DICKENSON, ot. law cannot be served upon him County, Florida. In Chancery. (SEAL). .' "'u ,: t. ) ,. ->: -.c ,-: --_-.--, Clerk 9ircuit CourL and there being -no' .one in this .ALTA MAY BROVlER, -;:.-. e m _".' ey. ,:-... State upon :whom Subpoena can be Complainant. .: ..:;. : :\ B y T:m:c. ROBINSON, D. c. s_erved}. that would _bind tne De-vs. '_,;:_,--:-...... ::: -. ,._ -(3)'.-8-15-22-29 (4)-5-!endant, Ernest C. Mulligan, it ls CYRIL 0 BROWER, ':_ _., : :.-: :__ therefore.ordered that the DefenDefendant. .. '"" ,__,. :;;. :' --" 39201-C dant, Ernest C. Mulligan, du ap-The State of Florida to '<: sa1iSfac;tory,-;'iii ;Circuit Thirteenth pear and answer the Bill Of Com-Cyril 0. Brower. he ;;a""y;,a?out 'th: e agreeIJ,len t _board Circuit, Hillsborough plaint on file in thiS cause, -on or It appearing by affidavit apandtli:e :Florid' a --railroads for a ;'-County, lorida. In Chancery. before April 7, 1930, same qeing pended to the bill in the above -_:,,WI_!;SElt, : a rule day of this Court, otherwise state cause that C:rTil O. Brower, WJFE.<: .. --:.:: taken as confessed and the cause but so conceals himself that ser-By ODIS E. MOY, D. C ANNA A KRIVITSKY, Solicitor for Compla.inant. of Florida., County of Hillaboroug"h. I hereby certify tha.t th a.bOTll and 11 a true copy of the order of publication ma.d e in sald cause, on file in my efil ee. Tampa., Florida, Februuy Ht:la 1911. W. A. DICKEN30N, Ciuk Clreuit Court. .-gs :-,, '-'0 -set for hearing ex p _arte .as 'to the vice cannot be had and that there V : : e, ... to Defendant, is no person in the State 'of Flor-(SEAL) L:, It0_.is this ida, the service of a subpoena up-MOT, D. C -: ., -=--fi-I-J!>:l;_-:.:. .,.,: : .. -,,;,,_.", .'(. ,, .,.,, '-,_ .. _-,_. '.: Order of Pubhcation be _published on whom would bind the said De-" '.-'?.!.'. :: ? _nee a week f_our fendant, Cyril O. Brower, and >:.: .. "'"Well pended .Jo bm_ i the above-. weeks the I\( day that he is over the agen of twen... -esr ,'o f -,tb.e St:!tte : ;:cit J.<'Jor.ida .Gounty'; State of: Flo .-. the Bill of Complaint filed in said 'Ho .. __ \ml .. _,jesl.d.ents,:=of-'._tb:e,,Unlted Done an(l 'orde t Targ,p1i-, cause on or before Monday, the i:>f; ':Florida, this 4th i on.t:a.rch 7th dayof April, A. D. 1930; oth-iiclry; rediiitiy .made the-following !ast; -kown .place of residence and A D.1930. erwise the allegfttions of said blll te :, t ;.o ,w. A. DICKENSON, will be taken as .confessed by said ; :_1B ,_,'J?resS!e : Clerk. Defendant. --. -. :. : ..... NOTICE OF WIDOW'S TO DISSENT FROM WILL Al\'D ELECTION TO TAKE DOWEH TO WHOllI IT 1\IAY CONCERN: I, Mary E Thompson, widow of Benjamin Thompson, deceased, do hereby give notice to Frank A. Thompson and Carroll R. Thompson; executors unde r the Will of Benjamin Thompson, de- _., ceased, anif all other persons interested that I dissent from said Will and will make application ln the Court of the County Judge for an assignment of dowe r in the estate of said Benjamin Thompson, deceased, on Monday, April 7, 1930. MARY. E. THOMPSON. D. C. McMULLEN, Attorney for Mary E. Th_ompson, (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. JAMES F. BETHEL, CHARITY P. BETHEL, Executors Under the Wi'n of Mary Dora Fogarty, Deceased. (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5-12-19-26 ( 5 )-3-10. NOTICE NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the und'ersigned, will at 10 o'clock A. M., on the 12th day of May, A. D 1930, make his final accounti"ng as Administrator, with the Will annexe d of the estate of Edward Gordon Steward, Deceased, to the Honorable G e o. H. Cornelius, County Judge for Hillsborough County, Florida, at his office in the Court House ln Tampa Florid&, and. apply to said Judge fqr a tlnal discharge as such Adminis-Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Charity P. Bethel a.nd James F Bethel, as executors under the Will ot Mary Dora Fogarty,. deceased, will make their final accounting to the Honorable Geo H. Corn.elius, County Judge for Hillsborough County, Florida, at his office in the Court House in said County, at 10 o'clock A. M. on the 20th day of May, A. D. 19 3 0, as such Executors, and apply to said Judge for a fin a l dischar.ge as such Executors. trator. R. G. TITTSWORTH, Administrator c. t. a. of the Es-tate or Edward Gordon Stew ard, Deceased. (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5-12-19-26 ( 5 )-3-10. DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dtch Cleanin!' Floor Surfacin1r, Pa!ntins, KAl.110minin1:, and C-t Work -Genera.I Repair S.llopa IQ' .U moalill weelL ,,,_, ....... fw int wecrb. C.-e -t "'7 L Busines s Unive rsity o f Tampa, Inc .. Tam .: s It's absolute ly truel No strings attached to this offer. You can actually_ have your choice of any S o f the s e famous magazines i f you ACT NOW! The co st is just a triAe of their actual value. A whole year's reading for Father,Mo i her and the kiddiu. S to rie s end erticlu on ever y known opi d L ook 'em over. S e lect your fav orite and Mail the Coupon Today! Don't worry if you already get some of th ese Renewala will be p r op e rly All Subscriptions Are for a Full Year (Except Patbfi;;;der, which is for mos.) Gelltlemen: I wl11l1 to tnke ad..-.mt111te of your J-la&"azlnt 01Ter. I um enclosing the aho"le aDt.eunt in t o r a one y ear 6iiiuilwcription. to 111a 11er aatl the FI'VE Ha,G"c.-iacs I haTe 11u1rJ.

; ... < 1s; 1930 Competitive Examina-. tion for Coast Guard The United States Coast Guard Flies, Alias "Med." SUNDAY lN Newel Camel and J\Iarlat. a. trio of State, CHURCHES H0wey-ln-the-Hills Engineers Locate Florida's "Hump" often using different members of the family to further their scheme' it is possible in this >my to continue for Mikell says will hold a competive examina-They are after th13 med fly sur( iion for appoirttment o! cadets anough, AaVEllA! June 18-20, 1930. This offers an They' ll get .him so they calculate, Ill 11. J"ra.11sts A..ve1nut t l t 't t If Uncle Sam will only cough excep 10na oppor um y o young bY. J&li!'ll&ell, Jl>a$00r Howe}-, Fla., March 14.-While neit'.le i the l'nited Sta tes n o r the statf' o f Florida geo'.o gical d epartments ha'e as yet recorded he has-kno.,-n many such cases. '111 Rev. plan is to take this unfortunate to the farm, put him to work, s urroi:nd him with m en of the rLght caliber between up. .,. _,_ the fact, according to' surveys, the Christian influences, encourage s 4' --z ffFTIC. 11.a.. 8.t 18 and 22 years of age to complete lh'olllllllll servie '1: at JJ, Ill. highest p0int in Florida is Suga r him, give him good wholesome their education at Gover.nment But Fncle Sam had a load of '-T1 .. -d Loaf l\Iountain here, covered with food, and in the m eantime get if fie J!)Ulllit: ill e1.>ntla.ll7 ..... ... expense and to qecome commi's-Wood te 11.tted tluise services. grapefruit and orange grov,es ris-possible a jop for him, something .. Waal, I wint down agin this l my salary looks safe. Tucker sioned officers in the United To dispose of ere the thing can "' .._ .ing 362 feet aboye sea le,eL he can d o weak to-the city .hall to see the had been .doing some f\ne work States Coast .Guard, one of the turn, State geologist, Herman Gunth-Mr. !IIikell, furthe r state s that mare on my regular weakly visut. in laying off a big bunclr of fel-military. services of the Those silly chumps might divv 'er: in, a 1926 report, says tha t the he ha' s put to test these facts in ._.;. I wanted to Nnd out about this lers that didn't have no' influence. United States afloat and ashore. good i highest point of recorded survey a small but convincing way, he ;;:, .. f b t f"ft b t 1 C d t t d d d And who would care or aiy e a Jln. W. D. MUolilell, Pastor is Iron '.\fountain in Polk County has tried. out the plan of worki'n>r cat and dog business_; I had heerd He haz laid o f a ou i Y u a e s are rame an e uca"' l&a.J' kb.eel, I: !i a.. m. .. .. .. -. that the citty aldermen had spent am still looking out fer my t _ed at the Coast Guard Academy, durn: on which is, erected the Bok tow'.. the jobless, paying them only N d c d er, thi. s point havin>r an elevation their food, the plan works fi"ne. considerable time at their last friends. If a fellerhas many ew Lon on, onn; an each t t d d And then those oldtimers, Ob, so -8' IHI of 324 feet: H e says the s e people who are beg-. meeting trying: to solve this cat votes in his family and among smmer are ations include: ging food do their work as .cbeer-'ii{_f.-c and dog problem and I wanted to -his next of kin we dont lay him practice cruise. Cadets receive the ;/" git thB low down frum the mare. ofi'. We are. gonna lay of! a sl:me pay and allowances as mid-Have seen him so long, ago, B. lf. lkett, !'eater Argyle,-245 fe et. fully and freely as many who are The mare.is the bird that kin f l th I" d h' th N where? :a. a. Kee&, pu:e-Faceville-2 96 b eing paid good wages, meet-__ -. ; .. .. ._-.,. bunch 0 fel ers on e po ice e-d 6 ipmen in e avby' 1 pedr Not good fruit or cull; 111 "'wf' lkdwet, t:se. P.A. JIUI.. Fowlton-289 feet. ing h eld Tue sda.y night, definitCJ you the low down. partmel;lt next. We pon't nee .annum, quarters, su s 1stence an But in honeydew You' ll find him ... ....,. t. J\fossyhead-265 feet. plans of action were decided upon The lady in the mare's outer any body on the police qepart-medical attendence.) ,., there MMi-. 19 fi a. a The government has been re-I to, further promote the Industr1a1 ,,,..,. olfis .seemed a bit disturbed whin ment because. there is no law Upon graduation, after comp let' '' '' I i 'b d t th 1-4 ': '-f ;t .. quested to officially record the I Home plan of whic_ h Rev. ll Ii'kell .I entered so I knew: the mare wuz violation in Tampa now. am ng the prescn e course a e Bu't then the Bo-v's need a job Sugar Loaf elevation, is founder. -.. _-,-:;_.'. __ .. He wuz just as glad a:z usual figgerin'. on lettin' the entire d e-&cademy a cadet is eligible to be and cash.' Olla' $ ..... Miwt_ ... AIM I -"Howey Tribune." l ;;o- to. see me, I told I had partrnent go except the Yice squad. c _ommissioned an ensign. Commis-Toil and labor tll e .ii I SITUATIOXS WANTED -.-. and d _ogs on my mind. and I The vice squad h; tQ_e revenue de-sioned officers in the Coast Guard hanns woulcl 1 C.&r. :er.z""' .. ... m 11.;;;;t wi"';. wanted to know what wuz gonna partment of the city and that rank with office:r:s in the Army, soil, ii.OT. )'. L.. All&;lllaW.uB.. laia-Tampa City Mission."' 1 For Colored. J\_Iaid or Nurse, 1 But an easy job and p lenty of -'1'.f-" be done with the pore a umb ani-means big money to _us, so Navy, and Marine Corps, and re-Rev. J. '.IL Mikell, manager please call Chnstme Sheed, 123 0 mals in the citty. The mare sed don't intend to turn off a effi-ciev e corresponding pay a:nd al-would shrink or re-.... 11 . ait Y:U the Tampa City Mission tells the Scott, or Phone M 61-182. th.at Jlie great problem before cient member of the vice squad lowa.nc es, grade for grade. l f h """ -coil, -6:&1' _._., 1 : {Ii ._ Ill. peop e o t e city of Tampa t hat E N .the peopli:i'of Tampa now wuz not Sel! preservation is the firs_ t__Jaw Educational examination for ca-ft 17 :xp. ursema1d, Housework or .. ,..., a er years of m1ss10n work n h h taxation n .er the safi!ty of hu_ man of nature and this administration. dets precedes the physical and here in the Cit}', he has solved the I is was er; color_ ed; wants work. .. But the Citrus Grower so prest ....____. ,.. I Call J tt S th .,. life ner the protection of proper-I didn't spend an that mony to takes two days. Applicants for ca-.._.._ -d'i Rt4 problem of taking care of unfor-eane e mi llf 61-182., ty, but the alJ important question! git elected niare agiri fer. noth-qetship of the required moral Jong el'e he Itta .A.n. Ml Uta k tunates who_ lose their jobs and DILL'S USED CARS -; goes to the wall a_ h"' 1 .. _. .. A E that the board of aldermen would ing." characte r who present satisfactory 111 Myer, Puter. become public charges. ... haveto solve now;wuz proper dis "Mare you ar:e a bird/' sez I, certifica.tes that they have comple-"-T .,: .. I a. .. Mr, He says: M:t 7 years spent in "'" e A feller that died in the cl tty jail A lot of people sorta you Coa,st Guard are re- t .... ar4 f ltewu. learned,, one of these is that with aa1llae l!elia!l ---Ii BO d t -A Subscriber. Puter will Ill t b t"' ltl9 i'erd Sport Roadster_ 3911 an he c1tty physician sed that mare because they think you ain't quired to take a written examina-ItrH. & all the charit.able work that is 1n1 .,,., l ,... 11 ord Roadster---325 he had died because he had too a gittin nothin out _of this, but tion in mathematics (algebra .and T ..._ going on begging Is ever on the 1921! Whippet Cabriolet __ 27i inuch ex.posure-and not enuff you; Then some of the geometry), English and history. .Just In Passing eer'1ally l.av1t.& te t-increase; people, it seems, get 1117 Oaltlan/ .:_,of ,the matter and had made no The mare drew a cieep sigh and M such places throughout the and will allow the proof readers -F IHI at I: 41 &. a. ____ __ .-. about the 1ole man a sed; "Peter, I am a gittin' along United States where it is found time to come up for a.Ir. ; dyin': iri the .cell but they.shore .pretty good at my job and I am practicable to have examining to take care of the just barely ma kin' -a livin,' but bo:.i.rds, &nd the nuw ber of can di-"The Man in the Green Hat" -poor dumb animals. -I ron livin' hit. I have bin dates warrant. seesm to haYe entered: into the fly l axed. the. if he had laid handlin' everything without much The successful candidates who controversy. We can look for : elluff .. iiti:le fellers in t .he citt::9 trouble except this here airport are tendered appointments will be Harry Sinclai,r, 'Tea Pot Dome, the ftni thar work so he could save stu:!!. This airport thing has required to report to the superin-world War and otber small items .. '.enuf!' :filoney to gft all of hiz been causin' me a lot of trouble. tendent of the Coast Guard Aca-to be injected into the liea1:ingi1 y-.:'-.__:,._.j!aJary each mare I kin h:v{dle all hit alright ex-demy on or about August 15, ere long. nie '.1< .Pleasant nod and sed, cept them tha; free offers of air-19.30. They will be allowed five to ine, sed he. '.'you know port sites 1 arri havin' a; real cents per mile to cover travel ex(he always cairs me Peter \hard time trying to keep people penses from the place of appointof Mr. Razorblaqe because frum offerin' city free sites ment to N<:w London, 9onn. Upon so close .to each other): r01:_, that thar airport." arrival at the academy a cadet will be required to deposit the sum of $200 to be applied to the pur-When the congressional committee investigating the Meq Fly finishes their hearing and inquisition they will probably find as investigators usually do that the man at the of the affairs Jl'as honest, competent, trustworthy and he did a good job. T1lt&Ha Rea( M. E. Myer, Puter. lwaay lckool, lt:U, Vr. l. :a. WllleatlT, luJt. llealer JCJYortll 1Aa1, T: It ,, .. P Int l!e1-lll.t.s ar1HTe AT. and Ulll ltt. K. E. Myer: Pator HT le1loel at It: tt a. a., Mr. C .A. !!ltewa.rt, Supt. 8ea1or 1-1ue: 1:'5 J. a. 18t Nebraska ATenue W, D. Mitchell, Putrs to the Commandant, U. S. Guard, Washington, f? C. write Coast City" states headlines in I\ewspa-DL pers. Not 1!=nowing .much about the "tremblors" we would offhand Sta.te ________________ ...._ Uaity !!leetM:r City ________ can- c ... ... J __ __ :_k ____ j say they must be something like old time California earthquakes used to be in the good old days before the Florida storms became "hurricanes" and gnats became horseflies. UI W. Lafayette It 8uaa1 lilcllee>l, I: 3 O a. a. aaa1 l.erTlee, 11 : t t a. a. Tir lrTie., I : t t J, a. North.!!lide christian Cet. Selma a.t lilara11erlte Sta. W,P. Shamart, Pastor Morning worship, 10:45 a. m. Song and Sermon, 7: 4 5 PATRONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME STOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR WELFARE -J ( J_J. Y MARiETS ..... s Public Market ... Q :iiuzlty Sea Food ; ;" _Watch for Our New Location IN .THE CITY MARKETS Last Word In Sanitation '. LUMBERAND ,-. ..__ _.MILLWORK Specializing tn the .11ale of and millwork it is only natural that 'we should know the kind suited to various building and repair purposes. Our suggestions for this reason will always be found highly. constructive and may save you mop.ey as well as possible dlsappointment. Well for crying but loud-Levy county has a stork farm.-How ey Tribune. Tropic nights; soft zephyrs; velvet waters; a mighty moon, orange blossoms! B9ng on them wimmin.-Howey Tribune. _About this time of the year all those little,. fishes in Lake Harris begin to make big basses of themselves.-Howey Tribune. AChicago woman held a hand of thirteen diamonds a!ld dld not take a trick the other night and her .husband promptly. "busted" her with a cut glass grapefruit bowl. She is suing him fordivorce and may get it. A .well known nsrthern authority on real estate advises us to "Hold your property." We are doing it, ol son. Nobody but the sheriff and taxes will get . our property. In fact no other Extracting essential oil from parties have called lately to in-citrus fruit at Howey-in-the-Hills iQUiI'e about the same. goes to show that here is one or-. ; ganization that puts peeling in its Fight fims. should good iami. The work.-Howey Tribune. about that fiasco a What kind of aninsect is the Mediterranean.. fly? There do be they. who say it is a hum-bug ..,Howey Tribune. wise guys predicted that Sharkey would knock out Scott in four rounds. He did it in three. They said Scott would yell "foul." Ire did five times. Now since it aU turned out according to sche-Miami Beach Sun quotes The dule why should there be any Howey Tribune headline, "Cool-kicks. idge Beams Pleasure over Visit in Rowey," and adds, Well; if anyone 1elt they must say that we are glad it had to be the Sun of a Gun at Miami Beach.Howey Tribune. War was almost precipitated between Louisiana and Germany the other _day w l i-en Governor Long, clad' in green pajamas met the Commander or a German. cruiser who was probably insuUed. This Old Man Henderson out in green pajama stunt might hava Shreveport is still raising the de-been all right to meet the AdmirTil with the chain stores. All the al or the Irish navy but then paboys in the radio business eay he jamas are not strictly au fait for ls about the biggest advertisment public receptions, even in the for the slogan, "own your own ra-navy, di0," that they ki:tew. -Winter Grden Journal. After seeing the moving pietures of'tfhe Battle at the Bolon-"Two Million Dollars Left for eys at Miami one wonders if an upkeep of Bok Tower:: says head-the-saps ared:ead or u they went lines in Lake Wales Highlander to Miami and paid' good money to ont think you will need it, Jack. see awonderful bunch or "feints According to .reports from some and faints" and the so-called of the yisitors the various emoul-heavy-weights pulled off down ments and concessions should pay there a few weeks ago. And yet all the expenses and. return some they arrest men and put them in to the treasury. In other words jail for pulUng the wire tapping the "bells are wringing." scheme. :} ,. m, DR. N. E. BROWN OSTEOPATHIO PHYSIOLUI iiUltGEO Qtlm. .. d ltal DI--. UI W. Lafayette It. PIHH Jl-1111 Newsbr Wanted at Tampa Life Office 415 Cua ltreet ADAMS -KENNEDY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Tampa, Florida LOCAL Al't9 LONG llSTANf.E MOVING STORAGE reR.. ANYTHING CKING AW. !MIPPIMi Tampa Gas Temporary Location: 510 TAMPA STREET


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