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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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: .. :V .. .. ; "'X''le'"'l..-'l,.*'A'" .. .. ... G We Want Men of Character In Public ...... Office -;, Volume Ille TAMPA, FLOR.IDA, MARCH 22, 1930 Price 5 Cents Per Copy Yenrly By lllail $2.00 No.6 Federal Ai. d In Everglades Certain City Sewerage Empties Into the Hillsborough River and Rots On Mud Flats In Bay. Recommends Expenditure of $9,692,000.00 to the Senate Commerce Committee. Aid from the. federal govern-nient in 'projects designed to protect the inhabitants in the Ever-and in the Lake Okeecho-Ku Klux Klan Parades In Bradenton Day's Liquor Dive Declared a Nuisance The system employed by the city in attempting to o! the city's waste and sewerage, and the alarming results of this system was presented to the Tampa Life this week by prominent Tampans interested in getting this condition corrected before an epidemic endangers the inuabitants bee section in Florida against Stages Parade Prior to Special and unexpected flood dangers was assured this week Election and Scatters GIVENS STARTS MUD-SLINGING IN RACE FOR STATE SENATE BLEDSOE FOR .. P=:; I NEW DECISION of the city. A great part of the Judge Sheppard Day filth and sewerage of the city is to Spend 6 Months in Jail dumped into the Hillsborough riv-when these were'1J.pptov-Bills in Negro Section. 'For Keeping a Common Nui-er and the flow of the river carries it to the mud fiats in the bay opposite the municipal hospital The well-known liquor joint at and the Davis Islands bridge, and 712 Morgan Street, commonly re-I there the most part of this filth ed by the war department. The wat department 'proposes to raise the levees three feet higher than the height sugges,ted by focal engineers. The department considered f\1e levees provosed by the' local engineers sufficient to hold tJ:ie waters of Okeechobee unless they should be whipped by, a severe storm. Such a levee, the department said, might induce I SUCh COnfid'ence as WOUld CaUSe the lowlands to be thickly settled The Ku Klux Klan staged a parade through the principal sec-tions o! Palmetto, Manatee and Bradenton last Monday night pri-or to the special election in Brad-' TA x RELi EF :: ::: ahady ON HAD DRIVERS sailce. ferre d to 11.s "Leo Day's Place" is terrible, according to reports. settles and in low tides the scent was declared a nuisance by Fed-D' 1 Plant Inad te begun by Morris Given in the race isposa eqna enton, scheduled for Tuesday. It Candidate for House of Repre-A M B C d f eral .Judge Sheppard" at the tri11.l The city disposal plant at the seems that the special election be-for the state senate, it is expected utmsl ay e onvicte 0 of Leo Day, and Day was convict-Garcia Avenue bridge is said to 1 h Id B d t h sentatives Endorses Work of that Perry G. Wall wi'll enter the Reckl'"'S Dnvm g Though d d d d ng e m ra en on was t e oc. ...,., e a sentence to spen six take care of less than fifty per casion for the p 'arade of the Klan Tax Relief race soon to take his part in the Not at ,the Wheel. months in jail for maintaining a cent of the sewerage. Some of the at this particular time, judging fight. This week Mr. Givens, can, common nuisance. Day, the re-investigators declare that it takes didate for the senate, opposmg "' from handbills that were scattered John Bledsoe, candidate for the I An automobile owner sittino-in ported crony or Detective Chief care of only about twenty per cent. when. "gra:ater loss of rife and by the white robed members of House of Representatives, this the back seat of his car operated Fred Thomas, is the reputed own-The Lee Street station pumps to property dama,ge might result the organization in the negro sec-we_ek announced. his' endorsement Senator Pat Whitaker, opened his. by a chauffeur, may ne,vertheless er of this place where Tom Chevis, the Elliot street disposal plant from its failure." tions o:!' Palmetto, Manatee and of the tax relief work of the Tax attack upon Mr. Whitaker in a I be convicted of r eckless driving, former detective, was arrested and both of these disposal plants ltecommends Large Appropriation Bradenton as the parade was in Relief Association. His letter to statement to the Tax Relief Asso-j according to a decision just r"'n-with a bottle of red liquor. are presumed to take care of all 1 The department sent a recom-progress. that organization follows: ciation. Mr. Whitaker was the dered by the Alabama Court of Pirl Todd, supposed to have solid matte r in the sewerage, but ine'hdation to the senate .commerce Wanted White Vote Honorable L. H. Mcintire, first candidate to endorse the poli-Appeals and reported by: the leg:il carried the drinks to the detective do not accomplish this purppose ,'J..c .. .. om, !!ftitt. _ee_ for $ 9,692,000_.00 for President Tax Payers' Relief As-cies of the Tax Relief Association department of the American Mo-as he sat outside in the city's po-It appears that the pumping sta-The Klansmen traveled in auto-.!' .. 1 s. to impr.Qv e navigatio, n sociation of Hillsborough Co. in their efforts to reduce taxation. torists' Association. lice automobile, was sentenced to tion that was formerly located at H ,:." '" ''!' m obiles ;m ,d.._, iri ns. 'J 1 '''\ and control/ floods m the area

Saturday, March 22, 1930 ou"t of this state, but we want to rid our fair state of others who belong his tribe. Let's begin now and work up public sentiment against the Al Ca pones who are residing i n Tam pa and who have been carrying on their nefarious businesses,..here for years and have been enjoying the protction of prominent families. around' into the other gamblin' and then he would walk around to the community chist and b a d cum h all of Ralph's iz fitted up the west side of hiz offis wha r h e to do our duty:. Ralph s e d he had f e r just ordinary individua ls. Hit had a .window he could look down heerd about hit and w anted to mto h1z coffee shop, then he wud know what hiz assessm e n t wuz as wuzn't so mce in thar as ll.l the walk around to the south side I he want. e d to pay hit and continue hall fer l adie s, but thar wuz quite I whar thar wuz a windo win hiz to d o business unmole sted and to .A.a IiJdoat, lfHkly NewspaJr Ow.e4i aalil P11.)li1lul very l5at11riay iy tile J'LOaI5A. LIPJI PUSLISIING COMl'.A.NY, I:u. ..... ... :nerif:& .............. ._ ............................... ...,. ..... """'-============= a bit g oin' on and lots of silver onl' offis whar he could look down in-b e looked upon a s one of the l e adthe table s. I seed a lot of citty to the gambling hall fer men, and ing bus in es s m e n of the cit:)'. One officials in thar havin' a b i g time,, the n h e would walk around t o the of the fellers looked at a piece of and I wondered if they wuz tryin' I east side of hiz offi.s whar h e paper and read off Ralphs assessto slip something over on Ralph could look down into hiz ,slot mam ent to him. R a lph s e z h e "tha t s or how they got in thar. chine room and see whether any a ll right, I 've got hit rig h t here But we didn't see Ra.lph in thar wuz P_uttin'. in metal slug s / in my vest po c ket. H e r e hit is no whar, so we wint then on into. m the machmes mstead of coins. Check my name off the li s t a:nd 11..cell'la1 -a .. oa... .n i .uc .. t Pll. _.f fl I hiz slot m achine -room whar he We told Ralph we wuz frum I (Continue d On Page Three) 1 Jlatere& H 1Moai-aa1 lla.tter, Jla:r .. 21, 1111, at t:ia. PHteaee a.t '.k 11'\e.Wa, Waur tile .A.et ef Muell 3, 1179. .. mi.ti: .aaiM: Oae Te&t ia .A.iva.ace ltx XMllt ia .A.lnH fl.ft ........ .,...,,.,._ ______________ ._. __________ ........ __ -=-_ VULGAR BOOKS AND THE U. S. SENATE The United States senate this week has been discussing whether or not vulgar books and other immoral articles from foreign countries should be at the port of entry into this country on the judgment of custom inspectors or taken to the court for determination, and whether the importation of books should be .made a substantive crime. A large number of vulgar' books from foreign countries have been barred from circulation in this country under the censureship provision_ s of the tariff law. Almost fifty of these vulgar books were circulated in the senate chamber this week for stu_dy and discussion. Senator Smoot declared that these books were "too vulgar to be quoted in open session." This country must necessarily be on the alert against injurious matter coming to us from foreign shores. We do not want our standards of morals lowered to those of the foreign countries. The proponents ,of censurship decline to make public the names of the volumes, explaining that even that was "too vulgar." The action in the United States senate to bar these vulgar and obscene books reminds us of tl:fe effort made in the 192 7 session of the Florida legislature to secure the passage of a law prohibiting the use of vulgar. obscene and injurious books in' the schools.in this state. T .his bill was introduced by Representative Stalnaker of this county and was passed in the House of Representatives by a sweeping vote of 6 7 to 24. At the this bill was in the House of Representatives for consideration a large number of these objectionable volumes were brought before the on education in the House chamber for consideration and discussion. The committee on education voted without a dissenting voice for the pas.sage of the bill. After passing the House of Representatives the bill was referred to the State Senate, but it was then late in the session and the adjournment of the legislature came before "tne j bill could be reached on the senate calendar. It was not acted upon in the senate and the bill died on tne calendar with hundreds of other senate However, the action in the House of Representatives in bringing to the attention of the public the existence of vtilgar, obscene and injurious text books in the .., I schools in this state resulted in the discontinuance of a dozen or more of these volum,es that liad been in use at the Fl'orida State College for Women, either as text books or, reference books." The Following Persons Are Conunanded by That Great Commanding General, Whom We All Must Recognize, Gen. Public, to Answer the Following Questions: To Chief of Police Esli Knight: The public is still wondering when you expect to begin carrying out the "original orders of the mayor .. to rid the city vice and gangsters. Will you give the public some idea as to when you expect to begin? T o Sanitary Chief Tucker Savage: You have discharged quite a number of men from the sanitary department, but how about discharging those "political pensioners,". those friends of the adm.inistration who were given jobs for political reasons and who do no useful work for their salary? To Detective Chief Fred Thomas: In the event Leo Day is compelled to serve his sentence imposed upon him-in federal court, do you have some one in mind. to take his place in the important business affairs that you and Le o have been handling at your conferences at the city hall and elsewhere in the recent past? Waa_ l, I wint. down agin this up on a rack. But I .got a good weak to the citty hall on my -reg-strong grip on my hat and she J ular weakly visut to see the mare, didn' t git mine. Several men in but before I got to hiz offis I seed thar wuz a fo blin' around the taa bunch of fellers down thar actin' bles and I reckon they wuz workfunny and suspicious and qu,ar, so in'. in the hall, cause they wuz I watched them a while and found out hit wuz that thar secret .committee of the American Legion just startin' out into the und'er-JESUS TEACHING A.ND H EALING world to git contributions for the Community Chist. Hit seems that The International Uniform lesson for Sunday School study them thar fellers felt that about a wearin' clothes like you see on waite-rs in big swell places and lil;i:e nigger minstrals wear. We didn't see Ralph no whar, so we wint on around into the El Dorado Cafe, but we didn' t see him in thar anywhar among the fellers a drinkin' coffee, so we wint on next Sunday is entitled Jesus Teaching and Healing." The the biggest business in Tampa keeps hiz whole r aft of slot -ma-chines. Them thar big half-dollar slot machines, too. We looked all around among the slot machines and didn' t see Ralph, so we cum out ba.ck through the hallway whar the f e ll e r wuz a s ellin' bolita tickets at a table and axed this bolita feller whar we could find Ralph. H e sez you kin find him up _stairs in hiz offis. So we wint up thar and shore enuff thar wuz Ralph in biz offis walkin' around the room, fir s t to the north side of hiz offis whar he had a little window he could look out into the st-reet and see what wuz .goin' on, HOME FOLits I.AT Eagle (aftttria 209-11 Twigs 'Phone 5015 The U'tfoultn 'l(ouge Floritla' s Mest BHutiful Nisht Clult Phone Y-1410 J uet aero es the 22nd St. Causeway lesson material gives .us the story of the woman of Canaan. who now wuz the likker trade and the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilji came to Jesus in oehalf of .her daughter who was "grievously gamblin' industry. Them thar vexed with a devil." The popularity of Jesus h.;_d reached the Legion fellers thouqht that big business ought to contribute to climax with_ the feeding of'the thousand, and as a conse-the Community Chist as well asJ quence of that great miracle the people wanted to take Him by legitimate business. So they made force and make Him a king. At the time of lesson Jesus up a list of the gambling ope-ratis seeking retirement from the multitude, but He was finding this ors and the likker dealers, and a difficult His fame -had spread to foreign hit wasn't ha-rd to make up the lands. He wanted to meditate and instruct the twelve regarding list fer every body knowed just whar them places wuz, so they the situation tha,t had developed in Galilee and with a view to got up a secret committee to go His His fame however was so widespread that it out thar and call on them thar could not be hid. It seems that they first went across the lake, gambling operators and likker b t f fi d h b k d l l l fellers to give money to the_ Coniu a1 1ng to n privacy t ere soon came ac an a itt e ath munity Chist. I decided I wud go er t ey went away again into a place that was really a strange out with them thar Legion feller environment, a foreign country, the of Tyre and Sidon" instead of gain' up to see the in Phoenicia. Even into this foteign land the fame of the Great. mare. I knowed he wud be disaHealer !iad gone. Him. A woman,. who by nalionality pinted if I didn't call this weak, had no claim upon Him, came to Him to heal her daughter. The but then he knowed the Legion drive wuz on fer the Chist and story is a tribute to the woman's faith. Nobody in Israel had that I might git tied up in that trusted Jesus as. she did. The result is that lier request was grant-anyway and so r don't reckon he ed and "her daughter was made whole from that very hour." worried' much about my welfare. Hers was a faith that clung and held to Jesus against the cold in-Me and them Legion fellers di.fferel}ce of countrymen. wint first to Ralph's. Ralph PATRONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME STOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR WELFARE ADAMS KENNEDY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Tampa, Florida #Young's Congoleum Store 804--806 SATURDAY SPECIAL OILOP AQUE, 3 x 6 Window Shades, 69c Buff Color has the dad-gumdest layout I have l..JD AL CAPONE AND THE GOVERNOR c I Ty M A R I E T s c __ f A I Ca 1 d f Chi d ers to all classes and has special DD .;x:ar ace pone, ea er o "cago s un erworld, can-. fi d gamblin' halls fer each cia:ss. not n refuge in Florida. Governor Doyle Carlton this week There air no tlies on Ralph. we issued orders to all of the in sixty-seven counties of Flor-first wint in the El Dorado Club, 88 Public Market ida and asked (;apone be arrested on sight and escorted which iz hiz. gamblin' hall fer kat-gg Tampa's back_ to the border of the state. Capone was recently released erin' to the women gamblers in DD in f>hiladelphia where he had served one year in the penitentiary Tam:pa, and we looked all around gg-------------------------for carrying, concealed weapons. Immediately upon his release in thar fe-r Ralph and didn't see 8800 BRAQC AND 55 him. Things shore wuz pretty in it' is believed that he held business conferences with his bench-tha-r, just like in a hotel lobby. L d 19 men either in Chicago or New y ork and then made arrange-Thar wuz fems along the hallway gg emons, per oz. ------------------c ments to come to Florida. He has a winter home at Miami whin We wint in and thar wuz a DD H Gr s ach per lb Sc DD ome own pm .................. D Beach. Capone will get instructions not to return to Florida. maid' at the door of the gamblin' gg Do8 The said that if tti.e sheriffs need any help' he hall a takin' the hats away frum DD the other fellers and puttin' 'em CtJ B 0 GARVIN s JI 32 OD them to call on We do not know just what .help the gover-CD ta DO ncir expects to give to the sheriffs and just how the orders of &g H. H. w 1:1 .. ITE El3 ; !]ie governor will be carried out. we clo know that the gov-DR. N. E. 8ROWN IE :. ; ernor should be in this stand. We do not need any QUALITY BULK MERCHANDISE of Capone's stripe in tli'C state of Florida His presence here or 4Jol aad BecMI ........ D0 SPECIAL BLEND COFFEE is a disgrace to the comm.unity he visits. The goverW. L&f&yette St. DD nors telegram to. the sixty-seven sheriffs in, the state said, "It is Pllleae -nu CD FREE DEMONSTRATION SATURDAY' reported that Al Capone is on his way to Florida, Arrest DDga ________________ __.-..__ _____ promptly if he your way and escort liim to state border a with."instructi"ons not to return. He cannot in Florida. If .. Mirabella Quality Sea Food you aditional assistance; call !TJVf e have too many lhiTi Y....U gangsters in Florida' _now and we don't We have Stuar aake, ltU eill pa are as mean and as Capone AUTO RENTORS, INC. Watch for Our New Location IN THE CITY MARKETS mould have been escorted to the state border 111 .... k at. Pllleae llU DD Not only do. we want to see Capone kicked '1>lt 't'ltl'7 nutre Last Word In Sanitation .. : ;t. b Williams Market 1633 Snow Avenue FANCY WESTERN MEATS FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES POUL TRY AND PRODUCE QUALITY _AND PRICE ALWAYS RIGHT "Always the Mo -St of the Best for the Least' .. You Will Be Delighted With the Wide Variety of Food Products Carried in Our Stores. Tlie Assortments Cover Practically Everything You Require for Your Table. FER 111111 IBH I I 111 FFl88oo PERCOLATOR and WAFFLE IRON SPECIAL MARCH SALE Hotpoint Coffee Percolator $12 VALUE FOR $9.95 95c Cents Down$1.80 a Month for 5 Months. .COMBINATION PERCOLATOR AND WAFFLE IltON $24 VALUE FOR $19 $4 Down-$3 a Month for 5 Months. This Stirring March Campaign Gives y OU BEITER BREAKFASTS A Lucky Opportunity While it Lasts for More Tasty Delights In Your Home. Tampa Electric Company H. J. BOGGS, JR., .!alea Manager.


Satmday, March 22; 1930 I No. I A. D. 1931). -In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth W. A. :DICKENSON; Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Clerk Circuit Court. County, Florida. In Chancery. (SEAL) ALVINA LENA MEYER, By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. Complainant. A c: BROOKKS; vs. Solicitor for Compl?-inant. GEORGE FRED MEYER, State of Florida, County of Hil:ls-(Continu.ed From Page Derendant. borough. The -State of Florida. to I hereby certify that the :..bove you had better give me a receipt. George Fred Meyer. and foregoing .is a true copy of Not that I don' t trust you gentle-It appearing b y affidavit ap-the original order of publication m e n but I think hit wud look 'pended to the bill in the above made in said cause, on file in my stated cause that G eorge-Fred office. more business-like if you would Meyer, the Defendant therein I Tampa, Florida, Marc)l 6th, give-me a receipt." named, is a residen t of the State 1930. That satisfie d u s so we left of Florida, but SQ conceals him-W A. DICKENSON, Ralph and we wint on-down to see self that service cannot be had Clerk Circuit Court. and that there i s no p erson in the (SEAL) Serafin. Serafin toated out hiz State of Florida the service of a By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. quota without any kick, so subpoena upon whom would bind (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. 'tA.MPA o n the 8th day of April,' A D. 1930 at 10:30 .<\.. M o 'clock or as soon thereafter as I can be beard for authorit,y .to self a t private s ale the following describ ed property, situate, lying and being i n the County of Hillsborough and State of Flo!ida, more particularly describe d as fol lows: Lot 414 of M:eado ,wbrook Subdivision as per map or plat thereof a s recorded in Plat Book 11 at pa.ge 71 o f tj:le Public Records of Hillsbor-9ugh County, Florida, said property also b eing known as 102 West North Bay S tree t according to the enumeration of the City of Tampa. the same b eing the property bf order be publishe d once a week order be published once a w eek I for Hillsborough County Florida for four consecutive weeks in th' e for four weeks in the I at his office in the Court' H ouse Tampa Life, a newspaper pubT ampa Life, a newspaper pub, said County, at 1 O o'clock A. M. lished in s aid County and State. lished in said County and State. 1 on the 20th day of l\Iay .:'\.. D. Done and ordered in Tam:Da, Done and ordered in Tampa, 1930, as such Executors, and apthis the 7th day of March, Fla., this the 7 t h day of March ply to s aid Judge for a final dis-A D. 1930. A. D'. 1930. I cha rge as such Executors. W A DICKENSON, W. A. DICKENSON, JAMES F BETHEL, Clerk Circuit Court. Clerk Circuit Court. CHARITY P. BETHEL, (SEAL) (SEAL) -I Executors Under the V{ill of Ma n -BY KATE C. ROBINSON, D C. By KATE C. ROBINSO);[, D. C. Dora Foaarty Deceased PEACOCK & P ARKER, PEACOC K & PARKER, I (3)-15-22-29 (4)5 -1 2-19-26. Solicitor for Complainant. Solicitor for Complainant. ( a ) 3-10. J State of Florida, County of Hills -State of Florida, County of Hills-i borough.. borough. I N0 '. make his fi1;1a 1 accountrng as Tampa, Florida, :March 7th, Tampa, Florida, :\Iarch 7th. Adimmstrator, with the Will a n -wint rrum tbar on around t o see the said defendant. George Fred Saturd'ay. I tho0ught Saturday wuz Meyer, and that he is over the age gonna 1:iedge on us a.. little when of twenty-one years; it is there-fore ordered that said Defendant he begun tellin' us about the be and he is hereby required to money he had spent over 'in Cuba_ appear to the Bill of Complaint o n biz last t,rip and I thought he filed in said cause on or b efore 39l78-C In the Circuit Court of the Thir oteenth Judicia l Circuit of the State of Florida, in and for Hillsborough County. In Ch:..ncery. W. Thomas Claridy, Insan e 1930 1930. nexed, o f t h e estate of Edward Gordon Steward, Deceased to tlie Honorable G e o. H. County Judg e for Hillsborough County, Flo rida, at his office in the Court House in T ampa, Florida, :rnd apply to s aid Judge for a CHERRIE CLARIDY, Guardian for the. Estate of W Thoma s Claridy, (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5. (SEAL) W. A DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. l\IOTlON OF ADOPTION OF WIDOW'S IXTE1'"T (SEAL) W. A DICKENSON Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE C ROBINSON, D. C. (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. wuz gonna try to put up a hard luck story:, but whin he got through biz little talk, h e coughed up biz assessment with.out any trouble and we departed in peace to look arter the independent fel-Monday, the 7th d 'ay of April, A. D 19 3 0; otherwise t h e allegations of said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. It i s further order e d that this o 'rder be publishe d once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper publ ers o! lesser importance. Th.em lished in said County and State. thar independent fellers ain't do-Done and ordered in Tampa, in' the big business that Ralph, -Fla., this the 7th day of Martpended to the bill in the above sntated-cause that Henry Jack Bailey, -the Defendant therein named, is a non-resident of the State of Florida and that his last known residence as particularly as known was Sacramento, California, that afliant does not know his street address; that there is no person in the State of Florida the service of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant and that Henry Jack Bailey is New Court Decision over the age of twenty-one years; it ls therefore ordered that said ()n Reckless Driving non-resident Defendant be and he {continued. From Page One) is hereby required to appear to another auiomobile. During the the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday the trial he'proved thedetendant 7th cfay of April, A. D. 1930; othwas guilty. of p.egligence .In t,he erwise the allegations of said bill -operation of his machine. The will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. Supreme Court held, however, It is further ordered that this ""that the plaintiff being a trespass-order be published once a week not recover damages, for four consecutive weeks in the ',,notwithstanding. the. proven ract Tampar Life, a newspaper. pub-that the defendant was negligent lished in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, lnthe operation of.his ci.r. Fla.., this the 6th day of March, ,. . I -.(.' _, -:' :.1 ORILLA M. MULLIGAN, a resident of Hillsborou g h County, Florida, residing at 108 Hyde Park Avenue, Tampa, Flo:fida, Complainant, vs. ERNEST C. MULLIGAN, who to your Complainant's best information and belief, resides at 1109 Chicag o A v enue Evanston, Ill., D e fendant. Orde r of Publication. COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUG H TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: T O DISSENT FROl\I WILL AND Notice is hereby g iven that the ELECTION T O TAKE DO,\'"ER undersig ned persons intend t o apTO WHOl\I IT MAY CONCERN: ply and have applied after pub-I Mary E. Thompson, wid_ ow of Benjamin Thompson, deceased lication of this notice as renuired do h ereby give notice to Frank by law in a newspaper, published in the county of residence of the A. Thompson and Carroll R. Thompson, executors unde r the undersigned persons, for an orde r Will of Benjamin Thompson, defrom the Honorable F. M: Robles, judge of t h e circuit court in and ceased, and all other persons in-for said county, to authorize the terested that I d'issent from said adoption of Russell Collins, a Will and will make application in the Court of the County Judge for male minor child, of the age of an assignment of dower in the es 2 years, as their child, and' to tate o f said Benjamin Thompson, change the name of said minor to deceased u d A 7 on mOn ay, pn L eroy Fleetwood, as provided b y 1 9 3 o. the Jaws C: '<'Iorida, this 14th day MARY E. THOMPSON. of i\larcn, f'>... D. 1930. D. c. McMULLEN, S L FLEETWOOD, Attorney for Mary E. Thompson, LOLA FLEETWOOD, (3 g 15 2 29 (4) 5 (March 15-22-29 Apr. 5-12.) )-2 39206-C In the Circuit. Court, Thirteenth In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. I County, Florida. In Chancery. MILDRED DUNCAN, ALTA MAY BROWER, -Complainant. Complainant. It appearing from the Bill of Complaint and the affidavits of Complainant, Orilla :rvr. Mulligan, who i s over the age of twenty-one _years, thereto attached, which is on file in this Court, that the De _fendant, Ernest C. Mulligan, who is over the age of twenty-one years, is a non-resident of the State of Florida and is a resident of Coo k County, Sta_te of Illionois, whose particular address i s 110 9 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, Illinois, so that the ordinary process Gf law cannot be served upon him and there being no one in this vs. State upon whom Subpoena can be JAMES W. DUNCAN, Jr., vs. CYRIL 0. BROWER, Defendant. served that would bind the De-Defendant. fendant, Ernest c. Mulligan, it is The State of Florida to therefore ordered that the Defen-Ja=es W. Duncan, Jr. d t E c It appearing b y affidavit filed" in an rnest Mulligan, do ap-the above stated cause that James pear and answer the Bill of Com-pl aint on file in this cause, on or W. Duncan, Jr., the Defendant before April .7' 19 3 0' same being therein n amed, is a resident of a rule day of .this Court, otherwise the State of Florida, but so conthe matters set fort h and alleged ceals himself. that service cannot in said Bill of Complaint will be be had and that there is no p e r taken as confessed and the cause son in the State of Florida, the set for hearing ex pa.rte as to thll service of a subpoena upon whom Defendant, Ernest c. Mulligan. would bind the said defendant It is further ordered that this and that James W. Duncan, Jr., is Order of Publication be published over the age of twenty-one years; once a week for four consecutive it is ordered that said weeks next preceeding the 7th day '!1n-resident De!endant be and he of April,. 193 O, in the Tampa Life,, is req t o app_ear !o a newspaper of general circula-the Bill of Complalllt filed Ill said tion, published in Hillsborough cause on or Monday the County;J3tate of Florid:... 7th .day of April, D. 1930_; Done and ordered at Tarq,pa, er.wise the allegations of said bill Florida, this the 4th day of Much will be taken as confessed by said A. D.1.930. Defen.dant. w. A. DICKENSON, It is further ordered that this Clerk. (SEAL) The State of Florida to Cyril 0. Brower. It appearing by atfidav'it appended to the bill in the :..bo ve state cause that Cyril 0. Brower, the Defendant therein named, i s a resident of the State of Florida, but so conceals himself that service cannot be had and that there is no person in the State of Florida, the servfoe of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said Defendant, Cyril 0. Brower, and that he is over the agen of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said Defendant be and he is hereby required to appear to the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday, the 7th dayof April, A. D. 19 3 0; otherwise the of 'said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that this By ODIS E : MOY,, Deputy, Clerk. DD DD DD DD L. E WOMACK, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida, County of Hillsborough. I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the origin:..! order of publication made in said cause, on file in my omce. Tampa, March 4th, 1930. (SEAL) W A. DICKENSON, Clerk By ODIS E. MOY., Deputy, Clerk. (3)-8-15-22-29 HJ-5. 39207-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth JU:dici:..l Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. MARGURETTA FOGLE, Complainant. .ys. LYLE E. FOGLE, Defend'ant The State of Florida to Lyle E. Fogle. DD DD DD DD DD 88 DB oo Bo DD DD B8 DD DD DD DD DD DD BB DD DD To_ Customers and I BB Friends of I The Tampa Gas Co. I '.EE It appearing by affidavit appended to the bill in the above stated cause that the residence of Lyle E. Fogle, the Defendant therein named', .is unknown; that the defendant's last known address is 703 North 12th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana; that there is no person in the State of Florida the service of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant, Lyle E. Fogle, and that he is over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said Defendant be and he is hereby required to appear to the. Bili o! Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday the 7th day of April, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. WHILE OUR NEW BUILDING IS UNOER BB DD It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive. weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla-., tliis the 7th day of March, A. D. 1930. (SEAL) 'V{. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. i DD DD DD DO DD By KA.TE C. ROBINSON, D. C. D PEACOCK & PARKER, Solicitor for Complainant. I hereby certify that the above 88 and foregoing is a true copy of DD the original order of ,i;;n;i made in said cause, on file in my Cia o:ffl.ce. El13 Tampa, Flo,rida, March 7th, 1930. lJi:I W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. (SEAL) By KATE C. ROBINSON C. (3)-8-15-22-29 0)-5. NOTICE! CONSTRUCTION, WE WILL BE LOCATED AT 510 .Tampa St. l/2 block north of old location, where we are ready to serve in 1 the same courteous and efficient way as we were at the comer of Madison and Tampa. Don't Forget the Location of i The Tampa Gas Co. 510 Tampa St.-% Block North of Comer Where Our New Home -Is Being Built. 88 DD DD BB I []0 DD DD DD DD BB DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD CJD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DC DD DO DO DD DD DD DD DD Notice is given that I, Cherrie Claridy, heretofore appointed: guardian of the estate of W. Thomas Claridy, insane, will make application to the Honorable Judge G. H. Cornelius, Judge of the County Judges Court in and for Hill borough County, Florida, 1Doaooaaonnoooaono noooao ooooooDDDDDD ( NOTICE final discharge as such Adminis -Notice is hereby g iven that the trator. undersigned, Charitv P. B ethel R. G. TITTS'WORTH, and James F. Bethel-as executors Administrator c. t. a. or the Esunde r the Will of l\Iary Dora Fo-tate of Edward Gordon Stewgarty, deceased, will make their t ard, Deceased final accounting to the Honorable (3)-15 22 -29 (4)-5-12-19-26 Geo. H. Cornelius, County Judge I ( 5 )-3-10. DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dtch Floor Sul'facin:, Paintina-, Ka.bominin:, and Work -General Rpair .!Iii.ops 11&-17-1S Cass St. Arcad--SOS-10 Marien St.-Pli.oae H-105 WANTED. .a. billiaa --.Ill ----te ., ...... W -t tliioe iii a z' ew an....litatl ...... Sllatn'AIUAL a<>OllKmPaiG .... ... .,.llilllir 1 111 T-.. lty wtla _..... Ne+ ........... Cw.U 11r7iL Business University of Tampa, Inc. UN RES T 'RICTED This five acres of Florida A venue property should be of especial intere$t to an investor who can visualize its fuh.e possibilities For Particulars Call-MIMS---4335 LOCAL AND LONG DI STANGE MOVING Caas St. Arn.le STOIAGE fGlt.. ANYlHIHG 'A'llN6 Ati.19 MllPPIN4i LUMBER AND MILL WORK Specializing in the sale of lumber and millwork, it is only natural that we should know the kind suite.d to various building and repair purposes. Our suggestions for this reason will always be round highly constructive and may save you money as well as possible disap"Only the of Each Grade" T. W._.RAMSEY LUMBE DMILLWORK Pbone8;, 219 and Y 1231 Office and Yard-.17th St. and 6th Ave. i .... .. .t ,"_;:-'. .. ;


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