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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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VOLUME III. TAMPA, FLORIDA, MARCH 29, 1930. -' I > '" ... ., ...... ,, Price 5 Cents Per Copy Yearly By l\Iail $2.00 -..: . J .... ,_,,.., lf .,.-A n Progressive l g "-Published () n Saturday : : f fE h o ac .. v .. ::;, w k :o: .,.. ee Ha a a 1111u!Ht"l111 u No. 7 Immediat e. Re gistration Is Urged WOULD CON SOLIDATE CITY AND COUNTY BOOKS CLOSE IN PRECINCTS ON APRIL 7TH Republican Leaders Also Urge Republican. Voters to Register While Books Are Still In the. Precincts .to Avoid LastMinute Rushes at the Court House. The registration books close in the precincts Monday, April 7th. Immediate registration is being urged by the leaders of both the and Democratic parties this .week. The last-minute rush is predicted and perhaps some people whose business attentions will not permit them to wait in line, will be crowded o .ut ,.-and will b e unable to register. List of Registration Places 1INTERBAY RESIDENTS ENDORSE FARRIOR FOR COMMJSSJONERof Y. M.C. A. Don McMullen Elected One of McKay Again Declares That He "Will Never Be a Candidate for Another Political Office." The man who rules Tampa un \ der its present one-man "czaristic" gov ernment also wants to bring the entire county of Hillsborough unde!" his control. This became apparent a few day.s ago when an editorial appeared in the Tampa Daily Times over the signature of D. B. McKay. Mayo)." McKay advocates the consolidation of the city and county governments. The mayor said, "It is evident that we must have relief 1.-Court house, fice. supervisor's of-2.-C. W. Roberts, 1011 Frank-lin street. 16.-S. W. Timmerman, Michigan at Tampa street. 17.-Rev. J. "L Yates, Florida av-enue at Floribraska. 3 .....:....c. W. Liddon, Plant and u 1 F" St t N 18.-Mrs. J. E. Toney, Morgan at magno Ia, Ire a !On O. 3 Floribraska. Hyde 19.-F. W. Branlet, Jefferson at 4 .-W. R. Bartlett, 109 Ross. Park Place. 5.-T. L. Ferris. Store, 715 Twiggs. 20. -Fred Beck, 4612 Florida. 21_.-A. J. Johnson, Central and Buffalo. 6.-James Bowen, Grand Central 22.-Mrs. Elizabeth Stofer, Wads-avenue at Delaware. worth and Copeland store. 7.-John'. H. Miller, Woodrow 4111 Nebraska. CAUCUS HELD TO SELECT A CANDIDATE Dr. L. B. Farrior Gets Endorsement of Interbay Group In iRace In Second Commission er's District. Trustees; Other Officers Also Named. I overseas during the world war as 1 a Captain in the Medical Corps. He was one of 1,600 American Army ofl'lcers loaned to the Brit-I Judge W. Raleigh Petteway, ish Army for medical work be-judge of tile cri mina l court of rec-cause of a .shortage of doctors in the British Army. He was cited twice by General Pershing and was awarded two medals. He has practised his profession in Tampa ever since the war. Dr. Farrior has served for a ord and prominent cliurch leader of this city, was elected president of the new board, of directors of the Y. M. C. A. at the noop-day luncheon held last Monday. Judge from some source. The burden of Petteway has been connected with is oppressive and is reY. M. C. A. work for a number of tarding development." It is pointyears and served on the old board ed out that the mayor's reference Supervisor of Registr!ltion B. L. Blackburn has urged the : throughout the entire county to 1 register while the books are in the and not on find-school. 8.-J. C. Chapman, 1606 Lisbon number of years .as a trustee of of directors. Nominations for oth-to taxation as being "oppressive" Dr. L. B. Farrior, who has head-the Ballast Point school, the only er officers were made by the nom-was indeed truthful. Under the 23.---"E. D. Young, :Michigan at ed the Interbay property owners' school having a full nine .months inating committee and were unan-mayor's present administration in Nebraska. group in the drainage tax fight in term of school. imously accepted. Alvin Magnon the city of Tampa the taxes are avenue. 24.-Alfonso Diaz, 1920 Twelfth I was elected vice:president, Roy W. higher than ever before in the h1s-that section, was chosen as the One of th, e Prin_cipal planks in 9.-J. R. Creamer, 1601 South avenue. D F i 1 tf i Masters, treasurer, and L. A. Skill, tory of the city. candidate for the group to sup-. r. arr or s P a orm s an ade-.. Rome avenue. 25.-Armando Gonzalez, 1721 E. Jr. recordma secretary. -Not a Candidate ; I quate assessment survey of the 0 10. -Olin Fielding, Memorial 1 _1ichigan. port in the race m the second com-t .. H b 1 1 McMullen Elected Trustee In urging the consolidation of coun y. e e ieves that a ftnan-highway. 26.-Louis Fernandez, 1805 Fif-missioner's district for countv cial t t t f t ff I Don C. McMullen, well known the city and county governments, .. s a emen o coun y a airs ing ai;i opportunity to go to the : .::. courthous:e and register after the ,-< bool!:s have been returned" there. "J! i. An effort will -be niade to accomodii:te :the voters by allowiii\: some to register for a few the courthouse, but the chances are 11.'.--Victor Johnson, 1946 Main teenth street. commissioner, at a caucu_ s meet-sho-uld be d t 1 t d attorney and formerstate senator, Mayor McKay wishes to convince street. Willis. Flagler at ing_ Tuesday right, ... held perhaps twice a year. He 15 was one of th: new trust-the people that he will not be a . .. r ma e a eas once, an 12.-Walter W,ills, -1432-34 Flor" residents of the Ballast Pomt and against the fee system and wants ees with W. G. Brorem. Mr. Mc-candidate for the office that will ida. 28.-A. 'D. Massey, 3209 Twenty-Interbay sections _in the Ballast to abolish unnecessary county of-Mullen has. been active for a num-wield control over this combined that the clerks -wiil be so busy with the regis.tration books that only a._ si;nall :Qumber will be. abl' e "'to find time to wait in line anl .get registered if they put .. Qft (Co,ntinued on page tw'o.) 13.-George B. Prevatt, 1603 Mor-sb:th avenue.. Point school. 1'1.ces. ber of years in religious work, and government. Mayor McKay said, gan street. 29.-Mrs. Leo Stalnaker, 3510 The meeting was a democratic is the state attorney for the Anti-in his editorial on this subject, "I 14.-Edward Stanley, 1010 Sev-Eighth avenue. cauc,us called by residents of .. the Saloon Leagu,e. The members of have no other thought or purpose enth avenue. 30 .,.-Roy Ripple and M. L. Lee, two sec.tions to select _a candidate If you are a friend of this news-the newly created advisory com-than the welfare of the people of 15.-J. w. Blount, Fire Station 2209 East Broadway. for whom they could vote as a. paper, you will_ trade with its ad-mittee who have served as mem-this city and county. I have no No. 5, Ross and Florida 31.-E. Fernandez. unit in the June primaries. Can-vertisers. And tell them where bers of the board of directors are further political ambitions, and avenues. (Continued On Page Four) didates for the office did not at-you saw the Ad. (Continued On Page Two.) (Continued On Page Two.) Judge Wiese is Candidate T 0 Self In Judge Race Will Be Opposed by Attorrieys Albert T. Caro and : C. Brown .. : Judge P. Wiese -miJ-de v .,,.,,,! ',, formal announcement last week of . his candidacy' to succeed himself i '.-: i .: as judge of. the juvenile court i:i. this county. Mr. Wiese will enter the noI?. !nation in June. J'udge Wiese was nominated. 'in the prlmary.of 19M otftcE;) on the bench the juvenile cort, tor a number of years prior to.his election to that omce. has been very active in church and affairs tfrrotighout 'the city. He' has .spent a number of years of hard work in ,the Masonic fratern .itY, where he helds high honors. .Although his many friends over the city have made it known for Mt. Brown, prior to his beginning the practice of law in this city was connected in an official capacity with the Seaboard: Air Line Railway. Albert Caro has been ac tlve in the practice of civil and criminal cases in the courts of this county for a number of years. His support also will come in a large measure from civic clubs and some time that J\].dge would from fraternal circles, where Mr. be candidate to succeed bin:i.self, Caro and his friends have taken Mr.' Wiese refrained from making an active part and interest. Mr. a definite announcement of his Caro is a brother to the former as a 11' his race for_.this office by two out-They both maintain omces togeth-. Active in Oivic Aftal.rs standing attorneys in this city, Al-er in the Hendry and Knight buil-Judge Wiese during his. term of bert Caro and Frederick C. Brown. ding. tend. the meeting and Dr. Farrior's selection was unanimous after several speakers had praised his work in the drainage tax fight and his other efforts to aid the property owner' s and residents in the peninsular territory. Summoned to the meeting by friends after he had peen selected as the "favored candidate," Dr. Farrior reiterated his platform pledges, in which he declared if elected, he would be at the service of the people day and night and Postmaster General's Agent Had Liquor Here Is Charge Had Liquor In Hotel Room Here Is Charge, According To Affidavit -Republican Women Pasi; Resolution Requesting Postmaster General Brown To Permanently RemoveD. Cheney From Work In This State. D . Cheney, official representative of Postmaster General Brown, from Washington, has been charged with drunkenness here and a has been made upon the postmaster general to remove Cheney from work in this locality. According to a resolution passed Pinellas counties, March 21st, and detected on Mr. Cheney's breath from other sources, it appears and that several.bottles of liqquor that Mr. Cheney was in an intox-were observed in Mr. Cheney's icated condition some time ago room at the hotel. The party makwhen Mrs. Lora T. Edwards, sec-ing the affidavit was close enough ond vic e chairma n of t h e Repub-to one bottle of Jiqquor when seatlican state c e ntra.l committee call-ed nea r a table to detect the odor ed upon Mr. Cheney for a confer-of the contents of the bottle. Ac-ence, at his solicitation. cording to reports from other sec- Had Liquor Here tions of the state it appears that Acco rding to an affidavit pre-Mr. Cheney has be e n in pretty s ented to the Tampa Life this much the same condition elseweek, Mr. Cheney, when stopping where. It seems tbat Mr. Cheney in this city some time ago at the has been several times on investiHillsboro Hotel, had several botgati.on vi:ork in administration ties of liqquor in his room. The matters. affidavit made by a Tampa citizen, who had called to see Mr. Cheney Pas s Resolution a t a meeting of Republican wornon some census matters, set forth e n from Hillsborough, Polk and that a strong odor of liquor was Tbe resolution passed by the Republican women is as follows: (Continue d On Pag e Two.) RepQblican Women Will THE MARE'S SECRET Hold Mass Meeting Here weakly visut to see the mare. I Mrs. Myra Fairfield Br.own, I worked throughout the last gen-vice in tbe ,building of a strong wuz all-fired an:xious to see the Chairman of First Congres-eral election to secure the election and effective Republica n organiza-DR. L. B. FARRIOR mare because r had heerd some sionalDistrict of Flotjda Re-of President Hoover and who as tion throughout the state." good n e ws. I had heerd that the yet have not been able to aain any The immediate complaint of the would keep them fully informed mare wuz gonna take ovver the Publican.Women's Organizab recognition for their. efforts. women of the _Republican organiz-on all business of the county com-county along with the citty and tion, Also._ Calls Another Mrs. JJrown Heads Organization ation is against the set-up of the mission so that no "unjust bond run both. But the mare told me Meeting at Brooksville April Mrs. Myra Fairfield Brown, wife I state advisory committee, which issue or other steal" could be put a big secret. I wuz tickled to 7th to Aid in Cause. of Sidney C. Brown, the collector does not have a woman on its ros-over on them, and would work for death that the mare thought of of customs for Florida, has been ter. The women have also object-lower and more equitable taxes this scheme becuz I knowed hit The Repu-blican women of the elected the chairman of the first ed to the activities of certain rep-and also economy in public office. would' be a big thing fer the mare. counties. of Pinellas, Polk and congressional district of this wo-resentatives of Florida who are Henry E. Williams, attorney, If we cud just combine the citty Hillsboro11gh -wjll meet in a mass men's organization. She has also not making fair reports to the of-who represented the Interbay res-and the county government hit needs a rest. The work that he meeting next Monday at. P. h'1s1;1ed a call for a meeting 9f ficials in Washington on condi-idents in the drainage court fight, would put us on a equal basis with does for the citty is a powerful M. in the of Commerce _county committeewomen and pre-tions here. The women are back-was given a rising vote of thanks Chicago financially and otherwise. strain on his system. He is not $i building in this city to carry forcinct committeewomen of the Ing the eighteenth for his services as was Dr. Far-The mare always has been a right gittin' enuff money fer the work it'.-: / ward organization plans.-This counties of Hernando, C _itrus, and the aim of the state organiza-rior. smart feller fer advancement. But he does fer the citty. If he takes real enthusiastic o ver hiz, proposition to combine the citty and county government and make the two of_ them ope. He expects to be the one. The mare told me this confidential but I know he don't ker if I slip hit out to just a few of my SP:ecial friends. The mare expects to be the head of tha,t thar combined government. The meeting will be: held under the ar-Sumter, L _ake and Pasco, to be tion is "for political and education Harry E. Klein, justice of peace the mare let me in on a big secret. over the county with the citty of theFlorida.,.ltepubli-held at Brooksville April 7th at al benefits and service of the wo: in -the Ballast Point section, pre-He is strong on economy. work I don't see how he can stand can w;o'ien'e Organization, which 2 : 00 P. M. Mrs. Brown said, men of Florida." The organiza-sided at the meeting. l found tbe mare in hiz offis ta-up unde r the strain. was recently organjzed and which "There. is much to be done and I tion will make every effort to get Dr. Farrior is a graduate of the king a snooze. I hated to wake The mare wuz az glad to see me is composed of leading Republican tr:ust the women of the state may _Republican women t" register be-1 University of Alabama. He came the mare up because I knowed he I az usual. You kin take that 'any women throughout state,.who us!'l this opportunity to ser-ccontinued On Page Two;) to Florida in 1916. He served had been ov:erworkin' hisself. He way you want to. I found the mare (Continued On Page Three)


" '. :C' I of Bank Accounts By BETTY BARCLAY "Necess ity is the mother or Inve n tion is no more tru e than Saturday, March 29, 1930 d e ntallyi, both are rich i n food valLet s t a n d I n a warm place until u e, a n d I>articularly well balanced. firm -about ten minutes -then Dread Pudding Dessert chill. Spr inkl e with a mixture of All that is nee deg for this des-sugar and cinnamon b e fore serv sert is a pint of milk, !our slices i n g of bread, a package of lemon jun-Raspberry Jam Delight k e t, a little butter and a few rats-This is the s im plest recipe i m -.A.a lalJ .. nat, Pr&rlft w .. 11:1:r New91t&Jr ........ - P-...-u111.e1 Ten k t 11rta:r lly tke n.IJ.. LIJ"ll PUaL!llIIHll COKP.Al(Y, lac. 'J-f&, 'l'iril & cient to hold the waters of Lake Okceechobee unless they should be whipped by a severe storm. Such a fe vee, t h e department said, might induce such confidence as would cause the lowlands t o b e thickly settled when "greater loss of life and property damage m ight result from its failure." The depart m ent report said, "The safety of l ives o 'f the inhabitants, the protection o f their property and t h e futur e development o f the E verg l ades depends upon the levees bei n g made hig h enou g h and strong enoug h to be safe against any cont ingency which can be reasonably The most fertile a n d prod ucti v e farmin g l a n d in the world is located in this area The value of this land t o the state and nation fully justi fies the proposed e xpenditure of this the modern asser tio n, "Economy ins. Remove crusts from b read, &ginable Prepar e a package or i s the m other o f bank ac c ou nts. butter lightly and in small raspberry junket according to di-.itntel ........... o a . Cli CU.I StrMt Pit. Ull __________ .,.. ___________ _....,...,.. ... _,.,,.... ...... a mount .;f m oney. A penny, a nic kle, a dim e or a cubes. D i vide the cubed bread r e ctions on package. When ice q uarter will purchase very little, among dessert d ishes and add a c old, garnish with raspberry j am. but if one or these small p i eces is tew seedless or seeded rai sins The j am, the junket and a pint of saved each day, placed away at in -Warm the milk to lukewarm-not milk a r e the only ingredients that terest, and the g r owing sum lert hot. Add the lemon junket. stir call for an outlay from the family untouched, it is not l ong b eror e until Q.isso lved. Pour over b r ead. pur se. / I aw.a aa leoJ1.l-M1 )latter, Muell :n, Ull, at tit at 'faa9a, .,_ e l'l4 a, Mr ta .A.et el Karell a, U79. Post1nas t e r Ge n e r al's A gent H a d L iq uo r H e r e Is Charg e the savings account is well worth j ects to discuss. Mrs. Loia T Ed wh il e Twentyfive cents a d 'ay for 20 ..... .... ._ __ m===-"""'-"""' ________ l'111tHr1 M n aa.._: o .. Yu.r la ..i.lin.ace U.U llJI Jl 9'JI. ia J..&naee u .11 ;:::_""""-""""' ___ _.. __________________ THE CZAR W ANTS M OR E POWER wards w ill represent Polk county from the p latform. years comes to over eighteen hundred dollars-without, interest be ing comp uted. The man or firty, who has s aved this amount daily All Rep u blican wom e n are urg ed to att end the meeting Mon day and take part in the permanen t or ( conti nued From P age One) g an i zation since he was a boy or ten prob-"WHEREAS; We h ave just ab l y has pretty c l ose to $7 ,500.00 Mayor D B. McKay would c onsolidate the cit y and county learned from Mrs Lora T Ed-sarely tucked away for the retlr-government s. He has said so in a peculiar editorial published wards, 2 n d V ice Cha irman or the Judge Petteway Ing s i xties, non-productive seven -in the Tampa Daily T imes over his s i g nature in the issue of R epublican State C entral Comm i t-Electe d Head ties and contented ei g hties, while March 24th. In this editorial M ayor McKa y declares that he has t ee or Florida, of the i nd ignity to the housewife who may have been no other thought or purpose than. t h e welfare of the people o f whic h she was p l a c e d wh en mee t -Of Y. M. C. A able to s&ve on l y for thirty years, ing an appo intment with Da.r elle h & s also a s umthat is no t to be this city and c ounty, a n d that h e has "no furth e r political am-C heney, the officia l representative (co n ti n ue d F r om Page One) laughed &t. bitions and w ill n ever b e a c andi date for anot her poli t ical of-o f Postmast e r General Brown, t his w. -G.' Brorei n H enry Best ol' all, a lmost anyone can fice. Where have w e h eard that before. During tbe charter appointment at the solicita t i on of Sr. G Norman Baughman w w. sav e twen ty-five cents a day-on bQard election, when McKay was attempting to o verthrow the Mr Cheney to confer over s ome I Trice, R. J. Ritter, l\f. H. Ma br:r, d ress, the t able, the borne, or city government o f T ampa, h e assured people that i f they post ofl'lce matter s in t h e State of A E. J. Ande r son, J F. Alexansomewhe r e A little l ess expensive d h h h Id b Florida; der, D r L.A. Bi z e and R.H. Tarr. steak; a chan ge in the form of would vote qn t h e propose c ange t at e wou not e a can"AND WHER EAS . "rs Ed-"'" The members of the new active dessert; uing left-overs in tastefu l didate for m .ayor. He did not keep t hat promise. The Tampa wards' s w or n s tatemen t is "'Uoted di recto r s a re, M?r r is Whi te, Dr. d ishes .:_Iettove r s that were o n ce Life p redicts that he will not keep the one contained in his ediin p a r t as f ollows: Geor ge Hyman E w Hardy, Lesthr own wast e f u ll y away; o r by torial on March 24th. It is the opinion of the Tampa L i fe that 'It was v e r y evide n t that Mr. lie H Bl a n k A C Ward, M. B. su bstituting some i nexpens iv e food d d h 1 Ch e ney was unde r the influence F h J Q B t i J d L the mayor has no t hought i n min in recommen ing t e conso ii s e r ran ey, u ge for somethin g t hat bri ngs a frown o f li q u o r h i s breat h, a p pea rL p k L A Sk 11 T c dation of the city and county governments other than to control a r s, -e om every time it i s p u rchas ed. k h d ance and actions d enoting the S w a n n, T. C. Mixson, Leslie E Many of the best foods are in-this combined government. The mayor has riot ept 1 is wor same I r etra in e d from makin g J ough i"n and G w. Campbe ll ex p ensive, yet they are great ly in the past and we do not believe he will do so i n the future. He this sta t e m e n t p ub lic ly be for e n ee ded i n the di et. Ma n y o f the is preaching economy again. But he does not practice what h e a s I w as informe d h e wa s to b e expe n s i ve fo o d s shoul d no t b e eatr e mo ve d from our state.' Imm d0 t R preaches. If we have very much more economy in the city gov-"BE IT HEREB Y RES O L VED: e Ia e eg-e n a s heavil y as they are-in tact, t th t f T 11 b b k pted If he wi"ll 1stra t i"on Urged mos t of u s w ould b e b etter off i f ernmen e c 1 1zens o ampa w1 e an ru Tha t sinc e i t is excee din gly h u I we red uced t h e amount e aten. carry his economy program a little farther some people wil millating for our wom e n to s ub-starve to death. We bave had enough ex:perience with "McKay m i t to conf e r e nc es of thi s kind, economy." We cannot take his economy suggestions seriously w e do h e r e b y r eq u e s t the (co n ti n ue d Fro m P a g e O n e), M e a t, eggs, cake, and other acid registratio n u n til a!ter the bo o k s produci n g foo d s have m u ch to be m a ster Gen eral t o pe rman ently r e clo se in the vari o u s pre c i n c ts There may be some advantages in consolidating the city and Ap r i l 7th. said i n t hei r favor and a r e surel y on mov e Mr. Ch e ney and protes t his county governments, but the fact that Mayor McKay has sug-a ction in any otl'lcial capac i t y with R epublicans Ac tiv e .gested such a consolidation urges the adoption of such a r e fer e nc e to Florida. R epublican lead e r s throughout policy, makes.us suspicious of the entire proposition. If the may-"BE IT F URTHE R R E SOLV E D the c ounty h a v e b ee n active l y urgor re. ally and truly has "no other and purpose than the Tha t cop i e s of this resolution b e In g t h e R ep u b lic a n voters t o g o to forwarde d b y our N ational C o m-the r eg i stra tio n book s i n the dis welfare of the people of this city and county" as he states in his mitte ewoman M r s Clara C .Grace trlc t s this week and pl a y safe" n ecessary u p t o a certain p oin t but t h o u s a nd s e a t too h e avily o f these a n d thus waste the quarters and di mes that cou ld w ell be growing i n t o thousan ds of dallars. Here are t w o reCiIJS tha t may b e prepared at a ve r y little cost, y e t they w ill prove m o r e d e li c i o u s than some of the e xpen sive des-editorial, why does he not redu.ce his own enormous salary as 1 of S t. P e t e r sburg, to President so t hat ther e will b e n o doubt mayor and cut down the gigantic waste in the salaories of his H erbert Hoover a nd Postmas t e r & bout t h e i r bei n g ab l e to ca s t their G l B d t i b 11 t I th R bli s e rts now b eing s erved-and inci-"political pensioners, in the city administration. The mayor en era rown an reque s mmea o s n e ep u can primary "d h f f I diate action in this matt e r in June Hiram McE l r o y sai sue a orm o government 1s not an innovation. t is m --------------man or the H ills b o r o ugh County operation in numerous cities, but I think the outstand-ing instance of success a government is the c ity and county of Denver, Colorado. One T ampan remarked this week that "one of the outstanding instances of colossal failure of suc.h a government is the city of Chicago, JESUS THE SAVIOUR OF ALL MEN .The International Unifomi Sunday School lesson for study next Sunday is entitled "Jesus, the Saviour of All Men. The lesson material, from the I 0th Chapter of St . John, is that portion of Jesus' last in Jerusalem; at the close of the Feast-of Tabernacles, in which Jesus uttered the beautiful allegory which pictures Him as the true shepherd. -Jesus calls himself the door. of the sheep and also the shepherd. He is both. Jesus; in giving this allegory, recalls the and sufferings to which the selfishness and of teachers and leaders have brought to people. The sheep must have a door as well as a fold. As a way of escape from danger and of freedom to seek food and water is a door.' It freedom as well as security. They go in for .safety and out for pasture. Jesus, in declaring that He is the "door of the sheep," conveys the thought that He is the only proper avenue of to the fold, which is the kingdom of God, whether or hereafter. only must the sheep enter through this door, but any honest shepherd who administers to the kingdom m .ust do the same. The of the sheep is the shepherd's j'Teat concern. Not 10 with many of our teachers and pretended guides who ar thinking a great part of the time on thei rown selfish gains. Whoever l\1:ayor l\1:cKay Wants More Power ( Continu e d from Page One) will nev e r be a candidate for a nothe r public offic e." At the time of the las t charte r bo ard el e cticm Ma yor McKa y d eclared that he would no t b e a candidate for mayor and that he had onl y the welfare of the people at h eart. Only shortly thereafter he was the c an d ldate for mayor no twithstanding the he h a d previ ousl y made. The asi:;ertion of Mayor McKay this week that h e l:ias no further political ambitions and will never be a candida t e for another public office has not been taken seriously by citizen s throughout the city this week, it is said. Several prominent Ta,mpans remarked after the publication of Repu b lica n committ ee, hi!.!! requested all R epu blicans t o regi s ter at the ear lies t p ossi bl e m om ent and avoi d bei n g caught in the las t minute rus h S o far l ess than 5,000 haT e r e gIster e d i n the entire c o un ty. 0Te r vo t e d in the ge n enl election i n 1928 S elf-Perfecting "Practice maketh perfect," The proverb so doth teachEspecially if we I>ractice The f i n e things that we preach CLOSE TO WORK. Visitor-Who is that poorly dres sed man over -near the telephone? .Editor-Oh, he's the editor of our men'.s fa shion dep artment. the mayor's editorial that i t was .--------------. _merely a scheme on the part of the m ayor to gain additional pow er and control. "Preaches" Economy In "preaching" economy the mayor also said, "The economy knife should b e used wherever I necessary to the end that all use;-DR. N. E. 8ftOWN OS'l'EOPATHICI PBYIOA.11 AID WJWo .... .ad n.c-.i ...... Ut W'. Lafayette It. PJIHe-1111 HOME FOLKS EAT Eagle Cafeteria 209-11 Twiua PLone 50!5 .... .......... ......... ,, .. ,,, The UYrou/1n 'l(ouge Florida' M .. t B .. utiful Clult tries to enter in 'some other way is "a thief and a robber," as were all that ever came before me,'' meaning not the great religious ieaders of former times, but specifically the Pharisees, who rejected Him, and whose behaviour had brought forth the teachings of Jesus . Jesus takes care to His disciples that He is in the big business of gathering all His sheep into one fold. Some men are talking of Christ as the creed. The very inability of non-Christian religions to withstand the onslaught and intact less otl'lces and otl'lcials may be abolish e d whether wie cont,lnue under the present form of govern:ment or substitute the one !Ug gested. But with governmental consolidation and rigid economy our saving, s would be greater than can possibly be accomplished any RENT A CAR Drive Yourself Standard make, 1929 models AUTO RENTORS, INC. 113 Zac k St. Phone 3288 Opposite Victory Theatre Phone Y-1480 Just acrou the 22nd St. Cauaeway other way.'' Mayor McKay at the present time is drawing a salary of approximately $10,'000.00. The of modern thought is narrowing the choice of their followers. The tide moves toward one fold and one shepherd. Jesus is the shepherd who gave His life for the sheep. ' FEDERAL AID IN THE EVERGLADES economy being practiced unde r the present city administration will perhaps bankrupt the people of the county if similar taxes are placed upon property throughout the entire county, declared some. Republican Women To Hold l\1:ass l\1:eeting Here (Continued from Page One) fore it is too .late, In the coming prim ary. A t the m eeting Monda y p erman ent officers for this district will Fderal aid in projects designed to protect the inhabitant in the Everglades and in the Lake Okeechobee sction of Florida against extraordinary and unexpected flood-dangers now appears certain the war-department approved these projects several days ago. The war departme11t sent a recommendation to the senate commerce committee for the expenditure of $9,-692,000.00 for six proj.ects, to improve navigation control floods in the area in which a heavy loss of life occured in past hurricane disasters. Tho senate commerce committee is l ikely to appro.ve thi .. recommendation from the war department without ... be electe d. Temporary officers are much delay. It is nderstood that President Hoover is in accord lllrs. Brown chairman, with the recommendation. The president has shown consider-St. Petersburg; Mrs. Eunice Marable in.terest in the Everglades project. Over a year ago when gan, secretary, Tampa. Mr. Hoover was in Miami he assured a com,mittee of T ampans,. Among those who will appear on the program at Monday s mas! compoied of Don C. McMullen, Leo Stalnaker and Mrs. Eunice meeting are the following: Mrs Morgan that he would do what he could to federal aid Clara c. G;race; national commitin the Everglades work and 'declared he was interested in seeing teewoman St. Petersburg. Mrs. these projects become successful. The expenditure of over $9, Myra Fair1i eld B r own will talk on 000 000 00 "hi' t' f Fl 'd h t th" registration and organization. in. l! 1 ace ion o ori a WI mean muc o is M B d M J rs. Frances rown an rs. u-stare. The war department proposes to raise the levees three II& Lucky, both of st. Petersburg feet higher than the height suggested by local engineers, suffi -wlll both have interestlnE} sub-PATRONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME STOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR WELFARE ADAMS KENNEDY CO. 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' Saturday, March 29, 1930. -Uncle Pete Razor blade ( c o nti.aue4 Fro m Page O ne) that portion of biz. munici p a lity State of Florida the service of a known as Y bor Citty Of cource subpoena upon w h o m would bind h e e x p e c t s to bring i n Asi a into t h i s c ity in due cource of time and then Australia will necessari l y r o .llo w Africa _will be among the last of t h e m ajor a1;mexat ions t o b e adde d to the munic ipality the said d efendant, G eorge Fred Mey er, and that he i s over the age o r t w e nty-one years; it is therefo r e ordere d tha t said Defendant b e and b e i s h e r eby r equire d to appear to the Bill of Complaint filed in s a i d cause on or b e!ore Monda.y, the 7th d a y or .April, .A. mar e sez to me. h e se z sez he, or Tampa. While. these annexa-D. 1930; o t h erwise the allegations "you know Peter (he always c alls tlons air goin' on the mare ex o f said bill will be ta.ken as con-m e Peter instead of M r Razor-p e cts. to git in communication fessed by said D efendant. It is furthe r orde r e d tha t thia blade because w e are s o t o with A dmiral Byrd about the orde r be published once a week e a c h other ) I have always had countries that h e has jus t disk-for f our consecutive weeks in the the people's interests at h eart. I Iver e d down aroun d the south Tampa Life a newspap e r pubstand fer economy We could c u t pole. _<\narctica and Little Amer-lished i n said County and Sta t e r th I Done and ordere d In Tampa., out a lot o f expenses i e peop e lea. a n d them thar httl e c ountrie s Fl th' t h 7th d r M h a i s e ay o a r c would just l e t me take o v e r the If he kin git the contr oversy A D 19 3 0. county a long with the citty. govs traight ened out between Byrd W. A. DICKENSO N ernment o r course I cud give a a n d Great Britian and Washin g Cl erk Circui t C ourt lot more of my friends jobs but ton a bout the ownership of them ( SEAL ) .. d t t fl' d By KATE C. R OBINSON D. C. then I cud ailor o c u o some thar countries j ust disk1 vere P EACOC K & PARKER, of the omses and we c u d make a why he will annex them t o the S olic itor for C ompla inant. right good thing out of hit. A few municipality of Tampa j ust. as Stat e o f Florida, County or HUls-or m y kinfolks are s orta g one o n q uick as these little squabbles b oroug h the rocks and I am gonna have t o b ht d t H d 't I hereby certify that the abo ve kin e strsig e n e ou e on and foregoin g is a tru e copy of do something to sorta ker o f intend t o have no 1'amily fuss tlfe o r i ginal orde r of publicatio:a them. I h ave :ftlle d u p the c itty oTer any or this stuff and w a nts mad e in said cau se, on fil e in m y offices with t hem pretty and them t o g i t all o. f thar little difofl'lce now I want t o branch out and put ferences and disputes sorta qui et-Flo r ida, March 7th, a few co u sins in some of t h e m e d d ow n be!ore he will allow w. A. DICKENSO N, n i c e payin' county jobs .The m them t o come into t h e city o f Clerk Circuit Court. county jobs pay right well if you Tampa and take part in our mu-(SEA L.) handle 'em right n i ci pality. H e wants ever y thing B y KATE C. ROBINSO N, D C'. T h e m a r e h a s an eye fe r b u s i-to b e in decency and i n order:. H e <3 ) -3 -1 5 22 -29 <4 ) 5 . ness, and a tooth, too, and az I don' t want no bickerin' b ack-bit-39201-C have sed b efore, thar ain't no. tin' nor .honey-!ugglin'. With I n the Circuit court, Thirteenth flie s on the mar e The mare has the whol e world in the municipa lJ u d i ci a l Ci r cuit, Hillsborough s e nse even if he does take baths. ity of T ampa arid'. the mare az County, F lo rida. I n Chanc e r y B. WILSER, Complaina nt, I axed the m are.if thls proposition h i t s head h e sez w e will see some V!. would r e d u c e t a x es. H e sed "wh e -shor e enuff econo m y .and' pros-J. c. B ARBER AND HIS WIFE, ther hit does or not t h e main idea perity. 1 TRESSIE .BARBE R i s to git the peepul to think they The n the m are s e d he intends D e f endants. T h e State or Florida to air gonna be r educe d and they to r each up into the heavens and ;J. c. Barber and His Wife, wlll p u t it over. Then once whin s n atch of! a slice o f Mar s and Tressi e Barb0r. we git hit over, the peepul can't bring -it Into the municipality o f It appearing by amdavit aphelp the m selve s and that will Tampa, and try how it sounds. pended to the bill in the a.hove l eave situatJon in right njce Then he will annex Jupiter, V e s t ated c ause that J.C. Barber and his wife, Tressie Barber, the Deshape fer ie to handle." I re-nus and Saturn. The n heinte n d s fendants t herein named, are non-minded the m are that he had sed to trot off up t h e Milky Way and r eside nts or the Stat e of Flor i da, something about the citty taxes kic k up a little star-dust and but are residents o f the United bein' reduced it the peepul would r each and grab off Great States of America, and that the last known place of residence and elect h i m mare that last tim e and Dipper by its handel. He .Iz goin' address of the said Defendants, J. I .axed him-tr the peep.ul who had to use this Dipper and ketch sum c Barber a.nd his wire, Tressie bin e xpectin; taxes to be reduced or the lesser planets and satellites B:1.rber, w:1.s Prosser, Washington; might not be D,. t I 111 BY, KATE c. ROBINSON, D. c. he is over the age of twenty.one A. Thompson and Carroll B Thompson, executors unde r the Special School Di strict No 48 ----Will of Benjamin, Tliompson, de-Special School D istrict No 49 ceased, and all other. persons in-.Special S chool District No. 50 --.. terest e d that I d'issent from said Special School District No. 51 .... -Will and will m ake application in Specia l School District N o 52 ---.. the Court of the County Judge for Specia l School District No 5 3 an assignment of dowe r in the es-Special School District No . 5 4 ---tate of said Benjamin Thompson, Special S chool District No. 55 --deceased, on Monday, April 7 Special School District No 57 -.. --2,663.60 618.44 28 ,546.19 648 .69 1,583.21 5 ,841.63 847.35 5 ,940.84 5,178.60 1 ,060.91 5,220.09 727.14 375.54 9 ,464.33 148. 75 555.81 482. 53 484.79 1 ,169.01 1 ,194.17 311.94 1, 731.55 22,711.19 suaded the ,peepul to. t!le (S)-8-li-Z!-21 U)-5. years; It is therefore ordered' that county' into .. hiz.: citty-administra-Leasing of ;rn;ooo acres of land said Defendant be and he is here-1930. Special School District No. 58 ----Special School District No. 59 ............ _ tion, biz next move w ould b e to west of Davie from the State In-No. 8'J2 1K-C by required to appear to the Blll -In the Circuit Court, l'hlrteeDth .of Complaint ti.le d in said cause on branch .out and a nnex the. whole ternal Improvement Bpard' at.Tai-J"udlcia.l Circuit, Hillsborough .or before Monday the 7th da.y or MARY E THOMPSON. D. C McMULLEN, Attorney for Mary E Thompson, (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. state. to "Tampa, just. bring-the recently, by the Port Ev-county, Florida.. In Chancery. Aprll, A. D 1930; othenrise the state :of Florida under the erglades Oil and Gas Company has NETTIE E. B.A.ILEY, a.llega.tions or said bill wlll be tak.-NOTICE municipal gover_ nni-ent of Tampa. resulted in the of inter-Complainant. en as confessed by said Defenda.nt. Notice is hereby given that the He sed that under hiz admin(str,a:. est which ....tli mean resumption of HENRY JATCK BAILEY, It is further ordered that this undersigned, Charity P. Bethel order be published once a. week d J F B h I t tion the entire state would profit drilling .-operatfons in Croissant 1 Defendant. for four consecutfre weeks in the a.n ames et e as execu ors under the Will of Mary Dora Fo-a.s hit. never had before. Inci-Pa.i:k, a.ccording to oftlcials of the -The State of Florida to Tampa Lite, a newspaper pub-:arty; deceased, will make their he r .emarked. that lie compa.ny. HeJarJ .Jack Balley. lished ln said County and State. final accounting to the Honorable It a.ppearin1r by a.alda.Tit ap-Done a.nd ordered in Ta.mp&, con:iidera:bly The oil' which has pended to the blll In the abon Fla.., thi! the 7th da.y of ll&rch, Geo. H. Cornelius, County Judge too. .shut'down for several months, was antated ca.use that Henry Ja.ck .A. n. lli30. for Hillsborough County, Florida, at his omce in the Court House in Then the mare told me. a secret mainly hindered by the fact that Bailey, the Defenda.nt therein W. A. DICKENSON, aaid County, at 10 o'clock A. M but that he '1idn't want this to the company had not acquired suf-na.med, ls a non-resident of the (S"'AL) Clerk Circuit Court. on the 20th day .of May, A. D. Sta.te of Florida and that hla last ... out, I'lljust-tell of fOU ftcientland control, it i.s said, and known residence .. 11 pa.rticularly as By KA.TE C. ROBINSON, D. C. 1930, as such Executors, and ap-readers;'.confidentially, that. after -the -leasing of the large acreage known wa.s Sacra.mento, .Califor-PEACOCK&; .PARKER, ply to said Judge for a 1lnal dis-tbe mare has the. state of has caused various northern cap-nla, tha.t amant does not know his Solicitor for Complainant. charge as such Executors. dd i JAMES F. BETHEL, Florida. annexed to the of italists to become Interested in street a ress; that there s no I hereby certi!y that the aboTe CHARITY P BETHEL, Tampa arter a yearor such a mat-backing. tlie p roject. per11on in the State of Florida. the a.nd foregoing is a true copy of Executors Under the Will of Mar.T serTice of a .subpoena upon whom th I i 1 d bli ti ter then he m ""nded to reach h I e or g na or er OL pu ca on Dora Fogarty, Decea.sed. "" Und:er the agreement with t e would bind the !&id defenda.nt t k . th h 1 t made in said cause, on 1lle in my (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5-12-19-2G out and a e m e w o e-na 10n I. board the company will pay a and that Henry Jack Bailey, is omce. (li)-3-TO. and bring hit under -munici-rental % 5 cents per acre per oTer the a.ge of twenty-one year1; Ta.mpa, Florida, Marc, h 7th, l t f T d It la therefore ordered that said pa governmen '0 aznpa year during the :tl.tst 1lve years and DOD-resident Defenda.nt be and 11.e igao. NOTICE

H ello : folks -speaking, felt proud of myself and could aiid i want to tell yo u a: secret! l hai:dly Tesist temptation to go I should ask y.ou not to home oareh,eaded. tell any body for I've noticed that I almost forgot to say that Mrs. the quickest way to. get a bit of Hardee has just returned from a news or gossi p into circulation Is visit to Atlanta, where -she attendto tell it to a few people in strjcted the convention of the National est confidence and say, "Now don't Association. Don't tell a single soul." That usually forget to ask her about it. She means the news spread:s like wildwill be delighted to tell all her f fir e and in this case I want every friends and patrons the latest reach of Tampa Lifa to new. s, brought to the Atlanta con' }mow about interesting vention by world-famous cosme. things' I've discovered. ticians from all over the United Now the secret i s this -after I States and Europe ; TAMPA LI'FE March 29, 1930 4t you know in a, day or two."-The the city attorney, and a justice of Arcadian. the sfate supreme court.-The ArAin 't it the truth. ? Ed. cadian. THE AFTERMATH 52.-J.c:. Lynn, c ity clerk's of-PRESS 1'1.ce, Port -COMMENT As a'.Q example of "hewing to .. .. . too many s acrUices to save friend husband's cash, you may be rob. bing Jiim of the tPride he feels or longs to feel in his precious vossession, a. charming and attractive wif.e Don't forget that all men admire feminin e beauty and 51.-Miss Bennie May Gorr, Plant 11 I 53.-J. L. Clark, Ballast Point. .,. _________ ,_ ___ 54.--'-Lonnie J. Spivey, Citrus the line, let the chips fall where Editor Bob Swege r cif Gadsthey may," the telegraph brings a "Mrs. Smith seems to have got over the death of her first husband. Park. tr you don' t try to please t hem, some other woman will! There is 55.-B. E. Stall, Magdalen. an old adage-"Beauty is only 56.-Harry Jac.kson, Lutz. skin deep, but good goes clear to 57 .-E. C. Croft, Sult1hur Springs. the bone." Just as true as can be, 58.-J. N. Bryan, Branchton. but-very few m e n have x-ray 15.9.-John Lewis, Thonotosa.ssa. eyes or .minds. Think it over, 60.-John Gallagher, Dover girl s! U I dont .sign otr this will be 61--H. H. Royal, Saffron. Alpha and Omega, the .ll.rst and 62-Mrs. J. J Sampson, Mango. 63.-W. W. Tyner, Oak Parle. last of Peggy's Paragraphs. List of Registration Places 64.-E. T Smith, Palm. River. 65.-E. C. Hague, Gardenvjlle 66.-J. E Taylor, Johnso n school house. den County Times at Quincy, .after story from Jeff City, l\Io., that In making the rounds of the business a recent drive against traffic violahouses looking for grist !or his tions the police on the first day "Yes, but her second husband hasn't.-Nagel's Lustige Welt, job d e p artment, evolve d this bit o! philo sophy: "A lot of storekeep ers who complain becaus e the people patroniz e mail-order houses will tell their local printer when he comes to them to get a printing order: 'I've writteh away for prices on this stuff,.and I'll let yank-ed into city court the mayor, Berlin. DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Datch Floor Snrfacin, P&intina, KaJ90minin:, PI.uter -.d C.-t Work -RepairSllop. I 11._17-lS Ca.ss lilt. Arcad..__.:aee-10 Marien St.-Paeiae H-1 ... It lengthy arguments I've Whil-e I m on the subject let me co_nvinced the editorial sta:l'f that tell you that a little money spent they have been: n egle .ctlng their in a good beauty parlor isn't nec-most important readers by not .essarily an extravagance, even (continued From Page One) more news and articles when there i s need to practise the 32.-;-Mrs. Mary J:!lackourn, Ne-67.-A. G DeLoach, Florida at Hillsborough avenue. 68 .-1\Irs. M. Whidden, Hodge Drug store. Try Our DELICIOUS SANDWICHES UNRESTRICTED of special int-erest to women. I strictes t economy. It ca:r,i mean a. braska at Osborne. had trot out a few goo d investment that will pay bfg i 33.-Mrs. B. L. Knight, 202 Lam-69.-A. J. Griffin, 480.5 Thirtieth street. 70 .-F. N Van Dyke; Temple Curb Service home econo mics, politics, child dividends in self confidence and bright. h l\J Terrace. . 1 34 A L. Jo nson, .,,, an 71. L. G. Moore ; Davis Islands. tra.ining, the latest fashion news, often work miracles at ome. .,o h 2125 1L M i I The Grand Shop This five acres of Florida A venue property should he of ..pecial to an in,vestor who can visualize its future posaibiliti ... etc., and: I d likely be talking yet woman can afford to be care ess street. h 72.-Victor Collier, Hillsborough I f .they hadn't grown discouraged of her persol).al appearance, w e-For Particulars Call 1 ft h 35.-A. J. Mu .rray, Antioch. J at Armenia avenue. and decided it was no use argu-ther married or sing e a er er MIMS--t3lS Cua St. Arc.Me i , fug with __ a dete. rmined woman. so, twenty-fifth. birthday. 36.-Mrs. W. B Jarvis, Plant City 13.-E. J. Heaton, 3119 Empedra-. do street. -being chuck fUll of curiosity and Ev:ery child longs to be 3 7 .-Mrs. Burger, Plant City. . continually running into jnterest-proud of its mother, treasures-ey-38 ...:_Mrs. H. A. Owens Plant City ;;.fng people, places and things, I'll ery compliment paid her,. sees ev-39.-Mrs. Lelia M. Forage, Plant have something to talk to you ery admi'ring glance she wins in a Plant City. about each week-if I can keep crowd. A dollar or so that yo u so 40.-I. H. the_ editors from c"Qang!ng MY willingly e conomize for, tha t they '41.-E. E, Bishop, Brandon, Val-mind! may have extra spending money, rico and Limona. Of course, we all w .ant to know is soon gone and forgotten; but a 42.-J. P. Mulrennen, Blooming-the inside news, since we lovely mother who js well groom-d a.le. -simply must vote intelligently In e d, who always looks jus t as nice 43.-J. L ewis, Alafia. order to be real good citize n s, and or a little nicer than other moth-44.-J. L. Hunter, Keysville like t"o keep up with the latest ers, i s adored and every thought 45.-E. L Lyons, Lithia and Boy- that is around of her tinged with pride through-ett. th t T out the years. 46.-W. A. Thompson, Riverview. town; knows a am-All t h"l 47 ..,--J. B Thornton, Rusk1n. p'a Life c a .be' depended on to men are JUS grown-up c i -hand it to us "right off the bat, " dr.en und-erneath, no _matter bow 48.-S. A. Dorvel, Wimauma.. r ./ ./ .... ;md";witliout ap.y Bii,t', after dignl.ll.ed or "hard boiled" on the 49.-J. E. Smith, Pinckney. > s_'ur!ace and. while v. ou are making 50.-B. A. Robertson, Plant City. all the m 'ost exciting political n ews ''.\ ,\. bold. the attention. of Mr!!. i) \I '4l1' '-re ';,. Av .erage Woman for long; because -1 sb.e is smart enough to know that : : busy aii.d men. In ".'i. omce who want to be r.e"elected '.w i n insist on explaining every-. ,thin g :t.;> her a d 9 zE/n times befor e she gets to the polls to vote on election day. You sjmply ,,,_ avoid. .. "IOw i;: d9wn" and "high __ up" on every. candidate for office from the. gov. .,,\ 1. 1.:';. jlown t o the c;itY dog catch-./ '"'< er: So why get WI"inl;tles an'd gray .. _,. trying t p -read and relD:em,1' :', ( 'ber an 'the and boosts and tofigure o"ut the best man t'or each offic e when so many obliging ple dying to d o it"for you i y;ay we all know that it is the' las t minute. before -. election. that counts,. because most of .us make. up our minds. to with.out Speaking of wrinkl.e s and gray -hairs reminds, me that I w anted 1fo tell : you. abdut a rare spec. im-en i 'discovered yesterday.-an honest-to.::gooq.ne,s with !L ." Having had a few pe.rfecHy g ood _.:.pe rmanent waves '-almos t completeiy' disappear un., der the-shears and ,clippers of ;Ii, male baroers whose id-ea,s I ..... neat. cu_ t c1.ose1y re_sembled a } W:he_n out Qll my de ''fensel'ess hea d, I a m downrjg ht, suspicious of' all barbers. ... So I "asked looking lady : n::iY table at. lunch time "to direct me to a good bel).u.. -. ty. par lo):" and she u .ne s ttatingly 'said. '"Why Mrs: Haidee's, on the 1. r ' second: floor of the :store. They do all. my -., work and I am :always well pleased." She llidn '.t look: like a p-ersoi:i : who would be too. easily pleased ,so .r' followed her suggestion and found Mr. Walters to be a barber much p atience and understanding .as weij as the skill re., duir e d to t urn, a too long bob into' the .kind that is the last word fn style and guaranteed to flt the face . Now if a barb.er like .that isn' t a r a r e fl.nd I'll treat the lady who shows me .a b ett,e r one to a chocolate ice cteain soda, whethe r -she wants it or not. .: I was so pl-eased with the hair cut' that I stayed to have a shampoo and fl.nger wave and while I was uride r tne drier I was mhted. to see a demonstration of of urn most modern and: comfortable methods of permanent wavng with the Nestle-Le Mur Tri;lex machine . The little lady -in the chair was smiling and chat-. ,ting comfortably while the oper-ator worked and when her hair was an" d dressed she had a most "beautiful permanent : wave. Instead of b eing a nervous -she looked rested and as fresh aef a daisy. Any one who i s in,.need of a wave and ,-:areading the' ordeal should cer.-_ tainly call at Mrs. Hardee's ".':ty Parlor and .see .for themselves and be: i:ut ifulJY hair be c urled .bY expert operators and modern methods. Mrs. dee herself asslsts' Miss Ruth with . . every wave. Mi s s Louise cettain-iy gave, m:e a. real shampoo and such a pj'etfy finger w:ave I WANTED f d a ,-. --...i' WC ;.. te prepan f.r ,,.. '. ? . ' M ,aiiaa ... a 4' .., .._.,.,.. .. WI I M AcmUNTIN& avL!mlVl(E ........... .. s d T....._ lt.7 .-.di ,......_ No .... ,. .. C....aMtry_ ... -._ I I Business University LOCAL AND LONG of Tampa, Inc. Pac.. 21 STtlAif reL AMYTHING DI STANGE MOVING Ll)MBER AND MILL WORK Specializing in the sale of lumber and milhrork, it is only natural that we should know the kind suited to various building and repair purposes. Our suggestions for this reason will always be found highly constructive and may save you money as well as possible disa.p-pointment. .. Only the Best of Each Grade" -T. W. RAMSEY LUMBER AND MILLWORK Phones Y 1219 and Y 1231 Office and Y ard-17tb St. and 6th Ave. ,, In announcing my candidacy for commissioner of District No. 2, I feel that my platform deserves the intelligent interest: of every taxpayer and voter. An incumbent usually bases his platform upon his record, while a new candidate must. show good reasons for seeking such office. The pressing need at this time is for confidence in our offi.ciais and the discharge of their duties, as well as confidence in our system of taxation. SUCH CONFIDENCE DOES NOT1 EXIST IN THE MINDS OF A MAJORITY oF OUR PEOPLE. Whether this is justly so in each individual case I cannot say, but I do say that 'every effort should -be mac!e, either to increase belief in the integrity of our present system, or devise methods which will hasten the return of <;onfidence by remedying the abuse of 9ur present system. The former is doubtful, the latter more reliable. We must be i"Uided out of the morass of inequitable taxation. It is the flagrant abuse of our system, rather than the system itself, that must be remedied. . AN URGENT NEED EXISTS FOR A THOROUGH TAX SURVEY OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. TAXE.5 MUST; BE REVISED ON A MORE JUST AND EQUITABLE BASIS. If this n er;essitates addition.;_} legislation, such legislation must be made. Our tax MUST Be PRO RA TED AND KEPT PRO RA TED. Our deplorable condition at this time cannot be wholly placed on the shoulders of 1any one man. We cannot expect one man to accomplish very much without our co-operation. TAXES MUST BE REVISED, even though it requires the hired assistance of outside experts to do it. Our county should have its budget prepared in a detailed and thoroughly business-like way. No one denies that our taxes should meet the needs of our county in full-thus justifying taxation itself. When additional monies are required, there should be a COUNTY-WIDE EQUAL INCREASE, AND WHEN TAXES ARE D ECREASED, A COUNTY-WIDE EQUAL DE. CREASE, in assessment. We cannot, in an emergertcy, depend on raising. taxes here artd there to meet our needs, but all should share in paying his or he. r prorata share. OUR TAXING SYSTEM HAS UNWITTINGLY tRESOLVED ITSELF INTO A SYSTEM OF PATRONAGE. One property owner may pay his assessment without protest, while. another, by _protesting, may get a more equitable rate. If we can prorate and justly assess our county taxes, and simultaneously prove to our taxpayers, that in comparison with his neighbor' s property his own is justly assessed, we will have accomplished more than our minds have. formerly thought I especially desire the vote of every one who is to cooperate along these lines. One district of" our county cannot altogether accomplish such A highly developed or improved district will automatically be assessed at a higher rate under such procedure, and not simply because affiuential men and women happen to own property lying in such sections. If one district pays more than another, there should he simple, irrefutable reasons for it. No district offici a l could t hen conscientiously feel that his district paid more than its just amount of taxation. Using first, the acreage basis; secondly, development and improvement; thirdly, actual value of land and improvements-these are essential, but the manner and method of such an adjustment will require tireless effort and much detail work; and entirely represent one man's. opinion. Our citizens should always leave the courthouse feeling that an act of patriotism as well 11.1 duty has been performed. Taxation underlies practically every. problem confronting us today. All of us are '' willing taxpayers if we are assured that a business-like administration is levying properly adjusted taxes for a definit-e, strict budget. A large detail map of our county, covering a whole wall of one of our courthouse rooms if necessary, shquld be made We should always be able to have easy and quick access to records .for comparative purposes. We should be able to readily ascertain the ownership of a given piece of property. One competent stenographer or clerk could record, in a short time, all realty transfers of record as they occur. Our present system, with its laxity, discretionary, and often tlin;s arpitrary powers, will never succor us. Friendship should not supersede good judgm:ent at the polls. Disproportion of salaries and fees, without regard for value of services rendered must be eliminated. In seeking the office of cornm1ssnoner of district No. 2, I am aware that tne plan outlined above cannot be accomplished without the COO PERA T.ION OF fl-{ TAXPAYERS. We have. learned the lesson of cooperation in our fight in the lnterbay Drainage District. Committees of pubiic spirited citizens will give altruistic service by volunteering, or being called in to help in their respective districts, precincts, br comrI\unities. This they will gladly do, knowing that such a gigantic task needs their cooperation. No one cai:i promise, and it is not within his power, to do such things alone, but with proper cooperation, and .legislation if necessary, they can be done, AND MUST BE DONE. It will not require much time, if properly organized, but should longer time be needed, it will be well spent, for ciny measure that will put the spirit of progress and mutual advancement in our outlook in regard to taxation, will be the greatest possible step forward that we can make. Our public offices should be more highly respected than they are. Honor and ability, with a desire to render real service should characterize the man you elect for this office; CONFIDENCE MUST BE RESTORED. In appealing for your votes, over our entire county. appeal for your cooperation a!I well, not only in district No. 2, but lAWRENCE B. FARRIOR. (Political for by the friends of Dr. Lawrence B. Farrior)


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