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Tampa life
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Florida Life Publishing Company
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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: .. __ .... .;;... ..... -._ .. .. ''T''' ,"f': ... . _We Wa-nt J ; : Men : of Character In Public Office _v .. .. .... v,....Y .. .... .. .. .:01 .. .y,..,v .... v .. .:o .. .. ...... -.. -..... -r.-. -...... ......... ,-.. \ .................... ,. .... ,._.., ... VOLUME III. ,-Price 11 Cents Per 'Copy Yearly By Mail $2.00 No. 8. OWNERS FIGHT FOR PROMINENT LOCATIONS BEGINS HIS CAMPAIGN FOR JUVENILE COURT JUDGE Iatton Is -CARO andidate-fo1rCourt Clerk M; Hatton,-Sr., President of Post, i handle d all family prob-Restaurant Propietor Discon lems in relier in ex-servic e men's tinues Selling Tampa Lifo cases. In Tampa for two years I have performed the same duties as Because Life Exposed Slot Service Officer for the Disabled Machine Situation. Veterans." HAVE YOU EATENHERE? . the Tampa College, __________ ..;...... ___ clerk L. H. DeShong. )Will oppose Ellis Simmons and A. T Rollins. L. M . Hatton, Sr., prominent mpan and president of the TamBusiness _College; announced is week his candidancy for clerk -the criminal' court of record. Ii.is clerkship earries with it in ie same office tne of the mnty _court, ,_clerk of the civil mrt of record, and clerk of the urt of crii:;nes. Mr. Hatton is. ie father or the. former sheriff,, . :M . Hafton's friends .will _:.make an excellent hoWing i n this for this of-Is For Economy Mr. Hatton in making his an_nouncement declared that he would base his camp_ a.ign on a platform. of economical administration and strict' businesslike operation of the office. The other candidates wtio have ap.-nounced so far have also declared themselves in favor of economy in -public office. country court, clerk of the dvil with the business college in Tampa 3 4 years. Ever since he has te i : n Cuba. heeome.entangled with the officials _there and was tern-(Continued On Page Four) Will Back '_. -.,_ -.. -, .. : Jn Cortvellt1on ..... .::. .. ";.-/.-... .-.. ; . oovering th< --.< >. f -Li' ;,. .. D : L:.:...-: _-: ::;.-:.. --.:' -tested his. action on any niatter Objections against the appointor-__ "'---. .-.;.. .. -: _._-. _, ,, -,_ to :ij'lor1d!t. --_.-:, -.. ._ "-. --.'i>'..01If.:.n r[o ':..C-Alleged m:iscondilct, as _. '' . iJncertam

'"_ :.f s -':_. -7 -. ?: _.,... ,:: .: .. t .;-!-' TkllPA Lil'E Saturday, April 5, 1930 ferences with him, some of these being ladies of the Republican party. The Republican women at this meeting engaged in a spirited attack on the wet press and the growing fight for the repeal of the eighteenth amendment. We think the action of the Republican ladies in this respect is highly commendable. Their efforts will mean much toward the building of a real, substantial Republican party in this state. A Useful Mix. I Home Dangers tu;e For Lent I Cause Numerous the soap to the detriment of arm!, leg! and necks. B-ibl e s frequently fall Into tubs of boiling water in which their mother! are -,. -. .;. ,-.. .. . "/ '' . ."-. -' All. Itiepe11.de11t, !"rocrH11ive Weekly Newspaper 9W11.e& aaCI. Pwllliab.ed RTery Sa.turday by the J'LG1UA LIFll PUJiLillHIN9 COMPANY, Inc. 'l!aata.. FloriCfa. .itertal ... uttae .. Otbe. 011 G:ua Street Ph U31 --><=>o..,,......., .... .._ ... ________________ ... ...., .......................................... ... aMl'e& u heoi-G!.a111 Matter, Marcil 21, 1928, at the Postoffice at 'l'aapa., .iel'iia, lf&er tJa A.cl! of March 3. lS 7 9. ..... .-.---..... :=<:-"""""""' ..... ________ Qbler1ptiell Jlatet: Oae Yea.r la Ad.Ta.a.ea $2.tt Is :Meatll1 la .A.lvaaee $1.H DRUNKEN OFFICERS The reports of liqquor drinking Qn the part of coast guardsm .en in this locality is indeed disgusting. It is disgusting enough oa the .part. of private citizens, but it is certainly far more disgusting when. officers of. the federal governme and indulge in liquor drinki:; and drinking parties at their own no be having perhaps more trouble ir localitY, According to reports t e has continually picking up coast guardsmen for runKenr It seems that an arrangement been made with the police department to turn over the 'offending guardsmen to the officers for. punishment. A number of coast guardsmen were arrested over week-end in St. Petersburg last week on drunkenness. One was arre_sted_ and jailed for driving an automobile while under the influence of liquor. The Federal government has" under consideration the rem.oval of one phase of the 'Prohibition work from the customs service and border patrol to the. coast guards. Judging the veey poor record made by'the coast guards here.and elsewhere compared to the "amount of seizures made by the border patrol in the customs the will be making a tremendous mistake Slot Machine Profits Increase fight for the repeal of t h e ei g hteenth a mendment, the introduction of the resolution attacking. Cheney precipitated considerable (continued From Page One) debate as to the advisability of slot operators. This res-taking any action contrary to taurant owne r in refusing the Life party harmony. to be sold in his place of business A group headed by :Mrs. Mabel declared that his slot machine C. B ean urged the tabling of the made him a comfortable Jiying resolution and recommended that and paid the rent for his place the women voice their protests in of business and he did not uke the ballot box. But proponents for the Life to knock the slot of the measure insisted the remachines. Eighty-five per cent publican women of the state of the 'money p aid into the slot should not subjected to the machine stays there and is pro-indignity of being called into confit for the machine owner and ference "by an unfit governmen-the owners of the stores. j tal official". The resoluti'on was hecks as follows: these chec a re ee "' -cash at most of these ,places of I appointment wit. are Ile Cheney, business in which the machines the official representative of Post-are' operated. master General Brown, this appointment at the solicitation of Mr. Cheney to confer w!tli over some posto!fice matters in the state and "Whereas Mrs. Edwards' sworn statement is jquoted in pa.rt as follows: 'It was very evident that Mr. Cheney was under the fluence of liquor, his breath, appearance ,and actions denoting the same. I refrained from making this publicly before as I was informed he was to be re moved from the state.' Changed eating habits confront the planner of means during the Lenten season. Fish, of course, ts a.. first thought at this time. But 1Jea foods, howeYer artfully pre-: vared, lose their appeal when they become a twice-daily ha bit. salads effer welcome change-particularly the refreshing fruit salads. .A notably good fruit salad ii made by utilizing a basic fruit mixture. which-because it has l!O many uses-is always good to have around. It requires only the fruits which are at hand during the winter season and may "Qe prepared ancf cooled in the refrigenl.tor ready to serYe in cocktail, salad or desert. Because of the large size o! the oranges now in the market, 1t ls practical to serve the mixture in an orange cup as a salad or desert mars mallows, % cup sliced bananas, % cup nut meats (-walnuts or pecands). Cut orange in two. Remove pulp carefully and pull out all mem-. bra:ne, lea.Ting onngc cups. Let these chill on ice and use as needed. If desire, edges may be fluted. Gut pineapple, marshma.llows and banan&s into emu.ll pielces. Mix in g-redients. Fill orange cups. ..li..tJ & 11al1.d: CoTer with ma:ronnaiae which has been mixed with whipped cream ( 1 cup whipped to 1 cup of 'mayonnaise) a.nd garnish with nuts which h11.v11 been cut in sma.11 piecejl. : in taking. this phase of prohibition work from the border patrol and placing it the coast guard 13ervice. The prohibition lead ers the government will drop this proposal. In manY. instances it is quite common for the slot machines to make $100 a day for its -owner, if placed in a prominent location. The federal injunction granted some time ago to Peacock Parker as attorneys for O. L. Rickard, protect only the type of slot machines known as "Tod'ay Vendors". Very few of these particular comparitively speaking, are being used in th. e city. The yast majority are other machines which are not protected by the federal injunction and can be seized by any of. the officers of the law as ordinarily operated'. It is further understood .A.11 a desert: Serve with whlp"Be it hereby resolYed that it ped crea.m in place of mayonnaise. is exceedingly humiliating for our A.a u. fruit cocktail: Make a TEACHiNG RELIGION TODAY Mr. Benjamin S. Winchester, noted teacher, has ,that the "Today Vendors' which recently given us some very impressive thoughts on. the. teach-is protected under the federal in-. \ ing of religion iii our country today. Mr. Winchester says, junction obtained by Peacock and "S h" k f l' d f th. f Parker are not now being operat-uppose we t m o re 1g1ous e ucatlon rom. e pomt o VJew d d th v .0 n of the fe . .e un er e pro 1s1 of society as a whole. Christians are convinced that re-' deral injunction and are also lia-women to submit to conferences of this kind and we hereby reo.uest the postmaster general to permanently remo\'"e Mr. Cheney and protest his .action in any official capacity with reference to Florida.'' &m1.ller serving in a cockta.il gla.s1, without dressing. .As a child's dessert: Omit nuts or chop very finely. Serve fruit mixture in orange shell which ha1 been cut petal fashion to simulate . ligious faith is essential to citizenship to the highest state of char-ble to seizure. Many of the offiacter. If would save our civilization from becoming mater-cers of the law and eYen those .. . ialistic arid if would. maintain a home in its puri-named in the injunction, can .: ty and if we would 'infuse into. industry a spirit of service seize these machines if they see to do so. ,"I Coast Guardsmen Hold Liquor Parties Is Claim a. tulip, Whipped cream Is too ric_ h for the diet ol' small child, so this may be omitted. "Betty Barclay, whose recipes e.ppea.r regularly in this paper, will gladly send women readers a recipe booklet containing recipOI! for almost two hundred ealad1, fruits cups, piee, punches a.nd other Drop hoer a poatal: :Betty Barclay, 1861 East Tioga !!ltreet, Philadelphia, Pa." and sympathy, if we would.abolish war and_ overcome race pre-\trum. we must' teach. to love, reverence, worship_God to live and work together as brothers. It is our growing realization of the social responsibility of the church PY religio!1 which in large measures, has been the dynamic behind for religious education. Th teaching of George Zarate Escapes U. S. Court Penalty (Continuecf from Page One) no further efforts to' change prohibition work from the customs and border. patrol int9 the coast guard service. religion a coope;rative undertaking. There must be division (continued From Page One) Florida Democrats -porarily ;trrested, but he prayed W T "ff HA VE YOU EA TEN HERE? of labor.: The public school has much to" do with the making In Hayana th:).t he was. a citizen on t ar1 (continued From Pa.ge One) of stumulating growth in knowledge and skill. The of Cuba and therefore under the Protection sauces and trimming s that go \home should

Saturday, April 5, 1930 "TAMP A LIFE XOT1CE T O CRED I T O R S will be taken as confessed by said Lot Ten ( 10) of Block Six ( 6 ) No. 89204-C Notice i s hereby given t hat the Defendant. of Riversid e Subdivision o f the I n t h e Circuit C o u r t, l'hir t eevth undersi g ned has been d u l y ap-It is further ordered that this City of Tampa, as per plat Judi cial C ircuit, Hillsboroug h year s ; i t i s t h erefore ordered that said D e fendant be and he is hereb y reQ.uired to a IJpea r to t h e Bill o! Complaint file d i n said caus e on or b efore Monday the 7th day of April, A. D. 19 30; o therwise the allegations o! said bill will b e tak e n a s confes sed by said D efendant. Tampa Life, a newspa lished in said County and S tate Done and o r d e red i n Tampa, Fla., this t h e 7th day o f Marc h A. D. 1930. v ice c anno t be had and that t h ere i s no p e r son in the State o f Flori da, the service of a subpoen a upo n whom w o uld bind the said D e fendant, Cyril 0 Brower, and t hat h e is over the agen of twent y-one years; it i s therefore orde r e d that said Defendant be and h e is hereby r equi r e d t o appear to the Bill of Complaint file d i n said c a use on or before Mo nday, the 7th dayof .April, A. D. 1930; otherwise the alleglltions of sai d bill will be taken as c o nfessed by said pointed and qualified as Executor order be p ublisheii once a week thereof-recorded in P lat Book 1, C ounty Florida. In Chancery. of the estate o f D McConnahey, fo r four consecutive weeks in the page 34 of the Public Records NETTI E E. BAILEY, deceased. A ll heirs, cre ditors, leg-Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-o f Hillsborough County, Flori-Complainant. a tees, distributees, and all othe r e d in said County a n d State. da; Ta. -persons having c l aims o r d e mands Done and ordered in Tampa, s aid lands to' b e sold i n pursuance HENRY J.ACK BAILEY, against said estate are hereby 'n o Fla., thi s the 4th day o f April, A t o a n orde r of s ale in the above D efendant. tified to present them t o t h e C o un-1 D 1930. entitled cause made and entered The State of Florida to t v Judge of Hillsborough County w .A. DICKENSOC\1, o n the 15th day o f _larch, 1 93 0, Henry Jack Bailey. ( SEAL ) W A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. B y KATE C. ROBINSON, D C. PEACOCK & PARKER, S olic i tor for C o mpla i nant. C H Cl k c 't Cou1t bv the Honorable L. L Parks, at h i s office at the ourt ouse, er ircu1 It apIJ e arin"' by amdavit ap-( S E A.L ) J u dge of the aforesaid court "' It ls f urther ordered that this o rder b e published once a week for f our consecutive weeks in the TamIJa Life a n e wspaper published in s a i d County and S tate. State of F l orida County of Hills borough. Tampa, Florida, properly sworn to -LEWIS W. PETTEWAY p ende d to t h e bill in the above withi n one year from date hereof By KATE S ROBINSON, D. C snt ated cause t hat Henry Jack Done and order e d in T ampa, F l a ., t his the 7th day of March A. D. 1930 I hereby certify that the above and forego i n g is a true c opy of the ori g inal orde r of publication made in s aid cause, on fil e in my office .\ c BRO O K S D F R E D ERICK l\Icl\1GL LEN o r t h e y will be fo rever b a rred b y "' Bailey, t h e D e!ertdant therein S 1 t f C l ant ANGUS W I LLIAM S Defendant. It is further ordered that t h i s order b e publishBd once a "11"eek for four consecutive "ll'eeks io the F lorida, 7th, Tampa Life, a n e wspaper publaw. o 1c1 or or omp am : n amed, is a non-res ident or the All person i n d ebte d to said es-S tate o f F lorida, County of Hills -Commission e rs. State o F l o rida and that his las t W. A. DICKENSON, tate are reqquired to c o m e for-b orough. D. C. known residence as particularly as ward and make settlement withI hereby certify that the aboYe Solicitor for Co m p lainants. know n was Sacrament o Cali!oro u t delay. and foregoing i s a tru e copy of the C 4 )-5 -121 9 2 6 nla, that am ant does not kno w his Cl erk Ci rcui t Court. -( SEAL ) By KATE C R OBINS O N D. C Tampa, 1 93 0. lished in said Count y and State. Tampa, Florida, Apr il 5; 1 930. o r iginal ord e r of publication made ___ 1\l_O_'_r_lO_ N _O_ F A_D_O_P_T_IO_X __ street address; that there i s n o S. D CAMPBELL Executor in said cause, Oil fil e i n my office. COUNTY O F HILLSBOROUG H IJe r son in S t ate o! Florida the of D D ecease d 1 Tainpa, Florida, April 4th, T o WHO::\I I T _fAY C OKCERN: serYice o! a s ubpoen a upon whom (4) 5 -1 2 19-26 (5)3 -10-1724 3 1 1930. Notice i s hereby g i v e n that the woul d b ind the said d e fendant 3 9415C W A. D ICKEJ:NS ON, undersbrned persons intend t o a p -and t h a t H enry Jack Bailey is Clerk C ircuit Court. J n the Circuit Court, Thirteenth J u dicial Circuit Hillsborough Couty, Florida. I n C hancery. (SEAL) ply and have applied after pubover the age o! twenty-one years; J U L I A A. LITTL E TO N Complainant, v s H. B. LITTLETO N, Defendant. It appearing by a bill i n the aboY e stated cause that H. B. Littleton, the D e fenliant therein named, i s a non -res id'ent of the State of Florida, and that after diligent a n d i {liqui r y the l ast and best known a ddress and residence of the defendant, H B. Littleton, i s Swansboro, North C a r o lina; that there i s n o one i n the State of Florida the service o f a subpoena upon whom would bind the said' defendant and that 1 ,1e i s over the age of twentyo n e lears; i t is therefor e ordered t h a t said nonr esident Defendan t be and he i s hereby require d to ap pear to the Bill of Compl aint filed in sai d cause o n or befor e Monday the 5th day of May, A D. 1 930; otherwise the allegations o f said bill will be taken a s confessed by said Defendant. By K ATE S ROBINSON, D. C (4)-5 -12-1 9 26 (5) 3 38802C In the C ircui t Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Countv. Florida. I n Cha.ncer y FLORA :El KORTHRUP JOINED BY HER H'CSBAND AND NEXT FRIE:t\D, CLARK KORTHRUP, Complainants, lication of this notice as rec1uired it is ther e f ore ordere d t hat said by law i n a newspaper published non-resident Defendant b e a n d h e in the county of residence of the i s hereby reQ.uired to appear to undersigned persons, for an order the Bill of C omIJ l aint filed i n said fro m the Honorable F :M:. Robles, cause o n or b e!ore Monda y the judge of the circuit court in and 7 t h day o! A pril .\ D 1 9 3 0; othfor said county, to auth orize the erwise the a llega.tio n s o! s aid bill adoption of Russell Collins, a w ill be t a k e n a s confessed by s a i d nrnle minor child, o f the age o f D efendant YS. W .R. DANIEL, E T A L ., Defendants. 2 years, as their child and to It i s further ordered tha t this change the name of sai d m inor t o order be p u b l ishe d o n c e a week L eroy F leetwood as provid e d by for four c o nsecutive weeks in the the laws r,_; 'G'l o rida, this 14th day T amIJ a Life, a n ewsIJatie r pub-of Marcil., .a. D. 1930. lis h e d i n li:.id County and S t a te. S. L. FLEE T W OOD, Done and ordered in Tampa LOLA FLEET W OOD Fla., t h i s the 6 t h day or March, T h e State of F lorid a to: Florenico Valdes It appearing by affidavit filed' in the above stated cause that F lorenico Valdes, the Defendant th!o)rein named is a non-resident o f the State of Florida, that h i s last known residence .as particul arly a s known is New York City, N e w York, that affiant d oes not know and could not a c q uire after diligent search and i nquiry the s treet a d'dress of said defendant; that the r e is no per son to am. ant's k nowl e dge in the Sta t e o f Flori da, t h e service of a subpoena u p o n whom would bind the said d e f end ant and that he i s over the age of twenty -one y e ars; i t i s fore ordered t hat s aid non-resident D e f endant b e and h e is h e r e b y required to appear to the Bill of Complaint fil e d in said c ause ou or b efore Monday the 5th day o f May, A. D. 1 93 0 ; otherwise t h e of said bill will b e ta ken" a s confessed b y said D e f endant. (March 1 5 22-29 Apr. 5 1 2 ) A. D. 1930. It i s furth e r ordere d t hat this orde r be p u blished once a week for four consecutive wee k s in the Tampa L i fe, a n ewspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., thi s the 3 r d day o f April, A. D 19 3 0. (SEA L ) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. B y K ATES ROBINSO!'f, D C C. 11-1. B OURLAND, Solicito r for Complainant. State of Florida Count y o f Hills-borougq. I here b y c e r tify tha t the above and foregoing i s a true copy of the origina l ord'er of publicatio n made in said cau se, on file in my '.lffice. T ampa, Florida,' April 3rd, SEAL) W. A DICKENS ON, Clerk C ircui t Court. B y K ATE S ROBINS O N, D. C 4 )-5-11-18 -2 5 ( 5 )-2 38536-C t the Circui t Court, T hirteenth '1 Judi c ial Circuit, Hillsborough C o u n t y, Florida. In Chance r y R N E S T E. HERBERT, Complainant, v s C. HARDING, ET AL, D efendant. The State of Florida to. : Irwin D. Arte r Ruby S. AIter and A. Homer Arter. It appearing b y affidavit fil e d in the above state d cause that the residences of Irwin D. Arter, Ruby S ATt e r and A Homer Arter, the Defendants therein n a m e d are unknown; that there is no p erson to affiant's knowledg e in the State of Florida tlie ser vice of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendants, and that the said d 'efendants are .over the a g e of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said Defendants be and they are hereby to appear to the Bill of Complaint in said cause on or before Monda y the 5th day of l\fay, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendants. It is further ordere d that this order be publii>hed once a week for four consecutive w eeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaperp .ublished in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the 4th. day of A'Pril, .A. D. "1930. W. A DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. (SEAL) By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. A.C. BROOKS, It i s furthe r orde r e d that this orde r b e publis h e d once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tamp a Life, a newspaper publishe d in .said County; and State Done and ordered i n Tampa Fla., this the 4th day o f A pril, A. D. 1930. W A. DICKENSO N Cl e r k Circuit Court. ( S E AL) , By K ATES. ROBINSO N D C A. C. BROOKS. Solicitor for Comp l ainant. S tate o f Florida . County o f Hills boro u gh. I hereby certif y that the above and fo r e g oing i s a true copy of the original order of publicatio n mad e in said cause, o n fil e i n my office. Tampa Florida April 4th, 1930. W. A. DICKENS ON, Cl e r k Circuit Court. (SEAL) B y K ATES. ROBINSON, D. C (4)-5-12-19 -2 6 (5)3. 39420-C In the Circuit Court, T hirteenth :No. 39208C In the C i r cuit Court, T hirteenth Judicial Circ u it, Hill s b o r o ugh C o u n t y Flo r i d a In Chancer y ALVINA L E N A MEYER, Complainant. vs. GEORGE FRED MEYER, D e fend'ant. The State of Florida to George Fred Meyer. It app earing b y affidavit a ppende d to the bill in the above state d c a use t h a t George Fre d Meyer, the Defendant therein named, ls a resident of the State of Florida, but so conceals self that service cannot be had and that the r e is no IJe r son i n the State of Florida the service of a subpoena upon whom woul d bind the said defendant, George Fred M eyer, and tha t he is ove r the age of twenty-on e years; it is therefore ordered that said Defendant be and he is h e r eby require d to appea r to the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or befor e Monday, the 7th d a y of April, A. D. 1 9 3 0; otherwise the allegations o f said bill will b e take n as confessed b y said Defendant. It i s furthe r orde r e d tha t this orde r be publishe d once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a news paper published in said County and 'state. D o n e and o r d e r e d in Tampa, F l a this the 7th day of i\farch, A D 1930. (SEAL) W. A. D ICKENSO N Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. PEACOCK & PARKER, Solicito r for Complainant. Sta t e of Florida, County of H!llsborough. I h e r eby c ertify tha t the abov e and foregoing i s a true copy of the original order of publicati011 made in said c a u s e, on file in m y office. J udicia l Circuit, Hillsboroug h Tarp.pa, Florida, March 7th, County, Florida. In Chance r:r,. 1930. C W. COLEMAN, Complainant, vs. W. A. DICKENSON,. Clerk Circuit Court. E M M A COLEMAN Defendant. (SE.AL) It appearing b:y the sworn bill By KATE C ROBINSON, D. C. in the above s t ated cause that the (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. residence of Emma Coleman, the l Defendant the r ein n amed i s un-39201-C known; that the r e is no p erson in In the Circuit court, Thirteenth the State of Florida the s ervice of Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough a subpoena upon whom would County, Florida.. In Chancery. bind the said defendant, Emma B. WILSER, Complainant, Coleman, and that she is over the vs. age of twenty-one years; it i s J. C. BARBER .AND HIS WIFE, therefore ordere d that said De!en-TRESSIE BARBER, dant be and she is hereby requir-Defendants. ed to appear t9 the Bill. of Com-The State of Florida to plaint fil ed! in said cause on or be-1. c. Barber and His Wife, fore Monday, the 5th day of May, Tressie Barber. D. 1930 ; otfierwise the allega-It &ppear!ng by amdavit ap-tions of said bill will be taken as pended to the bill ln the above confessed by said Defendant. stated: cause that J.C. Barber and It Is further ordered that this his wi!e, Tressie Barber, the Deorder be published once a week fen,dants therein named, are nonfor four conse-cutive weeks in the residents of the State of Florida, Tampa Life. a newspaper publish-but are residents of the United ed in said County and State. -States of America, and tliat the Done and ordered in Tampa, last known place of residence and Fla., this the 4th day of April, A. address ot the said Defendants, :r. W A DICKENSON, Clerk Circ u i t Court. ( S E 4 L ) By KAT E C. ROBINSON, D C A C BROO I\:KS, Solicitor for Co m plainant. Stat e of Florida C ounty o f Hills-b oroug h I h e r e b y certify tha t the abo v e and foregoing is a true copy of the origina l o r d e r o f publicatio n made in said cause, on file in m y offi ce. T ampa, Flo;rida, March 6th, 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court, By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. (3)-8-15-22-29 (4)-5. 39178-0 In the Circuit Court of the Thiroteenth Judicial Circuit of the Sta t e of Florida, in and for Hlllsborough County. In Chancery. ORILLA M. MULLIGAN, a r esident of Hillsboroug h County, Florida, residing at 108 Hyde Park Avenue, Tampa, Florida, Complainant, vs. ERNEST C MULLIGA N, who to your Complainant's best informatio n and' b elie f, r eside s a t 1109 C hicag o Avenue Evan ston, Ill., D e fend a nt. Order of Publication. It appearing from the Bill o f Complaint and t h e affidavits o f Complainant, Orllla M Mulligan w h o i s over the age of twenty-one yea rs, thereto attache d which i s on file in this C ourt, that t h e Defendant, E r n est C. Mulligan, who is ove r the age o! years -is a non-resident of the State of Florida and is a resident of Cook Coun t y Sta t e of Illionois whose particular address is 1109 Chicago Ave nue, E vans t on, Illinois, so tha t the ordinary process of law cannot be s e rved upon him and there b eing no one in this S tate upon whom Subpoena can b e serve d that would bind the D e fendant, Ernest C. Mulligan; it is therefore ordered that the Defendant, Ernes t C. Mulligan, do appear and answer the Bill of Comp laint on file in this cause, on or before .April 7, 19 3 0, same being a rule day o! this Court, otherwise the matters set forth and alleged in said Bill of Complaint wlll be take n as confe ssecI and the cause set for hearing ex parte as to the Defendant, Ernest C Mulligan. It is further ordered that this Order .of Publication be published once a wee k for four cons'ecuth'e weeks next preceeding the 7th day of April, 1930 in the Tampa Lite, a newspaper 'of general circulation, published in Hillsborough County, State of Florida. Done and ordered at Taiij.Pa, Florida, this the day of March A. D.1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk. Solicito "'for Complalnanf. State of"Florida, County of _Hills-. D. 1930. C. Barber and his wife, Tressie W. A. DICKENSON, Barber, was Prosser; Washington; (SEAL) Clerk Circui.t Court. that there is no person in the By ODIS E. MOY,. borough. (SE.AL) I that the above By KATE S ROBINSON, D. C. and foregoing is a true copy of the BARBER & WILLIAMS, original order of publication. made Solicitor for Complainant. in said cause, on file in my office. Stat-e of Florid' a County of Hills-T!J.mpa, Florida, ,April 4th, ho.rough. 1930. I .he'reby certify that the above W. A. DICK;ENSON,. and foreg_oing is a true copy of Clerk Cfrcuit Court. the original order of publication (S:E:fAL) . made in said cause, on file in my State of -Florida the serTice of a Deputy, Clerk. subpoena, upon whom would bind L. E. WOMACK, the said defendants. or either. of Solicitor for Complainant. them, and that each of tlie deten-State of Florida, County of Hllls-dants are OTer the age Of twenty-borough. one years: it is therefore ordered I hereby cert.ify that the above that said non-resident Defendants and foregoing is a true copy of the be and they a.re hereby required to original orde r of publicaflon made appear to the Bill of Complaint in said cause, on 1l.le in my. omce. 1l.led in said c1.use on or before Tampa, Florida, Match 4.th, By' 'K.ATE s : ROBINSON, p, c. office ; (4)-:5-12-!9:.2 6 (5)-3. Tampa, 1930. Mond'ay the 7th day of April, A. 1930. -Florida, April 4th, D : 19 3 O; otherwise the allegations W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk. 3&551-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Cit.cult, Hillsborough county :t"lorida. In Chancery. JANK R. BRONSON, A. WIDOW, Complainant, (SE.AL) W. A. DICKENSON, ,Clerk Circuit Court. By KA!TE S. ROBINSON, D. C. (4)-5-12-19-26 (5)-3, vs .In the. Circuit Court In and fo r DEWEY C. T:A. YL00R: ET.AL./ County, Florid'a. Defendant. In Chancery. The' State of Florida t.o:.. BILL FOR PARTITION Je_ssie: C . 'Taylor FAYE STOKES STOY.ALL It appearing by affid:i,vit file .cl in EDITH. STOKES RICE, the abov e stated :ca.use JOHN W : STOKES AND C. Taylor, the .Defendant. therein LOUJSE STOKES BILLINGS so -conceals herself that BICKNELL, Complainants, ".:'servic,e of-process cannot be had J vs. -,',upon her, t fat. therii is no .person HENRY E. WIU..IAMS AND --' oJher than the\;sai'd ;, defEi_ndant in CLIFFORp G. STOKES, tne St.ate of Florida, to affiant's D efendants. J !he a su,b : _,-NOTICE:-IS HEREBY GIVEN: ic ;.ppena biii_d the that on MondaY; 'the 5th day of a.nd:that the_,said ,MaJ>:, 1920; the )egal hours is c;iver the;-a'ge:'of" t"'.en-c o'f -sale th,e .west door of the "-'t:Y-" :One ;:tears; it court;house, in tb'.e "City of Tampa, ,_, .' eQ. tpat said sh' e Florlda, we' shall sell to the high-of said blll wlll be taken as confessed by said Defendants. 0It is !urther ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published In said County and State. Done and ordered in Tamp&, Fla.. this the 6th d&y of March, A. D. 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C. LEO STALNAKER; SoUcitor tor Complainant. State,.of Florida, County of Hllls-, borough.' I h'ereby certify -thai the above and foregoing ls a true copy ot the original_ order ot publication ma.de in said cause, on 1l.le In my o .mce. Tampa., Florida., March 6th, 1930. (SEAL) By ODIS E. MOY,. Deputy, Clerk. (3)-8-15-22-29 H)-5. 39207-C In the Circuit Court. Thirteenth Judicid Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. MARGURETTA FOGLE, Complainant. 'Vil. LYLE E. FOGLE, Defendant. The State of Florida to Lyle E. Fogle. 'i's. -.hereby .reqqu1red to appear to estbidder for cash", i:he lands'sit. b f-.'eompJaint"filed iir sa1d tia.fed and beiilg iD..;the county of : on :'.C!f .befo_JJe' MondaY.1 .lhe and S,tate :of: I!'iorida, (SEAL) W ; A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. It appearing by amdavit appended to the b111 in the abol'e stated ca.use that the residence of Lyle E : Fogle, the Defendant therein named, ls unknown; that the de(endant's last known address is 703 North 12th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana; that there ls no person in the State o:t Florida. the service of a subpoena. on whom would bind the saV fenda.nt, Lyle E. Fogle, aif' May, A_. D-;_<193,0; other.-an!l.niQre par!icul;i,rly described as. '. KATE C. RQBINSON, D. C. aU!'lga:tio ;,of d >blll ,, : (S)-8-16-%1-29 (4)-5. I -<'. .. ... :....T / \ i '+;-'ii'",.-'. .. -..:. :--"; .J he is __ ot. t 1 I f PEACOCK & p.A.RKER, Solicitor for Complainant. I hereby certify that t h e a bo v e and foregoing i s a t r u e c o p y o f the original o rder of IJUblication mad e In said c ause on file in m y omce Tampa, Florida, l\Iarch 7th, 1 930. W .A. DICKENSON, W A. DICKENSO N Done and ord e red in Tampa, Clerk Circuit C ourt. Fla., t h i s the 7 t h day of (SEAL) f A D 1930. By KA T E C. R O B INSO N, D C W A DIC KENSON, (3)8 -15-22-29 (4)-5. C l erk Circuit Court. (SEAL ) 3920 6 C By KA.T E C ROBINSON, D C In the Circui t Court, Thirteenth PEACOCK & PARKER, Judicial Ci rcuit, Hillsboroug h Solicitor for Complainant County, Florida. In Chancery. State of Florida, County of Hills-(SEAL) Clerk C ircuit Co urt. ALTA MA y BROWER, -borough. By KATE c. R O BINSO N D c., vs. Compl a inan t. I hereby certify tha t the above and foregoing is a true copy of C 3 ) 8-15-2 2 -2 9 ( )-1>. C YRIL 0 BROWER the ori g inal order of publication NOTICE! Defendant. made i n said cause, on file in m y Notice i s hereby giv e n tha t I The State of F lorida to office. Cherrie Claridy, h e retofore ap-Cp-il O Browe r .,.. Tampa Florida, l\Iarch 'i .th IJOinted' guardian of the estat e of It appear i ng by affidavi t ap-1930. w. Thomas Claridy insan e will p e nded to the bill in the above W A. DICKENSON, make application t o the Honorabl e stat e c ause that Cyril 0. B rower I Cl erk Circuit Cour t Judge G H Cornelius, J u dge of the Defendant thBrein named i s (SEAL) the County Judges Cour t i n and a of the State of Florida, By KAT E C ROBINSON, D C. for Hillsborough County, Florida, but so conceals himsel f that ser( 3 ) 8-15 22 29 (4) 5. o n the 8th day o f April, A. D., 1930 at 10:30 A !I L o'clock or as soon thereafter a s I can be heard for authorhy t o sell at private sale the f ollowin g describ e d property, situate, l ying and being i n the Co unty o f Hillsbor ough and Stat e of Florida, more particularly describe d as follows: Lot 414 of M ead'owbrook. Subdivision as per map or pl a t thereof a s r ecorde d in Plat Book 1 1 a t p age 71 of the Public Reco r d s of Hillsboroug h County, F lorida, said property a l s o b eing known a s 102 W est North Bay Stree t according to the enumeration of the City of Tampa. the s ame b eing the property of W. Thomas Cl a ridy Insane. _CHERRIE CLARIDY, Guardian for the E state of W. Thoma s Claridy. ( 3)-15-22-29 (4)-5 NOTICE OF \VIDOW'S INTE:'.\"T TO DISSENT FR0)1 WILL AXD ELEC'l'ION 'l' O TAKE DOWER TO WHOM IT MA Y C O N C E R N : I l\I a r y E. Thompson, w i dow of B enjamin T hompson decease..d, d p hereby g i v e notice to Franlc A. Thompson and Carroll R. Thompson, execu t o r s unde r the Will o f Benj a min Thomp son, deceased a n d all oth e r p ersons interest e d tha t I d'issent from said Will and will make application in the Court of the C o unty Judge fo r a u assi g nment of dower in the es t a t e o f s aid B enjamin Thomps o n deceased on M o n day, April 7 193 0. MARY E. THOMPSON. D. C. Mc MULLEN, Att o r n e y for Mary E. Thomp s o n (3) 8-15-22 29 (4)-5. NOTICE, Notice is here b y given that the undersig n e d Charity P. Bethel" and J ames F B ethel, as e x ecutors unde r t h e Will of Mary Dora Fogarty, d e c e ased, will make their final accounting to the Honor able Geo. H Cornelius, County Judg e for Hillsboroug h County, Florida, at bis office in th-e Court House in said County, at 10 o'clock A. M. on the 20th day 'of May, A. D. 1930, as such Executors, and apply to safd Judge for a final discharge as such Executors. JAMES F. BETHEL, CHARITY P BETHEL, Executors Under the Will of Mary Dora Fogarty, Deceased. (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5-12-19-26 ( 6 )-3-10. NOTICE Notice is hereby giTen that the unciersigned, wlll at 10 o'clock A. M., on the 12th day of May, A. D 19 30, make bis final accounting as .Administrator, with the Will annexed, of the estate of Edward Gordon Deceased, to the Honorable G e o H. Cornelius County Judge for Hillsborough eonty, Florida, at his o1flce in tbe Court House in Tampa, Florida, and apply tQ. said Judge for a final discharge as such -Administrator. R. G. TITTSWORTH, Administrator c. t. a. of the Estate of Edward Gordon Steward, Deceased. (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5-12-19-2, (5)-3-10. In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County Florida. In Chancery. MILDRED DUNCAN, Complainant. vs. JAMES W. DUNCAN, Jr., D efendant. The State of Flo1ida. to James W. Duncan, Jr. It appearing by affidavit fil ed' in the above stated cause that James W. Duncan, Jr., the Defendant therein named, is a resident of the State of Florida, but so conceals himself that s ervice cannot be had and that there is no person In the State of Florida, the service of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant and that James W. Duncan, Jr., is over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ord'ered that said non-resident Defendant be a.nd he is h ereby required to appear to I the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or b efore Monday the 7th day of April, A. D. 19 3 0; otherwise. the allegations of said bill will be taken as confessed by said ....... n .dant. -further ordered that this be published once a week .our consecutive weeks In the If You Like Tampa Life Why Not Get It By M al? l IFillr-;;-rhi;Ilki;;k Tt 1;1 I T AMPA LIF E I 415 Casio St., Tamp1t, Fla I Please e nter m y .. I I p ayment for. (1 >''ea r $ 2.00) ; ( 6 m o nths $ 1.00). I I Name ...... ... ..................... -.. .. -------------------.. : .. -.. 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;. ... __ .....,..,.--. ---. .-.. l -TAMPA LIFE Saturday, April 5, 1930 -.> f' 1 emit Senator's and "just too bad." You may PRESS 1 credit that he was one or the most g ive us niggers h ere iii Tampa a ty in d e world and his s:ilary will you aren't greatly interest-COMMENT able and influential men in the good job to keep us !rum steallng be Induced, and he can raise dem e d in politics, that your vote last senate. Even his enemies must chickens .Tus one mo' thing I salaries he cut, and put dem men won; t make such a lo t of differ- -admit that he is one or the state's wants to say, pleil.se persuade d e back to work he put otr, now ence, any way; but you all know that we need good, capable men in offic e and you can safely b e t :-our n ew Easter bonnet that such One of the first things noticed greatest orators, vote-winning .mare not to fool wid dem foreign! won t cl at bo prosperity. Trusting in a town entei:ed by the s o-called stump speakers, able lawyers and cuntries snch .as Mars, Venus,, you wil1 comply w ld an ol e niggl?rs chain stores isc the increased trad shrewdest politicians. H re-elec-Mi!ky-waf and dipper, especially reQ.ues t, I am ted, there is little doubt but that ing area brought to the town, remen are g oin g t o need ernry bit of he will be the next president or support you can g i ve them. So, sulting in more trade for all the senate, which will add much even if you have to d o without a stores and benefitting the town to his inrluence in that body and j new pair of silk stockings this thereby. A wide-awake merchant throughout the state. He is not onWaal I wint clown to the citty editor of that paper frum prac-week, don't fail to pay your poll in that town can hold his own, ly an unusually g.ifted orator and hall a gin this weak on OF reeu!ar tlcin' law. We are just a doin' ta.x-and reg1'ste1. J -because the chain stores, through public speaker, but has the cour-that becuz he iz the editor. I have weakly visut to see the mare and Folks over in St. Peter'sburg tell values and ad...-ertising, pull trade age or his convictions, and, ap-contributed quite considerably to . to find out ho w this combination th t d v-. t 11. me that lb' is gettmg easier every in from territories and towns not parently, isn't afraid or "O 1 d a goo cause. i ou air e in propositio n of the Mare's of unit that thar Tampa Life paper too clay_ to find in tlie serve d by stores of like type.-Nick" himself-and that is the ing the county and citty in one much I am afeered. Of course you I busmess section o 1e1r city. The Brad!ord County Telegraph. kind or a man the people admire, gov ernment, with the mare as its know I don't keer fer you lettin' tourists, it seems, are hitting the idolize and. tl.ock to the support or. r d little con"'1 trail that l ea ds across the lon g -In the city charter election, he head, wuz progressin'. your nen s m on a u b'l b 'd in the I got a letter this w eak frum a dential stuff. Hit wuz to est automo 1 e f ;1 ge must be A friend tells us that the tick fearlessly told the leaders of the I culoted, nigger friend or mine let the people know that I intend world. Some 0 t ieru eradication program in this state underworld",liquor, garu.bling and named Jasper. Jasper wuz wor to take .Hillsborough county into stopping over in Tampa for a has cause d him to make this sug-other vices just wha.t they were I while, or else this really is a busy d h t th h d d d worrie d about ,some of the things the citty limits of Ta.mpa and just gestion: that a dipping vat be 1.n w a ey a one an were all-year-'round town. Anyhow, d d h d'd t the mare told .rue las t weak, but annex hit to my government. But built at Washington, it be filled omg an e 1 no mmce any the parking spaces. are certainly d d d 1 d'd t I don't think Jasper needs to be I dont want the people to know with righteousness and common wor s m omg so an 1e 1 1 m hard to find. After going around beca.use I Intend to ad-that !intend to be the head of the sense, and all the senators and and around the block until I was vise with the mare and put him on whole thing. Of course you know the right track. The mare likes I am gonna be the head of the me. I axed the editor of the Tam-combined governments or thar pa Life to put Jasper's letter In won't, be no government combined the public forum column of this at all. Then I wanted to keep hit dizzy the other day, I round a space big enough for my little Nash right in front of Mr. Glenn Henderson's Sporting Goods Store congressmen be dipped in it three times a day until they are freed of politics. V:le call that a good suggestion.-Pa!metto News. here paper so that. everybody kin see what Jasper Is worried about. at 9 09 Florida Ave. For the fir s t sorta quiet about annexing them time I noticed his slogan: "IT thar plants like Mars, Saturn and PAYS TO PLAY," and it set me every section of the city. I venture to say there is not another man in Tampa. who would have dared to S"-Y the things that he s:i.id to j the vice leaders. I A. man of Senator Whitaker's a.bility-and courage would be worth much to the cause or law 1.nd order in the belief or the dat foreign cuntry dey calls bell, Sincere ly, caus" Ybor City I s all we wants Jasper just now. Anyway our mare sho Try Our Newsboys DELICIOUS j I .Wanted SANDWICHES i I Curb Service I at Tampa Life J l The Grand Office Sandwich Shop I 415 Cass Stree. t 607 Grand ,.,.,,,.,,,,, DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Datch Cleaning Floor Surfacina, Paintin::, Plaster and Cement Work -G-el'al Repail' Shel's 116-17-18 Cass St. Arca.de--808-10 Marlon St.--Phone M-1825 --------------------------------Whin I .wint down. to the citty hall this weak to find tli.e mare I Jupiter and the others to the to thinking seriouslv about the PUBLIC FORUM limits after I had conquered the. importance of play just how writer, and so long as he remains .... ._ ___ ,_.,...,........,,.... ____ wuz a little worried and skeered world . I am afeerd tha t some of' 't t tl busi'ness of on the side or right, as he did in . i is o 1e S s t ,_, R I wouldn't find the mare in. Since them thar fellers m Mars will find 1 M t 1 know tha t tate ena oruu ace the last session of the legislature t t b th t t b t I d t t ivmg. os peop e and the r1g ht for better city gov-he wan s 0 rmg e coun Y m 0 out a ou my P ans an ry 0 you can't make. goo d bread unless Editor Tamtia Life: the citty and ennex the state or throw a monkey wrench mto the h tl t amount of erment, I believe he should have you ave ie correc From present indications, the race. Florida t o the citty of Tampa and cogs. Them fellers in< 1\farl? might in the mixture. You may for State Senator will overshadow the united support or all those the n the nation, and then the be smarter than we a re. But I bet ti t t 1-n nleasurt t who stand !or law, order and bet-use 1e grea es care most other contes s, owmg o per-North American continnet and them fellers in l\Iars ain't got any ents, have ter government. ing all other ingredi sonal and political di!ferences ext hen South Amerika and the n he sm.a rter mare in any of there cit-b t 'f If we expect to win, we must your oven jus t right, u i you isting between two avowed candi-expects to take in Europe into the ies than we got right here ill" Tam-omit the yeast your bread will dates. unite on some one, and it now ap-citty limits and' all the rest of the pa." surely be heavy, hard and disap-Up to this time, I have not heard pears that Whitaker is the most I world I wuz sorta skeered that I "Mare, you are rieht. I expect log1cal man )'et ment1'oned pointing. Now, life itself is pretty or any candidates except Senator might not find the mare at hiz ot7 I did say too much in the paper much like the bread mixture. Whitaker and Mr. Givens, both or Prohibitionist. ns. I wuz afeared he wud be out last week about you gonna annex Without the proper amount of whom, beyond a doubt, will have lookin' over these -other annexa-all the countries in the world to Publlc Forum wholesome fun and playtime stir-strong followings. tions and maybe I wud have to the citty of Tampa and then. take red i'nto the days, weeks and d h Some insist that we shoul ave take a little jump over into Eur-in the planets. Fer them .thar fel-nlontli s, tlie y-ears a re likely to be a business man for this place ra-To All People And it came to pas s in the land called Florida, and a city thereof ope or Africa to find the mare and lers in Mars might learn about hit J'tist as fiat and disa.ppointing as ther thail a lawyer,. and no one to git tJie low down this weak. and give you some trouble on this the loaves without yeast. Every called Tampe r, there arose a great h wlll dispute the fact that, as a But I found the mare in hiz of-annexation thing. If you ear o. one knows that children nwst leader whose moniker was Yak rule, we have far too many law fis, with his head bowed in deep any unrest or disturbance in Mars plaY and money spent for good, yers in the legislatilre, in com-presumably descende d from the thought evidently over 11 let me. kn9w and I'll to make sturdy wheel toys, for balls, bats, th 1 but wild.Yak: of Tartan-. In the course the weighty affairs of the c1tty. Or some a.rrangements to git up thar 1 swi nimi'ng t puison to 0 er c asses, of time there grew up and flour-boxing g eves, o gs. where is there a business man--maybe he wuz wonderin' where he. and straighten hit out." tenni's .. ts, etc.. 1 8 nionev shed mightily a. village known as -who would be satisfactory to wets wuz gonna git biz weakly payroll I "Then another thing, Peter," well Invested; it means the fun d Y-bor City, and on the opposite fer the Times. Or maybe he wuz sez the mare, "I didn't want the and outdoor exercise n e cessary to and drys that would accept an side there also arooe a village countin' it, fer I seed Charlie Wall people to know that I intended to could be elec_ted. H more than two ca.lied West Tamna, and 1nto those build strong, healthy bodies, the ., a goin' out of the mare's offis just take charge of heaYen and run hit and priceless enter the race, it would mean & l heritage second primary race for the two az I wuz comin' in. Anyway if and l wuz mighty anxious to try possession of youth. Incidentally, th t h 't I d'd 't 't f t k th J r um find1'11' hi ghest, and the wet and dry a wuz 1 1 n g1 any o o eep e peop e r Mr. Henderson's store i s chuck ht t th t I h d 1 d d issue will not d "own, the result 1 ou a a a rea Y move a full of just such dependable toys two villages c a m e people from far oft lands il.nd from many strange places and they grew apace and flourished mightily. Now those "W l ,. I t th b' t f h II t Yb ct d would be exceedingly doubtful. aa mare, sez o e ig par 0 e m 0 or 1 Y an and playthings for all the young-villages waxe d strong and grew 1 mare, just like that, "I wuz skeerc West Tampa now. But you wint sters, wheth e r they be six or sixty. Regardless of what issue, are more prosperous. so likewise Yak ed I wouldn't find youinyour of-and told hit." Little children will play without brought up or who runs, the pro-the mighty ruler increased in pow fis. I tllought mebbe you would be "Oh! waal, mare, I don't think any urging. but far too many hlbition issue will be the greatest er and unmitigated gull and grew strollin' alongin the milky way a that makes so much difference grownup. $ have forgotten how. issue, especially since the wets wild and wooly il.nd hard to carry lookin' over affairs iii Jupiter !llld now, becuz a whole lot of the peo-We are all likely to think that havo become so active. above the knees and he tampered Venus and them thar other plan-pie are beginnin' to git on -to hit we have n't" time to waste 00 play From the standpoint of a pro-with Tamper and West Tamper ets." anyway.about this hell business in 1 t 1 W hlbitionist, I am of the otiinion and muchly with Y-bor City. And and what a m1sta 'e 1 1s. e .. "I am a!eerd YOU air a talkln' Ybor City and West Tampa. They waste an awful lot of' time on wor-,that about as safe a. he spake thusly with a melliflious too much, Peter," sez the mare are beginnin' to see that you have ry, regrets and remorse or grill', as any for the proh1b1tlonists voice unto those lusty triplets: it (he all us calis me Peter instead of already made some powerful a n and that tiIJJe is really worse than would be to support Whitaker. I is not meet or seemly that thou Mr. Razorblade because we are so nexations in Ybor City and West wasted for it clouds all your clays, say this, notwithstanding the tact sihouldst remain separate entities close to eacb other). The mare Tampa and that the biggest part dulls your mind, saps your cour-that I have not in the past been a but ra.ther that thou shouldst spoke with a grave air and I could of hell has already been brought age and fosters 'fear, which is the supporter of Mr. Whitaker. Should mere and be a15 one, in which see .that all wuz not gravy. into the citty. But if you say so enemy of the human race. we refuoo to support him and sue-event there will remain but one "What's the matter?" sez I ; I'll not say anything more to the ;.Ill willing to bet any one the new ceed in piling up enough votes in leg to pull ha, ha. And again he "I am afeered you are l!!ttln' people. about your bringing the Ea'ster bonnet I hope to have, that the first primary to put a bone-said unto them still more melli too many people in on JllY secret," balance or hell in. But hell has to if they will drop their work and dry in the second race, it wou!Q, fiuously, harken unto me and the .--sez the mare. "Peter, I cion't like be s01:newhar, and I. don't know of cares long enough to play real probably result in the friends of harvest will be great and we w111, -your. writin' so many things to any other better place than Ybor hard when the burdens get a bit both Whitaker and Givens uniting be the reapers thereo f. Selah; And thaf thar Tampa Life paper. I City and West Tampa fer hit." too heavy.and life seems dull and in the second primary, regardless so it was. And again he spake undon't much like hit no how. You "That's what I thought,". sez hard, they will be able to go back of ihe bitterness that may now to them thusly, be diligent at all see._-.we are. a ,tryin'. to disbar the 1 the mare. to the work that must be done exist. times and don't overlook any bets with re11ewea strength and ener-All who are familiar with pol-and in such way shalt thou add ,....., ., ........... gy that w1'11 more than make up ltical affairs are aware that-Giv unto thyself much unearned in. -! 1 . P .eg.-g: Y Parag r aphs . l for the time spent in play. Some-ens will get the solid support of crement and also likewise much body said, "Why take lif_e so seri-the wets and their slush fund ln of the root that is called evil and cu.sly, when you know you'll nev-the first primary, at least. thou shalt walk by the side of dis er get. out of it alive?' Another Whatever may be said of Whi-. tilled waters and fear not the wetH II f lk old adage tells us that "All 'work taker's past political a!filiation, n ess, and thou shalt gamble on the e o, o s-I've discovered all are brushing up .on special music o:ver again that it is a. fine old for Easter and if that doesn't con-and no play makes Jack a dull be it said to his credit he was green-or red-as semeth best In thy world,. in -spite-of a number of boli.-." I alwavs want to add that !ound on the right side during the sight and m!l.ny shalt seek but vince you that spring has come, -things! Last w:eek I wasn't quite just wander around town and see it does a lot worse than that to last session of the legislature. It we alone shall find, Ceilo. But take so. su:re about it, -wlien Mr. the lovely things in the shops. o. Jill. It makes her an old woman! .is !llso a well known fact that UIJ heed that thou forgetteth not thy ther }fan gave us such a generous Falk's have a window display of Who wants to be an old woman, until that time he had practically weekly tithe for or such is the portion of rain and cloudy skies; ; new models made of chiffons in a any way? I don't and, in spite or the solid support of the wets--tiol-kingdom of Yak. C e ilo if thou -that meant grief a-plenty t(I so .-favorite spring shade called dusty the f;ict that I seem to have a ltlcally, professionally and rilian-obey dutifully my commands so ::--: -many of us. Automobile engines pink that is both beautiful and ea-very long life line in my palm, cially, and could have, no doubt, shall we 1.ll prosperous along -,.-stalled., and upholstering _ soaked, sy to wear. There are some most I'm going to stay young as long as h eld such sutiport, had he not a.nd gadzoM, perchance may fly. "'' 'clothing and, _shoes b(ldraggled and attrative garments in Cbandler.'s there is breath in my body. A few elected to cease doing their bid-"When the robins nest again." ".'.<.:'..: a plans up-Corset Sb0p at 607 Tampa St.; wrinkles and the gray hairs I ding. So far as I he has nev-And it came to pass that the "'" -arid Oh, wh.af a lot" of_ di$POSi that should interest every woman can't a1roid, but I can certainly er made any pretense or claim of tieople being of few days and full :::':.-tions were damaged! Even mine wh.o is planning new clothes for keep my mind full of interesting reform, in order to gain support of trouble and ldgryldgkeon,d ,_. w .a,s slightly ruf!l.ed in Easter.. Beautiful and correctly things, I can always ketlp so busy from those opposed 'to his former heed unto the wi a an ey . : .>; .'cir was all w,et, .too! fitted' underthings are _most that I haven't time to grow old polftlcal, officia1 and professional gathered unto themselves the fatBut -didn't last week's. gloom tial if one would look their best and every mi.nute I don't just have tallowing. The inference is, how-ness of the land a11d scads of the t;';_.:-::,_-. -make .this : sun,shine in the new spring styles and the to work, dear people I'm going to ever, that he became convicted or lucre that is filthy and there was ,.,,._<,,,:-. b"rillfant? And after .all, thedry lovefy things I saw on display pla:y! Some day I'm going to take consciencecstricken and decided to much rejoiceing among the t>hil-_---_cleaner .needed and lots there should please the most dis-time to go down to Mr. Glenn mend his ways by renouncing the istlnes but unto those who failed d'' -c- -Qf garments are, fresh and clean criminating person. Henderson's .store and ask all the devil and his works, and to _make to give ear and heed unto bellowthat might have been neglected Of course there are new hats questions I want to about gol:f a record in the future for upright ing of Yak, "the melancholy days (for if .th.ey Iiii:dn't been everywhere you looil and I'in sure sticks and things. They fascinate ness and purer politics and deal-have come and the meadows are .on . Plenty pf folks were the st.yles have never been more me and sooner or later I'll find lng. Whether this surmise be cor-brown and sear." _,... ,:c:...em. 1nde d f a t t th t d I t1'me -to play golf. The most fascin-E. A ULICK. '!J -" ____ o .1;! o o:\>s a .,nee -fiattering:and. general y becommg. rect or not, it the prohibitionists ed _and Win _dow-and door I saw some really beautiful mod-ating game after all ls the game and law enforcement advocates 'toi be::.replaced: b efore the els at the Ming '.l'oy Hat Shop at of Life. We all have to play and give him their support he would Tampa, Fla; .March 31st, lll30. -,WhEln yo u think a very pop.lilar price; fn fact the we don't always like the other fel-have no good reason not to stand Mr. Peter Razorblade, -:::: :;.lots prices everywhere. seem designed low's rules, .but in the long run it by them, whether he be sincere or Ole J i;.sper don't write very ofen, .: ,.wen 12le" bjl.t .it surely t akes a lot of time PEGGY. d e las' country h e annexes. I wish-'"'' :;:: that n,ea:rfy au and' b .esides new clothes aren't all Buy and Sell Anyth{ng From es wen you go to see d e mare next t"ti'E(trees ,1iave .to.11e concerned about, Patronize "Life'' a Hairpin.to a Battleship week you git him to change dat which brings me down to earth and take in _Urlca b e foFe he even l/j_;:.. are--'i'tew::.bpcfs' ';Za:iict: with a .bump! A dvertizer THE "PEP" BOYS takes in de county, eaus' dat's .the ,.. Have you registered and paid S I 0 I East Lafayette Street whar we niggers cum from. Tell -the ci.tY Y.our poll tii.x yet? If you haven't Tiley Are RaBable de mare dat all our African brud--_.,. ;-__ :., -. . . FLORIDA AVENUE An Investment Property Of Fine Acres Of Unrestricted Land.-Look It Over. For Particulan Call-MINS--4335 Cass St. Arcade i WANTED Ambkio. ,..,_.. mea ..d. W01D11a to prepue '---lttin pesi&ma tMotcta OCll' acc:ndited eow B00HEEl'ING BANKING SECRETARIAL Hl6MER A


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