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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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..... ._,._. -. ,._ VOLUME III. TAMPA, FLORIDA, APRIL 12, 1930. :Prjce 5 Cents Per CODY Dy 1\lail $2.00 No. 9 B M C t t I H I t T. . 1g a1 on ra:_ s e p __ J J 3 J J tion was t'o plaoe the Holy Bible 3 the in the public schools .and the American flag over the schools. The organization h .as secured the l passage of legislation in niost of the states of the nation, making it compulsory on tb.e teachers to J Tead portions :from the once every. day the presence of the 3 pupils without sectarian com-j ment. It was largely through the J . J efforts of Senator Parrish that J this organization secured the pas-. sage of such a law in the state of Florida. The speakers declared o this Order to be .the oldest patri-B otic fraternal organization in-8 America. The organization fights B for restricted immigration and theiO .present laws werelB sponsor.ed and passed throughJB the efforts of }his rirganization,jg declared the S.()akers. JD ill lDDDDDD lDODDPD Former President fa.-or of Phipps for the amount of the notes with intere.st a nd attorney' s fees. Il is sa.i d b efore the Tendering of B H"Il I I Hesterly, New en l s I Race: to CrU{:l-. S h B d I ned m Campa1gn m l'Vlayor C .00 ... oa. r 1 McKay"$ Effort to Control C d d Legislative Delegation. an 1 Announces His Candidacy in District No. 1; V,/ill perhaps be by Ed Keefe. Home r v.. H e;oter l;;, p ron:inent Tampan and secretary-tre asurer of the Turner l\Iarb!e & Granite company, is in the race for state senate a .gainst Pat Wllitaker and Morris Givens. l\Ir. Hesterly's en-the v erdict that Judge Parks sug -Ben prominent Tampan, trance into the senate race is due gested to Phipp's atorney that t ile has entered the race f o r member to the efforts of Paddy Waldron, matter should be adjusted if pos -of the county school board. Mr. Tampa Catholic leader, v,cho callsible as the circumstances of Hill announced his candidancy ed a meeting of a number of TainPhipp's conduct did look bad. Saturday and definitely threw his pans in the Hillsboro Hote l las t No complaint has been made hat into the ring. His friends an.d Satmday for the purpose of against Phipps by the grievance committee of the association and it i thoqght that none will be made against him because of his prominence, being the former preside.nt of the. bar association. rt is said that l\lr. Phipps was Yery supporters have been predicting "drafting" :VIr. Hesterly into the his entry into race for several J race. It is g e n e rally conceded weeks. Mr. Hill has been a res1-Mr. Hesterly will be sacrificed deRt of Tampa for ma!).Y rears and and caught between two fires in is an automobile dealer. the battle between the two major Platform on Economy contestants in this campaign, Giv. Mr. Hill will run in district No. e n s and Whitaker. ctive getting the complaint lodg -l, whic h embraces Port Tampa, d against L e o Stalnaker b efore Hyde Park, \'les t Tampa, Lutz, I \Vants Pat Defeated hiJtPS went out o f the office as Lake 111agdalene, Seminole It has been known for some Jresident of the bar association. Heights and Tampa Heights, and time that Mayor D. B. J\IcKay has harges against Mr. Stalnaker Mr. Hill declared that h e would 1 been trying to p ick a candidate ...-ere filed on the last day of base his campaign entirely upon who he thought would be strong E'hipp's term as bar association 1 a platform of efficienc y and econ-enoug h to defeat Pat V.'hitaker ireident. day o_my. l\Ir. Hill is pla_nning an ac-1. fo r r e-el_ecti on _n has . }1led Phipps 1n-, eam1 ::a1g u aud h i s .:;upporters kno\vn tor seve r al \\""een.::: that Juired the office of the clerk I are busy i n 'various sec-Mayor has felt that l\Iorri s (Contmue d On Page Two: ) (Contmue d On Page Two.) (Contmued On Page Two.) riend Puts Crimp In Paddy's Senate Campaign ounty Commissioner -to "draft" a candidate to enter the I Tampa Trjbune Sunday morning date was tricked into attend-senatorial r a ce. It seems that Mr. gave a .list of some of the persons ti. \Valdron did not let the people who w e r e at the meeting, but left rnee ng. who h e invited to the hotel, or a t out t h e names of soine others. I least a of them know the The big boom meeting to real nature of the meeting before 'raft a candidate c alled I ,;;etting the m there. H e a l so told Paddy V. aldron,, Catholic : '.\Ir Frmilend the phone that of a number of people Mr. Friend's name appeared in the Tribune article as one of the persons present.-The Tribune also stated that those present a t the 1 .


1 r .. ,. ... \ . All b.tlepe11d1111.t; 1'rocrenive Weekly Newspaper 9Wllei aad Pvltli11lu14 lhery Saturday by Ui.e FLO!tIBA. LIFE PWBLIS1!lIN8-COMPANY, Inc. 'l'aaJla.. Florid& J':titllrtei aaG. Bual Otll.ee, 4li ea.es Street Phee 4031 aa Beeoi-Ola111 Mattu, M:a.rclll 21, 1928, at tile Poto:li.ce at 'Paapa, J'lerlda, lJur Ute .A.ct ef March 3, 1179. a1lltHrlpU111 aat11: Oae Year la Ain.aee $2.tt llx Jleatll1 la AdT&lllCI $1.lt THE MAYOR AND THE LEGISLATURE I Mayor D. B . McKay is scared. He evidently feels that it is going to be necessa;y for him to control the Hillsborough county delegation to the next session of the Florida legislature. Anyw_ay, he is making a determined effort to elect a state senator and one or more members of the House' of Representatives. TAllllPA-LIFK Grievance committee on the last day of Mr. Phipps' term of office, February 21st. On this night.Mr. Phipps made an address to the bar association in which he declared that one of the greatest achievements of the association. during his. adminis. tration was the preferring of cha.rges against several attorneys for.misconduct. It would seem that people living in glass houses should be very careful about the hurling of stones. I THE CHILD AND THE KINGDOM The International Uniform Lesson for Sunday School study next Sunday is entitled "The -Chilq and the Kingdom." The diciples had recognized Jesus as the Messiah, and they were on the way to the establishment of Messianic kingdom as they still conceived it, and there was rivalry among them as to which of them should be the greatest, or have chief places in that kingdom .. In answer to their question, Jesus called a little child to come to him and He set the child in their midst. and said, "Ex cept ye be converted, and become as little children ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." further illustrated his by calling attention to the little child and saying. that the one who "humbles himself as this little child" shall be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. !his was not an easy lesscm for the diciples to learn. Neither has it been an easy lesson for later generations to properly grasp. Jesus thought of the kinadom in terms of life an d growth. In His teachings his symbol: .were thirigs that live and grow-a vine, a lily, a harvest, a seed, a baby. He surveyed the /way for the feet of oncoming' generations. He saw the dawn of new eras in the wondering of childhood. We have se the kingdom, but it is also a t the kingdom. One's attitude t his character. He that despise little ,ones thereby proves (urns seaj It has been said that the r now in their cradles. Reforms tie children. Thus we shall pl and substitute formation for re Hesterly To Be Sacrifice .'Mayor McKay has already placed into the field for Representative in _group 2, Joe Mickler, for a number of years a reporter on the Tam pa Daily Times. The most of the .'McKay news stories" in the Times have been written by Mr. Mickler. There i_s a difference between "McKa:y stories" and real news st-0ries. The effort on the part of Mayor McKay to place Mr. Mickler in the House of seems to indicate that Mayor McKay concedes the re-election of Senator Pat Whit, aker. It indicates that Mayor McKay feels that Senator Whitaker is going to be re-elected and it is therefore necessary for him to place som,eone in the House of Representatives in an effort to block in the House of Representatives any bills coming from th' e senate that m,ight not be to his liking with reference to the present city administration in Tampa. It" has been kpown for time that Mayor McKay has been looking for some third person to defeat Pat Whitaker for Several months ago the T a\llpa Life declared tbat the mayor felt that Morris Givens was not .strong enough to defeat Pat Whitaker (Continued from Page One ) and for that the mayor was looking for a third man. The Given s, Mr. Whitaker's bitter poli-tical opponent, was not strong fact that the mayor thought Mr. Givens was too we. McCormack echobee. grew up in the atmosphere of po litics being the daugh.ter of the late Mark Hanna of Ohio. "' * :;: Chairman Wood of the House Appropriations Committee saye the Med Fly has been in Florida. Those banks that we have left I for years and all appropriations ion for any vioin Florida seem to be mighty g ood stop and the fly d e cl a r ed c.ws. The state is ones and their depo sits are climb dead. All right, W ill. Why don' t I you make it unanimous. Florida y to save for future. in g all the time. All of this gives what is l e ft. With rise to the suspicion that we evi-did' not discover the fly and Florida cannot banish the fly We .peration from the peo-dently had too many. banks in Fl "d await the pleasure of the govern-cheir representative\. this on a just about. the time we had too many subdivisnons and "plus fours.'' ment. Florida real estte is moving, Florida potatoes are being ship-then Jimmie Morris, then Frank Jackson, then one or two oth-1 and several others to make th ers then. finally Mr. McKay's sup.porters upon race. All or these_ May W. Hesterly as the man to defeat Mr. .Whitaker. In the mean-or McKay made his fmal effor time Mr. Givens1is to be left out in tihe cold to .'paddle;, along through Mr. Waldron last Satu measure b e restored. -not this g e n eration p erhaps. but :.ir those who are now young and for those who are to come after them. "In ancient times when an historic people returne d to a land which was theirs, it was said that they were given a land for which they did not labor, cities which The sultan's harem will now be pen, Florida celery bringing betthrown open to the public at Is-ter prices than ever before, Flortanbul Turkey and the pubic can ida orange crop has no f li e s on it,.r _,.._ look at the former hare m at twen-Florida crops in general are good. ,_ b G' h 1 d day when Mr. Hesterly was "dra as est he can. Mr. ivens as, m no uncertain anguage, e-ted" The fact that Mr. Heste nounced Mayor McKay and his political lieutenant, Paddy Wal-ly was select. e d in this fashion dron, big Catholic leader ana politician of this city, for .the man-at that meeting presided over ner in which they tricked him. That is merely Mr. Givens' hard Mr. Waldron. and for the purpos luck. He should expected that. Anyone should have ex that Mayor McK ay had i-n mini pected trickery . Mr. Mickler, in declaring his says will result in Mr Hesterly bein sacrifice d it i s declare d. McKa that he is going to abolish the court of crimes and the civil court is also putting up candidates to of record and reduce the salanes of the county officers. We are the. House o f R ep r e s entatives t wondering what the restof the legislature will be doing when ga.in control of the Hillsbor Mr. Mickler is attending to all of that single-handed. Mr. Mick-County delegation to the legislaler i; loud and in his dei;iarations about reducing the ture in both the s e n ate and th salaries of the_ co.unty officers. But when we hear Mr. Mickler House. Givens Bitter .say that he is going to reduce the salary of his"''boss man" fr6m M\r. Givens when informed $ f 0, 000 a year one-half that amount when he goes to the the McKay-Waldron meeting in legislature, lhen ;,.e will begin to think that Mr. Mickler is sin-the Hillsboro Hotel" bringing Hes cere al;>out his -econoiny 'prattle . Then when he will terly into the race spared salary of the .City -attorney iike he says he"is going to reduce the in Mayor M. l b I d Kay, and Ill so many words sa sa ary of the county officials. then we w1 1 e a most convince th t th tr' k d h" W a e mayor 1 c e im aE that he is sincere. e are IJl'Ore right now in _the re-80 had Paddy. Waldron. duetion' o"f the salary of cify ,officials than we are in the reduc-"This is another one 'of Pa tion:.o (tl_le. salary ?f county' officials, because .the Waldron's slick tricks like the city ofiicial11 are higher a.nd more wasteful. worked on me two years ago w I the Solicitor; ty five cents a look. Since the beau Florida sunshine is ov e r all, Flor-ties of the harem have long since ida orange blossoms on the air, died' or scattered t o other points now is the time to r emain in Flor-there is not much for the "look ida and buy a home of your own the y built not, andfrom vineyards see." for Florida will alwa y s b e Florida. and oliv e yards which theY. plant-ed not, did they eat. In this land we found as we came along a g reat civilization, and a wealth of natural resources that we can hardly melj.sure. Without anr law except that which springs from a a sence of patrio ti s m and gratitude, we should be willing to prec serve our in stitutions and conserve our natural resources as a he'ritage in this-land for those who follow us. At least we should not recklessly and wantonly destroy what nature i s seeking to them. WHERE TifE HOME FOLKS EAT Eagle Cafeteria 209-11 Twigg1 Phene 3025 ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, The U'rCou/1n 'R..ouge Florida's Meat Beautiful Night Clu}) Phone Y-1491 Just across the 22nd St. Causeway ENT MERCHANTS AND )NEY AT HOME T IT MEANS TOYOUR FARE 1NNEDY E GROCERS ., : Florida Save $1.55 During April. Get $6.50 Electric Turn-Knob Toaster for $4.95 9Sc Down---91 a ,Month AUTOMATICALLY TURNS THE TOAST WITHOUT HANDLING, RIGHT ON THE TABLE: With this most skillful $6.50 T oastey, you CSlll have its natural partner, the $12 Hotpoint. Electric Percolator, $18.50 value for only $13 together . Saving $5.50 an By Getting This Pair Now In April . I $1.00 down $2.00 a month ALL OUR ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ARE OF THE HIGHEST QUApTY Ta.apa Electric H. J. SOGGS, JK., .. Maaacw. .,


, ,. ... ., .. ,,_ 1 . . 1 '- :.i ... '':. ) April, 12. 1930. TAMPA "LIFE .... 11 a.. &all T:at known;,thatthere is np person to order be published once a weekj1ken as confessed amant's knowledge in the State of for four consecutive weeks in the dant. LENTEN . ... 8-..__: 1 : 41 a. a. Flor.ida the service of a subpoena Tampa L _ife, a newspaper publish-. It is further ordered that this 0 >;i: __. upon whom would' bind the said ed in .said County and State. order be published once a week (SEAL) >.:< SAUC. ES : J& * defendants, and that the -said d e-Done and ordered in Tampa, for four consecutive weeks in the By KATES. ROBINSON, D C . . ,,. , ..P'w.M Ketlle411at fendants ar. e over 'the age of twen-Ffa., this the 4th day of April, Tampa Life, a newspaper publi,sh-BARBER & WILLIAMS, !:)! 1111;: _II ty-one ye;:i.rs; i t is therefore order-D. 1930. ed in said County and State. Solicitor for Complainant. <' Sftll .(Te. a.al Si-tll l ,t. ed that sard Defendants be and W. DICKENSON, Done and ordered -in Tampa, State of Florid. a, County of Hills-( By.'Betty Barclay) -.Kyer,' :Puter. they are hereby rejq-u_ired to ap-Clerk Circuit Court. Fla., this the 4th day of April, A borough. 'a fit-.. llool 9:4i a. .. Mr. J>ear to the-Bill of Complaint filed (SEAL) D. 1930. I hereby certify that the above ting sauce, come'to the tabl.e vr;ith r. lf. JeJ']ler, Spt. in sa:id cause 9n or before Monday By KATE S. ROBINSON, D C. -W. A. DICKENSON, and foregoing is a true copy of that zesttui flavor. which is the. 'Jill .. __ .WdHa..-pray-ti(e 5th day-of May, A . D. 1930; A. C. BROOKS, Clerk Circuit Court. the origina-1 orde r of publication otherwise the allegatjons of said Solicitor iorcomplainant. (SEAL) made in said cause, on file in my final, of the qui-er Hl'Tic_ e.-7: U, wilJ lie la -cllara .bill will be as confessed by State of Florida, County of Hills-I By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. office. lnaty art: the f tll'e llur4 'ef atewari1. said Defendants: borough. A. C. BROOKS, appetite appeal which the sa\lce -Puter Win pre .. ell at botll_ 991"-It i s further ordered that this I hereby certify that the ab.ave I Solicitor for Complainant. order be published once a week and foregoing is a true copy of the State of Florida, County of Hills-assures,. it serves to. ba_lance tbe vic1111. Tampa, 1930 . Florida, April 4th, and more particularly descritied as follows: Lot Ten ( 10) of Block Six ( 6 ) of Riversid e Subdivision of the City of Tampa, as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book 1, page 34 of the. Public Records of. Hillsborough County, Florida;' said lands to be sold in pursuance to an order of sale in the above entitled cause made and entered1 on the 15th day of March; 1930, by the Honorable L. L . Parks, Judge of the aforesaid court. LEWIS W. PET'IJEW A. Y D. FREDERICK McM ULLEN for four consecutive weeks in the original order of publication made borough. large protein content of seafoods Pultlle .. riiaily iavlte4 te at-Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-in said cause, on file in my office. I hereby certify. that the above (SE.AL) Commissioners. with additional .mineral sal_ts and tead ay ai all ef th.es aerl'iH1. ed in said County and State. Tampa, Florida, April 4th, and foregoing is a true copy of the By KATE s. ROBINSON, D. c D . C. McMULLEN, ANGUS WILLIAMS W A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. while t11,e sugar that .. Done and ordered in Tampa, 1930. original order of publication made ( 4 )-5-12-19-26 ( 5 )-3. Solicitor for Complainants. Fla., this the 4th day of April, A. w. A. DICKENSON, in said cause, on file in my office (4)-5-12,19-26 the -skilled cook uses to blend and Tampa el'f Mb..._ D 1930. Clerk Circuit Court. Tampa, "Florida, April 4th, In the Circuit Court In and for NOTICE mellow tbe:flavors.of the dif!erent l. :u:. Mikell la .arse. w. A. DICKENSON,.. (SEAL) 1930. Hillsborough County, Florida., fui:riishes -the carbo-1111 l'r.akli St. Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE S. ROBINSON, D C. W. A. DICKENSON, In Chancery. Notice is hereby ginn that .the hydrate, or quic1t energy, co. nten:t. ,le"ieH T11e14&7, ftU111bJ',. (SEAL) ( 4 )-5-1219-fl6 (5)-3. (SEAL) Clerk Circuit Court. FAYEBILLSTOFKOERS-PSTAROVTIATLILON l ;fo .. . . 'By KA'l'E S. ROBINSON, D C. NoTICE 1930 k h ft 1 t Sa:ace ; Ta.rta.re . -j Satul'tay, l!l!l4a7 at I D A. C. BROOKS, By KATE S ROBINSON, D. C EDITH STOKES RICE, ? e is i;ia accoun m g as This sauce' adds greatly to tile luailay eel at 1:41 L Solicitor for Complainant. Notice is hereby given.that the (4)-5--12-19-26 (5)-3. JOHN W STOKES A.ND Admmistrator, with the Will an-' State of Florida, County of Hills undersigned, Charity P. Bethel . LOUISE STOKES BILLINGS nexed, of the estate of Ed-ward 'of * borough . and James F Bethel, as executors MOTION O;F ADOPTION BICKNELL C l t Gordon Steward, Deceased, to the sc2.llop::;, smelts and i:rJ:any other BillllfNr. 1 hereby certify that the above under the Will Of Mary Dora Fo-COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH omp aman s, Honorable Geo. H. Cornelius, fish: )lix. to_gether one :raeaeteeaua Reai and foregoing is a true copy of t:he :-arty,_ deceased, will make their TO IT MAY. CONCERN. : I HENRY E. AND Couty Judg_e for halt teaspoon one'-half v. E. Myer, P&1ter. original order .of publication made final accounting to the Honorable Notice 1s hereby given that the CLIFFORD G STOKES Cou:aty, Florida, at his office m 1 5 -J in--said cause,' on file in my office. Geo. H. Cornelius, County Judge undersigned persons intend to ap-. tile Court House in Tampa, FlQri--teaspoon salt: !uiay Scheo It: 4 .Mr. Tampa, Florida, April :4th, for Hilh!borough 9ounty,. Florid_a. ply and have applied after NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEJ da, and apply to said Judge for a: and-one tea' spCion _powdered sugar. ,Jl. wllHtl': Supt. at his ot!ke inithe Court House m lication _of this notice as that on Monday, the 5th day of :final discharge as such __ Adminis-.A'.dd yolks'"of two, eggs. Stir until .. aier :ll:.wortll Leaau9, 'J:H W. A. DICKENSON, 1ald County, at 10 o'clock A. M. ?Y law m a published. May, 1920, within the legal hours trator. !ended, setting bow! _ Clerk Circuit Court. on the 20th day of May, A. D. m the _county of residence of the of sale, at the west door of the R G. TITTSWORTH, ---._ -L-11:.... .. (SEAL) 1930, as such Executors, and ap-undersigned persons; tor an order court house, in the City of Tampa, Administrator c. t. a. of the Es-i-pan of ice_ water. Add drop by .no...... ....._.,. f th H bl F l\" R bl By KA.TE S. ROBINSON, D. C. ply to said Judg e for a: final dis-_rom e ono7a ''-. o es, Florida, we shall sell to the high-ta te of Edward Gordon StewaroP. at first; one-half cup oliv. e arcrey-e A Te. and S2a It. ( 4 ( 5 )-3. charge as such Executors. Judge _of the circmt court _m and est bidder for cash, the lands sit-ard, Deceased on; 'stirringwitli spoon or M. E. Myer, Paatol'. > JAMES F. BETHEL, for s171 d co _unty, to the uated and being in the County of (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5-12-19-%6 wire w;b.isk ; Dilute very gradually Suaiay Seit.HI _a.t lO:H a m., STATEMENT CHARITY P BETHEL, adopt10n of Russell Collins, a Hillsborough and State of Florida (6')-3 -10, Of the' Ownership, Executors Under the Will of 'Mary male minor child, of the age of with one and a half .tablespoons Kr. C. A. !!ltewart, Sut. : Circulation, etc., Required ,by Dora Fogarty, Deceased. 2 years, as their child, and' .to as -the "mL'-cture .thickens, Sem.lor Lee.cu.: I: 4i :J. the Act of Congress of August (.3 )-15-22-29 ( 4 )-5-12-19-26 change the name of said minor to at the tim:e addfug the oil. * 24,'.1912, of TAMPA LIFE, Pu-(i)-3-10. Leroy Fleetw.ood, as provided by more rapidly. Keep in the 're!rige. .li'IR8T Ulf.ITBD BRETHBllN. lished weekly at Tampa, Fob--the laws c "'lorida, this 14th day rator until beiore serving.-30t Nebraik!< Avenue ida, for, April 1st, 1930,' 38802-C of Maren, a. D. 1930. state of Florida, County of In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth S. L. FLEETWOOD, Then add one tablespoon tarragon w. D. Kitchell; Paator. Hillsboro, s s. Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough LOLA FLEETWOOD, vinegar 11: a . m. -Before me, a Notary, Public in County, Florida. In Chancery. (March 15-22-29 Apr. 5.12.) fine and -Preachmg i1 a : m. and 7:SO p'. and for the state and County FLORA B. NORTHRUP JOINED ---------------- If You Like Talnpa -Life. Why Not Get It By Mail? 11 d BY HER HUSBAND AND 39420 C ',of DL NEXT FRIEND, CLARK In the Circuit Thirteenth _olives :,. . .-1 ,,. -; duly sworn according to law, de-NORTHRUP, Complainants, Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Fm1-;;-Thi;BI;;;;k 1t 1 ;r Horser&ilisli Sauoe r .ll'int Unit)' 8ocl89 ,po.ses anfl says. that he is the vs. County, Florida. In Chancery. '.. \ ,-. _.. _, UJ .W. Lafayette St. Mangaging Editor of the TAMPA W. R. DANIEL, ET AL., C W. COLEMAN, Complainant, seafood. su'nday Sch.oo1; _9: 3-0 a : m. LIFE and that the following is, to Defendants. vs. h -di h The State of to. EMMA COLEM. AN Defendant Mix together one cup orsera s.. the. _best of bi's knowledge and b e-u , Bullay Benlce, 11: 0 0 a m : Florenico Va-Ides It appearing by the sworn bill .one-forth. 'dry llTftinc Seniee, I: 00 p, m. ,IiElf, a true statement of the own-It appearing by affidavit filed' in in the above stated cause that the two tablespo_ons and; juice Northside ChristianChurch ership, management (and -if a dai-the above stated cause that Flor-residenc e of Emma Coleman, the Of One-half uemon. Heat in 1iouble . 1y paper, the circplation), ot enico V aldes, the Defendant there-Defendant therein named is un-' Cer. l!l_l. a ar4 M ara-uetlte l'Sta. d bl" t f the Add 1 1'._: h If. the aforesa1 pu ica ion or in named, is a -non-resident of the known; that there is no person in boiler. sow Y one-a cup W. P. Shamart, Pastor date. shown in _the above caption, State of Florida,' that his last the State of Florida the service of .. sweet -cream 'and cook tintil Morning worship, 10:45 a. m. required by the Act of August 24, known residence as particularl y as a subpoena upon whom would ._,Then ad. d one Jab_lespoon. Ev:ening Song and Sermon, -7:45 1 -921, embodied in section 411, known is New. York City; New bind the said defendant, Emma : ; '-' ; } '>: -m. .. ,-_ Lawth s and R0efgtuhli.ast!0onrms, Ya odrkc, 0tuhladt affit aanctq_ud?ees nfott knd?l'! Colemafn,tandtthat she is \.' :'<--Oysters.-oi>. To.St _-.. .-::_, prmte on e reverse k n no 1r a er i i-age o wen y-one years; i is . : > -_ , to-wit': gent search and inquiry the street therefore ordered that said Defen-.. ,.'1t ... _,l .:.' ,_,,. : NOTICE TO CREDITORS 1. -That the names and iJ-4-dres-address o f .said defendant; that dant b e and she is hereby requirN dtice is'. hereby given that the ses of. the publisher, editor, and there is no person to affiants ed to appear to the Bill of C9m-, flour . undersigned has .been duly ap--managing editor and business knowledge in the State of Florida, plaint filed in said cause on or be-poon salt .'." pointed and qualified as Executor managers -are: Publisher, Flori-the seryice of a subpoena upon fore Monday, the 5th day of May, "'I of-the estate of D. McConnahey, da Life Publishing Co., Inc., Tam-whom would bind the said defen-A. D. 1930; otherwise the allega t "' .. _cayenne .deceased. AU heirs, creditors, leg-pa, Florida. dant and that he i.s over the age tions of'said bill will be taken as .- egg yolk atees,:' distributees, and all other Editor, None. of twenty-one years; it i s there-confessed by said Defendant. > h l d d fore ordered that said non-resi-It is further ordered that this .. _, __ 1 . cream' or m11. k persons_' .. avmg c aims or ema:p. s Mana"'ng Editor, George W. t "d t t h b 0 dent D efendant b e and he i s here-order be p ublished once a week 1 -' e1eaJ1_ oysters,. heat-to -.-liolling agams sai es a e are ere Y no-Coli.lie, Tampa, Florida. !'. tified to present them to the Coun-Business Manager, J. F. Atchley by required to appear to the Bill for four consecutive weeks in the .-;, J,lipdiilt; :and' drain.-Cook l:>utt er, .ty of Hillsborough Coun.ty of Complaint filed' in said cause on Tampa Life; a newspaper publish-r iinq" creil-m 5'minutes . Add at bis office at the Court House, Ta' 2 m.paT owner is: or before Monday, the 5th day of ed in said County and State. .. Tam Fl nd 1 t May, A. D. 19 3 0; otherwise the Done and ordered in Tampa, -oysters and egg stir Y.ntil tho'rou-" pa, 0 a, pr-0per Y sworn Florida Life -Publishin g <;:o., ; ' within one .year from date hereof allegations of said bill will be Fla., this the 4th day of April, A. gbly h?t: . and, serve on butte.red or they will . be forever l;>arre!l by Jnc., Tainpa., Florida. or" c _rackers. Two tablespoons ,law: ., Fred Farris, Tampa, Fla. Piusb.robip.s win._. greatly All person to es-F. W Newgeiger," Lutz, Fla. 1 t i t f c. H. Spencer; Tampa, Florida. ,fmprove the ., ; .-. m e are .reqqu _red o -or-. Fl ' .wa"I"d and make settlement with-Miss Hazel Largo, a. -, _. ,_. out delay. J. B. Harris, Tampa, F _la. ''Breakfast Hash -, '-Ta,mpa, Florida, April 5, 1930. W C. Mallon, L aurel, Fla. Oranges put i ."nto small_." _S. D. CAMPBELL, _Executor 3. That the known bohd ho_ld. of D. McCONNAHEY, Deceased. ers mortgagees, and other secmmay'be combined with other fresh' (5)-3-10-17-24-31 ty 'holders owning or holding 1 in.. almost per cent or more of the total to the m enu. 89415-C amount of bonds, mortgages or anges .and_ bananas, oranges' and In the Circuit Court; Tbirteerith other securities are:. (if there Judicial Circuit Hillsborough are none, so state.) strawberries, orang.es 'and applee, '.Ci:>"Uty, Florida. _'rn Chancery. None. '.fresh pineapple 'are JULIA A. LITTLETON,' 4.That the two paragraphs next suggested -'other . . C9mplainant, above, giving the names of the iD: s ea!son b ; e ., vs. owners; stockholders aind security H. B. LITTLETON, Defendant. holders if any, contain not only It. appearing by a bill' in the the list' of stockholders and secur- JJa,ked above stated cause.that H B Lit-. -... tleton, .... the Defendant the re1 n ity holders as they appear upon Into a w:ell-buttered 'pan put b t I named, is a non-resid'ent of the the books of the company, u a -slices. of r11-w peeled potatoes and State of Florida, and that after, so, inca-ses wher>e the a little peppe r T_b.en a Iayel'. of diligent search. aild .faquiry the er or security h?lder appears on : uncooked, sliced ham. Add. anoth-.!ast and best knt>wn address and the of the compan:l:' as truser layer of llota:toes'"a.nd ham and residence of the defendant, H. B. ,tee or m any other fiduciary rela ;Littleton,. is swansboro, North tion, -the name of the or pour on thin.cream sauce (1 table-Carolina; that there is no one in for whom such trustee 1s spoon flour, 1 butter, the State of Florida the .service of is given; also that the said two to 1 bread a upon whom would paragraphs contain statements crumbs on to:i;> and bak,e in a mo-bind the saj.d' defendant and that embracing affiant's full knowderate oven U:nt_il_-brown uid pota-'be is -over the age of twenty,one ledge and belief a : s to the circumyeats; it ordered that stances and conditions under 'toes. ar_ e "!'fell d'one . Serve ]lot said Defendant be .which stockholders and security Just enough ham-can be used .to and he is hereby required to a'p-Holders who do not appear upon give the desire_ d ;which has pear to _the Bill of C _omplaint filed the books of the company as trusthe -adTantage of making' a little in said cause on or before Monday tees, hold stock and securities in the 5t1: day of May, -!'-D. : a capacity other than that of a ham go. a way. _li'or .Picnics tbe allegahos of said bona owner; and this affiant this can baked at home In a bill will be_ taken as confessed by h reason to believe that any ' said Defendant as no heavy. tin qisb with a c _over and It f th d d th t th. other _person, association, or cor-reheate over water on a : we:: poration bas any direkct in the said stoc campfire1' for four consecutive weeks m the or lil h 1lfl'. .Puter lfnlhll' .. nice 11 a. Iii. .T .. l:a& sernce 'f: II JI. . Tile publle ia criially ulTlt te atteI. t:hese services. -. I ':.. :tmTmN UH Hltruka .A.T. e. Jtn. 1'. :a. Kitell.ell-Pa.tor . !h1tay lcll-.1, t: a. Ilia. *'. ...... _......_ By .. .l'ark, u :9e Lee lf. 8eett. Puwr '" : x..a. A.ectate p...-, Tampa Life, a newspaper p -ublish-' bonds or other_ securities t an as ed in said County and State. so stated by him. Done and ordered in Tampa GEO. W COULIE Fla., this the 3rd day of April, A'. Sworn to and subscribed before D 1930. -me this 8th day of 1930. W. A . DICKENSON, (Seal) JOHN R STOFE!l, l (SEAL} / Clerk Cfrcuit Court. Notary Public. .By KATES. ROBINSON, D e C. C . M. BOURLAND, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida, County of Hillsborougl}. . I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original ord'er or publication made in said cause, on file in my office. Tampa, Florida, .April 3rd, 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Cir.cuit Court. (SEAL) By KATE s. ROBIJ:'[SON, D. c. (4 (5)2 3853.6-0 In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough C .ourity, Florida. In Chancery. ERNEST E. HERBERT, \ Complainant; (MY Commission expires .Feb. 10, 1933.) 38551-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. JANE R. BRONSON, A WIDOW, Complainant, vs. DEWEY C TAYLOR; ET .A.L., Defendant. The State of Florida to: Jessie C. Taylor 1 :u. IMtllaH -' vs. R. C. HARDING, ET AL, It appearing 6y affidavit filed in the above cause that Jessie C. Taylor, the Defendant therein named, so _conceals herself that service of process cannot be had upon her, that there is no person other than the said defenda_nt in the State of to affiant's knowledge, the service_ of a subpoena upon-whom would bind the said. d 'efendant and that the said defendant is over the age of twenty-one years; tt is therefore order ed that said Defendant be and she is hereby reqquired tQ appear to. the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on ot before Monday, the 5th day of May, A. p. 1930; wise the allegations ot said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. h-' lt_ : ti a. D _efendant. - a. The State of Florida to: Arter-; Ruby S. Arter and A. Homer Arter. 84 liiuimulrJ' 'ADta._ e.r. I"- -.Amelia. ii...-. F. L .A11s11J.an11a-h, Kl.a-" . ... l!Mr. It appearing by affidavit filed' in the above. stated cause that the residences of Irwin D. Arter, Ruby S. Ai'ter. :and A. Homer Arter, the Defenilants tQ.erein 'nariied, are ., It. is further ordered that this I i I I j I Please enter 1?1Y __ I payment for ( 1 year U.00); ( 6 months $1.00). I TA,MPA LIF:il, 41 5 Ca11s St., Tampa, Fla. Name ___________________________________ __ Address I ----1 State---------------------------I City _____________________ .:_ ______ ---------:-------l . . -------.------------It's absolutely truel No strings attached to this offer. You can 11ctu1lly have your choice of 11ny S of these famous magazines if you ACT NOWI The cost is just a triRe of their actual value. A whole year's reading for Father, Mother and the kiddies. Stories and articles on every known topic! Look over. Select your favorites ind MailtheCouponToday! Don't worry if you already get some of these Renewals wiU be All Subscriptions Are for a Full Year (Except Patbfind,r, which is for (j mos.) Gentlemen: I wi11b to tnke ad-..antnge of your Mni;azlne Dnrgain Olier. I om encloinl!; the above am.ouat in paymeat for a one 7ear subserlptlo to your paper and the FIVE Magiuiae11 1 have markeli with an X below. St.orR. F. ------------State----0 Amerlcon Pltry. Journal D Household lllngazlne 0 lllodel'11 Ilomemaklng D Na.t'I. Fnrm Pltry. Journal O The Country Home D Needlecraft (Formerly Fann & Fireside) 0 Everybody'!! Pltry. Jlla&', D Poth11Dder (wkly) 26 Issues D The Farm Journal D Fruits I;, Gardens D Gentlewoman lllag. D People's.Popular llloothl:r D Sportsinon'a Digest D Standud Poultry Journal D Farming D Woman's World


' ; T LIFE 5a:turday, April 12, 1930. + ,; A greiJ.t d!Elal of hammering over Ce a hat that added castle and brightly_ colore d shell and the wife and mother who study.-The Avon Park, Times. age to h e r so that she would' b e ,; and pebbles for a gold fish makes sure her famil y has three I . . recognize d as an ol.d married wo-1'/_.. : . ; , ,. ly that is to occupy it in the w ell balance d meals each day., can Gov no C lt man. And the_ fussing and..fretting future. There were water lillies, most always count on one huner r ar on, encouragrng that ensue d in the choosing of .,,.... '"" l r .. t d -' t th 'tt 'em, why he with tinv green frogs perched on dred per c ent attendance from her to Florida sheriffs, wires them to this headgear was heartrending. ., . rnaa ; }Vlil -own o e .. Cl Y k C t f Fl d h .all agill 'Yeek on my regu-ought to be man enuff to break the leaves, floating aroun d in the family at meal time. Children eep apone ou 0 on a, and Then' came the time of picture . ,.;. . \ hiz word and not hii.ve an con-water too. They were artificia l of who are properly fed and_cared for then, "If you need additional as-hats and othe r extensive adorn-,;;*it .. _lar wea:kl y visu_ t to see the mare: scruppleS. I round course but s uch good imitations are most alwa:rs happy and con-sistance, call me." W e .have no ment for the head of the gentle I Y,:.''._ ,, .. 1 anxious to the: low since I have be e n mare this last that I imagined the fish .:will be t ent and h a p py, contented chi!-doubt of the Gov ernor's vafor and sex. It took more than a week to 1 ;l d th' t I t ld courage in a critical situation, but p k t h t I _,,:: ... o n is sei:i.a e .race pass-tim e that it has been absolutely fooled, just as I was. I was o dr.en are most always good. The ic ou a a and another week .,,_ ' we hope for the sake of the state, f t' t t f I :'.> ., ,ed by the Hillsboro Hotel and I ,necess.ary to break m y word most that a oocond a:quarium would b e same rule applies to grown ups or 1 o go o u o fashion. Every, which needs him, that he will s end th 1 . .' . .-see. d Paddy Waldron cStjl-ndin' thar of the time, jus t az I found hit fitted up ror some fresh wat e r fish e v e n husbands. You know some-woman m ose days had a closet "'""' " h t t h h t 1 t lk t b b ht d f th b d..,., d h in case Capone show s up, Mallie full of hats. Nowadays she goes ,, .at t e en ranc. e o t e o e a a -wuz necessary to. do that the first o e roug own rom e o ; s a vice l' managmg us-,.. Martin ins tead of 1rninE'. himself. 1 .... . -in' a bunch' of fellers and just a Unie I wuz mare." lakes. The l\L Mirabella F i s h Co. bands was "Fee the brute!" /,' I hiin say that h e The mare sed -...that they had has every right to be proud of However they neglected some--Sanford Herald. Pa trOnlZ "Lt". fe' 1 . Ed.: But .. why, poo r Mallie? ,.!J I '":.:,1;.: _ -.. wn:tt they wuz cumin" for at all." riggers .that the pickin' of Homer times each w:eel\. e the whole newsp a p e r or your pa-clothes.St. Augustine Record. -116-17-18 Cass St. Arcad--808-10 Ma.rion St.-Phone 1\1-1325 LIDS FOR LADIES -' h tience to last forever. s o good bye <:'They_:. shore wuz surprised w en Hesterly ;yill nip Morri"'s support d .. ..,., Bass or trout, p erch, brim an tT t k d 1 t h .ey;.'fou'n& out that Paddy Wal-in th, e b .lid in' the. Legion. i axed sometimes the fresh water eels 1 nex wee --a n p ease start -;;;: . !., .. '" drbn : h a d:brung them down thar the mare if Paddy Waldron wuz-trainin'g your .. "forgetter" along so many spelling b ees are be-can be bought there and' make a : with your memor y It's a good ing conduc't e d fo r the school chil-i;'.,:;-l:'\c . fo support H!Jsterly and zent. a big Catholfo leader here, nice cha nge if you t ire of salt wat->!t t h t Af scheme and' it works-I've tried dre n by radio n a d ofherwlse that --, _g1 him mto t e sena e race. "oh! yes, sez the mare,"he shore_ 'er fish. Of course there will b e ' .-' ,Jer r li, s .tened to Paddy a l a u ghin_' is and a = wet too," the mare adde d it. some day there .may be a High ., shell fi.sh in season, shrin:ip, craw-p G ,over the big joke he had played E'.leefully. E GY. School graduate who will be able t ., fish., every thing that is good to t d d {{>.:. CharlieiFr.iend and some more I axed the mare about Joe Micko ec1 e w h ethe r the "i" or the .,,t_"' r .. eat the lf!,k. ep, gulf bay . ... ''e'. comes fi. rst in "recei"\re" and I''' e always thought I had a Try Our "believe." 1 .,,,, .,. c'' .. fairly goop opinion of my mvn WkI<<', .,/!lo'w:n t 01'the 'c;it _tyhan to tell the I an runnin' him sez the -. !3ut Ifounq out 1 mai-e. "He, is a big in the telligence but wl1e n I stopped at D EL IC I 0 US <.".,.;t.-.. 'kn'o:w_ e d .... all -.,abo.ut. hit. catholic church too and ought to. Mr. Garvi. n's Stall 32 today I de-SANDWICH E 5 -cide d tha t "I didh' t know beans." f. _.," 'I the mar' es offic? I git a -lot of support, and another 1:, f .ound-,:out"tnat hEh h .ad arranged thing about Joe, he iz wet too, 'and thar as wet they make 'em." -Ii.o't\iiii' aoout hit" that "That shore is fine, ain'f. hit?" <-'i w:,is I. I then axed the mare what -''f'''lmerel3'.;ronowin!"instructlons. in he thought about Pat At least I didnt know there were Curb Service In these days, when the mother of two children u sually looks like a schoolgirl and grandmother ' "= .... '_';-' ' '.. .. "ca, riYin;., ouf the meetln' az hit chances. f ,or releiection. The m .ar. e \<: wri'z : : .. looked skeered,, He 'sed he. wuz ,,/"; :1! I : afraid_ Pat \VUZ "be re-elecGive ris. ed .in. spite. of all they could do , M?rns wuz. not 'to i;iut :s;omer over, and fer that Pa.,t ;tnd'they. rea1son he wuz runnin" Joe Mkk""'' to a third, fe!ler iD;1er fe_ r ho:use. If pat got back ... ,.to .. the .mare that to the senate and put.through any that. be hii.d bip that "would reduce hiS sa'lary ise'd to .suppqrt Morris the sen-or the salary of the citty attorney t :s;, e:_s ,ed. ;'.<;>h told Mor-or any other of the big salaries. of him _to ,.the _city. rmcials, he wanted Joe .::"lii. t for t]l.e senate bt'a feller in Mic .kler OVE)r in the House of Re!Wow P eter, (he al 'presentatives to ca.tch the bill and ,I""; . I ' calls me Peter instead of Mr. sto' p it thar and not let hit g o on .::',.:\kazorblad'.e because we.are so thiough. said that if had;, each other). has to brea k n't bin afraid .of' Pai ooina re-word onc!J in a while, some-elected he. would never have"' run ;"(. "' -,._ -.' like. Joe !_er the H o use. Joe is a re-I tol, d the" p.e'op.le ff; they porter.'o:n the Tim-es "and has been ;-,, .would elect m.e riiare I wud reduce workin' for the mare for a number I after of and1 exriet:i:s to work Jer into too o 'ffis of that it him i'er a number of years more 't ".'.,;t..,. -"'. , .t .... .. \ the t ii.xes re" ev,en if he i s elected to, the House: i-,',\ i ed uced but .. u ,was-for' the fn-of, '. All .of" the <:c that taxes n ews stories that the 'I .-i n .crease 'S O I ''increased Jlfom. mare wants \VTite n up iii fine Mc,eople for nim in the Times. .. i-! -]" -.. ;. ,... _., ,_i /} : ' . ' it .s .. ."?.. .. .. 1 ..::::c:: -tw_it.;liQ '.jfi "r of an umber of thing s I'm s ure shadows?. ? believe it or not, it ... } i(." ,-w e .' 3;H be as happy as pays o \cultivate_ a good forgetter, ,,, kings.::, i:ie forgotte n Urst assistant to a well developed '-' i whet);!er that quotatioi+ came from memory. It is a sure enough Shakespe&re or' the B"ible. It niay short cut to the peace of mind -from tu Wonderland or-and happiness! Which .reminds ,, the: almaitac but just the .same it me that I've found the receipe for is good, and i he'ar, t'liy agree with an 'average day. who ever .said it. The world is -little bit of sunshine and a full of things o f to little bit of rain, a generou s tain and make us glad; if Vte will of happines. s to off-set care and only train our eyes .to see the pain; a little bit of ha:rdship, just bright side, our' miii'ts to search to. test and make u s one to search o .ut. the truth and right 1ively sense of humor to-o will help and our_ hearts to hoid only the the cause along: Now add a lot of sweet memories, ;ye truly could patience, work. and don't -be as "happy as kings" sonie play, then mixthe whole. ., ; , N .ow a days h we hear a great with c ourage and you'llhave an deal about training our memor-average day!.! ies a well develoi;>ed memory I'v;e had the best time 'today is .indeed a valuable asset; but I I and learned a great many interwonder soml) 'times if the p e rsoir .esting things over at The City with a correctly trained forgetter Market, while 1 searched. for isn't the.happiest after all. It is fresn fruits and vegetables. The :i. mighty fine thing to be able to hard rains have damaged much _of forget to make. mistakes, .the trou-our local ggreen stuff and the bl.es and hardships -of. yesterday strawberries have been drowned and r.emember only toavoid too. However I found some fine the ,same mistakes in the future. ones at Stall 11, just brought in; Yesterday is past history, water the fin-est big yellow bananas, over the dam" and we cannot were for sale by the dozen, and call or change it.: To.morrow > i s I was curlous enough to ask Mr. so many, kinds of beans in the world as he. has for sale fight there. R,ed',, brown, speckled, spotted, bla.ck eyed, and Garban-zo or Spanish b eans and several kinds and colors. of peas, split and whole Mr. Garvin told nie some interesting things about them and you can't tell m e that HE_"doesn't know b eans," But I was even more inte rested in seeing fifteen varieties of marcaroni, American and Italian speghetti. whole wheat and plain,,, yermicella and noodles 1 ana .to learn that all are made right here in Tampa!! Mr. Gar-I vin believes in Florida and Tampa especially and backs up his belief with something more substantial than "not air", a s f a r as possible he kjleP.s his store stocke d with .home products -in bulk and one can buy superior merchandise in any quantity they happe n to need Every thing i s kept clean and fresh und-ef glass too and a wide variety of dried fruits a tempting display. Have you eat-en su:!dried dates? They are d e li cious and rich in food values, much b .ett e r for the kiddies than too much cand:\'. and more whole-s om e .. than meat. The r e are "date s for everybody at Stall 32 and Mr. G arvin can tell you some-1 thing mighty interestin g a bout a c e rtain .kind of dried' grapes he keeps in stock. It seems they have peculiar. habits and you might like to experiment some time! The Grand Sandwich Shop 607. Grand Buy and Sell Anything From a Hairpin to a Battleship THE "PEP" BOYS I 01 East Lafayette Street ABSOLUTE CLOSE-OUT EVERYTHING MUST GO REGARDLESS OF COST . I Winchester and Remington Rifles as low as .. ................ $4.29 Aladdin Hot or Cold Jugs ..... ........................ ......... .......... :.. 1.1 O Columbia Records-,-Thousands of them, 6 for ........ 1.00 Regular Price Our Price $34.25-29 1847 ............... $20.96 $65.25-50 Pieces 1847 Roger.s Silverware .... ........... 40.21 $49.50---..:34 Pieces 1847 Rogers Silverware .......... ..... 31.75 We also Knives: Scissors, Kitchen. Utensils, Sporting Goods, P11lows Chma and Glassware, Electric Irons Paints, Varnishes and everything in Office Equipment. COST No OBJECT -WE MUST LIQUIDATE Addi,tional Discounts on Quantities Ta-mpa Hardware Co. Polk and Morgan Polle and Morgan I didn'thave time 'to visit every body in the marJ;:,et ; lunch time came too soon; so I still havesomething toloo k forward to and I'll tell you about that ori On my \vay to 'the lunch room I stopped at Stall 23 and admired .,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,, .f :.__,,,,I! e 8 ea tie a a e :. e e e -4. .. r, .... '!Ii 1' .,, T, e. 'IP !t II oe di ., .,. 1!: 4 lt'J "61 21 ., ._ ... S fi ' 4 If ... I' "' ....... J ; ._ Mr . Pe!-ry J oiner'. s fine display of nuts, fruits and vegetables. He caned my attention to some. very fine m .elons. Coming from South 'America they looked migfity expensive to and I was surprlsed to find the price most reasonable. Ali .sorts of nuts and fruits with the fresh green vegetables for a background makes Mr. Joiner' s store mos t attractive, a picture that not only looks but really is g,ood enough to eat!" DO DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DO DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DO Isn' t it nice to have a lunch DD DD room right at your elbow when you have finished marketing? After looking at goo d things all around the place I was starved and thoroughly'enjoyed my lunch and: a little rest at one of Mrs Moore's attractive tables. Excel-DD DO OD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD lent service added. to m y comfort BB too and I believe all my readers 1 DD DD would enjoy a meal there. It is DD good for every busy housewife to' BB take time for a meal up town now BB and then and the market lunch 00. City Markets Tampa's Public Market B. 0. GARVIN, Stall 32 (Former].y H. H. WHITE) . Seedless Raisins, 3 lbs. for ..................... 25c Currants, per pound 1 1 Sc Garvin's Special Blend Coffee, lb ....... 35c Blac,k Mission Figs, lb. PERR.Y JOINER, StaII No. 23 ALWAYS THE FINEST OF FRUITS, FRESH VEGETABLES AND NUTS Look for Our Saturday Specials DO OD DO DD DD DD DD OD DD DO EiC DD DD DO DO DO DO DO DD OD DD OD DD OD OD DD DD OD DD DD OD OD OD DD DD DD BB yet to be.and strength and wisdom Drivas why. I learned that there to meet its 'wm be giv:en are a great many people who like if' we ask. it. Today is really. an firi e, big bananas by the dozen betwe have_ -and. i& up to us to ter than by the pound, especially crowd bit of go .cid into it we. wb,en they have to pay for several room is a convenient At the close each day the bruised ones and a large piece of 00-place. DD DD DD OD DD DD DD O[J OD DD DO DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD EJO OD OD DD DD DD DD DD DD _OD DD DD DO well tr.ained, forgetter will s<:>rt staik that is weighed up with alou. t a.11. fo_olish the D;iost every hand of bananas one Ue and: buys. Stall 11 always has a fine drop 'thein into' the 'disc.ard and "display of choice red apples when -wi_ Pe ,the slate clean .for a new-day, they are in too, a great Now wouldn't, nice to stoi: e variety of fresh vegetables and al-:,.;:-, up all the alL the ways a choice line of courteous .... sun,shine :of


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