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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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" ., "1, '.J ... :. 1._: ,. J ' !I'' VOLUME III. TAMPA, FLORIDA; APRIL 19, 1930. '' ,, _ Price Cent8 Per Cop,.Yearly By Mail i2.oo ll:!HDUIUIUlll No. 10. Board On Airport Suits Mayor ' > BIVENS AND HESTf:RL Y FEEL MAYOR'S AXE McKAY TRICKS PUBLIC IN AIRPORT MAI IER ActiQn of the Board of Aldermen in Rejecting McKay's Recommendation. I !Jr. 0. U. A. M. Holds Special Big Meeting Morris Givens Not the Only Candidate to be Tricked by Mayor McKay. Other candidates are "getting theirs''. Morris Givens is not the trict of Hillsborough County. union making it compulsory upon William J. Bivens, former re-administration who were active in Tampa and Hillshorough Countr ing located at Tiffin, Ohio and startled only a few days ago to the Low Tax League after over ror rour years. He has never been valued at over $5,000,000. The find that Mayor McKay had turning the former government, in politics before. His principal order pays over $7 ,000.00 a day throw into the race as his opponthereafter completely _ignored the ambition is to see Florida a large fn fu n eral .benefit funds to assist ent, Joe Mickler, Tampa Times reobject and purpose of the agricultural state with an &gricul-the relatives of deceased brothers,, porter. Mr. Bivens was dependzation which had helped to. e lect tural college located in this coun-according to the State Councilor. ing upon the McKay them. ty, that will be clas&ed with the to reelect him to his office in the M.T. Phillips came to Florida teachers to read the Holy Bible in presentative from group No. 2 seven. years ago as a traveling the presence of the pupils in the also felt the ax a few days ago. salesman, and knows every town public schools without sectarian Mr. Bivens, an ardent McKay folfrom Pensacola to Key West just comment. The order maintains lower, and elected by the McKay a11 you do Tampa. He ha.a lived in two orphan homes, the oldest be-machine at the last election, was Salary Exceeds Governor's. best In the United States. Then so Twenty-Foot Bricks legislature. The Mayor felt that In order to asstst .the public in much would not be said about re-Through the discovery of a new Mr. Bivens was not strong enough ascertaining. where reductions can duction of taxes. There are 116 road-building material produced to d o the trick and that another be mad-e, Tampa Life has secured 641 acres in Hillsborough County from a vitreous clay, the manu-man should be brought into the the following facts. sold for taxes, and 7,105 966 acres facture of bricks 20 feet long is race. He had no hesitancy i n There are only two men in pu-sold the state for taxes. now made possible. (Continued On Page_Two. ) blic office in this community who receive more than q1e governor of the State. They are the City ', Make; Formal AD-a salary of $10,000 a W. G. Monroe W ants To Oppose John T. Lowe .. J ' f L I year, and also 10 per cent of all 'no-. un ce, m e nt or e g1s ature delinqJ!uent taxes collected by '.. him, plus $20.00 o0 each suit m-1 .,. .. 1 ed against taxpayers. During his Monroe is Regarded as Mc-' county from group 1 in the Flori-1 pres_ented by i\fr. Holmes, J A . ': '. first eighteen months in office be I K C d.d G N da Legislature in the last two ses-1 Bedmgfield, C. M. Monroe, Dr. received $32,000.00 a!! attorney's ay an 1 atem roup 0 sions. He is a candidate for r e-Ravmond McLaws. J .A Phillips .,. M .. _,f R ad B d .. I Bledsoes platto is the abolition "I will support a bill to place fess, or fore than per 1, for Legislature; 1 Other election. I and Charles T Friend are can di. 1..ess -oney or o w . -1 of the c1v1 ca l! of record and the all fee officers on a salary propor-annum. Candidates Prepare for. 'Vaiden to Have Opposition I dates. mg Wo';llc;l Civil l court and other '"un-tionate to the services that they The County Atorney, Mr. John Campaign. I Tom Walden, candidate for re-Lester Also Opposed Court of Record and Court of i necessary' offices and jobs in the render to the people. B. Sutton; was. paid last year by 'election from group 3 as ye t has J W. Lester, member of the if Electeses so that a full nine months borough county and Florida." l officers have to give the.Ir eitlre only for the state senate but in tlon of Commissioner Watkins 1 trlct and also S D. Sweet, a for-. i'i.ewspaper and Major of school can be 'secured and as-Mr. Bledsoe has practiced law time to their offices. The bo&l'd every one of the three groups. of' from the Plant City district. John mer member of the school board. f;[. M:cCa.nts., tlty sured to tile c1pzens. in this city for a numl)er pf years, of Commissioners not only paid the county for the House of Re-, T. Gunn has opposing q.im in Perhap11 one other will also an-ml!!sloner and later chief ot police Other Planks and has resided _here 11 years. He 'Mr. Sutton $H,755.00 for one present&tlves t tlie leifslature . district, Dr. L. B. Fl!-rrior, Al Ed-nounce from that district which under a:mr. .D. :,. _r. as ina-ls a member or the Odd Fellows year's legal eervices, but d 'urlng .Mr. Lowe resides at Plant CltJ' wards, R. J. Carroll and S T. embraces the southern end ot the ... ,, jor plans in his the fol-and the Elka. this same year paid another law-and ha.a represented Hillsborough Wood&rd In the district now re-eoonty. ;-; ' '..f }t >I; .,. ... ,. t7' -.;r ... i... ,; .. ;i.; ;. I I 't.,. f -< .


TAMPA LIFE Saturday, April 19, 1930. ___ We have learned that quite a number of citizens are pretty Those men who are busily en-1 elected Joe Earman a.s one or the d oo r was opened by a large wom-A.a Iatie11elit, Pro&Ttnive Weekly New1paper 9Wlleti - Pllllliallt JITery !aturtia.y lly tlae FLllI.A. LIH P\1LISKIN6 COMPANY, lac. 'l'a.a11a.. nertli:a .......... '1tmal aaif iH11 eace, Hi Cua !treet 1'11leae OU ................................................................. ._.,.,,,..,."""" ..... """' wai.r.C u hcitaa-

' \ ...... 'I READ NEXT WEEK'S EDITION OF TAMPA LIFE: FOR. LOWDOWN gg OD 88 88 88 I BB DD OD 88 DB co IE BB OD DD I TAMPALIFK A NEW . I All person indebted to said es-' tate are reqquired to come for-State of Florida, borough. and more particularly described a s follows: BY-PRODUCT j ward and make settlement with. out delay. I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy. of the original order of publication made in said cause, on fil e in my office (SEAL) Lot Ten ( 10) of Block SLx ( 6 ) of Riverside Subdivision of the City of Tampa, as per plat W.hat is described as a former worthless by-product in the manu-facture of coal_gas has been developed through research by the Rochester Gas & Electric Corpora-Uon Rochester, N. Y; into t. hard 1ubstance which i.s said to be superior to ba.kelite, according to in-tormation received at the head(luarters of the American Gaa A11-aociation, New York City. A M. Beebee, gener&l superintendent of the Ga.s Department of the Rochester Company, describ lng the new product, said "It is to bakellte in machining and molding qualities and fn dfalectric strength. It ls more resistant to acids and alkaUes and stronger at higher temperature than bakellte. "It is non-inflamable. "It can be made in a.ny color, or may be made transparent. "ft will pass ultra-Tiolet rays. "The new product, which ht.I not yet been named, is made b:r adding formaldehyd e to thloure&, t. product made trom heating t.m.monlum thiocyanate.'' Seaboard Cities to Have Natural Gaa Field work on a project that wlll put natural gas from the West Tirglnla wells into Atlantic Seaboard cities has been started &nd the Initial investment will be. Ut. t00,000 in. pronding the framework tor the Tast system that ia contemplated. Kentucky ga.11 is to be piped to Tlrgiala eiUe11. STATEl'tfENT Tampa, Florida, April 5, 1930. S. D. CAMPBELL, Executor of D McCONNAHEY, Deceased. (4)-5-12-19-26 (5)-3-10-17-24-31 39415-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Couty, Florida. In Chancery. JULIA A LITTLETON, Complainant, vs. H. B. LITTLETON, Defendant. It appearing by a bill in the above stated cause that H. B. Littleton, the Defendant therein named, i s a non-resid' ent of the State of Florida, and that after diligent search and the last and best known address and residence of the defendant, H. B. Littleton is Swansboro, North Carolina; that there is no one in the State of Florida the service of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said. defendant and that he is over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said non-resident Defendant be and he is hereby require<\ to a ppear to the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday the 5th day of May, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the 3rd day of April, A. D 1930. {SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By KATES. ROBINSON, D C. C. M BOURLAND, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida. County of Hillsborougq. I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order of publication made in said cause, on file in my ol'lice. Tampa, Florida, April 3rd. 1930. W A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. (SEAL) I Of Ownership, Management, Circulation, e tc., Required by the Act of Congress of August 24, 1912, of TAMPA LIFE Puweekly at Tampa, Foh--1da, for April 1st, 1930. State of Florida, County By KATES. ROBINSON, D. C of (4)-5-11-18-25 (5)-2 Hillsboro, ss. Bef.ore me, a Notary. Public in and: for the State and County aforesaid, personally appeared Geo. W. Coulie, who having been duly sworn according to law, de-38586-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. ERNEST E HERBERT, Complainant, poses and says that he is the vs. Mangaging Editor of the TAMPA R. c. HARDING, ET AL, LIFE and that the following is, to Defendant. the best of his knowledge and be-The State of. Florida to: lief, a true statement of the own-, Irwin D. Arter, Ruby S. Arter ershi.p, managemel).t (and if a dai-and A. Homer Arter. Tampa, Florida, April Hh, 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By KATES. ROBINSON, D. C. ( )-5-12-19-2 6 ( 5 ) 3. By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. BARBER & WILLIAMS, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florid. a, County of Hillsporough. I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original orde r of publication made in said cause, on file in my office. -thereof recorded in Plat Book 1, page 34 of the Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida; said lands to be sold in pursuance to an order of sale in the above entitle d cause m ade and entered on the 15t h day of March, i930, b y the Honorable L. L. Parks, Tampa, Florida April 4th 1 Judge of the aforesaid court. 1930. 'I LEWIS W. PETTEWAY W. A DICKENSON, D FREDERICK McMULLEN Clerk Circuit Court. ANGUS (SEAL) By KATE S. ROBINSON, D C. ( 4')-5-12-19-26 (5)-3. Comm1ss10ners. D. C. McMULLEN, Solicitor for Complainants. (4)-5-12-19-26 In the Circuit Court In and for ------T---------Hillsborough County, Florida. I NOTICE In Chancery Notice 111 hereby giTen that the BILL FOR P:\RTITION I undersigned, will at 10 o'clock A. FA YE STOKES STOVALL M ., on the day of May,. A D. EDITH STOKES RICE 1930: his lii;tal accountrnt; as JOHN w. STOKES AND Adm1m11trator, with the Will an-LO UISE STDKES BILLINGS nexed, of the estate of Edward BICKNELL Com lainants Gordon Steward, Deceased, to .the NOTICE OF MASTER'S SAI..E Notice is hereby g iv e n that under and by virture of a d ecree of sale and entered on the 19th day of April, A. D ., 1930, in that c ertain suit pending in the Circuit Court of Hillsboroug h county, Folrida, in Chancery, wherein B. Wilser, is the complainant, and J C. Barber and Tressie Barbe r his 0wife, are the defendants, I as Special Master in Chancery, pursuant to and to satisfy the terms of said d ecree, will offer for sale and sell at public out-cry to the highest and best bidder for cash, in front of the Court House door in the city of Tampa( Hillsborough County, Florida, on the 5th day of May, A. D., 1930, the same being a rule day, during the legal hours of sale, the following described property, situated, lying and being in Hillsborough County, Florida, to-wit; LOT TWENTY-SEVEN (27) IN EUCALYPT US PARK S UBDIVISION, as per plat thereof rec.orded in Plat Book 19, Page 1 Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida. P Honorable G eo. H. Cornelms HENRY E. AND Couaty Judg_c for Hillsbor.ough CLIFFORD G STOKES Ceuaty, Flenda, at his olice in U1e Court House in. Tampa, Flori-NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN 4la., and apply to sa.1d Judge tor a that on Monday, tp.e 5th day of final discharge as such AdminisMay, 1920, within the legal hours trator. of sale, at the west door of the court house, in the City of Tampa, Florida, we shall sell to the highest bidder for cash, the lands situated and being in the County of Hillsborough and State of Florida, R . G. TITTSWORTH, Administrator c. t a. of .the Estate of Edward Gordon Stew-. ard, Deceased. (3)-15-22-29 (4)-5-12-19-2' ( 5 )-3-10. JOHN R. STOFER, Special Master in Chancery. LEO STALNAKER Solicitor for Complainant. (4)-19-26 (5)-3 HERE AND THERE-----. If You Like Tampa Life Why Not Get It By Mail? NOTICE !t 1 ;1 Notice is hereby giTen that the under11igned, Charity P Bethel and James F. Bethel as executors under the Will of M'ary Dora Fo;-arty, deceased, will make their flnal accounting to the Honorable Geo. H. Cornelius, County Judge for Hillsborough County, Florida, at his o:!ll.ce in the Court House in 1aid County, at 10 o'clock A. M. on the 20th day or M&y, A. D 1930, as 11uch Executor11, and ap ply to said Judge for a :linal discharge as such Executors. JAMES F. BETHEL, CHARITY P. BETHEL, Executors Under the Will of Mary Dora Fogarty, Deceai;ed. (3)-16-22-29 (.f)-5-12-19-26 ( 5)-3-10. 388-02-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. FLORA B NORTHRUP JOINED BY HER -HUSBAND AND NEXT FRIEND, CLARK NORTHRUP, Complainants, vs. TAMPA LIFJ:, I 415 Cua St., Tampa, Fla. Please enter my I payment for (1 year $2.00); (6 months $1.00). I Name .......... -.... --... -.. ---------------------I Address .. ----------------------------I State-----------------------------------Tampa Life .. _._ DD ':QN. DC DC DC DC DC OD DO DO DO OD l}'.; paper, the circplation), efo., of It appearing by affidavit filed in the aforesaid publication for the the above stated cause that the date shown in the above caption, residences of Irwin D Arter, Ruby required by the Act of-August 24 S Arter and A. Homer Arter, the 1921, _embod'led in section 411, Defendants therein named, are known; .that there is no person to Postal Laws and Regulations; atliant's knowledge in the State of printed on the reverse of this form Florida the service of a subpoena to-wit: upon whom ")'l"Ould bind the said W R. DANIEL; ET AL., Defendants. OFFERS ITS. READERS The State of Florida. to: TREMEMDOUS DO DD DO DO DO DO DO 88 DO 88 I I DO DO DO OD BB DO DD DO DO DO OD DO OD DO DD DO BB DD DO DO DO BB DO DO DO DD DO DO DD DO D8 g DD BB DO DD 88 DD. BB DD BB .. DD 88-DO DO go "DB oD DD DO DD 88 .OD DD DD DD BB DO --. ,-, I .. THE ., CANDIDATES ..._. .. WHO ARE ASKING FOR YOUR VOTE lN THE JUNE PRIMARY \ "' ,. .: : . -.::: ".',;.:;.. 88 DO OD DO DO DO OD DD OD OD OD DO DD OD DD OD OD DO 1. That the names and addres-defendants, and that the said deses of the publisher, editor, and fendants are over the age of twenmanaging editor and business ty-one years; it is therefore ordermanagers are: Publisher, Flori-ed that said Defendants be and da Life Publishing Co., Inc., Tam-they are hereby re(q-uired to ap-p a, Florida. pear to the Bill of Complaint :tiled Editor, None. in said cause on or before Monday Managing Editor, George W. the 5th day of May, A. D. 1930; Coulie, Tampa, Florida. otherwise the allegations of said Business Manager, J. F. Atchley bill will be taken as confessed by Tam,Pa. Florida. said Defendants. 2. That the owner is: It is further ordered that this 88 Florida Life Publishing Co., order be published once a week Inc., Tampa., Florida. for four consecutive weeks in the DD DO Fred Farris, Tampa, Fla. Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-N L t Fl ed in said County and State. BB F. W ewgerger, u z, a. Done and ordered in Tampa, C H. Spencer, Tampa, Florida. Fla., this the Hh day of April, A. Miss Hazel Naugle, Larg o Fla. DO OD DO DO DO DD J. B. Harris, Tampa, Fla. D. 1930. W C M 11 L 1 Fl W A. DICKENSON, a on, aure a. Clerk Circuit Court. 3. That the known bond holders, mortgagees, and other secur-> 00 ty holders. owning or holding 1 OD per cent or more of the total amount of bonds, mortgages or DO other securities are: (if there B8 are so state. J OD None. 88 4.That the two paragraphs next DD above, giving the names of the DD owners, stockholders and security 88 holders, if any, contain not only DD the list of stockholders and secur-88 ity holders as they appear upon DD the books of the company, but al-88 so, in cases where the stockhold.OD er or security holder appears on DD the books of the company as trus-88 tee or in any other fiduciary relaDD tion, the name of the person or 88 for whom such trustee is acting, DO is given; also that the said two 88 paragraphs contain statements DD embracing affiant's full know-00 ledge and belief as to the circum-stances and conditions under 80. which stockholders and security Holders who do not appear upon DD the books of the company as trus-88 tees, hold stock an:d securities in a capacity other than tha t of a 00 bona fide owner; and this affiant OD has no reason to believe that any 88 other person, association, or cor-00 poration has any interest, direct DD or indirect in the said stock, 88 bonds or other securitie s than as ODD0 so stated by him. OD GEO. W. COULIE OD Sworn to and subscribed before 88 me this 8th day of April, 1930. OD (Seal) JOHN R. STOFER, DD Notary Public. 88 (My Commission expires Feb. 10, OD 1933.) DO 88 NOTICE TO CREDITORS DO Notice is _hereby given that the DD undersigned has been duly ap-DBoDD. pointed and qualified as Executor or the estate of D. McConnahey. 88 deceased. All heirs, creditors, lego0o atees, distributees, and all other 08 persons having claims 9r demands oo against said estate are hereby no-00 tified to present them to the CounDD tY Judge of Hillsborough County BB at his ol'lice at the Court -House, 000 Tampa, Florida, properly sworI). to (SEAL) By KATE S ROBINSON, D. C. A. C. BROOKS, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida, County of Hillsborough. I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order of publication made in said cause, on file in my offic e Tampa, Florida, April 4th, 1930. (SEAL) W. A DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE S. ROBI'.NSO N, D. C. ( 4 )-5-12-19-26 (5)-3 38551-C In the Circuit Court, Thfrteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. JANE R. BRONSON, A WIDOW, Complainant, vs. DEWEY C. TAYLOR ET AL., Defendant. The State of Florida to: Jessie C. Taylo1 It appearing by affidavit filed in the above stated cause that Jessie C. Taylor, the Defendant therein named, so conceals herself that service of process cannot be had upon her, th;i.t there is no person other than the said defendant in the State of Florida, to affiants knowledge, the service a subpoena upon whom would bind the sa.id defendant and that the said defenda.nt is over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said Defenda.nt be and she is hereby reqquired to appear to the Bill of Complaint filed In said cause on or before Monda.y, the 5th da.y of May, A. D. 19 3 0; otherwise the allegations of said bill will .be taken as confessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in -said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the 4th day of April, A. D. 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court Bo within one year from date hereof or they :will. be forever barred' by .-.II II 8 8 ii D a 0 Cl 8 8 a ea -. Florenico Va.Ides It appearing by affidavit flied in the above stated cause that Florenico Valdes, the Defendant therein named, is a non-resident of the State of Florida, that his last known residence as particularly as known is New York City, N e w York, that afliant does not know and could not acquire after diligent search and inquiry the street address of said defendant; that there is no person to affiant's knowledge in the State of Florida, the service of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant and that h e is over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said non-resident Defendant be and he .is hereby required to appear to the Bill of Complaint :filed in said cause on or before Monday the 5th day of May, A. D. 1930'; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be tak e n as confessed by said Defendant. It i s further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a n ewspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fl'a., this the 4th day of April; A. D 1930. (SEAL) W. A DICKENSON Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE S. ROBINSON, D C. A. C. BROOKS, Solicitor for Complainant . State of Florida, County of Hills borough. I her eby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order of publication made in said cause. on file In my offic e Tampa, Florida, April 4th. 1930. (SEAL) W A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By K ATES. ROBINSON, D. C (4)-5-12-19-26 (5)-3. 39420-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsboroug h County, Florida. In Chancery. C. W. COLEMAN, Complainant, VS. E'MM A COLEMAN, D efendant. It appearing by the sworn bill in the above stated cause that the residence of Emma Coleman, the Defendant therein named is unknown; that there is 'no person in the State of Florida the servic:e of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant, Emma Coleman and that she is ove r the age of twenty-one years; it i.s therefore ordere d that said Defendant be and she is hereby required to appear to the Bill of Complaint fil e d in said cause on or before Monday, the 5th day of May, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be ta.ken as confessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks J n the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered In Tampa, Fla., this the Hh day of April, A. S ..... air.. MYAIRW ON THEIR YouCan HaveYourChoice Of Any FIVE oti MAGAZINES to" $2 50 Andll1isNewspaper --It's absolutely truel No strings attached to this-offer. 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' PAGE FOUR. T AMPA Saturday, : April 1 9 -1930. Going up and down the streets, means goo d business for the beau. !ind lots of sensible ways to econ-1,603,864, which formerly operat-\ absorbed through their roots, euthe shopper is tempted by an al-ty parlors, for no woman really omize and make up the.difference ed their own electric plant!", bave calyptus trees are often planted in most bewildering display of bea-u -wants to have coarse, ugly skin i! it is necessary. dismantled or abandoned those swamps which they help to dra i ... tiful things. The new materials or straggly, straight hair, that is By the way-does any one plants to buy current wholesale and styles are certainly fascina-if she is in her right mind! know or a way to put a perma-from interconnected systems, ac-Estates-General 'ung. Some of the new patterns H u.sbands may grumble a little nent, curly m il e on faces? Seems cording to records of the National look rather complicated and I fear about handing ov e r the change to to me it's a fine "idea" if some-Electric Light Association. Seven me, the home dress maker will .. pay the bills but all of them are body knows how to make it work! are cities of more than 30,000 pofind it so easy to desig n and fit secretly proud of a beautiful wife There a r e so many mouths wbose pulation 17 from 10,000 to 30,000, her own frocks this year. "It is and a good permanent wave do e s corners turn down for no good 36 from 5,000 to 10,000 and J30 an ill wind that blows nobody help a lot. It is most always a reason at all and so many smiles from 1,00 to 5,000. The Estates-Ge neral of Francf founded by Philip the Fair in 1 3 02 (about' 50 years after the English. Parliament), was composed of r e presentative s of the nobles, the clergy and the townsme n of good" and the dressmaking par-goo d investment and not a.n ex-are cynical that ought to be merry In ad"dition 1,440 towns and ci-France. lors are very busy places just now. travagance Perhaps such state-It you can think of any way to ties with population of i,999 ,615 After all it isn't sensible to take ments will make some irrate bus-make the corners of the mouth have sold thei r munlclnal nlanti Waal, I wint down agin today J elect e d to thei legislature, by .. .. on my regular weakly visit to see spooring the people. too many chances with lovely and band want to choke me and I'm curl up permanently . do call Tam-and di stribution systems to prlthe mare The mare was all het The mare sed that he had bin exepnsive materials. Better turn sure to be accused of putting Ideas pa Life and tell it to it over to an expert and spend inside of heads that will resul t in Yours truly, vate companies. Newsboys Wanted up over politics. I couldn't quite given power to act on the request git the hang of it all, but it seem-of chief or police Esll to promote ed like the mare wuz not at all Gus Brandt, polic e record clerk s atisfied over developments In the to rank of sargeant and raise his race for the senate. Az fer az I pay to $17 5 .00 am on th bec a use could diagnose the case the mare he testifie d s o successfully on the felt that the Hesterly "boom" had stand inthe Mathews murder c:1.se turne d out to be somewhat of a and saved F r e d Tbomas's hide, so dud and that a fourth man would he decided to make a -sa rgean t out have t o c ome int o the race t o save of B randt I a xe d the mare w hat the situation from Pat Whitaker. the board o f aldermen wuz gonna It seems that t he mare fee l s that do with t h a t thar $1%,000.00 that Patrick has the e dge on t h e situa-had bi n set asic!e fer a n e w munition so far, unle s s somet hing is cipal cemet ery. The mare winked did and that real quic k Patrick at m e and loked a t me in that a little more money than to spoil permanent waves on the outside. Peggy. Trees Drain Swamps it and worry yourself sick over the B e that as it may, I'll take a Because o! t h eir enormous leaf lo ss chance of getting myself into trou-municipalities with population o f ble. I'm not especially afraid of 498 U. S Towns Buy Current area, which enables them to evaporate large quantities of water If one i s to look their best in all husbands and don't forget that From Private Companies Four hundred and ninety-eight at T(lmpa Life Office I is go ing to walk off with the e l ec-steady, p iercing g a ze o f biz and the new spring frills, it is just aboitt necessary to have waves and r ingletts and n icely dressed hair. S o ft, white skin is desirabl e too. but the popul arity o f t h e s l eeveless sunbacked frocks is likely to make i t har d to Thi s (Paid Political A dvertisement) tion and leave the citty adminis-sed, "You know Peter (he allu1 tratipn holding the bag. calls me P e t e r instea d o f M r. Ra-The mar e doesn t like P atric k 1 orblade b e c ause we are so close ============= = The mare told m e that he had to each o ther) we have our eye on h eerd lots of names in his life that that $12,000.00, we ain't gonnasounded. more musnical to his ear l e t that $12,000.00 git away. W e tha.n the name of Pat or Patr ick. kno w our onions. And az you The mare told m e confi d e n tially have r emarke d in your wrltin' s to that he wuz so skeered P a t w uz the Tampa Life b efore the r e ain' t gonna git r e elected that h e is git-no fli e s o n u s. That thar money tin' busy t o run a candidate in has b i n set a si d e to purcha.se & each one .of the three groups for new ceme t e r y i t t s c ertain, but we the 'Hous e of Representatives, 110 flggli)r we kin git a little more if Pat l s re-elected to the senate pocket cha nge out of tha.t by sp-enthe n his men in the House of R e -in' it fer something else and you pre s entatives can stop ali ot Pat' axe d me what the board wu1 gon legi slation that comes through na do Why t h e bo ard is gonna frum the e speciallY' them do just what I tell 'em to do, thar. bills that he is afraid Pat just like they did i n that t har airwill introduce r educing hiz salary port proposition. The public and the salary of his citty attorn thoughi I wuz anxious to purcha s e ey; The mare told me something the Catfish Point site because I I know. He sed that the recommend it. I recommend lots citty attorney wuz almost ma.kin' of things I ain' t so anxious to see a living 'out of his offis as citty done, but I have a way of J ettin' atorney and that he wu11 gettln a the board of aldermen know li ttle over. $20,000 a year. H e whe r e to h ead in." The mare give sed that the citty attorney 'W'Ull me a little im;ide dope on the $U, able to git a little private law 000.00 cem e t e r y money, and whln practice to on the ,side and by h e got throug h t alkin' I wuz pre twatching t h e p ennies he wuz able t y shore that none of that money to liv e on the money he wulS a git-would ever b e s pent on a c emetin' out o f the citty his law tery. The money can b e spen t practice. The mare sed for me I much more pl e a santly in purnot to broadcast hit. but that the chasing a nigger park. The alder--, cltty attorney, wuz gittln' about men are much more i n t e r este d In three time s az much mone y : a s any the nigger proposition. The fe e officer in the county. He The board of alderme n a r e more d i d n t want the public to kno11_' Intereste d i n negro v otes than in that, because he wanted to g ive buying a cemeteryto be burled in. them thar' fee officehs the d"evll ,I axed the mare how about buy-awhile longe r. He sed if he kept Ing a little stock in the Tampa pickin' u p stuff about them thar Life and he sed hP. would let me fe e officers h e might git biz men kiiow a bout h i t next weak. De!lr folks, do you know of anything that is more effi cient and less appreciated than t he faithful c lock? We have a good o n e whi c h I thoroughly dislike and the alarm is rare l y used. I:f one c a n form a habit of waking at a c e rtain time each morning, i s little mock ing birds" w eie robbing her of her b eauty slee p eve r y sing l e morning .I very much wanted to say "now a int that just too b a d Some folks are extremely funny Y!llt never .see themselves as a joke! "' m uc h t o b e a ble t o stretc h Mother Nature h a s c ertainly comfortably and get one eye open bee n busy geting rea d y for Easter at a time. Who w ants to be yanked The oleande r s a r e heav y w i t h Announcing My Candidacy FOR RE-ELECTION To the Office of CLERK OF out of a deep and perhaps buds th11.t are beginning to ope n "the middle of a nice rosy and every where you look the ten-. by the strident v oic e of the alarm der green of n e w l e aves make s clock that. wil! not let you rest .1 a perfect masses I ofte n wonde r if they are not of b lossommg plant s with a ll the d irectl'y responsible for "the be-. colors of the r ainbow. CRIMINAL COURT OF RECORDS OF HILLSBORO COUNTY Subject to the will of the de mocratic in the forthcoming primary, June 3 I 930. fore break.last grouch" Big Bens! Spring i n Florida is just nex t Little B e n or middle sized B e n I door t o H eave n anli1 t h e v ery nicest (if there is one) in eve r y member" time of all t h e year Get up once ot the a larm clo c k i s a pest I 11.t 6 A . M. and ope n your eyes and and a nuisance i f you ask me! 'ears; fill your lungs with fresh They may be a necessary n ui-air and your h eart will fill wit h 'sanc e like husband and some gladness--you c annot d e n y it. a U 1 fe w wi ves. P erhaps yo u can' t 'get n ess y o u h a v e permitted t h e along ver y well w ithout thein but a larm clock t o s poil your dlsposl just t h e "agin em'," tion before you get outside' I p r e fer being wakened by the n oisy litle birds" that some folks co mplain about. "' Six o clock n e ady alw a y s finds me b linking lazily at t h e sunrise the same t h o u ght i n my mind and the same little song of praise and t hanksg ivin g in m y heart. Thi s morning the s k y was very beautiful and I li s t ened .to a mocking bird. c h orus while I watched the !!hanging color from m y window. It i s i nciee d a beautiful world, a .n;l if human b !!i n g s were only half as appreciative a.s the b lrds, we could a.11 the day with a song of praise and thanksgivin:?. Many of us do and many more would be .Are you all readYJ t o ste p out i n your new spring c lothes to jolt the Easte r parade! W e ll neither am I However there are a f e w pr!!cious_hours l eft and i f I m any judge of valu es and' shop windows, one should b e able to acc omplh1h a great deal in a short time with. even a modest amount of money. East e r has come to mea n g i f t s for those we love and the girt shops are full o f sugge_stions. Easter candies make an ideal gift, one that is sur e to b e appre c iate d and enjoyed. Harr y s Cand y Shop at 605 Tampa Street d !)esn't fail to attr11-ct the attention o f t h e kldThere are case s and winfull of the most fascinating happier if they dld. 1 bunnies c hocolate cbicken s eggs that are gaily d ecora t e d and some I l istened to a conversation t-Tery. beautifui baskets. Havlng day between two v e r y nice looking a whole set of s weet a nd be la.dles : On e of them was comlil.g comfortab l y und_erweight, I plaining about the whiJ>-poor-wlll eat lots of sweet things; If the that makes the night hideous for Easter bunny br) n g8 I h e r and Hi e other n n t her on. e be doul;>IT It It comes better" by saying that "t,he nasty from Ha.r r :v'e In annou nc i n g my candidacy for re-el ectio n t o the office or Cler k of t h e Crimin a l Court of Records, may I call. to your attention the prompt, efficient manner In which the affairs or t his o ffic e hav e bee11-c ondu c t e d since t h e voters f .avored me with this re spons i bility more than three years ago You will r ecall that prior to t h e last e l ection I hal'l serve d you a s D eputy Clerk for six year s, d uring whic h time the experi e nce I galn e(l properly fitte d m e to efficiently h andle the ;i.ffa i r s o f this offic e U r e-elected, I promis e the same faithful, reliable and e fficient s ervice you have b ecome accri u s tome d to during recent y e a r s Your vote and influence will be appreciated ELLIS J. SIMMONS Patronize ''Life'' l\ dvettizers Tlae7 Are a.llaltle I'm for you girls-be as pretty as you can and they will pay your little bil l s and like it! Besi d es, :::: 0 # it i s better fo r friend husband to AT f'ENTION g have a little less cash and a lot J l THE "PEP" BOYS 415 Cass Street I 0 I East Lafayette Street more pride in his wife. You can INTERBA Y I I .. o-Dutch C leaning '" 518 Zack Street ;\:; 3l;Modern Equipment :;:, Floor Surfacina, Pa.intinr;, Kalsomininr;, Plaster and Cem-t Pursuant to the Decree ren-:;:, Work -General R.pllir Shop1 1 ;g; Expert Workmanship J[ Moderate n =':it dered by the Honorable Dan i j 11817-18 Cass St. Arcad&---410*-1 0 Marlen St.-Phone M-1826 S. J o n es in the Interbay ,. ############ i case, assessments must be Try Our DELICIOUS SANDWICHES Curb Service The Grand Sandwich Shop 607 Grand Central promptly pai d to the under; rr-.................... ....................... .................................................. -... ,,_,, .. ,_, ............................... ... ....... -..................... s igned in order fo r you to w take advantage of this D e-* F L O R I D A A V E N U E cree Jt ff # 0 # W. S. WILSON ,.. SPECIAL M A S TER IN I 0 d CHANCERY f,, For Particulara Call-6 18-20 S t ovall Professional 1 i Building. i MINS-4335 Cass St. Arc .. lJO DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD LiL: 0 0 D D DD DD OD DD DO DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DO DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD BB DD DD OD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DO DD DD DO OD OD DD DO DD DD DD DD DO OD OD DD DD BB DD DD [1'1 '---.. -WANTED u ,..._. --aatl wom te prepare ,_ w lite )Mll8ili


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