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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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>-. -... --VOLUME III. TAMPA, FLORIDA, APRIL 26, 1930. Price 5 Cents Per Copy Yearly By l\Inil $2.00 1Carlton' s Hat in Ring For Civil Court Judge and 11 Becomes Candidate Despite w alden Opposes I In Race for Alderman Talk That Civil Court of Foolish Legislation r Record Will Be Abolished.1 In the Legislature: l Enter Race for Seat Left Vac-. J ant by Death of Alderman A. B. Carlton, prominent Tam-Would Take State Banks From 1 pa attorney and a leader in Hands of Comptroller and ; I Hamilton. church activities, formally tossed Place Them in Hands of J [ his hat into the ring this w ee k as C C I i J A E t T ompetent ommission. pps, prominen ai;npa a candidate for judge of the ci-1 business man and C. C. Coleman, vi! court of record. Mr. Carlton's HI Q Cl = 1111 a a a II= D D4M A r.; n ff Independent Progressive Newspaper : 1 ; Published 0 n g Saturday ....... f E h o ac Week ..... ,,:. ... ;;;"*" ...... 'No. 11. . TO RECEIVE ITS ENDORSEMENT Campaign_ of Speaking Begins; Whitaker Only Candidate to Be Endorsed by American Federation of Labor. The American Federati on of Labor h as endorsed Senator Pat Whitaker as a candidate for t h e state senate of Flo rida. Senator I i Whi take r is the only candidate to be endorsed by the labor federat i o n. He is a candidate for I re-election to the office h e has h e ld for four years. P rior to hi s I ] e ect1011 to t h e senate, Mr. Whit-aker was a member of the House of R epresentatives. He is opp os e d by Homer W. Hesterly, Morris M. Given s and Thomas w. Wat 1 s on. I druggist, have entered the race friends have declared for several Tom 'Vaide n member of the =====-=-=:.::.;::======-for City R epresentative in the months that he would be a candL House of Representatives of the l 1 f -Fl d L [ t f I Campaign Spea.king Begun 12th district, a seat recent y e t date a_nd have _been making _plans ori a a ure. rom _group LLIS J. SIMMONS I vacant by the death of Alderman for hi s campaign. The office is 1 3 of ;81llsb_o1ough county m an-The campaign from the stump --11 Kenneth in New York now h el d by Judge Julian L. H a -his for re-1 DR. L. B. VARRIOR has ah:eady. begun in the state ntered .an order re-as a result of an operation per-zard who has announced that h e e lection declared himself to be ____ __ senate race. The last speeches to :torney Parkhill formed in a hospital there. Mr. will 'not be a .candidate for re-opposed to fool is h legislatio n and . i b e heard by Whitaker Judge Parks H "It h d be absent from made-reference to the nresent tax .that h e was m favoi of and Mr. Hesterly m the senate anu on a en election_ ,, -I . I the city onlv a short time before j 0 N t L.k 1 return law and the colle ct ion o f 1 h a b 1hty and workmen's compensa-race were before a large crowd . . ppos1tion o e y 1 . c 1 s his operat10n m the hospital Mr. I M C It l"k l t b 1 t personal taxes on automobiles_ ; tion act and a ls o an eight hour of voters at Plant 1ty ast a -. I r. ar on is 1 -e y o e e ec ; 1 wh k tion Epps has been prominent in civi c ed t o t hi s office without opposi-For Workmen Comj)ensation Act j a day law for working women. night. Mr. 1ta er. m 'er-i and : political affairs in t h is city tio n, it appears at this ti me. Whil e 1 M r in statement t o H e said, ."I am against foolish le-. hi s speeches has de:lared. h i m( Continue d On Page Four) Mr. Carlto n's supporters state the Tampa Li fe t his week stated (Contmue d On Page Three) (Continued on pa.,e fom) T .am. : -pa Life Scores 1 Fred McKay T alked=T oo--paign in Mr. Carlton's behalf, and Again in Giving Much and Gets City Job possibl e candidate for this offi ce -. but s ome. time ago announced that Trib1Dle FollQws Cue Given by ling machines near shool s and of' and that the officers of t he law he had d ecided that h e would no t T Lif d I Several. the great hindrance these ma-!were aware of the fact that the b d d t ampa e an s . . . . f h 1 h' e a can 1 a e. W k L Gi. N chmes are to leg1t1mate busmess. I operat ion o t ese s ot mac mes Talk of Abolishing ee s ate ID Vll\g I Tribune is Month Late 'were not protected by any court I to Citizens About. Slot l Last the Tribune,. with 1 injunct ion. The Several of the for Machine Graft ., i scare on. the front page, the text of :he _mJunct10n 01-, 1 l attemptmg to Elnhghten the p eo-der signed by Circmt Judge L. L. The Tampa Life has scored ple the slot machine_ condi-1 Parks some ago. The. Life 1 k t ions in Tampa. The Tribune I has previously given the subs-. again. For se,,,era wee. s past iwas over a 'mont h late in its in-ltance M the injunction now in the Tampa Life .has bee n giving ; as all of this had been I force. The Tribune in later i s the citizens of Tamtia the . real 1 given to the public several weeks I sues has g iv en a wealth o f addinews .about slot machine l before by the Life. Many of the 1 tional information that has contions_ in The Life has j citizen,s declared this_ w ee k that firmed all that Tampa Life told of the outrage;ous manner; they were _glad to notice that the has said regarding the slot in which the law was violated I had all that rackets and the demora!iz by the operat9rs of these-gamb-the Life had said several weeks, mg effects upon the commumty_ ling devices ind of .the 2,go about these true coriditions. The Tribune has also been bold in ous profits being made. '1;'.he i The -Tribune confirmed the Tam-its statements that the officers Life has a1so c;tlled atten-'.pa _Life's assertio.ns in the past of the law were aware of the extion to tlte location of these gamb_ relative to t_h e court injunctions istence of these gambling devices. Rollins Begins. Ac:. Watson Wants Ern-Lester Qualifies In tive ;Fight;for Clerk est Amos Commissioners' Race Former Head of Sanitary De partment, Who Exposed th1 Conditions .in City Adminis tration Gets Job Under Sav age to Keep Quiet. Fred McKay haE a city jo again. He got hi s job because h1 talked too much about the presen eity admi nistratio n and was ab! to g iv e the public s om e inside in formation about the workings 0 1 t h e city government, and the "po li tic al pensioners" put on t h e pa) rolls. The administration fel that t h e fQ'rmer sanitary chie was in positi on to do a lot of barn to the city by hi s talking and th( administration decided that i was the bes t t hing to do to kee Prof. Hatto)} Seeks Coi.inty Clerk's Offi.c"" 1 Makes Race On Economy Enters the Legislative Race In Plank' Tai Reduction Group No. 3. I I Pay Qualificatio n Fee to Demo-President of Tampa I Legislative Candidate Will Op-eratic Party as Candidate lo College In Race for C !e rk of j pose any further Expenditure A. B. CARL TON the County and Crimin.al I for New Roads. A. T. Rollins, candidate for Tom Watson, Tampa attorney, Succeed Self. Court. the state l egislature have de-Former Chairman of the Board of County Commi?sioners In Race for Old Seat. Clerk of the County and Criminal announced his candidancy this i I John H Bledsoe Tampa attar-. clared that t hey would favor a courts, began .an active campaign we_ek for the House . of Rep.resent -1 J w. Les. ter, county commi s -Professor L M. Hatton, presi -I ney a .nd candldate for representa-C h arles T. Friend, Tamp. a con. bill abolishing the civil court o f this week a mong the voters of at1ves of the Florida Legislature ifd 1 t W d d dent of the Tampa Business Colt ive fro m group 3 of Hillsborough cl t d 1sioner, qua 1 1e as e nes ay record. Whether or no t this will tractor a n prommen CIVIC an the county and launched his cam-from group 3 from this county_ l ege and father of former Sheriff I county to the Hou se of Repre-paign the principal planks He will oppose Tom Walden. The :with the. Democratic party as a be done is not yet known. This L. M. Ha_ tton, has tosse.d hiS hat \ sentat ives of the _Florida legisla_-fraternal l eader, began his cam-,_ d.d t t d h" If court has juris diction of civil suits pai"gn actively. this we e k fo r mem_ of econo.my and cax .relief. The. first plank in Mr. Watson's plat-can i a e 0 succee imse on 1 n the rmg for the office of the ture, d .eclared this week that 1f ,. (Continued On Page Three) 'office which Mr. Rollins seeks is farm is that he will work for the the board. He holds the seat clerk of t he county and criminal elected he would oppo s e t h e fur-bership on the board of county . the clerkship of four courts, the inipeachment of Ernest Amos, as formerly OCC!1pied by J. R. Hen-courts. The clerkship al s o inthe1 expenditure of public funds commissioners. Mr. Friend seeks court, the civil court of State Comptroller, if he is elected dry. There was some tal)\: that Phillips Gives Views eludes the clerks hip of the civil for the building of new highways, the seat now held on the county reca'rd, the court of crimes and to the legislature. He declared the f9r Comml.SSlO .... """'rS court of record and the court of but would make every effort to commis sioner's board by Jim Hol-the criminal court.-. he stands for legislative investi-crimes of this county. Mr. limit highway expenditures to mes. Mr. Holm es is not a candi-. democratic party would re-! a.,., Mr. Rollins a couple of weeks gation. of all state banks in liqui_ fuse to quaiify Lester because of Hatton is for this the completion of roads and hi g h-I date for re-election. While l\:!-,crimes . : I ,dp always .-.b_een active in civic, .poli-!or re-election. (Continued on page two)) !draw. : JCo, ntj.pu,!id Q n Page 4) fo_ r over 30 iear.s. ,Op PM, e 4) - ' .' l . . _-'{ \


;--. F :..:'. ....... -.... -... !::._ .. :.. -=-...... ,__ : TAllllPA LIFE Saturday, April 26, 1930. -with the defi'.iand to sell all that he had and give to the poor. I "As a trustee_ of one of our I no semblance of equity and jus-the institution of the proBut Jesus also another demand upon him. It was "come I schools and .knowing someth ing We must work to a j ceedings against Stalnaker wa and. follow me" Jesus loved this young man and he was offer-i about expendltures of public strict budget equalize ?ur : at the courthouse. Monday I . ltaxes. There is no alternative. mormng when the hearing was to him the of one of his fund_s m this respcet, I. I Confidence is absolutely necessheld before Judge Robles. He Did Jesus want him to be one of his chosen band? If so, 1t 1s to fight for less supervision, if 'ary and it is lacking. It must be was observed in the hallwav out-not strange that the young man should be expected to strip him-necessary, and a full nine months 1restored. side of Robles office e"agerly .A.a Iadependent, ProgreHive Weekly Newspaper self of his wealth, just as the fishermen were compelled to for-term. I also promise to fight for awaiting news. He operates a sake their nets. There was a double traody of clinging to his efficiency in the County's support Stalnaker Wins bootleg joint in the Interbay sec-0,,.ei ud Pl1bli1hed l!ITery Saturday by the FLOlllDA. LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. 'l'aapa.. norida thl d . h 0 h d I of the Tuberculosis Sanitarium, tion and maintains a moonshine ear Y treasure an m1ssmg t e treasure m eaven an a so care of County poor houses and On His Demurrer still in an orange grove this side missing the glory of an apostle of Jesus. farms, cli.ildren's home, old peo. of Port Tampa. Scarcely ten Kti,erial ... Bu.la Otllce, 41i C&H ltr .. t Ph OH ple's home and Municipal Hospi-C 1 d aays ago he was haled before Peop le Not Protect.; I bond issue should be floated for ta!. I will fight for a tax assess( ont nue from page one) United States Commissioner Paul ..... __,::.__;,....-; ________ ... ______________________________ ___ ment survey of Hillsborough ed used by Judge Parks, word for ; Pinkerton on a liquor charge. The d S F the public expenditure of money d h I e ays arr1or without the vote of the people. County. This I consider one of ; wor wit out any alteration or i attorney who had assumed the 9aterea u .._i-8'.aH Kattr, Karell 21, 1921, at t11.e Poatomce at rlrlia, Uaaer tile .A.Cl et Marcil 3, 1179. . the most important reforms. Our I change. Judge_ found 1 lead in these persecutions against Bonded Indebtedness of Sub-The co1;1nty is the biggest real es. assessing system (has ,resolved these_ grounds msuff1cient and Stalnaker is the attorney for Tam_ divisions Saddled Upon the I tate dealer in the country and it itself into a system of patronage, sustamed the demurrer. Judge pa's. underworld king. The court k...S.ti a&tM: Oae Year la Adu.ace U.H -8lx Jleatlla ta .._&nace fl.U . does not require extraordinary in-I and in many many instances has Robles g_ave the attorney two ruling made the bootleggers and Entire County With a Debt t 11. t 1 h t th' 1 weeks time, until May 5th, to other political enemies of stal-. . . .....-----------------f Tb d 0 Q e 1gence o rea 1ze w a 1s . o . ree an ne-uarter - amend the motion against Stal_ nake r -51ck last M II D liar means. There exists no business" I ion o s. Buy and Sell Anything From naker or state additional matter, THE AWERMAN 'FORD PICNIC like method of finance in HillsH B I hi if any could be found, in order D . I borough County's affairs. County a airpm to a att es P A careful analysis of the speeches of the candidates at Al-1 L. B. Farrior, candidate for -11 t to constitute a cause of action, WATSON WANTS t . th m1 age Is twen y nine, ten of THE "PEP"-BOYS Ford picnic on Saturday of this week will give the peo-,cound y te dse-j which goes to our schools. The 1 ; otherwise the disbarment proceed-AMOS IMPEACHED . d" b con comm1ss1oner s is nc e. . . 1 : ing has failed,, of this county an idea as to which can idates are emg sup-_:his that _the bonded \ t_o I i _ -ported by the decent people an -L'--'"-' -supported by-the "g.;_ng." The Tam _z_ _._ this county to attend the political rallies : as to the platforms of the candidates ana in em e ,_ candidate really stands for. Troe inform.ation in this re tates, Elizabeth Court and Palma there are eighty -s<"-" b d h f h T d E in district No. 2 there are one ;; -spect--cannot e gaine in eit er o t e ampa a11es -very Ceia and other subdivisions clear. _': ;::: -in this county should spare no effort to gain accurate in-ly indicates that "no one has pro-hundred and fifty of 7 formation as to which candidates are being run and supported .. _by the ''gang." We want to know the "gang'_' candidates. The handful[ of individuals Bel.Mar more' graded ro!l ds than in dis-Tampa Life can tell the most of them now. In all prob-Temple_ Terrace Estates trict No. 2 but ordinai;' intelli, b h 1 gence as well as scientific facts ability this paper, will name all of them efore t e campaign is beth Court, Palma Ceia and Mi-I H h' A E t.at tak prove to us that the upkeep of a over f.or the benefit of those who are mterested. owever, it i s c igan venue s wei e 1 1 d d . fi 1 en over as a bonded mdebtedness I poor Y pave roa is not to be much the best 1f every voter -will concern himself su c1ent Y d h ddl d compared with the upkeep of a . . an t e entire county sa e about important matters mvolved to go -to these political with of a debt of three and one grade d road. All thmgs are rallies and hear the campaign speeches for themselves and be quarter million dollars. To date shameful and a disgrace to our -bl d f h J h h J h f l b h t county. Yet in all these sins of a e to JU ge or _t emse ves wit out avmg to re y on any ot er no orec osures y t e coun y . . ,. f L h th .. -- have been mad 0 th propertycomm1ss1on and comm1ss10n not -. ., m _ormahon. et s w ip e gang. From so:rces I am of P_ublic officials has WHF.Jt.E THE HOME P'Ol..KA KAT Eagle Cafeteria 209-11 Twiggs Phone 3925 --I informed that it would not pay raised his hand ln _protest or : THE SLOT MACHINE for the expense incurred. Every to protect our mterest by --- tax payer n the county i s paying fightmg for a change. 1----------------------_ The Tampa Life has pnnted a news article m this issue to f h 1 d 1 S h _,, ----or t ese eve opments. uc the effect that the Life has scored again. Several weeks after procedures without the vo t e -of tlie Tampa Life had given the public all the inside information the people is not only undemocraiegarding slot machine -conditions in this city, the Tampa T rib-tjc but a flagrant indictment of lias'finally aroused from its and is now attempting to incompetentcy. The_ sam e f h l b h d' d' h" h th IS true to a great extent m re-in orm t e peop e a out t ese 1sastrous con itlons, w 1c e d t th I t b D . gar o e n er ay ramage Tampa Life has been talkmg about for a number of weeks. The District affairs. No one has pro-1 -Tribune is over a month late, it seems. However, it is gratify- tected the people." in:g to read in the columns of the Tribune a confirmation of ev-1 Says Salariea High erytbing that the Tampa Life has said relative to slot machines "The salaries of our. officials h' Th T L'f l f h II d m most '!ases, are too high. The m t is city. e ampa 1 e m severa o its issues as ca e f t t b b 1 h d . . --. ee sys em mus e a o is e en-." attention to the fact that the biggest busmess 1n Tampa dunng tirely and salaries reduced to an the recent months has been the slot machine business. Fortunes amount commensurate with ser. have been made by t-he operators of these gambling devices. vices performed. We have a coun-,: .. --,0 Many these machines have been kept in the near vicinity of ty solicitor with two assistants schools and the school children have become accustomed to and two stenographers drawing $22,000 a year. We have an at-spending their scJlC?ol money in the hope of getting a few extra torney for the county commission-nickels. A large number" of these machines operate with metal ers on a salary of $6,000 a year. slugs, -but a great many of them operate and pay off in coins. We have an attorney for our -The open manner in which the law has been-violated by these school board. It does seem that bl. d h b d d d' when eco.nomy must rule that gam mg evices as een m ee isgustmg. some of these offices must be GIVING UP ALL FOR THE KINGDOM The International Uniform Sunday lesson for study Sunday is entitled, "Giving Up All for the Kingdom." The lesson material is the account, of the rich young ruler who to Jesus eagerly inquiring. the. way to eternal life and Jesus' conversation with :that young nian and the comments that Jesus made to his disciples immediately thereafter. It is another abolished or consolidated, espe cially when our county can operate with less legal talent. Our schools must operate for nine months. The school of which I am a trustee does operate for 'nine months. -It would be easy to operate our schools for the additional month by using busi nesslike methods and doing away with some of the expenses enumerated. Our road and bridge district bonds are almost a drug on the market. They bear six and seven per cent interest and yet can be bought at ninety. Our credit is severely shaken. No DR. N. E. SltOWN 08TBOPATlllCI PHYaIC1IAJI .1.W. a"DW&H t1e1-.a11 a.cw JN .... UI W'. Lafayette It. Pit ... -1111 RENT A CAR DriTe Yourself Staildard make, models AUTO RENTORS, INC 113 Zack St._ Phone 3288 Opp08ite Victory Theatre lesson with --higher loyalty with its unseen rewards. The young ......... ,,.,,.,,,,,,,, ... The 0'reou/1n 'J?.ouge Flori.la' a Meat Beautiful Nicht Clult Phone Y .;J48G Just acroas the 22nd St.' man asked the question, "Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?" In answer Jesus cited him to the commandments that deal with the attitudes and actions toward others. -To another person at one time Jesus said that the first comniandment is "to love God" and the second "like un!o it" is "to love thy as thyself." This is the answer that Jesus gave to the scribe who asked the same question asked by the young ruler. The significant point is the stress Jesus placed upon one's attitude towards his fellowmen "Thou shalt love thy neigh!>or as thyself." This attitude is of primary importance in the teachings of Jesus. Without this. one may not have eternal life, or enter into the kingdom of God. The young man told Jesus that he had kept "all these things from his youth up, .. and wanted to know what he still lacked. Jesus told him that the one thing still necessary was for him to sell his possessions and give to the poor. We are told that the young man "went away sorrowful." He was a man of great possessions he was not willing to give them up either from love for his neighbor who was popr, or to accept Jesus' high invitation to follow him. The was too great, tlJ.e cqst too high iipd the reward was too far distant. The ohief. weakness of the young man was his great possessions. -He comply '. ............ ........... ,, ...,. : -t. -. -::.. :_.... -::-- ..... WANTED APti ,._. --...A we a. ,.. ..... ,_ n1 liH illlrac .-ua-editeti ..... Sl!CRETAIUAL avn. !ERVICE ..._ __ ... ..la y....:..:_ L-... ...:. -_ __._ ....., --&ll'f!Nlll---.-i. No* '-lnl....._ C-...lt171L Business University of Tampa, Inc. j ...... 21 STtlAtf .... ANYTHING LOCAL AND LONG Dl5TAN6E MOVING LUMBER AND MILL WORK Speclallzlng In the sale of lumber and mlllwork It ls only natural that W"e should know the kind suited to various building and repair purposes. Our suggestions for this reason will always be found highly constructive and may save you money &11 well ae poulble disappointment. "Only the Best of Each Grade" T. W. RAMSEY LUMBER AND MILLWORK Phones Y 1219 and Y 1231 Office and Yard-17th St. and 6th Ave. Unrestricted L; MINS--4335 Save $1.55 During April Get $6.50 Electric Turn-Knob T oaater for $4.95 9Sc Down----1 a Month AUTOMATICALLY TURNS THE .TOAST _WITHOUT HANDLING, RIGHT ON THE TABLE. -With this most skillful $6.50 Toaster, you can have its natural partner, the $12 Hotpoint Electric Percolator, an $18.50 value for only $13 together. Saving $5.50 By Getting This Table Pair Now Iri April $1.00 down $2.00 a month ALL OUR ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ARE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY Tampa Electric Company H. J. llOCGS, JR., !al Muuic-I -,-;


Saturday,.April 2-6, 1930. TAMPA LIFE Simmons' Race for Clerk Draws Support 1 affl!-irs of office. If Fred-McKay Talked ed I promise the same faithful, d relfable and efficient service you T 00 Much an Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-39415-C of Hillsborough County, Flori-/ bis wife, are the defendants, I as ed in said County and State. In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth da; Special Master in Chancery, pur-Done and ordered in Tampa, Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough said lands to be sold In pursuance s uant to and to satisfy the terms have been. to receive Gets City Job Fla., this the 4th day of April, A. Couty, Florida. In Chancery. to. an order 6f sale in the above of said decree, will offe r for sale D. 1930. JULIA A LITTLETON, entitled cause made and entered and sell at public out-cry t o t h e Friends and Supporters Beg,in Active Campaign. in the recent years past". w. A .. DICKENSON, Complainant, on the 15th day o f March, 1930, highest and best bidder for cash, Clerk Circuit Court. vs. by the Honorable 1:L. in front of the Court House door (SEAL) H. B LITTLETON, Defendant. Judge of the aforesaid court. I in the city of Tampa( Hillsbor-1 ( Con.tinued from page one) B y KATE S ROBINSON, D. C. It appearing by a bill in the LEWIS W PETTEWAY ough County Florida on the 5th ,Carlton's Hat In Ring became the head of the sanitary BARBER & WILLIAMS, above stated cause that H .B. Lit-D FREDERICK McMULLEN day of May, .A. D ., 1930, the same s_immon s, present clerk of for c1v1 Court Judge department.he fired a great num-Solicitor for Complainant. tleton, the D e f endant therein ANGU S being a rule day, during the legal the criminal court of record, en-. I ber of workmen in that depart-State of Florida, County of Hills-named, i s a non-resident of the Comm1ss1oners. hours of sale the following de-1 borough. State of Florida, and that after D. C. _:r.;cMULLEN, scribed situated, lying tered into an active campaign this (Continued from page one) ment, but it is reported that prac_ I hereby certify that the above diligent search and itl'quiry the, Solicitor for Complamants. and beina in Hillsborouah Coun-week and in his formal announce-ltically none of the "political pen-and foregoing is a true copy or last and best known address and ( 4 -)-5-12-19-26 ty, Florida, to-wit; LOT TWEN ment expressed appreciation for in which the amounts sued for are J sioners" were discharged. The the order of publication r esidence of the defendant, H. B. NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE TY-SEVEN ( 2 7) IN EU CAL YP-the v9te and-influence of -his ovez: $500.00 and than $5000. 'f h d d 1 d -th t t Id t made m said cause, on file In my Littleton_. is Swansboro, North T U S PARK s1'BDIVISION, as per Cl Y a ec are a 1 ,cou no office. Carolina; that there is no one in Notice is given that un-plat thereof recorded in Plat Book friends. Mr. Simmons' friends This court was created to relieve meet the payroll of 1"ts employees der and b v virture of a d ecree of Tampa, Florida, April 4th, the State of F lorida the service of 19, Page 1 Public Records of have begun organizing in his be-conjestion in, the circuit court. and that it would have to dis-1930. a subpoena upon whom would sale a: d entered on the 19t h day Hillsboroug h County,. Florida. half in different sections of the Judge -Hazard was appointed to charge a large number in order to w .A DICKENSON bind the said defendant and that of April, A. D ., 1930, m that cer-TOFER th b h f f ' he is over the age of twenty-one tain suit pending in th!l Circuit R. S. county. In a statement to the e enc o the c1VI court o re-keep on doing business. It is said (SEAL) Clerk Circuit Court. years. it is therefore ordered that Court of Hillsboroug h county, Special Master m Chancery. Tampa Life Mr. Simmons said; cord by Governor John W. Martin that Fred McKay's exposure' of By KATES. ROBINSON, D. C said 'non-resident Defendant be Folrida, i n Chancery : wherein. B. "In announcing my candidancy when the court was created in the the conditions in the pre-( 4 ) 5 _12_19_26 ( 5 )_3 and he Is hereby required to ap-Wilser. is the and J Solicitor for Complamant. for re-election to the office. of l egislature. sent administration resulted. in pear to the Bill of Complaint filed C B arber and Tressi e Barb e r (4)-19-26 (5)-3 clerk of the criminal court of re-Mr. Carlton said that if he is the city giving him a position to _NOTICE In said cause o n or before Monday I t d t th b h f th. rt the 5th day of May, A. D. 1930; cord I call the attention of the e ec e o e enc o is cou keep him quiet, under Tucker Notice is hereby g!Ten that the otherwise the allegations of said citizens to the prompt, effic'ient that he will not nor will he send Savage as a sort of foreman with undersigned, will at 10 o'clock. A. bill will be taken as confessed by MONTHLY STATEMENT TO THE COUNTY Under Section 733 Revised General Statutes of Florida, 1920. Total County Tax Assessment on 1929 Tax.Roll .......... -..... $3,769,490.98 manner in which the. affairs of any lobbyists to Tallahassee to, a salary that is worth while. lf., on the Uth day of May, A. D said D'efendant. ff. b b'll th 1 I t 1930. make his 1ln. al accounting as I t is further ordered that this this o ice have een conducted oppose any l in e eg1s a ure t' d c JI ctions Tax Roll 1929 . Admmletrator, With the Will an-order be published once a week _...ppor wne o e since the-voters favored m e with to abolish the office. d f th t t f Ed d Assessment Collections Total Collections on 1929 Tax Roll ... .............. -.... -.......... -.... -..... U.774,714.42 ES nexe o e es a e o war \for four consecutive weeks in the this responsibility more than three Mr. Carlton has practiced law WALDEN OPPOS Gordon Steward, Deceased, to the!Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-General School Fund ... ....... ..... .................... $ 657,560.66 308,467.14 years ago". in this city for a number of years. FOOLISH LEGISLATION Honorable Geo. H. Cornelius, ed in said County and State. General Fund ..... -...................................... -....... 328,780.19 154,233.58 Was Deputy Clerk First He is a teacher of the Young County Judge for Done and ordered in Tampa, Road & Bridge Fund ....................... .. ____ .... 230,146.13 107,963.49 ''You will recali' that prior to Men's Bible class of the Palm {Continued from page one) Ceuaty. Florida, at his office in Fla., this t h e 3rd day of April, A. Fine & Forfeiture ...... -...................... 131,512.08 61,693.44 &Ml Court House In Tampa, Flori-l'D 1930. Agricultural Fund ....................... ........... _... 8,219.50 3,855.84 the last election I had served you Avenue Baptist church. He has gislation as the present tax re-ia, and apply to said Judge for a w. A. DICKENSON, Plant City A gdc. School -----................ -..... 8,219.50 3,855.85 as deputy clerk in this office. for been active in religious, civic and turn law and 'collection of perso-final discharge as such Admini11-Clerk Circuit Court. Outstanding Indebtedness _........................ 98,634.06 46,270.07 six years, during which time the fraternal circles, aII during nal taxes on automobiles and I trator. < j (SEAL) Publicity ......................................................... _........ 16,439.01 7 ,711.68 experience I gained properly fit-many years that he has a voted against m easures at R. G. TITTSWORTH, I By K ATES. ROBINSON, D. C. Mother' s Pension ..................................... _....... 49,3 17 03 23,135.04 d f h . Administrator c. t. a of the Es-, C. M BOURLAND, Bayshore & Crystal Springs T. W. ...... 1 6,439.01 7,711.68 ted m e to efficiently 'handle the resi ent o t is city. th l t f the legislature t t f Ed d G S 1 s Ii t f c 1 I t C t T w 32 878 02 15,423.'35 e as session o a e o war ordon tew-, o c1 or or omp a nan Hillsborough oun y . __ ...... -............ "I am for a bill to take the ard, Deceased. I State of Florida, County of Hills-Victory Bonds ............ ____ ............ -.... f k T Lif state banks from the hands of the (3)-15-22-29 borougii. Progress Bonds ., ... ................... _....... 197,268.11 I You LI' e ampa .a .comptroller and them in t_he (5)-10. I hereby certify that the above Sea Wall B o nds ....... -.. -.......... -................ -.... -..... --------------I and foregoing is a true copy of Eas t Tampa Spee. District No. 2 ......... 35,625. 55 hands of a competent bankmg 38551-C ; the or.igina} ord(!r of North Tampa Spec. District No. 3........ 22,063. 9 4 Wh N t G t It B M commission. I also stand for the I n the Circuit Court, Thirteenth; made m said cause, on file m m y Plant City Spec. District No. 4 ............ 51,925.36 . y 0 e y &I I abolishment' of. al1 Ulece!lsary Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough: office. . 5th Distri c t Spec. District No. 5 ......... 65,148.26 k f County, Florida. In Tampa, Florida, ,April 3rd. North East Tamp a Spec. Dist. No. 6 68 ,733.05 courts; and I will wor or a cons-19 3 o ______ -____ -_ . ,, .. JANE R. BRONSON, A WIDOW, I Hard-Surface Road Bonds ........... ---..... I F zz J T h Bl 1. d S d J J I titutional convention w. A DICKENSON. Bayshore Special District N o l ........... I I l n 1S iin1t an en t n Mr. Walden is one of the auth_ vs. Clerk Circuit Court. 4 7 0M Highway Bonds ............................... .. ors of the_ present law giving DEWEY C TAYLOR. ET AL., (SEAL) 16 2M Highway Bonds ....................... -......... .. I TA. upA LIF.... I h'l k Defendant. By K ATES. ROBINSON, D c. 116M Highway Bond s ........... -..................... I 41tca1111 St.:-. school teachers pay w 1 e s i c The State of Florida to: (4)-5-11-18-25 (5)2 524M Highway Bonds ................. -................ Tampa, Fla: Jessie C. Ta. .ylor 1,0391\I Highway Bonds ........... .......... -.. .. I Date------------1 NOTICE It appearing by at!'ldavlt filed in NOTICE TO CREDITORS 310M Highway Bonds ........... -...................... Notice Is hereby given that the the above stated cause that Jessi e Notice is hereby given that the 7 5M Highway ;Bonds .......... .... .......... ...... Please enter my'"subscript!on to TAMPA LIFE. I enclose undersigned, Charity P B _ethel C Taylor, the Defendant therein undersigned has been duly ap-Lake Fern Spec. Rd. No. 7 ..... : ........ .... I payment !or (1 year $2.00); {6 nionths $1.00). I and James F. I;lethel, as executors named, so conceals herselbf that pointed and qualified as Executor Palm River Spec. Rd. No. 8 .................... Under the Will Of Mary Dora Fo-service of process cannot e had' of the estate of D. McConnahey, S 1 S h 1 D. t1 ct No 1 b t th pec1a c oo is . .... ,,. ........ .. ga.rty, deceased, w ill make their upon e hr th:i.h d18 deceaood All heirs, creditors, leg-Special School District No. 2 ................. final accounting to the Honorable other t an t e sai e e n an m atees distributees and all other s 1 s h 1 D t N 3 l .-: -: Name ... -.... .. .. ----.,---------. ---. -. . I the State of Florida_, to affiant's having clafms or demands p e c1a c ool D1s tnct N o. 4 ........ --.... .. .. -. Geo. H. cornelius, County Judge k 1 d th f b Special Schoo is net o. .. .............. .. for Hillsborough County, Florida, now e ge, e sernce 0 a su -against said estate are hereby no1 s 1 1 D. t t N . Address ___ ; _ :_ ___ ___ ___ --poena upon whom would bind the tified to pres ent them to the Coun-:::>pecia c ioo is n c o. a ... ______ ... .. I at bis office in the Court House in 'd d' f d t d th t th d Special School District No. 6 ... -..... -.... .. I State ______ ____ ..:_ ________ : _____ :---------1aid County, at 10 o'clock A.. M. sai e e n an an a e sai ty Judge of Hillsborough County defendant ls over the a g e of t wen-at bis o ffice at the Court House Special School .District No. 7 -... -.... I on the 20th day of May, A. D. ty-one yea.rs; it is therefore orde r Tampa, Floridai51Jroperly sworn Special School Distric t No. 8 .......... -... .. -' I 11930, as such Executors, and a.p ed that said Defendant be and she within one year from date hereof Special School District No. 9 ., ..... : ......... : C lty ..... ____ ... :: ___ -_ _ ----ply to said Judge !or a final dis-ls. hereby reqquired. to appear to or they will be forever barred by Special School District No 10 ..... .......... charge as such Executors. the Bill of Complaint filed in e,aid law: Special School District No. 11 .. -...... -.. .. _ ----------------.. JAMES F BETHEL, cause on or before Monday, the All pc'rson indebted to said es-Special School District No. 13 ..... ..... .. .. .. CHARITY P BETHEL, 5th day of D. 1930; other-tate a r e reqqu!red to come for-Special School District No. 14 ..... -.......... Executors Under \he Will of Mary wise the allegations of said bill ward and make settlement with-Special :::>chool District No. 15 -....... -... .. Dora Fogarty; Deceased. will be taken as confessed by said out delay. Special School District No. 16 ...... -... -... .. (3)-16-22-29 (4) -5-12 -19-26 Defendant. Tampa, Florida, April 5 1930_ Special School District No. 18 .... -....... -.. .. (i)-3-10. It is ordered that this s. D. CAMPBELL, Executor Special School District No. 19 ..... -... .... order be published once a week of D. McCONNAHEY, Deceased. School District No. 25 ... -... --.. -39576-C for four conaecutlve weeks in the ( U-5-12-19-26 ( 5) -10-17 24 3 1 Special School District No. 26 .. --.. .IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIR-Tampa Life, a newspape r publ!sh-Special School District No: 27 .. -.... -..... TEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, ed in aa.id County and State. 38536-C Special School Distric t No. 29 -.. .... HILLSBOROUGH C 0 UN TY, Done and ordered in. Tampa, Special School District No. 30 ----.. FLO. RIDA. IN CH.ANCERY. Fla., this the 4th day of April, A In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Special School District No. 3 1 --.. = D 1930 Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough N 32 CORA J. WEST, Complainant, . W A DICKENSON County, Florida. In Chancery. Special School District o. 33 _,, ____ .. .. Special School District No. ....... _, __ .. JAMES H: Defendant.-(SEAL) Clerk Circuit Court. ERNEST E Special School District No. 34 ...... .. -.... Order for. Publication. Special School District No. 35 : .. ... _._ .. ,_ By KATE s R01;HNSON, D. c. va. s 1 s h 1 D" t t N 36 It appearing by affidavit ap--R. C HARDING,' ET AL, pecia ch001 No. 37 ..... -... -.... -pende d to the bill in the above A. Defendant. Special Sc oo is nc o. .... -.... -.... stated cause that James H West, State of Florida, County of Hills The State or Florida to: Special School District No. 38 .... ____ .. .. the defendant therein named, is Irwin D. Arier, Ruby s. Arter Special School District No. 39 ... --.. -... non-resident of the State of Flor-. certify that the above and A. Homer Arter. Special School District No. 41 ........... Ida, and Is a resident of the Coun-and foregoing is a true copy of the It appearing by atrlda.Tit ti.led in Special School District No. 43 -.. ---.. ty of Sul!"olk an_d State of Massa-original order of publication made the above stated ca.use that the Special School District No. 44 .. ---.. -.... chusetts and that the last known in said cause, on file in my office residences of Irwin D. Arter, Ruby Special School District No. 45 ..... ____ .... and present address of the defen-Tampa, Florida, April 4th, S Arter and A. Homer Arter, the Special School District No. 46 -.. -... ... .. dant is 316 Orme Ave., Phoenix, 1930. Defendants therein named, are un-Special School District No. 48 ..... -.. -, 24,658.51 8,219.5 0 8,219.50 24,658.51 41,097.52 16,439.01 8 ,219.50 10,649.10 6,973.06 4,637.1 6 9,943.20 537.44 1 2 8 1 ,804.71 2 ,009.97 57,511.08 4,402.84 778.93 4,883. 92 15,311.26 17,035.13 1,816.56 4,936.3 9 19,884.54 1 011'.2 7 11,332.23 517. 97 3,453.06 735.44 4,122. 54 7 ,633.68 2,035.58 803.63 544,45 42,503.11 315.48 1,937.60 502.16 1,038.59 919.20 5,028.70 Arizona; and that there is no per-w. A. DICKENSON, known; that there ie no person to Special School District No. 49 .. -.. ....... .. son ID. this State, the service of a Clerk Circuit Court. atrlant's knowledge in the State of Special School District No. 50 ..... -.... -... -.... -2,663.60 618.44 28,546.19 ....... : .... 648.69 1,583.21 subpoena upon whom would bind (SEAL) Florida the &ervlce of a subpoena Special School District No. 51 ______ .. .. the said defendant and that lie Is By KATE s. ROBINSON, D. c. upon whom would bind the said Special School District No. 52 -... --.. .... over the age of twenty-one years; (4)-5-12-19-26 (5)-3. defendants, and that the said d'e-Special School District No. 53 ........ : .. . it is therefore ordered that '.said fendants are over the age of twen-Special School District No. 54 .... .. -.. .. non-resident defendant be and he 38802-C ty-one years; It Is therefore order-Special School District No. 55 .... ---is hereby ordered and required to In. the Circuit Court. Thirteenth ed that eaid Defendants be and special School District No. 57 .. ___ ,. __ b and a pear to the bill of com-Judicial Circuit, H11lsborough they are hereby to ap-Special School. District No. 58 ..... --.. -... .. e P . County, Florida. In Chancery. pear to the Bill of Complaint 1lled Special School District No. 59 .. ---.. plain filed in said c .ause on or be FLORA B. NORTHRUP JOINED in said cause on or before Monday Special School.District No. 60 ........... .... . 5,841.63 847.35 5,940.84 5,178.60 1,060.91 5,220.09 92,540. 1 3 15,514.42 8,515.95 25,671.31 22,7&3. 86 24,678.95 11,567.52 3,855.84 3,855.85 11,567.51 19,279.20 7,711.68 3,855.84 4,258.44 2 ,120.80 1,892.58 3,803 .3 8 97.67 610,511.97 1,748.0 8 26,458.70 2,936.36 399.19 3,793.58 5,416. 67 6,597.33 461.01 2,061.54 s.754.15 902. 9 8 6,757.18 157.85 1,219. 77 230.04 1,544.02 3,664.83 1,303.57 66.90 414.92 21,6.22.07 216.61 107.49 196.03 244.35 345.19 1,373. 96 803.64 416.14 11,602.27 202.03 628.91 536.63 668.99 1,483.26 1,624.09 375.94 2,117.95 23,996.29 fore Monday, the Znd day.of June, BY HER HUSBAND AND the 5th day of May, A. D. 1930; A. D. 1930; otherwise the al!ega-NEXT FRIEND CLARK otherwise the allegations of said Total Collections on 1929 Tax Roll .... -.......... -..................... .. _$},774,714.42 tions of said bill wUl be taken as N ORTHRUP, bill will be taken as confessed by Poll-Taxes Collected on Year 1928 Tax Roll $ 271.00 34._469:94 ,YOuCanHaveYourCho . _OfAny__FIVE 0 -confessed by said defendant. said Defendants. Poll Taxes Collected on 1929 Tax Roll._ ... _..... 1,423.00 It is furthber orddered that thiks w. R. AL., It is further ordered that this Licenses Collected on 1928 Tax RolL-------.... 13.00 MAGAZINES ., order be pu !ishe once a wee Defendanta. order b e publ!shed once a week Licenses Collected for the year 1929 ---.. 15,476.25 for fou r consecutive weeks In the The State of Florida to: for four consecutive weeks in the Total of all 1929 coHections ..... ------............. ..... 1,792,663.50 AndThisNewspaper rampa Life, a newspaper publish-Florenico Valdes Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-Tire and Tube Licenses coU.ected for ed in said County and State. rt appearing by affidavit filed in ed in said County and State. Done .and ordered in Tampa, the above stated cause that. Flor-Done and ordered in Tampa, the year 19 29 -... -.... .............. __ _. ........ __ ........ -........ .. Florida, this the 24th day of Ap-enico Valdes, the Defendant there-Fla .. thl11 the 4th-day of April, A. 766.00 (SEAL) It's absolutely truel No strings alt.died to this offer. You can actually have your choice. of any s of theH famous magazlna If you ACT NOWJ .. The cost is just 11 trifle of their actual value. }... whol! year'i reading for father, Mother and the kiddies. Stories and articles on every known topicl Look 'em over. $elect yoiif" favorites and MalltheCouponTociayl Don't worry if you already get some of these Renewals wiU be properly All Subscriptions Are for a Full Year (Ezr:ep_t Pathfinder, wbicb is ior 6 Gentlemen J wlah to take advantage of your Magazine Bargain Offer. I nm eneloalng the above amount In pa-yment for a one year nherJptlon to your paper and the _FIVE Magazle I have marked with nn X below, St. or R. F. --.. ----,-..,,.....-" ----.. --State------O American_ Pltry .Jouinal D Houehold Macu-rll, 1930. . -In named, ls a non-resident of the D. 1930. W. A DICKENSON, State of Florida, that his last W. A. DICKENSON, (SEAL) Cl erk of Circuit Court. known residence as particularly as Clerk Circuit Court. By EDW. MORG-lli, D. C. ANNA KRIVITSKY, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida, County of Hillsboro. I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy o f the original order for publication made in said cause, on file in ruy office. Tampa, Florida, April 24, 19.30. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk of Circuit Court. By EDW. MORGAN. D. C. (4)-26 (5)-3-10-17-24. 39420-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. C. W. COLEMAN, Complainant, vs. ' I EMMA COLEMAN, Defendant. It appearing by the sworn bill in the above stated cause that the residence of Emma Coleman, the Defendant therein named is un-known is New York City, New (SEAL) York, that affiant does not know By KATE S ROBINSON, D. C. and could not acquire after dili-A. C. BROOKS, gent search and inquiry the street Solicitor for Compla.lna.nt. ad'dress of said defendant; that State of Florida, County of Hills-there ls no p e rson to amant's borough. knowledge In the State of Florida, I hereby certify that the above the service of a subpoena upon and foregoing is a true copy of the whom would bind the said defen-original orde r of publication made dant and that he is over the age in said cause, on file in my office. of twenty-one years; i f is there-'.fampa, Florida, Ap1il 4th, Jore ordered that said I10n -resi-dent Defendant be and he is hereW. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. by required to appear to the Bill of Complaint :ftled i n said cause on or before Monday the 5th day of May, A. D. 1930' ; otherwise the allegations of said bill wm .be taken as confessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for !our consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a .newspaper published in said County and State, Done and ordered' in Tampa, Fla., this the 4 .th day of April, A D. 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. (SEAL) By KATES. ROBINSON, D. C. (5)-3. In the Circuit Court In and for Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. BILL FOR PARTITION FAYE STOKES STOVALL, EDITH STOKES RICE, JOHN W. STOKE.SAND LOUISE STOKES BILLINGS BICKNELL, Complainants, vs. known; that there is no person In .(SEAL) the State of Florida the 11ervtce of By KATE S ROBINSON, D. C. HENRY E. WILLIAMS AND CLIFFORD G. STOKES, Defendants. 1 a subpoena upon whom would A. c. BROOKS, j bind the said defendant, Emma Solicitor for Complainant. a Kodera Homemal

,. '. ;.. -l. TAMPA LIFE didate for this office also, it, is Mr. Wh "taker, "is sent to the sesaid. nate Hillsborough county will the tax money of this part of the state". Coleman Makes Stafement have two generals in Tallahassee". Mr. Coleman also issued a state_ Mr. HesteTl y declaTed that Hillsannouncing hi s candidancy borough county already had one and said, "I am entering thi:;; race general in Tallahassee in the peras-. a free candidate. I place emso n of Governor Carlton. "It will phasis upon the fact that I am be like a Mexican army, said in no way associated with any po-Hesterly", with ten generals and Mr. \Vhitaker closed his address by pleading an investigation to show the 'reason for short term o schools in spite of the increased revenues under gas tax. apportionmate, and b anking laws with a criminal negligence . Iitical faction. It will be my. am-1 two privates. What we want is bi tion if elected, to serve wisely workers and not generals. I be'" and justly, keeping in constant i lieve one general is enough _and I touch with the voters of my dis-J we should have a private .on t h e I I trict and at the saine time bear-.job." I Waal, r didn' t ecit to see the I seed in the paper whar the dis-. . d th d f Tamp 1 n I I t h f h. h I "" mg m mm e nee s o a n e openmg o is sp eec mare this weak, because I had bin i barment proceedings against Stal-general. I hope that.-in .r\1r. 'Vhitaker immediately answer-I 80 busy tryin' to git ready to go j naker didn' t last long before their vote at the comrng election ed Mr. Hesterly. "Just because I down to that 'thar A ld erman Ford j Judge Robles Judge Robles al-the people in my district will con-Hillsborough county has one lea-I piclltlc and heer what the candi w a ys has h a d a sort of a !mack s ; d e r my qulll ;fic a t ions, my busL der", Mr. vVhitaker said, "my opdates h a ve to say for the g ood of J about gittin' on to things without ncss ability and my honesty an_d ponent has the audacity to tell I the country. wastin' much time and cast that vote for a free cand1-you that it does not need another. I' I bin readin' in the Tribune of 'em. Jl,1ebbe 'em thar feil_e; date". Mr. Coleman i s a graduate Was one l ie utenant sufficient in i..bou t the prohibition poll and I that are so anxious to git rid of of Northwestern College of Phar-the army? Is there any log i c in I see _that the.Tribune shore is hopStalnaker and keep h im out or po-macy and Che:11is.tly is a re-lhis argument to a s ide the I ing that the Literary Digest will litical affairs in this citty in the gistered druggist Ill thi s state. 'honor of the presidency of th,;11 have that thar prohibition poll, future will git three or four _other I that has be:n offered ,to show up good fer the wets. a circuit judges to h elp 'em_ wnte up Labor F ederabon 1 .c?unty at a time whe n tne editorial on this here wet proh1bi-the charges the next time and I F Wh"t k politicians of north and west Flo-' . . s or t a er k d bl d ff l tion poll in the Tribune m its is-mebbe they will stick a httle long-nda are ma mg re ou e e or-sue ot April 23rd I seed that the e r than these did. I also seed I' . ed to dominate the entire stat<' 1 I . h (Contmued from page one) -1 h h th b lk f th t s a, I Tribune took occasion to use the whar a former pres1den t of t e . a t oug e u o e 1 e t word "gruesome" in its editorial. bar association had been a work-I self opposed to the pi sale,, contributed by south Florida? If I But that thar editorial writer in In' a sorta smooth one, and it I tax: In the '.ast 0! Mr. Hesterly is to Tallahas-I the Tribune spelt the word "grue-seems that he wuz one of the tel[ legislature Mr. htta et mU o see, then we will rndeed send a i . duced a measure for the alloL t t th f thirty-some" this way, "Grewsome." I l ers that wuz so anxious to have a -pnva e m o e camp 0 ha' e biri noticin' that the Tribune complaint made against oft' the eight gen erals trained in politics. haz bin runnin' a spellin' be fer a e r thave bin wonderin' why they m a ra 10 w ere_ Y 1 s oroug IHe would without doubt be just I bunch of little klds in the differ1 ain..,t done nothing about prefer-C0o0un0ty now $$7 1 7 14 -a pawn in the hands of men 1 1 0 0 as compare W1 a ,d t h art of grabbmg ent schools and I have bin won-rin' cbarrre s a0ainst that thar for-1 H penence rn e 1 I " . 000-00 under the o d system . e 1 derin' why the Tribune-don't send mer 'president of the bar asi;;oc1aalso introduced a bill abolishing r-----I its editorial .writers over to that tion, instead of pickin' of !straw bonds in criminal court, THINK BEFORE YOU 1' I speliln' match tak_e a few les-little I guess he is too and als<;> a bill creating the state I VOTE! 1 sons.fn;>m the ht:le kids and find big to be picked on rnebbe !welfare board for t h e protection I -. I I out how to spell little short politics and law and everythm of juvenile d elinquents and chil1 I I will not rnpiesent a few I "gruesome." I ain't m.uch on else I sorta like to see 'em git the dre n o the poor. He passed a 1 men, but will represent the I spellin' myself, but I kin beat a big ones firs t and then look after law refinancing the agricultural I people as a _whole. . I Tribune editorial writer wi ,thout the tittle ones late r. That's why experiment station in the straw-A vote agamst me I S a \ ote an:_ strain on, any pa1 t of my an-Stalnaker ain' t municipal judge berry district. against the education of our 1 atomy a tall. any in ore. He got after the big Hesterly Makes Attack 1 youth and agricultui:al devel-I h l d t th t th t 1 t' th l I opment of Olli' county and I s ore wuz g a. o see a ones a wuz v10 a mg e aw At the City speaking Mr. : Fred McKay got a Job back with and hit shore didn't set well. Hesterly made the first attack of I state. t citty in the sanitary depart-Thar shore haz bin a lot of fun the campaign by charging that if I J. A. PHILLIPS I ment, whar he used to be the In politics this weak and a lot of j chief. He wuz talkin' too much bin A lot I Candidate for t about them thar "'pol -itical pen-of new stuff is boilin.' A lot or COUNTY COMMISSIONER. sioners" in that thar department, stuff that some people ain't bin I District No. 3. I so the city administration thought' lookin' fer. And a lot of new: I I Obligated to No Faction. 1 they had better shut Fred's mouth candidates haz bin shuving thar \ so they give him a Job' to keep noses out into view, toO'; .1 I (Paid Political Ad,ertising) j' quiet or he wud keep on talkin' Waal, I ain't g o t time to tell ye too much. That's a good -w..ay to much this weak cause I got to git, quiet a feller down iD.ebbe started on down toward Alderman I sometime somebody will give me Ford and listen to the thunder. 1 a job make .me sh]Jt up. I have am going down thar to look had several offers out none of 'em around and mebbe I'll see some of h\\,Ve been attractive enuff yet. I J you fellers down thar. NO MORE NEW ROADS SAYS BLEDSOE books monthly .for liis employer. you went to a store to 1 purchase supplies, _the (Continued from page one) your order, and without item1zmg I thing .in-my power to assist in re1 same told you the total of $5.?0 j . or $7-00. Perhaps you asked him ducmg the burdens of taxat10n t 't th d d h I d . o i em1ze e or er, an e wou I and -reheVlng the tax payers of tell you it wa.;; none of .your busithis state", he said. He is opposed to th_e sales tax. ness. Most every candidate will say Vote For that they are for. elimination of D L B F An "Electric Eye" r. . arr1or all unnecessary employees and I F I The invel!tion_ of a photo-electric offiees and reduction of all sa-. or devicg that will record laries with the dut-11 C:OMMISSIONER I the exact temperature of molten ies of the office." I D1stnct No. 2. I steel will, it is estimated, save mil-. 1 I For an Honest, Econom1-lions of .dollars in furnace losses. COLEMAN AND EPPS I I c:3-I and Administra-1 J IN RACE FOR ALDERMAN I t1on of This Of-PHILLIPS GIVES VIEWS / t fice. He Will .t-1ght for I . FOR (Continued-from page one) I Your Interest and De-j 'for a number of years. He is one serves Your Support. (Continued from one) lof. the old_est furniture dealers in (Paid Political Advertising) Estates,. which will cost the tax-the city. He served as a member payers $ :3,000,000. You to 1 of the board of school trustees pay your own paving. .for several terms. Mr. Epps in 1 '!Any business man in Tampa his announcement said, "I pro or else\v he:re would soon be in mise my constituents as great an bankruptcy, if he allowed his em-amount of local improvement as ployees to buy stock, when he was 'the financial and economic condi. not consulted or posted on the tion5 will justify. My sole purprevailing market price. The pu-pose of entering the race is to blic's position is same as a busi-try to be of service to the city in ness man, as it is their money and our present financial crisis. I any' oficial elected by them is have_-only one plank in my plattheir servant and should publish : form. That is to .. and the above monthly report just as,. efficiently serve the people". J. bookkeeper would balance the B. Jones is expected to be a can-"' e & Q e e rj R G e 1) .... ""'(t: \I h W. :. "' a'D .. C Cl a..: lfif"a 5 a '! DO DD I City Markets lJD OD DO OD DD DD 88 Announcing FOR RE-ELECTION To the Office of CLERK OF CRIMINAL COURT OF RECORDS OF HILLSBORO COUNTY Records, may I call to your Vote For-A. T. ROLLINS For CLERK of the COUNTY AND CRIMINAL COURTS Subject to the DEMOCRATIC PR-I MARY On June 3rd. Running on a platform of strict economy and will be satisfied with just one salary for the duties of the office. Rollins favors all efforts For Clerk of the Criminal Court L. M. HATION For thirty od d ye ars I have educate d and trained your positions in li fe. I have been sons and daughters for bette r a taxpayer all these years, and now I am asking you fo r an office. I believe that I am the best qualifi e d man to fill the of fice of Clerk of the Criminal -.... Satnrdali -April 26, 1930. One-way excursions are to be tried b y a railway company this spring It sounds as if travelers will get no returntor their money. -Passing Sbo;w. Tampa's Public Market DO DO oo OD QQ DO DD tion the prompt, efficient manner r-------------------------------------------------. in wh,ich the affairs of this I 1 have been conducted since the Vote For I I _B.-0. Stall 32 08 -('Formerly H. H. WHITE) DO SEEDLESS RAISINS, for ....... .......... ....... ................. 25c oo HOME-MADE PEANUT BUTTER, lb ...................... 20c MACARONI OR SP AGHETII, 3 lbs. for ................. 25c 00 gROWN SUCAR, 3 lbs. for ................... ... .... ........ ............ 20c oo BALLARD O'BELISK FLOUR, 6 lbs. for .... ......... ....... 37c 88 SPECIAL BLEND COFFEE, Roasted Daily, lb ...... _33c BB Lcarry the most complete line of Spices, Beans and gg Dried F in Tam pa. 88 DO MIRAS.ELLA QU_ ALITY SEA FOOD i -IN THE cITY -PU81;1 -MA-RK!f -:rnE&H: -FJS,H ANP .SEA .BB No* our .1;1. ew Jo:cation. BB The very latest in SanitaryiEqujpment. RR BB i CHAS. T. FRIEND l BB I Candidate for I BB COUNTY COMMISSIONER: BB District No. 3. / i OD Democratic Primary June 3rd, 1930: I I MY THE -i 88 JI pledge full cooperation to the I B8 i plans of the Hillsborough Coun158 ty Tax Relief Association and I gg will practice the strictest econ-I DD l omy and the utmost -efficiency I 88 : I in the administration of coun-' BB j ty affairs, with the idea of reDD ducing the tax burdens. I know BB DD CID DD ,gg ;co OD DO that with the experience I have had on U re board, I am in position to be of s ervice to the tax payers of Hillsborough County. I will ap. pi:eciate y.our _vote, s.1)..P-port and friendship. (Paid .Politica} Ad_verUsing) .. .... ..... rr.;iil' .. voters favored me with this re sponsibility more than three years ago. You recall that prior to the last election I had serve d you as Deputy Clerk for six years, during which time the experlen_Qe I gained properly fitted me to efllr.iently handle the affairs of this office. If re-elected, I promise tl:!._e same faithful, reliable and efficient ser-vice you become accustomed to during recent: years. Your vote and influence will he appreciated ELLIS J. SIMMONS : 11 John H. Bledsoe I FOR I I REPRESENTATIVE I From Group 2 I i Of Hillsborough County l I I To The HOUSE OF Of The I A fearless, progressive Democrat, .who for Efficiency and i _FLORIDA LEGISLATURE Jn PubJjc Offi.ce. 1 ,'---".. ---------.' / / /'


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