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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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'voLUME III. TAMPA, FLORIDA, MAY 3 : 1930 Price 5 Cents Covr Yearly B> 1'Inll SZ.01l 11111111111111111ua111 i An '* Progressive *Newspaper Published i On Saturday o'f Each Week No. 12 F d ADMINISTRATION 01,. l SWITCl-lf=S AGAIN IN SENATE RACE Whiiaker Jn Lead at Alderman ::. ----_ ... BLEDSOE--AND: . LOWE -GJVENHERE ARE CRIMINALS, SAYS STATE COUNCILOR SEEKS JUDGSHIP 1 City_ Administration Fears Hesterly and Watson Too Weak and Tum Back Again to Former Choice. The city administration leader1, trying to saYe their scalp in the n ex t session of tne Florida legis' lature, haY"e deserted Homer W. IMONROSE WANTS RESIDE HERE . EXPENSES OF THE I COUNTY REDUCED BY I-_.,. . -AMERICAN LAW Candidate for the Legislature Announces .On an Economy -. latfonn. candidate Forty Percent of Aliens Are Here ... Illegally, ... Says--State Councilor Stalnaker In Address Before Jr. 0. U A. M. at St. Petersburg. "There are 7,500,000 aliens in this country and forty .per cent of tnem,' 3,oo;ooo, are criminals. They live here American Jaws : They began their residence the St. Petersburg local council also entertained the state secre;;. tary3 _John R. Stofer, also frnJl Tampa.: "Our organization has for many . y'ears worked _against the depres-ing of unrestricted immigration; said State Councilor Stalnaker. "Our order has secured t-he enactment of a restrictive immigration law by congress. b.ave taken an important part in making all aliens liable to de-Registration books for the June primaries were closed by Supervi-BROWN GIVES POLICIES FOR JU VENILE JUDGSHIP Attorney Frederick W. Brown Begins Ac!live Campaign for Office of .f uvenile Judge. I Frederick W. Brown, prominent, Tampa attorney, made formal an-! nouncement !h1s week to the Tam-! pa Life of his policies if electeil judge of .the juvenile court of, this Het'terly and Thomas \V. Watson, candidates, and ha.ve back to their first choice, GiYens according to re: ports this w ee k. It was generally 1 understood at the beginning of the campaign that the city adminis-1 tration was backing l\Iorris Givens 1 rcgainst Senator Pat 'Whitaker, ; but that the city administration leaders began to feel that Morris 'Givens was too weak to beat Senator \Vhitaker in his race of reelection and then through P:iddy 'Waldron, called Homer w. Hes-1 terly into the senate race as a candida t e for the city administra-county. Mr. Brown became can[ Frederick W. Brown didate for this office several tion. .. weeks ago. He has practic;ed law Switch To in this -city -for some time and was tical an d basis: In Jess a week the roimel'ly J.ngtirft.Smy yearso f"nday I pe;haps fill the church to capacinight. A special sermon for the ty are at both services men will be delivered at that time. Sunday. '": ;: .. . ::, ... S -. -."


Q,_-: .......... -. _, TAllPA LIE Saturday, May 3, 193 0 Annua l Picnic At it intended to do if Mr. Pierce appeared at its next regular meeting and proved the truthfulness of his statements. The Tampo Life fears that the board of aldermen is placing itself in a n embarrassing position. T h e board is inviting embarrassment: Mr. Pierce is liable to prove it on them. Then the board will want to fire somebody t o clear itself. de r owns and maintains a natio::1al \ The trustees had made pro orphans' home a t Tiffin, O hi o val-sions i n all agreements that the ned at over $5, 0 00,000 and a:rn I 1and 111ay be sold just t he s a me another orphans' home at Lexing -ton, North Carolina, valued at wheneve r land purch a.sing cus-almost $ 1, 000 0 00. torn ers come along; that taxes on Bull Frog W ill Be Held On May 3rd Passed St.aw Laws the l and, a great burde n to the A.a. liteildent lVHkly Nnnpa.per ewae4i ai l'11lli11let nry 8atur lia.y ly the J'LeltIA Lill' COMP.ANY, lac. 'luaa.. J'lorhfa "Our organization spon s or e d trustees of late years, are to b e The annu a l Bull Frog picnic, Whitaker In Lead that m a y c o m e from the Senat e the p assage of a l a w in this s_tate,: paid, and that the state w ou l d r e -which is always held on the first d III St 1 ke "ma k m g it At Alderman Ford r educing the city salari e s or o t h e r w ise interfering with the present administration. sai r a na r c e ive one-ei ghth o t any royalties Saturday i n May, will 'be he l d necessary' f o r every teacher i n t h e accruing from discovery or o il. year the third of May. This picpublic schools t o read once every T h u s, the s tate has had nic, the second oldest in this counday '.n the presence o t _the I thing to gain and nothin g to l o s e ty, is a popular meetingp lace for (Continue d from page one) :m.itertal ..t Iii .. eace, Hi eu1 !treet Piil OU Mr Carlton in his stirring addres s d ec l a r e d tha t if e l ec t e d to that o f -pupils, port10 n s or the H oly B i bl e I by the l e aies. the candidat e s o r the year, and -without sectari a n commen t The I 1 mav b e reached by goin si.:r miles Aliens Here Are Criminals, Says State Councilor t.re& u 1-4i-11!.a11 Matter, Marcil 2 1. 1921, a.t tke l'Hte!l.ce :1.t "&J&, Pl.erlaa, lfMr tll .A.ct et Ma.roll. 2, 1179. fic e h e wo u ld not oppose t he abo lishing of t h e o f f i ce in the n ex t sess io n of the leg isl ature, nor w ould h e send anyone t o Tallaha s se e to lobby aga i n s t any b ill abo lishing . One o f the latest le ases i n[ monthl y report o f the teachers 1 1 south o r R i ve r v iew and is about v o ve d 177, 38 4 acres o f state mus t show t hat thi s has been done 1 50 0 . halt a m il e of of State Roa d No otherwise t h e teach e r is not en-ands, 1 o f are in the 5 (Continued from page -ona) titled t o the warrant o r his or I Gulf o r Mexico, ex t end mg alon g Fish sandwi ches and hot coffee ht11..-i.t1. .llaiH: 0 Year i .Atl.TU.H $2.H ltx)(eatll1 la -'.&naee $1 H the offi c e, h e said her s a lafy. This organization i s 1 the s h o r e lin e !rom Perd i do bay, naturaliza t io n legisl ation th A l b F l d l" will be ser ve d in addition to the i nterested in knowi n g whether o r j on e a amao n a in e Farrior Gets Ovation i n g to statistics g i ve n by the com dovrn t o the 1 h 1 usual refresh. m-ents The public t th. 1 1 t d a.nv ""-Pa ac ico a river, t t . t th no 1 s a w e1ng v10 a e -r d m1 ee on 1mm1gra i o n 1Il e . -1 a n d t h e remainde r i n H e n d r v and i s m v 1te to att e nd. The g r eates t o v ation for the H C where m t h i s state. ... TffE ALDERMAN FORD PICNIC candidate s in t he race for county ou se of Representatives o f o n \ C o ll ie r counties. R e c e ntly the Another picnic at Alderman Ford has passed into history commisioner i n the vario u s d is .gress, the class of p eo p l e c om-O I L ME N LEASE trustees gave So uth F lorid a oil .. ,,,,, ,, f h D mit in g the greatest n u mb e r of prosp ecting interests the r ie:ht to Buy and Sell Anything: From Th f d h I b th scene o t e tricts was p e r h a ps a ccorde d to r I is amous p1cmc groun as a ways een e crimes are t h e children o f a lie_n s NEARLY MILL I ON bore into the gulf o t h e l o w e r f h f t L. B Far r i or, a c andidate for a Hairpin to a Battleship. opening gun of the Democratic campaign, or t e past or Y The class of people comm1 t t m g E ,1 coast, between Cape Roman o and d membership on the board in the ACRES IN STAT Years e .ve-ry election year. The crowd attending last Satur ay, the nex t greates t num b e r o f 'Cape Sable. A l ways the trustees Interbay sectio n Dr Farrior de-was as large as usual. The weather was a littl e cooler but the liverd an a ddress fu ll o f p e p and crimes are the negr oes whil e the ----. j require the lesses to begin d r illing I 0 I East L a fayette Street ' .. _,..._ THE "PEP" BOYS 1-t. i. ..... h f h t P t c l ass the smallest p.umber or U p to t h e middl eof Marc h t h i s within a c ertain t i me. The leases, politics were just as hot. In t e race or t e state sena e a fire and p lead e d f o r economy and ............ .__,,., .. ,.,,,..,,_,.,. ...... ... _ ,.,,.,,_,.,. ..... .,. Whltaker, off with the most applause. In group No I sound busi n ess-like judgmen t in crimes are the native b orn Am er-year the state had l eased, o r was however:, generally spread ou t d h the administration o f this i m port--ican citizens." i n the act o f lea.si n g, a t o t a l o f ove r a period of' s e.e r a l year s ) o ; 1.1he' House of Representatives John Lowe J the ant offic e The Junio r o'. U A. M enc our-nearly 1,000,000 acres o r l a n d, Fina n c i a l retur n s t o t he state _,. ..... ::..;:-; -best demonstration from the assembly, an in group o n The candi d a t es f o r s tate offi ces ages the reading o f t h e H o l y B i both o n dry and under the ocean from the 598 978 acres or land H . B ledsoe clearly in the lead from the standpoint _of ap-a l so addresse d the asssembly b eb l e in the public schoo l s of the na and gulf for drilling purposes. leased between September and the an. d the ;eception given. The only rebuttal given by any .fore t h e hour. tion, and has secured the passage Tru11tees of the internal improve middle o! march will be$44 ,324.5 5 of law in most of the states i n t h e ment fund who have char" e of the Eagle Cafeteria candidate in these groups was given by Mr. Givens who came Comit y C lerk Candid ates t k' .t 1 o r whi c h i13, 077.97 h a s been . f 1 k. n a 10n ma mg 1 com.p u so r y upon state lands, made the leases. paid in c ash ror 1930. O! the t o back to the stand to explain his vote upon the resolut10n at the The four cai;id 1dat.e s or c e r t the teachers t o read the Holy B i .. .. . l M H f o! t h e county and cnmmal courts, Off and on from l as t Sept em \ t a l amount, $39,394 55 is repr e -last se59ic;>n-of the Florida leg1s ature to censure _rs. oover. o r were also p resent a n d add r esse d ble m the schools The o rder h a s ber, the truste e s h a ve been asked sented i n annual payme nts to be entertaining the negro wife of c ongressman DePnest a tea on their pleas to t he pe op le, F r a n k donated thousands o f bible s to b e for leases. At least o n e ap11 made on 4 31 81 8 acres l yin g with. the White House lawh. M r Bivens explained tha t he voted Alexander, L M H,atto n Sr; A. u se d in the schools and has a l so plication came from on e of t h e in the EYerglad e s d r a inage diol H Id' h 1 h" do n a t e d m ultiplied thousands o t o r emos t petr o leum concern-o againstthat resolution because Mrs. oover cou n t e p t is T. Rollins and Ellis J. S i mmons l trict, and h,948 o n 98,960 a cres 209-11 Twiaa Pl.one 3Q%5 h flags to b e flown over the schools the count ry. A c o mp ilation just outs id e the di.stric t -negro woman _being wife of DeP_reist and that it was er the p r e s ent incumbent. that The state c o u n c ilo r i n h i s a ddress made by the board shows du. to invite all of the congressmens wives to this affair. It has The three candid ates for judge d e clared the organization to b e 5 98 978 acr es o s tate l and, dry ., o f the juve n ile c ou r t were. a l s o not-ye_ t b _een made clear Just who rais_ed that. point against Mr. o ppose d t o the appropriation of and submerged were leased and presen t with their ca mpaign s pee -Bi\rens However, i f seemed to draw. some fire. Dr Farrioi:_ ches, A lb ert C a r o Judge A lbert public money for sectarian pur-that applications !or 328,2 0 4 acres -cr,owd out of its sleepy attitude and put some pep P W eise, the presen.t incumbent, p o ses, and a l s o o pposed to the un-o r dry and s ubmerged land w e r e and ginger into the county commissioner's race. So far the a nd Fed erick. C Brown. io n of Church and State The o r i n process o r p r om ulgation. 'has. been going quietly but the excitment in the senate The dra win g c ard o f the Satur ----' riice that has been expected for the last severa l days is likely to day rally o f cours e was the s p ee. ches by the cand i dats for the break out at When it does we wlill get a little more state.sena t e, Senato r Pat W hitak-inside inforination (lb out Nellie" s roadhouse. .. er, fo r r e e lection .Morris G iv e n s T homas W. Watson and Homer W. Hesterly; T h i s race brought several exciting moments t o the PROMOTION IN THE KINGDOM .. Th. e International LJ:niform Sunday School lesson for Surilisteners. However, mare s tartlin g ,.. ,'.: day study next Sunday_ is entitled "Promotion in the devel o pments are exp ected as the ., : ::-'. At the time the e vents set fort h in this. lesson campaig n goes on. T h e Nellie's ,.,_' f h l -roadhouse affair will perhaps be < Je.sus_is traveling.with his disciples to or t e ast time. c:: op ened up and other county offi -::._. Pilate's judge m e n t haUand Calvary only a few cials will be imolved, it is a id. 'j'f.-,'( weekS in the future. The n e arer they approach Jerusalem the ': -mor e crowded the highway became and Jesus drew his twelve f!'.' -4 .,.._ .... -._. . . ';f/,_i;' ;. "' eti cl ples aparf in the way and told them that h e was soon to b e "'' ,$.;t i n jerusalem and delivered to the chief priest and the City Ring Turns Backto (Contin u e d from page ,Jlle ) Afraid of \Vbitaker It is well that the WANT E D AmMtia ,.._. --aati we ... I"'.-. '- 1he,1.tlia1 AnqL ._.. ...... t..t ....... !llCltlrr A.IUAL Iatlmt ACC!OUNTJlf& QIVlL SJDtVJQE Dltr' eler... Twitie. lly wtla w H. it s fw ll'1li ....IL. C-..A ..,_IL Business University of Tampa, Inc._ ri....2111 and that they would condemn him to death-This is the ")__ ,: t{rn,e he had told his diciples of his approaching end: The ;;'-diCiples possessed with the idea of an earthly rule that :\ye r e -not to take Jesus' ,declarations as he in'. ,,,. them to understand it._ They wanted to understand Jesus' to rrtean:.thiit t h e y were o n the way.to to es:;:t a b l ish the t fub!11dent Qf the re-creation department-that the board of aldert1(,':'. "a bunch 9f dumb-bells and grafters." Pierce is a mein-: :her; of-the board of recreatioil and Mr. Quinlan reported these f;,.$ remarks to the bo!ird of aldermen at its last regular meeting, be-cause Aldennian Pacheco demanded it. The board beeamc ter-. -. -'"' .riply incensed_ and ordered Rierce to appear the board JI-_"''"' ; at its next regUlar meeting and explain his remarks, The first !\!f.;".;; of the board to terribly enraged over the state, ment was Aldennan Pacheco himself, from Ybor City The a1-dermen, without loss of time took exception to Mr. Pierce' a statement and that he should be brought before the board what he It is understood that Mr. made.this report t<; the.board of aldennen beCause PS:-The Fleritla'a Me1t B .. utiful . Nicht Clul. Phone Y-1411 Juat aero .. the 22nd St. CaU8eway theco requested :it' The board' of aldennen' did not state just .............................. .. ., lf .. ,, LOCAL AN L O"G DISTANiE MOVIN6 STtlAlf re1.. ANYTHtHG LUMBER AND MILL WORK I Specializing in the sale of lumber a.nd mllhrork, It is only natural that we should know the kind suited to various buildin&' and repair purposes. Our suggestions ror th11 reason will always be found highly construet!Te and may save you mone:r as Wlilll a11 poutble clinppointment. T. W. RAMSEY LUMBER AND MILLWORK Phones Y 1219 and Y 12S1 Office and Yard-17th SL and Ith Ae. . l FLORIDA AVENUE An Investment Property Of Fine Acres Of Unrestricted Land.-Look It Over. For Particulara Call-MINS--4335 Cass St. A rcade i DU R SMA'S J ANITOR SERVICE D utch Floor Surfacinl!, l'aintm, KaJ.aomininc Plut.y a.nci o...-t W ork...,..... OeaonJ Rpir Sllp1 11&-17UI Cau St. Arcad-SS-10 Mariea M-1H6 't i Makes Mothers L i v e Longer More Playtime W ith an Electric Range One hour instead o f many h ours in the kitchen. Meals and Baking done with speed. Time to re'st and play ou' t of doors. Time to ride and visi t and go to the Movies. Time for your children Dinner a lways r eady b y the clock. T HE HOTP OINT ELECTRIC RANGE So automatic it thinks for itself. So exact it gives same results every time. So clean it never smudges your utensils. So economical it h a s no. superior. Our Campaign Terms $15 down $8.05 a month for 18 months. Fully installed with 4-cent wiring. Come In and Study It .r, Tampa Electric Company H.J. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager. .:... .. .' _)


t' --i -.-' ... .--1 : Saturday; 1930. .j_ '. . ir TAMPA Li FE , "' Child's First TeethAre ly available. The demonstration. NOTICE OF 1\-IASTER'S SALE of the pellagra pr!E)v:entiv e value Notice is hereby given that un-of can.ne d s a _llnon f ,ur_ der and by virture ofa decr e e of sale and entered on the 19th day ther evidence the soundnesl!! or of April, A. D., 1930, in that cer-the working _hypothesis that black tain suit p ending in the Circuit ,. t d 1 th a alogu of c ourt of Hillsboroug h county, Baneful of neglecting_ a ongue rn ogs s e n e pellagra in man. _Folrida, in Chancery, wherein. B child's first teeth are p _ointed out Wilser, ls the complainant, and J. by Dr. Esther Schupack, a d entist C. Bai:ber and Tressie Barber; writing -tn the May Hygeia. . Seminole .Civic his wife, a r e the defendants, I at Special Master in. Chancery, pur-Pus pockets in a .child's teeth : Club Notes suant to and to satisfy the terms a.re foci o:f infection just as they Public ForUDL of said decree, will offer for sale are in an adult's mouth. Child . and sell at public out-cry to th0 llpecialists now believe that "grow-Undel/ this head discussion highest and best bidder for cash, came up relatives to the merits in front of the Cour t House door ing pains"are really rheumatism o:f the proposed U48,000' adver_. in the .city. of Tampa( Hillsborcaused by i;nfeCtion _and cine source tising appropriation for the Cham-ough County, Florida, on the 5th of infection is diseased teeth. bet o.f Commerce. Wllile voting day of May, A. D ., 1930, the same Many parents are not concerned b eing a rule day, during the legal on a question is not in keeping hours of sale, the following deabout the extraction o! diseased with tlie ethics of the 'forum yet scribed property, situated, lying teeth in children, th1 _'nking that ' d b n H 'llsborough Coun the voices of the speakers seemed an emg 1 1 -the temporary teeth are not im . ty, Florida, to-wit; LOT TWENportant, anyWay. But the teeth to be ,strongly opposed to it The TY-SEVEN ( 27) IN EUCALYPconcensus of opinion b eing thEJ. TUS PARK SUBDIVISION, as per on each side of' a vacanJ space f d i Pl t B k city would receive greater benefit plat there o recor ed n a oo tilt forward-. and .;..lien new teeth 19 p 1 p bl" R cords of by s pending such a sum in secur- age u ic e erupt their po,sition has disappeared. ,Thus. the Permanent set comes in twisted and-out ot place. Dr. Schupack emphasizes especially. the care to save the six year molai:s. Parents pay little 11.ttention to these teeth _Which CQme in when the child 18 about 6 Y.ears old, not realizing that -they teeth. Soon ca vi ties appear and decay 1pre11da until the teeth must be removed. 'Thus the child _early in lifie .. begin.s to iose teeth that necessary .for -digestion and facial beauty . : Hillsboro ugh County, Florida. ing new industries !o,r Tampa, or JOHN R. STOFER, expanding small industries al-Special Master in Chancery. ready here. LEO STALNAKER . Under the same head, the in-Solicito r for Complainant. convenience and futility of having I (4)-19-26 (5)-3 so .many registration p eriods in a __ _ O_R_S __ year for city and county was dis-Notice is h e reby given that the cusse d and' cussed; particularly UI;ldergigned hl [J ETer7bod7' PHl'J'. Jla8', 0 Tbe :Farm Joanul a l!'nlta a Guda. ao.u--.... a 0ooct 11ter1ee CJ Hollen. B011>amakla1' CJ Nat'l Fann Plb7 .Jnnal 0 Needlecraft OPatldnder (l'fld7) fflPepalar CJ &pert .... Dis D 8ta.dv Pnltrr .J--a [J 8'fte II fal Puaolas cw-.w..w ' . . ... "} ., ' J. '".. ..


LIFE Saturday, May 3, i 930. in daily paper. This "Aimee MacPherson Baptizes sounds like old times in Florida. Diciples in River Jordan" says They meet and split and have bel?n headlines in daily papers. Withmeeting and splitting tor many out knowing the name of the years in this state. V:lhat else can twelve diciple s baptized it would they do, ir you ask me? be a safe bet that no Radio Oper-and one of the best week-I conditions of all parts of Florida ly papers in the state, has madfl I we that children born and ed-under our system as it has been worked' out, only $11 ,039.814.0.t was spent for actual instruction an enviable record as a member of t d th 1 t uca e in e ess prosperous the railroad commission, and it of children. The $36,11 i.794,35 would take someone with a colos-counties _are receiving equal left oYe r from the 2 .bo\-e \\"< s paid sal amount of optimism to believe j opp,ortunity who by out for Joa ns, interest, lands, h,e Could best tllis :::eni'al :::entle-J ac_c10den_t of b1rth', m m_. o,re 1 :::.. :::. _.., ,,. buL.d1ngs. supervisiou a:1\ gE-ner-Waal, I wint to the Alderman Ford politikal rally last Saturday. The mare wasn:t thar. I ain't seed .. If tile man in the street and es pec ially the one that is always laking on the dark side of life will only perk up his head and quit looking at his 'feet he will see 1 that Florida is strictly on the upThe mare J grade and mo,:ing right along tohad some of the citty fellers out' ward prosperity regardless o! thar to see how Patrick's speech booms, banks and blows, . the mare in two weeks. wuz goin" over and see wl1ether I saw all the men and wimmin hit took well with the crowd. I com e s from Miami _that and the j:andidates thar, at that Waal, hit shore did. The crowd the busmess men of that city exthar p icnic. Charlie Wall wasn't r esponded with intelligence Pa-' pect to takB life easy this summer thar but several of hiz candidates trick handed 'em citty bo ys a Jem-j r .nd will open the stores later and wuz." Some of 'em candidates wuz b d I clo se earlier giYing the employees on wrapped up m as estos an 1 a fon.g ways frum home. To some \and employers more time for re-. stitched with cat gut. That wuz of them thar candidates, Ybor Cit, . creat10n. Summer time i s play t. h h t th R l hot stuff that PatncK handed time in Florida and our own peo-ty is o t em w a e oc { o. . I ,:,Age:; is to a Christain-safety. them citty fellers. pie should be the first ones' to .. t Ald The Gov. Carlton impeachment take advantage of this !'act :>.:.'. -Jriaii 'Ford: He shore wuz whoopin' thing Morris sprung on Pa-" * I see' d a drunk man a er-I trick did not git to first base. Pa-Heard in the Times Union office trick grabbed hit by the back of I while the force is discussing a the neck and jerked a knot_ in its great operatic star: tail and made Morris untie it with 1 Bob Hooker: "Well, what about his teeth. Yep, Patrick -jarred her"? Is she good? them babies Angoras and the 1 Bob Harris: "Is she good? Why crowd shore liked hit and they I she 111 a great virtuoso." took to Patrick's talk just like a Bob Hooker: "Never mind duck takes to water. about her morals, Can she I liked that thar picniD so well out at Alderman Ford I think Neighobr John D. I'll trot out to Bull Frog crick took first prize for flowers at a Saturday. JUST IN PASSING i I tried Volusia County Flower Show last week. John D. probably went strong for the century .plant. News dispatch says that women are in charge of the city government at Yellville, Arkansas. Of course tl1e name of the city nothing to do with any arguments that might arise. All very quiet. ljc -* ators or Judges were in the bunch man.-Citrus County Chronicle. 1 pio_peious count'it:>. Di,,panties a l op ennion othe r th-ertising) It _,. J For Clerk of the Criminal Court I I I I Prof. L. M. Hatton I I Candidacy FOR RE-ELECTION To the Office of CLERK OF CRIMINAL COURT OF RECORDS OF HILLSBORO COUNTY > , ! Here's the Greatest Sales /\ rgumen't Product Can Offer Any We Challenge To Test The Yot1 GAS REFRIGERATOR At Our Expense . ,, ,. . I sons-and daughters for better 11 positions in life. I have been We don't want you to buy a Gas Refrigerator "in the dark,'' even though we know that it meets every requirement of every home. We don't want you to accept our word, or the word of a friend, for this new marvel of the age-dependable, silent, economical refrigeration. What we do want you to do is to put a Gas Refrigerator to the most rigid tests in your own home AT OUR EXPENSE. Use it until you are absolutely convinced that it meets ev-. 12th District interests and of Tampa in gener-a taxpayer. all these years, and now I am asking you for an office. J belie. ve that I am the best I qualified man to fill the of fice of Clerk of the Criminal I Couit. I have tried to be a I Subject to the will of the democratic voteris in the forthcon:iing primary, June 3, 1930. In announcing my candidacy I for re-election to the o:II!ce of i friend t-0 everybody. I know I t how close, money matters are I' Clerk of the Criminal Court of -how hard it is for many of 1 Records, may I call to your atten-1 us 'to pay our taxes-and I I tion the prompt, efficient manner t will do everything in my in which the affairs of this office ii powei: to relieve this situa-II have been conducted since the tion-. voters fav-ored me with this re, I have not betrayed your I sponslbility more three years , confidence in the past and I will not now. A salary of I I ago. I You will recall that prior to the I $7,500 is fixed by law, and 1 I should b e s;ttisfactory to I I anyone. I propose to turn I over to th.e County all fees I last election I had served you as Deputy Cle r k for six years, during which time the experience.I gained properly fitted me, to effidently handle the affairs of this office. I in "excess of this salary and I the running expenses of the I I office. 1 If re-elected, I promise the same ' Economy, accuracy and cour-I reliable and efll.cient _ser-1 I vice you have become accustomed I tesy shall always be my aim f to during recent years. II in the office of Clerk of the f Criminal Court. May I ask t your vote ap.d a good word in I I this election. Yours for reduction oj tax-i! es.-L. M. HATTON 1. ( Hatton) , Your vote and influence will be appreciated ELLIS J. SIMMONS ,, ery claim we up on your monthly gas bill ancl learn for yourself that it is surprisingly economical to operate ,,. Most Convenient The Gas Refrigerator brings you advantages you can find in no other method of refrigeration. Absolute!y silent because it has no moving parts. A tiny g a s Dame and a trickle of water do all the work Completely safe. Nothing to get out of order. No bulky machinery occupying valuable storage space. -The Tampa 5 f() T AMJ>A STREET Most Economical The Gas 1Refrigerator operates at the lowest cost of any other refrigeration system-check this fact for yourself when you make your Home-Test. It supplies ample ice cubes for every home requirement. Its first-cost is moderate Truly, you owe it to yourself to accept our challenge-today. Gas Co PHONE M-5555 I I ,-f--)


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