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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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I' Men of Character In Public Office !Independent # p I i Newspaper Published On I Saturday f of Each J Week 111 llOHil II a H VOLUME III. TAMPA, FLORIDA, MAY 10, l930. Price 5 Ceat Pr CoJJT Y -rly T Kall '11" No. 13. Other Local Officials .l"lay be Recalled the vo t e r s both from the stump CANDIDATES CROWD WATSON IN FOURTH PLACE MAYOR MAY BE INCLUDED IN RECALL MOVE I MONROSE IS NOT CANDIDA TE FOR LEGISLATURE 22 EXPECTANT MOTHERS and through.personal contact. He Wet Candidate Fail$ to Get i s pledging to the people the same Support at Political Rallies; co-operation and business-like ad-Voters Fail to Evidence In-ministration that he rendere d in the past when serving as a member of the board or county com-terest in Watson's Stand for Prohibition Repeal. Jlecall Againat Thompson and Broadt, Aldermen, Ia Gain'-a Headway. Is Candidate for the Board of County Commis$oners, and L> Not Running for House of Representatives, as Previously Stated. IN HIGH SCHOOL HERE missioners and also as chairman Thomas J. W.atson, candidate or the board, ror a number or years. In view of Mr. Friend's tor the state senate, running strength in district No. 3 li against Senator Pat Whitaker .. regular army. He served as a. pri Chas. M. Monrose, is a. ca.ndl-vr..:e in the .crack seventh regiment date for county commissioner ln or New York national guard. He district No. 3,. and' is not a candi-(Continued on page 2 ) date for the House or Represent ... Kickliter Is Candi-STARTLING CON DITIONS EXPOSED FROM THE PULPIT date for School Board Methodist Paiotor Moral and Political Conditions In Stands for Employment ol Local Teachers and Reducfou of Expensef;. Sermon at Eighth A venue Methodist Church Here. FRIEND SUPPORT ERS MAKING AC TIVE CAMPAIGN Put Forward Aggressive Campaign to Make Charles T. Friend a Member of Board of County Commissioners. Friends and supporters of Chas. Morris M. Givens and Homer HesHolmes, the present i ncumbent, did not announce as a candid&t terly, has been crowded into low for ree lection after Mr. Friend's place in the senate race by the formal announcement appeared. \Vants Tax R elief other candidates, or rather. as some voters expressed It this week he has crowded into Mr. F riend in stating his plat-fourth place as a result or the form briefly said, "I pledge tull manner in which the voters ha.Te c o-operation to the plans of the Wat-received his wet platform. Hillsborough county Tax Relier son is the dripping wet candid&le With recall movemenu against j .A.ldermen Broach and Thompson gaining headway this week It ca.me apparent that other official ill be involved in this recall movement and probably the rec:r.11 will be enlarged and tali:e in &lso Mayor D. B. Mckay. A number of dth:ens this week who were in fa!or or the recall were not in r:r.vor o f jus t picking out one or two officials for recall but insisted that th.e recall movement should include all from th!'J mayor down, taking in practically all o! the board of aldermen, with few ex ceptions. It is said that Mayor McKay rears that the recall ... m extend also to his office t.nd he tives or the Florida Legislature a11 announced in the last issue o! th Tampa Life. The legislative candidate, who has almost the game name, is William Monroe. Munroe is a candidate !or the House or Representatives in group No. 1 opposing John T. Lowe or Plant City. Through mistake the Tamp& Lire in its last issue named Mr. Monrose as the legislative candidate. Startling conditions in Tampa., T Friend, this week have waged Paul R. Kickliter announced hia morally politically and otherwise, Association and will practice the of the group. He wants local opstrictest economy and utmost em-tion back again and wants the ciency in the administration of eighteenth amendment to pass out county affairs, with the Idea or re-of existence. ducing the tax burdens. I know candidacy for member of the an active campaign in every sec-that with the experience I have were brought to the attention or tlon or commissioner's district No. had on the board, I am in posi The close observers at the poll-Whitaker Leads Applause school board in district No. 3. He h the congNgation o! the Eight 3 to secure Mr. Friend' s nomina-tion to be or service to th. e tax-tical rallies held so fa.r declare advocates the employment or home Avenue Methodist church, by its Wants Expenses Reduced teachers particularly. In announc-Mr. Monrose in announcing his Ing his platform to the Tampa has g iven out & statement dia-candidacy for memb,ership on the Life thlS week, Mr. Kickliter said: couraging the reca,11 o! even Alder-board of county commissioners "I am a native of Hillsborough man Thompson. said that he was r _unning on a f County and I received my school-Has Mayor's Sanct10lll platform o! "reducing all county ing at the University of Florida. It Ya.s the concensus of opln-expenses and abolishing all u.se-I stand ror a r eduction or expem1e ion or many citizens this week less offices and spending the coun-in school supervision. We want a that no particular member of the ty's money eoonomically." high standard and employment of board ot aldermen should be re-As previously stated, Mr. Mon-home teachers .. I hav e had experica.lled: to the e:tclusion of the oth-rose has had a number of years' ence in school work !or several n as th,ese citizens felt that the experience in the national guard years and I ha;ve been a principal (Continued on page two)) of New York.:atate and &lso in the of schools In this county. pastor, Rev. Ira E. Williams, in his sermon last Sunday n ight, taken form the t ext, "Is it Nothing To You!" Rev. Williams scored of ficials and othe r s !or conditions in this city, and blamed church members for their inacU-tion in the Democratic prima:ry, payers or Hillsborough county. 1 that there is no doubt about the June 3rd, tor membership on the will appreciate t h e votes, support senate race being entirely between county commissioner board. Mr. and friendship or the voters o! Senator Whitaker and Morris GI-Friend is carrying his campaign to district No. 3." ( Continued On Page Two. ) Pf.ohibitiori AttclCkS COme From Un-American Sources Charge. of "Dumbells and Grafters'' Still Sticks along certain lines. After referring t o numerous injurious and harmful situations in Tampa. he startled his audience with the question, "Is It nothing to you that there are twenty-two expec-tant mothers in one or the high Congressmen Who Lead At-I i1Te1 the following fa.cts which I igan, a11. outst&nding dry who r-e-schools in this city?" This infor-tacks on Prohibition Come I epeak. tor themselves. Three ot ceive<. p _. tbeir aumbers and introducer dia, but each has an 0q'Ual vote in Vice Spreads mga... rMJ.omm&te. are Res. 38 Congressman John J. Congress. The second of thesv Rev. Williams first relerred to Cochran, S t. Louis, Mo; a Roman bills asks tor government con conditions in the immediate lo.cal-Dr. Harry Hl&rl Woolever, edl-Catholic; Res. 11", trolled liquor stores. It was in-ity in which his church. is tor or the Kethodilt Prell lll il.obert H Clancy, Detroit, Rom&ll troduced by Congressman Adolph ted. H e also made rereren:ce to Wi&shlngton, has searched out the Catholic, Knight o! Columbus; 1. Sabith. or 8h1c&go; born In Pacheco that Pierce was ordered on the recreation board without the housing conditions and the tacts about those who haTe Intro-Rea. 137, Congressma.n .J&mea T. Czechoslov:?.kia a Jew. The third to appear before the board at the pay. After a lot or discussion and lack or proper cleanness sanit&-duced the seTen Joint reioluU0121 Igoe o! Chicago, Roman Catholic. bill uk1 !or beverages with three last meeting to explain his re-di!play ot rlre works lt was decid-t10n and pride on the part of the against prohibition in the House. "Three of the remaining four J>9f cent &lchoholic content &nd marks. ed that Pierce should be given an property owners.He then paid his bills before the committee ask was Introduced by Cochran of St. M d Re rt Theses !acts make Yonderfully lna e po extension of one week In which to respects to certain political condi-modification for the eale o! liquor Leul.e, the 11&me individual who readini. :W:r. WaoleTR ----Alderman Pacheco le&rned that appear before the boa.rd. As the tion11. "A great many people under government supervision. 6180 aeked for repeal. Th:e last ot Walter Pierce, member or the Mr. Pierce passed the remark that matter now stands he is command-think that nothing of & political writes: H. l. Res, II, a sking that states the seTen t11Bks !or a referendum the board of aldermen was a ed to appear before the board of nature should be mentioned in "There are seven House joint be permitted to fix alchoholic con-on rePEal ot the Eighteenth board. ot recreation or the city, who was ordered. to appear. la.st Tuesday night before the boarJ "bunch of dumbbells and grafters' aldermen next Tuesday and ex-any way in the pulpit, s&id Rev. resolutions before the House ju. tent, was introduced by Fiorella amendment. That sucb referen-&t a recent board meet-plain what he meant by calling Williams. "I am a clU:ien o! Tam diclary committee upon which wet H. LaGuardia who often evidences dum is unconstitutional d 'oes not lng, and W. L. Quinlan, the super-the board a bunch o! dumbbells pa and I speak as & citizen. There dry heulngs are being held. an Italian attitude in legislation. deter the introducer, Congresswoor aldermen and explain the mean-lntendent 'f the recreation depart and grafter.s". Pierce says he will la something wrong with political to the bills as round in lie wa.s elected by 11,956 voters man Mary T. Norton of Jersey ing of certain remarks he Is al-ment was present. Alderman not be present. A number or cit1-condiUons in T&mpa, I have a the Holie document room and te on New York's East Side. We City, Roman Catholic. Pacheco asked Mr. Quinlan to zens remarked this week that the right to spe a.k on political condl-th record!! of Conjiressmen as wentlan the number of votes cast The plain faeta 11peak 111ptr1-make a report to the board of al-board or aldermen is ma.king a tlons when these conditions tend fund In the Tolume, "Who's Who to compare with the number cast cantly. It ls noted that each leged to ha.ve r!lcently made ln r.!erring to the board o! a.ldermen dermen o! the remarks o! Pierce. mistake in insisting upon Pierce to injure good morals." It was in Or American Government," for Oongr&'!aman Hudson of Mich-(Continue d on page 2) &s a "bunch of dumbells and grat-This was done at the meeting of coming before the board as he j reported that a gambling hall had ters. Alderman Pacheco almost the board last week and at that might perhaps prove the state-been re-opened in th&t community had a tit when Pierce !aile:i to time Pacheco demanded !Jitt ment he made to be true. The cc2n tinue d on page two)) Pierce be commanded to appear board has not yet intimated what show up before the boa.rd Pacheco had a fine speech cut &nd dried to trim Pierce down. lt was upon the insistence o f Alderman before the board, a.rter the aide it will do in the event Mr. Pierce men had heard Quinlan's report. appears and proves the iruthfulIt appears that Pierce is serving ness of his remarlu. Mickler, Legislalative Candidate Wiese B'egins County-Wide Campaign for Judgeship Is Not a Catholic candidate for the HoU!e of In Group 2 Is a Member of the Epiaco-pal Church. -Joseph R. Mickler, Tampa new11-paper man, and c&ndidate tot the House of Representatives of the Florida Legislature from Group Z or this county, is not a Romu Catholic as previously Friends, Supporten of Judge Wiese Organizing in City and County Precincts. Judge Albert P judge of the juvenile c _ourt of Hillsborough county entered upon a.n. act!Te county-wid,e campaign this week which has been launched by hls friends and supporters in practical ly every section of the county, the couatry precincts as well as the city. Wieee1 1,5 & candidate for re-election to the junnfle jadr;ldp. .Judge Wieae receind tli9 Jo" tb.ia omce in the primary election campaign four years ago, by a sweeping majority, over four opponente. Judge Wiese is opposing Albert Caro and C. Bro'11'Il Ill the present campaign for this ace. Active .Juvenile Worker For a number of years prior to his election to the omo.e of judge of the juvenile court, .Judge Wiese had been active tn. most all phases Wiese has also been active in A number or fraternities and ls a member of the Gary Masonic lod'ge and has passed through all or the chairs or that local organization. Judge Wiese succeeded W Raleigh Petteway .upon the bench o! the juvenile ludge Pettew&y had presided over t.ha.t tribunal almost tromr the tim!B or its creation. 1udge Wiese will be present &t all of the political rallies to be held The Tampa Lire is alwa.ys re&d7 and willing to assist in correcting a.ny lmpressioll81 that might be erroneous, and to treat all fairly. Mr. i11 a member or the St. Andrews Episcopal church and his name appear1 In the Memorial window of th&t church in the Hon-of juv.enlle work In churches, ciTie under the auspices of the demo-or Roll composed of tho.ee mem aasociation11 &nd elsewhere. For cratlc executive committee of bere of that church who fought In ye&rs prior to hill .election to thl Hillsborough county and will the g?')eat war. Mr. Mickler is opomce ie &ls9 mad a. specla:L 1tudy make a per.sonal ca.nvasa. or th polllnc. w .r ; BITens, John Bledsoe of juvenile d,ellnquenc:r and other county in a!1d1tion to presentin1 and Ja.mes KcCante !or the legia-l)ha,eea of youth welfare York. Mr. his pl&Uorm from th etump. Slot Machines Are Put Back in Business Places I blini conditiMls in Tampa and one or the hundreds of machines Scare lo Slot Machine Operat 1 particularly with reference to the being operated In Tampa are open ora Only Temporary; All 11lot machinee. Arter the Tampa gambling. Many of them are Machines Have AaaiJ:a S... Tribune had confirmed sll of the operated with coins and pay ort Placed Back In Stores and Tampa Life's slot ma.china e .torics with coins. Others pay off in H.U.. the operators that the pu-alug.s which are redeemable tn blicity was becoming too cash ln most or the places. It 11 and that the officers of tht la... said tha.t none or these m&chlnes The slot machines operators art-would be forced to raid the 1lot now under operation are protecter having collected in their ma-machines. The owners or the ma-ed by 1.ny lnjunction against the chines from Tarious places of bus lness &rter a temporaryi scare have &gain placed their machine11 back in the stores, cigar stand1 and other places or business, There they were formally located. The acare lasted only about ten laya. The Tlol&tlon o! the law bea&lll.9 eo OJen &Dd flagrant that e'fen the Tamp& Tribune publiahed an arUcle OTer & week ago confirming the new1 storle1 that had been appearing in the Tampa Lite for HYeral weeka bout the ram-chlnes hurriedly began to gather officers, either in the federal them up &nd hide them awe.y. court or the one recently Issued Get Official Oonsent by Circuit ludge L. L. Parks. All Now the machines have hem ot slot machines are now placed back in their forme" stands aubject to selsure a.s both the city and the alot machine vlolation3 and state laws are being openly are 1olng on u usual. Some of Tiolated. The slot machine trade tlil slot machine operators are E:T continues to be the le&dln.g bual bold enough to decl&re that ness in Ta.mpa today and ta.kee in they have beeD to the city hall and multiplied thousa.nda of dollan haYe obtained official license to enr7 da:r. Tlul .slot machine eperate theae machines. CltiR!DI ownera are literally fighting ror ho haTe bee11 lnvstlr;ating the locaUon1, In drug stores, cigar operation or slot machine1 thla et&Dda &11.d Ten 1mall business. week dcl&re that practie&lly nery place..


-'. .. .. .: fl.Ill .--TAMPA Lie& Saturday, May 10, 1930 c."r :'-" (." \ .. . t Life i! opposed to abolishing the fee system if the mayor wants it abolished merely for the purpose of attempting to secure the creation of the office of County Treasurer, so this office might be filled by a certain relative of the mayor's, whom we have in mind. boost with the common people I Day is not old--in I . a throughout the entire country,, many cases tar younger than 1 boa1'd i ng schoo l s supply c andy as Th difterent efforts made by the I :.\IIother herself . But Mother's day a part of the daily menu, while t t b t ome candl I stands for somethrng that plays c1 y rmg o nng ou s -many public school s sell con!ec-d h. h th thouaht softly even around heartstrin gs ate w ic e nng k \that seldom off musical tions m the schoo l lunch room. strong enough to defeat Wh1ta er, 1 "' lt d . ddi 1 strams. Pack a few pieces of good candy AA .. ce1t, Pru;reni n Weekly New11I1&1tr -e& - Palll!allef nry Satarta.y lJy tlte J'Leauu .. LIJ'W PWLllS:l.Nf} COMPANY, las. 'J.-11a.. J'l.orita 22 Expectant Mothers In High Scho61 Here has so far only resu e in a der! of this republic. This lack tional strength t o the present s e n j Rem:mber :\fother on Mother's i n the lunch box e a ch day-not of American ideals o f liberty re-r.tor. The efforts of the city ring D ay. Give her any gift you choose h uge quantities once i n a while, suits in their spirits of intoler-to centei behind l\Ir. Gi v --fruit, confectionery, money, or but a little regularly. See that ance towards our laws. It is be-ens afterwards to at least a written or verbal token ft Q greens, fruit and m ilk. are also cause ot this a ttitude that Dr. Don support of He.sterly and then I of your loveand admiration of her. .a.tntu .a.. aele ..... Hi eua Street Pllillae .U U v furnished. Do these things and (Continued from Page One) C. Seitz( former manager of the changed awa y to the wet cand11 She may not b e with you next your lunches are pretty sure to be not far from his church only a few New York World, d ecla r ed, "The date, Mr. Watson, and then final-f Year, Opport unity t o day stands w ell b a l a n ce d and healthful, and days ago. It is said that this hall, I select seat or bigotry is among ly most of it hr.s centered back) knockmg at your door. the first to b e operated in that Jews and Catholics." again to Givens, as each ot the community, employ s s everal work-other c andidate s selected failed to UTILE STOMACHS attractive as w ell. :_. ..... u ............. Ke.relt. 31, UH, e.t tll.e PHteaee at 9uilJ&, 'fte.Wa, lJw.ur ef Mareil a,.llf9. ________ __ ers and that bolita is thrown every Monrose Is Not develop the strength anUcipf.ted AND LUNCH-BOXES Form in Line Plea se! night at 8: 30. This hall not only by the city ring. Dumb-"We're going togive the .. ..S.tlea aaw: he Y...-ta .Alh-ce U.tt 1W XeMll la .A.&n" ,1.tt sells its own bolita tickets but al-Candidate For There is also another Tom Wat-Pack the childre n s lunch boxes b r ide a shower." so sells on the "big three" gam-the son in the race for the legisla-carefully, remembering that al-I Du .mber-"Count me in. I'll bring bing houses of this city, Pote, Ser-ture but the second' Tom Watson 1 though their little stomachs do the soap." THE PROHIBITION ATIACKERS afin and Cuban (Continued fromPage One) is running for the House of Re-not have an enormous capacity, The L. & N. Employes' Magar;ine. Statistics recently compiled in \Vashington with reference to also sold at this pl ace. 1 16 ts also a yeteran of the infantry prsentatives in group No. S that their activity demands consi.... _.,,,,, ,,,, u ,. the various efforts being made to repeal the prohibition laws main gam,bling hall is o .ca e on J of the regular army and served in against Tom Walden. This is At-derable food as fuel. Buy and Sell Anything From h h the second floor, the bohta seller s t" D c b d i th torney Tom Watson. Mr. Wat-In the words of a well known I and to otherwise attack prohibition indicates that t ose w o are i s located in a small office on the' San A e u a urHng I e a Hairpin to a Battleship h h 'b" l h t pams mencan war. e s a ion, the senate candidate, is the Nutritionist, "Their .t'n. Therefore, in determining the number of congressmen to .something wrong with the educa-Tampa Times and the Tampa Tn-different. The only fault we ca n represent us in as ngtoQ an m apportlonmg ese congress-bune are opposing Senator Whita-find with this day is that no one Dll. N. I:. 81lOWN ................... -.. 4U W. Latantte St. :Pll -uu Eagle (afettria W hi d th tional side or our cit:). This condi-I Th tion in our schoo l s is starttJna : men the aliens are counted just the same as the citizens. !.:er. This i s giving him a. big thought of it centuries ago. { A f and I want you to be startled and FLORIDA AVENUE An Investment Property Of Fine Acres Of Unrestricted Land.-Look It Over. .. is why LaGuardia, that wet, un-merican congressman rom aroused so that some of you will New York, was elected to our national conli:ress with only 1 I, -be willing to h e lp do something ) 000 votes. The apportionment of congressmen depends upon about it, and b e willing to make population and not upon Some of the congressmen a sacrifice to r emedy conh ditions." in our national house of representatives receive more t an twen-.. "' .. t . ,i ty times as many votes. as did La Guardia. Hundreds of candidates for. have been defeated who have received far more votes than LaGuardia received and by which he was elected. Mr. Stalnaker also said in his speech at St. Petersburg, .. Statistics compiled by the Committee on Immigration in the House Other Officials May Be Recalled (Continued from Page One) of Representatives show that the class of people committing the board in acting as it has upon the greatest number of crimes in this country are the children of airport matter is merely following the secret suggestions of Mayor aliens themselves, and the class of people committing the next McKay. Eight aldermen this "" greatest of are the negroes and the class of peo-w eek signed a 5,000-word state-'<'.;':\:'. pie committing the smallest number of crimes are the native ;} citizens: Statistics show that aliens and the ." aliens in bootlegginli:. smui:glinK, dope peddlinK and other crimes. .... ; JESUS ACCLAIMED AS KING. The International Uniform lesson for Sunday school study next Sunday is entitled "Jesus Acclaimed As King.". In the beginnini' of the lesson we read about Jesus and his disciples travelini' to Jerusalem He knew that there he would be condemned to .. death ad be crucified. Yet He does not tum aside from the jo.urney, nor does He try to keep His coming from heing known to all. The multitude shouted aloud His triumphant entry into .. )erusalern.. They gave to, Him every honor that they would give ('' to royalty. It was the .common people who acclaimed Him as k.ina-. ney recognized royal worth, regardless of His dress and evl=n though He rode upon an ass, followed by its colt. The irfeat multitude spread garments in the' way. This multitude knew Him as a man who had led an unselfish life and who had given the best He had for simple service of others. His ness silnplicity had appealed to them. The brief span of Jesus; earthly ministry was drawing rapidly to a close. We cannot forget the fact that within a short week some of these very people in that multitude were crying, "Crucify HimlCrucify Him!" The people were told by Jesus' enemies that Jesus had profaned the temple and that He was doing away with the customs and traditions in which their nation believed. This one prejudice was stronger than the hundreds of arguments which could come from His miracles, from His teachings and from His blameless life. One prejudice had caused all the argument of. a lifetime to crumble. It happened at the time of Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem that the < .' . city. was crowded with worshippers who had come to celebrate .':. fii''i:he Feast of the Passo.ver. When it became known that Jesus was approaching the city enthusiasm ran high. Jesus knew the grim struggle that lay ahead and He determined to enter the city as the Messiah. According to the ancient prophecy, the Messiah must come riding on an ass. Jesusknew that if he i:ode into the city in this manner that prophecy would leap instantly into tho minds-of the Jewish onlookers. The hosannas that rang high upon the air of Jerusalem are ringing in the air of every : !.. day life today. The garments spread in the path to make easy His advance are being spread by millions today to make possible His ultimate coming. The branches of the palm trees which the mltitudc waved &re still waving. The kingship of Jesus, recognized by the common people then is beingrecognized today by the millions of the world. THE FEE SYSTEM We hear a lo. t about abolishing the fee system. The first talk along this line recently came from the city administration. The Tampa Life is doubtful about the advisability of abolishing system . In the. first place the mayor wants it abolished. That :well. for the fee system. It must have good features, I!lent about the airport squabble, It was si gned by Broach, Hixon, Thompson, Rosenthal, Pacheco, and Henderson. These names in-clud'lil th.a seven aldermmen who Yoted tq reject the Catfish Point site last Tuesday night and was also signed by one other-Alderman Emerson. Emerson voted last Tuesday night against rejecting the Catfish Point site, but he swung around Wednesd11.y with the majority, This statement by the eight aldermen ended by asserting that the board was not responsible for the airport muddle and the board is merely being criticized for no t keeping step in a procession of extraYagant expenditur. es. But it now seems that the board wants to buy Drew field tor e. land-plane base at an extravagant fi gure and then procure a sea-plane base elsewhere. Attacks On Prohibi tion Come From American Sources (Continued from Page One) of member.!! introducing these bill11 is from a wet city with a large 'hyphenated' population and not a .single one o:f them ha.s had the advantages of the typical American background of religious and social training. The fight to maintain national prohibition is &gainst forces led by those who neve r knew the spirit of the foun-, .. ,,,,,,,,,,, The urroultn 'l(ouge Fleritla' a Mest Beautiful Nisht Clult Phene Y-1411 Juet ac the 22nd St. . ; : wold assume.some other attitude. If the niayor wants. i.t abol.ished--.-and he does,. we :should go very slowly 'about abolishing it. t.et' s sti.Jdy;this very thoroughly; The'. candidates should be catefol not "to' be led into a trap{"Tne Tazppa ................ ............... .. ;-," ., ... .. .. _. :-_, J y,/j" _: :... WANTED Amlitilli... ,.._. -.... wemem te prepare fer aeutne pMiti1a1 dwe.rlt .w accreditecl .. .,..., 51'1!N6f!UPHY aANKING SBCIUITARIAL HICiHM. ACCOUNTING &VIL SHAVI

I TAMPA LI F & ........ ., .. , S8turday, May .10, 1930 . . ---...,. .... .... .,,....,.. .... .,, .... .,.. .... 'Y\T:&.,...&:.,,..,T:&.,,....,.....,.. .... .,,....,.. .......... TA.,..:&?&"'=I PUBLIC CAN HELP ., TO MAKE MILK SAFE il.Aal di11eharie. a.. such Ad:mini1ttratu. l!t. G. TITTSWOITB, .Administrator e. t. a. of the tate vt l!:dT&rd Gordo11. Stewarel Deeu111d. for four consecutive weeks in the T_<\.MPA LIFE, a newspaper published in said County and State. defendant is to the affiant unknown; that the said defend;int is over the age of twenty-one yaars and that' there is no person in the State of Florida upon whom 'the service of a subpoena would bind the defendant, it is therefore ordered that said non-resident defendant be and is h ereby r e quired to appear to the bill of complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday, the 2nd day of June, A. D. 1930, otherwise the allegatiolliil of said bill will be taken as confessed by said defendant. Watch for 1 n this paper soon. .. .: . -. (-,'. . . .. . . \ "';. . ,.', Jrtiik is the nearest perfection in but it is also the greatest potential danger. Bacteria grow better and multiply faster in malJi than in any other standard food. Of all foodstuffs it is the most diffic:ult to obtain, handle, transport and deliver in a clean condition. In addition it is the most easily decomposable of all foodstuffs These facts are presented b y Mildred Dillistin in an article in the May issue of Hygeia, in which she shows that it Is the obligation of every member of a community to help prevent the sale of dangr-ous milk. Health departments are work-(3)-H-B-U (i)l-11. Done and ordere d in Tampa, Florida, this the 30th day of April, 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. NOTICE TO CREDITORS By EDW. MORGAN, D. C. i1 hereby ginn that the ANNA A. KRIVITSKY, undersii;ined has be.en duly ap-Solicitor for Complainant. pointed a.nd as Executor. State of Florida, of the e11t a.te o! D. MeConnahey,' County of Hillsborough: All heira, creditore, leg-I hereby certify that the above a.tees, distributees, and all other and foregoing is a true copy of persons haTin&' claim11 or demands the original order for publication a.gain1t estate are hereby :ao-made in said cause, on file in my tilied to present them to the Coun-office. tr Judi" o! Hill1borour;h Cou:atr Tampa, Florida, April 30th, a.t hi1 o:ltce at th Court Heu.e, 11130. Ta.llil.pa, Florida, properly orn to (SEAL) W A. DICKENSON,. Clerk, Circuit Court. witlli11. one year frem date llereor er titer will be roreTer H.rret by laiir. All porson indebted to said est&te are reqquired to come forwa.rd and make settlement without delay. By EDW. MORGAN, D. C. () 5-3-10-17-24-31. 89612-C Tampa, Florida, April 5, 1930. ing agains t many obstacles in their S. D. CAMPBELL, Executor bl. ol D. McCONNAHEY, Deceased. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, HILLSBOROUGH C 0 UN TY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. efforts to protect the pu IC ( 4 )_ 5 _12_19_ 26 ( 5)_3 10-17-24-31 against unsafe milk. Politics and ; Jack of funds play their parts, but NOTICE indifference of the public is the t Net1ce is hereby giTe:n th&t the most difficult problem, Miss Dillis-l u11.tu1i1".ed, Charity P. Bethel a:ad Ja.mes F. Bethel as executors tm declares. He needs the force of 1 u11.der the Will of :r..:'iuy Dora Fo-public opinion to help him persu-ia:rtr, deceased, will ma.k.'e their ade or force producers and dealers! l.:aal accounting to the Honorable to comply with the laws. 'Geo. H. Cornelius, Countr Jud'e fer Jii[iJ1s9orough County, Florida, H. M. CANTER, Complainant. vs. ELLA C. CANTER, Defendant. :ORDER FOR PUBLICATION It appearing by affidavit appended to the bill in the above stated cause that Ella C. Canter, the defendant therein named, is a non-resident of the State of Florida; that the residence of the said It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the TAMPA IFE, a newspaper published in .said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Florida, this the 30th day of April, 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk, Circuit Court. By EDW. MORGAN, D C. ANNA A. KRIVITSKY, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida, County of Hillsborough. I hereby certify th.at the above and foregoin,g is a true copy or the original order for publication made in said cause, on file in my office. Tampa, Florida, April 30th, 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Circuit Court. By EDW. MORGAN, D. C . () 5-3-10-17-24-31. H elp put the health officer and at his oaca in the Court House in his inspectors in a position to say, saiti. Ccm:aty, a.t 10 o 'clock A. M. "The people in this town don't! cm the 20th day of Ma.y, A. D. want poor milk. They're afraid of 1121, &!I l!!UCh Executors! and i:P If You L;ke Tampa Life plr to said Judge for a :!nal dis-.Iii it-afraid of the disease it conveys. charge as such Executora. and spreads. They are willing to JAMES F. BETlllllL, w L N t G t It B M pay th'e price if they know it is CliL.\.RITY P. BETIEL, DY 0 e y &J safe but don't try to hoodwink xecuton Under the Will of Muy ther:i into buying poor milk for -Ft:--ll I-n. -d-It _I_n_I. they know better in this day and (1)-2-li. K, !VII age." ---------------! 1 TAMPA LIFJ:, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIR-415 Cu11 St., WHY NOT DEPOSIT TEENTH J UDICIAL CIRCUIT, Tampa., Fla. HILLSBOROUGH C 0 UN TY, Da.te'----------1 COLLAR BUTIONS? FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. CORA J."'WEST, Comvlainant, Please enter my subscription to TAMPA LIFE. I aneloH The local drug store in Hender-n. JAMES H . WEST, Defendant. son's Corners had decided to close Order for Publication. from nine until eleven-thirty Sun-It appearing by all'ld;nit a.pday morning. The demand for pende d to the bill' in the above "small change for a nickel" had stated ca.use that James H West, the defendant therein named, is been so great that our good frlen.t non-resident of the Ste.te of Flor-druggis Hornsby has been unable ida, and is a resident o! the Counto give perfect service. ty of Suffolk and State of Massa' chusetts and that the last known Welch Will Succeed and present address of the defendant is 316 :Orme Ave., Phoenix, Arizona.; and that there is no per-Justice P. K. Smiley son in this State, the serYice of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant and that he is F. B. Welsh, son of Senator OTer the ;i.ge of twenty-one years; Welsh, is to succeed P. K. Smiley as justice of the peace in the north.side district after the formal-it is therefore ordered that said non-resid(lnt defendant be and he iii hereby ordered and required to be and appear to the bill of comitie s of having his bon approved pla.in filed in said cause on or beby state officials at Tallahassee. fore Monday, the 2nd day of June, A. D. 1930; otherwise the a.llegaThe county commissioners have tions of sa.id bill will be take n as already approved of Mr. Welsh'll confessed by said defendant. It i:;; further ordered tha.t this he will open his offices in the Hall order be published once a week building. for four consecutiTe weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper publishbond. Mrfl Welsh announces that S enator Arthur Capper, talking with a writer in Washington recently said: "The chains are a problem." At that time the sena-tor from Kansas was undecided about fearlessly attacking the money barons that control this na-tlonal chain disgrace. ed in aid County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Florida, thi:;; the 2Hh day of April, 1930. (SEAL) 111. A. DICKENSON, Clerk of Circuit Court. By EDW. MORGAN, D. C . .\.NNA A. KRIVITSKY, Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida Recently Capper came out County of Hillsboro. against chains and dozens of other I hereby .certify that the above senators followed his lead. It now and foregoing is a true copy of appears that the chain store issue the original order for publication made in said cause, on file in my will be carried into .the next na-Hice. tional election. NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that under and by virtue of a decree of :sale entered on the 8th day of May A. D., 1930, in that certain suit pending in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida, in Chancery, wherein H. B. Langham and his wife, Edna M. Langham, are the complainants, and Annie W. Evans and her husband, Samuel G. Evans, are the d 'efendants, I, the undersigned Special Master in Chancry pursuant to and in order to satisfy the terms of said decree will offer for sale and will sell at public outcry to the highest and best bidder for cash in front of the Court House door in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, on the 2nd day of June,,A. D., 1930, the same being a rule day, during the legal hours of sale, the following described property, located and situated in Hillsborough County, Florida, to-wit: Lot Eight (8) of Block Four ( 4) of Nordka Subdivision of the West 18 chains of the South one-third of the Northwest quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 7, Township 29 South, Range 19 East as same is recorded in Plat Book 3, Page 32 of the Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida. A. B. CARLTON, Special Master in Chancery. LEO STALNAKER, Solicitor for Complainants (5)-10-17-24-31 Tampa, Florida, April H 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk of Circuit Court. (SE .\.L) By EDW. MORGAN, D C. (4)-26 ({})-3-10-17-24. NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A FREE DEALER Notice is hereby given that on May 26th, A. D., 1930, the undersigned will apply to the Honorable F. M. Robles, judge of the circuit court in and for Hillsborough County, Florida, in Chancery, at his office in the courthouse in Tampa, Florida, for a license to manage, take charge of, and control her property,, and to become a free dealer in every respect. ELIZABETH ECKENROD. LEO STALNAKER, Solicitor for P ,etitioner. (5)-3-10-17-24. 89613-C II" THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, HILLSBOROUGH C 0 UN TY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. JASSIE COURSON ---Complainant. YS. A.. C. COURSON, Defendant. ORDER FOR PUBLICATION It appearing by affidavit appende d to the bill in the above stated cause that A. C. Courson, the defendant therein named, is a non-resident of the State of Flo1 -ida; that the residence of the said defendant is to the afliant unknown; that the said defendant is. over the age of twenty-one years and that there is no person in the State of Florida upon whom the NOTICE service of a subpoena woul d bind Netlce is kereby &"iTe that the the defendant, it is therefore oru11.derei1"11ecl., will at 11 o 'clock A. dere d that said non-resident d e M., tM Uth 4&y of May, .A. D. fendant be and he is h e r eby rel ISO, make his Anal accounting ;a.s quired to appear to the bill of Ati.mini1trater, -..ith tile Will an-complaint filed in said cause on or .execl., et U1.e eah.te ef Edwa.rd before Monday, the 2nd day of Gerto Steward, Deceased to the June, A. D. 1930, otherwise the Hoilorable Geo. H. co'rnelitis, allegations of said bill will be taCu.ty JUti..&'e Hillaboroti,h ken as confe.ssed by said defen-C.-t7, :rlerita, at lt.11 oce a dant. Ole Ceurt Iouse i Tampa, Flori-. 'It is further .ordered that this !! 4' 'd apJl7 to 1&id Ju(p fer a order be publlshed once a week payment for (1 yea.r $2.00); (6 months $1.00). I State City I I Tampa Life OFFERS ITS READERS_ TREMENDOUS s You Can HaveYourChoice Of Any FIVE MAGAZINES id' $2 50 And1ltisNewspaper --It's absolutely truel No strings attached to this offer. You can actually have your choice of any 5 of these ramous magazines ii you ACT NOW! The cost is just a triRe of their actual value, A whole year's reading for Father,Mother and the kiddies. Stories ond articles on every known topicl Look 'em over. Select your Favorites and Mall the Coupon Today! Don't worry if you already get some of these Renewal$ will be properly All Subscriptions Are for a Full Year (Except Pathfinder, which is for 6 mos.) Gentlemen: I wisl1 to take mlvanfage of your ]Magazine Ilargain 01Ier. I :uu enclosing the abo1 e amount in pay111eut for a one )"ear subscriptitn1 to :your 1m11cr and the FIVE lllagazillcs 1 bul"c marked ,,ith an X bclo,v, St. or n. F. D-------------------Twn ------------.. ------cStnte----0 Amerkan l'ltry. Journal D Household l\Iar;azlne D Breeder's Gazette D ModerR Homemaking D Nat'! Farm Pl try. Jourual O The Country Home 0 N eedlcrart ( fermerly Farm & Fireside) D Everybody's Pltry. Mac. D Path.finder (Wkly) 26 issu"8 D The Fann Journal D Fruits & Gardens D Gentlewoman Jlg. D Peol'le's Popular O Spertsn:ian's Dir;est O Stand'lrd Poultry Q Suc.ccssful Farinlng 0 Woman's .:.., \. ., .1 ' .. I I :


I. \ PAGE FOUlt. Remodel Your Home Into a Modern One w aal, I wint down to the politlkal rally last Saturday a.t !llale Toad Crick. I h&d a big time down thar. The voters shure had a 19t ot fun with the The candid.ates speeches wuz &II 'By BETTY BARCLAY aood a.s usual. Some were pityful. A writer recently claimed that The senate race was the thing sixteen million homes in tne Unit .the people cum, out to hear. Pa-ed States are nothing but "ugly 'trick shure did throw a hook into boxes, built for shelter, without a Morris agin 'and tell hi_ m whar to moments thought to beauty." head In. Re made Morris look It would be to get the like the littlie end cit nothing whit owners or sixteen millions homes tled down to small point. Pa--to admit this, .but for some reason trick his vocabulary. Wat-or other many of them are doing son knows his liquids. Morris a gv_eat d 'eal of remodeling. Apparknows his roadhouses. Hesterl7 ently they are not at all satisfied kii.ow hill tombstones. Morris and with the old order or things. P&t have crowded He.sterl7 are newly painted. Sun Watson tnto the background. The7' porches are being built. Flower ate \>acked plum.b oft the bot.rd boxes are making their a.ppearara8ping tor breath. W.atson anoe. Inside, bathrooms in colored wailtsto repeal the eight.eenth tile, and hardwood floors in handamendment and let us all b&Ye some and durable oak, are among local option again. He la eo wet the most popular improvements. that every time he gits up to The old splintery, worn floor, make a he looks like he thoroughly out of keeping with needs atteritlon. modern standards, is doomed. Flo-A lot of excitment 'W'&s furnish-ors of oak eliminate these annoy. !id tor the crowd whin a teller let ances, and' as this wood _!ends itself his knee cap jump out of jint, and to color and is admirably adapted he went to whooping and holler-to staining milady may have a ing wurst than an old drunk with "weathered" fimsh in the living the d'. t"s. The Whole crowd wint room; a dark gray in the dining runnin' to see what wur; the mat-room ; ; a light fdrest green in the tar. with the pore feller and' left sun parlor, and lavender or some all th candidates, sandwiches and other delicate shade in the bedeverything else to go to the place room. TAMPA LIFE' THE NERVOUS DIAL Health lnHthomee Garden I PRESS j We just about to broa.dcaat the correct time bY! the ... Marie COMMENT James a.t the piano ... this is sta-tion W. O .... now take a spoon-By RICHARU S. BOND ful of baking soda and ... I'll He thrust his thumbs in his vest, swelled out his chest and allowed his glance to sweet across a tiriy plot o f grounda mass or greens, reds and goldens. "Eighty hard-earned cents worth of seeds f.rom the store around the corli!-er, a lot of real enjoyment in the open, some exercise I surely needed, and there you have it." Extracting his right thumb from the wellworn vest h e waved his hand toward the peas, the corn 1.nd the other vegetables that had responded to his magic touch. "Next week I'll give you some real corn. Grown myself, don't forget it, neighbor. Today you eat tomatoes, and' lettuce from the little old two by four back yard. What do you think of that?" Who is this magician? His name is Legion, a Prince of _Good Fellows, and a member of the unorganized "International Association or Home Ga.rdners Incorporated." of which each m!E)mber is President, Treasurer, Outer Guide and by all means, the Supreme Janitor a.nd Caretaker. Less than 2,000 voters in Hills-buzz a.round tomorrow night and borough County have paid their ... storm.y; In the eastern section poll taxes. If the safety of Bo li and high winds ._ this show 111 ta. were involved in the coming guaranteed to be a perfect ... primary we'll venture th,e poll tax this is the President of Fresh-Air would be promptly paid.-Apopk11. Taxi ... the music you just Chie f. heard ca.me from the Royal . The Magic City has been spank ed on the wrist by several newspapers throughout the state. The smug Tampa. Tribune points out that Miami, welcoming a notorious gangster to the World' s Play ground a or so ago, is anxiow;, to shed him. And then intimates that such inconsistency must b e amusing to other cities. We admit it. But it also must be -amusing to other cities to !ind revival m .eetings going on at almost every corner in Tampa while dope rings and gambling joints flourished unhampered. Though that may not be so inconsistent. The revivalists sing 11.nd pray while _others sin and prey.Miami Post. Tampa ls having trouble all Its own over an &irport. From a.11 acplant your potatoes around the fifteenth . the whole world' s listening in ... Sammy! Get po:p-pa'S' shoes ... prohibition la the ruination ... prohibition is the ble11sing ... the returns from Kan ms City show the following votes ... doggy, keep still . the cotreot ilille by . Chorue 01' tllre mlllion female voices: Hubby! P'or (changed according to Yotabulary of woman) sake, get away from that radio so we ean hear something. AMOS 'N ANDY "Check and double check. Sho' Sho' Everywherie I chance to go From every blasted radio Far away or handy. There ls something In the counts there is much diffe;ence of Spring air that brings fatigue to opinion between the alderman of "Propolition, Ma.dame Queen" Though the two I've never seen Still their voices rend my spleen, Amos Jones and Andy. tractions the evening pass quickly. In o*e of the displAY windows, d ifferent groups of scouts demonstrate,,d diffenent ac tivities and tended to lure many passers-by through a home-ma.de birch gate int o the scout show. It' was an easy matter for the scouts to prove to the community that theirs was a worth-whlle program. We have the scouts; we have the vacant store; why don't the scouts of Tampa. show US what THEY can do? TRAIN CHILDREN TO REGARD DENTIST AS THEIR FRIEND Introduce children to the den.ti.st before they need the kind of work that is painful, advises Dr. Esther L. Schupack in the Mayi issue or Hygeia.' the first d!scolora.tlon appeam 011 the baby's teeth he should have the sympathetic, gentle attention or the cleaning brushes Ir the hands of a dentist. A visit every six months cements friendship and confidence. Then if painful ministrations are the child '1s ready to believe that an effort is being ma.de to help and not to add further hurt. Lying to a c .hild is the way of failure, Dr. Schupack tells parents. If one has a child's confidence he be soothed into endurance or temporary surrering. A child who has learned to meet all but three groups-lovers, fish-the city. In the meanwhile Miami "Fresh-Air Taxi, Ruby Taylor" erm.en and home gardners. These has taken away one of Tampa'e Drive m.e mad, ea.ch night I,m pal, the d,entist without misgiving or three exert themselves to answer a prospects-the Nyrba line. Which er. distrust will confide his distress at call so insistent that a simple ought to be a lesson to the west Soon I'll_ ha.Te a private ja.Uer. the ftrat pang, but one whose rears thing like Spring rever remain11 coast city boys to get together Radios should be busted! impel him to dodge the dentist unnoticed, !or present. when aviation companies like your will try to conceai the pain. It. of. location. Miami believes, or course "Income tax" .... the drawling ten happens that a mother ls un.that the Nyrba line has better wretches awa.re of her child's trouble until port than if Tamp11. had been cho-Rave for tlrteen minute stretches. sen. Tampa ls not to Oh! 'l'h,e misery It fetches. intense surrering makes concealment tmpos11ible. Saturday, May 10, 1930 ian cripples. Forty-one states now have rehabilitation departments supported partly by f e d eral and partly by state aid. Reports or these departments .show that the average age a.t which civilians are rehabilitated is 30 and that the .cost of their training is $230. Since these persons have about twenty years or employment before them, i t is an enor'mous saving to the community to give them the training tha t enables them to pe seU supporting. The profits on the social side are not less important than the financial aspect of the problem. Nearly every a.dult cripple represents a problem of unhappiness, of social unrest, of unemploymient, of poverty and otten of begging. Society owes them a chance to live lives as nearly norma.1 as possible. (Paid Political A .dvertisement) a didate for Representa-tive from' distric t number twelve, I promise to my constituents M great amount of local 1mprovement as the financial and eoonomie eonditloru will Ju.sttf7. whar thia. feller_ wuz a whoopin' No! They are not all tearing out b.tt up. They round that the tel-the old floors. The new one may ler'a knee cap had jumped out of be laid over the old-the carpentthe socket anti wuz-runnin' around er using oak flooring and turning loose. Hit wuz causin' the teller out just as sound and beautHul a quite a bit or pain. The teller job as though he were 11.ying 1. And don't for a moment imagine that the call or Spring to the home gardner is one whit less appealing than that or the swishing wind to the fisherman or the caressing concur in this. But Tampa. might Truly, 'Tse regusted!" Parents are often careless about M:J 10le purpoee in enter1.n1 \he race is io ir1 to be of service to the City ha our prment tinanclal crlsbl. I have only one plank ln my platform and t.bat 1s to bonestl;r and etticientJ; RrVe Ule people. LllKOM PULP IN SALADS wuz not willin' to admit that any new home. particular candidate's s P e c h ground ln search or a mate. knocked bis knee cap out of 1int. Once plant a seed and watch it breeze to the lover. There is a deep, call from Mother earth that ass:i.ll11 his nostrils and starts the muscles or his spade arm. twitching long before the first earth worm has stuck his nose above have been the Florida base for this energetic and progre'Ssive company if its alderman could only that they are in office to help the city of Tampa and not for their own particular aggrandizement. Miami will be the first city to compliment Tampa on the completion of a land and water airport. For this city knows that aviation is a.s yet in its infancy and that every large city in the stD.te will need airports tha.t will accommodate any kind of plane. Mia.mi has half a. dozen airport. and landing fields. It has one ot the tinest in the country at the Pan-American plant. Its munici pal airport i1 fast buUding lnto a real plant and is a busy place every day in the year. Tampa might haTe several busy airports and landing field'S too, but it won't get them by staging a. wordy battle every time the aldermanlc Leon pulp, may be used' in l51r lad!S calling for such ingredients ae fish, eggs lettuce and so on to replace chopped pickle. So used, it furnishes a delightful variation of All this happened in front Of Ben r . PUBLIC 1 grow and you are an incurable. Hill's a.utomobile. Sum fellere You may be forced into 11. city thtnk that this here reuer .,, FORUM a.partment where gardens or all Ben's automobile and got skeered kinds are out or the Question, and and he jumped plumb aw-ay fro '--------------there be compelled to grow a potflavor. Cut the lemon in 15mall pieces, using a sharp knife or sciMors. Remove all the membrane pffillble, save juice and use with ch19'ped pulp. his knee cap and le.ft hit a hangin' in mid air. Bea Bill Is runnin' for the school board and he didn't remem.ber Y h&r he left his automobile and he 41dn.'t eTen go to see it hla wife., who .wul aittin' in the autermoblle, wus all right or not whln th whoopin' started right ln front or Ben'1 car. A man and a woman kept a workin' oTer this here teller and finally got his knee cap persuaded to .. slip back i _nto tw eocket agin and az soon az the feller had _the thing sorta under control he wuz willin' to le&Ye tile politikal rally and ne asked the candid,ate11 to keep iqulet and try not to make any speeches until he cold git out of hearin' distance 1tf the grounds with his knee cap. .A,s 1oon a&_ the feller wu1 gone l'J'cythin. g settled d'own to normal q&l:a. a.ad th candidates cut loose qliln on the unsspectlng publlc. Miekler _who is runnin' tor the leatslature in group No. 2 told the tr tbat the other candidatea Tampa Lite, Tampa, Florida In some few parts or the State there still se;ems to be a misun011all1 ,.of bull with )aim, ida. - elte. AWGW.ilf . J JOHN H. BLEDSOE EOR REPRESENTATIVE From Group 2 Of Hillsborough County To The HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Of The FLORIDA LEGISLATURE A fearless, progressive Democrat, who stands for Efficiency and Economy In Public Office (Political Mnrtlaing Paid tor by Friend5 ot/ob.n H. BledaoeJ \ {


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