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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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We Want Men of Character In Public Office VOLUMEDL TAMPA, FLORIDA, MAY 17, 1930. Prtee a C-u Pr 0.l'T Y-rlT T all .... An Independent Progressive New8paper Published On Saturday of Each Week ............... No. 14. School Officials Enraged Ober Sermon DOES NOT WANT SUBPOENA AFTER HE sECURES ONE SAY PASTOR'S HOUSE MIGHT BE BURNED Apology Demanded of Rev. I. E. Williams for Certain Portions of Sennoo Delivered at Eighth A venue Methodist Church. inrormatioo also. Mr Anderson is said to have called Re. v Williams on the phone and demanded information of him and then informed the pa.stor that he would "be waited upon." Startling News Brought :T uesday night a committee composed--or W. D. F. Snipes, superintendent of public instructioo, Ed Blackburn and two other gentle-GIVEN'S [fTTERS TO SOLICITOR CONTAINED MERELY HEARSAY SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS GIVES FISH FRY AT CHURCH Rev. E. M. Wise Deliver15 an Address On Sunday School Work and Organization. Givens Wanted Comity Solicitor Skinner to Break the Rule o( Secrecy at Hearinira. Morrii1 M. Givens, ca12didate for the state senate, who had preTiously written letters to the county solicitor complaining a.bout fraudulent r egistration by asking to be A fish fry was given last Friday subpoened to give testimony to the night by the Eighth Avenue Men's county solicitor, received his submen who were understood to be it would be for h!s "best interest I Letteri; Wlli.ch Brought About the facts which I did in my letter Bible class at the Eighth Avenue poena to appear before County So Mr. Sexton &nd Mr. Sp&ulding also to be present." of the 31st of March." church at which speakers address-licitor Skinner last Wednesday e-0nnected with the scbool!, visit-Issuance of Subpoena to b r th 1 Pastor Sends Statement Mr. Skinner's reply to Mr. Giv-ed the mem ers o e c ass, morning. It appears that after Mr. Certain school omcials became ed the parsonage or the Eighth Morris Givens for the Tak-h The pastor sent a written state-ens was as follows: friends and choir of the Eight G iv e n s got the subpoena he re-enr&ged this week over a .certain ATenue Methodist church to call f T :-ony Contain" ed h h s d s h l mg O esuu Mr. Morris M. Givens, Avenue c urc on un ay c oo Quested, he did not want it. Heap-w'll' ment to the meeting held the fol- .ermon delivered recently at the upon Rev. 1 iamll. Nothing Definite. 50 4 72 Franklin st. work and organization. The speak-peared at the office o! County Eighth Avenue church It is said this committee in-lowing night to the -etrect that he L St 1 k te ch r "" Tampa, Fla. era were: eo a na er a e Solicitor Skinner at the time set by the Rev. Ira E. Williams, its formed Rev. Williams that had it stood ready to give the county so I The letters from Morris Gi vens, Dear Sir: Replying to your let-of the class, who delivered the ad-forth in the subpo ena but refused pastor, regarding allege d condi-not .been for the cool heads or lic1tor tor omclal iaYestigatlon, if I candidate for the state senate lo ters or March 31st and May 7th, I dress o! welcome, and Rev. E. M. to go In t o the county solicitor's tions of certain schools here. An some per.sons that his home would desired, all inform&tion that had the county solicitor, William J. beg to advise that previous to the Wise, pastor of the Sulphur office and give secret testimony account of the serman was pub have been burned that night arid come to him reg&rding the condl-Skinner, urging an investigatio n receipt of your first letter I had Springs M ethodist church. N. L. and stated that he wante d his teslished in the last issue o! Tampa he perhaps taken out and whip-t!ons in the 11chools. This seemed of an allege! fraudulent registr:i-b egun an investigation into al-Jones, president o!the class, con-t imony given publicly in the presLite. The first complaint to be re-ped; that perhaps that action to incen!!e the group, although tion, contained nothing d efinite leged fraudulent registrations for ducted arrangements for the class ence of his attorney and a news-ceived was from John G Ander-would yet be taken. Mr. Williams' this wa11 the very acUon that had upon which the county solicitor the coming primary. and presided at the meeting, peper reporte r who accompanied son, a member or the school board wife was dangerously sick in bed been dema.nded earlier In the day could work. Tile fir s t letter to A s to the alleged fraudulent Prospective ::'lfembers Present Given s to the solicitor's o!tice. who visited the Tampa Lite omce at the time and had only been re-a.nd the county sIr. Skinner from Givens follows: registrations from one house In Invitations were extended to Solicitor Skinner informed Giveni in an excited manner and demand-moved from the hospital a few reQuested to isue & subjoen& for west Tampa, commonly known as those living in the community who that since Givens had prev iously ed information about the owner-days before. They have a littlf! Rev. Willia.ms to come before him March 31st, 19 3 0 "Bessie's," I knew of this prior to might b e prospective members or been a county solicitor that Givens ship of tlle paper. Shortly there-j baby in the home only a f e w days and tell what he knew. A group or Hon Wm J Skinner, your first letter and had d eterm-the ciaos. A religious census re-well knew that the testimony or after Ed .Blackburn, who seems to old. This committee informed seYen or eight men left the ine d to ask the Supervisor or Reg-cently taken was used a s a basis witnesses in the solicitor's inves ha"e been the head or some Rev. Williams that a sort of mass borough Hiv h achoo! &nd went to County Solicito r k" r ti --- ""' istration to strike these in wor mg or prospec ve mem-tigation must be secret, just at parents' organization, also visited the Tampa Life oflice, but in a calmer manner and demanded meeting would be called the fol-the home o! Rev. Willlamli to Tampa, Florida. b A b th trom the books along with a num-ers. num e r o ese prospec-grand jury investigations must be lowing night at the Hillsborough brini:-him to the meeting. They l\fy Dear Sir: I have bee n in-b e r or others that I have. tive members were present to li.11-made. High school and advised him that (Continued on I>age 2 ) forme d that at one house in I did not reply to your t!rst l et-ten to the discussions o! the bene-I Afraid of omce. -------------------Tampa. commonly known as Bes-ter !or the reason that I co uld fits and advantages o! modern Mr. Skip.ner invited' Mr. Givens Bledsoe and Mickler .si e s that two men, one by the find nothing therein that called !or Sunday School work. Leo Stal-repeatedly into his private office, name of Shirley and one by the a reply. You gave rue no informa naker, the men's Bible class teach-where h e said he would b e glad to name of Matthews, have caused tio n ex c ept that which was based I er; in his ad_dres s made re!erence take any testimony Mr. Givens deto b e falsel y registered e ighteen upon hearsay, according to you!' 1 to the orgamzauon of _the modern sired to give. Mr. Givens seeme d ( 18) fraudulent registrations for own statements in this letter. E unday School by Rooert Ra.ikes air aid. Come to the Forefront use in the .coming June Primary. However, since the receipt or your in 1780 and the approval or "Ko, sir," almost shouted Giv-In addition to these I have been first letter I have been waiting for Raikes Sunday School system by ens, ur won' t come into your or-informe d that these same men you to call at my offic e and give John Wesley, and the present de-1 fice. How do I know what you I should be reduced at the next ses-1 speech declared that the legisla-have cause d six ( 6) false and me such d irect information as you velopment o! the modern Sunday i have in there?" _m Pnmary Cam-sion of the legislature, cit}' ofil-tu re had the power to reduce the I fraudulent registrations to be may have as to fraudulent regis-School from this English Sunday i Skinne r moved to the door and pmgn Shifts to Group 2,, cials as well as county official s. salaries of the city officials as well made m the thirteen hundred trations, but to date you ha,,.e not of Raikes. Rev.; opened it. "See," he said, "there Where Legislative Candi-l\lickler Defends Stand as the others, and that he stood block on Franklin Street on the seen fit to give rue any infonna-Wise m his address dealt at length i is nothing in there and' we will be datesAre Staging a Hot Bat-Mr. Bledsoe also charged that for a reduction of salaries and west of the street thereor. tion except hearsay. with modern organization work in'. the only ones to occupy it." ti -:Mr. Mickler had not said anything taxes all the way down the line And hls o that in County pre-In view o f some of the .;;tat-=-the Eunday Schools and the neces 1 I won' t go in there because I e. about making an effort to reduce from the goernor to the smallest cincts numbers 12, 13, 15 16 17 ments set forth in your first let sity of working committees and Intense interest in the primary the salaries of the mayor if elect-office holders. 1 8 and 19, these same men, unde r t er, I was indeed surprised at the the duties of each. Rev. Wise is I "The r e isn't the slightest n e c es-election which has been centered e d to the legislature. Mr. Mickler Two other candidates are also the directions of a known politi-statement in your s econd lette r considered one Of the best Sunda?-1 slty for you to distrust this office, in the race for the state senate r eplied to Mr. Ble soe s argumen d t 1-n Group No. 2 for this c ian in Tampa, have heayi!y pad-that v.ou had been waitinc-to be School workers in the Tampa db Mr. Givens," said Skinner. has also shifted to the race for by stating that "If Bledsoe had legislative seat against Mr. Bled-ded these precincts by !alse reg issummoned before me, as I h

th_at-eveiy effort has b:Cen made by certain parties to hole. .. .: -up the recalL -proposition. -Alderman Pacheco has. tried to side--of by turning of the pe.ople to a -He office is only a couple 'of blocks a,way :from Mr._ Skinner s office. At_ regular intervals during the 2-odd minutes of discussion Skinner tried to get Givens to give his testimony under oath and in s ec ret. Each time the senatorial candidate refused. "You know as well as I do ," answered -Skinner, "that this or fice is an investigating office and not a place for hearings. If you were so interested in protectthe sanctity of the ballot why didn t _you come to my office instead of waiting to be subpoenaed?" the evidently soone.r than he an _, t1c1pated and. before he wanted it. __ He. m the i1 ":;;l\ t solicitor" s _office at_ .the time sd forth tpe subpoena, and then .. to CQunty Solicitor "It was your duty to subpoena li'.ii. .'", issued the .iiubpoena. Mr. Skinner mVIted Mr. Givens mto .. his me when I v;:-rote the first to ,'1',, _,>. his testimony would be taken in writ-_ you calling attelltion. to .these ,, .. -frauds," replied Givens. derso n d 'emanded the name of one tlgation-that I have. been making and am now making al! quiet 'lS posslble in the hope that some of these people who. registered. fraudulently woiild _appear at the polls to vote, thereby giving the officers an opportunlty to arrest them, but since you insist through the new s .papers that I make known what I am doing, I advise you that of the church members, who later it was learned was Wallace M. Pritchard, the -Sunday Schqol superintendent and member of the board of trustees, and when ?4r. Pritchard faile d to_ give him his name a few heated words were passed by Anderson and Anderson_ struck at Mr. Pritchard with his fist in the face. Mr. Pritchard I am making as thorough an in dodg-ed the blow and Anderson's -vestigation as i s Possible, in view fist just grazed by Pritcha.rd'a. of: the heavy registration, ap.d cheek. Women and children who that I will, at the proper .time and natl emerged' from the church in the proper way, tak!'._ ,Such acwere almost panic stricken. A PO "tion as I may qeem n ecessa ry. apJ*ared upon the scene Yours very truly, and no further attacks were made. WM. J. SKINNER, Pastor Accompanies Crowd The crowd repeatedly informed Rev. Williams in a loud and heated man_ner that 11 he did' not go with at once to _.the -Hillsborough High school that the 200 County Solicitor. Complete Accord The idealist who was on the point or fal .ling -in lov e gued up at the smtiiJ;ig heavens happily. "You must admit she's a ntee little girl, after all," he said. .. She certainly is," gloomily agre_ed his friend who. had taken ber out dinner and the theater tne night aJl, then some, tbe little goid diiser." ., of other. witnesses are taken down under Q .ath by.-the .county solicitor's stcnographen Mr. ''is not far from yours, is it? Then sermon had been based on intorup -his hands in holy horror. Mr. Given eaid he did not why didn't you as a citizeli' come that had been. given -i:ii'm by. "My office," countered Skinner, people there waiting would come to his home._ In ord,er to prevent any .act of violence at his home, w"!Iere his-wife. lay dangerously ill Rev. Williams accompanied the to the Hilisborough High wherie he explained that his -Is. l"retty Jiacl date for School Board King had th royal. box on the opening night of Stands for ol Lo. the _musical comedy, 11-nd naturally cal Teachers and Reduch .the produce_r was for his of 1,pprp bation. Paul R. K!ckliter announct\4 hl1 candidacy: for member or the 11chool board .in district No. 3. He 1.dToc1.te1:1 the employment or home teachers particularly.-_ 'in a.nno)lnc fng his I>l&ttorm to the. Tampa Life this week, Mr. Kickliter s1._id: "I. am & natiTe or Hillsborough _County and I received my ing a.t the UniYersJty of Florida. I stand for a reduction of expen11e in school supervision. Wie want a high standard and employment or liome teacher1. had experi ence Jn school w-.ort f()r seTeral YE!i.rs end I hl!-Te b .een a principal Of BCh()Ols ln -this COUnty. -; _,,. a ,a. N. L ollOWJf J!ll'l'i.uJI :> .. .... : ....... .. ... w. 11-1111 f. ,. .. "What did you think of that chorus, Your Majesty?'.' he.asked nervously. "Grea.!! ; ejaculated the poten ate. -"I'd llke to date up the first rows some evenini." .. ....... Ir and Sell Anytb:ing_from a Hair.pin to a THE "PEP" BOYS 1 0 I East Lafayette WIH ........ HOMKNIMKAT .... Eagle Cafeteria "" -,. ---11 T _r Pit.. ... .. want a secret investiation made, but that-he. wanted the testi-before ie and give this informa;ot1lers. i n ; public, and the presence of the newspapeJ: re-tion -Without waiting to be sum-The superintendent of public instruction and pther school omc ials seemed to think that Rev. W.illiams ,had held' them to blame Tague rumors had_ reached the stay-a_ t .,h ome husband that his wife had been mixed up in or ... --h d hi th 1 a:. --G" moned? As a matter of fact this .-_-.m;irtcr:r !LQ. m to c so ic1tor a 1vens S l S'-' h Gi h office has been investigating frau--_, ,0 icitor Linnert atamce vens' ad dulent registrations for some time been a county solieitor once_ himself, he certainly knew. that the an : -,., ljcitor was not given. Several days before this Judge C. B. Park-.. 1 t t ".' L __ .:_ '. : hill, state's att.orney, had informed Mr. Givens that if he wished t;<;:.-_-any he had relative to fraudulent ;,.._ he shoulf swear out County _.. Cornelius and at that prehmmary heanng the pub.-; ,. 'liCof course would be permitted Jo attend. Mr. Given has not "It you have any information dealing with crime in this county it is your duty to present those facts to me a.nil if the evidence warrants I .shall take action and it will be decisive action. Now, wi l i you come Into my office?" taken adV!l!,}t _age of the offered him re&ardin this -publia ., -,. ... JESUS TEACHING IN THE TEMPLE --. The Inter.national Uniform lesson for Sunday School study next Sunday entitled, ''.Jesua in the Temple.'' The with the set forth in St. Matthew of the ori .. the part of the Pharisees to break.up Jesus' popular.Hy and. to alienate the crowds from him by a series of embar' rassing that they prnpowided to Jeau1. 'The first que11-ti.on about paying the: tribute money had to do with Jesus' atti-, '. I -. -_. tupe the:: Roman authority y meatla .. weela. _Ne ...... .,. fer ftnt week. Come aall try k. Business University of .Tampa, Inc. LOCAL A,.. LING IUITANGE MIVING P'1o .. 2181 !TO RAGE ,fiOR. ANYTHING SHIPPIN

... ,, -' \ ,' I \ -. ."' ', .-... .. \ .: """ -. .-.. .... ;. .... .. j .. ..... -:;, 1 .: __ -.. ,. ;-. 'I.:-.,.,; ... .:. .... .-" ..... _, '' ..... ..... ..... _., .. '. .1 .' .. -.. "\ I .. .. : ,,. ... : ... ". ; ... ..... ' _,,. for c .. ; > .. .. -Jn this paper .. I: . \-. "'"/ .':. ; 'rl .f ... saan. =-....... t -...'t: 1.' .. \., ... 1 lal Iaeh&r&e 11ueh .-'.d'aii.. !or !our consecutive weeks in thal defendant is to. the. a1!li .nt un-tratr. TAMP.A LIFE, a newspaper-pub known; tha_ t th. e 'said ilefendari.t is a : -TITTSlt'OITI, liiihed m said County and State. over the age of twenty-one. years .A.dminliitr&tor e. t. a.: of the ..-Done. and or.dered in Tampa; and that there la no penon in the ls to receive' for. the financfal support of -schools from the "" t&ta or, :lidwar Gor(o a.r, (1)-U-U-U (4.)-5-11-11.:u CJM-lt.-Florida, the 3 .0th d :ay o! Ap-State or Florida. upon w;hom the ril,: 19 30. ,.' service of a subpoena would bb,i.d W. A DICKENSON, the 'defendant it i11 therefore or-Clerk, _Circuit Court. dered that sa'id non-resident de-(Sil.A.L) e .nda.nt is hereby i.e-JlOTICE TO CREDlTOil,$ By EDW. MORGAN, D. c. quir.ed fo appea.r to the bill or Notice ia hereby i;:-iTen that the ANNA A KRIVITSKY, complaint fth1d in said caW!e on or state tax funds in the J!ext few days, ___ to _information from the state capital. undereji;:-ned has been duly Solicitor .tor Coiplainant. before M;ol).da.y; the %nd da.y of pointed 'and qualified a.a Executor, State of Ju11.e, A. D. 1930, otherwise the or the e!ltate of D 1leConnahe:r, County of Hillsborouih. aller;ationa of aaid' bill will be ta-decea9ed AU heirs, creaiton, ler;-I. l:\ex:eby .. certify that the abOTI ken as confessed by said defntrilrntion for May of proceedings, atees, di!ltribu.taes, all. other an_ d foregoing_ is a. true copy of dant. The apportionment represenls April and dis-ofthe'one mill tax1 interest on the pei:-son1(haTinr; claim1 _or demaild1 the original order for It is further o .rdered that this common school fund one'cent O'as a.r:ain1-t st.id &re kereb_ y ao-made in said cause, on file i my_ order be published once ii. week 0 tl!ed t.o .. pr.eaent them to. th Coun-office. for !our consecutive vreek1-In the tax for th. e common schools, one-ty 1udr; of .Hilllboro,ur;-h Comity Tampa, ,Florida! April TAMPA LIFE, a. ewspa.per pub-fourth mill property. tax, '.interest at hia oaee at the Cc;rnrt HeuH, lPSO. lished in sai.-County and State on the public fund in banks and Tapa, Fl9rid01, properly awern to W A. DI;CKENSON, Done. and: ord.ered in .Tampa, w'itlt.l year !rem date kereer ,'Clerk, Circuit Court. Flqrida; this the. ,30th d "ay of Ap-the common school proceeds of a r .tkey will. b frne:r: krr_ "Y (SEAL) -ril, 1"930. one-fourth cent gas tax coUection. l B ED. w MORGAN D c w .. y A. DICKENSON, Some time ago the sta:,t.e board All person indebted to said es-() 5-3-10-17-24.-31. Clerk, Circuit court. 'of e 'ducation agreed to make the tate are reqquired to come !ot-ward and ma.ke settlement withapportionment monthly, instead of out delay, \ quarterly as had been done for Tampa,' Florida, .Al,lril 5, 1930. several years, in order to relieve S. D. CAMPBELL, Executor financial distress among several of D McCONNAHEY, Deceased. counties. ( 4 )-5-12-19-2 6 (5) -3-10-17-2 .4. The M;i.y apportionment was NQTICIC s)ightly higher than that of la.st i .Netlce iii hertbt r;ire11 that the month, which was $450,146.40.1u:a(euicael, Charity P. Bethel The rate was $1.846. per pupil.! a.ad Jaillet F. Bethel, aa executors distribution n luded $63 ; ua.4er tlle 1'111 of Kary Dora 1 c \ early llece&aed, :wm :make their 020.49 realized' from the one mill: lnal to th tax ; $10,062.09 from the Interest loeo. H. Cornllu1, Count7 Jude on the common school fund I tr IU11itrou1h Couti, J'lorid, 2 I at hia c in th Cov.rt Iouae in $ 26,3 _97.16 from the one cent gas aat Ceuat.y, at 10 o'tleck .A.. M. ta;i:; $17,416.27 from the oneen th :tth day of Ka:r, A D. fourth mill property tax; US,-list, 11.1 aueh Wxtcaton; and &ti 800.25 from the interest on the :tl7 to Hid Judi for a t.nal di1-public fund in ban:ks and u 5 3 _'I charce aa auch xecuten. J.!.KS J'. BT .. L. 049.77 from the common school CIU.R.ITY P. BTKL, proceeds of the one-fourth cent Uac!er tlt.1 W111 'of IC&ry gas tax. I ta Fo1&rty, l>ecHH(. -------' (a)-U-22-U (1)-3-10; ''Mr.--er-ah-'' In one of the Government's Western reservations the leading Indian chief had taken a tourist under his personal guidance and and was showing him around. "Ther's Standing 'Bull o v e r there," he said, "Wl}at a tunny name!" gurgled the traveler. "And Laughing Waters." "I'll die!" "And Loping Wolf." "Bo, ho! Stop! You're killing this 1s my wife. Sallie, I want you to meet Mr ... Mr. "Yanissheffski. A Manner of SpeAking A bored weekend guest was bi'!ing shown over the house by bis host, who didn't think so much <>f the way things wer13 going eith<'r "Why d9 they call this bir.l'i;eye maple?" asked the. guest, stooping to examine a table. "Well," the host replied candid ly; "if you get a view ot it, it sort or looks. like maple.'.' Crying Need "Now," said the supper salesman, "thi.s instrument turns blue if the liquor is bad-gre"n jf it.'s good. "Sorry,_ but' I'm color blind," apologize(/. the prospecter. "Got anythin15 with a gong on it!" G rounds "Mah wife dqne qujt her job," proc_laimed gloomily. "What yo' gwine do about hUT" asked "Ah' s.,g,wine diyorce her fo' d eHrtlon/' NOTICE OF MASTER.'S SALE Notice' is hereby given that under a.nd by Tirtue of a. decree of aa.le entered on the 8th day or May .A. D., 1930, in that certain suit pending in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florid01, in Cha.ncery, wherein H. B. Lan'gham and his wife, Edna. M. Langham, the and .Annie W. Evans and her husband, Sam. uel G Evans,. are the d 'e!edants, I, the undersigned Special Master in Chancry pursu,,nt to and in or d er to satisfy the terms of said decree will ofter for sale and will sell at public outcry to the highest a.nd best bidder tor cash in front of the Court House door in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Flo.rida, on the 2nd day ot June, A. D., 1930, the same being a rule 'day, during the legal hours of sa.le, the following described property, locatea and situa.ted in Hillsborough County, Florida, to-wit: Lot Eight ( 8) of Block Four ( 4) of Nordica Subdivision Of the.. West 18 chAins. of the South one-third of the Northwest quarter or the Northwest quarter of _Section 7, Township 29 South, Range 19 East as sam,e is record-ed i n Plat Book 3, Page 32 of the Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida. A. B. CARLTON, Special Master in Chancery. LEO STALNAKER, -Solicitor for Complainants. (5)-10-24-31 IN THJ!'J CIR<3UIT COURT, THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, HILLSBOROUGH C 0 UN T T, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. CORA J. WEST, Complainant \ Tl. JAMES H. WEST, Defend&nt. Order for Publica.tion. It appearing by &l!daTit appende d t.o the b111 in the aboTe !tated cause that 1ame!I H. West, the therein n01med is non-resident or the State or Florida, and is a resident or the County ot Sutrol)t and State ot Ma.s;;ia.chusetts and that the last known and present a.ddtess or the defendant is 316 Orme An., Phoenix, .Arisona; 11.nd that there ts no per!lon in this State, the senice o! a. subpoena. upon whom yould bind th11 aaid defendant and that h11 is over the a.ge of twenty-o-qe yea.rs; it Is there!ore ordered that 11aid non-resid11nt defendant be and he 1a hereby ordered and r e Quired to be and appea.r to the bill o.t complain ftled in sa.id cause on or before Monday, the 2nd day or June, A. D. 19 S 0; otherwise the al!ega.tlons or as.id bill will be taken as confessed by said defendant It ia further ordered that this order b11 published once & week !or four consecutiTe Yeek1 in the Tampa Lite, & newspaper published in said County and State. Done a.nd ordered in Tampa, Florid&, this the Hth day of April, 19 30. W. A DICKi:NSON, Clerk of Circuit Court. (SE.AL) By EDW. MORGAN, D. C. ANN.A A. KRIVITSKT, Solicitor tor Complaina:r;i.t. State of Florida, County of Hillsboro. I hereby certify tha.t the &bon and foregoing is a true COIJY or the origin:i.l order for publica.tion made in said cause, on .tlle in my e:ftl.ce. Tampa, Florida, AIJril H, 193e. (SEAL) W .A; DICKENSON, Clerk or Circuit Court. By EDW. MORGAN, D. C. (4,)-26 (5)-3-10-17-24.. NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO BEOO_.a:IE DEALER ?iotice 1i11 hereby that on Ma.y 26th, A.: D., 1930, the undersigned will apply, to the Honore able F. M. Robles, judge of the circuit court in and !or Hill!lborough County, Florida, i Chancery, at his office in the courthouse in Tampa., Florida, for a license to manai;:-e, take cbarge of, a.nd con" trol her property,, and to become a. tree d "ealer in every respect. ELIZABETH ECKENROD. LEO STALNAKER, Solicitor' tor (i)-S-10-17-H. 311613-C IN CIRCUIT COURT, THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT. HILLSBOROUGH C 0 U N T T, FLORID.A. IN JASSIE. COURSON -.. --,.., ---Compl&inant. T!I. A.. C. COURSON, Defenda.nt. ORDER FOR PUBLICATION It appeuing by affidavit a.ppended to the bill in the a.bon stated cause that A : C. Courson, the defendant therei11 named, ia a nonresident of the State of Florida; that the residence of the said 4e!endant is to the ;i.ffiant unknown; that the said defendant is oTer the age of twenty-one years and that there ls no person in the State of Ylorida upon whom the !IO'!'IC9 8erTice or a subpoena. would bind .NUH ill ler.b7 Tea that the the d "e!enda.nt, it is therefore oru(erla'aM, ril at lt e'eleek .!.. dered that said non-resident dell., e:a Uua llUa. (&J' of May, .-'.. D !endant be and he i s hereby r11-Ult, aake IU1 bal accouUn1 aa quired to aIJpear to the bill or 'W'ith tl1. lt'11I an-complaint fl.led in said cause on or n-i, f. tlae HM.t f d.wacll before Monday, the 2nd day of l!lterud, _:DeeMHd, t'o the June, A. D. 1930, oth'erwise tlle Io:aera"l Geo. I. Corellua, allegation11 of said" bill will b11 ta-.tJ .J1ulc f.-r Bill"ru1h ken a11 col).fessed by said defen-l'leriu, at Illa in dant. .. Gellrt uH l:a Taap&, :Flori-It is. further ordered that this ... aatl to aald' .Jutp fr a order be 'published once a week 39612-0 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, HILLSBOROUGH C 0 UN TY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. H. M. CANTER, Compla.inant. V&. ELLA C. CANTER, Defendant. ORDJ:R FOR PUBLICATION It app_ ea.ring by peaded to the bill hi the abon etal9d cause that Ella C'. Canter, the defendant therein named is a non-resident or the State of.FloridJ.; that the residence of the said (SEAL) I By EDW. MORGAN, D. C ANNA A. KRIVITSKY, Solicitor 'for Complainant. State of. Florida, ;. Cpunty.of Hillsborough. I hereby certify that the s.bove and foregoing is a true "copy of the originl!-1 order tor publli:atlon made in said cause; on nle in my office Tampa, Florida, April 30th, 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk, Circuit Ci:>ur:t By EDW. MORGAN, D. C () 5-3-10-17-24-31. If You Like Tampa fe 'N.ot qei 'It By: Mail? I TA.MPA 'LIF.S," H6. Calli St., I Tampa, Fla. I Please enter my subscription to TAMPA LI!'ll. I eleu I payment for (1 year $2.00); (6 months $1.10). I I Name l I State I l _____ _I Tampa Life OFFERS ITS READERS s It's absolutely truel No strings attached to this olfer. You can adually have your choice of eny 5 of these famous magazines ff you ACT NOWl The cost ii just s triRe of their ectual value. A whole year s reading for Father,Mother and the kiddies. Stories and articles on every known topid Look 'cm over. Select your favorites and Mail the Coupon Today! Don't worry if you already get some of these Renewels will be properly All Subscriptions Are for a Full Y car (Except Pathfinder, which is for 6 mos. ) Gentlemen: I wh;h to take ndTantnge ot yeur lllagazine Ilnrgnln Offer. I am enelosinr;; the abo-Ye amount in payment lor a one year uJ,criptlon to your paper and the FIVE lllngnzines I have marked '\vith au X belo,, St. or R. F. D. ______ __ ----___ O American Pl try. Journal O l'lousehold i\Iai;-aalne O Breeder's Gazette 0 Capper's Farmer O The Country Home (fermerly Farm &. Fireside) O Everybody's Pltry. 1118&' O The Farm Journal D Fruits & Gardens O Geatlewomo.n lllag. O Modern Homemaklng O Nat'! Farm Pltry. Journal O Needlecraft O Pathfinder (Wkly) 26 lssueti O People's l'opular J\IoathQ' O Spertsman's Dii;-est O Stand<>rd Poultry Journal D Succes.stul Farming O Woman's World -, ..


' I 1.:t ',: ,, ':-,. ... .. PA .G \ TAMPA ,J.l1FE comfort. :What cou1d be nicer-for had on the bo&rd, I am in post: thing must harmonize if perfect boat ride, or picnic, &S Well as to be. Of service to t&X-.satisfaction is to be assured. tennil! Loou to me Ute one 11ttl!I payers of Hillsborough I Beautiful ftoors far, m'O"re new rad the grown ups won't be will appreciate the Totea, aupport able to 1nitch from you gtrJa, ror and' friendship or the voters: or .important than maiiy suppose. it ti.1te11 a ver11outhtul ud &the-district No. 3." fioors easll! destroy what letic .tiiure to Year them well \ might otherwise be a very .attr:ac.They are Tery fetching and DO\ .tiv. e interior. Then again, a hard too expen11Te either. HARMONIZING wood floor such as oak is not only There aria 1ome decidedly good THE HOME beautiful but sanitary. It con-lookin g beach pajames with cute tains no cracks in which dirt or. capes; much newer than ''th. onea germs may settle. with 'coats. You" 'll find many other B y BETTY BARCLAY that h "You have a wonderful home, By all means s e e sue Wl l I 't r.a.th r t k th t nt d h h d'd thlngs to interest you and now ii floors are tLSed in your new home, to possess a new home, see .:that they are placed in your old. one. Oak flooring may be laid. over the present floor with as good results as may be obtained .b)' tearing out the old tloor and placing a new one in its place 1aa am e mare er a e a an. t e og l run Marie. Everything harmonizes so a good time to make a few deli-or i f you are not :fortunate enough sev,Ei.ral weaks. I expect is git .. Why, even your floors I wuz 'in-town Wednesday morn-cate aug&"eationa to the family aud and your curtains-" ,tin' sore. cause I' ain't bin around to see him, but I hav' e had to at tend these politikal rallles to nnd .ing and I seed Morris walkln; ,friend u you are tbil Praise like this keeps crowsfeet along the street with a lawyer aild yeai:. Shops in Tampa are .simply from the corners of a woman's a newspaper reporter 3. snickerin' oTerflOWin&' Yi th loTelJ lft eyes, and worry lines .from her out. just what iz on. himself and ticklin' all lbini, but don't take m7 wort1 for brow. Praise like this repays a I wint out to Welcome last Sat-over so I follered him to see wp.at n-1o -dQ1nl and .ee kbtm. thousand times for any effort and urday to see if _the ,candidates wuz out tha.r. Sum wuz and wuz goin' on and I round he wlnt expens e necessary to make a n(lw right back into the oms of county Th ,., .. 1lrl 1racf1&&te 11 coz:a-home beautiful or beauti.fy an old Solicitor Skinner. I stood a way iDI' la fer a 1re&l 4-1 of att.a-one. Once this floor has been installed, the possessor will find it much easier to kee p cle .an than the or. "lli'..UZn't. While sum or Ute \ -' voters out thar. looken school year are keeping the dress-world were homes.,.. so beautiful as dinary fioor. Water, oil, kerosene, and hl t seemed that Morris had a making pa.rlors very busy with &11 1 turpentine, soap or other alkaline the candtdates sorta in a way or admiration others looked at :;otue or the others with awe and astonOne of the candidates got,'-so Tambunkshus that the pitcher o! ice-water sit.tin' right close to him busted all of a s:lden with9ut any visible.attack upon it. they are today. Oak floors are se Subpoena. in his h a .nd walvin' it i.t sorts of frilly things that i.re al-h d substances should never be used ected to harmonize wit woo -Skinner and wanted to know why most as lovely as the' girls that work and increase the effective. as cleansing agenta. The fioor has 1 h b aed. hi m Mr Sk1'nner wear them. It. wlll soon be Tac1r-of cour.se been waxed, varnished' e su peen n e ss of various rooms. Bathrooms t ld hi t "Acause he told tion time and dressmakers are or shellaced. From day to day it o m i was .,., are resplendent in colore d tile. him he w ante d tp be subpoenaed turning out .some Tery sm&rt .Bed spreads glisten in gold, blue can be gone over with a vacuum ad he wanted to tell him what he things for sport and traTel Year, or green. The dishes on the table cleaner or a broom with wanted to tell Q,im. Morris sed he with all the new lines at their very .are likely to be of sparkling, j e w-canton flannel. Thar wasn't a sole touchin' hit an' 'd t "A I Ski f'" best I the floor is waxed it should wuz a.ra1 o u:t' n nner s o el-like glass in lovely shades of lo- I .kin prov_ e hit by anyone who wuz o M sk ner opened the door -be brushed with a weighted brush s. r.. in paz, amber, rose, green or azure o ut.thar': Thatpitcher of ice-water and told Morris to look in and see .our girls and boy1 are all haT, The pink room of grandmoth or' polisher about once a n;ionth wuz sittin' right by itself. on the if he seed any bears in thar. l'vior-Ing plenty to worry about these er's time has given place to a Except in cases of unusual wear, table without) a ris wouldn't go near the door, but days with the final exams coming room decorated in two or more the ftoor will need re-waxing only singl:e thing touchin' 'hit, and bit he cran:ed his neck around and in the near future "and they Jll.T colors that blend harmonio u s ly. about once a year. Even this re. just collapsed under the strain. peei;ed into the mysterio1Us corn-my sympathy. Grandmothe r was content if her waxing ls simple. Appl y a thin The candidates that follered the ers of the inner offis and didn' t A great many peqple think that spread, her curtains and her car-coat, rub w ell into the' wood, al!!PE!aker that wuz talking whin the see a thing; but sed he wuz still growing up is a Tery 11lmple m&t pe t bl ende d. Sometimes she was low to dry for an hour and the n tl;le pitcher collapsed sed that the skeered. He didn't say skeered of ter ot birthdays,. inchel!, pounds .able to secure a little of her fa-poli8b thoroughly. B efore r ewax hot air fruni the other candidates' what. I looked t9-rou g h the door and promotions and the general vorite color in her furniture Bu t ing the tloor, scrub it carefully, on speech had accumulated in the into that room to se e what wuz in opinion seems to be that "carefree toda y the entire room must b e 'this occasion turpentine and mouth. of the pitcher and had thar and I couldn't see nothin.' youth', ht.a all run and no troub-bl ended beauty. A nondescript a pi e c e of cheese c loth. a sort of a whirlwind. or Morris wuz shore skeered of some-les at all. At least they haTe none floor would mar the e n se mble. An air pocket or maelstrom, or some-thin.' Morris used to be countf ot any lmpertance. With those e l ectric lamp with a shade of thin' and had just busted the bot-solicitor and I ani wonderin' what people, I hearttly disagree! It 18 wrong color would s poi'l the ef-Shop with the local home-owned .tom right out of the pitcher. So Morris kept in his offis to skeer quite true that youth finds & 1e11t .feet. A skilled d ecorator, \J r worar as could' be observed. the pit-h stores-see -their ads in The Sun-people whin they cum up to testi-and Joy In lite, 111 full of ent ua-man' s intuition, insists that e v ery shine City N ews. cher took no iurther antics dur-fy as witnesses. After Mo'!'ris iasm and bubbles with happiness ingrthe remainder ofthe speakin'. b d oTer -hat &eem1 to iie mere trifle (Paid Political Advertisement) Shop with the local home-owned 'quieted down a little it he see w stores-see their ads in The sun-.' The. fit that pitcher took .shore that a stenographer in Mr. Skin-to the person of mature yeare. shine City News give some of the voters out thar ner' s offis .wuz takin' down all -of BoweTer It i11 equall7 true that, to think about even if the conversation that wuz passin when the pendulum swings !orthe candidate; speeches didn' t between the two or them. Morris wr.rd It must lso swing back to The speech of another candidate shook his finger at the stenogr11.-the opposite extreme and, the lit'had a bad ,eJiect on a hog that wuz I pher -dramatically and sed, .. Ah I tie disappointments and hurt!! runnin' around in the near vicin-ha!, I've caught you, just like that seem so unimportant to the ity of the politikal rally. Without he wuz a talkin' to a orphan bo y adult ID,!'Y cause sutrerlng th&t ts warnin' this hog _just cum bustin' caught in misconduct before' com-Just as extreme as the wildest jo7 right into -the crowd and. sorta I pany, "writin' down what I say, to the young person. Youth ls all rippin' and snortin' and fiew off eh! That' s the way they are dlJ-extremes anywa:r, it know1 no at a tangent: .Some that in' me in this campaig11 Ther middle ground. Year11 of life with QD.e of the candidate8 speechel'l had shore ai;e treatln' me. bad', .. that' s all Its varietl experiences are nesorta centralized or concentrated why. I ought to he elected to tte eessary to enable the average peron a given point and then w ithout state senate." on to nne poise, their b&l&nce beBl1Y apparent. reason or explana-Morris had his lawyer with him tween the two extremes and ome tion s ettled in backbone of but the lawyer just sorta snicit or u1 neTer do. It it a good thing th' e liog and he just, win! out of. ered once in a while whin i.1e to try Tei;y hard to remember how control. I don't know just how thought Morris pulled a pre t t y it felt to be three, eight, iwelTe, hit iloll but I knowj fast one and.didn' t say no t hin g to that hit !iUZ hit had a I either help nor binder th : situabad effect on the hog. A lot of ti on. the politikal has a bad I listened around f e r a whil eighteen and twenty one, that we may be a.little more understnding and & bit imp&tient with our and daughter. RUBBER HEELS 3Sc 0. I. SHOJI: SHOP Gl8 Zack St. Ono11ite Cltr Marketa Announcing -, 'I .. :: I .;. Saturday, May 1 V, TAMPA. LIFE Advertising Produces Resul. ts Gas Water Coolers Are becoming more popular with business men and women every day. For the Office or Store '" : '} enQugh effect on the p eople who and found out thar wuJJ lK thin' to i : ai:e iistenin' ahd it seems Si>rta in-hit' and that if :Morri7ed the day as much as by -experience -how to &C for a lot of the 1&-and everything. There & sleeve-strictest economy a.nd utmost em J:>rastripe effect .on shoulders and 11hlrt that tucks in &nd but-.ciency in the a.dministration or backs. The sleeveless, sunback ton11 down, you don't eTen need to county affairs, with the idea or re--dresses show plenty ot proof wea.r a belt! Seems to me the Te17 .duclng the tax burdens. 1 know ., .. that the' sun gets hot and lots or la.st word In &ttracUTe summer that with the experience I ha"!e I pledge cooperation to the plans of the Hillsborough Gounty Tax Relie f Association and W'ill practice the strictest economy and the utmost emciency in the adminl!!tratlon of county affairs, with the ide& or reducini; the tax burdens. 1 know that with the experience I haTe had on the board, I am in po11ition to be or serTic to the tax payen of Hillsborough County. I will. appreciate yeur Tete, 11)port and !rlend.3hip. (Pa.id Political Adnrtl1lc) CANDIDA TE FOR City Representative 12th Distri.ct Protect the Health Your Employees of I am a free candidate and, if elected, it will be my job to serve wisely and justly my district; at the same time keeping in mind the best interests and need1 of Tampa in Ken1.:r-by It..:...-iq a GM Watee-Cooler installed, wllich will afford pe, liiealtltful, cold wat at all times. -Convenient Terms Arrana-ed -al THE TAMPA GAS CO. NO FACTIONAL TIES 510 Tampa Street Phone M-5555 (P&id Political Advertising) I ................................................................ .. ,. ......... ................................................................... ) Vote For. JOHN H. BLEDSOE EOR REPRESENTATIVE From Group 2 Of Hillsborough County To The HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Of The FLORIDA LEGISLATURE A feadess, progressive Democrat, who stands for Efficiency and Economy In Public Office. (Politlc&l .A.dvertising Paid for by Friends of JGhn H. Bled1oe) 1;; ............ ............... .... -....--------.........-___ "._ __ _,,, v. --. -..... .... ......... ____ _........ ,, ...


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