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Tampa life
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Florida Life Publishing Company
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November 9, 1929
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Tampa(Fla.) -- Politics and government -- History ( lcsh )
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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Prteoe 1 o-t. p-.. Oon Yearl7a7Xall-l'.An lndepeiJ.dent Progressive I I Published On \ I Saturday of Each ................ ':& Waibe Trilt/ in Libel Cases POLITICIANS : TRY TO CRUSH 'TAMP A : LIFr Subpoen_as h.in Probe_-... Church A.ttack .;.f Secret lnve5figation Calls for Te&timony From School Of. It. ia Said ; TAMPA LIFE'S S'r ATEMENT Church Likely To Be Taken From Snipes Blackburn and Others Are Reported Trying to Boycott Tampa Life Advertisers. The l)Olitica.1 enemies o! the Tampa Life continued their a.ct!T1 ties this week in an errort to crueh I, TO THE PUBLIC OF TAMPA the Life and to halt !ta circulation .through which the J;>eople or TamHillsborough Church Where W. pa and this county ha,e be(,ln r e I I The fight spread terror Aaswers Times and Tribwte. among and children, who bad just emerged from a prayer meeting service in the Eighth Avenue church. The attack was made I upon the -very steps of lhe church parsonage Witnesses to TestifJ It is not definitely known just \ how many subpoen;i.s have ben A sharp reaction -in public sen"'-timent has been registere d against those wqi> a few "days ago w ere hysterically denouncing the pastor of Eighth Avenue Methodist church, and Tampa Life for e:s:posing an allegt:d cond1 lion in the public a;chools th.{l.t ought to call D. F. Snipes Has Been ceiving the truth for over al yea.r Preaching Is In Sympathy about the actiYities or undeqrnrld persistently exposed the presence With Rev. Williams in School lea.ders and gambling kings. The in Tampa or entrenched crime, Girl Squabble. enemies or the Lire are camou-has not failed to call names re-tlaglng their attack and trying tu gardless of whose kinfolks the R e v. w. D. F 8nipes who is also make the public bdieve tha.t the .. criminals happene d to be or what the superintendent of public inre!tl fuss is over a certain sermon their official standing was, and has struction of this county, is likely delivered by ReT. Ira E. W1lllam!! thereby incurred the ill-will of the to lose his preaching engagementB and which was afterwards r eportdailies, whose only assault on at the little: .Methodis t church at ed in the Tampa Lite. Rev. Wll crime is so timed a s t otry to pan-1 Hills b oroug h a f e w miles nort!l-Hams was threatened and intimlder to east or this city, as a result or th dated but the whole purpose of An smcere_ desire or either j part he h a s taken aga)ust Rev. this was to force bim to tell all he or the dailies to nd Tampa o! the 1 Ira E. Williams, panor of the k new the Tampa Lite for calm an' d an:Xiou 7 considera. gangsters who y e a r in and year Eiglttll Avenue Methodist church and persons connected "!!'Ith It. tion by every cltizenj. and espe-out imperil m o rnii3, li!e and vrop-1 b ecause or the r e cent s ermon d e -soon as thll-t Jn!orma.tion wa1 church_ have been subpoo;naed_ to ,cially'by every a boy or erty here i s inconceivable. Still,, livered by Re. Williams regard-gainerl :l"rom Rev. W:ilhams the issue d and to whom hut it ill Ull derstood that thuse 'l"ho w e r e 1:yewitnesses to the :it the ,, girl who attends schools. when Tampa Li!e quotes_ from a 1 ing alleged conditions among the persecutors were willing to let him I minister of the gospel m good high schools girls in this city, and 1 go and are even now exvressing Truth is not answered b y denia l standing these same propers iI? a which serm9n was le.t e r re!;,orted sympathy !or bim. As soon a.e or denunciation r e tone ri ;;h t eous ness, d e 1n the Tampa Life. is said tha t i these political enemies gained all ; grettable as the . as. l\Ir. Snipes .-accompanied by Ed' l inrormation : : -Blackburn" "Who'hi.ter s-1rnre-ou"t" I:ln!'"j)oss!bie tney upon _'lf d h 1 ffi 1 Tampa Life has at lak ll.ttarned I warrentti against Leo Stzdnake r those whom they believe d connect. front page recogn1twn from them, and George Coulit>, i n connection ed with the publ1catlon and clubs an sc oo o c1a s ( 'I I ranting around mad men, 1 and with this extende d r e co&nl-with the publishe d of th'; 1 t h n1u g h wet dally papers of Tarn-instructiou, threatening violence to tlie person tion of its i11fjuence, it expects t o I sermon. and a Mr. Spaulding and p:s. base carried on malicious anC. M r Sexton ot prollerty o! the minister, nor c?ntiuue fig l :tin;; mi l I a Mr. Sexton visited the home o! 1 Yicious attacks. by the r e f erence to Tampa Life as ev en though 1ts do not i R e v. \V'illiam s Tuesday _of last Boyeott Attemptoo. a "scanQ.al sheet" in tile twb daily meet tlJe approval of c:rta!n i wee k and in a rud, e aud threaten-At the meeting held in dirt daubers. school authorities or local ideals J i ng manne r inform,;li Rrc1 v ; ;1. High sch ool W ednes Tbe real causes of the outbursts or journalism, and ir o r tbe Iiams th:it his house Jn dan.1 day uighc of last we'!k efforts were c'an be r educed to -two, namely, lecherous old gu:rs v.h o comribut-ger of b e in g burned to the ground made by some to boycott the Tamt h e desire of school officials to es-ed tu the fund to prosecute those I it said. It has also been. r e -pa Life and its advertisers in 1m cape a responsibilitY they seem to supposed to be r esrionsible for ported that :Mr Snipes' office has effort i;o crush the paper !inancial a iikelihood or his home being acknowledge by their cqurse of Tampa Li!e, would !uwigate thelr been used as a meeting place for ly i! possible. 'l'h1is wtek reports own reputation;;, their incor:si st-1 those who have been persecutin 5 hare come to the Life tfrnt eHorts ency wouldn"t tll quite so ;; Iarin;:;. j RF. Williams a n d pcrgons ban> been continued by severs.I \ ed that if "'the Tampa Lite is sup:DOrting ine it is' doing 1 a good thing.j" The crowd went, wild in its applause for Senator Whita-less time his attacks in the ruture for speaking engagements in Ybor City, and West Tampa in the fu. ture: (Continued or.i Page > 'hi, :r. into the order at the Ojus meeting. The Junf'or 0. U. A Ilf is the oldest and largest patriotic It 'I'amp:.t Lite w erP all they say! SUI?_POsed to have b e e n connected I including J G. Bedingfi eld., '!rho it is, it would only b e a rase of I w ith the Tampa Life has 11. b"rother in the county com-"the ketr!c Pal!iiig the pot black" Pray For \\..illiam!! miss10ner's race and lrho holdl! and :aot.hing has eYi:r beEn deaned l At a praye r meeting held at the 1 a pooition under the city adminis up by that process. I (Continued On Page ) l (Continued On Pa.;-e gangsters. Tampa Life has tearlessly and Picture Shows A 'Wordof Q d 8 p Appreciation I ppose y astors 1 Wou!d Hal;-The Tampa Life wishe s to express its appreciation to I the people of Tampa for the enco ,uragement and assistance b eing giYen Tam.pa Lite in this fight b"'.ing ma.de upon it by its political eneJ;llies ill" e appreciate the numerous phone calls o! encouragement and the peri;;onal visits or those who ha.Ye called at "the offic e to assure us or their support and assistance. We appreciate the fact that the level-headed people or Tamp a realize 'that the story published in the Tampa Lite regarding the .high school girls was merely a report. of a sermon that had been delivered in public, and which could have been pP,blished, of course, in eTery n ewspaper that mig, h t have had a reporter present at the church where the sermon was de}j -vered. We assure the public that 'fight will be carrie d through to a finish. Special Shows and Sunday Performances. / Crowd Appl a uds Bledsoe When Mickler Attacks Life Crowd Fails to Appreciate Leg-ticle published in the Tamp;i Lite I w h o had been advertising in the islative Candidate's attack containing the report of a pastor's T:impa U T Lif t P liti Calls Mickler a LiAr pon ampa e a o germen on alleged conditions in 1 cal Rally. Mr. Bledsoe in his rebuttal I one of the high schools here, saw jumpe d to his feet to answer j Jo.seph R. Mickler, candidate fit to attack the Life be-:Mickler receiYe_d_ a tremen i for the state legi slature in group cause of Mr Stalna'\re r s alleged J do us ovation from tne p eople who i No. 2 running against Mr. Bled-! connection with that paper. Mr. had gathe;ea at the rallt. was I soe, Jim Mccants and W. J. Biv-Stalnaker'!! a.rrest was brought greeted with cheers such as Hurl E:ns got a set-'down at the political I about by those who were politi-rah !or "Hurrah for rally held a few nights ll.go in I cally opposed to tj1e Tampa Lire the T.mpa Life". Bledsoe de Jackson Heights nea.r the El Be-and :\Ir. Mickler sought r o make clitred that Mick!ers statement t)lel Baptist church. Mr. Mickler political capital out of Stalnaker's to the effec t that he was being taking advantage of the arrest arrest. H : to tbej supp_orted the Tampa Life Vrnl! Leo that da}' for an ar-Ta.mpa Life to Bledsoe, as one (Contmued on Page .f. )


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'' _. / ) \ I \ i 1 '. \ ,' I J I paper ; !. \ : I .: . ....... < NOTici&-oF I sia.te BJ.:iOOJD: A FRli:E Ceunty et llillsboro, Nolice ls hereby given that on I bentbY eutlfy tha.t the -abne May J6th, A. D., aao, the under-at foregoins ta a true eop;r e! signed, will apply to the Honor-th er!cln&l order tor publication able F. ll. Roble,1, Judge ot the aade in said eauae, on Ale in T circuit court in and !or Hlllsbor-eace ough County, Florida, In Chan Ta111a, Flo}ida, J..prll U, ltSt. cery,'at hi1 ot!ce In the courthouse w. A. DICKJ:NSON, in 'rampa, Florida, for a license t Clerk,.o! Cireuit Co11rt. take char"e of, and con-(SilAL) : trol her property,. AD.d to becom ., By EDW. MORGAN, D. G. lit tree dealer in enry resp.ect. '(-2' ELIZABETH. ECKENROD. LEO STALNAKER, Solicitor !or PetiUoner. (1)-3-10-17-H. NOTICE OF MASTE_R'S SALE Il'f TlilJI TEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, HILLSBOltOUGH C 0 U N 'I' T, FLORIDA. IN CHANC.li:RT. .JASSIE COURSON ____ --Notice is hereby given that un-Compl&inaut. d9r a.nd by virtue of a decree of va iiale entered on the 8th da,-or May A. C. ending i n i:he Circuit Court of I ORDER FOR PUBLICATION. \' A. D 193 O, in that cert1un sm t j Hillsboroug h County, Florid& in j It .by .1.!ld&Tit 'ap-i Ch .. nce r y, wherein H. B La.n gh:1.m pende d to the bill 1n fh.e aboTe 1 j 11,nd his wife,. E foa M. L t.ngham. state d cause th:=.t :: C. : : -" :,f l a.re the comptamants, and Annje l the defendant the. eia namf;l\_l, ... I W. Evans :rnd h ei: hu11band, Sam -li, non-resident of_th11 Str.t11 of uel G. E va.u s. i1.re the d efenda.nt5-\ 1da.; tha t the residence of the u.1d;:-l l I, t h e undersig'ned S peciaJ ia to the dlh.nt i,ln< in ChancFy pursu:mt to and in 1rnow n ; that the :!:I.I d defenda:r;it 1Jr5: 'der .to satisfy the terms o f s[Lid de-i o Tor the 1.ge twem:r-one : Cree wiil ofie 1 for s&le ad will r and. thin IS IlO person Ill \ 5 ell M.t publ ic o utcry to the hig hest I St1tto of F l9rida upon whom the J! and best 'bidder ror cash in front nice of r. sub.poena would bind. of the Court House door in the f the de!end;;i.nt._ it ls ther.e!ore o .rCity of T;;i.mpa., Hillsborough I dttr e d that sai d non-resident d County, Florida on the 2nd day I !endant b e and he 11 hereby _re-. fof June, .A. D .. 1930, the sa.me be-quired to ppear to the bill o_f f inli r. rule d:i.y, during the legal complaint filed in said cauae1on or I hours of s11ole, the following de-be!ore Monday, the day of cribed property, located and situ-June, A. D. 1930, otherY1se a.ted in Hillsborough County, Flor-alllfl:atlona er u.id blll -W:ill be ta.ida, to-wit: Lot Eight (8) or Block I ken r.1 conten10d by said deten-1 Four U} of Nordica SubdiTision dant. or th lrNt 18 chA!ll.ll of the South It ia further ord-ered that thi1 j of ,the Northwest Q.uar-1 order 'be published once a week ter .t th& Northwest Q.Uarter ot for four consecutive weeks in the Section 7, Township -!9 south TAMPA LIFE, a newspaper pulr Range 11 llast a11 same is lished in said County and state. ed In Plat Book 3 Page 3! ot the Done a.nd ordered in 'Taaa, Public Records Hillsborough Florida., thi11 the 30th day of Ap-County, Florida. ril, 19i0. A B CARLTON W. A. DIC1'ilNSON, Clerk, Circuit Court. Master in Ch11.ncerv 1 {lilil.AL) LllO STALNAKER, By EDW. MORGAN, D. 0. Sollcltor tor Complainants ANNA A. KRIYITS1'T, ( i ) -lt-17-U-31 Solicitor for Compl&inant. State of Florida, County of Hlllsboroui"h. 1fOTICli: 'l'O CREDITORS Notice 11 hereby given that the under!i"ned has been duly appointed aad q ur.lifted Executor ot the estate of D lleCona:ahe:r, deeaa8ed. AH heirs, crediteu, legatee1, di8tributee s, a.nd all etll.er persons havin: claims or liea.ds ar;&inlt nid are ll'erel>y ..:. tiled to present them to the Ceunty J udi:- of Hilliborou.lh Cout:r at his o11ice at Court; J'leuM, Tre t1 1e defendant, it iB therefsre or-1 stued ca.use that James H. Weit. dered that s !iid noll-resilient de the dcfend1tn1 therein n z.me d ie fedant be :i.nd sh" ,..,_ j non-n1gident ol tb11 St:tte o r Flor-quired to :i.pp..,Rr t3 the bi11o 't ida. and is a residcn1t o f the Co m1-cem plaint :l!IBd i n said c1rnse ;;a o t 'ty of Suffolk and Sta.t'il of Ya.su-, before .Mondo.:r. the 2;1d d;;;y o f .chusetta and tha t the last lmo-yrn i Juno, A D. 1 util.orwiso the -and p:r-es1mt a.ddr&111 of t h e defen-1 uf u .id0 bill will ta-1 dznt Ill 816 Orme Ave., Phoe :aix. I ken as conressed b y sa.id def&ll. A.rLllona.; and that thore ii no pu-! dant. ; son in thhi S t a.tl! the service of a It fa further ordered that thla imbpoena upon whom would bind order b e published once a week the Hid defend11.nt and th&t he i1 for !our consecutive week.S in. the over of twenty-one year; TAMPA LIFE, lit pubit is therefore ordered that 111.id lished in said County al'ld St;ite. non-ruident defendant be and he Done a.nd ordered in Tampa, 111 hereby ordered and required to Florida, this the 30th dity of Apbe and appeu to the bill or com-ril, 1930. plain Aled ln tald C&UH on or_ be-W. A. DICKENSON, tore 1londay, the. llnd da.y ot June, Clerk, Circuit Caurt. .A. 1930; othenr!se th a.Hera-(SEAL) tions of uid bill Y111 be tai:H u By EDW. MORGAN, D. C. confeaHd by aid defendant. ANNA A. KRIYITSKY, ll la turther order_. that thia Solicitor for Complainant. order be publihed once & week State of Florida, tor rour con1ecutfTe Ytek1 1 tllle County of H!llsborough. T&mpa Life, neY!p&per :oubUsh-, I hereby certify that the above 1a 1&1d County &nd State. and foregoing i s a true copy Of e t ordered/ in the original order for publication Flerida, tbt. the Utll tay et .Ap-made in said cause, on file in my r1l, Ult. office. 1' .A. DICllNSON, Tampa., Florida, .April SOtb, Clerk or Circuit Ceurt. 1930. ..... W. A. DICKENSON, (!ILlL) :U7 JllDW. MORG.&.N, D. e. .ilfNA. .A.. XRIVITSX:Y, Solidto:r for Complaiaa.nt. Clerk, Circuit Court: (SEAL) By EDW. MORGAN, D. C. () 5-3-10-17-2-31. If Yu Like Tampa Life Why Net Get It By ail? ----------------------Fill.Jn This and I I i I I I I I 1 TAMPA LIFll, U 5 Can St., Tampa., Fla. Date. Please enter my subscriptio:a. to TAMP.A LIFE. I eloH payment for (1 year $2 .H); {6 months $1.IO). .Name / I I I I I --------_,....__ -----__ _J p


Leo Staln.aker. thought Leo hadn't connected with the Tampa Lite they would have sed l/>DYthing to the preacher o; anybody else about the gals The longer I live the older I git and I wud like to find out something about this formula '0! gittin' e'.yery tew days and. a. slicin' off years rour at a I !ollered that. thai crowd !rum the higlj school over to the Eighth Avenue church to see 'e'm I take the oTer. and make him a.pollgii:e. They had to whip the Sunday school superintendent before they couuld. tak,e )lim. The preacher's father-in-Jaw told sum or them thar fellers that the preacher's wife wuz sick .in bed right next door to the church and they told him .that that didn't-make no difference that her life didn't amount to ;;i.nything when the character or the high school girl!! had been attacked. They didn't say which high school girls. A!ter that thar crowd had skeered i.ll the women and children away frum the church they took the preacher on over to the high .school 11-nd whin they found out house Tuesday night last week and told him that hit looked like hiz house wu:z: gonna be burned down in spite or all they could do. The::r didn't say who they had delegated to do the job and -*het?-er hit would be very hard to stop 'em or not. The county solicitor this week iii havin" sum of 'em come to l;lis oms and tell !Jim whar they expected to git the matches. It Is funny to me that the parents ain't much concerned about the whole fracis e.t all, but hits just '-the school omcials anQ. the teachers. I didn't' think they had bin ae_cused of anything. However, the hit dog hollers. And thar shore has bin a lot or yelping and hollering. Some people so Iowdo"!n they .can the bel_ ly o! a snake with a plug hat on and not git any slime -l>n their hat. I have seed Jots of people wllo wuz so low down they had to stand on. a barrel to touch, bottom. i Now or course I ain't sayin' noth-1 ing about these here school offi-cialos here in Tampa. But then I have seen peop.le that wuz low down. Now of course I know that Edward Blackburn is ilwful sorry all t).iey could frum him a.bout Leo Stalnaker they wuz willin' to call that he-baz to do this and that off the :dogs and center their at-they swore out that warrants tack on. Leo. He wtlz the !eller against Stal_naker and that thar they wuz. after all the time. He feller Coulle that stays in th. e hadJ!;t. done nothing but he Just Tampa otlis, because Ed_ al-. ways has bm such a great friend ain't SUJ?posed to have done any-:hing-except report preachers' i;ti-or Leo's and he has always bin mans :in the Tampa Lire. but the such a strong political supporter i:rowd j11st wanted to git him on He \has helped him out. I general principals. had' bin That is he ha_s always helped him I out or gittin' the oms he has run !er. They are ralsin' a !und to be used in prosecuting .Leo in the criminal court, the peo'ple who have bin contributing to that rund' I shore 11.re a credit fo the citizenry jl or Tampa. I I Bledsoe When Mick-I ler Attacks Life i c-. I (Continue d !ram Page 1.) J Crowd Applauds 1 d I a he. Mr. edsoe di not mmce I his words in replying to Mickler's I ? c ra_tic yart y organiza tion neeessary. \\'.e do not now have m I land, nor have we had sin_ce 1900, a functionlng DemoIn that year the Democrat i c Stat e convention met and declared the will and the. pcrincipjes of the party. Slhse thep we' ha>e had many years one of the leaders of the business i I the fori;n of a State committee, which gets together when a is. scheduled and then relapses into a condition aptly, described oy_ the late, Grover CleYeland. At the Leesburg dinner, challenged by Colonel Knight. no one could give the I interests In that State: Colonel Knight ls not only a great lawyer, but he is also a leading business man, identified In many ways wlth the upbuildlng actiYities of the State.' In an ,ad(lress made at'Leesburg, Fla., In 1927, Colonel ltnight, _though a Democrat himself, the thought" ihat the deYelopment of a strong Repul;>lican party In Florida would be for the dedded goo'Ul t uf that meeting so far as a systematic adverfising rnmpalgn con cerned, Florida is already rece!Yin g wldesp!' c a c l adver ti singbut. it is from the speech, not-thf meeting or the syst ema'tic -campaign. -'\ "Peter 0. Knight took occasion, In o f his nnrnrks at that banquet, to sug;:E'st the adrnntage.> of a strong and militant Republican in and w t s rliP spark tlint .has kindled editorial fires ln n u m erous important newspapers throughout the t"o11ntry. "'Colonel J(nigfit .is one o f those Floridian,-a ll too frw. as it happens--whose uti, e r;11;c e s rea c h far nncl tlH i ; o und a ries of the State anc1 Jlncl respE-c t f u l hearing in Pim nen t allll influentia l circles. S o when the Co l on el darel a sseit that a p owerful Republi::rn party in Florid a wnulo.l lie a good thing fo r the State, a ttentiv e ear:; \Vere f rom Friseo to \Vall StrEet and a l l points between, espedally in those qnRrters which arc deeply concerne d for the political future of the S outh. whether hopeful for tlie smashing of its traditional solidity or d ernte d to maintaining said solidity. "As a sample of the n ewspaper c omment, we finpublic a n p arty In Florida strong enough to b e threaten ing, hut not domina n t--sqfficiently menacing t o k ee p the Democruts astir and primarily. t o make a functio ni n i; Dem-name of the 'chairman of this obsolescent body. The truth is that there ls no organized Democratic party in '-Florida nnd there hasn't a. State Democratic platform in 27 :;-'ears. "!:!' the strengthentng. of the Republican party 0ln this State will produce a Democratic party organization and some degree o! Democratic unity o! policy and actiori-we say, let 'er, strengthen! The populace may not lose sleep on presidential elE)ction nights wondering 'How goes Florida,' but, .at least, Florida Democrats will know that they have been in a fight." Here is a sad ret!ection on the so-called Demohat!c party .. or Florida, ,but It was made by a Florida newspaper and not by the l\IA.NUl'ACTUBiras RECORD. We do know, that in many other States a iong-dominant party, by what ever name it may be known, becomes corrupt .and needs for !ts own go9d and for the good of the community a vigorous and aggressive antagonist. If it would be good for Florida for the whole country to be waiting tor the election returns, as &nggested by Colonel Knight, it would be equally good for every rock-ribbed Democratic State to be in the same category, and equally true as to every State tied by appairently unbreakable lines to the Republican party. Inde--. pendence ln voting, independence in thought, and aggressive work for 1the policies and the men for whom to vote would be to the best inte11ests or the country and would relieve us from many of the evils which now oppress us. The Hickory (N. C.) Daily Record In discussing this question or two parties said: "One of the firmest planks in the platform of the ideal American citizen is that one by which he reserves the inalienable right to think and to act according to the dictates of his conscience. Kone the less inactive is his conYiction that he may exercise this particular prerogative in his selection of the man to whom he will ghe his vote for first place in the Government-the Presidency. "At this good hour there are many thousands o! men anti women who will depnrt, for one reason or another, from 1 ;artisan po litics and many of them will. perhaps for the first t i me in their lh cs cast an independent vote. There are i"ume liCc -!ong H e puhlicans who will vote the Democratic 1 ir'ket this fall. T he y have their reasons for so doing. Like-rr.!" wise, l l 1erl' .tre suni e very fine, very staunch and very excel l ent m er; wi.o ]J;, 1c' stuck to the Democratic party throug tliick ?nd tll in :1:1d yet they will consider that they ;;ood r c-; of :.:r. Hoo,er or Mr. A lfred S:ni t h, awl if hl: faeh \Yl"J1 t h e DemoC'rat ic part y 1 ) r the R epur;!icHD. !,_., :..: 11TQ t \1 :.' n patriotic ciri7.en jf\he choos(:s to fror1 t1:r l fait h uf his fatl:i 'efs. rhis is his r igt1 t :.:._j;(l ,t; lit t,.n ;.,;: d H.!S n n t n1ea n that for f1nee ln h i s he i5 v.\ j"'.. r !n:1l-:ln:.;'! ... li ttle 1nore vrivat e t hinking '1:oui d t._ : -u \;.,..i:r\1 of ::. ::r cr1 the f!1 a chinery u(.each of the great ... City, .. has vo ted a Sl, 0 00,)00 bnml i'ssu e for den: lo_ping an airport. assertions and the crowd loudly applauded for Bledsoe. It was clearly when Mickler I tucked lrts head and walked away 11 !rom the stand that he realized that he ha.d Illade a tremendous attack that he had Dlackburn, who svor.:! tile lt l 1 e T:\mpa Lif12 and to declare I absehltely truel No Wings attached to this oft..-. You can actu!llly Ii.Ive your choice of any 5 of !lien: '4111ovs magazinn if you ACT NOV/I The cost is ju.st A triRe of their actual value. A year's reading for ftMr,Mti!Mr end the kiddies. Stories and uticJes on every known topid Loolc 'eai over. Select your .,nd Mail the Coupon Today! Don't worry if alrucly set JOIM of there Renewtli wiU be properly Gentlemen: I to take ad..-antaire f nnr llaga:11lne Bor*aln Offer. I nm eneloslJ1g the shove '1Ullaunt lncpaym.ent for a one 7ear subaerlptfoa to ,-ear pa1>er and the FIYE Magulaea I have marked wltla nn X f!elow, 0 Household Mai:-""'!ne 0 lllodena Homemaklnl" 0 Nat'l Farm Pltey, Journal 0 Neadlecratti niade. Mr. a reporter warra.nts against L e o Stalna k.-r I that it 11'2.S S llj!]iO r t iq; As ......... ,,*Y*T*Y...,, ... connected _with the Tampa. Daily and George Coulie,, and who htu 1 \ a res ll l t the crowd ga>e-.Mr Bled-1 I Times evidently 'thought he would opposed Stalnaker politically-for-'I soe 1i Lrf'meildons rn "ake a tremendqus hit by attack-ye:i.rs is also r eporte d ail e E d ea-che ers resulted for i hi:; Ing in his political campaign the to turn adTertising from Life n ewspaper that had been causing I the Tampa Life. Thc:>mpes rom i mg e pu p any t th H"ll b th with the tremendous crowd at Al-more a e i s orougc1 "'e o-S C 'l dist church. It is said that Rev derman Fot'1 that had gathered tate OUllCl Or to hear the opening guns of the I S k Q Snipes has tilled preacblng en- pea S at JU'" political campaign. Considerable i gagements at this churcn for a. I d J k ill number. of years, and that the interest was shown in or an a(: sonv e members of this church want to the other races, but the ma1n in-1 terest.wa.s gf;en to the senate can-(Continued from Page L) register some unwarranted Snipes. protest against the of Mr,-didates. Joseph R. Mickler, the presence of thEj.. state c>fficers candid'ate for the house of repre-Florida and also the state vice It is said that 11. subpoena. is being issued at the county solicitor's' office this week 'to Mr. Snipes to compel him to testify to. what he knew regarding alleged attempts to burn the Methodist parsonage at Eighth Avenue .. Political Enemies War On Life (Continued !rom Page 1.) tration that is being_ vigorou'sly exposed by the Tampa. Life. Ed. sentatives opposing John Bledsoe councilor of Alabama and th.,; Moand two other candidates, made 'bile,, Alabama degree team pnt / 7 no reference to the Tampa_ Life on the degree work. after. he had been taught a. lesson The state officers are scheduled' two bf ore at _the political 1 to till other speaking rally 'in Jackson Heights. At that among. the local coy.ncils on the rally Mr. Mickler saw ru ti:> attack east _coa.t during next week. / DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE DUTCH CLEANING Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kahomining, Plaster and Cement Work-General Repair Shops. 116-17-18 C.ass St .ilrca.d-808-10 :l\farion St.-Phone. M-1825 ., ./4', "--rr'AMP A LIFE .. PtoduCes ResultS FLORIDA AVENUI E .An 11\vestment Property Of Fine 0) t Unrestricted Land.-Look It Over. f I MINS-433; Pa.tlnlan />..rcade I_.


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