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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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, F VOLUME ill. Wet Candidate ,. t .\. TAMPA, FLORIDA, MAY 31, 193 0 Still '. L ags l '-' l ""-.\ \ ------t .-' ) Price 15 Centa Per Y-rly By Hall $21.00 1Jehin-.. An Independent Progressive Newspaper Published On Saturday of Each Week No 16. FOR COUNTY OFFICES, Bl.JT NOT FOR THE TE State Senate Contest To WET Pl:ANK FAILS Be Settled in First Primary; 8;J:;1ff;3;-GIVENS AGAIN MAKES C AM-Eighteenth Amendment Gets E 0 UFLA GED ATTACK ON .I J will not all be settled by the votes NO. m Campaign. x1tement LIFE' Congressm to be cast next Tuesday. A secondi I en primary now seems certain in sev-Thomas w. Watson, candidate ID Tamp era! _of the races. L'nder the new for state senate opposing Senator a ., Census Returns Assure Florida primary election law, where a can-Pat Whitaker, Morris Givens and of Extra Congressman. didate does not receive a majority Homer Hesterly, "l'Vith his wet He Asks, "Is Tampa an Ameri-it. That's funn{. But maybe PEOPLE PLEASED s ip on the street is to the effect of the votes cast in the primary a plank to abolish the eighteenth can City or a Cuban Assem-some of these storms, that are so WITH AN that financial support from people Hereafter Florida will be rep. second primary is necessary. Jn amendment is still running_ in low bly?" frequent down here, rock the SWER OF identified with candi-resented in the House of Repre -some of the races where more place ill the campaign, judging table so that it is necessary to PAT Wl-{IT AKER dacy is keeping it alive" sentatives of Congress by fiye cone thantwo candidates are running from the applause and reception On the surface, while the sun is have sideboard s to keep the food When Mr. Givens took up the gressman ins t ead of four as in the for the same office many of these accorded the candidates at the va-shining and the streets are crowd-from s.Jiding off. But let us Givens Speaks for Hesterly and fraudulent 1-.egistration matter, h e past. wil! be compelled to enter the sec-rious political rallies. Prohibition ed with business men and women, watch t i 1is crowd thats g oin g to Watson On Illegal Regis-attempted to speak not onlv for On the basis of incomplete r e -ond primary. From the present repeal does not seem to appeal to would impress the average ward that table. Look' One man trants. himself, but also for Homer Hes-1 turns, 'the census bureau at Was!:!.-outlook it appears that the candi-the voters of Hillsborough county st_ r a.nger as a thriving little city. has a couple of lumps of sugar t e r l) and Thomas Watson, two of mgton s aid Florida will gain an d atesfor state senate will not have taken generally. Mr. Watson says With her beautiful office build-, that he' s rolling a.round the table. Morris M Givens; senate candi-his opponents. extra congressman, bringing the to enter t h e second primary, even he do-es not drink himself and is ings, her merchant stores and her He must want to sweeten tlie table date, continued his attacks upon "These fraud ul ent registrations numbe r to fiv e It w a s stat e d tha t though there are four candidate s so temperate that he does not al-happy smiling people, she is in-for dinner. Yes, that's it. And the Tampa Life in his political w ere not put on the books b y me the l 9 3 0 population a pportion-in this race, for the reason that low the; S .unday newspaper to d eed a beautiful c i ty. But come how h e is interested in his work. campaign this week. The T ampa or to help me," he ci ied, and then m ent for congressional represen-two of these_ candidates, Whitaker come int o his home, he con-with an experienced citizen, to this See, he pop s his fingers and seems Life sometime a g o printed stories turne d to Hesterly. l\i y fr i end, talion would be about 2.8 0 7 8 0 and Givens are so f;;tr in the lead never stole a thing, but city al'ter dark. Let us ride down I to urge the "sugar" to do its best. a bout the notorious liquor_and-Colone l H e s terly is a n hones t man p e r s on s p e r congressman. The last that the vote s to the remaining if I do opportunity to steal Tampa street. One of the most Now another man t akes the sugar, women party at Nellie's Road-and r know they w e r e not put 011 apportionment was 211,8 7 7 two a r e not likely to cut much lithe amendment, I'll prominent streets we ha. ve. Wh;-j H e must not be satisfifie d with the house. At Sulphur Springs last the books by him or for him. T<>m To_ o btai_n the fifth congressma. n On e of the two leading c ancertainl do it and I'll burn it up., is that crowd doing in that cafe'! 1 way the las t man swee t e n e d the l\Ionday night Mr. Giv e n s said, W atson i s an honest m a n and 1 I Florida will h ave to show final dictates is likely to get a maiority lawi s a miserable Are they eating, as people usually table because w e hear him say, "There i s a constable in this di.s-can guarantee h e didn't put the: p o pulation figurel) around 1 ,403,-in the fir s t primary. This seems and there never was a j do in cafes? Let us stop and see. "I'll swee t e n the pot." We irnag-trict, w h o is a stockholder in the bo gus names on the registration ?o;. p e r s ons. The census thus far to be the concensus of opinio. n or of our country I The y have tables such as any ine h e i s going to s weet e n s om e Tampa Life I want you people to books You people know who put m i cated today that this figure those who have a ttended t h e v ari-when the Jails and penitentiaries other cafe would have, but such cooking v esse l as w e ll as t h e table. know tha t. There i s one deY e lo p -the m there and for what purwill b e e a s e. ous politicaL.ral.J,ija1wJH cilll:g .hout t n e so .. full as they are today." quee_ r looking tables. On one of These Cuban peopl e sure do Ion m ent of t his campaig n in which 1 pose! Big Gain In Population count y and h ave checked up on Wamts Horse Racing. them we .see a large wheel that things sweet. At this time a gen-take g reat pride, and that i s tha t The crowd voic e d its disapprov-C e n sus returnsfroru 4 8 comp let-the situation. a speech this week, Mr. Wat-spins round and round. There are tleman, or. maybe w e shoul d cal; the only n ewspape,r in Hillsbor-a l of Giv ens insinuations in this e d countie s and 2'7 municipalities Others Enter Second son, said: numbers on the wheel and corres-him a Cuban, informs us that i t i s oug h county which has attacked respect and i t was several minute s in inc o m pl e t e d countie s today In some of the races for county "My opponent Mr. Givens, has ponding numbers on the table. around the table are not trying to me is tha t notorious scandal sheet b efore the chairman could quiet show e d a population of 1 ,231,073 commissioner the second primary told you that r favor and like And look, see all the money on not sugar but dice and those m e n the T ampa Life which r ecently the uproar. In 1920 the entire population of will be necessary. T his perhaps th t bl W t th t bl ti b d 1 :F'lorida was 968,470. b horse racing. r do like it and we e a e. hat is all that mon--:i y swe e en e a e or any ung ut ma e scurn ous attacks on the vi r-As tur n came t o WI e true in the race for clerk need it here in Hillsborough coun-doing there: Oh, I guess all are gambling. "Oh, horrors, w e tue of a large number of hig J s p e a k the crowd hushed in anficL Complete figures for Dade and of the criminal court. There i s a th I crv "s I t N t h I I l Th I Hillsboroug h countie s w e r e b t f ty to attract tourists. We .haven' t o.se peop e are so honest and ure Y no o ere rn sc i oo g1r s e m e n of that pa-pation of a sharp r eply ts Givens. po s si 1 1 Y o two of the candi-a:nything in Tampa to bring money upright they paying for their Tampa. And so open about it. p e r should be hanged for it." "I do not propose to indulge i :i ing Other large countie s which dates for the offic e of judge of ju. d d D t ti 1 "d have not reported yet are Alachua spenders We dld put up branc supper rn a van'ce an since there on rn po ice eve r ra1 you, or Referred to Sermon mud-slinging although the oppo-' Yem e court to be compelled to en-new neon s igns to show tourists are so many customers, they are at least make you q'uit?" we Givens was referring to a sition has tried to lay a trap for Volusia and St. tther the second prtruary also. In the best way to get out of town. spinning the wheel to d ,ecide who asked. He laughs and says, : : Po-recent story appearing in the Tam-me. I absolutely refuse to t>e e race for the legislature in T b d fi t r !icemen and f th ffi Miami Beach, with an increase o-rou b t ampa is a grand plaoe for people wr e serve rs ts a queer some o e o cers pa Life which contained an a c -1 drawn into any mud-slinging as r o P one, e ween John T. Lowe h f tt. d' are m b t t I of 906 p er cent in the l ast 1 0 d w E l\f w o are suffering from a nervous way o ge mg ones mner. Just a ong our es cus omers... count of a sermon delivered pub-expect to address myself to the in-an onroe the nomination breakdown. an old Spanish custom," we sup_ 'Would w e care to enJ"oy an even-I t 11' r y ears forged to the head of the will be settled th fi t licly in one of the Methodist e r gence o the voters. From 111 e rs pnmary th t ino-of bl. ? w Id b list or citi e s showing gains. Win. d I Says Tampa. Dvin"'. pose; any way, a s as good as o gam mg. e wou e churches of the city. The Life what you have seen and heard to-an a s o in group three for the ,...._ th qquit f f th th ter Haven which had held first I 1 t b "We nee8 per cent. (Co ntinued on Page '.) torially or otherwise. Mr. Givens Methodist Temperance Board An1wers Wet Congressman al.so said: .'I take equal pleasure and satisfaction in the statement that this Tampa Life is the only newspaper in Hillsborough county which is supporting the candida(!y vf Pat Whitaker, and common gos-Picket Claims Temperance Organizations and the Chi.irches Elected Hoover. / The Methodist Board of Tern_ perance and Public Morals answered Representative Tinkham wet con_gressman from Massachu'. setts, this week before the senate lobby investigating committee Tinkham had made charges short timii ago to the effect that the had violated the princi_ple of separation of church and state in the past presidential election. The board in its reply also claimed that the election of President Hoover was due to the efforts o f temperance organizations and the churches throughout the nation. Deets Pickett, representing the M ethodist Board of Temperance said: "The bald truth i s that the inefficiency of the republican politic a l organization in this campaign was s t artli11g "Except for the counsel of Sen_ atdr Curtis the republican ageruent was lacking in the advice of astute and experienced politi-. cal leaders. "The fight was won not by the 'repu'blican party, but by the churches,. the W. C. T. u'. the An ( Continued on/Page 4.) i' I AGAIN Yo -,. ----Baptists ; in Revival at Gardner Hear "Crusader'' Stalnaker Addresses Baptist: United American Mechanics in Revival at Gardner and Jr 0 U A M closed meeting on Thursday night ti. d v a8t Sth. Augus-and also at ftl:e courthouse at Vero ne an ero eac B each on the followmg mght. Mr. Leo Stalnaker, Tampa attorney and writer, and recently referred to by the Associated Press as a "militant crusader for prohibition and public morals, fundamentaL ist and former legislator," delir ered an address ;i.t the Baptis t cl;lurch at Gardner last Wednes-day night at a reviv a l meeting in progress there, on public morals, modern conditions. and law en-Stalnaker is the state councilor of the J r. 0. U. A. M, the 11ation's largest patriotic, fraternal order and h e has been tourihg the for the past few weeks deiive r i lectures in the interests of the order. At Vero Beach a class or thirty_three candidates were prepared Friday for initiation into local council there. forcement. The church was fill e d w El d to overflowing and following .Mr. Jese ecte Stalnaker's addres s R ev. W. L H ead, Baptis t evangelist, spoke OD Head c ounty "One Hundred Per C ent Arneri-League Union fir s t o f the week to s ecure ;,rr / Stal naker to d elive r the address Key Named Vice-Preisident at o n W ednesday and upo n makin g Annual Banquet. fin a l arra n g em ents wired Mr. Staln aker's acc eptance to M ayor P. P Speer of Arcadia for announce ment. A f t e r the G ardne r m eeting Oliver Wiese was electe d president of t h e Hillsboroug h County Epworth Leag u e Union of the M r Stalnaker departed fo r the M ethodist church l a s t !\Ionday a t northern part of the s tate to fill othe r speaking e ngagements St. Augustine a11d Vero Beach Mr. Stalnaker' s schedule this week als o include d speeche s at St. Augustine b efore the Junior Order the annual banque t of t!ie league h eld at the Hillsborough 'Hotel. This i s Mr. Wiese' s s e c ond t erm. An elaborate program of entertainment was a.rrai: { g e d for the (Continued on Page 4.)


... I b laaapesdent; Procr.iv. Weekly NWllfl.Pr ...... aa :Jv.ltUah .. 8rVT SMIU4a.y i.,. \Ile ft J .A. P IT r _.,PANT, Iae. Jlloai:a Teach Children Clear In Early Years 'l'AillM LI& He don't botlleiwith plans Of cheap artisans, But one thing can rightly be said: The whole excavation Many a baby who is encouraged Has this explanation, to continue baby talk grows up in. He builds it by u.sing his head. to a child with a speech defect, Calvin T. Ryan, professor of English ih a midwestern college, Ex. ;!It It is clear that Tampa will not Saturday, May 31, 1930 .. '-41 .-... ..... '1i e... l!ltr .. t Pll- Uoel warns parents, grandparents, d e -have an adequate airport as long voted aunts and uncles and m e r e as the present alderman!c major. friends in the June Hygeia. ity remains in control. -Tampa The time to make a clear and Tribune. beautiful speaker of a child is dur-We are sorry for Tampyell when the bit en. tere d it. The impact of the accumulation of gas when struck kick.ed the up the hole to the seat of the 6 %-inch pipe, destroying the seat and permitting the water to enter the sand' under very high pressure. Work has been in progress day and night, with two crews on 12-hour shifts each for some eight months in a.n effort to remove the water. Much has been accomplished, but the method is now too s l ow. An air lift should complete the d e watering in a short time. -Florida Commercial. The urfou/1n ...... 'J?..ouge Pleritla' a Moat ... ., .. Pia ... ust acreu the 22nd St. Causeway .. ,,, ...... WANTED A ''ti J"9-c -_ _. wm t prepare fer .. .. ............................. : !lmWa.PHY 8 .. 1.1-PING aANKINS ....... ARIAL IH& R ACeeUNTINfS VIL smtVIE ht' -d cla1... T.nien lly menth or weelt. No cluave fer &nt week. Ceme aRd ky it. Business University of Tampa, Inc. C-. Tampa and Casa Stos. Phone 2185 SfllfMf FOil. ANYTHING LOCAL AND. PAGKING AiY'& Referring to a charge by Tinkham that the board ;had violated the federal corrupt practic.es act in 1928 in connection report!ng campaign expenditures, Pickett said the charges with reportmg camppaign expenditures, Pickett said the charges had been laid before the department of justice, the board had replied to them and the departmnt had takn no action. He works like a nigger I To make the hole bigger-He' s sore if his cutter won't cut. LONG MOVING SHIPPING It Makes Mothers Live Longer More Playtime With an Electric Range One hour instead of many hours in the kitchen. Meals and Baking done with Time to rest and play out of doors. Time to ride and visit and go to the Movies. T ime for your children Dinner alway ready by the clock. THE HOTfOINT ELECTRIC RANGE So automatic it thinks for itself. So exact it gives same results every time. So clean it never smudges your utensils. So economical it has no superior. Our Campaign Terms $15 down -$8.05 a month for 18 months. Fully installed with 4-cent wirine. Come In and Study It Tampa Electric Company H.J. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager If Y eu Like Tampa Life Why Not Get It By Mail? --------------------------a 1 Fill In This Blank and Send It In I I TAMPA LIFll, I H5 Ca1111 St., Tampa, Fla. I I Please enter my subscription to TAMPA LIF.11. I eaclou I pa.yment for (1 year $2.00); (6 months $1.60). I I Name I ..A.ddress ... ------------------1 State I 1 _____ ________ I I i ..


., Saturday, May 31, 1930 TAMPA LI F & -,... .............. = ,. P ........... t a+m ...... ... -*'fl*r&TAT&T&TaT"'**&T&T& .... T:: ........ I Watch for '\ ,I I I \ I I .. Jn this paper I soon. ., NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE Notice is hereby given tha.t und11r and by virtue or a decree or ....ie entoered on the 8th day or May A. D., 1930, in tha.t certain suit pending in the Circuit Court or Hillsborough County, Florid11, in Chancery, wherein H. B. in said cause, on file in my omce. Tampa, Florida, May i6th, 1930. (SEAL) W A DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court By KATES. ROBINSON. D. C. (5)-24-31 ( 6)-7-14-21-and his wire, Edna. M. Langham, &Q61S-O are the complainants, a.nd Annie IN THJI CIRCUIT COURT, TilI:R-W. ETans and her husband, Sam-TEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, uel G Enns, are the d 'e!endants, HILLSBOROUGH C 0 UN 'l' Y, I, the undersigned Master FLORIDA. IN in Cha.ncry pursua.nt to and in or-.JASSIE COURSON ____ --der to satisfy the terms or !!&id de-\ Compla.inant. cree will 11!!er !or 11a.le and will sell at public outcry to the highest .A. C. COUR:!'ION, ,-and best bidder tor cash in !ront Def11aQ&at. of the Court House door in the ORDER FOR PUBLIC.A.TION City o! Ta.mp&, Hillsborough It appearini:-by dd&rtt apCounty Florida., on the .2nd day p ended to the bill in th &boTe of June, A. D., 1930, the same b e-itated cause that A. C. Courson, ini:a rule day, during the lega.I the defendant therein n1.II1ed, 11 hours of sale, the following dea non-resident or the St..t11 ot acrlbed property, located a.nd 11ituid& that the residence of the s.al d ated in Hillsborough County, Flor-ii to the a.Sant unida, to-wit: Lot Eight ( 8) or Block known that the 11aid d11!endant iB Four c 4.) ot Nordica Subdivision 'over the age of twenty-one yeara ot the We.at 18 chains or the South and that there is no person in the on .. th1rd o! the Northwest qua.r-State or Florid11. upon wlwm the ter .t the Northwest Quarter or aervice or a subpoena would bind S11etio11 7, Township 29 South, the d 'erend11.nt it is th11rerore orRange 19 Ka11t a1 ea.me is record-d.ered that non-resident deed in Plat Book 3, Page 32 of the fendant be and he i1 hereby r .. Public Reco:ds or Hillsborough quired to apIJeu to th bill of County, Florid&. complaint filed in said cauae on or A B CARLTON, before Monday, the :Ind da:r of Special J.U.ster in June, A D. 1930, other1'111e the LEO STALNAKER, of aaid' b1ll wm be ta. ken a1 confessed by said defendant. Solicitor tor Complainants. (li)-10-17-U-31 NOTICE OF RECEIVER'S SA.LE. NOTICE is hereby that the undersigned Receiver, by Tirtue of a d ecree d11.ted the 21st d ay ot Ma.y, A. D. 1930, rendered in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough It la further ordered th&t thill order be published once a. week for four consecutiT week.a in the TAMP A LIFE, a published in eaid County and Stat11. Done and ordered in Ta.a)&, Florid&, thi11 the 30th d ay of April, uao. W .A. DIC1':NSON, Clerk, Circuit Ceurt. Conty, Florida, in Chancery, suit (iili:AL) No. 25758C, wherein D D. Young By EDW. MORGAN, D. C. was complainant, and Shipley-ANNA A. KRIVITSXY, Young Company, a corpor11.tion, Solicitor for Complah1.ant. E. R. Shipley, J R., Ge11.gly a.nd State of Florida, M V. Shipley, were defend11.nts County of Hilll!borou,h. will otfer for sale and sell to the I hereby certify tha.t the &boT highest and best bidder, or bid-and foregoing 1.s a. true copy of d'ers, ,tor cash, in front of the w est "the original ord'.Br for publication door or the Hillsborough County made In said ca.use, on :!Ile in my Court House, in Tampa, Florida, o:!l.ce. on Monday, June 9, 1930, between Tampa, Florida, April 30th, the hours of 11:00 o'Clock A. M. and 1: 00 o'clock P. M., to satisfy W. A. DICKENSON, the terms of said decree the following described property in Hillsborough County, Florida, ,to-wit: Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Four ( 4), Five (5) and Six ( 6), of Block Three ( 3 ) and Lots Twenty-nine ( 2 9) and Thirty ( 3 0), Block Six ( 6) of SEFFNER HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, according to map or plat there11f recorde d in Plat Book 14, page 19, in the office of the Clerk or the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florid'a; Also, Clerk, Circuit Court. (SEAL ) By EDW MORGAN, D. C {) 5-3-10-17-24-31. aga12-o IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, HILLSB01toUGH C 0 UN TY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. H M. CANT:SR, Compla.inant. ..... ELLA C. CANTER, Defenda.nt. Lots Thirteen (13) and Four-OR:R FOR PUBLICATION teen ( H), Block Ten ( 10) of It &.Jpe&rin" bY amdaTit ap-L YNWOOD PARK SUBDIVI-JaN te the bill in the a.bon SION, according t<;> map or I>l_ &t r aiatl ue that J!llla. C. Canter, thereof recor_ded m Plat Book i&e d efendant therein named is 12, page 68, in the omce of the a mm-re1ident of the Sta.te of FlorClerk or the Circui_ t of tt&; tllat the re1id1nce of the u.id Hillsboroug h County, Florida. defendant 11 to th & ... at un-C. A. EDWARDS, lrnewn; that th N.id defeada.nt ls RecelTer. ever the a,e or twenty-on :re&r1 SHACKLEFORD, IVY, FARRIOR and that ther i no penon In the & SHANNON. it&te Of Flerica UI>n w1t.om the By J. REX FARRIOR, terTlce or & &UbJen would bind Solicitors for Receiver. ta defendant, it i1 t1t.eretr or-( 5)-24-31 (6)-7. dered tha.t id aoa-rNleat de --------------feadaat 11.nd sh11 i 11.ere"" reNo. 89'155-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicia.l Circuit, Hillsborough County, Fiorita.. In Chancery. MRS. A J. PAYNE, A WIDOW, Complainant, TB. HUNTER HENDERSON, AND HIS WIFE, ELIZABETH S. HENDERSON CHESTER E BLANTON, EDNA E. BLANTON AND NANNIE E. BLANTON, Defendants. The State of Florid& to: CHESTER E. BLANTON. It appearing by atrld&Tit appended to the bill in the above sta.ted cause that Chester E Blanton, the Defendant therein named. is a. non-resident or the State or Florida, but a. resident or the United Sta.tea or America, and that his last place or residence and as particula.rly as is known to the atfi:rnt, was Detroit, Michigan; that there is no person in the State o! Florida the service or a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant and that he is over the a g e o! twenty-one years; it i s therefore ordered that said nonresident Defendant be and he is hereby required to appear to the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday, the 7th day of July, A. D. 1930; oth-' erwise the allegations or said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that tfi s order be published once a week for four consecutive w eeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done .and ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the 16th day of May, A. D 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit __ Court. By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. JOHN R. STOFER, Solicitor !or Complainant. State o! Florida, County of Hillsborough. I hereby certify that above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order of publication made quired to &ppear t the bill of cemJlaint I.led in 1ald oau. en or llefere Monday, th Sad day et Ja, A.. D. 1111, tkenr-t.. tke ef ll&ic bill 1'111 b taken aa confesHd by nid cefenda.nt. It la further ordered th&t this order be published once 11. wHk tor four consecutive weei:1 la the TAMPA LIFE, a. new1p& .. r pub lished in said County and Stat11. DGne and ordered in Tampa, Florida, this the 30th d a:r of April, 1930. (SEAL) W. A DICKENSON, Clerk, Circuit Ce>urt. By EDW. MORGAN, D C. ANNA A KRIVITSKY, Solicitor for Compldn&nt. St&te o! Florida, County of Hlllsborou,h. I hereby certify tha.t the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order for publication ma.de In said cause, on tile in my omce. Tampa, Florida, April 30th, 1930. (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk, Circuit Court. By EDW. MORGAN, D. C () 5-3-10-17-24-31. NOTIG.11 TO CREDITORS Notice i hereby given t1t.at the underslined has been duly appointed &ad qualified as xecuter of the estate or D. M:cConaahey, .All heire, crediters, legatees, ad all other perl!Olll! haTing cla.im er deraa.ads ac:-a.in1t 1ta.id e11t1.te are llereby ao ti1led to prHent them to the Cci,unty Judl:"e of Hill1borou,h County &t hi oce at the Court Reuee, Tua.pa, Florida, properly awern to with.la one year frem date 11.ereet er t:l1.ey will be !erever krrec by la,.... All pcnon indebted to said estate are reqquired to come forward and make settlement without dela.y. Tampa, Florida, April 5, 1930. S D. CAMPBELL, ilxecutor of-D. McCONNAHl:Y, Deceased. (4)-5-12-19-26 (6)-S-10-17-24-31 DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE DUTCH CLEANING Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomining, PlaSter and Cement Work-, General Repair Shops. 116.17-18 Cass St. Arcade--808-10-Mai.ion St. Phonel\1-1825


,. r. ;,.i.-", --' PAGE FOUlt. \ TAMPA I,.IFE Saturday, 31, 19.30 it is possible to put it on. On Friday night, May 23rd, we _shall have at' the Tampa Bay Ca_ sino, Plant. Park, a general rally of all of the Scouts of the city,_ and shall present a play includfng all phases of Scout work. Parents !especially, but all friends and the fl.hut up, caus' I know dis thing is gwine to caus' trubie and d 1tre might be a whole lot of ,things de lawyers cud prove. Ole Jasper ls broad minded an' he don' belives everything. d'at is said about de white folks high skule, but he was tole by his ole daddy long time Wiese Elected Head I ---County League Union Ta_. m:pa Life general public are invited. This ago, dat whar de smoke was dere (Continued fi-om Page One) leaguers and over a hund'red members were present_ Ii:ey Vice_President being put on with hardly any ex-was som fire. I hopes in dis case Biil Key was elected vice presiile nse, and is just another means dere is no fire, if d ere is lets put dent to succeed Harry Burts, Louby which we hope to further dem-it out, de sooner de better. Wall i-se Westmoreland was re-elected oiistrate the real Scout purpose. my letter is lengthy Peter but I secretary. Other officers named -We would a1wreciate having some em full to overfioin' and here is j were Mary Parks, corresponding_ waal, I shore have bin havin' I Life and I sed a .bout that _Nellie's member of your organization visit wishing the Tampa Taboon, the secretary; Milburn McLeod, treas-the time of life runnin' around at-Road House thing. We cud hav with us that night. Tampa Tames and the Tampa Life urer; A. c Hett, agent for the the candidates to the speakins sed more, and might yet, becuz we ain't mentioned all the peeple We are open to suggestions and much prospirity durin' the Epworth Era; Schyler Meadows, and a listenin' at what they got that wuz thar at Nellie's on that criticism at any time,, and will ap-boom. second department superinten-thar fatal night. No, Morris ain' t -preciate any help your paper may OLE J_l\SPER dent; Mabel Price, third d'epart-to say about themselves and the -feller. They talk mostly about the other feller. They spend more--time tryin' to tell the peeple why: the other fel 1er not be elckted to offio, t}\an they spend' try in' to tell the why they shud be ele_ckted. Morris takes up all hiz time cuss, -4i' out the Tampar Life and sayin' what a great calamity itwud be if Pat is -re-eleckted, and he_ don't hav no time left to tell the peepl_ e why he sh.ud be eleckted or hqw he to git after h iz eleckted. Now that thar last statement iz somethin'. But he haz not enlightened the peeple '\" r-, a tall about. how he expects to git seeted after he iz eleckted, if he iz eleckted. I am They can't arrest anybody fur wonderin.' No sirree, Bob, they can't arrest anybody fer criminal libul fer just wonde'rin'. So I am hav:C:l' the dad-gumdest biggest time you ever saw just settin' and wonder-in' all I want to, and I hav the satisfaction of knowin' all the .time I am doin' hit that if anybody do. n't like it they know wli a r they kin g o and stay, till I send' fer 'em. So I am goin' to set and won_ der some more, dad-gum I I iz s9 sore at the Tamper Life that biz tiack teeth iz floatin." sore about the story about -the give us to further and better ap-ment superintendent, and Lois high school girls a tall, but he ply this Scout program to Tampa Methodist Board of Dismukes, fourth department su. wants the peeple to feel that he iz boys. 'From reading your paper T An. perintenden,t. most of the time, we knowyou emperance SWer. 3 Rev. H enry W Blackburn was filled to overfiowin' with righteous indignation, consern it. But Mor-appreciate tlow much our youth Wet Congressman re-elected union pastor. The banquet last night was arranged by .Mrs.Fred B. Langford, chairman of the recreation department. ris don' t keer about the high need any program which helps school girls a tall, rier no other train their thought and actions in (Continue d from Page One) ti-E?aloon league and other tem-girls. either young or old fer that the right direction. matter. Fer. righteous indignation stuff, Morris wins the prize. Jil:e Wins the beautiful wicker.work bathtub. Poor Hesterly, I feel sorry fer him. I'll bet every time he thinks about how he fell fer Paddy Waldron's line of guinea cackle, that it makes some parts of hiz physical anatomy want to chop stovewood up in little short lerigth. If Very truly yours, perance organizations." Earl Coleman acted as 'toast-H. Annual Budget $13{>,000: master. Bob Martin, arrayed in W e have always been advocate s Pickett, who ls r ,esearch secre-the uniform pf a Scot_chHighlandc of the Boy Scout an<). Girl _Scout tary for the board, testified its 11.ner, gave several bagpipe selections. nual budget approximated $135,-T\1.. e1e were other mus1cal nummovements and heartily endorse 000. bers. them, knowing that the work, when carried through, for He presented. a prepared state-women. ment which denied that the board good, wholesome young -men and had engaged in "lobbying" activi-ties. He testified that the board had he .cud withdraw gracefully frum been active in presenting to the the situation, without hav1n any-You is k1"nd to let a poor ole Dear Peter: Baptist Evangelist .fmds Excitement Here In Tampa public the prohibition views 'of Al-(Continued from Page One) thing sed about it, he wud. But nigger writ to you. De fact is I'se fred E. Smith and contended this it iz like the country boy's court-so full dat I just got to .writ or was a "moral" question, not apo-man. But no, we want to see that ship now, it haz gone too fer .Ho-bust and bustin' would be too bad litical one. beautiful and refined section call-mer iz a nice chap and _means well, forde community. Who is dis man ed West Tampa. We ride across b t h t Charges \V:rongly Based. u w a wud Paddy make out of Tallnaker dey has dun an tbe Hillsboro _River and around h h These charges, Pickett said, im if e won? That iz somethin' what did he do. De Taboon and that choice residential section of to think about. Paddy cakes, may_ de Tames don' seem fo i"?rve de were "based upon a total misap-West Tampa. We are thrille d at b B P prehension of'the character of the e. ut addy can't make Patty publick all de detales. I didn't the beautiful language we hear cakes out of Pat if Pat wins. And know dat dere wuz but one.TALL board, itsmethod' s of work, the everywhere We wonde r how po t souf'ces of its income and the na-pie ca n tal. k 11"ke that and 11"ve-. hat iz, somethin' to think about, NECK in Tampa, and dat wuz de t ture of its expenditures. oo. Mare, who i s our boss, an' we has It p :rnst be wonderful to have this N He explained that the funds r e ow m conclushun, we have to obey him or loose de Airport peautiful language in a city in the Thomas w Watson, cti'll az wet az Dome. ceived by the board-were fixed b y "' United States where we poor Am-d a ratio base d upon "the total b e -ever, an gettin' wette r all the Wall, I'se glad to tell you at las' ericans can only s peak English. But he iz havin' a f l t t t d nevolent receipts or the cj:iurch n aw u ry-ime an proud of it. I wunce re-ol d Jasver has a good job since d e And how co nvenient for the poor in' to oit the 1 t b l' "ed b for connectional purposes" and ,,, peep e o e 1eve marn: efore that Watson wuz forward movement an' prospirity unfortunate s who are arrested for violation of our l aws; the y need I only t o pl ead that the y speak no English, and ther efore their i gno-1 ranee o f 0ur language should' ex_ that h e b t th L f b t th that its support came from -the iz sore a ou e i e pu -so we_ at every time he got up boom has stt'uck us, as is preject-lishin' that thar artick_ le about the to speak he looked 11'ke h e d d e n e e e d b y d e Tampa Morning Taboon high school eirls But that a1n t attento H .-tt 1 n. e 1z ge in worse and "first on the wet coast paper." I what Morris iz sore at the Life it, iz real pitiful. Gittin' wetter all think dat is wha t it sarn on d e about. N _ot' by a dern s ight. I will the _time, by gosh. He ought to letter h e d ole Jasper' s eyes is b a d let in on a lit\ul secret a.gin try to control hiss. elf. H e 'shud if he has niade a mistake h e apolu.nders.t and. it az well grab up the eighteenth amend-ogise_s like d e preacher. Anyhow az I do. Morris iz still sore about ment and d h" l! ff 11.tt 1 ry 1Sse o a u my j o b is cleanin' d e front yards what theLife said a long timeago before he up to speek any of white folks and cuttin' d e grass. al;>out that thar N ellie Roa d 'House more. It's bad, and like the man's! \ Vhite folks bin mity good to ole wh.at you thi,nk stomach-ache-it iz gittin' no bet-Jasper an' d e y often speaks out of -that. B y h ector, he iz. Now ter fast. It iz gittin' so em be fo' him in confidence. Dey t'ell wouldn't that i .<1-r your mule and sin' I don't know that I w 1 go t o me things he darsent repeat, caus' your ances!ors. He is more speekin's. if I did I might git 'rest e d too. sore about what the Tamper an'y more_ speekin's. -One white purson said dey let d e little girl requituate in d e june r high, but dey sho' wasn' t gwine to PUBLIC FORUM Challenge to the Boy Scouts of didn't ask for what, but I specks May 10th issue of Tampa Life. dey would hav' tole me if 1 had 1 -Tampa" which appeared 1.n your send h e r to de sener hig h. Now I We had understoo!l that Tampa I it wuz nune of .}IlY business and I ______ .._________ Life was opposed to the Boy Scout May 2 .6, 1 9 30 movement, but will confess that _1 Editor, Tampa L._!fe, "'e are guilty of not having come direct to you to find out if such T _ampa, Fla. were the case. Dear S i r : A wrfting from your date ofiMay 10', 19 30 You are aware, w e presume, that this -organization' s only means of support at present is through the Community Chest, arid that. was-sent to me l:>Y the-parent l)f a Scout in my troop, and rn an-swer I -must say one must be ,very Jleil.r,sighted' not to see what the the allotments which we receive are very small. We have various boys of Tampa are doing, and also you are invited to any Court of the date of wliich can be learned by caUing H-1650. world servic e commission, orga. n ized by the church to dir ect t h e work of six boards. "The board of Temperance, Procuse them from ob;;erving the law hibit ion and Public Morals cannot of our City. Next w e go toward the most in-teresting section of this beautiful city. This section i s the most importan t place id the entire county. It ts in this section that r e c e iv e and use in its entirety any contribution from any church 0 1 individua l exce p t whe n such contribution has been specifically designated a s to use: And -such desi gnation mus t b e to' a n prove d project.' ap-our b elove d City officials depen d for t h ei r support. Yes, of course, you have g uessed it-YBOR CITY. No Money for Lobbying. "No contribution has ever bee n We stop at another cafe. The made for political or 'lobbying' name of this cafe is in Spani s h so purpose s nor has any !und been we, who only speak common Eng used for such purpose. Iish."canno t p ronounce it. W e go "No s uch 'project' has ever been in and are shown to a quaint little approved by the world s ervice room in the rear. There is quite commission, nor woul d any s uc h a crowd here and everybody seems! use of monies b e tol e rated by the e x c ited and nervous. \Ve hear one 'r board' of managers of the board of man say h e d reamed about No temperance, by the wor\ d service commission, by the genera. } COD fe rence, or by the opinion of-the church,," Givens Again Makes Cainouflaged Attack On The Tampa Life (Continued from Page One) 7 9 ; another seems to have dream ed about number 38 We don t know what these dreams mean, but you must remember we are only common Americans and not suppose d to understan d the deep mysterious meaning of these dreams of 79 and 38. Look, there comes a man with a l arge sack. It looks as if it were filled with oranges or Now to .get the correct data on _,w,h.a.'t was done by the Boy Scouts .F;.during the year 1929, just call at located -in Plant P _ark and ask for a copy of the re. ports of the lo.cal council. fixed expenses which cannot very well be reduced and still maintain our local chaTter. In fact, through the generosity of our National Of: fice, this '.CaunDil has continued' to: exist, even though we have been; unab!e to meet our obligation to them, as is done by other Councils. We have received des. crip.tiv e matter from other CouncHs of their various publicity programs, but have .been unable to put on such a feature here due-to the ex_ pense. A program as you mention would cost not less than $50._ 00. How queer, he throws the sack to spite .candidate. I pass over his at-1 itnother man, who catches it. Thls ]tacks hurled at me in ord'er to must be a kind of a game. We'd discuss intelligent issues. better be read.y he may throw it Strong applause greeted Whitaker's reply. Mr. to us. But no, the man who caught it is holding it. They are untying the sack. We find that it's full Second Primary Seems Certain or little balls with numbers on each one They pour them all out except one. Now they are aking it out. The crowd looks eager to see that last one Here it is. Number 38 Well now, someone dreame d that. Clever peojle, these Cuoans. I wish the m a n who dreamed that number into existence would tell me how he does it But, oh, howignorant we Am. -wp.oever is responsible for that statement at the end of the article mentioned: may not know that the Scouts. of This Fair City do accomplish a task they do not spend 'their time 'horns it. Now .please sa,y a few good words abii'ut the"home boys. They are certain-tyworthy of good men-at least by .the lo.cal .pr.ess. I Kindly note the number of pub-lic_ service hours given last year WITHOUT CO]\iPENSAT.JON 'IN ANY FORM. Now as to that drum and bugle corps, just put a set ofinstruments before any troop -and see how long it will be. The same thing applies to that-p rinting press. Possibly you may have an extra that you m 'ight_ donate so.me Tr?op. As to the cooking, just note the requirements for a first class Scout. I think most any.one could fix you up with a square meal. Now, ple a s e say a few good wordS to your readers. Yours for fair play, CHARLES -H. APGAR, Scoutmaster, Troop No. 32. MAY 14, 1930. Florida Life Publishing Co., Tampa, Fla. Gentlemen: May we take this means of expressing our appreciation for the article headed "A ... "' :... The priplary purposes of this organization are character building and service. We have at present 30 Scoutmasters giving of their time in order that 30 troops of Scouts may meet regularly, and they are trying conscientiously to instill in every Scout the principles of right a,.lthough it seems that on every hand, Scouts .as well as other boys see things contrary to 'such principles. As to the' service which the Scouts render, hardly a week goe s by that they are not identified with some civic project in helping, without any compensation, and many times without much in the way-of -appreciation, for the free time and' h elp which they give. We have received some highly appreciative lett ers from the various 'organfZatio'ns whom they have helped, showin g that these Scouts are actually being trained properly along the i'liea of "service" to others. The Scouts have rendered over 2,000 free hours of service so far this year. ) After all, isn't that demonstra-tion of scou_ t work the real public demonstration of their value to the City? Please do not misunderstand-us-we believe in the other type of demonstration, also, when FLOATING HOTEL-This old army transport, "Bu.; ford,'"; is being made ov-er into n hotel for Ocean Cal. The bathing beauties are helping the workmen get i --(Continued from Page One) group two for the houses o r representatives the candidates may be required to enter the second primary as there are four candidates in this group. However, John H. Bledsoe and Joseph R. Mickler seem so far in the lead of the oth-ericans are. Someone tells us that er two candidates, W. J. Bivens it is called Bolita. I seems that and James :McCants, that there is a possibility of that race being settled on the first primary. Wet Senate Candidate Still Lags Behmd ( Connued from Page One) "' They sPe'rid money and those cities have attractions for money spen(I_ that is another form of gambling invented by those lovely Cubans. But i s n t it agains t the law? Don't the officers do anything aboJlt it Again we are reminded that tll E offiPer s are among the best customers Again we say, "Just an old Spanish custom.'' But we are weary of trying to learn them d elightful customs so we turn our steps toward our rooms wonde rers. There i s nothing of this in ing,after seeing all these d'eli ghL Tampa. Here in Tampa, we are dy-ful, ope n violations o f the law, "JS ing a slpw death, Miami, TAMPA AN AMERICAN CITY OR offerin o-'; racin o- b "'1. b and sports, is A CUBAN ASSEMBLY?" steadily growing "Any 'candidate who doesn't stalj'd -for tax reduction and economy any business running for offic e: However, before I fin i s h -!'want to challenge my opponents to t ell me and the peopie of this coun_ty where they stand on the lq'l!estion or refer endum, a move that will give the people an opportunity to express theinselvP on whethe r they want racing or not. In the morning we pick up t h e Tribune and see wheie Leo Stalnaker has been arrested for committing th crime or using a privi lege en_joyed everywhere else in the U.nitd States The pri v ilege of FREE SPEECH and F REE PRESS Which seems to b e the only crime in Tampa: W e lt it's'all just an old Sppanish custom and the question is still in .our. minds, IS TAMPA AN AMER. IC AN CITY OR A CUBAN AS .SEMBLY? _.,.,.,,,._,._,, 1 OFFERS ITS READERS TREA\EMDOUS ;_'!' ON THEIR YouCan HaveYourCho 01 Any FIVE oti MAGAZINES $2 .50 And-n,is Newspaper --It's absolutely truel No strings attached to this offer. You can actually have your choice of eny S of these famous magazines ii you ACT NOWS The cost is just a triRe of their actual value. A whole year's reading f&r Father,Mother and the kiddies. Stor i es and articles on every known topic:! Look 'em over. Select your favorites and Mailthe Coupon Today I Don't worry ii you already get some of these Renewals wiU be properly ( All Subscriptions Are for a Full ;year (Except Patliiinder, which is for 6 mos.) Gentlemen: I wish to take advantage of ycmr 1'1agazine Bargain Offer. I run enelosing..,"'the aboveamount in payment for a one year subsci'rl,11tlon to your pape r and the FIVE Magazines I have marked with an X belo'". \t O American Jounial 0 Household :lfai;azin


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