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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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.. .. ... -111111111111111{11 !11(11 ii.II i f We i I Want i Men I .,,. # I of Ill: Character i In '! Public i Office : I ;if .,,. L ;, .. .-. -.-! \ VOLUME ID. TAMPA, FLORIDA, JUNE 7, 1930. Life npport the .democratic nomi-ers and another stinging ;-eirnke )fake Final The two high candidates tin. tli. It t"ll anothe and fur f1'e-ht. between Lester an. d Nuccio b t th ot took thi a ty in the House of ies ... '-was s 1 r ne('l u e v ers s s to the administration of 2\fayor tives. ::VIr. Bledsoe was the high The fact that the high man did race for county commissIO'.iler ttier rep_udiatio n both t ,he Tam-which cost Mr. Lester a tremen-a J"oke and wrote in the nam. e of th d. t t e e i.. ci: ; .,,,. man in the first primarv.. James not receive a m .afority of all votes e rn nc now repr s P a Tim es and Tampa Tribune. dous amount of money to hold Lester on the ticket in the 2 ener-D. B. McKay. ,T J 1 T G -11 l\fcCants, former chief of police cast makes it necessary for Bled-"':..r. 0 Ill unn W1 enter ne This race for county commission-the office to which he had right-al election and Lester -won by a l\faJority Percentage Gieat tl June. 24th primary, and so will of Tampa, was the lo\Y man in soe and :Mickler to enter ie se-er in district number one had the fully been elected,. and_ the voters landslide. It was the most u.nus-the school cand"date in district Mr. Friend received almost the race, and was quickly for-cond primary for tile "run-off". 1 s effect bf", eliminating_ Vincent felt he had not been given a ual and astonishing thing of its number three wllere Paul Kicklit-. t t a I th e-otten as the first returns began Both were arranging their battle Nuccio from Hillsborough Coun-square deal should have of-kind. in the history of this coun. wice as many ..-o es s ns ,rc,e er was high man but failed to get ty politics. The old-timers de-fice for at least another term. ty. It was a well-timed rebuke opponents combined. Bedin-.coming in Tuesday night. The lines the latter part of this week clared this week Nuccio was fin-Th. e voters were so loud in their to the Times and Tribune. field received 1162, llfonror.2 only other contestant, W. J. Bivens, to grab off the votes cast for the (Continued On Page 3) Wet Candidate Confirms .,Prediction .Of. Tampa Life 102. and ?.IcLaws 16 l. l'.Ir. Friend received 2 4 3 8. His per centage of majority over all three of his opponents was even greater than the .enormous percentaga of Pat Whitaker's majority over his three opponents combi11ed. Mr. Friend had served a number of City Attorney's Reduction in Salary Came too Late years in past on the board of Salary Cut Caine Too Late to attorney's salary was "voluntari-self-preservation being the first Watson Makes No Showing In paper to give it, that was allowed themselves to become comity commissioners and' has Save the Election; Mayor's ly" reduced from a year law. Race .for Stat. e Senate, Lowe' not getting any respo.nse from the confused over the recent prohi-d h f th b d serve as c airman e oar Fight on County Fee Offi-to $7,500 a year. Of course there Simmons Ahead Beats wet Can_ clidate, Also. voters at the various political bition poll conducted by the Li-for several years. F 1 t p d R f d t' t 1 cers ru s o ro uce es ..,, are ees an comm1ss10 n s ,ia 1e Mayor McKay made a tremi;n-rallies on his liAquor and gam-terary Digest and thought that Tricked Into. i'\!eetin g receives in addition to this which dous fie-ht upon Elli"s .J. h bling planks. The horse race poll expressed the sentiment of u True to the prediction ,af t e "boys" _were strong for Watson the people irr this county. Mr. Friend was "tricked" into The move of the city adminis-runs the total each year into a candid.ate for re-election to the Tampa Life, oftentimes repeated If b h very large figure. to be elected to "build up the Munroe made a better showiag attending a meeting in the "begin-j tration to save itse Y avmg du.ring the recent primary elec-state". and to "bring money for the house of lepresentatives ningof the campaign that had ?the city attorney "voluntarily" Fights Fee Offices tion that terminated here". than Watson did for the senate been called by the "city gang" ask for a reduction of his salary It was common talk d'uring thB last Tuesday, that Thomas W. Lowe Beats \Vet due to the fact that there was Jn-through Paddy: Waldron, Tampa's came to late to save the dayin the primary campaign that Mayor Watson, wet" candidate for the John T. Lowe, -of Plant City, ly two cand"idates in the rau; in Catholic political leader, for. the 1 t" Mayor D B McKay was merely making a t Th purpose of bringing Homer Hes primary e ec ion. with a majority of candidate to succeed himself. in group wo. e of l\' I'ay and other offi"c01s of the upon th county fee officers state senate, he was lagging so fa;r behirid that long since he had ceased to be a factor in the ,.race, .. he emerged from the count with less than 40.0 votes, 391 to over his be e;xact A number of weeks ago the Tampa Life carried a streamer across the fron. t page to the effect.that Watson had drop-iied in lo"! place. for state. senator, uespite the assertions of the liberals that he was forging ahead .. 'The Life also gave the information, it was the only news splitting up the vote was not so terly .into the state senate race hC nearest opponent. the house of repr.esentatives of against Pat Whitaker. Mr. Friend city administration were awar1> through the Tampa Times, of the Florida legislature grom great, still Lowe's majority was that if Senator Pat Whitaker was which he is editor, ill order to di-almost 1700 The f 1 t the nexxt day. published a state-group one of Hillsborough coim-. ma coun re-elected' to the state senate he vert the attention of the voters stood, Lowe 5023 and Munroe merit to the effect that he had tv, had n o difficulty in d .ereating would perh aps carru on very vi-.r 3 been misled ill to attending the W. E. Munroe, who was being "93 meeting and had he known the gorously his program for reduc-_pushed forward by a wet gro1,1p in tion in taxes and retr.enchment, t SECURITY-BENEFIT purpose of it when he went he Tampa. Most of the m erests would have declined to attend. and the city attorney's tremen-responsible for. bringing Watson ASSOCIATION, SOCIAL dous salary would be cut any way from the enormous 'salary of the mayor, the city attorney, the police chief, captain of police ar,.d other city officials. All of salaries can be reduced by the IF YOU WORK HERE YOU MUST HA VE A FLORIDA LICENSE According to Motor Vehicle Assistant State Commissioner E. He announced that he was sup-as the wet cand"idate. into the sen-, The S<>curity Ben_ efi.t Associa-in the senate. As a smooth poli legislature at the nexxt ses;,io::i W. Blossom, everybody working porting Mr. Whitaker for the senate race were thrown back of tion. will give a. free social Mon-tical move to gain the sympathy and for that reason the city o.d-in Florida must have a Florida li-ate. Munro. e as the wet candidate in day night, June 9, at their hall, the House of representativ,e:o. It 11101h Franklin St. All memis said that Munroe and Watson hers come and bring a friend. Newspapers Fight Friend of the people and win a kindlier feeling toward the city administra 'I'his announcement on his part tion and its candidates, the city ministratiop. felt it necessary to run some friends for those legislative offices. It was a matter of cense tag on their car, this being a recent ruling passed on by the attorney general. .... .,. : .. ... ,.. ., ., !;,._ \ ,.&:, cc ,_ A r :., \ .. ... 4':'


Ti-IE ELECTION AND 11HE FEE orncERS .... l .. do .for' 'th.em:, and respond to it t with "lasting gratitude. ... ..,. -.. ProspectS I think I 'll open up an oftlce 'when I graduate.'' BACKYARD GARDENER I "I'll probably turn out to b e a janitor, m yself." : 7,. '1930 Mrs. let a can-op e,ner 1iip .. -last week:, and cu't herself severely in 'the pantry.-Pittsburgh suburban pap'er. NOTICE The 'fuayor fell flat on 'his scare about the countY fee offilt. (;lid not have the ef!ect the mayor desired in primary election The voters could read between the lines and see ;the mayor was merely trying to divert a'ttention 'the salary he "receiving, as well as numerous ..-1a11199ed.t. PrCT" .. iTII .. B 'ty" officials. 1 He centered an attack in this .. fee officer'' inf. Pltiioef. ety SMtlrd.ay by Ml ftri;iMA. LR p; ,.... &@UP.ANY, ac. the of .the crimi11al and county courts. As a I'll clean my spade, my fork, my lioe Counting the Scratches The bursting seeds desire to grow "That fellow' s driVi.n g his car Wheel out the barrow or the cart so carefully that I think he must And get me close to Nature's be a n e w driver." 'lPQla. Jllollta ;. ) 'iesult this who was a candidate for re-election, came --------..;,..,.,__ ..... out weli' in"'. the lead. When the reduces the salaries in h i s own household then the people will perhaps think he is seri-. There may be gain in office, shop; h eart. "No h e just paid cash tor the car." v '.:. ous about the over the co1:1nty fee officers. There are But, oh, the joy when cine can Obstruction Notice is hereby given that sixty days after the first publication of this notice and on, f.o-Wit, the 4th day of A.'ugust, 193 0, I shall present b y vouchers and final report, and ,pi.ake apl!lica:ti,on t o the County Ju.d ge of Hillsboroug h County, a.t his office in the Court Hous e Tampa, Florida., to be discharged as Execut rix. of the e state lJmPM'P \ worse ihingS t han_ .. county fee officers0 And to create 0e hop .;:i.,i; ........ Iii Ma1C'ei', il, 1921, at 111le a.t "f h From trolley, auto, cab or train "'' office of County Treasurer, (which would be necessary i t e And turn .that fragrant soil again. .......... J.bdlla.UIUier ... A..Ct ef l!krcll 3 1179. l f h ... f:', '" \ ="""'-..;.,_,,,.;.;;;-.-,. .,-,.---. .fee system is abolished) and place a certain re at:Jve o t '-. mayor in that office who is even now looking longingly at tha: -ti-O. Ye.ar l A.dT&aH $!.H Sh: talllD la .i.6"Nae $1.11 prize, would be a worse thing. Your plot m,ay be an eight by four :My garden-perhaps a trifle more But as w e force our spade prongs ;., :p' THE TIMES AND TRIBUNE GET THEiRS CYNICAL YOUTH which one has slim reason to b e in thankful, as though life w ere a Mere wealth i s nil. W e are akin. \: ,,.,-\The two daily newspapers got theirs last TiUesday. It had By ARTHUR. B. RHINOW punishment. "You caused all this trouble," Our g ol f club is a sharpened hoe. coming to them ever since the last presidential A mother and a d a ughter h a d She Sa i d in effec t t o her mother, Our balls are peas, that star t t o Id b h h t and "and you are responsible for it." voters of this county to. ot paprs w_ ere o :go, a quarrel, in the coui:se of which c.:" f ffi \V e know however, that it is P W lpng to stay. There was a time when -candidates or.9 ce, the mother remind e d the young_ good to live. Very few die with-:iifid others, quaked with fear before the large dailies. .That l a dy of all she had' done for her. out, a protest. We all t o live ?e the situa,tion in this. county. That time has gone for W hat of it?". the daughter as long 'as we can. In spite of all candidate is compelled to ha.ve the the snapped, "That is your duty. I our disappointments, we cli n g to or either. of them, iri order to b7 electe,::l to did not ask you to put me into life as the grea t boo n. W e oelieve, moreover, that li'fe "-'I}_;i\: pul;>J i::. i_n this. .. In. fact, that support has. to this world." i s not merely the g ift of e arthly !:\i }.-!nJunous to a candidate, as .we can not refram fr6m That was true, of course. A parents, but the gift of God". B e -) ... fi: in the primary of last Tuesday. The Tim.es and Tri-child arrives i n this world not o f hind the 'power of parenthood i.> ;! efforts to .dictate the policies and politics of this its own, volition, but by the \Yill the creative lo ve of the heavenly grow In m ellow soil, prepared By care backyard where gardeners, wit! every-FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE PLANTS EOREIGN SEED A shipment of five species of and instruct the people how they should vote, took occa-of the parents. Th e child has Father. Withou t the fatherhood fr k l d l"b l k h T of God, we would be like trees f ,orest. tree seed was r e ceive d re-;T -' siori -to e ma icious an 1 e ous attac s upon t e ampa nothing to say about it without home. If we are true to c e n tl y from th Philippine I s lands Life: 01 course ,the was by these. dailies just Again, the young lady was right ourselves. we can.no t hel p ch er-by the Florid a Fores t Service. 7' to conceive how he could have received i ;i. .. ., i' 'ff' di Th I I \ .' ..nt' o,r'e v?tes _,than. he d receive. e res u t was muacu-... .'. 'We d o not .think Mi: Whitaker fost any votes in w any.;J;ctib ri : of county from any source whatever. He r e -""r: ........ : three thousand majonty over the combined vote .... ( ?::" t .. his opponents combined. Would the Times a nc.: 'tribune" us believe that if the Tampa Life had not sup-t .:-. .. ,. ioi:ted:.Mr. 'Whitaker he would have inc'reased 'that majority to 1 for'e, six, or seven thousand?. That would not' spea k so for'the three candidates.they brought into race at ""' times in their frant;ic .efforts to .defeat Senator Whitaker. ,. ;When the tabulation w!ls made it was found that the' candi &, supported by the Life .were the ones who were well in the I promising seeds fr!Jm tl1e Central and Southern States have been rece i\ed, including Cherry, Honey Locust and Tulip poplar. These species produce valuable wood i n their nati\'e element and will be experime nted with here as they bear promise of being a dapted t c Florida conditions. The introduction of Bl ack Lo-cust, a tree that builds up the so il and a t the same produces a valuable wood of unusual durability, is looked UI>On with promise i n Florida, states Mr. Coulter, Forest Assistant in charge of planting. You' ll always find a faction That is har d to understand, Who criticize actio n of M. G. When it ou ght to lend a band. This, the 7th day of June, 1930. ARGUELLES Executrix of the estate of M. G. Arguell es, D ecease d ., WANTED Ambitious young men and women to prepare for executive positions through our accredited courses: BOOKKEEPING BANKING STENOGRAPHY SECRETARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTING CIVIL SERVICE Day and evening classes. Tuition by month or week. No charge for first week. Come and try it Business University of Tampa, Inc. Cor. Tampa and Cass Stos. LOCAL ANO LONG DIST ANGE M8VING Phone 2155 STORAGE FOR. ANYTHING At-ID SHIPPING If You Like Tampa Life Why Net .Get It By Mail? S,i J e a:a, if SWept in On the landslide in the first'primiiry ., '"" -'Charles T Friend's vote was another slap' in the face with the sock of mud, He with that fi gured more '' "':1Jian twice that o'f his nearest John A. Bedinafield One year after sowing the seed the young trees will be trans p lanted in permanent locations in repr ese ri:tative parts of the State. At present they are planted alon his diciples for the shock that is before them. .1". r I ;! e last pQrtioil of the lesso n a is gi.ven of Jesus ... pre.;faration to tfieel death. The words of preparation frad by Jesus to His disciples on the .wa"i lt6m to Mount of Oiives. Jesus took the &ie'iids :mfo the reces s of' the gar: :deri He lt:ft tbe .otlaereight the enhanc'e to the Garden ( :-:. :of I n of .tli'at Oriental night -..,. .. -' ..... -.: ... "'11 .... r' .' Jesus prayed that wonderfol prayer, His C;learest disciples __ n? tor Him.,; Jesus faced alone the I cro\.ining of -(#s_ .ijfe He still had an opportunity to es-i NANCY CARROLL THIRTY-DAY DIET 1st DAY Breakfast Juice medium orange 'h bran muffin C offe e or tea Su6ar if desired Lunch 1 cup clear tomato bouillon 1 s lice M elba to st_ st uffed egg Ill salad. with lettuce and mineral oil dre s sing. rea with lemon. cup. To this add slowly, drop by drop, l cup mineral oil. White disijlled vinegar or lemon juice may be added to give a tart flavor. Tbis dressing may be used freely. and the caloric con tent disrep.-arded If it cimnot be pro c u re d at a re staurant. use only salt pepper anl;l vinegar in sea.iioning salads of this diet. Boil egg hard. Cool and halve Remo J e yolk and mash fine with Dinner salt .nd pper and 'h teaspoon 1 le.mb rtrim off all fat) chili s auce. Return yolk to 1 tbsp. peas 01alves of white Mineral oil 'h bran muffin dressing Is made by mixing the 3 stalks celery yolk of one egg with salt, pepper 2 piee e s candy an d it. teaspoon mustarll In a Demi-tasse !nd DAY Breakfast 'h 1 slice MelLa toast. spread with saltspoon of butter Coffee cir tea. Sugar if llesired Liincb tomato (l} salad, mineral oil dressing t piece of zWieback i piece fudge 1.." square. Tea with lemon Dinner 1 cup clear bouillon, ai'eat or chicken i. poached egg .. bran muffin Pineapp'e n s lice) and lettuce o;;alad Deml-tasse Srd DAY 1 banii.na Breakfast % meaiuin ca:'ntal dui>e or 1 fuch Tea with lemon sliCe honeyd ew melon 1., boi!ed egg Coffee or tea. Sugar if desired Let 't u c e and aspamgti s salad <5 sial.ks fresl;l canned> with mineraJ oil dressing 1 '.hriin muffin .. slice roast beef, iib fat, "4 mch thick 'h m edim h" pota:!9 1 large tbsp l!ltring bellll.8 3 radishes 3 Ca.rame1s Demi-tasse c:,ape, had so desired. There wets doubtless there that deI Breai t'o do tli. e t medium orange - ;ruia hilliliatiop.. l 1 sli c e risp bacon tfe : .an:r; J6! 'him to f 1r tea sugar If desir .fi,ilfill _His i;w ss1,.oq i;!e. Ji.is Fath!!r to show with leftUce iiiime'r l cup clear tomaio bOUillon 2 saltines ,., Omelette <1 egg, 2 tbsp Lettuce and cucumber 16 slices> salad, mineral oil dressing 1 appi'e Demi-tasse >'f '. :it Him. If .. I;!e; .rejoice ... Y j 2 pieces f ;,He.con.eluded,. '.'nevertheless. not as I will,?but .!is .th6u wilt. '==::::;:::========================= 'f; .. (.'..: 16!. .. ''.:, .. .. z;.j"""':.. -=: '..-.;;, i;,..; ..... ;;_ ... -TAMPA LIFIJ, 415 Cua St., Tampa, Fla I Date I Please enter my subscription to TAMPA LIFE. I ellcloH payment for ( 1 year $2.00); (6 months $1.60) I Happy Bl>yhood I "Do you recall being a happy, barefoot boy?" / : .. Name I I "Not exactly,". answered Farm. er Corntossel. "About the happiest days I remember are those when I managed to get a new pair of shoes."-Washington Star. I l City _________________ I Subscribe for .. Tampa Life I $2.00 Per. Year } _-:;:-_.... ... .... ..... ..,, ... ,,,,,,. ,,,, ............. ..__. -----_,,,,,_ .. __ --..... j )l! JO l ( L :.:; .. [ ,. (


\_ ,, I. '. .. .. 'i :'" ,'\ i ., l .. ., I_ .' \' .. ; I f .,. :' '.' ',' ;'"}. W:titchfor -i /"1 \ < .:' Jn this paper soon. ( .. i j ., .. .!' n.. ,, -:-i J .. ., ,. ; 1, ... i ;.,: It'' \ F ;,.......,,,,:.,._ l )''1 1 f p ...... <' i No. 39492-0 NOTICE OF'. 'REcBivER'S 'In tile Cil"cuit Court Thirteenth SALJ!l. .. Judiciail ;, Circuit!, Hillsborough NOTICE ,;.ls. he_reby. i:-nen that r County, Florid'a. In Chancery: the undersigned Rece1Ter, by LUCILLE HOARD, tue. of a dated the 21st day alias LUCY HOARD, of May, A D. 19310, rendered in Complainant' ,the Circuit Court of Hillsborough vs.. County, Florida, in Chancery, suit s. HOA.RD ; No. 2"5758-C, wherein D. D. Yo'ung ,, Defendant. was complainant', and Shipley-The State o.f Florida 'iJo: Young Company, a. .'CHARLES S HOARD E. R. Shipley; J R. Geagly and M. v. Shipley, were 'defendants, It appearing by affidavit filed in will oJ'l'er for sale, and sell to the the abov e cause that Charles highest and best bidder,. or bid-s. Hoard, the Defendant therein ders, ,for ca.sl:i, in front of the west named, is a resident of the State door of the Hillsborough C .ounty of Florida .and is concealin' g himCourt House, in Tampa, Florida, s elf so that process in said 'cause on Monday, June 9, 1930, betwee n canndt be served upon him; that the liours of 11; 00 o'clock A M there is no person in the State of and 1: o o o 'clock P. M., to satisfy Florida known to affiant, servtce. the terms of said decree the fol-of process upon whom would0'bindlowing described property in Hills-the said defendant, and that' lie is borough County, Florida, ,to-wit : over the a g e of twenty-one years; Lots One (1), Two (2), Three ( 3); Four ( 4), Five ( 5) a.nd Six ( 6), of Block Three ( 3) and I,,ots Twenty-nine ( 2 _9) and Thirty ( 3 0), Block Six (.6) of SEFFNER HEIGHTS SUDDIVI; SION, according to map or plat thereGf recprded in Plat Book H page 19, in tbe office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florid'a; Also, Lots Thirteen ( 13 l and .Fourteen ( H), Block Ten ( 10) of LYNWOOD PARK SUBDIVISION according. to ma. p or plat thereof r ecorded in Plat Book 12 pag e 68, in the ol'!ice of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Hillsboroug h County, Florida C. A. EDWARDS, SHACKLEFORD, IVY, FARRIOR & SHANNON. B y J REX FARRIOR, Solicitors fo r Receiver. (5)24 3 1 (6)-7. No. 39755-C In the C ircuit Court. Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida In Chancery. MRS A. J. P A YNE, A wrnow, Complaimmt 'I'S. HUNTER HENDERSON, AKD HIS W IFE, ELIZABETH S. HENDERSON CHESTER E BLAN T ON, E DNA E. BLANTON AND NANNIE E. BLANTON Deiendants. The Sta t e of Florida. to: CHESTER E BLANTON. It 21.ppearing b y amd a.vit appended to the bill i n the. a boTe stated cause tha..t Chester E Bla n to n, the Defendant therei n named is n non-resident of the State of F lorid a, but a. o r t h e l!nited States of A merica, and that h i s la"t place o f r es iden c e a n d addres:; a s particularly a s i s known to the 0<:t'fi:.rnt, was Detroit, M ichigan; that ther e i s no person in the S t ate of Florida the servi c e of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant and t h a t he is onr the age o r hnmty-one years; i t i s 1 it is therefore ordered that said r esident D efendant be and he is hereby requfred to appear .to t ti e Bill of Complaint filed in said, cause on or-before Monday, the .. 7th day of Jul y, A. D. 1930; oth.: '. erwise the allegations of will be take n a s confessed by said' D efendant: It is further ord'ered that this order be published once a week for four c onsecutiv e w eeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-! ed in said County and State ... Done and orde r e d in Tampa, Fla t his t h e 4th day of June, A. D 1930. W A. DrCKENSON, ( SEAL ) Clerk Circuit Cqurt. By K A T E S. ROBINSON, D. C BARBER & WILLIAMS, Solicitor fo r Complainant. STATE OF FLORIDA, CO UNTY. OF HILLSBO R O UGH. I h e reby certi fy t h a t the above and foregoing is a true copy of the o r i g inal orde r of publication made in said cause, on fil e in my office. T a mpa, F'lorida June 4th, 1D30 W A DICKENS O:'IJ'; C lerk Circuit Co u r t. (SEAL) Bj' KATE S. R OB I NSON, D. C. ( 6 ) -7-14-21-28 ( 7 ) 5 NOTICJI! TO ,-\, ;,: ; \ the said land being assesed' at the d 'ate of the issuance of such certificate in the name of Unknown. Unless said certificate shall be redeemed according to law, tax d eed will issue thereon on the 9th day of July A D 1930. didates by about one -.. Witness my official signature and seal this the 3rd day of June A. D. 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court of Hlllsborough County, Florida. (SE.AL). By CARRIE K. MITCHELL, Dept. Clerk. (6)-7-14-21-28 (7)-5 votes. These candidates will also have with them to keep "them comp:my in the second primary the two high men in the race for clerk of the criminal and county courts. The Bledsoe-Mickler exactly as Tampa Life r:elative to the second race was predicted, primary, the low men, high men and other details. DtJRSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE DUTCH CLEANING Floor SUrfaclng, Painting' Kalsomining, Plaster and Cement Work-General Repair Shops. CMs St. Arcade--808-lQ Marlon St. PhoueM-1825 J; < 't ... .:t. ;!( ... ; :.; .,


.. .-TAMPA LIFE mite,_ and a few day8 makes i. lot Wins on a Hot Tip useless and that court congestion of difference;_ Higgins: "Hullo, Matthews, old should be reliey.ed through the chap! I hear you backed Perfect o.f federal Fool at the races the other day judges and not by a revision of and made a .small fottune." the judicial proceedure. HowMatthews: "Yes, I drcfu't do ever, shortly before the final vote Tho.se citrus growers who sprayed with 'Bordeaux in March, April or May sh,ould be on the lookout for the gradual increase of." scale badly." in the. groves. A tlioro _spfaying "How did you spot wiri-of a good oil emulsion -h.ould l;e given if the scale is round to be increasing This oil emuls10:i spraYi.ng be given accord_ ing to the directions on the barr.el the ner?11 "Oh, they were the last words 'my wife said to. me as I left the hquse." was taken he said the measure should be given a trial and thai, if it did not obtan the desired nisults it could be changed by a later congress. that in the paper. I'll bet them ,and applied in the early morning thar papers do feel like ,they wuz or late afternoon, to fossen the Life Boycotters Are Being Spotted His statement came after the house had amended the rneasi.ir e to permit juryless handlLng of all petty oUenses before United State:; commissioners and. to a!li:Jw defendant to appeal ror eith er a trial by jury or a judgt-, and fixing a limitation on the amount 'of fees to be collected by commissioners of pleas of not guilty. abused in the face with a sock of mud, and with a hole in the toe of the sock besides, becaus they shore have it all over them. chance of shading or This does not apply to eve:-y as very often no increase of .scale insects in noticed, but it js well to be on the lookout, as a (Continued from Page 1.) schools which had been called by certain school officials under the If I wuz either the Tifi1:es or the Tribune I shore would tuck scale fn!estation works h&voc with 'guise of a "parents indignation" a grove before it is meeting because of an account of name He wuz thar to check-o for Morris Givens. Yes, my tail between laigs and crawl under the sofa. And I wouldn't come out agin until somebody "pulled my chain. Pat will be in the Senit next April, and it won't be long now. It is gittin' shorter every day; and the shorter. it gits the bftter I like it. So long, Oo Long! Doggone, the more I think about' it the more I want to think. I believe I will bust laffin' before next April comes. If I don't bust before April, I know it will very soon tharaMer, so I just don't: keer. Then thar is Mr. Lester, it tickles my gizzard every time I think uv how it he sot Nuccio he wuz in the po1lin' 'place whar '. they wnz countin' the votes. He down so liard it jarred his mule. 'wmvlj-' Checker. They gave that And Charley Friend, too, he job because hiz name fit it,-Pa-jerked a knot in their tail and And Oh, how he wuz made 'em untie it with their checkin'. But he couldn't check teeth. But.I must go and see the Morris in, Because Morris had mare soon, I am afeerd he iz sore checked out. He shore wuz a dis-over th. is here race. Ye know, appointed bird. He didn't. the mare had a special friend in wait. till the countin' was over. this here race he.... wanted put over long he had enough, named Bed-in-the-field, and I am picked up hiz hat -and checked sorter skeered that the mare is out. The deputy sheriff at the slightly d'ispleesed with the re-door checkf?d ,Pachecko out, but suits of this. race. -, .:._-._,.we kept-right o:n Patf in We. shore must have a lot of a recent sermonth at was pubContests in the giving of s&lad lished in the Tampa Life. At this demonstrations have been held fn meeting some three or four poli-Times and Tribune Repudiated the women's Home DemonstrMiJn tical enemies of the Life held a Clubs the past week. The wh-littl caucus to' attempt to boy-(Continued from Page 1.) ners of these will contest !or !irst place at a county wide rally of Home Demonstration Clubs to be held in July, &nd the winner will represent the County at a simi!ar held Farmer's week. La.ilt year Mrs. N. M. Faulds, of Keene won third place in the State Contest; and before that Mrs. E. P. Hurlebaus, of Anona, won 1irnt pla' ce. Mrs. Joe Rape will represent 1be Curlew Club, Mrs. J. J. Gilchrist, the Tarpon Springs Club, Mrs. victor Lawrence, the Dunedin Club, Mrs. ::.\fary J Van Tassell,' the Pinellas Park Club, and Mrs. E Be Stevens, the Clearwater Club. The Safety Harbor Club' and Largo club will hold their con te.sts at their next meeting. cott the Life and injure its circu-Whitaker on the part of the city laion, it is said and the Times were exposed each week in the Tampa Life. The Other Effo11;s Ma.de Other efforts along this line information about the "city have -been reported from time to switching from one candidate to time, and some of which have another, first to Morris Givens been checked on this week. Sup-then to Homer Hesterly and then porters of Life this week were in-to Thomas W. Watson in censed and wanted to retaliate in frantic effort to find a similar manner upon these al-strong enough to beat leged lead'ers; some of whom are taker. Then the. swith cal>:'. e in business, but the management again to Given and again to !Iesof the Tampa Life discouraged terly. The Tampa Life called' at_ this .Kickliter Makes Startling Race For tention to this amusing situation throughout the campaign. Th 'Tampa Life was the only Tampa newspaper to support Mr. Whita-ker. The old-timers, in reflect-School Board ing .upon the situation this week, (Continued !rom Page 1.) dec;lared that it certainly did not by J. H. L etton, S. D. Sweat, and appear that the Tampa Life's, G l\L Simmons support o f Mr. _Whitaker liad hurt RUX-off \Vith Sweat him any. They said in view of .,_._.,:.;. every vote th1at wuz count-"lgnorunt' people in this comity. .;_,, .::,:, '-ed. I shore .did have fun. I just The Tampa Times and the Tri-Mrs. E. H Beckett has presente d the Tarpon Springs Home Demonstration club _with a beautiful table large enough to seat 20 people The t a ble has been e n amele d a lovely shade of gieen to match other 'furnishings in the Woman's Club. This gift i s greatly appre_ ciated. Kickliter will have a "run-off" the tremendous land slide he bad with his nearest opponent, received it was difficult to. be G :\I. Simmons, in the second prL lieve that he had lost any vote s mar y to be h e ld June 24th. Kick-whatever from any source. He lite r r ece h e d 7 28 and Simmons received most, all of thern a s it 48 0 The place sought by Kick-was, the y l a u g h e d It would liter i s now fill e d by Mr. L e t t o n have bee n rather miraculou s if h e who i s a candidate for re-election. could have gotten any more. Mr. L etton had been appointe d t o r e c e ived a l m o s t a three this post to fill the unexpire d thousand major i t y ov e r all three term of E. P. Blanton. deceased. o f his opponents combined. The :,./ (.'\; -t6ok in a deep breath every 'once bune just told the people just az while and enjoyed myself. plain as anything what the y must ','\:: ,_. : The editur of the Tamper Life do in the eleckshun if they want-i,.; -Mrs. Forsythe, of Pinellas Park, has g iven a wicke r easy chair to t h e Home Demonstration Club of h e r commu'nity, which is likewise appreciated by all. t!"f:.' .. _, sed to me, sed he, "I'll bet the ed to live. and do-well. But they ,.,, .. .. and Tribune feel like thy went and voted the tother way. ", '': ha' d been soeked in the face with It shore looks to me lik-e the vot. I ... a sqck of mud." think h e sed ers haz told sum body whar. go Hes!"d he wuz goin' to put to, and how long to stay. mud. I lf I better and is of great-. t; Some of the best cro, Ps which The Agricultural Department is at your service free. Write P. 0. Box 3057, Clearwater, Florida., or phone 2616, Clearwater. Questions throug h this column are in-vited. ; Ed Keefe was e l ec t e d t o the final check of Whitakei's vote school board in district one onr was 8145 Givens' 2406, Hesterhis opponent Ben Hill. Keefe's l y"s 24 12 and vV-atsons 391. vote was,-! 12 8 and Hill's 1 9 54. Whitaker carrie d practically all In district two for the school of the 73 precincts in the county. board \V. T i\Ia r tin was elected Landslide for Friend over the present incumbent, \ Val -Charle s 'r. Friend, another can-d en', b y a rnte of 11 8 8 to 994. didate biiterly oppose d by the city administration and a l s o the two NOTES. : f: can be planted at this time of the y-ear are pole beans, climbing .: limas, black-eye peas, 'New. Zea_ The Test U. S. Liquor Cases newspapers, also won out by another landslide. His percentage of m afority over the votes of his three opponents 'Ehe following seeds can be sown land spinach and okra. If root:Mrs. Pester: Are you sure this in June: pole, be!ln s, lima !Jeans, knot is in the truck field plant is a thoroughbre d Boston Terrier? May Be Tried cowpeas, okra, (soak seed in warm' bush velvet beans in rows and cul-:Mr. Pester: Reasonably sure. Without a Juries water), peppers, peanuts, rice tur_ all summer Pla n t rfce for Why? was een a little larger than that nip.s, poii.ltry -Thfs grain is high Mrs. Pester: 'Cause I tried him (Continued from Page 1.) of Whitaker. l\Ir. Friend was a Care should b!J taken a:t this I in fqod valu'.3, may b e ,grown w_ith a plate of beans and he turn-sion bill fail e d 225 to 157 to send candidate fo r county season of,.tl:ie ye;tr, when time per-successfully in thrn ed up his nose at them. the measure back to the commit-e r in Di strict three. mi.ts, of the machinery an"d equip-I FLOWERS and Ornamentalst e e, the administration fol!ow 9 r s ment on the farm, and .repairs Those. intending to start sweet Not So \Velcome aide d by m any d e moc1;atic dr?s r shouid be made in preparation for-peas m the fall should start a. com-"I said your ship would come in passe d the measure on a record PUBLIC the work tQ be done later in the post he,ap SD as to have it ready' week. Was I correct?" vote o!' 215 to 117. year Eighteen per cent of the for th\) trench when it is dug. Ma-"Well, partly My "salary was I It now goes to the Senate with FORUM j earnings of the farmers of the :nure, leaves and old refuse, well docked." the othei three measures. ._ _____________ United States is wasted each year wateredand packed down, make a Chairm


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