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Tampa life

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Tampa life
Florida Life Publishing Company
Florida Life Publishing Company
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November 9, 1929
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Tampa(Fla.) -- Politics and government -- History ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tampa


An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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'. :_, ,.. I r . 1 \. "" -: . '--,: I \ .. 1 ) ; ... .. .. l' "'o:t ...,. .. I ;. -. ---: .-I _,.. -_ I I .( l I ..... I \ .. ....--...----... ..... _...J' ...... _.........._ -J.....ll' .... -_; .. ..... .. :, 1_ ...... ,''1' : ... '.&.:.'.)/> .. r." t: .... Fish ._)_11!, ? r [awns ; l t . . . the .state, been' sent.t9 !;>or0,ug h -Fll(,l.'ld,a, to-"'-!f : .. Clau:de ... er of J.o r the. .. y raptive.of1 form"'12e Plat B'oo:k.17, P _ages 23 zines; '-JI wood,s lf1ust'. NpOrie s ection 20; 28. Rang'e.'. ;r .. ::when. b'ass ;go.es into giV:en--a permit to keep deer 1 : '. a m irke t acb, pound of in this w ax Should a faw0: be the s .aid._ lieing a S5esed at :_ dale-gf tbe issuan<;e -of, such certi,-. ... '. :1s. c .a" _.;uttinit Jusf a found that seem, s to b0 m othe r .. ,. ,... -"' "' : -.in tllil name of :-'; ll..' w cents mw circulation: .But less, it'"should' be. repoi\fed u .nles_ s be : same fish under a d iatel:Y to, the -, accordfag to; Ia:w, tax, :. ld d th b tt d 11a -11 b f d th o il s orough County, Florida. ,. wou spen elT o om oar n a,.w1 E t oun on e (SEAL) i .. ... 1-, for a hat that offend stan' "' .. "' Ida) both !lave bass estiiig' number of the qi;arterly. S HO.ARD. .,. .';,.; Spending thousand s or dolla rs' Amonth thqse co ntributirig are I t appearing by affidavit filed. in .. l1,nnually raisin g bas. to turu". Representative, Ruth Owe tl,le' above stated cause that : 1 s 1 f' "' en w h o -writes on the propo e d S .. Hoard, the Defendant thei:em ._:. ; oose m comme rc1a .. 1suer_;! .-. 0 named i s a r esident of the State, net to hav. e the m haled '.Everglades Park, Fred J.' Foster .of Flo;iila and i s concealing himc; '':_<. -.. lnto tow n fabele d 'Back Bay' or I Unite d S tates Burea u '9!' ,_i;elf so that process in sa_id ca \ 'Lake Okeechobee and_ ...-orth I Fisheries.' on Bla?k Bass in Flo'.i-be ser...-ed upon him; _. y tle more than it cost to raise 1 da, Hamilton Wright, sports wnt-tbe1 is n o person m the State ,: : 1 e of N y k D S Florid a known to affiant, service : them. E:i:cellent-.pq.hcy. Sound! ew or. o.n eep ea of proce;;s upo. n whom would 'bind .. business judgment. I Fishmg on East Coast, the said' defendant, and that. h e is _. Razz berries." I man R. A. Green o n the Federal over t h e age of twenty-one years;"" 1F'.sh Hatchery for F lorida,_ U s : it therefore ordered th?-t sai_ d BH\lo gical Survev on Wild Duck, resident Defendant be and he i s Four thousand yards of semes' . qereby required to appear to the ,,;; and seven boats have been seized :t '"e d lil Flonda. Bill o f Complaint filed in said i<(: ..... by represent a,tives o! the State c a u s>? on or before Monday, the .',._,,_ _. Game Department on Lake Loch-The State Game D epartment ith day of July, A. D. 1 9 .30; O'th e r wise tbe allegations of said bil\-;loosa, i n A lachua County, during !eels that p rogress isbeing made will he taken as confessed by said the past f e w months. toward the conservation o! Flori-Defendant. '\ have not been success!ui in da's game and fish, The number It i s further ordered' that this &p pre.h'o..nd in g any of the men op-ot a rrests being made show that orde r be published once a week the law is bein'-' better enforced for four consecutive weeks in the erating these'.eines but it is elt 0 Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-that the loss of worth and reports !rom those !n posi-ed in said County and State. tbree o r four thousand -a.,llars tion to know indicate that the Done_ and o rder. e d in Tampa, will do much toward game supply is increasing. With Fla., tltis the 4th day of June, A. the unlawful seining in this lake. a'sti-on g ly aroused sentiment !or D 1'93o. W D ... '" _t\.. ICKENSON, much more may b e Clerk Circuit Court. The Florida l a _w. prohibits the sale of black bass except those caught from Lake Okeechobee,' the St. Johns River below Yolu-(SEAL) By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C BARBER & WILLIAMS, sia Bar, includiug Doctor's Lake and Lake George a s p ar.t o! the St. Johns the Suwannee Rive r a s far north as the fo rks They may b e but a rab ... bit n ever marries a crow nevo;r ruin s its health digging w orms for a bird of paradise. -,-Toledo Times froming the ea.st and west passes No. and Lake Istokpoga In the Circuit C ourt, Thirteenth The fact that ba_'ss ruay b e sold Judic izil Circuit, Hillsbbroush from these waters makes it Yery County, Florida.. In Clla.ncery. diHicult-to p r e v eut t h e sal e of I MRS. A. J. PA. YNE, A WIDOW, bass. from other .,.aters of the Comp l.ainAnt, I 'fS. State t Furthermore it doesn' p ermi t t h e operation o the Haw-HUN HENDERSON, AND HJS WIFE, ELIZABETH S. HEN-es Black Bas5 Act which prohibit.I DERSGN CHESTER E BL.>..Nc the interstate\ shipment of black TON; EDNA E BL.ANTON AND bass ,from or into a state wher e NANNIE E BLANTON, the sal e of bl ack bass i s unlawful,, Defendanb. I A \\Cord Fl'Om the Stat-0 I Tho 8tato ot Flor1da to: CHESTER liL BL.A.NTON. Game Comntissio ner I b ""d lt....__ t a.ppeann;-y r.ru l.'f -...pc Ou my inspection 't rips through I pended to the biil in the above the State, I f o und' an unusual 11ta.ted cause that Cheste r ll. Blia.nnuruber of youna 'fhe j ton, the De!endant therein named 0 ls a o! the Stn.te o! game wardens r e port in a lmost Florida, but a reeident of the lJnit-e v e !'y dislric;t, more thau usal.-ed Stl!..tes of America, and that In one co nu ty, the gam e warden last place of residence and addres : ; has located eightee n turke y nests. aa p:uticull.rly 11.s is known to the ailiOl.nt, was Detroit, Miehig;1.n ; '-'0% o f wh1cll have alr eady that there is no person in the Stitte _,. ':atched. As most woodsman I of Florida.the sen ice o! a _subpoeknows .. a t1.1rke y -nest is rath&r na, upon whom would, brnd t h e to locate, and the finding or the s .. id defend1rnt 1.nd tha t qe is the a.ge of twenty-one years; 1t i s eigl!teeri by one man indica.tes therefore ordered thl.t said nontha t they. are p lenti!ul in thia resident De!end:rnt b e a.nd he -particu l a r Jo.cality, hereby required fo appear to the The Department i s going to Bill of C-Omplaint filed in eaid cause on o r be!ore Mr;mda y, the concentrate this year on the pro-7th day of July, .A.. D. 1930; otht ectio n of our young turkeys. enrise the o said bill Properly protected, the turke y will he taken a.s confossed by said hunting this winter is going to be Defendant, It is !urther ordered that t/is good orde r b e published onc e a week I find also an unusual amount for four co nsecutive weeks in t.h e of deeF signs and young fawns. Tampa Li!e, a newspaper. pubPeople from a, great Il,l&ny sec-lished in said County and State. Donv 1.nd ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the 16th day o! May, .A. D. 1930. tions are saying that the d 'ee r &re coming into their section, and in one inclosed place we find six deer !eeding in a watermelon patch where it has been a num_ ber o! years &ince deer ranged. T _he weather lias been very favorable, both for .the Quail and 'turkeys, up to now. One can harddrive a mile without seeing pair s of Q.uail crossing the road. Conditions are very promising for n ext season's hunting. I apl)eal to every citizens to assist Us in the or thll game until shooting time. The following is an excerpt from an opinio n by Attorney General, Fred H. Davis, rega.rding the taking anq possession o! fawns and other game during the closed season: (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. J"OHN R. STOFER, Solicitor !or .Complainant. State 'of Fforida, County or Hillsborough. I hereby certify that above and foregoing is & true copy o! th-e original order of publication made in said cause, on ti.le i n my om_ ce T11.mpa, Florida, May 16th, 193 0 (SEAL) W .A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By KA TE S ROBINSON, D C (5)-U-31 (6)-7-H-21 NOTlCE FOR APPLICATION FOR TAX D EED Notice is hereby givi;n that Ethel .Tackman Sanford, holder of Tax C ertificate Ko. Pt. 4592, dated' the 1st day of ciugas t A. D 1927, _has file 1 said c ertificate in my office, and ha. s made applica tion for tax deed to issue in accordance with law. Sa.i d cutifi-So licitor for Complainant. STATE OP F LORIDA, COUNTY. OF HILLSBOROUGH h e r eby certify t h D t 'the a and f regoing is a true copy or the orig1 .1 order of publication made in sai cause, on file in my office. Tampa, Florida, J -!th, 1930 W. A. DICKEN Y N, (J:iEAL) Clerk. Circuit Com" -c-c--. ; BJ KATE 3 ROBINSON, D. c (6). 1-2:\.-28 (i)-5 lliiOTICll TO ORmffToM Net i cli l a -ltereb:r &'Ina tkat the. Ul!d:11ui,lll.ed has DH tiuly appoiatod. a.ad .:ua.lilotl u Jlxeeutn the eatat0 of D deeeuod. heir!!, CI"ed.iterc, leg. .:i.utnbuteH, ud all ether p.:inci u h"''finr clr.ii:a11 r iautls n..!d 0:.tato aN! horel>y ll. at tb.41 Couri l'luae T1t.m1J11, Fl.uldi!., prcDnl y m'i"OrD. to YiU1i:a one :reu !rem dc.to lnreof Gr tb.oy will be f1' r e'fer 1141.rrd by. lil!T. ..A.11 pot 'rion indebted to e"'id estate &n req C)'.!!red tc c o mot forward 11.nd malte without d ol:.y Tampa, F l orida, .Ap:ril 5 19 3-0. s D C.AliPBi:L, Encutor of D (4)-li-12-l!l-26 (e)-3-H .. 17-H-31 In the Circuit Court J n and for Hillsbc>roilgh County, Flor ida. In C hancery, nn,L FOlt PARTITION FAYE STOKES STOVALL, EDITH STOKES RICE, JOHN W. S TOKES AJ.'ID. LOUISE S'l'OKES BILLIKGS BICK-NELL I Comp lainants. 'ts. HENRY E. WILLIAMS AND CLU'FORD G STOKES, Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on Monday. the Ith day o! July, 1930, within the legal hours of. sale, at the west door: o! the court hous e in the City of Tampa, Florida, we sha.11 ;;ell to t h e highest bidder for cash, the lands situated and being in the County of Hillsboroug h and State or Florida, nad more particularly d e scribed as follows: Lot Ten (10) of Block Six (6) of Riverside Subdivisio n or t h e Cify of Tampa, as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book 1 page 34, of tl1e Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida; said lands to be sold in pursuance of an order of sale in the above entitled cause made and entered on the 15th day of March, 1930, by the Honorable L. L. P arks, Judge of the afores&fd court. LEWIS W. PETTEWAY 'DJ FREDERICK McMULLEN ANGUS WILLIA MS Commissioners. D C, McMULLEN,. Solicitor for Complainants. (6)-7-21-28 "Jj' any animal is ta.ken during the closed season: it is taken in ;fO:Jation of the iaw and per son it acquire no right ot property in the premises. Cons e.quent!y it is a "contin1ling of violatio.n of the l a w i! any such p e r son keeps in

. ... ; .. { ._'.;.;"' '.::.. .-"t &;it'li. ., : .,-: -' 1 -. S8.turday, 14, .193p. . 'on I sh,ine atnd by d ,rinklng1 rorm Him_ : ; "!.'.-'. .a::i.d the quest10n:ra1sed tuberc.ulous cows u c ;h1ldren his best to get. T. i tr "fo one -,,-o shall h e ex-,:: ea: outdoors niore and. drank onlJ; along w1 the. nBw teacher. He a.' m .Pa : '.' ... ; e cu tor -,:;{1!'.'th_ e The.re certitie d or pa.steuriz.ed milk .. t'l:e was naturally Bi' tiii!i, boy who be no. res e !or those percentage of tub erculosi s "ll"OUld lU;ed to be le:l't in l)eace. '!:hat_ w:ho haTe, b'een c 7d ;rn_ d, ex-! be reduced Deform_ ity in infantile. h .ow the following 'drama took l]e 'said. . ma.y b e prevented or i.t s i place. Th? actors are reacher. a.nd The t e la ,V; :es J severity wilt be lessened-it tM i Henry. . . ;t .... .. ectrocutions_ in1 o child has good car e, re:;t and the\ ."What's the sh:.p_<_ or1 OFFERS ITS RI ; ';:'' : '' kno> U \ ;tci see the i_i:t 'em _!.'hen they pa:;sed .on the ease t h e 12.w says the shentrs are r @ is the a .im of the widesIJread .1 Henry: ."All right, s .Qu:i.i::e .,, ':;;\;, # \tl:ie. cl th: .. J:iall. r have bin street. sum or the-pee p le caught eir:-orticio d e p u ties of the super:n-safety moement in the United then. Honest, I don' t 'lf.tn.t to h e like d .the on to what gahg :It ...-uz and whut States. SL Lo_uis ,has I start or.n argument about iL". Pat iz still they w uz u p to, and)_ Ust lookedat sa.rety education program mto its bl:i(fnever go t down e m sorta pitiful and "passed by Florida Conference schools with the r esult that '\ii I Obeillent .. :th.is 1 se;d a punch o t I o n the other side." P!8r c e n t o! accident s to children I How many o(ynu cbll-so excited 1ike on! I found out after I listened to of Methodist Church ha.Te been prevented. .dren "!'l: .mt t o go to Heneu? and actin' like a them ihar fellers that some thiags Opens June 18th All the chlldren ral.:" d .ch_, 6i'.'niruiies and I s to pried to in this here.last eleckshun did n)t ""' H-'" t h:i.nds exc1:pt John ny, .....,, I'lpt. >;;_,_n az close az I could with-go to suit 'em. They are i'.lgurln' (Continue d From Page Qne) Te:.i.cher: B u.t, Johr:11y .-During the hear ing of I:. Cl.Ile, H nln' any risk of ketchin' on bla.min' it on Stalnaker, what-superannuate preachers there has YOU '!rant to go to 62.H'Il? the .rudg e was disturbed b;l a. T h t! t ld t frum them if the y had ever it wuz. The y co uldn't underbeen paid 960 and pledges nny: uo ier o me o and I heerd what 'they stand why thel'. cUdn't stop the youth who kept moing about in come straight home 11.tter school. ... 1 of $329,8 2 i. the rea.r or the c ourt, about. It wuz a Tamper Lire f rum bein' circul&t'-The report shows that the -Tit-Eit:i. ,. "Young man; he exclai m ed, li'-6r them 'thar f ellers that ed. on th' e streets.: They sed their. Florida conference has 222 pa.s t o' ._,. "you are making a goo d deal of tryin' to root _away sum lawyer had bin p arn enough t o ral charges and -HS s oci etie s The th. f unnece. ssary noise. What are you ... : '. itcl,vertisin' frum' the Tam-stop the filthy mg rum comm' :no Sunday schools have 5479 They didn't.seem to be out, and they thought their law-tea chers. and the 285 women's so-doing?". .:'( "l have lost my oercoa.t and with their efiurts so fur. yer wuz s],ippin' a fas t one to them ciet. ies 11, 289 members. The pro" 1 am trying tofilld it, replied. the :''.l'i\mper Life J z still bein; somehow, and. they wud inqllire petty of Southern college i s va-. so-!ur az I kin figure around and see iC 'the Tamper l u e d at with indebt-o!fend er. ._. "' "Well," said the Judge, p eople .. to be fur a long, long Lire intended to-come out indeti-edness of $385,000. The value of ,;,., often lose who1 e suits in here these J _here fellers nitely in sIJhe of them ur not. One prope rtv. :>.t the orphanage at Ben _,.q without all that' fuss." bin tryin' fo choke and of them sed .he wud Inquire of son Springs i s p laced at $199,652. ---,Philadelphia Public Ledger. I this TamIJer 'Life mouth-Judge Pett!'lwei g)l -if all wuz well Bi s li'op Hoyt M Dobbs !or the the y still. had' a long Yith the r t seems that they last four y ears was in the Florida. ,lf'a f S "to go. It's a long wa.7 .to tliink they air payin' their lawyer 'l\ e rritory. Sporting Propot'ition They shore dis to, o much money fur what kin be Ab.-was at a d1rnce and, 1.:j o lJ.r*:gd. and disgruntled, b ecw; done. Sum' want' tl;!eir money Ri IF wallet. containing $60f\ He got u p still comin' \llUt az u s -bac k They didn't the m two Va &CbOn.5 on a chair an da..onoun ce d : "Gen-, az if they didn't exist &' Tamper Life fellers cud git by. In Gangland tlemen, I my i;oc kef.-boolo: Beastly The Polecat The po lecat's ahrays seemed me Man's mo9t pungent enemy.: In point o f fact, I must lm;lst ,. He's Nature's greatest Unlik e h i s fri ends the or .tta.b b its, H e seems to h ave no k indly li a bitS ; --' _,,_,.,,........ ...:-' .B-at l eaves the pleasent coun-try-side Morn ofre n sad than ---G eo r g e Mitch.ell f!eemed to b e gittiri' their It's a tunny wurld with a Jot nT Open Warfare with '60_1Hil it. To t h e man thllt well' az I cud !rum funny .faces in it. rinds y ; ; I will gi'l'e ,50." Use well your time, and you'll couverrntion. I listened to them thar feller!!! \Continued From Pag:e One ) __,,; Yolce from the Rear-'Tll gi'ni ceive Cow1sel to Little Girls; .01;re'feller _sed he wuz exassper-spoutin' off about w ha.t the y wm: mad e an inspection o t the Dr.eJl{:! 'Hi." -Me dl e;r. Con gratulations heart:r. (Iver it. > .Anothe r sed h e ;uz a gain' to do, and what they wuz Go .gather y e husbands ere .Aiio \her .sed he wuz she-noi:)goin to let somebody else do, ises in a n attempt t o ti':'.u bulle t dawn I \ don't kno.;.,,. : what "she" until I had enoug h hot air in my holes or were unsuc-Try Snappy Chees-11 S h a ll sober up the party. referrin' to or :Who "she" syst e m to do throug h the win-cessfuL _;fffi1' stood on his. front Cu stome r (in droug store)-"".:::'Y'uzi irii:ln,in' a't. They shore-wuz ter;,: and then. r .walked off do'wn pointe d out the spot "A m ustard plaster." To Dig Girls time o .U:t u v it. the" 'stree t with sbme p arts ot Bti. where he was standing when he Drug Clerk (force or hablt) Go gather ye chins Y-hil e. talkin' "so loud and long '.w-antili to chop/stove :was :rn1bu slle d and the di_rection "We're out ot mustard : bow ao-may, turned around to look vrood up in. little iof the would-be killer' s 1ire. out Nor care who calls you ;._, '. f r7::t .1-ssnmptfon This fowltwhich tempts ka, the s ame rout e take n by Wall, ., )I_ Will Gi _;....:: Judge-"You stole eggs !ro m ve f'. Criticism of Carlton a.nd the assic ilant kne w how t o thi_s man's s h op, Have you any "':X:-Tomorrow may b e patties. -Mary Stevens Sweeney. Voters Ora I handle a gun the mooll.cuse? '', -::_ ; ... ..., Y (Continued !rom.Page 1.) Accused-"Yes, r tool.: tbem bv Acddent t o an Optimist ''" C:Continu'ed ... ti A _loeal_business man, ";ho was -mistake. Waitress: "Ob.. I'm sorry I spill-I 7'':' \ .. rom llge 1.') get the shots at VlaH were tired ; Piart ; .Bi st Rall sayin g harsh things about the Judge-"How 1s that?" ed water all oYer you." :.,.., ,_-' / :7 .Carlton adminiotration, was for rrom a monng car at & distance thought t iJe, w c,," L t Patro:i: "Tha s perfectly an I .:::< ,, ., ':7 ,,e ,"".;ed. H e mid the r;i.p1d ugn, a d VliiItmg. democrats in . 1 ", d d 1 -.-.. -.-. ..,, 'even voted 'for "th' e last t e n years, ui c _soun e s1m1 ar to toy torpe county: '. -. u-. : .. ._ does. ; e1gh t .Q.emocratic o!fer,n,, a s an _that poll t R B 1 Wall' s home is a large _bunga.-. tes tor .. co untv_-: otrice s will p'r_ucs w _as ro. t en, ev. roy es a iow situate d at the southwest cor-:&,ttc ipate in the 'run:o!f races. They sa.id. : .-. b n e r o f S e venteenth avenue re. .' -"Her \'\ was a m a n casting _as A : ; .to .. 'w:tiat 'he wou.ld do if lie wer e Thirteenth stree t. I( i s surround -<".N;:,.> Cle'rk of. criminal court L M "" h t d ed by a hi g h iron fe nce. The ga. .. ; n atton sr a.lid Elli"s J Si' mm governor,' t e pas or continue ons, 1 rage is we;;t of the house about i group )l the _con:in u e d, .feet from the street with a sli0"'ht-' '" 'Joseph R i t-: .he:.. ni the. !y incl i n e d driveway running to ..; ; Mick-1\.ir 1fo'J.'Ii.ty .. cemm. affairs'o f his state even t o cast ._,. .. ,.. is s10ner, Seventeenth avnue \Vall was J .ohn T '-Gun" d 8 I his_ ballo_ t. I can.no_ t see that a:iyo ,_.;,,,.. '::..--. ,., ,."'"' ) n an walkini; towa d ti t t n 'ty : h 1 one. so heedless Of civic respons ir 1 6 s ree o n the C"iifvr;;:_ .,, .sc oo runwav when he fi d .Cifst;fot thl:ee p 1 R -bility .could lie de_pended upon .to w;as re upon. f'if!' "' .. ..... au Chier Thomas was unable to ad.. _te1:-,'an_ ,d_. G_., eorge :M_ : Sim-do bett.er, wer_ pe_-', .by chance e le-, \' .. vate d -to 'tQ.. e _rol e of chi et execu-v::inc a n y motive fol' the assault. .. :., > < '>--. : : pastor's remarks w ere ;;;;c: (1) l(lan f{ead corporated in a sermon which had To Florida a s its "If I were Governor l ".' :i t :-./ .. of Florida.'" Teach Causes or Crippllnz '.' >(Continuedtr6'm Page i ) to School Students i'_t:: : .. < wm vtsrt Tampa ::: s ";.:'\{: : Evans. w'ili'Visit -Tampa oJl I a.ac e G ets Hot "' .1 ':.-./his :work in the. it. w:as Page 1.) : .::, : this wee. k He expects to .. ; ."\yis.it all i;;e ct'ion ;, of the l.c' by ,Phillips tlieir -forces for a real battle. .> a gigantic entension ot the Each candidate is busy making .":' : .or_ dE!l'l;,,p_rogTam. Dr. Evans made personal canvasses. ov e r the coun-.. an .fntfal. vfsit t.o. Florida a. .. ty. Speakfag e ngagements ue be< 'ff( Ei El ks ago ldoking ove r the ing arran15ed by C. .T. Hardee _,, 'grond the 'Florida. county chairman or the Hi!lsbor'.' ;.:-.;, ., Dragon in. the preparatory ough county democratic exCUtiTe .' w prk. He vi.sited Tampa for on9 committee '!or these candidates ... :. night but I ert immed1ately ther&-and the others also who will en. after l'te hel: d a meeting. in on of ter the second primary. the. downtov1n hotels., it Ble \; n ed, which. wa,s attended by about: .John H. Bledsoe, candidate for :two. hundr'ed d elegates from near-the 1egislature from group two of y counties.. Hillsborough county and high man .in the !rst primary, is right-i ing hard his nearest opponent, J_ The R Mickler, this week to draw to ,. his ranks the supIJorters from -their< defeated opponents, W. J. Specialists assert th1.t 5 O per cent of c1'ipples need n el'e r ha.ve been handicapped and that at l e ast halt or the might have been cured or gr.eatly h elpe d it they had be e n treated in time. Dr. Frank Dickson and H enry s Curtis in n Jointly writte n article in the May is s u e of Hygeia,propose that high school students should be taught the causes of criIJIJlin g. Many of thes-e boys and girls may have crippl e d c h ildren in their families and within a few years they may have children o! their own, some o. whom will b e crippled. Every young. person should know that certain congenital deformities c ari oe corrected if ta.ken in hand at once while other conditions can be by proper c11.re. Children suffer tram three g eneral cla.sses or deformities: congenital deformities, crippling caused by disease and. that caused by accidents. F o r Home Get a Fan That Lasts Average Life of Our Stan dard Electric Fan Is About 20 years Made To Last Hard Usage. PAY A QUARTER DOWN And the Rest in 3 Months. If Desired. WE OFFER YOU A VARIETY of Fans in Several Sizes. All at Prices Low, Because They Last So Long. YouCanHaveYourChoi--14335 C... St. Arcacle _,,.


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