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Rewind outline

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Rewind outline
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O'Doherty, Carolyn
University of South Florida
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Time travel -- Juvenile fiction
Criminal law -- Juvenile fiction
Young adult fiction
Mystery and detective stories -- Fiction
Science fiction


Outline for novel Rewind, including notes for requesting changes by chapter.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Current Chapter changes What Alex knows about Barnard About Ross About Sykes What KJ knows/relationship About chronotin 1 Alex and Ross are called in to stop a bomber. Explain time work, impermanent nature of it, how a rewind works. Alex gets time sick. Ross and Sal, Ross wants revenge. Ross says there is an unapproved medication that might extend her life. Ross says Sykes is the bomber, his evidence is that the room the bomb was set was a spinner meeting. This is very weak. 2 Flashback to dead baby scene 3 Ross asks her not to tell. We find out the background of why Alex loves Ross and why she cares about time work. Barnard surprised she's not sick. That its born in. That levels get hgih when you're sick. 4 Courtyard scene with KJ. She has to lie to him. nothing. They are sweet together, we learn they broke up once, KJ seems more interested, Alex brushes him off. KJ says he might date Shannon 5 Common room: Watch news report, Jack freezes, Ross sets up Torino. Jack says Alex should wonder what Dr. B is really up to. Alex suspects Ross planted the rumor about Torino contacting the police. Bomber is Jason Torino. Press say bomb threat might be an antispinner group. Rumor that bomber contacted the police. KJ flirst with Shannon Barnard raised her aclisote even though her chronotin wasn't high. They all chat at breakfast, KJ is friendly with Alex and Shannon. chronotin rises as you age, and high levels are bad. Shannon says there is no "normal", to magic trigger for sickness. Calvin was admitted, got sick even though his chronotin didn't spike. She can't figure out the logic of Barnard's dosages. 7 Torino murder rewind, Alex blacks out. Show Alex squeamish about medical things for B2 Sykes killed Torino. 8 Alex at night, hears Ross asking Amy to fake test. Finds out she can change things. 9 Tells KJ, he's full of warning. Ross waiting when she gets back. He's using Amy to get into the clinic and to fake Alex's tests 10 Ross says its OK and they can do missions together. KJ says he loves her. Alex pushes him away. The new meds changed her power. KJ is freaked out by her new skills. He immediately sees the danger to being too powerful. 11 Calvin dies. Alex goes to Thoms bar. Matt returns Ross and Alex are stealing secrets, just like Julie said norms feared. Point this out. Ross knows about her power, he suspected this might happen. He's happy. Ross arrested Karl Sardinia for Torino's murder. An associate of Sykes. He says he has a lead that they can follow up when she's better. KJ says he wants to be her boyfriend. Alex says no. She wants to focus on work. Alex tells him that Ross knows about her new skills. She lies and says the change is rare but normal. She admits he's faking her tests. KJ very upset. 12 Alex stalls Matt. Ross finds out about partner. Ross has to explain to Alex why they can't go public yet on Syke's identity Ð need more vidence, can't let Sykes know they're n to him, look what happened to Sal. Jack says Barnard likes to keep his reputation, which Alex interprest to mean he's doing research on them. He has lock picks. He 's working under the radar on this one. Karl Sardinia is a small time thief, once he's linked to Torino murder, then we know he works for Sykes. Ross finds link between him and Matt Thompson. Finds out name of Sal's killer KJ letting Shannon comfort him. He's avoiding Alex. She's having second thoughts. Alex equates guilt about illegal search to KJ as moral compass. 13 Alex gets a day pass and goes out with KJ to do research at powells. Jack comes with note. Sidell as father has more impact if Alex has daddy issues. Ross has to be a clear father figure. Implication of Alex thinking: what would Ross do this for me if I was his daughter? Sidell says his son would never have murdered anyone. Sidell is Sardinia's father and he thinks Karl was framed. He's willing to let her be killed by Sykes's men as a warning to Ross to have him tell the truth. Alex invites him to go out with her. They make awkward small talk, he clears the air, they do some research and all is normal. 14 !"#$!%"$&'()*$+',$%-.$/+'$0,''1'*. Sidell questions Ross's report 15 2(34$)5$6'7)',8$2(,7(,9$5%)$05,$&:559 Barnard demands a blood test. Yolly says Alex is lying about getting beat up. Alex suspects Barnard knows she can move in frozen time. 16 ;<$35=',*$05,$+',.$>#"$%7?@))@7A:"$+':-*. Make this whole reconciliation with KJ stronger Ð their friendship was broken in chapter 10, her near death experience is what brings it back. She is holding back from the romantic part now because she thinks KJ doesn't want her anymore even though she realizes she does want more? Alex regrets Ð wishes she could rewind time before KJ gave up on her. Alex tells him she ran away. She isn't sure if he knows or not, but he's keeping her locked up. He denies that she was beat up. Alex tells him that she's on different meds and that's what caused her skills to change. He will only help her if she gest her blood tested. Shannon will help. 17 B5**$35#'*$@7$()$7@A+)$(A(@7$(79$*("*$)+'"$+(='$(75+)',$#@***@57$ (79$A@='*$+',$-@34*.$ Ross says she can get out and they'll go on another secret mission. 6 Youngers Classroom, Alex reserches chronotin.


18 Jack says Barnard works for Sykes. Alex gets her blood tested. Alex tries to make herself feel OK about KJ and Shannon together Ð if she wants to be KJ's friend she's going to have to be able to hang out with the two of them. I need to create a relationship between Alex and Shannon Ð they've lived together for years, they have to be intimate even if they're not close. Alex has to try to be a big girl, not be pouty, but it also has to be clear to Shannon that she is in some ways the third wheel because A and K are so close.Again, use this scene to create a stronger personality for Jack. What is Alex's reaction hearing that Jack is essentiallye hlping Sykes, her arch enemy? 19 Alex goes out with Ross. He avoids her questions about chronotin. She walks in on him killing Austin Shea. Ross needs to explain the accusations Sidell brought against him and wash away Alex's doubts (of course dad doesn't think his son is a snitch, of course dad thinks his kid was framed, that's what dads do but it doesn't make it true. I saw what I saw in the rewind explicit tie to what Ross would do for A), but that's twice now that we've doubted, and even though we are reassured, those doubts will come back when everything goes to hell. Part of Alex's need to trust Ross is that she really doesn't have anyone else. Ross avoiding her questions now has to feel OK because he justified himself so well earlier. Though at this point, she can feel a tickle of doubt that she pushes away. There needs to be an obvious other bad guy so that the reader isn't looking for Ross to fill those shoes. It's Alex and Ross against Barnard and Sykes Ð Alex could share her worries about high chronotin and Ross pushes them onto Barnard Ð he can even tell her the higher readings are tied to the new powers and that it's not going to hurt her, Barnard was wrong about that part of the science. It will make Ross colluding with Barnard in book 2 all the more painful for A. They genuinely go there to get information. Shea is supposed to be out of town. Alex knows this is the hit man and she picks up the rock herself, implicates herself, says they can't trace it, no one will be home for days. !" Alex confronts Ross, he points out she is framed for the deed. Alex goes home and crawls into KJ's bed. Ross didn't' mean to kill Shea. He took the moment, saw the killer and went nuts. Trust to justify himself to Alex Ð he was never going to get caught, it's what he would have done in my shoes. Then points out Alex would get framed, he gets mean. Offers her the world now, explain what he wants, and she says no, she's horrified, she realizes she misunderstood him. Bring in Ross's justification for killing Shea: this is the man who killed my partner. Alex thinks Shea is Sykes's hit man. She does not know he is a spinner. Ross doesn't share that with her yet because he's not sure where her loyalties would like if she knew Sykes was working with a spinner. Ross's need for vengeance for his partner has to be clear before this Ð except Alex always assumed it meant arrest, not vigilante murder.


!# Alex and KJ make up for real. When Alex wakes up she finds out KJ is sick. Cut the timing here so that they plan to leave the next day. They can talk about bringing Jack with them because he has outside survival skills, set up why he's a good choice here so I don't have to spend time explaining it later on. They will decide not to bring anyone else yet, though. They'll set up and then come back for the others. !! Alex runs to KJ and Barnard catches her. Alex freezes time in the car and they crash As part of Barnards "confession" he has to dismiss Ross's claim that he was doing bad science. He knew exactly what he was doing, he was forced to try and keep Calvin alive and suppressed and he warned Chief (and Ross) there may be consequences to the dosages he was giving Calvin. !$ She drags herself back to the Center. She rescues KJ, Shannon and Jack. They set out on an unknown future. To have book 2 make more sense, there needs to be rock solid logical reason to take Shannon with her. Shannon needs credible medical background dealing with time sickness.


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