King Tut dream book, policy player, and fortune teller

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King Tut dream book, policy player, and fortune teller

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King Tut dream book, policy player, and fortune teller
"El Malecon,"
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. ) ..... -POL/CV PLAYt_/4, A-NO 'JOJ'f Un@ CJ@//p;-, o,. 13?.G 7th. l ,:va. ,


King Tut Dream Book AND FORTUNE TELLER Which was an exclusive prnperty of EMPEROR NAPOLEON ' Translated for the first time to the English language from the twenty second editior. of the Roman language. Written before :n the German lar.guage from an old Egyptian manucript found in the year of 1801, in one of the tombs of the High Egypt'an r.ear the Libi c Forest The true interpretation of dreams, and also the numbers o f the Lottery to which they apply AND A GENERAL DICTIONARY OF THE SIGNIFICATION OF DREAMS FIFTH EDITION REVISED 1933


THE NEW . EDIT.ION OF . KING 'Tt;T .. ,.. DREAM0BOOK Presents The Following Additions 1. A complete list of Ladies' Names with their lucky numbers. 2 . A complete list of Gentlemen's Names with their lucky numbers. 3 . A complete li s t of Flowers with their lucky numbers. 4 . A complete li s t of animals , fowls, and insects with their lucky_ numbers . . ' ~,:_':"; . 5 . A complete list of . Cards and their lucky numbers. . ........... ::-. . :.,..-,! 6 . The mystery of1 : numbers, lucky days and Birthstones with their lucky numbers. 7. , The Myst_ery Clock for finding lucky num. h e r s . 8 . 250 new dreams, their fort,une and their corresp0nding numbers. 9 . The. Chinaman Ghart, showing divisional parts, in animals, insects, fowls, etc. , with its corresponding lucky numbers. 10. The signification of numbers, of four differ. ent countries. A truthful and correct copy of the C'riginals. NOTICE In this addition the author gives the most complete variety of the most common dreams that a person may have. KING TUT DREAM BOOK


UIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIUIIIIIJIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHHIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII THE KING TUT DREAM BOOK A ACE.-To dream of having four aces in hand denotes Poverty, Scarcity, Bad Busine ss.-2, 64. ACORN.-To dream of planting acorns d e n o t es a death in the family. To be picking them pros p erity.-33, 100. AIR.-If y ou dream that it is clear, s ignifi es that you will come into a great fortune. If the air i s foggy, you will have sorrows.-42. AIRPLANE.-To dream of riding in on e d enotes that y ou will be a victim of falsehood and flat tery. To see one denotes sorrows.-13. ALMANAC.-Necessity for a better r egulated course of life; to a female a warning against incon stancy.-6, 30. ANGEL.-To dream of an angel brings joy ou s tidings; if the angel does not approach you, it is a sign tha t your life is evil and a warning to reform.-21, 57 . ANIMAL.-Dreaming of domestic animals signifies t h e happy return. of absent friends, peaceful dome stic relations and reconciliation of quarrels. Wild animals signifies secret enemies, of whom beware, as to drea m thus will bring trouble from them.-69. ANTS.-To dream of them shows happiness; if they are winged, you will make a dangerous trip. The dream is good for farmers, plowman and public servants-2, 37 APPLES.-To dream of eating them, wrath and dis . dain; to see an apple tree joy, pleasure and diversion;


-4-if eating sweet apples, sedition and quarrels; if sour, anger and fighting.-73, 95. ARM.-To dream that you have the right arm cut off, denotes the death of a female relation; if both arms are cut off denotes captivity and sickness; an arm broke, sudden fortune falling to a dear friend; a strong arm denotes misery: hairy arms, an increase of fortune in the family-28 AUTOMOBILE.-To dream of riding one, denotes speedy marriage; driving one, misfortune.-79, 100. ASHES.-Are significant of mourning.-17, 38. ARTIST.--To dream of artists shows that you will have many pleasures.-27. ACTION. --To dream of action in any ways, denotes success to lovers, and recovery to the sick.-7 4. ALTAR.-To dream of an altar, signifies ruin to the rich and success to the poor and luck to lovers.-23. A CTRESS.-lf a woman dreams of being an actress it denotes a speedy marriage, if a man dreams of being an actor, signifies travel.-87. ARROW.-Signifies wealth and happiness in love &ffairs .-1, 96. AXE.-To dream of possessing an axe, is a sign of prosperity, it also denotes a near death of a close friend. -8. ALLEY.-To dream of running through an alley, denotes failure iii business; you will receive good news from a member of your family; you will have a very good future.-41. A UNT.-To drea:rp. of your aunt, signifies joy and boundless leasu're will be your lot. ARMY.-lf a man dreams of being in an army, he will receive happy omens: if a woman dreams of seeing an army, she will be successful iri love affairs.-35. ALCOHOL.-To dream of drinking alcohol, is a aign of near danger, beware of friends.-85.ATTACKS.-To dream that you are being att~cked


-5-is a sign of success, joy and sensual pleasure.-48. B BABY-For a mother to dream of her baby, denotes general good health of her offspring; to dream that her baby is dead, is a sign of early marriage of her eldest child.-13. BAKING.--For a woman to dream she is baking bread, foretells thrift; if she is young it is a sign of some debts.-96, 100. BALLOON.-An exaltation of short duration.-68. BAND-To dream of playing in a band, denotes hardships; to have a band denotes courage.-56. BANDITS.-If you attack them rely upon your own judgement and vigor; if they attack you, beware of accidents; i.f you only .see them, it denotes prosperity in your business.-63. BARREL.-Abundance, riches.-5, 69. BED.-To dream that you are lying in bed signifies, that you are in danger; being in bed and not able to sleep, sickness; to see a stranger in your bed, brings quarrel in married life.-57. BEE-If they deposit honey in any part of the house, denotes elo_quence, dignity, success; to take them, profit and gain; to kill them, loss and ruin-1, 27 BELL.-Misfortune for the person who hears it ring.-18, 27. BICYCLE.--Wealth for the person who rides it.-52, 99. BILLS.-Jf presented to you and you settle it, good luck; if you cannot pay signifies that you will be slandered-77 BIRD.S.-Are good sign, it brings speedy marriage ; if they sing, some happiness is in store for you.-13, 47, 91. BLINDMAN.-To dream of becoining blind, danger of treason of death to the dreamer; to see a blind I


-6-man, loss of money.-84. BLOOD.-To dream that you see blood, is a sign that you will fall heir to an estate; to loose blood, dissappointment--40, 47 BOARDING HOUSE-To live in a boarding house signifies blood8hed.-68. BOAT.-To see a boat denotes happiness; to sail in a boat, jolity and prosperity.-56. BOSS.-To dream of talkin to your boss, is a sign of raise in your wages.-34, 84. BOTTLE.-To dream of a bottle denotes joy and singing; of a broken one, sadness.-1, 6. BOY.-If you dream that you are delivered of a boy denotes a happy Iife.-12, 40. BRICK-If you dream a handling bricks it signi fies the loss of a close friend.-56. BRIDGE.-To pass one signifies labor; to fall from one, dissipointment in love-21, 57 BRIDE.-To dream of being a bride, denotes that you will come to a furious quarrel.-35. BROOM.-If you are using one, excitement; if you are buying one, enemies.-65. BUCKET.-To dream of carrying a bucket, denotes false friends.-9. BULL.-T'-' dream of seeing a bull, signifies a series of quarrels.-16, 29. BUS.-If riding one, loss of property; to own one, success.-46, 52, 79. BUTTERFLY .-Inconstancy; to dream of chasing them, childishness.-2, 88. . BARBER.-To dream of a barber is misfortune; to be a barber, denotes happiness.-31. BAR.-To dream that you are standing in front of a bar is a sign that you will have health, happiness, and' peace at your home.-2. BASKET.To dream of a basket, denotes much trouble, it also signifies 1sorrow followed by joy.-78.


-7-BATHING.-To dream that you are bathing is a sign of affliction or grief.-94. BEEF.-To dream of' seeing roast-beef, light of a hope.-5. To eM it, means gain and sec'urity.-53. BIRTHDAY.-To dream of your birthday; denotes that you will soon hear a report from -your friend at : a distance, informing you that they have heard news of your death. Some indescreet person set the report afloat, and fabricated the s'tory.-100. BONES.-To dream of seeing human bonei;, fortells friendship and health. Animal bo nes signifies joy followed by sorrow-33 ' . ' .. ' C CAMEL.-To see a clunel foretells riches.-1. CANDY.-To dream that you are eating candy sig nifies that y ou will be a victim of falsehood and flattery.-90. CANE.-To dream that you are eating cane denotes that you will be a great traveller.---83. CANDLE.-If you dream that it is burning brightly, denotes happiness; dim, misfortune; to light it, a success.-4. CAR.-If you drive it, disgrace arid shame; if you own one, recovery to the sick.-38. CARDS.-To play it, signifies loss of wealth by reason of conspiracy of ensigning men.-33. CARPENTER-To work at carpentry denotes depressions in spirits; to see one; exultation and ambition. -24, 100. CAT.-Signifies treachery of friends and disappointment in affairs of love.4, 20. CEMETERY.-Prosperity near at hand.-68. CHAIN.-To wear them, rilelancoly; to break them, gives future happiness.-94 . CHICKENS.-If you dream of copking them, de not~s coming good news.37, 54.


-8-CHIMNEY.-lf you see smoke coming out of them, you will become heir to some money.-22. CHR!ST.-Foretells misfortune.-33, 75. CHURCH.-To dream of entering a church is a good eign to th dreamer; to dream of being in one of them foretells joy.-55. CLOUDS.-Denotes disunion; black clouds happiness.-29. CLOWN.-To see a clown it is sign of disappointment.-60. CLUB.-To belong to a club denotes that the dreamer is going on a long trip.-65. . CLOCK-Foretells fortune, power and elevation; on a church steeple, loss of employment.-21. COAL .-Burning, denotes persecution; on a wagon, death.-99. COCOANUT.-Friendship, joy.-70. COAT.-To have one, denotes disapprovement; to buy one denotes wealth.-71. COOK.-To do cooking, denotes scandal.-40. COFFEE.-To see or cook it, denotes pain and humiliation.-2, 66. COW-To dream of owning one, signifies prosperity; to milk them, peril.-30, 99. CRABS.-Signifies quarrels and separation.-55. CRICKET .-To dream that you take part in a game of cricket, is a sign that you will be subject to injury in your legs.-2. CRIMINAI, .-To dream that you are a criminal, shows that danger is in store for you.-63, 90. CROW.-Misfortune and disgrace for a husband; danger or death for the wif e.-33. CUBA.-To dream of Cuba, denotes friendship; to go to Cuba, luck.-42, 92. CUP.-Illness; if empty, denotes that the family will inherit wealth.-3, 67. CABBAGE.-Denotes bad tidings.-30.


-9-CAGE-Without a bird, means inprisonment; with a bird, liberty.-11. CAKE.-To see them made, signifies treachery; to eat them, for woman disappointment and loss of lover and property.-19, 98. CANNON.-A sign of treachery and dang~r; to hear one, signifies death.-56. CHEESE.--For a rich person to dream of eating cheese sig, nifies loss of fortunne; if a lady dreams of it, she will bestow her affections on an unworthy person. -88. CHILD.-To see a child at its mother's breast, sig nifies severe sickness; but if the wife of the dreamer be pregnant, the child will be sickly; to see many children, and to talk with them, shows great losses for the dreamer.-67. CIGAR.-To the man who smokes it, success; if it be not lit, it signifies misfortune; if he light it, he may hope.--20. COFFIN.--To dream of a coffin , signifies that you will soon be married, and possess a house of your own. -49, 100. CONCERT.-To dream of being in a concert, foretells the enjoyment of good health; to the sick, recovery.-12, 27. CROSS.-'Io dream of a cross, brings success and honor; t _ o carry it, trouble.-91. CROWN.-To dream a golden crown is placed upon your head, foretells that success and great honor awaits you; if the crown is silver, you will enjoy good health; if crowned with green leaves, friend and fortune will forsake you.-10. D DANCE.-To be in a dance, shows that you will have success in love and friendship.-39, 55.


-10-. D ANCER. T o se e a dan cer, d e no t e s . cal a m ities ; to b e a d ancer, denotes long life.-76. DEAD.-'T'o dream of s e eing a d ead person, d e notes fam e ; t o . b e dead, denotes l uck. 8. . . DEER.-If yo u see it yo u w ill r e c e i ve _ good news _ ; i f yo u kill i t y o u will fall to a n es tate.-29 , 3 1. DIAMOND.-To see the m , d e lu s ion a s t o wealth; to pick t h e m u p, lo sses .-26. DI CE-To w i n at t h ro wing d i c e , s h ows that y ou w ill have lu 'ck; to l ose, per s o n a l inju r y . 4 8 , 86. DIRT A c h arity , r es ul t in g to' your detriment--7 DY NAMITE . To han d l e d y n a m ite, fo r t u n e. 53. DIVORCE.-To dream t hat yo u are divorced i s a sign of a happy life . 66. DOCTOR T o dream tha t y ou h a v e to call a doc tor, denotes quarrel.-26, 80. DOG. T o dream of a d og, d e n otes that yo u r friends are fai f thful.-15, 71 , 95. • DOMINO. T o p lay do mino i s a s ign that yo u w ill be a doc tor. 86. DOOR. To break in a door means speedy arrest; to open a door, infirmity.-43, 100. DOVE. -Honor and p leasure 111 the home circle.-24, 87 . DREAM.-S i g ni fies l a bor.-7. DRESS.-To dream t h 'at yo u have made a dress, den otes happiness; i f yo u have purchased a dress, hardships. 16. DRIVE.-If you are driving denotes a . speedy marr i age.-10 . D R UG ST O RE.-To be i n a drug store, shows that yo u w ill be a rel i gio u s perso n. 44 . DRUGGIST.-To tal k t o t h e driggust, s ignifies d if fic u lties i n l i fo . 61. DRUNKNES S-To dream of be in g d runk foretells riches ; to s e e g drunkard, foretells a lo ss in gam bli n g . 36, 49, 5 2.


-11-DAGGER.--To dream of a dagger, you may expect news of absent persons.-84. DAY.-To dream of a , clear day, is a hapy sign . 24, 60. DEVIL.--Superstitious people may dream of seeing this arch-enemy of mankind. If so, tt foretells that they will go a way from home to be absent some time. It also shows that they will be very fortunate in life. To a young girl it is a sign that she will either be well married and leave home or leave for some other reason.-2, 99. DIGGING.-To dream of digging in clean and healthy ground is a sign af thrift and good luck generally; if the ground be wet or dirty, it shows troubles; if you are digging for gold and find large and rich lumps, it shows you'll have some good luck, but if the product is meagre, or if you don't find any. it foretells disappointment; if you lose any of your tools , it is a sign of trouble.-69. DITCHES----To dream of dkhes, steep mountain rocks and other eminences, it foretells danger and misfortune; expect thieves to rob your dwelling, that your children will be undutiful and bring you into trouble; if you are in love, it foretells unhappiness if you marry your present sweetheart-3, 67 E EAGLE.-T0 see one in your sleep, flying around you, is a good sign.-85. EAR RING.-To dream of purchasing a pair of ear rings, is a good dream to the fair sex.-14. EAT.-To dream of eating is a sign that you are deceived.-64. ECLIPSE.-Of the sun foretells great losses; of the moon, small misfortunes.-14, 56. EGGS-Mean happiness; in small number, profit and gain; cracked, annoyance.-8, 39, 66.


-12-ELBOW.-To dream that you put your elbow out of joint, is a sign of strength in your arm.-1, 100. ELECTRICITY.-To get a shock from electricity, denotes fame.-45. ELECTRIC LIGHTS.-Trouble and mystery.-53. ELEPHANT.-To see one, fear and danger for the rich; to get on his back, good fortune.-9. ELM TREE.--To dream that you rest under an elm tree, is a sign of prosperity.-26, 62, 99. EMERALD.-To dream that you purchase one of these precious stones, is a sign of disappointment.-7, 27. EMPLOYMENT-To dream that you lost your employment, is a sign of practical remuneration.-12, 51. ENEMY.-To talk with your enemies, means salutary distrust.-32. ENGAGEMENT.-To dream that you have entered into an engagement, is a sign of matrimony.-2, 82. ENGINE.-To dream that you stand by an engine, is a sign of future illness.-12, 52, 75. ENVELOPES.-To dream of receiving a package of envelopes, signifies that you will receive a letter from a dear friend.-5, 55, 100. ERRAND.-To dream that you have been sent on an errand, signifies a happy wedding.-9, 14, 53. ERROR.-To dream that you have made an error, is a sign that you will be given advices.-4, 14, 44. EYE GLASSES.-To dream of having eye glasses on, signifies that a great wealth is coming to you.-88. EMBRACE.-To dream of embracing relatives, is a warning of treachery; if friends, disappointments; if one unknown embraces you, you will travel; the embrace of a woman brings good luck.-69. EMBROIDERY.-To dream of embroidery, shows that you are proud and ambitious; to wear an embroidered dress, signifies honor and wealth.-16, 91.


-13-EVENING.-To dream of it, denotes danger.--100. ESTA TE.-For a young woman to dream that she has had a fortune left her in the shape of a large estate of houses and lsnd, is sign that there will be indigence and poverty both of ability and marriage. Fur a young man to have this dream, is asign of great postration from paralytic stroke.-45, 54. EAR.-If your ear be large you will be rich and prosperous in ail undertakings. To dream you prick your ear, is an evil omen. To dream you have a new pair of ear-rings, is a sign of misfortune.-19. EARTH.-To dream of the earth, is a sign of travel and riches. If a woman dreams that she is in the top of the earth, the woman will receive a letter from an old friend.-73. • EMPEROR.-To dream that you are the emperor of any country, your dream will come true in a way you will very soon get married and you will be the boss of your home; you will have three children-two girls and one boy.-84. EVENING.-If you dream that you have a party in the evening and that you are also invited to another party you are going to be very happy and very lucky, you will travel much and receive many good news from dear friends.-44. ENVY-To dream that you envy someone, i s a bad sign, beware for anything might happen.-68. ELECTION.-To dream that you are running an election, is a sign of prompt marriage.-39. F F ACE.-This dream is very good, it will bring you luck and also bring to you something that you had lost and that you always Iiked.-82. FAINT.-If you dream that you have fainted, you will receive bad news; beware of flattery.-100.


-14-F ALL.-If you dream that you fall down but rise again qc.!ickly, you will attain much honor; but if no the contrary you remain where you fell, you . will live ohR~ure .and in poverty.-, 21, 37 . . F AT.-To eat fat you will overcome all obstacle. To cut it, loss of fortune and friends.-15. F ACTORY.-To dream that you are working in a factory, denotes soz:ne change of health to the dreamer. -11. FAMILY.To dream that you belong to a large family, s ignifi es health and long life.-37, 77. F AN.-Rivalry, petty, perfidy, vanity.-48. FIGHT.-To see women fighting, signifies jealousy; m en, sorrows.-96. FARM-Ease, happiness, tranquility-19, 81 FIRE.-To dream that you are making a fire, denotes separation of friends.-16, 100. FISH.-To dream of seeing a number of fish implies that you will marry your present sweetheart-lo, 18, 59. FLY.-To be bitten by them, persecution on a small scale.-97. FRIEND.-To dream of being among friends, signi fies reunion; to laugh with them, signifies quarrels.-43. FLAG.-Dishonor, cruelty.-28, 77. FLOWERS.-To see them denotes a pleasant and amorous life.-50, 54. FROG.-A frog is a sign of inmodesty; frogs, flattery.-22. FRUIT.-To eat them, advantageous marriage-38. FUNERAL.-To dream that you are in a funeral, signifies that soon you wil be in a wedding.-9, 58. FEAR.-T o feel fear signifies that you will be corageous in your weaking moments; to drea m of frigthening others, show that your courage is weak.-62. FIGS.-To eat them signifies future fortune; if


-15-they ar_ e out 0 f se a s on , many sorrows ; if they are dry , your h appines'.l i s a t s t a k e.-66. FINGERS-This i s so m e t hing that i s very commonly d r e a m e d of an d i t only goes t o s how that the dreamer will have luck fo r a p erio d o f on e year , and that from then o n he will be very unlu c k y. Take this chance and do what you can whi le yo u have luck. The lucky number i s 65. FLESH-The dreamer w ill be annoyed with letters from enemies, and will hav'e to be very careful or something out of the ordinary might happen-78 FLOUR.-This is something that is :rostly used in every home every day of the year, that is the reason why it i s so often dreamed of; it has very little significance, but the little it has, may help you; the dreamer, of course, is a woman, as it generally is, will have suc cess in her doings; and if a man dreams of this, he will live happy.-] 1. FOUNTAIN.-To see a fountain of clear water, signifies health and luck. To bath in a fountain, is a sign of falsity.-13. G GIRL.-For a-woman to dream that her first born child is a girl, is a sign that a fine son will be born to her.-12, 40 GIPSIES.--To dream of seeing a crowd of gipsies is a sign of luck for the future.-37. GLADNESS.-To dream that you are glad is a sign of weakness.-50. GLASS.-To break a glass denotes fortune; to re ceive a glass of water, wealth.-88. GLOBE-Bankruptcy, by misrepresentation-35 GOAT .-A w bite goat foretells unexpected gain; a b lack. one, misfortune.-7, 27 .


-16-GOD.-If you dream of worshipping god is a very good sign.-33, 100. GOLD.-The sign of ambition and avarice.-61. GOLD FISH.-To dream of seeing gold-fish denotes that you will be industrious and ambitious.-18. GOVERNOR-To dream of talking to the governor of your state denotes, misery.-50. GROCERY.-To dream of being in a grocery denotes, sucess in business.-36. GUARD.-To see a guard, losses of small consequence.-51. GULF.-T0 be swimming in the gulf denotes rivelry.-5. GUN.-To discharge a gun, vexation and anger. 20, 54. GAIN.-If acquired justly, you may hope for wealth. If by injustice, you will lose your fortune.-30, 31. GALLANTRY.-! a man dream that he is very gallant he wil enjoy good health; to a female, the same dream brings good luck; to a girl, inconstancy. GALLOP.-On a bay horse, trouble, which will soon pass away; on a black horse, misfortune; a white horse, signifies a life of pleasure.-51. GALLOWS.-Success. To be condemned to the gallows, si_gnifies high office to the dreamer; to the lover, marriage to the person desired.-40. GAMBLING.-To win at gambling, shows the death of a friend; to lose, you will change your residence.-77. GARDEN.-Your fortune will be enlarged. To walk in one, joy.-27 GARLIC.-To dream of eating garlic is a prediction of quarrels, and the discovery of secrets--49, 56 G ARTER.-Signifies weakness.-1. GIANT-To dream of being a giant brings danger


-17-to the dreamer. To meet one, honor; a happy life to him who overthrows one.-53, 71, 75 . GIFT.-To dream of receiving gifts, . denotes good luck; y ou will marry the girl of your choice, and prosper in what you undertake.-42. GILT .-To have garments c.overed with gold lace, s ignifi es honor-49, 70 GIRDLE.-To fear a girdle, denotes economy; to lay it down, wantoness.-3. H HAVANA.-If you dream of making a trip to Havana, s inifie s , profit.-94. HAIR.-'.f o dream that you are cutting hair d enotes profitable enterprises.-1, 16, 40. HAND BAG.-Misfortune, if you are purchasing one, it denotes imprisonment.-73. HASH.-Cure for madness.-2, 50 . HAT.-If i t i s torn it shows that the weare r s life i s viciou s.-71, l 00. HAND.-To dream of having white hands om e hands d enotes good s ucce ss in bus ine ss--28 HOLE.-Accident of a dangerous kind.-1, 11 , 17 . HEAD.-'l'o dream that you have your h ead prettily dressed s h o w s , that you are in danger.-40. HEATER.--If the heater is lighted it i s sign of a cold wave.-6. HELL.-To dream of seeing hell denotes that the dreamer's life is a bad one , and an inimation for him, of reformation.-44. HENS.-Which crows, weariness, devouring s orrow; laying eggs gain.-8, 13. HILLS.-To dream of traveling over hills denotes that you will experience much'. care and trouble.-9, 63, 100. HOGS.-Avarice, greed for money.-32.


-18-HONEY.-Pleasure and a happy life.-13. HORNS.-To see horns on the head of another perso n , danger. to th~ dreamer; on your own wealth and importance . 68. HORSE.-To see horses in your dream i s symptomate of good.-1. HOSPITAL.-To dream of being in one, shows mis ery.-21. HOTEL.-To see a handsome one, denotes torment; to be within one, loss and s i ckness.-45. HOUSE.-To see a house, you may hope for a fortunate change in your affairs.-24, 43. HUNGRY.-To be very hungry in your dream , denotes that you will be very rich.-46. HAIL. Losses, disappointment, and troubles through life.-14, 56, 60. HAIR.-Black hair, cut short, signifies misfortune; hair glossy, new friends; brown hair solicitud and despondency. If your falls out, loss of a friend: if it is matted, you will have a long lawsuit, or sucess in what you undertake. If your hair appears to be white, be prudent with what money you may have, or you will have great difficulty in gaining more. To a Woman, the dream of being bald, denotes sudden poverty; to a man much happiness.-1, 16, 40. HAIR-DRESSING.-Is a sign of danger. If a woman dream she is dressing the hair of a lady, it brings bad luck to herself; if her hair be dressed by another person she marry and become rich-5, 30 HANGED.To dream that you see a person hanged or that you hung yourself, denotes that you will rise to g reat honor; and that y ou will better your fortune by marriage.-5, ~9. HAIRQUn•:;.-Your sweetheart will betray you.-49, 63.


-19-HARP.-' 'l'o hear a harp played, signifies . recovery to ihe sick.-50. HARE.-To see a hare, denotes that the dreamer will engage in some profitable enterprise.-65. HARVEST.--Significant of • sucess in• business.-19, 31. HA TE.-If you feel hated to a person in a dream, it shows that you are hated by him.-11, 1. I . ICE.-It i.'3 a very favorable omen to dream of ice, your sweetheart will be very amiable and faithful.-62. IMAGES.-If they be comedy and well shaped denotes grievance and injuries.-6, 100. INCENSE-Flatterers, parasite, traitors, treacherous.-58, 60, 99. INK.-To use it, accomodation; to spill it vivations, distur bances.-1. INN.-To see an inn denotes repose; to lodge in one, denotes s uspicio11.-8, 40. INSECT.--Signifies receive of gold and silver.-2, 4, 24. INSTRUMENT.-To play upon or hear them played, denotes quarrels and consolatio n .-66, 77. INTOXICATION.-To dream of being intoxicated, denotes restoration of complete health-19, 44 IRON.-Unfavorable dream; red hot iron, signifies the shedding of blood.-16. ISLAND.-Pexation, solitude; to be desserted on an island, denotes luck.-1, 18. ILLUMINATION.-To dream of an illumination augurs sucess in life, and much happiness; if the light begin s to disappear, sorrow and many tears will be your portion.-13, 55. INN.-To dream of being at an inn, is very unfavorab le; it denotes poverty and unsuccessfulness in busi-


-20-ness; to the lover, the unfaith:(ulness of his sweetheart; to the tradesman, loss of busihess and dishonest agents. -5, 28, 47. INQUEST.-To dream that you are present at a coroner's inquest, is a bad sign; you will soon squander your fortune.--4 7. INUNDATION.-Misfortunes and trouble.-22, 25 . ITCH.-Te: dream that you have the _itch, or that your body itche&, shows that you will shortly receive money.-38, 49 . IVORY.-Denotes to the dreamer, that his love is placed on a y0ung and beautiful girl.-53, 55. IVY.--Signifies friendship, and worthy confidants . -7, 30 , 53. J JACKET.-To dream that you are wearing a jacke t s ignifie s honor and honesty.-41. JAIL-If y ou dream that you are confined in jail, i t d enotes an increase of fortune-64, 100 JELLY.-Is a sign of long lifo and g(?Od fortune; if you are eating it, denotes true success-6, 9, 11 JAILER.-'l'o dream of one, denotes poverty.-2, 26 , 3 1. JEW.-To dream of a Jew, denotes riches and honor.-7, 45 , 56. JEW.-To dream of conversing with one , it denotes direct or indirect rascality.-19, 64. JEWELS.-To dream of possessing jewe l s, shows that y ou will lo s e something y ou highly value; if you purchas e them, sorrow.-53. JEWESS.-To dream of a jewes s s ignifie s the al teration of your condition from good t o bad, and from bad t o worse.-22, 30 , 46. JEWELLER.-It i s unlucky to dream of a jeweller, e~pe ciall y if the p erson b e sick.-8, 9, 50 , 60 . But to


-21-dream of the work of a jeweler denotes prosperity.-53, 63, 75. JEWSHARP.-To dream you play the jewsharp, is a sign you will encount many difficulties--7, 55, 57 J ASMINE.-To dream of this beautiful flower brings good fortune; to the lover, a handsome wife and healthy children.-7, 10, 14. JEOPARDY.-lf you dream you are in jeopardy, your business will prosper, and you will become rich, with great honor.-9, 42, 78. JOURNEYMAN.-Augurs long life and happiness. -27, 34, 62. JOLITY.-To dream of a jolity, feast and merrymaking denoteH a sudden good turn in your affairs.-8, 18, 20. JOCKEY.--For lady to see a jockey riding, signi fies that she will soon be married; for a man to dream of one signifies extraordinary comfort.-4, 11, 40, 50. JOY.-To be joyful in your sleep, denotes friendship.-14. JUBILEE.-To dream of being at a jubilee shows that pretended friends are trying to do you an injury, and that you will bet the better of your difficulties.-14, 18, 26. To the sailor an unpleasant an'a. stormy voyage.-15, 18, 19. JUG.-To dream you drink out of a jug, is a sign you will overcome your enemies, and that some ill woman shall be disappointed in her desire. (Combination from 60 to 69.) JUMPING.-To dream that you are jumping, foretells poverty; to jump in the mire, disgrace.-42, 54. K KID.-To see one at play, denotes consolation.-15. KILL.-To dream of killing some one, denotes se-


-22-curity and peace; that you a r e k illed shows that yo u are going on a voyage.-31. KING .-To see a king or speak to one signifies rich-es and honor. -78. KITCHEN -To dream of being in your kitchen denotes high honor and happy life.-24. KITE.-To dream of making or flying a kite is a sign of good news.-7 4. KISS.-To kiss shows sorrows; to be kissed, shows sucess in love.-13, 47. KEY.-Denotes an approaching outburst of wrath. above all if anything is lost.-4, 100. KNEE.-To see a woman's knee denotes luck; to break a knee, poverty.-15, 28. KNIFE.-To dre~m of receiving a cut with a knife denotes v iol ence; to see them denotes quarrels and assaults. 47, 58, 68. KALEIDOSCOPE. -To dream you are looking through one, predicts that you will receive a present from some friend.-1, 10, 40. KEG.-To dream of a keg, to widows and maids signifies marriage. 60 to 70 combination. To see a keg of wine foretells distress.-16, 35, 70. KETTLE.-To see one in your dream is a sign of health.-20, 40, 60.-To se@ a kettle of oil, denotes to a girl that her lover is going away to a distant country. -52, 60, 70 . KINDLING A FIRE.-Is a sign that some deceitful person will flatter you; if an engaged young girl has such ':l dream, she should look sharp before she leaps--2, 5 KINDNESS.-Signifies wealth and honor.-19, 63, 75. KITCHEN.-Is a sign that some one is enamored of you; this applie s to either sex.-4, 10, 40.-To see much kitchen-ware denotes hope.-4, 9, 10, 59. KID.-To dream of a kind is an excellant omen, as


-23-it denotes thrift.-1, 2, 22 . KILL.-To dream you kill a person d e n otes that there will b _ e an unexpecte d legacy l eft t o yo u through the d eath of a } :ind friend, and i s a good omen-2, 12, 22 T o see. muc h blood denotes that some o n e . w ill ask a favor of you.-11, 19 , s id es . . To dream . you see some p e r so n killin g some one d enotes wealth. . 2 , 8, 12, 22. K ITE.-To see a kite in the sky, signifies trouble i n business.-69, 70, sides. T o see the bird of that name, is a sign of ill health to a t radesman.-2, 22, 69, 70. KNOWLEDGE.-Denotes discovery.-5, 7, 20. KNIFE-GRINDER-Foretell s that he will be robed.-7, 20, 40, 47 . KNITTING.-To dream of knitting, denotes long life and riches.-1, 7, 77, 60 . L LADDER--To mount one not solid, glory; to descend from one, tortures and trouble.-23, 100. LADY.-To see one, denotes a sign of weakness; to speak to one foretells departure.-7, 64. , LAMP-Signifies estrangement from business; alighted one, passions and troubles.-18, 62. LA WYER-To dream of speaking to a lawyer, denotes a loss oi property.-52. LETTER-To write or receive one, denotes good news.-6. LIE.-To tell a lie, denotss hardships.-2, 86. LIGHTING .-Is a signal of discord, war, pestilense and famine.-89. LION. .-To dream of being attacked by a lion signifies the adq1.1isition of solid friendship.-8, 82. LIZARD. M i sfort u ne through fal s e a nd deceitful friends.41. LOAFER.-To see o n e, l u ck.-69. LOCK-To dream of buying a lock, denotes the lo ss


-24-of a close friend; to lock something is a sign of profits.-5. LODGE.-To dream of belonging to a lodge is a sign that you will receive a present very shortly.-25. LOTTERY.To dream that you purchase a lottery ticket is a sign of prosperity and luck; to see the numb. er it is good thing for the dreamer to play the number or:-89. L YRE.-To see one denotes honor to the poor and disgrace to the rich.-10. LADIES.-To see one, a sign of weakness; many ladies bring calumny and slander To see a light-haired one, is a happy event to the dreamer; brunette, sickness; a pregnant lady, brings good news; a naked lady, signi fies the death of a relative. To hear a lady speak without seeing her, foretells departure.-19, 41. LARK-To dream of the lark, shows speedy increase of fortune.-5, 27, 49. LAUGTHER.-Is a sign of tears.-26, 47. LA UREL.-Signifies success to men; to women, the birth of children; to g.irls, speedy marriage.-76. LAWSUIT.-To dream of being engaged in a lawsuit, signifies the acquisition of solid friendship.-1, 23. LA WYER.-To dream of meeting a lawyer, brings bad things; if you speak to him, you will lose your property; if you hear someone speaking in his favor, you will meet with some misfortune.-15, 34-LEA VES.-A bad sign.-39, 62, 73. LEGS---.:To see well-shaped legs, health and happiness; sore legs, losses and bad fortune--41. LEOP ARD .-Signify ~ortune of different kinds; happiness and misfortune following each other in succession.-1, 45. M MAN--To see a man denotes good luck; a black


-25-man, misfortune; a murdered man, l'Jecurity; an armed man, sorrows.-2. MANAGER-To dream that you are manager of a concern means poverty; if you have a manager it denotes labor--34, 8. MARINE.-If you belong to the marine, it is a sign of a happy future; if you see marines it denotes slow progress.-86. MARRIAGE--To dream of getting married, signif ies the approach of a true love.-44, 80. MATHCES--Riches, treasures; a sign of the adquisition of wealth.-11. MEJDICINE.-To take medicine foretells poverty; to give it, profit--4, 16, 46. MONEY.-To find money denotes anger and di sappointment; to count it signifies gain.-38. MIRROR-To look in one, denotes treas on against you.-85, 10. MONK--To see one denotes treason on the part of a friend.-5, 25. MONKEY.-Denotes a malicious enemy, but weak; a stran6e or unknown calumniator; an envious woman-34, 97. MOON.-'ro see the moon foretells bright and high honors.-3, 17, 80-MOONSHJNE.-To drink this beverage denotes a sudden nervous attack-4, 31 MOSQUITO.-To dream of being bitten b y a mo s quito denotes the acquisition of much money.-17-MOTHER-To dream of mother is an omen of good luck to the dreamer.-20, 63-MOUSE.-A bad turn by a wicked woman.-29-MONT AIN.-To see a mountain shows that you will travel to distant lands--85, 100. MOUSE-TRAP.-To dream of a mouse-trap denotes happiness.-1, 78-


-26--MUD.-Denotes pt>verty and misery.-6, 60. MULE.-To s ee one signifies an increase in busi-ness-32, 54. ' " MURDER.--A bad dream, it signifies danger.-. 14, 41-MUSIC.-Signifies consolation.-24. MELONS-To eat them, recovery from sickness.-29 , 35. MIDWIFE.-To see a' midwife,, signifies future trouble.-1. MILK-Dreaming of milk, pre-diets to a m~ri the love of a lady. If a newly married lady dream that, she will be happily delivered of a fine child; to an ord woman, it portends much money.-14. MILL--Not going, single and dreary life; moving, happy and eventful existence;-28, 39. MINISTER-Benevolence.-27. MONEY.-To find money, denotes suffering and loss; ,to lose money, good business; to count it, gain.-45, MOON-To see the moon , foretells delay in receiving money due: if its light be dim and clouded; trouble; if it be dark, misforhrne; bright, high honor.-29. MOTHER-An omen of good luck to the dreamer. To appear to ' live with her, security of fortune; to' speak to her, good news; to dream of seeing her dead, danger to your person and property--45 , 47 MOUNTAIN.-To see a mountain, shows that you will travel to distant lands.13, 26. MOUTH-A large mouth denotes riches; a small one, poverty; an op en mouth, generosity; a mouth closed tightly, sickness--10. N NAILS.-Signifies an attack in your character.-' 11 , 18 , 100. NAKED.-To dream of walking about naked, sig-


-27-nifies disappointment.-88, 99, NAPKIN.-A white napkin denotes orderly conduct which will bring happiness--1, 14, 55. NASSAU.-To dream of being in Nassau is a sign of everlasting health-85 NECKLACE--To dream of finding a necklace is a sign of future happiness.-5. NEEDLE.-Deceit and mischief--5, 40, 77. NEST.-To find one, denotes gain; to rob one, signifies shame and damage.-35, 59, NET.-To dream of fishing with a net is a sign of hasty marriage.-1 o. NEWS.-To read of some news denotes deceit, falsehood and fraud.-47, 80, • NEW YEAR.-To dream of receiving a present in New Year's evE., denotes embarrassment.-87, NEW YORK.-To dream of going to New York signifies that you will receive a present.-3. NIAGARA.-To dream that you are going to see the Niagara Falls, is a sign that you will live a long life. -21, 72, NEGRO OR MOOR.-To dream of seeing one denotes sorrows, grief and damage.-34. NIGHT--Tp walk at night signifies sadness and vexation.-66. NOISE-To hear a noise is a sign of joy; to make a noise, your vanity will be punished--100. NOSE.-To dream of the nose denotes infidelity; a lawsuits.-7, 9, 12. NUN--For, a young lady to dream of seeing a nun, long nose, debauchery-15, 27 NURSE.-To dream of being a nu;se signifies anger.-24, NEIG H.-To dream you hear horses neigh, augurs that you will have new and powerful friends who will do you much service-4, 40, 44, 47


-28-NECTARINES.-Signify infidelity; to the sailor, stormy voyages.-6, 9, 14, 75-NECROMANCER.-To dream of one, your vanity will be punished.-1, 40, 41-NEW MOON-Signifies sorrow; to see a full moon, prosperity and riches.-21, 31, 41-NIGHT AND DAY.-Denotes a diversified Iife.-10, 11 , 12. NIGHT-HAG.-For a woman to dream of a nighthag, denotes slander.-16, 19, 22, 31. NIGHTMARE-DREAMS--Are ominous to the dreamer; if you hear a voice, be careful of your character.-8, 12, 50. NIGHT-WALKS--To dream of walking in the night portends evil, and •warns you to beware of false friends--1, 11, 40, 66. NIGHT-BIRDS.-To dream of any kino of nightbirds, denotes loss of property by fire; to a maiden, success in love; to the sailor, a rough voyage.-2, 8, 11, 20, 22. NIBBLE OF A FISH--Is a sure sign of quarrels and is a sign of celibacy.-4, 6, 8-NINE-PINS.-Is a sign of quarreling--1, 9, 10, 11. 0 OAK.-To dream of seeing a large oak tree denotes profit, riches and securities.-11, 98-OATS.-To see a field of ripe oats is a sign of happiness; misfortune to see it cut down.-1, 40-OCEAN.-To dream of crossing the ocean in a steamer denotes friendship.-5. OFFICE.-Benevolence.-12, 21-OFFICER.-Unpaid services--16, 75. OIL-Spilled about, denotes irre'parable loss-6, 7, 99. OILCLO'TH.-To dream of purchasing oilcloth. is


-29-a sign of poverty .-17. OLD.-To dream of being very old, is a sign of wisdom.-7. OLD HOUSE--To dream of living in an old and shabby house denotes good business prospect.-89. OLD LADY.-To dream of seeing an old lady signifies q uarrels.-82. ONIONS--To eat them, denotes sorrows; to see them, death of a relative.-2, 9. ORGAN.-To play one, denotes discovery of secrets.-26, 70. OX.-To see one in your dream, at labor, denotes joy.-30, 72. OYSTER.-To see them served on a table is a sign of friendship--55. OAK.-To dream of seeing a stout, well-leaved oak, profit, riches and an existence prolonged beyond three score and ten.-38. 68. OWL.-Is a sing of bad success in inmediate undertaking.-52, 69-OBELISK.-M~jesty, grandeur, self-sustance above others.-46-OBSCURITY .-To observe the sun obscured, damage and loss to reputation and position.-9; the moon, in a lesser degree.-1, 9. OBSEQUIES--See Funeral).-45. OCULIST.-Some fault to repair, some injury to acknowledge.-11. ODOR--To put in one's head, pride, presumption, hosting, bragging.-35; should the dreamer be a married woman, she will prove unfaithful to her husband, whom she will lead by the nose.-8, 53; to suffer others to place odors or scent on your head and hair, sign of friendship and of esteem from every quarter.-1, 89; a bad odor diffused over you, has three contrary signifir.ations.-28, 85.


-30-OFFERING--and vows to the DIVINITY.-To dream of making vows signifies a desire to return to virtue, divine love .-8, 41. OIL.-Spilled about, irreparable loss.-9, 27; upon yourself, gain --37; to gather oil, great advantages--8, 35. OLD AGE.-Wisdom.-35, 62. OLD SHOES--Poverty, vexation, sorrows.-24, 37. OLIVE.-Upon the tree, pleasure and profit, liberty, influence, friendship, peace, harmony, success in love affairs-48, 64; on the ground[ toil an exertion without gain.-12, 46. p PAINT-To a young lady to paint her face shows that she is deceived.-18, 98. PALM.-Glorage and homage, and inheritance at the death of a distant relative.-18. P AN--To dream of using cooking pans, signifies that she will have a true and loving husband; to purchase them, denotes health and riches-10, 12 P ARA1DE.-To dream of a parade, denotes a gay but false lover.-83. PARK-To dream of playing in a park, is a sign of good health and prosperity.-73. PARROT.-Discovery of a secret, caves dropping. -99. P ARSON--Denotes grieveance, sorrows, regrets and grief.-40. P APER.-White paper denotes innocence; decorated denotes deception.-5, 96. PEACOCK-If a man dreams that he sees one he will marry a pretty girl; if a woman sees one she will marry a handsome man.-13.


-31-. PEANUT. To dream of eating peanuts shows vo e al pow ers-19 PERFUME.-To receive 'perfume denotes gain, pro-fit and glory.-1 ; 99. PEOPLE.-To see many, signifies danger; to be among the people; beware.89: PICTURE.-To paint one, signifi'es much labor with small profit-58 . :PICTURE SHOW:-To dream of accepting an in vitation to a picture. show, signifies enemy.-75. PIG.-Signifies that there are sluggards' that want to live at your expense--32. PINEAPPLE.-To eat them denotes, .. annoyance; when not ripe, sudden illness.-74. PIPE.-To break one means quarrel ; to smo ke one, denotes success -36. PIRATE.-To dream that you have been captured by pirates is a sign of sca,ndals.-66. PISTOL.-To dream of arming yourself with a pis tol foretells thac you will lose caste; and perhaps become poor--59, 68. PHONE.To dream that you are being called on the phone is a sign of enemies.-70'. PHONOGRA'PH.-To hear it is success; to play it, bad business.-88, 100. PHOTOGRAPH.-To dream of taking somebody's photograph, rlenotes that you will have speedy marriage with the man you love.-59. POLITICS -To be in politics is a bad. dream, it de notes that you will die v ery soon-28 POPE.-To dream of the pope denotes honor in the 'next life.-78-POLIOE.-Such a dream should teach you to be ' ware of false friends.-50;51. POLICE DOG.-To dream of a police dog is a sign that you will own one in the future.-13.


-32-PRA YERS--To pray to some one denotes useless lies.-6. PRESIDENT.-To dream of the president of your country is a sign that you will some day occupy a very important office in the Government.-45, 100-PRISON.-To dream of enterinir a prison denotes happiness; to remain in it, consolation.-41. PUMPKIN-To eat them, profit-8, 100 PURSE.-To dream of being robbed of your purse, beware for this incident in the future.-49. PALM-TREE.-Signifies marriage to girls; to wo men, children: success and fame for men.-26, 36p ANCAKES.-To take them, intrigues; to eat them, indulgence in sinful pleasure.-14, 51. PANTALOONS--Confidence and quiet.-17, 19, 27 PA WNBROKER.-Some honorable and profitable office.-16. PEARS.-Rjpe and mellow pears give joy and pleasure; choke-pears bring misery and pain-21, 53 PEAS.-To dream of eating peas, brings fortune and good business prospects.-47. PENKNIFE.-lnfidelity in the married life--22. PEPPER-A varice.-8. PIGS--Signify that they are sluggards who wish to live at you c,xpense.-50, 70. PINS.-Slight quarrels.-46-PITCHER.-Bankruptcy through your own carelessness--18. PHEASANT.-Health and riches.-31. PLAINS.-To dream of being on a beatiful plain, happiness,-66, 71. PLAYING BALL.-Dreaming of playing ball, or seeing it played, foretells the speedy receipt of money; to see the ball roll about signifies delay in its reception. -9. PLOUGH.-To dream of a plough coming toward


-33-you, enotes success in your enterprises; if going from you, embarassment in business-1, 27 Q QUART.-To dream of receiving a quart of any one running, signifies wealth.-44. QUARREL.-To quarrel with your sweetheart de notes a speedy union together; with a friend, loss of money.-33, 47. QUEEN.-To dream of being a queen in any festi val denotes pain and trouble.-1, 54, 100. QUAIL--Bad tidings.-6. R RABBIT.-To dream of a rabbit denotes some bad accident; to eat one, health.-39. RAIN.-To dream of rain is a sign of good business. -11, 43. RAINBOW.-To see one on the eastern horizon, denotes wealth: on the western, happy omens.-30-RACCOON.-To see one denotes riches.-29. RAT--Secret and dangerous enemies; to kill one, moral victory.-29, 46. RAZOR-To dream of cutting some one with a razor, signifies the loss of a friend.-73-REVOLVER.-If you possess one, enemies; if kill with a revolver, bitterness.-61. REGISTER--To own one, amorous passion.-76. REVOLUTlON.-To be in a revolution denotes long life; to head a revolution, death-93, 100 RICH.-To be rich, bad fortune--49. RING.-To receive one, signifies friendship; to give one denotes wedding.-59, 93. RIVER--To dream that you are swimming in a riv er, denotes lawsuit.-71.


-34-ROACH.-To see them dead is a sign of disappointment; alive, sorrows.-48, ROAD. ' I'o travel on a good road, denotes good luck; a bad one, poverty.-37. ROCKS--If you are on them prepare for trouble; if you come down from them, you will have friends. -69, 95. ROCKER-To sit on one, friendship; to make one, dishonor.-25, 100. ROOSTER.-If a married man or woman dream of a rooster, it is a sign that an outsider is enamoured of the wife or husband.-11, 15, 99. RUN--Fortune omens good luck; to see some one running, signifies wealth.-{ ROSES.-To see them is a good dream.-100. RIDER.-A good sign to one who never rides on horseback; to fall from the horse, signifies loss.-6. RING.-To receive one, friendship; to give a rjng, confidence.-38. RIVER--To dream of swimming in a river, indicates that danger is high; to be in a rapid river, and not able to help yourself, shows sickness, danger, and long lawsuits. To see a small clear river, signifies to a man, that he will marry a neat and pretty wife; to a maiden, this dream portends the realizing of her desires. To see a clear river flowing through your chamber, shows that you will be befriended by some person of great influence. If the stream appear muddy and full, it brings quarrelling and disturbance-17, 40, 60 ROAD--To be travelling on a good and straight road, denotes good luck; if it be uneven and muddy, you will have many ostacles to content with; if it be very bad, some of those you deal with will cheat you.-39. ROBBERS.-To dream of being attacked by robbers, shows lo11s of money or friends.-19,


-35-ROCKING CHAIR.-You will obtain a good situation.-25. ROSEMARY--To see it, a good reputation; to smell it, mourning.-27, 30, 43. ROSES-To see them, or to hold th~m in the hand in their season, is an excellent dream; out of season, it is a bad sign.-3, 8, 14-RUINS.-To see them, denotes repentance.-1. s SAILOR--To dream of sailor signifies danger on sea voyage.-3, 51. SAINTS-----'To see one is a sign of repentance-33 SALT.-Denotes wisdom.-1, 88. SAND.-Instability; to play in the beach sand, ha ppiness.-79. SARCOPHAGUS.-To dream of such a thing, is a sign of long life, and riches.-78-SA W .-Signifies finishing of business, success, and satisfaction.-l, 99. SCALE--Denotes arrest and appearance before the court.-19, 40. SCENE.-To dream of admiring a scene signifies the arrival of a friend.-63. SCHOOL.-Denotes malice, waggishness and frolics.-31. SCHOONER-To dream of going on a voyage on board a schooner is a sign that you will own one some day.-38. SCISSORS.-Signifies quarrel between lovers; disputes of married couples and failure in business.-86. SEA.-Signifies happiness and tranquility.-5, 84-SERPENTS.-To a man means enemies and ingratitude; to a woman, approaching seduction.-2. SERV ANTS.-Denotes secret enemies; to hear them talk, malice and scandal.-9, 13-


-36-SHARK-To dream of catching a shark, is a sign of danger.-26, 45-SHELL.-An empty shell denotes loss of time and money; a full one denotes success.-7, 100. SHEEP--To see battling, denotes trouble, fatigue and sufferings.-42. SHIP-To dream that you are sailing in a ship, denotes pleasure and securities in business.-81-SHIRT.-Denotes happiness to come; to take one off, deceived hope.-17, 20. SHOP.-To dream of having a shop of any kind, is a sign of imprisonment.-2, 11. SHOT-To receive a shot is a sign of death in the family.-15, 55. 65. SHOW-To attend a show denotes responsabilities and danger-67 SHOES.-To dream of new shoes denotes honors; to lose your shoe, denotes poverty.-31, 100. SHRIMP.--Grief and distractions.-30, 32. SICK.-To dream of being sick, denotes sadness and imprisonment--44. SILK-Foretells abundance and riches.-14, 53. SILVER-Signifies distress; to sell it, denotes amelioration of business; to purchase them, anger.-94. SING.-Fol' a woman, sorrows.-2, 7, 9. SKY--A clear sky denotes marriage; a cloudy sky shows misfortunes.-5, 88. SLEEP .-To dream that you are sleeping with a woman, denotes success; with a man, treachery.-42, 100. SLIPPERS .-To dream of buying a pair of slippers shows a good sign.-91, 96. SMOKE.-Prudery and vanity.-46, 76. SNAKE-A snake means injury by the malice of a man, of treachery from a woman.-19, 39, 74. SNOW--To see it fall, denotes obstacles.-11, 63.


-37-SOAP.-Bllsiness set right, assistance from rich people.-15, 18. SOCKS.-To dream of silk socks, denotes poverty; cotton ones, denotes bravery.-7. SOLDIER-Denotes fatigue; against you, denotes depressions of spirits; to be one, hopes.-4. SON-To dream of your son, denotes vexation and sorrows--60. SONG.-Love, joy and pleasure; perfect contentment.-22. SOUP-To eat it signifies return of 'health and fortune--2, 50 SP ADES.-To dream that you have a spade, shows bad future.-63, 94. SPIDER.-To see one, denotes lawsuits; to kill one, loss of money.-35, 59. SPOON-To dream of eating with a spoon, denotes a speedy marriage.-15, 27. SPY.-To see a spy, hospitality, good news--13, 81. STAB.-T0 see a person stabbed, signifies the approach of war.-67, 100. ST ARS--Shinning brightly shows happy success; dim, shows troubles.-15, 22, 66. STEAL.-T0 steal articles, denotes security and suc cess; to dream of stealing clothes or money, denotes death to the dreamer or relative.-61, STEAM-To see steam coming out of a machine, is a sign of prosperity in business.-23. STEAMSHIP--To see one arrive, expect news.-53. STEPS.-To fall down the steps in a dream, signi fies the loss of property.-24. STOCKINGS.-To dream of purchasing a pair of stockings, denotes tranquility.-99. STONE.-To walk over stones, denotes troubles and sufferings.-25, 56. , STORM.--Signifies great danger.-1, 44, 98.


I -38-STOVE.-Is a sign of wealth; if there is a fire in it, poverty.-6, 22. ,STREETS--Fa vorable receptions.-26, 37. STREET CAR.-To dream of riding a street car, signifies remarkable events.-38, 91. SUGAR.-To eat sugar, denotes depression--77. SUICIDE-To dream of committing suicide, shows that your mind is in disorder.-92. SUIT--To dream yoti have purchased a new suit, denotes scarcity.-45. SUN.-To dream of seeing the sun rise, is a sign of good luck; to see it set, is a sign of personal danger.-1, 25, 60. SWEETHEART.-To dream that you have married your sweetheart, is a sign that you will be a bachelor-35. SWIM.-To swim, denotes pleasure, ease and vel optuosiness.-9, l 00. SALA'D--Sickn~\ls, if it be eaten.-9, 27. SAUSAGES.-To dream of making sausages, predicts quarrels; to eat them, love to the young, and health to old people.-40. SCAFFOLD.-Dangerous speculations--45. SCORPION.-1-Loss by secret enemies.-23. SCYTHE--Always a bad sign.-33, 44. SILVERW ARE.-To buy it, misfortune; to sell it, good luck, and great success in what you undertake-20. SNEEZE.-To sneeze, long life.-21, 42-SNOW.-To see it fall, obstacles.-62-SOAP.-Signifies trouble in business, but it will soon depart.-33, 66, 7 4-SO CIETY ,-To dream of being in the company of distinguished persons, foretells honor and happiness.-23, 46, 77.


-39-T T ABLE--To see one denotes sensual pleasure; to set one, abundance.-8, 19. TELEGRAM.-To dream that you receive a telegram, shows you will receive a letter containing a sum, of money.-57, 67-TEMPLE-To dream of looking at a temple, shows that you will raise a large family.-67. TEMPEST.-To witness one, denotes outrage and great peril.-100. THEATER.-To dream of attending a theatre, i s a sign of great wealth.-36, 81. THIRSTY.-To be thirsty, denotes ambition. ; {f quenche, riches.-51. TIGER-Denotes jealous, f4rious and irrecons. ible enemies.-78. TIN-To dream that you are cutted with a piece of tin, signifies durability friendsh.ip.-20-TRADE.-To dream of trading anything of your belinging denotes poverty and dishonor.-98-T~AIN.-To travel on a train denotes prompt termination of business lawsuit in dreamer's favor.-72, 79. TRAGEDY-To dream of having a tragedy is a sign of happiness; if you witness one, signifies quarrels. -53, 83. TRAVEL.-To travel on foot denotes embarrassment; on horseback, good fortune.-6, 43, TRICKS.-To dream that you are playing tricks on some one, denotes that you will lose your love.-17. TROOPS--To dream of seeing many troops is a sign of mental disord~r.-19, 100. TRUNK-A full trunk denotes economy; an empty one, you will receive money.-. -87, 100. TUB.-If it is full you -have • evil to fear; if it is empty, signifie z trouble.-82.


-40-•' TURNIP--The discovery of secrets and domestic qarrels.-1, 9, 25. TURTLE.-To dream of seeing a turtle, denotes that you will receive a letter from a dear friend,-6. TWINS.-Expect good news.-47, 55, 100. TALKING.-If you dream that you talk much, you will be exposed to some malicious plans; if you hear much talking around you, be careful of your neighbors, -48, 57. TEARS.-Consolation.-40, 80. TEN-PINS--To dream of playing ten-pins, foretells disgrace ; if the center pin falls, one of the players will die; if many pins fall, all of the players will suffer loss. -40, 48, 67. THIGH.-For a man to dr~am of having a broken thigh, shows loss of goods sent to distant parts; if a young girl dream it, she will marry a stranger, and live far away frome her relatives; widowhood for a woman. If a man see the white and handsome thigh of a woman, he will be always fortunate--41, 65, 67. THIRST.-To feel thirsty, ambition, but unsuccessful; if quenched, riches.-39, 65. THISTLE-To cut them, signifies laziness; to be pricked by the!n, some injury.-14, 44; 62. THORN.-To dream of the thorn, shows that you have malicious neighbors. To be wounded by thorns, sig nifies dismissal from office.-8, 45, 61. THREAD--Difficulties and embarrassments.-37. THROAT.-To cut your throat irt a dream, signifies hope; to see g, handsome throat, success in love affairs. -38, 66. u UMBRELLA.-Denotes momentary good fortune; if opened, denotes tragedy.-80. UNCLE.-To see your uncle or your aunt, denotes


-41-family quarrels.-3, 6, 77. UNDRESS .-To see your wife undress, signifies wantonness; to undress in your room, discovery of secrets.-6, 8. UNIFORM--To dress with a uniform, is a sign of self respect, and honor.-44. UNION STATION.-To dream that you arrived at the Union Station of any town, signifies that you will receive an immense fortune from a far relative.-100, V VALLEY.--If you dream of living in a valley, denotes agreeable surprise.-26. V ASE--To see a vase near a fountain, signifies labor and money.-1~, 49. VEIL.-Modesty, good quality in a beloved friend; to a chamber, surety.-l3, 61-VERSE-To dream that you are reciting some verses, is a sign of future happ_iness.-22. VESSEL--To be on one, den9tes voygae; to see one sailing, good news.-15, 32, 28. VEST .-If you dream that y9u are removing your vest, it shows sickness.-21-VILLAGE.-To see one, loss of office; a burning one, great honors.-28; 100. VINEGAR--To dreal[l that you are drinking it, denotes domestic dissension.-38, 71. VIO!,JN.-To play it, signifies consolation; to hear it play, denotes a funeral--85, 19. VISIT.-If you dream of receiving a visit, it shows that you will have an important enterprise in hand.-15, 98, 100. VA ULT-An unexpected estate will fall to you, if you dream of a vault--67, 76. VEIL.-Pretended modesty.-12. VELVET.-Wealth ad power--10.


-42-. w W ALL.-lf it starids in' your way, embarrassments; if y ou jump over it, joy.-i4. WASHING--To be washing, signifies a happy eve n t.-28, 50 : W ASP.-To be stung b y one , in a dream, much trouble.-66-W AGON.-To dream of a wagon, you will surely have good fortune.-13, 67. WALK-If you drea m that y ou are walking, d e -notes instruction s in which y ou may profit.-10. . WAR-Signifies trouble and damage; to dream that yo u go to war , foretells luck.-77, 93 . WATCH.-To dream that you have a watch, is a warning to b e careful how y ou spend your time.~85 . . ., , WATER.-. To

-48-you have an avarious and hard hearled. neighbor.-10 0 . WOMAN.-To see one, denotes infirmity ; to talk to one, denotes mortifications--12; ; 17. WOODS.-'l'o drea:rp, that you are working, denotes personal happiness and that of the family.-13, 45. WOUNDS--To dream that you are wounded, is ;:i. sign that you ,vill have a .tragedy.-6, 64. . ,, WRECK-To dream, that y ou hav e a wreck, denotes that you will become a good lawyer if y ou trM,-61-WRITING.-To dream o f writing a l ette r foret ell s good news; a b f ll , an accusatio n .-2, 46 ; 95. y Y ANKEE--To drea m t h a t y ou are tal k in g t o a yankee, d enotes p leasure in y ou r : v oyage.'-1, 2 , 9. r Y ATCH. Signi fies distress; to a s~ilor; a stotrriy v o yage.5, 8 , 6 6 Y A R D'.To ' dream that you have ~nt~red a Y,ard by night, foretells ioss iih. business -6, 9, 24 . . • ' .\ • • I • YEAST--Foretels sic~ness and vexation; . to . eat it, danger near you.-.-1,_ ~s,_190. . YOUNG.-To fanc;y , :yourself yQyng, , denotes that some une,x:p~c~ed news w ,iif arrive soon.-.1, 1 . 1 , 12. YOUTH.-For a wo.m?,n to dream her youth is re;: stored, she will have a loving and true husband.-22, 66 . , 100. z ZEBR'A._._Frlendship misplaced ingratitude; to see one torn to pi eces by wild beast, honor in danger--.1-0; 67. ZEPHYR-. Jetty inquitude, inconstency-78 ZERO-Power and foitu n e, ; to write a zel'd on the wall signifie s , health _and wealth-30, 100


-~4-DREAMS NOT CONTAINED IN THE FOREGOING CHAPTER, WITH THE NUMBER WHICH THEY DENOTES Abbess, 72, Abyss, 32. Acorn, 33. Accounts, 7. Accusation, 39. Acquaintance, 46, Alabaster, 7. Alley, 11, 17. Almsgiving, 70. Altar, 57, 51, 62. Alum, 29-Ambassador, 63. Ambttion, 3, 3l. Andiron, 34, 28. Amusement, 48. Anchor, 39, 58, Anchovy, 57. Anger, 41. Answer, 32. Anti-hill, 18. Apples of Gold, 44, Apprentice, 36. Apron, 26. Arch, 27. Architect, 35, Arm-chair, 11, ~3, 69. Armory, 55. Arrow, 19, 36, 43. Artillery, 18. Ascent, 55, Assistance, 7. Asparagus, 69. Attack, 48. Axe, 7. Adieu, 34-Adoration, 24. Adultery, 23. Adulteress, 69. Afternoon, 13, 22, 65. Affiction, 3, Bad weather, 33. Bakery, 20. Baking, 34, 62. Barber, 13. Barefoot, 4-Bar of Iron, 59. Bark of Trees, 44. Barley, 22. Basket, small, 15. Basket, of willow, 13, . Basketmaker, 35, 46. Bass-viol, 20, 35. 1 Bathing, 49. Bathroom, 16. Beast of Bu:rden, 9. Bedfellow, 77. .. Bedstead, 72. Beech-tree, 18. Bee-hive, 4. Beef, 20, 46, Beef, boiled, 45, 52. Beef, roasted, 61. Bees, 55. Bell ringer, 7, 21. Belly-ache, 10. Bier, 4, 6, 65.


Bird of Prey, 26, 31. Birthday, 20. Bishop, 51. Blackbird, 36-Black Castle, 20. Black Lead, 36. . Blade of Iron, 34. Blanket, 40. Blasphemy, 58. Bleeding, 8, 48. Blind Man, 40, 68. Blushing, 19. Boar, wild, 49. Boasting, 35. Bodice, 18, 19. Bodies' Hanging, 49. Body, 61. Book-binder, 17. Borowing, 29. Bosom, 5. Bottles, 24. Box, 4. Box-tree, 21. Brains, 38. Bracelets, 27. , Brass, 11. Brass kettle, 17. Breast, 45. Breeches, 18-Bride, 14. Bridegroom, 49. Bridge, 69. Brimstone, 3, 9. Broiled Meat, 18. Broom, 39, 62, 73. Buffalo, 64, 67. -45< Building, 29. • Burglar, 44. Wrying-ground, 7. Button Maker, 44. Buttons of Brass, 70. Buttons of Gold, 38. Buttons of Silver, 58 . Buying anything, 11. Caper, 39. Capital Punishment, 1. Capmaker, 2. Capon, 13. Captain, 8. Cards, 4. Cardmaker, 2. Card Player, 25. Carpenter, 52.-Cashier, 62. . Carnival, 28. . Cat, white, 14. Caterpillar, 20, 34, 40. Cattle, 17. Cavalry, 12. Chains, 41. ,. Celestial Signs, 9. Chairman, 9, 65. Chairmaker, 59. Chalice, 26. Chalk, 20, 66. Chandelier, 23. Changing money, 39. Chamber, 47. Champagne, 29. Chamber-pot, 21 Chapel, 51. Charcoal, 13. '! t


Cake, 10, 59. Calendar, 71. Calf, 1, 20. Calves, 53. Calves jumping, 44. Calumniator, 62. Camp, 15, 59, Can of Oil, 60. Candle Stick, 51. Charcoal Burner, 30. Charm, 30. Cheese, 5, 15-Cheese, eating, 7, 13. Chemise, 56, 73. Cherries, 40. Chestnut seller, 44. Childbed, 18. Child, baptized, 26-Chin, 3. Choir, 11. Church meeting, 8. Church in ruins, 7. Cider, 47. Circle, 18. Cister, 57. City Hall, 7. Clamor, 50-Clergy m an, 45. Clerk, 23. Clock, 31, 73, , 7 4-Cloaks, many, 50, 57. Clock, 1. Cloves , 64, Coach-driver, 71. Coast, 40. Coal , 18--46--< Coat, 31. i.Jotfee, 11, 12. Coffee mill, 15, Coffee house, 72. Cold, 15-College, 69. Color, 38. Colorer, 49. Colored glass, 5. Column of fire, 4. Comb, 48, Comb maker, 11, 51 Combing the hair, 54. Command, 59. Commander, 4. Commandments, 51. Commerce, 18-Communication, 40. Complaint, 24 . . Comrade, 10, 15-Confectioner, 8. Confession, 37, 48. Conflagraton, 10, Confusion, 2, 42. Conjurer, 25. Conscience, 77. Conspiracy, 11. Consumption, 30. Convent, 2-Creek, 2 0 , 55. Crop, 45. Cross of Wood, 30Cross of Silver, 44. Cross of Gold, 12. Crucifixion,. 47. Cruelty, 36-


Crying, 28. Crystal, 11. Crystal Vase, 9. Cucumber, 43, 50-Cunning, 53, 72. Cup, 27, Cup of Coffee, 66, 17. Curtain, 58. Custom house, 60. Cut, or Wound, 72. Cutler, 5, 66. Cutler's wife, 53 Cook, 4. Cooking, 5, 10, 15. Cooper, 23. Copper, 10. Copper-plate, 4-Coppersmith, 5, 50. Copying, 28. Coral, 17. Cornfield, 62, 65. Coronation, 6 -Cotton, 22. Cough, 48, 53 Counterfeit money, 7. c,rnnting money, 56. (oi.mtry house, 1, 14. C0untry seat, 29. Country squire, 62. Co:rrage, 46 '.J! rt, 13, 68 Comin, 15-CoYer, 14. Coverlid,_ 7, 64, 70. Cow, 44, 55. Cow-boy, 51, 53. -47-Cow-stable, 32, 78-Crab-claw, 59. Creature, 15. Creeks many, 40. Dagger. 36. Dairy-maid, 28, 60 . Dancing-master, 6. Dancing saloon, 43 Dandelion, 70. Darkness, 30. Dates, 49. Deaf man, 7. Death, 37, 47-Debts, 17, 23-Dice, 35, 66. Desert, 31. Desk, 52. Delay, 42. Devil, 44-Diamond, 29, 73. Diahrroea, 60 Different colors, 71. Digging, 17, 46. Dinner, 8, 63. Dirt, 64. Discouragement, 51. Dishonesty, 72. Distrust, 14. Divorce, 70-Dogs, bLack, 73. Dog for Hunting, 49. Dog, mad, 70. Dog, white, 17. Dog and Bear, 8-Dogs and Cats, 65. Dolphin, 37. . .


Dominoes, 33. Door, 68. Door of iron, 6-Dove, 2, 46. Dove, flying, 60. Dower, 25. Dragon, 33. Dream, 48. Dres sing, 15. Drill, 51. Drinks, 13, 42. Driver, 32. Dromedary, 11, 41-Drowning man, 13. Drug store, 16. Drum, 15, 19, 36. Drummer, 40. Drunkerd, 44. Dryness, 7 4-Ducats, 43, 60. Ducks, 21, 54. Dunghill, 20, 31. Dung fork, 39; 73. Dust, 1, 12, SQ. Dumb person, 19. Ears, 67. Earth, 20, 17. Eating ham, 14' • Earrnigs, 52, 59. Errands, 50. Eating grapes, 8, 18 Ebony, 78. Elbow, S3. Fencing school, 6 , Field, 72. Fig tree, 58. ' ) -48-Fighting, 4, 48, 57. File, 72. Finding anything, 4, Finding a key, 27. Fingernail, 59. Fin of a fish, 61. Fireboard, 70. Firebuckets, 63-Firepan, 61. Fireplace, 8. Firetongs, 23. Fireworks, 20. Fishing, 4. Fishbone, 32-Fisherman, 44 , 71. Fishhook, 23'. Fishnet, 2 . Fishmarket, 29. Fishpond, 4. Flannel, 46. Flame, 38. Flash of lightning, 7 . Flattery, 65. Election, 19, Embalming, 32. Enjoyment, 69. Emperor, 4, 50. Empire, 66. Enemy, 62, Engineer, 73. Ensign, 4. Entanglement, 6. Entrance, 15. Envy, 18. 25. Exchange office, 82. Execution, 31 26.


Exile, 39. Expulsion, 65. Eztacy, 5, Feeble, 46 Face, 8. Fainting, 29. False hood, 24. Farrier, 39. Fashion, 7, 22. Father, 9. Father-in-law, 12. Fat pig, 3, 17. Falling trees, 1 ~. Female thief, 55. Fencing master, 23 . Flaxspinning, 19, Flour dealer, 31. Flying, 10. Foal, 45, 73. Fog, 2, 11. Fool, 5.(, 60. Foot, 3. Foot-soldier, 63-Footstove, 10. Force, 9. Foreman, 69. Foreigner, 66. Forks, 23, Fart, 13. Flax, 50. Flaxdresser, 25. Fortress, 23. Fortune, 60. Founder, 2. Freemason, 1 Frenchman, 8. . .. , ... -49-Fresh Figs, 4. Friend, 27, Friendship, 17. Fruit, 17, 19. Fruit-garden, 5, 16. Fruit-seller, 9 , -33, Fruit tree, 41. Funeral procession, 3. Fur, 22. Furnace, 37. Furniture, 68 . Gallery , 15. Gambler, 22, 56. Gaming table, 69 . Gardener, 73. Garland, 30. Garrn?nt, 4 , 20, 50. Garr,, t , 35, 45 . Garr s0n. 17. Genealogical tree, 55. <}entlf-m~n, 8 . , Gilcler, l 8 , 34, 58 . . Cilli11ower, 19. 1_ -;in~1•rhread , 36 . R9. Girl, 20. Glas!'! , 70-Glass house, 4 <;.lassmaver , 7 ; 73. Glazier, ~2 . Glovemaker, .(. Gnat 18. Gold coin, 7 4. Gold-beater, 50, ' . . -Gold chains, 38. • ., ; • Gold leaves, 55. • . Going over water, 17,


Gooseberries, 36, 71. Govenor, 10. Grandfather, 70. Grandmother, 17. Gratitude, 60. Grapes, dry, 23. Grapes, red, 11, 32. Grapes, white, 18. Greek, 11. Grocery, 3, 11, 68. Guardian, 42, 73. Guest, 36, 7 4. Head cut off, 54. Head of a horse, 73. Head of a man, 34. Hearing singing, 56. Heat, 19-Hedgehog, 7, 18. Hell, 1 , 57. Helping any one, 37. Hemp, 32 . Hempseed, 14. Hempstalk, 32. Hen, 47, 57. Henhouse, 73-Henroost, 21. Herbs, 11, 65. Herbsman, 61. Hermit, 37, 73-Herring, 21. High chair, 27. High place, 39. High rock, 15. High school, 52 . High tide, 4. Hill, 9. -50-Hip, 45, 65. History, 64. Hole, 56. Holyday, 20. Hairpowder, 18, 41-Handle, 5. Hankerchief, 26, 48. Handsome face, 59. Handwriting, 49. Harness, 48. Hay, 1. Hayloft, 15. Hayseller, 17-Haywagon, 30. Hate, 98. Hat with crape, 17. Hatmaker, 12. Hazelnut, 8. Head, 40. Headache, 48. Head of a bird, 10. Homicide, 61. Hoop, 15, 38. Horseshoes, 18. Hotel keeper, 71-House of ill fame, 17. Housekeeper, 62. Humpback, 25. Hunger, 10, 16. Hunter, 42, 17. Hunting, 14, 61. Husband, 6, 41. Husbandman, 46-Hassar, 26, 29. Hyacinth, 71. Hypocrite, 35.


Inauguration, 36. Imitation, 25, 34. Impatience, 54. Indian corn, 7. Indigo, 58-Indulgences , 32. Infant, 32, 39. Ingratitude, 27. Inheritance, 58, 60 . Inkmaker, 24. Inkstand, 59. Inscription, 31. Interpreter, 1 , -7, 8 . Intestines, 54. Intrepidity, 17. Introduction,_ 69. Inq ui sition, 71 . . Invalid, 3 2 . Invitation, 3 7 . Ironing .sMrts, 12. I s l and, , 1 5, 3 7 . J a il e r , 2 6. Jasmine, 2. Jew, 7, 45. Jewess, 30, . 49. Jeweller, 6 0 . Jewellers's work, 53. Jewsharp, 55. Journeyman, 27. Jubilee, 15. Judge, 28, 5-0. • Juniper, 8. Justice, 41. Keg of wine, 16, 35. , Kettle, 60. Kettle of oil, 52. .. -51-Key s, 49, 70. Killing, 8. Killing some one, 12, Kindling a fire, 2 Kindness, 19. Kitchen, 6 , 10, 59. Kitchen ware, 9. Knifegrinder, 20, 47. Knitting, 60. Laces , 65. Lace string, 41 , 72. Ladies' m aid, 23, 34. L a mb, 5, 55, 56 . Lame person, 9 , 36 L a n c e , 48. . Lancer, 3 . L ante:rn , 13, 17. Lap, 8 . Lapidary, 14. Laugh i n g, 17 , 19. Law, 1 6 , 25. Lead, 10, 44, 51. Leak, 1 2, 30. Legistature, 35, 49. Lemonade, 17. . Lettuce, 3, 16. Lib'erty, 27. L i e, 31. Lily, golden, 55. Lily, white, 1, 57, 73: Limb of a man, 67. Linen 9, 26, ' 34. Lining, 52. Lizard, 40. Loadstones, 51 , 63 . Locks, 9 , 34, 71. '


Locksmith, 8, 9, 33. Locusts, 16. Lodging, 39. Lodging-house, 63. Looking-glass, 21. Losing money, 60. Lover, 13. Louse, 41, 54. Lungs, 69. Lute, 36. Lynx, 13. Maccaroni, 14, 20. Machine, 18. Magazine, 32. Magistrate, 6, 23. Mariner, 34. Mark, 44. Market, 29, 43. Marriage, 29. Mast, 23. Master, 6, 55, 60. Masterpiece, 48. Mason, 31, 39. Matting, 19, 44. Mattress, 1, 19, 42. Matress-maker, 73. Map, 17. Meal, 39. Mealworm, 45. Measels, 70. Measure, 33, 37. Melancholy, l>l. Memorial, 38, 54. Men's shoes, 44. Merchant, 41. Mermaid, 47. -52-Messenger, 19. Metal, 5, 49. Miller, 16. Mine, 67. Minerals, 34. Mineral water, 60. Mint, 46. Mixture, 29. Model, 7, 73. Mole, 40. Morar, 4, 11, 28. Monk, 43. Monkey, 6, 17. Morass, 23, 26. Morning, 51. Morocco, 3, 42, 71. Mother-in-law, 34. Moss, 18. Mountains, 20. Mountainbank, 54, 60. Mousetrap, 6, 11, 19. Mule, 5, 51. Murder, 7. Murderer, 64. Musician, 11, 23. Musk, 13. Muskrat, 28'. Myrrh, 47. Nail, 11, 18, 30. Necromancer, 1, 1 41. Needle, 5, 40, 42. Needlemaker, 31. Neighbor, 7, 44, 63. Nest, 45. New Moon, 21. New Year, 12, 21. {


Nibble of a fish, 12. Noon, 45. Notary, 28. Nutmeg, 65. Nuts, 22, 44. Oak tree, 11. Offence, 66. Officekeeper, 34. Oil, 6, 17. Oil can, 60. Oil dealer, 12. Olives, 48, 69, 72. Olive tree, 64. Old age, 63. Old man, 53, 71. Old woman, 65. One-eyed man, 59. Orator, 41, 56. Organist, 26. Ornament, 70. Ostrich, 1, 5. Overcoat, 41. Owls, 26, 57. Ox head, 50, 64. Ox liver, 31, 14. Oxen, red, 17. Oxen sleeping, 54, 60. Oxen, white, 14, 64. Package, 34. ' Package of money, 20. Page, 50. Pail, 70. Pain, 22, 23. Painted room, 64. Painter, 5. Paper, 23, 35. -53-Papermaker, 50, 60. Paper-mill, 4, 31. Paper, Black, 13, 55. Paradise, 6. Parasol, 5, 51. Parchment, 38, 40. Pardon, 7, 13, 19. Parents, 22. Parson, 51. Partridge, lo, 28, 34. Pastry, 23. Passion, 7 4. Pasteboard, 18. Pastry-cook, 46. Patient, 18, 39. Patroit, 43. Patrol, 69. Peaches, 39. Pear, 35. Pear-tree, 12. People, 30. Pen, 60. Pencil, 53. Penholder, 69. Penny, 10. Permission, 35. Persecution, 7. Perspiration, 63. Pestle, 8. Petticoat, 23. Pheasant, 7. Philosopher, 16. Physician, 44, 52, 56. Piazza, 21. Pickpockets, 17, 50. Picture, 60. ..


Pigeon-house, 11, 53. Pike fish, 17. Pil~im, 21, 69. Pillory, 7. Pine-tree, 5. Pinewood, 10, 11, 34. Pirates, 17. Pirate v essel, 3, 7, 12. Pisto ls, 20 , 59. Pity, 10, 51. Plane, 9, 77. Planet, 60 . Planting, 57. Plate, 30. Playing dice, 20. Pleasure, 55. Ploughing, 53. Pocket, 9, 31. Pocket-knife, 57. Poet, 39. Poison, 48, 71. Poisoning, 14, 44, 73. Pomatum, 46, 52. Pool, 28, 36. Poorhouse, 33. Poor people, 6. Poor woman, 34 Poplar tree, 39, 71 Porcelain, 22, 30 Porcupine, 7 Pork, 28, 71 Postage, 53 Postcoach, 73 Potatoes, 75 Pot, 21 Potter, 26 -54-Poultry, 72 Poultryseller, 50 Power, 9 Powder, 27, 38 Praying, 31, 52 Preacher, 30, 37 Pregnancy, 50, 52 Prelate, 60 Presumption, 70 Price, 49 Princess, 51, 55 Print, 33 Printer, 62, 64 Printing-office, 33 Printing-press, 13 Printsell e r, 16, 32 Privy, 18 21 Prizefighter, 46 Procession, 39 Professor, 60 Promise, 39 Prophet, 2, 41 Purchaser, 18 Pulpit, 2, 25, 55 Purse, 7, 33 Prudence, 21 Quack doctor, 20 Quack Medicine, 19 Quadrupeds, 44 Queen, 73 Quinces, 15 Ribbon gold, 10 Ribbon silk, 50 Ribbon silver, 40 Ribbon seller, 16 Ribbon weaver, 26


; Riding, 27 Riding school, 29 Rifle, 28, 34 Red hair, 7 Red paint, 50 Reed, 60, 71 Register, 10, 60 Rent, 29 Republic, 39 Resurrection, 17 Residence, 54 Review, 64 Ribbon, 13, 59 Riflemaker, 23 Ringing bells, 32 Ringleader, 12, 24 Riot, 62 Rival, 15 Robbery, 56 Rogue, 65 Romance, 42 Rope, 25 Ropemaker, 51 Radishes, 2, 3, 12 Ragamuffin, 68 Rags, 24 Rains, 39 Rakes, 26 Raw meat, 49 Reading, 6, 15 Receipt, 9, 62 Reconciliation, 17 Rosebud, 30 Rosebush, 40, 70 Rose garland, 51; 56 Roses, red, 13, 24 -55-Roses, white, 26, 45 Roses, yellow, 5, 39 Rosin, 37 Rower, 6 Runner, 67 Rupture, 18 Saddle, 5, 35 Sailing, 61 Sailmaker, 38 Sails of a ~hip, 48 Salt, 9, 16 Salt lake, 1, 18 Salt fish, 5 Saltpeter, 40 Salve, 20 Sadglass, 4, 61 Sawyer, 14, 17, 27 Sampler, 7 Sausage, 32 Saw, 17 Sawdust, 17 Scabbard, 19 Scale, 7 Scandal, 59 Scratch the head, 30-Screw, 15, 31, 72 Schoolteacher, 17, 39 Scorpion, 9 Scoundrel, 2 Scull, 58 Sculptor, 38 Scum, 36 Sea, 17, 34, 42 Sea fight, 44 Sea onion, 36 Seaman, 26, 46, 61


:::leashore, 53 ::,eamstress, 3, 14 Sea swallow, 46, 71 ::,ea voyage, 6, 28, 71 ::,eal, 24 Secrecy, 27 Secretary, 42 Secrets, 14 Security, 36 Seed, 29 Seedseller, 47 Seeing an army, 4, 9 Seeing the sick, 7 Seat, 41 Sentinel, 32 Silk dress, 62 Silk factory, 27 Silk garters, 50 Silk goods, 14 Silk merchant, 48, 56 Silk stockings, 14 Silkworm, 11 Silver, 12, 15, 76 Silver coin, 26, 32 Silversmith, 18, 73 Singer, 7, 72 Sister, 26 Skates, 70 Slander, 10 Slaves, 54, 67 Sleeper, 41 Sleigh, 39 Sleighride, 8, 30 Small pox, 68 Smith, 42, 55, 70 Smo]dug, 4 9 -56-Snail, 20, 29 Snakes, 49 Snipe, 8, 47, 70 Snuff box, 42 Snuffers, 12, 18, 26 Soapboiler, 8, 18, 23 Soldier 46 Separation, 2 Servant, 50 Servant-girl, !, Serving-man, 9 Sew, 6, 21, 60 Shame, 16 Shears, 27 Sheep, 11, 48 Sheep's wool, 28 Sheetiron, 63 Shell-fish, 41 Shepherdess, 11, 71 Ship, 63, 67 Shoes, 5, 9, 16 Shoemaker, 31, 37 Shoes, old, 17, 24 Shoes of velvet, 8 Shoot at a mark, 8 Shouting, 59 Shovel, 53 Shroud, 3 Sick, 26, 81 Siege, 40 Sieve, 4, 10 Sign, 41 Silence, 50 Silkbush, 68 Soldiery, 88 Sole leather, 50


Son, 1, 60 Songstress, 16, 17 Soot, 36 Sorcerer, 15 Soul, 60 Soup, 10 Sour cherries, 36 Sovereign, 11 Spaniard, 61 Sparrow, 12, 20 Spectacles, 63 Spectator, 62 Spice, 16 Spice-seller, 15, 18 Spider, 13, 57 Spider's web, 31, 47 Spinach, 70 Spindle, 35, 45 Spinning, 48 Spinster, 27 Spirt, 70 Spitting, 15 Splender, 26 Spot, 21 Spoon, 26,31, 52 Sprinkling, 7 Squandering, 60 Squirrel, 19 Stable, 35 Staff, 36 Stagedriver, 51 Stairs, 4, 35, 36 Stall, 27, 57 Stallion, 15, 26 Stamping, 63 Statue, 55, 61 -57-Stealing, 44 Steps, 26 Step-sister, 28 Steward, 8 Stick, 19, 40 Stockings, 29, 35 Stone, 16 Stones, precious, 42 Stomach, 31 Stranger, 62 Strawberries, 10, 20 Street, 13, 35, 54 Strings, 12, 24 Storekeeper, 66 Swelling, 11 Sweeping, 36, 48 Sweet oil, 37 Sweet taste, 60 Swimming, 11, 25, 40 Swindler, 24, 72 Swindling, 22 Switch, 16, 30 Swordblade, 1, 9 Suicide, 37 Summer, 13, 33, 69 Surgeon, 21, 31, 59 Surprise, 72 Surveyor, 14 Supper, 10 Synagogue, 54 Tbief, 71 Thimble, 10 Thoroughfare, 3 Thorubush, 55 Thunder, 27 Thunderbolt, 29 ..


Thunderclap, 33 Tiger, 40, 55 Tile-maker, 29 Tinder, 3, 33 Titles, 63 Timepiece, 30 Timber merchant, 47 Tinder box, 61 Tobacconist, 22, 43 Tobacco pipe, 7, 56 Tobacco store, 42 Toll, 43 Toll-gatherer, 56 Tombstone, 8 Tongs, 20 Tongue, 27 Torture, 51 Tow, 9, 34, 36 Traitor, 5 Traveller, 17 Treasure, 33, 51 Tree, rotten, 57 Table, 44, 72 Trail, 6, 9, 69 Tailor, 3, 22, 30 Tailoress 11 Taking medicne, 43 Tanner, 15, 70 Tape, 35 Tapestry, 41 Tart, 7, 39 Tassels, 11 Tavern, 10, 40, 54 Teacher, 3 Tempest, 9, 66 Temptation, 56 -58-Tenant, 1, 35 Theft, 43 Trees with fruits, 10 Trees and grass, 63 Trembling, 3 Trail, 44 Triumph, 55 Trophy, 48, 69 Trumpet, 19, 27 Trying, 47 Tulips, 6 Treasure, 52, 66 Tumbler, 36 Turner, 9 Turnip, white, 28, 31 Turnip, yellow, 40 Turpentine, 71 Turtle, 65 Under-clothes, 25 Union, 15 Uproar, 1 Utensils of silver, 54 Utensils of crystal, 24 Vale, 35, 46 Velvet, 24 Veal, 14 Velvet chair, 13 Vengeance, 18, 40 V ,exation, 71 Vice, 56 Victory, 2 Village, 36 Violin, 12 Vine, 20, 21 Vinegar barrel, 66 Vinegar mak~r, 71


Viper, 5, 51 Virgin, 59 Vow, 19 Wages, 26 Wagon, 4 Waiter, 48 Walls, 29 Wanderer, 16, 17 Wandering, 18 Want, 6, 69 Warming pan, 50 War, 59 Wart, 5, 9 Wash, 66 Wash-house, 39 Wash-kettle, 30 Washing-tub, 24 Washer-woman, 30 Watchmaker, 11, 17 Water-bucket, 34 White lead, 43 White vinegar, 5 Whitewasher, 3 Whitewax, 8, 30 White wine, 32, 70 Wig, 11, 31 Wig-maker, 73 Wild animals, 68 Wild geese, 77 Wind, 5, 75 Windmill, 5 Wine barrel, 13, 16 Winebottle, 51 Wine cellar, 19 Wine glass, 18 Wine merchant, 10 -59-Wing, 25 Winning money, 2 Witch, 16 Witchcraft, 14 Water-can, 60 Water-channel, 34 Water-dog, 8, 28 Water-hen, 29 Water-melon, 50 Water-pitcher, 27 Water-serpent, 45 Water-work, 66 Weakness, 33 Weasel, 68 Weaver, 4, 23, 37 Weaver's frame, 29 Weaving, 16 Wedding party, 73 Weeping, 3, 48 Wedding clothes, 6 Weighing, 59, 61 Wet-nurse, 68 Wheat, 10, 20, 44 Wheat bread, 15 Wheaten flour, 51 Wheel, 2, 23 Wheel-wright, 24 Whisper, 62 Widow, 36 Widower, 15 Wife, 29 White, 10 Witness, 13 Wolves, 26, 31, 35 Woman, 10, 21 Woman's breast, 41


-60-Woman, pregnant, 50 Wandering about, 31 Wool , 17 , 48 , 74 Wo ol -dealer, 64 , 67 W oodclock , 24 Woodcutter, 19 W o odman, 29 , 40 Wood e n shoe s, 60 Wood-snake, 31 Wooden spoon, 10 ,. Woodpile, 5 , 16 Worship, 7 Wound, 6 Wreath, 24, 30 , 46 Writh, 43 , 55 Young man, 27 NUMBERS FOR DREAMS OF THE MO N THS January .... . . .. .. . .. .. . .. ..... . 66 July ... . .... . .. . ... . . . .... . .. . .... 20 F ebruary .... . ... . . '... . ........ 8 A u g u s t . .. . .. . .. . .... . . . .. . ...... 11 March ... . ............... . ... . .. 54 September. . ........ .... .. .... 1 6 April . .. . .. . . . . .. ...... . .. ... .. . . 1 October . ....... .... ...... . . . ... 87 May . . .. . .... . ................ . . .. 37 Nove mber . ... . .. ... ....... . .. 36 June .... .. ....... ... ......... . .. . . 100 D ece mber ....... . ..... .. .. . .. 97 FOR THE DAYS OF THE WEEK Monday. . ... . . . .. . ........... . . 88 Friday ..... ..... ... . ..... .. ... .. 9 9 T u es day . . .... ... . .. . . ... ..... . . 71 Saturda y . . ... ...... ... . .... ... 53 Wednesday ......... .. . ...... 100 Sunday . . . . . . .. ....... .... ..... 4 T h ursday .. .. .... . . .... ...... . . 4 5 Sunday Extr a ............ 3 1


-61-The M agic Table For Finding Lucky Numbers 1st. THROW * H H H H H X X H H H > > H H X X H > > H H H H > H H XII 11211 95 1 48 I 87 ll2J 74 l 16 I 20 l 87 I 9 I 8 I 50 XI H67I 1 1 100 1 31 l 86 l 43 l 40 I 54 l59l69l 36 I 84 X ll56J 44 I 90 I 53 l 79 l 16 l 63 l 100 I 3 1 75 l 96 I 14 IX ll 28 J 76 I 24 I 7 l 94 l49I 5 I 25 l 58 l 88 \ 3o J 62 VIII ll85 J27I 62 I 86 J 29 l 84 l6ll 88 l 15 l97l 12 I 66 VII l l 13 l 55 I 17 I 35 J 78 l 10 l 38 I 45 1121 3 I 6 I 47 VI 1173 l 98 I 4 111 l42l 93 l57I 23 l80l 33 l92I 83 V 111 l 45 I 99 I 68 1 19 l 22 l 78 I 20 l 77 l 13 l 52 l 100 IV 1119 l 31 I 37 1 11 l 56 l 60 l 80 I 2 l 92 !41I 4 I 21 III 1164 l91I 7 l-9

History of the f amous Mystery Clock and explanation , 100 iTS The Mystery clock was found not very long ago, in a Golden Chest, found in the basement of one of the temples of the unknown Gods; in the era of Wohamanen. It is the general belief that this clock belonged to the mighty God "Sanimus" who was famous for his prophe~ies and was followed by many a soul. Thus you can readily see that the same clock that is used now was known if not invented by the mighty God "Sanimus", but he would not let it be known to the world because from this marvelous clock he prophesieded many a truth. This clock fr used in the following way with the best of luck. It will tell you your exact fortune and your lucky number. If for any reason you should awake in the night wbile you are sleeping. First thing to do is to look at the time and find in the Mystery Clock the fortune co rresponding to the time and also the lucky number. Pay no attention to the minutes and only look at the hour that it is most approached. This clock has given the best of satisfaction to the mightiest of gods, in the era of Mohamanen "Sanimus" and it should give it to you a l so. Notice-: This clock can be used-the same at day time, as i t is used at night.


\ -63-LADIE ' S NAMES AND THEIR LU CKY N UM BERS Anna or Anne, 28 Anabella, 64 Amy, 4 Agnes, 18 Agatha, 85 Adeline, 56 Amanda, 72 Alice, 49 Angeline, 94 Barbara, 33 Bertha, 100 Beulah, 2 Beatrice, 57 Benedicth, 27 Blanche, 13 Bernice, 51 Briget, 36 Catharine, '18 Caroline, 68 Cornelia, 68 Cordelia, 8 7 Cecelia, 9 Cassandra, 47 Charlotte, 78 Charity, 99 Christina, 5 Chloe, 73 Clara, 84 Cicely, 7 Constance, 79 Deborah, 1 Diana, 59 Dorothy, 66 Dorcas, 58 Dora, 29 Emma, _100 Ellen, 75 Edith, 62 Eleanor, 11 Eliza, 21 Eve , 97 Elizabeth, 10 Emily, 17 Esther, 48 Ella, 22 Edna, 14 Elvira, 3 Eunice, 47 Emeline, 72 Evangeline, 83 Elena, 65 Frances, 8 Fanny, 23 Floy, 38 Gertrude, 54 Grace, 42 Georgina, 67 G loria, 89 Hagar. 92 Helen,-76 Hannah, 74 Harriet, 59 Isabella, 100 Ida, 41 Jane, 18 Julia, 20 Josephine, 37 Janet, 88 Joyce, 83 Joan, 56 Judith, 77 Letitia, 30 Lucrecia, 98 Lilly, 69 Lucy, 9 Ludia, 61 Laura, 6 Mable, 46 Margaret, 28 Madelina. 16 Martha.. 19 Marv, 70 Marie, 70 Maud, 46


Matilda, 35 Marion, 53 Mercy, 100 Miriam, 100 Mildred, 3 :Mat"gery, 91 Nicola, 21, 7 Nancy, 86 Norah, 100, 75 Naomi, 45 r'llivia, 13, 90 Olimpia, ~8, 88 Patience, 11, 67 Prudence, 69, 58 Patsey, 14, 32 .Pauline, 71, 9 Penelope, 40 Phi'.ippa, 76 Phoebe, 95, 1 Pris~illa, 41 -64-.f'h;Jlis, 5, 1,; Rachel, 84 Ruth, 56, 89 Rebecca, 6, 60 Rhode, 54 Rosa, 15, 79 Rosamond, 29, 67 Rosalie, 18, 42, 99 Roseclerr, 33 Susan, 10, 56 Sapphira, 19, g3 Sussanah, 14, 72 Sarah, 59, 8 Sophia, 3, 85 Tabitha, 12, 49 Temperance, 35, 55 Theodothia, 18, 77 Theresa, 4, 64 Ursala, 36, 80 GENTLEMEN'S NAMES & THEIR LUCKY NUMBERS Abraham, 2, 67 Abel, 47, 75 Aoron, 12, 58 Adolphus, 28, 98 Adam, 100 Alexander, 15, 99 Albert, , 21, 46 Ambrose, 1, 11 ' Amos, 6, 60 Alfred, 17, 89 Anthony, 78 Andrew, 30, 84 Arnold, 3, 71 Archibald, 4, 33 Augustin, 16 Augustus, 91 Arthur, 63, 79 Adgar, 35, 74 Benjamin, 31, 51 Benard, 5, 97 Bartholomew, 69 Bertran, 41, 62 Boniface, 70 Caleb, 10, 11 Caesar, 2, 3 Cecil, 77, 88 Clifford, 18 Charles, 25, 52 Clement, 73 Conrad, 40, 59 Christopher, 100 Cutbert, 5, 15 Constantine, 3, 13 Daniel, 36, 96 David, 7, 27 Denis, 69, 92 Ellsworth, 19, 18 Elmer, 1, 99 Edmund, 56, 90 Edwin. ~O, 56, 61


Edwind, 35, 78 Elisha, 18, 22 Elijah, 9, 10 Erasmu~, 48, 76 Ephraim, 1, 30, 73 Ernest, 38 Eustai::e, 1, 100 Eugene, 34, 68 Ezekiel, 11, 33 Everald, 89 Felix, 45, 68 Frederick, 65, 17 Francisco, 95 Ferdinand, 2 , 6 George, 47, 76 Gabie}, 67, 98 Godfrey, 97 Guy, 53, 58 Giles, 34, 80 Gideon, 21, 59 Gilbert, 14, 60 Geoffry, 47, 97 Haninbal, 100 Harold, 56, 65 Henry, 45, 97 Hector, 19, 51, 66 Hezekiah, 40, 60 Herbert, 58, 39 Hubert, 1, 9 Horatio, 56 Humphrey, 44 Hugh, 41, 70 Issac, 93 , 86 Israel, 28, 75 Isaiah, 28, 64 Ishmael, 5, 70 Jacob, 14, 79 James, 40 Joseph, 50 Joel, 99. 100 John, 13 Job, 30. 92 Jonah, 22, 87 -65-Jonathan, 10, 59 Josias, 56, 65 Joshua, 18, 93 Johnston, 6, 66 Lawrence, 15 Leonard, 40 Leopold, 59 Lazarus, 20, 60 Lewis, -!9. 67 Luke, 20, 53 Lionel, 100 Lucius, 30 Luis, 21, 78 Mathew, 11, 100 Martin, 45, 78 Mark, 2, 41 Moses, 39, 97 Michael, 86, 10 Nicolas, 43, 7 4 Norman, 65, 76 Nathaniel, 21, 98 Obadiah, 1, 2, 15 Orlando, 38 Owen, 85, 70 Oliver, 69 . Patrick, 7 4, 97 Paul, 31, 51 Peter, 46, 75 Percival, 87, 93 Pusey, 21, 51 Peregrine, 49 Phineas, 14, 87 Ralph, 20, 46; 66 Robert, 56, 70 Richard, 17 Reuben, 18, 64 Roger, 65 Rudolph, 28, 56, 71 Rowland, 66 Rufus. 99 Saul, 100 Solomon, 72 Samuel, 34, 70


Samson, 31, 98 Simon, 94, 67 Sebastian, 45 Simeon, 6, 49 Stephen, 44 Theodore, 53 Theophilus, 40 Timothy, 32, 97 Thomas, 78 Thaddeus, 19 Toby, 40 Tobias, 20 , 59 Vincent, 83 -66-Valentine, 8, 64 Vivian, 29 Wallace, 56 Walter, 31, 100 Worthington, 20, 58 Wilard, 86 William, 30, 69 Willis, 51 Zedikiah, 97 Zebedee, 75, 60 Zachary, 39 Zaccheus, 41, 72 FLOWERS AND T H EI R LUCK Y N UMBERS Acacia Blossom, 50 Aconite, Blue, 75 Aconite, Yellow, 93 Alpine, Rose, 14 A m aranth, 34 Anemone, 86 Anemone , wood, 100 Anis e , 6 4 Apple blo ss om, 8 Apricot, B :css om, 41 Aster, ::i8 Aspen , L eaf, 10 Auricu lu., 29 Bals um, 73 B a lsun1 i"ose , 48 Bar!<::". f::5 Bay , g2 Bean Blo s som, 39 Birch Branch, 93 Blackberry Branch, 74 Blue Bottle, 30 Boxwood, 95 Buckwheat, 19 Burr, 82 Buttercup, 28 Cabbage, 48 Camomile, 7 4 Carnation, 33 Century, 70 Cherry Blossom, 14 Chestnut Blossom, 49 Clover Blossom, 41 Columbean, 93 Crown Imperial, 5 Cuckoo Flower, 100 Currant, 91 C ypress, 84 'Daffodil, 56 Dahlia, 92 Del, 31 Elder Blo ssom, 9 Fig Leaf, 72 Flag, 20 Foxglove, 29 Gilliflower, 97 Grapevine, 11 Grass, 63 Hazel, Twig, 41 Heartease, ~4 Heather Blossom, 1 Heliotrope, 66 Honysucker, 39 Hyancinth, 14 Hydrangea, 99 Imortelle, 19 Iris, 63


Ivy, 77 Jasmine, 73 Larkspur, 45 Laurel, 8 Lemon Blossom, 100 Lily, Tiger, 83 Lily, white, 13 Linden Blossom, 48 Maple Twig, 73 Marigol d, 39 Mignonnette, 48 Mullen, 27 Mushroom, 10 Myrtl e Blossom, 100 Myrtle Branch, 5 Nettl e, 72 Oak Leaf, 80 Oats, 31 Oleander, 92 Parsley, 55 Peoney, 93 P in e, 1 Pink Carth usian, 9 Pink Varigated, 4 Pomegranate, 63 Poppy, 83 -67-Potatoe Blossom, 2 Primerose, 39 Ranunculus, 14 Ribbon, Grass, 3 Rocket, 54 Rose, Monthly, 62 Rose, Red, 28 Rose, White, 15 Rosebud, 83 Rose, Pink, 18 Rose, Violet, 52 Rose Leaf Red, 52 Rose Leaf White, 9 Rosemary, 100 Snow-drops, 17 Strawberry, 94 Sweet Pea, 82 Sweet William, 63 Sweet Marjoram, 11 Thithle, 58 Thyme, 7 Ceronica, 6 4 Violet, 55 Wintergreen, 63 Wood Sorrel, 30 A list of fifty of the most common animals, fowls and insects, wit h their corresponding lottery numbers. Ant, 43 Ape, 79 Aligator, 11 Bear, 64 Beaver, 98 Bull, 55 Buffalo, 37 Bird, 86 Cat, 20 Cow. 2 Chicken, 4 9 Camel, 100 C obra, 38 Dog, 69 Deer, 87 Donkey, 9 Duck, 54 Elephant, 7 4 Eagle, 33 Elk, 70 Flee, 81 Fly, 8 Fox, 99 Goat, 58 Giraffe. 16 Hors e, 1


Hippopotamus, 72 Lion, 31 Leopard, 79 Mosquito, 23 Monkey, 60 Mule, 78 Mouse, 6 Moose, 84 Ox, 95 Ostrich, 58 Pig, 42 Peacock, 18 -68-Rat, 4 Rabbit, 65 Rooster, 94 Rhinoceros, 71 Roach, 35 Spider, 57 Sheep, 83 Snake, 99 Tiger, 7 Wolf, 15 Zebra, 80 Zeal, 73 CARDS Cards dreamed and their numbers Ace of Clubs, 18 King of Clubs, 43 Queen of Clubs, 75 Knave of Clubs, 28 Ten of Clubs, 88 Nine of Clubs, 10 Eight of Clubs, 63 Seven of Clubs, 94 Six of Clubs, 5 Five of Clubs, 62 Four of Clubs, 100 Trey of Clubs, 39 D e uce of Clubs, 44 Ace of Diamonds, 9 King of Diamonds, 85 Queen of Diamonds, 1 Knave of Diamonds, 38 Ten of Diamonds, 7 4 Nine of Diamonds, 52 Eight of Diamonds, 69 Seven of Diamonds, 70 Six of Diamonds 8 Five of Diamonds, 89 Four of Diamonds, 93 Trey of Diamonds. 11 Deuce of Diamonds, 2 Ace of Hearts, 40 King of Hearts, 16 Queen of Hearts, 8 Knave of Hearts, 5 Ten of Hearts, 100 Nine of Hearts, 75 Eight of Hearts, 4 Seven of Hearts, 7 Six of Hearts, 95 Five of Hearts, 84 Four of Hearts, 77 Trey of Hearts, 60 Deuce of Hearts, 6 Ace of Spades, 55 King of Spades, 62 Queen of Spades, 85 Knave of Spades, 3 Ten of Spades, 99 Nine of Spades, 85 Eight of Spades, 77 Seven of Spades. 9 Six of Spades, 100 Five of Spades, 7 4 Four of Spades, 66 Trev of Spades. 89 Deuce of Spades, 86


-69-THE MYST E RY O F NUMBERS Everyone has a lucky number which acco/ds with the star under which he was born. To find ;four own personal number, take the date of your birth and use it in connecti0n with the alphabet as follows:-Supposing you were born on the 5th of May, work out the following little calculation ... . The date of birth .................................... 5 M (13th letter) .................................... 13 A ( 1st letter) .......................................... 1 Y (25th letter) ............. ... ........ .... .... .... 44 Bring this to its unit value ( 4 plus 4) 8, which is the lucky number so far as the birth date is concerned but in addition to this you must find your Name Number. Thus, supposing your name is Brown, add together the numbers corresponding to the letters in your name:-B .......... . ....... ..... ......................... ........... ... 2 R .............................................................. 18 0 ' 15 W 23 N .......... . ................................................... 14 72 Bring this to its unit (7 plus 2) 9. Again add this to the jigure 8 obtained from your birth date, and your get ,,YI: or its unit value 8. This is your lucky number. -_,.,,... THREE VERY LUCKY NUMBERS Nine.-is a very lucky number, and especially favorable to love and marriage. Seven.-Those whose lucky number this 'is, will posses Second Sight, be very successful in all their undertakings, and their partner in marriage will be both clever and wealthy. Three.-ff this happens to be your number, you will be safe from robbery, fore, of drowning, and will marry a distinguished person. •


-70-L UC KY DAYS I I I I 1 I 8 I 15 I 22 I 29 I I I I I I I I 2 I Lucky I 16 I 23 I 30 I Day I I I I I I Lucky I 10 ', 17 I Lucky I 31 Day I I Day I I I I I I 4 , 11 r 18 I 25 I I I I I I I I I I Lucky I 12 I 19 I 26 ', Day I i I I I I I 6 I 13 I 20 I 27 I I I I I I I I I I I 7 I 14 I Lucky I 28 I I 1 Day I I The lucky days of each month :-3rd, 5th, 8th, 21st, 24th. The day of the week on which you were born is always the l u ckiest day for yo u . The 3rd, 5th, or 9th of the m onth are fortune days on which to receive letters, as are a l so any Tuesday or Saturday. The 2 1 s t i s an extremely good day for signing contracts, etc. The 24th i s fortunate for commencing any n e w w ork The luckiest. days of t h e week for men and women respectively are : -For Women-Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For M ~ n-Monday, Wednesday and Friday . The first three days of the New Moon are very fortunate for signing documents, starting new enterprises, moving into new quarters, etc.


-71-It is considered lucky for a child to be christened on the same day of the week as that on which he was born. MONTHS January h; a very fortunate month in which to marry, bringing l ove and harmony to the contracting p2.rties. It is also good month in which to make a new f:""iend. February is a lucky month to start in business, and anything which you commence during this month will t urn out well. It is a good month for marriage, especially the 8th, 17th, 23rd and 25th. March.-This is a lucky month in which to ciiange one's place of P.bode . For marriage it is quite fortunate, unless the parties were both born in the same mcnth, when there is likelihood of friction. April is a very fortunate month for young people, their love affairs and marriages, but it is not a lucky month for middle-aged people to marry in. The 15th of this month is especfally fortunate for lovers, and a good day on which to become engaged. M a y is an unfortunate month in which to get married, or even engaged. It is a lucky month for buying new clothes or taking up a new apointment. June.-Thi:,; is the very luckiest month of all in which to get married, for it is the month of Juno, who is the patroness of married women. It is also fortunate for traveling, whether on business or pleasure. July.-If you wish to foresee future events, this is the month in which to consult the fortune teller, as it is lucky for all occult matters. It is a fortunate month for law-suits and all legal affairs. Augus t. -Those who marry during this month will have en uneven road to travel, but will be prosperous towards the end. September. This month is fortunate for business fi n a n ce, and speculatio n . The beginning of the month is especiall y lucky for anything in the way of speculati on. October is a good mont h i n which t o marry, as it ensures a happy hom e and co m fo r t able means. I t is an unfortunate month for l ove affairs, and a time when lovers' quarrel s may le a d to broke n engagem ents. November is l ucky for marriage a n d for newly-


-72-married couples . It is unfortunate for correspondence. D e c e mber.-A very fortunate month in which to be c om e engaged or marrie d . The fidelity of the partner i s c ertain. BIRTH STONES January -The Jacinth This stone will , if w orn b y those w ho were born during this month, e n sures the constancy and faithfulness o f fri ends and lov e r .-88. Feb r u ary -The Amethyst The Amethyst ensures p eace of mind and a smooth and e asy path in life.-17. March -The Bloodstone This sto n e brings s u cess and enterpr i se to those who we r e born in March.-21. April -The Diamond The Di a m o n d i s t h e e m b l e m of s u cess.-100. May -The Emerald and Turquoise Both these sto n es are l ucky fo r peopl e born i n this month.-76. June -The Agate The Agate ensures good health, a lo n g life, and brings good fortune t o the wear er. ' 45. July -The Ruby The Ruby is the lucki es t stone for this month, b u t the Emerald or any other clear stone will bring good fortune to those born in July.39 . Au.gust -The Onyx This stone ensures a happy married life and a faithful partner.-94. Sep tember -The Ch rysolite The Chrysolite preserves the wearer from over excitement, nerve~ , and hysteri a, and is lucky for all those born in Septemher. -3. October -The Opal Only tho'3e who were born i n O c tober can wear t h e Opal without fear or bad l u ck. T o a n yone else i t is a n extremely unl uc:ky sto ne.58 . November -The Topaz If worn this stone w ill attract true fri ends, especially to those who were born in Nove mber.-75. D ecember -The Turquoise The Turquoi se brings happiness and peace to the wearer.-83 .


-73-THE CHINAMAN CHART Many a story has been told of the Chinaman Chart, but the truth was not known untill the year of 1886 when a party of men in search of adventure, traveling over rough and mountainous country, came upon an old and worn out chest half sticking out of a cave, near the Great Walls of Northern China, in it this Chart was found. Ut>on thorough examination and studieR made by great scientist it was discovered that it had been used by an old emperer, for the purpose of explaining to his subjects the meaning of the different parts of the body & into which it will encarnate upon death of the person. He also used this Chart as a consultation of his dreams, for if he dream of any of the pictures, or any part of the body upon which the picture was printed he played the old game of TABALAS (meaning the game of LUCK) therefore wining large sums of money and enriching his enormous wealth.


The signification of numbers, of four different Countries (A truthful and correct copy of the original) No. China 1 Horse 2 Butterfly 3 Sailor 4 Cat 5 Nun 6 Turtle, 7 Shell 8 Dead 9 Elephant 10 Large Fish 11 Rooster 12 Bad Woman 1 3 Peac,ock 14 Tiger Cat 15 Dog 16 Bull 17 Moon 1 8 Small Fis h 19 Tape W orn 20 Fine Cat 21 Sr. ake 22 Toa,d 23 Steamboat 24 Dove 25 Fine Stone 26 Eel 27 Bee 28 Goat 29 Rat 30 Shrimp 31 Deer 32 Pi,g 33 Buzzards 3,1 Monkey 35 Sp•ider 36 Pipe 3 7 Witch RS Cocoa 39 Snake 4 0 Priest & 1 T izzards 42 Duck 4R Scorpion 4 4 Anniversary 4!1 Shark 41, Smoke 4.7 Rfrd 4R Go<'k Roach 49 Drunkard 50 Policeman COUNTRIES India Sun Man Moon So ,ldier Sea Letter Dream Lion Fune1ral Travel Rain Old Woman Child Marriage Vi sit Fire Woma, n Church Farmer Oannon Watch Star Woods Music Ho use Street Bell Ffag Clo u d Ra . in bow School Enemy Cards Family Sweetheart Theatre Ants Money Lightning "Rlood Prisnn li'orei!!' n Friend Hell ~nit "Cf11rzer R,, ,-J News F:in Wealth Happiness Cuba Ink Well Coffee Pot Saucer Key Lock Stove Filth Pumpkin Lyre Net Lighter Pan Furnace Fu:ying Pan Teaspoon Dress U ndershirt Palm Table Chamber Pot Vest Lyre Stairs Kitchen Sun Doctor Canary Politiciian Racoon Almanac Sheet Metal Mule Saint Ni!!'roe Bulb Grocery RJoad Street Car Dance CRrtine Snake ~pain Po1t Storm Prr,sident Bus PqrhPr Shop Rack ,,r'lVOr America Camel Cricket Centipede Candle Newspaper Bottle Stockings Tiable Bucket Pan Shop Boy Towel Ear R ings Ro oster Iron Oil Cloth Siren Troupe Undershirt Parrot C him r.ey Subman:ine Carpenter Nun Diamond Tablespoon Hand Deer Ox Shoes Shrimp God Boss Mosquito Onium 'R1ack Hen saq 'Boat Pahbit 'Rad Bov nu,..k Sheep Bad Year TVh'to Mcuth "'h-"et C:,_r Rat Bl oo d Cork 'R<>ach -P,,;,c:il,inn Flower


No. China 51 Soldier 52 Bycicle 53 Eiectricty 54 Hen 55 Cr.ab 56 Queen 57 Telegram 58 Adultery 59 Phonograph 60 Fade, d Sun 61 Cannon Shot 62 Marriage 63 Murder 64 Shot 65 Prison 66 Divorce 67 Knifed 68 Cementery 69 Well 70 Coconut 71 River 72 Train 73 Park 74 Kite 75 Picture Show 76 Dancer 77 Flag 78 Bishop 79 Coach 80 Doctor 81 Theatre 82 Lion 83 Tragedy 84 Blood 85 Madrid 86 Convent 87 New York 88 Eye Glasses 89 Lottery 90 Mirror 91 Street Car 92 Balloon 93 Revolucion 94 Machete 95 'Wiar 96 Cballenge 97 Mosauito Q~ Piano oq Saw 1 00 Automobile -75-India Cuba ThiTst Watchman Coach Attorney Jewel Dinamite Flowers Cannon Dance Bullets Scorpion Stone Angels Bed Pictures Knives Spider Lobster Bird Comic Stone Pharmacist Ice, Snow Vision Horns Bandit Acrobat Joke Dinner Win low False Face Horns Authority Tem_ryle Balloon Restaurar.,t Beast Vagabond Cold Telephone Hat Panther Ox Collar Razor Hand Bag Snake Military Wind Guitar Smoke I1uminacion War Bill Tiger King Lizzard Train Good News Umbrellas Ship Central Case Tub Parade Baston Blind Banker Eagle Watch Marine Scisso!I"s Dove Plan tons Worm Glass Water Comet Criminal Caramel Beggar Shoes Suicide Cuba Walker l{ing "Rutterf;y Habana Dng Matanzas Go .)d Woman Newspaper 1\.for.key Cricket Visit 'l'raitor Tfooster r...,~1 Man God Urion Station America Drunkard Tragedy Mule Large Church Small Boat Good Bed Fine Crab Ring Clear Sun Revolver Lamp Lairge Spade Broom Black Witch Star Clock Knife Here and, There Large Barrel Black Dog Saw Apple Pineapple Brush Iron Cape Flag Sarcofagus Freighter Full Moon Razor Old Lady Beggar The Sea Large Mir.ror Squirrel Large Trunk Eye Glasses Old House Old Man Black Bird Black Lion War Watch Fob Scorpion Slippers Mocking Bird Funeral Storm Mu c h Fire P , olice


-76-''KING TUT ' ' ORACULO 0 El I~ihro de los Sueiios (ESPA N OL) A ABADIA-Al que se le aparece en suefios, es un signo de beneficencia y consuelo-5 ABANDONO-Un individuo que abandona su estado, significa perdida ocasionada por_ gentes de mala indole; sofiar que se abandona su propia morada, denota ganancia en sus negocios; verse abandonado de los grandes, indica alegria y fortuna-46 ABANICO-Perfidia-88 ABEJAS-Sefial de dinero; ser picado, que un ami go nos hara traici6n; si el que suefia las mata, sufrira una perdida; si deponen su miel, traen dicha y dignidad; si se introducen en su casa, perdida por sus enemigos-27 ABISM O-Presagio de terrores panicos-1 ABJURACIO-Desgracia para el que suefia que a bjura su religi6n-96 ABLUCION-Cualquiera abluci6n presagia nuevos y felices s ucesos-60 ABOGADO-Encontrarse con uno, mala nueva; conversar con el, malograreis un tiempo muy precioso; oir que patrocina, os sobrevendra alguna calamidad-49 ABORDAJE-Hallazgo imprevisto y ansiado-77 ABORTO-Criminales asechanzaS--32 ABRAZAR-A los parientes traici6n a los amigos, engafio; a los desconocidos p' artida • ; una muJ er , ' ' ' fortuna prospera-28 • •


-77-ABRIGO-Buscar una para evadirse de la lluvia, gran secreto; durante la tempestad, funestos presentimientos; encontrarlo, adversidades y miseria-60 -ABSCESO-Cuando se suefia que se nos forma un Rbsceso, debemos temer un estorbo cualquiera; empero si nos pareciese verlo dilatar, crecano logro despues de muchas dificultades-85 ABSINTIO-Tras un disgusto una alegria-99 ACACIA-Verla, es favorble; percibir el olor de sus flores, desgracia-100 ACADEMIA-De sabios, tedio, suefio, letargo; de juego, perniciosas tentaciones-23 ACADERA-Dolores, dificultades en los negocios-65 ACEDIA-Negocios faciles, pero poco provechosos-30 ACEITE-Si se derrama por el suelo, perjuicios; si sobre nosotros, provechoso-88 ACEITUNAS--Paz y amistad-43 ACERO-Romper lo cercana victoria; tenerlo en la mano, se halla vuestra posicion social al abrigo de to do dafio; os es imposible arquearlo, terned alguna de s gracia-30 ACIANO-Candor e inocencia de una mucpacha --8 A COST AR SE-Con un individuo del otro se xo, obstaculo a sus designios; con una persona del mi s mo sexo, contrariedad; con un homb;re feo, enfermedad; con un buen mozo, chasco; con una mujer fea, muerte; con una linda mujer, traici6n; con su marido ausente, mala nueva; con su consorte, regocijo; con su madre , seguridad en sus negocio s ; con su hija, escandalo; con su h ermana, cercano viaje; con una ramera, permanente fortuna-16 ACREEIDOR-Felices negocios, mezclados con inquietudes-92 ACROSTICO-Descifrar o componer un acr6stico, presagio de dificultades insuperables-57 ACTA-Firmar un acta, sefial funesta-91 ACTIVIDA D-El que suefia que es muy activo, indica negligencia perjudicial a sus intereses-33 ACTRIZ-Verla en las tablas, chasco; hablar con


-78-ella vanidad; cortejarla, faciles placeres; amarla, aflicci6n-81 ACUEDUCTO-Patrimonio pronto a alcanzarse-61 ACUSACION-Ante la autoridad, disputas y desgracias; si es una mujer la que acusa, preparaos para recibir una mala noticia; si por el contrario, es un hombre, aguardad un suceso feliz en cualquiera empresa-89 ACUSADOR-Ver u oir a su acusador, tenga o no raz6n, invita a . ser prudente-100 ADICIO:--1--Pradicar una, al'"!icia-48 ADIOS-Pronunciar u oir esta expresi6n, y otras analogas, fune8to agtiero; si nos las dirigen, triste nueva-38 ADMINISTRACION-El que suefia que forma parte de cualquiera administraci6n, es un presagio de mi seria, sea cual fuera el puesto que ocupe; mas por e l • -contrario, si en sus suefios la abandona, su posici6n tiende a mejorarse-12 ADMIRACION-Sefial lisonjera, si se nos admira; pero inc6moda, si admirais-83 ADOPCION-De nifios, tristezas y desgracias-34 A1DQUISICION-Feliz agtiero-53 ADULTERIO-Cometido durante el suefio, causa-' ra deshonra, o por lo menos un desgraciado acontecimiento-69 ACEITE-Aplicarselo al rostro, indica una indispensable prudencia; si se aplica a una mujer; anuncio de que no nos es franca; ver una mujer sobrecargada, induce a la desconfianza-75 AFLICCION-Sofiar hallarse sumido en una profunda aflicci6n, indicio de una pr6xima alegria-64 AFRENT A-Recibir una, favor; afrentar a otro, peligro-61 AGONIA-Sofiar que nos hallamos agonizando, se fial de perfecta salud; ver en la agonia algun pariente, este es perdida de sucesi6n-55 AGUA-El que comunmente suefia hallarse en el agua, tema lo , 3 flujos y catarros; contemplar el agua transparente y tranquila, buen presagio, principalmente para los viejos, litigantes y jueces; turbia y agitada, amenazas y desgracias; terrible sentencias para los litigantes; encontrarse encima de una agua cristalina, importantes beneficios; sobre una agua turbia, perdida de


-79-parientes o de amigo; caerse en el agua, peligro de la vida; agua caJiente, enfermedad; beber agua caliente, persecuci6n; fria, triunfo y prosperidad; agua estancada, enfermedad mortal ; caminar por encima del agua, brillantes acontecimientos; ver manar el agua de un punto que parece imposible, inquietudes, disgustos y tristezas; sacar agua corrompida, seran de larga dura ci6n vuestros sufrimientos; empero si llega a agotarse o secarse, sesaran cuanto antes; echar el agua, peligros y perdidas-15 AG U ARDIENTE-Licenciosos placeres-10 AGUILA-Si vuela en las regiones superiores, feliz agtiero; si se precipita sobre vuestra cabeza, fatal accidente; si o ~ levanta a los aires, terned una muerte pr6xima-90 AGUINALDOS-Ofrecerlos, codicia; recibirlos, en redos-36 AGUJAS-Chismes y embrollos-98 ABOGADO-Ganancia-79 AHORCADO-Perdida de bienes a causa de un pleito-88 AIRE-Si es puro, os aguarda la felicidad; s i den$ 0 , presagio de algun disgusto; si se halla embalsamado, co nfiad en el amor-22 AJEDREZ-Ocuparse en dicho juego, indica una pronta rifia con el sujeto con quien se juega; ganar, se rial de un resultado de dificil obtenci6n; perder, significa lo contrario-73 AJO-Ver comer ajo, asi como igualmente cualquiera semilla de un olor pronunciado, es un pron6stico de rifias; o de la revelaci6n de algun secreto-57 ALBARICOQUES-Verlos, fundada esperanza, co merlos, anuncio de placer; si se aparecen fuera de saz6n, desgracia pr6xima; si en estado seco, significa tristeza-43 ALBERGUE-Su vista anuncia el reposo; si se permanece en el, dicho reposo ira entremezclado de desazones99 ALCO CH OF AS-Ver las, secretos pesares; comerlas desgracias-15 ALCO N-G J oriosa rec om pensa-100 ALDEA-Perdida de dignidades; incendiada, gran des hc.mores-23


-80-ALEGRIA-Temed al despertaros una mala noticia-13 A LFILER-Ligeras contiendas-67 ALGUACIL--Si se os aparece un alguacil, asechanzas, si os detiene, os acusan vuestros enemigos-47 ALMANAQUE-Previci6n de graves peEgros, ca so que se lleve una conducta libertina-68 ALMENDE.AS-Comer, obstaculos inesperados; pero no dejaran de superarse-24 ALMOR7,AR-Celos, avaricia; en compafi'.a. lari~ueza 92 ALONDRi\ S-Rapida eievaci6n--26 ALT AR-Percibirlo, alegria; construirlo, pariente cercano o ord(~:narse, verlo derribado, melancolia-50 AMA DE LECHE-Desazones-85 AMATISTA-Brillante posicion-72 AMAZONA-Mujer ambiciosa y perdid2.-21 AMOR-Sn su esclavo, largos padecere.s; .. Jespreciarlo, triunfo; cortejar a una joven,; a una linda mt:jer, alegria y desgracia; a una vieja tribulaciones-66 AMIGOS-Reunion de j6venes; reir cor, ellos . cercano rompimiento-7 4 AMPUTACION-Verla practicar, per

-81-ANEURISMA-Padecer de aneurisma, anuncio de fuertes desazones-3 ANGEL-Noticia pr6spera; si se halla en pie a nuestro lado, os advierte que reporteis vuestra conducta-84 ANGUILA-Cogerla viva, malicia y sutileza; si muerta sufrimientos-71 ANILLO-V ease "Sortija"-59 ANIMALES-Alimentarlos, fortuna-98 ANTEOJO~-Desgracia o melancolia-51 ANTEP ASADOS-Recordarlo.s, desgracia de fami-lia; verlos, di s gustos promovidos por los parientes; ha-.. blarles, pleito e:;ntre cercanos-62 ANTORCHA-Encendida, recompensa; apagada, prisionero-13 APAGADOR-Sefial de luto-80 APARIClON-De cualquier clase que sea, signo fatal-28 APETITO-Partida de parientes o de intimos ami-gos-78 APOSENTO-Disciplina-82 APUEST A-Perjudicial ligereza-89 ARADO-Dirigido hacia el que suefia, indicio de felices empresas; en posici6n contraria, anuncio de Iigeros obstaculos en las tareas-6 ARANATraici6n para el que las ve; inapetencia al que las mata-45 A~BOL-Copado, protecci6n con las ramas secas perdida inesperada; en flor, riqueza mayor o menor, segun fuere el numero de ellas; coger el fruto de un arbol viejo, heredamiento de nuestros a!buelos; arrancarlo, desgracia-50 ARCO-Tirar con el arco, consuelo-54 ARCO TR1UNFAL-Elevaci6n y dignidades-_ 25 ARCO IRIS-Visto por el Oriente, dichas para los pobres y enfermos; por el Occidente, solo de feliz agiiero para .los ricos; si aparece sobre vuestra cabeza, terned la adversidad, vuestra muerte, o la de alguno de vuestra familia-70 ARDILLA-Vease "Zorra"-60 AREN A-Incertid umbre-3 9 ARLEQUIN-Vestirla, prudencia para alcanzar;


-82-quitarla, pasado peligro; verla, dificultades a superar-52 ARMAS-Cortantes , disputas y enemistades; recibir, confie d e n lo s hon ore s ; gente armada, fatigas; si e sta o s presigue, desazones-41 ARMERIADignidades-32 ARRENDAMIENTO-Firmar uno, perjudicial u-nion; extendarlo, vanos proyectos-100 ARROZ-Abundancia-16 ARSEN AL--Discordia o guerra-97 ARTESONADO-Mala acogida-14 ARTIFIC I A LES (fuegos)-Vanos y pasajeros pla-ce r es 9 ARTISTA--Pla ceres varios-4 ARZO BIS PO-Anuncio d e muerte-8 ASC E NC IO N-Efi mera grande z a 3 0 A SER R AH.-Log r o y satisfac ci6n-49 ASNO-Verl e correr , indicio d e desgracia; d e t e-nerle, murmuraci o n es y calu mnias; s i rebuzn a, desazo-nes y perjuicios; s i pasa, tormentos35 • ASTILLERO-Encontrarse en el, lance feliz; po seearlo, abundanci a y prosperidad-42 ATRAGANTAREl que suefia que se le atraganta la comida, sufrira una enf ermedad original por el abu so de los placeres-84 A UDIENCIA-De un soberano, beneficios; de un magnate. luto-84 AUREOLA-Si cerca vuestra cabeza, buen presagio; mas por el contrario, si brilla en la testa de un rival c de un enemigo, sereis vencido; si resplandece en el rostro de una mujer, procurad ser de ella amado-3 A URORA--Emblema de las virtudes que adornan a vuestra familia-33 AUSENTE-Sofiar con los que se hallan lejos; se fial de que vuelven-5 AUTOMATAS-Vileza y bajeza para el que los suefie 65 AUTOPSIA-Presenciarla, negocios llenos de dificultades; practicarla, obstaculos insuperables; si os hallais sometido a ella, no tardareis e n empobrecer-18 A UTOR-Contemplar l'l urio o rnuchos. negocio fatal. perdida rnetalica; sonar ser autor, miseria y vanidad, engafiosas esperanzas-17


-83-AVELLANAS-Obstaculos e inquietudes-87 A VENA-Prosperidad para el que, la ve en los campos, madura y tiesa; miseria para el que la contempla segada-81 A VISP AS-Ser picado por ellas pesadumbres-37 AYUNOS-Locura en gastar-20 AZORTAR-A alguien, pezar en el himeneo, a los amante a su querida, o viceversa, no durara mucho su casados y felicidad en el amor, a los solteros; azotar un intimidad-79 AZUFRE-Presagio de envenenamiento-59 B BAILE-Alegria y dinero-8 BAJ AR-Tormento-60 BALANZAS-Citaci6n ante un juez-6 BALCON-Elevaci6n peligrosa-100 BALLENA-Peligro inminente-86 BANCARROTA-Negocio que se acercan a su ter-mino-90 BANCO-Falsa o engafiosa promesa-82 BANDERA-Presagio de dicha y seguridad-77 BANDIDOS-Si os acometen, confiad en vuestra propias fuerzas; si los perseguis, terned algun accidente; si los contemplais, seguridad en vuestro asuntos-77 BANQUETE-Placeres logrados a demasiado costo y que conviene evitar-38 BANO-En agua clara, perfecta salud; en agua turbia, muerte de parientes o de amigos; contemplar una aflicci6n; tomar uno a una temperatura regular, placeres y prosperidad; sumergirse en un liquido demasiado caliente o demasiado frio, experimentareis disgustos domesticos-71 BARBA-El que suefia tener una barba larga vivira mucho tiempo; el que la ve muy negra, sufrira desazones; el deshonor amenaza al que suefia con una rubia; el que se figura que la afeitan, se hallara snmido en los perjuicios; si se afeita el mismo, el tedio le atormentara; si la arrancais, cercano y ventajoso casamiento; a una casada, enviudara cuanto antes; una mujer embarazada, parira un nifio-23 BAROMETRO-Mudanza perjudicial en la conducta-67


-84-BARRER-Su aposento, felicidad en los negocios; t odo e l pi s o, m erecida confianza; una bodega, desgracia79 BARRERA--Separareis cuantos obstaculos se os ofrezcan-44 BASILISCO-Desgracias ocasionadas por enemigos encubiertos-57 BAT ALLA-Ganada, imponderable prestigio; perdida, tristisimo agtiero-78 BA TEL---En cristalina rib era, prosperidad; en aguas turbias , desdichas; expuesto a naufragio, gran peligro-5 BA TIRSE-Con un perro, fidelidad; con un gato, traici6n; con una serpiente, triunfo-73 BAUL---Lleno, abundancia; vacio, miseria-27 BA YO NET A--Sefial temible-7 5 BAZO-Sano, pr6xima invitaci6n para una gran fiesta; enfermo, penas y tormentos en los negocios-89 BEBEDORES-Cercando una mesa, ganancia en los n egocio s ; formar parte, cercano matrimonio-65 BEBER-Agua fria, imponderable s riquezas ; cali ente, enfermedad, tibia, disgustos-18 BELLOT AS-Pobreza-66 BENDECIR-A alguien, aflicci6n pasajera ; ser bend e cido , in s t antanea alegria-37 BENEFICIO-Recibirlo por parte de un poderoso, cambio d e fortuna; de un hombre, sano con s . e j o s ; d e una muje r , amistad; de un muchacho, desgracias; de una joven, aflic:cione s ; ofrecerlo, ingratitud-64 BERROS--Penas y dificultades en las empresas-54 BESAR-La tierra, tristeza y humillaci6n; las maliOS a una muje r, buena fortuna; darle un beso , temeridad seguida de un exito feliz; recibirlo, una persona aprecia bl e os ,; ;sitara-53 BESTIAS-'--Verla s , desgracias y tribulaci ones ; ~er perseguido, recibireis mil agravios; batirse ~ on e ll a s, in evita bl eR: oirlas hablar, desazones-10 BIBLIA-Verla, indica intima alegria; leerla, calma de conciencia-63 BIBLIOTECA-Indispensable consulta para los negocios-62 BIEN-Racer, presagio de alegria; poseer algun anuncio de tristeza-16


-85-BILLAR-Infructuosas tentativas-20 BILLETES--Atento triunfo amoroso; de entierro, util precaucion; de casamiento, satisfaccion; de aviso cualquiera, gastos infructuosos-26 BIRLOCHA-Fama efimera-17 BIRLOCHO--Prospera fortuna para el que va dentro; calumnias para el que v~ detras-22 BIZCOCHO-Lucro y salud-50 BLANCO-Verse vestido de blanco, enexplicable alegria-30 BOCA-Gr~nde, riqueza; pequefia, pobreza; fetida, desprecio y animadversion; hallarse con un trismus proximo peligro de enfermedad o de muerte-42 BODAS--Entierro-100 BODEGA-Enfermedad y miseria-51 BOFETON-1Dado, paz y union entre marido y mu-jer; recibido, rifias peligrosas-59 BOLOS--Jugar, desgracia; si en el juego cae uno del medio, muerte de uno de los jugadores; caer mu chos, perdidas de todos lo s jugadores-68 BOLSA-Llena, tormento o avaricia; vacia, bienestar o generosidad-91 BOLLOS--Alegria y provecho-15 BOMBA-Sacar agua .cristalina, agradable sorpresa; turbia, d _esazones; hallarse el pozo seco, pobre o ine-vitable, o subita caida-48 BORCEGUIES--Nuevos, .beneficios: viejos, perdidas-2 BORDADURAS--Ambici6n-41 BORRAJ A-Casacion de disgustos y rapida marcha en los negocios-55 BOSQUE-Numerosas ocupaciones, pero de prove cho dudoso-13 BOSQUESILLO-Enredo amoroso-34 BOT AS-Nuevas, suceso en las empresas; viejas, cuestiones-4 BOTELLA-Buen humor y diversion es; si fuere rota, signo de tristeza-70 BRAZOS--Derecho amputado, muerte de un pariente; izquierdo, de una parienta; ambos a la vez, cau tiverio o enfermedad; fracturados o enflaquecidos, aflic ciories perdidas, viudez; hinchados, pronto enriqueci mient~ de una persona amada ; musculoso, dicha; cura-


-86-don, libertad; sucios, miseri.a; vulludos, aumento de fortuna-76 BROCHA-Grande preocupaci6n-84 BUEY-Labrando, tranquilidad y quietud; abrevando sefial funestra; enfurecid>, torrnentos; sin cuernos beneficios; gordo, cercana dicha; flaco, penuria; 1-Jianco, hon ores, negro, peligro; batiendose, discordic:s; si sube fatigas, si salta, ganancias ciertas-52 BUFETE-Con gente sentada, falsa acusaci6n; hallarse sentado en el y escribiendo, indudables beneficios-87 BUITRE-Si vuela, muerte; si se le mata, dicha-28 BUJIA-Una sola ardiendo, alumbramiento feliz; muchas a la vez, muerte repentina-43 BUNUELOS-Hacerlos, intriga maestro; comerlos, placeres sensuales-19 BUH O-Funerales-93 BURLA-Igualmente malo escucharla que hacerla-24 BUSTO-Contemplar uno, entrevista con un gran personaje; muchos a la vez, fiesta y placeres; verse en busto, hon ores y dignidades; un busto roto, nuevas de muerte-36 C CABALLERIA-Desolaci6n-1 CABALLERIZA-Hospitalidad, buena acogida-43 CABALLO-Blanco, placer; negro, estorbo; si sofiais montar uno, alcanzareis el logro de vuestras empresas; silcaracoleais, acompafiado de mujeres, recelad de que os armen una perfidia; cabalgar acompafiado de varios jinetes, ganancia cierta; monta otro vuestro caballo, os sera infiel vuestra esposa o amante; rompe el freno. muerte-10 CABANA-Noble modestfa-27 CABELLOS--Negros cortados y lanudos, desgracias; lisos nuevas amistades; desgrefiados, disgustos y ultrajes; si se caen, perdida de un amigo; si os es im posible desenredarlos, largos pleitos y trabajos sin cuento os consumiran; si son canos, ahorrad el dinero, puesto que acaso tardeis mucho tiempd en recibir otro; una mujer calva, anuncia una pobreza subita; un hombre desprovisto de cabello, mensaje es de la fortuna-72 CABEZA-Separada del tronco, libertad; blanca.


-87-alegria; pelada, falsedades; provista de cabello, dignidades; la cortais a alguien, descubrireis lo s lazos de vuestros enemigos; os decapitan, peligreis sufrir una fuerte enfermedad; teneis una cabeza enorme, vuestros bienes iran en aumento; es mas pequefia que las dem:is cuidad conservar el destino que ocupais; un fuerte dolor de cabeza, indica malos deudores; una cabeza en h11eso, os :nvita a la prudencia-1 OQ CABRA-Blanca, fortuna ganancia; negra, desgracia--16 CABRIOLA-Sofiar que se hacen cabriolas, perdida del puesto o destino q1 . e ocupe; verlas ejecut.:. .r, le sobrevendra algun bien--31 CADALSO-Ventajcso empleo-22 CADA VER-Fatal agtiero-60 CADEN AS-Arrastrarlas, melancolia y tristeza; romperlas, suceso feliz-5 CADERAS-Abultadas, hijos hermosos; languidos, enfermedades 59 CAER-Si se lev_anta a l momento de haber caido se vera co lmado de honores; de l o contrario, permanecera en una posici6n obscura y desgraciada-55 CAFE-Penas y tribulaciones-68 CAJ A-Distinci6n-53 CAIDA-Sufrir una caida, felicidad-2 CALABAZA-Vana esperan;rn curaci6n de enfer-medad-6 CALABOZO-Entrar en uno, salud; permanecer en el, consuelo; salir, peligro-7 CALCULO-Alcance, si se resuelve; farsa o acusaci6n, si no se logra-99 CALDERO-Supuesto, paso, que sera altamente murr..1Urado , y os perjudicara-99 CALENTURA-Desmesurada ambici6n-89 CALOR-Tener calor, anuncio de una larga vida-20 CALZADO-Ir bien calzado, honor y provecho ; mal calzado, lo contrario-48 CALZONES-Descanso v confianza-80 CAMELLO-Riqueza-5 CAMINO-Seguir uno recto y trillado, signo de prosperidad aspero y cenagoso, tendrase que superar muchos obstaculos; se va uno estrechandose y poniendo-


-88-se en mal estado, los comerciantes os engafiaran-79 CAMISA-Un pr6spero porvenir; traer una camisa rasgada, aguardad una buena fortuna; la quitais, sera desatendida vuestra demanda-11 CAMP AMENTO-Persecuciones; ;hallarse en el engafio por falrns amigos-29 CAMP AN ARIO-Presagio de disgustos o de peligros-50 CAMPANAS--Suceso inesperado para el que las escucha; infamia para el que las toca-23 CAMP ANILLA-Tribulaciones-91 CAMPI:NA-Viaje; habitarla, perdida de bie-nes-70 CAMPO-Esteril, vida solitaria y triste-50 CANARIO-Largo viaje-44 CANCER-Fatales negocios-24 CANCION-Escucharla, buena esperanza; ento-nar una, ilusiones frustradas-3 CANDELA-Diversion, en el caso que despida una luz brillante; si pa.Iida, encarcelamiento o catastrofe; si se la alumbra, alegria-89 CANGREJO-Enredos, separaci6n-43 CANONIGO-Noticia triste-61 CANT AR-Si es hombre el que canta, esperanza; si mujer, paz-32 CANT ARIO-Quiebra por falta propia o por la de los corresponsales-81 CANTICO--'Dolencias--9 CANTO-De pajarillos, placeres y amores--57 CANON--Sorpresa o peligro; oirlo, destrucci6n-66 CAP A-Dignidades-49 CAPILLA-Noticia de muerte; construirla, contento; entrar en ella, dicha; rogar, consuelo-4 CAPIROT AZO-Darlo, recibireis una afrenta; su-frirlo, provocareis a alguien-9 CAPON-Tristeza e impotencia-7 4 CAPUCHINO-Reconciliaci6n-41 CARA-Risuefia de una joven, dicha para un delirante; un hello rostro de un joven, cercano amor a una melanc6lica; las caras viejas macilentas son de fatal agiiero-29 CARACOL--Honrosas comisiones-63


-89-CARBONES-Hechos ascuas, estratagemas; apaga dos, muerte-77 CARDENAL--Rapido aumento-34 CARDO-El cortarlos, denota pereza; el punzarse, presagia un insulto o una discordia-30 CA.RESTIA-Imponderable perdida-7 5 CARIDAD-Hacerla, dicha; recibirla, desgracia-37 CARNE-Si alguno suefia q_ue su cuerpo aumenta e n carnes, adquirira grandes riquesa, y gastara un lujo extremo en el vestir; si por el contrario enflaquece, en breve sus comodidades iran seguidas de la mortificaci6n; e n ambos sentidos, este suefio anuncia a la mujer dicha o infortunio en su enlace; ver su carne negra o atezada, manifiesta al hombre que ha cometido una traici6n; y a1 Ja mujer adulterio y divorcio; palida o amarilla, predice una fiebre larga y terrible; llena de heridas o de gusanos, imponderables riquezas; sonar comer carne humana, adquirireis un bien por ilicitos medios-18 CARNERO-Riqueza; si un morrueco o carnero pa-_ dre os acomete, terned algun disgusto o humillacion-78 CARNICERIA-Perdida de hijo o de fortuna-71 CARET A-Verla, indisposici6n; subir o bajar de ella, publico deshonor o infamante condena-69 CARRILLOS-Muy abultados y encendidos, buena 8efial; flacos y descoloridos, subita desgracia-28 CARROZA-Riquezas para el que va dentro; altos hon ores, si su tiro es de mas de dos caballos; mediano o precaria fortuna para e l que hace de lacayo; rapido adelanto en su profesi6n para el que la gufa 54 CARTAS-Escribirlas o recibirlas, buenas noticias-67 CARTEL--Recibirlo, reconciliaci6n, de amistad; en viarlo, infamia-14 CARTELES-Fijarlos, afrenta; leerlos, trabajo inubl-79 CASA-Poseer una, miseria; verla arder, disipa ci6n de bienes; verla edificar, desgracia, enf ermedad y muerte-59 CASAMIENTO-Dicha pasajera; con la hermana, peligro; con una soltera, hon ores; reiterarlo con su mujer, provechos; con una viuda, perjuicio-85 CASCADA-Falsa alegrfa-73


-90-CASTANA-Cruda, r esoluci6n; cocida, debilidad; tostada, seguridad-100 CASTILLO--Descubrir alguno, f eli z agiiero; habitarla, falsa espennza; verle arder; peligra la vida de su propeta;_io-:.J8 CA Vb..iC~A-Permanccereis sumido en la obscuridad, no obs~a n te vGest r o talent os, si no procurais atesorar-82 CA~ASi cazai s, os han acusado de estafa; vol ve is d e caza, confiad en importantes beneficios-21 CEBOLLA-Comer o percibir su olor, revelaci6n de cosas ocultas, o contiendas domesticas-62 CEDRO-Riqueza y larga vida-13 CELO-Demostrarlo por alguno, es mas dafioso que provechoso ; hacia voz, sumamente interesante -88 CELOS-E star poseido d e c llo s, signo d e trai-ci6n--43 CEMENTERIO-F'utura prosperidad-45 CENAGAL--Meterse o caerse en el, indigencia-51 CE:t.;CERRADADarl a, perversos procederes; re-cibirla errores cometidos; escucharla, inutiles detracciones-83 CENIZA-Presagio de luto-35 CENTINELA-Util desconfianza-40 CEPILLO-Penoso trabajo, pero provechoso, y que eonviene le emprendais-64 CERA-Debilidad de caracter sumamente dafiosa-34 CEREBRO-Sano, deseo y .aptitud para aconsejar cual corresponde; enfermo, falta de espiritu y de prudencia-17 CERO-Prosperidad por el trabajo-36 CERRA IDURA-Robo-15 CERRAJERO-Perdida ocasionada por descuido o negligencia-4 CERROJO-Cuidados interiores-25 CERVEZA-Fatiga sin provecho, caso que se beba-33 CESTA-Aumento de familia-19 CETRO-Ver un cetro, indica una pr6xima desgracia; muchos a la vez, grande miseria-72 CHARLA-Murmuraciones sin cuento; sofiais estar charlando, tendreis unas intenciones perversas; oir gran


-91-(!hachara cerca de vos, cuidad no murmurar de vuestro ;ir6jimo-36 CHIMENEA-Provista de fuego, felicidad acciden tal; felices lances para el que sube por su cafi6n-65 CHINCHES--Bochornos de todas clases-99 CHOCHA DE PERBIZ-Glotoneria-39 CHOCOLA'I'E-Hacerlo o tomarlo, saluu y satis-.:'acd6n-66 CHORIZOS--Hacerlos, r1erte paH<'n; con,crlo;:; a:-101 .'.illo, para los j6vep c s, _v perfecta salud p ~ira lo.' '1111.'iano:,-8 CICA TRIZ-Abierta, Jl nerosidad; cerradf:t, ingra~i1 ud-6f> Cl0RA-Di:;pc11.r,s-47 CIEGO-Creuse cieg0. presagia un chas.:u o petclid.a de un hijo; ,er a un t iego, indiuo es de crimen pr6ximo-54 CI.8LO-Puro y sere:1 ,.1, cercano y dicho s o cas:.:.miento; rojizo, aumento de bienes1 ; figurars' e al ciek, alcanzara altos honores--42 CIERVA-Sola, satisfacci6n y provecho; con sus : ervatillos, opulencia-91 CIERVO-Si le descubris, confiad en algu.H lucro; si le matais, heredareis algun bien-12 CIFRAS--Si no Hegan a noventa, incertidumbre; s i exceden, logro-87 CIGARRA--Su canto es funesto para los enfermos-100 CIGARRO-Victoria para el que lo fuma; desgracia para el que lo regala; confianza para el que lo encienda-61 CIGUENA-En verano, anuncia, ladrones; en in• vierno, tempestad-30 CIMBELES--Temed la jactancia y la presunci6n, puesto que es mas el ruido que las nueces-43 CINTURA-Cefiirla, abstinencia; sol tar la, liberti, naje-77 CIPRES--Desgracias-98 CIRCULO-Mejor es salir que permanecer en el-49 CIRCULACION-La practicais insultareis a alguien; la sufris, vuestro honor sera ajado-87 CIRUELAS-Cerlas, penas inutiles; comer las, tran-


-92-pas mujeri les; podridas, o pasadas la esta. ci6n, adversictade s-13 CIR UJANO-Su presencia indica algun accidente-24 CIS NE-Blanc o, riqueza; negro, fracaso de familia; s u canto precede a la muerte-88 CIS rERNA-Caer en ella, estar bien persuadido d r • q u e sr: os calumnia-2 C IU D AD-H.!bitada, riqueza; incendiad'l, ham-brc-; dettruida, mi c eria-63 CIU D ADELI\-Esclavitud-57 C LAVOS-Alcance de reputaci6n-67 CLlSTE R O LAV ATIV A-Estorbos momentaneos--5 9 C O CHINO-Vagabundo que vive a costa vuestra53 COCODRILO-Peligroso amigo-30 CODIGO S u prese nci a indica exitareis un pleitc: que os amenaza98 COD ORNIZ-Tr iste nueva-4 COFRELleno, os in vita a cuida r d e vues tros in-tereses; vacia, os p r o vendra dinero-84 COHOMB RO E s p e r anza burlada-62 COJEAR-Deshonra-79 COJOBe ll aqueria-38 COL-Desgraci a y t edio-100 COLA-Deshonra; co l a d e c aballo l a rga y pobla da, auxilio p o r parte d e l os a migos; c o l a d es prendida o corta d a d e l caballo, abandono d e lo s mi s mo s 6 5 COLERA-Fe liz s uc eso de un a sunto d esespera-do 7 4 COLEGIO -Encontrarse e n e l , r ecibire i s alguna lecci6n; a s istir, laudabl e m o d estia ; conducir a e l a lo s nifio s dareis buen ejem p l o-7 C OL ICO-Desazon e s domesticas-25 CO LI FLOR-Gloria sin par-15 C OL IQUINTIDA-Esperanza y dolor-40 COLOSO-Or g ull o fatal para el que crea s erlo; h o n orcs par a el q u e da con una, con stante prosperidad, para e l q u e l e d e r riba-75 C OLUMNA-Si se d esploma, predice la muerte de u n g r a n per sonaje-73 . COLLAR-Honores-72


-93-COMADREJA-Anuncio de amor para una mujerona-85 COMADRONA-Sufrimiento para el pr6jimo--58 COMBATES i se toma parte, estorbos en los ne goc i os de importancia; apaciguar a l os combatientes, desgracias de familia-14 COMEDIA-Tomar parte en ella, triste nueva; ser un mero espectador, logro en las empresas--29 COMER-Solo, acaricia; acompifiado, largueza; ::;obre el cesped, c6 lera; ensalada enfermedad; raices, di-;cordia-9 COMETA-Su aparici6n, contiendas o peligros: su caida, da origen a la miseria11 COMEZON-Os sobrevendra dinero-34 COMIDA-Engafio; salada, enfermedad; duke langor; de carne asada, lucro, beneficios-12 COMISIONADO-Socorro y protecci6n-83 COMPRAS--Todas indican provecho-76 COMPAS-Fatal agiiero-78 COMUNION-Negocio que llenara en un todo vues-tros deseos-1 CONCIERTO-Alegria y salud-61 CONEJO-Negro, desgracia; blanco, fortuna; com, pleta salud, si se come conejo-39 CONFESOR-Cuidad vuestros negocios-55 CONFITURAS--Ventajas para el que suefia que las fabrica, o bien las come-20 CANSEJOS--Aprovechaos de los que dais a los d emas-8 CONTADOR-Suspensi6n momentanea de pagos -55 CONVENTO-Hospitalidad, tan ventajosa de darla como de recibirla-68 CONVULSIONES-Quiebra fraudulenta de su deudor-23 CORAZA-Vestir, ser prudente; quitarsela, libre de peligro; verla, dificultades que v~ncer-80 CORAZON-Afligido. p~ligrosa enfermedad; herido, dafio para el marido, si es su mujer l a que suefia; y por su padre o su amante. si es una soltera; falta de espiritud o de coraz6n, cercana muerte-16 CORDERO-Su presencia emblema es de consuelo; sus caricias dan origen a la esperanza; verle placer,


-94-dormfr o morir, tristeza; traer uno en las espaldas, os sobrevendra alguna dicha; oirle balar dolor y perdida-81 CORNEJ A-Pronto logro de su negocio-56 CORONA-Verse una de oro en la cabeza, anuncia honores; una de plata, perfecta salud, una de ra-mas verdes, dignidades pasajeras; una de huesos, muerte-32 CORONEL---Gloria e indigencia-3 CORREAS-Cefiirlas, prudencia; quitarlas, estorbos-60 CORRER-Presagio feliz; desnudo, perdida; en busca de enemigo, victoria; ver a varios individuos correr detras unos de otros, cuestiones; si son muchachos, dicha; si van provistos de armas o garrotes, signo de desafio; si el que suefia que corre es mujer, caera en una debilidad; si es un enfermo, que procure cuidarse; querer correr y no poder moverse, indisposiciones-35 COSTILLAS-A pedazos, rifias entre esposos o parientes; robustas, felicidades conyugales y de familia-96 COTORRA-Recelos-9 CRIMINAL-Desgracia y peligro-21 CRISTAL-Amistad, aprecio o amor aparente-31 CRUZ-Dicha y honor; al que la trae a cuetas, le sobrevendra al•guna aflicci6n-10 CUADRANTE-Advertencia de aprovechar el tiempo cual corresponde-54 CUADRO-De vivos colores, desgracia en el amor; obscuro, terned una infidelidad-17 CUBA-Repleta de vino, dicha; de agua muerte-41 CUCHILLO-Injurias, disputa, rifias o infidelidad conyugal-37 CUCLILLO-Placeres y perfecta salud para el que lo escucha-18 CUELLO-Honor, fortuna, sucesi6n, si es largo grueso y bien conformado; desgracia, vergUenza y miseria, s i es flaco e inclinado; verse a tar por el cuello, r:.nuncio d e cercana esclavitud; ser cuellitureto, presagio d e infortunio; tener en el un abceso, enfermedad; tres cabezas en un solo cuello, dignidades-29 CUERDA Y CORDON-Dificultades, estorbos-86 CUERNOS-En la cabeza de otro, peligro para el


-95-que suefia; en la suya propia, dominaci6n; los cuernos de un animal salvaje, son indicio de la c6lera y del orgi.lllo-47 CUERPO-Si es robusto, felicidades, si se c[1.e, terned dguna mudanza; enteramente Jesnudo, honestidad-70 CUERVO--Su presencia hace temer el adulterio, y precede a una desgracia; su vuelo indica nn peligro rnortal-64 CULO-I'\egro y flaco, verglienza y perjuicio; blanco y rollizo, voluptuosidad y dicha; un hombre ver el de su mujer, prosperidad; una mujer ver el de su marido, morira cuanto antes-6 CtJMPLIDOS-Hacer, engafio inutil; recibirlos. perjudicial lisonja-28 CUNA-De chiquillo, fecundidad; hecha d e hierbas, zozobras-51 CURIOSIDAD-Excitarla, cercana burla; ser cu rioso, inquietudes por causas propia-54 D DAD IV AS-Recibirlas de un poderoso, cambio de fortuna; de un hombre, sanos consejos; de una mujer, amistad; de un joven, desgracias; de una joven, penas ; ofrecerlas, ingratitud-83 DADO-Perdida de .dinero-20 DAMAS-Jugar a ellas, cercanas rencillas con un amigo; ganar, fortuna; perder, lo contrario--25 DAMAS-Su reunion indica que os achacan ser el , autor de maledicencias-37 DANZA-Amistad y logro-57 DECADENCIA-Mostrar, consideraci6n; falto de ella, publica afrenta-51 • DECLARACION-Hacer una, falsa empresa; recibirla, se os tiende un lazo-47 DEDO-Quemado, envidia; cortado, tristeza; ver mas de cinco, nueva alianza-22 DEFENSOR-Perdida de vuestros bienes, o muerte de un pariente-24 DEPORT ACION-Ligeras desazones-33 DEPOSITO-Si le confiais a al-guien reflexionar con madurez antes de practicarlo; si os lo confian, despreciarlo-59


-96-DESAFIO-Asistir a uno, enredo familiar o rivalidad de amigos; batirse en desafio, fatal obstinaci6n; ser herido, fuertes desazones; ser muerto, divorcio o perdida de un amigo; ma tar a alguien, luto por uno de la familia-4 DESCANSO-Cercana miseria-62 DESDEN-Lo manifestais, no lo creais asi; le escuchais, no lo creen-2 DESERTOR-Noticia de una persona ausente-100 DESESPERACION-Experimentar una muerte de desesperaci6n, inesperada alegria; ver que alguno se desespera, sereis llamado para consolarle-93 DESIERTO-Dispendios y fatales placeres-34 DESNUDARSE-Una mujer, pr6xima deshonestidad; desnudarse ante otro, inminente escandalo; solo y en su cuarto, misterio descubierto-86 DESNUDO-Sofiar correr desnudo, chasco por los parientes o lo s amigos; dar al encuentro con una persona desnuda, honor y alegria-28 DESOBEDIENCIA-Toda sefial o acto desobediente, indica por el contrario la esclavitud que se sufrira o que se experimenta-14 DESOLLINAR-Falsa acusaci6n-26 DESORDEN-Promoverlo, miseria; contemplarlo, disgustos-63 DESTIERRO-Ver conducir a uno, aflicci6n; ser llevado, alcance, no obstante todos los obstaculos-67 DESTREZA-Mostrarla, presagio de dificultades, de las que se librara con el trabajo; indagar la destreza de alguno, perdida de tiempo precioso-13 DESTROZAR-Logro auxiliado de vuestros ami-gos-15 • DESV ANECIMIENTO-Dulce deleite-60 DIA-Sonar ver la luz del dia, posici6n feliz-82 DIABLO-Verh, noticia perfida; batirse con el, da:fio inmneinte; derribarle, triunfo cierto; ser llamad0 por el diabllo, desgracia, enfermedad o muerte rya1a el qne lo Ruefia; ser llevado por el diablo presagio fu .. neEMA-Sofiar cefiir una diadema, .agPa.rdad Hustres dignidades; verla en Ila cabeza de algi'm hijo, parientt o amigo alcan7:,ran grandes honorcs--89 DI...\MANTE-Aumento de fortuna-8


-97-. Dl.ARIO-Zumba-16 DIARREA-Disgustos-7 5 DISUJO-Amistad-17 DICCIONARIO-Hojear uno, interminable.;; contrJ. ri()dadns-69 DIENTE-Si os arrancan un diente, pres; de E:irPnta: si en dicha operaci6n no fluye ni una s):;t got~ de sn:ogre, presagio es de muerte; verse los dientes mas hermosos de lo que son en realidad, ireis en aumento; se cae un diente, perdida de uno de los parientes; uno de ellos sobresale de los demas, sufrireis desgracia en vut::stra familia-31 DILIGENCIA-Viajar en ella, retardos perjudiciales en los negocios; correr detras, falta de trabajo por mucho tiempo; verla pasar, marcha de gentes que odiamos; vuelco, sin que os estropee, logro en las empresas; mas si os ocasiona alguna berida o la muerte, sobrevendra alguna catastrofe-73 DINERO-Encontrado, tristeza y perdida; perdido, felices negocios; verle sin tocarle, dolor y c6lera; con tar, provecho-7 4 DI OS-Ro gar a Dios, consuelo; hablarle, dicha; recibir su bendici6n, prosperidad invariable-81 DISCURSO-Tiempo perdido caso que se escuche; ;Umo, obraremos contra nosutros mismos-100 DISPPTA--En1re .M.ujens, reios; de hombn!s, penas-24 DOLENCIA-Precaria salud, que recLma curiosos si se pronuncia uno ya sea favorable ya contrario al pr6-cuidados-58 DOMINGO-En este dia son infructuosos cmmtos proyectos se suefien-5 DONCEJLLA----'Deleite-50 DORADOS-Beneficios-98 DRAGON-Util protector-1 DROGA-Cualquier droga es buena de ver y sa!udable de tomar-76 DROMEDARIO-lncalculables bienes; hallarse montado en el, cercana elevaci6n; si es muerte, fatal nueva-40 DULCES-Engafiosas felicidades, tristeza, falsas r,dulaciones, amor perfido-54 DUO-Con una mujer, cortejada y os saldreis con


-98-la vuestra; con un hombre, desconfiad de el-84 E EBRIO-Sofiar hallarse ebrio, salud y riqueza; estar borracho sin haber bebido vino, es un signo fatal, debiendose a mas cuidar de no cometer la mas minima acci6n irregular; haberse alterado con vino generoso, pronostica la amistad provechosa de un gran personaje; hallarse ebrio y vomitar, perdida de sus bienes po, la fuerza o por el juego; si se suefia hallarse fuera de si por el agu2 , , linsonjearse vanamente de ser rico y goz2.r de altas protecciones; ver a un hombre borracho, locura -38 ECLIPSE-Solar, considerable p~rdida; br,ar, lig e r • l perjuicio-C9 ECO-Sordera-2-; EJERCITO-Victorioso, exeelente pron6stko; vencido, fatal agtiero-58 ELEF ANTE-Ver unr., temM y ;)eligro por las riq uezas ; darle de comer o de be b ee, 9oderosa protecci6n; montitud; cruento, sacrificio-52 ELOGIAR-A alguien, inutil lisonja; ser elogiado, p erjudicial engafio-23 EMBARAZO-Presagios de felices resultados-22 EMBOSCADA-Precauciones por tomar-3 EMPEINE-Riqueza-17 EMPRESA-Sofiar que se concibe una gran empres a , recelad por la que tengais entre manos o por la siguiente-7 0 ENCLENQUE-Concertada tristeza-60 ENEMIGO-Desconfianza y peligro-68 ENFERMEDAD-Tristeza y esclavitud39 ENSALADA-Comer, penas y dificultades en los negocios; enf ermedad al que la come-61 ENIGMA-No pretendais escudrifiarle, puesto que con el os arman un lazo-24 ENTIERRO-Sofiar ser enterrado vivo, signo de larga miseria; acompafiar a un muerto al sepulcro, puedese confiar con una ventajosa uni6n-10 ENTRANAS-Descubiertas y palpitantes, buen profi6stico; verse uno mismo las suyas, triste nueva o luto para alguno de vuestros mas intimos amigos-41 EPIT AFIO-Victoria amorosa-53 ESCALERA-Subir, dignidades; bajar, tormen-

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-99-tos-65. ESCANDALO-Suerte favorable-81 ESCAROLA-Comer, disgustos y contrariedades en los negocios-62 ESCORPION-Desazones promovidas por gente ambiciosa-7 5 ESCANTILLON-Desmesur::ida grandeza-7 4 ESCRIBIR-Una carta, noticias; un memorial, ar:usaci6n-7 ESCRITO-Seguridad-20 ESCUELA-Encontrarse en ella, recibireis una lecci6n; ir laudable modestia; conducir a los niiio.,, dareis buen ejemplo-8 ESFUEZO-De cualquier clase que sea, indica un trabajo inutil-100 ESLABON-Lustre y esplendor pasajero-17 ESMERALDA-Prospero porvenir-33 ESPADA-Traici6n, para el que la ve; poder, para el que la tiene; peligro mortal, para el que es herido-14 ESPALDAS-Verse las espaldas, desdicha y anticipada vejez; sonar que tiene fracturadas las espaldas, o llenas de heridas, vuestros enemigos os daiiaran o se reiran de vos; tenerlas hinchadas, riqueza; magulladas, displicencia; carnosas, prosperidad-95 ESPARRAGOS-Verlos arrancados, triunfo en alguna empresa-31 ESPECTACULOS--Aguero favorable, por lo que hace al logro de los negocios-13 ESPECTRO-Desgracias considerables-77 ESPEJ O-Traici6n-5 ESPERINQUS-Ganancias para el que los ve en el mar o rio: perdida.s. para el que los come-4 ESPIA-Vergonzoso servicio-7 3 ESPINAS-Rencillas entre vecin.os-67 ESPONJA-Avaricia y mala fe-18 ESPORTILLERO-Socorro y protecci6n-56 ESQUELETO-Horror; si se os aproxima, no esta le.ios vuestra muerte; si os habla no escucheis los consejos aue os diera-71 EST ANDANTE-Desplegado, peligro; ser portaestandante. cercanos honores-57 EST.A.TUA-De mujer, coraz6n insensible: de hombres, tristeza; verla caminar o hacer movimientos,

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-100-vuestro espiritu se hallara agitado por algun siniestro suceso; la ois hablar, ragad por vuestros parientes difuntos-40 EST AN QUE-De agua clara, amistad y reconocimiento; turbia, penas y engafios; con grandes peces, aumento de fortuna; si dichos peces son muertos, robo o quiebra-20 ESTILLETE--Noticia de personas ausentes-85 ESTORNINO-Cantar, pasajero disgusto; verle, placer-35 ESTORNUDO-Larga vida-100 ESTRANGULAR-A alguien, logro sobre vuestros enemigos-11 ESTRELLAS--Brillantes, logro; palidas, desgracias en una casa, peligro de muerte para uno de sus habitantes; que se desprenden del cielo, adversidades-82 ESTRIBOS--Viaj e-83 ESTROPEADO-Desazones suscitadas por los parientes-12 ESTUDIO-Durable y tranquila felicidad-54 EXCUSAS-Cuantas pretendan darse, tantos engaiios traera-19 EV ANGELIO-Su lectura indica la calma de la conciencia-59 F F ABULA-Recitarla, sencillez en soc iedad; com p .onerla, invenci6n que tan solo aprovechara a su autor-76 FACTOR-Noticias de una persona ausente-44 FAISAN-Salud y gloria-65 FAJAR-Pequefio logro-49 FALTA-Cometer alguna, cuidad vuestros asuntos; una persona que apreciais la comete, depositad enteramente en ella toda confianza-64 F AMILIA-Encontrase en su suefio, placeres entremesclados de disgustos-36 FAMILIARIDADES-Usarlas con otro, desconfiad de vuestra conducta con el; ser objeto, se os engafia-38 FANT ASMA-Blanca, alegriai y hon ores; negra, penas y trabajos-93 F ARMACEUTICO-Desconfiad de un usurero o de un descortes-60

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-101-FATIGA-El que suefia experimentar una gran fatiga, aguarda una justa recompens~ de sus trabajos-87 FAUNO-Deshonestidad y fisga-63 FA VORES-Solicitarlos de un gran personaje, tiempo perdido, que debiera aprovecharse; pretenderlos de una linda mujer, los cedera a otros, y os despreciara a vos; recibirlos de una querida, intima alegria, pero de corta d uraci6n-88 FERETRO-Os invita a que cambieis de conducta cuando mas presto mejor-16 FESTIN-Placeres costosos y funestos-1 FIEST A-Corto perjuicio, para el que la da; pasajera alegria para el que a ella asiste-57 FINIQUITO-Presentarlo, dudoso resembolso de fondos; os lo presentan, pago incierto-33 FLA UT A-Cuesti6n y perdida de pleito-15 FLECHAS--Penas para el que las oye silbar; desgracia, para el que cae herido-59 FLORES--Verlas, poseerlas o percibir su aroma en la estaci6n correspondiente, amores y placeres pero en tiempo irregular, si son blancas, obstaculos a vuestros proyectos; si amarillas, fatal logro en las empresas, si encarnadas, confiad; coger las fl ores, provecho; recibirlas amor-6 FLO REST A-Enredo amoroso-14 FORTALEZA-Esclavitud-47 FOSO-Saltarle, indicia de salvarse de alguna maledicencia-61 FREIR-Ver, tram as; frir algo, enredos m uj eriles; comer frito perdida de biene&-43 FRENTE-Una hermosa frente, anuncia de espiritu; espaciosa, perfecto juicio y denota igualmente requza; verse la frente de cobre, bronce o ecero, indica se tiene un odio eterno para los enemigos; sonar hallarse herido en la frente, cercana perdida pecuniaria; frente abultada y carnosa, predice la elocuencia, la fuerza y la constancia-89 FRESAS--Inesperado lucro-30 FRISAR-Peligro-51 FRITARA-Parleria mujeril-52 FRUTOS--Todos anuncian el placer,-si se hallan en saz6n; y los disgustos, si estan pasados-5 FUEGO-C6lera y peligro; produce llama, disipa-

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-102-ClOn; se hall a ya apagado, pobreza; si una muj er lo enciende facilmente, tendra a su tiempo oportuno hermosos hijos; no puede encenderlo sino dificilmente, vergtienza le aguarda; os quemais, fiebre; lo manejais sin estorbo alguno, logro en las empresas-62 FUENTE-De cristalinas aguas, alegria y provecho; turbias, perdidas y tristezas; bebeis en ella con pena, pron6stico de un cambio de estado o de habitaci6n; se agota su manantial, presagio de pobreza y muerte; fluye en abundancia, confiad ser rico y dichoso-71 FUSIL--C6lera-10 FUSILAR-Ver fusilar a alguien, suceso escandaloso; si os fusilan, inesperada desgracia-37 G GALANTERIA-Ser gal6n, perfecta. salud; si la que suefia es mujer, prosperidad; si una joven, inconstancia-67 GALEOTO-Audacia feliz-26 GALOPAR-En un caballo negro, lazo de que os librareis; en un caballo castafio, infructuoso trabajo; en uno b:.. ~1co, faciles placeres-25 (___,_LLINA-Que cacarea, fuertes disgustos; que pone, provecho; cercada de sus polluelos, perdidas--70 GALLO-Su canto, noticia pr6spera; sus combates, rifias-24 GAMO-Lo matais, saldeis con la vuestra-41 GAMUZA-Cazarla, ventajosa celeridad en los negocios; ma tar la, inspira temores-29 GANADOS-Guardarlos, signo para los ricos de vergiienza y cuestiones familiares; para los pobres, consideraciones y beneficios-18 GANANCIA-Licita, confianza de dinero; ilicita, perdida pecuniara-54 GANAPAN-Socorros y protecci6n-28 GANGRENA-Perdida de amigos-40 GANZO-El que suefia con dicho animal, aguarda una insulsa visita-11 GARGANTA-Cortarsela, feliz esperanza; admirarla, dichosos amores-92 GATO-Traici6n en vuestra familia o en vuestros &mores; se halla echado o dormido, no alcanzareis mas que a medias vuestros proyectos; refie o esta enfureci-

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-103-do terned ser robado-4 G EMELOS--Feliz pron6stico-l 00 GENERAL-Lujo e indigencia-23 GLOBO AEROESTATICO-Quimericos proyectos --90 GOBIO-Provechos para los que le contemplan en el agua; perdidas para el que come dicho pez-99 GOCES--;,Sofiais ser dichoso? .... no tardareis veinticuatro horas en experimentar disgustos--66 GOLONDRINA-Plausible nueva-35 GONDOLA-O acompafiareis un entierro o acompafiaran el vuestro-32 GORDURA-Placeres y riquezas-21 GORRA-Ponersela, sed prudente en vuestros amorcillos; quitarsela, secreto descubierto; aceptar una, pr6ximo lazo de amor-81 GRAMA-Cesaci6n de disgustos y logro en los negocios--69 GRANADA-Sazonada, cercana riqueza; verde, enf ermedad y tristezas-34 GRANIZO__IJ)esazones y perjuicios-27 GRAN J A-Confianza, para el que la ve; presagio feliz, para el que en ella entra; prosperidad, para el que la habita-22 GROSELLAS--Comer de blancas, alegria y placeres; de rojas, constancia; de negras, termino de una rabia efimera-20 GRULLA-En verano, llegada de enemigos o de ladrones; en invierno, mal tiempo-83 GUANTE-El que suefia usar buenos guantes, sera feliz; el que lo contrario, experimentara mil incomodiclades-38 GUARDIA-Recurrir a la guardia, tomad animo; hacer algun prisionero, desconfiad de alguna desdefiosa torpeza; si os detienen, buena sefial; si esta patrullado, sufrireis una perdida insignificante-17 G UISADO-Indigesti6n-9 GUISADO DE LIEBRE-Chismerias mujeriles--73 G UISANTES-Comerlos, di cha y expedici6n en los asuntos-19 GUITARRA-Protecci6n amorosa para el que canta acompafiandose con dicho instrumento-84 GUSANO-Acenimos enemigos-97

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-104-H HABAS--Rifias y pleito-21 HABICHUELAS--Calumnias y vituperios-72 HACHA-Presagio funesto en su aparici6n-39 HADA-Encuentro con una mujer que os seducira y su coqueteria no dejara de darnos bastante que sentir-86 HAMBRE-Padecer, industria de , seguido exito; satisfacerla, permanente prosperidad-19 HARAPOS--Verse vestido de ellos termino de un cruel tormento; ver cubierto a otro, aviso de que os favorecera un desgraciado-4 HARINA-Muerte en la vecindad-38 HARP A-Curaci6n y consuelo-40 HEN O-Fatal accidente-29 HERIDA-Producida por una espada, logro; por un desconocido, penas; por un lobo, perfidia; curais una herida, favores correspondidos con ingratitudes; herir a alguien., infundados recelos-9 HERMANO-Sucesos varios-24 HIDROPESIA-Ser hidr6pico, moderaci6n en los gastos; si fuese mujer, concebira por medios reprensibles-41 HIELO-Sofiar con el en el invierno, no nos indica cosa alguna, puesto que solo es un recuerdo de lo que tanto nos atormenta en aquella estaci6n; pero si fuere en otra, presagio buena cosecha a los campesinos; a los comerciantes estorbos en los negocios, y disgustos sin cuento a Ios militares-32 HIERBA-Pobreza-87 HIERRO-Signo fatal; rojo, efusi6n de sangre-10 HIERRO VIEJO-Mas ruido que nueces-32 HIGADO-Enfermo, seco o quemado, fortun.a y vi-da en peligro; dar con el higado de un enemigo, victoria; encontrar el higado de un animal cornudo, pron6stico de riquezas, y herencia de grandes personajes-14 HIGOS--Verlos durante su correspondiente estaci6n, dicha futura; en otra estaci6n, sensibles penas; co merlos, sereis un malgastador; secos, se halla en peligro vuestra fortuna-67 HIJO-Perdida proposici6n; verle amamantar, grave enfermedad; pero en caso de que la esposa del que

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-105-i:uefia estuviera en cinta, indica una quebrantada salud para el infante que dara a luz; si fuere una mujer la que suefia, le pronostica parira una nifia, o _ tendra una contrariedad; ver y hablar a muchos infantes a la vez, gravamen-81 HILILLOS--Seiial de lluvia-7 4 HILO-Miseria-57 HISOPO-Ver, tener o percibir, trabajo y penas; pero feliz presagio para los medicos-12 HOJ AS--Fatal pron6stico-ll HOMBRE-Vestido de blanco, dicha; de negro, des-gracia; asesinado, seguridad; armado, desazones-49 HOMICIDIO-Dafio mortal-84 HONGOS-Pr6spera salud, larga vida-58 HORCA-Alcances ciertos-68 HORMIGAS-Abundancia-82 HORNO-Indicio de comodidad, si esta escondido; de indigencia, si apagado-56 HORQUILLA-Presecuci6n-45 HOSPITAL-Miseria-52 HOZ-Fatal agiiero-83 HUEVOS--Blancos, di cha; rotos, contiendas, fres cos, buena noticia-60 HUMAREDA-Daiiosa ostentaci6n-100 I IGLESIA-Noticia de muerte; edificarla regocijo; entrar en ella, beneficencia; rogar, consuelo-71 ILUMINACIONES--Regocijos; si estan apagandose, lloros y cuidados-78 IMAGEN-Toda imagen pintada es feliz; animada, peligrosa-69 IMPORT ANC I A -Cerc a n o logro-31 I MPROVISACION-Org ull o literario, que hace se rian d e voz-3 I NCENDIOP e ligro mortal-16 INCESTO-Il ustraci6 n 7 5 I NCIENSO-Perfidos aduladores-35 INDIGESTION-Os invita a la sobriedad en la pr6-xima comida-86 INFIERNO-Modere s u conducta el que lo perciba-15 INGLESES-Amigos perfidos; acerrimos acreedo-

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-106-res-50 INGENIO DE AZUCAR-Sensibles disgustos; engaiio s-27 INQUITEUD-Sufrir, invita a la confianza; motivarla anuncia algun peligro-77 iNSENSATO-Sofiar ser un insensato, te regalaran, y viviras largo tiempo-51 INSOLENCIA-Ser insolente con alguien, le pagara este con la mi sma moneda; ser el blanco de un in solente guardese si no quiere ser culpable-100 INSOMNIO-Sofiar hallarse en insomnio, pr6ximas tribulaciones-99 INSTRUMENTOS--Mus icos , consuelo , alegria curaci6n de enfermedad-64 INTESTINOS--z.Salen de vuestro cuerpo? Alguien s e alejara de vuestra casa por alguna fuerte rifia; l, so fiais comer? heredareis de un criado, z.sofiais comer los de otro?, enriquecereis con los bienes ajenoS-25 INHUMACION-Luto y miseria-23 INUNDACION-Catastrofe-23 INVENT ARIO-Quiebra-4 J JABALI-Victoria, para el que le mata; dafio para e l qu e le ve-94 J ABON-Enredados negocio s , que s e van s implifi-cando-76 JARABE-Glotoneria fatal p ara el que lo bebe-10 JARDIN-Aum.ento de fortuna-1 JAULA-Sin p ajaro, anuncia prisi6n; con el libertad-48 JINETE-Su caida anuncia algun perjuicio-70 JOY AS--Si po s eei s, no o s de shagais de ellas; s i o s e xcitan, aparta o s pronto-55 JUBON-Blanco, coqueteria; colorado, economia; quitarlo , frustrados d ese os ; dejarlo quitar, amor funes to-43 J U E GO-Perdida d e a mi g o s ; perd e r e n e l j u e go , camb io ventaj o s o d e po sici6n-100 JUEZ-Ma lici a y p erve r sidad; l e s v erdade r amente culpable el que s u efia ?, tol e r ancia; eje rcer las funcio nes d e j u e z , di sgustos y fraca s o s-65 J UGETES--Trav es urill as q u e n o dejaran d e per-

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-107-judicaros-14 JUICIO-Encontrarse en juicio por causa propia o de otro, presagio de a suntos complicads que reclaman todo vuestro talento y cuidado-26 JUMENTO-Hermso y bien enjaezado, cercana union con una mujer lin ,da y joven, con la que sereis feliz; flaco y en pelo, concubina que os arruinara-7 JURAR-Si lo haceis en suefio, guardaos de ello en socidead-62 JUSTICIA-Si os persigue, alcanzareis placenteros amorcillos-28 L LABERINTO-Secreto descubierto-21 LABIOS--Encarnados, perfecta salud; pa.lidos que-brantada-81 LABRAtDOR-Fortuna pr6spera-52 LADRAR~Clamor sin perjuicio-67 LADRON-Presagio feliz para cualquier empre-sa-58 LAGARTIJA-Desgracias ocasionadas por falsos amigos-40 LAMP ARA-Encendida, pasione~ y sufrimientos; apagada, prematura vejez-16 LAMP ARILLA-Lo mismo que la anterior-37 LANGOSTA-Musica insulsa-30 LARDO-Comer de fresco, victoria; de salado, pe-11as; cortarla, perdida de un pariente o amigo-49 LATIGO-Dar con el, desazones para si mismo; recibir latigazos, regocijos para otros-3 LA UREL-Logro, para los hombres; hij os, para lo s casados; maridos, para las solteras-100 LECHE-Amistad de mujer-75 LECHO-Hallarse en cama, peligro; una cama bien arreglada, ventajosa posici6n-65 LECHUGAS--Disgustos y estorbos en los negocios-88 LEER-Favorable noticias-7 4 LEGUMBRES--Sean cuales fueren, denotan diseor dia-47 LEJIA-Hacerla; esclavitud, caso que sea rico; ventajas, si fuese pobre-92 LENGUA-Habladora, necesaria reserva; larga,

PAGE 109

-1()8-llantos; voluminosa, buena sefial-31 I.-ENTEJAS-Depravaci6n-45 LEON-Ver un le6n, audencia con un rP-y o alto perscnaje; batirse con un le6n, indicio de un acercana lucha con un enemigo temible; vencerle, indudahrn victoria; mortar un le6n, terned la c6lera real; comer carne de dicho animal, esperad altas dignidades; la piel de le6n, pr6x ma opulencia; verle correr, locura-55 LEOP ARDO-Dafios varios; dicha y desgracfa su-cesiva; lazos tendidos--10 LEONA-Dicha familiar-33 LIEBRE-Favorable adquicisi6n-88 LIENZO-Blanco, casamiento; colorado, felleci-miento-26 --97 LIMON-Disgustos y adversidades--76 LIG AS-Dolencia-9 LIMOSNA-Hacerla, dicha; recibirla, desgracia LIMOSNERO-Acceso de religi6n-12 LIMPIABOTAS-Cercano pleito-24 LIO-Falsedad-5 LIRIO-Ver un lirio, percibir s u arom a o poseerlo durante su correspondiente estacion, feliz agliero; en tiempo regular, vanas esperanzas-87 LOBO-A varicia, perfidia, cruel dad; si se suefia veneer a un lobo, domaremos a un enemigo que tiene to das las cualidades de dicho animal; ser mordido por un lobo, un cruel enemigo nos vencera-42 LOCO-Sonar ser loco, dicha y protecci6n de los grandes, para el hombre; nacimiento de un hijo que llegraa a hacerse celebre, para la mujer; cercano enlace, para la soltera-1 LOCURA-Favores, salud, a legria-68 LODO-Caminar por el lodo, miseria; enlodarse, enf ermedad-6 LUNA-Verla, resistencia en los pa gos; las penas afligen al que ve su pa.lido resplandor; si fuere opaca, trae desgracias--39 LUTO-Tribulaciones--14 LUZ-Buen presagio; muchas a la vez provecho -80

PAGE 110

-109-LL LLAGA-Fatales n e go c i os 2 LLANURAS-Ventajas-72 LLA VE-Perderlas, indicio de c 6lera-4 LLOROS-Consuelo-100 LLUVIAS-Dulce, e s d ecir, si n vientos, tempestad, etceter a ganan cia , y provecho para l os labradores , pero e s perdida o mal l ogro de mercancias para los comerciantes; se des hace e l c i e l o en agua, pesares , d isgustos, dafios y perd i d as, pero p ueden l o s pobres augurar calma, con fia nza y mej ora de f ortuna-22 M MACHO CABR IO-Amor criminal-34 MA DERA-Verse e l bus to de madera, larga vi-da-24 , MA DRE-Felicidad para el que suefia con su madre; permanece r a s u l a do, seguridad, h a blarl a, f eliz nueva; v erla muerta, pelig r o p e r s on a l o d e inter eses -14 MALVA-Fin d e tristezas y exp e di c i 6n en lo s negocios-41 MANCHAS-Me l anco li a 80 M ANGUITO-Riguroso i nvi-erno 43 M A NO-Tener las manos mas lindas de lo que es regular, l o gro en l os negocios y amor de la familia; ver ;i uemar, secar o cortar l a mano (pronostica al hombre p erdida de su mas firme apoyo, y a la mujer, la de su marido o d e l a raz6n. S i a lguien suefia que su mano ha ciisminui d o d e volumen tema l a infidelidad y la c6lera d e l os s uyos; sofiar que se trabaja con la mano derecha, s igno de dicha; con l a izquierda, infelicidad; una mano velluda, ted io y prisi6n; unas manos blancas y frescas, anuncian la amistad entre los pobres y la ociosidad entre lo s ricos; ten er muchas manos, dicha y poder; a l os ladrones, este s u efio l es indica que seran detenidos y con• d e n a dos; c o ger e l f u ego co n las manos sin quemarse, s e vencera n cuantos o bstaculos se presenten a fin de saiir avante e n las e m p resas; bati r a a l g u ie n mano a mano, cabal acuerdo co n s u mujer, y rifia a m orosa, si es so l t e ro. Un a mujer da c on l a man o a s u marido, esta d es confia d e e l , no obstante e l amor que l e profesa; es su a m ante , e l que l e azota, no duraran muc h o sus am ores ;

PAGE 111

-110-contemplarse las manos, dolencias-54 MANTECA-Comerla, alegria entremezclada con disgustos; azotarla o comprimirla, aguarde demostraciones de amistad-50 MANTELES-Limpios, orden y buena conducta, que conduce a ser dichoso; sucios, desorden y perjudicial comportamiento-79 MANZANAS-Comer de dulces, alegria y placeres particularmente para las mujeres y las j6venes; comer de acidas, disputas y sedici6n-39 MANAS-Ser objeto de los artificios de una linda mujer, contrariados amores; serlo de una vieja, fatalidad en las empresas amorosas-7 MAR-En calma, auxliio de parientes; alborotada, peligro; caer en el mar, fatal accidente-22 MARCHITURA-Sufrirla o atribuirla a otro, invici6n secreta a vigilar escrupulosisimamente todas vuestras acciones y las de los sujetos con quienes estas en relaci6n-13 MARFIL--Pensamiento de joven mujer-35 MARIPOSA-Inconstancia-30 MARISCO-Bacio, _l)_erdida metalica, o de tiempo; lleno, cercano logro-59 MARMOL--Riiia o contienda-58 MARMOTA-Pereza e indigencia-52 MASCARA-Hipocresia-62 MAT ADERO-Encontrarse en un matadero des provisto, indica un peligro del que nos afligiremos sin raz6n; ver matar en el algunos animales, feliz pron6stico, caso que flu ya la sangre en abundancai; de lo contrario, temase una fuerte catastrofe-69 MAZORCA-Efimera dicha-87 MEDIAS-De algod6n o de hilo, mediana fortuna; ie seda, pabreza; si las quita, dinero que recibir; destrozadas, engafiosa opulencia-57 MEDICINA-Tomarla, miseria; suministrarla, pro-vecho-25 MEJORANA-Ver, posere o percibir su olor, labor y tristeza; empero buen presagio es para los medicos -100 MELON-Vanas esperanzas, curaci6n de enfermedades-89 MERENGUES-Dolencia y cuidados-31

PAGE 112

-111-MESA-Cubierta, abundancia; desprovista, fortuna en peligro-37 MIEDO-Tener miedo, debe procurar el descanso; promoverlo, invita a tener animo en una pr6xima ocasi6n-9 MIElr-Placer y prosperidad-20 MIESES--Prosperidad en el comercio-17 MIJO-Pobreza-29 MILAGRO-Acceso de locura-32 MIRTO-Declaraci6n amorosa-4 MISA-Oirla, .satisfacci6n interior; celebrarla, cesaci6n de cuidados; misa cantada, imponderable alegria -93 MITOLOGIA-Muy poco placenteras son las apariciones de sus personajes--73 MOCHUELO-Tristeza-86 MOLINO-Parado, vida mon6tona y triste; en mo . vimiento, existencia feliz y anhelada-14 MONDADIENTES--Fatal presagio-3 MO NEDA-De ord, mortificaci6n; de cobre, rapida fortuna; de plata, bienestar; hacer falsa, vergiienza y castigo-78 MONO-Rateria-16 MONT ANA-Largo viaje-12 MONTEPIO-Empleos honrosos y lucrativos-90 MORCILLA-Hacerla, penas; comerlas, inesperada visita-93 MORDAZA-Ponerla a un enemigo, este le desacreditara; recibir una, vencera no obstante todos los obstaculos-66 MORDEDURA-Tristeza y celos--15 MORIR-Verse agonizando, indicio de un pr6ximo abandono-84 M OSCA-lmportunidades--45 MOST AZ A-Para los que sean medicos , fatal agiiero-75 MUDANZA DE CASA-Fatal nueva-55 MUERTE~'De hijo, logro; de parientes o de amigos, union o nacimiento; abrazar a un muerto, vivireis largo tiempo; un muerto os tira del vestido , amenaza una fuerte enfermedad; un muerto en un ataud, indigestion; presenciar la muerte de un anciano, no tardareis en llorar la de un pariente, amigo, querida o espo sa-8

PAGE 113

-112-MUJERES--Ver una mujer, dolencia; muchas a la vez, calumnia; una rubia, feliz suceso; una morena, enfermedad; embarazada, noticia favorable, desnuda, muerte de algun pariente; oirla sin verla partida-28 MULATO-Ver un mulato, gloria y dicha; a una mulata, peligrosa enfermedad-7 4 MULETAS-Perdida en el juego, para el que anda con ellas; verlas solamente, dolencias; romper las, pr6-xima curaci6n-25 MULO-Malicias y tribulaciones-42 MULTA-Pagarla, lucro-11 MURCIELAGO-Negro, aflicci6n; blanca, regoci-Jo-60 MUROS-Cuestiones familiares-28 MUSICA-Consuelo-53 ]\1USLOS-Quebrados, morira en viaje, s i es un hombre el q ue suefia; s i fuera una soltera, casara con un extranjero, ver los blancos y hermosos muslos de una mujer, salud y dicha eterna-33 N N ABOS-Verlos o comerlos, vana esperanza; si el qu e lo sueiia esta enfermo, curaci6n-63 N ALG AS-Verse las propias, infamia; las de una rnujer, lujuria-32 N ARAN J A-Herida y dolor-49 NARIZ-Disforme, libertinaje; abultada, infidelidad; cha ta, fornicaci6n-87 NAIPES-Perdida metalica y tonteria-100 NA VIO-Hallarse en el, si el mar se halla tranquilo, alegria y seguridad en los negocios; y lo contrario, si agitado; hallarse en un navio naufrago, dafios inminentes, fortuna incierta; si el soiiador fuere un prisionero, no tardara en alcanzar la libertad; el aparejo de un navio anuncia noticias de vuestros deudores, o de ios corresponsales-42 NEGOCIOS-Hallarse abrumado por los negocios, felicidad inesperada; salirse,, ;_ bien, contrato matrimonial; ir mal los negocios, pron6stico de algun cambio favorable-35 NEG R O-Tristeza-4 7 NIDO-Encontrar un nido, de pajarillo, aumento de familia; de orugas, disgustos; de serpientes, calumnias

PAGE 114

-74 -113-NISPERO-Pereza y dejadez-54 NUBES--Discordias-82 NUECES--Disensiones y dificultades-66 NUMEROS-Sofiar, sin recordarlos, fracaso; uno, engafiosa sociedad; dos, dafiosos intentos; tres, consulta de abogados; cuatro, disputa de entidad; cinco, pena inutil; si exceden a este ultimo, ilusiones-71 0 OBELISCO--Grandor y riqueza; encontrarse en uno, envidiable adquisici6n-45 OBISPO-Poderoso protector-7 0 ODIO-Odiar en suefios a alguna persona: esta aborrece-99 OFICIAL--Servicios mal recompensados-8 OJOS--Bellos, alegria; enfermos, faltas; de las que no dejara de arrepentirsefi amorosos, infidelidad de mujer; salido s, dafio propio, o para l a familia; ceuados, justa desconfianza; perdidos, desgracia mortal para un hijo-66 OLIV AR-Maridos para las solteras, hijos para las casadas; fortuna para los hombres-9 OLO RES-Presunci6n-51 OMBLIGO-Peligro, l azos, acusaci6n-78 ORGANILLO-Tocar o ver tocar organillo, falleci-miento de un pariente-69 ORGANO-Su son id o indica lo mi s mo que el termino anterior-64 OREJAS--Tapadas, si el que s uefia es hombre, tirania domestica; s i mujer, descaro; el que las limpia, tiene fieles servidores; orejas largas, fortuna d e un amigo; acortadas, sereis enga:fiado-27 OPERACION-Verla practicar, perdida de ami gos; sufrirla, perdida d e bienes-59 ORINAR-A la pared, felices negocios; e n una cama, retardo de dinero-73 ORINES--Florida, salud; beberlos, terminaci6n d e enf ermedad-34 ORO-Signo de inutil ambici6n , o de reprensible avaricia-42 ORTIG AS--Traici6n-71 ORUGA-Desazones promovidas por los ambicio-

PAGE 115

-114-f;Os-27 OSAMENTAS--Trav esia, e inevitables disgustos -45 OSO-Persecuci6n, si os embiste; logro para el que s6lo lo ve correr-9 OVEJAS--Dicha, para el que se cree cercado; tristeza, si las ve ma tar; desgracia, si refiir-7 0 p P ADRE-Dichosa esperanza para el que ve el suyo-9 P ADRINO-Anuncio de bautismo o de boda-62 P AJ A-Recogida, abundancia; desparramada, mi seria-27 P AJ AROS-Alegria y provecho; cogerlos, desazones; matarlos, desgracia; perseguirlos, lazos que os arman vuestros enemigos y rivales; se aproximan volando hacia vos , terned alguna quiebra; cantan, feliz exito; todo pajaro de noche o de rapifia es de fatal agtiero; vol vers e p ajaro, cambio de fortuna-37 P AJUELAS--Riqueza-66 PALACIO-Inquietudes, para el que s e dirija hacia e l , con veniencias, para el que lo habita-54 PALANGANA-Llena, dinero; vacia, deudas-16 P ALMERA-Casamiento para solteras; logro y dignidades para lo s hombres-81 P ALO-Poseerlo, tristeza; apoyars e en el, dolencia; dar d e palos, beneficio s ; recibirlos, cue stiones con las autoridades-88 PALOMAS-Amores y castos placeres-15 PAN-Comer, d e blanco, provecho para el rico, perj uicio para el pobre ; de moreno, lucro para el pobre, y perdidas para e l rico; comer pan de cebada, salud y r e goci jo-60 PANTANO-Trabajo y pobreza-100 PAP A-Dicha en el otro mundo-78 P ARAG U AS--Prosperidad momenta nea-57 P AR AISO-Castos place res-20 PARED-Os impide e l p a s o , sen sibles penas; l a ve n ce i s, regocijos-18 P ARP ADOS--Abiertos, apr e ci o ge n e r a l ; y lo contrari o s i fuesen caid os-29 P ARRAL--A bunda nci a 8 2

PAGE 116

-115-PARTES SEXUALES-Tenerlas sanas, gozan de salm los parientes; y alcanzareis nuevos bienes; enfermas, predice lo contrario; lo propio debe entenderse para la mujer; tener dichas partes mayores y mas vigorosas que los demas, presagia al hombre fama, fortaleza y hermosos nifios; a la mujer justa reputaci6n y una linda hija; si una mujer sofiare ser hombre, tendra un hijo, honor de su familia; suefia un hombre ser mujer tema la infamia; verse extirpar las partes, pron6stico de cercana muerte o de pobreza para el que suefia, o para sus hijos; sofiar aumentar de volumen, alcanzareis grandes honores, y tendreis nu hijo virtuoso y celebre; si lo contrario, terned por vuestra posici6n social, y no extrafieis la desdicha o una enfermedad de vuestros hijos; exp oner sus' partes a la vista publica, anuncio de presecuciones por la justicia, y sus castigos; ten er las partes herniadas, sera dctima de sus enemigos, y tendra hijos enfermizos-7 PARTO-Asistir a un parto, cercana fortuna, proporcionada al n(1mero de recien nacidos que se hubieren visto en tal suefio; laborioso o mortal, se frustraran todas las esperanzas; feliz, prosperidad; si una mujer sin estar embarazada sofiare dar a luz una nifia, placeres entremezclados de dolores-34 P ASEO-Alegria seguida de tristeza-63 P ASTELERIA-Fabricarla, alegria y provecho; comerla, placeres y atenciones-89 PASTOR-Su aparici6n predice veleis vuestros in-tereses-17 PA TIZ AMBO-Desconfiad de un falsario-8 PA VO-Perversidad de parientes o de amigos-32 PA VO REAL-El hombre al que se aparezca dicha eva tendra una linda esposa, la mujer, un buen marido; y los casados, hermosos hijos-13 PECES-Abundancia, si fueren grandes; si pequefios, escasez para el que les viere pescar; ser comido por los peces, fluxi6n, catarro, melancolfa; ver o encontrar a los peces muertos, vanas esperanzas; la mujer en cinta que creyere parir un pez, dara a luz un infante mudo, o que no vivira mucho tiempo-36 PECHO-Tener un pecho bien conformado, salud; velludo, locro, para el hombre; perdida del marido para la mujer; un amigo os traspasa el pecho con una espada, presagia a los ancianos fatales nuevas, y a los j6-

PAGE 117

I -116-venes, amistad-59 PEDO-Oirlo, humillaci6n, hacerlo, di sputa-49 PEIN ADO-Signo peligroso-71 PEIN AR-Ple ito y chasco-3 PELIGRO-Correr, feliz suceso; evitarlo, fundada d esconfianza-2 6 PELOTA-Jugar, cercano cobro; verla botar, tardanza d e l m ismo-23 PELUCA-Reumatismo cr6nico-69 PELUQUERO-Elegante, prosperidad; sencillo, des honor-85 PENDOLA-Aprovechar el tiempo-11 PERAS-Sazonadas, regocijo y placeres; acidas o salvajes, lo contrario-55 PERDIZ-Amorcillos-56 PEREGRINO-Viaj e-64 PERFUMES O AROMAS-Lice ncio sso placeres-91 PERLA-Tristeza-28 PERRO-Emb l ema d e fidelidad; s i duerme, no te; si corre o l adra cuidad de voz o de lo s d e la familia; grufie a vuestros pies, dolencias q u e os ocasionan dispendios; rifie con a l gun perro, terned algt'in lazo; ante un gato, tendreis disputas; acompafiado de una perra, libertinaje-75 PESCAR-Con cafia, pobreza; con red es, mudanza de tiempo-47 PESTE-Fortuna mala adquirida, que se procura enmendar-26 PICHONES-Felices sucesos-51 PIEDRAS-Desazones-65 PIERNAS-Vigorosas y bien formadas, salud y dicha; hinchadas o ulceradas, desazones y perjuicios-86 PIES-Cortados, penas; limpios, glotonerais; raidos, parasitos; sucios, enfermedad vergonzosa; atados, paralisis; tener muchos pies, anuncio de dafio para uno de la familia, empero es de buen agtiero para los mercaderes; quemarse en el pie, fatal presagio; sonar que se baila, alegria y amisted; ver o tocar los pies a los hijos, placeres, ganancia y perfecta salud; lavarse lo s pies en una funte, heridas o enfermedad; besar lo s pies a a l guien, sumo arrepentimiento o ejemplar humillaci6n; ver a una serpiente u otro animal cualquiera al momente de picaros los pies, envidia; os l os muerde o hiere el animal ,

PAGE 118

-117-tri s teza; o s l a van o p erfuma n lo s pi es, honores y fide lidad; ten e r fracturado e l pi e , p erdida, viaje u obstacul o e n l os n e gocios; ser co jo, d eshonor; mas s i e l q u e s u efia se e n c ontrase p r i s ion e ro, recibira un digno cast igo por s u s faltas; s i fue r e un rico, parte d e s u s bien es seran d ev orad os por las ll a mas-80 PILERIA-Dicha-4 1 PIMIENT A-Tacafieria-14 PINO-Pereza y d e jadez3 0 P I N T A R-Van a a legria-61 PIOJOSD i nero42 PIP A-Disputa para e l q u e l a q uiebra; triunfo para e l fumador-44 PIRAMIDES-Grandor y riquezas; hallarse en su c uspi de, fortuna 52 PLAT A LA BRADA -Comprar, .desgracia; vend er, logr o 83 P L OM O-Mal trato53 P LUMASB l a n cas, a legria; negras, lloros 77 PLUMAZON-Presagio de opulencia-67 POBRES-Desazones domesticas76 POLILLA-Amigos falsos o criados, de los que con dificu ltar podran apartarse de nuestro lado-68 PORDIOSERO-Ser uno, confianza de ser dichoso; ver muchos, enfermedad-48 POSTRES-Placeres dispendiosos y funestos-19 POZOS-De agua cristalino, buen caudal; turbia, considerables perdidas; sacar agua, casamiento por el dote; caer en alguno, injurias y humillaciones-1 PRADERA-Encontrase en una, excelente presa-gio para el pastor o la brad or; para los demas, indica obstaculos en los negocios-33 PRECIPICIO-Signo de confianza-45 PREDICODOR-Beneficencia-31 PREGUNTAS-Hacerlas importu,na curiosidad; os las dirigen, recelos-24 PRELADO-Cuidadoso presagio-84 PRINCIPE-Precario favor-7 4 PRISION-Entrar en ella, salud; permanecer, consuelo; salir, peligro-43 PROCESO-Verdadera amistad-6 PROFECIA-N o creais en ell a, si no se man if estara claramente en vuestros suefios; en el caso contrario, a-

PAGE 119

-118-provechos cual corresponde-35 PROFESION-Inesperada dicha-22 PRUDENTE-Toda mujer que finja ser prudente en sus suefios serlo en la vigilia-58 PUENTE-Pasar por un puente, trabajo; si fuere de madera, miedo; caer de un puente, perdida de la raz6n-12 PUERCO-Ocioso que vive a costa vuesrta-79 PERRO-Revelaci6n de cosas sagradas, o cues-tiones familiares-73 PUERT A-Arresto, o afrenta-87 PUERTO-Buena noticia-100 PULGAS-Disgustos; reunidas con chinches, piojos, sabandijas y otros bichos, dinero-38 PULMON-En.fermo o herido, anhelos contrariados, dafios varios; sano y voluminoso, amparo, dicha y salua.-72 PULPITO-La gloria es para el que sube a el-21 PUNAL--Noticias de personas ausentes--40 PUSTULAS--Riquezas-4 Q QUEMAR-Ver quemar o arder, en suefios, uno o muchos edificios con viva llama, sin que se consuman, significa para los pobres, que heredaran de los ricos; y & estos, que aumentara su fortuna; pero si los edificios sucumbieran a las llamas, denota lo contrario; y temase entonces las desgracias, pleitos, deshonra y muerte; ver quemar su lecho, peligro y enfermedad; las ligaduras, rnuebles y ropas, perdidas e injurias; las ventanas de enfrente de nuestra casa; una tienda, ruina comercial, garbas de trigo, hambre y mortandad; si no se reducen del todo a cenizas, fertilidad y larga vida; ver arrojar publicamente un hombre a las llamas, perdidas de mercancias o enfermedad; quemarse el dedo, envidia y pecado; verse quemar _ vivo, tedio, c6lera y disputas--2 QUERELLA-Constancia y amistad; de hombre, celos; de mujer, tormentso; entre hombre y mujer, pr6-ximo amor-100 QUESO-Desgracia-98 QUINT A-Provisto de trigo rico enlace, logro de :r,leito o herencia; indica igualmente fiesta y regocijos -5

PAGE 120

-119-R RAMERA-Honor y provecho-16 RAMILLBTE-Aceptarlo, gozo pasajero; amorci-llos-9 RASGON-Logro, con el auxilio de un amigo-37 RAN AS--Indiscreci6n-7 5 RAPTO-Proposici6n de enlace-57 RATONCILLOS-Disgustos provocados por una in-fame mujer-67 RA TONES--Enemigos ocultos y perfidos-11 RABANO-Revelaci6n de secretos, o cuestiones domesticas-43 RAYO-Discordia-34 RECTA-Anuncia las mas veces un impuesto, o un retardo de cobro-6 REGIMIENTO-Protecci6n en las empresas-62 REGOCIJOS--Alegria-32 REIR-Presagio de llanto-64 REJUVENECER-Dicha-30 RELAMP AGO-Pronostica la perdida de bienes, o la muerte-10 RELOJ-Os invita a aprovechar el tiempo-90 REMOS-Encontrase en una embarcaci6n, y remar, estorbos y fatigas; romper un remo, peligro de muerte: ver bogar a los demas, buena noticia-89 RENCOR-Tenerlo en suefios a alguien, cuidad di-siparlo-100 REPTILES--Falsos amigos-14 REQUESONES--Lucro y alegria-98 RETRA TO-Larga vida para la persona retratada; traici6n para el que lo acepta-59 REY-Su presencia os llama a altos empleos-27 RIACHUELO-De agua cristalina, empleo lucrativo y honorifico; turbia, desazones domesticas por los enemigos; cortado, pobreza y desgracia; de agua limpia, y que flu ye en abundancia, curaci6n de enfermedades; de agua salada, lo contrario a la anterior-8 RINA-Promovida entre dos amantes, casamiento f eliz: entre amigos, perdida metalica-77 RINONES-Mas rfgidos que lo regular, alegria, sa Jud, casamiento y hermosos hijos; flojos, aflicci6n, enfermedad, perdida de hijos-52 RIO-Nadar en el, pr6ximo dafio; encontrarse en

PAGE 121

-120-un impetu oso rio y no poder l i b ertar, peligr o s , enferm e d a d es y p l e itos interminabl es ; ver un rio apacible y po co cauda lo s o p oses i6n d e una linda mujer, o logro d e s u s anhe l os; ' un r io tran sparente recorre v ue s t r a habitac i6n , poderoso protector; s u agua e s turbia, querellas y d es 6rden es 69 RI V AL--Ma lh a d a d empresa-24 RO BLE Riq ueza y l onganimi d ad-33 R OBO-L ogro para e l ladr6n; d esdicha par a e l ro-bado4 1 ROCAS--Encontrarse e n l a cim a d e un pefi a sco, preparais para muchas nepas; o s es im p o s i b l e d esce nder, perdida de parientes o d e a mi gos-96 RODRIGO. -Estor bo e n l a marcha-19 RO MERO -Reputaci 6n-84 ROSAS-Ver, poseer o perci bir s u o lor en s u correspondiente estaci 6n, b u e n a sefial; e xc e pto para lo s enfermos y s.ujetos q ue ocultan; fu era d e t i empo s i g nifica l o con t rario5 0 ROSARIO-Cefiirs el o a l cuerp o , pro v e cho s 4 R UECA-Pob reza-55 R U ED O-Incon stancia-87 RODILLA-H erida, mi seria; cansada , enfermedad; castigada7 R U I NAS--Su presencia invi t a al arrepentimiento -74 RUISE NOR-Fingidos amores-21 s SA B ANONES -Des eos libertinos-7 4 SA CERDOTE-Ver e n s u efio a a l gu n o , e nfermedad; r e v estido co n su sobrepelli z , n o tarda e l q u e s ue fia en confesarse84 SACO De mo n e d a, b u e n a s u erte; d e trig o bie n-estar; de c u a l q uier otra co s a, desesperada empre~a-33 SOL--Sagacidad, modestia-22 SALA-Tristez a-100 SALMON-Fatal pron6stico-40 SALTEADORES--Perdereis algun pariente o par-te d e v u es t r a fortuna, si sofiareis os sorprenden-47 SALTO-Presecuci6n-16 . SALVIA-Ver, poseer o percibir su olor, trabajo y tristeza, empero es buen presagio para los medicos-59 •

PAGE 122

-121-SANGRE-Dolor; ver su propia sangre, herencia; perderla, penas-3 SANGUIJUELAS--Avaricia y usura-82 SAPO-Miseria-9 SARDINAS--Cuestiones internas-68 SARN A-Riqueza-43 SASTRE-Perdidas que no dejaran de reiterarse -48 SED-Ambici6n desatendida, apagada, adquisici6n de bienes-25 SEDA-Presagio de opulencia-32 SENO-De una nodriza, matrimonio; de una novia, parto feliz; de una joven, dinero, dicha y placeres; enfermo, signo mortal para el paciente; cualquier horn, bre que suefie tener pechos, tema el tedio, pues no dejara de ser fatal-37 SEPULCRO-Peligro y adversidad-50 SEPULTURA-Constante desgracia-4 SERMON-Beneficencia, amabilidad-62 SERPIENTE-Perfidia de hombre, o traici6n de mu-jer; victoria para el que la mata; enfermedad o encierro si se enrosca y recoge-31 SERRALLO-Debilidad de caracter o temperamento-8 SESOS--Comerlos, cercana enfermedad; secarsele los sesos, muerte-61 SEXO-Los 6rganos de ambos sexos, feliz agtiero; suefia una mujer pertenecer al otro sexo, dara a luz un nifio; un hombre suefia ser mujer, infamia-12 SILLA-Distinci6n-38 SILLON-Empleo honorifico-36 SIREN A-Traici6n-29 SOBRECEJO-Muerte violenta-51 SOL--En Oriente, feliz nueva; en Occidente, fatal pron6stico; cubierto, dafio personal, resplandeciente, gloria; rojo, contrarios negocios; ver a la vez el sol y la luna, sangrienta guerra-21 SOLDADO-Engafiosa esperanza-19 SOMBRERO-Rota o sucio, deshonor y compasi6n; nuevo, alegria, fortuna-64 SON AMBULO-Enfermedad nerviosa-41 SORTIJ A-Aceptarla, amistad; ofrecerla, confianza-76

PAGE 123

-122-SUBTERRANEO-Viaje por el agua-63 SUCESION-Des a z on es y tristeza-55 SUENO-Falsa tranquilidad-83 SUICIDIO-tl que su e fia comete r estc crimen guarde no volv:;r s e loco-73 T TABACO-Hareda, placeres sensuales ; malograrlo, pena; fumarlo, victoria-20 T ABANO-Deshonra-89 T ABERN A-Hallarse e n ella con los amigos, alegria y consuelo; encontrarse solo, disgustos y acaso vergiienza-72 T AMBOR-Miserables intentos-80 T APICERIA-Fabricarla, alegria sin prov echo-11 TART AMUDEAR-Pronta y 11til resoluci6n-39 TE-Efimera tristeza-90 TECHO-Perdida y seductora inclinaci6n ; correr por el t echo , ame n aza u n p eligro; cae r , cercana catastrofe-14 TEJON-Perfidia y pereza-100 TEMPESTAD-Ultraje, inminente peligro-98 TEN AZAS--Persecuci6n-85 TENEDOR-Pararitos-71 TERCIOPELO-Riquezas-79 TERMOMETRO-Vil ataque a la reputaci6n-30 TEST AMENTO-M uerte inminente-88 TERREMOTO-Ruina o muerte-75 TIOS--Cuestiones familiares-24 TIERRA-Fertil, linda y virtuosa consorte; arida, esposa terca y regafiosa; espaciosa, placer y riqueza; sembrada de trigo, trabajo provechoso; leguibres, aflicci6n; obscura, sumas riquezas faciles de alcanzar; tierra negra, melancolia y credulidad; se conmueve la tierra peligro para los negocios y vida; besar la tierra, tristeza y humillaci6n-577 TIGRE-Odio; se le deriba, suceso-28 TIJERAS--Disensiones entre amantes; rifia de casados; estorbos en los negocios-53 TINIEBLAS--Larga enf ermedad-44 TI'l'ERES--Ser titiritero, invita al orden y prudencia; ser convidado a una funci6n de titeres, desconfiese de una cercana proposici6n-49

PAGE 124

-123-TOCADOR-Verse en tocador, pron6stico de peli-gro inminente-18 TOPO-Ceguedad moral-5 TORN O-Escla vitud-99 TORO-Envidiada posici6n-52 TONELES-Riqueza, abundancia-15 TONTERIA-Decis una tonteria delante de alguien esta misma persona hara lo propio, y no dejara de aprovecharos-27 TORRENTE-Fatal agiiero; caerse en el, da:fio inminente-66 TORTOLA-Convenio entre esposos; union para los solteros-70 TORTUGA-Se para entre nosotros, tenemos secretos enemigos; comer tortuga, promoci6n de disgustos para lograr nada; si camina, perjudicial retardo en las empresas-88 TOS-Indiscreci6n-34 TRABAJADORES---Verlos, invita al trabajo-6 TRABAJO-Perfecta salud y logro-54 TRAJE-Usar un traje indecente, tristeza y tor-mento; un rico traje, significa lo contrario; ir con los vestidos sucios, deshonor; desear vestidos, placer y logro; poseer muchos y de varios col ores, aburrimiento-23 TRIGO-En una espaciosa era, ventajoso enlace; segado, fortuna en el comercio, co:nducirlo o trasladarlo, dolencia-58 TRONCOS---De los pobres, miseria para el que lo contempla; vergonzosa fortuna para el que se apodera de el-10 TROPEL--Importunidad-77 TUMBA-Peligro y adversidad-67 TUNICA-Miseria para el que la viste-12 TURBACION-Abortado provecho-36 u UJIER-Esta aparici6n debe armaros contra vues-tros falsos amigos-7 ULCERA-Fatales negocios-100 UNGUENTO-Alegria-76 UNIFORME-Celeridad para el que lo viste --33 UNAS-Muy crecidas, provecho; muy c01tas, per-

PAGE 125

-124-dida; deshonra para el que las corta o hace (:ortar; a rrancarse las ufias, peligro de muerte-78 UVA-Felices distracciones-20 URNA-Llena, enlace; vacia celibato---40 USURA-Ser usurero, ruina; recurrir a ella, ver-giienza pr6xima-76 V VACA-Desgracia-89 VACUNA-Inocularla, regalo que ofreceis en vuestro propio provecho. Sois vacunado, no tardareis en ser favorecido-100 V AJILLA-De estafio, barro o porcelana, existen-cia quieta y feliz-72 ' VANIDAD-Tan perjudicial en el suefio como en la vigilia-87 V ASOS-Llenos, enlace; vacio, celibato-49 VECINOS-Dolencia-30 . VELADA-Alegria y dinero-89 VELETA-Fatal volubilidad-75 VELO-Fingida modestia-82 VELLO-Signo de opulencia; si el viento arrastra parte, perdida de bienes; si todo, com pl eta ruina-67 VEN A-Desazones-37 VENGANZA-Pleito ruidoso-93 VENT A-Beneficio momentaneo, pero que muchas veces de margen al arrepentimiento-60 VENTANA-Arrojarse por la ventana, perdida de pleito; deslizarse por la misma, terned una quiebra; una ventana abierta, protecci6n con los grand es; cerrada, obstaculos sin cuento-9 VERDOLAGA-Colores, dificultades en los negocios--62 VERDUGUILLO-Noticias de personas ausentes -99 VERDUGO-Catastrofe-76 VESTIDO-Sucio odespreciado, pasajero desprecio; elegante, aprecio no muy provechoso; de varios colores, desazones-28 VIAJE-A pie, perjudiciales e insuperables obstaculos; a caballo, fortuna pr6spera; en carruafe, buena aventura. Viaja armado, elecci6n de esposa-54 VICTORIA-Llantos y celos para el que la alcan-

PAGE 126

-125-za; infidelidad u holganza para el vencido-16 VIEN TO-A ugustias-8 6 VIENTRE-Abultado, buen presagio; flojo, obstaculos; de mujer, union ilicita de hombre, amor ma] rnrrespondido-45 VINAGRE-Colorado, afrenta personal; blanco o incoloro, insulto dirigido a otro; perdido, enfermedad; beber, querellas domesticas-18 VINO-Beber vino puro, fuerza; aguado, salud debil; generoso, regocijos; espeso, riqueza; ver fluir, efusi6n de sangre; emborracharse con vino generoso, alta protecci6n, pr6xima fortuna-44 VIN A-Fecundidad-100 VIOLENCIA-Comentarla, temase mancharse con una perfidia o con una bajeza-80 VIOLET A-En su correspondeinte estaci6ri, alcance amoroso; fuera de ella, perdida de bienes, amigas o queridas; doble, segun la estaci6n, dicha, o desaz6n imponderable-90 VIOLIN-Percibir su sonido, concordia en un enlace; tocar el violin, fatal proyecto; verlo abandonado, tristeza afimera-34 VIRGEN-Alegria inocente-50 VISION-Temor-71 VISITAS-Recibirlas, trabajos imprevistos; hacerlas, notable perjuicio; visita de medico, prevecho-92 VIST A-Perspicaz, dicha en cualquier empresa; mala, suerte contraria; perderla, cercana traici6n-38 VIUDEDAD-Quietud-81 VOiVIITO-Disipaci6n-58 y YERBA-Franca amistad-36 YUNQUE-Provechoso trabajo-73 z ZANJA-Querellas domesticas-13 ZAP A TOS-Nuevos, ganancias; perderlos, pobreza inevitable-52

PAGE 127

-126-ZA~ ATOS VIEJ0S--Pobreza para el que los usa; s"dud para el que los echa; desazones para el que los pierde-59 ZARZAL-E.:;conderse en un zarzal, peligro-85 ZEBRA-Ingratitud-97 ZODIAC0-Contemplar , alguno de sus doce sig nos feliz agtiero-10 Z0RRA-Picardia; batirse con una zorra, presagio de disputa con un enemigo astuto: poseer una zorra domesticada, anuncia un fatal amor hacia una ramera, o bien una ciega confianza hacia un criado que os engafiara-5 ZUEC0-Beneficios-100 FIN

PAGE 128

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