The swamp rifles

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The swamp rifles

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The swamp rifles a tale of the Revolution
Hamilton, W. J.
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New York
Beadle and Company, Publishers
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Adventure stories, American -- Fiction ( lcsh )
Child slaves -- Fiction -- Southern States ( lcsh )
Dime novels ( lcsh )
Romance fiction, American ( lcsh )
Southern States -- History -- Fiction -- Revolution, 1775-1783 ( lcsh )
Green, Nathaniel -- Fiction -- 1710-1758 ( lcsh )
Tarleton -- Lieutenant-General -- Banastre -- Fiction -- 1754-1833 ( lcsh )
Lee, Henry -- Fiction -- 1775-11783 ( lcsh )
Guilford Courthouse, Battle of, N. C. -- 1781 ( lcsh )

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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-!~ C I~~ '~ ~ ---::;;:, -" -"-~=-THE-SWAMP RIFLES. BEADLE AND 00MP ANY, 98 WILLIAM and 41 PLATT ST., N. Y. Genera l Dime Book Publishe~ l --::::-_---=-----


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Entered according to Act or Congren. in the year 1818, bJ' BEADLE AND COMPANY, ID the Clerk'e Office or the Dlt!trict Conrt or the United Statea tor tu t:loutheru District ~f New York. (No. 180. )


1~HE SW ANIP RIFLES. CU.APTER I. Sll,E STAPLE. TnE wur for lncfopcnclcncc had shifted frnm the nol'l,1 to the outh, nod royalty was uppnreutly triumpluwt from shore to s e a. But, bnnds of p:1lriots had nl1•t1tly l,c.•gun that sysl<•m <>f prcllutory warlilrc, which evcutuully was the &1lrnlion of the sou1h c • province:s. l\Jen, who hall oothing ou their sit.le lmt strong arms anl! willing heart., without weapons, wit bout munitions of war, )jving lit erally from hand lo mouth, l.JceHmc iu time n turror to the i:ivmlcrs. IL was long before they lear:ied ti.JC les son. Stitt:.ncc~d by unturc, tlau Engli:;h coul01t11nl trnin would supply tlu~ m wilh nrms. Then, the little lmllll W

10 TllE SW AMP RIFLES. nllign.tor from his sl e ~ pin g-plnrc h y the side of the stagnnnt p o ol s . Hidden in the n c c: es o f the. c limitl c s swmnps were many h-lH ndP., : iln w t itupc11dr, Lie in thc:ir uonlcr of morass and j11ng lt't mul the t•c nt u f wlio ~ c c xl t e11<'e wns known to uut few. Tlie!:'.c pl u c s , in afl c r clay , th e y mallc a\ailaulc for the purpo e of hidrng from the British, wltc11 pres e,1 too laard, or wlll'n a : aikd hy too grc nt n uml>c t • ll was not de irnulc for th e m to m e et large umlies of 1egular , wl1cn 1i1l' Y coultl n, oill it. At lcn t, .Marion and Sumter rarely, if l nr, did so. Tlll'y pr, ~lcnc~tl to s al l y out. at. the dead of night, mhl fall ~11ultll'11l y upon a s l c t •ping ca111p o f Torie or t t•gt:lars, who woke 1111ly to hear the cli11k of ll1e sau •r alHl the rulllc of spurs , or tlw gro:111s of men in Ure ,lt-arh ngon_r. Singleton, T:1ylor, \Va s hin;.rt ou, L C l', 11ml men of thl•ir tlbposilion, were rcudy to m eet the li,e in the open field, mid of co11r"'e s1:tfort • d more than tl1cir more wary cumpatl'iot , while intlicti11g 110 grl' nlcl' los s on the enemy. B , mi kr Tarleton was , at the time under notir:c, al the highl of his fomc :1s a ,i gilant 11111I untiring officer, cxccralctl by the Whi~'8, 111111 m,ulc much ol' by the Tol'its :uul Ro~ ali ts, who knew thly had 110 othl'I' such suuonlinatc lciuler to nm clown the c11cn1y. It was impo s ihlc for lhe iiglit-arme d troopers of' the pa1tis1111 lt•:l(ler s to meet the hea, y dragoons of Tai lc toli1 in the cl1:11g c nml ussault, nml it wus not surpri ing thal the cm•my limuetl n , ery pout opiniou of the prowess of the southern hor c. It wa al that period in the history of the war when the wary Greene, the sturdy Rhollll hlantl man, was rctreatiug be fore the ad,•;111cing forces ut' Cornwalli , now tuh.! then turning upon llw Clll'lllY, 111Hl d ealing him 1L \'igo1011s IJ)ow, wh e n n m1111 s i oml nlonc 011 th e \Junk of the Pedce ri\'cr, in wlmt wns called M:11'1lioro' district. Ju person he wns rnth,i r ~lightly built, <•f

SILE STAPt.'. 11 ano bearing a brnce of heavy pistols. In one li:md he cnrricll a goo\l 1itle. The other helu tile Lrilllc o( a puwci'l"ul hul':<.. • J wi h hc',1 come," umttc1cJ the mun. "Ile knows it's time, I 1ccko11." llis gaze wns dirc

t2 TUE SW A.MP RIFLES. others? All the young bucks that followecl him nbou, hcfore the wur will follow him now. Anu then to have liim turn ng'in' the kcntry ! It mak<"l!I my l>louo11't 1ilc up nhout n I rifle. The gill i:1 ()l"l. 'llY, 1111' good; tihc's putl'iot lo Ilic hcilrl's con•, uuJ 11i11't 1,!0i11' to take up no sccb CJ'ool ctl . tick ns .J.oc Amos, for all his Juuul::omt foci!. Now let's talk u,w;i~lSS. When, i::1 Gn.'l'ner' •• He has dh'id1•l1 his nrmy into two part1. One is at Ilrna

4 ~G,--11 " The nc"s . .t lbn,t Buniate, T ~ton ha fouled n snng," "plied Sttrpl~. . " !Jc tll-oug\lt ho oouM wul)i bito lll!f jn t u he liked. I don't reckon he did it. Qltl forg:rn give it to him, liot 1U1' hea,•y. We uiuu'tle v him many lc1tthcr.i,eg to take bnck to the rl,, "Bc11ten-Tnr]elon bcnlcn? It llllrdly seems po _ iblc.'! "'Ti tl,oug,11. OJi, it dil nu: goud lt> the hncks of Turlclon's u1en ~ul~St. .&; ,:, ltwk Y-'ll yo IJll•Y h1)k JlOOlll rig'hu os n uch ll,S yoq Jijke but, the. cu.iu't . s\11 rifle~.. I mow my rifle yer picket] an officer oJf a ,: hito hn , at t,,ui; hwillr 'll y1ml , us lltc.-y WJJ.'3 cumin~ u~ u , fi U ui l~ Yon neHr saw lllCU fook so itatouj h •d in y< r Wk Wh t dn you , think men ea1~ do tl~r. on,ly r,U,i lli fr gy.1 brc l•high, uu' don't tnke no uim ? I dou't cme a red penny fur l <.u -oot n. Contineulnl c~." " I, think dQci he Uut, , h t was the k, ou,, our s4lt>?,. "! ll.kb 't t11Jl_mmt t.o l"U, Tbty w whn1 pc I before tlwy knew it, 11ml old Tarleton rude nway te> Com wnJIL, 1lan11 it "' tllo ridem<:n, Oh. wnn'li be n•gc \\ihen he gits nny of our poor follows tlown." "He is urule, but a g_oolt MI lu•r. 1u11l Ol)(t-tu \ ill tronttl~ Cornwallis yet. The earl is on the march ; or nt least nt,out l go." "hthatso?" "Yes. A courier came in to-dn • oud twl,} •~-Grt.-.Jtte clont quilt• umlcrstnml wlmt he is ullcr. I reckon y,m lnlll l,c.,ttcr JHtsll oi:," "So I hall," said the umn, bounding into the saddle. "Ile unght 10 know, Morgan mny:. m : ~ lua h~ltt l,eU,te l,..11g. Guotl-hv." The i10rseman dashed int• ~ke strenm ~n,l strt1gg,lt.'

TUE !WA.HP RI1'LE8. rose from the wnter on the fur shore he wns conscious thnt a man, in the clrc s ot n gentleman of tl;nt perim1, was seated in hi!\ satltlle wal~hing him. "Un," suit! he, ns he saw Sile Stnple's f:1ce. "l\ly oltl frientl, Sile Stnplc I My gootl fellow, how do you fillll yoursclf7" "Nono the better on yo11r neconnt, Joe An1os." snit] Sile, in n sulky manner. " Don't stop me. I cnn't tulk." "But, wait 11 moment," s:iitl the m•w-comer. "I hnve go \ r<:n!-tms for wishing to speak with you." The spenker wns I\ hnnll ome young folJow, dnrk complexionet.l, with thin lips, long, c•trling huir, mu\ u gr,•cef'ut manner. The only :irms he wore wcl'o a pttir of pistols uml the swortl !lt his thigh. " Com!!, Sile," he sahl. "Don't Jet U!\ g~t nngr_v at one nnotlwr, old fl'it•n1ls ns we nrc. I want to hear the n!ws. Pl'n11e1I ttl> 11s we nre here. Vt'l'Y little reaches us, 11ntl I rather think you luwo ways of gelling news rather better than Ct'lll:llllll,11 " S"1>0SC I h1\vc," said Sile; " I don't retail it every.where. Git oltl of 1hc way." .. I really can't allcl\\' you to trent me in so cnvilier n 1mtn• ner, Sile," sahl Amos. "I n111 nstonhihell thnt yon should s1wnk en to " lllan raised in the .'umo s,iction with yourselt~ nml one that you have tishe,l antl huutct.l with fi>r ten year'il or more." "Tinws has changed," ~ni,t Rile. "A mnn dn11't know his frien,ls l'lll!y. The c uin't ,lays to 11n. wer tvery foolish qm•s tion n nmu wants to usk. Ilt'sitlc , I've got l,usiuess uml ca11't stop." . " I won't usk for more than five minutes of your time," sahl Amos. '' Promise that?" sni•l Sile. "Yt-s." •• Tbtn blaze uwny. I won't answer nny thing I Jou't like.'' " Which wny 1li1l yon come?" "From Brrnul river." "Then you havu seen Morgan?'' ~Puhapa." .


JOE AMOS. 11 "Ditl yon hear nny rnmor of n battle sflmcwherc nbout Cowpc n , Y" "A country fel11)W I met did say !'IOlllclhing nhonl 11l ttght, nntl tht> darne d tool would huvc ii that Turlcton got a peclin'." "No11Hmi:1e !'' "Jest what I snhl," n•plictl Sile. "It don't E-tnml to rea so n, you k11ow ; Ta!'ll•tcm's lllt!ll were l'ig'lar s , nncl how tlu you reckon our hoys conhl sl111ul up ng'in them. Ain't the Driti!'lhers tohl ns, time un' time ng'in, that I\ rig'lnr e,m't git licked? Awl what bu s iness have the c huckskiu chaps to l:1lk of whippiul-' th(• lll ?" "You nrc a S(•nsil,Jc follow, Sile. Upon my worrs coulcl tin somclhing ngnh,st the 1 t>"1Jla1 . Thi:,,i rumor of T11rlc1011's 1lcfoat can't IJc trru.•; Turlt•lon's 11wu :u-e the pick of the urmy." "And it' it sho11hl lie lrnc '!'" "It is i111po. sil1lc. Why uid you not cut down the lmmpkin who spread the n :port ?'' "\\'ell, it's II q11ccr ,lit,trict, Amoi:1. Tlw pl'Oplc ro111Hl tl 1cre arc m o~li y \\'hi~~. allll Lh y 11ii;.d11 1101 haVl' luok it in good part. Ti1c tlarncd fool!.-1 11ct11ally hl'Jic\'C it." .• B u t Where \\ HS Mo1wrn I hl'II ?" "I co11ltl11'L ~:•y. Tarleton w:1s nftcr laim with n slrnrp stick, 111111 he had broke up hi s camp 011 the Bro:111, nn : I was goin' Inward Cowpen. , where they say this l>uule was. IL's ll q_uec1 story. \Vhnt if it t1houltl l,c truer "Oh, no, it can'L l>c snppo ell . " "That's what I think. Dnt, whnt if Morgnn wns fool enough lo t11rn HIHI fight? You know the old :unn is plucky; something might turn up Tarleton (1id11't count 011. He 1111111t tinll tt • ~ om! m1111y ritl{:s with the buckt-kin~, a111I JJ 'rh u p tl,t ~y'd _fi,rh1 lmnlt: r than he •ht . Nut like ll11-fol'll. Don't. ou thin! Tnrl • ton wa n lilllc rough on llufil!d t The y do sny he cut otf their hnnds whcu th-1tlenm flcroc!l. \',


u THE !tW AK!'JlD'LES. u Ce1t.,lnly. The'ecotrndre)!ll were banclccl together tu figllt ngainsl their king ; so perish 1111 traitm , sny I. But, Sile, l am gl.1d to ~l•e y011 urc lo:,n,1. Ther-e, u n rumor ul.1oul here that you hntl join~tl tho Whig.. I di.ln't belie ' e it, for I thought you a man of more seusc. Vhen cuu l see you agnin ?" " Whnt do you wrrnt of me?" suid ii , "I wunt you to join mu in nn enhtrtnise for the good of the king uml cuuotry ,t' rc1,Hcd Am~ " Whore will you meet met' " At the bend of the ri\'cr yom}cr.'' ")Vhcn ?0 "To-murrmT morning at nine o'clool;. Now Jet me gjt on. rve l,!Ol to work sharp to kcc1> oleur of Gt-cenc's out11osh+1 nin'1 l 1"' "Yes. Kc"p w(ll to tllc north; I pnssetl lbrough that way myselt: C'T(KJll-dny." Jfo ,ntcrctl th~ 8tr,•mn nucl cros ed. Sile gnzetl at him in n mcle ro_ulls if he were to hoot liim. Hi~ hau,l drop[l<.'nder you look rum, Uncle Sttrn," be sclaimf'd. "I suppose I hore you drendfillly; hut, then you must make alluwnncc for me. Ther-,. is, no 1>luc;e I Jik to iai~ so well as your hon t!.'' •• ."o duub-t. no dathl." laid Uw old m n, wllh a luok of


A1' AD iutON. I annoynrice upon hi111 fticc. " Bllt why are you bnck so soon~ I thought you h11d gon ~ to Hill om'." "I meant to go there," reJ)lit:d Amos;" lmt 11ome infy•wor<.l. Join h:inlls wil h 01c; in ll few

18 TIIE !I\\" ilCl" RIJl'LES. "You wrong me," 1t1joined lltrrill, with :m inscrulible smile. "I mu in favor of no uch thing. But, a man like Pyle mnkes my ulootl lJoil in my vein . It i the fact t hal Bttcl, uwn as he wcur swol'ds, tlmt has kept me from the ficltl." '' Do not let thnt turn yon.'' ~aid Amo • " Come; I can get you n m11jor's commi. ion, I know I can. 'umwallis promi. cd that. I shunhl chem. c my oftker. A.t.d: thotwlt Gurtuey l:iys cluim lo the po t, I cun find means to ct him nshlc. I would h:l\'e you for licmtenant-colonel, hnt S:1111 • r:1isell nenrly half the men, :uul ha quite ns mud1 influence as I have with the Commumlcr-in-chicf-curse llim for 1rn oUytongncll rHscal." "There st•ems to be n fine fceHtw of goocl-fc1lowshi1lnmong the officers of your regiment.'' s:iid Menill. 0 But, clon't nsk me to dt'cide upon this mntter nt thi. time. There are rea sons, which I cnn not now gi\e, why it is impo ihle. My mnin l"t!nson, however. is this: I c:m not le1tvc Lizzie uJ me. Think whut it would be if the poor girl were left to lier• scit~ in n country tru.\"erscd l>y hostile armies. I can not do thut." "No; it wonl

A H03EL TOUNO ){AN. 19 "Itavc you ~\)<>ken to her fill the subject r said tlse olt.l mau, iu n liu ht'ry welt in its W:1y; hnt I must l111ve riml~. Thi:--i,.: 11111 a 1l1i11g lo oo lightly tlonc. The 1\1:tn wlin mar• tic" 111~ till le girl must oo in C\'ery wny wonhy of lwr. I mu:-t l,e 1-11rc of lhi:,:..'' .. Jn point of wealth, I tl!iuk you can say nothil,g,'' peri:;:tt~1l the yonn~ man; "my c 'ta\c arc for 111orc rnluulile th:111 yum , l nlll i-:mc.'' "I do uot tlonlit that, sir; snch things wouhl h:1ve no w, i.,ht. If y1111 w,•re a poor man, mul 1 felt in t\l)' h1r1 liial yon wtre c , ,k11latt

any thing to lead her to euppose that any such con;versatit>n bus occurred.,, "I can not con$ent to bo bonntl me. Serinmtly, I tlmttght we \Vere rid of you for one drty ut 1erJ t. You do not lt:11\ e QS nloue Ion ~110,1gh t11 li~tk rehdlion. \Ye must do it uow noel then, o~ we will sr~ly ' pile' ns Iii.II cdlly says. \low cau you keep away from Dorchc ter o Jong?'' " It i e11 ily done, when I can come to you. " 0 Tl11mk you; hut will not the la r lics mi$ ou '? I luw~ it from fair authority thitl you are very much in rcqnc in the garrison town ; Kitty Newton ~\id so ouJy ye~ter day." " Ii s Kitty cloe~ me too much h.onor tQ mention , my name. Really, now, I am no surb lady-killer ns she would make me out." •• Then you are beliecl. Why, they do ay lhnt •ou rivn Archie Campl~ll in mndne,s, fOQJ. ~wp, in f9Q)isJ1gcs uud ~q Q' • "


ltl%Zll!; AI.TO!il!DE~. " ~izzie !" ejneulated her f1.1ther, fcnring she would go toQ far, " you nre t0<,.• h ard on Mr. Amos." " My clenr father, will you let me tnlk to this young man ? lie re11lly deserves uo quarter. \Vby he shouhl wa . te the manmrs so tilted to f\dorn the court of hi~ royal highness, Prince Balfi,ur, in such a place ns thi , I can not conceive; nml we really would not h11ve \he hcnrt to keep him uway. I nm showing him thnt he stn ,ml-s iu his own ligl1t l>y remainilw hlrc. Bo!elides, how nm I ever to talk to you? I ha,• e heunl lorions news; I will tell him that, and then he will go 1nn1y. ,v1iat would you say if you knew that Colonel 'Tarleton had been heaten by Morgan's buckskins? I nm celehratiu~ tlrnt event." " Ha, ha!" laughed A.mos. "And have you really 11earc\ thnt silly story?" "Yes, I have henrd thnt same silly story; nml, siJly ns it i~, it hns the merit which you ~m not claim for ,~ good urnuJ of your le'peeches ; it i true!'' 1'he Tory b~gtl\ to bite his lips nervon, ly. He sn w lh1tt she was halt' i11cli11ed to nffro11t llim, fcir whi1l renson he did not. know. " Permit me tons~ where you ol>tnine(] your information, Miss Lizz_ie ?" " V cry \\_'ell ; ask." "\Vhere wns it f" "From-; hut I won't tell thnt. I have seen one who has rilltll'n lu1nl from Cowpe11~, where the ua\tlt was fought, nllll he ~ays that Tarleto n harely C 'caped with hi~ liti:-." " I have hl'ard tl1is fltory frou1 11ni>1her source . Douutlesi, lie ohtai11e u his h1fonn.1tion t'ro111 lh • sa~ue m ~ n." " tHl who was your informant ii'' "I will be lllOl'e complai au~ than you arei and give you information. It was your o.ld neighoor, Sile St,1ple. H~ did 11ot b e lieve the tory; I was plr : a ell to find that llu wait n good um! loyal man.'' "Who?." • ahl L.izzie, looJdng at him in a t ,onishm nt. "You do nut' mean lo us1:Je1t that my old friend , Sil ,e;i tnplc,. is a Tory f ' ' "I do not thiWF I ev.c. r 81\W n mar, from the low~r cl .&, e• wbd u~q o ',ilf l tliiWIJ. vi\.\W o • 8ij.ll • v.


TUE SW AVP RIFLES. arrnngecl II meeting with him to-morrow, an 1 l hope to mnke him one of my men. It' I do so, his knowledge t•t' the s vamps will be invaluuule to me. He prnmi cu to melt me, at nny mte." •• But it can not be," clc clnrell the gh-1, Jookiug puzzled; " Sile is not that kinc careful; there nre men in t~1is 1\istl'ic:t so loynl to the king that they would forget your sex if they saw you in such a ,o. tume." "Tht•y mu::_1.t he urg nice men." Ri1hl tht• girl ; •• I ~tu,nhl like to know them. 8ome of y~ur com(Htrioh,, llr. AmoR'!'" I h frownell. "You are trying to he provoking, I know." he r,•plicd. "Lny:.Jty is not :L 1hi11g lu he snc<•rccl nt even by you. Let me l,cg of you to rc~trnin your impulse to jt:!:-lt upon ~d.!h a theme. Anrl I mu!-t warn you now tha t tl:mgcrntts 1imc:i :ire :1t ha111l in ~l.1r\bor11'. [n a fh\' cla., 8 at mo. I, the rtbel:, will lie ttying in this ,lircctinu, lhllo,n•cl by our troops; i11Hl 1l victorious army, in the heal of pas ion, ~ometimes l?o,•s 111iugs it wonld 1101 tlo in c•ool hloocl '' " You need not tl'll me that," said the girJ, drnwing l1e1scJr np. • I I nnw your men, nntl what. they hnve llonc. 'l 11ere i many a etc olatt!,I home iu I . he lower di trier~ to-d :iy. \\ lnch cnn l>t!nr witnes:!! to I.he brulalit~ ntHl M age ht-art of the British hin•lings, mul of the •roric:-s worse than tht• y. :::,ay nolhiug to me ot' th~m." " Traitor~ hav, , no rights except to 1L shaml'ful ,ll'ath," the Tor half 1wcre1l "Yonr ottk, rs in Chnrh. ton n111l D1u-cll(' ter fore sump• inn ly now," he altd ~ d . " Tlw y live in filll r !111US<' 1 lmn they ~•er lil1W llt lloau , 1inu llrilik good wine , wliir..:Ii t1ley


A FIT 0~ JXIIPIJU.TJON. 13 only knew by name. But, it is stolen property. These gallant _meu \ ho nre iu the fielll to-uay left nll they hall for these human wolve to fatrcn on.'' " Lizzie-Mi s Merrill,9' said Amos, pnle with rnge ; '• be cnrcful what you say. You are insulting British officers, anu my friends . " " The naore shnmc lo yoa." she nswered, in her clearci>t voice. "Tou, who lrnd it in your power to trike ill tl1e rnn :._,-. of freE>dom's champions iu your ow11 true State, nnd who hnve lt>nguecl yourself with the scum of the north counties, null n even now prepnring to use these vile in truments ngainst the hmd where you were raised. Away with such men. They ure not tit to live." Her uold eyes were ulnzing. One wl1ite bnncl wna outstretched, pointing nt the Tory, who Juul fitllen back in hi• clrnir, nn

TU.,....., rr.aa. OIIAPTER HI. A QUKER CllARACTER, EVltN .A111os could not ftlil to be impre scd by the impa ione : look of the be:1t11iful girl. He bnd loved hCI' ttS only one of bis excitublo naturo could Jov-e. He l1>ved ht!r still, eve::u while lo I eaped upon him these biller reprouches. His counltmunce chnugcd from red to w 1.iitc in .ft1 ful fill ..... ; until, at Ju t, nil the blood seemed to lmv rcc, J ded from ch~k and lip, Jeuving him gh11stly pale. The old t1rnn ~as tl)lpnllell hy the exr re. Ion of hi couuten:mcc, for he k1,ew thut s,\ch a man wouki oo the one to revenge un Insult tt!rl'ilJly. Amo! spoke nt In t, nod hi voice "a so hur h nnd trailied thnt th •y wuultl not l111ve kriown it, if tlley h11

'l'UT~ " What did you sny ?" domandeu Amo I angrily. " This n prhute interview." 23 .. I s11ill hoomy, etcetera, and Yice versa, hip l" he r peutcd, swinging n.lofL l1i11 hulf louf of urcaJ _ "Dill ye;~; address your wows w me, sir P" suill the other, luying his hand upon his sword. " W nl, 111,; I guess uot., I mnde I\ sort of ginernl renturk, so tew peak. Yew seen mnn cuu't ulw11ys mtrain liis focliu's. Mine are l,'ilin' o\'er, ju t now. The gul mnde nu ouservation l-lwt sewtc:1 me eggzactly, an

26 Tl'IE 1W A.MP nm,EA. " All ri-ght, cnptnin. Jest ns yew sny. I won't epenk tmy more, now. A s k y e wr qu e stions . " •Now, .Miss l\lenill, who is t!11s fellow?" .. "I Bay, yew," hroke in the il'l'et)t'l iul~ Ynnkee. " o f ellers, if yew pl e u e. I ain't goin' lew he culletl cout of my name .'' " Will yon be silcut, you coundrel," ronrcd Amos, half drawing his WOl'Cl. " Don't <:all 110 names," replied the Ynnkee. "I nin't goin • tew l:tlHI it" " Don't make him angry, sir," snid Lizzie. "I nsk ):;:,u to be more gll:ll'usy ?"


LtGE HISTAEEN. 27 " Leave gormandizing for a moment and answer my qucs• lions!' "I sunn't 1 I ain't ohl egc

TIIJt "Not one," said Lige. "lle clon•t JcnQt even, uw.l Turlelou got licked. That's thu way i\ stuml,iL lits rod.,e up to us expectiu' to ride us down, an' didn't dew it. Thu.~'s cuvugh." "WJ en: is l!or m now 1' " Git eout. How dew I know ?'' " I see yo~1 ~re y aa. jug full " su4.I i_gQ. .. l'vQ go.t SQ.Qlethiog else ~w dew." :Alllu& l~iu llis hauu upo I . lqrw. '1{1, w


Ai( :ftt,tr it from ils shenth. At the 1tction, Elijnb ,sftlllcllcd ilp fl heavy chair tla11L stootl ncu:-hy, nnd ,lcalt him n IJtow which kuo<:kctl ltim scnscle .. to 11.-n ,or. " 1 had tew tlcw it," s11kl the Y1111kc.-e, in qnick, stern to11e1:1, q11i1c unlike l1i1:1 ntft!Ctc,l m111111er while s1w11ki11g to his pro tr11:e li,c. "He lmmg it 011 hlm:;clf. Gooc.1-hy, miss. J'II sec ~ cw 11g11ln ~otue time. Thu41k y1:w for not iutcrforin', lr. Gootl-day." With lht:sc words, Aml 1\htt n ,li regnrtl nf th~ right of '(lJ'O 1ci-ty quite rt•f'rcshing to li,•hnld, he lt'll)lt'll upon the horse of .Atucui, which wn ti •cl to I\ post Ucur the \'cl'111ulnh, nncl retie 11w11y 111. full rweO tow:ml Ille river. Al-\109 strng~lc < l fiehly to hi lt!ct just. in time tt, Bee him press up the 11p1w1 He batik of t~,c slrlm nnOtlcu. I\IH.l ouu


TUE SW AMP RIFLES. iron stirrup, anctl me of my horse, nnd l<• n thnt. w01thle s urnte in its place," sahl .Amoil, nngl'ily. "I will make liim wish he Juul 11evel' 1,ccu born, when we 111cct." "Perlrnp yo_ u hatl 1Jclle1 wait until the time <"omcs,'' ejaculated the nmusctl maid. " Can you make :lily use of this nnimnl? He seems ratlter thin." " llave you no hor c, 1'11-. Menill ?n sniu he, looking iu tlespair at the bony beast. . " Not one. Those of my horses which t could spnre were run off' by Huck's men the lnsL time Ju~ pns ~c,.l through hem. Thut follow cares not whom he rnb~, friend or foe." " 1 suppose l 11111st ride this urn1e, then," said Amos. " Ki, massa,11 aid n lillle 1l111key. " Dnt :1i11't huss. Ile been split in two pi('Cl'S ti,r mck two hos l'S, su'ly ?" " I shouhJ think so. Gel out , of my wuy." As he 11pproad1ell the nnimal preparatory to mo1111ti11g, 11ml laill his ltallll upon the saddle, tl1c IJ1111c whirle1l !.-1tlhllnly And nunle a vicio11s kick at him, which, if iL hall ~lrnck hiu!, wouhl have rndcu his camvaigning forever. IL wus only by n. uackwaru pl'iug uf extrnonlinary quickues , that the Tory ~sc:1ped at all. "Hold his head, Neddy," mnred Amos. "Ile is vicious, in ndtliLion to hi:; olher ucuutics.'' Neddy 111adu a rush at the horse's hc11tl. As he cnme within reach, the long neck was s1rc1chc1l out, nml the ja, closed upnn the tliick, curling wool of the Jillie tl11rk1• y. In un instant, he was dangling in the air, shrieking for help at the tnp of his voice, while the sahle dw1ns shoulcd : " Dar, dnr ! Ncdlly golU~ di:; time, sure 'uuff: Tck hes bead ult~ di, time." Neddy's face, full of terror, nml nlmost ,oltite, whirled rouml so that they could see it, uu,i the t ? X)ll'cssi1111 ol' lllll' f misery imphrntell thc1c wns too much for Lizzie; she l1111gllcd iu ~ ,pile of his danger. After slrnking the hoy n momtnt, tho \'icious ucust dropped him 111Hl mndc a pass nL him with both fore feet. llUl, Ncully rolled tuo quickly om of J'\.uch \0 Lu harmed. "Dw't" uu &aiu, panting. "Dllt 1u1 uiu'L no boss. Ile ue


A.~ OBSTm A TE no111F .. debbtc. I know he de debbte. Don't tell me he nin't., 'cause I know him ain't nothing P.lsc." " I begin to think so myself," sni

C-HAPT'ER' IV. A FATIIER',S ~TJtOKE. j,rt;E $TAPU role straight to the camp of Gr nc, whom );~ :;..1,.1ml, as ,be h u pe\ ui~n the lt"ft bnnk of the Pe, cl.<.~, h . l tu~ Cbe~te1fielll ditl(ricl, ppcdtc Chemw Hill. The C\llllP ~rn iu sowe cre1 nring for n m:,rcu. Ile l.nde lli y prr.ovJ:u hlm to I.lo a p . er,on of ten .dy, co9J, l\ le,.l llioa lo lmftfo the t Brit i h lcn1l,n , nud tQ J'; t ti'e>J.U Ua~ir grii p tbp filir'crat }>Of lions of foir ~ale. " Wh an: ):on"'" 4,c id1 lnyl.tJg f Ot!r ~lo cd JJ tty," saiCly. " Give me the di patche ." Sile too~ bi& knife fl' in h' l#el!, nn,l air.tin dowo on a ~,mp-s1ool, 1em1wcd n sma1l piece of leather which was set into the heel of his heavy hoe, howiug a sma11 cuvity. From this he took out a })ie e of paper, cout.niuiug the llisi:mtch in cypher. The General read it engerly. '' This is good," be snid. " I had u. hint tlrnt someting un• \ uaual was in the wiud, since the earl is on the march. You l,


38 NC "e ~re ntrc,uly prep r d to lo the at1me. Th:mk you for your c1vices, Sergeant Staple ; will you take a glass of wine?" " If you ple(l.~e," enitl Sile. The 0(!uen\l luwflelf powetl out tllerefrcsltmeu a111llianded it to the scout. "Your hcultJ1," s W tl,lo soldier, with a ahy duck of the llenll. " Will yon hn"Ve ttnQther ?" &Hitt tl)e Geucml. Sile Cl ,\Sl I\ wiatful loo "' tlie uottl ' but iWith grent self.. • denul suill he woul auake ftlllll,I oml listen till they ~et ~n say tu1J1eU.liug ,o eon-vie~ wni, and I'll nuu him." '' You e}.1411 b.avp th4 mep. J am 91a,rcbing to meet }Iorgnn. Cornwnllit1 i13 aflef him. lf you take this tunn. bring liim to me on the Cutawl,n. I ride to-clay whh two or turce mt11 ns ortlerlie,, for I must ~e wrgau. at ouce." " Kin l picl,i. the ~~eq, Qh er l." "Yc.-s." " 'Cause they musf be swamp II suckers ; nothing .oi..


84 THE 11W .U.tP nll'LE8. '\\'ould be a. grnln of use to me. I know where to ftnd my men.'' Greene wns nbout to n.nswer when there wns a tumult out si d e the n uirquee m1 of two 01 tl11~e ,oicl' in loud conku• lion. Iu n moment lliis 1101 e cenBl!tl, nml thi!n recummenctd uguin. "Yew git cont I" snid a voice, with n Y1mkee twnng. u Don't I wunt tew see the Gincrnl? D,:n't p'int thnt hag• onct nt lny we kit, or I'll give y<>u 8omc1hlng ns will nrnke pm weep tears of agony. Git cout, I soy ; 1md me u-sh1rvh ' tew 1" "I tell you thnt you cnn not go in ; the General is en• gaged." suid the voice of the guard. " Yew git eout. Ile ain't engngcd-he's mnrried the soldier. "Here's a mnn will go in and st-e the Get\ernl." The euuulte1u cumc np, nntl looked over the figure of th(' visitor with 11n n~pect of ilJ-concculcJ disllnin. "You are a sweet p !Cimcn to want to ee Geue-ral Greene,'' be saitl. "Now, sec yer; you go away." ' ' I're got tli 1>atche , I tell yew I" ronred the Ynnkec. "The Ginernl will ehewt the hull l,'iliu' of yew wlien he gila 'em. Now, millll I tell yew." The officer was auuut to order up a gunrd to take the Yan• kee in charge, wlien tlie Geneml 11ppeu1ed nt the door of the marquee. lie helu out his hllllu anc.l slop1>ctl the dispute.


KORE DISPATCBEB. M "You say you bnTe dispatches," said he. "Give tbem to m~." " Re yew the Gincral ?'' demnnde with the hagonet wllm't goio' t,1w )l!t me come in, it seem~. Uc\, u nice mau, he ill! Ile ~iutcd thut weepon 1ight at me. aiu't nrcordiu' Lew the articles of wur, I gue:0s." " Come ha," said lhe Geue1ul. " I will look over your disJ>alches." Sile stared as tl1e Yankee came in, nnootietit gnl in Cur'• lina li\/es, I c.lou't know uny name for her but Lizzit\ but she i, a he1111ty. I \Hilt in tew git something tew cut, llnd while I was there I got in a little di~poot. with i1 chup that. ca\le1l hissclf Amo , what wantcJ me tcw tt:11 him nll al>tmt this fight at Cowpt-ns. lle's a must dirty Tory, and tlmL's trew." Lige relntcd his qnnrre1 with Amos, nml that he l1edrd him say he was au officer in the king's service. "This i11fc1rmatio11 is vuluahlc," said G1eeue. "IL will warrnnt us in sdzing him. So you took hiij horse ?11 ",val, Gineral, I llitln't do no more than tra.r thi~ service, Scrgem1t Staplt: ?" •• I rcc:kou two is enough to 1111p this Tory. J wn to.kc this mnn for ouc. And Tom Gigley, in Grllham's ritl111, will be the other. We will lta\'e him." .. Wh• > are ye :v goin' tew ketch?" demnnclctl Lige. "I aiu'I goiu' unless I know. I'm hungry, tcw."


36 TttE SW AMP ntttls. "Joseph AnV>~." " Hoor11y. rn go from here tew Boston tew nnlJ 'ltim. Say, w on't he l>e tnall l Yew ortt•r hcel'll thut pooty gal give it tew tile pizon-snake. I tlon't think I ever seen uny one rllkc(l ow ont of it. Sile salut<..ld. th~ General, nml left the iH:uq1wc. "There's one thing surt>, grecny," sai1Till. Creeping up to 11,e windowl-1, lie could he,1r the !;otrnd of revc,Jry, nn

A 1' ACK OF R'C'FFI~. X 87 J,i1.zic. The form~r wns sitting nc:-ir the window, his fl1ce w1::1ri11g a 1rnnlilecl cxpr1• .sio11; liiil d:1110'hkr wa~ sla1Hli11g hy hi~ iclt•, 1011I i11g angl'il,\' at lhe r11ffians, who, scale~! 111 u taulc, Wl'l'l' ~uzzlin . ~ wine 11111I t•nli11!! voraci1111i,ily. "'rhis is nol lht: ut:utmeut I expected t'rom my neighbors," 1aid Mr. Afo1rill. " Uchhe not,'' said thP. spok~mnQ of the party~ " Tht•n, wliy <11111'1 you tll'clure your l'rinc :iplt>S, clurn it? What is a man without principle~ [ louthe and cl<.-spi!,e such." ' So tlo I," sahl Lizzie, in :L poiul~ll nl'lllll

TUE SW AlIP RIFLES. vornwallis. You will do something which will reC'oil on your own hl•ad::;." "Shut up, you oltl scomHlrcl," hnrE:l,ly n join<•tl Bt>:1ls. "Yon are as l,a,1 as she i!:I, only yon h:wc c11lclll':s e110;;h nol to talk it out. 1 know) ou nre a Y liig at heart. Hdc11 e the wat snch m<'n a s we nrc-who ,lhln't have so 11111ch nw11t• y as yon, Joli cur. eel old al'i tocrnt-werc below yo11. 'he ~Ii all ch'iuk the king's health, if I lup;c I(> force it 1lown her throat." "She will tuke it. I know ~he will. Won't you, Li:tzic? Take the gin .'' The girl look the glflss of wine the man bn

OLD HEBJULJ, O:W Tllll; DU:ENSIVE. 89 "Dou't be skL-ered of a ghli" suid one o( the mC'n. " It don'l look w~II. )lake hc;1 dl'ink lhl! toas t, aml cunfu ion lo the em. •lliie ,f the kincr, anu uo it on Ju~ r kuc c • It you are IJeuring of his :hild ; lrnt, when he suw ht• r n. s 1 1ilnl, he lenpe,I upon uue of' the m ls, snatched n pi to[ (rom his hand , 111?<.l !!prung up o n the vilh\i11 who hud seized the l1111ve girl. 'l'hc follow n lc a ed his lwl1l uad tell lJac:k. Old Samud Merrill (Jut hi:-1

40 TffE SWA)fl" Rfll"J,ES. ",vc follow our leaclc:. •r," ~niil one of the rnr.n, • ngrUy. " Do it, tlll'n !'' he s1tirl. le11ping ti•r ~ :ml. Tht' fli tul crmk It nnd, us &he Ton• rtcled hmkwar,t wtth n lmU~t in l1is hr.1in, "hirliug tht? w;apon o,c•r liis ht':tll, Merrtll strnck ,!own the 1wxt man. am1l gru!-tpit~J a heavy chair, stood lais guurtl, de~i . Jl'rult', IJut rcrm. 't'lu;r have tl111l sort ot' hrut:11 c1•un,gc lhal l!k1mctinw~ will cnuhle them to tlgl,t " di: hut they l11ckell tft11l moral stn.•n;.;tJi \\"l1icJ, the olrl m:rn po~:CS!-t •cl, nml felt ils power tt,r II m11111cnt. Then, the t:.c-1 1hal 1hc•y h:r, :met ttic charr wn his only dtfon!,:t•, . enncd to duwn upc)n thcm, llnlf llrnwing k,1iVl's nml 1 ,bt,,h;, tht•y da~hc,l upon him. As they ,lid sn lhl1!c w11~ n rail le of gla ~ st n111l the hmly ot' Sile tuple appcart•ll lt•aping thrntwh the window, holtling in on<: liamJ a l'itlt', uml in ttic otht'r a knife. At •he sight of this r1e111i.>rcenwnl thcy fotl b ack. uml twgan to parky. The one who 11ml bct•n ktwckt•d ckwn hy :\ft rrill, in the first iust,1 .11<,"t'. lmving g.1ined hi foet, n,joinctl bis compnnions . .. See hcrc," i;iahl one of tlwm. •' don't let' quarrel. You•ve killetl Bcal:1: he was the mau mou to blame. Let's cry quits." " Where yon goin• ?" ~:ahl Sile. " r,•c got n wonl to sity about that. ,vhat ycr in tum: fur, plunderiu' nu hones& mnnt' ' Pllm1lcring ! Don't sny that, Sile. ]\.[r. )forrill is n frieml to onr i;itlP.. nnd when w.-sttp1w1t in 1md u ked him for somethi11g 111 1•,11 aud clriuk ~ he gave ir. " •• 1>1111 t 111alw too trt c \\ ith my name•, Corrnig im; I won•t tlancl tltat. You u!w1, wus 1, pc : ky m~an triltn. , , w, lwk y~r. I wa.ut you lo lay uowu your arms im' sw reutler."


UNCONDITIO AL 8'CRRUDER. " Wlrnt for P" " t, c • r mind. I'll let yon know tl1nt it nin't <'Xnctly the thing for 111c11 of your kind to IJ1t•ak into n m :111•s hon. • tliis wny, nlltl in~ult hi!i! darter, 'spec-ially ~l'Ch II gul us Lizzie. No, do11'1 . ay n worr". J wn~ Junkin' thmttgh the wiiult-r 111, 1i-t nil the time. I hurl n rifle drnweJ un llculs when he I HI." "But, Sile-" hegnn Cnnnig:in. "Mi t. "No long speerhl'R; we clon'L like lht!Dl. Do you amrcn

THE SW VP Rfll!LEI. head. "lSny. no hnnging; we surrcn0111 sny n \\ or I, 1111w. I kno w you nrc a t-;oit-lwarkil little thing, an,I ,,oull l lik•• me t t let 't>u otl' ' • . . •r; ht thi i . ono lbiug [ won' ••spi h • th• pro!• tuti1111~ of' tht! s coumlrd who Lung l ,ck awl Wtcrw u cwiw • j uf tluc.i.t1, rct.lfua~ allll


LA YING O~ TUE SWITCJIES. 48 entl' ntic., tlu.-ir cnptor lcs of war to insnlt wim• min an' old mt!n, 11i11't it, N,t i1111non ? l\fcuue it is; but I don't think it; least way , 11111 goin' to treat yon jt>~t lllj b :111 as if yo11 had done n c l e:e-pt rate llll'llll thin!!. " 'ill )'Oll takti 11 hand in, U ncie am ? 'Tain't no use for you to hnug u,•ck now, ~ ince you hot thy ~our leave.' Let's try the . wi1cht •s: .in~ it to 'cm!' .L\ ' t • ry mun sq11111t• d him •II: 111Hl the lithe rrnls Ml 11p1111 tuc ho11ldt 1 • of the Tolielil togl'llit•r. The 111t11~ whkh li,1-low •d h:1fl11 1k:-riptio11. lli~h 11hme1lwnsl ro.etlw~liout of lac muu who wu1 uu,lcr lhc llauu, or Uucl~ Sam Merril~


TUE SW A)(l' Rill'LEL whose wrongs thnt night sltow('cl thcmsc}v('s in tl1c power with whi<'11 he tle11lt hi. hlows. ,vcuking 11wny wilh cloggcrl pt•rlinncity, he nc,t•r lookt• t l llll until Sile l : li,I his ham! upon his 11r111 111HI 11~kccl him lo cit• il-11, All tht'oug-h llw Cl'lll', Li!!C Juul hct'n enjoying hilllMllf o\'cr the i-11tf1 in : r of lhe fellow untlt•r hil' d111rgc. Ann ,lc111i11g th1cc or thnr blows he woultl pause uml n ~ k, in a tone of ltmtlcr pily, if it lmrL much~• '' l1111t. !'' ro:1rc<1 the mnn; "of course it <.Joes, you lightlhcr,•,1 Y:mkcc." h Thnt's 11 111ml nanw,'' flnid Lige ; "I guc•~s yew ll('t'd a lilllc morn) suatiion, t.lon'L yew? Hero goes, fur goutl ma11-11crs, yew Sl'c." Anti fulling upon his mnn 11,!!:1in, he ga\'c him perhnps ns nrnn., 11101e c111s, every one of wl1ich raiKCtl a white welt upon the fttsh, 111111 them llllllsecl 11g:ain. " l g11c~s yt•w urc h&lk1ri11' umlcr n mistnkt-,'' he snicl ; "it don't hurt yew; it's only i111:1gi.na1io11. I'm lcw wc11k in the arms. An infant in urms coultl dew more limn I can." """e:ik in the nrim, !'1 11hrickecl the suff rer; u I wish you was. \Vcuk ! You lit•, yon inft'rnnl l'eht-1." .. What n IC'mpcr the follur hns got." s:1i,l the Ynnk "N,,w, jest listen kw 111111. lie suy~ I'm 1l liar. I ne,c•r co1,ld i-;1111111 lhat. I'll hcv It~\\" ,rive him it little more of the ile ,,f hick'ry. Pcl'lwps lhnl will . N11w, I w11nl tcw s:1y, thal if ye11r p11rc11ls Juul 11,mc their duty hy yew, we shouldu'L ~e tl1is pectncle w-night.'' " I'll mur

A I,ES80N NOT TO DE FORGOTTEN. 43 If you mean lo lick me nny more, peg nwny. I nin't going to i,;taJHI your talk llllll lhra laing 1H the saml! time.'' "S1rangl', strnn~e I .Je l ece the depra\'ity ot' the human hc111t I ow, I was tryin' tcw benefit thul chup-tt.•w raise him in the nwral scale of Llein', so ll!W speak. \Vould 1, young 1111m rai:ectl in the righl utmo pheae ever Lie guilty of goi11' inlew :L l,owm 11ml slm:ihin' ruuml with knives nnl pistoli!, as yew t.lill to-1l11y, nnll then ul~ect tew hdn' tnlketl kw 1 A liule more or the ile ot' hickory will jest suit yeur complaint tew a llot. I'll apply it." Again falling upon lais victim with great zeal, he gnve him snch n Llasting us the rn cul hall never seen giHn to a " nig;;-t'r,'' p1utsing n,_,w mul then to speak of the~ wenknl'SS of hi:-. arm , and to cxprc:s hi-3 sorrow that lac was not uhlc t,, tlo the subject more jnsticc. The tlogging wtts over nl Inst, nnJ the llH:n were l11ose11ell. The punishment hml bt'cll severe, Lint il 111u l he remcmljered lhut it was lenient c:omparc1l willl the tortures ,1h11ost unitcmuly heapc1I upon the Whigs who fell iuto lhu hands ol' the suckers in Brili:4h i;ervice. Death was the ll•nst lhcy conhl t.•xpcct iu such 1L c11i4e-de111h l,y lrn11gin.;:. Groaning wi1 h pair:, the v11g, 1h••nds were alloWL'll lo go to the river, 111111 waslt their wot111<.letl Llacks, hdi,re re u111i11g thcir gan11ents. "We have 1a11ght you n leson which you will not be likely lo li,r.rct, Nat Simmons. You 11ml yunr g ,111g mnst ll'ar it in min ll. \Ve'n• Id you ott" ca.y. ,v,~ oug!Lt to h:111g you, :111, I it' l ha,"' rt'plie'-1 the man. •llo~ coavena t.IJDtl l i!lOI' 1w tWnk ullka. Ally


wny, Tom Gi~l<>.r' man yell •d lond cnoug-h. As for Mr. Sin1111011s', lie w 11s in 1011gh ltantl ' . The uhl man use::d ~p four swi1ch<.'s 011 hi111; durn1.1,l cf he dhlu't." •• Ami sarved hi•u rigl1t;' :nill Sile. " Wh ere can w e put llu c hcauti1• , U11d<~ Salll t' "Gag them 11utl t11kc them iu!u my wine-cellar. \Vhen I.ct< co111l S 1111mg w -111utTow, ur wllocv1r ha tlJe rcai-. we can gin: tlac111 up.'' • That' right ; and then you will put your goltl nncl • ilv r in a bag 11111I start wilh them for Greem army, for there is no lougcr imy safoty t,,r you in ~l:trll,oro'. The only tliiug for yc111 to llu is to take a cmnl)li. s . ipn und tight, as you know huw. l wou't slnml 1111 talk. You know how it. will IJc if you stay. 11111 will never l>c .1. l~.'1 "But, my lla11gliler,'' gr11a11c1l the ol,l mnn. "I honld IH)t ha\'c killed B.!als but li>r her s.tkl'. [ couldn't hdp it. You coult l Sl'C that, Sile. The man forrc1I it 011 11,e. I tl'it • d l() gel the madman tu 11ml1.1r~tan \ he wa8 ru hin;; 011 hi l:.1te.'' "And sanl'll hi111 right," sui.1 Sile. " 1011 tm't llo any good here. The t•al w1111lll uc salcr without you lliau witll you. t,lac might stay hl'rc a while, anti it' lite di:-;Lricl got luu hot 1i11 lwr, she n1iglil go to 1111y 011c of th 111w11i-.1 ' "J t~ar 10 do th, ,t. t;h • is a n-s11l11tc nud pirit d gi rl, aml will certainly clo or suy somcthi11g which will hri11g he wr:ith of the British on her clef;,11sclc s lwall. 1'lwy urc uut ulJove oppre,.si11, a woman, if . he i . too uut:1pukc11." "Th: 1t' tr11e," saitl ii<.'. "Uul, you lllll t l>'ar in mintl one lhi116 . he's ha1ul omc as a loll. •OW, that makl a dilt'crcnec. A m a n can ,Jo aml s:~y mean :hin • lo a ci:awuy old maid, or lo a withl e r lifly or 'ixty years old; liu1, when it co111t'8 tu young aud h 1u1lls0111c gals, it c,ui't lJe done. Nu man hai'i the cheek."' • 1\Iistcr," said Lige. "Yew sp<'ak my eutiment.. ow, lh• :re w , s au old maid up lew Salem, lht, darned st critter yew cvt•r tlhl sec. She hail a nos•? 011 her ubeaul five inchc$ l,111ir, huilt lik~ a spike-the wnst noso ever tacked on Lew :, w,:111. An' that wa'u't 1111. :::ihe lrnd a tongue that llt!Vcr s1,-,ppe1l, until thP.y plan t e l l her. If she hatlu't ueen ''l ditrne,l ob,-ti1rnte, she mi_;ht '1~ been n-livin' now, uut, tc,11,.s 111W 5hc. wa'n'I. pill' tQ-w l!•v, ,u1' J~L tc:w apitu '-,w, au' iwuw


AN 'OJJBT'.,(,TE OLD m. '1 cm thnt she'd die if she wintc'>ssihle, \vhich th1\l wom II wu'n't ekul to. 'fhe 011ly 1,teas:u1t thing she e liea11t,ic:,1 1111tler I ivcr.' Oriviug ltwir prit1011erl!l before them, they r ncb.e,1 tlte hou!'IC. IJzzitJ t111t npr,11 the ,•r11h1l.1h, w :,i in;.; f 1r th~m. The pri6C11wrs en t ltH•kii; ot' h111re<. I nt hl'r II llll'y fl,1'-tk'cl. It wns c\i lent lhut they rt-gimlc,1 her ns the cauire nt' their c.11•turc. Ju u tl'W 11mm llll'y wt•tc tll'iven into the winevault, tT1cir le•• tir111ly ho1111d,a11d th duor locked 1111d b ,,rred. Thi~ dune, the par1y went up-lairs. T 1c l1111ly of Bc.,li. !uy where it h:111 titllc11. Tom Giglt!y and Sile 1001< it u11 nnd carried it out to lhe rivn-hanh.. There they dug a gmve, and lai1l the sluin Tot'y in it, ouly thinking that he haJ dc8t' Vtln ren10,c1l, 1111d the family wn, quiet. s 1e nllll hiit comp1111h-ms u~ritin lnok ll)l their quarters in their hi1ling-phwe hy tho l'lver. Sile h11d ouc had l111hil. He uottltl 110L ~isl tlw 1emution of 11 pnck of cnrds. Visions of " penny nnte" uml • oltl ~lodge'' .. a.iW_.t-1 .Wl. iWu. IIIIJliall:!,,..,.11,-• , .. 1': i . 1' &Ul


THE IW .utP BIJl'LBS. lm()"rviou11 awitmp, he hncl coolly g. mble ll awny thousrutds of dollt"rs in Coutincutul currency, enough, at the par value, to Jmve uoughL oue of Liu. • l~t plantation iu tllc Che lcrticlJ dislrict, but, us dc.•prl'ciute,1, worlh nhout ten ,Jull,tni. Once in the wood , he lilrmccl tt. place where the full nwon'& ruys gleame.l l>righlly. nutl, c.lrawing 1L grl 1 lSY nml thumoctl p :,ck of carllij t'rom his pocket, invited the two others to a game of •• ol,l slcd~"l." '' Oh, giL eout, nnw," sai,l Lige. "I 1tiu't goin' tew lose / ~ my molll.'J 11t uo gn111e I don't know nothing nhc 1111." '' Ah, whnt of that?'' r<1oine,l Sile, 11hnftli11g his cards. " It won'L hake Jong to learn, I reckon; nntl when you do leuro, you kin clo 11s well a :my one. Try ouct." "I don't kc..'Cr if I dew. I sccu some men pinyin' one day, in M11rg:t11'1:1 camp, um.I one or 'em won aucout forty dollartJ." Let not t!ie tt'ader ho surprised nt the amount. The men oflen het t hnull:uuls on their , mad if they won, could not laavo liought 11 tlt~nt suit o( clothes with lha l)roceed• ! " Kl.-ertlli," aill Lige, lnokin~ all them ns Sile slmfflctl them "11in'1 ,cry much 1lu. n11ht of in M:ts~achn8elt8. The llc!acons s:ay they uin'L Christian ccr,oa I think S t 1 tcw, hut, when n 1111111 hus workctl or fought luml, he lik4.,-s n little tdt m sure, nntl iL iij raythcr 11ice tew iL dow11 untl tuke n 111111d al olll slc..-lay the 1r11y fur I ,w," . "~Vw,. ~ ~e. i

TUE TANEJ0!:11: IY LUCK. ,, dr1lwle68lon, 1u1tl, J\s the sun ro,;e, he raked in the l , ,st money po ~ sc,l by either of the nthers. "Never was in sech luck in the worhl," s:ti l Sile, with ll look of llismn .y. "Nevt•r h11cl the kcerlls run so before, did you, stm111:,rcr t' askc,I Tum Gigley • .. Ne,•cr," replietl Libr+>. " [t. heats all nntur'. Why, I ai111L won 1111 ~eur 111"111<•y, hcv l r "It. 1111,ks 1i ',''00 1 I cl1l like it,'' !4aid Tom, grimly. "1 nin'L got IL bit. I

THE SW A:Ul" ltO'LE& " Tl,nt's n term of reproach, thnt ii;. My hoss mi~ht have been n trit1e thin in the leg~ 111111 necr~, lint when yew say spi• der-ltb~• yew u:;c ii term which I fLel honutl to take exception tcw. That hoss waru t 1111 ~pidcr•lt!~'S." ",Val, he was thin, wa'11't he 'f' "Ye,. Ile was raytlter tuin, I must sny,'' nsscntcoy t'.1oli11' ronn 111 quadruped of that kind, 111111 wfler the 1 ' •l: 1rnc.l br,,tc had 11c11rly kicketl thl' brnin~ ollt of one ot Uwm, P e t e Naviu shot him; 11ncl tha~•s the en,l of Mm.'' " What 1111mc 1li•.l you call that chap," asked Li~c. "P1•lc! Naviu." " What t<•~inH'nt is he in ?'1 "Gmliu11's rifles." "All rrtli t I II' evN I 111ect Pl'le Navin, of Grrihum' rifle I'll lic-k him ont of his hewt . Thal' Ill:! •~<" , s ~worn tern• . I'll make him Wi:-h he hall111t shot my ho Ii. ~ow,~" .l1111 an f 1 show lhe wa_,." Sile \rnlkc, I 0111 11w1 . l the river h : u1!i :uhl lu-1)li:,r1• 1 l ti) •ro 11p lo 'ii -.Lw ;llll l ~cl, anollwr. Yon 1lhl Hilt nwel a t :~11, ~n11lH: 1 1 •l-l110!-i 1 . ~ f cl111w 1-i-lin" a h m .. e like 111hw. 1li,i you?,, • ~e$ I di d : . ,c-11c1\ I 1 y . H e was 1hc green t , l o o k i n' co ,,t I P\'l'l ' 'l"l'. I mi. t r ,unl that m : tn. I s e c, 1 h e lonkcd lilw a Iii I iint I W : L'11'L ire . 1 C'o11lcl111l go Ill) to him and ~a) ' th.t i h t' htu l ~ t o l :.t ho~". an 1 I knew it , 'ca111-1c l ditln'I; but I thou.,tlit h e wri11 a thief, a HI now I kuow it." or tottr, c this ~pe ,ch W it' lllt'fllll lo rc:wlt th,• rar, of the Yuukee, who,. lyin~ 1111,ler the hu~lic~, nrn., le ireful ge tme at t~u 4000 of Uu~ scout, exp1•~ive ot' a. il~~,; LO 1>1luoh it.


AN OFFER. 61 " C :rn you imaginA where the wlaitc-liv e rccl P u r ita n went to?' ' a k e,I A.mos. "Oo11l 1lu1t ay . He's a tratlin' Y , m ee. I thi nk h e h n gone to Gre ene. Bnt I uon't knmv for arlin. lie ain't no 'count unyhow. PoOI' shucks of :, fuller, I think.'' " Nmv lo bu ine . , " said Amos. " I um nliout to trn. t you. Pcrhap you do not know t.hM tlac m,•n of thi di strict h a v e uctcrmine l l to r the \Vhig . Yo11, n.1Hl such m e1\ n yo u , s uit m e h • t. Yon know till' conn try li k e a hook, n :111 we c un depe n d upo n you in ca, e of fighting. I ()1fe1 you what many men arc nnxi, ,u . to ob:ain, the ofllce of lic t1te11ant of ( 'outs . At li.•a. t, uch is my desire. Ai;J for pay, the king is liucrnl to his officers." • And he g ive the men monkey's 11llowance-1nore kicks than lu,lfpcnce,'' said Sile. "That need uot trouhle tis," snicl Amo!I, smiling. "We know wdl lngh that the ordin:,ry line of men, who nre l'ooli h l'nou. ~h to fi!!ht tor thirteen pence n-clar, 1lescrve no h eller p:1yme11t, for th(•y ha\'c no higher :t!-pirati,111 . . " "Anti how mont it he thut yon offer me a Commhiiou ? I'm :L ron ~ h ltl-1\11, y,,n k,,,rn. I 11i11't g( ? t 11'> etlm:a 1 ion, nE:-itht'r. I wouhln't 8hine in scch oc:ie ty as your'u. I don't know how it, i~, uut it llon't seem right." " Wlrn.t don't seem right!' llcm:uHle t l Amo9. " Fm a man to take pny from the king to fight . ng'in' old C:ir'lina. I can't make it ri.:_:-ht, somehow. 1\1 like to be s h o veil how I'm WMng. I've h e en thinkin' .tht1ttt it 11 gr1>:1t tleal lat l'ly. No\\' I was horn 1Lnu hre1l here in Car'lin1t, mos t of the tinrn in Chesterfield, ntlll I think u mau like that can't ti_;ht ng'iu' the State, nnd do right!' " I tlnn't ask you to fight 1tg11inst her. I <'lahn thnt the m:in who nids the kfog in putting ()own this intiunous rebel• lion, so for from fighting Rgainst his own colony, simply aids in mi ing her from lbe condition ot' a r~belliousto thnt of a loyal colony. Then how can be l,e saiu to Ket agai1111. her, when lac is working ror hllr good." '' And you offer me a commisalon r• said Sile. "Yea."


TUE SWAMP Kl'l'LEL u I s11pposc yon know I've f to river 't" •• D11 you know any of the men yon cnll mggctl r,1scals ?'' .. Know them? Were not mm1y of them raise,! in this sec tion 't AnJ ~lo I not know nll the first families iu the colon,?" :, They were not ragge, Gr:th:uu nube he mout object? He shvnys w, set in hi wAy. I remember the time he pulled you off your horse for suyin' a slighting wurJ of u iirl iu Cher11w, au~l maue yuu taau it 1-i." > I


.A3'0S IN TnOtl'lll.& "Don't r e f e r to it ngnin. It makes me nngry when I think thnt so long n time hus passed, 1111<1 I Im, e never r e veng e d lhnt insult. Oh, let , me med him ouce in bnttle, swor1l to swol'd, nnd Ile shnll rue the d1:1y he laid hands upon me, hccause I cho8e to s pcuk of n womun in tt'rms be dill not like." "He would hnvc licked you if you ditln't tnke it back. You know it UlaJtn't true.'' " Whut of that l Who mnde him her champion? She wns ouly the dnughter of a swamp-sucker-pretty enough, to be sure, hut of low birth. She was lwnored in being spoken of 111 nil." " Take keer," anicl Sile. "Remember thn.t I nm a swnmp-1ncker too, nnct I stuud up for my kind. I know thnt gnl you spoke or wua as honest ns she was GOOU. Do you deny it?" "Ccrtntuly not. I should not have spoken of ber ns I did, but I Wfll out with a cnmpany of young men, nml they were honsting of their conquests, uncl whut could J do Y'' "So you sulliecl the fair name of a good gal, the wife or an bonest mun now t Don't do it again. I won't staud it," Raid Sile. "I heg your pardon, Sile. I should not hn,e suicl wh11t I

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