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Boucicault, Dion, 1820-1890
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Playscript -- 19th century ( lcsh )

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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OU Pla7 1n Acta DI BOUCICAUL!' PropertJ' or 1 Joa•p,.1n• Bouo1oault f. Saaiel PNn , 86 at 4&1:b , , Jltw York OltJ~




CHARAOlfBR O'l'~O GOLDSHKDE ••••••••••••••••••••••• A retired millionaire BLANDINB•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1a daughter, an heh-.••• GtJY DELORA.ID •••••••••••••••••••••••• A po lar actor. IDY PE'l"!'l!t~••••••••••••••••••••••••In 10ft. w1th Bland1ne. DBX!Bk CA OLL••••••••••••••••••••••• lowe with 111 u Beauregard. IIAUD APPLlffO An aotre•• IIRS. A OJI!' IIXSTIC ••••••••••••••••••• (With a pla7) BLJIIRA ••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••• (with a re o 1 tat ion} INIGO ZO n tragedian,, ( ow prompter) LEA BEAUBKOARD •••••••••••••••••••••• rn Bell•• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •r other MAY CBDP ) >•••••••••••• •••••••Cluahere. CELIA PULLALOVK ) wmDICO OKOROE __ .,....oO ---


AC! SCEIR ls Welll 0 1a itt ( ada C rd) 0 room 1n the house ot Kr. Ooldahede, 1n w Yo • Arched entrance• • • c. at baok. talra, a libP•rJ'• Door, R. Pi o, L.o. at back. Ohaire, aota. Door L. lead1n to ataircaae or hall. BLANDIHB d1acavered at piano. L • enter aervant with card on aal,.-.er. 91and1ne nd7 ettitt. VerrJ well. I will • e him • ( lt SB A ) • our oard basket 1• full ot thia poor fellow'• I wend r th a ube he baa rece1Ted ban not d1acoara • hia v1a1t•--but la app ra 1m ptuJt ble. (Bnter SERVAB! showing 1n BOY) Band7 (He oarr!a a a ana ll package) I --I hope I •• not 1nccnven1entl7 • rly---to l'lf/ appo1ntimnt. Bla din at ppointDntt Bandy Our prin.te theatrical bua1neaal Blandiae Ch, I thought that waa tor the a.t'temoon. cq Yea, but I .t'elt ao at1en t to c rry to you the assurance that your co 1.aaiona cont1dAld to my care, have :received attention. I bav ••m. • Jonea W e can get eTeeything 7011 requir , coatu a, beards, wigs, prope, 11 -11ghta, and 1t you need so nel"J' --landine s e aoeneJ7 1n a back 4raw1n -room 1a impose ible 1 Jut what he aa1d;" Bland1ne Golda ede -p al let" but I replied, "I.t 111 a aoenery-aoenery nut be bad.


Blancllne Did you aak • Jones it he woald oo s nt to aot aa our •tage -.nager and. taJDi charge ot • llb.ole I ineaaT ndJ I ventured o •nti th matter, Bllt he ttered, "'l'o What baae ua•• 7 we not 0C1111, • a ao th1ng about "luore." Blandilt Bat di! he oo ly at laatt Band7 I think he will ocndeaoend. Blandin• oe to 7ou 1t h tail to appear. at bav 7ou there, Your uaual tribll te trom illard' • , I auppoae T 7 No,-it oontaina all the part• 1n your pl.-, you asked • laat e..-enin g to ha them oopled. land1ne Arn 7ou have had the have sat up all ni done al.NadJ"f y the COPJ'i•t to complete the wom. Yea -I lien he did. Blandinl I nuat be 1n 7ou.r debt. Band7 Not at all -quite the Nftrae -I -••n -B ndine Oh no -I can not llow that 7011 should pay the t'ellow. land.7 He di! it -tor -tor plea1t11re. Ila dine 1a 1a lib your Ia 1t -'JN -1t resemble -pemapa -landine You ha wr1 ten all •• 7ouraelt1 nd7 Y011 • o n 17 glff -an7 thin to do tor '1 -that I I oould not • don tbla t at to -•DJ" one el••.


Bl.andine How ood you are I ( ivea him her hand) . (Alii ) Poortel.los, I wiah I could g1Te hill more I (Aloud) Do I tre t you wry badl7T Bandy I would not mind that -but the worst is that, as a rul , you don't tre t n at all. Blandin you look tor too mohf Bandy Ye -pe:rhapa -probably -I don't know. Blandine rrn to mod.era te your w iahe•. nd7 Yea -I -will. Bow I am staying too long. Bot at all -good-bye I Bandy Cert 1nly -Ch, I torgot, I have something else tor yout Bl dine BandJ' -1n h\Ullln ahapt I Here it is. I know you admire him. (Handing her a Jhoto raph) 8land1ne 11r. Guy Deloraine as Romeot Oh how aw et ot you.I Band7 I told you it candJS ' a tew a , walking close behind two girls on Fitth Avenue, I heard one ot them say to the other, •celia dear, 1a it not time to sto?;> and take a little retreahm9ntT" 'l'hey pulled out a J:hotograph of' Delor 1.ne, and embraced the picture. Blan.dine He 1a deservedly popular. 4-, Yea, be tweney per cent on the aal ot hi.a photorai:h•. I wiah I wa a protea a 1o l be u tJ'.


tl7) Ye .. good daJ:• Bland1ne ( Ooea to ottef! h Sa ( 1de) awkwardl.J') Pe:maps I look t r too mah -d ar -yeal -(Goea up) (Al ) ood .. da7. Ahl (He 1tatea} ( it) land1n (Gasing at photograph) te your wi ab.ea -Oh !be loony •o 11e1 be 1• parting with Julie t . Bow sbe could aa she di! 1n hia Godl1ke preaeno -aa 1t she ••• p rt1ng with bus nd and lisping out on the door-step •ooodbye dear. write soon pl••••• " 'lbere was no palpitation -abe waa und r no ll how could ahe so pe.aai el7 endlll'9 tboae e,e•, and the qu1Ter1n ot tho•• pai-ted lipa I bear them 1111rmur " 1th il.~t w a did I o'erperch Who would o •en,,rob a ything tor the ot aueh a lump ot waxt ( ter IBA URECJABD) Lea Oh Bland:J • Wfl love What ha" J'Oll oeen do 1ng to t.ba t angel 1n trouaera -Bandy P tt1tt • I 111t him t ot tbe hall with a tac e like a tract. You do not appreciate What he 1a. landin Ch 7ea, I do -he 1a the dearea t bo L9a Be wwld make a odel husband. landin 1n the world. Jlllt what a lover! que oan1 •• And then "" w011ld Jou. like 47 P ttlttt !'here would De a cl1lllax tor lttel to be oall d lira. tbe romance ot one ' a Laa Ill.lat 11.te n • be a romanoet lland1ne (Look1n oyer pa.rta) at is lit w1tbOllt 1tT You know that I am no enthuaiaatlc tool looking tor a Lohengrin 1n armour to co• prancing up


1-, Dexter I exp o d o t ind 7 x -• Bem. ga 11 aa Jllandine that I ban new o cem in -here. Plea•• the gentle•n that o ea • g a a 1n••• Lea (At k, tu.ming cp iclr:17) (Aa1de) •• ot 111T bro rl Dexter ('fo ) l 18 •• I ld t1nd h a ha -••n to ( 7our Sr -(Adnno1ng .) ( a to Lea) ---( ,..0 S l"Yan ) Please deliver 111T •••age. ( ) . X.a OJ'f Dexter Lea I truat the n••• 'J •n 1 , ia no -• l:>Ut I am a friend of the taall7. I)e,_._ • on ,q inquiries --Bxcuae , n r1n into detalla ot a •tt r -not quite 1'1t tor a youn lad7' • ••re . Lea Aa uaual -I th h ao - • :racetulT Ot courae -the result ot aome • ra into 11h1oh • en 1 4 by hia abominable aaaoo!ate•. Dexer B•• e any abominable ••• ia tea! Yea• I' eu.ple, Mr. with that g ntle --Iaa x er a oll. Are you aoquairl tad it so I•• you ag 1nat h!ml xte 'l'hanb I I know I Jm h1Jll alightq.


to 111T aide --but I do look t .or a proper 111n who could pire iq lite with that hea 17 tenrt" I feel the angel• ot love fluttering around nr, heart -the breatn ot their tans latent tire• -let • realise the they whisper tor me, or let • bide with Jq nonaensieal drea11a, ewer 11hiob I ae you are -welll theJ are innooent, at &!lJ' rate, and nobody ne d know ot their folly. ( 1ta) Lea (Ooea behind aha 1r) I aa7 Blandin• -11hat 11 the Cbl'iatian na• ot 7our dreamT Blan41ne onaenaet Lea W ahared our aneta at s ohool. Won' 7ou gin me a bite ot your• now, Blandine !Jy present t, la the rto?anoe ot th draJlll tbat 1a to take plaoe here on -, b1Jttb4a7. You are to plar the part ot a wicked 7oung wUow -here 1t 1a. (01yea h r the part) Lea Am I 1n lore with anybod;r, I hope he 1• nioet Blmd1ne Splendid -you don't "know him, but 7ou llll7 take my word. I p1oked him out tor you -the ol>J ot ot 7ou.r at.teotion, tor the enn1ng, will be Mr. Dexter C rroll. Lea Here -take rq part baok -oanoel my engag •nt. at'• th tt rt lot another word. I hay I heard h waa xpeoted. '1:le loft with him. Blandine X.a aTolded ••ting that •nl WheJ1ever I han tled. And now I am to plq Nevert Blandine Lea I have heard th1nga about him I oou~d not poaall)ly repeat.


Lea It I did, he llbould hear -, opinion ot him prett7 pla1nl7. I am 1ntor•d that tore he •t the bOJ', Bax uaed to go out 1n the orning •~d return home 1n the ev n1ng; now he goes out 1n tb• ey nine; and return• ho• 1n the om.in • And with whom d.o•• he apen4 hia n~a --w 1th llr xtel" Carroll. What do )'OU aa7 to thatT Dexter Jlr. Carroll mat b a " r, attraot1Te person. I.ea 'l'be a ttre.ot1on, • 1r, 1s earda I He 1a leading the poor lad into debt -a worae. Dexter You don• t aa7I an debta ... Lea '!'he subject -1• rather de11oate. Dexter 1te the contrary -as I und rata it. Lea I can not be ahooked at anything atter What occured yeaterda7. '1b9 photograpi ot a young lad waa tamd 1n his bat. Dexter Dear -dear -lib a railway checkl Xe p t.h1a 1n y1ew. • Lea o~ it waa atilu: ins 1de behind the 11n1n • Dexter Did you r cogni.a• the ladJ'f Lea Yea rt_ I ••• her last w k at the ciroua, 1• ping thr hoop. ur o r•• th1a athletic beauty was a triend---ot the noc a.l Rex! X.a o air -t Ill' Dexter rroll. •mo ot that ta t? Lea a


Pro• OarrollT Le. a No 8 :2r, I have never met the mona ter --I had it trom the beat uthor1t7, tr CID 7oung Be uregard -b1.Jmtelt • nexter I think I oan. ive you better authorit7 than even hia word -that ot the monster. Lea YOU know him! Dexte~ And vidently you do not. H is not worth knowing. A tew ars a o Carroll entered lite with a handao tortune. w b baa scarcely enough lett to 1nta1n an appearance a• gentle n. ( Going to a.) Lea Squandered lt --ot couraet to gratify h1• low t ate•. Dexter (At Ce) Bot quite aol On oom1n ot age, he round that th trustee Who adm.1.niatered the eatate ot h1a aged mother and the income ot an invalid aiater, hav1n gambled awq the tunda entraated to his _char • --had eloped. Carroll replaced the money with hill own tortune s--and that 1a Wb7 th1 reokleaa scamp 1a now a p er on these two women. Became, 7ou aee, the ne •er-o-well had not 'been educated with the view or eaming a livelihood. A wort:hleaa t'ellow, aa you pertectly describe him• (Goin to L. corner) Lea (Breathleaa) No -no -I .. I didn't --l>ex•r On yea you did. I am a pr tty ood judge--the be11t that oan be aaid ot hilll, 1• h never went back on a tr1end who trusted him, nor on a woman1tJ.o lov 4 him. '!hat ta -, epitaphl (Riaea) Your•, '!'hen 7ou irt re, .


Dexter W11b 11bo:mT Rex I don' t know. Dexter (h I Ia ah prett7T I don' t know. Dexter You know 1t • he la blonde or brunette, '!'all or ahortT Rex I h ve come to you tor thoae ' P rtioulars. Seuon 7our admiration tcr a While and listen. (R1••> I called at 7our rooms thia mom1n • You were out -ao I dia-poaed myaelt to tan a nap b7 your tireaide, when, cling-a-ring --7our telephone aet up a call. I ran to the fixture --Bellol I or7 --Ia th.at 7011 DexT asked a awe et te•le voice. Now as Dex sounded like Rix, ot oourae I gave her the benefit ot the doubt, and answered --"Yea II What ia itt" "Ka7 I expect you thia att moon, and you atay to teat• "I'll ats, aa long aa you will let • 11 • I mrmured. You implld t acaq,. •au.t I ccntinued: •w111 addreaat• addreaat• to Mr. Dexter Carroll!" fellow." Dexter Bex 7ou not juat remind m, ot 7our ahe cried --"llh7, a m I not a peaking "NO•-I replied, but to a DlllCh n ioer Dexter at waa her answer to that iJllpudenceT Rex •aood•b7e •. Slaal Shut down I Imag 1n my curio• it7 I I started tor th• he d ott1oe ot t.he d1atr1ct --round a moat polite young woman there, Who aurrendered at once to l'lt1 deadl7 •mile. 11Prt17 to Whom••• I talking ju.at now?• She referred to a reoord --"No. 21es•. I ccmaulted the oatalo "2l85, pllbl1c telepi.one Broadway and 52nd. St., acceaaible to an7 one tor t11"ty oenta.• Dexter Ia thia all you to oont1de to •T


R8x You mat kn who the speaker waa t Dexter I do. 'l'o spare you tur er trouble, your purauit is J.oaa ot time. '!'he lady you de the T1ct1m or your trick, 1a ~111.aa Ma 4 Appleton. RIX . r vaudl !he 1n tJ Ila I You know r ott the a ta T te lnt1mitel7. X BJ Jovel Ain' t there room tor •T Dext•r I • .10'J t.be privilege or ta a RP ot tea w 1th her TfJr,' otten. X Alona! zter In the co p 7 ot h r ther. ta th rT Pr Rex rent! Dex"r My dear b07, you . t 1 your o oeited 1gnora oe. Mias plet a d her tb~r, are :,ece1yed into 11b re you would not permitted t o Nllla • door-•t• Rex I aee I She c ltintea the • cial. i-a ket --attenda -der a a 1 a rec 1tat1o:na tor rita'ble o j•ota --.nd telepb ea Mr. Dexter Carroll the hour he will b ••loomed to --tab teat Dexter (X..ughing) y on1g1 lei (Enter SERVA aalvei-) Jira. to!Q' JIJatl a pa attc. (I.ea-.• 0 ta 1 d exit.)


Bax , oroaia I ( Falla on aota) Did 70u effr •t rt Dexter Beffr. R•x Don' t -it 7ou do -ahe will read 7ou a pla7. She carries a'bout a prett7 daughter. I took that bait once and waa landed on her hearthrug, lllhere I auttered the torture• ot t1ve acta. Obi toaoat And aa an att r-pieoe, the young one recited the poet1o acene trom Romeo and Juliet. It waa ao narcotic tba t I anored ,q applauae • I am afraid Elmira -Where 1a ( Bn te r JIBS • M!'S'l' IC ) Jira • IIJ• t 1o we are late, and, •• I 1.mpreaa otu lit,-1a th• aoul ot poli ten•••• dear landine! Dexter •iaa Gold&hed.e 1• engaged tor the momnt. Jira. 111• t1o Strangerat Dexter Allow me to preaent JD78t --( o l.a1ra) Mr•. MJ•tio upon Eb? but ot 7et, 1117 dear a ot ,et, sy dear1 ot quite 7et 1 ( conve7a Elmira out again, a d return.a) Pardai the preoaut1ona ot a motherl But whom have I the honor to met, llr. Dext r Cal"l"Oll. '!he tr 1end ot ll1 aa Dexter lira. Mystic p let t zter I a pr d or at diat ot1 •


1-18 Jira • 11J8 t l You. •J' • I I could 1t • )1Jat1o o do I, a 1r, t retSne 7011, You J' co• 1n Elmira •-I am sure llr. Carroll will exouae a moth r'• anx1et7 --•he 1a rq 1ml7 one • be 1a p Dexter 1 ) "Ir her a ly q la her other oharma --Rx Don't atio You are too cod, but par on 1t I cor ot your grammarl It, g the aub3uno v. .!! her abi t7 on.17 equal, not ou ae young peopie pl up littll taults ot thi• kind, ao ••, am I a ao part! ular with Blmira. It I llo 11 rti a to be ta n with our lan ge 1n her presence--111 t aort ot thing will atopl • at1o (Lott11J') a our1 •• young• , 1n a iloao 1cal ap1r1t or 1nquh-J, to aatiat7 -, on one point, whioh you elucidate -(Loou at him th er gl•••••) ( o 1 Moat b PPJ'• For what rpoN 11 into the worldT ) (s tl,-) X 11n. atio J'OQ d •lg d! 7 were you brought do 70 cla • you ree lrT Bel: I am a tlower, w 1 aa, t aw etl idena wear me 1n e1Jt brea•t• for a while, ( 17dre ) I don't 1 g there -ht 'Wh11 I do-I have a good time --


Blandin• it to Band7. (Be-enter PE'M'l'l') Oh here he '!'here Mr. Pett11:tt (Bandi b 1m the part) I ho 7ou will be perteot 1n that charaot r b'f . next o da7. Pettitt I will tey. 1t 1 T Lea You have onl7 to hold your tongue, and pine tor Bland1ne. Pettitt I am perteot nowr. ( Tbe7 all la up) Blx nd7, that waa worth7 ot me. You h&.Te acored pne on her heart -by a tluk -but it oountal Bland1ne Will nobody alm thia boy awa7T (DEXTER leada up x) Who oan we tind to pla7 lffT l rT '!'be Paaaionate h rol It ia a part wor y ot Mr. Deloraine. Pettitt Q.m. te so --I knew the admiration you expr as tor that great artiat, ao I boldl7 called upon him nd a ked on what terma he wonld play the character. All Good gracioua, Rex Yea, once I A gentleman trom Leadville , Tia 1 ted '11n da or castle, Where he ••• a portrait b7 Gainaborough. He lett word tor. the wm,an, to aak h r lowest tigure tor the picture. Pettitt I explained to Mr,. Delora! • the occasion; that none but the or ao iet'J would be oonoermd 1n the enterta -•nt, that the audie oe would'be -Rex baou -t


Do not be anxioa.a aboa.t the boy. I see the tear ot ftxation 1n on ot your lo ly •J9 a, ot laughter 1n the oth• • !here 1s no ore ha 1n him than 1n a la•• ot Oba pa • • He 1• kind -en r a -and ilel •• -let hla y~g lite th&. Lea Will 7ou be a bl'otb.er to h1mT Dexter ( After a pau•• looking at her) You. alo could make • ao. Ohll away her rap.idly) ahe toll • (!h 1n tlie in er room are partially ••n, and a e:m to N going through a reh raal ot the pieoe 4urlil the tollow g dbl log118 ) Dexter 11 Jlr. ttitt, allow ae ~o can tulate you 1n playing tu tool so tinel7I at on earth 1nduoed you to introduce that proteaa1 al baaut7 • • Dtloralna, into t.h1a houa ! ettltt 7 notT Dext• Will you examine ttiat mantel-pie• and obaene what 7ou aee there, Here -br or whomt Delorain I (H goea to piano) P tt1tt (Going to mantel) -•-0 --ot -Dexter Pettitt D xtei-You ••• 1• song " un••-ot _, love11 --With Deloraine •• 1gg1o tor a tr t1ap1e4e? o,, open that al , nd •rk 1ta contents. (Open X.a Beaure ard. Pettitt an albwla on table L.)


lair& ( OP tt g herself --dream.117) Oh 7ea I Jira. ]rJatic (S k ) ( ter BLANDI and LIU.) Bland1ne or ••, I am ao aorr-y to have kept you waiting. (She eta lm1ra) t • gen le n h ve 1ntr u the elyea. Jlr. Caroll • a uregard. 'lbeJ haft en good nough to ccept part• our new pl • ( • di• r1 t • th r •) Mra • ti 1h1• dra•tic work ha• bee otte d to enr7 nager 1n New Yol'kl • DalJ" waa eorrr hi• company waa not auited to do 1 t but tie th..,. ......... T.. there wae a tortune 1n 1 t tor • Pal r. !bat ntle•n adTiaed me o tan it to the Lyo m. o thin led • to auapeot they had nev r read the play at alll o I p red a rap. at waa 1tT All nar! Do t lll Ill-a. )lyatto I dis 1aed the work. Had it oops. b7 a writer--altered th• t1tl, t I t r ••v l pages the second aot. pl J" waa tur d •• uaual, with protuae complimenta, but the pagea had re 1ned intaotl Prcwing the nan.ager had nenr ad that aeoand aotl I erhapa he co l ill J"OU • all lie --1• z ot. get bey d the tiratl Lea hlml guT 1an lne I . 'l'heN 1 the Dex.tel" the rt) J, it 1a all a uaineaa.


Dexter Did you add that Kia• Blandin heraelt would perform the ob-je.ot ot hi devotion, tt1tt I did. That settled hiJII •eeg Kiss Goldahede, aa 1d he, 'to consider me too richly paid by such a noble aerT1o •'" Blandin Band7, you are an angel. (Give• him her handa) . (Aa1de) o -be 1a a tool. Dexter Jira • Jqs t :!D 11r. Deloraine has heard ot DfT playt And be desire to create JllY hero -and to apeak 1lf1 lines -Blandine No doubt )(rs• Myat1c, hi.a presence 1a a tribute to your geniu , a o when he meets us at rehearsal let ua be perfect 1n air aoen••• Dexter I fe r I am camnittin treason wl:9 n I venture to doubt that genuine inspiration inflate• the art ot Mr. Guy Delora1ne. All Ohl Dexter Oh, ladie• bear w11h m I I have heard you frequently express a tender pprehenaion lest the fl.a• ot hia passion should eat 1nto hi• etherial conatitut1ont Pray moderate your tranaportal Sta tire 1a a •chanical contrivance. 'l'beatrical extacy is a p1eo of ingenuity, and ion 111 an artia tic •chine with a nioe screw adjuat•nt to control the supply ot guah, and re late emotion. All Oh 11 Oh I Blandin• (Ria 1ng indignant) So all th& t 1a noble, grand, and beautiful 1n Art, 1s an importure. !be broken accents, the teara, the tender supplications, to which our hearts and all that is ood 1n ua, respond, are the tricks a mounteback I I don't believe 1 ti I believe 1n the great artiatl I believe 1n hia joy and 1n hia sorrow 1n h1a jealouay, and 1n hia love, u I believe 1n my own youth, and my own tl'llth.


oo on. loraine. Pro :d. Dexter Pettitt ('Plirn:ln leave•) Dexter p t it owr lea.,.a) land1n her •U lo 1ne aa OrJ.ando •• Jlr. Goldahede --Fullal w --'le n,-on --1 1n a ODIIO You do not mean to that h :r .1nt tlon.ror the art1at 1• beoo 1n • rloua --Dex r lhtatuat1on tor the , I do. She 1• at an age when taith 1• all aglow 1n her. Youth baa anointed her e70• with the 10 lu1o ot the tlower ot Ober , and me eea 1ove11neaa W'he we oan ••• onl.7 d fond ty. She baa autJ -to •pare, and abe clothe him with it. 'fh1nkl n, ••• in him the poet -.de lOT r. W are earth-ma men. He poe tr,, we are PJ'Olle. Be • al•• the lcon7 like Ro o 1n a plumed cap, or in litter h rn 1 a ,-01111 . god troa Olympaa, with language, t elin , to DLtch, all borrowed like his flowing l a, and Wbll 11atena to th outpour in • ot Shake a pea 'a aoul, oontounda the actor with the man, nd 11ke 'l'itan1a, tall.a to ca aa1ng tbe aaaea bead. ttltt Oh not or ahe would bav aken to mine. xter O 17 one man can aan the g1J'l tro heraelf'. Pettitt o ia heT Dext r t can we do! Delora1n. himaeltl p to the •he haa aeen onl7 the aotor 1n o o. . let ua ab.ow. her Ro o without hia aae, p int,. a tea Our ho 1a that he may lilte b7 daJ•ligbta. e titt t Oh -him• d 'ti He geta hi.ml U up ott the ata •• I


• xter I urren l'I ( oh• n over hia part) I aa7, o 1a 111J 88 , lmir '!hat I a mat • ti I-• rr:J.7 dear --"'!hat 1a I • Rex !hen I am to 7our F 1nandl t h 11 I I address 7ou aa • d ar st Jlother". bdra .... co l.d t 1nd none or the ladles w1111n to take the old WO , so it wa cast to llex (Re da) • hi el.t' 1n to h r arma", t t• ood bualneaa t Elm.1 r ( ad ) 1n n , Wllat do I h ar ot 7our m1 oonduot, will Jou n•••r oeaae .ale 1ng J"OUI'& lt • ot aoc 18 tJ'? • X Oh atopl ou t t that. It oU?ll a al I '!'he audience would t ke it a a c to UJ' I Mr•. ti Jmat I t w, pla7, to tit 7our private ch aoterT No • irl landine Order, order, ladies and gentle lease, to t lib ry, Where Rex ( '!hron hi elt' into o lm1ra) I ha 11 w t tQ o thr ao aa o t 1t perteet. w will adjourn it 7ou ia roo tor ou.r rehearsal. r arma -1 as with you b7 oaraelTea, 1•, . n 'fJD, , into inner xtei-


Dexter You only saw the front or • h curtain up. e --wait un t1l I ring the ( tr SE AB! L., aa he oroaaea to a. t b c with oard on aalwr • BLA DID • 1t) land1ne . Jlre Ou7 lor 1n I• Ob dearl he 1 here. (ALL the ch ac ra app r. LA adTanoea. aot drop soend• on th• '!al>leau or otat1on)


Dex er Preoiael7I I am the monsterl which it I have read your tell• tale e7ea aright, 7011 have known trom the tirat. Lea Ia it po 1ble that be oan be auoh a d01rnrtgbt -abominable•-traud. Dexter otlyl t 1t he borrowed 1ff1 shoulder• to bear h111 little peccadlll •, I re l au it was to Spa1'9 the teel1n ot hie aiater, to whom he 1s ao ey ted. I presUJDI you know the lad7 • Lea W h&Ye mt -we were aOhool tellars. Dexter You should rh o on about h rl It 1 lovel7t Lea She has no pretent1ona to lOTel1n•••--Dexter I did not allude to b r, peraon, Mad.a but to hia atteotian tor her. Chi he admit• tre ly that she ja • homely as a ood-t1ah, and in-1apoe1t1 aa bard •• a bag ot Lea Whattj Dexter Blit aa he abe 1a appr ch1ng an age when woman rel1nqu1ahea the tleah and the devil --the d•v11 ••n1ng rq aex ot courae llbe hav no further bwl 1 ••• 1n thia world, she direota rpr1ae and inwatJDl!lta to the next. Lea 0t who a you a Dexter or the venerable doughnut 1n whoae houae Rex aa,e he reela like a pl-,blll plaoed aa a book .. nark a worm eaten copy ot the Old atamen.t. X.a And Rex hi• drawn you th1• attraotiYe portrait ot hie aiatert Ah I I ta hi ti I . 4•• 1"4 t keep you awa7 t 'Ill 1111Jue~ at 70 • ld bet 7 h • Dexter no p la that you are -


SOEII AC'l' !WO !he ap rtJlent ot Gu7 Deloraine • Door• a. and L. a d o. and bi-io-a-brac, photograpia, etc. Piotllre• a lq turniture•. A bell ~•. Widdioomb, a aenant 1n rioh gold laoed black 11wr,, orouea t~ door R. He ia 'f' r,. lan ol.7 and atat 17. He oea ort, d re-enter• tallowed 'by' JIAY IRP and KISS PDLLALOVE • W1dd1oomb Mister Delora1ne, ia bout, ladies. 111 7ou leave 7our oard•T ... ,. e cam --&heal on bu 1neaa. ( Come to oen ter) 111• e are not ac uainted with (Drop o 7) FullalOY • Delorain 1dd1o &ain aat B.ol Hauto rapi , Mias 11a lo'f'e (Aaide) You a to it -it tr1ght ( icl ) It 11n the IIB.J • t in a ml.et • Jliaa Fulla l.Ov peraonall7 • e w nt to know it th ata • • D lore.in rece i'f'ea pupils tor the --H 1 nenr • erd •• he 41dl a a1n--or wOllld 7ou ple 1 (B rl7) 1dd1oomb t preapa lad!aa, you will call to wa1tT Botb e will wait pl••, it we ma7. ( IDDICO aa.ae t, and placea a abair c.) 1d.d1o (Aa be oea out) Pore thing• --took with the prewa111n1 tever, Gun,hoidl Got it bad.


('i'm'ns at doOl' with an el&borate •, and x1t L.} Miu llalOYe ( Looka aPOUnd Ch -ain't it a pl 4141 It ia j t the • ri ot pla I14 ex o, him to 11w 1n. ( e7 explore room) It ia J at tuJ.l or h ' lt? 1• a wreath. ( a on r ) "To ou Ou7 --a O Boe ton ladle a.• Ilise llalOVe He 'a a oh or withered ttoleta unde:p a glaaa caae. ( da) n 1 (R.c.) I wonder What 1• 1n: th1• caaketT (Open• it and takea out ••tin •lipper -Reada) "In me 117 --188'7 • ntie t M1aa (L.) (Holding up a t ias (Beada) Iii d. 'Drink to • only th thin And I will rink With 1ne • !At n 1ilil a 1 within la P, And I' 11 not ••k tor • hi • • • Oh myl t•• the • t r hert 't be .. ,. a terror! Ohl here•• the lo acene from Ca:mille • . ( Jhoto n ) table a.o. •ia• llalove Let ma look. Who 1a th 111•, JlaUd Ap leton. llaloft g at b •• though • could eat hbat ---


Jla7 s how raoetully he 11! • in azwma. A1n1 t it '!'hat ia aometh1n like love-1n --oohl Fulla love I'll arrange with him to coach• 1n ca 1lle. 11 1n •> 01h I Here he (!hey both run to t on chair c.) ( (Sadl7) IDDICOJIB L. ) W1dd1collb t I 1a1tor• I ••n• to door a.) *1 re you aure it 1a not Jlr. Deloraln , 1dd1oollb ltet He alwa7 1 ta hiaeelt in with a y. Jlo1'9 te•le wotariea I lliu Pullalov More Chi Ittheae should know and tind ua here the7 will giw pretty elll '1h y will '.rhat horr the oluba I watt Jla7 1n the • ame t, won't then w11b REX) a • toi-7 h will make out ot this tor (Ex1 t WIDDICOD)


(Aa1de) I wcnder who tbeae are I (Aloud) Bxouae •, ladle• --( Reoognis•• Jla7 Ohirpl Pullaloff I ... ,. Deloram -ave leasona. --In WbatT What do 7ou an, (Goea patage) I ••n that I tallli it all g 1.rl•, out on the ell did 7ou enrT ll.al ff You are a taat team or 1b ..,. S-x lfo I I don't think 7011 ver didl It an7 ot our triend• bad entered that door -your tather -or 7our brother -Ohl Bax ou e7 aoo•p-th1• ex lana ,ton or 7our bun••• h•NT .lfol '1'he7 WOllld pa.t jua t the wont cmstruot1on upon 1 , beoauae tbe7 are • ota le. Bl.it ;I am a bad lot -al'll ao I oan d1at1ngu!ah thi• ent rpriae -trom -the other thing -1:)eoauae -I'v been liblrel You don't realise 11b.at 7ou are about ilia• Pulla low . (Xea to L.) I'• at jd we are . ..% I aa not •oh on the pr aab, t 7ou.r brother, 7, ••• -,q aabool•t llowJ noe we graduated we have been ••b•ra ot tbe •a• oluba , and there'• a •••t ot Fre••• onry aa,ng ua •• J'OU •••, that • ua atand b7 one another --and that'• What I' doing now. ov tatlwr 1• a gnnd old pod. 'l'he7


Dexter (lloWing) We would not treapa•• on your valuable ti.me• ( ID>I00MB cea to door followed b7 DBX'l'BR --deep bowa on each a !de• Exit WIDDICO ) llan"-7 He ia installed lllte a Cabinet Kiniaterl And lbat stately tornal1t7. Dexteia H• ke•pa waiting to a.t.tord them opportunitJ' to admire th1• museum or a 1mon1al•. J'ult look round th1a Hall ot Pa.me I !be turnlture 1• eloquent --eTel'J' objeot pr 1••• him. 'lhe room 18 a te le of aelt admb-at1on• Where the idol 1• also the prieatl Ol;>aene the hum111tJ with Which he plaoea th t Tot1ve wreath, with his name, on the bead ot Shakeapeare1 Band7 (Exaaining an al'bwl plaoed on a pr1e dieu) Here is a collection ot au graphic trom diatinguiabed author• aJ: atateamen of the da7. Dexter lncenae at the altar! Part or the architecture by Which reputation• are ade, nar a dap. '!'he great work ot the 1a exeouted 1n outside the theatre, ao success 1a wen by intrigue, and not b7 merit. (Re-enter RIX) What bring• 7ou here, Rex I am 1n another •••t 1'ou got • into thia one. Dexter It Rex Yoa re.t'Wled to tiitroduoe • to Maud Appleton -• o I reaolftd to introduce Jllf••U. Last night I occapied rq uaual at the. theatre to witneaa Cam1lle. A t the end ot the third aot I aen t to her, by th• Uaber, a aplend14 abield o.t CR•l1aa, aa big •• tbatt d then reauaed rq aeat, expecting to that triumph ot .tloral art occupying a prominent plaM on the A .tew minute• after the curtain roee, I 1n nin to diaconr my 'llben the audience waa disturbed by the return ot tbat Uber. who made h1• way down to rq 1n tront, he 4epoa1ted that tro}il7 on my lap, wb.1apei-1ng audbll7, "'!'he lad7 deolinea to aooept tlowera trom a gentleman


1-11 Lea '!he venerable partyT Ye , a irl 'l'he codtiah I '!'he bag or na 11.a • tsn DX) (X L to oorner) Chi here he • I at's the t er, xter ex t.a You are an !.Jllpoater, sir, tbat 1a th Lea tter. Don't Lely mel Don't co• near me -you exhibit more dupliait1 to the square inch than -what shall I sa7T Rex lfoth1ng --k1•• • • r.a ( o. near oha1r) How dare you ah1 ld your 11oent1oua lUe b hind a gentle n, ot Whoee tr1endah1p 7ou are unworthy. Bltx (L.) I could torg1• that I t a young and lo 17 wcaan aa a nnerable, I • -indigestible -•trm -you. called her a doughnut.

with whom she 1• not acquainted•. Do 7ou aee 1lt/ poa1t1on with that abSald on ., kn •• 11 the •ml ot e rtor•noe! Dexter It aeM"ea you: ript. Bex sa~age aa a •et axe, I eaoaped h-om the theatre and went to the Club to drown m, vexation in a bottle ot Champagne. Sir, I tell out ot the trying pan into the tire, Bnry fellow there wanted to know the name ot the fair one who had administered tbat public rebuke. •nentlemen," I aaid, will bet a thousand that within three dap, that lad7 will do the hon.ore or a auppt r lrhich I shall give, and to -which I 1nT1te you all. '!'be bet was accepted tiw time• ner. How I haTe called on Deloralne to o'btain an introduction to the lovely Maud, which you retuaed 1111. Dexter Aa the n•• or the lad7 --the aubJect ot 7our insulting bet --waa not •nt1on•d-you bad better pa7 rorte1t and let the matter drop. Band7 But it was JD8n t1oned -tor I waa preaebt. You gan her name. Rex Did I! '!'hat 1• awkward --I call 1 t intamoua • .Rex I oan•t see tt Dexter No -because be 1• only an actreaa I Bow would 7ou reel it your own a1ater had been the aubjeot ot auch an outrage? ould 7011 dare to •k• auoh a bet about eitb.u ot thoae ladles 7ou eaoorted to your aiater•• carriage a tew momenta agot o -it you bad done • o you would have been turned out ot the club, .and cut by &ffi-J' gentlean 1n Hew Yorkl Rex Cb I th t 1e dit'tereat I xter Very dittereatl !he actrea• ••• unprotected -and you thought you ould inault her th 1mpm1tJ. I knew 111•• Appleton betore •h• adoJJ'ed the p:rot'eaa1on to pport amt eduoa te her 7oun~r and an !aft.lid (lfo ot er o oupatlon 1a open to women by Which they can gain other than a bare •) I d1aoonred an ol1 broken down actor who gave her 1netruot1on. (He 1a a poor devil you wmld not ~clmowledge exoeptlng to r141cule, but) poor aa he he Nt'uaed the '


mone7 I ottered him the tnn1a•t1on m ht oonneot -, na• with 1n minds •• 7om-a. I 1aw tbe entle•n through the hole• 1n coat. land7 heT I would lln to send him a thousand dollan &JU_,.JD0118 ly • J) xte• Give hbl 7011r hand openl.J' Oft . Broadway. V1a1t hi• poor home, and enoourage him to reeite the GU.rae 1n IAtar, am don't laugh at h1m. ( ter mmo JO .. -here he 1a I ) (Pollon III> I COD, •) WiddS.OOIIID • Deloraine 1 1nvla1ble to • --lN.t I will ~ J'OU pl •• to ~". I do ot --•~rT Jon• throu~ a laoky. W1dd1ooml B 1s at t.he phot ographe re • Jon• 7 did 7ou 1a7 at tirat th t he wa at churdl T 1dd1co I the otog Jone• re 1• your 1Te 9\11• all one I h1a onl7 pla ot woreh1 • Begone. Becond en ~rano Lett 1dd1oomb ( 1n out) Madi only f'lt tor the Zoological rdena. All • • Rex Bea •t uni-eoognlae Jon• oan you expeo Dexter to P••• to you, Ml9. Band7 Pettitt ---• In o l • , the ot the Jone• 7 ,uoh an age •• thS., is an honor.


Dexter 'lh••• gentlemen are 1n Mr•• lly'atic'• plat you han kindly undertaken to d1reot • Band7 And 1n 1 llr. Delora Sn oonaenta to appea.1'. Jone• Be w1ll neffr be a o reat •• Sn this ettort. Ber pompou.a tuatian and her teeble will aound b7 ttie ag1o ot hia tongue like the aia 1o ot the aph rea; be r pinoh'beok nr••• ennobled 'by hi• Toi , will l'ing like atandard gold. nd7 !b you admire bal lone• an artiat --I neTer •t a reater1 Wake him 1n the Jlliddle ot t.be night d aak him ror hi.a ahr1ek horror 1n Jlacbeth --he will l'ltb h1a eyea -ahri k., and go to aga 1n. But aa a man be ia a b._,.._ ••••• ( 'l'llrning to Rex) Are you related to Lea a gal'd, X 'l'b.en be 1a the one with b: Rex You know her --where d.'4 7ou lonea • .tr1 recaicile1 A t the hoap1tal, Where ahe ••• playing the angel 1n the children'• ward• Rex I had no ahe went 1n tor tba t; aort ot thin • lone, 11-the are per1' rmnoee 1n thia world., Where there 1a no audien l:nlt Ood. llr. Deloraine doe1 not go in 1'or that aort ot thing -but 7our •la tier doe•. Doter . B.xouae • -gentle •• tib.1 •• I am here on Bua m•••J •th• pla19 (~o Band7) What do 7ou doT Ver7 11,ti. I hope.


(DEX'l'ER g~• up ata ) Band7 '!he part ot heephold. It 1a contained 1n eipt 11n••. Jone• U JOU can walk on the atage,. look and 11110•• about like a gentl ... n• and walk oft with modeat grace, rou will be a better aGtor thNl om • tar 1n a hun~d, though Jou ha•• neTer a word ,o • a7, (!o Hix) And What do 7ou go on tort Rex Ferdinand.I llit h re is a long apeeoh I think might be out. Jon• 7 SOT Bex I can not get it mto-, head • . J"Qlea 7 notf ~t be plentJ ot room there. Dexter l[ wonder What th• nil upon thia plet;ure 1• intended to conoeal. Jonea It 1• 1n t,anded to pro• -,our curio• 1 tJ. You may withdraw the cUl'tain. Don't hea 1 ta te I iour 1nd 1acret ion 1a re lied upon. Dexter (Witbd.ra•• ourta1n) Ch What a lov-ly headl And a border ot rape enfolds the portrait. Band-, . It looks lllm the f"1nal '1:lapter of a sad romance. on•• Read the .1n•or1pt1 on the f'raae. (Jlladi~) Ila tUdat Baa, thou found the H••• that I haw 1 atl" Jonea '!hat 1• the third g1rla bead I haTe aeen doing dut,-OTer the •ame ef'tuaion. Pre.me, crape, and immortal wreath re•in t the he Ohangea • . ,..


2 11 Jo • . ep t roman treah. la tlret Matilda reigned ten ago, and wore he hair 1n a bJ•-g e • tJle • Ila t ilda t.h• aeoon4 waa prov14-4 with a bang, •h• diad., and Matilda t}le third with a f:ztlas the receneJ of hia 1 as• She wera hia pul'J)Oa8 I He told • five ,-.ara ago tha her dea tb waa th. irth ot h t'ua t gra7 ha 1J' • ( 11 r1n ) . Dex (Aa1 • to BandJ) It Blandine knew 1t would diaencb.ant her. ( tep WIDDIOOIIB, Who oroaaea to R.) n JJot through • • U abe low him -to break her idol, wc:uld be to break her eart. Wou.ld 7ou have • to o (Bnter MAUD AP LB!O) Ila All ript id~. X heard Jlr. Carroll was here• Dexter lli•a Appletonl Bex Ob , You were _aeeking •t Y •. I nee your advioe • l'aud We wlll leave you xter. and7 Jla\14 ot on rq account-• I Dext l' Jlr. Band:y Pettitt --•• Bex Beauregard. Jlaud. Jlal t happU,, • t, gentleman.


(orav ly) Rex I have asked you three times, to kiss an.Ued youraelt ot the opportunity. IAa rroll, I bave an 1nt1rm1t)'I { Point• to Rex) 1-12 e, and you have not 1t 1a I He lmowa it --and insult• tor him• ( Oe.lmly) I adare you, Rex Lea can you understand 1111 1ntatuat1onT I might live the lite it I could 17 diveat it ot the 1ntlue oe exei-ted onime b7 that -that • what I call himT Rex (S1ng1ng) He's a darling, a daisy, he1a a dllmpl1n , he'• a lamb, etc. Lea ( R. Screaming) Ch, you terrort (Oo1ng out, returns) You are breakin my heart. (JC1aaea him and goe• out) Dexter You don't au a sister. Rex You mis take. bod7 f'alla 1n should not • I am her atro po1ntt She acorea ott na .. love with her, beoauae •h• atanda I --I der it she had •de 70u a victim aI'read7. Dexter (Laughing) at 1• thia new scrape you are involved inT Rex ich do 7ou mean, Dexter 'lhe ciroua l,ad7I :i Ohl •h• ia gone on the roadt Saw h r ott thr e dap agol Ho, this 1• the real thin tb.1• t 1ml. I 1n loft.


Rex ( aida) She doea not su pect I am th ntle n ot tbe Cameliu. Maud '?hose terrible tootligbta draw a fierce line between the rtiat• and 7ou 11'b.o appear ao near nd 7et so tar. Yea 1 '!hey t laah l ilce mort a11 out of Paradise,. • !lex rd of the angel that k us Jla114 swe tl7 sa1dt ioh 1a the gentleman! Mr. Bax Beauregard. (A Ide) Lordi 1t' Bbl lmn allt Dexter Jone• 11 •• I not 1n this ca•t -I will ta1at a stroll on the Annue --until --Maud ?ndigo, 111T love, 7ou will sta7 just Where 7ou are. You taught me to act man.7 a d1tt1cult part on the atage, now I han a difficult part to aot !n rq Character ot Maud Appleton tbe aotre••, to whom a publio insult haa been ottered. You D11St help me to aot. I h ye juat learned througbw.gue Whisper• 1n the green-room that I ve been •de the aubject of a bet, -.de 1n one of the oluba lut t. A gentle n, whose name I have tailed to diaooyer -de a wag•~ that within a month I would prea!4e at hia table, and re eift his guests. lf'hia 1nault waa public -an I ••n to ha Te a pu.blic reparation. Dexcer Be aaaured that an7 gentle-n 1n lew York would be too proud to expouae your o•us~, but you will aee that any champion you might select might comprom1• 7our good name. bx Oh, 1t 7ou would aele t me I .Kaud When I discover the oulpr1t, I will aend to him two of rq t r I baYe ainoeM amon at the moat 411t1n iah•d 1n the 01'7. !bey will arrange a ••ting. '!he field ot honor be the drawing-room of Jira. Stu7Ye11ant van Ruyter, llbere 1n the of twelve ladies, he mat juatU'7 hia duet, or • apol 7 t 7 diotate.


d 1t he fail to appear. 11am -&e7 will adjudge hi unt1t to be admitted 1nto an7 • oc1et7 1n the oit7 tha reapecta itaelt. Dexter Will Jira. Van 7t r ocnaent to do th1at .. She propoaed it. I w ju t ome trom her houae. I sought her ad 1a , tor 111.7 ti.rat 1.mpu.lae waa to aend to 'l'exaa tor m, brother. lllx t w better. Orb tter till, th11 •porting tellcnr oould go o t to 'l'exaa and have 1t out with your brother on . the quiet• An7 ing 1a better than a ta.as • .. o air --the in• lt waa Pl lh --it ••• ottered through • to 11f1 proteaa1 , and we will h•'!• it out here, and not on the qui t, b7 an7 ••na. land7 An:1 Who are the two lad7 aeoonda 7ou propose ahall call on the d linquent t~ ••tiataoti • 1.aa Blandine Goldabada Lea auregard. ( .Aa14•)

Chi who do you auapect? U th re do it. ot 7oura, Duterl 7ea l'da7 a ap t 70 r 11~ t I a You are T ry kind to tak8 I don It reel jUI t1t1 d 1n ud 7 r d g 7 ough 7our telelbon•• r at • coandre 1 -&tx can 1n the atta 1r, but --Ym can ot do tter. I as au.re 70 • Rex 11b re 7 I call upon 7 T l(aud Here 1a ddreaa. y go u • ak } I a:m dumbtoun dad • ' hia • •• ranee. Do 'JOU think •• are r1 t 1n p 7 tbia gamet Yea I I know them bo , au1ted to ••Oh other. Sh• will adore a wild t •• Le adore• a wild bro With all h1a 1• thing inexprea aibl7 low about tha J • You , th1a 7 :t,-will lead him to '17 herT X r tf'hat will the beat way out ot 1t1 Let the al •• er WlDDICOD ••lng t door WiddlooJII> Oentlemlll, the o rr1a • ot 11r. Deloraine h a driwn to tba door. Bia Jlajea t7 the XingJ Ba ta ott --


(Bnter OtJY DBU>JlAI ) ,. Oh -Oh my ci. r tr1enda I t exoue can I otrer 7ou tor tbia d la7I lad.J' toot Jtept waiting I I am acouato•d to 7our ••• ar1ng ap!ri t -and I thank you already tor 7our to • An • ett:lt ala I and llr. Cai-rolll Jonea (Drap hinlelt) Pra7 do not a olo 1ae to me I I Dear • Jon •I I conaid r h Jon• (Aside) Ter ottered• a glaaa of win Ou7 One ot the t 11,-JI •• it were. Jonea ( 1v1 hia a to One ot th .. , .And who 1a thia' aud J' at ho h re. 1n h1a lite. rd th picture L.) ow &I'll ot-7ou to T1a1t my denl All • to aaaure you that a moat aaored dut,' alone could haTe d tained • --Jon• (Aaidl t.o Dexter) Attentio I Now tor a good deedJ OU7 I ca• trom the edaide at. a d71n friend --(Aaide) '!be i:notogra :tt 7011 d ot the trac notice ot it (P •) Jo • t oe --take no


Splendid, 14 anl I think I can see the aiok friend. OUJ' (Po1nt1n to her-) quall7 t 1n co dy an 1n pa tboa I her k1aaea) Lcnel7I 1te l 17 , ,r I pouesaed J'Wl' youth gentle-, I woul poae 1t at her i et. But alas -• my ltte --at 1 th tter ~thy t ' At ilu I "I ne sta • ell it 1 --1111 t1rat gra7 Pe titt ( ide to I thoug t 7011 a ti 1t waa t1\'e y It 1a th o J'onea in up. selle," etc.--you under-•-•y I r d, I discovered. ra a o. ( IDDICO advance with gold r) Ou.y ~tters ----jewel box --what 1a itT Ohl mJ morning 111 1de) Kor p pertS..•J Preaentl7t awa7) y011r 1110rn 1ng 1ncenae. UJ' t•• be t Ah, viol tat , ar, will 1hat sweet c atur ne..er oover trom her atra • 1n.fatuat1onT Jon • (Aa1de) Obaerv the rav1tJ' ot 1dd7 I H buys the around the corner -- • rr orn 1ng


.r ot oourael It ia tatiguing -De:xter 'l'el'Dlinatea with a •-a moat thougbtl.••• onr-aSght --7 Dexter ( ad1ng) 11r. Delora1n , our 11Btohl as R piri t --the pt1bl1o ros hi tlm• --Gu,It 1a a 1apr1nt. Maud o, nenr pla7ed with greater --I waa called on tour -Here 111 the bill tro debtor, 90 dollars • 1tta y tor the pin --to Ou7 Deloraine Great Oa earl Oentle118n, thia 1• a hoax. I have been the T1ot1m or a i-ival ---11C1111 one bu planned this -a a -1mpoait1on on m, oredul1tJ •-you aee to What extrend.. those jealous ot . -a a -rq ucceaa will deao nd. It ia Tflr'J' aad ---Jon• H is 1mmena• I CV AI•




)laud ('rakes up jewel o ••) Jll.'1 I look! 1 PraJ do. I •• no 1m• What 1t c tain•I :ad (Openin 1t at a lo ely p1nl A. • I. o 1a tbatt It 1 Jc, an man1, d She 1e t a r gon • GuJ J k ep it, dear Mia a Applet I It 1a to JOU who share with th gra ot our art --to JOU to whoa• au t7 a gra I owe t •• armin ttuaion• • ud What noble Bow it would rreot • dear Ou7, 1f t could belie o hall ot itl 7 Ah --here 1• the dailJ lobe. I wcnder wbat it ••J'• ot our en eaTor• laat night. Jone• (Aside) I auapeot he writ • t art1cl • h ell. '17 PraJ read th atutt. It makea bluah to pel'Wle it. (Hand• pa per to Dexter) I wlah the e fellow• on th pre•• • uld oderate their e.xprea• ions. It 1vea ua no pleaaure. I prefer the awe et od011r ot a 1 ple --such aa I xp ri n d laa t week. I lef't the theatre, wh11 at pp1n Snto o rr1age, paaain through th raw that lway obstructs the aide-walk --a poorlJ ol.ad 7ou 1rl ato ped 1llJ' path, to all a aranoea 6..' timid ild ot ~• lower ol•••••., with t;relllblin outatretched hand ahe threw a f"ew wild tl era into 1ll1 coupe, and her lip to my hand i ring through h r --Ob air, I thank you1• !bat aw t deat homage Whioh f"illed • with pr1de, would have p • noticed except 1n the reoo~ ot 1117 b art --bl.It ubiquitous port r, rel.entleaa, related the whole af'ta1r 1n the paper --Dexter ( o ha• en re ding th• paper) !bia article tull of' adula t1on --


(Loo o' l teura I A'1f fflREE '!lro rooms. A very lar arched door-way at baok connect• the roona, a red curtain cover it, a low ground i placed 1n tront ot curtain t conce 1th footlights. '!lro a eliera, a. a d L. ot thia large opening, at 1 h u are at work, 11ght1 with 1 g atiok. or• Sn • at lat. an 2nd. en~-~&-•, with p 1"8 pinned a ainlt em-a door L. ffh t'Urniture b a a been re oved, a pi ot light cba1ra and seat•, aped 1n a ccrner. n 1 c nru ion. Jone• g tro behind wrtain) k, and not halt tb c ny are here--Oh (A SERY OIRL ent ra L . nd croa aea to door 2nd E • R. She carries ban ox, boota, and pettio ta. c1ca d entera OOJD •) Our dreaa rebearaal toreapeot, a• I trut the aa pert ct, 1n every ce will be to-morrow. dy ( k out ot door .B.I •• He 1 • halt undressed) Ha e -sq trouae:ra arr1N4T So tt7 p ey should be h re t aix. Will J'OU en !ref Jones Jfo Sirl uch enquiri a do not co with the tunctiona ot a a tag• dil'eotor Ba d7 llbat aa I to doT Jone• Do -wi~hout I d cl1ne to keep the curtain down tor 7our trou ra. Cb I tbue a• ur I Oh --d7 Oh deart (Di p are) 'l'weng 111 t a (!'o ••n) llhen will 7ou et toot11 ta 1n their plac T


Rex (Approaoh1n door) Bxcsuae 1111, but you have my bundle. 1nd1apena1ble po:rt1 ot 1111 apparel -quit It an uaeleaa to any lady. (~e door opens end tb9 bundle 1a tired out, and cloaea again. REX pion it up) '!hanka nry 1111ob I I euppoae 7ou could not ttord • my hat. o! 11 -nenr 1nd. (An arm apl)!ars • th hat) , how sweet at: 70111 (J1aaes the arm aa be the hat) I wonder Who is the propr tor ot that deligb.ttul append& • ( ook1n It xi You d b07l • Ahl It I were another I am only a a 1ater. giiel you would not require ••king. I am not to d ot 11 ex cockt 11.s. Obi (D1 p ) Otto 'l'he7 h ve turned out or m, o , th 7 wanted it tor r. Delo 1ne1a boudoir& I took ret e 1n rq atudy, they hunted m, out ot tbat, it ••• quired tor the orcheatral ere can I tind a place to ait down, ( • 1a about to ait on chair • When gaaman t k • it, ands ta it up atag ) t I be pardon I I t el lly 1n th •• ,. here 1n ., own houa • Jones (Who baa b en look1n t . H.D.) th t c r -ind the tatu ao. Otto Bllt on such occasions -o st put u ertully with. (He 1s about to it on the chair L. When JO s Who oes not see his intention, it as two gaamen bring on twelw toot gaa


pipe titted tor tootlSghta, and pla e it with two chair• across back) I hope I &11 not 1n ti. wa7 • Jon•• You are, air, a1no 7ou augg at the obael"fttion. You are 1n the wa7. Who are 7011! The tailor, or a t1ddlerT Otto No. I wilh I was, tor the mo nt. ( 1 the •n turn the f'ootligbta to get them into la e1 th9J ••••P awa7 IIR • OOLDSHBDK) Cll dear, Wba t • • that, BJ J'O\UI 1 a Te I to be aurel Jone• e todJ,1 tal t a old nuiaance 7ou are Otto I ' ( oltin round tor a retuge) I Perhap7ou provide th Jates retreabmentst Otto Yea, I preau ao. Jonea '1'h n g o to the kitchen, or into the cellar., and while you are there, it 7ou want to make 7ouraelt uaetul bring me a glaaa ot •h1ake7 and A.poll1n ri• --Rye I Old X ntuoky never air. Otto Certa1 17. (!o SERVAN! Who R.) George, a Wh ialq ar.d Apoll1naria tor tbia ntlean. Ohl he 1a r pemapa bompa.n7t (hit SERVAH) (Aa1de) Jone• boea ot the bar I auppoa , too great to serve.. imelt. (AlOlld) I , Jlliatalte your lin or buaineaa. Are 7ou one, ot the Otto or tb1 occaaion I CO'l 1d r m:yaelt to be ao. I am Kiaa Goldahede•a father. Jonea Her father!


Blandin• Oh, • Jone•, d01' t be ao hard on the p sent age. !be a •a 1a well nough --1t th people 1n 1t I obj ot tol Loo at --I ••n th l'Uling landin You retel" to the wC1111nt Jone• I coept th ndmentl 'X I '1'h wo n 1a the bett r •n ot the two .. -ewr7 time I Man haa become th weaker wssel. Blandine I h n generally tound hi to be so. Jonea '!he time is near when wo•n will de 11 the 1ntelle ctual work, while men perto the ma.nu 1 labor. '!'he 'l'heatre, the Pantheon of' noble m1nda I 1s already ministered b7 woment All the world' a stage-and wo are tbe atage nan 81"8, !he7 • t tbe acene, we call aooiety, the7 the 11hola pla;y-direot the bu J and actore 1n thia comdy, come and go -re gay or a d -dance or tight -as the atringa are pull by the po r behind tb.e scenes. Bland1 You are qi it a philo opber, • Jone• I Jone• I'" re earae the p.rt otten enough to be perteot 1n it. I bad thr e wlw --they all ran away fro ae. Blandine I'm ao aor1"7, Jone• I' not I The first ran ••• with my furniture. 1.'be second w1 th the bao door ke per, and the third with the tirat violin. , •da , anai-1:lat ahould have no wlte bu.t one --the atage1 Blandine Bllt he JD11at teel love aom,thea I Jones 'l'h n l t him ave it tor hi.a Juv nlle bua1neaa, not waat it upon a woman. ( ter GUY DF%,ORAI )


houae --I had no need of e7e• --I knew your• were upon me• I dared not 11tt mine to the box where you aat until the paaaianate with 'tq royal mi, treas -then ou.r •t 1n one 1 g gaze., Blandine llr. Deloraine I Ou7 In an art1a tic J &It 1n that aupreme o nt the worda lett me -I atoa1 under the --7ou mat have not1oed it. Blandin• I thought you were taken auddenl7 111. O'QJ' So I ••• J I am 'but hua I '!here ••• a Jll8et1ng of •,-o aoula with but a a1ngle thought -two that beat aa one" . I tried to recOTer the word.a of rq part, but round 11pa mr-D1r1ng---I haY9 a life I long to •et, without Wh1ob lite, my lite 1a 1nco lete. Ob. sweeter •~lt ---Blandin• I teared c:, pera1atant ga•• might have disturbed Jou, ao I retreated into the back ot the box. Olly ao -the enGhan bent gone I Richard was hi elt again I Jou will torg1T9 m it I tall again under that strange taac1nat1on you over J'4J art1at1c nature. I am all aympath7. And when my spirit ia attuned to the ma io ot the higher ot pas.a ion -When Y hold th1a mirror (!ouching his breaat) up to nature unutterably perteot -the image retleoted here -atru.ok b7 the light ot your e7es, d1aplacea all and thine alone unmixed with baaer •tter. Bland1ne Oh, Mr. Delorame, it sounds like a apeecb out or a play. (Aa1de) I did not think ahe would recognise the I Pray go on. At -er a -{Aaide) I don I t know a117 more (Aloud) llb.ere was I! Bland1ne Ou7


111aa Goldabede I Ahl (Bolring nd poe1ng) I is the Baa t • a d Juliet 1a the (!o JIJ dear comrade! Would you wi our 1nemauat1ble kindneaa and oompla1aano• ---Joma oughl unders entrance. two word.a with ao aich court --I t.• bit Jonea. Lett band upper (Bx!t) Guy (Approaching BLA. I who ha atfeoted to atud her part) ph -1n thine or1 o be all rq aina landi It theae ftraea were aina, I would pra7 that mercy be •tended to you tor co 1 tt1ng the • Gu7 '1he7 are a ed, 'but 7ou.r 11pa will trananm.te them--landine (Interrupting hi) Will you pl•••• teacm me how to diatrea o 1n Yu. It 1a I w o t l int whom I have ottended. HowT en, Blandine Guy A t th pertor ce or Ruf Bla at week. Can you pardon _,. tool.hard e a --t I w s helpl s. Will you not share the bla•T I ••• nothm to b • U'f !be mo nt I st pped upon th ata I tel t you were 1n the


Blandine Xoa.r voice p a ab.arm ao exquisite, a msic a o sweet that like the ot the words 1a ot no • tter. Ou7 It 1a the breath ot m:, heart, aweet lad7, that awake• the harmonies ot ymr nature, aa the 1ght reeae thrill• over the chord• ot the Bol•n hai-p. Blandine ere did I et t2lat thought betore. (Aside) Duin it. She knows ewr7tb Blandin• H re are the 11nea that trouble ... (Bandin her part to Ouy) Ou7 (Reading) love, -, lon, Ch rd• ao ... et1 What need have like ours ot other speech. '1r e~ • hold while our oontea tbe7 ha no ut ranee, except the a ilent on 1n whiah tJ111e loffr• do exciuin their -hold -1n your arms -cloee to your bre at•----(Be embraces her) Blandin• Oh -!bat' a the stage direction. (Reads) •she tall• into arma. He embraces her•. Bland1ne ( Looking over the part) Yea -bdt I I -am ot acG11a o•d -and -Guy Can you suggest any better baa1neasT Blandine 0 ---Ouy It all right, I asaure 7ou. Blandin It does not teel ao --but --


(Ml ) Ob --!'ab carel 7 P tt1tt to him) 1n th• • 14• I -a -waa new l>ra we are dear la y. a tew -a line• trom the ra1ng at -our tbeat ., -and co ring 1t • With 'JO a• Jira • IIJa t 1 Obi 11r. Delora1nel You flatter me• 01q Ob no -ju t1oe, d ar ladJ: -I was doing you juatioe. Obll (to Blandine) How beautiful he 1a I (Doubttull7) Yea --( 1de) I don't like tbat. ( 1H to er) It 1a parely art1at1ol (Bnter ZONES) ra. 117stio Blan41ne tt1tt Jone• Sgbt o•olookl ladJaa and entleaenr night. (Calla) Bver7'bod7 40lrn to beglnl e shall be here all ( ter --•-R• , IRA., IIA.Y, lllS& PU~~ , 1JD APPLE'l'Olf. All 1n ooa tu.. e:coept 1ng llAUD) (Bnter OftO GOLDSHEDB) I hO it wUl 1n r little olla ion pre Chi papal 11 Blandin• ttul of 70 • at to our trS..nda that a -• s.r tre ...... ~t.


( Bnter BANDY PEffI'l'l' B.H . I.B.) 9\17 It is purely artistic. ( aide) She remblea like a b1rd n wly ca~t. She is mine. (AlOlld) •sweet saint, aay doat thou 10ft •I Dost thou --can,at thou" --Ahl 7ou haft driyen the word• ot 1IJ1 part out or JJr/ bead. p ttitt (Qu1 tl7) Let me bold the bookl Let me aeel (He take• the b ok from the band or Deloraine as it lie• onr her ahou.ldllr) (Looka over the part) Ou7 (Aside) Confound h~ --he seen too mch. Blandin• -.rtiank 7ou Jlr. Pettitt. •• wanted a ome one to k ep ua • i , 1n the dialogue. Please go on I llr, Delo 1ne. (Sullr:J', and re atin th• word.a 1n a pertunc torJ manner, cp ioltl7) "sweet aa1nt, Ch canat thou lon • Ah, can I bel1eye that some bright enn1n atar from baa opened its heaTenl7 beart--haaT 17 heart•---What•• next! Pettitt "~o admit 11t1. lite • (Jay "!o ad.mi t rq lite -and ria 1 to tbe aklea again baa 11tted me" --!5ah I how eballow and atteoted all thia scene aound1 to• Pettitt tTua t how it appeared to • (Enter JIBS. US'l'IO) (lu7 And we are aaked to waste our genius on aucb atutf' aa that. Jira 117• tlo t • tutr do 7ou allu4• tot


Jones I protest --Rex '!'he rehearsal 1a djourned until atter lun • Thoae that wt •A7e" 1 f'ollow Indigo to the reaat. Jla7 -El ira -taJte !he Great Jone• 1n charge. 01 he looka 11119 O rr1ck between Co d7 a 'fr d7I Lo 1 oae who vote• o"I remain hind. }lb a7 a ve itl tor ma io -tlOUJt1ab and exeunt. ta7 ( xeunt all l• t.be two g !rla t 1N t. BLl I and om DBLO IIAVD ret 1na ) llaud inea betore plea• I Rex and •• OftOe t. at ha you donet You ha e newr n abaent fr,o rq ind. T9r min I • B llaud 7 disco a a cl•• ere 1a rq d1al"f. (Pull.a out a 11 ook) A wake all night 1ae with the lark at 9:30. !be w yo lark e a about midnight,. I h ar. X O • • call.e on ia• • -that.•• you. Ila Yea, A one, I bad t I -rubbed it out• didf f"I mob ao. X at•• what I ••i:U Called on A •• at 1.0, -ata7ed 15 minutea.


4 !hank 7011 1 I aa bett r now, 70 u ed to al.l tb1a bua1n •• I I X t et I •• a a otreaa. thin to ual Iua h it nothin o you, ay ao -t 11 • that 701,1 d9n' t care 1t you nenr s e me a ain l d I will go to Plor1da --on en e -• t be Rex I will, it l l e • d You are o l b • 01ft e tb rjg t you, and you hall a e 1t b be not •n• ( Chi Here th ., Ml ( ide to ud) Don' t 7011 wiah them at B l1tax? ud Yea . ) ( Alo d) •s.a • ppl t , t lt d -Le a Y look tlu d. X Yea, I I flush d er, th t is I l i t at lant a Do y o u teel better? Kam I -think 10. Do not mind • . ( Walka t 1f1 th Dexter) Rex ) She 1a an n I I gave b r a


Lea Yes, and it you pleaae, 7ou will let her lone 1n her pasteboard heann, and her limlligbt gl '17• Bold 7our tongue! Sbe oaa to •• 1n be r t1'0Uble , and I •hared be r mdigna t ion, little wbo tb9 oulprlt •••• see lbat a position 7ou have p11t • 1n. Rex See wbat a posit ion I ban pu.t .,.elt in! • a good gil'l, and I •ill not allow you to lllllke a tool other and ot •, and that 1a what 700 have been doing. ll Who told 7011, Ba• Dexter gone ba ell: on • T Lea Oh I It 7ou would ly liaten to • • Res I see you have be n doing ao Oh Lel7 take care, you were aate a o lo 7ouze heart tted againat my cunea, but you mat not ohange • pit er , •• ,. go p) Jlaud (Angrr) at do you know aga1nat hiaT Dexter Ob no1h1ngl It you raent rq adT1oe, I a aorl'f I have 1ntl'llded it. Kaud Yea terda7, you c CIIUDln ed him t J4J aerv1ce and now 7ou hold p • t er ot ••m • Do be oonais tent. Ol'g ft•• 1t I tt You are a ( . I.ea) xt.er Dexter ore 1nte • t ht your agent than -th& ti d 111• care. a le on J11J reputation. an4 rej w Rex and


... ud !wo houral lt See•d like 15 minutes. C lled again at 3. Reported 1lf1 auapioion that the tellow with th t'lmera, a d the betting •n were one and th ••• acoun 1. llaud 11o, I told 70 that was aus oion. Kam You called a aln t s bl Rex Yea I Att r int r'YSawing the ua bar who t ok charge ot the tlowera. Be aaaured me that the n w re total atrang ra to -ah other. ow did h know, unl s h knn the both• ex Just aol ot oour11e1 H had n nr aeen either ot th•• 'betorel )laud at are you t llcing about, I don't knml Jlai Beauregard I A t What hoar did 7ou d1net Bex ot eat n a ol'IUlb to-da7. . )la I do not allude to •ol1d tood. . •x You ink I am ott ., head! It 1• true I amt !be little head l had 1a ott I a A let , ba ye you eTer a tudied leot iol 7t ( • looks round maed) Are yo loo tor the llT I quit rmlea I Be cabal Allow • to olleot -,aelf --your preaenoe attect• me a o aa to dittu e 1llJ' -•en••• -1a I &T d1aoovered -the telbw whom we are 1n para 1t -ii attached to 7ou like your ahadow. I am aaured he la eyer hoTer around Jour home. He doge 7our atepa, 'by da7, y night, iet'ly 7 ,. Jlaw:l Oood h ayena I at can Ule wret want!


Band.J' Oh nol I was until I tell 1n love -I do believe that lon turna •• •n into tool• -and tools 1rito wiae •n• (Enter BLA DI and our, 1n. cloee conversation, tollowed by the rest, J ONBS leading DBX'l'ER and IBA a1t apart. DKLORAIHB and BLANDI.NB, torm another pair. JIAUD and RBX wi tb their heada t ether. JO e • JIRS. JIXS4!IC goea 1ntoa 1de entrance with •• • BANDI, ELJIIRA, IIAY and MISS FlJ L LlLOVE get Ohaire to eatablDh tbe••lw• •• apeotatcra with baob to d1enoe) (On stage) Now, to begin -tboae not concerned 1n. acting, can t out ot the wa7, and oocuw 1n the Order -Silenoe. Mrs • ,-at io t w 111 7ou hold the book. \Calling) Ia all read7 beh1ndT (Behind) All readJ air. Voice Mra. Mjatic Act a ro•ntic glen. Ramona and her a1ater diaoonred concealed behind a tree•--Jonea Pardon • Bllt how do 7011 propoee to dlacover them it the7 are concealed, IJ.hat 1• 7our bwlineaa, JIN• .IIJs tic 1r --what are 7ou Jonea Veey tra.eJ I ea7 eo to JIJ.7• lt -enr7 t1JIJ9 What am I here tor! Ch, b7 ---(Going to aw ar) WellJ fJ' on, where•a Ramona, (Jumping up)

•o V R s B L y E s• AO!' :,OUR


Mr• 11Jat1 low male. 11Jater1o •• Jon•• re•• t:he carta1n ell! (Call~) ~ompk1nal lakerl Yea a1re ( 0 FOO! ourta1n) Go -with tba ourta1n. Band7 l ok out trca behind (!he7 withdraw the rta1na, and d1 OTer a ltoa:rd on 1ih1oh 1a 1naor11Nt •.1 oi.n 1n a tortat• .. ) at• a tbatT '!be beat we could dol p•re Wl'Ote • 'l'hua h 1a we had aotora then who llra. )1Jat1c Jonn !bu it waa at t.be period when Shakea-1nap1Pat1ona were represented.

ACT POUR SOBIEs { ter L. •) Le lea e b g Mias Ooldshed to rec ive me on av ry important matter, and to excuae the early hour ot visit. ( ter BLAID • R. ) . B1and1n She always glad to receive you Lea, at •DJ' hour. (Exit erTant) at t • tt rt x, ot course! Lea That boy will the d ~th ot • landine Bahl You could not llv without h1. Lea dear, he 1• in love with aud Appleto,, and declares he will rr7 her. Bland1 111 aha have hi T Lea v html Ia there a wo an 1n the world that would not have him!, U he gave her the ohance --Bland1 Ya -onel I would not. Lea Becauae you happ u t be 1nf'atuated with Deloraine. Blandine Who aaya that? All Bew Yor~ 1 clud1~ me.


Oan I t admire • Del r point ot new -without admitti ot a -another kind t The a tor a a -a purely art1at1c or entertaining feeling• d not include the mans It you er a arrled w an, would 7011 teel at libert7 to indulge th sent enta you cultivate now ao treelyT ould 7ou excuse the to a yo husband by a 1 hill th 7 were pur 17 art1at1oT ve out ot the~ Lea I c n•t • tor a sure Delorai e 1• at1 on your tortune, Maud Appl ton 1a 1 g tor re ot that which will come t ex. It la all a • ul 1th these kind t p pl. She asure his eatat t ah re ot it the iaw will v her•• d , with the decld d proapeot ot 1 Ying h atter at w and dlagraolng hi• name tor th rest other 11te. Baa h pro oaed to r T ' Lea Bo, but h w1llt Bland Then I will bet you my opera box tor the season, against that rub7 bracel t you .war, t tit~ she will retuae him. Lea Ref'Uae halt a mill.lot land1 Ye -or whole onel -It she do not love him. '!'hat's 1 poaalbl. Lea ot cov • land1ne • 1 one ot th few 1 la I b • wb are n i tor a le. We aball ai d, with her Lea ae • I a opt y wager . I hav sent a cheque 1th a r q at to the 1 7 to till 1n th amount o terms. Let y~ tat er do th aame b7 Deloraine. lan41 e The otter woul be an 1nault.


X I should think I did. I f el like one . .aud is tu.rioua. She haa shown to Dexter Carroll some proposition Lea haa made to hr about • t waa ltT Lea I pertor d what I to be my dut7. And she is rro ahe 1a hunting ex 1ng what he consider• to be her dut7 with a gun. Lea I proposed to bu7 -you ott. Rex Off what? Lea I simply b gged her to discourage -your advance, and asked on what conditions she would close her doors against your vi it. ex You ottered her moneyf Lea She ay make a diapl y or indignation at first, to raise her terms, but you will • • . Rex (Bopeleaa) Is there no special w rd in Blo 1ngdal tor the tr atment or cranks of thia order? ( tr SERVAIIT) Servant a ppl ton to wait on 7ou. She sa-ya ahe baa no card with her. Rex Bo -but she ha a cow-hide. Blandin What ahall I ayT Lea Let u e t -and hav it out. Blandin Agreed! Show 1n Kiaa Appleton.


Lea Be would take 1t •• a complt ent. I'll g ble again on that. Bl nd1n You for t the ntl man ha no claim on e. Lea But aud has a clai x. He 1a the culprit who de the bet about her -hom a mploys to run around attar H1 constant to her house have made matters worse. Dexter tell me the seoret 1 laking out into th Oluba, and Hew York 1 titli 1ta laughter over this new escapade ot my scamp• Oh Blandy, I cou d laugh too, if I had not ao much cause to cry. It you could only ae th f:8 loTera alone .. the dear gi 1 la to Duke. Blandine the aimpl way out of it 1• to leave Surly the beat r paration he can make marry h r. She 1 a good enough tor a Lea Very likely• but not tor a Beaur gardl You llorthern people can not underet nd our Southern br ding. My tather inherited his f'ortune --yours made his by manufacture. There 1• a dif't renc --Blandine Yes, my f th r aold shoes, -yours sold niggers. Lea la Bland1ne o ottenc t Lea, th tr de man ho makes a tortune by having the wages of th laborer, deala 1n flesh and blood as much as th planter who br d the black tor sale. ( ex I have been a eki you 11 d yt You have been writing about me to Miss ppl ton. B1and1ne ht th matt r -you com in like a bl1zzardl


(Exit servant) Rex Excuse me, Blandine, but 1• rq attair, and it is I who should t -th lady• and --have it out. Blandine I think b 1s right, and con1ider1Dg re .. ult Rex llor betel o haa b en p tting up Blan.dine Come Lea , let them ha ta1r pla7. Lea the bet we ; one7 nowf have Oh my la bl I desert 7ou with the wolt at the doorl -tBx1t with BLAlfDllE) Rex on the at shall I aa7t It I tr ated the whole thing a jokeT o -ah wouldn ' t thatl Besides it 1a no joke. I I teel it 1a veri r r rrom a j at ao tar as I am concerned. I never telt ao frightened in 11 my lite. (Enter IIAUD , ahown in b7 servant) Maud uregardl I am aurpr1 d to tind you here. ex You can' t b ore aurpr1 ed than I am. llaud I expected to tind Mias Ooldshede . Jaturally. She , not J'OU and I should hav to the point ---Rex But I, that is we, thought it better it out ---no, I, mean that I am more Kaud I do not underatand you . X o -I do not quite under tand mJ•elr~ l(aud Your sister ha1 written me a letter. ex Yea -she 11 a ver7 eccentric person --she•


Maud She wishes to bu7 you, and wanta to know hat price I put upon th article. Rex Ah, she knew I • I am 7our lave --and you aee what is br d in the bone? Yest south rn procl1v1t1eal You appreciate? Kaud Indeed I do not. That I lett tor you to do. BX tT Maud To till out this cb que with the value yous t upon yourselt. (Bands hi a paper) Rex Would you accept the contents ot the United States Treasury tor meT I would. not exchange you ror the tee simple or the Union . Maud en that copious ofter is made to me I w ill take it into cons1derat1on1 But amrhile you forget that my proteaaion enables me to l isten to tlighta ot fancy, and apaama or paaaion better simu.lat d than that. Hearts and fortunes are plac d nightly at rq t et in lan age much more affecting than youra, nd the h roof t hour leaves h1a devotion with hia coatume , and returns to his supper as I return to 1ne . It is all a sweet traud --and imposes on no one but the public. Rx Maud Ap 1 ton, will you marry me! Ia that plain? llaud Rex Beauregard, I will notll How i that, Rex Ooodl That 1a aettled -is itT Quitel llaud (!he hand or Bla dine appears str tched out troa behind curtain ot door -geaticnilatea. The hand ot LEA appeara atretched out holding the bracelet. which Blandine takea. Th two arm.a disappear)


Rex Ver7 good . But now may I aak the reason? Maud Yea. I wil.l not enter a tam11J where my profession and rrq social position are deap1 d. Rex And that 1a your aole otiv t llaud That 1s nough. Rex Then, 1t --I may conclude that 1t I had been an actorT Maud l would not m&rl"J' you it you were t Ohl not for would I have the man I loved handl d bJ' every h rrld or ature who might be cat into the opposit ---(Suddenly turning away) Pray let us chang the subject. (Sh sits L.) Rex ol It getting interesting to • Sol it I ceased to b a dude -o --I ean it I were banished trom that upper r g1on bJ' th unanimous vote ot th Cotillions and the --banished for your sake --as Ro o was for Juliet----Maud For my sakeT Maud -Rex pproach1Dg her and taking her ) Maud ll1 as ppleton, it you pl as 1 Rex are called b7 thelr at ple names. You are my Queen -I ua your ubject, kn eling at the tounta1n ot mercy --hear JlliT conteaaion. I am the wretch who sent those which you reje ted I am the scoundrel th t made that intamoua wager. Youl Youl y •• llaud (St ting up) Rex (Sita d • )


x, Cont'd. I am not such a blackguard as Claude Melnotte, and he took the oa----I mean he was torgivenl Will you prove mor obdurat than Pauline, )laud 4-8 Sol Not content with in ult, you have made me the object of ridicule. I have employed y o u to run around atter yourseltl And you think that I will acc e p t an eng age ment in that circus? o I will have justice. Rex Maud the fir t --Maud ot by a dozen. ex Forgive m 1 (He put hi ever. rm around her) Rex Very well --farewell then tor ever. (He k1s ea her) (The arlll8 ot Blandine and Lea reappear. BLAIDilfE returns the bracelet to Le • Enter D loraine) D loraine Do I intrude! R X ( 1sing ) Very much 1 e a r e reh a r 1ng a scene -in a new play. Deloraine Indeed --what may be the title ot the work? (Sit beside Maud) Rex "It 1• never too early to end" --there are only two characters 1n the piece! Deloraine I understand. Per 1t me to congratulate rq de r Maud. R ox (R1a1 )


Rex , Cont'd• Miss Appleton, plea el I ha~• acquired a cop7-r1ght 1n the title you are using. I beg you will not infringe. Deloraine Then allow me to admire the rti tic posture out or which f'lf1' presence atartled our Juli t. I never saw her take to her breast ny Ro o with ao much ttuaion. )laud (Rises) Perhaps the right man waa never cast for the part until now, (LEA and BLANDINE appear) Deloraine Jlia Lea Be uregard ay have something to say on th1a aubJ ct, She has. (Ad ancin ) (To Jlaud) Lea Will y o u let• call you .•aud.. (Embraces hr) I never thought I could agree to but•-share him with any woman; (Reflective) --atter all, lt it not turn out well, he can always come back to nae l Bland1ne I believe she hopes it. Jlaud Ahl you have been listening to what we said --here -jut now. Lea Yea. Blandine and I had a et on 1tl Rex You aeel toga ble on you 1s at ily ta111ngl (They go up, and into inner room) Deloraine ( alde) Bow for itl (Aloud) •• Gold hed, I have sought this interview which 1a to determine my tutu.re career. It 1a momentous --pardon fII7 emotion.


Blandine (R.) Am I concerned 1n this eventT Deloraine 4-10 I have received an offer tro London. The sorrowing public ot that city mourn over my absence. 'l'he throne ot the Engli h Drama is vacant, and in their foolish favor they reg rd me aa the heir apparent. Blandine Do you propose t o leave u T Thia is very sudden J but--but -you will return? Soon? Delora1ne Impoas1ble1 It I present n17aelt once more before the public in England.--it I enter once ore into their enthusiastic hearta--any att mpt to escape tro thence would be opposedl The masses would rise. the Governm nt might interterel Blandine I wa not prep rd tor thia. (He hands her a paper) Deloraine Read the otter. It ia m.agnific nt1 But what to me ia glory? if the glor7 ot my heart 11 • buried here? at is famel (a1xt7 per cent of the gross) I shall find on my opening night a thousand ruby lips parted with smiles of welcome, two thousand whit arms extended to embrace the wanderer-(they guar tee rq aixty per cent shall be not lesa than 200 pounda pr night) --But what is English gold it I must leave my only tre sure here--far--tar awayT (and matinees extra) It ia too bitterl (Gets up and walks around) Blandine Can no inducement prevail on you to remain? Deloraine (Turning to her) Yes, one-(Aa1de ) I hope her fortune has not been exaggerated! (Aloud) •• Goldsh de--(Alide) Those Bew York fortunes are so unreliable -(Aloud) Blandinel ay I--speak to your tatherT Blandin Hot yet--give me--time.


lora (Aide) 7 • b haa 1111ona-•I will rlak it. (il ) I at cabl • repl7 to that otter to-dayl and thla au p n• 1• 111 • ( ter 0'1"1'0) Ahl bleaa1 • Ooldshedet your dau ter p • C rtai nl.J'I ot • (T Blandi e) Otto Blea• yo my dear, bleaa you , by all ana . Delorain d to extend the bleaai , wb a e aon. Otto I I erata -how ha kea Delora1 (Aa14e) to aak your deairea to la t o eager 1 father who haa to part wl th two 1111111ons n tao eag rt Otto It ared h 1 t rr, • o wow ld tech hr to regar •-• a utaa c -•••lite hat t od tween r the present enjo n ot great tortun -( ter DEXTD Bl 1ne , papal••h c uld 70 ! Del ralne (Aaide) It la all right. (il ) (hi pap•-tathert bow (?olnti to hold your gr at tr (C tlnu ) le all I poaa r. I lo to h rl to her tor it. Hat Otto on Bland.1 •-It all 1 a to I want tiv doll.are I have to Aak Dexter I he 1 o ot her


trust eat ror Dl1Belt Otto, Cont'd• I am the other! How 1 teel certain I am loved lone. Ohl th luxur7 or that aa urance --ehT Deloraine ( luc tantly) (Aa1d ) But wher e do I co e inT Otto o w we shall disturb noth.1ng in our hom here, we need only to re o v e Dido ti-o her share 1n our bearthrug, to make roo tor you. Deloraine Didol Otto Our pug , the mot je lous or animals! and now tha t she is de sed--I may dd--a v ry d i agr a ble beast. Dexter • Delorain --I congratulate yo u , ir, on your eng ge ment. ( Shakes his h nd) Bundy ( On hi other 1d ) ake her happyl D loraine (Broken up) Certainly. (A ide) This appears to be an engag ment to play the family pug, and to depend on a wite for salary. (BUBDY takes hia hand on the other ide) Dexter hay ao ott n ired th cont mpt you have expressed tor the proteaaion to whi h you condescend d to ap ply your genius. ow you can afford tor tire tro d grading aaaoc1at1ona. Bundy You can retire into aoc1 ty re tastet\11. Oh, 7 J at g Bl ndine I could not tolerat your continuance with the ( oise without) (Enter INIGO JO ES)


Jones A crowd or press report r beige the doors -the stoop is bl ck with the t Thy a y th t England claims the extradition or our star -she bid a thousand dollars a night. (Point But h re 1a much is our Cleopatra llaud to Blandine) ore attraction -he leaves the staget that ha conquered your Anthony. Jones "Hung be the he vena and black•. Yield I , ay to-nightl There Ye cometh importing chang • ot ti a and ot tales handeth your fiery tresses on the sk:, nd with them scourge the bad revolting tars that stood consenting to our Romeo' s death -Oh lo s to ArtJ -Delorain (Posing) Oh peace my f'ri nd -my dear d vot d Joneal Otto at does the t llow mean by loss! He geta my daughter and two million. Jon a That for your millions 2o million or tair booms, nurse his im ge. This will ake wido s or them alll Deloraine (Altering hie pose. d ply affect d) Dear Comradel no morel Maud It is truel tur int nded hi not tor one woman -but tor all the sex! Jones In their nam s, I forbid the bann Deloraine Alasl Ia not my lif e 1n own -to dispose oft Noll• it belongs to 1 ortal1tyl Divine gifts like are 1mpo ed upon 11a aa a epec1 1 tru t -your ind me of my duty -alas -I -I• oh• tatal d1stroyl I have no right to be happyt for I am a priest nct1f1ed to Artl Bear witneaa all of you to thi• auprem acrifice -Mias Goldsh de -I leave 11f1 lite here at y~ur feet words fail me -I cannot stay 11f1 t ara, you ee them , unmanly perh p -oh let me conce 1 this weakneaa far well -fare -well. (Exits) Jonea Not a gesture or I ht elocution! perfect and


do• t t I th • to. •• a la 1 1 l • 1• a 1 er -IC) • • 11 I 0 t'4• or• hero lnto ad etl 0 fr the ral4 ' laDdlne a Myall te. let n t1 or al C n


7ou understand -Bland1ne Yes -I understand -but I • I don' t accept the suggestion to thr you over -t do 7ou eanT --ay I call you so -la 1ne ot 7et -Bu.ndJ' Bo -by and by n xt month -t orrow -1n a year or two -Oh dear -Huahl Yes -Bl ine (Wh1 eri ) D xter (Pointing to th o group ot lovera. MAUD playa lightly on piano wh1le Rex hides her :face and hie behind a piece ot music. BUNDY.1• eel1ng beside Blan.dine wh 1a 11 ten1 to him. O asle p by the tire -ag between LEA and DEX'l'ER) CURT I'lf _____ ._._...,


f I OUR MOTTO IS SPEED EXPERT Mimeographing and Typing AT REASONABLE PRICES Rialto Service Bureau 229 West 42nd St., New York Wiaconaia 1826-6742 . • . , ,


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