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Niugini Caver

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Niugini Caver
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Niugini Caver
Papua New Guinea Cave Exploration Group
Port Moresby, PNG: Papua New Guinea Cave Exploration Society (PNGCEG)
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Regional Speleology -- Newsletters
serial ( sobekcm )
New Guinea -- Papua New Guinea -- Oceana


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NEWSLETTER OF THE PAPUA NEW GUINEA CAVE EXPLORATION GROUP Volume 2 Number 1 January 1974 Registered at the General Post Office, Port Moresby for transmission by post as a Qualified Publication.


NIUGINI CAVER VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 137 is the newsletter of the Papua New Guinea Cave Explorati:on Group .... The PNGCEG is an informal association of persons engaged speleology in Papua New Guinea .. VolJ_rne 2 Number 1 January, 197 4. Quarterly .. 50 cents per issue. $1l. 2. 00 per annum. R. Michael Bourke, DoA .. S .. F .. , Keravat, East New Britain, Papua New . Guinea. Jean Bourke Some Burial Caves in Papua New Guir.ea. H. Gallasch .... , ,.. .. .. Port Moresby Speleolof). cal Society Library ..... o......... .... , Some Caves ir4 the Erave, Kagua and Lake Kutubu Areas of the . Southern Highlands and Gulf Dist:"-:-icts.. Neil " •• o o Tho New Contributors ................. ., ........... .,, ............ ""oo•••••• The Caving Scene ....................... o .... o o .................................. . The 1974 Australian Speleological Federation Conference .. • •. Examination and Survey of Debora Caves, Milne Bay Dis.trict .. Q. P" Anthony and J. T.. E.. Gemmell .......................... " ••• ..... o 11Potholing" in Disused Mines. Michael Underdown •••o••••••• Spe2.eological Publications Currently Available from Australia 0 'o • 0 .. " 41 .. " 0 Iii " " 0 0 0 0 0 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. " " " 0 0 .. " .. 0 0 0 0 " .. .. .. .. •. II 0 s 1 " • -t r d + T\T • • • c v. i 1 .i rJMC n 8X vO .L11lU.8llll aver, 0 ume ooo•••o•o•••••••••• Index to Volume 1 ....... " .. " o. o .. o ......... o •• Index to Niu, Caver, 1T0lume 1 ...... o ....................... . 110ld Cave", Javarere, ... CentraI District .............. " .............. . Toktok Bi.long Edita ............. ., o ... "' .... "' ...... ., .. " " •••• " ................. .. * * * 138 14-1 142 146 147 147 148 150 151 154 156 157 158 158 . Ora Ri ve:i:-disappearing into the "downstream section" of Ora cave, New Britain. The entrance is qbout 15 m high. This is at the bottom of an enormous doline 268 ra deep, 900 m long, and 560 m wide. Lex Brown fords the river just above the section of' riye;r' the left hand photo. Water flow was measured at 5.7 m5/se:; (2vJ fi;. /sec) by the U.,Q,.S"S., expedition in December, 1972. Photos by Hal Gallasch. * * *


NIUGINI CAVER VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 H.. Gallasch * In many areas of Papua New Guinea caves and rock shelters have been used as burial sites or repositorieE for human remains. Some groups of Niuginians have continued using these sites until the recent advent of missionary influence.. Mission teaching forbade the various cultural adaptations of disposing of the and allowed only the so-called 'Christian burial' in the gror, ... ".ld.. The following notes have been made on sites in three different areas that I have visited • The area has only been opened p and made accessibJ0 by timber getting operations the last si..x years.. Heavy raitl lo:.-:est covers the c0astal plains and limestone foothills extend in to the Owen Stanley B.ange.. Severs l sma ...... l caves vvere discovered in the limestone hi.lls by 1:ogging opera-i;ors ir 1970,, Site 1.. A walk of about 30 minutes through the bush, fkm point.FiaTI .way alo:q.g the Cape Rodney Kupiano road, in the direction of the. sea, brought us to an solated limesJsone hill .. Near the summit of-this was a cave entrance 2.5 m nigh opening on to a small chamber, partially lit by daylighto The entrance overlooked the.surrounding rain forest .. It is not known whether t;h; r;ave provided pe.rmm.:.ent shelter or rras only used during times Jf warfare but large portions of the had been blackened by fires and tt_; ck 6.eposi ts of it-ollusc shells and fire ash covered the floor. In and around the main fi-re site 4 m in from the entrance, a collection of htUllan bonas was found9 together v11i th large pottery shards .... Much of the pottery was ornately decorated and of a kind not previously found in Papua.. A ro8k fall 7 m from the entrance partly blocked a small extensioJ rassage .. The rubble in this passage wa;:ilittered with crumbling human bones and some small beadso A short way past the turnoff to the timber mill, a logging tj:ack branches into the foothills. A steep gully sep srates the track from a limestone cliff 6n the face of a htllo A cave entrance was seen in the cliff, some 20 m up, but this could not be reached. An exhaustive search around this hill r )Vealed a number 'of small caves, several of which were 20 30 m long and opened into narrow chambers housing batso None, however, with the cave on the cliff facec In some oI these caves human bones and skulls were found mixed with pottery shards in the rubble and floor litter. * DoAoS.JJi,,, Keravat, East New Britain, P .. N .. G,,


NIUGINI CAVER VOLuME 2 NUMBER. 1 139 .. 'A small cave 5 m up the cliff face. was followed a .. short distance until it became too constricted. As with the" ot'fi.e'rs:'.this :_had also been used as a burial chamber and of ho11es .were found amongst numerous pottery shards. These-sh.ards .later j_Qentified by the University of Papua New .. to several distinct styles. Some pottery tQis )d te was carbpn 9-a ted and reported to be around 1 OOO years .. A.llen and Li t:tlewood ( 1974) have described detai_l __ collected from.burial sites in this area., • • , r• <: ,J '.,'• . On a tributary of the Snake River, near Saga;Lyo. the:re are a series of burial 'ca'"es' on the cJj_ff fa.ce '-of-"'a _gorge. In the hillside opposite these 'eaves' is the--Afaruru Cave _:-_, ( Gallasch, 1973).. All the burial sites visited oomprts-.ed ledges and niches beneath overhangs of the limestone :uc.;1e:r:up the cliff there were reported to be actual caves iJlrhlch had also been used as burial sites • . ledges visi_ted contained a .vast .... -of human f.;::, . and e O:tfH person.{ . st_ill h.?'.;L:r; and skin, ina.1-ed.;:;fthe-me.thod 6f-."'--' burial' • The b.<)'1y placed in a sl:.t.t.fhg with the limbs bent "to the ... knees and hands .. . this skeleton ... looked of crtig]::n, .'.this was also said,; apparently abC'ut the_,.: 'same a visitor 20 ye:ars (Maahs, 1951 )'... Lying vd-'Gh were several' krndU:.! drums.. \ .: " . . ::, .. .. : .. \ :; . ' .. ' :.... . ' . . .. . . :> ., '.' , ... interest at: .. thi .. .;s.i te :wfiir.



CAVER.VOLUME 2 1 -the re * * * s * * * 141 m from .JO m deeper filled hVJ.1.dt'ed metres stone cliffs ent:r:ances., adorned vvith are two boulders and nu:Yiber of e d.eposits" buriaJ_s ? Morobe Gordon later ..


142 NIUGINI CAVER VOLUlVIE 2 NUMBER 1 Neil Ryan * Listed below are caves according to areas known personally t0 me during my time in the Southern Highlands .. Beside the old road to ;the Erave River from the about 600 m from the quarry is a small cave which tapers to ax:i imposs::. ble squeeze, but appears to extend beyond this .. " '.Jn the range to the south of Frave during a heavy l'aint>torm in 1969 I noted an incredible volume of water disappeaJ:i,ng .under ground through sinks, but have not since to investigate under good conditions .. Another promising area es ee s to the Aouth-e.ast oi' Erave patrol post in extremely rugged The caves lie mostly in the vicinity of Wopasili, Pupitau, Boro and Sirigi villages .. I have abseiled into several sinkh,)...' other parts: of the Erave area, but found them to be choked by and branches T.heAe would take considerable effort and time to remove" On the old Erav .... -Tir:ibi track abcut one hour from tne river are several entrances to what appear to he sizable vertical systems, but each time I was there I was loath t.o investigate on my own .. '11he map shows locations where I. have seen caves., It was first 11.i. .(2) 20-22,, --Near PD;lupare (also Poruberi) the Iara River. flows erground for.about 1"5 km, emerging through a cavern about 40 m high by 25 m wide.. Access is by a steep track from Pulupare whic11 is in turn accessible by road from Kagua.. Parts of the track consi of ladders tied to the and th2 route i a natt1.ral crossing. point of the Iaro for the Kagua and Pangia peoples. (See Erave map) After opening up tially, the cavern tapers as one proceeds upstream The normal flow of water is quite staggering -45 km * PoOo Box 27, Mt. Hagen, P,,NoGo


144 NIUGINI CAVER VOLUTvTE 2 NUMBER 1 upstream the river is about 60 m wide and 5 m deep with rapids all the way to Pulupare. After emerging from underground the river races through a gorge about 10 m wide, tapering to about 3 m where it squirts (literally) through a chasm in the limestone vo become a broad racing river againo Logs were found jammed about 10 m above river level, giving an indication of the e of flow during ood S1 :1w.burao About 1 km north of Sumbura and about 100 m from :;r-i":; .r.oadlies a small dry cave, which is only of interest for it vms once used as a 'haus tambaran' by the local people, b1,-lt now is abandoned .. Within the cave is a structure of sticks over t1No upright black stones.. Nearby on the cave oor lay a human skull and . e remains of a 'ku:.11du', a purtio: .. '. o::. which powdered when touched. Here too were_ the reamins of a e with limestone deposits forming on tLp of the ashes, which gives some idea of the time of Enquiries amongst th8 village people ed elucidate the actual use to which the cave had been put .. About 2 km from the E'rangelical Wesleyan Misslon a. t l{atiloma, on the south side of the Sugu River are at least two cave systems. '..rh s one I 19 7U was a F !:;ream pas sage reached through a drv ent.i.:ance and ending about 300 m upstream whr.;re roof to where the stream emerged from amongst a fall Th8 passage was only explored on the downstream side for A.b.Jut 20 wht:lre deep rimpools were eI1cot:ntered. Very little o:c:rrration 1Nas encountered and ca7e was to be extremely There is supposed to be another cave nearby, sRid to :..;o::.;.tain a nmnber bats.. However, the villagers refused .:uo Bhow it to me as a few weeks previously a missionary had in there a shotgun, creating bedlam amongst tha bats, to the chagrin of the locals o. Near Taguanda is a limestone hill sain to system, explored initially in 1969 by Cavanagh and Neville Spence. The same two entered cave about 300 m north of Ita village the same year.. Th:is l:.1f0:rmation was obtained from village books and no details Hre J.vailable o


I 0 I f • \ "' .. 't -l f 6 ... I J ( ( \ J I \ .. .. , ' , ' ..... '. ... t" ( (f"' ( {.... " 0 z


c not NIUGINI CAVER VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 Near this village is to he a large cavern numerous bats., There are several caves south'of heie. They are 011 the map, but are betvJeen Laboko and Poruberi o te rumours to the contrary I was unable to locate any 2aves along the shores of the lakeo There are, however sites beneath lj_mestone overhangs,, with symbols painted. :r'ock .. About 500 m downstream from Kaipu landing on the S0ro Rive::: ( v1hich drains the lake) is a small horizontal cave, 2.bout 80 ill long9 situated beneath a bluff on the right bank cf the vc-::r" entrance are several sl11lls paddl :;s, q_uit e old, srrppo2,sd1y of people killed by soicery., The interior, although nGc extensive is quite well decorated and was four1d to be ted by one large toad. The Lake Kutubu area seemed to Dr Denes when he sit the area in August/September 19 collecti:ag water samples Fasu area, thirty-odd kilometrs soQth of the lake where large springs occuro G with ma .. 1y othe1. p oN 0 Go cavers I ;_ave found the main limit fc,ccor in cave L'tpothn1ingr in old mines in 'vt.' .. some years ago.. He is"i10w at the CPntrHl Asi fLTI. Instt tutG University of B.onn9 West Germany .. * * *


NIUGINI CAVER VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 Things havB been pretty quiet over Christmas with lots of speleos on leave. However, on Hans Meier and co. have been active •. They ran ano 'J 'er '=triP to Boromai wi eh people from Mainoki village... There was no trouble from the local village this time .. Only an hour was spent in the cave, the11 a couple checked on the sump at the top end of the Nenduma system.. They found it poss lb1e to push through.. This was the first time they were able to neiotiate this sump as had been blocked since mid-'71 by the floods caused by cyclone Ida.. British SEeleological ... Two Australian expedi tions, -a Japanese one, and a"' jOint"'lustralian-New Zealand expedition to P .. N .. G., have failed to fiL.d the deepest hole ii. world here. Now the Britj are about to Derek is thP organizer vd th Kev Wilde helping from this end. Ti-. e target area is the Hindenburg Wall or the Range and 1975 is the da-Ce., Kev Wilde recently visited Aibura ;ave in the Kainantu sub-district, looking at cave art there.. Tt.s cave is well described by anthropologists because of its art, by tr.e way .. So that's all for this number.. Uaving news is always appreciated9 so drop a note if you've been active lately. * * * Every second year the A .. S .. Fo holds a conference between Christrtms and New Year.. Hordes of spcleos attend9 presenting papers, talking 9 getting drtmk and even listening" 1.rhey 're good fun.. The Tenth Conference will be held in Queenflland for the first time ... The venue is the University of Queensland, Brisbane, from the 27th to 30th December 1974 Field trips of varying follow the Conference.. A call for papers has been made i:1 the following Tropical karst Geology, ge_omorphology, hydrology, palaeontalogy Surface and subsurface fauna and.flora of limestone areas Anthropology Expedition reports overseas a.nd local Conservation Pseudo-karst and Lava ttmnels Techniques photography, surveying, caving, rescue * * *


. . 148 NIUGINI CAVER VOLIDlfE 2 NUMBER Q., P .. Antho:ny * and J., To Eo Gemmell+ This report forms an appendix to Report J:fo 3 19 55/ , Baniara, Milne Bay District The patrol was conducted by Anthony and Gemmell January 1956 .. . The cave by Lo J., Brass B3.niara on the here is the "Ta.pi tapipi Cavesu described . 134-134). Dabora near e of Goodenough Bay Whilst at Dabora , patrol was (.: -i,. _e existence of ensive undergro"Und caves about 3 km north-east of Dabora village" Accordingly a set out to ort:: and examine the caves with the :pos clent quantities of _guano might mqke a commercial :pri se The for 45 es t ; ' ; ' . dense and up the er.. trances were 60 m apart at -the base one was rend9red inaccess the slopes of a heavily-timbered ridge reached There were two these of small limestone ible by e presence of rr.. "=' .L the cliff .. body, and natives went were lit and 1lownwardz er some squeezing, through the opening., . the party found its o the dark ground at -the base tted r"'ccess of a man's cers and eleven and pressure lamps a large tunnel which sloped A pace. a:.1.d compass and t.he party moved e was commence'l the light of the t:ie presence of lit follow several jassage out estimated to be 18 galleries gave heat became Sho1tly water, some of tinuing,. a point themselves, po * Present ;-P .. O. Box 6145, of proved A notable feature was black After to be dead-ends, the the ceiling was the caverns.and smell and the ow flowing e waded., Con lamps extingui::-\ed the However,


5 DAfSORA .BJAY onSTRRCT }oi::r..1::, Afl' ON . ..f. n t,.. Oc.l\c:. 4.. :)'t...,\.-..,W\: b1. q;.-rJ.. 41ii> "'tA\411-4 t; . t o..,.1 "Jtt."' .... ot o...,,-\ow A /I/If lll( 5 v I' VIL 'f ,.a;s of-:.B ft1"'' :f".h "'. .. Q.'P. A.f'J... J. 1': ,,,,, . " JI .... "'-....,..,., b 'j T. ,e,.._,.,...,(l. 6},>f J . f q 3. .. ..)


150 NIUGINI CAVER 2 NUMBER 1 the presence of the bats proved that at least the air was breath able, so we continued, :rather t:L.-viwillingly on the part of the superstitious native members of the group. Eventuclly vrn reached a point where breathing was an effort, the air was extremely hot and a dense whirring mass of bats made further progress inadvisable. On the return trip it was possible to note that the geological formations consisted of reddish-brown clay and limestone rock from which water dripped incessantly. Numbers of rather dirty stalactites and stalacmites were seen, and underfoot the thick deposits of bat guano made walking slippery. Nine hundred and forty metres (940 m) of tunnels were surveyed and a point five hundred met;res in a straight line from the entrance • 1,"1as reached during the four hours spent underground .. It would be impossible to estimate the amotmt of guano deposit :ln the caves, but I would imagine it was considerable. * * * Michael Underdown * In the absence of suitable caves or potholes, it is perhaps considering turning to the .numerous disused mines which are Lo be found in Papua :Faw Guinea and Austr::tlia. There may even be certain advantages in potholing" in disused mines. The locations of mines and the owners of the properties on which they are located are known to the Department of Lands, Surveys and Mines in Port Moresby and to the various State Mines' Departments, and these can often supply further details from old mines reports. Some research in the relevant Mines Department library or in the Papua and New Guinea Archives, wherethe relevant records group is Mining Department General Correspondence (ea. 1910-1930), may also prove usefuL. In many cases, surveys of individual mines, together with underground plans, have been published in the journals of the Mines Departments. Mines are abandoned a number of reasons, including flooding, falls, etc. These hazards also occur of course in caves, and one of the advantages of "potholing" in a mine is that one is forewarned through studying the relevant mines reports. It should not necessarily be assumed, however, that, armed with a map of a mine and some * 5205


NIUGINI CAVER VOLU1\!1E 2 NUMBER 1 151 of its history9 npotholing" there will bP, a simple matter.. The state of a disused mine may have deteriorated dut:. to a number of causes since the last available reporto The same degree of caution is called for as in any other caving .. Progress is9 however, likely to be somewhat Basier due to foreknowledge of the extent of the underground workings and to the presence of the original ladders and shoring.. For these reasons, mines may perhaps provide a good introduction to potholing for the beginnero Editor's Notea Exploring disused mines is popular in Engl'aiid7 but it-is almost unknonm Papua New Guinea and AtlBtralia" This branch of caviug seems to occur \H1ere -.. 'here are not enough natural caves to go around -hardly the situation i:n P oN o Go As the e11thor points out exploring abandc: d mines can be hazardous.. 1 t needs to oe emphasised ths t they sus-ceptible to flooding and also i:o col :apse as T :JUl)ports rot.. * * * ..!!]1QLOGICA;t_J:UBLIQA1'.];QNS :B'ROlVI AUSTRA '. ** Sydney Society Occasional Iaper No., 1 .. (1965)50c from Lyndsey Hawki:ns,. 77 odfield Bculevarde, Uaringbah9 N.,SoWo 2229 Papct's on re.dio direction fin}.ing in caves9 New Caledonia cave exploration fauna; pothole .. ** Hill, Ao L .. (1966)0 MullamullEng Cave Expeditions 1966 .. CEGSA Occasional Paper No o 4,, Available frorn The Secretary 9 C .. EQG .. SoAo 1 c/o SdL Iv1us.eum, North Terrace, Adelaide9 for $1 "50 per copy (iacl. postage) Mullamullang is the second longe cave in Aust::>alia.. The book covers the caving, technical and speleologicf.J.l aspects of the expeditions,, ** SoS,,So .(1969)A SoSoSo Occasional Paper Nao 3o Chillagoe., $1 from Lyndsey Hawkins (address above)., .Chillagoe is North Queensland and .the area is noted for its karst forms as well as caves. ** A .. -3 .. F., (1969). Transcript of Proceedings 7th Biennial Conference .. Austo Speleological Federation., $1.,35 from Cave Exploration Group South Australia (address above)o Numerous interesting papers including on2 on the 1965 Australia Star Expedition to PoNoG.,


f 52 NIUGINI CAVER VOLUME. 2 NUMBER 1 ;;<* Sprent, J'" Kc, ( 1970). Mt. Etna Caves.. Uni versi t;v of Queens-18;nd Available from The Secretary, UGQ,,Sd . .io, c10 T[le Union, University of Queensland, St .. Lucia, Qo 4067., for $2 .. 75 pls 30c postage .. Thi's comprehensive publication deals with i;he Mt" Etna and Lj m0st.dne Ridge Caves north of Rockhampton.. The book covers geo'biological aspects as w as history and conservation .. ** Jennings, Jo No (1971) .. Karst .. An Introduction to Systematic C :.;om0rphology., Volume 7.. JLlL U o Press, Canberra .. . An invaluable text book for speleologists region .. . .the. AU.stralasian ** (1972) .. Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial 0onference of Australian SpeJ r:ological Fea. 011.. Hobar1-.. 1 o i .. $3 fro:n the.-Tasmanian Cave .. 1.::n8e.r'i11g Ch".b9 .. Oo Box 641G, Hobc:.rt, Tasmania, 7001. (Make cheque payaole tr. !JLSoFo 1970t). -A-* Dunkley 9 John R" and Anderson, Edward. G ( i 971) " The Explora tion .and f5PS1Ewgeography of' 111ammoth Cave, Jenolan ... SpelEolo : Researc-h-otinci-l Ltd,. $2. 75 post free from Go s., .Hunt,.23 '111• ood St::eet, North Sydney, N S .. W o 2060 o . book gives a historical outline of exploration and a geo graphibal. of the largest cave in NaSoWa The feature of this book the isometric iiagram of the cave by Ted on,, **. :I::lUlgonia Caves Syc .. ney Speleo .. Occasional Paper No,, 4.. from Lyndsey Ha\Nkins (address above), for :;6 .. 50:'? book covers all aspects of these caves (located Sydney).. Expensive9 but well worth the prictS. *7< Pavey, Andrew (1972) .. Fed .. An Index to Cave Maps Still. available? Try Andr.ew Pavey, 1/2 Grace Campbell Ores., Hillsdale, NoSoWo 2036 .. ** Wolf gang (197'2) (I Australian Caves and Periwinkle, Melbourne .. $1 .. 50 .. Not V6i7 accurate in places and rather but a good enough introduction to caving .. . t* S .. S .. (1972),,. Australasian Speleo Map Index No., 1 .. Sydntjy Speleo .. Soc .. Occasional Paper No 1 .. Available from Lyndsey Hawkin for $4,, More an index of maps in publications. the SoS.,S .. but still useful ..


, NIUGINI CAVER VOLID/IE 2 Nffi{fBER 1 153 ** ;.L SoF o Conservation of Mullamullang Cave, Western Australia, An 8-page ,bookl,et'.,prepared as a submission to .the W oJL Government. 50c from Keith Oliver, 44 King Street, Sto Mary's, NoSaW. 2760" . . . , Queensland Conservation Council and Uni. Qld Speleo Soc 0 (1973). The Case Against the Creek Damo $1030 from the :Jniversity of Queensland Speleological So ety, c/o The Union, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, QJd. 4067. The Pike Creek Dam vJill flood the only significant. cave S.f Jtem in Southern Queensland9 and UQSS have been fighting the dam since 1968. ** UoQoSoS" (1973) .. A Criticis;n of the Environment ImrJc1Ct Study Report on the Pike Creek ])am 58c from Uni verr'i ty of Queensland Speleolo{.?.' Society (address above)., :. s tion cri ticis a Go'. .. er11ment Impact Study .. **. Helicti te-.. Journal of Australasian Cave Research.. $2.., (/) f:rom-john-Dunkley., 22/53 Alice Street, Wiley Parl:.:, lLS .. W,, 2 ]5 .. This publication is essential fo:.r: the s i:o. Australasia.. ouR speleologist ** $1 "50 from Lyndsey Hawkins

'NIUGINI CAVER VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 Only article titles have been thisindex,-not items that appear in the text of articles$ Afaruru cave tips for Australian Speleo Abstracts Bat guano cave :=ibliography, Speleological of the Chlmbu .Bibima cave District •' Cave of the Year cavers .in Papua New Gi;:i.nea Ce::tral District Chimbu District Chtmbu Gorge cr ... Lmve Co:1tributors (New) Corrections Dabora _,tja.d.line for lhe next issue hole the Deep_e_st caves in the Southern Hemisphere East New Britain District .._"'astern Hi?hlands District \!oktck Bilong Edita) Elimbari area, caves of. puliliqaticYns Exped,itions Gagogangan:a cave .Gaulim caves Gazelle Pen1nsula Hengancfj_ Htghest caves the Southern Hindenburg Wall Hole, The sphere 23 119 22 136 116 2 128 122 89 89' 135 2 ' ./: Q 9 4 ::, 9 j 0 .; 67 ' 70'' 77; 94 :. 95' 48 77, 8, 22 134 121 123 127 13$1 77 1 ' 110 58, 27 46 43 43 77 127 8 67 1 70 i 0 3' 10 6' 109' . 1109 116 110 22:1 55, 131 25, 279 43 '21, r.:;41 . .; ' ' 94 122,


NIUGINI CAVER VOLTIME.2 NUMBER 1 Javarere Kagul, a cave near Xandrian Kaut, New Ireland Xovana cave Kundiawa area Legends Longest caves in the world Loniu cave Les Negros Island Madang District Manus District Mebile cave Mendi area, caves in Milne Bay District Monono Morobe District New Britain New Ireland District NPws. See Scene, The Caving Nsxt Issue Njugini Speleological Research Expedition Nullarbor cave diving ;xpedit]on Obituary -Derek Obondo'yonaminge cave Pirua cave Pomio Sub-district Porol Esca.:cpment Poroma Rempi caves Rotokas area Scene, The Caving (all areas) Seminar S:i..gewagi cave Singga Valley Snake River Area Southern Highlands District Speleo-hydrological investigations Subscriptions Survey gradings 89, 135 109 86 136 128 95 59 75 10 10 132 10 50 56 134 77 23 13 136 9, 45, 65' 120 22, 108 123 131 44 48 63 25 2, 46, 67, 70 63 132 128 9' 4 5' 6 5' 120 122 48 103 23 54' 5 6 ' 59 ' 6 3 59 122 76 155


1 56 NIUGINI .:.CAVER VOLTJME 2 NUMBER 1 Tapitapipi caves 134 Tulce village, cave and doline near 25 U.,Q.,SoSo Expedition 27 Waga River 59 Wu.ngi Gorge, caves of 106 West New Britain 13' 86 * * * Bibima cave 5 Chimbu District CJ over 1< 3) Jhuave area 111 Elimbari area 1 1 1 Gagogangoma sink 47 Hole, The 68 IraJ;riJ.i cave 73 Javarere 90, 91 cave 12 Kiowa cave 113 Kovana cave 129 Kukombogo cave 100 Ku.J.vidiawa &rea 96 lVIebile cave 51 Mendi area 57 new Britain 14 Noumbi cave 113 Obondo'yonaminge cave 49 Old cave 91 Omkombogo cave 98 Ora cave 35 Ora doline 31, 33 P.,lLG .. caves 21 Pomio eub-district 29 Porol Escarpment 3


,, ' .' NIUGINI CA \/ER VdLIDfiE 2 NUMBER 1 cave Sigewagi cave Singga Valley Wahgi Gorge . . Borougp_, c" J .. .Bourke, R. Michael B.rasB, L.. J .. Brown,. Lex Bywater,, John Gallasch, H Hutchinson, R. C .. Meier, Ro Mesi bere, .I so Noone, Michael F ' Read, Kll Robb,. Malcolm Sanders,' Bill Van Amstel, John Vincent, Robert and Watson, Van Wilde, Kevan .. * * * enne * * * 49-105 107 25 13, 27, 44, 123, 127 134 59 132 10, 23, 86 136 128 43 135 103, 106)! 109 77 7 50 56 90 2, 46 2, 48, 48, 95, 110 157 59, 63, 116s 67, 70, Pagination of Volume 2 continues from that of Volume 1. * '* *


158 CAVER VQLU]l.IE 2 NUMBER 1 Remember the Vincents' map of one of the Javarere caves (!!iugin! 89-91) and Mike trip the cave 135) Well, Kev Read has confirmed that the cave is indeed "Old Cave" as it was known by members of the Port Moresby Speleological Society Kev says that the wet stream passage shown at the top of p .. 91 ( 1(3)) continues a fair way further on .. Funny place up with a page v1 ent astray * * * an editorial, did I Somehow, we ended over, so plans to save space by not doing one This is leaner than the last few However, this not because of lack copy but rather because of the cost and •?.ffort involved doing a large issue.. I;ast year this publica tion cost me $65 more than what was received from subscriptions, although stocks of material are worth almost that amount. To down on production effort, is hoped to have the newsletter }':Tinted commercially, but s depends en obtaining advertising and more subscriptions. You may have noticed how different numbers were devoted to different regions last year.. New Britain. was covered by the first o issues, number three was "Focus on the Southern Highlands" and number Focus on the Chimbu" .. I have attempted to bring together a number articles on the one area, including review papers and a bibliography Papers are on hand for a "Focus on Hew Ireland" issue and also on the Central District.. Whether one issue can be devoted to the one area will depend on how much other material is o.n hand" the moment, sitting on my desk i . ;a pile articles with more promised .. I hope subs ers, are sfied with !!1-usin! Caver .. At least some people are, judging from the number of complimentary letters I received last ear. Suggestions are always welcome, as are new subscriptions, oles and news of caving activity around PoNoGo year has reported on caves from many most areas few or no caving reports have A good descriptive standard has been set o s standard should continue with mythology and cave fatma being included * * *


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