Index to resolutions passed by the board of representatives of the city of Tampa, Florida

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Index to resolutions passed by the board of representatives of the city of Tampa, Florida

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Index to resolutions passed by the board of representatives of the city of Tampa, Florida
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Archives -- Board of representatives -- Resolutions -- Tampa -- Florida ( lcsh )
History -- Tampa (Fla.) -- 19th century -- 20th century ( lcsh )

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0 0 0 0 D D 0 • TITrT .. "!"TTOIO"ll NUMBER 13 16 31 36 36 41 45 90 91 10. 106 123 132 169 162 163 169 171 172 176 177 Index to Re•olution• Pueed l,y Ute Board of Representativee o the City of Tampa, Fl~rida DATE SUBJEC"r MATTER 7 MONTH DAY YEA,. 19 1891 ~TION--Reaol.petitioning Let:illature that City U111.t1 be .tended to take in Fort Brooke. • Jul 18 1892 APPROPRliTION-Re1ol.requeating State Legislature aid and the Senator, and Repreaentat1Tel f'ro• Georgia 1n Congreu to get, appropriation to improT-nta to the riTer and harbor ot SaTannah. ~ , ; "- • • . . Aug 2 1895 AUDITOR--Resol.ass1pi1ng same a room in City Ball and outn ttiag s•e with moeaaary turm ture • . . Feb 19 1896 ~HI.IT STRll'T-Reiol. ordering grading ot t'ran l&tqette to Polk Sta: Mir 27 1896 AUDITOR & ~SISSOR-..Reaol.authoridag tor aaicl Jul 17 1898 A,PPOIW'nfml'S--Reaol.prov1ding for appointments or oert&in City Ottioials? 111.yor for a term ot two year,. Oot Jun Jun 30 1896 AUDITOR--Reaol.4freot1zig j.dditor a:erciae more oar•. in inapeotinc all acoounta to C~tJa BuliMHe • • t I 18 1899 APPROPRIATION--Re1ol.reaoinding Reaol.paaaecl Jun 9.1899, appropraiti11g t200.oo for 4th ot July celebration. 9 1899. APPROPRIATION--Reaol.appropriatlq t200.oo tor 4th ot July celebration. . Oot 11 1899 ACCOUNTS.--Reaol.authoridng bill• ot Jue. Juq & AilP.•t be paid. Jan 26 1900 ASSlJJSMmT ROIL-~eaol.ordering City Tax A11easor Colleotor to tur~ OTer a eepa.rate copy ot roll ot 1899. Aug 10 1900 •UDITOR--Res?l.direotinc the k:lditor to make quarterly reports oS the i'imnoial condition ot the City. .., Apr Apr May Jun Jun 14 1900 :APPROPRUTION--Reaol.a.pproprlatt ni 1200.00 to the autterera or the Gal voat.on, Texaa.tloocl. . . 12 1901 APPROPRliTION--Reaol.appropriatinc 12827.50 to ocaplete Spanish Town Creek bridges. . . . 26 1901 APPROPRU.TION--Rea,l.appropriatinc tsoo.oo to procure the enactment ot _the proposed Ci~ Chatilri• 4 1901 !PPROPRIATION--Reaol.apPropriatinc 11000.00 to the aut.t'erera of the fire at Jtcksonville, Fla. . . 31 1901 A.PPROPRIATION-Reaol.a.ppropriat1Ili $1000.00 ran Reae"e Fund to General Fund. 1901 .A.PPROPRliTION-Reaol.appropriating $200.00 for oonoerta at band-stand a~ Court House square. 'T 1901 APPROPRU.TIOW--Re1ol.appropriating 1295.00 i'rmn Reae"• Fund tor repairs to Fortune St. Bridge. 1 Jun 11-1 1901 Jun 21 1901 IAPPROPRIATION--Resol.appropriatinc t,iaso.oo fran Reserve Fund and credited to Internal Impr0Yt111ent Fund f'or repair• at Iaf'qette St. Bridge & Fortune st: Bridge_. . . APPROPRIATION-Reaol.appropria.tinc $1430.00 for drains root or Jackson St. and fihiting St •• also f'or rebuilding south ~ender pier ot W~ette St. bridge. 183 ~, 16 1901 AUDI'l'OR--Reaol.inatructing aa111e to alee p~ent ot labor & -.teri&l. Fire _Station ,e. No Reaol.No Sept 6 1901 ALLF.Y--Reaol.inatruoting Street Conmitt•• to open negotiatl.ona tor the purcha" or alley 10-t't wide runninc ••t f'rom Central AV•• to Spencer• GrOY•• 202 Jan 3 1902 APPROPRIATION-~Reaol.a.ppropriating 11046.87 to purohaae tram Isaac Ms.a, property in the line ot Clneland St, Etc. 211 Jan 24 1902 .il'PROPRIATION--Reaol.appropriating 12500.00 annually and donate aame to Andrew Cu-nogie tor proposed Library. 217 llar 28 1902 APPROPRIATION-Reaol.appropriating $695.00 tor Fire'sta.tion h. ~ 218 Mar 28 1902 APPROPRUTION--Reaol.appropriating $100.00 to Chiedren•a Home, tor months ot Jan. & Feb. 1902. j,pr 25 1902 APPIAL--Resol.ordering City take same to Supreme Court ot Fl& •• in the oase ot c.~Webb vi City ot Taq;a. May 2 1902 ASSISTANTS--Resol.notifying Tax Collector to dispense ,'1th the services of same until further orders trom Counoil. Mev ,13 1902 .APPROPRIATION--Resol.appropriating 310.000.00 for the erection or an Hospital. May 13 1902 City Auditor to make a full examination of books & records ot Police Dept. Jun 20 1902 ASSISTANTS--~esol.g:1.ving same to Tax Assessor and Collector. Aug 1 1902 AZ-DLE Tampa '{ater \' hf -.ina on same tram Hyde Park Ave. to Vi.7th Ave. • 221 223 226 227 230 236 238 244 Aug 1 1~ ATU.NTIC OOAST LINE R~R.CO.--Reaol.proteating to said CoJs. manner in lr.'lich it 1a using Polk St.trom Fla. to Fnnlclin Sta• No# No I No {I: 256 257 265 279 286 18? as & switoh-yard. Etc. Aug 22 1902 jppJlL--Resol. IN Ri to appeal.1~ Henry W.Beach•a case to hight Court. NO IW':&:I NO DATK ASm.E'f STREi'T--Reaol.IN U to enforcing on certain property on Street. ASSESSMENTS--Reaol.-------SAME AS ABOVI --- • --NO DATE ASHLEY STRE.i:l'--Reaol.authorizi~ payment or $875.36 to w.s.warner tor paving ot said st.from IA!'ayette to Polk Oct Oot Nov Dec Jan Jan 3 1902 A'WNING-..Resol.oondcnizig •••.at 19ll•l4th St. 3 1902 A'\'INING--Resol.oondemni~ same at 1903-1-lth St. 7 1902 TWTIC COAST LIBi RI croaaizig at Franklin st. being in bad condition, and notifying aa14 put ia goocl contition at onoe. 'T 1902 .AZIILB STRD.T--Resol.ordering J:&Ting ot same tran Hyde Park AT•• to Eighth AT•• 5 1902 .APPROPRimow--!

Index to Reaolu~om P...d l,y tLe Board of Repraentativea 0 tlie City of Tampa, Florida --~---_...;;::.___• _ . • Ii l<' •) ... 'l C. , : , ' q ~-lH ;: , • .. t,l NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 291 292 Q8 311 322 345 359 361 362 389 390 :592 394 408 -l28 430 "' .., ,. ... Ml ... IOI IOI Ile 111 n, ., f MONTH DAY YPR Jan :so 1903 • A.C.L.R.R.00 .--Re1ol. In Re certain Tu Aaaeenenta made against 1aid. llailroad Co • • Feb 13 1900 J..C.L.R.R.C0.--Jleaol. wherein said Co. ref'uaed to lq 1pur traok on Ashley St. under the tenn1 & conditions in Re1ol. ,,. paaH4 J111. 9, 1903• but 1&14 1ame in accordance w1 th general Ordinances ot City. Feb Mar 13 1903 . 13 1903 J..C.L.R.R.C0.-..lteaol . , ----S.A].(S Ji$ ABOVI --- • ASSISTANTS--Roaol.ordering Tax Collector & Assessor to dispense with Asst. insofar as hi• employment~ be at the expense ot the City. May 8 1903 laid R.R.tho right to by branch traolc trcm lfator St. &lo~ Jackson St. to Tampa St. lfay. 29 1903 ASHLE'l ST.--Kesol. IN RE to the rtmOT&l or gas laiap poet on Aahley & Wa~er Sta. Sep 18 1903 J.ILBr--Reso.oloaing an alley lying in oert&in lots and Blk. in Hayden•• Subn; Jan 22 1904 A.C.L.R.R.C0.--Resol.notityicg same to till its tracks on 6th Ave. between 15th & 16th Ste. an 29 1904 same to plaoe its crossing at 5th, in" good condition. Jan 29 1904 said Co. to plaoe1 tt1 cro1aing1 at 5th Ave. between l~th & 14th Sta. in ,ood condition. Sep 1~ 1904 j,PPROPRU.TI0lf-Resol. tipPteprlat1111 13500.00 to axtend and COllllplete ~m:e10 ... 0!1 south 12th &Te., ••t ot 19th St. , Sep 18 ' 1904 ALLffl• certain alley• in certain lot, or block• in Hayden•• Subn. Jan 27 1905 A.C.L.R.R.C0.--Reaol.authorizing said Co. to extends 'ita traolca on Lozaho &ve., north to Sooiit St. Feb 21 1905 AZ.EEI..i ST'REft--Reaol. to grade euae troa w.eth Ave. 'nat to Tenth Ave. Jun 13 1905 ASHLEY' STREJi:T--Resol.ordeT'in g pavinc or same tram 't'1ler to 6th Ave. Nov 27 1906 • .AP.PROPRUTIOW-Resol.appropri&ti~ :soo.oo to Geo.N. Benjamin, Special' P'ilr CCllllll., tor &hibit at Fla.State Fair. Nov 27 1906 A,PPR0PRIATI0N'--Resol. 9 --S>l!E J.S A.BOVE -• ---Jim .,_ I llOT .... 1. D D t. --••• et )aNela d 1-.1 tw Ille .. , d Jaftllll• ... • uo, ....-.utlOS •••• 1 • ..,,.,.satl .. 111,.;oo , ..... ._ fq ,., ........ fer~ .... la •• Ci'J d '9 ua. .a. 11 1IOT Ju u ue, ,_ 11 110f o., a uo, Jail a llOI JM • UGI Ju llOI ... .. IO I 1181 I 1111 1IOI 1 A.C.L.a.1.00.-.... 1.arMll .. -te ._. IIIW•-14• til hlk ft • fta. .._ • hlk • fta. ........ . . ---.... 1 ...... ailtc JI'., __ • •il"lda .... tw. J&Tilll d ....... la .. Cit, et ,S ,, , A.-c.1..a.a.w.a .. 1.aren111& •• o..te ••• aaw ., llul• ... Pelk a.. AlllmnCII 81111.te -,1-,. ._. • z1t1al ,-1• _. ,-11• le Wt 1111• 11..-'1 la 'lie •-•n•I et Oltr• -,aumcm-le•l.w ..,...,_. • ._ teoo.oo • •tertlda ._ • 11 •• .,_ .... IWlee : r ue1111'1. .ID •••l•~UIIC--tie at.• uA Udlt UW t••-la ... tit.le .all'a --•la*• Ciir et T'ilf-•.... .,.1au._ 1uo.oo • 1111e taiblt at •• ._, Jdat. .....-.anCll---•l .... ! eplalbc IIOO.oo --i. •• Der Ol-"" ..,, ...... •• ...,~ ••• 1.awtlwl'l1uc •.,...ate ..... _ ... oa ,r.,.r., -Lataptte .,. fittll llari• w ......... . 0 D C 0 0 0 D 0 0


Index' to Re1olution1 P~1sedJ,y tlie Boardo Repreaentative• _0 the-Cityof T"~a, Florida ___ ,.,...:,-_____ --+1 .,__.,_.......,......,..,._ _ _____ _..,. ____ ~_ D 0 0 0 D 0 NUMBER \ 1 -I 19 II Tl .,., 111 111 11, 181 lTI 190 111-111 IOI ao, no 11, 218 120 uo •• •• 288 2M IOI 307 110 111 181 182 Ill 417 ~ilT ,1a 424 ,. DATE ... ' . • ., , SUBJECT MATTER/ MONTH DAY YKA .. ,111 ., •• Peb ... 1111' qr .. On •cw " " Jaa Jiu, ... Jiu-Apr jpr .. •w ,_ Ju ,_ jpr .. ., -Oot •w Deo. Jan Jan 1eb Feb • Mar ., 1908 11 1908 29 1908 18 1909 2 1908 18 1909 20 1909 ' ' 1901 u 1909 18 llOI 11 1110 11 1910 21 1110 8 1910 12 1110 22 1910 11 1110 19 1910 I 1910 ll 1910 l 1910 10 1111 10 1111 14 1911 11 1911 11 1911 8 1911 • • llU 11' 1911 ' Wl I 1111 .AUDI!OJl-(J • L Ba 7 J ,M Du•-w 1Po -,. ise !aapa •••• 1llrb c..-v, all 1-olc r•t he on Jryclrallte u per bill r...a_..4 to th• ~1 CoUDOil to, llaok r•a. . . JIBLlr .... u a atrellt to be p&Y ... aa4 d1r•t1Dg Beard ot !> u'blio Wern to do • work, ••• AYAL\, 8Pa:UL P.SOIAL 'l'AX COLLETOR•D1reot1ng that da11J report 'be aacle to 'l'a Colleo1:or, aa 1natruotecl bT aa14 bx Coll• APPROPRUno-...tillC ••• et 1800.00 to,_., ButohinaOll judit Ccap~ aa part ,-,..nt tor tvniahing ottioe tor CitJ J1l.-1a . .&Pffl>PIUTIOS....,,.,nc •--ot t&o 1n t&YW et W • But*iu, --ber Polioe Poro•• 11bo 1a 1lle COL. J. B. Ol)IUO~inc .... to Mt •• Pair Ca.d.HiODII", ••• • jppk()Vllo JIAP--approrillC Np et S.oh• I: Hap. 8-1 ...... Co•' a iffiaecl •P .fl I-1Jlbmlp' • w1t1oa te Laeua a4 Pitt'• la AUDI!O ... ~otillg aot te .,_,. •• bllla et ftrioa upu1aenta ul•• 'bllli an ll)prwecl bJ at lean -.. _.. ot •• ooaaltt•• 1n oharp of aa14 4-,..rtaenu. AJIIRICAJ J'IDDlTJ'.0. OP~ IIU"l'Ut 1n taTOr of Cmtral''l'radea & Labor Auealy tor 171 ul on 1n tiwor er BlliltSag Cowaoil, tor ...... wit, 1n OODDOOtiM with ----Oil, •. . . . , APPIOPIIA1'IOS-llakiltg ••• el 1280 troa IU.Nl. aoooaat ot Qe.,al tor a..-,1auc •• AUDI!Oa-Direotinc .... to cir• warrant tor neo••NIT -oant 1a oomieotlon 1111111 ._ Pan4e Celebmtoa. . . . . . . A. I. I. IL c:0.-bqlMetlJIC •-13D plaoe oroe•lltc at lll~tioa ot I. Jlowv4 aad AOL.Be IU.&ll• of~,••• . . .APPROPIIA'l'ICUl'ID CJWUTI.-City to ,. llldlt.lo•l ..,.. 160 per IIOllth 1br tb~ ao11tb• .. orpalaatioa, ... AI>VIRTISllG CITY 01 TJIIPA-Payinc t&oo to Tupa of 1'n4ea, tor &c!T~tiainc' ot t!_l• Ci't• JPPROPRliTIO•---------------------SlW il ABOVI-•-----------••• mm All) 8ftE!I-Requeat1nc Board of ec..d.aalon•• ot Publ1o Wcrlca tc, han proper aigu where 1tren1 u4 all-,a •• .,.._ A. c. L. n. oo-m.reot1nc •-to lq •Sat• traot on Losano becinnillC at a. 114• of Em.aborough Street and oro••inc add • • eel ent .. 1nc prop.-t, of Gulf Re.t1n1111 Co. on Loaeo Stz-ellt. . . . ,I ASSil'l'Jl'l' fO TAX .MBaaoa.a_latiYe to •ployaet of a1111e. . . SPAWISH-lWl Vffl IICAMPKJH~latiT• to aenring •&14 alt• ill 1'•~ .to. it A1'1,8UC COAl'l' LIJI • -aeaol. nci-••td.11& 1lu' Dip~. 1Dn1t1cat• A.C.L. Bride• ...... l'inr. .... 1.PJllllmll -Dlr.eotlnc tile Jlllditor 1Po ..... 11111'1'&11t h1' tr.oo 1a f&TOI" er ... tor~., 19'. . . APnc.BIA!IM'l' LD• •••• -.... 1. by BDar4 ot Plabllo llbrb t .. &.C.L. ..., ... w i C n ..... ..,.Dk],_ ftm .... • -&114 llt.riu 111r ... , 'b,-,110 .. ta tlrn olua ooD411d.-. so 1912, AID -tio 'l'obaooo worker• -Appropriation of 1100.00 per 1reet for tour...,_. to Aid tobuoo wcrker•• _ ao. 'f 80 1912 ASSOCIATED CHARITia--a •• u abcwe--1 1912 JPPR~ATI01' -Appropriating t200.oo lntartalning O.nian Cr• •er-di. 2T " 1912 ATLAJn'IC COAST LIBS WI.ROAD •• U1 llebu1141nc bride• aoroH Hillaboroup RiYer at Polt at. Ito. 12 1912 ATLOTIC,OXaamDBU & OIJLF ll CO.--a.1 1Nnoh1ae on 11.rat 1n the CitJ ot 'l'apa. 3 1912 ATLAl'l'IC COAS! Ltd -..:a. -Keaol. tndorling end approTtng Betiol. adopt~d b7 !oard of 'frade protea ting again1t rebuil41Dct A.C.L.R.R. !r\qe in 9f!JH location aa it nov atanda. Ma7 3 1912 AUDITOR-Reaol. authori1in ~uaitor to.p9.1: John !.Studley-, .laat.!u Collector $111.55. Jun q 1912 .APPROPllIATIO!l-!esol • • ,qpnp~lating $200.oo to Spantah American Wu Vetereana to 4•irq e~enae of 4th Jul7 ~lebration. Jul 30 1912 ASSESSMEn'S-Beeol. ot finance Committee to ban the ot the Sixth and 'l'enth Varel• Hated aeparatelJ'. Jul JO 1912 Jul }O ).912 ATU.11!'1.'10 COAST LID Jl. ll.-.Beeol. requesting Xaor to i>revent aame from "Jiolatinc Orel. 1598, b7 rebuilclinc bride• aero•• Hill1borouch a1ver. ASPHALT-Reeol. Board of Publio Work• to hear ooaplain\1 Gr.Central •n. propert7 ownera againat th~ u•• of .uphalt tiller on aaid


-Indes to Re.olutiom Pa•ed by tLe Board of Reprnentativn of tLe City of Tampa, Florida DATE • NUMBER 1----.--.....----1 SUBJECT MATTER 535 548 550 '51 56o '' ,,. 573 ,., 511 ,., 58'3 , .. 515 591 ,,_ . ,u 611 623 62ltl 639 671 67a. 701 72' 7'-5 7a.6 753 .. au -8M 889 889 87a 892 Ill 911 916 929 911 • Ill "' N8 988 .,. -... MONTH DAY YKAII Sept 24 1912 J.PPaOFJUJ.TIOll -lleaol. directinc !oard of Public tork• appropriate $13,000.0Q tQ build a4dition to Gordon Xeller Boapital. g 1912 .ASstSSOR-Resol. authorisin& Tu A1seasor be a l lcwed an Asst. for lab.March, Ai>ril, V.ay and September. each year. Oct Oct o., ()et s 1912 ~I.AllTIC COAST LID R.B. -bsol. directinc that aame remo•e cro11-1witche1 off of Polk St. Between Tupa & Marion Sta. I 1911 Aft11111 ......... hen •f hltllo ••• ,. ,..,. .... tna ,. Park av.., •. . 1 1912 Atl.Al!IO aout i.m mrr.oo._. .. .... u ,..,. a m-t .. , Drtw.q tl'OII ,.a,. • Aehl. ,,. -Ool I 1911 .Alllmt .. 1. --------IAIII M AI09 ------------------o., 15 1912 AfLAl!lC 00AI! Lt• fin --\e e .... lat•• a\ 1aterMett~ et \heir 11• wtlll t..,. 1,. A •'W.Aft. 0.1 22 1911 IIWWWI --. .. 1. p\horislac ,-.tac et ,._ ae1r11., .-.. \e War Aft. • ., 5 1,11 .vPUUA!IOI -... 1.a,prtpl'ta\~ t,oo.oo fer hllrll-, hal ltul a\~ hue Sn 5 1912 A!WftIC OOAI! LID .. \6 1'1•.-..!"i'lllo • 1elk I\. M\w• 1Naklla I\. A fta.A'N. ..., 5 1911 ~ICII leeol.approprta,tac et t,oo.oo • of .. ,,. MAer••• • .., 5 1912 ~--. •Mrt--... 1 • . approprtaUac t5co.oo ....,.a f•r ef ..... lff 5 1912 .......utlCII-•. appreprta\1a, ef ta,.oo per ••• te In. •• o. Ml••• ..., 5 1912 ..,, .. llAIICII-.... 1.approprta,1-, et tl5.oo per-• ' J•••t• t. !116kff~ •• ., 12 1912 OUII LUI n.00.~Nl.Unclt .. \O plaae Cle.w• ., 1a\erNeUea ef \hetr ltae ailrl ••• louleftl'I.. •e., 19 1911 Afl.AHIO OOft I.ID .. une _,. plaoi-, a '1 .... ••• t.1.l tl• a\ ... ... h• 3 1912 aam~~l.•xMa4Sa, a.,.,. et ••en' ta Dntllac a.. lat.Wac a ... t• 01,7 •t tu,a/ laa 7 191, ALLl'ft-: •~ et ,.,11. Wera le lq ta alle~ -.,,,... 1h11 • 1,ua 1,.,.., •• l• T 1913,..,tac ,e n,atr \bltr •••lac a, tawneoU• et 17\la 1,. • it.II ... Jaa 1. 1913 .&DICllaJILI .... hn fNrl 0...S. Hee H at ... btle fer Pu. :leot Dept. 11 1913 15 1913 . pa'lt..-, .... tra ~marl ... \e \lie -.i..,,,-. u4 cr-W wtlll 11•••• . . . 15 1913 AOl-... u Ao, \e "-uln \lie appl'•ftl et \lie fer te "...._ .. .tpr 22 1913 ,_ 10 1913 .. 1. •• 1\91> blHll:aclS.a, ••br.-.. a\ !uk • ,o ,u, fntu ... '-lac .,er \llintna. .O~JOI-leael.epproprtaUac '75.00 \e ftew fe •m••• Al......_..•el. \o 0t'7 tu \e \ha !..,_ Waler 1fa. 0.. '500,00.00. J-1 1 1913 J-1 1 1913 .APPJm>UA!JOS leHl. ,o approprta,e .00 per \e wtlew ef ~-pel~••--~.x. Gneae. J-1 I .1913 .ADf01tQBJI.a IICH~Hl ...... rt-, 01'7 Olen \e Pel.1-0 ,,,'-wt\ll _Np7 ef M\ ... blle •c ZI • 1911 APJIBOPIUTIO~•ol.appropl"iatinc 1110.00 1lo P1re Dapt. to attml Chief' Collftlltioa. ac 1911 .&.U.m-oneriJtc pannc ot "all-,a 1n Blb. '' I 68 ot Ybor Oi'J. • lept le 1911 ALLIO-pannc ot alltr• throup Blb. • ,,, , II ot tbol" Cl. lll'b• Oet 2' 191.S tees.oo tor •-1DC to loath.-. Ccllaril&l Coner••• at 111,'blle, Ala. . Oet '18 ltlS AELS'f lnKJr~~eaol.or4m• pan.Di ot ,,.. trca !)'ler to llzth or ..,... • Oot 18 1911 Amil.Ir am:ar-ae1ol.orderinc pan• ot ft'OII Polk 'It. to !yllr It. , 1911 A8JILII' paTlJtC tilt .... 80 ~-wi.S. "lmte&4 ot 80 t"-•n 18 1911 .&PPllOPIIATIOW-&Hol.appraprlatiDC 181.00 per •nth to pq Nld on WClllll'a r•t roaa. Deo 18 1911 ilPROPIU!'IO•-~eaol.appropriatinc 12&.oo u a Chrlatau DoDatiOD to the Sta• Jletol'II Sobool. • JD 8 111, .APPROPRUfl~-Reaol.appropriattnc t&oo.oo to the na.r~ten p.,_nt ot Prtllllau &al at poultry 1holr. -Jaa 2T 191' ASBLlf ST.-lleaol. orderinc briok p&Ting OD .... be p-oate4 with Pitoh, Ou• st. to Sixth ........ liar a 111, arm• caimm1-..-Bo ard ot Publlo lib. to baTe plau as mac!• tw Pabllo Llbrel'J. liar 17 191' ADDIJG aCBia,..aNol.authoristnc purobaae ot .... tor Auditor•• o~tio•• Mir 11 1e1, .&.UDITca •s omcs------BAIII 1,1 --------.. 28 191' .APPRQPRU!IO--.aeaol.approirtatiDC 180.SI to 111-e. W.J. Boul1hu. 11-r • 111, ISloo.oo, part -payas •• Lal'ruite Oabtm.tll.oa Pap &al C.Dioal Wnglne. Ja I 1e1, 1200.00 to Chl.t et Pollo• Woodwu-4 apeuea -atitea11l1q oo.,.•ttoa, GnD4 llloh. "'1a 18 191' APPIOPRflOS-~ol.approprlat1111 II00.00 to lpui* liar Vais_... -w &1.4 la 4th ot .J1aq C.lMN.tiOD. Ju. ,:19 l9l& JIil 11 191' .. liar D-,_t DR 1le p-aat Peralt te .... 1so ••tr•I a Briqe at toot et' St. that would ~--•wttla •••\le ...... w 11r w.e cur 111 •• ,., .. •• tat po1a1. . . . . .. . . 0. D • D 0. 0 I]


1111'11aJ11f"'II IJ NUMBER 1687 1701 D 1717 4 • 1725 . 1725 ' , 1735 1744 D 1750 1766 1767 1 761 0 1802 , 1808 1819 1836 1841 D 0 D ' D I 0 • Index to . Resolution• Pa11ed.1,y th~ B o ard gf Repre1entative1_~f : tlie City of T.ampa, Florida DATE MONTH DAY YllAII Deo 11 1919 lft.r 9 1920 llay 11 1920 Jun 1 1920 Jun i 1920 Jun 22 1920 Jul 21 1920 Aug I 1900 S.p 7 1920 Jep. .I . . • 11920 Sep 7 1920 NOT 2 1920 Nov 9 1920 Nov 30 1920 Deo 24 191) Deo 31., 1920 . , ... . SUBJECT MATTER JY. • t AIJVliR'l'ISING APPROPRU.TIOlf-Reaol.&uthorid.JJg koo.oo trca J'lor1da Hwpapc"• 4ur1nc aprinc ot 1900 be Trana. to U't'ertiai:a,: oonduot.4 by llra.-Kau4• L.Bdllar4, 11:o. APPROPRIA'l'IOB-a.Reaol.authoridig Tr&DB. at $75.00 tor Oaaparilla DeooN.tiona tram Reaer"f'e Pun4 to lf11ol.Appropriat1ou. AILl!'S--Re1ol.olo11nc ally in Clark1on Bro1. Subn, Blk.19 & 20, or Subn. .-UIRICAN LJiUI0N STJ.TE RI-UNI0N --Reaol.&ppropr1attng flooo.oo tor State Ile-union 1n the City ot Tamp&. • A,PPR0PIU.'l'IOI-Reaol-.---- • SM(E,., ABOVK • • ----- • • JJ'P RCPRU.TI0W--Resol. oonf" Reaol.#.1'T2& appropri&ting $1000.00 to jJnerio&n I.ecion tor State Re-union. ACC0UNTS,Delinquent Comm. on Boapitala & c-., City Ph711c1&n & Mgr.Gordon Keller Boapital to twn over Delinquent jcta. due the City Att:ny. f'or collection. , . AUTOS-Reaol.authorid!JC Police ConmittM to purchase 7 puaenger 1.uto and •• ou old oar. jpPROPRliTI0N--Reaol. appropriating 151,ooo.oo to Tampa Board ot Tra•• tor Publicity at 'lwlpa, Ito. A . C.L.R . R .CO.--Reaol • IN RI TO A . C .L. Cara blocldnc inter1eotion at Gr.Cctral & B1Y4e ASST. TAX ,SSJSS0R -Re10.re1c incline Reaol1. #1216 & 1648 rnoking and d11cont1nu1ng empl()Jmtnt ot •--• . ASm..Bf S1'REAT_!tesol.ordering paving ot aame trom Wayette St. to Polk St. with briok. ASHLEY' STRm'-..Re1ol.re1oinding Reaol.1802 ordering paving ot Aahley st. APPR0PRUTI 0 N -Reaol.appropriating $150.00 to Dr. iarl lloR&e,City Physiciu,to detr9 expenaea to Waahi.ngton, D. c. . AID & J.SSISTANCB--Reaol. appropriating teoo.oo to llra.C.K.Story on acoount or death ot husband, a amber ot Polio• Foroe. . . . ACCIDENT & PiNSI 0 N FUND--Reaol.provicling tor a Tax for Polioemen'• jcoident & Pension Jo\a.nd. . . . .. ,,. . , . . 1


L ............. -..-u .. • _______ lndes to Re80lutiom P~ ~ .!Le_ Boarcl 0 Rep_~tative, 0tLe Ci~ 0 Tampa,_f}orida DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 101? 1018 -.-f!ou.~~ 108' 1067 1070 1011 1091 1118 Ult 11211 llU 1181 1191 1209 1216 1261 1266 1290 1291 1122 13'6 1171 1112 1111 1381 1401 1421 1424 1428 1412 1436 1M7 14498' Kto 1416 1,1s llt99 1&02 1628 1629 1639 MONTH DAY vaAlt Sept 1 1914 APPROPRIATIOlf-..llesol.appr9Fiating 1126.00 per month to aupport or the Chilclren•• &a.. S-i,t 1 191' 16&.oo per mnth a• rut.tor r••t roca at Zeek St. & na. An. Sept 1 1914 Sept 1 1914 8 1914 Bew a 1914 Deo 8 191-& .& pdl:,oati. appropriat~ona to the Auooiated ~t1N. SOCIATID CBA.Rin•----8AJII jl_~v• -':' -------.c.L.RR.CO --Reaol.appro'n.lJ& A.C.L.R.ll. Bnclc• Ji•• . . . sasoa. Aaat.Tax-lleaol.auth~ising •-• tor Cit, !ax Aa••••or at 1100~00 per •nth-tor tweln aontha. •o ~•ol. authorising puroha•• ot DMr ~hi• tar Tu Col,..eotor•• o.ftio .. Deo 29 191'. AIJTO)l)Bn.1-R• .•ol.authori&inc puroha•. • or On• Fora Auto t .or Fir• ~-Feb 2 19ll ALLlf-lieaoi. ordering and atabl11hi111g propertJ line• ot alley throup Blt.28. Ybo• City Bubn. 4 191& Atrmll>BILK TRUCI-2••.authorbinc Fire Chier a: CClllll1"" to purohue 111teaobiie Truolc t• u•• ot Fire Dept. llar 4 i916 IJJ,lr-lleaol. or4erinc pa'rlnc et .... throup Bllc; 1 & 2 ot Bourquardes Sbua. llay 26 1918 AIJTOK>BIL--.aeaol.authorili,DC to • an olcl autcaobil• DOlr in atrvio• of Pure ;ood. Dept. Jun 1 1916 .lUTOIIOBIL.,_Re1ol.authorisinc tranater ot .luto troa D91>t to 11.eotrioal JMpt. S-.,t 2 1916 A.c.L;,. right-ot-w.1 acroas Swann Av•• S-i,t 28 1916 ALLm"-..K.101. to pave all.,-through blt.2 ot Bourquardes Subn. with briok. . Oot 12 1916 AUTOIIOBII.1-Resol.authorising Fire Dept to Tram. one Saxon Automobile to Builcling Inapeotor. . . . . . Oot 12 1915 .USISSTART--R•ol.authorizing Tax Aa••••or to aplo:, OM Aaat. at a aalary ot lloo.oo per mnth. . . Deo 1 1916 .lU'.l'OMOBIL._Reaol.authoriaiJJg Pure Fodd Dept. to exohuc• auto• and not to p&J more than 1319.00 4itterem•• Deo 1 1916 AUTOJl)BII.1--Re•ol.authorizing Fire COllll. to purchase one Ford T~uring oar tor use or Aa•*• Chier. Fire . J:an 18 191~ ALLlfS-lieaol.orclering Chiei' or Polio• to remove obatruotiona in alley ot Bit. 3 and 10 ot Dr... Sum. Jan 18 191' ADALEE ST.-Reaol. directing that , ... be oontinuecl iaat trca na. An. to Jetteraon Bt. Ito. Feb 29 1818 .&IW:.D STRDr-Resol.orderinc paviJJg ot ••• trCID. Highlmd Ave. nat to Highluul• & Highland to Plymouth & Plymouth to Ola Av Apr 26 1918!' ot Polio• to notity parti•• to ranove obatruotiona trom Alley between Jetteraon St. & Central Ave. Mq 10 1916 MJTOIIOBILIS-Reaol.authoridng Sam tary COJllld tte• to puroha•• two Auto 'rruoka. Jun 9 1916 AIJTOJl)BI~-Reaol.authoriziJJg Fire Chief to purohue auto for Fire Dept. Jun a> 1916 AUTOll>BILI TRUCIS--Reaol.authorizinc San..Comnittee to purohaae thrff ~te::;fruoka and reeoiDdinc Re1ol.Bo.UTl. Jul ll 1916 ..AIJTO TRUCIS-Reaol.authori&ing Trana.of one ot three truoka ordered by San.Dept. to Police Dept. 8-i, 19 1916 llOPRIATIOB--Reaol.a ppropriatinc $260.00 tor entertaininc delecat•• to Contederat• Veteran• Co11Y111tion • lie held Oot.17-19. Oct 31 1916 U'l'Oll>BILI--Reaol.authoriziJJg aale ot Saxon ~to in use( by the Bleotrioal Dept. . Oot 31 1918 TCll)BII.a-.Reaol.authoridnc purchase ot a Ford two pe.asenger auto tar uae ot :iteotrioal. Dept. Nor 14 1916 O'fOll>BILI a: AUTO TRUCK ATTACIDlllff->eaol.authoriaing San.Dept. to • ml•• and puroha•• an auto & mto traot attaomunt. 6 1916 U'l'OIIOBIL-...Reaol.authorilizg Fir• Ccmnitte• to purohaH one ~to tor ot ileotr1oal Dept.an4 dlapoae ot one 1D uae by that Deo as liar 6 liar 13 1916 :t1DITOR•S OFFIC~-Reaol.authorhi~ City .lutttsor to puroha•• a tJpewriter otr use in aaid ottio•• 1917 APPROPRI.ATIOI--R.eaol.appropriatinc lloo.oo p.-month to Junffile Detention Hame. 1917 O'TOJIOBILI TRUCK--Reaol.authorising Ban.COiia. to puroha•• auto truck and to. 1ell old motoroyole and purohue new one. May 29 1917 Jun 12 1917 BION SUBDIVISIOB'--Resol.authorizin& City to purohase LOta 1,.15.16 & 17 • Blk. 11. ot add labn.ror lat Av•• right-ot.....y. .-..-.. -C l o•i.Dc 10-tt alley running I and W thru Blk.3 ot nNI.ff & STILLINGS SUBI. Jun 13 1917 AUDiroR--R esol.inatruotinc City Aaiditor to invest or Sinking Funds ot City or Tampa in Ub•rtJ Bonde ot the u.B.A. S-i, 26 1917 Sep 26 1917 Deo 11 1917 Dee 18 1917 Jan 16 1918 OPRL\TI0:1--Reaol,.appropriating $75.00 per month to JUDeTile Detention Home. PROPR.UTION--Reaol.approprl&tinc $75.00 per month to the SalTation J.nlt• TISI:10--Reaol.authorizinc Trana.or $3600.00 trom C•etery Fund to Gen.Fund to be uaed tor ac!YertiaiDC City ot Tupa. ROPRUTIOB'-~esol.authorbing Trana.of' tll28.00 trom Ceaetery Fund to Gen.P'und to pay tar printilJ& the •• oomplled City C :VIRTISIBG-lleeol.authoridnc the diawr•••nt ot 13600.00 appropriated tor ..... 1640 J111 16 1918 U'l'O VIHICLIB--Reaol.authorbinc City Att-,.to 1ecsure a uoiaion troa the Supr•• Court in a teat oaae aa to whether the CitJ will have to pq the atate a lioenae Tax oa it• auto vehiol••• t h or1z1ng Chief ot Fire change Ford Touring Car tro a new one & pq $269.48 diftereno•• Ito. • 1677 1881 1888 Kay 28 1918 UTO TRUCIS--Resol.authorisinc San.Comnitt .. to purolaae an Auto Truok tor aaid Jul 16 1919 tr'l'OMOBILII--Resol.authorbing Purel'ood Domaittee c! Chief ot add Dept. to • two auto• and purohaae one tor aaid Dept. Deo U 1919 TISIBG-lteaol.authoriai,DC City to oontraot 1d. lfaud L.Ba111ar4 to adftrb1•• City ot i'apa. Ito. • .. . .., . .. 0 0 D D 0 0


0 .0 0 D. I I I 0 [l 0 a I' ' •1rrt..:'rn1 NUMBER 2-A 22-A 87-A 120-A 200-A 201-A 213-A 304-A 335-A 350-A 355-.A. J71-A 1101-A 1605-A 410-A 416-A 416-.1 421-A "S-A 485-A 504-A 561-A 562-• 565-A 57~• 578-A 597-A 585-A 587-A 627-A • J Indrx to Re1olutions Passed hy th~ Bo~d ~ Repre•e~tatives _of the City of Tampa, Florida DATE SUBJl;CT MATTER MONTH DAY YEAII Jan 4 -' 1921 A'l'TORJIEY, CITY..Provid ing for election and tenure of 1ame of the 01 ty of Tampa. _ Jan 19 1921 ADMINISTRATIVE EMPLOYDI-Bequiripg all same to devote their entire time to the bueineaa of the City of Tampa. Feb 1 1921 MR. T. F. ALEXANDER-Designated•• one of five director, comp o1ing the Hgefit~l Board for the Ci t7 of Tampa. -Kar g 921 AMELIA AVENUJ:-Relative to petition dul7 signed by-abutting properti o wners on sali avenue, asking that tne City Coa•ai:saion ' pave said avenue trom Morgan Street to Central Avenue, etc. , Mar g 1921 IIELIA AVENUE-Ab•tting propert7 owners of said street presenting proper fore of petition to have said street paved from Main Stnet to Korean Street, etc. Jun 14 Aug 16 1921 1921 .ALlRED AVENUE-Changing Daile of tilz,eltMe•et to Hugh Street. . . .AMELIA AV'RllE-Confil'llill8 report of City Engineer u to completion of partng ellid avenue from Mollgan Street to Central .A.venue. •ov 22 1921 APPROPRIATIO N-.Anthorhing aaae for chari t7 pa_tien t increase at Gordon Keller Boapi tal ;-etc. Nov 22 1921 APPROPRIATIOH-Makin 1ame of $608.00 to the Civil Service Board, from the General Fund. Nov 29 1921 JOSE ALSADZ-Directing payment of $1og.37, to same for proceeds of paving Certificate No. 24638. Dec 27 1921 . .APPEAL-Direct ng an appeal in the case of City of Tfimpa vs Thoma• Palmer. Jan l 1922 AMELIA AVENUE-Petitioners asking' that same be paved from East line of Mae~achuiette Ave. to West ,line of Florida Av~nue; Jan 17 1922 F. K. ANDERSON-Cancellation of C tificate of Indebtedne11 for per1onal taxes for 1920. lf 1922 AD.a AVIIIUB --Panng ot •ella ATenue Jla1saoli11s•tt• to Jlorgan. ao. 11o 22 1912 ALLBI' -cloa1ng u a11., ln Blook a ot Cntnl Park lub411Tieian. as per reoorclecl Jlap. Apr ,& 1922 ULANTIC COAST LID II CO --Authorising lb~• tor au1t against ACL IR and to reillburae the Cit7 Attorm, tai-oosts ezpe4e4 by hill 1n aaid oue. Apr 18 1922 F. o. A'I)jl(I-Appointing as %rusteea of Tampa Mu@eun of ,1ne Arte; Mre. A.c. Clewis, r.o. Adam• and Isaac Maaa. Jun 27 1922 -AlJ'l'OMA'l'IC GAS WA'J.1'ER K'!A'l'ld-Requenin g the Tampa~•, OompaftT to iHue notice to users of eame to have same ex~ined •~-17 Jul 25 Jul 25 MC 8 lepl 19 Sepl 26 1932 1922 1922 1922 1922 b months, etc. • ,It I - • • J ATLA.r,ITIC COAST LINE RAILROAD COMPANT-AccepiitiC pro;poj~tion of same in regard to paving on 13th St., at 5th Ave., etc. +IMIY 0AlDUI, IOU!I-Oontiralq reporl of 0lt1' la~I' 0011pl~tiOll of paving eaid &Tenue, froa Plalttlo ..... Aw .•..... .6GDS G • .AIDlliSOI-Iulructlllegaaid part:,, owner of Ut 10, 718 I. Jlv4., to encroaohaent on nrNt or a11 oa 11M .. of aa14 -propert7. RtJ!JI w. A!'llDOS-.tppoint1nc sue a, a of the soapi tal Joarcl Dr the Ci t7 of 'fampa. UIS 'fANPA .AMIRIC.O Lmlcm POS'f f5-!ranaferrinc $150 Unappropriated Balance of General :r'IIAd,to Mtacell.&MRa ccmtr1/.u. . . -aocoun,. Ocl 3 1922 A. c. L. D. co.-D1rect1nc •-• to adJual ita ai4e-iracka on lloae -ATiiue; --------Ocl 10 1922 ANIRIO.All LJ:GIO•-Se\1111& aaicle •ov. 11, of each 7ear,. Plaal 1iel4, and the uae thereof, for 1a14 -.rlc& I.ectoa. Oct 10 1922 S.lnBS.&ll? alDM1rec1ac lqing of aanit&17 aewer on aai4 avenue froa Highland.._,._ lo near <>ia Ayeaue. •oT 14 1922 JNILIA AVDD-Pet1tiour1 aalcia lhat •-• be pand froa M..aaachuaetta Aft. -to lliqewood An • . Jan. 9 1923 •~ 8'1'.RD!-Ooafirainc reporl of 0117 Kngtuer on coapletlon of 1ewer_01L aai4 atreel froa Bighlan4 Ave. to near OJ.a. \ 1eb 13 1923 ALLU' CLOSIJG---OloDC portiOJli of the all.e7 thru Jlook 106 of a. I. Ball'• 8u'bd1na1on. jpr 17 1923 ALBAJt AfDOS-Dlrectia of •ter Min on aai4 avenue Aseele to co~ect with preHnt water •in near Pla\l Apr 24 1923 naoluUon •o. 561-A, and 41rectinc lqing water aain on Alba~ Avenue. Kq l 1923 A!LAl'!IC COAST LID liIL1lOAD OCJCPAl?.JielaUn to occupation of portion of loae Ave. b7 tracks of aald co~. 1 1 .., 1 1923 ALBU? AlDtm-Oontirminc report of iaciuer on completion of lqing aewer on ~U•t between Alb&DT aD4 We1tldd. JCq 8 1923 AICILU. ATDUS-COAfirainc report of :lngineer on coapletlon of pavinc aaid avenue froa Maine Street to Riqevood .An. Maj 8 1923 .&JIILIA AVIIUI-Contiraing report of ~ngineer on completion of pavinc aaid avenue Maaaachuaett1 Aw. to Main StrMt. liq 15 1923 .AMII.IA ATJ3R.11Jetit1oner1 that same be p&Te4 Ridc9wood Afl. to Rinr1ide Drin. M&T 15 1923 tJ.X .ASDISO&-Taluatora of reil an4 peraou.l properl7 to aab r-,orl in triplicate, to •••• Cli;T M..ucer u.4 ou to be bJt b7 aaid ftluatora, aettlnc saiar. of Taluatora at t200 per 11q 17 1923 !DIXA•~os-ieaolrla that bill be aent to Legislature, wtlh adnae that Cit,' approves u.nemtion of Veal !upa. Na:, 22 Nq 29 1923 1923 . -ALB.AJT AVJ:JID-f eti Uoure aakbg that •-be pafl4 fro• 8wann Aft. to A. C. L. highw.,-. _,. .dllD!IOJI-InatnctiDC Ci'7 a,tora-F lo an. ordinaaee ~alling for eleclloa to 4ecicle the que•tioA of annezation of • • . . l ~ -Vnl f&llpl. ..,. 29 192) JtillLIH O. r• froa Unappropriatecl Jalan.ce to Kiacellaaens .._cct of General •u1.t elling oertaiA !u Oertiticalea upon oeru.ln real ••o. ha 17 1923 .dDft&OS-IIAOJ'.AllLd18 IQIDITill


. _______ ......,_.Index to Re,olution~ Passed by tlie Board Rr JID'UL-P~oTidin& for hancllinc of fua4• recein4 fro• State of l'lorida fie arnory rental. lep 11 1921 ALI.Ir -Cloaimg Alley ill Jrorth Lin• Bloat s. a.s. ci..,•• Sub ••• Sep 18 1918 ARLIJrGT01' --PaTing ot .-U.ngton Aftme tl'om Woodlawn to Buttalo• ao. -lep 26 1921 AnAI.D sn:ar -PaTu2g ot Mal•• trca Morgan Street to Jetteraon Street. no. -• Oot 9 1921 &BAIT AVJSUB --Pa"fing ot Al~ troa Swum A••nu• to A C L Jli ght ot ~• , Oot 2S 1921 At.BAIT AVmtJI -L&J'ing ot S9nr 1D Alley betwamlAlb~ and llebill• Annue• Ito. Oot Sl 1921 MILIA AVIIUB --Parlng ot _..lia ho• lidgftOod to liT• aid•• ao. . . JloT 27 1923 APPROPRIATiatl-Maldng same for purcha•e of Block 10, Panama Subdivision. lloT llov Jan Feb 27 27 g 12 1923 1923 192~ l9aJ I 4LI&Y-Confirming report of City Engineer on completion of )aTtng aewer in euae, between Melnlle and Alb&n7 Aves. , fro14.Pla St to near Azeele Street. AZEEI& S'l'BDT-------------------------SAMI AS A.BOVE------------. 1eb 19 1924 J'eb 26 1924 M97 13 192'+ AlU.INO'l'Oll AVEJUI-Confiraing report of Cit7 Engineer on coapletion of paving sai~ aTenue from Woodlawn to Buffalo. APPROPRIATiatl-Directing payment of $3620.21. to Cheater B. Maaelick for services in b94d i1aue for Water Worka. ADAL'IE STBIFT-Oonfirming report of Engineer on comp~etion of paving seme from Morgan Street to Jefferson Street. ATTORNEY FOR CI'l'Y-Directin same to legall7 notify Tampa Electric Compa!l1'_that the City will enter into arbitralion with said compa.q aa to for lighta to be charged by compan7 to the people of the City of Tampa. AtJDITOllIUM-Iaeuance of $250,000 b o nds for construction of aame, etc. Juh 17 1924 ADVERTISING lOR BIDS-Preact~bing method for eaae by the Purcha1 i ng Dept, eta. Jul 8 1924 ALBAliT A~etitionere aelcing that same be paved from Jett on ~Te. to Morrison Aye. Jul 15 1924 ATLANTIC 00.IST LID R B.-Opening up certain atreeta for purpose• of convienence for freight yard. etc. Building bltidge over R~T~r ~t Platt St--opening Tupa Street to Carew St., Jul 15 1924 ATLANTIC COAST LID YRIIGH'l' TARD AlrD !RA~ K-Morlng track• on near hotpital site, etc • . Aug 12 1924 ATLANTIC CO.AST LDTE BB.. 00.-Bemoval of siding of said company's track on Jack1on S~r••'• Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct lloT 2 1924 ASPHALT-Directing Engineer to for bide of natural rock to be used . on Water Street from Lafaye te Street to J'aclalon, and Jecnon to Water, to rranklin--eame beinc repaired. _ ALLEY 7 1924 AD~TimliBT-Directing same b~fore closing of alle7e in the City of Tampa. 7 21 21 4 12 12 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 ~-----------------SAID: AS .A."BOVE---------------. ALLEYs.;petition aalcing that 41 atreeta, roads and alle7a ihoen on mep or plat of Archer, be cloaed, etc. AR~--------------SAMJ: AS ~VE---------. ALLJT PAVDTG-Directing alle7 of Block 14, Morrison G~ve Subdi viaion, be paved.. SEWE&-Directing laTi.n of unitary sewer _ln e'.lle7 of l3lock 16, ~aet Tl!l.mpa Subdivision. .ALLft UWE~Directing laying of aanitary aewer in Block 21, Oecawana SubdiTia!on. Nov 18 1924 ANDERSOB AVEl'lll-Directing laying of sanitary eewP r in unnamed atreet abutting Lots 1. ?., 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, of Ore.n&e Grov Park Sub and on Anderson Ave. abutting Lot 5, of said subdivision. Jov 25 1924 ALLEY PAVING-Directing same of Block l, Oharlea fright Subdivision eetended from Zack Str~et t o Twigg• Street • Jan 6 1 925 ALIJiT -SIVD-Confirming'report of Engineer on completion of laying sew e r in alley between Clark and Marconi Streeta. Jan Jan Jan . ?eb leb 6 1925 ALLEY 9W!B-Oon1'1ming report of Engineer on completion of laying aewe r in alley between lre1110n t ATe. aD4 Packwood ATe. from Platt St. to near Azeele. 6 1925 ~T SBWD-Confirming report of Engineer on completion of laying sewer in alley between Melville Aote. and lremont Ave., from Platt St; to near .ueele. 6 1925 4IDIDClf SD!IIIConfirming report of Sngineer on completion of la,1~ sever on-said from lat St., to Maine Street. 3 1925 3 1925 W. A. ADJMS-Recognizing work of aaid Mr. Adam~ in building better City b7 hia effort• in obtaining Roblee Park and hereafter that same be known as Adame Park/ ~VOi SPRING8-&cceptil'l8 a re-plat of Block 12, said subdivision a• recorded in Plat B ook 7, p1J8e 36. leb 10 1925 AD.AI.a S~T-Direcjing paving of atreet from Tampa Street to llorida Avenue. Mar 24 1925 AZULI STDIT~Directing paving of atreet from Rome Ave. to Howard Aw. lar 31 1925 AlJDHOallJK, MOlUClPAL-Adverthement for bid• on aa11e, to be rece1Ted b7 noon, Ma7 5, 1925, at regplar of City coami s1 on. Apr 14 l9i>S Avai STBIE!-Direcdng' paving of said street from llebrakka Avenue to Penle7 Sties. .\pr ?l 1925 APILZ S'!RD!~-nrtieeaent for bide for parlng add street from Rome A.,.e. to Howard Ave. AJ,pr 21 1925 ALJ'DD AVEltm-DirecUng 9 aTing of same Ola ATe •• to Lot 1, :Bltc.4, and Lot 10, Blk.l, Place. Apr 2S 1925 ARKDIA AV!lltm-Direct1ng paving of said aTenue from Oypreu Stre•t to Memorial Highva7 • Mq 5 19 25 .AL'!MQRTJ: AVD'tm-Directi ",,. pavi",,. •--aame from Oak~ enue to Oalitornia ~enue. 0 0 0 D 0 D 0 l • ..


• _________ .._ ____ -=Index to Re1olution1 Pa11~ by_ ~e Board ol-.Repre1entatives o{ ilie. Citr of Tampa, . Blorida . D . D . ., 0 D -0 0 NUMBER 1130-A 1167-A ll 71-A 1171-A 1208-.A 1217-A 1c>33-.A 1235-A 1255-_.A 1266-A 1277-J. 1288-A DATE SUBJECT MATTER '-f MONTH DAY Yl:Ai. , . t Ma7 19 1925 ABDELLA S!RDT-.Directing paving of said street from Hnbena Avenue to Armenia ~enue. Jun 9 1925 .&.RMENU. AVENUE-Confirmi~ report of Engineer on complati_.?71 of paving eaid avenue from IV7 Streft to Tampa Ba7 Blulevard. Jun 9 1925 AI.LET-Directing laying eanitar:, sewPr in alley betwP~n Howard ATe:• end Armenia ATe., extending from Spruce St. to lheetnut Jun 9 1925 ARM~IA J.V!:NUI--------------------SAKE AS A!OYI---------------. Jun 23 1925 ABMINIJ. ;lVERUE-Confirming report of ~~inPer on completion of paving sale from I4Salle Ave. to Cn>rees Street. Jun :U 1925 ALUT-C0Afi111111ng report of Engineer on completion o'f pa Ting alley-between Blk. l, Chae. Wricht '• Sub. from Twi" to Zack it 1. Jul 7 1925 A. c. L. ll. CO.~reement between same and Cit7 to lay ,ewer along 27th it. and Al!nc 31,t. St., etc. Jul. l,4 1925 .ALLIT-SEWEB.-Directing la,ing of eewer in elle7 between Chestnut St. ant11 Oak Street t'rom Willow ATe. to Delaware Avenue. Jul 14 192' AZD~ STRDT-llelatin to paving eame froa Willow Avenue to Right if Way of a. a. i.. B1l. co. Jul 21 1925 ALTA VISTA A~RelatiTe to paving same from 12th Street to Califaornia Ave~ue. Jul 28 1925 AD.ALU STBEF.T-Cofiraing report of Engineer on COl!!!'letion ot' pavine; Paid street from Tampe. Street to Jlorida ATfnue. Jul 28 1925 ALLIY PAVIJJQ-Belative to peving ,i1e7 of Block 10. J'uller SubdiTieion. Jul 28 1925 AVIATICIJ AIR 111Da-BelatiTe to same aJoining Memtrial Hihway. -. 11 1925 .AMERICAN' ll. E~DSS SOMP.ANY~ermitting eame to la7 tide track on portion of Maxwell Avenue. -ii ilDL! S'?DET-ielaUTe to paving sdd ,treet froa Willow Avenue to A. c. L, Rigbt of Wq. Aug 11 1925 Al/fA VIS1'A AVDUS-llelative to paving sue from l?th Stre t to California A-trnue. l,383-J. 1397-J. -p Au • 1 8 1925 AILIJ --P.A.'filiG-.aelRtive to pavinc alle7 of Block 11. '1'ur11an '• Subdivhion. ea 192'--ID PAYISG JILa. 25 1925 A. C. L. U. CO.Mi~orhin& execution of a&r• •nt, 'between 1ue and Cit7 to 1"7 vat er pipe under re.tlroad track,, etc. 1489-A 25 A!'DLBURT AVDTD-ielatiTe to pavin said aTenue from Park Street to Perr'7 Street, ... 9-ielaUfl \o panac • a14 •'"" fr• Olewlaa4 l\l'MI \o Bowr4 Awaue • 1119~ 1550-A • Sept 15 .lDDI!CIIIUN !Olrnl-Authorizing Cit~ to borrow not e:xceedinc $5().000 on noted to anticipate sale of $200,000 eaid bonde. -o. L. mt. ueaa'1oa of ....... a, 'N\VNa .... u4 ou,, •r•b7 OOIIJIP7 cu, rip\ ,o la, ,.,.r pipe u4er oer\ala \raoa a, lora\lo l\ne, • . 157w ..,, 29 1925 15n.A M l~~~~-1925 ADILD 1!111111 le1a,1 ft to .,_ iDC froa norl4a ..... ,o ....... 1\...-. .-. ALL odlitDIP D CIII IIIOUlllGII • • 1'67-A 1661-A 1669-.A. 161)-A 1681-A lfl.1-.l 1ne-A 1719-A l'TSS-A 18'&-J. 18'11•A 1878-A 18'7'7-A 1881-A 188~ 0o, 20 1925 ~-un• ~Ooattr• repon ot &acla•er on ooapleUoe of 1-,iac la all-,, ltewNa lprue u4 Che•'•' ''•• fna . aowart ' ~ta AftllM. 0o, 20 jLLft IIWD-OoDtlraiDC repor, of lecluer oa ooap1e,1• of lqlac eftfl' la allq ltewe• Ollee\•t u4 Oak 8'1. "'-Willow \o aear'• • 20 .ILLWt IIO..Coaflmac npon of hc~r oa coapl1'1oa of lqiac .... r la a lq w,weea i...l u4 La lalle It,, tr• An~i. . -.-' Olewlaal ..._ • 0o, 20 .Al.Lit 11WJ&-Coafl111tac report of -.1uer oa oollpleUoa of lqlac ew la .U., Vtaellook 9, of Bou\la 6 lkl••'• 11111a .. fl'OII I. Jloul•w.n ,o aear I. De1-n •• 0o, 27 1925 IIDJl-DtncUac lqiac of laalU17 la al.le, of llook 5, 0.1. IOll\la 6 lklaMr h-. Oo\ 27 1925 .4LLlt lllllrDinollac lqiac of laalUZ7 lewer la allq of llk.l,. Btchlaa4 :Parle lua. Oo\ rf 1'25 .ALLWt ~reoUac lqiDC of la all-,, of Ille.~. of Jw.,la 6 lkt_.• hla. ••• :5 1925 AL!MIIID A'fllUI-OoatlralDC report of ~••• • coaplettoa of paTtac 1a14 aw ... tr• Oak Aw. \o Oallfonla Aft. 9ff :, 1925 ADALD lflll!-~laUfl ' ,-nae alt troll Ola 1,ree\ \o '-Pa 1,r .. ,. -Icw )0 1926 AIJDITORI111 BOIDI-Authoriaillg tha CltJ 11D borl'Olr 1100.000 to antioijlato •al• ot bon4ae Icw 10 192& ALFRID•--.Contlrahg npoM IDgl.DNr 011 ooapletioll ot p&Ting Nd.4 aTenue fl-ca Ola J.•enae to Lot l• Blt.6• AdaM Pl. 8a Icw 10 1926 Ir PAVIJfQ.;aelatiTe to paring allq ot Blk.l. c_. rath & Sub. trom lebriata Aie. to Blk.8• Gidct.u Subn. Bft 2' 1926 J.LLlr Sllfll•Direotlng laying ot aenr in all-.y ot Blk.T • Munro & Cl..S.1 Subn. trom Willow .A.Te. to Delawu'e Deo 16 1925 ALI.Ir SIWIR-Contl raiDg report ot 1llgl. neer on oompl8tlon ot layi.Dg eewr ill Ill 1.,-bcween Lone and Dw-baa 28th to . . , . 28th Btr•• • -Dee 22 1926 JSBL:I!' STRKBr-Jlelatln to paing •n• .tr•• trca !ylw 8tre.t to Bmcllr•on Aflnae. Deo 22 1926 AI.Im' PJ.VIJG-Out1 • ..... nport ibgt.neer on 00111pletio11 ot plLYiDg allq b.twee Blk.2'• Sub•• tr• Clnelud It. te lat allq South ot Clnelucl at • . .. 22 1926 LI'{ PAVDG-Collt'1111ing rtport ot ~ineer on OOlll)letion ot pu-ing allq tlu-u Blt.M. O•oawua Bub.• trca Paobloo4 to ... .,.,. .. -. .. 29 1926 AU.Ir BallR-DlreotiDg 1-,ing ot •--ia alley be11rNa tllnoe Streff acl 8-tllll a-. f'r• 20th st. to 22Jl4 a,is.,. . . Deo 29 1116 A'VUTIOI ftJU>V nc.-aeaolTing that air tie14 looate4 oa Tupa Ba,-BoulffU't• H oallecl •BteNr ftelfle Ju


/ NUMBER 18~ 189'1-A-19~ Jta&-A 1982-A 1969-A 191W. a>0T•A 8>13-A 201~ 201M . 20~ 20M-A ' 2m&-A 2O-A 2091-A 1128-A 2189-A n,w . . 21,1-.A Zl'z-A • 21"-A 21.18-1. 21?8-A 2186-A 2186-A 2188-A 2188-A 21.91-A 2198-A 2199-A 2100-.A. 210,-A MONTH Jm Ju Ja Jan .,., J'eb Feb Mar Mu-Mar .r ... .r .r JIU' • ... Mar lier Apr Apr Apr Apr Jpr • • .. .,. .., J(q Jlay liq .. May .,. .. jpr . . /,pr •• • • ,.,. ~ 4 -l. .., .. Indes to Retolutiol19 Paued Ly tLe Board 0 Repreaentativet 0 Ule Citf 0 T~pa, Florida DATE l)jlY YIIAII 15 19. 6 1926 8 1926 19 1926 9 1926 23 1926 23 1926 9 1928 9 1926 9 1928 9 1926 18 1938 16 1926 16 1926 16 1928 so 1926 so 1926 ao 1926 20 1926 2T 1928 2t. 1918 2'I 1918 21 1928 2'I 1928 ' 1928 ' 1926 11 1926 l 1928 11 1938 11 1926 . 18 1926 18 1928 18 1928 18 1928 13 1926 13 19~ 8) 1926 . r, 1926 27 192' a. 1926 a. 192' 1926 Ii 192' SUBJECT MATTER . -AZKFLS smar-contirlling report JinglDNr on ooapl.tion ot pwing said ltreet trca Rae ATe. to Howard AT•• Alll(IUD TDRITORt DEPARTKIIT HBAD8-Relat1Te to reports ot •--• ete. -A1QRDllG B011DI-Re10luti0tiawarding 11.84'>,000 Bonda of tlle CiV ot Tupa. Florid•• eto. A. c. L. RR. C~u1horidng aceout\on or agneent betlnHn add ccmpmy ud the cur. Laying aenr on Horatio Stre.t. .ALI.Ir -SBIIIR-Contifllling report at &igl neer on 11\Y'ing aewr in all-, betnm-Oak u4 7th troa Highland to 102 • 'Keat. ALL• -Sllmt•Direeyil2g lqing ot sanitary a ewer in alley between Chestnut and Oak Sti. trom Fr•on to Rome Ave. &Llf • 8-->1.rNtiDg l~Dg ot in alley betweei Ch_.ry St and Pine"St. trca Howard kn. to Arn.wanna AT•• ARD80• PLACa-changing Dille ot Geer gia Avenue to ••e• All,lr 8-•Di.reotiDg laying ot ln all-, between Laurel St. am LaSalle Street f?-QD Bonrd AT•• to Aramia Av•.ALL&r ---Dir•ctbg laying ot aewr 1n all-, betwem. Cheatmt and Oa2 Sta. tram Rome Ave. to Oreg o n Ave. Llf -SJ!Jl'IR-MreotiDg layiJig ot Bftff in alley between Cheatmt and Spruce St from Fremont to Oregon An. A.C.L. RR • co.~1hor1dag contract bcwe• City 11114 said camp..-tor purpo,e-ot oomtruotion ot ltom aewr ill ietuarj Zo AILnmmR-Dlreot1Dg laving .... in alley be'br•• Street am -an.oe StrNt troa \fillow to near Delaware AT••AI,Ll!-S•D•Direo ting laying ot 1U1 in alley 'b8tWNll Pin• St. -and Walnut s,. troa Boward ATe. to ilbany , .... -S._-D.l.r.•~iDg 1ng ot ... in alley between Grace St and Cypr••• St. troll ll. Boulnarcl to Delaw.N Ave. &L• -a-.-Direoting lllyiDg ot •-in all-., between Pcrtune Street and-Cuba Street troa near Highland to Spring Street • ALI.Jr -SllllllpDlreo.tlng laying ot a .. in al 1-, ~et11N11 Fcrtune and Cuba Sta. -l'rom Spring It. tro Lozano St. ALLJr -8--•Direoting laying pt•-in a1191 betwem Cuba and Coutant 8~•• tr• Spring St.-to near Bigblud Aw. . Linm uem .-&10)_--P"_P-"I"'!_ BAI' ar111f-blreoting P•ini ot •~ tr• Le• Stre.E Gi Platt Ive.ti. . . . BOIIJMlelatin 'bo bond ot Cmmiaaiona-J ... a A. lleC..a. and cleolaring •--111111 and TOicl. --IOID-BOT~tharlalng pap•t ot int.en on note• helcl lJT Citiaem Ballk and Batioml Bank, tor a...,.. ancl Viaduot, et.o. B1JDGft~lowlllg Port Dffelopamt J'uad-to •penl oertaia •o••••• eto. ... B-City ot Tapa to be liable tor bond• ot Ci1J ot T•ple ferr••• BlTBHOU 11uva.m.not1ng paTing ot .... trom Bqlhore Bwlen.rd to Hill• Av•• BAILlf STJmllr-Con.tirmiDg ll:lgilleer'• report on oampletion 'or lqing •--r in alley beureen •aid atr;et IDl lb-gm St. fr• W lawn to Jmnette s~. BAILJr S! report lngine.-on completion ot laying •--• ill all-, be tween Bailey and Jettenon ata. tro. Woldlawn to Jamette Street • . BUD G••Inatruoting City Kamger to include in, .... o.-tain •ount tor Tampa lollltd ot Trade. . . . . . . BOjJU) OF TRADI OF fMP~------SAMB AS .,,.___ ______ • . . . B0BJ:>11--------------------_____, ______ --s~ AB~-------------. . -BClfDl-eBUDGI!-Aatluadqng Library Boarcl being p.-.itted to apmd oertain eto. ~'thorising Cit., to borrow 1176,000 to antioipate sale ot Boapltal Bonda. - •to• BUFFALO AVDUI-Contiraing report or lalgineer on oompletion ot lqing •--r in a lley between Seba St eel Buttalo ••• frca C tral to !aliat•ro AT•• BADR Smst~llf'iraing raport ot lngi.DHI' on ocnpletion or •--•r ill Btjc• It. tr• Central Ave, to ••br•ab. Ave • _________ AI.s> Lil!m •s-______ -IAloillift -IWD=O•t1na1Jlc report of --.1aeer • oNpleUoa of lqiac ....... la All•,-'N'1,Na ••••t aa4 ~••••. troa lo. ~\118-,,t lo _ _ ...,. D-1-n Aft. _ npon of IDct ... r oa OOl!Pl•Uoa of laJlac HWr la Al.1' "'""• lla1a 1,. aa4 Ou 1,. ha lo • . •-•~ to Mar I. Dela111an Aw. l!llft -Dinouac laJlac of -1 '-17 •• eal4 ., .... , trOli 1.1 lnl•~ lo wr a.rota Aw. O.L. LL OCIIPM? •Aalhorl1tac uenUoa of acr•••at Nlwn ew Ml OlVe for wwr aa1u, lu • . IM,llil91----DlNOUac of uai U17 ...... 'la alle,-., .... Yll'Siala Aft., aa4 lvalfv4 ., ... , fl'OII ,fallat•no .,. ,. ... , ,oo• .... PLAOI -a.1auw ,o ,anac plaoe fr• Jetter•• ltree, to 10,nata Aw. .......oanndnc ,..,_., of lqtac la all• 'Nlwea lortl• 1, .... , u4 Lab Aw. Anhv 1,. , ....... Aw. 11W11111-tr ... raMaaflnt111 npon et JiapllMI' oa oe-.,i.uoa d i.,t .. la al.le,-'"-•• ~.rlta Aw. aa4 ••...-1,. tna •ooa.-Aw. ' ,_,_ ''"' , . Jlilr.ill~f.l'ldas ...,.., ~f lad~• ••• .., u .. of lat't ....... la al.le~ .. , .... leltnna Aw., a4 ~1 ..... , .,. , fr• ----... ----.,. .. D D D 0 .0 D 0


D D • o.. 0 NUMBER 2176-A 2171-A 2117-A 2111-.t. 2118-A 2119-.t. 21,,-,. 2202-A 2203-.& 22M-A 220'7 .. 22'1'7-A 2280-A 2291-A 2292-A 2302-A zaos-A 2506-A 2SOI-A 2569-A 2S'TS-A 2381-A 2382-.l 2386-A 2416~ Index to Re10lution1 Paued .1,y tLe Board ol Repreaentative1 ol the City ol l1 ~pa, Florid. __ --~-DATE MONTH DAY YaA.-1926 SUBJECT MATTER ... ALI.ff ..., Ooattndac "'" d hlf.n••r • --.,1euoa et laF1as ...,_ ta al.19 -., ... a .. .,... ,,,..., u4 kllq IVMt f1911 Woo&."•• -.. w J.-.tte IVHt. . . 1926 ...-r •• Oatlftliac npon el -.Sn••• • ,,.uoa d ...,_ la a1.le7 -., .... ~q ,,,..., u4 Jettenoa 1, •• . , .... ""''' .. ~-.. , ... , .. ''"" I 11q a. 1926 ALLn-llm-Ooat~ 19pon of • olllpl•ttioa et ew la alie, --~• llll'IMM ,,.,.., .au Go..._ s1,., • ,.... ., •• , .... , .. 22114 ., .... ,. liq 192' liq 11 192' '-11 192' Mir 18 1926 liq 18 19a5 llq 18 1926 -., 18 1926 -18 1928 llq 26 1928 llay 2& 1926 .haJI l 1928 • • • ,,. .. -• I • ALI.a? ..., DlnoU .. lqinc et ... ta allq "_... O.nalla lveel u4 197 11.(ta all.q) Ir• ha• ,. aeer looNwl, llJ6l ,--O..flraiae nporl el Jlactaeu la alle7 NIWMa hlaa ...... ad hffale .t.w. tna a-,rel .t.w. M -oua, lie. ALLn'-S .. -Contirlling report IDgineer OD OOlllpletion ot lqingawer ill alley bet•• Rutll ATe, aad a.i.a AT•, h• Cc ••• to al le, between Nebn.1lca .A.Te. an! Bllen StrNt. ALLD'-S .. -Cont1rlling report ot a.giDNt on oanpletion ot laJing ,.,..r ill all-, betwen Stn.ttord AT•• and Lab ••• traa Dorothy .lTe,-a .. to Ctntral A.Te. alley and lfebrulca Anme. ALI.Ir -Slfl!ll-Continaing report ot Jncineer on oompletion ot lqing 1ewr in alle1 betWffll Stn.ttord .A.Te. and Ruth ATe. tro. Cctral to TaUaterro ,venue. ALLK!' -aara-conftaJing report at a.gin..-omiocapletion ot laying ,..,er in all-, betw•• Marth A.Te. and Arthur St. 1'r• 26th .A.Te. to llN.r Lake An. IL~ -SBIBR-ContirpllJlg report ot &:lgi.near on 0011pletion ot laying •ewer in alley btit .. m Iel>rulca A.Te. and Marth .A.Te. •!'roa near 26th An. to Rail Street and Lala .A.Te. ho, Rail St. to Late A.Te. AIRPORT 11:>U-Tr&Jllter ot tuncla troa Penaaunt lllproT•mt Hote1 to lmgineerU1g Dept. tor o.-tain e:xpaaH eto. # ~, ALLISON COURT-Directi.Jlg laying of ,..,_. on 1aid oourt troa Sues Ase. to mar Ola A.,._ ALI.If -Illa-Directing laytng ot a...-ill all• bet119m Finl-., Street and SAL.RR troa Caear Street to al 1-, ••t ot Beb • Ja Ju l 1985 Al.Llr-1---Dtr-,tillg l•ing ot a...-in alley 9"' •• ot Boward••• trom Briltol .A.Te. to .llorril~n ATe, Jun Jun Jun e i928 AILBr, Soa-Contning report ot .. on oompletion or llfing • in al 1-, betwem Siclne,y am Pelham Sta, eut •t nonda A.n. to al i., west ot Central AT .. 8 1926 ALI.Ir, Slllml-ContiraiJJg resr> ot lbgiDHr on ooapletion ot lqinc ... in alley betwem Cheatmt and a.le Sta. tr• Frao to mar ROM AT•• 8 1926 AU.If,. SIWII-Conti ming report ot Bhgi neer on completion ot laving ,ewer in al ley between Cheetnut and Spruoe St,., tram 1NmlMI to near Rome Av•• 8 1926 .lLif, SKWER-Contirming report ot >. neer o• oooapletion ot laying 1enr in alley betwen IAlurel am tx, near Bowaa d .t.-re. e 1928 AI.In, SIWl:R-Conftming report~ lbgl.mer on ocapl.tion ot laying aenr in all91 between Buttalo am Sidney f'roa Floricla to Cm tral AT•• Jtm 8 1926 AlI(, Sllllll-Conftnlling report ot lagineer on ocapletion ot "ing •--r in all-, aouth ot Pelha st., haa Flcr id& to Cc Jun 8 1926 ALLlf, SIWIR-Contirming report ot lbgl.neer on ooapletion ot Jaring 1ner in alley betwwn norida Ave. and Jenaond st., tr• alley betlreen Buffalo am Sidney St. to 1st a l•y s. ot Pel.ha St. JW1 8 1926 ALL Br, SIW5R-D1.reoti ~. lqing ot •--in al le, betwe fll LaSalle and &rah 8trN1_-trca Will ow to near Dela....-AT•• JW1 16 1926 ALLlr, SRiITARY 8Dl!R-D1reotiag laying ot ••• in alley betWND Altred Street am i'leat St. tr• l!oo4rOllf St. to Maa. A.,._ Jun 22 1926 A. c. L. RR. OOMPJNY~uthoridng execution of betwMn ••e and the CiiV tor right to 1aJ aanitary •--r aoro•• rifjl t of way or und_. tn.ob.(Port T•pa). Jun 14 1926 w. A.. ADAMS-P1LAtiTe to resignation ot aw, Treuurer ot Fir...n' • Pension PuD4-JW1 22 l926 AILlr, PAVIHG-Direoting paying ot alley between Rcai .A.Te. am II'. Dakota trom 14atrou1 An. to Korrilon Ave. Jwa 29 1926 M:LKr, S~-Contlraing report ot Bnglneer on oe111pletion ot lqing 1ewer in a lq b.tween am Pille St•• tr• Bowvcl to mar ilbany Avcue. Jun 21 1926 ALLI!', smua-cont1r~ng report ot lbgineer on completion ot laying aewer in allq between IChll'ry St and Pin• St tri. HOWlllftl tx> rm.ear h.npnia Av._ ' Jun 29 1926 ALLEf Sam-Conti raing report ot lmgl neer on oaapletion laying • ...-in alley betwem l'Joodlan Ave. and aaily Street trca 1st alley w. ot Florida An. to Xliaabeth Street. Jun 29 1926 AU.Ir, SKIBJl-Contil"lling report ot .&igineer on ocmpletion ot laying ••w in 1•e,J.llfwl111at' Batfalo .lve. troa WHt St. to . A..,._ Jun 29 1926 AILlr, Sa!I-Contirainc report. ot &lginNr on ccmpletion ot lqing ,..,r in ht alley s. ot Batta.lo Ave. trcm. Center St. • •at(Darwin)Street. Jul 6 1928 ANNEUTIOl•Re•olring that eleotion be oalle4 fer amaation certain dneloped tll'rito17 adjaoebt to the City, eto. J l 8 192e ti AW PLACa-Direoting paving ot .... tro• Jtt•aon Street to Bebnata baiue. • . . itary ..... Jul 13 1928 ALLEl'-SB1Bll-Direot1ng laying of ,_/ia alley betwea Wal.mat and Spnao• 1treet troa Boward Aw. to 1c1--.., '"• Jul a> 1928 ABDliLLl ftREJl'-Colltil'lling repo t ot .Engiuer on paving 1aid atrNt tl'OII Aralllia A"'•• to Ba •


NUMBER 2466-A 2469.:A 24'74•A 2478-A 2478-A 24'79-.l 2489-A 2491-A 2492-A 2494-A 2496-A 2608•.l 2609-A 26ll•A 2527 ... 2640-A 2661-A 2669•A 26fi•A 2673-A lndes to Re.olution, Pa..d Ly tlie Board of Repre1e11tative• 0 tLe City of Tampa, Florida ----------....-DATE .. SUBJECT MATTER ,. MONTH DAY YUII Jul 20 1926 ALI,B!'-SIW?a-Confirming report ot aigineer on oomplotion of laying a ewer in alley between. Virginia St. and Strattord ..... tr Jul 20 1926 Jul 20 1926 Jul 20 1926 Taliat.-ro to Iilllat 300.4 Ft. JLLIY-S• report ot a:t,gineer on cc:apletion of laying 1ewer in alley between Laurel and LaSalle St,.• trca lit w. ot -w. Boulnard to near N. Delaware. AlLE!'•S!m!Jl-CoDfirming report or &igi:aeer on completion of laying aewr in alley between Cordelia and Ivy St,. trca Itooanel • to Gomes. • • An..r-BIWIR-Confirming report ot aigt.:aeer on completion of' l&y"ing aewer in-alley between Graoe and Cypreaa Sta., trom N. Blv tp N. Delaware Ave. Jul 20 1926 &EUKC•S&V!Jl-Confirming report ot ltlgineer on completion ot laying aewer in alley-between Suwanee and Branch Aves, frca Gidde to Wilder Ave. -Jul a, 1928 ALLl!'-SJ!lflll-Confirming report ot lbgineer on completion. of laying aewr in. alley-t.ltatc::edll Branch and Seminole Avea, trca Frierson 1x> Wilder Ave. Jul 20 1926 ALLEr•Sll'ilR•Confirming report of ~ineer on oompletion of laying •ewer in alley between Branch Ave, and Suwanee Ave. froa Giddens to Henry Ave. Jul 20 1926 ALI.1:r...SJMl:R-Confirming report of lbgineer on ocnpletion ot laying sewer in alley-between Seminole and Drach Ave. ,trca Henry to Frieraon Ave. Jul: . 20 1926 2 J.ILI.Y-Sll'UR-Contirmicg report ot Engineer on completion of 1-.ying sewer in alley between Florida A -;ye and Suwanee trca Hill• borough to near Henry Avenue. Jul a, 1926 ALLll'-SBVDr-C•ntirlDomg report ot &:lgiDHr on a011Lpletion of laying eenr in alley between Florida Ave. and Suwanee trca near Hillsborough to Wilder Avenue. Jul 20 1926 AI,LBf-S•nR-Continaing report ot Bngineer on oompletion of laying aew.-in alley betwem Powhattan am Ccmanchee troa Flori to Ola Av•••• Jul a, 1926 ALLl!'•PAVIIO-Direoting paving' of alley Weet of 'l'up,.' St. frcm Glady• tit. L ot alley to Grady• St. weat ot alley. Jul a:> 1926 AHRJDJJA Mlfllm-Directir:.g paTing ot said avenue from .orial Highway to North •.s-Street. J ul a, 1926 ALLBf-SSt'IIR•Dit:ecting laying ot Nme in alley-betwem Uain and Union Sta. trcm Franont to Rome Avenue. Jul a, 1926 ALLlf'•Si)YJR-Directing laying of sewer in alley between Cypreaa and State St1, trom Alb•~ to Howard .A.Te.• . Jul 20 1926 AILAY-SEWJa-DirectiDg l~ing of sewer in alley between Union am Main Sta. tram Willow to Oregon. Jul 20 1926 AI.Llf-S&'lmt-Direoticg lqing or aner in alley betwec Spruoe and Chestnut Sta •• h'm. Tampania to Habam.. Jul 2f B-19Z•SDYIR•Dihotillg plqing ot aanipry aewrvin alley-be'breen Cheatmy am Spruce lits, from Fremont to Uba~. J,:L 2'7 1926 AILKr•SlilflR-Direoting laying of same in betwec Chea~ and Union Sta., frca Fremont to Albany. Aug jug Aug Aug Aug 3 1926 ALLlr-Sllrlll-Directing la.Ying of 1ew,r in al lay b.tween Chest mit and Spruoe Sta, from IJ. Boulenr d to Delaware Ave. 3 19216 laying of*._. in alley b•tween Central A-.e. and lfilaon Ave. frcn Frieraon 1x> Wilder Ave. 3 1926 AI.Lff-Saflll-Direoting h.y!Jlg of in alley betwem. Oaoella and Miami from Hillabnough to Henry. 3 19216 AILBr-S•IR-Dtntirming report r:L ingineer on completion or 1--.ring aewer in all.,-between Miami and Nebr• ka An. troa Benr, to Hillaborough Av-, 3 1926 SafliR, ALaf'-Confiming report ot IihginNr on completion of laying .... r in all.,-between Cheroate• and Oaoeola fllclll Hilla• bcr ough to Henry. 3 1926 ALLI!' of Engineer on oompletion laying•--in all97 b.twem 9tn St. andnBebruka An. froa Hmry to Powhattan Ave. 3 1128 ALI.Sr S:ramt-Conf1rming report or &lgineer a completion or laying ae'ftr :in Ii ley between qidtien1 &al Billaborough trail alley-la.It ot Cctral to all91 w. ot Osceola AT•/ _ 3 19216 ALLI!' smm-eontirming ret,ort ot lbgl.neer on completion of l~ng •~ in. all.,-bet.wee Saainole and Cm.tral hom Henry to 'lfilder An. 3 1926 ALLlf, Sllrlll.pontirming r91>ort ot lbgine.-on 00c~letion of laying •e-.r in all.,-~tween Cherokee and Cm.tral Ana, trcm Henry to Giddens, etc. 3 19216' ALLI!' S&QR-Conf'inning raport ot lngiJMe r on oompl.tion or laying ,.,..r in alley b.tween Sha6owlawn .loBerl-7 f'l-pn 12th St. to 1st alley I. ot Nebraska An. 3 1926 ALLI!', S&YJR-Conti:nning report ot ~ineer on completion of laying •nw in lat alley-~ -,. ot Nebraska Ave. trom Frier1on to near ,/114.-A.Tee Aug 10 1926 A.ILff, SSNBR-Direotillg lqing ot •--r in alley blltween Union St. am Main St. troa Fremont to Mg 17 19216 ALBAWY Avatm-Direoting paring ot aaid avenue trca Watrous to Jetton Ave. Aug l '7 1928 ._.LI!', SBIIIR-Direoting lar i11g or a ewer in alley between Green Street am Laurel at. tr(IJ Willow to Delaware Ave. Aug 1'7 1926 ._.Llr, SBWml-Continnbg report ot la:lgiDNr on oompletion. ot laying,..,_. in alley-between Grand Central am North "A" Stre.t troa 1.1.nooln to Habam. Aug 1'7 1928 ALI.Br, S..,.-CoDi"irming report ot aJgilLeer on 0011pletion ot laying •ewer in al.191 between North "

• .i.,. D I \ \ , r Index to Re,olution1 P..-ed.,l,y the Board q{ RepnMDtative• ol tlae City of Ti11111pa, Florida ---------------------------....--NUMBER 2677-A 2681-J. 2681-J. 2182-J. 2686-J. 2187-A 2806-.A 2806-J. 2807-A 38SO-J. 266'-J. 2887-J. 2704-A 2706-J. 'Zf 07-J. ff08-J. 2711-.A 2712-A 2715-.A 2722-J. 21,9-J. 2766-J. DATE , , r-SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YllAi. Aaag 17 1926 ALI.Ir, SDl!a-Contirlling repcrt ot agiJINr on oomplcion ot lqing aenr in all.,-betwNn Or-, Street aM Borth •rt-n. trca Habua to U..ar4. Aug, lT 1918 AU.Ir, ot lngine• on OOJlll'llltion ot lqiag • ..., in all-w,y between llorth •r,t ltre am north •A• "• trma llabana to Howvd .. Aug lT 1926 J.Lm, 8111D-Cont1rming r9POrt ot ..,_mer on oompletion ot lqing ae nr in alley between Oaaes ud Imelda troa Oriti at. to Borth "J.• Strffl;. Aug lT 1928 ALI.Kr, S~-Contiraiag r9J>Ort ot lnglaeer on ooapletion ot laying aewr in all.,-b.twHn Rmelda am Babam. traa Gray It. lorth ••• 8tr•.t• Aug lT 1926 ALLI!', SIW!Jl-Contiraing report ot -1•• on OOJlll'letion ot laying aewr in all91 b8tlrem r..tland am Albany troa Grq to alley between Borth •A• ancl Grand Cmtral Annue. Mtg l T 1928 AlJWIT AVINO----------• -----am AS AMWa---•----• Aug lT 1928 J.LLII', , .. r1p0rt at lnginetl' 011 ooaplcion at laying--r in ..u-, betwm w.., Jere-, am G

T 11 . " I 1.. _________ _ Ind.a to Retolutiom Puaed Ly tlie Board of Repraentative• of tlie City of Tampa, Florida : •, , , 1 , ' " , , DATE ' NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 2757-A 276~ 2766-A 2769-.A 2770-A 2771-A ff 72-A 27'1S-A 2774-A 2776-A 2'177-A 2'179-A 2780-A ff82-A 2783-A 2796-A 2798-A 2799-A 280l•A 2803-.l 2805-A 2806-A 2807-A 2808•A 2809-A 2811-A 2812-A 2813-A 2828-A 2825-.A 2881-A 2867-.A 2867-A 2868-J. ' MONTH DAY YaAR Oot 12 1926 ALLAY-Sll'fi'R• Continaing r epon ot ibg1. neor on oOJIL}>letion ot laying II ewer in ~ley be tween wuilliana udnOeborne Ave. tram all ,ey between Central .and Taliaf'.-ro to alley between Taliat .. ro md Nebraska Ave. • Oct 12 1928 rep

0 I TTTT n •1rr""'' 1 • NUMBER 2870-A_. 1883-A 2886-A 2887-.l 2887-A 2888-.l 2889-A .2890-A 2890-.l 289l•A 289e-A 2907-A 2908-A 2918~ 2931-A 2991-A 2992~ 2993~ 3000-A 3006-A 3008-A 3007-A 3008-A 3Q09-A 3010-A 3011.-A. 3011-.l 3109-A Jada. to Re10lutio~ Puaed Lytlie Board oi RepreHntative1 oE'tli~ City oE: Tam_pa, Florida~---------:il DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH 0AY YIIAII Nov 16 1926 Al.1.IX'-Si\YIR-contirming rep>rt libgineer on completion or lqing ••er in alley betwee n am State St. rrca Fremont, to near ilbcuJJ Ave • . lfov 23 1926 mBANY AVBIJUS-Conf'1rming report; or lngiDMr on oompletion or ~ing •ewer on aaid anme traa lDIU1 to Bristol Ave. Nov 23 ).9a6 .ALLl!'•Bllml-Collt"inaing r epcrt of aig1n•r on oompl et ion ot 1ng a ewer in al 1.-between Packwood aDd Rome t'l-oa A&eele to ~atie Strec • .Nov 23 19216 ALLlr-Sll{~Continning report or lhgineer on completion o1'nlqing • ewer in 1st alley s. 01' Swann deom alley between Albll!J1 and llelrllle to Melville Aenue. :Hov 23 1926 Al,BAlT AVBlltm-------------saE AS M30VE----------• Hor 23 1926 .ALLif-SIWIR-Con1'1.l'llling report 01' lrlgl.n•r on completion ot 1.,inc a.-.r in all4r bet1N& Melville and Fremont trca A.&Nle to Sann Annue. Jlcw 23 19216 ALLAl'-81W11l-Cont1rlling report ot libgineer on completion ot lqing 1enr in al 191 between Boward and 1fe1tlam 1'roa AzNle to • Imban Avcue. Jlov 23 1928 ALI.ff-8--•Contim1ng repcrt o1' -in•r on 0011pletion of laying 1enr in all f/f between Albany and Melville trom Azeele to Swam Avcue. Jiov 2a 1926 ALBANY AV•n•--------~----sE AS ABOVJ.,-----. JJov 23 19216 ALLlf-SarlR-Cont'iraing r-s,ort ot lngine1r on coapletion ot laying 1enr in alley Htween Alb~ and Melville troa lat 1.llq • Swth or S•nn to lmnan Avcue • • ov 23 1926 ALBU! AVIN ------SJN:S il AB OYS.-•----•• Jfov 23 19216 .&La!-8-Cont1rll1ng rep:,rt or lngineer on completion or 1-ying 1.-.r in all91 between Packwood and Fremont rrom A&Hle to DeLeon ltrett • • liov 23 1926 .ALLl!'-8JIIR-Collf'1nrlng report o1' lbgl.neer on completion ot laying --r 1n allf/f between W.atland am Albe.Dy trom Aaeele to Iman Ave ue. lov 23 1926 AIJWlY AVmn----'--•.------8j)(I AS A 30V.,_ __________ • -Iov IO 19216 w.1r-aara-D1reoting laJing ot sewer in allq between •ebraab. An. and Taliafen-o St. trm. ll • Bq St.,to Ida St. and in a11-, between N. Bay Street and Ida St. trom all-, w. ot llebruka to Taliaferro St. Bov 30-1926 AILKr-8.IIOIR•Cont"inning rtport ot lbgineer on completion of laying aew.-in lit allq lY. ot Bow.-d trc:a Bristol to Korriaon. Bar :50 1926 ALLi.T.Sil'ilR•Conf'inning report or lngineeo 1, 1926 AI.Lff-8aJR-aelatin to partng allflf between a. Oreg o n and S. Dakota trc:a Aaeele to Horatio. Deo 28 192~ ALLlr-8nlll•CoDt'im1ng report ot Kbgin•r on completion or 1.,ing 1ear in lat alley B. ot OUrtia St. trom 10th ... t 278.8 Deo 28 19~ Al,Ll!'-SIWlll-Contim_ing report or aig1neer on completion ot laying 1ewer in lit all-, I, or Nebra1ka Ave. trca Cayuga to .._ Deo 28 1928 ALLll' .-8---Contiming report ot lbgineer on oompletion ot laying a ... r in alley-bttween Central aDd Marguerite troa CbeJ•• C.,.a st. Deo 28 1928 repcrt or lngineer on completion ot laying •ewer in lit allq 11'. or Jlebrau:a rro. Hud.ltoll to Eoad S Dec 28 1926 .AILff-S:mJR-Contirming" rep,rt <:I Bhgineer on completion or laying 1ower in alley betwee n Hebruka and Taliaterro trom BamUt to South 314 rt. IBDEY 28 19216 ~-8iWIR-Collt" report ot lbglneer on ooapletion ot laying •--r in alley betwen Spruoe am Walnut St. troa Honrd to Albany Avenue• Deo 28 19216 ALLiiY-Silll:a-Contiming rert l:tgineer on oompletion of laving aewer in alley between lfainand Union St. frca Fraont to Rm.e ATCue. Deo 28 19Z ~-81W11l•Contirminc rep,rt o1' lgineer on completion ot laying •~r in al lay-beilreen Arch and LaSalle from Willow to Del aware. 0eo 28 1926 RCH smur-----------lAIII JB eov.,___;---------. Deo 28 19216 ALLff-8.,IR-Contirming r-s,crt ot ln0,neer on completion 01' laying a ewer in alley between Cheatnut and Spruoe trc:a Fremont to . ilbany Avenue. Deo 2 8 1926 ALLlt-8IWIR-ContirmiDC rep,rt ot QiginNr on completion ot laying •--r in all-, between Chutmat aDd Union trom Fraont to • Albany. Deo 28 1926 ALm..1'1WJR.Contil'llling report <:I ooapletion ot lqing aewr 1n all-, betwm Main aDd Um.on ttca Ji'remollt to ............. --. Deo 28 1918 ALL&r-SMJR-Contim1ng rep:, rt <:I ingineer on completion or 1.,ing 1ewer in .U.ey bet.ND Cheatnut aDd Spruoe trca •• Bou~fflll' to Delaware. Deo 28 1926 A. Ll!'-SIWIR-Com'irllling report ot JkiginNr on complttion ot laJing aewer in alley b.twen Jld.n am Union trca Willow to Ore DIii 2 1 192S ALLlf•PAVllO-Relative to p•ing all• Weat or Tampa StrNt trca Glady• to ttie So~th 86.5 rt. Jan• 18 1927 A.LLKr•PAVDJO-Contirming preliminary aaaeasment roll--alley thru Blk.10, Full•'• Subdivision. . Jan 25 1927 ALLAT-SiVflR._Confl.rming rpo:rt or &lgineer on completion or laying 1eWl8r in 1st all97 w. ot Cmtral Ave. Jan 26 1927 ALLft-"IIJa~onfi:nninc repo or Ji.'ngineer on completion or laying sewer in lq alleJ w, Central tra North St. to r...a


•• 1 I I a 11 t "''' I NUMBER 3131..J. 3132 ... 3135•A 3156-.1 3137-A 3138 ... 3142-1. 3143..J. 3151-.A 3180-A :5181..J. 3183-J. 3184..J. 3205-J. 2306-J. 3207-J. 3208-J. 3209-A 3210..J. 2311-.A 3212-A 32.13-A 321~ IIIM. 3223..J. 3227. 5 228-A 3229..J. 3230-J. SZM-A 5235-A r: 3256-A 3240-A 3244-A 3244..J. 3247-A 3251-J. -~In~ to Re.olutiom P....d l,y tl.e Board of RepreNDtati v e• of tl.e City of Tampa, Florida DATE • SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIIAII Jan 25 1927 .ALLi.Y-Si:'t11R•Confirming report of ingineer on completion of laying ae,,.er in lat -e.lley w. ot Central Ave. fr011t Fern St. to J St. Jan 26 1927 &.LI.T-Si:',u:R-Confinninc report of ~ineer on compl.tion of laying sewer in 1st alley ~v. of Central frm Lambright t6 North S an 26 1927 JLLliY-SDfm-Conf'inning report of lingineer on completion of' laying sewer in alley-between Lambright and ~orth ran lat alley of Florida Ave. to 1st alley ilest-of' Central Aveue. Jan 26 1927 JLLl!'-SEVG-Conf'iiming rep:>rt of Ii.bginert of Enginaer on completion of laying in alley between lforth and Fern Sr. frm lat alley Ji: of' F • . Florida to 1st alley n. of Central. AI.LiT-S111i'IR•Com'inning rep,rt ot Ehgi.naer on completion of' laying sewer in lat all91 But of Florida from al191 betweel'l I.amb ght and North. to all ,q between Mor th and Fern St. ALL.-r-S&11:R-Comf'iming report of. Engl. neer on completion or laying se Ter in lat alley-E. or Florida from alley between Fern 1l Jean to alley between Jean and Haina Ave. A. c. L. RR~uthorizing execution of' oontraot between aa1ne and Cit f'or purpose of' extendinc water systems, etc, .U,11'-SDmtC onf'iiminc report o &igiuer on ccapletion or layir.g se•r in alley between North Bay and Ida St. from 1st all • • W est; or Nebraska to Taliaferro. ALLIY•S•JR-Contirmiag report at ibgl.neer on completion of lqing sftl9r in l.t alley Weat ot Nebraska trom w. Bay to Ida. J.LLJ.T-SJIVE•Contirming report ot ibgl.n•r on completion of lqing sewer in alley b.tween Spruce and Cheatntlt from Tanpmi& • to HabaD& • • ALU1'-SSWl'Jl-Conf'im ing repo rt of ~ineer on completion of' lqing eell9r in allq betwem Oypreas an:l State from Albany-to R ALLAT-S.,.-Conf'irminc report of ltlgineer on oompletion of laying sewer in alley between 26th and 24th Aves. from 26th to 28 h st. AILi.T-SiJIE-Conf" report of illgl.neer on completion ot lqing sewer in alley botwec 26th and 26th Aves trom 26th to 2 8 ALLl!'-SJWJR-Com' report or &1gl neer on completion or laying sewer in al 191 between Osceola and 26th Ave. from 26th to 2 th St. J.LLl!'-SIIIER-Conf'irming report of Jihgine e r on completion of' laying sewer in all91 between Seminole ancl 29th Ave. f'roa 30th to 2nd St. J.LLI.Y-SJMIR-Conti:nning report of: Jibgineer on completion or laying sewer in alley between Seminole and 29th Ave. from 26th to ALLliY-S&YliB.•Conf'irming rq>ort ot &lgineer on completion of laying sewer 1n all~ betw!.en 29th Ave. am Collece(28th) ri:_om 26 St. to 28tti ALLft'-SEE-Confirminc report of' Iihgl. neer on completion or lqing snervin alley betwean 28th Ave. and Chipco frm 26th to 28 St. • ALLff -8-IR-Confinainc report of ~in•er on "Completion of' laying sewer in alley between Chipco Sve. am Osceola rrom 26th to 28th St. .m'-IJlrllllQOmli'tnliWc :flilll!;r •laUriri1orpni~wto beb'i'eeJV l6~hsandrlltlh . IJ;1r; t,l!'laeBath Ave. to 30th Ave. J.LLi,Y.SmTIIR-Direoting s811le be laid in all91 between Green and Laurel Sta. rrcmi Armenia to Gcmez. JSSISSKEN!S, TAX-Instructing sUte be adjusted iuotar aa n.luationa are concerned, etc. .ALLiT-Siln:R-Conf'irming report of Jblgineer on oompletion or layilC aewer in 1st a11ey K. or 34th St. from 28th to 30th Ave. .L Lif-SJMIR•Cont'irming r~ ort ot lhgl.neer on completion of laying sewer in alley betw..n 22nd Ave. and 23r4. Ave • .frc-.n :50th o 1st A ;ll91 B. o f 34th St. Mar 1 6 1927 ALLIY•SIWIR-Conf'irming report '1f &lg1neernoon completion of laying sewer in alley bwt9W\tn 23rd Ave. and 24th trom 30th S • Mar 1 5 1927 liar 1 5 1927 Mazo 1 6 1927 Mar 1 6 1927 Mar 16 1927 Mar 1 6 1927 Mar 2 1927 Mm-22 192'7 Mar 2 9 1927 1921 to lat alley w . or 34th st. ALLlr SJi'riR-Conf'i"rming report of lmgineer on completion of' laying sewer in alley betwee11 24th and 26th Ave • .from lat alley I . o f' Campo bello to 1st alley w. of 34th Street. ~ if(IR Conf'irmi.J:t report ot lingineer on completion or laying sewer in alley between 26th and 26th .A.ves from lat all91 of Canpobello to lat all91 w. of 34th St. _ .&LI.ff -s•:mConf'irming report or , ingineer on OOJDt)letion of' laying sewer in lat alle:, •• ot Ca:apobello .from 32rn Ave. to all betwen 32n d and St. Louie (31st Ave.>• . AILlfSiWIR C o nf' irming report of i'ngineer on completion of' laying sewer in all91 betwec 32nd Ave. and 31st An. from lat all i. o t 29th St. to 30th St. J.LLlrSiWiR-O onf'irming report of ingineer on oompletion of' laying sewer in all91 betw.en Lindell and 32nd Ave. from 26th ~t. West aprox. 300Ft. ~LJi.Y-8:JJ fJiR-Confirming report of' Engineer on completion of' l~ing sewer in alley b.-tae~ 21a t am 22nd Avea. from 30th.St. t last or 33rd St. AILAY-IIWIR-Directing laying or sanitary sewer in alley between Nassau and Arch Sta. froacjf. Boulevard to Vlillow. M, Li.1'-SilVlll-Direotinc laying or sanitary •e•r in alley betWMn Green am Laurel .from Orecon to Ro .. .lve. A. c. L. RR. CO.-lbtering into agre•ent w1 th said compa~ f'or water sytsn installatio~ under tracks, etc. Apr 12 1927 ALLRS-S•IRB-Direoting l~ing or sanitary sewers in certain alleys in the Ci~, .. D D


D .. D I l' i 11. • 11, 11111• I' NUMBER 32 67-A 3269-A 3266-A 3267~ 3269-A 32 72-A 3277~ 3278-.A 3288-.A. 3372-A 3447-A Mn-A 3644 A 1111-A NOl-.A. 110&...a. Jndes: to Re10lution• PaNed Ly tL.e Board of Repre1cntativn 0 tlie -City.of Ta ~ Flori da=.:..--------~~ DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y•AII Apr 12 192'7 jLLlf-SaJR-Direotinc laying ot ee • in alley b.twffn Bew 0r1ean, and Ellioott trca 11th to 12th St. Apr . ; 12 1927 ALLll'-PAVINO-Directing paring of all q betwe on s. Oregon and s. Dakota trom Aaeele to Horatio St. qr 12 1927 .aLLlf-S--•Contirming report or Jbgineer on oompl.tion or llt'iDC ••er in alley between 26th an4 26th An,. trca lat all-, lut ot 34th St. to 35th Stre.t. Apr 12 1927 ALLl'f-Safllt-Collfirming report or lingineer on oompletion or laying 1ner in all.y b.twen 24th and 26th Ave,. troa lat alley •st ot 34th St. to 36th Street. Apr 12 Apr 12 1927 AL Llf-SS'fJR..Continning report ot ltiglneer o n completion ot lit' ing sner in lit alley L ot 34th St. 24th to 26th AT .. • 1927 ALIZ!'-SIIYll•Continling report ot ~iJlNI" on ooapletion or laying 1ner in lat al lq H. ot Michigan Ave. trom lit all-, Apr 12 192'7 Apr 12 1927 Apr 12 1927 Apr 12 1927 Apr 12 1 927 Apr 12 192 7 Apr 12 1927 Apr 12 1927 Apr 12 1 927 Apr 1 2 1927 Apr 12 1927 19 1927 Jun 21 ~ 927 Jul 19 1927 Jul 29 1927 Au, 9 1927 w . ot 33rd St. to Mth Strett. . ALLIY.SIIYE-Oonf'ir111ng rep, rt or -ineer on oomplttion or lavinc , ... r in alley between 11th Ave. and 12th Aye. rran 30th Btre.t to 32nd Street. lit JLL1t-BIW11l-Conf'irming report at Bqineer o n oompletion ot laying 1ewer in/alley ._.olll 34th St. rroa lliahipn t o 21st Ave. ALLlf-Sll'11R-Continning report or lklgineer on compl.tion or laving •--r in alley botwNll 12th Aw. and 13th A.Te. trca 30th Street to lat alley w.,ot 32nd Street. ALLll'..SilflR-Contiming rep>rt or ~ineer on completion ot laying aner in all91 bttwec 7th and 8th Aves. trca 30th St. to 36th Stre.t • report ot lb~n•II" on oompletion of laying in all.y between 9th aw 10th Ana. !2nd St. to Mth StrMt. ALLl:r-smtlll-Continaing report ot lbgineer on coapletion ot lqing ... _. in all-, between 8th and 9th •••• rroa :SOth to Mtb • ALLI!' SIRIR-ContinniDC report ot lbgineer OD ooapletion or lqinc ,...,r in alley betwe en 11th and 12th Aw,. troa 32nd to 34 A.. LBr-S---Contirainc report ot i'ngim• on oompletion or la)'inc 1D alley between 10th and l)th Ana • 32ncl St. 34th Street. ALL•-s•m-Contirming rep,rt of lq im• OD OCDpl.tion or layinc ..... in alley betwaen 10th and 11th ATel. 1'rca 30th to 3 2 Street. • .ALL&T-SIWIR-Contirming rep>rt or Iibgl neer on completion or laying aner in alley between 9th ancl 10th Ave, • .troa 30th to :S2 Itron. ALLIN S'l'Rm-Conf'irminc report or :&igineer on completion or lqing aeW"er in aaid street troa Spruoe t o Hill8borouch R.iT ... South ot jl,FR&D A.Vmro.-Directinc pavinc or said street trom An. ti Fulton St-eet to ,,. Lim ot Maaa.Av••• •• or Fu lto '1.,Lli.Y Dli>ICA'.l'ION-Recognizing and accepting s. 16' or -ot1 l and s, Blk.30, General Map. extendinc trom Pi.-oe to Morgan u an alle7. ALI.lSOW OOURT•D1.r> tine paving ot same from Suez to Ola Avmue. , ASS&SSOR. TAX_. rn.\NK s. ,aumtr-Tax R oll for 1127. a1 approved by City Commisaion. as to val.uationa aet upon property, eto. . jSSES.SMmT. PAVING-Ratifying and oontinning release or same. Aug 30 1927 ALF1lED (FULTCm) .AVEtl'U. Cont irmi ng report of ln&ineor on pavinc same from Vuaachuaetta Ave. 9orth ot Altred t o l!u1. ATee s. ot Alfred Avmue. S ept 13 1927 ASHLi.Y" STRI :r-Contirminc report ot 1ihg1neer o n cocpletion ot layinc H wer i n said street ~aDarJb..._n Ola am Hi g hland from Henry to near Hanm. A v•-• AIL&T RID SmEET Sr.lm.8-I>ir-,ting layin~vot same aa deaignated in Resolution. .ALLJLT AND STRm' SEi t'ERS-Direoting la.ving of upne la designated in Resolution. Sept 27 1927 A. c. L . RR. COMPAlr!•:5.'ntering into sontraot with said compaey relative t, land rcr street purpoaea. NO'f 8 1927 jLUSON OOURT-Co nf'inn ing report o r Enri nee r on completion or paving same from Suez Ave• to Ola Avenue. W. II ltlf AllPCat-blatlTe 1le 1 ..... fl"Cllll Jou L -.., Dtn1...-, C z "' Nrtaia tnot et lad tw u .... In It 191f A. c. L. •• co.-aelatl•• to to1119r l•ol. ••• 1111~ ... operatloa o;rn.11reai1 bRa u 1111• PwJ7 _. ett •• •• DN • 1917 AJIUAL AUDI!-blatlT• • ••tain bf D. B. llelq Oil oertaln CherMr Pron•l-ooaofflliJlc -•• -'•• DH 11 lllf MIISIMWtl-aelati•• to MU"1Jlc tor ctl nlw 1lo ooan.mauoa ot •••--' _.. apillR ,...,.._ u •••.-iW la leaola\l_. ••• IHI~ ..a 1171-A. ••• DN 11 llff ADP
PAGE 18 to Re.olutio119 Paued by the Board oi Reprnentativet 0 tLe City 0 Tampa, Florida _____ -,--___ _____ _ ~ -T•fTa; fl T .. DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YUII D -I. 0 u . -o . '


D 0 D . . D Index to R~1olution1 Passed Ly the Board of . Repraentative• of .the: City, Flo~da ------DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER ._. ... 1 .. 8 11-8 M-B 121-1 1'8-8 1-1 150-B IOl-8 211 118-B 119 189 11'1 ITT•B ITI-B B•B l&f•B ISO-B 1'18-B 181-B 191 '08-B "8-B ..... 8 '81-B '88 ,10-1 ,11-1 101-B 118-8 6150-B 681-8 161 668 SO'-B 809-B MONTH DAY YKAi. PN 1, 1111 Cl'7 u4 t...-Bu..U Clab • • feb 28 1918 A.C.L. IL 00 h,:ait. tw fl!llp& llarine c-,-, . 8 1918 -Leta 1.e a4 T Bloolc T • Leal-,. lab oorrootecl hr 1918 191T • Arp 1'1 1928 .umtICa JW>S JllM)DUCtl -to be '118ed la Publlo worn. JIil 11 1918 MLDCft'O• DICll!S SJB b1 We et Lna 8 ucl 9 te B. liiil•• Aliag 1, 1918 ALOdO. run -a.tt1...-ot claucN agd.ut Cit,-. Aug 1, 1928 ASS.SMJIT ROLL -b-uNeahg Lois T Blook 11• C•tnl Parle l'llbdirielOl'le A1ag 1, 1918 ABSDSIIIIT ROLL -•----• Lot 1 11.-1e. Ceatnl Park la'bdlrl•l-. lep 18 1928 Al!8tlACTS o, !ITU -Baff-.a. tor lu4 OOD1'efed to Clt1 bJ Galt -4 Ooeu RNltf ee.,u,. ltp 21 1928 AJIPIALI • Gil •AICD CCIII ~.-n et --relati•• to J .L. ha-•• O.t 0o1; I 1118 .U&••IIT• TAX IOLL __,roriDC .... •• •rreot• 1918. a 1918 AJllllaa LSGI 1918 .AIRA2D~ !JR ~Ill llaJOI" t• &4Ywt1•• tor b14a t• •••• Dee • 1918 A.C.L. a. 00 --CW•lllag erroaeoaa ....... ta••-•• ' Deo 11 1928 .A..c.L. 11 co.-0,-1-. bJ ... et ... hr17 0.t-ett. I Deo II 1928 AIIPL&IS UIGa ...... •r to •..t pl ... fer --• Ja II 1919 ADILA lftm -Anronl•• at ter ••-•-llt tw 1:llpro••••• • • Ja 1919 we• DIClftl 11JBDITIIIC9 --o.,thg grat ot ... _nt te CltJ u aacle bf o.-taia partl•• MNaa 19'• 1 to •• laol• Blk I. ... 11 Jiu' 19 -Apr Z 1829 ,Oto 21BUIU>al. DC -~•• ot olala ot •-tor r.,.S.r• to •to et J.G. Brrb • ao. , • u .. T 1919 &VMIZ. L. ....a.nboridlg Nl• ot Ln a Bloolc. LN Cei.11 8'abcl1T1a1•. 1829 ADDD ltJBDIVISIO• -leeolal• apprwilag a.p ot ..... . . -1, 1919 .A.LI.Ir -DeolarlJII ill• laath 11 tt. et Leta 1 a4 I BlANk 10 t.. ot Ta,a• publlo all-, I --•llag taZ ewis w. Ma1 Zl lffl jfplALII) caa• -.. lnlac • ~--uil a--.n la u4 anherialag • ...,nuw • rift• -• la om .. neor ... na II 1919 ADDIS IUIDIYIIIC>a -Nri•ecl aap et ..... --. . Jm II 1911 ADIDDG • •srflac a..tlm 8 et ... 1. ,11-1. Ju II 1929 AJIPOl!I0Jllll'f --,Ol'id. a•an of azea tor 1921 agalnn Lot I BlNlc I Bayal .. labclln.alca. JIil 18 1919 .arDIT • Ao•llP'1Dc •ell t CU!J Attain ftr ,...,_ .. •cllll liq 11 1918. Jll 18 1919 AflOn•. atff -Aa111lli .... • r••••t la Loag,ae aatter• •• neo•a&rJ• Jal 80 1119 AIIIBIOAJ LIDIO•. IWtCU' CX>UADZ POI! -0.Utlt11t!Dg ot ln• h ... totare 1•• bf .... , ••• aag 20 1911 APPC>nIOIIIII! -Appertl .... t ot u••••mta agalaat Let 8 Blocllc • hotwoecl lha'bdln.don. ag IT 1919 AmICM LEIQI l&IJr CCIIPI ~, ealVJ et tw latel'..Uaal tnoka •eel bJ llaW ~. a.. 8.p za Hit .A.SSDIMW91. IRJlO•K>UI -Prod ng tor ouoellaticm ot .... 111 tax roll tor 1929• ••• t . Sep ZI 1• A!W!IC U!ION& BAH OP JI.CDOniu.1 --1.borldng •-11D 4ellTer aeeur1t1•• cl91>oaited 111 1alcl bf 011:ia•• a Bllllk I: Inn t:1 P\17 fer eatekNplltc to C1t1 c-.troll.or et falll,a. Oot 1 1819 AIIPORT -•• Pvobue et lite b BillalMNllp Jar •r ..... Oot 1 1929 aLimtO• UIGHl'I -hlo ot Lot I Bl.ook ,. 11e lella a..ctlot. O.t 1 1919 Al.TAUi. JIARI.l -c..prGldae Md aettl--t tiled wt th Cit, •r euoellation ot lpM. al Aa••••mt•• O.t 8 1929 ASIDSlllft JtOLL -AP, •• OOl'J'Nt •• ,... •• ,_ 11r ha .u., ..... . •n 9 Hit IJJ!0ll>BILII -~dltc llaror 1D fb• ftr BIDI hr pana..e et ... . •• 1e me amff:il---...,t111g ,-ftao&l.,... 041111 -a1. In 28 1929 AU!OJIOBILII -Alatberialag llqGlj to cliapo•• ot o..Wa ataobilH ~Pollo•~. DN 10 1N9 ALDIU. JIIIIIU. 'Y. A CO -AwrodJII bid el...,. fer ,-niahilrc .Jwa ••• w .. wa .....,...... .... { •


Index to Retolutiont Pu,ed by tlie Board 0 R~etentativet 0 jhe Ci!Y_o Tam a., Florida ------------DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER TOO-I T19-B ,,1-1 ,1,-1 IIT-8 111-1 ,,._. 900-1 IOI-I ., 111-1 911-B 1011-1 1018-B lON-8 1062-B 1011-1 Wt-8 UOl-1 1118-B llh-B 128'-B 1122 llZT-B 1111-1 1111-B 11M .. MONTH DAY Y&AII • Deo lT 1911 MaJC,-UTILITIIB C(IIII.AIY AIRJloriaiJlg llayor to aegotlate llllth .... fer leue llllth optt.n to parollaae Jlalaa Cela Parle J• 1, 1930 hb 11 1910 hb 18 1930 hb 18 1110 llar 11 lNO liar 11 1130 Apr 1 1130 jpr It 19IO .., 113 1 ltreet Tu.duet, It Anclaw''• Park, Jttrrlft' BIMe, It at. -Aatbori.slng AAY. tor 814• m ooaetnots.011 ot ._. 1n llaotvl.Ul• Parle. DPCllT -a,Nl al eit• c...11:tM •~•rl&t• ,.,_at et oertai.11 -,.ue• laourr ... -ot ITI0,000.00 lo ... et CitJ tor pvohaa• UIIII oeutnetlon llwd.elpal .u.r,on. • IDllr -0 .. ooutnetioa ot l&Dit.17 ..._., la a-e, a.. BID -c .. truotlon ot lulitarf 1...-e la .... , Ito. • 11.lllPBILI uc•s ftX .,.Ir -• P•eNCo .r bill bT IAglalatw. appo.-t.1.alllg •mr to ooutt.• Jlllld.ol, .. la prtportion to tile ltlo.t• ancl rod• tlleNot. May I ltll AIIIITBDJIG, ~.1.---latl1taotlon of tlarH cleer••• 4Bra111Dt tau•, Ito. JlaT 12 lNl AODI!e ADUAL •-QPro-dlfC appolntaaat ot Jahn A. Ba1borCllap to Mk• ..... . J• I 1111 --C.oellation ot •--u•••--ata on o....S.n pnpertJ. Ja 01 1111 ABIIIUIT Clff Aff

D f D D 0 ,. Index to Re1olution1 Pa..ed Ly tLe _Board oJ Repre11eDtative1 0 tlie City oE Tampa, Florida ----, I /TTl'rla1ll1'"1' 11 NUMBER 1166-B 1,12-1 1,aa-s 1,11-B 1,10-1 1M2-B 1671-B 1809-B 1810-B 1818 1817-B llM-B lSH-8 lTI0-8 lTel-B 20&0-B 1186-B aae-1 aa,,-B-uee-1 2'-B 26'1 1660-B 2,61-1 2826-B 2828-B 21ao-1 21,0-8' ITl'T•B 2862 DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AII "111 12 1911 ATALOS Bl[(llff IUBDIYIIIO• -lal • or Lot 1 Bleolc a, te Dan Due-. Oot 18. 1111 AUDI! -anhoriaiJIC publleAtloa flit •--.a"J ot •--• 19 19P AilfOat--Au1tlol'idng llayor • haft '.~•al -.cle la •••rt 11<11 ho 20 1911 ALT.aa, IIAIIA --Dlnotillc CltJ AttomeJ • te ••lDc a cleorM 1n oa•• flit :UTVea YI cur oorNOtlag p&T1Dc u......... . J• lf 1911 ASSOCU!IOI• 'tO,A CQPTa --a.tuncllag 1160.11 ooll•otecl 'bf~ wmg,r ter •••• .. •, ao. .., 9 1911 ~c.i.. n. co erroaeou• ........ ta tor pmnc • c.11 atr•t• Jaa• ZO 1911 AffO ... , CITY _,_. a4cll ttonal help tw oo Ueoti• ot cl•llJalpaeat tax.a. 1 1911 Al&>CUDD UDIO DilftIBU'fOU --OOrreo,illg pr•nal tu •• .. •.-at• t.r 1 1911 MIRICAI LIDIOI camrm -m.reotl1g p-,w&t fer •ter 111ed 1n w. I 1911 AIIPOJl!,IIUSICIPAL _,.,.._ ot rlll'tal tor 1911 tor 80 &orN ot laad adjob1Dg , .... 8 1911 AA•••n --•Clallgl.Jlg ••rtala ua••••t• • r•ll tw 1911. Oot 11 19110 AIUOll't I. PI.PS SAIS -Ab. ter 'b141 tor lt141 tt1r oaonte Oot 11 1911 ADPOl't sa. P~ WS -11:r. blcll fff •terlal fff one1oted wot •n H 1111 APPROftU!IO• , _,ropriattag 11,000.00 trea ocaillnc-, ru.. ffJr paroha•• ot toel•, eqiilpaat, ao. Deo & 1911 AUDI! --Alltborialng jlabllo•tion ot U'J •t llar 18 1911 AlBPOllT -Alnbonalng ..,.._t ot renal ill the •• •t 11ao.oo ter ao u_1o imllg lllllli•ip&l Alrpert. Oot ., HM AIIPOa!-_..,.ialng omo•ll•tS.oa aooaaat ot , ... 1'erllu.clea tw Airport Bagar 1..W. Oot IO 19M AIIPOIT-Aatborlaillg -• te 41apo•• td u4 Nll.e .. w.oe Airoplue, pr91)erty ol Cit,. e 1ea, AIIPOIT latllorild.11& oamell•tS.•n ot wrtlll••• •ooouat• oath• 'boob, ao. •• 11 19M AllP

Index to Re11olutiom Pa-al, t:Le Doud ol•R DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y•AII D • o . I .. t"I ' .,_ . 0 ,.. I O


0 0 .. • • • Q NUMBER DATE Month Day Year 1 l i • • 3 SUBJECT MATTER • ....... _ 2917-B Ju. 14 1936 AIRFORt--authorhiJlg th• pay.neat or rental tor the 19~5 tor the 80 aor•• ot. lud adjoir..iag )l~cipal South, uaed by th• City in connection with th• Mu~ic!pal Airport. • 2930-B Jan. 2 1 1936 AlRPOt1T--authorizing executlon of contre.ct with M. L•o Elliott Ine., ror Plana for th• Adminiatr,.tion Building on Peter. Knight Field, Dav!.a Ialanda. ZNT-1 JIIJl. 18 1916. APPROPR1Afl {9'1-411t1ng appropr1atlcm ot Deli.Dlunt Tu llom71 on hUIII colleoted trom 19M tu: Roll. 2960-B Ju. 18 19M. A!LDTlC BOTSL-oorreniag Peraoml tu :,u,., .. ta agaiut .... tor the JNr• 1932, 1913 and 19M. 2991-B ,-b. 16 1936 appropr1atl on ot Delinquent Tax Money oa hand oolleoted rrom 193• Tax Roll. 3017-B Kar. 17 1936 AIRPCllt--authoridng the Mayor to purohaH oortain 1upplie1 tor the 00111truotion or two additional interior baJ• !'or the Hangar on Peter O Knight Airport. 8020-B I.far. U, 1936 AIRPORT-approvin bid ot Ingalls Iron Worka Co for the turnishing of' atructural at.el !'or two additional ba71 on Peter O. Knight Airport. 3023-B Mar. 2, 1936 AUDITORIU)(-authoriaing the J.~a7or to a ell and di apoae of' aoeDerJ propert7 ot amne, which baa become worthle'11 I 3041-B .l4 1936 APPROPIRATIONS-making approprietion of delinquent tax 110:neys on hanc col leoted frorr the 1934 tax roll • 6 1936 APPROPRIATICIIS-aaldng appropriation ot deliDqunt ta _,_71• on hand• collected hoe the 19M tu roll ., 28 1936 .APPROPRIATIONS-making appropriation ot delinqu,ent tax moneya on band oolleoted traa the 19M tax roll prior to lla7 22nd 1918 • • 1936 OPRIATIOBl-a•k1ng appropr~ati.on ot UMxpemed tund balance• in the 1936-1936 budget, and alao unapprppr1•W oollectiona tram the 1935 tu: roll collected and to be c olleoted claring the current month. 1182-B Jul. 1• lNe ADP

2 NUMBER 3394-B 3414-B 3417-B 3417-B 3435-B 3437-B 3455-B 3467-B M60-B 3467-B 3490-B 3481-B 3505-B 3509-B 3510-B 35. 13-B 3558-B 3573-B S6'79-B 8680-B 1681-B 1682-B S688-B 1689-B 1696-B 3605-B 3609-B 3633-B 3634-B 3635-B san-B 3872-B Index to Resolutions . Passed l;>y ___ the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year Deo. 29 1956 AIRPORT approving bid of Tampa Shipbuilding & Engineering Company for furnishing Structural Steel am associated materials f'or oonstruotion 'or an additional LEAN-TO tor the Hanger at Peter o. Knight Airport " Jan. 12 1937 ATLAJITIC COAST LID RAILROAD CCIIPBT • Ccmtraot tar oaaatruotion ot atreet oroaaing to oi-n 39th strHt aoro11 A.c.L.R.R. rigllt-ot-way am traoka Jan. 19 1937 APPROPRI.M'ICfl Appropriating '3,000.00 tor illprOT-nt ot 39th street with paring and a9Wlr trom appropriation heretotore ade tar 26th Street Jan. 26 1937 .ASTURIMlO. CENTRO -Granting permiseion to Centro Asturiano the use or property owmd by the City ror paz-~11g purpoHa Jan. 26 1937 APPROPRIATION -Appropriating t&oo.oo f'rcm Contingent .FwJd to JJnerican Red _Croaa to aid in relief' ot tloo~ aut-ferera Jan. 26 1937 AMERICAN RED CROSI- • Same u abOTe Feb. 9 1937 APPROPRIATION -Making appropriation for additional men in the Police Department Feb. 16 1937 APPROPRIATION -Appropriating $5,000.00 from unappropriated funds from Delinquent Tax Roll of' 1935• for extra garbage colleo t1on costs tor January. February and until May 31, 1937 Feb. 23 1937 ilLAB'?IC COAST LIN~ RAILROAD COMPANY -Authorising contract tor laying water and 1ewr pipe lines underneath it• traoka at 39th Street Feb. 26 1937 APPROPRIATIOlf -Appropriating 112.soo.oo ot Delinquent Tu 110neya on hand oolleo11t d tram 1936 Tu Roll to Bond Interest Fund liar. 2 1937 ARMORY -Authorising applioation through WPA tor continuation ot work on A:tw,ry Buildi11g and repairs and iaprOftmenta to old buildiqa am growld1 ot ti. 116th Field Artillery, Florida llatiom.l' Guard• liar. 2 1937 AR!ILLBRY, 116th FIELD -Sm a1 abOTe 11ar. 2 1937 APPROPRIATICIJ Making appropriation ot Delinquent Tu: aoneya on hand oollected troa the 1936 tu roll -et JIU. 11 1937 APPROPRIATION -Appropriating t3oo.oo to pa1 open.Ha ot fiw repreHntatin• ot Police Departmes to Hanna. Cuba. P11tol Mar. 16 1937 AUDITORIUK, MUNICIPAL -Authorizing rei'lmd of rental paid tor u1e of. Municipal Auditorium. re1ervation cancelled Mar. 16 1937 AMERICAN CAN COMPANY -Accepting deed trom .American Can Compaey dedicating right or way tor 1treet, designated Paoheoo Dr1 Mar. 30 1937 .APPROPRIATION -Authorizing the payment of rental, f'or the year 1936• for 80 acres ot land adjoining Municipal ~rport Mar. 30 1937 APPROPRIATION Making appropriation of Delinquent Tax .Moneys on h~ oollected from the 1935 tax roll Mar. 30 " 1937 APPROPRIATION -Appropriating $500.00 to tha Florida League of Municipalities for services to be rendered to City of Tampa Apr. 6 1937 AIRPORT .Amending Section 3 of Resolution No. 3184-B, passed July 30. 1936, canceling the lease on Peter o. Knight Airport Apr. 29 1937 APPROPRIATION -Making appropriation of delinquent tax moneys on hand collected from the 1935 tax roll May 8 1937 ACTS OF LEGISLATURE -Approving tv.-o (2) Acts authorizin~ ref'und under Tampa Local Improvement assessment.and Pnving Certif'icatc Acts of 1931, to parties :-m.o failed to filo petitions within the time previously i'ixed 11&7 11 1937 jCTS OF LIGISUl'URB -qproTi!Jg a Bill to be Inti tled a JCT grantillg to the . City-ot Taapa Zold.Dg power• in certain 4e1oribe areu within the City-l1Jdt1 lfa7 11 .1937 ACTS c, LIGISLA!UU • Apprcm.q a Bill to be Bntitled All ACT authorisi11g thl Cit7 ot Tampa to reoein obligationa ot the Ci ot in payment ot Delinquent Tues or Iapronaent L1ena eto. llay 11 1931 JC'1'8 OF LIGISLA!OU -ApprOTiq il JCT oonoerning thl lny ot exoiae tan• am appropriation ot aoner•. and rat:lf)5.q oertai Ordinano•• heretotore adtp'ted lnyi.Dg exoiN tuea Jla7 11 1937 ACTS OF LBGISLil'Ull ApprOTing a Bill to be Btrtitled All AM to deaignate aad deolare certaizl road• em/or in the County ot Hillaborough and State ot Florida •• State Road• With authority tar aaintenanoe ot 1ae May 11 1937 APPROPRIATIOB -App-opriati11g ten.99 trom unappropriated f'unda tte the Delinquent Tu: Roll ot 1936 tar neotion Board expen•• and tor extra con 1n the ContS.ngenoy aooount ot the Gemral 1'lm4 . 11&7 11 1937 ALBBO a. ilCURI -Correoting peraoD&l. tu againat Albano & Arouri. 2602 -18th Street. tar tbl year 1916 Kay-18 1937 ALABAMA PIPE COMPANY -ApproTiag bi~ ot .Alabmna Pipe Cc:mip~ tor tor Water Department Kay 18 1937 JCTS OF LIGISWURB ApproT111g Bill providing tor tho lny ot TAXIS by the Citf tor Hospital purposes May-18 1937 .U!PatT -K1tabliahing Change Aooount in Drew Field Airyort Kay 26 1937 ACTS OF LEGISLA'l'URE -Appronng Bill providing time Tax ahall eCDplete ltoll, am time when Board ot Bqualisation ah.all meet with Assessor tOJ" equalization ot TAXIS Jlay 26 1937 ACTS OF LEGISLATURE Approvi12g Bill ooncerniJJg authority ot Tax Collector to oe"rtity Deli:Dquent Taxes to City Attorney Kay 26 1937 AINIVERSA:RY -Declaring July 15, 1937, as Golden Jubilee AmliTeraary ot ti. City ot Tampa Jun. 1 1937 ACTS OF LEGISLATURE -Proteat111g palS&ge ot Bill creating Tax Adjustment Board tor tm City or Tampa Jun. l 1937 rlPPROPRiillON -Inoreasing appropriation tor Internal Improftllent FW:ld. Department ot P\tblic Work•• Doolca and WharTe1 Jun. l 1937 ACTS OF LEGISLA'l'UU -Urging support of' Senator and RepresentatiTea ot Bill for VOTING MACH111U Jun. 15 1937 ATLANTIC COAST UNE R R CO. -.Authorizing contract with A C L R R Co. fOl" runn111g water main under tracks at Bay-to-Ba:, Blri Jun. 15 193'1 .ATLANTIC COAST UBE R R CO. -Authorizing contraot with A C L R R Co. for running water main under at 10th .lnzme. 0 O 0 D 0 0


,___~~---,--------In_ d _ e _ x___,;;,_tQ.. Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives 9f the Cicy _ of Tam Florida __ 3 ______ 0 • • u 0 , D Q NUMBER 3726-B 3729-B STN-B 3849-B 3851-B 389-6-B 389'-B 3895-B 38N-B 3914-B 3914-B, 3923-B 3936-B 3953-B 3980-D 3985-B 4011-B 4019-B 4060-B 4071-B 6078-B 5010-B 606S-B 6066-B ION-B 6060-B 6063-B 6073-B DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year Jul. 6 1937 AUDITORIU?J -Authorizing the payment or $35.00 to T. L. Crawley for balance salary as Stage l:anager l~nicipal Auditorium. ; Jul. 6 1937 AIBPORT -Authorizing application through~ PA for mixed-in-place RU?~1AYS at Tampa Uunicipe.l. Airport (Drew Field) Aag. 10 1987 ~MY AVIIUI. 100TH • Autbori&ing appl.i•tion t1lroagh WP A tor builcH,JIC retread • ,.._.nt OIi loath jJ,b~ Annue tr• OnD4 Ca1;ra1 to.._ Annuea Aug. 10 1937 .u.Llt -.&a1thor1,aing City Attorney to iutitute p-ooee41Dga 1m l'ipt of ..S.-nt 4oaaia agaiut o.-tain JNld•• tor ta parpoN ot an4 ••hrt.aSnSng a alley Aug. 10 lNT ~v.umz I KOOIU -Cornoting tu • tor t1lt ,-r 1eae. agaiut ilftNS & beer• Sep. 8 1937 APPROPRIATIOJI -Appropriating JIIODe:P trca Aooounts Wo. 274 an4 274-.A.• tor the payment ot aertain apprOftd aooounte Sep. 8 1937 A1'LAftIC COAST LIJra RAILROAD COJIPABT -AuthorisiDg oGID't:no1: tor Water Kain along it• right-ot-w.y trca Bay-to-Bay Boalfl'ar4 South &boat 800 feet sep. 14 1937 AIRPCET -Authorising applioation through 1r P A tor h1'4raulio fill and widening am extending ~:,a at Peter o. bight Airport• using 111.xed-in-plaoe panment lep. 14 1937 ALIENS -Requesting the Senatcr • am Repreeentatiw• from Dietrict No. 1. ot the State or Florida. to under-take to a renaion ot the preeent WP A program in olaaaitioation od pereone tcr relier (oel!'tain aliem) Sep. 21 1937 ATLANTIC COAST LINE R.AILRCW> COMPANY -Authorizing agreement tcr water main under it• tracts at Thirt~th Avenue Oot. 26 1937 ASSU8Cli1S OFFICE -Authcrising tor bid• tor TAX ROLLS FCa 1938. A. B. C am D Oot. 28 1937 AISBSSKIIIT RA.TI -Authorizing agreement with A.C.L.R.R.Co. • f'or construction of' ditohes upon and along its property in tm vicinity of the Tampa Union station Terminals 1'9b. 1 1938 j!lllll8ftATIOI BUILDl•G .Au1daorisiag enoution ot LUii to thl United ot Allerioa tor in tM MatnS ttratioa Building 011 Peter o. bight .Airport u uN tor R-te Control Quarter.a tor operatioa of Wlo JlalO tor Weather a.porting hb. 1 19S8 .AUTO TIRK & STCllAGS co., DC. -Pl'ohibiting PARIIBG ill thl of ta building looated oa tM OOl'Der ot llorgan and llacliaoa ooouplecl by Auto Tin & storage eo •• lno • . hb. 22 1938 J.LVAR!Z. KANUIL. SUBDIVISIOI -Adjueting SE'.UR LIii JlOW outetanding agaiut Lot 1, Manuel A.hare& Subdivieioa 111111'. 1 1938 AIRP

.....,,-,--------NUMBER 5090-B 5093-B . 5096-B 5101-B 5120-B 5161-B 5198-B 5234-B 6266-B 5288-B 5317-B 5352-B 5395-B 5396-B 5398-B 5407-B 5462-B 5458-B 5513-B 5519-B 5615-B 5615-B 5617-B 5674-B 5675-B ...,_B &TOO-B 5'118-B 1111-1 &787•B &"116-B 5820-B 5845-B 5848-l3 5885-B 5887-B 5919-B 5958•B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida . DATE Month Day Kay 24 May 24 May 24 May 31 June 7 Jul. 12 Jul.-26 Aug. 16 a.,. 6 Oct. 4 Oct. 11 Year 1938 1938 1938 19~8 1938 1938 1938 1938 1938 1938 1938 SUBJECT MATTER ACME PLUMBING COMPANY -Correcting personal taJt a.ueasmenl::, tor thl year 1937, against AllrM Plumbing Company .ARLINGTON HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION -Authorizing SALE ot Lot 6, Block 3, Arlington Heights Subdivision to F. B. Krieder tor $200. APPROPRIATION _Appropriating certain unappropriated 1urpluae1 ATLANTIC COAST LINE RAILROAD COMPANY -Authorizing agreement wi~h A q L R R Co. for water main under its tracks at 24th Ave. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS -Authorizing cancellation or certain tax liens against Lot 6, Block 3, Arlington Heights . . . AUTHORITY, HOUSING -J.pproTing a torm ot cooperation Contract with the Houaing Authority or the City ot '.Pampa) Florida etc. ALBANY AVENUE-Directing the placing of Stop signa on &: Weat aide of aame with its intersection of Cleveland Street. -APPROPRIATION -For Hatton-Gillett Post #121, Veterans of Foreign Wars expense to Colmnbus, Ohio. APPRO~ION apporpriatioJl on aooount ot ~-• ~t ~ditional help . . in the otf'ioe ot the City Clerk ANEI., R.AUON-authoriziDg apportionment of certain taxes tor years 1936, 1937 and 1938 on petition of aame. AIRPORTS-Authorizing •~ttl. ement ot_ $50.00 for accounts ot CarYer Refrigeration Inc_.-, in the sum of t114.8 o due City Airports tor Hangar Rental and Comnissiona. NO"f'. 8 1938 AGLIANO,. NICK-Correcting personal tax assessment aga.inat same tor year• 1937 and 1938 at Armenia Ave & Cc,lumbua Drive. Dec. 20 1938 ATLANTIC COAST LINE RY CO-Directing and authorizing the h ieyor to execute an agreement with sa)D.e and others for right-or-way for the opening, extension and widening of Platt Street. Jan. 3 1939 ARMORY, 116TH FIELD ARTILLERY -Authorizing application through W P A for continuation ot construction of certain buildings and grounds at the 116th Field Artillery Armory Jan. 3 1939 AUTHORITY, HOUSING -Authorizing the release of LIENS of the City ot to the Housing Authority ot tne City of. Tampa on certain properties Jan. 10 1939 AIRPORT -Authorizing _payment of rental, for 1938, on 80 Acres of land adjoiming the Munivipal Airport (Drew Field) on the South and used in connection vrith said .Airport Feb 28 1939 AIRPORT-Authorizing cancellation or charge tor hangar rental due the ~ity by Floridair Club Inc. inthe a\Jm or $140.00 to including December 31 1938. Mar. 7 1939 AIRPORT-Authorizing lease to Clarence M o.Arthur of Northeast corner room of Hangar Building, Peter O Knight Airport. A pr. 11 1939 ANDERSON, c. A-Autnoriz ing sale to same of Lot 12 Blk 33 Campobello Sub, on terms• Apr. 11 1939 A1 ERI C.A'.} P IEE & H EI'AL co-Authorizing reduction of its personal tax assessment for year 1938 to $2500.00. June 20 1939 ARMORY BUILDING-Authcrizing Mayor to tile application with n. P. A. tor aJ11ended project tt erect an .Armory Building at 116 . field Artilerry-Arem.. June 20 1939 June 20 1939 July 18 1939 July 25 1939 ~-8 1919 Aug. 8 1919 A.lie u; 1919 Aug. 22 1919 ~-6 1919 Oot. 10 1939 BOYe 7 1939 cw. 21 1939 <1'V. 28 1939 ARTILLl!m' FIELD-. --Same as above .-AIRPORTS-Authcrizing cancellation of uncollectable accounts on the books of the Municipally operated Airports. ARMENIA AVENUE-Directing installation or r eflector button signs on both sides of same at Main Street and other location•• AIRPORT-Granting certain p-ivileges to the United States Gover11100nt at Peter o. Knight Air Field. ADPCaT•Authol'ising 4eed. 1:o War D9plll1aent ot the propoaedbret.kwater eite South .ot Davi• p-1;., 0 Inight Airport. ~,-:aeque1t1Dg 1liu' Department ot the tJnitecl Stat•• Gor•t to obang• the looation ot th• propo~ecl 'bNakwltel' to & mw looatilll. .AMIRICAH Ll!mOB•Prcm.41ng tor the donation ot 1250.00 to the Color Gmrcl ot u.s. s. Taunpa Poat /16 oerloan Legion am wJd ng appropriation troa the oontingenoy tund tor ARGDTAR. JIAJ:-Correoting peraona]. t.x againat •~ tor rear• 1918 and 1939. AV,U,'B HEIG!ft'S SUB-Authori ling •al• ancl OODYey&!JDe ot Lot 1 Blook 27 ot to ..... 11 Hartwiolc tor' 11200.00 on tenw. AVJJJ)N HKIGH't8 SUB-A,uthorisiltg oanoellation ot Cit, liaa 011 ~t 1 Block 27 ot •--• being aoquirecl bf bJ ti. C2b 1 and later IO 14. LIY'S-Authorising Mayor to tile application with w. P. A. tor aid_ in tinan:,ing project to clean and gra4• t.11919; grubbing ot nn alleye and regrading old.alley• iD the City ot Tampa. . SAL co. TIIF.-Authorizixg apportionment of certain taxes for year HB9 on certain property in General map on petitton of 1am. PROPRUTIONS-RHJ,looating f'unds within the General Fund for the Current Fieoal Year. to provide il0,000 for expenaea ot the Tampq. Utility Boa.rd. Dec. 19 1939 AGLIANO, NICK-Correcting persoml tax assessments against same at 3000 ,Armenia Ave for year lre9. Dec. 19 1939 AIPROPRIATIONS-Appropriating money for w. ?. A. sponsorshi p by the City of, providing_ for imreasiDg'...,the City's sponsbrship to the Professional and Service Division. ram $300.00 per montp to $1,000.ooper month for the months of January and February 1940. Jan Feb. 30 '1940 13 1940 ANNUAL AUDIT.Authorizing the publication or sumnary of the annual audit ot the City or Tampa. AIRPORT -Authorizing Mayor tile application to United States ot Ainerica th.rough WPA tor aid in financing, clearing, grubbiDg and grading ot a tract ot lall!i West ot Peter o. Knight Airport. 0 0 0 0 • 0 Q


Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board otRepresentatives of the CitLof Tampa -=--F-=-=lo:=..:ri=d:=-a___;___~...._...-_____________________ ' D 0 0 D . ' . D I NUMBER 5963-B 5966-B 5966-B 5982-B 5984-B 5984-B 5995-B 6021-B 6024-B 6119-B . 6172-1 6198-B 6203-:B 6204-:e 622}-B 6226-B 6287-:B 6303-1 DATE .. Month Day Year . ,. l SUBJECT MATTER Feb 20 1940 AIR PORt -Committing the City of Tampa to assume maintenance of Breakwater to be -erected by the United States of .AJ!lerioa in connection with Peter o. Knigh'\; Air Port. Feb 20 1940 VAL M. ANTUONO -Correcting pesronal tax assessments against certain individuals and firms. Feb 20 1940 NICHOLAS A?imROSE Same aa above. Mar. 5 1940 Dl!>ffll~ -Resolution authorizing lease to the Gulf Oil Corporation for the use of~ certain tract of land at Peter o. Knight Airport and accepting a lease from the Gulf.Oil Corporation. Mar. 12 1940 AIRPORT-A resolution making al location of a room in the Peter o. Knight Airport Administration Building for use by the Inspector for the United States Aeroil8Utics Authority. Mar. ll2 1940 .AmONAU'l'KCS AUTHORITY -Same as above. Mar. 12 Mar 26 1 940 ill.ANTIC COAST LIN E RAILROAD CCl!PANY A resolution approving Railroad Crossing improvements from 23rd Street to Howard and :'fatrous Avenues in the City or Tampa, and from 23rd to 15th Streets. 1940 APPLEG.A.TE,Dr.R.W. -Establishing parking place in front of No. 200 Morgan Street in the City of Tunpa. April 2 1940 -'l>MIBIS!BA!IOJr BUilJ>IIG -Authorhin exchane of quarter, between Weather Buruu and OiTil Aeronav.Uc1 Authortt7 at Peter o. hich\ Airport Adaini1tr•tion buildinc aad executinc_uw le•••• for ..... Apr. 23 pr 30 Apr J) Apr. 30 May 14 Mq AIR JBLD lllllVAuth~rizin execution of a leaee to the United St•tea GoTenment of Drew Ai* Jield, .APPOll~IOllMll'T-Authorizinc afportionaent of tax•• for th• 1•ar• 1936 to 1,3-g inclutiTe Lot• 13 to 16 inclua iT• and the Veat i of Lot 17, Block 7, :Benjamin'• Addition o~ petition of th• ~it7 Att7, for A. Aleaai. 1940 'f011T AL:ISSI -----Sue&• •boTe ----194<) B.~. Authorizia -p&1'Jll•nt of refund to B.~. A4ama of aoneya paid in error on Lot• 4 and 5, Block 3, Bell'• Aclditioa. 1940 AlBPOllT, DDW JmlJ)---Authorb 1Dc payment of rental for year 1939 for 80 acrH of land. adJoininc Drew Jield on South •nd. uaod in coeection with Drew 11el4. 191H) .APPROPRIA!Imn Appropriating certain unappropriated eurpluaae• (Acct.No. 274 and 274-c.) 19110 ~IOI -a\hol'ist111 approprlatioa of• 25.00 tor tbe •n•uloa of Pl•b111111•• tor Boa. ho11011lo• ProJ•ot of lauo.i Tnth l91fo .uM01.T, 116TB J'W.J> 8!1LLDT -Wai Tin o~• for pl~binc and ••wer conntction• tor the benefit of the 116th 11el4 . 41'Ullery Arao17 •t the iSOl'Jler of Howard Annue anl Grq 1\r••t in the OU7 of !upa. Jw.7 2 194<) AMIRIO.AI LIGIOS POI! JrO. ill V•iTing charge• tor plubi.QC and ••wer for the benefit of the .AaeriC&Jl l.ecioa Po•t lo. 111, •t corner of 1lori ltr••t &ad 1lor14a Anaue. Jul.7 9 194() ~, MAGJrON JnELJlT CCJ4PAIT -Correcting personal tax ••HHmentl again•t oer"tain illdi viduah and Jirm• in the CU7 ot faapa." . Jul7 16 194<) AIBPOU -A re•~lution r•queating the Secret&r7 of the United St•te• to certify exten ;ion of Peter o. Xnight Airport •• a contri~tion to the llational Program.. July 16 191w AIDIBSC!l'S SDI> & HA!mWAD COMP.Alff y Correctin,; personal tu ••••••ment• again•t certain fir111 and indiTidual•• July 16 191:> ' ACJCI SBD! Ml'l'AL W!D -Authorhing 1ale and conveyance of a tri&D&ul•r strip of land on the D corner of Tapa July 23 Jul7 23 & ~mily Street, to Acme Sheet Metal Work• for $ 150.00 calh. 191K> AOKI SHEET dTAL WOlUCS Authorising correction of lle•olution lo. 6204-33-, regardinc ••l• ot Lot 19, lock •, Pfney Wood• Subdivision. 194o AIBPORT, PETER o. JCNIGHT Authorizing th• ~or to file an applic•tion for grant in •id in Project for improvement• to Peter O • Knight Airport. 194<) 11. T. ABIOLD -Aathorhinc apportiouent of tue• J.ot 16, Block 3, Citrus P•rlc lleaub41Tilion. Jul.7 JO 194() ATO'B IP2llGI IUBDITISION -Aathorisinc apporUouent of \axe• for lf.L. 117er•. Lot 12, Block 15, ATOil Sprue• hb. Jul7 30 191M) -'Dl~ICD -ProT14iDC for lo arbitr•tion 'be\wea Cit7 of !aapa and 1nter•ta'8 lnn•\Mnt Go~ conoerniJac oert•in land.a in ••tu&r7 eection to 'be used tor 4N4c• bpo\ site • Jul, JO l~ Aml0BT -leque•ti!lc S.0Nt&r7 of War of the UnUe4 lw.h• \o oerUf7 coapleUon ot !u,a Arao17 et 116th Jlielt 4rtille17 •• oCllltribution to th• •tional Def•n•• Precraa, Aue 6 19160 .AIDIISOJt Illa & HABDWAD CO Oorrectinc tax asae•aaent• ag•in•t certain 1Jld1Ti4ul• •Jld liraa for certain 7ear••• Aug 13 Au 20 1940 ABM? CLUB• A re•olution eatablishing certain pa.9kinc •~eon the :la•t aide of Tupa Street in front of the~ Cl~b. 191K> CI'l'Y A.TTOmtET -Authoriria •ppo~tionment of •outatandinc tue• and current aa1e11ment• ag•in•t South 2021 Block 13, Centr•l P•rk Subdirt•ion now in the hand• of the Cit7 Attorney tor collection. 1940 AZAI:CA GARDDS SUBDIVISIOI -~provin,; map of Azale• Gardena Sub, and. authorizing the Cit7 Sngineer to e!ldor•e approftl of the Board thereon. 27 1940 AIIPOB.! Authorising the Na7or to file application for grant to aid in financinc conatruction and improTement• to Peter o. Knight Aitpo•t.


----------=-=-ln = dex to Resolutio~Passed by the Board of Re1tresentatives of the_city_Qf Tampa Florid~ a~---.------~---i NUMBER • ~18-B . 6518-B • 6524-B ~33-:& 6553-! 6555-! 6697J 673o-,:a 6739-1 6739-:& 6757J 6785-! 6795-B 6796-B 6823-B DATE M011th Day Year l Oct 8 Oat 15 SUBJECT MATTER Aill'Oll! -Aa.thert1tnc tile te a4flrtlee fer b14e for fillinc Ourrl\uck Obannel, DaTii 1!1&114, in connection wit~i.apron•nt1 te Pehr o. hip\ Atrper\-. ASBLr! S'l'm! -Prehibiting parking on the •or\h lib of Barrieon llt. between !aapa and Aahle7 St and on the •a•t du et Aahle7 ,t. between Harrison 6 '7l•r lltreet1, in the Cit7 of !ampa • . ASDSSOll -Autherhing the Mayer te purchHe certai~ 1upplb1 fer the ui-e ef the 'l'ax A11 .. Hr'e Departmen\ and previ4tnc fer th• adnrtieementet bi4• thereen.( !ax -.11 Beek• fer 19~1) Oat 22 191() R'S ALOOU -lleTeldn permite heued te certain Beer Parler• in the City ef Turpa. WoT. 12 1911<> AINORY -Authorising renewal of Leaee of BenJuln 11el4 for fl n 7eare addi Uoul tent. SoT 26 JfoT 1940 BICHOUS AGLIOD -Correcting peraonal tan• a1aeaemente for certain' firaa and individual• in the Cit7 of Taapa. 1940 Jo• .ALV~I -----lame aa aboTe-----. Dec 3 1940 : AIRPORT -Authori1in execution of lea1ea to th• Unit~d State, of .Aaerica for ,pace in Administration !uildin at Peter O. Inieht Airport for use b7 Cinl Aeronautic, Administration. . Dec 3 1940 AIRPORT -Authoriring execution of certain lea,e to the United State, of -'aerie& for in the ~1nietration !uil4in for uae by the United State• Dept. of Commerce Weather Dept. Dec 10 1940 APPBOPRIATION -Appropriati~ the eWD of $37~.00 from the Police Dept. Uniform 1und. Jan 14 1941 Ja 14 :s.941 Ju 24 1941 1eb 4 1'41 !'eb 18 1941 Fe b 18 1941 BIB~ 4BBANOTI!Z -Correctinc or cancelliDC peraonal tuee for certain indiTid.ual• and fira, for certain 7eare • BIRMA1f .AllOIOTI'fl -Oorrectin or cancellin penonal for certain indinduall and for certain 7eara • ALTA C.A.1"S --• --lue a, abon----AllPOll! -~theristn ezecutha oentract between the City ef 'fupa an4 Paa Aaerican Ain,q1, Iac., fer uH ef \he Peter O. Xaight Airpert. PHIL B • .AMMONS CerrectiDC personal tax a11e1sm~nt1 ageinet certain indiTidual1 &nd 1irm1 in the Cit7 of Tampa. AIBPORTS Author1ring the Mayor to edvert1ee f~r bids for th~ filling of Currituck Channel on Davi• Island at the Peter O. Xni:ht Airport. AUDI'T'ORIUM -lULL -Authorii1n~ esecution contrAet with th@ Tin Can Touriste of the World by th~ Mayor of the City of Tampa. T Mar 4 1941 AUDI! -Aa.thorislnc publ1oat1on of •umaa!'7 of anmaal n4tt. Kar 11 1941 ADAMI MAGHOB nwKLllY COMPANY -OorrectiU, personal tu aeieaemedt• acain1t certain indiTiduala and in the City of !upa. Mar 18 1941 .A.1).U(S, W.C. ADMINlS'l'RATOR .A.uthori~in sale and conveyance of• 114.5 Yeet Veit 116.s reet of 8Wt' !look 46 RinrTiew Mar 25 1941 29 1941 Kq 20 1,a.1 Nq 27 1941 Nay 27 1941 Ju 3 1941 Jun 10 1941 Jun 10 1941 June 17 1941 June lJ 1941 June 24 1941 June 24 1941 July 8 1941 Park 8ub4iTil1.on, to W.C. Adame, Adm. fr,r !!atat~ of V.'1' • .A.dam, • . AOT -llecommendinc enactment b7 Le11tlature to ai thorize the City o-f T•pa to finance the and improvement of Municipal Terminal b7 issuance of Revenue lote,. Al!OWIO ALBSSI --thorh inc eale and connyance of Lo~ 14 •lock 10 !erra Jlo• Sub to Antonio 41.etei for $J4o on tente • .APl'~IOS -le,olutton urciDC upon th• Concn•• of the lhiit Stat•• to proT14• incNaeed appropriatioae for W A Projects. .A.DJUSTME?TT BOABD -ZONING. liaminc memb•r• of the Board of Adjustment in pureuance of Zoninc Ordinance Bo. 787..J.. APPJIOPllIA!'IOD -Approprtatinc certain uapproprtat•t nrplu••• AlllPOll! -A reeolutim co ncerninc the 411aant11DC of the Airplane Bancar at Drew 1iel4. AIJIPLAD lWIGAa --~lu• a, abon1----.-J'JWIICISCO ALTABII .A.uthorilinc apportionaent of taxee for 1940 apinet W 17• Lot l and K 121' Lot :Bloat 31 Macfarlane'• Jleviaed Map of Weat !aapa for 1ranc11co 41.ftres. AlllPOll! '!BSrlO OON'l'BOL -Prondlnc for the inatallation of Airport traffic Control Jla4io Kquip•nt at Peter o •. l'.aicht Airport. A.I. J'UBHI'.rUD CO~.AllY -Correcting personal tu a11e1uent1 againtt certain indiTidualt and firn in the City of Tupa. VALK, AN'l'UONO, ISTATJ: or -Correcting pereonal tax aeeeeemtnte 8'f11net certain individual! and lints in the City of TampA. ALICIA BEAU'l'T SHOP ----..a... ae APPBOPRIATION -Appropriating $500.00 to the Hillsborough County Defenae Council • .APPROPRIATION -Appropriating $500.00 to the PAS Division of the WP A. ARLIUGTOU HOTEL -Correcting pereonal tax auesemente qainat certain individuals and firms in the City of tspa. ' . 0 Q 0 0. ...


----------"-Ind~ to Resolutions Passed b_y_the ~d_Qf~ Representatives of the Cfur_gf Tampa, Florida .. I 0 ... 0 NUMBER 6871-1 1-6934-:e 6946-:S 6971-:B ~7!-:S 7001-B 7003-:-B 7010-B 7011-B 7 0 12-B 7013-1 7043-B 704~ 77047-B 7054-:s . '7057.:B 7066-B 7075-B 7082.-B 7091-B 7093-:S 7105-1 711i...1 7109DATE Month Day Yaar ,. SUBJECT MATTER . .. . ', . Jul.7 !2 1,a.1 .... UIIBII OOIIPAff -Oornotinc HZ ~••••••ta ••--111 1u.1Tlnala a114 flru la the OU7 ot ,..,._ . 29 1941 11A1tJ1L -•al• aa4 ccaft7Uoe of Lo, l Bloot 1 I.oa Oiu Sub to llanul ~ouo for .00 Caah. ) J1117 29 1941 ll• BAIi BUS Lm, mo.,-••ta'blhhlnc na•ne4 I.oacltnc -,.c• oa lorth at4e of fwia• It. 'b•tw•a •atruoa to Uaioa ._ feraill&l aa4 "-rp.a It • .lac 5 1941 Sept )rd 1941 MDICWI C.u! IltOI' PIPI OSI -on• freight at 106 Jranklla Streat, in the Cit7 of !aapa • .A.tJDITIJUllM --'uthorizing the Mayor to advertise for bids for the of an au4itor1ia at the Municipal Trailer Park. AIBPOll!, PETER o. DIGHT Au\hor1Hng contract vith Pan...American .A.irvqs for uae of Peter O. lnight Airport la Tupa• Hanna Route, etc. I Septb 3 1941 AIRPOll!, o. DIOR'? Concerning proposed contract with Pan .American .A.irvay-s, Inc. Sept 9 1941 .UBLIN!S Urgin,; expansion of air line transportation tor Tampa and Ticinit7. Sept 23 1941 .APPROPRIATION -Appropriatinr, $1000.00 t~ the~H,llsborrueh Count~ Defense Council. . Sept 30 1941 AVON Sl'RDTGS SUBDIVISION .A.uthori2ing sale and conve~a..~ce of pr~perties as advertised by t~e City to certain purchasers as set forth. Oct 14 Oct 14 Oct 14 Oct 14 AIR DJlVIOK -iaprOTed SerTice C .A. A between !aapa, ta •ew Yark, Vaahincton, D.C., and JackaonvUle. All DJlVIQB -O A A to set a date ,for hearinc tor ~ liaa over the Water fr•• Jew Orleana, i..., to !aapa. . . ' , .APPBOPRI.A.TIOI A reaalutian appropriatinc $6oo.OO curreM catingenc7 Jun4 ta Latin Carnial .A.VOS SPllDGS SOBDITISIon. -Nov 12 1941 AVON SPRIUGS SUBDIVISION -Authori7ing cancellation of certain tax and improvemAnt 1iene on propertie1 sold by the Cit7. Nov 12 li41 APPROPRIATIO?i -Appropriating $500.00 to Sewing .Project No. 5205 • of W P A. Nov 18 1941 .APl':OOPRIATIONS Providin& !or appropriaton for certain chant;ee and alterations in the Tampa Municipal Trailer park .A.uditorium. Uov 13 191;1 .ABDITORIUI[ --------lame as above-----Nov 13 1941 AIRPORT, PETER o. DIGHT Authori21ng contract between City of !empa and National Air Line,, Inc. Nov ig 1941 MRS. ROBERT ANDRF.W -Provid tng for the granting of a chicken permit. Nov 18 AVo . r Sl'R 10S SUBDIVISION -Authoriz1~ canc~llatio n o f certain ta~ and public lmprov~m~nt li~n~ on propertl~• •old by the City • MIRI~ DJ> CBOSS -••tabllahiDC NHne4 parkiDC apace oa lonh of llacliaoa 1\rHt ••t of nori4a tor •rloaa led Oroaa. I.VO. SPJlDIGS SUBDilISIOI -J.uthori1inc oancallaUan of oartala tu u4 pavinc U•n• on propart7 aold b7 the Olt,.. -he 2 1'41 .Al'PJUl'llIA!I

NUMBER 7186-:B 7_199-i 7198-:B 720 1-! 7202-B 7?.03-! 7206-:B 7210-~ 7236-:1 7246-:B 726g_:1 7290-1 ?28971 7296-:e 7300-:e 7300-B 7310-:B 7312-:1 1'23-. 7329-1 7329-:1 7330-:B 73)4-:1 7336-1 7339-:B 7~1-:1 7,a.1-• 7347-:1 7369-1 7369-1 1375-1 Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida ----------'-----'--~ DATE Month Day Year SQBJECT MATTER Jan. 13 1942 AlfCHOIUG~ -Providing for anchore&e for traffic light aupport at th• NV corner of Hillaboro~h and 1lorid& Avenues Jan 20 1942 MAX ~IllTil -Correcting personal tax assessments against certain in•ividuals and firms in the City o! Tgpa. Jan 20 1942 m.A.NTIC COAST LIB RAILROAD COMP.I.NT Au.thorizi!IC the laying of pipe lines b y the Cityunder tracke of AC l, RR Co. at three described locatima. Jan 27 1942 AIBPOR'l' Concerning Radio Control Tower on P~ter 0, Xnight Airport a n d its operation by the United Stat•• o f America. Jan 27 1942 APPROPRIATION Appropriattn& $500.00 to Statewide Sewing Project WP A Divieion of Com munity Service ProgrBms. . . Jan 27 1942 J..~l'UAL AUDIT Au.thorizi ng publication o f Summary of Annual Audit of City. of Tampa for year ending 11.ay 31, 1941. Jan 27 i942 A'l'LAN'l'IC COAST Ltm: RAILR').ll) COMPANY -A.uthorhing agreement or contract vi th City of Tampa and AOL RR Co. for th• la~inc of Water Pip@s under the tracke at 14th Street Pnd at Euclid :..venue. Jan 2 7 1942 AILEEN STDET -Auth orinng installation of atr••t li~hte at certain locations in th• Cit~ of Tampa. ,., 3 1942 A!LAHIC OOAS! LID lilLJlOAJ) COMPAff -Beaolu,.ion coa,rac, wl AOL D Co for ia,-lac of pipe Un.ea uader traca at, wa,roua an4 Pre•co,t Ana•• la ,he c1,7 of fallpa. . Jeb 10 1942 .t.!DWU Dllm OCIIPAIY -Correc\ing peraonal tu cenala 1D41.T14ual• an4 fiJ'u la ,u c1,, of !aapa. Je'b 17 1942 AICBOUGl,LI(>B! Conceraing the laap looat•cl on ti lou~ea•, corner JlorHa. and Ana••• ,., Kar 17 3 llar 3 11ar 3 ALLI? -Dedicating a par, or portion ot certain Clt7 owned propert7 for u allq ln Jet,l• lubdinaion. APPORTIOJJMIIT -Autborhing apportionaent of taxea for 1932 to 194i, Incl., on Lo•• land 2 Block 11 ATon Spring• Sub., on petition of c.c. SpiTe7, St. { ATOR BPBIBGS SUBDITISION ------a ... aa aboTe---.. .APPOB!IONMIN'! -Authorising apportiollllent of taxes for 1941 against Lot 46, :Block 42 DaTia Ialanda, on petition of D.W. Cumming•. Mar 10 1942 L.W. AIMVOOD -Directing rejection of bid• receiTed for certain C1t7 owned propert1••• and clirectinc return of thereon. • Mar 17 1942 OST .&JlLIJGTON BEiml'l'S Cancelin certain tax certificate• again1t re-aubdivi,,on of Lot 7, Block 5, Vest Arli11Cton Height and rein1tating certificate Lot 7 Block 5 Worth Arlincton Beighta. Mar 17 1942 APPORTIONMBNT ProTiding for apportionment oftaxee certain propert7 in Colline lxtenaion on petition of I.I. Ienne7. Kar 17 1942 AC L RR CO -Providing tor certain croseing1 b7 the Oit7 of Tampa for pipe line across AC L BR Tracks in certain location• 24 1942 MANUEL .ALV.ARJ:Z -Directing rejection of bid~ received under the aealecl bid pl~. Mar 24 1942 .ALICS DLLT SUB --~ -=-~----Same as abon---------,. Mar 31 1942 L.W. ARMWOOD -Authori,lng_sale of Lote 14 and 15 Block l~ Munro & Olevia Sub. !or $200.00 Mar 31 1942 APPORTIONM!N'l' -Authorhing appor . tionment of taxes againet Lot 9 !lock 6, Ci t7U-1 Park Sub on petition of Joe A. Garc1a. Mar 31 1942 .:PPROPRIATION -Appropriating $500. 00 t o Statewide Sewing ProJec-t lro. 5204, V P A. • 7, 1942 .APPIOftU.'fI nal tax aeaess.mentl again1t certain individuah and firm•. l . • . • -1942 IWrozL ALVAllZ ---------Salle a1 abon--------" Mq 12 1942 jCQ,UISI'l'IOJ • Pronding tor the acquidtion of the Spring L .ot at the foot of Jaakaon Street in 'lor~ Parle troa B.J. Qinner, to ~e used for park purpo•••• M&T 19 1942 .AL1REI>O PIR!Z .ALVADZ -Correcting homeetead exemption allowance on Lota 22 and 24, Block 5, Loa Cein Subdivieion. liq 26 1942 APPROPBIA!'I1'G 'Oli.APPROPRIATID SUBPLUUS -To close out fiscal 7ear. Kq 26 1942 APPJlOPRIA'l'I01 Appropriating in the Yater Work• renaue fund. (l 0


_________ In _ d _ e _ x _ t _ o _ R _eso_ l _ u _ ti _on_ s _ Passed b the Board of . Repreentatives of ,..;::.__th___:;e _ C...;c..1.;;..;c,• . ~ o _ f -.::::T;...:;;.;a = m ~,_;;:;;_Fl = o=.::ri = da:::.+.-___ O , ' . .. . '. _ , NUMBER 7427-B 7i.44-1 7460-B 7458-J 7464-B 7467-B 1i.12-:a 7489-B 7508-:e 7538-1 7538-B 7'51-B. 7576-J . 758?-B 7599-B 7602-B 7606-1 7622-B 7649-B 7651-:e 7662-1 767~1 7'81.-~ 76'4-1 7697-! 7718-B 7719-B DATE Month D!ly Year I .. • 1" I SUBJECT MATTER Jun• 9 1942 ASSISSOR -Authorizin Ma.,vor to purcha1e certain euppliea or lquipment for the uae of the Tu A11easor, and authorizq advertisement for bids for June 16 1942 SESSOR Approving bid o! .Addre11ograph Sales .Agenc7, l3urrougk1 . .Adding Machine Company, and Remington-Rand, Inc., for furniehing of certain 1upplies for the u1e of the Tax Assessor's Offic~. . June 16 1942 • ALVAREZ Canceling Tax Certificate ~o. B-1725 against part of Lot 12 Block 17, Turman1s Sub., for 19'36, and reinstatinc lien against part of ~ot 13 Blo ck 7, Same Subdivision. June 23 1942 Alll SIJlTICI -for bet\er air Hrflce to !allaba••••• !upa t4 .ltlaata, an4 M144le Weit. Ju.17 7 1942 ALBUJl!'Oil H0'1'1L -Oorrectinc pereOD&l. tu apia1t certain 1D41T14-1.1 and ill the 01\7 of, ... ' Jul.7 7 1914,2 A'l'LA11'1'IC CO.AS! LID liILROAD COMPat ProT141ag for pipe liu wader tr~lta Of .6. CL D Collp&DJ' at J4th Street. Jul7 14 1~2 .APPO:ITIOBMD! .lu.thorldn& apporUouen.t of. \axel oa Lot l Block 3, kDJuin.' I 3rd Addi Uon. Jul7 14 1942 .ltJTOMOBILII -hthoristnc Mqor to 1ell and 4i1po1e of four au.t~~obil•• in. u1e b7 the Police Depart•nt. ' ,. Jul.7 .21 1942 .ABM? .lill 10ROE8 -Allovinc credit for taxee on proper\7 Ultd b7 AraT Air rorcea, .A.-1, Air Staff. Jul7 21 1942 .APPORTIOmcD'! .Authorizing 9:PPOrtionment of taxes for 1942 aganst Lot, 5 and 6 Block 4 DeTon Park Sub~, on petition of Mrs. P.H. Nixon. Jul7 21 Au& 11 ..,, 1 . Sept • lept 8 Sept 15 Oct 6 Oct Oct 27 Oct • 27 JIOT 3 .OT 3 loT 3 JIOT 24 1942 1942 1942 1942 1942 1942 1942. . 1942 1942 19~2 1942 1942 1942 1942. .6.CQ,UISITIOlll' .6.uthoridn acquhi tion of W 151 Lot ;3 ~lock 50, ; kst Tampa Sub; for widening of 20th Street. APPORTIONMENT .A.uthori'2irl8 e.pporti onment of ta:xes for 1941 against certain tract of land in H & K Gar:tison, on petition of Ma••• M~tual _Life Inc. Co. .. .&LLff -.AocepUJtC crant or 4e41caUon tat 25th 1~, l4u. I. •~ aD4 ~NAd c.w. Jr.,-for cerMlA etrlp et 1&114 for all.,-ACOONJIODA!IOII -ProT141DC for for C1Til Ooaetal Patrol of the of certain.,-., or portt• of Peter o. blah\ Airport. AIIPOlt, PM'Sll o. m;n --------le• abon:..__ ___ _ • l .GPO:a!IOJMII! -Aathoril\Da apporUownt of tu~• for 1941 acaiut Lot 16 Block 5, Gar7towa oa petUioa of tlw Clt7 Mtorne7. A!TOmt CorNctiac p ' er1onal tax .a,:ain1t certain 1nd1T1d.uala and fir111 in the Ci tr of Tupa • N'IO AL1CSSI Authorizing execution and delivery of s .. ti~faction of Mortgage to Antonio Ale11i on Lot 14, :Block 10,, ,.~ta iOTa Subd1Ti~ioni., ORTIONMEN! Authorizing apportionment of taxes for 1942 on Lots 11 and 12, Block 4, Hy-de Park Subdivision on petition of Christine?. Sauer. TTORNEY, .6.SSISTAN'l' Authorizing additi~al Attorne7 in the City Attorne7's Office for special Police Work. . BINlft -AuthorisiD.g acNe•nt betweea 01'7 of 'fulpa an4 I AL U Oo. for pipe• u4er !raob of lea'boar4 at J.aD Aftll118 u4 30,h Street, 1a the Cit, of 11.PJP01t1PtcaJCII! -.lutborlsU:ac apportioueat of tu•• fer 1932 to 1942, 1aclu.a1Te on certaia ,note of lalUl OA peUUoa of UM OU7 .Attorne,. B.ASI JtJ8 LIDI --~tablluiDC oertah Bu Loa41DC for Air BaH ha l.ine~ oa •orth' eiu of C&H betweea ta'iia u4 Aahle7 Street,, ia 01\7 of faapa. APPllOPJll.A!IOB -Aat-.,riling the Mqor to 1pea4 not to exceed $700.00 in open.lac c?th &tree, aero•• tbe S • .l.L. D fraclca. Dec. 8 1942 All BA.SI BUS LIDS, IIC. 11\a'blilhiDC certaia loa41DC 1pace for Air kH Bua Liu on of Tupa ltrH\ in. froat of .lllle4 Bu.1141nc C 15 Jan 5 ..... Jan 5 Jan 5 Jan 19 Ju 26 Jan 26 re, Jeb 16 Kar 9 Kar 9 942 943 943 1943 1943 1~, 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 B BAS! BUS LIDS, INC. -l1tablishing certain loading apace• on the West Side of !ampa _ S,Z,eet 11111l8dlatP.q Jorth of Cl.••• AlBPORT -.Authorizing lease of certain Space in the .Admini1tration Building of Peter o. bight Airport for use b7 u. S • .l. for Weather Bureau Service • ~MINISTRATION BUILDING-AIBPOB.T ---~---Saae a1 above-----!...-AIBPORT LIGH'l'IllG SYSTJllM ProTidinc for the repair and of the Airport Lighting at Peter o. bight 11. .AWffllAL AUDIT .6.Uthorhing publication of Summary of .Am:Lual AUdit Oity of Tampa_:Endin& Mq 31; 1942. 1a1PVAftW -a,horhlDC apportiowat ot oenala proper'7 ill entt•• oa ,etloa nu. Al'nOPI .U!IOI. .Approp~1a'1ac ~-30 th• Pollo• J)eparlaeat tfaif hn.4 to plala clotbe1 oftloer,. . . LAIN JOX, rm -Dlrectiac laatallaUon. of. ftN alana Ju at of 20th 8'. 6 Obapla .AT•••• ~OOA!'IO• .llloc&UDC aertaia tor oft he. !aapa UUUt7 Joar4. AIIPC>n -.Authoriainc ,..or to a4nrUae for b141 for replace•nt of lighting at Peter o. bight .6.lrport. . AIDIIOa -athor1nc ~or to a4nrt1•• for b141 for certain a.ppltee for tbe fax Office.


•. ------=I =nde~ to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Re esentatives of the , Citx_Qf Tampa, Florida ------~-------="-------I NUMBER 7784-1 7788-1 7'7789-1 7795-1 779g..1 '809-1 7809-1 7119-1 7821-1 I 7825-'B 7826-B 783'4-J 7838-:B 7845-! 71Sl-J 7'00-1 7902-1 7912-1 7913-1 7927-1 79~b 7948-B 7948-1 7949-1 7953-B 1963-• 7965-1 7970-1 7971-1 . . /7979-1 1,,1-1 9004-1 8007-1 80,08-1 8008-1 8014-B 8017-1 ~33-B 80}7-B 8037-:B 8051-J DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year TAX ASSISSOR AV.tborhin,; adT•r uaementa for bid• for certain for by th• Tax AeeeHor' • Office. Mar 30 1943 ~l!r 6 1,43 APPOJlTIOIMl!T -Providing for the apportionment of tax•• of certain property in ket Tsmpa SubdiYiaion on petition of the Cit7 Attorn. ASIISSOJl, !AX -ApproTiDC bid of W.L. 'f•acu an4 P.•. lin•r for the tu.n.iahinc of certain for the ue of the 'l'u AneHor . .&IMORT DllYICE S'l'ATIOJI -Qorrectin Uc•n•• 'fax of ,.D. 1ox, Ji.raor, S•rTice Station, 607 Jl~rth Boward AT•au•. Apr 20 1,i.3 Apr 27 1943 Apr 27 1943c Apr 27 1943 M B.I AUR!' .4.Uthoriting co•n•atlon to M.S. Anr, account collieaion of hia_car with car of Polle• Patrol on Mar. 21,194. AIBPOll!, nDll o. DIOB'l' -qprorln con~r~t for replac•aent of Uchtin facilitiea at Peter 0, bight 11el4, •tc. Apr 27 1943 ASJILWY 8'1'Dl'f -••tablhhin cer\ain reaern4 apace• on Oertaizl 8\reeta in the Oit7 of !ampa, ltc. Mq 11 1943 AllPOll!, Pftlll o. DIGI'! -.Authoridnc cancellation of certain account• on the Boon of Peter o. bicht Airport. Kq 11 1943 ACC001f'f8 -------au. a• abon---------, 18 194~ ~TIOldft .Authori11Dc apportionaent of tu•• on certain propert7 in -,miton B•ath SubdiTiaion for 1937 to 1942, incl, on p•tition of 0.1. laailton. ASSIST.AIOI, rmDB4Je --'Cc•pting offer of frca U.S.A. for benefit of Recreation J)epartaent. Kq l:S 1943 Kq 25 1943 Kq 25 1943 June 8 1943 June 15 1943 J'une 22 1943 APPROPRIATIOB Making appropriation of certain Burplu••• in ••nral fund• of th• City of 'l'aapa for 7ear 1942-43. l'1lAlK ALOISO, AGlft -Authorizing eale of certain properti•• in Bouton and Skinn•r to Jrank Agent. ~OlfIO ACDO -.luthoridn,; of Lota 15 and 16 Block 10, G.11. BenJaain'• Sub to Antonio Acebo. ALUM -Approving ~id of Hercuaea Powder Comp&J11' for the furniahing of Alum for the Water Departm•nt. ASHLIT STBEET -letabliehing a loading ,pace on Weet 1ide of A1hle7 Stre•t at Send of freight Wareh ouse of A.C.L. Pl•tform. 1oM 13 1,-.3 IIODlftO la AIU ARI.Al -.Authoridnc aale of Lota 21 aacl 22 llook 5, llllcfarlaM la Benaa•• .&44. \o No4e8'o A Ada Ar~ . • APPOJl!IO-ff -athorldnc apporUOllMllt of ta.sea acalaat Lo, 1. tolul'• WlTlalaa, Ito. Alallc.a C.lft DOI PIPI CCl4Pat -ApprOT1DC 'b14 of .Aaariou cut lroa ,1,. 0....,. for n,pl1•• for the Water Dept. AI• BAIi BUI LID, 1. -Jlda'blhhlnc certain Ju J.Oa41DC lpac•• for Air Jue Ju.a Linea, tao. 3 1~3 3 1943 1943 10 1943 ~a An:JQI -athorlslnc a4T. for 'bl4• for conatnctlon of ddewalk oa .&raellia "'""• It. loaeph la kthlMa ltr••'• A!Ia!IC a GULi' C.AllALS ASSOCIATIOJI -Ooaaen4iJW the Aaeociation in th•ir effor\a to lapron•nt to fort Mr•r•-ltuart. ca-~ .&NIRIOAS X..

Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Fiorida ---~ ----__,_ _ _.;....._,___________ -------'-----II [) . ) NUMBER 8053-:B 8059-:B 8071-:B 8082-:B 8086-B 8087-B 8093-B 809f•I 8108-B 8109-J 8111-B 815()-B 8153-1 8155-1 8166-:B 8177-Jt 8179-B s190-• 8209-1 9211-B 8215-JS 8226-B 8?45-! 8259-B 8286-B 8289-B 8295-B 8298-,;B 8300-B 8308-B s316-:e 8318-B 8327-J 8332-J .. DATE Month Day Year .. 1 SUBJECT MATTER loT. 16 1943 AURORA SUl!DIVISION---AUthoriiinc the apportionment of taxes on certain property for the 7ear 1943. Nov. 16 lloT 30 Dec 7 1943 ARNOLD SUBDIVISIClJ!J---Approving map or plat of Arnold Subdivision. 1943 APPEAL-A RZSOLU'l'I01' AU'l'HORIZIJrO PATMF:N'r ot coats aeaeaaed aainat the Cit7 in connection vith appeal from ftnicipal Court to the Circuit Court in the caee or Ella Mae Po~ter sai~et the City of 1943 APPOllTIOllMlliT-.Authorhin& of aame of special for paTinc aga net certain tract fJT .land. . • Dec 7 1943 .APPOllTIOIMIIT-of tax aaeeaaent• for the year 1943 against certain tracts of land upon certain tenae and condition•. Dec 7 194)-.APPOHIOBMEl'f----•-------------UM! AS il<>TK------------Dec 7 ho ll Dec 21 Dec 21 Dec 21 Dec 21 Ju 1943 Aill BASE' :BOS LIDS I:IC .... tranUng permhaion to install aovable on certain 1treet1 in the C1t7 of Tupa. -1943 AMERICAN 1'1LDING AND TA1'X petition of 1ame for refund of taxes for 1942 and granting cancellation of tu•• for 1943. 1943 .APPORTIOJDOillff-Authorizinc *he apportionment of aseeasmenta acainet certain propert7 in WoodhaTen Subdivision. ~•e., 1943 .A.PPORTIOIMENT-Authorizinc the apportionment of certain tu: certificates in BenJa111n11 3rd Addition. 1943 .APPORTIOIMEllT-Authorizing the apportionment of tax aa1e111119~t• in Munro & Clewia . Sub. and Meadowbrook Sub'n.on eertain pro r 1~3 .APPOR'l'IONMENT-Appropriating $220.00 to a State-wide Venereal1)iseaee Educationel Program by the Social Protection CGmmittee • ID'Pmlll'IOINllff-Alltborililic th• apportlollllftl of tax for the 7eu 1943 acatn•t certain trute of laM. Jan 18 1944 APPOMIOllMBl'?--Authori1ing the apportionment of tax aaaeeeaents for the year 1943 acainat certain tracts of land. Ito. Jan 18 1944 A.LLISOJI, JCIII-ReToking the Beer and Wine of ..... Perait Vo. l-6825 ---at 1902 Main Street. Jan 18 1944 ALJIXAR SUBDIVISIOI-.lppro-ing the aap or plat of••• eub'n. and authori1inc the ot the Cit7 Kncineer • . Jan 25 1944 .APPROPRIA!I05-Authorising the payment of expense• for hoepitalization of P. D. ~hirley. ltc. Jan 25 1944 AIPlliLf-.f.uthoriling the Purchaeing Agent to adT"'rthe for bide for asphalt for the lnglnMriac Deoartaent. J:tc. Jan 25 1944 Wlllllll'ftOJIMD'l'-Authorising the apportiouent of taxes for 1943 acainet certain lots or tracte of land. ltc. !'eb Jeb. Jeb l 1944 APPORTIONM!NT-Authorizing apPortionment of taxe1 for 1926 to 1934 inclueive aAinat certain tracts of land. ltc. g g 1e'b 15 1e'b 22 Je'b 22 1eb 22 reb 29 1944 .APPORTIONMENT-Authorizing apportionment of taxes for 1943 against certain lot s or tracts of land in •airTiev and Caapobello. 1944 l'BANK ALVAREZ-Authoriting and re-ue1tinc the Mayor to direct the Sanita1"7 Chief to make certain repairs to propert7 of same .l~ .&UJif Of .aJ'AID-Authorising and 4irectiac publication of repor\ of aanll&l. &4111\ and of the affair• of the C1t7 of !aapa lue,l, 1942 \o -.,.,31,1943. 1944 .APPOR'l'IOINU'l'-.f.uthorhinc the appertiouent of oertain lots or tract• of land for the 7eu 1943. 191'4 APPOR'!IOllDnL Authorizing the apportionment of taxe1 apinet certain loh or trafh of land farl~3. 1944 AIIDIO.D UGIOI P.AU-Deeipating oertain tract of land at Sligh and na. Ant. a• •.uerican Legion Parl• and.placing ' under the juritdiction of the ~oard of Public a.creation. 1944 aPOB!IONMIR!.f.uthori1ing apportionment for the 7ear 1943 acainet certain tract, of l ~nd in Mendel'• and B.obeon'• Sub,. War 7 1944 AO~MEN'l'-Approvin g ~reement between Tampa Northern Railroad Co. end City to_l~7 vater under property of Tampa Borthe Mar 14 1944 AOREIMSJ1'r-A.pprovinc a,;re ~ ment betveen City and Wm. 'l'hetford and Jamee Mathen7 for use of certain apace for lunch room at the Pet~r O. lnicht Airport. Mar Mar 14 14 1944 ADMIN!STRATION :BUILDilfG---------------•--SAM! AS .now------------------' JlRPOIT---------------------•-----~-------SAMB AS A!Off------~---------------Mar 14 19411 APPORTIO~!-Authorizinc s,~ of tax aase1smenta for 1943 acainat certain lots or tract• of land. Etc. I Mar 21 1944 .APP~TIO~-~uthorhing the apportionment of taxes for 1943 acainct certain t 1acts of land in John H. Drew• a Subd1Tiaion. Apr 4 1944 APPOR'l'IOIM!lf'l'-Authorizing apportionment of taxes for 1943 a&ainet certain lot, or tract• of land. ltc. Apr 4 1944 ASHLBT S'l'Jmft-J'inngt1• of parking to JO kit tide, Juet Borth of Lafqette Street. 11 1944 J'RABI ALVADZ-.Authoriring paymeftt of $100 if 1ettleaent for daaace to fence in Bonita Subdirlsion bJ 8anita17 Dept.truck.I\ Apr 11 1944 AU'l'A SUBDITISIOI'-Authorizing cancellation of Panng Certificate lo.17052, acainat Lot 2. ilk.4, same aub'n. Apr Apr • A11!0MCDIZ.-S-Approrlng bide for the purehaae of certatn auto, to be 1old that were !ormerl7 used by the Health Departaant. 1944 .IPPORTIOllMIIIT-Autborizinc apportionment for 1943 acainst certain tracts of land ln Kacfulane•s Jlev. Add and Jea~•lch••• llq 1' l~ OPOB!ICSIIIH-Authorl•lac tbl apporttoDMat of tu•• for 1'43 certata i.,a 01' of laa4. •k.


.. NUMBER 8359-1 8359-B 836~-B s399-1 \., ' ~399-J Slfoo-J 84o6-J 8407-J 841i~, , 8417-J' 8425-B 8428-! 846o-J 8465-J 8472-13 ~74-J 8475-:B 8476-B 8481-:B 8488-B 8494-1 8628-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam Florida DAT, E ; ' SUBJECT MATTER • . . . Month Day Year .J l(q 9 Mq 16 Kq 16 Ma1' 16 jppQJl!IOIMIIT-Authorizing the apporttonaent ot tuea for 1943 acalnat certaiD lot• or ••t• of land 1n Mactarlall•'• bT. .144. ud DaTS.a, •• 1' R ll.ASI !US LIDS IN0.-Grating permla1ion for aame to erect a~i~• over turnstile, in front ot Allied luilding on S. Im> !UILDIBO--------------------------------IANI AS ABOVI---~---------------------------CCl!PTilCE 01 OJTEll-ProTiding tor the acceptance ot otter b1' Unites States for maintenance and operation of PtaJ,ct Bo. 11&. 8-K-58. 0RTI0NMDT-Apportioniag aeeeaasent tor paving against Lot 7, Blk.2 ot Tolan~•• SubdiTleion. May 25 1944 VIATIOl:f-Designating certain individuals to represent Tampa on the Florida Weat Coaet Aviation Committee • .APPDOIATION-Extending thanks and appreciation to Peter o. Knight and Electric Co. for gift ot Dam Site and overflo'!_ rights to the City of Tampa, Etc. 1944 .APPOINTMENT-Approving the appointment b1 the Mayor of Wilkins and Harvey to audit the books of the 0ity for fiscal year endi May 31, 1944. M81' 30 1944 .lUDI!--------------~---------------------------8.ANI AS ABOVI----~---------~--------------~"' r Mq 30 1944 .AMERI0All LEGiOW P.All EXTDSI()]IT-Deaignatin,: Lota 1 to 16, ~othman•~ Subdiviaio~, aa recreation~area and public park e~tensio Kay 30 1944 APPORTI0lfMllNT-Authorizing epportionment of taxes q;ainst certain lots or tracts of land for 1943. (Macfarlane & ~). 30 1944 APPORTIONMENT-Authorizing apportionment ot tuetan~tqstax certificate1(576l-D and 5045-C) for -42, acainst propert7 in Gold1tein1 a Hillsborough Heights. SubdiTiai on. 30 1944 AlU,lllGTOI BJlIGBTS-Authorizin,; cancellation of tex and public improvement liens against certain propertiee. ltc: Kay 30 1944 ASHL1:Y STB:B:m-Eatablishing treight apace in front of 6o3 Aehley St. tor Harbor Plywood lorp, aa loa& as they serve USA. June June June June June 6 6 6 6 6 . 1944 .4PPORTIONMENT-Authorizing apportionment of taxes against Lots 7, 9 and 10 Blovk lOS H&.X Garrison. 1944 APPORTIONMENT-Of putstanding certificate, Nos. B-1383, !-753 and B-933 for 1917. 1920 and 1926 against Tille Subdi viaion. 1944 .APPORTIONMENT-Of taxes for 1943 a~ainst certain lots or tracts of land. Etc. _ _'r certain lots in Gre en 1944 ~ROPRIATI0NSMaking same for purpoaea of pqing fixed salaries, principal and interest etc. for interval between b~inning of the fiscal year(June l. 1944) and the adoption of the annual pppropriation resolution. "Etc. 1944 ASHI&Y STSET~ Establishing freight spa~e on E. side of Aahley Street between La.f~ette and Madiaon. J _. June June 19114 . .dPBAL!-Au,horlzia,g the Purchaeing ~nt ,o for bi4e for 150,000 gal (•re or leae) tor uae of :&ncinHriq Departa n,. 19~ .l'P!OIIDTS 0, IJW ?Olli'.-.Acceptint; propoeal of Maaslich and Kitchell to work with CitT AttornA7 nlatifl to i•e'UD.ce efctfter rennue bond•• and special act, in connection-with ae,rge diapoeal in the Cit;,. ltc. ., . June 1944 ~OITI0IMJ!'l'-Authoriztn same at tue, againat certain iota or tra t1_lt land for ltltJe.i \, 1944 A'.BADM!lff-Correcting date etfecting abatement provided for in Reaol. lo.8444-B, relative to Weltare Board and Family iarvic. June 1944 .APPORTI0BMENT-Authorizing apportionment of taxes tor 1943 againat lot, in Benjamin'• Addition. Etc. June 30 1944 .APPOllTIOIMQT-Authorizin,: apportionment of outstanding tuea for yrai 1929 and 19,0 reap. in Corona Subd1T1aion • June 30 1944_ APPORTIONMDT -Authorizing apportionment of outstanding tuee against I. 45• of w. 95 ' of Lota 10 and 11, Jlk.4, Hankin• Virginia Hgts. June 30 1944 APP0RTI0NM!:NT-Authorizing apportionment of putstanding taxee ahainet I. 501 Lots 10 and 11, Blk.4, Hankin, Virginia Hgte. June 30 1944 ASPRA.LT-Approving bid of Texas Company for 150,000 gallon, R. 0. cut-back asphalt for use of Engr. Dept. Jllui7 :,, 1944 ASSIGm

. 8 1----------------'-___ Ind,x to Re,olutions Pauedl,_y the Board of Repre,entatives of the -.City of Tamp~Flori~ _____ ____........_,. 0 0 0 D 0 rnm •nTT-.m NUMBER l 3 6 7 8 141 16 17 22 24 26 30 33 37 38 39 49 50 60 61 63 70 71 73 87 88 89 97 98 101 10:S 1oe-101 111 . . 113 113 117 119 120 124 . 125 127 U.8 134 DATE ... • ;l SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YltAII qr 17 1888 BUDGE'l'--Resol.&uthoriiing Trana.or 129.10 not otherwise &ppropriated to ll1acl.contingenciea. to pay tor books, Btc. Jun 20 1888 BRIDGB--Reaol.authoriiing anployment or person to inspect pilings or proposed bridge over Billaborouc}l River &t per &q. Jun 30 1899 BOWDS-Resol.IN RE to the Ref'uncling or 1100,000.00 or June 1889, Rescinded July 7, 1899. Jun 30 1899 BONDS--Reaol. IN ll to the •etuncling ot 1100.000.00 Bonda ot Jun• 1889, Rescinded Ju117.iet.9. Jun :so 1899 B ONDS-Resol. IN RE to the Ret'undin& ot 1100,000.00 Bonda or Jum 1889, J.dopted J?,ll 7, 1899. RB>L BUDGrl'-Resol.& Tr&na. acmiea loaned trom LiceJiae Fund to Interest Pund. , Jan 29 1892 BUDGIT--Reaol.authoridng Trana. unexpended b&lu.oes to credit or Sani&try liquipment Pund. Feb 10 1893 BRIDGE ST.-Reaol.ordering Chier or Sanitation to cle&n up a&id street or all rubbish and other obatruotiona on aa14 st. Feb 7 1896 BUILDINGS--Reaol.authoridDC •--to houae Water and Eleotric Ught1, Ito., cor. & Twigca St. ., Jun 7 1895 BONDS--Reaol. IN RI iaauing or 1350,000~00 Bonda tor Publio Improvement•. .... • ...~ r Jun 14 1895 BRIDG~Resol.requeatiig that Bridge COJ1111.make neceasar7 arrangcenta with i Yater Worlca moYe -1na in 1111.J ot •-• Jun 28 1896 BRIDGi.Fortune--Resol.direotinc tender to aey one clriving OTer ~am• ta1ter than a wU.k. Oot 7 1895 BUDGU--Reaol.prbviding for a lny ot one mill ror lighting purpo1e1, also that l proceed• ot lioenae1 be set &eicw tor .. le& lfar 30 1896 BUDGl'l'--Reaol.tranting oert&in aemptlona to Jlfga. ana other eat&bliamnenta, ~o. Apr 13 1696" BRIDGE-Reaol. IN RE to Florid& Dredging, Co. paying bal. aue on a&id Bridge. . ll&r 20 1896 BUClJAl'aN; L.L.--Reaol. in reg&rd to '1"9-ding in Washington•• Subn. . Deo 21 1896 BRANTLY, LA.City Marahal--Reaol. th&t Jlt.1ora Charge• on incampentanoe or same be sustained and ottioe b~ declared vaoant. Deo 21 1896 BUNTLY, LA.City llarahal-..Reaol.that the Ma.for• charces against aame bereterred to a apeoial canmittee to be appointed b;y the oh&ir • Jan 13 ' 1898 BUIIDING--Resol.inatruoting J.~.I.Dnc to ranov• amall wilding &t toot or Jackson St. Jan 14 1898 BUILDI!tl-lteaol.inatruoting City Marshal to remove oondemned building N W oor.Wayette St. & FranklSJl Sta within 30 daye. Ju 28 1898 BONDS-...Resol. to &void aey question ot Tali di ty or unaold Municipal Impravement Bonda. Feb S 1898 BONDS-..Reaol. IN RK lllnioipal Bonda unaold transferred to Messrs. Rudolph Kle;ybolte & Co.Ito. Jun 17 1898 BONDS-...Reaol. IN RE Fines, forteiture ot Bonda be turned aver to Police Fund. Jun 23 1898 BONDS--Hesol. IN RE to intereat on same, requesting Boa.rd or Public l'lka,to &dvanoe amt. neoeaa&ry. Aug 15 1898 BUDGET--Resol. authorizing Temp. Loan or 130,000.00 to b.e p&id out or first tax•• collected. 12 1899 B ONDS-Reaol.mithoridng City t o red ... lloo;ooo.oo and iaaued un4er Ordimnce ~8, Kto. Jun 2 1899 B ONDS--Resol IN Rli: to the &0tion by City ON'icera in regard to wiring to Nn' York about funding or Bonda, Etc. Jun 2 1899 BONDS-...Reaol. IN.RE to the compounding and retun41ng ot &11 or the City ot•a baok indebtedneaa. Jul 7 1899 BONDS--~eaol.rescinding refunding of t100,ooo.oo Bondw puaed Jun so, le99. Jul 21 1899 B O ref'und the indebtedness or the City or Tamptl b:, iaauing 1170,000.00 ot Ret\Jnding Bon4a. Aug• 25 1899 Sep '8 1899 Om>S--Reaol.authorizing Mr. J.B • .Anderaon to have power in tho handling ot 1270,500.00, as Financial ~t.ot Cit;y ot T•pa• UDGE.T--Reaol. authorizing Tax Levy &nd M:1.ll&ge for the ye&r 1899. Sep 20 199g O NDS--Re sol.authorizing the issue or t20,ooo.oo Revenue Bonda. Jan 26 1900 BONDS--Rosol.ordering the issuance ot $20,000.00 Revenue Bonda. Mar 1:T 1900 Apr Apr 2 1900 2 1900 Jun 9 1900 Jun 15 1900 Jun 29 1900 Jul 27 1900 Aug 10 1900 ONDS-Resol.authoridng Form ot Certiticates ot Indebt. tor Grading, Pavinc am Sewerace to be uaecl. . IDGI--Reaol.appropri&ting 12000.00 for Buildin,;_ & repair• of perm&nent bridge aoro11 Spanish Town Creek. Gli.'1'--Reaol. ------S!ME 1.3 ABOVi ------UDGJi.'1'--Reaol.rescinding Reaol. transferring Reserve Fund to Cc:llll1111ioner1 ot Publio Worka. ET-Reaol.apportioni~ Reserve Fund or $30,000.00 to the clitterent tunda tor llhioh the taxes were original.q lniecl. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF PUBUC ~roRXS-..Reaol.declaring said boa.rd an illegal bo~. . ard ot Samn.or Public Work1-Re1ol.reacinding rormer Resol~direotinc the et'ti.cer ot the Cit1 not to recognize dad Bo&rd.e . . . . IDS--Resol.direoting Board or Publio Works to certit'f to City Council all bid•. accepted. tar grading, Ito • Aug 13 1900 ARD OF COMM.OF PUBUC \l)RXS--Resol.directing Chief ot Polioo F.O.lioberta, to turniah list or detective aide-walka to aaid Board, ~c. Oot 22 1900 BRIDGl-~eaol.ordering repair• to Fortune St. Bridge, until auoh time it can be ,determined whether Tampa ilectrio Co.' should do thia work or City or Tampa. Aue 17 1900 RIDG&--Reaol. crcieric Board or Public Worka to repair Fortune St. brodge immediatel7. • Oct 12 1900 BRIDGK,Resol.reoo~ending that County coam. take favorable action on ~14 ot Virginia Bride• & Iron Co.tor the puttillg up ot three ateel bri..-ewer Spam.ah,_ 0r .. 1c. •


Indes to Re10lution• Paued l,y tLe Board of Repretentative, of the City of Tampa, Florida ;TTTrTa r'" " 11 DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 137 143 144 159 164 165 166 170 171 192 194 197 198 199 203 a,9 212 213 217 218 219 226 229 243 244 260 NO f 261 262 282 2M 329 3M 356 388 • Wo f 599 MONTH DAY YRAII Oot 19 1900 BRIDGE.Fortune close said bridge to ali travel' of vehiole•• passengers and street oars. Dec 19 1900 BONDS,--Resol.issuing of Rnenue Bonds to pay semi-annual interest on outstanding Bonda. Deo 21 1900 BUDGi.T--Resol.traneterring $9808.81 trom ressrve ~nd to Interest on Bonds Fund as a loan. . . Jan 18 1901: BRID~K,Lai'ayette st. --Rea, l.orderi~ bricl'~ cleaned ot rust and painted. 8 1901 BRIDGE,--Resol.ordering Boe.rd ot Publio get material for abuttmenta to Bridge• over Spanish Town Creek. Apr 12 May 31 May 31 May 31 1901 1901 1901 1901 BUDGET-..Resol.appropria~ng $2827.50 to ccmplete Spanish Town Creek bridges. BRIDGi,Resol.orderi.q; that Fortune St. Bridge be placed baok on its pivot as soon as possible. BlTH TUB--Resol.ordering Board of Publio place same in working oell of City Jail,Etc. . . . BUDG.ET--Resol.transf'erring $1000.00 from Reserve Fund to General Fund. May 31 1901 BA.TH TUB--Resol.orderine; Board or Public Wks. to place same in the working ;ell or City Jail. Jun 1901 WID--Resol.nppropria.ting i200.00 for the Second Rec.Band of Fla.State Troops t? pl~ in Court House band-stand. Nov 15 1901 BRIDGE-T!JIDERS--Hesol. tm. t same be out of the ll:iacl. Expense Accounts Fund. . Nov 15 1901 BUDGl!--Hesol.fixing the millage for the year 1901. Dec 20 1901 BULKH~--Resol.orderl~ Board ot Public Wks. to bulkhead foot or 'VJhi ting st. Deo 20 1901 BRIDG~-Hesol.that Horatio and Bey-St. Bridges be placed in a sa.fe condition. . . Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan J111 Mar Mar May Jun Aug ~g Sep 28 3 24 24 31 31 28 28 21 13 a, 22 22 5 1901 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 BUDGET--Resol.transferring $10,500.00 from certain funds to Interest on Bonda f'und temporarily. . . .. . D.B.Giyen1 and ran.Hunter i5oo.oo for codifying City Ordinano••• B UDGET--Resol.trans. $3122.50 ran Interna.l Improv • .Fund to Resertt Fund. BtJDGEI'--Resol .. trans. $6280.00 from Internal Improv.Fund to ReaerTe Fund. BAt STR~--Resol.authorizii:ig Board ot build culvert across Spani~h Town Crffk at said St. BRIDGE--Resol.o:deri~ B ot P Wks. to repair south tender of Iatayette St. b~dge. BUDGET-:Resol,appropriatint $695.00 for Fire Station No.3. BUD~i'l'--Resol.a.ppropria.ting $1<>?.00 to Chiedren's Hone for months or Jan. & Feb~,1902. GET--Resol.trans. $5000.00 .fran Reserve Fund to General Fund. GET~Resol.appropr;ating $10,000.00 for the erection or an Hospital., UDGB'l'--Resol.trana. t2000.oo from Reserve Fund to Interest on Bonds Fund.. . . . . BIDS:-Resol. IN RX to feeding of City Priso~•r•~ !ACH'S, Henry w.--tesol. IN RE to appealing same case to higher.court. , WO Sep Sep Dec TX ARD OF TIW)E--Resol.loolcing to providii:ig suitable rooma in New Board or Trade bl4&.tor Public Library & penanent exhibit, . . 6 5 17 1902 1902 1902 BUDGIT--Resol.transferriDg t2000.oo from Reserve F\Jnd to Gen,/Pund to f'1.niah p~oll. BacH, H~m-y w.--Reaol.authorizirg payment ot Hugh C.)(aoFar~• ~or peraon,p~ent in tull for olahne $~'14.28. BUDGn'--Resol.adoptiDg recommendations by the Finance Co •• in the natter o~ the Budget for 1902-03. Dec 26 1902 issue tso.000.00 Revenue Bonds to pay interest on outstanding bonds o.nd $17,000.00 to pay accrued billa • Gen.Fulld ~ount. Ma, . . 8 1903 BIDS--Resol.directing B of'P Wks. to advertise "for bids to build a vault for storage purpose• be build in City Hall. Jun 2r 19~ OONDS-Resol.authorizii:ig Trana.or $1900.00 from Reserve Fund to Interest Fund for paying int.on bonds due Jul 1,1903. •ug . 7 Aug 21 .&ug 28 Sep 4 Sep 4 Sep 11 Jan 22 Jan. 22 1903 OOARD OF TRUSTBJS--Resol.appointing same ror,!cnertanoy Hospltal. 1903 BIRD• Dr • ..Resol.--IN RE to bill ot said Dr.for profesaional services to i1.E.\filli .... Policeman. 1903 mJDGET--Resol.adopting estimate or taxable property and report ot Budget for 1903-04. 1903 1903 1903 1903 1903 borrc:. $15,ooo.oo and to issue two Revenue Bonds. BUDGE'l'--Resol. ---SAME A.BOVi -------BUDGFn'--R'esol,trans. $600.00 trClll Reserve Fund' to the Hospital Fund. BRIDG~TENDm,--Resol.a.uthorizing r!dse or saJnes salary ' from 145.00 to $55.00 per month. BUDG!."1'--Resol.------UJra ABOVE ----Apr 8 1904 BUDGi:'1'--Resol.orderii:g payn,nt to J.R.Williams $704.63 to pay indebtedness r !mergency Hospital. &ig 23 1904 BO'NDS--Resol.authorizing City Council to borrowone-halt ot the amount ot tu.a in any om year levied and to issue as evidence or indebt.tor the money borrowed revenue Bond•• itc. NOD TE 1904 advertise tor same to brick arch brdige Acrosa Spaniah Town Cree'k on B&y St. Jlay 2 1905 BORDS--Reaol.authorizi~ the issue ot $140,000.00 Bonda, and sale ot same. . D 0 0 -D 0 "


0 NUMBER 400 401 403 404 405 406 407 413 421 424 428 430 432 437 446 450 • IOl 121 Index to Re~lution• PaHed by_the Board ot Repre•entative_Lo tlie Ci~o Tampa,_Florida DATE l • , SUBJECT MATTER MONTH D A Y Yl:AII Uay 2 1905 OONDS,--Resol.isauing $140,000.00 bonds under Ordinance fe66, See. 2, as validated by State Legislature, Ito. May 2 1905 BONDS,--Resol---------SA.ME AS A,BOVi --------2 1906 BONDS,--Resol. proviclinc ror aale or bonds and denominationa, also that bonds Ile made payable in the City or New York, Etc. Ys.y 16 1905 B0NDS,--Resol.determimng Form ot $300,000.00 Bonda issued under Ord. No. 347, i.'tc. BONDS, legalize and make valid an, and all bonds issued or which~ be hero&f'ter issued by tho City or T1111pa under Ord. i/<566• Eto. 16 1905 May 16 1905 BONDS,--Reeol.determining Form ot 1140,000.00 Bonda issued under Ord. j,3661 Ito. May 16 1905 BONDS,--Resol.detormining Form ot $300,000.00 tor paving & sewerage under Ord. {/,347, Ito. Deo 12 1905 BAY STREZt--Resol.orderii:g paving and curbing or said Stroot. Jul 3 1 1906 BONDS,--1teaol.euthorizing City to borrow $7500.00 J,gainat Revenue Bond Fund. Aug 2.13 1906 BONDS,--Resol.authorizing City to borrow $9000.00 against taxes levied for General Fund. Nov 27 1906 BENJAMIN, George N.--Resol.appropriating $300.00 to said person as Special fair Conn. for exhibit at Fla.State Fair. Nov 27 1906 BENJAMIN, George N.--Resol.------S..UIB AB0Vi -------Nov 2 7 1906 BONDS, issue Revenue Bonds against Bond Int. Fund. Jan 8 1907 BRIDGES,--Resol. IN RE to same aoross Hillsborough River. Fob 6 1907 BR~, German Warship,--Resol.appointi~ a. oormnitteo to extend to Of'fioera•c!e orew or same while in Tampa Feb.11th to 28th, A p r 16 1907 BOARD OF TRADE,Tampa.,--Hesol.Transmitting to same a oopy of bill to extend the City Limits or City or Tampa.. .i.a 11 uo, IUDGa B111l.t1z1ac \llil ealut• ot 1111• -,1.,._ ot 11lo ftl'o la II llOT BODI City• borrw llooo.oo aplut '8•• 1"1 .. tor --.1 J'ul. J• • 1IOT Jl>IDI ---~••t:Mrl& to 'borr• IIIOC).oo aga1Mt ~• 1fflo4 t• Pal. Ju hp I lep I hp I Oo\ 1T lfn • .... 11 • llOT BOIDl-aeeol.aatlaori& Cit, w bol'l'ft' IIOOO.OO apSan taoa lwl .. tw 0rd ,...._ llOT JODI .... 1.athon& CiV •• borrow 111.IOO.OO ep1•• .._. ledot tor Pu4. 1IOT :aoD1....ano1.at11ona1ac cur to bornw taao.oo apS•• .... lm .. tor ,..._ 1IOT B>IDI• nao .. 1.utluwiai-c Cit,• bol'Nllr IIOOO.oo apS•n 11a• lwl .. t• a...J. ,..._ 1IOT Jl)JDI City• borrow 111.000.00 apSNt -.-. lwlo4 tor 0ral J'ud. uo, cs.-, .. bol"l'tllr 111,000.00 apSMt 1:laM lffl .. ,. laenat -.......... 1908 101D1 ••ol.adlorlsia Clt7 to I>_.... llMIT.ta ._.. ltri .. t.r Ineraa1 Jlp'w..-,..._ 1907 .


________ Index to R..olutio119_!lu.eJ I,_,. the ~ard 0 RepreNDtativN o tlie City 0 Tampa, Florida __________ DATE NUMBl!R SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIIAII • 0 t • • • D


D D . -, n11,.Jlll~l1 IJ NUMBER I • 10 11 12 lS 21 28 • 11 II Index to _Re1Glutjon~ Pa .. ~d by the . Board 0 R~re1entative1 _0 tb.e City . 0 Tami>..!, Florida _ ----------,1 DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y•AII Ja II Jul 21 J,al 21 .Jul 21 1908 ma Mnrt11 .. t tor bida tor p&YiDC portion ot 9th Anmae. 1908 BUILDIIG I_..,'l'Oa-con~11111at1oa or "81141ng ill rear-ot -LOt •• Blk.s&. Gmtral 11111> ot !•pa. 1908. BUILDDG IJISPaJ!• of ballcU.DC ill l"Nr of Lot a. Ille.,,• General -.p ot Ybol-011:,. 1908. BUILDIBO IIIPIC!OI.-Con4-tlon ot baildiJIC oa ff OOl'MI". 10. BDc.18, o.1rd. 1111p ot Ybor OltJ • Jul 28 1908 BOllD-Authoridng City to borrow ,S000 agaiMt 1:u• lwied tar ht••• 011 boJl4a, "• Jul 28 1908 BOIDl-.btJlorlaing Clily to borrow tztoo0.00 agalut tau• lnled tor General "1114 tor 1 908. .Alie 21 1908 IDlta-.Aaaturld.JIC cur ., bars• t12,ooo.oo agalut tu• lffled t .. a..ra1111114. .. , • 1908 BUILDJIG DSPa,'l'OI.-C-4-ticm o r 'bllil41.Dc 011 Lot 1, Bllc.1, Bl~'• Su'b4lTJ, ..... 1-,t 12 1908 BUILDDIG DIPS:TOB-coa• mt!.ioa of bailtiDC oa •• T&' ot W.40' Lot 1,, Geen.1 Ille ot !apa • 1-,t 29 1908 BOGI-APtllGC'l&iilc cur to borr• tiz,000.00 agaiut 4laN lwled tar the Geff&l l'ull4. s-,t 29 1908 BAT Board ot P11bl10 Work• to pan laid atrfft troa llapolia ATe. te tlN Boulnv4. IT Oot 8 1908 BUILDIWG IISPI:: !ORA>• I 1 111011 ot bull41DC on Lot le, Blt.41, .., ot Ybor OltJ• !8 Oot I 1908 BUILDIIO DIPICTOR-ccmcl--tlon ot oa IT2 a/•• or 1.t 1. Bllc. T, llap et !up• ' Oot e 1908 BUILDI•G IIIPE'l'OI.-Condenetlon ball&.111 oa •• II• ot lot 1, Blt.T, General llap •f tapa. U Oot 28 1908 BUILDDG IJSPaJ1'01l•ll•latiT• to building pend.ta, ••• 10 Deo M 1908 LISI..-lf. lllOW-DHiptiDg .... and al.10 John T. a.a, to attend ktlou.l. •--,• COllfflltioa. aa deleptNe &l .DN 12 1908 ~oriaing. Cit7 to borrow tU,000 asawt tax .. lfl'ied tor Intereat on Boma. U Ju 11 1909 BUILDI•O-S.OUl"e plau u4 apeoitioatiou tor buildlnc at Woodlawn ceaet_,. tpr latoa. Tl J'eb 2 1909 BUILDDG DrSPE'fOBIQond--.tion ot luil41DC on Lot l,&, Ilk.I, 1fMhiJlcton lubdinaloa. ,, J'eb 21 1909 BllII)CJa.Req11eat1a& Board Publio Work• to uo1rta.1n 001t ot ooutruGtion ot , ... •ro11 Bll1-boroap liTW at ~•tt• It. Tl . • I 1909 BUILDDG PIIUIITS-Iaatnaotlng Builc!inc Iupeoto~ not to 1••• , .. usaleH reque1t tor .... 1• • 1D wrltinc, .to • 80 90 N IT 99t 99 100 101 lOI• lOT 108 101 111 110 111 118-l't 141 lM 111 1. lTl lTI lTI 111 111 ._. I 1909 BUILDIJIG-aelatin to nilding u4 uoertaild.llg oOlt• looatioa. ••• ot a City Ball tor tile City ot Jiu-ao 1111 DD-R•tund ot tl& loDc1 to Donato Claeto, wbo•• bond wu ••tr•tecl 411r1.III hil oont1 .... t 111 the i.o.,u.1. •• e 1909 DDI-BRIDGW•latln to bricfc• aoro• Bill1boNUgh lllnr at L&~te lta-Nt, ••• Apr e 1908 BIIDGS -BOSmJelatiT• to preparatlou tbr •leotioa ,_lf!UpoH ot TOtlac tor briqe--opening ot repatratl l'eb I 1909 BUILDBG DBPICtoll-0-4-tioa ot buildl Ill lot &, Bllc•"• llap ot Ybor CitJe Apr 18 1IOI BUI.LDDG -~ion ot nildinc oa Lot e, Blt.M. llap ot Ybor cu:r. Apr 11 1909 . BUitm•a DSPIC!O-.COllll-tloa ot 'baildlJIC oa Lot 9, llt.M, .., ot Ybor CUr• Apr 18 l.809 BUILDIJG IIIPIC!O•-Com--tloa ot 1N114iDC oa Lot a, BDc.M, Tbor City h'b4bi.aioa. Af, 11 1909 BUILDmG. DIPIC!Oa-con4-U• ot 1'111141.111 • Lot 1, llt.1, lliclllu& hlNllridoa. boob. " Apr 18 1909 BUDDG DSPICTOI-Cond--ticm or ball4lng oa lfeat tot lot ,& and Lot I, Blk.11, Jlap0ot Ybor CU:J• na • 1901 IRIDCDM>l'4w1nc tut-hlplmr !raotioa C.,•y to put 111,..,.... eoDllitioa •• appro&oh•• to bridge Jliftl'e Jul 1 1909 -DI-Aut}aoridlll Cl1r 1;o borrw t11,ooo..oo apiut laried tor O.eral Fund tor 1909. ' J11l ll 1909 ~tllorlailll CitJ to 'bor1ow tito0.00 apinat tana lm .. tor Geerall'ull tfr 1908. I I 1909 B1U 1-.lelatlTe to .... am to City .te. I I 1909 BUDGn-aelatiT• ~O: ••tmate ot .... tor t1Hal ,-.r beghnrl III J-in. 1909 ... Dc -J11a ln, 1910. 1901 st>na ~•n&S.111 Ol'J • barrw ,en .. • tc.-Gaer&l 1'ua4. 19ot DD1-at1aor1a1111 Cit, to borrta" te,aoo acaiiaat: ••• leried tor uihtuc ,..._ 1909 DD-lam &IT• 'b7 UIIUs•• , .... Pl4•llti., u4 a.arut1 o ••• r .. Cit1 clutiN, bf Ju. L. .... be troll llbili'J 1901 BUO!I IJ/IJ BllCOl ... elatiTe t~ NM beiJlg pluN la !tap& ~. ••• •w 11 1901 B>MD or !UD~ Maid.a appropriation. to ~~i~t. la ..,..,tl•lllc ot Ci'7 et ,-,.. -•w u 1901 . BOIDI Alltlllrllil.111 City to__..., te.aoo aia1ut tue~ lmet tor I8'er•t-oa 1o .... ••• DM D 1IOI IODI a1Mrl•iDC Ci.• bornw 11,000 tu• lffl .. tw ~u.c ,..._


NUMBER 188 IOI I09 1M UT HO 281 ... ZM •a ZTI 2,S ae, ... ao, 118 111 aae ... Ill NO Ml Ml 111 Ill aea ., 188 110 3'1 111 18' -,01 454 4571 482 4s3 484 5 10 5 1:, 5 1 9 521 523 Index to Re.olutiom Pa11ed by the Board 0 Repretentative• o{ the Ci~ 0 Tampa, Florid.a DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIIAII . Deo ze 1909 .IOIDI iAu11lW1a111c 01• tQ borrw acaan taea i,ff1e4 hr OD loD4•• Ju II 19~ BUiua•o IJDS!Oa..&utlla-J.alac ooadwmatioa ot lMUdlnc oa Lot a, Ilk.a, Cllll.-at -. or T sr , ._. II 1910 I• r • .... II' at ,ayabl• te ta.oo fer Nl• .r ... bJ thl Citr • • Jal I 1910 BVIUJ•G OJ' ml Ciff.Relatl.Y• to npdr• to root ot .... • Aus 18 1910 ~1111.orlalllc Civ 1D b...,_ 112,000 111111.ut lw1e4 ft>r a...-al l'und, tito. Alie 10 1910 BOIDl~orlalllC City 1D borrw 112,000 aplut taza. lm .. ~or a.tral '-4~ eto. •s 10 1,10 m-.ApVl .. s.a1111 Cit, • '-"' llloo.oo tu• lwlN t• Lt&latdnc Pol, ••• 8. 11 1~18 .....,,.., ot ~MNJT •• , .. t;o 'be rai1N bJ 11uat1011 tor 1910 1lo ,. ovrent ap••M ot CitJ, ••• Sept 2T 1910 ~orialDC CltJ 11D bolTW ITIOOeOO acaiDft -• lffied tor leeral Jui. Oot 21 1910 BOIDl•tlloriaiJIC Ci V 11D borr• ll&OOOeOO apian 1lan1 lmetl tor O••nl fuel. •cw 11 1910 ~thoriaiac Ci• 1D bornw.1Mo9.oo 11&1u1; ._. lffi.N tor LlptlDg Palll. •cw 12 1910 amm.,a.a•oruillc City to borrow 18000.00 111.S.ut •• lwiN ttr Jattren Oil Bollla. Deo IT 1910 ~•orisSJac City. 1D b~l"l'GW ta,100.00 ap1n•t 11u•• 1.-rled t•Iatenat on Bond .. Dee IT 1910 B17IU>DG ~propr1at1oll ot 11000 to be.appl1 .. tor pvpo•• ot r•o4nc-ot 'bu1ldlnc reoentlJ aOYed to lot adjoining Hoapltal Apr , 1911 •• c. BD'l'O•, • WIFWelat1T• to ooDtn.ot wiill .... and a•utloll ot cleed . to •-• tor propffty adjoinins' Woo4lum c .. t•Y • 21 1111 BRIDGW.latiw to •alai--• appropriate approach•• bridge aoroa, Billaboroqh 11Ter at Lataptt• Str.-i -. ao 1911 BI~r.t1•--t tor bida tor aldltional 1mprOT ... Jl'b8 to OorcloD ~•ll•r Hoapital. ••• ----BIU---BRIDa-OOff ot bill pa• ... 'bf Lepalatun autb.criaiDC boad iaa•• fDr blail4illg Wq91:te Sweet Briel&•• . ' . . . •• -0--BOID ••• •••••••-----• u ab9" ------• J'u 2T 1911 W. H. BICPI!H-2elati-n to luul owm4 bJ ..... that alt be aoquirecl tor opcine ot Pala Aoe. fNIII Oak Ir. wat • \. Jul 8 1911 BUDOaa-Prori.dinc tor o,-1J1c ot atreet to oo.nneot Partcer and Coe Stre••• troa ~"1 OIIDffa, •• . . . 8 1911 BUDG~pp-opr1at1oll tor WOM118 Hcae and Boap1tal, ••• I 19U BIIDG& -~-Boar4 ot Publle Wora 1Jlnat1.cate A.C.L. brl4p Ul'N8 BUl•boNllp 15.ftl'• llli4 1111D _. • .._,. ..... to liar• •naa1d.oa fl-• all hillllnaoe u4 obatnaetion. 8eP' M llll lepi: 19 ltU 8-,t 19 ltU Sept 11 19U Oot Oot Oot I 1911 lf 19U lT 19U 21 llU 11 19U 22 1911 2'1 1912 BlJDGRf• Adopti•~ ot buqet tor tiN~ par .,._ 1.llU aD4 GcllJIC llq 11• ltUe BCIIDI-Alathoriaillc CitJ 11D borrw '6000.oo aplmt 1laea tor Llp'1JIC hale . . , . BOIDIAlatllorialJJC CitJ to b ..... teooo.oo &&aimt -lffie4 tor IaMl'al lllproffalllt ..... . . BOIDI-~tlloriaillC CitJ to Borr• .111,ooo.oo 1-riN ttr G...-.1 ,. ... . B>IDI-Aathori•illc CltJ w ben-• 111.eoo.oo ap1ut tu•• lerl.N t.-a...n.1 Ju4. . . II>-• •thorS.aiJIC CitJ to bar• '6000 aplMt ,._. 1-,iN tor U.gllUJI& ,_._ -BOIDl• aitshoridDC CltJ to bOl'NS 11000.00 ag&lut __. lffie4 tor Interm.1 Illp-w--t Jud. BOIDI-Aaatbori•lac CitJ' to bOl'NS 111,000.00 apimt tu•• lffiecl tor lJLtenat OD l'lmd. B0IDI-AaathoriaiDC CitJ to bernw taooo.oo apSut: tan• lffie4 tw L1pti111 1'm4. BlJDGEr -ri-anater dt tzoo.oo Fro~ Hoapital tund to Internal IllproT•ent Pwul tor imtallinc lightn11ig Rod •t• at Gordon Xel;er H(?•pital • Polle St -Atlantio Coaat Line II ooutruotiD& bridge, ••king that•--beh•lcl up. 3 1912 BRIJ>GJ,at Po lle St.-A tlant i c Ooa1 t L i n e a.a . leaol.. 1JM!or11ng and appronnc Beaol. adopted~ !empa Board of !rad• proteetinc again1t rebuilding of .1.,.0.L.R.a. Briae in 1eme location a• it now 1tud1. 3 1912 May 7 1912 Jun, 11 . 191 2 Jun 11 1912 1'ULIBIAD-Jleeol. :Board of Public Work• to build s&Jlle on l1tuaey. . :BONDS-Special C ommittee report on Bonding propo•tt•n to bond f o r $ 1,6oo;,ooo.oo for Major BIDS-Reeol . of Special Co11111ittee to adTertiae for bid• for a Libftlr7 Site. BIDS-~•ol. of !oard o! Public Work• to haft a ddition built t o the Gordon Xeller Hoapital. adverti1ing for•••• . Uu 11 1912 lmlnlT !. :BASSl'l'T-lleaol. to the memory of eue, vkd lwu killed whil~ fighting fire at Centro Jul Jul Aue Aue Aue 1912 1912 1912 1912 1912 !AYSHOB! BOUL'IV.APJ>--Reeol. directing City Attorney to 1n1titute condumation proceecUnc• to condemn pr0pert7 nece11a17 • to open Ba71hore !ouleT&rd. BONDS-ieaol. recommendinc !ond 111ue propotional to each ward. BllIDG~ lleaol.requeeting Mqor to prennt .A.0. L.a.a. Co., from T iolatinc Ord.1598, by rebuilding briqe acroes Hillaborough BJJSHORE !OULEVARD-Rea o l.authorisinc Cit7 Attorne1 to condemn propert7 to open ..,.•hare ~lTd.. lliTer. BO~&--.thorhinc City to borrow $8000 . 00 e&•in•t taxea levied for Internal I11pron11ent 1und. ~OlrnIIG ILaC!IOJr-lla10l.notit71nc the B on.H e r bert &.Phillip1, or th• h olding ot a Sp~cial Bondin& 6l•otion by t he C1t1 ot !aapa, 11. upon ttw 20th D~ of Aue. l..~.19 2. D D


f3 . _____________ Index: fo, Re1olutiont]?a11~d 1,y; U.e 1 Board.o, . .-Re tl,1entati ~e1 0 :t"lie Cityrof T&mpl.., J F lerida _______ _ 0 NUMBER 524 525 531 532 533 534 . ,,-_. 536 54o 542 546 547 557 5&1 570 571 572 '>75 579 510 511 595 6o2 603 '' '' 611 612 627 801 806 80T .. DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONT H O A Y YKAi. Sept 3 1912 BONDS-Authorizinc City to borrow $JOOO.OO a,;ainat Taxea levied for Lightinc J'und.. -Sept 3 1912 ROND6-Authorizing Citr to borrow $e2,000.00 aceinat Tuea levied for General fund. Se p t 17 1912 :BOUD SUIT--ie@ol.pr0Tidinc •that an anaver be file4 to Petition in Bond Suit. Sept 17 1912 BONDS-Authorizinc City to borrow $1000.00 acainat taxee levied for Park Fund. . . Sept 17 1~12 BONDS-Authorizing City to borrow $15,000.00 aaeinat tue1 levied for Internal Improvement Jund. S ept 24 1912 BUDG:i:T-lieaol. iinance Oo11111ittH for Tu lhtd&~t -or Tax Le~ of the City of Tampa, for the year June l, 1912 and Kay 31, 19lJ. Sept 24 1~12 W .J. iAI~--B.eeol.appropriatinc $150.00 t~ aaae to defrq expenaea naitinc ~tber Oitiea for inapectinc their;San1,ar7 (Chief of Sanitary Dept.) Sy1tem1. O c t l 1912 :BIDS-Reeol.Board of fublic Work• to secure plam ud a4vertiae for :Bide for a Sewer&&e S71tea for the City of T&l!lP&• O o t l 1912 !RIDOI-lleaol. !oard ot Public Work• to build Temporary !ridce acro11 the Billaboro Riv~r at• coat not to exceed $8000.00 . Oct l 1912 BONDS-.\uthorizing Citr to borrow $4500.00 qainat Tu~• levied for Lighting Jund. Oct l 1912 !ONDS-Au.thorizin Cit~ to borrow $20,000.00 acain1t Taxe1 levied for General Fund. o., I 1912 ~YDUI Jear4 et Pullo Wem ~o pa" troa i.. fe hrlc ''"•'•• I 1912 •eara ef Pullo fora to oou,ru, Ketatalac a, ,ae later•e,lea ._ v faller 1,., with lb•••' appnull et '-Ile i.t.,-,,e 1, ... , rt .... 0o, • 15 1912 • :a0IDI leHl.atMrtdac 0117 1e Nrrw tllooO.oo aca1u, leTlet-tor I4p'1ac I al. o., 15 1912 JOIJ)I 0117 ,o'berrew ,000.00 acat••• !u•• leTS. fer Iatenal lap0"8ea, hat. Oet 15 1912 .. 1.a•therislac 01'7 to bernw .eoo.00 acatu, ta•• leTlet fer •an •at. o., 22 1912 ---leael. t1z1111 a4cll Uoaal Jou tor 01 ,,. snuver. o.'t 29 1912 m. Jena ef fer .700.00.00 fer P11bllo .... 5 1912 J.dD l!UD-appr1prlaU111 et t5()o,OO t• htltlac of •• T. 12 1912 JIDI-••el.of I.l'bral7 It 01,,. lall o..tttHI ,e a4ffrtl•• fer Jl4• f•r• I.lltl'U'7 It ou,. lall •T. 19 1912 01,,. ,. ''"" taeooo.oo .... , , ... lnt.•• for ldchUac ful. 2' 1912 oD--••el,ftzillc aMt,1...i Jeal tv OU,-lnannr • -.,. ef .l,T00,000.00 ha4 • • •n 26 1912 m-.... 1.n,bel'lslac ou,. ,. bvrew '23,000.00 acatan , ... lm•• tv Ia,enal ~' hal. •o• 26 1912 ..._.Hl••*l'1•hc Ol\,-M Nff91r ta,oo,00 ..-1u, tu•• lmet for • ..... •• 3 1912 Dee J 1912 , .. 21 1913 11&1' liar llar a. 191, 11 1913 11 1913 15 1913 15 1913 . 1, 1913 22 1913 .-x -liq 6 1913 ,_,. .. 1,a.J ,_ 2i. 1913 JUILDlm OClla ... 1.•~ a "" ef "-Im w Anllltee,. wile la" DntUac tM hlltbc o ... fer ou,-. ~1.••'h•l'l•iac fliuefer d tll,9.)5 fl'NI leap.,... 1e •• lalenal lllpn., hal. UN .... I .... d hlt'lt• ... ,e dnntM tv .... ,1aa1a1, lpeelf1N'1 ... for ,aTlac Mn&la wl\la ,aTlac mNl-.. ael,a•tllorl•lac Jeut. et Paltll• ... M •••v.t appr_. •' Aft aa4 16'b 1,. fer a •n••lal ewr l,A.L.-.a. . . . . . . IIYAID AYI-JleHl. cllno,lac J...._ of hblle Ilea. le 1_,. \l'lelc JaTiac • --tia, et • e ... , ADIOII JOUiaTAD-..a.••l.Uneuac :lean of hbllo lfka.• paw wttll u,lial, ltieea tr• llacaolla Aft la a ... 1er1,-r1 ttNeU• M *" ult Jl"ft.•o~•'• wt th le,.._ Aft, •:a• AUIIUS--leHl.UNoUac p&ftllC of --tr-Clarie., . . .,. a wt~• of ,0-ft. wi\la brtak w, na,. :IUI~IS UIP.IC!Oa Ot,,-ht.ltiac 1..,..,. ,o _..n t• la 01 et '-,a. Aa41,er ,o fNII 1aMnal Illpffftllft, 'll!I' to Park'-'• JJDI-.... 1. •~*•l•hc hart ., Pull• ... ,. UftrilN fw Jiu ... ~-S llateq ,. paft . ortent paft& with aa,an1 Laa MJll&l' o,...-1u• paTlac • • ....,.,. '-• . 1913 01,7 ,o Jernw tliOOO.OO aptu, leT1 fv INp, hal. 1913 lan>I-Jaael,•tllln•lal 01,,. ,. hrrew hlloo.oo a&a1• lm•• tw lat. • Jal. ac 12 1111 AVIIID--Be•ol. •cl•SJtc Board ot Publio llta, to crou1Je tile pannc beWMa !At• UII St.wart Sta. ac 11 111.S BlY pariJIC be.._ Bouleftri uc1 Jlli-Ua It• alao 1-., all brlolca tla1s. ADC 11 1111 BOIDI-Re•ol.athor1a1Jlc CitJ to bOl'l"OW lle.000.00 ap1w~ leriN tor Gwnl Pail.


.._ ___ ____ Indes: to Ret0lution, Paued Ly the Board ol Repre1entative• ol the City ol T~pa, Florida 808 809 818 817 820 _Q.21 829 8Sl 8S2 esa M9 880 881 881 , DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY vaAII ., 11 ., 19 ., 26 ., 26 Stipt 2 Sept 2 -1111 BOIDl-&•~ol.autlaorialnc Cit, 1lo bottowr taaoo.oo aga1 _mt tu.a leT1 tOll' Boapital 111114. 1911 BOJIDI• Re•~l.authoris_ing City to borrowr tnoo.oo tax•• lme4 tor Llghtinc 1Wl4. 191S w.J. WLJr--R••.ol.appropri.atiDg t11SC>.OO to .... u Chiel' ot au.O.,t. ape~ ill othar ooDiitiona. 191.S BUDGI!-Re1ol." authariaiDC tu Bll4cet tOll' 7ear l91S• lff71DC 28.60 ac&imt tu property ill tu 014 territory a1111 22.&o aca1na, the property ill tm ..., wrritor,. 1911 BOIDI-Reaol.authorising oltJ to borrow 11000.00 againat tu•• lme4 tor Park~--191S BOID8--R .. ol.mtboris1Dg CltJ to borrow 110,000.00 qaimt lffie4 !Oil' Intenal Iapro~.J'\1114. 18 1911 BOJD8-Reaol.au1:hor1sing Ci• to borr• 11000.00 aga1nat tu.a len-4 tor Port c-i1aiomr• Pam. ZS 191S BOID8-Re101.authrob1ng City to borrow 12000.00 againat taxe1 lffiecl tor Hoapitd ,u.; Sept 2S 191.S BOID8-Re1ol.authorinng City to borr• tao.000.00 againat tax•• leT1 tor Geiwral Fund. Sept 2S 191.S BOIDI-Reaol.authori&iDC CitJ to borrow 16,000.00 apinat ta.a lnie4 tor Lightlzg Pu-114. Oot T 191.S OOBDS-Rea'ol.authorisiDC CitJ to borrow 11,000.00 againat lmecl tor Interm.l lilp'oT. PIUIC1. Oot 21 191S Oot 11 1911 011 to borrow 12000.00 tor IUD.4. QitJ to b•r• 11000.00 tor Liptinc PuD4. Oot 28 l91S BlfEORS BIJ"D.-.a..01. la-Mt a-1~ .. nqa•~to plMe Oil ..... J'or .v11a1o1 .. --' 886 1for u. 1111 B01D1...lie101.u~ts1ac cur • 'berr• taa,00O.00 tor 1111s. 011 Bonda Jun4. BOIDl~ol.authorisillc cur to berr• 111.000.00 tor Ia1senal JapronamiJ ,_... BOIDl•-Reaol.authorixiDC CitJ to bo~ow 16000.00 tor Lightlnc PuDI. 888 •n 11 1911 88T •oT 11 191S 888 WOY 11 1911 916 Jan 2' 191' 119 Feb lT 1916 92' Feb lT 1911 919 Apr 1' lilt Ml AF 29 191' . M9 _,r 29 191, IM -Apr 6 191' ~3NI 11aJ 19 191' 969 Jaa 9 191, . 9Tl Jua 9 191'1 Jun 18 19lt BOIDl~e•ol.autbori&iDC City tio ~rr~ 11000.00 tor 1'Wl4. Bl.TSIDI SUB1.--Re1ol.a.uthos:ialDC CltJ 4ttorD11r to ~aaoel Tax O.t.f772 a. ~TS, apimt Lota S & '• BU:. ot la'bn. Pumoe Ca.a. • A.ucli tor te par .... 178.00 bill_ atte11.4i.Dc Firau Dawoa. . BA.~0RS aooept cleidoation ot _at. Te tt, beinc a part ot ... poe witla briok. , BUDGl!--Reaol.Reaol~authoriaiJlc tranater ot 11100.00 trca General film to Fire ~ropri&tlon 1'anl,(...., trca ot hon•• BlYIHORI BLW.-Jleaol.ol"derimg •h&nciDC ~ •! .... and pmil& et 8pruoe at • . trca ... Bl'f'd. to tiTII". p-,..nt ot lla>.oo tor tM •.a.tu et Mar.April aD4 Jl&J'. 191•• to W.J.Jloullh&D. Aucliter to l9aa.oa trca Gen. Jun4 to :b• Boap. ,.... W'SHCli1 BOUL.VAllD-lteaol.direoti~ T•pa Ou ~o. to 1-, aa1u 011 trca _ loJC!M to cur Lilllta. W'EOll BOULIVABD-Ro1ol.d1••otinc Tap& Water _ Wlca.Co. to laJ m1ana 011 .... t~ So.,!lcae to Hoard ATe. BATSOlll BLVD.-Re101.reaoln41ng Jte1ol.puHd .Auc.12.l91S,od•~ Water m on Ave a4 oe•&•, B;y4ranta tblreon. 976 99 9 ' • Jal 21 19lt BRIDG---1ieaol.requeatiag War Dept.not to gndt permit to oona'truot a Brlc!c• at toot ot Ca•• at., that woul4 interter• with om to be ia the 1'JtuN by the .cit, at ht poiat. 1000 1022 102' lOH lOQ 1'5 1'8 l'T 1'8 1069 1060 1091 1111 UII Ull Jul 28 19lt ID11D8-.Reaol.Re1ol.authoridng Ciir to borrow fOll' General "1114. Sep l 191' BOIIDI-Re1O1.author1& City to borraw tu,&oo.oo tor Pullll. BRIDG~l.appronnc A.C.L.RJ. Bride• plau. BOWII ITRn.T-Reaol.orclering paTiJlc ot Pl•i-e uacl BORD Sta. l!nt!l ATe. one Blk. aouth. Oot 11 191' B1JDGR•-lt .. el.authorld111g fax Ba4pt tor 79ar beciJIDinc June 1,191,, aabaltte'il to City Counoil. Oot I> 1914. 0ot 20 1e1, Oot 20 111, Oot 20 111, Oot 20 1914. Bew lT 191, lfcw 11 191, Feb U 1916 BlJDGKT-Beaol. aclopting Tu Budcet tor the ourreat .,.r J1a7 11. 191&. BOID8-Re1ol.authorising CitJ to borrow l!aj000.00 tor lighting Jun4. BOIDS--Reaol.authorising City to borrow teeoo.oo for Hoapital Puncl. Ciir te Borrowr t1O,ooo.oo tor Interm.l. hlpronamt Fun.ct. . . CitJ to borr• 1'1600.00 tor Park PuD4. . . BOIDS-.lutborising CitJ to borrow tao.00O.00 tor Intere1t oa Bondi Fund. . . . BOIDI-Au1ilori~iq City w borrow te,000.00 tor. LichtiDC Fum. . B1JDGJ:l'-Re1ol.authorbinc rai•• in Salary ot Inapeotor and Lineaan. a. , 1911 BOtllQlWlDll aun.-Reaol.orderinc paTiJII ot &11-,a ill Blk. 1 ucl 2 ot la14 -18 1111 BUDGR-rrua.taooo.oo prwiW ill•-r.-Ball41DC tauDlll'J tor Boepi-1 to 'pa' tor.,.. ••• Bau. . . • • 1111 !rue ot 1811.oo fNII Gu.Ju .. to Lt.ghtiJtc ••• D 0 O 0


.. NUMBER 11'8 1161 1160 1161 116' 1111 1112 1114 1181 . 1182 1188 1191 1192 119S 1191 1198 1201 1208 120' 1209 122S 12Sl 12S2 1260 1262 1266 1267 1271 1276 1281 1320 1369 1379 1S8' 1S86 ?IA4:i. ~1'01 140' 1412 1413 1414 1420 1'28 1'29 1418 1478 1483 Index to ,Re1olution1 Pa11ed l,y-.tL.e Board Q 'Repre1entatives of . the..City, Tampa, Florida -----• DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIAII • ... t .. ,,. Jul 6 1916 B0Jm8--Reaol.authori11Dc City to borr• tor G~ Funcl. Jun 29 1916 B&m&X.Paul-.ateaol. to ref'und 11&.oo ot a 116.00 tine 1.llpoaecl upon , .... Jul 13 1916 ..:BO'nDDU .DIJMol. oonA-ninc build1DC on "tot 6.Blk.6S• Gea.11&p.owne4 b)' Jira; Mo•••• Jul U 1916 BUILDIIIO IDP.:'l'Oll-~eaol. oondani.Dg building cm It ot Lot 2.Blk.11 • Ga.-,,. Oneel by llra.LKelllur. Jul 20 1916 BOWDS;Jeaol.uthorisi~ City to borrow kooo.oo tor L1cht111g Fum. • Aue I 1915 BONDS--1iNol.author11iJlc City to borrow 117 .000.00 for General Fum. 4ug S 1916 1l>llDS-Reaol.author1&i~ City to borrow 16~.oo tor Lic}lti~ Fund. l I Aue 10 1915 ordering Board to adTert1.•• tar B14a tor pav1Dg sta.wi th 4itterent aaterlala ao aa to uoertain the • and oheapeat •ter1al to u,.; Sept 2 Sept 2 S91> 2 Sep 14 Sep 28 1916 BOND8-Re101.author111ng City to borrow 16600.0o ror Lichting Fund. 1915 BOID8•-RHol.author1&1ag City to borrow 118.000.00 tar General Fund. • 1915 OOJ.RD--Re1ol.c!laoharging all atanding Coad.ttee1 ot City Counoil and authorhiac Pr•••ot City Counoil to appoint n• mab•r•• 1916 OOAJU) OP PORT OOIIMISSIONJRS--Reaol.reque•tillC •-not to uk tor any lny ot taxe1 tor u1e ot the Board. 1916 BONDS•-Reaol.that Int. & Principal ot 1260.000.00 Senr and Internal IaproT•ct Bonda be ll&Cle pqable at the Offloe ot th• ~Dited Stat•• Karts. & Truat oo •• !n N• Tor Ci1• 1916 w.J.WLm'-Reaol.appropriatinc t200.oo to •ame to vi•it other cl~1H 1n the intereat ot aodwa S..m.tation. • 1916 OOUllQUARDIZ SUBDIYIIIOW-Jieaol.or4er1DC paTiDg ot ~l.y thro~gh Blk.2• ot aaid aubn. Sep 18 19115 BUDGl1'-Re10l.&c!optinc Tu Buqet tor 1916-1916. Oot I 1916 BOIDS~tihori&iDC CitJ' to b":" toz: lnterm.l lllprOY--iwl4. Oot 6 1916 BOl'll)I-.Author1&1ng City to borrow tus.000.00 tor General Fund. . Oot 6 1915 BOIIDS-.thoridng City to boz:row 16000.00 tor ~PtiDC Pu•• Oot 12 1915 BUILDDD I11SPIC'l'Oll--2eaol.•thor11inc Plr• trau. to ••• one Suon Au~aobil• now in u .. in lleo. 1foT 2 1916 BUDG&T-Re1ol.authoriliDC that 1260.00 be trau. Boapi~ Fund to tul'Diahing Bur••• Boae. Bew 9 1116 BOID8--.Reaol.uthor111Dg City to borrow 16000.00 tor Lighting Funcl. 1IOT 9 1916 BOBD8-Re•ol.uthori1ing CitJ' to borrow 160.000.00 tor Int.-eat on Bonda Fund. . . WOT 16 1916 BJ.TWOOD sun. -Reaol.aoo91>ting and Plat or ll...Subdiwt.11011 ot Bllc. 11B" and 1ft Blk. •o• ot 1&14 8ulm. . . . NOY 16 1916 BOHDI-Reaol.author111DC City to bol"J'OW 110,000.00 tor laterm.l 111rwaeJlt Sonia. 1foT 21 1915 BRINilD AVJ..-leaol.orclering pmJg ot .... traa Bq at. to Swann ••• l'ff 23 1916 . BRINARD DJ..-Heaol.direotinc that that oonorce ourbing be plaoe4 on -.oh •• ot ••• trca Aa•el• St. to hann AT•• 1, 1916 BUDGm-Reaol.authorilig trua. ot taoo.o, trca INene Fund to the Interml IaprON11et PUnd tor Ola ATe.114---1.a. 21 19115 BIACB J'UC&-Reaol.orclering paving ot aae trca Plant An. to Bir st. Jan , 1916 BUDGIT--Reaol.authoridnc trau.ot 12000.00 trca apporpriation tor.ereotinc a aoke-ataok to the er-torr to the Lighting Pam. Feb 29 1916 BiAcH PIAC&-Reaol.ordcri,ig JaTiDC ot .... tra Plant A.Te. to Bq St 20 tt wide iut•d ot 24 tt wide. 16 1916 BlllmGLJ.s.F.--Re1ol.awardiDC ooatraot to .... to NmOTe hou•• trai W 16 h..t,>t a.Bllc.8 ot Warren & Xeya Subn • ... Jun a> 1916 OOjlU)-Reao appoin1:Mnt1 ot Standinc CODlll. or the Cit1 Coanoil tor teni 1916-1918. Jul 18 1916 BOND8•-lle101.author1&1ng City to borrow 11000.00 tor Ughtinc FuA4. Jul 18 J.uc 22 891> 1 s~ 2~ 1916 1916 1916 1916 1916 BONDS--Reaol.auth orbing City to borrow 12000.00 tar Int. on Bonda FUDll. • BOJIDS--lleeol.authoriiinc Cit7 to borrow .00 for Lichtinc lund. BOOOft-Re101.a4opt1nc !ax Budget & Tax~ tor f'iaoal year 1916~11. ~cmDS--Be1ol.authorizinc City to borrow $25,000.00 for General ~uM. BOlml--Reaolauthorhing City to borrow tor Interu.l Illp:f"o.,...nt Fund. Sep ZT 1916 BOIDl-•RNol.authoriling City to borrow tis.000.00 tar Internal lmprov .. nt Ful14. Sep 27 1916 BONDS....Re1ol.authori11Dg Ctt1 to borrow 16000;00 tor Ughti.Dg Fund. 891> 27 1916 Cit7 to bel"row tze.000.00 tor General P\m4. Oot 17 1916 e01ms--aeaol.uthori& Cit)r to borrow $6600.oo i"or Lightinc Fund. BoT 14 1916 BOND8-Re•ol.athor1&inc Cit)r to borrow 162.000.00 tor Int. oa Bone!• Fum. BOT 14 1916 BONDS--RHoL.uthorilinc City to borrow 11000.00 1"f1r Lighting Fund. Feb 13 1917 BUILDING IBSPDOll--RHol.oondtllDinc rr ... bui-14inc on lJ)t 2. Blk.4 ot Hyde Part Sum. known al Warner Rea14•m• Jun as 1917 BAJCIRS--Re•ol.requeatinc •the SoUoitor ot Court or lleocml tor Jlilll'borou&h cowr',;l'la.t~ iseati.pte tile l'UIIIIII' ~r report that a aaber ot City Counoil ottered to •ONPt a bn be tra th• Balcer• . Jun 26 1911 BRI:91-RHol. ---------SAJII .AS ABC>ff - • -- • ----- • -• J.uc 14 1917 .NDS--Reaol.authoridng City-to borrow tseoo.oo for Ughtinc J'un4. •


/J 1 ________ Lidex to Retolutio~ _P-4 Ly th~Board of Repretentativet of the City of Tam~Florida ___________ ___ • DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 1484 1488 1491 1492 HK 1498 1508 1609 1519 1516 1517 1618 MONTH DAY Y•AII .1u, 2l 1917 BOA.RD OF PORT COMMISSIOWJiRS-Reaol.requeatizic •• to reaoin4 Reaol.requeatinc"the City Counoil to levy a one llill tax tcr the uae ot aaid Board for the Year 1917 • .1u, 28 1917 BOHDS--Reaol.authorizing City to. borrow 126,000.00 for General Fund. Aug 30 1917 BUDGlr-KIBORITY' RIPORT-IIt •hall be unlawtul tor the City or Taq,a in any -.nner to incur any ind.ebte4neaa in exceaa • • . the appropriation tor aaid year, a• pron.dee! in th1• charter.• J.uc 31 1917 BUDGl'1'--Re1ol.adoptinc Budcet and Tp 1.#ry tat' Fi1oal year 1917.1918. Sep , 1917 BUDGm'--Reaol.dpf,t;6'cl3udiet and 111 tnori&iDC Tax Lny tor the Filcal year June "1,1911 to -31, 1918. Sep 18 1917 BONDS--Reaol. authorizi!C' City to borrow lesoo.oo fer Ughting Fund. S.p 26 1917 ooims--Reaol.m.ithorizing City to borrow t2s,ooo.oo for General Fund. Oot NOY Nov 16 1917 BOIDB-Reaol.authorizinc City to borrow 11000.00 tor Lic)\ting Fun4. 2a 1917 BAYSHORI Bll"D.--Reaol.directinc ope_ninc 1treet extadinc northeasterly trc:m junction or Bayahore,lfacnolia a: Swann AYH.Jto. 6 1911 BONDS-Re1ol.authorizing City to Borrow 166,000.00 tor Interest on Bonda Func1a. 6 1917 B ONDS--Reaol.authorizing City to borrow lsooo.oo ror Park Fund. • 6 1917 OOBDS-Reaol.authorizing City to borrow 17000.00 tor Li&hting Fund. 6 191T BOWDS--Reaol.aathorhinc City to borrow lsooo.oo for Internal Improvement F\ln4. 1519 .lfOT 20 1917 BUILDING IIISPICTOR--Reaol.oondemning old BuilcUJlC at 909 L Wqette St • • • 1520 lfcw 27 1917 BUDGm'--ltesol.authorid.nt Trane.or 13000.00 trom C•.Fund to Publioity Fund to aplOJ a Bud to l'urniah muaio at Public Parka 1630 Deo 18 1917 BOBD,otZ.P.Freeaan--Reeol.authorizi!2g Vqor to execute ot fudg-bt againat 1-., IT-Al f .cr the 1ua ot 12600.00. 1631 Dec 18 1917 BOND8~••ol.authorh1~ City to borrow t1000.oo tor Park Fund. 1632 Dec i6 1917 BOBDS-Reaol.authoridng City to borrow tsooo.oo tor Internal Improvaent Fund. 1635 Jan 8 1918 BO'ND8--Re1ol.authori1inc City toborrow $5000.00 for Parka Fund. 1537 Jan 8 1918 BOARD-1te1ol.-.Jcing Rule• governing prooedure ot the City Bounoil ot the Cit:, ot Tampt.,l'la. 1M8 Feb 12 1918 BUDGIT-Reaol.authorhing Trani.or 13600.00 tr0111 Cem.Appropri9:tion to Fir--.n• • Appropriation. 1553 l'eb 26 1918 BUDGl'l'-Reaol.authoridng Trana.or 12000.00 trom Cm•teey Fund to the Internal laprovanent Fund,f'or p&Ting Jteya,Ola &: Weat St • 1563 1572 1578f 1579 1584. 158' 1585 1586 1588 1590 1590 1591 1591 1592 1592 1596 1696 1599 1600 1601 1602 1604 1805 1606 9 1918 BUDGft--Reaol.authoriziDC Trana.or t1so.oo trom Cemetery Fund to Public lmprOY•nt Fund tor parlJlC Ola & Sta. 7 1918 BUDGET--l 1918 BONDS-Ree~l.authoridng City to borrow $30,000.00 tor General Fund. I.UC 27 1918 BONDS--Reaol.authorizing_City to borrow 16000.00 for Lighting F\an4. ' ?:T 1918 BUDGll'--Reaol.adopting apprOY&l or Tax Budget tor F11oal year 1918, !ug ?:T 1918 BUDG11' m.llage t~r 1918. St1p 10 1918 BONm~eaol.atthoridng Ci t7 to borrow 110,000.00 tor Internal ImprOY ... nt F-. Sep 10 1918 BONDB-:-RHol.authorhing C _ity to borrow 12000.00 ror Park ,un4. Sep 17 1918 BOJIDS_Heaol.authoridng City to bcrrn 16000.00 for Ughtinc Fund. Sep 27 1~18 BUDGl1'-..lteaol.t1xing ae.lariea at oertain City otticial1 and eiaployNa, Tarioua Departmenta, ftoe Oot l 1918 OOIDS--Reaol.authorizing City to borrow $25,000.00 for Gceral Fun,. • • [ ] D


• D 0 t • ... NUMBER 1808 1610 1612 1613 1616 1616 1617 1620 1621 1622 1623 1624 l6SO 1640 1641 1669 1661 1684 1666 1668 1669 1674 1677 1678 1679 1681 1682 1683 1686 1687 1689 1690 1691 1691 1694 1696 1697 1'709 1716 llM 1'771 1712 17'73 1714 1786 1792 1791 DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YKA" Oot 8 1918 BONDS-.Re1ol.1.uthor1dng -01ty to borrow 12600.00 for Parlca Fund. Oo~ 29 1918 BUDGIT-..Reaol.d1reot1ng trans. 13600.00 tromPublio1ty Fund to Sud.t&rJ Dept. li\m4 to ... t inoreue ot Oct 29 1918 OONDS--~eaol.authorizing City to borrow t1000.oo for Library Fun4. Oot 29 1918 BONDS--Reaol.authorizing City to borrow 16000.00 tor Licht1n& FuJMl. lloT 6 1118 OONDS-Reaol.authoriai~ City to borrow ll0,000.00 tor Internal hiprOY•ent Fund. ll'OT 12 1918 BOIDh _.Jieaol.authorizirg City to borrow 146,500.00 tor Interest on Bonda 'um. • Nn 12 1918 BONDS-..Re1ol.1.uthorid11g City to borrow t5000.00 far Ughti~ Ptincl. n.. 10 1918 BILL'S ADDITION TO UJIPA--a ••• 1.1.uthorid~ purohaae ot Blk.6-,. ot Subn. • Deo 17 1918 B.,...TIIDING IBBPEC'l'OR--Reaol.oandemning traae l,uil41nc on Lot 6,Blk.90• Gen.Map ot 1'•p&,lcnowD a, 210 \'lliti~ St. Deo 17 1918 BUILDING IHSPICTOR--Reaol.oondlllning trame building on Lot l,Blk.l• ot Char.lea Addition, known 1.1 1008 Aahley St. Dec 17 1918 BUILDING INSPICTOR--Reaol.condemninc Oil Lot O,Blk.18.Park Plaoe Add. ,lcnoan aa 2614 Corrinne St. Deo 17 1918 BUIIDING INSPECroR--Reaol.oondeniJJg tr ... building OD Lot lS,Blk.91, LW.Smith'• Add.,lcnown u 126 Franlclin st. • • Jan 21 1918 BUILDING IWSPECroR--Reaol.oondsni.JJg trme buildinc on Lot l,Blk.6,llu1roe & llointo1h, 2410 Tanpa S:t. 111.y 6 1919 BUDOft--Reaol.authoridng Finance Committee with the Auditor to purchase 6" Bonda ot the 1896 issue or the City ot T•pa. Vay 13 1919 BUILDING INSPmroR--Resol.oonciemning tran building on IJ>ta 13 & 14,Blk.a>, Turana ••t Ybor.cor.23rd St. & 6th Aue 19 1919 BUDGEr-~eaol.adopting Tax Budget far Flaoal year 1919. Aue 26 1919 JDS-Reeol.wthorid11g City to borrow t26,ooo.oo tor Internal Improv .. nt Puna. Sept 9 1919 City to borrow 126,000.00 tor Geural Funa. Sep 9 1919 BDS-Re1ol.authorizii:g City to borrow t5ooo.oo for Lighting P\md. Sep 2S 1919 OOHDS--Re1ol.1.uthori1ing City to borrow t1&,ooo.oo tor Internal Imprcw•ent Fund.. Sep 2a 1919 UILDilfG INSPBCTOR--Reaol.conclaning frame building on Lot 1, Blk.S, ot Ybor Height• Subn, 2916th St. Oot 14 1919 oims--Re1ol.1.uth~rizing City to borrow t20,ooo.oo tor Geural Fund. Oot 28 1919 BOJmS-Reaol.authorizlng Ctiy to borrow t6000.oo for Lighting Fund. Oot 28 1919 BONDS-RHol.1.uthorizinc City Baildtncwinapector to condemn l'raevbldc. on Lot 6• Blk.70, Tbor City Subn.,l911-17th st. Oct 28 1919 :OONDS-Resol.authoridng City BlA! oondmin trame on Lot 6,Blk.'70, Ybor City Subn., 1909-17th St. Bov 18 1919 oNDS--Resol.authorizing City to borrow 11000.00 for Library-Fund. NOY 18 1919 City to borrow l&ooo.oo tor Lighting Fund. BOY 18 1919 ONDS--Reeol.authorizing City to borrow 136,ooo.oo tor InterHt on Bonda Fund. Dec 2 1919 LIA.RD, Maud L • :U.Var to enter into oontraot with said peraon tor adTertilinc Tampa. ao. 11 1919 UDG1l'-Re1ol.authorid11g Trana. or Uoo.oo for • ... paper Adv. to Mr•• Maude L.Baillard, tor ach'erti1inc Ito. Deo 9 1919 UDGIT--Reaol.authorizing Trana.ot 12110.20 trmn Publicity Fund to General Fuu, for Patro1-n•• aalari•• Dec 16 1919 omrr, John w.--Reaol.authorizinc re.rune! to said person tor 1919 Tax•• paid on a: 4,Blk.10, Robl•• Add.f,2. Dec 16 1919 UDGIT-Reaol.authoridng Tran•• ot 110,000.00 tran Internal blprcw.Fund to Park Fun4. Jan 11 1910 UIIDING IUSPECTOR--Reaol.oC\ndmen1ng tr•e bu1ldiJ2c on !Dt 2, Blk.82, Gen. llllp ot Tupa, a)7 Fla. Ave. Jan 13 19a) UILDIBG IBSPECTCll--Reaol.oomemm~ frame buildiD& on tot 2,Blk.82• Gen.Ma.p of T•pa• 211 Floric!a Ave. Jan 13 1920 UILDING INSPECTOR-Reaol.oondmning trmne building on It>t 3• Blk.82, Gen.Map or Tampa, all Fla. JI.Ye. Jan 27 1920 IEKWITH, Lutie exohaac• Blk.S ot ... Plaoe, between City and Hid &to. j;pr 13 192:> NDS--Reaol.authorbing City ~41tor to illYest 1111lcing Funds in 5% City ot Tanpa Bonda. Vay 11 1920 IG UTrLE ISLAND--Reaol.on que1tion ot purohaae or tor Park Purpo••• be sumutted to at Gen.lleotion. Jun 15 1920 BOABD--Reaol.appoin~ing Stand C011111litte•• for fiscal year. S91> 14 1920 BOHDS-~eaol.authoriaing City to borrow t7600.oo tor Lighting Fund. Sep 14 1920 B01'08-lte1ol.authoridng City to borrow tso,000.00 tor General Fund. Sep 14 19a:> BOIIDS--Reaol.authorizing City to borrow t6000.00 for Parka Fund. Sep 14 19a:> BONDS-Resol.auttl orizi~ City to borrow 115,000.00 for Internal Iapronment Fund. S11p 28 1920 OOARD OF P'OBUC INSTRUCrIO!l--Reao.endorlinc and ocaaundinc appropriate action bJ aa:ld Board and the Truste• ot Sp•lal S~hool Diat.l&,that bond iaaue be aut:borbe4 to proTicle neceHar;y add.aohotl taoUiti••••• Oot 21 l9a:> OONDS-Resol.authorizinc Cit)r to borrow tl5,ooo.oo tar Internal Imprcw&ent Fun4. Oot 21 1920 BONDS--Reaol.m.ithoriziD& City to borros tso,000.00 ror General FulMI. • •


• ______ ---.-LI.du: to Re.olatiom Pwed Ly tl.e Board ol ReprnentatiYet~ tlie City ol Tamp ~a,~Fl_ o__::____.n _ •da _________ ..__ ______ _ DATE NUMBER MONTH DAY l 'TM Oot 21 1806 NOY 9 1806 NOT 9 1807 NOT 9 1811 BOT 11 1816 NOY 23 1818 NOT so 1822 Deo 3 184S Deo 31 • Y&AII 1 9 20 1920 1920 1920 1920 1920 1920 1920 1920 SUBJECT MATTER :ecnms--Reeol.authorhing CitJ. to boITow 11000.qo for Lightiq Fund. OtmS..!tea o l .~uthorizing City to borrow 15600.00 for ghtinc F\Jm. ND8--Reaol.authoriling Ci~y to borrow 140,000.00 tor Interest on Bonda Fund. BONDS--Reaol.authoridng ~ity to borrow taooo.QO tor Library F\Jnd. BtJDGBT--R•a?l•authorizinc '?ram.ot t200.oo tr0111 Polio• Fund to Publio1ty Fund t9r Armiat1oe l)ay Celebration. BONDS....Reaol.~tityiq, and contil"lllinc tiling by Mayor and City AttDJ.9t Talidat• Inclebt.Bond1,1to. BUDG11'-~esol.tran1. llS,~86.00 trc:m Ctmeteey Fund to Inter!l&l Imrpwy.F\Jnd tor -., Fla. Ave & TIIJIIPa St. BALIDT--Re1ol."4opt i:ng fOl"JR ot \)allot to be uaed a t apeoi&l.eleotion to be held Deo.T,19201 tor Jlqcr COIIIILe and 4 Ccmn.!&iJJg_ ••~• or Retundii,g Bonda. I . . j . . • • l ..


,-------------Index to Resolutions Pa1sed tLe Board of Repretentatives~f the City ~f Tam_pa, Florida e, NUMBER 1-.1 14-A 21-A 0 36-.A. 70-.A. 74-A 85-.A. 96-.1 102-.A. 103-.A. 109-.A. 110-.A. 123-.A. 124-.A. 125-.A. 13~.A. 14 3-.A. 144-.A. 147-A D 158-.A 164-A 168-.A. 169-.1 170-.A. 172-A 176-.1 181-A 186-A 186-A 194-A 197-A 0 201-A 20:?-J. 203-.A. 219-.A. 220-.A. 221-1 222-A 223-.A. 224-A 228-A 230-A 236-A 238-A 247-A DATE MONTH DAY YllA,_ Jan 4 1921 Jan 11 1921 Jan 19 1921 1eb l 1921 Mq 10 1921 Ma7 17 1921 Jun 14 1921 Jul 5 1921 Jul 12 1921 . Jul 12 1921 Jul 26 1921 Jul 26 1921 Aue 16 1921 Aug 16 1921 Aue 16 1921 Sept 6 1921 Sept 20 1921 Sept 20 1921 sep, 27 1921 SUBJECT MATTER 1 w. J. BAJllliff-llectint; sue a• Mqor-Oo•l•eloner, pro-tea, of the Cit1,a hold office at the plea1ure of the 001111i11~on. BnnrLllT'S ADDITIOW TO. !'ORT BROOE-ProT1.fing for retdnd of erroneou1ly paid taxee againet Lot 10, Blk.3, said subn • to J!.11.Sl o. R'OlllAII :BAUGHMA!T-llec'1,on of aame to fill Tacancy in Library ~oard of the City of . . DR. L.A. BIZI-De6,i gnating same to fill post a• member of Ho1pital Joard (fifl members) of the City. BUDGJlT-Authorhl ng tranafer of from General Jund to certaiR numeroua other f'wld accounts of t.he 01t7 Departments, e,c. (Police, Sanitary, Pure Food, Hydrant Rental, Water, Hospital, etc., etc.). BUDGIT-Tra.neferr!ng certain funda of the Cit7 of Tampa and closinc certain accounts. etc. . . . BUDGET-.Authori1ing transfer from Miscellaneous appropriation of General Fund to Of ficial Salary of General 1und, etc. BUDGET-City Manager makin g report and bud8t estimate for fiecal year 1921, and same being adopted by OOIIID11eion. . JUIXm!-Authori1ing Commia1ion to borrow fund• a,;alnat taxee leT1.ed for Libr&17 J'un4 for 1921, etc. BUDGET-Authori1iDg Oomaiaaion to borrow againet taxes leT1.ed for Engineerint; Dept., for the year 1921, etc. BUILDING -Ordering deatruction of buildi~ on L~t• 10 and 11, Bik.24, of ~sat !ampa SubdiTiaion. . . BUILDINO-Ordering de1truction of building, propert7 of J.V. Morrie, at S07 S. Oregon .A.Te. . . -BUDGIT-Authorizinc Oommiasion to borrow againet taxea levied for General lund for year 1921, etc. BUDG:IT-Authorizing Oo11111iaeion to borrow &&&inst tax•• levied for Public Lighting Fund for 7ear 1921, etc. -BUILDIJJG llfSPJ:CTOR-Dondemnation of building at 1W corner of Blk:. 3, Jinkley, to lt. Brook Sub., ex•ending to Zack St., Jcnown as 821 Zack Street, owned b7 John Sherman. DR. J,J. A. BABldl-Providing for. timewhen 1al&17 of 011;7 Ph71ician 1hall commence, etc. BUDGJ:T-Tranafer of from unapprppriated balance of-Gener-1, lund, to HealthnDept. for Cit7 Phyaicia.n, etc. of funds to pr0vide for Oleu-up lwid,. etc. u BUDOBT-iequiring OitT Health Officer to pre1ent to Oommi1aion each month, e&timate expenditure, neceeear; for _carr7inc on ne w work of Health Dept., etc. Oct 4 1921 MAY P. B~RIOX--Ordering Health Officer to cut weed, on Lot 11, Blk.11, We&t H7de Park Subn. owned b7 1ue. Oct 11 1921 BOURQ.U.A.!lDIZ SllBDIVISIOlf-Isl'l\18.nce of certificste of indebtedn••• agaiu7 Lot 7, Blk.-l, said 1ubn., and. cancellation of_,..__ Oct 18 1921 BOJIIDS-Authorizing certain b6nd1 to be signed b7 Mqor-00111mi11loner, Ci~y Mftnager an4-0omptroller, et6,iorrowinc tJOQOOO.~. Oct 18 1921 BONDS--BORBIWIIG-Authorizln borrowing of $5(),000 again1t taxe1 levied on General :Jund for 1921, etc. Oct 18 1921 BOIDS-BOB.BOWINGAuthor~linc borrowing of $15,000 alll nit taxes leT1.ed upon !ubl1c L1Cht1nc Jund tor 7elll' 1921, etc. Oc5 31 1921 BAYSHola: DRIVI-Tranafer of funds for cleaning brulh, etc., after recent atora, to Engineerinc Dept. loT l 1921 BOllDS-Directlng the payment of intere1t on Gra1s7 Ialand Bond,, b7 the City of Tampa. lfoT 8 1921 BUILDIJ10 OON'DEMIATIOl'-.A.uthorhint; same at corner of Brand Central and South Orleana, propert7 of G.S. Middleton. Nov 15 R'OT 15 R'ov 22 Iov 22 B'OT 22 ,. lfov 2~ NoT ?2 Dec 13 Dec 13 Dec 13 Dec 13 Dec 13 1921 BATSHOBJI! BOULEVARJ).J)etitionera asking that Breftrd .A.Te. from Bqahore to Swann be paTed, etc. 1921 BDVABD .A. W:BUB--------------------S.Ad AS DOV!-----. -------------. -1921 B ~ AVINtm-Oonfirming report of Cit:, lCngineer on completion of laying eewer on said avenue from Morrison Ave., to near Bristol. 1921 l9til!GJ. A~onfirming report of Oi t7 Ent;ineer on comple tion of pqing sewer on 18id 1treet from Bruce St., to iremont • 1921 Iro'DGET-Appropriating $608.00 to Civil Service Board from General :Jun.d. 1921 ]ONDS-~orrowing $25,000 a gainst taxes levied uupon Intere1t and Bond Fund for the year 1921, etc. 1921 BUILDING IWSPEC't'Oll-Authorizi ng condemnation of building known a1 9 00 Ge.rcia.lTe. 1921 BUroET-Tra.nafer of $4oo from Unappropriated !ltlance of General Fund to the Police Department for furnishings and auppli••• 1921 PUDOET-Tranef•r of $896.41 from Sanita17 Dept. appropriation to Police Department to cover pri1on lBbor to Dec.l, 1929. 1921 BUDGET-~renafer of $600.00 from Sanitary Dept. to Police Dept, for ae.laey of turn-key, ea,lo yed b7 Police Dept. 1921 BUDGET-Transfer from U , e.ppropriated Bala.nee of $196.14, to the "0leen-Up"J'und. 1921 BUDGl:T-Tranafer of $500.00 from Unappropriated Balance of Genera1 fund to PolicF llept., ffr paint, etc. Dec 13 1921 BABBACXS FOR 1IELD AR!'ILLERT-Instructing City Manager to include $10,000 for erection of eame, in the Budget. Dec 20 1921 BUDGET-Tranafer of' $1175.00 from Unappropriated IAl.ance of General Fund to Health Dept. for Cit,-Peyaician. .. Dec Jan Jan Jan 20 10 10 17 1921 1922 1922 JruroET-Transfer of $1500 from Unappropriated Bala nce of Ge•1eral Fund to Health Dept., for 1alaey of Meat Inspactor. BUDGET-Tranafer of $1200 from General !'u.nd to thePolice Dept. for mainenance of ta•"•d•. BUDGET-Tranafer of $1200 from account "Oommi1aion on Collection Pereonal Taxe 1 • to account •oontr•bution• (Detention Ho••• BUDG~T-Tranete~r ot fund, from Civil SerTice to Health Dept. for t,pewriter. •


______ ___,_ lndes to. Re•olution1 Paued by tLe Board 0 Repre1entative1 ~ the City 0 Tampa, Florida DATE NUMBER MONTH DAY 248-:A Jan 17 250-A Jan. ~4 263-A Ju 31 168-.& Feb 21 . . 169-.& hb 21 ...... Feb 21 zi1.._ Jiu-T 275-A liar T 282-A Illar HT 293-A Mar 28 296-.l Apr ' 297~ Apr ' 310-• Mq 9 :n6-.1 Mq lb 319-.A. Mq 23 238-A. Jun 1 3 329-.A. JU.U 13 330-A JuA 16 331-A J~ 16 336-A Jul 6 34o-A Jul 11 345-.A. Jul 18 • 346-A. . Jul 18 347-A Jul 1S 36o-A Jul 26 36o-• Jul 26 361-A Jul 27 362-• Aue 1 365-• Aue 1 361-• A,ac 1 . . '67-• Aue 1 383-A Aue 22 389-A Sept 12 393-A Sept 12 ,,a.-.1 lept 12 )96-A Sept 19 397-.A. Sept 19 398-.A. lept 19 lto5-• Sep\ 26 lioS-.A. Oot ' ~13-A 0o, 3 -111-.A. Oot ' 414-.A. Oct 3 ~15-A Oct 3 ~19-A Oct 17 Y&AR 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 . 1922 1922 1.922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 SUBJECT MATTER JUDG:Sf-'franefer of :tu.nd1 from Park Jund to General Jund for repairing furnitu-re at !aippa _Bey Hotel. JODGft-franefer of $9()00 from llebralka Storm Sewer ~propriatioa to the Hurrioauelun4. BlJDGJ:r -Tnnst~l'ing 11081.00 to Polio• Dept. Budget for npeuea under-the Mir TN.ttio Or41nanoe, paint tor ao. BUDGJ:r -Traut.rring 1292.50 t\an4• to Polio• Dept. Budgn. BUDGa' --tra1terring t&oo.oo to take oar• ot th• 1ndigenis Poor, .. . BUDGBr-fr•uterriDg 1260.00 to 111• aooaullt ot !ax ColJ.otor and tr .... urer, ao. Ill. LOUIS A. BISS --TIIIUlering tbanta to Dr. Bile tor hi• lerTioea, upon hit reaignatian a• aaber ot th• Hoapltal Board. BRBV'aD AYmrol -Rea PaTing ot Bnftrd tr• Bq1hore BlTd. to Swann ATeinue,. ao. BUDGa' -fru•terri~ l'und• 1&67.T& to th• Pollo• Depar1amt Budget, ao. BUILDllG IIBPa:TOR -Jlot1oe ot oon4--t1on Lota t • 6 Bloolc T Le1l91' • ,Addltion,lOOT-09-11 8eoond ATmue. BUDGI! --qpropriatlng ltl7.8& trm Unappropriated Fund Bal. to puroha•• drintbg toantaiu, Bto. sunon--.approprlating 1160.00 troa Unappropriated Fund Balano• a• option on th• puroha•• ot Lithia 8pring1, ao. Boan o~ GUSSY ISLAND-Directing payment of ,aid bond and ~RIS~'OL AVEIUZ-Petitionere aartng tnat eMle be paved from Howard ~nuu• to Alb~ .A.venue. 15.lYS.ttCllE llltl"YE-'1'ranef•r of funda to J:a:agineertng\, Hurricane Account, etc. . . Jm'DGET-Tranefer of ~und1 to Police Dept •• Cit7 ~er'• lffice. and TaJt Collector. etc. !lAlUSUtt ~O•DS-.Adnrti1ement • 1ale and i11uance of, .... etc. JUDca BOIDI-Oancelling Re1ol. 329-1.. relatln to ••• IIARJOll !01ID8-Dir•cting adnrtieeaent. 1ale and i11WU1ce of same and fixin,; cerrain 4-taile. etc. .,-BODGET-.A.doptln& a budget for th• filaal 7ear endia Ma, 31. 1923. ( Oricinal i.eeolution attached to Budcet and filed un~er flJ02 (Budcet). BA.TSHOD DRIVE-Directing certain repair• to 1ame. JroDG~!-Jorrowinc ,000 againet tax•• levied and upon Engineerin& Dept. rund for 1922. BUDG!!'l'-lSorrowing $ 30,000 against taxe1 levied and aese1Hd ._..,.~&blic Lightin fund Jor 7ear 1922. JIUDGft-~orrovin& $3000 againet taxe1 leTied. an4 &1H1Hd upon Libraey luntl for yea~.192t. BI, IIA!'BOI-Pronding for lanaace of .... , pronucl for in ••ol. c1a\ecl 1.6\h of"••• aD4 acceptillc 'bicl of Barril ~or'be1 for 1.-wort. etc. Jil>l----------------------------8.AJCI AS ilOft---------------------------. JIDI-.A.cceptlng 1W for harbor lapronaent• b7 NcGucaa, llcGucaa aD4 J&4war4•. w. LIILIT BROWI-Pronding for election and tenun of a OU7 llapcer, aacl a,ppoiDting ..,.. Mid upcer. !m70I l'flll!-Pnitioner1 reque1t111g that _•aid 1treet be panel froa ICorriloa to !rhtol "'""•• :BRUCD 8flllt-la1tructiag f..,a Water Work• Oo. to lq water •• aacl erect ~draat1 Oil •aid frN Morrtaoa to lrhto aacl Oil Brl1tol. froa Bruce 8tre•t \o ~reaoat. ' Dl8!0L llfllll!-------------------UIII .A.I A.BOU--------------------------. r BOIDS-.Aa.thorhlnc the sale of lenmae Jon41 for the General hD4. . B0Dcat-Tran1f•r of 1300 Unappropriated Jalaace of Gen. h!Ml, to Health Dept. for clipbtherta prenatioa. DI8!0L •~•t1t1oura ••iiac that 1aae be paTe4 froa lo. llo• to welt line of Bruce Street. . BUDCa!-ApportloalDC $12,500 naaecl in th• budcet of the Cit7 u oolltrlbutioa,. JUDG1f-fran1fer of fund1 Polle• Dept., to Gar'bac• Collectioa and Street cleaniac Dept •• to conr •illteunce of ,ljtocka • . . JUDGIT...lorrowinc tJ,000 acataat ta.u1 ~Tied ipoa Liff&l7 1UD4 for 79ar 1922. . BUDCDf...Borrowlac acatll1t taxe1 lerle4 upoa Geural 111114 for 1922 an4 hninc boa4• ill ooaaectioa thffewllh. $150 fr• Unapproprlatet Jalaac• of General lun4 to e .. llueoua Coatrl'butiou Ace\. of haeral run4. llUDCBt-.Borrowiac $5,000a agalll1t tue1 lened u.poa JITdr&Dt llental Juad tor 1922, e,o. JODCat-fran•f•r of $200 •• Oollectloa acl atreet Oleanlnc Dept. to the. Pol_lc• epart ... t. JIUILDUG ISIPIOfOl,.proTtcliac for acl teau.n of offloe of .... of the Oi ,_, of tupa. .&rm B.UffOllJ), APPOD'l'IJrG tiMI ------------IAIII AS I JBOT.1-----------. JODOJ!-franaferrlnc hD4• Polle• Dept to Gar'bag~ Colleotion aacl •tree\ Oleaniac Dep,., to conr •lar7 of 8toclca4• Ice r. JUDGl!-CorrecUn le1olut1on lo. 1'18-.l,lftlatin to p&1119at on ooatract with !up& 8hip'bu1141DC and actaeerlac ~. etc D 0


0 NUMBER 422-A 423-A 424-A 432-A 457-A 462-A 463-A 463-A 463-A 467-A 471-A ~0-A lt-89-A lt-93-A 494-A 500-A 501-A 501-A 512-A 513-A 514-A 515-1. 516-1. 517-A 518-1. ,..,_.,. 566-1. 575-A 597-1. 598-A 599-A 624-1. 632-A 637-A 638-A 640-1. 647-A 6i.s-1. 649-A DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YKAl'I Oct 17 1922 BUIIG•t-!ranferrinc .2,000' froa Encineer1e lu4gtit tor new 4oca, to the 1/3 SanUa17S.wer Jwa4, etc. ( 0c, 17 192'2 JUDGl!-Borrowiac ,000 &&a1n•t tu•• paned upoa Publ_lc L1pUnc 1uD4 for th• 7ear 1912, etc. (Bond•) Oct 17 1922 BlJDGl!~orrowizac t30~000 acala•t \azH leTiecl upoa .. 1uer1DC .Uep\~-tor J:922~ etc. (Bond•). ii ., Oct 31 1922 Jtmep•. (Apprai•al Acct.) of lagr. Jund•. 30 1921 B.uJ. 8mn-&onfiraing report of Ci\7 ID&taeer on coapl•t~oa of lqing •ewer on Hcond allq I. of leb. An., from lunice .A: I. to alle7 I. of Ball Street, thence I. to fint allq I. of Ball St. to Ouear St., etc • ._ 30 1923 BOID-Dlrectln& ~nt of to latlonal 01,7 B,mk, on :Bon4, lo • .l, held b7 Bank. Ju BOID ~tru•ferrlnc fulld• Port Boacl Ju4 to th• Port Denlopuat 1wM1. / . BUDGI!------~------------------...:.~ M aou-----------------. J'eb l'eb 30 30 13 13 1923 1923 1923 1923 BUlm>IJD IIBPIC!O!l-CoacleanaUon of builclin situated on Lot 6, Blk.46, of lbor Clq SubdiThloa, lmowa. •• 1701 -3 -15th Stl • BUILDIIO of bulldinc lodated on•• aide of Lot 6, llk.46, of Tbor CU7 Buba. knowa 1502 -6th Aw. • . J'eb 13 1923 BUILDIIO IIIPIO!QI-Ooacleanatioa df buil41nc locate cl 011 I.ot 6, Blk. 46, of Ybor 01 t7 fiuba. known a• 1707 -15th Street, Jeb 13 1923 mD11U IIIPSO!CII-Oond.emUoa of bull.41nc located on Lot 6, BUc.46, of Ybor 011',7 Sinn. known u 1705 -15\h ltl'M~ -J'eb Jeb Jeb Apr 13 13 13 1 1923 1923 1923 1923 1923 BUILDUO mnctaa-CondeuaUon •of bu1141nc located on Lot 7, BUc.13, Bllua Busa 8ulra. lmowa 2807 -ael•t Street. -BUILDIIG IISPSC!OB,-Oonde-tloa of bu1ld1DC located 011 J.o\ 10, Blk.21, hraan'• Ybor lubn. lmowa u 2210 -5,h Aft. BUIL.DIIG 11•so!-AOceptiDc •-~f !ampa Water Work• Ooap~ for tl,377,000, !aapa Water lora ~ue •oada. !UDGIIB~orrowlDc ,000 acaiae, lertecl upon Public LtchUaf lu4 for 1923.., etc. BIG ISLaDI-Authorlslng of thrN to t17 to effect a O&DClllaUoa of tor L1 ttle aD4 Bia hlancla. B

.._ _____ __,;,;;.::Index to Re.olutiom Paaed Ly tlie Board of Re]!reNDtativet1 of tlie Ci9 of Tampa, Florida NUMBER 885-A 686•A 88'1-il 888-A 889-il 882-A 883-A 88'-A 710-A 711-A 717-.A. 748-A 764-.A. 772-.A. 778-J. 781-A 782-A 787-A 791-J. 805-~ 807-A 808-.A. 810-.A. 812-J. 812-A 821-A. DATE SUBJECT MAT7ER Sep 26 1921 BOID& -Dlreoting ,:JJV. tcr BIDS tor Water Work• Blctenlicn Bonda. 0ot S 192a BJ.TTIS SftBBf • -PaT1ng ot Betti1 Str•t troa Taft 1-o Woodlawn, Bto. Oot S 1911 BOJmOWillG 120,000.00 --Borrowing t20,ooo.oo troa Pablio Lighting 1'1uul, ao, Oot S 1921 BOUOWIJIG la,000.00 ta,000.00 tr• Jllaltllc Ll-tM; 1'm4, ao. Oot Oot Ooil Oot Oot Oot Oot Dec Dec Dec feb Mar Mar Mar Apr Apt Mq Ma7 -Mq Mq Mq Kq Ma, Mq M&T Mq Ml!ty M&T May M&T MIi" Jun Jun Jun Jul Jul Jul I 192! BORROWDG tao,000.00 -Borrowing tao,000.00 troa IDgi.uering l"lml. ao. S -1921 BOJUl)ll[BG 126,000.00 -Borrow111g 12&,000eOO troa GelleralPand ot thr City ot T•Pa, Bto. 11 1921 18 1921 23 1911 Sl 1928 so 11923 4 1923 4 1923 11 1923 19 1924 4 1924 18 1924 25 1924 i 1924 l 1924 15 1924 22 1924 13 . 1924 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 13 19~4 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 20 1924 27 1924 27 1924 10 192~ 14 1924 17 1024 l 1924 g 19~ 8 1924 G. liJOJUID BltJGBIIAW -Appo1Jl\lng G. Wonu Ba11g)lalla u Tru1tN of Li'brUT 1'm4. BOJDI -Calling eleotion tor h111uoe ot Boad1 tcr Tario111 blporT••nt• , City ot Tap&, sto. BUOOIT -Truaterring hn4• tor the 001t ot Stnet Pmng, Ooeola ATeme troa Jloae to Oregan. BOE :-CaDoellng Liability BoJl4 ot Jl.S. Cobb, ao. BRAICII AV.111 -Pa..S. ng ot Bl'uoh _._. troa Wilcler t,o IZIMI A'NIIII•• ao. !UDGJ;T-'l'ranaferrin f'lndt fr011 n.riou1 clepartmenl• of the General 1und to the Senita17 Department. BUDGET --BOIDl-:Borroving $:>0,000 acainat le'rlecl •• the Intereat an Bonda Jund for 1923. BUJTALO .A.VD'tm-J)etitionera aakin -that aaae be paTed Florida .A.-renue to lebraaka .An. BtJDGKT-&ancelling Ileaol. :lo. 71f>+-A. relat1Te to tranafer of fJ,619.21, Balance of General Jund, etc. and authorizing voucher to be drawn for Cheater B. Natslicl, etc • . BURIAL GJlGIOippReeolving that certain land on the ea1t aide of the Hillaborougb Ri•er, for cemetery purpo1e1, be kntvn at A!nraide Cemete!T, etc. BUDG~T-A.utborizing tr~D.Bfer of $500 from Unappropriated Balance of Engineerin fund to •cct. fl26 G-I to cover coat of site or lire Station in Seminole Heights. BUDGET-Authorizing comptroller to approve payment of additional e:xpenaea of Gordon Keller Hoepital up to $10,000.00, etc. BUDGJff-Transferring certain funds • ao a1 to carr7 on mosquito extermination work by Health Department. BOtrnS-Directing advertisement of $100,000.00 water work1 ~xten11on bonda, etc. BUDGET-Transferring $1,000 from Sundr7 Miacellaneoua G@neral lund to Xlection Fund for expenses in connection with election, etc. lroDGft-Tra~sfer of fund1 from Sund17 Appropriation,to City Appropriation, Purchasing Agent appropriation to Elect ical Appropriation and Purchasing Appropriation to Municipal Judce Appropriation, etc. BOVDS-Iasuance of $215,000 bond• ~or addition to City Hoepital and $:,j,000 bondt for addition for colored hospital, etc • BOIDS-le sUllllce of $250,000 for construction of and awarding architect• pri1e etc. . -BOIDS-lasuance of $100,000 bonds for extension of water uind, directill( Encr. to han map made of Balle, with apetification etc. BO~S-Item of $750,00 0 b~ncl• for extension of ,ewer s71tem, and directln,; Encr. to prepare and submit map of eame, etc. BUILDmO-Dir~cting Chie~ of Sanitar7 Dept.,to prepare and submi t pland for buildinc of incinerator and aitea, etc. BONDS-laeuance of $111,000 for improveing Lafqette St,nilast of S.AL ll Tracka. Directinc Engr. to prepare and such plans aa are for thie work, etc . Bom>S-?'aauance of $250,000 for conatruction of bridge at 1ortune St---$)2~,000 for construction of bridce at ~t, and $325,000 for constructionnfof brid&e at Carew St. Directing City Com11i1aioa to gather all data re: BRIDGBl--------------------8.uS-Yixinc rate of interest, •turit7 and place of pa~nnent of $2,691,000 vote~ at the election April 22, 192~/ BIDS-Prescribing method for aherthelllf!nt for aame, by the Purchaeiag DeP"rtmeat. BOlfDS-.Authorizing the sale of ReTenue Bonde foe the Library fund. BBI"lB-.Authorizing acceptance of proposal of Strauae Bescule Co. for plane etc. IASOULE BRIDGI co.----lMCI AS ilOD-------. o


f I . ~nrnann~1111 NUMBER 835-.A. 836-.A. 844-.A. 844-.A. 845-.A. 848-.A. 8~6-.A. 864-.A. 866-.A. 871-.A. 877-.A. 879-.A. 880-.A. 881-.A. 882-.l 884-A 889-.A. 890-.l 895-.A. 897-.A. 898-.A. 899-.l 900-.1. 901-.A. 902-.l 903-.l 905-.A. 906-.1. 907-.l 908-.A. 909-.l 910-A 911-.1. 914-.A. 915-.A.. 916-.l 919-.l 920-.l 921-.l 923-.1. B . lnde2: ' , to , Re.oll.!,tiOnl Pa••e d :;1,yf : , tlie : BoaEC! .q{•'Repr~tative• of 'ttu1 6ty•of: Tampa, : Florida DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&Alt Jul Jul Jul g 192~ BIDS-Accepting diver• bide tor portion• of deTelopment of additional water euppl.7 and wiprovement of,dietribution 17et ... g 1924 BIDS-Bejecting certain bids for develpPaent -ot additional water auppl7-a.nd improvement• to distribution eyetem, etc. Jul Jul Jul Jul Jul Jul Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept 15 15 15 29 29 29 12 12 . 12 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 1924 1924 1924 ~";,j \924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 1924 ,... BIDS-l'roviding for advertisement for bid• and eale of wharf, tire department, sewer, i~cinerator and water bond• of the Cit7. BOIDS-----------------------=-s.AME AS ABOVE------------------------. BCJml-l>roviding for tau.tion to P&7 principal and interest of $2,961,000 bonds voted at election of Apr.22, 1924, and fixing certai n d~taila of said bond•. BONDS-Directing advertieement $500f()00.00 Water Works lxteneion Juda. BCIIDS-Bepealing Reaolution Ho.,848-.A., relative to s ome ($500,000) water wrke extension. BO!IDS-.Aaending ~aol. Ho. 844-.l, providiac tor advertiaement and aale of wharf, r,re Dept, aewer, incinerator and water Bond of the Ci t7 of Tampa. BOIDS-Directing the adve;tiaement of $5000,000 vater work, exteneion..bonds. • $500,000 Oit7 Bonda to •right, Warlow~ ~omp&rq'. . \ . . . BOND$-Autho ridn the of Renevue Bond• tor the Public Lighting lund1. . \'t BONDS-Authorizing the release of $75,000 ~bertT L•an Bondi. 'r -BIDS-Directing Engineer to advertise for•t41 for natural ro~ asphalt, tor certain repair vork of 1treet1. ,. BONDS-Autboridng the 1ale of Bevenue ~ onds fo~he General Jund. BOJIDuthorizinc the sale of •evenue Bond• for the Po~t Develop•nt Fund. . . BOITDS..Autbori~ing the Mlle of Revenue Bonde for the Engineeria.g Jund. -BOBDS•-Authori1ing t h ~ sale of Revenue Bond• for the Library-Fud. !OIDWroTidin tor 1ale of wharf, tire dept, sever, incinerator, water main exten1ion, hospital, Ca1e St. bride•, Carew St. .bridge, 1irtune St. bridp, Parka, Auditoriua, and s\reet wrovemen t bond• o:t th• City of 'l'ampap JB11])8-Repealing Reeol. •o.845-.l, providing adverti1emeftt and eale of vharf, fire dept., aewer, incinerator Jnd water bonda. Sept 16 1924 lroFF.ALO .&.~Confirming report of Engineer on completion of paving said avenue Central Ave. to Florida ~e. se;t 16 1924'., 'BUFFALO A~Oonfi.rming report of J:~11eer on coapl•tion 01' paving eaid avenue from lfebraelca •ve. to Central An. ., Sept 23 BOllD~pealinc Jleeol.,884-.l, which atteapted to repeal another reaol and erroneou11T Aferred to the resolution•• leaol. 8lf5-.l, an4 Re1ol. 84;~.l., etc. (wharf, fire dept.,incinerator, etc.). -19?.4 BRIIOIS...Reque1ting War Dept. for hearin& in reference to 3 bridges aero•• River and pie_ r at Balla1t Po1n\\ and directinc the preparation of plane and apecifications therefor, etc. 1 Sept 30 . Sept 30 1924 BONDS-Authorizing the. eale of lietvenw, Bonda for: the Port Dttveolpaent 1,und. 1924 BOND'~thoridn& the aale of .Revenue 'Bond• for the-Public ~ightinc Jund. .......... Sept 30 192ij BONDS-Authoridngvthe sale of llevenue Bonde for the Park fund. Sept 30 1924 sale of Revenue 'Bond• for General rtmd. );' Sept 30 1924 JUDGET-Direct'ing trant11fer of $1,9~ from Balance of General hnd to lire Dept. for purchaae of lite for a station. Sept 30 1924 ~-jpportioninc $12,~0.000 named in B\J6get of Cit7, a• contribution•. . . . Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 7 192~ BIDS-.Authori2iag advertiaemmt tor bids for construction bl wideninc and paving ller14a ATe. . 7 1924 BIDS-Adverthem~nt for same fo:-construction of partnc Magnolia Aye. 7 1924 BIDS-~verthemen.t for 1ame for widening and pa~n Marion Street. 7 1924 BID~-wrti1ement tor same for widening and pavinc Grend Central Ave. 7 1924 BID8-Advertl1ement for same for v1dening and paving lebraeka An.9 1 C -A Oct 7 1924 BIDS-'dvertiaement tor bide tor widening and pavinc Morcan Street. l-4 Oct 7 1924 BUDG~T-Directing tranafer of fund• fron General 1und to City Commi111on Acct. •f General lund. Oct 14 1924 w. J. BAlUll'l'T, crn coMMISSI0m.-Settia.g u1de oertainpropert7 to be known•• "Barritt Park•. Oct 20 1924 B

, I NUMBER 928-A 929-A 936-.A 937-A 941-A 942-A 947-A 951-A 952-A 953-A 963-.1 963-.l 974-A 974-"-977-A 985-A 991-A 992-A 993-A 994-A 995-A 996-A 997-A 999-A 999-A 1003-A 1007-A 1015-A 1917-A 1 0 18-A 1029-A 1033-A l034-A 1036-A 10 3 8-A 1042-A 1043-A 1054-.A 1055-A 1061-A ,.. . Indes to Re.olutiom Paued Ly tLe Board oE RepreHDtatiTet 0 tL.e City oE Tampa, Florida _______ .__ ________ _ DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YUII Oct 28 1924 BIDS-\dT~rtieement forbid• for pa.Tin& and vi4eninc Kadiaon Street from 1lorida to ~a•t Street. , •o• 2 lJ 1924 l!EcawITH stmDIVISICll-.lUthori dng Toucher for $3,000 to be paid to A. D. Vhale7 for Lot l, Blk. l, aaid aubdi Ti lion. 4 1924 Belawarea lebraaka Aye_ fro• Bichigan An. to ~tlia; Meridian ATe. fro• Elliott St. to ETa St.; WsrrenbATe. from Highland .lTe. to Ola St. --Mar 12 1925 ERIDCBI-Awarding ~ontract for conah'uction of Cas s St. and Platt St. brid&e•, in the Cits of f'ampa. to !tbbett1, Plea1ant, and !eraan. _ Mar 17 1925 !OIDS-City to e2erci1e option and redeea entire ian.e of for Park Purpo•••• etc.-Mar 17 l~c,, IDI-Dtrecting the layi~ of 1anitary aewer1 on certain 11treet1 in the City of !aapa. -' M8r 24 1925 !UDGJ!'f-Tranef er of funt• in eame to conr certain to operatfl Ci rll Sernce Board. Mar 31 1925 BLANCH STIIIT-Directing p•ving ofneaid atree t froa 6th Aw. to India St•••t. Kar 31 1925 . BROAD 8TRll'!-Direct1ng parlnc of 1aid 1treet froa Bebreaka to 12th Street. Mar 31 1925 . !AlLST STDS!-Directing pavio of 1aid street ~ro• Central-Park Subd1Tiaion'• •• line to Jennette Street. Mar 31 1925 BOXDS-?ixing rate of interest, maturity and place of payment of $1,000,000 Ho1pital ionda voted at election 3/17/?5. -Mar 31. 1925 BI~thorhlng adTertisement for bids for conatruct1on• 1ot Municipal Auditorium. Mar 31 1925 BUDGl!!-Trnnafer of fund1 to coTer Election Expenae Code $54. Apr 14 1925 B.lTSIDI SUBDIVISIOB-ProTiding forp purchaee of Lota 4 and 5, ilk.J, said aubn and wate• lot, 4, 5, and 6, aaid aubn •• upon Apr 14 19?.5 B<5D ISstJI-Aetin/rec,nt Bond I1aue for certain imprOTement• urgently needed. Apr 21 1925 JJUDGE'l'-!ranafer of fundt tn 1ame troa Health Dept. to Sa.nita17 Dept, for inspector,, etc. ' --D I . -D •


0 D D ••• i It .. 1'11'1'1TTJ NUMBER 1062-A 1066-A l.067-A 1068-A 1069-A 1070-A 1071-J. 1 0 71-A 1090-A 1102-A 1109-A 1110-A 1115-A 1117-A 1117-A 1126-A • 1132-A 1141-A 1141-A 1148-A 1152-A 1165-A 1193-A 1200-A 1201-J. 1211-A 1212-A 1213-A 121~-A 1234-J. 1267-J. 1268-A 1269-J. 1270-A l2ll-A 1272-A 127 3 -A 1274-A 1275-J. 1284-J. 1291-A 1306-A DATE SUBJECT MATTER . , . .Apr D 1925 . BOBDD SHD!-Con!irming report of :Engineer on coapletion of l~ing ,ever on aaid 1treet from !lliott to Meridian. Apr 21 1925 ' BIDS-Advertisement fa-bid• for paTinc •~•ele Streat.from Roae to Howard J.Te. 21 1925 JIDS-Advertiaement for bid• for paTin& Del.eon Street from Rome J.Te. to So. Dikota An. .Apr 21 1925 BlDS-.A.dTertiaeaeat for bide for p4ving Platt Street from s. Edtaon ATe. to s. Howard Xve. .Apr 21 1925 BlDs-AdTettiaement for bid • for paTing and • •1dentnc Piatt Street from Be.7 Streit to S . An. 21 1925 BIDS-AdTertiaement for bide for paving of St. Clatr St. from l ebraeka Ave. to 9ta._St r ! et. 21 1 925 :BIDS-Adv ertise~ent for bide fo~ pa-ring E!anch Street fr~ 6th Aw. to India Street. -,. Apr 21 192'5 ELA.NOH S!K!E'r------;--------~---SAM! AS .Al!OV!-----------------. .lpr 28 192'5 EATSID! StmDIVISIOW..:.Condemnatton of certain pDopert7, to-Yitr l.o t 1 4 an~ 5 , Blk.3, sa!d subn. end water Lote 4, 5 and 6 , sai eubn. Ma, 5 1925 :BEACH &~-Directing paving said atreet !ram 1lorida .ATenue to Central ~enue. Mq 5 1925 BUFFALO AVE!nm-Directing paTing 1a1a aTenue trom 1lorlda Avenue t o MAine S treet. Mq 13 1925 BtJOOET~~lowing Port DeTelopment or Dock Depdtment to expend exce11 revenue in amount nece11ary to matntain docks, etc, Mq 13 1925 BUFJ~ AVJlllm-Directing laying of aewe r Ill allf7, bet•••r By.tfalo and Orient ATe. from Myrtle ATe. to Kaine Street, M&T 13 1925 :BONDS-!raneferrinc from 1899 Sinking rtul4 ($375.~ to Gra1e7 Island 1921 Sinking rtul4. Xq 13 1925 :BVIXD'l'----------------SIINI AS ABOTJ:-----------------. Mq 19 1925 BUroft.!ransfer of $2,000.00 Engineerin& Dept Juni. to Park Department • . Ma7 19 1925 BOBDS-.Au.thorirlng of $150,000 Bond• of Oit7 fer altering 1tructure1 in 'l'ampa-Bey Park, etc. Nq 26 1925 IIDS-Aclnrtiaeaent for bide for paTing Buffalo A•e. fro• 1lor1da An. to Maine Street-; Mq 26 1925 BUl'll'ALO AVENUS--------------s.uc! AS .A!Oft-----------. Nq 26 1925 BIDS-J)irectin& advertiaeaent for bide for conetruction of viaduct -La!qette Street. Jun Jun 2 1925 BOUTON & SKINNER SUBDITI8IOI-Di rect1n& lqing e111nita~ 1ewer in Alley of !lock 9, sata subdlvhion. 9 1925 lJUDGn-'l'ranaferof :tunde in 'bu~t conce:-ning all departaenta, etc. Jun 23 1925 :BUDGET-'l'ransfer of f'flndt from 1899 Sinking Jund to 19e2 Sinking !'und. Jun 23 1925 Bt1I>G%!-Adoptinc a budcet for the fhcal 7aflr ending Nay 31, 1926. Jun 23 1925 JroDGET-4e1cindiDC Beaolution No. 209 -.A.,mrelative to tame. Jun 30 1925 BtJrom'~opting a blldcet for the fhcs. l 7ear ending M&T 31, 1926. Jun 30 1925 BONDS --BtJDG~!-Borrowinc .00 ---Relative to Plant Park structure, etc.Jun 30 1925 B~thorhtnc tale of Rewnue Bonda for the Libra17 Jund. ' . I Jun 30 1925 BLUF. PR!ffs-Re,uiring filing of aame for DflW 1ubdiT11ion1 for the allroTal of City Comm111ion. Jul 14 19?.5 BUDGE!-Incre&sing ~ala17 of secretary of Civil SerTice Board. Jul 21 1925 BOHDS-.ielatiTe to Execution of 1ue under improTement act and proTiding !or registration. Au,; l 1925 :BOHBl-iroTiding for form, execut•on abd registration of $800,~0 permanent improTementa bonds and $150 ,00 0 Park :Bonda. 1925 :BOND-Relative to form and exec~t•on of Bond anticipation N otes. Jul 21 1925 BONDS-Authorhinc not excfeding •~.000.00 note, to anticipate aale of $288,000 :Bonda. Jul 21 1925 BONDI-DCPROVDUT, PAHi ..Provictl~ for a call of bid• for certain amoW1t1, etd. JttI 21 1925 :BOBDS-J.uthori1in& iaru.ance of Permanent ImproTfm~nt Bonde. J~ 21 1925 :BIDS rOR BOIDS..Pro'f1.d1nc unner of giTinc notice for receipt of b1.d1 for bo44a inaaued under '1'eapa Local Improvement Act. Jul 21 1925 BOND 1"UND-Cr~111ting and p r"'Vidinc ~or meintenance of Loc~l Imp. :Bon~ Fund. Jul 21 1925 BOND-IMPBOVXMEW JUllD-J>roTiding for iuuance of ••• e-Seriee A. Jul 28 1925. 'BAKER fflll'1'..Bele.t in to pavin 11ame llebre . e k a Aven ue to O~ntral Avenue. Jul 2! 1925 BATSI!I! SUB1'IVISIOI-Exerc1.8ing option to purcha•• certain land.--1 5~.-4• of Lot 3, Blk. 3, eaid 1ubdi Tit ion. Jul 28 1925 ~AYSHOU SEA VALI,...Adverthemmt for bidt for ~ame.l Au 4 1925 J. W . BIOQIQl, Cancellation of bonda of••••• eto. Aug 11 1925 BOBDS-J.uthori zinc sale of aame for En,gineiaring Department. Au 11 1925 1H)JlDS-4uthor1 dng sale of Rewnue ~onda for Port Dfivelopaent ruzi4. Ma 11 1925 BOl'.98.Jleecidning lleaolution Bo. 1275-A, authorlrin Mter•raement for lalla for eue.


r • -----_ lndes to Re.olutiom Pa11ed l,y tLe Board 0 RepreNDtatiTel o tL.e Citr 0 Tampa, Florida ---------------OATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 1343-.A. l3S5-A 1401'-.A. to 14 l4if-A 1~93-A 1497-A 1498-.A. 1499-.A. 15()0-A 1530-A 1544-A 1549-.A. 1550-A 1556-A 15~ 156)-A 15~ 1'65-A MONTH ~y YUII Aug 11 1925 UOAD STBDT-llelatiTe to paving aame ~rom GroTe Street to Park Circle. 18 1925 BOJIDS-Authorizing not exceedin& $20,000.00 note• to anticipate the sale of $6o,ooo.oo Bondi. ~--ear 1925-i.t 25 1925 Aue 25 ;925 PATI5G JILi-of BO~S-Providin~ for ~•suan••lf i~roTement Bonda Seriea J.. BillOH STRIET-KelatiTe to pavinc aaid 1treet Jlorida ATenue to Central ATenue. Sept 1 1925 ~thoriri ng . eale of ReTenue Bo~d• for Public Lightinc J'und. SfOl)t l 1925 BOIDB-Au~horisin& sale of BeTenue Bonda for ~ineerinc fund. Sept 1 1925 BOllDS-Authorizin,; amount f?r note• to anticipate 1ale of $288,000 Bond. Sept l 1925 BOIDS-Authorinn e amount for note, to anticipat~ 1ale of $ Bond•~ . ' Sept l 1925 BAUR STRST-11elat1Te to peving said 1tref!t from 1'ebreek111. A-.enue to Central ATl'!nue. Sept 15 1925 BIDI-.A.Vf'trding $1,500,000.00 111pr0Tement Bond1,,Seriee A. Sept 15 1925 BOES-Authorizing Cit 7 to Borrow for sale of Inein~rator Bond1m am011!lt1n to $60,000 .00. Sept 15 1925 B011TD8-Author1zing City to borrow on nnte8 t o anticipate sale of $200,000.00 .Auditor i u m Bonda. lepl 15 1925 BLd9BI ftlilLCollfinalsw nprl of •~ oa:eOlpleitoa of n-,an .. Nl4 nl'M\ tna 6tll .... ,o 11141a. ..,_ 1925 Dlmil llcrrbc 4raw ltrttp la •or'11M ltnotato \e •w4 ,o lllp • tnr a..m. lepl 2' 1925 laml-.AatlloridM Ol'T ,o ltorrw .5(),000 to uUolpaM of a..tUIT ul 8-n -._ .. Bc,ah UftllUIIC to $75(),000. ..,. 29 ..,, 29 -1925 Cl. M \onw $35,000 to aatlel,_M -,Je of tlll,000 Wa,or ha4a. -1566-A 1577.-Atollll!~~-i--~~1 ..,, 29 1925 01,7 w 3"rNY '50,000 ,o aalolpaM of w.,.e, .. ''"" Tiaaot ....... u .. ,o ,000. _ 1925 OU7 lo ltorro, •& w .,1.s..,..,e ot t9j0,ooo u4 Ouw iwee, in .. • -.... W. WD IIIOl.mlGII CCIIPIJD al ff INtlYI OWi D ftla. D -(1) IIIOmtlQS. . . ' 1637-A Oot 13 1925 1631-A Oft 13 1925 1'3'--\ Oot 13 1925 16IIO-A bot 1, 1925 l&a.1-A 0o, 13 1925 ,~-• Oot 13 1925 165()-A Oot 2D 1925 :JOIDl--\a•Ol'l•l~ Cit7 w bOl'l'OW t75,000 to •Uo1,a'9 of_ ... • 01'7 $100,000 to aaU.tpaH of WaMr ._,.._ :JCIIJII Alllthortnac 011r to borrow $100,000 ,o aaUo1pa'9 of._.., JOJm-A.~rtdac •le of ~"-loa4a for •nctDNrtac fu4. JCIBI-AGU.rt•lac of &o .... ._ .. tor Paa ..__ :Jcmll Nl• of lnnu loa41 for Lll,n17 hilt. DAB o. ~•l11U• oa 4oa'1l of foraor llqo! It .a.. Ot• ot t..,.. . . 1'55-A Oo, 20 1925 10mm It IIIDD IUIDITIIIOI-. ~afinalnc npor, of JaciMer • ooaplo'1oa of la,lac ..... la alq thn Ilk.,. • a14 ••• _ fl'OII ... •• lo11.leftr4 lo aoar I. Delawan. 1665-.A. 1667-A 1669-.A. 1679-~cv 1708-.l 1709-A 171~ 1nl-.A 1'112-A 1712-A 171.a-A 1'11'""" 1718-.A 1'127-A l"T29•A lTaa-.A lTII-A 0o, 0o, 0o, 27 27 27 IODI-A11lllorlslac 01 '7 Jluac•r aA4 Ooaplroller lo 4eelro7 or bva cer,a1a ouoellet 'Ito .... (hapa Park -IOUNI It ltlBD1'IIICII-DlrooU111 l.qlac of •WT la Jllk.5, . " ' IOU'1'Ca It mna IUIJ>ffllIClle"lJ'eoUac ~be of 1uUar7 .... ,. la Jilt.~. JCIIDI h'oT14lac tor 11W eti lllpl'OTOMa, lerl•• •• JIOY 10 1926 BOJrDS-Authorising •al• ot awcue BoDll• tor DginNring Pluid. Sew 10 1926 BOIDI-Authoriaag ot Jlnmuo Bond• tor Publio •Ligbting Fllll. Bew 10 1926 • al• fl llffeue BoDll• tor Parle Fund. • 50Y 10 1926 B0~1horis1ng Cit to borrow to utioipato •al• ot Audltoriua Boll4a. JIOY 10 1926 BGB BOlfDI--------IAJl• As ABov.,..;.;.--, -----• JIOY 10 192& City to bOft"OII' 1100.000 to antloipate aale ot a....-Bollclae In 10 1926 BOJIDI CitJ tobbol'row l! to anttoipat• •al• ot Latqette Sweet Vtacllaot Bo11cla. •cw 10 192& BilSBaS BO~ARD-actendlJII ••• to .. t .. n BollndarJ ot Plant !Tame. -Jin 10 192& BAYl!DlB BOULBV'AID ~•latlw 1X> pa.Ting ... tr• Magnolia A.Ttnuo to PlantrAT••• 1or 1'1 19215 B01ID ancIPATIOlf lfOTmwtelltin to ronmac ••• 11h1oh ... in th• lltioml Bllllt--Jater Boncla m4 lnoinerator ~JI!•• JIOT M 192& Bcam-Adlcr~dDC CltJ .1:>0n-ow tl! to antiotpa• ot Br14g• Bondi. IIOT 2' 1926 BRIDGI BOIIDI---.. • ..... ~--am AJJ ABOVI =••••-•-• . -D D 0


1----------------'_Index to Re10lution~ Pa•sed by the Board of :Representatives of tlie City of Tampa, Florida D D ' , DATE NUMBER •. SUBJECT MATTER 181 '1-A 182~ 1821-.\ 188~ 1888-A 188~ 1889-A 1900-A 19S"-A 1939-.\ 1988-A 198'7-A 1~ 3)06-.\ 2008-A 2008-A 20A-A 2086-A 2088-A a,,a~ 2078-A 20TT•A 2082-A 2093-A 20M-.l 2c-A 2128-A 21S9•A 2140-ll 214,1-A 2141-A 2J"-A 2186-A 218M 2188-A 21~ 2197-A 2198-A 2199-A 2216-A 226S-A 1 1926 ftUl!-Relati'N te paving 111ld 1-tre.t tr• 17th A.Tau• to ATtnU._ a 192' m •llOIWUI ptl'tain •'b•titatioa relatiT• to Pimllt.• CoulltJ Boa4•• ao. 8 192& ~ol'id DC •l• at Kfft111ue Bonda tor IDgiDNl"ing had. Deo Deo Deo Deo 8 192& BRIDCD-1)5,J-eoting tl'Ntion ot aa• onr B1ll.8borough tinr at Jliohigan AT•• aJMl reqaeating author! tJ troa War Dept. w lnd.14 ..... . Dao 8 1926 BIDl-.\dnrti•••nt tor bid I OD 'l'•pa Mum.oipal Boap ital• •• per • . Deo 22 1926 B~~~ng_t~ o~~. ~r bid• tar BC?~ ot the Cit and r-i,ealing Reaol. 12n-A. pu1ecl JulT• 21. 1926. Deo 22 1926 BOIDI •••• ••••• ••IAIII AS I.BOYS-----,--. l>eo 29 192B BUDOSl'-RelatiT• to 1alariea ot City aaplo,M•• eto. . Jm & 192e ta. City to borr• to utio1pate aal• ot Park (~8.Jll>a Bay Hotel) Bom,. . Jan 8 1928 BO~wardiDg 11.a.0.000 Bom• rl ti. City ot 'l'apa. . . Ju 19 1928 BOlllDI-ProT1d1ng tor ianana• ot IaproT ... nt Bond•• Seri•• c. hb 2 1928 BAY SH.Sll'-Relatin to paTing Ni d.ltreet trca Carq Street to Platt StrNt. . Peb 18 1926 BUF&LO report ot -:l•er on ocapl.tion ot panng 1aid neu• tram Taq,a Street to Maine Strfft. Peb 18 1928 BUFFALO AVltltm-Ccmtiraing rtipOrt ot &igt.neer on ocapl.tion ot pff'ing 1aid ll't'ellue troa norida Avem• to !•pa ltrNte Peb 18 192B BEDATI •ntsrlling report er aigt.Mer on ompl.tion o1 pairing Nici ltreet trca Jfabruta A-re. to 12th StJ:'fft. ... ... 2 1928 BUDGBl'-.Author1sing trmt• ot tund• in, ... to the Health .partact • . 2 1928 BUDGar~1hcriaing tundl to be tran1terred to oertain 49J)artllenta tor additional aplc,eea. eto; Mar 9 1928 BlJDOm'•!ranater ot ~-• ot , ... tor enotion ot pelt hm••• . liar 11 1928 BOBDI •HOTIB-Au'thoridng 1200 .ooo p_._ent; Iapro.,...t Bote1 uJMler Law, ot Special Sea1ion. 192&. . lllr ZS 1928 BRIDCJa.aeque1ting War Dept it>r baa.ring in reterenoe 1p , ... aoeo11 Billlborough A-re. at SliF AT•• liar 2S 1921 War Dept. tor ,._.1ng inrettl'eno• to ,._ •ro11 Bill1borough River at Florida An. . liar so 1928 BUILDI•GI OF Ciff-Regulating ,.. ot u.s.A. tlag1 OD , .. in ti. City at Taapa • . lflr SO 1928 BtJDGn-R9la ti-re to oertain ezpenaea at Gorton leller Boapitale . Jiu-SO 1985 BUDGlr•R•lati'N to •--ot Polio• Dtl)&rtllmt ezpena••• co. . . JIU' SO 192B BOJIDS-.Author1dng C~ty to bol'Nlr 150.00O to mtioipate •al• ot 1200.000 InproTaent Bote•• •to• . jpr I 1928 Bll.,e-l(8JaiTing jurildiotion on all ltreeta in 1dd 1ubn. in ta.Tor ot Hill1borough County • .to • Jpr . 8 1928 BOIDS. s-~•ising Cit, to borrOlr to utieipllt• •al• ot a ... r Bcm4a. ... ., . Jpr-8 1928 BUDGlr-llalcing oerte ohangea ia 0~ TariOUI depar1:aent1. Apr 20 1928 BAT Sftm-D1reotbg paT1Dg ot 1aid ltrHt tram Le• Street to Platt 8trNb. l,pr 2T 1928 BOBD-Relati'N to oanoallation ot bond ot Coad.aalour J ... , •• JloCanta. . ., 1928 BOBD NOTll-.lutborising p._.nt ot intere1t on note, held by bub ot !upa. tor s....-and Viaduot. eto. . Apr 2T 1928 BODGll"~loring Port Dneloi-t ,Uni to 1pend oertain e:mea1 •ounta• lltoe . . .. Jpr 27 1928 BOBD-Olty at 'l'apa to be 11*1• tor bond1 ot City ot T•ple !errao .. : . . Jpr 2' 1928 BAIL• SRJBr-Continling report ot lagineer OD ompl.tion ot J,aying 1ewer in '1.,-betwen 1aid atre.t and Morgan St. trcaa Woocllawn t. Ja.nutte Str .. t. IJ _ .... .... 4: l.918 WL&f , .rtiporb ot lngl.Mtl'n oa oompletion ot al.lr1Dc ldll' ill lai.4 (in Ill 1-,) and J.tteno• St. 1'r• Woodlawn to Janett• Btren. • . . . llay 11 1918 BUl>Glr-Iutruo~ C~• .~er to inolude in bu4att oert~n uiount tor Bo.-4 ot Trade ot ! 11 1985 BODD OF 'PBAD'P I I •• ••• • S.AMK JI ABOQ,....---•-•-• •-•-•--• 11 1918 BUDG-..itb.-1s1Dg O~ty ~,r' to bom-Olr •• in utioipation ot •al• ot oertain 8...-Bonda. llay 11 1928 ~•---•-•-•--•----SAIII il llay 18 1928 BCaD8-B~thor1&1ng Library Fund (Board) to 1pend certain ..,._. in uo .. , ot 1.t budget aount. .to. Ma7 18 1928 BCllm-su1:h.-11lag City to borrow ll'T&.ooo w Ultloipate u.l• ot Bonda. J1aJ 18 1926 BUFFALO report ot ~ineu-OD ooapletion ot llf'ing a...-in alley betnen Sela St and Buttalo ATe. tr• Cctnl Ave. to Taliaferro Stre.t. llay 18 1926 8-E Sraut'-Contind.Dg report aE aig1.mer on ocapl...,_ ot aaying 1.-er ill Bale_.. St. Central •"• to Bebruta be. Mar 18 1926 BULKY STRD:r-Contil"lll~ rep~rt .ot lng:in ... on oompl.tion ot paYing said ltrNt: trca Ctntral ._t hbn. ., 18 1928 tee bid1 tor pning Jaolc1on Street troa J~ttl'I0/11 Str•t 1lo ~-Stre.t. •


• Indes to Re90lutiom Paued by tlie Board of RepretentatiYet o{ tLe City of Tampa, Florida ___________ DATE NUMBER --~--.-----1 . SUBJECT MATTER 2286-A 2l6'7-A 2288-A 2269-A 22'78-A 22'70-A 22'71-A 22'72-A 22'73•A 22'76-A 2277-A 228T-A 2288-A 2289-A 2290-A 2292-A . 2293-.A. 2300-A 2309-A . 2316-A 2334-A 2338-A 2340-A 2342-A 2343-A 2372-A 2389-A 2411-A 2413-.A. 2,1t-.A 24:1-4-A 246-4-A 2,68-A 2,1s-.A HT6-.l H9'1-A MONTH DAY YU.II :; H /:813 llPl:tl::nt:=i fgJ Cr9: t31 Blp~rfa~fdi~rf~~~•n• -~c!'"WIWYfrHte ..., 18 192.s BID8-.A.dT.-ti••ent t• bid• tor paving Jel'teraon St.Net tr• Cwaberland .A.Te. to llhit.lng Street. liq 18 1926 ... nt tor bid• tor paing Jettereon Street troa P0llc Street to \'lhiting ltre.t. 1i1F 18 192.s BIDl-.ldnr ti•-en.t t• bids tor p•ing Bq Street troa Lee StrNt to PJatt; Str.-. llq 18 1928 BAY'S'l'Rm•-----------------------sas JB AOOVI-------------------• liq 18 1926 BIDI-Actnrtia•ent trn-bid• tor paTing Highlalld ATe. troa ley-ea _Ave. to 26th Avmue. 18 1926 BIDS-Advertiaement tor bida tor paving Grand Central Ave. trom JlagAOlia Ave. to Plant ATenue. . 8 1926 Bms-Actnrtia•ent tor bid• tor p&Ting Lee S~ trca Park• Street to Bay Street. . Jlq 26 1926 BIVIIIS, w. J.~point same aa ~• ot CiTil SerTioe Boar d tor the City ot Tampa, Florida. May 26 1926 BODG&T-Tranater of tunda in same atteoting Airport work and Algineering Department. . lfq 26 1926 tn bid• tor paring Garoia ATenue trca Aroh Street to 8. approaoh to Oan1a ATe. Bridge. . Jun l 1926 BOBDI-Proriding tor ot Additional I11pronaent Bonda, Seri•• •c•. Jun l 1926 BUDGE'l'•Tranater • or fund• f'INa Sinking Fund to Wat er Department. Jun l 1926 W.J.BIVl:RS~pointing same as member ot CiTil SerTioe Board. , Jun l 1926 BRISTOL AVJli~Direotin~ laying or aewer in alley-west ot H01rard Ave • .from Bristol Ave. to Morriaon ATenue. Jun l 1926 BRISTOL UENUB-Direoting 1.,-ing or a ewer on said avenue frOlllnlloward Ave. to lat alley WHt ot Hoard Ave. • Jun 8 1926 BO!lDS-.lu1hor1&ing Id vertilaent ot Tampa Bonda tor •al•• . ~un 8 1926 BAY STRm-Confirming report or libgineer on completion of laying sewer in said street .from Udce Ave. to near Young Street. Jun 8 1926 BUWALO AVltiUB-Direoting laying or sewer betwwn Bu.t'f'alo and Chelsea St, and Bebruka • am 15th St. . Jun 8 192S BONDS, 1.0UL ntPROV!MENT~thoridng City to borrow $550,000 on notea to anticipate sale ot said bonds, eto. . . Jun 8 1926 BONDS, Sl\1ER~thc:rbing Cit to borrow $100,000 on notes to anticipate sale or said bond•• Jun 8 1926 'BUDGF.'l'-.A.llowing tc:r untoreaMmlexpenUturea in ct.rtain department• or the ~ity. Jun 16 1926 BONOO, IMPHOVEMJfiT-Fixing certain details tor exeoution ot said bond.a, Series c., and pra,-iding tor their pqment. Jun 16 1926 BONOO, IMPK>Vli1ENT-Fixing o.-tain details tor execution ot said bonda, Seriea B. and sale or .... Jail 11 1926 BONOO, HOSPIT!L-Providing fbr iuuance or i980,000 said bonda, eto. u Jun 16 192.s BONDS, IMPROVDIENT-Awarding $9801000. Hospital Bonda, Series B and improvement Bonda, Seriea Ce Jun 22 1926 BONDS, G~Y [SLWD-(DA.VIS ISUND)-Transf'er of certain .t\inda to Gruay Islam Sinking Fund, eto. Jun 29 192.6 BUFF.U.O AVUIUB-Conf'irming report at ~g1.neer on oompletion ot lay-ing •--r in lat a ley-S. qt •aid avenue troa Cct.-Street o Daffl.11 Avenue. Jun 29 1926 BROAD STR•ll'-Direoting paving said street f'roa Florida to Jlebruka ATenue. Jun 29 1926 BUDGET-Adopting a budget tor fiaoal y•r ending Kay 51, 1927. Jul 8 1928 BUDGlr~uthorbing transfer or fund• to illgineer ing Dept and to Bridge ~count. Jul 6 1926-BRIDG• ACCOUIT-•------8jD AS JBOVI------••• Juh S 1926 BAY S'l'RD:r-.uDireoting paing ot aaid street trom Lee Street to Pla tt Street. Jul O 1926 BONDl-juthorizing Ci~ to borrow t10,ooo on notea to antioipate sale of' Street InprOYaumt ( Gfiaduct) Bonda. . ,' Jul 20 1926 BOND8-Author1aing tranater of mon.91 in Viaduot Fund to Bridge "'1.114. M Vi&duot hM ~n oomplete4. . . . Jul 20 1928 BONDS, S&YBR-Autharbing Cir to borrow f86,000 on 'notH to anticipate sale ot said bond•, eto. Jul 20 1926 BRANCH AVINUI-Conf'trm ing report or ~ineer on completion ot laying •ewer in alley betwem Sunn•• and 1a1d armue froa Gidd • Jul Jul Jul to 'Wilder Avenue. 1926 . BRADIDf !VIRU.-Contirming report ot ltlgineer or ocapletion or --., in all.,-bet .. en aaid ayenue and Seminole .A.Te. troa Frieraon to \ Ave. . ; 1926 BRaCH AVINUI-Confirming report of' lbgineer on completion or laying aner in alley-between •aid avenue and Suwanee Ave. trca Gidden• to Henry Avenue. 1926 BRAICSB •varos-contiming r91>ort ot lngimer on laying ,__. in alley btlli,.... 8-.11101• Ul4 Br.anoh An trc:a Henr:, to Frieraon •• 1926 BOARDI OF CI'IY OOVIRNMENT.Relatin to 1.-, eto. • (Mayor ....,_. .. d---,ro-ta to uet aa ex-ott1oio Mllb•r in oa•• ot abaenoe ot Mayor, Bto.) 1926 BAT STREl'-D:lreo ting psring ot said ltreet troa Lee ltrNt to Platt Street; • . 3 1926 BOBDS, RffllJUWuthc:ri&ing •al• ot ••• tar Reoreation FuM. S 1926 8(11])1, aale ot Hid bonda tor Hydrant Rental.Pund. a 1,aa DIii, UVDtJ.,.thoriaiDC •al•~ M14 'boll4• tar 14.bnrJ Puu. D D


• m aJlll"ll lJ NUMBER MONTH 2515-A Aug 2572-.l Mg 2576-.l Aug 26011-:.l Aug 2602-.l Aug 2603-A .lug 2604-A Aug 2605-A Aue 2606-A Aug 2607-.l Aug 2608-A Aug 2609-.l Aug 2611-A Aug . 2612-A Aug 2613.:..l Aug 2614-A Aug 2621 .... .lug 2629-.l .tug 2631-.l Aug 2636-J. Aug 2640-4 g 2642-.l Seit; 2643-4 S91t . 264~ S9it 2650-.l Sept 2669-4 Sept " 2672-.l Sept 2681•.l Sept 2682•A Sept 2883-.l Sept ' ,,, 2898-.l Oot 2697-.l Oot 2698-.l Oot 2699-.l Oot 2700-.l Oat 2701-4 Oot 2702-.l Oot -0 2733-A Oot 2748-A Oot 2764-.l Oot 2766-.l Oot Z'T66-A Oot 2784-.l Oot 2786-A Oot 2802-A Oot 2819-.l Bov 2846-.l Bov 2846-.l NOT B' Inde x to Re s olution• Pa11ed : hy the. Board: of Repre1entative1 of the Ci.~ oft Tampa, Florida . ______ _ DATE DAY Yl:Aft 3 1926 17 1926 17 1928 24 1926 17 1926 17 1926 17 1926 17 1926 17 1926 17 192.6 17 1926 17 1926 24 1926 24 1926 24 1926 24 . 1926 31 1926 31 1926 31 1926 31 1926 31 1926 7 1926 7 1926 7 1926 7 1926 14 1926 21 1926 28 1926 28 1926 28 1926 5 1926 5 1926 6 1926 5 1926 6 1926 6 1926 5 1926 12 1926 12 1926 19 1926 19 1926 19 1926 19 1926 26 1926 28 1926 2 1926 8 1926 9 1926 ,. . .. ,. ' SUBJECT MATTER BONDS, RB'l!NUB-Authcrbing e~e of ••e tor lilbgineering Fubd, eto. BUDG 11'-Tranater of fume in emne. BRADFORD STRET•Collf' report ot libgineer on oompletion ot laying sewer in al le:, between said street am Jlatauaa. troa North ltA• StrNt to North "B• Street • . BUFlt.LO .lV ENUE-Co.ntinning report; .of Jmgi.neer on oompletion ot laying sewer on said avenue tran lat alley i. ot Nebruka to 12th Street. BUII.JlING INSP:SCTOR-Cond•nation ot building on Lot l, Blk.49, Ybor City Subdivision. BUILllING INSaCTVBll!JlT FUJID-.lu1horizing Ci• toborrow certain amount tran same tor Water ixtenion Fund. BONDS, P~ lllT IMPK>VD(•f-Providing for oall tor bida tar said bonda, etc. -BEliml STRJEr-Conf'irming report of' Engineer on completion of paving said street trom Flor! da to Central. BRi~orbing City Ccaptroller to bo?Tow certain amounts trma banka to execute usual evidenoe ot indebted.Den for said BOND, LOC.lL IUPROVEMJIJ 1' FUND-Borrowing from sane for Water Bxteui on Fund, et o. , ~KS OF T.AMPA-R~sol'ring that sane be permitted to pay certain assessed taxes for 1926 and City waive its right to colleot inter eat on sane. BONDS, IMPR)VJi.'MiNT-Provi ding for iaauanoe or same, ~eriea D. BONDS. PIRMANINT IMPROVDO.iiT ISS certain f'unds tran same to pay certain no1J.a in Tampa banks• etc. BONDS, RJ'iWliN~thorizing sale of aeme fer Gener.,;J. Fund. BONDS, R!V!NllJ-A • horizing sale of .SaDB ffr Recreation Fund. BONDS, RJW iNUa..Auth orizi ng sale or same far Park Fund. BONDS, Rilr~uthori zing l!al. e of same for Hospital Fund. BONDS, RiWENUM.uthoridng sale of sam e _for Engineer Fund. BRIDGE, MICHIGAN A.ViNUii-Tre.nafer of ru~• from General Fund to furnd for said bridge. BUFFALO AVWUi-Confinning report of Engineer on oompletion of laying sewer in ,11ey N. of said avenue from Tllai'gOeriM -to alley between Syowell ana Nebraska Avenue. BONDS-.Authprizing $320,000 notes to anticipate sale or oertain bonds. etc. BUDGJ:l'-.luthorbing tranafer ot tu.nds from Genera! Fund to Park Fund. --BUDGEl'~horizing tan:porary transfer of f'nuds frca Local ~-Fund to .Auditorium Fund. BA.YSIOU DRIVI-Cond-.tion of certain Pl'Of erty tor atenaion of same, eto. _ BO:fflIEViNTURB SUBmVISION-Correcting paving assessment against cs-tain traot of lam on ~re Sr., in said subn. . BOBDS-NOTa-conoerning term and execution of Bond Anticipation Notes, eto • . J\lUNCH AVBNUI -Confirming preliminaty aaaeasmmt roll--aaid avenue tram Sligh Ave. to Diana Street. BDII-Oal ling tor 1801 -&,C Improvanentr Bonda--repealing reeolution authorizing said aotion---Reaol. 2669-.. .. BONDS-----------•SAllli: AS ABOV:1-• .... __ •


• ........... ______ Index to Retolutiom Paaed tLe Board 0 Repre1e11tative• 0 the City 0 T amp_a, Florida DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 2846-A 2848•A 2849-A 2860-A 2851-A 2852-.l 2862-A 2863-A 2873-A 2902•A 2903-.l 2904-A 2914-A 2916-.l 292'1-.l 2928-• 293'1•.l 2938-A 2966•.l 2972-A 198~ 3034-.A. 1082~ 3084-.l 3098-.l 3098-A' 3099-A 311'1-.A 3117-A 3119•.l 312'1-A 3160-A 31fA.-f-''J-IJ 31!8-A 3177-A 3186-A 3190-.l 3192-J. 3193-J. 3201-.A 1221-A 3221-J. J MONTH DAY Y•AII Bov Nov Nov Nov 9 1926 BIDS-Providing fVilmNT--Fixing certain details and providing form and manner of execution of same-..Serie•• De . . Nov lij 1926 BUDGET-Transfer of funds from General Fund to Michigan Ave. Bridge Funt. . . Nov 23 1926 BONDS, PliRlUNENT IMPIDVJl4JlNT-Awarding taol,000 6% same--. . . Nov 23 1926 BIia STRm..Conf'irming preliminary assessment roll---said street from Nebraeka Ave. to Otntral Ave. Nov 23 1926 BUII:,mNG INSPIC'l'C&..Condemnat;ion of building on Lot 7, Blk.6, GiM41118 Subn. Nov 23 1926 BtJILDING INJl>BCTORA•Condamnation ~f building on Lot 6, Blk.100 Wilhelmenia Subn. . NOV' 30 1926 BRISTOL AVDUK-Conf'irming report ar lngineer on oompletion of laying sewer in 1st alley w. of H9ward trom said avenue to Mor . . . Nov 30 1926 BRISTOL AVSU...Conf'irming report ot iagtneer 011 completion of lqing sewer in said avenue trcn 1st alley w. ot Howard to ilb . . Nov 30 1926 BRISTOL AVINU..Contirming report ot ingineer on coqiletion of laying sewer in lat alley-L ot HOW"ard trom lat Street s. avenue to new. Street• • Deo '1 19~ BONDS, R~thorizing eale of same tor lng1mer Fund. Dec 7 1926 BONDS, RS.U...Authorizing sale of ume fer Recreation Fund. Deo 7 1926 BONDS, RSVllIUWu'thorizing eale of same tar Public Lighting Fund. . Deo . 14 1926 BUDGIT~utharizing City 'tx> borrow against Sewer and pledge eame ae security, etc. Deo 14 1926 BUDGKr~thorizing transfer trom aeneral Fund to Park Dept. for stage equipnent tor new Auditariua. . Deo 14 1926 BAY STRD.T--Relative to paving eaid street trom Lee Street to Platt Street. \ . Dec 21 1926 BIDS-Directing City Health otfioer to adv. tor bide tar flJJtig in prq,erty in DeSoto Parle. . Deo 28 1928 BROAD STRJBr-Cont'irming report ot lagineer on completion ot laying ,ewer in eaid street from Central to Nebr•ka .lvenu .. Jan 4 1921 BOBD, IMPROVIJJINT ~theridng iesuance of certltioatea of indebtedneaa, fixing torm and oertain detaila, eto. Jan 4 1921 BOND, IMPROVIMINT-Providing tor iasuanoe ot a me, Serie• "~1 • Jan 11 192'1 BUDGC• 'l'ranster of fums from General Fund to War Works Department • . Jm 18 192'1 BI~ooepti~ bid f'ar $100,<;)(?0 Bridge Bonda of' City of Tampa. Jan 18 1927 BRIDGE BON])S------------•SAMB AS ABOVi--------• I Jan 192'7 BONDS, IMPBOVl.'MlmT-.A.ooepting 1:>id tor $3261000 said bonde. Jai 18 192'1 BID------SAD AS ABOVB-•--• .Jm 26 192'1 BRIOOI BOND8-.luthorizing issuance $1001000 said bonda. Jan 2 6 192'1 BONDS•--~-wra AS ABOVB---• Jan 26 192'1 BONI>a-\uthorizing calling for ~e of bond issue of $600.000 for Hospitals, eto. Jan 26 192'1 BUFFALO A.Vi'NUB-Confirming 115eliminary a1ses1111ent roll--said avenue trom Nebraska Ave. to 151h Street. Feb Feb Feb Feb 1 1927 BONDS~uthoriziltg sale of Revenue Bonds for 1rydrant Rmtal F\:md. 9 1927 BRIOOi B ONDS~atifying and confinnini sale of $100,000 said bonds. 9 1927 OONDS~-------------~--SAMIAS AOOV&---------------• 9 192'1 BROAD STRM-Conf'irming rep,jst of' ingineer on completion of paving said street trcn Florida to Nebraska Ave. Feb 15 192'1 Feb 15 1927 Feb %8 1927 Feb 22 1927 Mar l 1927 J.filr 15 1927 Mar 16 192'1 BID-Accepting bid of $281000• permanent Improvement Notes. BONDS-Authorizing issuanee of Paving Bonda. BDBG•dtUBDIY%st _•o:tlnglcCD1-4.:IJ•Jlll.'bf ooeo!darp~eioytli.l•al d:>aul)dl•t-1>v~noss :.eretofore nu thodzod to be is suede BUDGli:T-Transf'er or f'unrls from General Fund to Charity Fund. BOND, IMPROVliMliNT-Providin& for issuance of same, Series "~. BAYSHORi DRIVB-Preparing plans, eto. fer exjension of same. And advertising -or bids, etc. BIDS•• ••••• .. •---~ AS ABOV~-------• 0 • D


Index ' to Re10lution• Pa1ftd],y the , Board of Repre•entative• ~of~the City. of Tam_i!a, Florida i.._ ________________ _ e NUMBER 3225-A 3246-A-3248-A 3249-A. 3334-• 3335-A 3336-A 3!37•A 3340-A 3341-A. 3342-A 3388-A. 3389-A. 3398-.l 3420-A 3423-A 3426-A 3427-A 3428-A 3429-A 344'-A 3446-A 3459-A. 3465-A. 3466-.1 3485.A. 3486-.A 3487-A 3488-A 3489-4 3490-A 3491-.l 3508-A. 3610-A. 3511-.l 3512-A 3613-.l 3414-A 3415-.l 3415-A 3417-A. 3518-.A. DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YllAlt Mar 15 1927 Bil'HEL AVAN~onfirminc report of &lgineer on completion of l11iing sewer in aaid avenue frc:a 31st Ave. to Gray(LindellSt). Var 29 1927 BRIDGi AND CJ.USEWA.Y-Requeating War Dept tor bearing on conatruation of same trcm Davia Islam to lfainland, etc. Mar 29 1927 WUDGIT•Transfer of in same from Tax Assessor• Budget to Clerks Budget, etc. • Apr 12 1927 BONDS, ll1PROVD.!IN1'~thorizing $606.000 Notes to anticipate sale ot same, Serie• "Jtl'. Vay 19 1927 BUILDING INSPli.'CTOR-Condemnation•or building on Lot 5• Blk.100., Wilhemina Subdivision. May-19 1927 BUILDING INSP!CTOR-Con.demnation o.r building 04 Lot 14• Blk.94., Ge.rrieon Subdivision. lllf' 19 1927 aum.mNG INSPECTOR-Condemnation ot"buildinc on Lot 1. Blk.49., Ybor Cit)r SubdiTieion. Mq 19 1927 BUIIDING INSP liZTOR-Condem.nation ot ~ilding on Lota 1-2-3., Blk.4• Coronel la ~bdivilion. 19 1927 BUIUJING INSPmJTOR-Condemnatiofl of building on Lot 4., Blk.12• Clarke Subdivision. 19 1927 BUILIING INSPECTOR-Condemnation of building on Lot 2., Blk.32• Tampa. 1853. 19 1927 BUILDING INSPECTOR-Condemnation of building on I.Dte 8 & 9., Blk.21., Tueman Ybor Subdivision. May 24 1927 BID-.A.ccepting bid tor $119.,000 Permanent ImprOYement Notes. lfq 24 1927 BUDGlir-Tranafer of in same in various depnrtmente of the Cit,. • May 24 1927 BUDGBl.'-Transter ot $101.,414.66 from General Fum to Hospital Fund. May llay 24 16 1927 1927 BUDG.ll'•Charging to General J;und• f4.500e00 for Conf'eredate Reunion Fund. !lmDS., DIPHOVIM:S!-Providing tor cau tor bids for said bon.d1., Series "i"'• Jul 12 1927 BIDS-Providing tor call tVamNT~warding $30.000Permament Imp. Bonde of the Cit,. 1927 BUDGil'-Drawing voucher payable to Family Service Association., eto. 1921 BRilCH A'V'liWUl;.-Directing paving said avmue t'rCD Osborne to Violet Street. 1927 B.AND-iRelative to Band Concerta--appreciation extended to Musician'• Association or Tampa., eto. 1927 BUDG}i['--Relative to lpm,ts Progra:m of' Recreation Department. Sept 6 1927 BONDS., RJWIN~uthorizing sale of same tor Hydrant Rental F uncle Sept 6 1927 BONOO. RW~uthorizing sale ot same for Library Fund. Sept 6 1927 BONDS., RrviNUB-A.u'thorizing sale of same fer Recreation Bund. ept 6 1927 BOWDS., REVi'NULAuthorizi. ng sale of' same for Hospital Fund. e p t 6 1927 BONDS., ~~uthorizing sale of same !'or ~ublic Lighting Fund. ept 6 1927 BONDS., RiVliNtra-Authorizing sale of same for ingineering Fu:m. 6 1927 BONDS., RWlilHJX_j,uthorizi ng sale of same tor General 1'und. Sept 27 1927 BUDGll'• Rela. tive to funds for Charity Fund of the City of Ta"llpa. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Act Oct Oct 4 1927 BONDS. IMPIDVIiM:ltl'T-Authorl zing $606.,000 notes to anticipate sale ot $606.,000 said bonds. 4 1927 BONDS. 'Vl,A.TER-Authorizing j:300.000 notes ix> anticipate sale of 5'300.000 said bonds. 4 1927 BONDS. RBV'iNU~uthorizi'ng Sil.le of same for Library Fund. 4 1927 BONDS. RWiNU&-Authorizing sale or.same for Geberal Fund. 4 1927 BONDS., RlilVl'iULA.uthoriziDg sale of same f

• _______ Index to Reaolutiom Pwed by the Board ol Repre1entative. ol the City ol Tampa, Florida DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER :5422-4 :5524-A 3525-A :5545-A 3546-A 3547-A 31548-A 3649-A 3550-.A. MONTH DAY Y&AII Oct 11 1927 BANDS-Relative to Reoreation Department, eto. -Oct 13 1927 BONOO, ,'.'.A.TE-Authorizing $300,000 notes to anticipate sale of later :3onds. Oct 13 1927 BONDS, IMFROV!UliNT-Sii:RIES "i"'-Authorizing $6061000 note s to a 'nticipate sale of said bond•• Nov Nov Nov • 8 1927 BONDS, R.iVli.fflJ~thorizing sale of same for Recreation Fund. 8 1927 BONDS, REV'liNUi-Authorizing sale of same for General Fund • . 8 1927 BONDS R.iVliNUW.uthorizing sale of s ame for Library Fund. Nov 8 1927 BONDS, Ri:'IFlro~Autharhing s ale of Sallla for Public Lighting Fund. Nov 8 1927 BONDS, REVi:Hlm-Authorizing sale of same for Resineering Fund. Nov 8 1927 BONDS, R.W!iXU~uthorizing sale of' same for Hospital Fund. . . In a 192? mJ1D1. aEJ111m.a1rhwidJIC •l• ot •-tor Park Fwad. 11w 11 192? aIDG .. Dlreotiag Daria I•lud• Ino. to proo"4 with builclinc •--•South halt. Jiff U 1917 BUILDDIG IIIPano&-C•• ••+-ion ot 'bulldiJlc OIi Ln 1, Blk.ST, J. lliulaell 81a'bcl1Tilllon. BOT 11 191T BUILDDO IBIPa,tOl•Co .. aution Gr 'buil41DC OIi t.ou I aJIII T, Blk.t, PiJlley t C&Nar lub41rilliOD.. •n 16 192"1 IIUILDI•o IIIPa:TCll-COIUl--tiOll ot 'ba1141DC Oil Ln 1. Blk.-1'ein 811'bdinllloll. •n 11 192T BUILDmO UIPE'l'Olt~Olld~~~l:'1:1.~t.~ltiDC oa r.o, 11, Bl.Jc.?. Bell• hbdinllloa. • •cw l& 1921 ULia ABOVS-••••• •----••-•-•---•• .. IJw 11 192T BUILDDG IJIPa:10-,•t r . qt•.•~ lidl&III • Let l• Blk.9• Bella S11WiT1aioa. Jr4W 11 192' DiLI ltJIDIYDIO.----•••••-------IAIII M eOYS---•---------~-----• •er l& 191? BUILDDO DBPa:101-COM-tion ot baildlllC oa Lot I• ot J. &. ~tcbell S ubUT11iol!_e , 1681-A IMS-A INS-A 1689-A 1181-A II~ 1191-A 11-.A II~ IIH-A ...... ..... IA?-.l BOT 19 192? BUJCB A.vaua-coatiraing rep,rt ot IDciJIINI' on OClllplCioa ot parllJC N14 affllae tr• Oabol'lle 4V9me k Y6o1et ltretlt. Dee 8 1921 ~, •••UWathor1&1DC ale ••• tor Pwld. DM 8 192T BOIDI, l~thorid.JJC •l• ot , ... tor Boapital Fund. Dee I 1927 a.DI• RSJll1m,,,jaa11loria~IJC aal.e ot ••• tor llllblie LlptiDC Pad. Da DN . a 1927 B>IDI, aslllm-.Authoriainc aal• ot tor Ll'br&rJ Fwi4. I 192? DDI. JlSaus.btlaoria111C ••l• ot ••• tor o.n.n.1 Pwa4. Deo IT 192T DIDICATIO-..oorr.tiJlc ••-,t.4 4e41oat10Mt oertaill propen, tor •trM_ ,-poau • DH 10 191T BUIU>DO mCT01-condauaati011 ot baildlDC OD I.ft s, Blk ....... cgio l11'bdiTillloa. • . . Dee so 1927 DN IO 192' BUlLOI•o DSPETOl~tioa et ' ball4111c Oil Lot 12. Ilk. a. Jair'bara l111tdiri _d-. BUlLDI•o DIPE'l'QI-COD4-tiae ot lllildlllC ,-Ln 9,.-1c.a. Btrat:forcl PIM• h1'41Tido~ Dee IO 1927 Deo 10 1921 Deo ao 19Zf Dee IO 1917 Dee -BUILDDG DISPa:101-coad ... tioa ot 'bailcllag Oil Lot a. m1c.1a. T'bor c1t1 8111Mliri.d-._ BUIU>DO t•BPJE1'0a-CGIMl_.ioll ot baildl.JII Oil Lot 10, Blt.U, Y'bor CitJ lu~n•~--• BUILDDIO DSPETOll-Cou-tion ot ~ildl • . Oil a, Blk.U, Wbor City lllbti~l-lUDG••Trm•hr ot h ... tr• O.enl NM u lloapltal l'wl4. J• lT 1921 CIUI. B. IIIO~•aolutioa on death ot •aae--tonl!'r Mqor.Ccaalallloa• ot C1t1 ot fam.~, Plorlda. • • • -' 0


::.' . _______ Inde~ to Re•oltition! Paed by tLe Board 0 Repr~ta.tives 0 the City ,0 T, Florida DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER ---.,. .,f l ;,~ .., MONTH DAY YaAII '-B J'eb 1, 1918 WIBALL J.GRIIIOl'f -Agr .... nt b.t:ween 01ty ot Tapa anl Bueball Club. T•B Pel, 21 1928 Bll>W. BDBBRT • l• tcr ~viN. 86-B Jiu-fA) 1928 BOJl1ll --.Aart1-r111lllC tsoo-ooo mte•• •t_. Bonda. ' 0 M-B llar 20 1928 B O IDS -Auth•rla1Jlg tec,e,ooo Jllprn-nt Boncla. _ 68-B AF 10 1928 Bc:111>1-aatboridng ••l• ot ••t••• &9•B Apr 10 1928 BOIDI-ApthoriaiJlg ••l• et taoo,ooo ••t ... 88-B k,r 10 1928 BAIJ,AS'9 PODT -C.me11ien to P .P • Dan.l • • Tl•B Apr 2, 1928 BDJAIID'S Sin'JI ADDI!IOII TO TJIPA -Plat et. 0 "8-B ., 8 1928 BOIi.JR DSPm:TOR -Bom tor ..... 8 1928 OOllDI -BoJMla tor ettic •• uc1 •Pl•re• or the Water Depu-tatnt. ' T9•B .., 82•B -22 1928 BOIW• BILLDD PAlLOR Nlf'uDclie4. lOT•B Jul • 10 1928 BOBDB, SIRIAL--Borrllftlll tao,ooo. aad predCllg t .. tun4• tor .... 108•B Jul 10 1928 BOID 1nam FQ1D -Borrowing t200,ooo prn141mg tor tunda tor . . 101-B J11l I 1928 BUDOII -1u4g• t• ftaoal year eat:\DC J11r 11, 1911. l.U-B Jul II 1928 BIIDGB -Bridge eoDMOi:l 11g Dana Idan4 to X-5 nlua4. c-lM-B Jul 11 1928 BOJD8 -Tap& Water wora c.. ts,000.00. 1'2-B Aug 1, 1928 Bl&ILlr, ,-m & CO --Coatraot tor •--r• in Tork ftrNt. t,a-B Aug 14 1928 B:aJM(D, G.I. ADDffIOJI TO 1fl8'1' !'1/IPA -CollffJUO• et certain in ••• 1-Prie4 OubberlJ. 1"6•B Aalg 1, 1928 BU>CIII., J.a. -Por ••o•llatioll ot 1114•~•• on Let 8 Caeoada UIII Barri• lab. Ito. 161-B Ml 21 1928 BIIDGI., LU'ATl!ft 8ftD! -te oontnot tor aaterlal. "' 'O 106-B lep 11 1928 BOARD or UPRISIITAtIT•-••• Ketrainillg tra: iaterteri~ with 21,-1 . ., 21 1918 s•JD•S SIJD Ail>ITICJr --Orderug ..... in L9t 11 Bleok 21 • .... :'w 122-B Oot 9 1928 B08'1'RICl., ... •••• JR. -Plfllmt et Nnt••• NIUl• .. te the at •• andon ot 111 • Legt. alatve. . . • 1aa-s Oot 9 1928 BODACDR. •• A. IT AL -or owtaill lan4a troa -• ill Ball'• .laWinn•. IIT•B Oot ao 1928 BA.Rlt&n' PARI -~-b14• ter at .. wol't• illpl'n-••t• • .... , ... • 288•B .... 20 1928 B.CCII>, J.M. --i.ttlact; ot old• agiiln.n •• Cit7 of rape. 276-B J)eo ' 1928 Blra AID CX>IJ'AIY~ept111g wrk den• ••.....-ill Btajuia•• lutll A441t1m. 2TS-B Dao ' 1928 BODIIIIATa 8UBDlYIUC. . hTiq Cert1ftoa~• ianecl aclllnat Let B. 11.Nlc 2 • . w Johll L l•h• 197-B Deo 18 1928 BIY• MD CDJOIAJIY -Aoo.,tlng mrk dim by ....... •--•• 298-8 Deo 11 1928 BRY.AI .AID CCIQtAIY .-Aoeeptimg wrk 4one bJ ••• hnitary a ...... IOT•B Ja. 9 1"8 BAYSID:S 81JBDIVI8IO. -1Jraw1Dg ftUOher to ,., Nl. he en tu oertiftoate tor Ln a. Blotk a ..... Hib41Tidoa. lll•B J• 9 1929,JU:D -oept1Jlg wrk cl•• by ....-lfyrtl.-and •erth Bo1llnu-cl. . 128-B Ja. 10 1929 J .K. ADDin CI!RlJI PAHi Mthw1dn.g eale ot Let T et ••• '• LB. .. . ... D 126-B 12 1919 ~Br! PAK -O.oellation et oelltraot with !apa'lprug ~911p1117. 128 22 lff9 BIULJ:r, IRID D. -MOepti. •rk ~••• I__. Oil T•l"k lveet. t .ITT•B 12 1929 BOIDI -Aldd.oipatien .tea, teoe,000.00 178 llY 1929 B0111 -Aa1ttal,at1•••••• .t, ,. 19l•B 2 1~29 "88Da, J.C. -Awthoriaillg pa,-at ot olam to Allt• ••builct.n i.r ane belongi& w "7•B 11 1929 BAl!Lm Jll. c.w. -beo l11tien en 111• chath. "2-B II 1929 BOODa as CCIIP8Y •• AooeptiJlg oontraot with .... for puralla•• ot Cha.10&11. 08-B 16 1929 BAIU ITRDT -OrcleriDg panng. grading 111d carblng, lte. '86•B 2& 1929 BAYSIDI SlJBDffiSI

• .,____ _______ Index to R•olutiom Paue_ d Ly tLe 0 RepreMDtativet o the Ci!Y ol Tam Florida DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MS-S 88T--S 701-1 Tll-S TT8-B Ml-I M6-B ..... 8Tt-B 88T-B ..... MONTH DAY YKAII lep 10 1929 BAIU BftllT ot pariDC et .... • rep•n ot Jrnglmtl',-lep T 1929 Bini. lll. A.I. -..prmng bill tor trNtaent ot JllulDlph wltbrul• •tl-,.e tile llner Depvtamt.: Sep lT 1929 B:mTI8 80BDIVISIOI __.-,ting Wioatie11 tor •v•t fVPN•• !-,a Ba Ca 14111• lep 11 1929 BABCOCI LILLUJ L -Aooept1111g 0011Tqam• tor etrip ot lu4 tor ev..t purpo••• a-, 2, 1929 BCm)I -•••r1& aot••• IaprOY .. t •••• ao. lep 2, 1929 BAIZA lftDT -Aooepting wrt done bf Cone BrH, a.. a-, 2, 1929 BOZA anm -"• tbl ooet ot pan11g. ... Oot 22 1929 BOILII IdPICtoJl --ca.biJliJlg ettioer ot Boiler lnapeofll' •• Pl'IIIIMllg Imp.nor. Oot 2 1121 BOIDI. WIil -Mtloipatl• • .-.. , tsoo,ooo. Oot 22 1929 BOnl • .IOCAL Am> DIPllOVam AnioipaU• •t•• Ito. Oot 22 1929 BROACH, H.B. --<>rier1111g Dlllle ot .... w be printed• 1lhe balleta G•.-.1 eleoti• In IS, 1921, lep. Diet ••• 11. Bn 6 1919 BOOGI, 1111.LUII I. -Centlrabg ,.,_nt •t t&o.00 tor --•• • Ja 1 193> BOIIIDG, •••••• ~rOTilllg &Hig ... t of oolltraot ot rJ. ,v Hvtt •• •-:tat• ocmditi••• Jm 28 1910 BUILDIIG DIPS!Cll -,lllthoridng the Jllr•r tao • ml diepo•• ot _one Pord o.ap. lMle11gi111g to Niel Depart 1at. Ja 28 1910 Baa•, GB>RGB !. -AuthlrlslDg the,.,.._ •t owllaia t .. • to-• ter •.-n•• ill •-eotla 'lllt:11 aeleotia et pnpeM4 Airpert eite. hb 18 1910 lk)~ Alltri&iDC lenun et ITI0,000.00 •t ._. tor the pwoba•• , ooutnotioa.eto, et lluioipal Airport. lltl' 11 1910 BOIDI-IT&0,000.00 -.•••uc CitJ Attone7 to lutiW1;e preo .. Map ill Ciroult Coan tor pvpo•• ot ftl14ating IT&o,.ooo, At.rpert paroba•• bollde. •• Apr 1 1910 .... ,. 111BDMIIOI ~dlS N.le et Let 6 ea14 ••b• • lallelpla Barllbarclt• 80T .. 11,-.4 An11ae, tape., l'J.erUa. Apr 11 1910 BOIDI• u.s • .mmalD -C••er1DC •th:>rity upon llapr aa4 cs.v !r•nrff to ueica .... Apr l& 1910 m -Airpert ,.. .... 11111 lllproTtMJltJb. a&pl•;wat. et Gal. ... 11 aDl bpCDcl 1-nw1M .... Apr • 1910 BllSLW, ftll) D. DC -~091ptillg wrk c1 .. bJ ..... c. .. w.t1e •t • ....,. ....... oil 11111 hdn•l• ..... , ao. Qr 21 11• BDILJ:r, ftlD D. DC. -Ao•tttillc •rk 4•• by ew at .. • ----.. 11114 lrwh. ao • lllr 11 19SO Bl&ILII', JUDD. DC -#Otpt1Jac •rte cit•, 9-11-17 .._.,. 1a Al.t'Pecl It. . J1ar 18 1910 BILI.Illa& --an1. nl et lllp ot Let IS llNk •• a.. .. 18 1930 II lla> BOnl -Ala11l1rid111g ieaimoe et btwlag ..... , Beepltal BoD4•• .., 18 19S> BOGS --AlltMrial • i••uo• et 190,000 aetundlnc ••• hprn .. t BeD4a. Ju 10 1910 B>DI --,..n1ng prhate aale ot ll&.ooo Barbor •••• Ju 10 19S> ~reTiDI print• aale ot '20,000 Serl•• ••• Beapital BtD4e, Ibo. • • t iun 10 1110 B>nl prh• t• •al• ot 190,000 J' ••flmlliD& ltencl•, lerlu .•. J1Ul 1,0 1910 ao•, '" -letu4 t• .... et Nrtaia per•cmal taDe t• 191T ....... t •ilte ...,. ...... faa a, 1110 IIUI -Ptjw, et -fer •clioal •errio• ........ to CltJ -.,1., ... 1Jl3u' .. ill liM •t ctvt.J. eto. J•l a 1910 mDI 1 ....... •t t1m,ooo. ae1u11uc •••• no. '1111 e 1910 B>DI -1a.-. •• et t& a.tmM11J1c ..... •• Jul U 1910 BUDGlr -AAeptiJlc ••• tw t1aoal .,._ lNO -1911 • . hl 11 1910 BOID IftllllT 1UID -• Berrcndc 180,000 te proncle tucla to,r ... full••• J111 • 1910 BlJIUIUJG DIPAR!Jmf! --MtbffidJIC Jlqer te • Porcl lllitet•• pNfenJ et Bdlcllac Dllpu1aeldse • Aag 12 lNO BOD •-jpprmq print. aale ot 1190,000 Illprwm bfadlag Bollda• lei•• ... te ftrn -..S.eaal I Wln•II• k'1onU. 1111k •t , ..... .be 11 19IO B0JIDI --,....._ Balla -jpproriJlc print• aale of .. 8,000• Seri• .• 11D !net .. • et ltnktnc 1'ml4a et tu Oi • .be 12 lllO BaJats•• •• llffll (Ttla) M>DIUCII -l,pprOTillg Plat ot .... Sept 9 lllO n1rCM.U>W P.AU auauina:1>• -& lal• •t i.t to •t ._. te c ••• , ...... all4 .. 1. !em:IUds • 1-,t a, 1980 BIACID, IIRS. •• J. -Canoelllng ,--eo•l taxoe tor 1921. Oot 1, 1110 Bama, L -MO-,t111g 1'14 u4 oolltraot nth ... tw paroba•• ot out ir• pip• tw ••• bf 1rat.. Depw twwwa. • On 1, 1110 IDD I IOD a&a CORP~ -(L Waepole, llue..) Ollloell&tioa ot per•o•l tax• tor 1929 •nntlJlc ~• k8 ... O.t 1 1110 .... , I. XAMelliDC eontraot to .... tor eal• et 1,000 t ... a• olu• B Bal 1 u4 lplcn, •n irea pi,. ter ._ _. Dept. O D D D J


• D • D D ,tr1rta;,n"''' 11 NUMBER 99S-B 991-B 9"-B lOOS-1 100,-1 lOl?•B 1017-B l019-B lGH-1 1080-B 1061-1 1070-B 1on-1 1on-1 1081-B 1088-1 1111-11 1118-B 1171-1 1218-B 1211-B 1188-B 1212-B 1188 l291•B 1110-B 111,-1 1118 1119-B 1128 Index to Re•olution• Pu•ed by tlie Board 0 Repretentative• 0 the City o ! Tampa, Floricla _ -_....;..._ _____ -1111 ---DATE MONTH DAY YKAII Im 2 1 lNO ,., a 1,a h'b lT 1911 llar 10 1911 liar 11 1111 SUBJECT MATTER BD.IEaf UJlQll!I m. GIIffD UIIDIIIDO -,_. legal •WTloe 1a eoo14•t t;e llotor V••••l •e.mft•• WIS. T ••• -Ont1ra1Bg rap•rt et Pelio• c..dttN reo ••H.-c payant •t ... -Dr •..... JIS.H. Irw Gl..t•• ... 111• tniae Aaatelle to, aedioal ••m•• NDlll'N T • •• Barri•• Peli•• Offloer • •• m. lltUIDIIIG -bJ Alathlri._ JtC the 1•nuo• et tQo.000.00 et .... to retuil 1100.000.00. P--.iaen lllpreftaat •tea untieter• 1 ..... 'bf tia. c1t,. BIASll.'fOlf• D. B. -ba •-,tta ot MM tw tana en Let M• Bllc.10, •ebraaa lle1gbt• 8ab•a. tor ,.-.n 1929 aDll 1980. -BOIIDI• P .. IIIIT DIPIOVIIIIIT priffte •l• ot ler1•• • to First latio11&l Buie• 96 1 1111 • BIIIJAIID nm.n - ••• ApproriDg tiff ( &) par 1••• ot .... te ...,,, ioart et nor1c1a. eto. Apr 1, 1911 Apr 1, 1911 qr 18 1981 "'1}r 18 1911 J111J 11 1911 J111l I 1911 Ja I 1911 Jun 18 1911 Ja 18 1911 1911 '-I . , 1911 hl U 1111 J11l 1, 1911 , 1961 6 llSl Oot 6 I 1111 Oot 18 1911 Dao 1 1911 J• I 1111 re• 2 1m I 1981 9 1911 e 1911 I 1911 I 1911 1982 1112 1911 1911 1111 1911 BDMIC•CIA Al1'0Jt.UIA .. ApproThg papellt ot 1111.eo, to .... tor ho•pital l'U4ere4 1A ••rtd• •a1Jtc1t1• ..... BOIDI -'1'e pren.cle tw th• pn:ag ot 'bell4• oertaia aplOJM9 -et th• Legal I>epartaent •t the Ci tr, eto. DD1 -• lllrrr .. 1111: 1•• •s•~-Aaatborlatmc aa,110lt1oa u4 ue et teT50.00 et 01tJ tmda tor the ,., et tlae clitterao• 1a aodnt to be rNeiffcl ta.. CitJ tr. the • ot 1200.000.00 ll~c Bolllla, eto. BOUltJTARDII, I. c. -Alatborial:ag p-,..nt te .... , er &ttOl'MJ, L B. Dl•arS.Cht, ot tile •• et taoz.11. iJI payamt et oenain cleorM altered agaiut the CitJ 1a th• Ciroait Court et Billa'bffaagh Couatf, •• .-.z,. 1911. wheres.a 1. c. Bovquardes ,... plai.Jltitt ucl Jlu7 c. Bouer et al •r• clet•clmrt•• !DIDI, JllP'tllDil'O -Aaathor1&1Dg ~• et ll&0.000.00 Retu41:ag Bolllla et the Cit, ot fuip&e to reta4 tllOeOOOeOO et IllprOY .. t Bolllla• •c• •• hernotor• 1••• bf the CitJ et,..._ • DDI. a.rtBDDG -Alatheri&illC baaaaoe ot lllC>eOOOeOO et._. ot Cit, to rtt\1114 tl&O,OOOeOO et Iaprena•t leriN •••• m, -A11th•ri•illg 1Hauoe ot ll1191GL90 et .... et CitJ to Ntu41110.000.00 •t lapl'OYIMllt 'boll4•• -••• • BOIDI, RlrOIDDO DIPROVIIIDT -Approri.Dg priftte Nl• et ll&o.000.00• leri .. •r to I l •atle11&l Bak. taapa. nertcla. .. BOIDI, IIPRov.D'l' lllnmDDCJ -jppNYlJII priftte Ml• et tato.000.00 1..-1•• •c• te llm'oaaUl• !rut c.. Balt•r•. lanie 1a1o-.1 a,, Pun •u..i 1u1c. !llllp& _. ••Jens-1n1...i Bak •t t-,.. BUDG• -u.ptillc , ... tor ftoal JMI" 1911 -1911. JK>l'DI, DIPROYmlll! lllP'UIDDO •• 1•• "JI', apprffiag pr1•t• •al• et lllS0.000.00. • BOIDI --ba Dlttereo• b8twNn .,..._ or "Biel and uouat te r•tacl• Seri•• •c•, lllprw••t l.eta.,1nc Bollll•• BOIDI -leJ Ditter-• 1>••••• aaowat et Mel u4 •OWlt to be ret111ulecl• leriN ••• Iap-rnaet JletmldiDg Bollll•• JK>IDI --Author1&1nc 1Haaoe et i'i.000.00, retlul41Dg Boa4a ~o retmMI 14&,ooo.oo. Illpronaent Bolllla. BllIRLll'•S AJ>DI!I• • BAl!Llff, m. c. •• -leaol11tt.oa •• hi• retirl:ag tNa thl 011:i, u BNltll Ottio•• B17ILDIH -IIIIOftl et NMiU et 'banecl lndldlJIC on Cit, omecl pnpel"t7 la llllb17•• la'b4hul-. BL.SID, oa,. A. -Alathori1illc Ccilptnll ... te rthacl paJlllmt 11&cle 'bf -e applied te papellll: •t t ..... Let 7 • Blk.6. lpu-1:am lab'n. upon offtain ,.,.. u4 ocm41tl .. tba, •Ollllt r•tuW be applied 1Je ,-,.•t •t 11ana • Let T • Blk.t, lparba • • Plue. WIii, DO'RID B. -AlatllcrblJlg apper'1•••t et --• tar 1929, 1980-u4 1911 agaiut Let 1, la Belle hb•-,I owne4 'bf BOIDI --Autwl&iJtc aeoni•• ot ooat:raot with B. J • .._Inc•• Ce.Im.,a, tiaoal agent• tor pvpe•e ot retun.clhg all .. ._ atall41:ag boJl4a ot CUr ot !•pa• ( Water BODI -aet'and1DC • Anllorl&lD& t1aauoe Mgc)U.,000 • Pitt.en JNr rehllcliDc 'bolld1. (IN 1111-B) BOIDI, JlZFOIDIICJ •• Ot all eatatandillg bod• ot the Citj aoapt lllter Bollll•• OIIINllatla et ooatracit 1ll. ill J. B. vaa J-.,A c. •• i. •• a• naeal ageau fer CttJ •f tap&. I BOJDI R~Im Aaathfll'i Ci tJ Attorn-, to ft le Val' a, ... ProONI bJ• ter nltclatioa ot lletWldiJIC Beatie atllerta .. 'bT Io. 1186-B. BllCII, J. •• -Caaoellatia et perao~ tu aH•amt• tor 1911• lmed apiut ..... BUUSIDS. W.,L --lale et Lot 10, Bllc.t, Tim Parle labcll.Tialea to •--ter tllletT. BIA.Cl, J. • • -leac,11nd1ng _ 1 ... 111tloa •e. 129t .. a4 aatllori&i.JIC oaoelleion et er,..ee11• ,r-~--et .... •• ah ... la 1911 ••••••• roll. BUDG&! -~ w tor tiaoal JMI' 'begtlmbc Jue le lNI u4 end1J1C -Ile 1911. . B>IDI AIIIJl4uc bNl11tt.oa ... 1288-B •••• leaelllld.• uatlleri&lD& l•---e et "•* 11 71' retnd1nc ma -m•i.a -Alathorl&iag ereotioa et Hile r..k atnet Ul4 l>whN/1,iae et 1'lllpa Ii: u4 .. t llae et--• It. ' •


Index to Re9olution1 Pa-,ed Ly tLe Board 0 RepreNDtative1 0 the City ol Tampa, Florida 1-------t-----• NUMBER 1,e,-1 l&OI-B 1606-B l&lS-B 1518-B l&lT•B DATE MONTH DAY YSAII Ju .a 1112 ha 21 1112 •cw II 1111 Dee 8 1931 Ju 11 1111 hb U, 1911 • .. SUBJECT MATTER BUD -Lafayette, l'nnkJh Bak uad CitiHn'• le'braaka Aflllu•l&Jlk-uaturhtnc !a Coll__. to aoo-i,t a eoJ' oaap~H .rtore4 liq11iclator ot lbcw• baa tor p•aoaal tan. BmDI p.,..n of oertaill ln•••t oo...-ot bollda ot Ctt7 of~..,._ BAT lftal' -.. ..,rialDC Tapa Gtr4•a c1• 1-ooutnot u Nl'tll till ill nl"Nt, b1JbwW& Pl&" ft. Bride• Ul4 DaT11 II Brtclge. IK>T SCOUT mOOP f& -COD.ttralag r9J)Ort ef Sutta17 CelldttN!.111 oqunt et ta.eo to ••• tor allegecl daag• • tloocl llgllt. WU, LJIIA-App.-ttwllt; of eutatand1DC ta tor 1982 agaluis ,_.t et Lot a. Bllc.lO, General .. et .!111Ja-111CI•, JIA!'l'II L --41>enl-• et fa--~ tor yeer 1111 agalut Ln• l u4 •• Bllc.T, Giclcleu lla'b41nll-. hb Ii 111a . , BOD -(IDwNn 1u4) I S:U.nJIC teo,000.00 ...... , .... . Jlar 1 1933 B-llUI, DS. •ILYI' B. ~•rtl•--t ot 1peotal ua .... t fer exten1ioa ot hllp& Street 1ft, 1, Blk.M, Gnlral llap ot T Jlllr 1, 1911 liar lT 1911 . BAJJra, DISPLAY -lleaoln41.Jlg leaolutl•n h. 1128-B. atMrlatJtc ereotioa •t dlaplq 'bmaor aoroH la•lc It. beb•••• ... t et Tlllp& ltre.t u4 ... , U.1111 dt Water Stre•• BilSBOU BLTI>. IR-U.L--ailuirt.aillg Tallpa Jumor O &7 tr et ec.,.,.e to ewt.r.t .... tnll Jlag•lla •• to Co4ar •tren, ( Cedar n. tnll layall•r• BlTt. to Bay Btro.t hDt.11 a., ltnet traa lfcle Park Aft. te n.rta I11Ul41 Bridp. "1fr 11 1111 WI.a', TH& CLD!BlaA4jua1119nt ot p•H-.1. tu•• tor 1982. Jun 8 1911 1nJDGI!-AppreriJIC .... ter ti.Hal 'JN.r begimiJlg J-1. 1911 .ng Jlq 11, 19Ne J,m lJ 1911 'BOIDl,-Prfflding tor aoo-,tue• of -• la reclaptian of lalllla tr• Tu tor upa1• hz•• •• Cit-, of flap&, oto. Ja lJ 1111 BOIDI-Aooeptuoe of .... ill pa,-nt •t T;L."I. L1(P&Ting Al••-••j ~I•• leaol. 1970-B). 1670-B .,_ a, 1111 BOl!ll -Aooeptuo• et .... iD ~• et T.L.I. 1116-B .1aJI IT .1911 BOIDI -Aooeptuo• of•--la payalllt ot clelbqullllt tu• ucl ... cliJlg 1, et ... •l•ti•n le. 1111-1. 1118-B Ja IT 1111 BOIDI • An A1'l'&JIC-• •••'bJ 4elbqu..t 1an• ta -11 ... ----.., 'be paid witll ,..ttotpatl•• lJl'wre•t la Bollda• .to. (Crc 2ffTillc Pua.) 1191 .Jla1 18 1111 1591-B , Jul 18 lal BOSDI, Ul'IIIDIIG -11D11Tere4 11.,.. 'bom• autllorise4 b-, ••• 1281-1, -11. be 11&4• payable iD lawtal JIOD9T• BOE>8 -Aooeptano• et .... in pa,aont et T. L. I. u----•mdinl ... olutlon ... 1110-B, .. , aae. 1599-B Jal 16 1111 BUILDIIG DIPaDlllff-Suapollllhc to• OJI !hd.ldi.Dg P•• 11P -a100 ftl•U ... tor 90 .... . 1814-B Aalg 8 1111 BaGa , RACBILB

D . . D 0 ----Index to Ret1olution_!_ Pu•ed by .the Boa.rd C!f Reprettentative1 ~ { the City. ol Tampa, Florida DATE NUMBER 1---....--..-----i SUBJECT MATTER 2088-1 2106-B 21"6-B 21,,-1 1116-B 2186-B llet-B 218T•B 2188-B 2189-B 22N-B 2'01 2'18-B IIO'T•I uoe-1 2&19•B 2617-B 'lal8-B as.a.a 2861 2Nl•B .zeea-1 ~aeea-1 2?11 2'1N-B MONTH DAY YUII 1fF I 19M UIIBALL • .. eol'lltift pnricllng tor~ MNlopact .r Jla3• Leap• BaNb&ll lpriJII frd.lWig Mti.Titie1 aa4 4Hipatin& Ccalli tt .. tor Nie! pvpo••• 1,pr 10 19M BUILDDG •aTIIIIT • AaatheriaiJtc et llallcliJlc pend.t to -..rt& T. Alna• to repair oertain trae bllildl:ag ill Pil'e ~T 19H BR0111, A.BRAHAM -Aathoriaimg rad1don et IIQOO ftm tape1e4 ia Jlaioipal Court. Apr M 19H BUILDIEI • AllthoriaiJlc ez-eott• et two tnal chrelll:ag1 iJl Zene. llik!, DU.tta.. lifr M 198' BODI • Re1el111t • eoDNrllillC tba ot tllte• 1t ooupou .tl)panemllt: te -1:aruc in 1918, 198'1 •cl 1918, wld.oll an to be ret'wlcle4. Jun 7 ltM BlJILDllGI • Directtnc 8'11141.Dg Iupeoter te lerN notioe et • • I :ii dollDOl'oaolaent en naer et b11 ildiJlc at &1.lti leb. J:re. Ja 19 19M BUIU>IIGI • Dlreotillg the act l'IIIOl'&l oert&ill b.Ucl111g en ,-,t et Lota 8 u4 T • Blk.l• CUrl•• hb. kMa u 10M ucl 1008 Bighlanc! ""m•• Ju 11 19M BUDGI! -11H • 1911 • acllpttnc .... a• ••clet bf Bolr4 and fixing ldllag• i-r fteoal 7.v. Ja It UM BOID IIDUl1' PUID • jppreprlathc to •-proo .. a. troa oolleotiea et PwilC u4 s..., Oertiftoate helc! bJ .r Delbquent Tu Pua. J,m • 19M DD IITIUII' POD -jppropriati.JJg o..-taiJl .amppropriated tunl baluo•• tor 111• ot •--• Jun 29 19M allD8 • Alltboriaing ot let.000.00 prlnaipal par et blada held b7 !nRNI et DelinquDt fax 1'mlle Ju 21 19M BOID IftlRIIT roll) -jppropri&tiJIC to ue et• troa nrplu rnen•• •t Water d-1DC tileal 7ear. Ju 29 19M BlJDGBr -Reeolatlon oorreothg oertain error• iJl re1olatton le. 21151-B ud acltptiD& bu4pt u oorreotecl b7 Bolrc! ot Repre-1atatiTe1 tor t11oal .,.v 1n, 1911 uul ft.ziJlc aillage. • Ju 19 lSIM URI -2-oluill.ea 4Nipat1Jt& oertain NIia a• Ci1r DepNl'9n.M ••• • Jul a, 1916 BlIDGa -jppropriatiJlc tile ot 11.000.00 fNII CoJlttncenoy Fwlc! to puroba .. -t•rial.1 to repdr hder•• Jliohigu An. • Gvola be. BriclgM. "'11 11 19H BOARD 01' UPUSll'UTITD -._clillC ..a.i-oaai" of Pl"ooedare to oontora to bl•• ot Orw. ac 7 19H BODI,._ L • Aaathoriabg refulMI et portion et Homa• pd4 aoc--1: 1'v T.tenu. Alie '1 111, lllIDGa • h10111di11C Jl ... latton ••• Zloo-1 Jll"fficliDC tor ,-,.mt et ter bric!p Npdn fNa Oontlngee7 Pu4 a c!iNOtiJIC pa:,amt boa lllpl"OT--t Jun de '1 llM BOIDI, -AatluriaillC an4 cllreoting r-ct•tratlea ot oertaia bo1141 NOeind iJl ,.amt ot !LU n'bjeot to turthez-erder ot the Beard .r -..,re1.Wiw1. 11 19M BUIWI•OI • ll•ol'lltl• reci11iring tzo.oo depelit with Bailc!!Jrc Iu,..t.-'bJ Bo111e lfreobr1 to paruatee ta olen1:ag ot m.101 ot nbbilla aD4 dollrl•• lept 11 19M BUD&L • J(a3or IMc• r.,_ining Aotintlea. Apprcm.11g -cot1a1:1ou oarriec! .. 1'J L J. Our•U• __.tftole .. 1,_. .t Boar4 ot ... ,ontatt.n1 BM eball Caaiittee with Detroit Cla. Dee ' Doo 18 11111-I llar 12 llar 19 191, UM 1916 1916 1916 DDS • AllillorUtnc thl ot 189 .000.00 ot the Ctt;J et !-,a helc! bJ the DeliJlllaellt !a 1'n1tee1. BIROlll, 1• a. -Grmttnc hia aol111iTO prinlec• to pla• reoeptaol• tor oollMtiOIL et .... Oil tbl ........ ill thl Cits7. , L J. • Allthon.aimg retuDI et 16.oo. boDll ftr tna'io nelatiea. INMII, G. D. • Aaat.borl&illg 1ettl ... nt ot oldal tor 4-c•• • ..-oat ot buminc et wo _.,elloa• bf lu.itarJ .panam~ til'bg aull iJl •• et tzaaq.oo. 1At IlllDGIJQ .. COISTllUCTIO• CCIIPJIY • AllthorlaillC 1ale at toreole1ve p-oooe4inc1 et eenaill p-opert:J to , ... aDll to aNept Shell ill peya•t ot •••• ... 11 1116 BIJILDllG COH -Wairillg 01rtua et iJI ti.. -tter •t rebaildl11& t,pu hnlll•• eo. plant. rooenq a.a* 40d bf tire. Jun 11 1911 sum• -Acloptiltg badpt r .. tieoal ,...r 1911 -1918• m4 ftalJtg tht aillap rite ill the nri11111 w,ritlri•• ot the 011r. Ja aa 1911 BOIDI -AllthlrlsiJIC ot 110.000.00 Prinoipal,.. T&l•• •t 'bell4I Mlc! by !nne• ot DeU.Jlll'lalt fa Aooount hD4. . . Jun II 1116 BOID DTIUl1' J'Ol1) -Appropriating to .... ,.. ...... frca oollootton ot PaYillg ads.._. c .. un. .... lleld 1'J 1'J'IIRON et Delinquent 1'• fml4. Ju 26 Jul 9 1981 1916 BOID IftlllE1' 1WD • jg>npriatiag 1D • et ll8MT z-.l.i&N trca oolleotlou .... nn.111 1&14 JNZ tra !apa Looal :rap. u\ •t Lima. ( • BOID IITall! 1111D ~iq oertola -,reprlG .. tucl bal-• tor aH et -• \ BUI LDD -Grutizlg perait to J. I. Jutaon, operlltillg a nbvbaa baa line fbr the opvatioa ot a jttMy 'IN•• Ju 2a 1931 Buaurt, D . A. • a..--ttoa te ~111'.loa r•al."4 wbll• iJI tllp~ ot tM lllll1WJ Deput .. t. Jul a> 1911 BCWlD • .. Dolillqaollt (llanioip&l) Tu M.1•-t BOll'4. Ju IO 1986 BOilJ) • inabl.i11d.1tg bub on aloh Mudolpal Deltncpam fa Boa rel 1b&ll aclj111t cle11Jlqamt ... Jul 80 1916 BlJILDIIU CODS• llaTillg 1110 1'111 .. la r•oclelinc bailcllng leoato4 n In lo. llteff • Dar c,&ir lu•n. hpt 8 1016 IDJAJID PIOPIBff • _...tdag .oopt&Me ot optiea to pvohu• I PNf~• On II 1111 BUS LDa • lrudd.JII ptndt te 111b11rban 1-1 H.DN. grartiJlc •lnlrNII Bu U., Iale t_. eztaaion 1_..._ •


• t--_______ ln_ d;.;....ex;.;...._t _ o _ Re,olution• Pa1Hd ~the Board 0 Repre,entativn ~ tl.e Ci~ of Tam _a,,_F _ lo _ n _ da ________ _____;_ ___ • NUMBER ...,_. ...... • (. DATE MONTH DAY YIIAII Dee 10 ltl6 DN 10 1911 • . . SUBJECT MATTER • W'SJl>la BOIJLIYJU • Adlort.suc k19r w panllaN 110 tou et neel aen piUJmc tor •• en re-o ... irratiea et ...._ B01D1 -aatlurt.&1111 .. 1. • D. P ...... A c-,-, ot 111.000 Cii:T of !ape .... he la lMT tw .,_ et .. ,.2,e.,1 tw ... et Bo• PIM et ,a. 011iJ et ! z a.. . . . . -D 0 0.-0 D


NUMBER 2895-B 2925-B 2910-B 0 2934-B 2968-B 2971-B O 2976-B 3024-B 3066-B 0 3086-B • 3093-B 3137-B 3136-B 3139-B 3226-S 3233-B 0 3240-B 3274-B 3284-B 3286-B 3289-B 3300-B 110&-B 0 3806•B SS21-B 3329-B . 0 -3333-B 333'1-B 3340-B 3360-B o . 3352-B 3366-B • 3358-B 3369-B .. 3368-B 3373-B 3383-B 3384-B 3385-B 3386-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida ::.;::;_;:_J_--=-=--=-===~::z_-=-====-----=------~-1 DATE Month Day Year Je.n. 7 1936 Jan. 14 1936 Jan. 14 1936 Jan. 14 1936 F•b• " 1936 Feb. " 1938 Feb. 11 1916 Mar. 24 1936 .,. 5 1936 *" 26 1916 Jlay 29 1936 Jul. 3 1936 Jul. 3 1936 Jul. 7 1936 Sep. 1 1936 S•pt• l 1936 B•P• ' 8 1936 8•P• 29 1936 Oot. 6 1936 9ot. 6 1936 ' Oct. 6 1936 aot . .J.3 1936 Oot. 20' 1138 oot. 20 1936 Oot. 2'1 1916 1'ov. 10 1936 JfoT. 10 1936 lfOTe 10 1936 Jrcw. 17 1936 Bov. 24. 1936 ROT. 24 1936 Nov. 24 1936 Nov. 24 1936 Deo. l 1936 Deo. 8 1936 Deo. 8 1936 Dec. 22 1936 Deo. 22 1936 Deo. 22 1936 Deo. 22 1936 SUBJECT MATTER BAYSHORE SEAWALL, providing tor appointment of Gilbert A Youngberg as Consulting Engineer on \'I. P.A. seawall project and making appropritttion for compensation for of aame. BAYSHORE SEAVlALL--approvi:iig bid of Tampa Shipbuilding and Engineering Co for f'urniahing Steel Sheet Piling for construotion of Shore protection along aame. BUILDING INSPECTOR--authoriai•g ),fqor to purchaae certain auppliea for uae of Building lnapector•a Department for ion work at Marcelo Gonzalez Poat American Legioa grounda. W. P.A. project. • r BAYSHORE SE#.wALL--authorizing the purchase of certain equipment for construction of shore protection elong Bayshbre Seawa from R?me Avenue to Swann Avenue, n~ providinr for th• ~dvertisement of bids for aame. I / BUZBBB. T. o. -ooneoting per1onal tu .... , ... nt again1t , ... tor p•DDY weighing aaohinu tor the ,-ar 1935. BCJIIIS, MA.Jal BDlrARD-Naolution •xpre11ing appreoi•tion ot the B0&rd tor deaignation ot TaJB.Pa Wigh~ on hi• uateur broado--' tllroughout the United State• on February 9th 1936 • • ,., BUZBD, T. o.-aeeoinding re1olut.i.on Jo 2966-B adopted Pebru&rJ 4th 19M, and authorising tu oorreo.tion ot ~r•oml ta • .. ••••ta •g•inlt ..... tor the year 1936. BURWELL, G. A. -authorizing the ret'und to eame of oertain taxes paid in error in the sum of ,171.04. Board ot Pablio Relationa -•utborising the Board ot Pablio Rel•tiona to engage t250 ad.Tertiaing in the P'l.oricla Jbmioipal Reoord u • oontribution f'l-oa tbs City ot Tampa tor the •~rt ot tho Florid• League et llun1o1palit1•• BUCHMAN LOUIS-authorizing the r•tund to •--ot $10.00 b•ing part ot 118.00 fine impoHd in Municipal Uourt. BOILER RO

____ 2_~~ Index to ~esolutions Passed bv the Board of Reoresentatives of the City of Tampa, Florida _____ ~--~-------I I i I ;. ' , I \ I NUMBER 3388-B 3391-B 3392-B 3394-B 3395-B 3421-B MZl-B 3421-B 3422-B 5436-B 3439-B &&62-B" 3'63-B M18-B M11-B 3491-B 3498-B 3600-B 3604-B 3514-B 31>16-B 3523-B 3525-B 3527-B 3528-B S631-B DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER Dec. 22 1936 BONDS REFUNDING -Authorizing Borman s. Taber & Company as fiscal agents to proceed with negotiations for exchange of Dec. 22 1936 BAYSHORE DRIVE -Authorizing the City Attorney to secure associate counsel in the contest of Ordinances 588-A and 589-A, prohibiting nuisances along Bayshore Drive Dec. 22 1936 BYARS BRCYI'HERS -Directing ca.noel lation or personal tax assessment for the year 1936 . Dec. 22 1936 BRCNIN & RANEY -Correcting persou.l. tax assessment against A. T. Rollins as Central Storage Garage and ordering the aasess-:ment ot said i tema ago.inst Brown & Haney Dec. 29 1936 BIDS -Approving bid of Tampa Shipbuilding & Engineering Company for furnishing Structural Steel and associated materials fo construction of an additional LEAN-TO for Hanger at Peter o. Knight Airport • Dec. 29 1936 BOARD OF ELECTIONS -Directing the City Clerk to deliver petitions for Charter Board Election to the Board of Election• or the City of Tampa, in compliance with Court Writ Jan. 19 1931 BIDS -Authorizing the llayor to a4Tertiae tor bi4a tor t'urniahiDg equipa9Dt • labe and aaterial to dNClp a ohanml 1111d ooutruot a 4ragline 41b along Bayahore Bouleftl"d haa R_. Anmae to We.tern City limit• Jan. 19 1931 BAYIBCEB BOULEVARD• Bae aa aboYe Jan. 19 1931 BAYIBORB BOULEVARD Alltbori&ing applioation throagh WPA tor crant to aid in rllliffing and relaying 014 pa9IIDt ad oomtrao • ting MW pa-nanLt on Bayahore Boalen.rd trcm lfapolia A'NIIIII to Platt Street am troll Ram Avemae to th W.atern Cit1 lild. ta. Jan. 26 1937 BIDS .A.uthori&ing' tbt llayor to purohue certain auppliea tor use ot Water Department am proTidiDg tor a4nrtia .. nt ot BID Feb. 2 1937 BIDS -Appron:ng bid ot Robert K. Brown for dredg1Dg an 80 tt. ohannel am oonatruction or Dragline Dike along Bay-shore Driv • Feb. 2 1937 Blls -In regard to the plan of refunding bonds ot the City ot Tampa aubjeot to oall Mar. 16 1937 BONDS -Designating and appointing Bank and Truet Camp&JJJ ae Depositary Agent of the City ot Tampa in all mattera in connection with the REFUNDING ot $5,744,300.00 BCIIDS Mar. 30 1937 BIDS -Authorizing tm Mayor to tar bids fer materials tor conatructi. on or 1teel Radio Radiator. Tower tor Polio• Radio Station Mar. 30 1937 BIDS -Authorizing the Mayor to advertise for bids tar -.teriala for re-roofing the Municipal Warehouse Mar. 30 1937 BIDS -Authorizing tm Mqor to advertiee tor bids for materials for repairing ti. Circular Brick Furnaoe at Incinerator #1 Mar. 30 1937 BEAU MONDE SHOPPE, INC •• -Correcting pe~sonal tax assessment against Beau Monde Shoppe, Ino., for the year 1936 Apr. 6 1937 BELl;,'S .ADDITION -Authorizing sale to I. W. Phillips & Co., Block 6-A of Bell's Addition for $1,825.00 Apr. 6 1937 BAY STREET -Authorizing application through WPA for construction of pavement and seawall on Bay Street from Platt Street Bridge to Lee Street I ' Apr. 13 Apr. 13 1937 1937 BINTZ, 'ii. -Authorizing execution of formal contract with Wesley Bintz for Engineer's servioe on swinmdng pool in Cuscaden p u-k BIDS -Authorizing the Mayor to advertise for bids materials far re-deoldng Michigan Avenue Bridge • Apr. 13 1937 BIDS -Approving bid of Nye Incinerator Company fer furnishing material for th9 repair of the Incinerator Apr. 13 1937 BIDS -Approving bid of Truscon Steel Company for furnishing material for construction or Steel Radio Tower for Police Radio Station Apr. 17 1937 BONDS -Directing publication of Notioe of Sale of $5,201,000 General Refunding Bonds .. ; . . . •' ... l 0 o : 0 ; f ' • ' " i I , i . .


0 o . 0 .0 .. fj '' 0 0 NUMBER 3547-B 3550-B 3554-B 3554-B 3555-B 3555 B 3562-B 3565-B 3571-B 357'1-B S6'T9-B S681-B S682-B S68S-B 3596-B 3697-B 3698-B 3599-B 3600-B ~601-B 3602-B 3603-B 3605-B 3633-B 3634-B 3637-B 3637-B 3638-B 3639-B 3640-B 1640-B 3641-B 3642-B 3646-B 3646-B 3649-B 3662-B 3652-B 3659-B 8669-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida 3 DATE Month D a y Year SUBJECT MATTER Apr. 2 7 1937 BIDS -Authorizing Mayor to advertise for bids ~or puroh~o and installation of ;furnishings and equipment for the completed \'lest wing of Tampa !Jlunicipal Hospital and Nurses' Home A p r . 27 1937 BIDS -Approving bid of Florida Roofing & Metal Works m aterials for re-roofing Municipal Vlarehouse Apr. 28 1937 BIDS -Rojeoting proposal of Graham, Parson &: Company, and assooio.tes, concerning Rotunding B onds of the City Apr. 28 1937 BONDS Srune as above Apr. 28 1937 BIDS -Approving bid of Culp L umbe r Company for material for Michigan Avenue Bridge Apr. 28 1937 BRIDGE Srune as above 1,tay May 4 1 937 BIDS -Authorizing :Mayor to advertise for bids for material for widening Tampa Str<,et from Oak Avenue to Volumbus Drive 4 1937 B IDS -Approving bid of Harvester C ompany for purchase of salvage from garbage and refuse materials May 8 1 937 BONDS -Concerning tho disposition of Refunding Bonds heretofore authorized and validated 19S7 BIDS -Authoriaillg lla70r to met.end t1ae eL bide tor the parob&•• ot tvniture am equipaent tor Tampa Jlamioipal Boapi tal am •vH• • Boae -. 11 1937 BILL -ApprortDg a Bill to be lnt1tlecl a .lC'l' grantiDg to the CitJ ot Tampa Zoning power• iJl oertai.D deaoribecl areu w1th1A the CitJ Um.ta llaJ 11 1937 BILL -.Approri.Jlg a Bill to be 1:1:ltitled All M:r authorisi.Dg the City at T-.,.. to reoeiTe obligations ot tm City ot Taapa in pa,-ent ot Delinquent Tana am IJll,ronaent Liana eto. 19S'7 BIU. .ApproTing a JIJT oonoerning ti. le-.y ot aoiM tu:e, and _appropriation ot 110mya , and ratU'ying o.-tain ~•• heretotoere adopted lff)'ing exoi•• tma lfa7 11 1937 BILL .& a Bill to be lnt1tled a JIJ't to deaignate and deolare oertaiJl road• Ulll/or atreeta in the Ctlunty ot Billaborough and ltt,te ot norida H State Roacla with authority tor aaintenaao• ot •-. 1937 BIDS -.& ti. BID ot Jlomroh Br1ot Ccapan, tor t'ID'Diahing briot tor ~-•ring Depa.rtaent lla7 11 JlaJ 11 19S7 BQllD OP -Appropriating t9'11.99 trca the unappropriated tlmda trca deliDquent 'HZ roll ot 1935 tor lleot1on Bolll'Cl May Kay lla7 18 18 18 1937 1937 1937 Ull1 tor extra ooat in ti. ContiDgeDOJ Aooount in the General Flmd BIDS -ApproTing bid ot Alabaaa. Pipe Ccapan7 tor liuppliea tor lfater Department; BIDS bid ot National Caat Iron Pipe COllpUI tor auppli•• tor Water Departaunt ~Pitting•) BIDS ApproviJlc bid ot National Caat Iron Pipe C0111p&DY' tor a-.,liea tor Wat• Departaent (Pipe ) lla7 18 1937 BIDS bid ot Ka: H ValTe & F1ttiDga Comp&JQ' tor auppliea tor Wator Department . MAJ 18 1937 BIDS bid• ot Caaeroa & Barkley Co.• am I. W. Phillipa & Co.• tor auppli•• for Water Departaent; May 18 1937 BIDS -Approving bid ot Union Water Meter CcapaDf tor 1uppliea tor Water Departaent May 18 1937 BIDS -Approving bid or Knight & Wall Ccapany-tor tor Water Department (Pipe) Kay 18 1937 BIDS -Approving bid at Knight & Wall Ccapany tor aupplie1 tor Water Departae:nt (Pipe) Jla7 18 1937 BILL -Approving a Bill to be lntitled AN ACT providing tor the lny ot TADS by tm City ot T~pa tor Hospital purpo•• Kay 26 1937 BILL -Approving a Bill to be &:ntitled AN J.CT providing the tiae when the Tax AHeaaor shall ocaplete the .laaeaaaent Roll. and providin g when the Board of Tax lqualization shall meet with the Aaaeaaor Kay 26 1937 BIU. -Approving a Bill to be lntitled AN ACT oonoerning ti. authority ot the Tax Colleotor to oertity Delinquent Tuea to the City Attorney lla;y 29 1937 BIDS -Conoerning bide for t3,631,ooo.oo General Retunding Banda Jfay 29 1937 BONDS -Same u abOYe May 29 1937 BONDS -Directing the pablioation ot NOTICE ot redmption ot all oatstanding Fitteen Year Ketunding Bonda llay 29 1937 Barns -Directing the pablioation ot lfOTICE ot SALE ot t3,637,ooo.oo General Retunding Bonda Seri•• EC Jun. l 1937 BIDS -.Authorizing advertiaement tcr bid• tor printing 4,262 Banda, JION or l•H• tor Ccaptroller• • Departaent Jun. 1 1937 BONDS Same aa a'J:>OY• Jun. l 1937 BIDS Appron.:ag bide (StnmRY) tor turniahinga and equipunt, inoluding inatallation, tor Tampa Kunioipal Ho1pital am the Bur•••• Home Jun. l 1937 BILL • Proteating ,the puaage ot ti. Bill oreating Tax J.djustaent Board tor the City ot Tampa Jun. l 1937 BILLI -Providing for payment ot bill• iMWTed by the Board ot Eleotiou Jwa. l 1937, . BOAltD CF ELECTIONS -Same as abon Jun. l 1937 BILL -Urgi• thl aupport ot the Senator ud ltepreaent;atl-na ot the Bill tor VO'l'IBG KlCHDfll , Jun. 8 1937 BIDS bid ot Seourity Bulclote Ccmpany tor priatiag Itetundiag Buda Jun. 8 1937 B())II)S -Saa aa I.bore Jun. 8 1937 BIDS -Aooeptiag bid ot Graham, Paz:'•ou and Ccapuy tor 13,631,000.00 Ge•ral Ketulldiag BoDI, hri•• KC. Juza. 8 1937 BONDS -Saae aa ...,_


4 Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida NUMBER 3660-B 3671-B 3673-B 3687-B 3698-B 3708-B 3730-B 3742-B 3743-B . 3743-B 3762-B 3767-B 3768-B 3825-B 3866-B 3873-B 3805-B 3918-B 3919-B 3927-B 3942-B 3947-B 3953-B 3968-B 3972-B 3972-B 3972-B 3986-B 3986-B 3987-D 3990-B 4020-B DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Dar Year Jun. 8 1937 BONDS -Coan.nling ooJltraot with lioraan s. Taber and Coape.J17 aa F1eoal •nt• iJL ooa.otiob. with lletunding Bonde Jun. 15 1937 BAY-TO-BAY BOULEVARD -Authorizing oontraot with Atlantic Line Railroad Company for running water main under its track at Bay-to-~ay JJoulevard Jun. 15 1937 BONDS -Directing tie cancellation of oertain undeliTered bonds of the City ot Tampa (Fifteen Year Retunding Bonds) Jun. 22 1937 BUDGET -Adopting the BUDGET for the -~isoal year ending May 31, 1938 Jun. 23 1937 BOND INTEREST FUND -Authorizing the borrowing of $145,ooo.oo for use of Bom Interest Fund Jun. 29 1937 BIDS -Authorizing advertisement for bids for 2 sulphur burners for use of Water Department Jul. 6 1937 BRIDGE -Authorizing application through Vl PA for Bridge across Armenia Avenue between St. Louis and St. Joseph Streets Jul. 13 1937 BIDS -Authorizing advertisement for bids for 120,000 Brick for pavement on 22nd Street, for use by Kngineeri12g Department Jul. 13 1937 BAYSHORE DRIVE -Fixillg location of Roadway and Parkway on Bayahore Drive from Western _City limits to the Platt Street Bridg Jul. 14 1937 BIDS Accepting bid of The Bank of the Manhattan Campany for $4,000.00 General Rotunding Bonda, Series A, and $77,ooo.oo General Refunding Bonds, Series B Jul. 14 1937 BONDS -Same as above Jul. 20 1937 BIDS -Authorizing advertisement tor bids for 608,000 Brick fer pavement for Howard Avenue, for use by the Engineering Dept. Jul. 27 1937 BIDS -Approving bid of Georgia Vitrified Brick &Clay Company for furnishing 728,000 No. 1 -2ft' Vitrified Paving Brick for use by tl-e Engineering Department Jul. 27 1937 BONDS -Authorizing payment of Fif'teen Year Ref'unding Bond lTo. D-3, issued July 1, 1932, to mature July l, 1947, $500 a8llle having been cnlled for payment on July 1, 1937, at Chemical Bank & Trust Company ~dth Coupons from 11 to 30 attached Sep. 8 193'7 BAY-1'0-BAY BOULEVARD • Authorizing oontraot with Atlantio Cout LiDI Railroad Campe.ny-tor Water llfa1n along 1ta right-ot-ny trom Bay--to-Bay Boulnard South about 600 t..t Oot. 5 1937 BIDS -Authorizing the Mayor to advertise fer BIDS for tie purohaae ot ALllmlA tor uae by tbs \'later Department Oct. 5 1937 BIDS -Apr,roving BID or B. F. Yfalker & Son for building loading platform at Tampa Municipal Terminal.a Warehouse Oot. 26 193'7 BID8 -Authorizing the Jfqor to adnrtiN tor BIDS tor purohaae ot Tu Rolla tor 1938, Book• A. B. C and D 0o1.. 26 1937 BROADWAY, BAST -Batabliahing freight 1paoe in tront ot 1'704 But Broadway, am a parlcing 1paoe in tront ot lf.19 •• Broadway BOY. 2 1937 BIDS -App-oTing Bid of Beroulea Palrder Company, Im., ot Atlanta, Ga., tir turniahing ALUK tor tbl Water Department Nov. 9 1937 BIDS -Authorizing tm Mayor to advertise for BIDS for furnishing UNIFORMS for tm Police Department NoT. 9 1937 BARRETT, MRS. V(. s. -Authorizing the purchase of the \YATER SYSTEM and equipnent owned by Mrs. . S. Berrett NOT. 9 1937 BRIDGE -Petitioning tm State Road Department to te.klt steps to construct a BRIDGE am HIGHWAY (Toll Free) oonnecting the Cities of Tampa am St. Petersburg atd surrounding territory Nov. 23 1937 BIDS -Approving bid of The Trib~ Presa fer furnishing the 1938 Tax Roll, Sheets aDi Binders for Tax Aeaesaor• s Department Nov. 23 1937 BIDS -Authorizing advertisement; tor BIDS for furnishing Vertical Sewage Pump am Equipment for Ellgineering Department Nov. 30 1937 BAY-TO-BAY BOULEVARD -Authorizing agreement with A.C.L.R.R.Co. for water pipe along its right-of4ay South o~ Bay-to-Bay Bl • Dec. 7 1937 BIDS -Approving bid or Je.ok Pendola tor f'Urnishing UNIFQRllS for the Police Department Deo. 14 1937 BIGBY SIGN COMPANY -Establishing certain PARKING SPACES on certain streets -Bigny Sign Company 307 Franklin Street Dec. 14 1937 BONACKER BROS. INC. -Establishing certain PARKING SPACES on oertnin streets -Bonacker Bros., Inc., on Ashley Street Dec. 14 1937 BRANLETT-HARMON TIRE co. -Establishing certain PARKING SPACES on certain streets -Bre.mlett-Haraon Co. on Marion Street and on Jackson Street Jan. 4 1938 BAYSHORE BOULEVARD -Providing for the purchse of certain property in Bayside Subdivision , for the improvement of Bayshore Boulevard, at Davis Islands Bridge Jan. 4 1938 BAYSIDE SUBDIVISION -Same as above Jan. 4 1938 BUCKEYE HEIGHTS SUBDIVlSIOU -Authorizing sale of certain prop:3rty in Buokeye Heights.Subdivision to Yl. N. ruxl Hattie Rankin Jo.n. 4 1938 BRY.AN, JOHN 1i. -Authorizing oancello. tion of COUPONS due upon a certain Certificate of Indebtedness issued against property in Ha~le's Subdivision Jar.. 19 1938 BONDS :.. Directing publication of NCY.rICE of sale of General Refunding Bonds of, th, City of Trunpa Jan. 25 1938 BIDS -Authori&ing ac!Tertieement for BIDS tor turniehing UBIFORMS tor n.r-n ot Fir• Departaent Jan. 25 1938 BAYSHCJlB BOULB'VARD -.Authorising Cit:, Bl.eotrioal. Inapeotor to notify Tampa Eleotrio Cmapan:, to diaoontinue xerri• ot 11bit. Wq li0;1t• on Ba:,ahore Boulnard trcn Snml to Rome a .... a, ud reaow it• equipaent Jan. 26 1938 BO~ARD, llOR'l'H -Prohibitin PA~BG on ti. laat aide fl •orth Boulnvd 1>e•ee11 Borth "B" street and Alley-lying approx-1.Jlately-126 het South tbereo• h'be 1 1938 BOULIV.ARD, ll

c, 0 I] D ' . o 0 NUMBER 4040-B 4049-B 4056-B 4064-B 4065-B 4066:.B 4069-B 4072-B 4083-B 4()84-B 4098-B : 5002-B 500:S•B 5014-B 50~-B 8041-B 6062-B 6049-B 5058-B 5060-B 5109-B 5111-B 5112-B 5116-B 5119-B 6132-B 61f2•B 5156-B 5186-B 5187-B 5199-B 5209-B 5237-B 5 242B 5246-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of. Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida :J.-.=--::c.=:.::::c..::..:=::__--------'-4 DATE Month Day SUBJECT MATTER • J Feb. 7 1938 BONDS ti. SALE ot General Refwldug Bond• Seri•• A and B, 4ated May 1, 1937 Feb. 15 1938 BIDS -Authorin11g advertisement tor bida tor oertain oast iron pipe tor use by Water Department Feb • . 15 1938 BOULKVARD, NORTH -Rescinding Resolution No. 4032-B, prohibiting parking on thl iaet aide of B. Boulevard between North "B" Street and the Alley lying approximately 126 teet South thereof Feb. 24 1938 BONDS -Rescinding Resolution No. 4040-B, adopwd February 7, 1938, accepting bid of K•ll,y, Riehardson & Company, and iatu, for ae rtai:n BOIDS Feb. 24 1938 BONDS Aco9J>ting a bid tor $500,000 General Refunding Bonds, Series B, ot the City ot Tampa Feb. 24 1938 BONDS -Aooepting tha otter at Kelley, Richardson & Co., and associates, for an option on $1,l 73,000 General Refunding Bonds Series B, and $278,000 General Refunding Bonda, Series A, ot tha City or Tampa . Mar. 1 1938 BIDS -Approving BID et Heroule• Powder Company, Inc., tor tornhhing ALUM tor by the Water Departaent lla.r. 1 1938 BIDS -Approving BID of Jack Pendola tor furnishing UNIFORMS tor aaber• fJE tha Fire Departiunt • 8 1938 BENJAMIN'S 7TH ADDITION-AUfflORIZING PURCHASE CF BLOCK 22 OF SAME FRCM POLK COMPANY FOR MUNICIPAL TRAIU:R CAMP. 8 1938 BALLAST POHll' PARK FISHING PIER• Authorl zing tiling W. P. A. a J!lication !' .or-repairs to amne. Mar. 22 1938 BAYSHClUi ROYAL HOTEL CORP.. Authorizing Apportionment of oertaia tax certif!oate ror year 1936 Lota A & B • Water Lot A Geo. Sub on petition of as. ~•• Mar. 22 1938 BONDS-accepting a bid ot Jtcll,_y-llichardson & Ce. or Chicago. Ill tor the purchase ot $151,000 Gemral Re.tundill( Bo:ad• Ser iH B • of 'the City of Tampa. Mar. 22 1938 BUlIDING CODE-Wai'dng certaia propoaed buildiJlg• in the 800 Block on Washington Street petitioa ot Walt.r Piero• am Central Truck Lim• Jackaon & Bruah Street.• Mar. 29 19&3 BONDS-Accepting bid of Kelley-Richardson & Co for $165,000.00 General Refunding Bonds of' the City of' Tampa Series B. Apr. 5 1938 BONDS-Accepting bid of' Kelley-Riehl. rd1on & Co tor $9,000 Gem ral Refunding Boms of the Ci.ty of Tampa $8, B $1,000A. 19 1938 BilBIDa SlJBMVISII -Jallnding •••olation Bo. 6023-B aooeptig a bid tor Gemral ltetun41ng Bonda. 8er1•• B, ancl tl,000 Gemral bf'llncling BoDll•• Series A et thl City~ Tapa Apr. 26 1938 BOUTOH COIIPABY'S• C., B. SUBDIVISIOlf • Auiillorising aale a looated on Lot 11• C. C. Bouton Sub•n to Pete l.ealle• tor tao.oo May 6 1938 BAYSIDE SUBDIVISl ON -Authorizing the Mayor to aell am diapose of a dwelling house and other buildings lMated on Lota 4 and 5, Block 3, Bayside Subdivision May 6 1938 BENJAMIN FIELD -Authorizing application throu~h WP A for oonatruction of' a concrete building, beautitioation of adjaoent grounds am the demolition ot an obsolete ARENA at Benjamin fteld Jun. 1938 BELL'S ADDITION -Authorizing remission of' taxe s on certain properties in Bell's Addition and Demorest Subdivision account occupancy by W P A Jun. 7 1938 BENJAMIN, L. E. -Authorizing SALE of Lot 1, Block 20, Demorest Subdivision to L. E . Benjamin for $250.00 cash Jun. 7 1938 BOULEVARD, N ORTH -Rescinding Resolution No. 4039-B, being a resolution prohibiting parking on the West .side of' North Blvd., inunediately South of Columbus Drive Jun. 7 1938 BROADWAY, EA.ST -Establishing a parking s pace in front of' building numbered 1703 East Broadway for use by Bennie's Cas h Groce Jun. 7 1938 BAY -Authorizing application through W P A for clearing stumps, mangroves and debris from the Bay and River fronts in City Ju. 21 1938 BUDGET Adopting the BUDGET tor the tiaoal pv beg1miing June 1. 1938 ad ending liq 31• 1919 Jun. 23 1938 BOND Ilft'mBST l' the borrowing ot 18<>,ooo.oo against antioipated rnenuea and tax•• to aoorue to a aid tuncl cluriJ:lg th• fiaoal year bet:1nn1ng June lat 19S8 anct ending May :Slat 1m 9. Jun. 23 1938 BAYSHORB DRIVB-Reeolution Pro-riding tor Lighting the a•• fixing the oandl• power and number ot ligl& a to be plaoe4 am providing tor the rate to be paicl tor •a•• Jul7 6 , 1938 BAYSHORE DRIVB-Resolution approving the type ot Reflector and lamp to be used 1n the Lighting System thereot. July 26 1938 BOILER INSPECTOR-Authorizing the Mayor to sell one 1934 Ford belonging to thh Departm nt which has become worthleas • July 26 1938 BIDS-Approving 'ti d of' Hart Machinery Co for purchase of' Sewer Pump & Il},uipmem; for the Engineering Department. July 26 1938 BROADWAY WT-Prohibiting parking on the North side of' E. Broadway for distallC e of' 20 rt E from the curb line of 17th Street. Aug. 2 1938 BURNS & MCDONNELL-Resolution employing Burns & McDonnell Engineering CompaJl of' Ka.nea.s City, Missiourl, to make a preliminary survey of' the properties of T!Ullpa Electric Co for rate adjustment purposes. Aug. 2 3 1938 BAY BLUFF VlATER COMPANY -Authorizing the purchase or the Wate r System and equipment ovmed by A . F. Coo per known a s Bay Blurt i'fo.ter Company Aug. ' 23 1938 BOURQUARDEZ, J./lNE SUBDIVISION -Correcting error in issunnoe o f Tax Receipt for 1937 against Lot 4 Block 2 1 Jnne B ourque.rd Subdivision ' , Aug. 23 1938 B~SHORE DRIVE -Authorizing the placing of "STOP" signs across all streets running into Bayshore Drive between Platt Street Bridge and the City limits 8


• NUMBER 5304-B 5315-B 5319-B 5341-B 5366-B 6370-B 5378-B 5386-B 5387-B 5412-B 5414-B 5424-B 5421-B 5429-B M30-B 5434.a 5441-B 5444-B 5449B 5456-B 5468-B 5474-B 5475-B 5478-B 5494-B 5496-B 5604-B 5511-B 5514-B 5676-B 6680-B 6586-B 6594-B 6696-B 169?-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida = ~ ~z_..;.:::.....;_..::.....;;___:;_;__;_,;;_ _ _ __;_ ___________ _.;:._ _ _ _. DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year Sep. 23 1938 , -. . Direoting REFUND to Biele Brown or Star Vending Compan;r ot 119.00 tor three 01~• Maohine UCENSE:3 which were deolared illegal by the Court• Oct. 11 1938 BAYSHORE DRIVE-Authorizing the ~yor to cause to be prepared and tiled application wHh w. P. A. tor project to conatruot benches along the Baysh'ore Drive. Oot. 11 1938 BUII.DING RESTRICTIONS-To waive building restrictions to permit frame coutruction at 1105 11th St in Fire Zone fl. Oct. 11 1938 BONDS-Accepting bid of Kelley-Richardson & Co tor $246,000.00 General Refunding Bonda, Series B, or the City or Tamp•• NoT. 8 1938 BIDS-AuthoriziZJi Mayor to advertise tor bide tor aupplies tor the 1939 Tax Roll. NOT. 22 1938 BIDS-Approving bid of' Carl Hill Printing Co tor the printing ot the 1939 Tax Roll and t'urniahing supplies therefor. Nov. 22 1938 BOARD OF PUBUC RELATIOBS-Authori zing establishment by same of a Canteen in -the Municipal Trailer Park. Dec. 6 1938 BOr'ruAN Mm'HODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH -Authorizing cancellation or taxes f'or the years 1934 to 1938 incl., against Lot 5, Bloo 15, Mobley's Subdivision, property or Trustees of Bowman Methodist 11.pfscopal Church Dec. 20 1938 BIDS-approving bid of Franklin Men' s Shop for furnishing Uniforma for the Police Department. Dec. 20 1938 BIDS-approving bid of' Dave Gordon & Co for purchasing certain excess equipment from the Water Department. Jan. 24 1939 BIDS -Authorising advertiaement for BIDS f'or furnishing Firemen's Uniforms Jan. 24 1939 BENJAMIN'S 2ND ADDITION • Authorising SALB ot Lot 2S, BlooJc 11, Benjw.n•a 2nd .Add. to K. St. Paul Jan. 31 1939 BBtiJAKIB• S 2ND ADDITIOB • .a.end1Dg Resolution No. 6414-B l'eb. 7 1939 BOUTON. c. B. & COMP.A.NY•S lDDlTIOB . -A.utharising oanoellation Sll'Ylm Certi.fioate No. 31263 against Lot 6 ot Dr. Goldstein' Rffiaed ,Subd1Tiaion of c. c. Bouton & Compar• • .Addition to WNt Tampa Feb. 7 1939 BOUU>ING P&UIIT • Pena1tt1Dg the, erection o~ a tr ... build1Dg within the ftre limits at 901 Sixth (8th} A_Tenue Feb. 7 1939 BAAll>NDB, JUAN -CorreotlDg peraoml aaaeaammt agaiut Juan Bamaond• at 1818 B. Broadway, tor t1-yer 1938 Feb. T 1939 BUFFALO AVENUE -Prohibiting parking on tm 1 iorth aide ot Buttalo Avenue i'rom -Taliaferro Street Eut and West tor a d1atanoe or 200 teet eaoh way . . Feb. 21 1939 BE.WA: .• IN'S "ND ADDITION-Authorizing cancellation of taxes and imp-ovementa liens on lot 23 Blk 11 or same, aooount its being acquired by the City under forecloaire and later sold to, M. St Paul • .. Feb. 21 193 9 BIDS-Approving bid of' Franklin Men'• $hop far furnishing Unitonns tor the Fire Department. Feb. 28 1939 BAYSHORE BOULEVARD• Authorizing installation ot Stop Light Traffic Sigxial at B9.Yshore Boulevard and Platt Street. Feb. 28 1939 BEm & WINE Pmtn'.Ts-c•noerning the c1noellati~n of Beer & Wine permit iasued to Joe Garcia File E-4310 lOOlt Pierce Street. ?.!ar. 7 1939 BELL-Elouise Zimmerman-Authorizing cancellation of record in~ Collector's Of'fioe or Sewer certificate .A.-6968 against Lot 4 of w. h. Caldwell's Sub, on petition of' saoe. Uar . 14 1939 BUILDING RE!JTRICTIO~S-Permitting erection of cenent block building within Fire LiJ:lits, petition of Sol Hali•zer. 1!A R . 14 1939 BUZBEE, T . o.-Authorizing p~ent of ~15.80 to same in oomprar.ise settlE1D.ent of damage to hi& car. Mar. 14 1939 DAYSIIORE BOULEVA.-1.D-Amending Resolution i{o. 5142-13 ooncernin~ the lighting on Bay-shore Drive. llar. 21 1939 BEl.JJAl.iil-J1S 3RD ADDITION-Authorizing sale of part ot lot 2 J3lock 7 of Same to bralcolm J. Hall for the sum of $1,000.00. far. 28 1939 BI.A.HCA AVEl~UE-Directing installation of street li~ht at Blanca Avenue and Erie Street on Davis Islands. 1 • .ar. 28 1939 B.A.YSllORE DRIVE-Authorizing City Eleetrioal Inspector to notify Tampa Eleotric Gom to discontinue certain lamp• on the Bay-., shore Boulevard from Rane to Howard Avenues. Apr. 4 1939 BUFFALO SUB-Canceling certificate No c-7256 for taxes for yeor 1~6 against •ij-of Lot 2 Blk l of s _. to allow a Homeat•ad Exempt ion to c. c. C~lton. Apr. 11 1939 DO-,:JA.i :.L:.'TH0 ]2IST CHfilC:'i• Authorizip.g cam llation of tax certificales for 1934, 1935, 19361 and 19~7 and assess:nent for the yea~ 1938, on lot 8 Block 15 f.iobley'-s Sub account of its use by Chm-oh property. ~pr. 11 1939 B.)UTOl!. c . D. t,: co•s ADDITI~1 ; -Authorizing the sale and conveyanoe of Lot 11 Blk 7 of same to Enoch ~obley on torms. jpr. 18 1919 BIUDGB ACJlQSS BAY TO sr. PmmmBllllG-lleaolution urgillg 8em.tor and .Maabera ot •• lloaH ot R11preaentatiT .. tr• K1ll1'boro-.. County to -,.pport a bill ••tabliahing a Public Bi~ bwLwwa and .Pinella• eoaDty aero•• the aq. Apr. 26 i939 BIDS -Authoridiig Mayor to adnrti•• tor BIDS tor oonatruotion ot root OTer th• Grand Stand at CuaoaclenPvk . . jpr. 25 1939 BIDS -Authorising Mqor to adnrti•• tor BIOO tor turni~hiiig ALtll tor u•• by Water Depertant 23 1939 BBrHBL J... II. L CHURCH• Authorizing aal• to MIU ot Lota 10 a: 11 llwlro & "lewi• Sub tor t200 on terms. 23 19.'59 BIOO-Authorbbg th• Mayor 1D advertise tor bid• tor f'umishing certain equipm1nt. labor and naterial1 r.or inetal.ling a lighting aysttm tor night playing on Diamond Ball \iourta at Jlaotarl&M Park. 29 1939 BUDGBr• Resolutio~ adopting the budget tor the tiaoal year beginning June let 1939 an4 anding May 31st l~O. 6 1939 BUNGALOW PARK SUB-Authorizing ot Lot 37 of aame to Philip A Deterling tor $270.00 on terms. 8 1939 BOZA, A. P-Authorizing leaae to 1aame ot Marti c .. tery tor thirty yerra at $40.00 per 1-.r upon certain oonditiona. 6 1939 BOURQUARDE: SUB-Authorizing oanoellation of paving oertif'1.cate No. 293 agaimt lot 5 Block 16, ot aame. 0 0 Ci -0 0 0 0 4


0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .. Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida DATE NUMBER Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER ., 5598-B June 6 1939 BELL•~ ADDITION-Providing tor abatermnt of taxes on Lota l, 2 and 3 Block 3 o-J: aeJM, account w. P.A. oocupanoy. 6599-B June 6 1939 BELLS ADDITION-Providing tor the abatement of tax•• on l,ota 4 & 6 Block 3 o-J: ~ame, account w. P. A. ocoupanoy. 5607-B June 13 1939 BUFFALO HEIGHTS SUB-Refunding to Tampa Mutual Builiiing & Loan Assn taxH paid in error on lot 16 Block 36 Buffalo Heights and reinstating said liens. 6614-B June 20 1939 BUlYErT, J. T .-Authorizing ,pportiomnent o-J: certain Taxes under Certificate A-&161 -J:or year 15lS8 on petition of •~• 5615-B June 20 1939 BENJA!:.f IN FIELD-Authorizing Mayor to file amended application with w. P. A. for comtruction o-J: Armory Building. 5627-B June 27 1939 BENJ.At.llN•S, G. N. ADDN-Authorizing apportiomnent ot certain taxes against S 45 feet of Lots 13 and 14, Block 8 of same on petitl. on of George Guida. 5638-B June 27 1939 BLACKBURN, R. E &: MARY-Authorizing apportionment of paving aaaessment made under 1923 Act on S 60 ft of East 115 teet of W 130 of Block 26, Demorest Sub and S 90 tt of Faat 50 -rt of W 180 tt ot Block 26 Demorest on petitio ot same. I 5641-B June 29 1939 BOYm, MRS A. s-Authorizing apportiomnent o-J: taxes for years 1924 and 1925 on Lot 5 of Her ton &: Smith's ~ub on petition of - •~-5652-B July 18 1939 BONNillIURS T SUB-Authorizing cancellation of paving Certificate :/1:610 dated June 1st, i9oo againt wt 4 Blk l o-J: same. 5657-B July 18 1939 BENJA:.UN'S, G. N. ADDITION -Authcrizinr-apportionment of truces on lot 15 Block 4 of s am•. 0!1 petition of Campo. 5670-B 18 1939 BOUTON, c. B. & co•s SUB-Authorizing cancellation o-J: Pavin~, SewEr and Tax Liens held by theCity on Lot 3 Block 3 ani Lot 5690-B 6806-B 6811-B 5818-B 5824-B 6829-B 6830-B • • • • 9 Block 4 of same, acquirej by the City under foreclosure and later sold to the.Housing Authority. l 1939 BUFFALO H~GHTS sun-Rescinding resolution 5607-B providing for refund to Tampa Mutual Building &: Loan Assn taxes paid throug error on Lot 16 Block 36 ~f same, and the reinstatement o-J: liens o n said property paid in error. • 8 19S9 lllF.AIWE• J,Jthori&isg 4M4 to tlae WU' Dep&l"tallnt: ot propoaed bl'eabllt• ait•• on Pet.r O laiglat A.irport. . I 1919 IIISAIQ!E• ll .. •atig 1rar De}:&rtact ot u. a. GoY•t to •••• th• looation ot the propoHcl bnalarater to a uw looation &'t P.ter O lnicht Airport. 22 19S9 BLUB )I()()• COlllT SUB-Approrlng •P or plat ot Blue Moon Court ~11'bcl1Tiaion. 'T 1939 BRBAICWArBR -Conring lam• and •ter bottom t• oon.atnotion ot BUAXWAT.!R at P.ter o. Xm.gbt Filed 2' 1989 BIDS-juthor1&1ng a4Twt1•--nt tor bicla tor tumilhing pipe (8,000 'ft,.e&oh ot 11• aJl4 e• Caat Iron Pipe) and titting• t0/1' the Water Departact. 2' 19S9 BROAD S!RDI'-.Autbal' llqor to ak• applioation throug)l •• P. A. tor aicl in timnoing oomtruction ot Sanitaey .__., on Broad ttre.t an4 on 12th Stren. 3 1939 BIOO• Authorising advertiiement tor bid• tor 1uppliea needed b7 the Tu: Aaae11or tor the 1940 tax roll•• 3 1939 BIDS-j)ithor iling advertisement tor bid• tor Polioe Unitorma. 1 19S9 BILLS mm PARTS• Direoting oorreotion ot error in oreditlng tans pild bJ Norman 'Whitm1 tor "Diolca j)ito Part•• to "Bill• Auto Part•• ancl minatating it• oreditecl in error. 1, 19S9 BOLli:>U., t. :u.-juthorh ing apportiollment of on lot• 12 and 13 Block 42 llaotatl&ne Park Subclivilion on petition ot .... 14 1m 9 BLANCH.ARD, L g. Autharidng apportioaaent ot tan• tor 1ear• 1935 am 19156 on Lot 23 and H 400 f"t ot Lot 22 Blook 11 Icllewil on the Hillaborougi Sd> tor years 1935 and 1936 on petition of aame. -5846-B Nov. 28 1939 BOUTON, c. B-&: co•s ADDN-Auther izing apportioment of apportiomnent ot epecial aueasment for paving made under the Tampa Local Ilnprovement Aot on Lot l'Block 7, c. B. Bouton & Co•s Addn PBl Page 6S on petition ot the Fir at Natiom.l Bank. 6855-B Nov. 28 1939 BROWNIE'S• AUTHORIZnm correction ot 1938 persom.1 tax asseument also 1939, of same at 9l6 Franklin Street. 6868-B Nov. 28 1939 BUILDING Rl!STRICTI~-Permitting erection or metal on \food frame building within the Fire Limit• on Water Lots 54 to 62 ot Hendry & Knight's Map ot the Garrison. ' 5865-B Deo. 12 1989 BIDS-Approving bid or Franklin Men• a Shop for furnishing Police Uniforms. 5873-B eo. 19 1939 B ID S -Approving bid o-J: Central Foundry Co Bessemer Ala, for furnishing pipe for the Water Department;. 5884-B 58 8 6-B 1901~ 5916-B 5917-B 6921-B -.5928-B ec. 19 1939 BIDS-Approving bid of Florida Grower Presa for printing 1940 true roll supplies. 19 1939 BRO'\'fflIES-.Amending resolution No 5855-B adopted Novenber 28th, 1939, so as to permit aame to pay 1938 personal tax paeaamed; without plllli.].ty • . an. 9 lNO BllSIB-Orantlsg pend.t to B. Oramott u "Tai-Tranait Co• to operate buH• in the Cl• ot !.-pa orer oertain rout••• ' -. . 16 1910 BUBSD-on.nti ng permit to T-1ud. Trail !ow-a Ino, to operate bu••• 1a the City ot T.apa OTW certain route•• an. 16 1940 BllIDGB-Requeating rruate .. ot the IJJl:trm.l Iaprcweaent Pund ot the state ot Flcricla to grant th• applioation ot th• stat. Roacl Dtp.rtuait tor right or •&1 aoroaa the Bq Botto• ot Olcl Tupa Baf neoeaaary tor the buildl ng ot a tree brU• betwen T•pa ancl St. Peterabmg. an. 2S 1 . 940 B!RWANGER, EDWARD P-AJithcr idng aale and aonnyanoe to aame 1x> • 8 tt ot. Lot 340 llorth Parle Annex Sub tor k<).OO on t.,... Jan 30 1940 UDB-_.luthOrizing advertisement tor bids tor uniforms for the Fire Department. Feb. 6 1940 'BUNGALOW PARK SUB. -Allthoriaing aatiataotion .ll>RTGAGE to Philip A. Dfterling conring Lot 37 ot Bungalow Parle


NUMBER 5949-B 5963-B 5964-B 5978-B 5985-B 6020-B 6014-B 6013-B 6038-B' 6057-1 . 6066-1 6068-1 6069-1 6074-:a 6081-1 6082.r-l 6321-0 Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER Feb. 13 1940 BIDS _ Approving bid of Franklin Men's lhop for furnishing supplies fot Fire Department, and authorrzing Mayor to Purchase or let oontract for ,ame. Feb 20 1940 BRF.A,Kt,YA.Tm -Committing the City of Tampa to assume maintenance or Breaknter to_be erected by the United States or America in connection with Peter o. Knight Air Port. Feb oo 1940) BUSSE:3 -Resolution granting A.B. Grandorr, doing business as Tampa Transit Comp~ to extend operation ot busses to certain additional territory in the City of Tanpa, Florida. Mar. 5 1940 EDWARD P. BmWANGm-Resolution authorizing execution and delivery of satisfaction of mortgage to F.dward P. Berwang _er on West 8 feet Lot, 340 North Park Annex Subdivision. Mar 12 1940 BETHPL HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION sale and oonve yance of Lot 8, Block C, Bethel Heights Sub. to Josie Knighton for $60.00 on terms. ~ch 26 1940 BAYVIJ?,/ HOTEL -.Authorizing exbhange of parking spaces between Bayview Hotel and Yellow Cab Taxi Company or the parking space no,v reserved in front of Bayview Hotel or said occupants. Maro 26 1940 BOMroRD,HARRY Jr. -Authorising canoellation of' paving Certificate No. 63, Dated Oot. 4, 1899 and Sewer certificate No.806, dated Jan. 31, 1900 on Lot 11, Block l, Hyde Parks Sub. March 26 1940 BIDS -.Authorizing Mayor to purchase certain supplies for ~se of water Department and providing for the advertising or bids thereon. Apr. 9 J.Q,. JJlAll'TLZT & 00 -Correction personal tax against certain indiTiduale and fira1 for certain 7ear1. ( J.~. Brantle7 16 Co and Dave Gordon & Co.) Apr. 17 194<> BOIDI -A resolutien directing the publication et notice •f sale ef $313,000 General Jlefundinc :Bond• ef th• Cit7 et !aapa. Apr. 17 194<) IIDI Apprevinc bid ef th• United Stat•• Pipe and 1oundr7 C•ap&Jl1' for purcha•• of certain Supplie• and propert7 fer the Water Department of th• Cit7 ot !uapa. Apr • . 17 194<) IIDB Approving bid et NcWan• Caat Iren Pip• CeapaJIT et li:raingham, Al.abaa fer the furnishinc ef c•rtaill avppliia fer the u•e of tlw Water Depart•nt of th• Ci,1 et Taapa. Apr. 23 1940 S'l'TIR MILK PRODtallS COOPKRATIVS -Correctin pereo~l tax aeeee1aent1 against o,rtain firm, and individual, for certain 7ear1 in the Cit7of Tampa • Apr 23 1940 BUDGKT-Com11ittinc the Board of Representative, a, to provision• in the eneueing Bu.4et of the Cit7 of T•pa for Charitable purposes. Apr 26 1940 Apr 26 1940 Apr 30 1940 Apr. JO 1940 Ma7 14 194<> IOllDS GBDRAL DJ'UBDIIG -A resolution awar4.lnc General Refunding Bondi of the City of T•pa. BOND DDEMPTIOB -Directing the publication of notice of redemption of certain out•tanding Bonda in the Cit7 of Tupa. . \ Jm!TJ'AXIB'S ADDITIOB -Appfftionaent of tax•• on Lot, 13 to 16 inclusive an4 Veit l of Lot 17, Block 7 leaJaain'• Acldition on petition of City Attorne7 for ToDT Al.e11i. !OJJDI-Providin for di1po1itiu of certified check deposited incident to 1ale of Cit7 lond1. I :BIDI -J.uthorl,zinc Na:,or to furni~ certain 1upplie1 for the UH of th• Water Depart•~t an4 providinc for th• aclvertiHment of Bide thereof. Ma7 14-1940 8.0. lU:JRG -Authorhing sale and. oonve79-nc• of Lot• 3, 4 and 5 Scheurer Sub for $ 600.00 •••h eubJect to all City-ad all outetandinc tax•• to s.o. Bure. Na7 14 194() :aurr.u.o AVJ:l'tm -Authorizinc installation of Traffic• Signal light• at th• inter1ectiona of Central ud Buffal• and at the intersection ef Central u4 Hilleboreuch lrenu.e in th• Cit7 of !apa. Ma7 21 1940 May 29 1940 Jue 11 19'10 Jj,B BOUR~UABimZ SU!DIVISION Au.therizinc sale and conveyance ef part of Bleck 26 and Wt et Let A, Jane Bourquardez Sub te Dr. V.M. lle1enthal, fer$ 50.00 1a1h. BUILDDTG PDMIT -A reeelution to revek• and !uildinc Permit No A-12025, cranted te Themp1en-~rice Lumber & Suppl7 Co. fer the conetructien of a cabinet Mill Shep at Kay and Lezano Streets in th• Cit7 of Tanpa. BIDS Approving private sale of$ 56,000 of Delinquent Tax A.n•icipation noted for the used of the General 1un4 of the Cit7 of Tampa to the of the Sinkin& lund of the City of Tampa. BlD ApproT1DC b~4 of ._ hlt 011 Oorpon,1• tor ,_ fllniahiDC of oenala hppll•• ,o ,_ laMr Depanaal of \he ou, of !aapa, J1orYa. JAIi JOUIQ1IAIDII IUIDITlllOI -Oorreotiltl le1oluUoa 6112-1 'b7 aorrectlac '11• cletarlp\oll of ,u pro,en7. cletorlbe4 '1l•r•l• u4 nthor1s1ac,,u eucn1tloa u4 ullflJ7' of oornoUn .. et 'b7-. ~r offloen ot ,u Oi\7 ot !up&, lorlc1a. J11D A llD PDlll! -A neolutlcm coueralac \he oaaoellaUoa of JMr u4 llae PeraU lo. S-6'A 1•• ,o O..eflao Par4o, ., 1:623 Jlt'1l AflllU la \he cu, of ,...,.. Jlor1u. M ff •-1 I -0oaa1,unc •• Clt7 to tu eucun\ of proper Or .. 1n,no111 u4 reeoluUcm pron41nc e44Uloaal nna• 1A acoor4allce wUh the proT1aloa• of the Cvreat Jhadce'• Jw 13 1916() BUJXII! Mop\1Jlc tha hqet tor tu fboal J'e&r eacliq -. 31, 1~1. JUDe 25 19'K) IUILDllG J•SPKC!OJl -J.uthorlsinc llqor to eell atprhate sale CheTrolet Coupe aov 1A ue by hil4inc Iaepeotor. Ju.e 25 1916() JOIDS, DIOIDIWG-ProY141DC tor hnanc• of .66,000 Bonde of 1940 Serila NJ an4 $,39,000 of 1940 Berhe .AJ> an4 prOTicllnc tor the ~nt of principal aad lnten1t of ,aid b onde. .. 0 0 0 0 D 0


1----------'---In _dex to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida 0 -u 0 J . -0 0 NUMBER 617~ 6218-1 6265-J 6275-1 6397-J 616oo-B 6403-1 6407~ 6407..J 6407-1 6410..J 6419.:a 6423.:a 6424-.B 6429-B 64,o..J ~37-B 6448-1 6470-B DATE Month Day Year . . ) SUBJECT MATTER !D>I Authori11DC the llaTor to a4Tertiae tor bid.a tor the NIIOT&l of the liar Muauaent •ituated •t Meaorlal Hlghwq and Howard Avenu. to a Location outside of ~rlcan Legion Cea•t•?7 at Keaorial Highwq. 19llo DASS liAIL Correct111g per•onal 'fax AaHumenh acatn•t certain Jina• and Individual• in the City Tupa, 1lorid.a. July 23 l~ .. J~ ' 1911<> Jv.17 30 1911<> Jul.7 30 l~ 6 19llo Aue 13 1911<> Sept. 17 l94o JOU'?Ol1 & CO, StIBDITISIOJr -Authorising apportionnent of outatandi ng tu AaHHment for 194o, upon certain ter111 and con41Uone • ICA2f l JOD'I SUBDIVISIOI -~thtrlliag apportionaent of tan• Lot l, llook 2 Kar, I. lorn'• lab tor l>•lore• 0\Ue7. hnnett'• l>rag ltor•• -Corr•otiac per•onal taz ••••• .. n\a tor certain tina• au Iutritul• in tbe Oit7 ot 'faapa. JJlOODI CLO'l'lllll 00 --~--lw •• •boTe--JOD:DDVD SUBDITISI
aDT for the furnia hing of fa~ ilill look• tor 19~ • C.J. mtASSELL -Correcting per11onal tax aeeeeem•nt1 again•t certain individual• and firm• in the cit7 of Tuspa. In l2 19llo IOWNd BllGJl'llS SUBDITISIO• ApproTing Nap or Pl•t of Bonaa lleigh'\a BubdiThlon beiq a re-•ubdirtaion of Michigan Park. •oT 12 lMC> BIIJ.UUB 1BLD -Authoridq renewal of le•H of BuJuin lield to raor, Board of State of llorid.a tor the 7eara. loT 12 l9lio lloT l~ 1'40 BoT 19 19llo BoT 26 l94o Dec 3 Dec 10 1940 Dec 17 Dec 17 Bee 17 :BDJANI••s 4'?11 ~1,10• -Av.thortd.a •al• of Lot 12 !lock 2, !enJ&llin'• 4th Addition to Jack P. 1errerra. C.B. Jouton 6 Co~ AddUion to lfe•t fupa -Sxtendiq Uae tor erection of Buil41nc Lot 11 Block 7 tor Snooll lloble7. llDR .uD VIII PEIMI!B -Be..-okin Per11it •o. M?.35, iuued to llanul OuerTO, 1'408 lebre1ka ATenu. BABDR 6 TULLY -Correcting personal tax a11••••••nt• tor certain indiTidual• andJirm• in the City of Tupa. PTHEL BJ:IGHTS SUBDIVISION -Authorllin apportionment of out1tandiq tax certificate• 1929 to 1938 incluelve Lot 4, Block •A• Bethel Height• Sub. ~or Bou7 l.arr"7. BOURQUA.Bm:Z SUBDIVISION -Authoriring eale and conveyance of• 195• S 2101 B 2101 Lot S Bourquarder Sub to Harey Sommer• for $ 3 ,550.00 on ter••• BRONX llAJl -Correcti~ personal tu a ~ ree1menta for certain individuals and f1rm11 in th• City of Ta&pa. BOND SHOJ: STOBE --------Same as above-----BOUR'

NUMBER 6507J 6521J 6531-B . 6535-B 6551-B 6552-:e 6553-B 656W 6572-ll 66436663-I 6697-B 6701-1 6702-:B 6706-:B 6707-:B 6709-:e 6709-B 6712-:e Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida DATE Month Day Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 21 1eb 4 leb 4 Year Pel> 4 1941 J'eb ll 1941 !'eb ll 1941 !'eb 11 1941 1eb 25 1941 1eb 25 1941 Kar 4 l~l Kar Kar Kar 11 1941 Mu ll 1941 Mar 25 1941 ~r 8 1941 r Apr . 22 1941 Apr 22' 1941 Apr 29 1941 Mq 6 1941 Ma7 6 19"41 May 6 1941 6 1941 lCa7 6 1941 Mq 6 1941 Mq 6 1941 IQf-v 13 1941 SUBJECT MATTER BUSDS BeToking, terminating and Toiding perait to the Suburban Bua Inc., on the 22nd dq of October, 1935. BenJuin'• 4th m>ITION AUthorizing e••cutian and delin17 of 1atiafaction of aoracae to Jack 1. lerrera coTerinc Lot 12, Block 2, :BenJaain'• 4th Addition to West T•pa• . JllllJAMIN'S 4TB AIJDI'l'IOI -Sale and conve,.ance 'lf Lot 12 Block 3, lenJaain'• 4th Ad4t1on to Jlodriguez for $150.00. . MRS. ALIDA B. BLAD -Authorhing the purchase ef the Yater S71tem and equipaent ewned b7 Mra. Alida B. Blake. BUILDING PmlMIT refund of fees paid on Building permit by G.A. Hanson Ce, and not used. JJ:SUS BIAWCO -Authorizing eale and o:Dnveyance of 6 & 7 Block l Crilly'• Subdivision t• Jesus Blanc• for .00 on terms. BUSSES -Granting t• Tampa Transit Company permit to add certain additional Bus••• to their present number. :BUNGALOW PARK stmDIVISION -Authorizi~ sale of Lots 17,23,24,25, and 26 Xaat Bungalow Park Sub. to W.H. Hilgemann. BUSSES -Granting Permit to Tanpa Transit Co to extend its operation of Busse• ever certain additional streets in th• Cit~ of Tampa. BIDS -Authorizing th~ ~dvertisem~nt for bide for the Pilling of Currituck Channel in Davist Ieland at Peter o. Xnight Air. rt. JIDS -Callin for on Yater project for the Cit7 of !aapa, 1lorida. .11'08818 -Grantinc permit to 'faapa !rand t Co~ to extend i ta operation of to certain addi tiou.l terr1to17 in the Ci t7 of 'fupa, 1lor1cla. BIDI -Authorizinc the lfa7or to purcba•• certain auppliea or propert7 for the ef the lire Depart•nt and proTidinc for adverjiaeaent for bid• AB.!BUll L. Bill? -Authorizinc ~ent of of $,>.00 for profeaaional 1ervicea.rendered to Arthur L. hrJ7 tor account of injuries received while in the eaplo7ee of the_ Cit7 of !ape.. BAT DBIDOilfG cl COJISDUCTIOB COMP.ABT -ApproTi.DC bi, of lq Dreqinc an4 ConatrucUin Oo~ for the filli.DC in of Ourri tuck Channel on Dan• hlan4. BlDI -------Bame aa ab oTe-----:BUSSS -Approvinc downtown route of !ampa Coapaz11' to operate bu•••• in apecific on certain dovntovn• in the Cit7 of Tampa. BlJJTALO BAR C.u'E -Correcting 1ersonal Tax acain•t certain individual• and lir•• in the City at Taapa. BLtJI KAGI& G.BOc:&RY -------Saae as above-----llISHOP THABP AU'l'O SIRVIa -AUthoritinc the erection of a alcn on the IV ;orner of Chellea and Hebraeka •venue. BOO'roll cl SEID& SUBDIVISION -Authorhinc sale and delinr7 of of aortcace \o •noch Noblq on Lot Lot 11 Block 3 O.B. Bouton cl Skinner Subd1Tision. -DTBIL BIIGRTS StmDIVISION -Authorizinc execution and elliTery of of on Lot 6 lock C Bethel lleichts Subd1_!iaion to Josie lniahton. BllUIOl!!'S, Dll. O.A. -Authoridnc the ~ent of $50.oo to Dr. G.A. llruaett• tor rendered to L.J. an e11plo7ee of th• Police Departaent, injured while in line of dllt7. IDI Author11inc Mqor to for bid• tor the purchase of certain for use by the Water Dept.(Alua) USDS -G.rantinc permit to A.B: Grandotf, ae !aapa Tran1it Co11p&n7 to extend th• operation of it1 line• to certain additional terri to17 in the Ci t7 of Tampa(~atuary Section) - • . llO.A.RD OI ADJUSTMENT ---zoninc Naming members of the Board of Adjuetment in 1ureuance of Ordinance llo. 787-A. BtnmS & MCDONNILL -Authorh:inc e11pl07JDent of Bur•• cl acDonnell lncineering Coap&JIT in relation to aurTe7 of Water Distribution System of the City of !ampa. :BOUIOB & SXINNER ADDITION -Authorizing sale and conve7ance of Lot 10 Block 11 to Manuel Gonzalez. BELLE L. BAUR -Authorizinc s~le and con-veyance •o Belle L. Baker of Lot 192 Borth Park Subdivision on JAMES BILLUPS -Authorizine sale and conveyance of Lot 9 Block 15 Courier City Sub. to Billups on ter11a • . . BILL -•pprovinc and endorsinc a Bill "An Act providing for the levy of Taxea b7 the City of Tampa for the of the Board of Public 'Recreation. :BOARD or PUBLIC REOBEATION ---------Same a• abon----. ,BUSES -Granting permit to T,unpa Transit ColllJ)&DT to extend operation of its buases OTer certain additional territo17 in the City of Tampa. BIDS - •pproviI24: bid of Hercules Powder Company for the furnishine of•Alum to the Water Deaprtment. JK>U'?OJI & U:Il01Ka SUDITISIOJI -Authorhinc and connpnce of Lot Block 6 Bouton 6 lldnnet lub4iTinon to Joe 8-gino. for to.oo, on 0 F u . , . D LJ, 0 u Q •


lt--________ I _ n _ d _ex_to _____ R....c...,;..ut-"-"-io.c....;.;.n..c....::.s___;P ~assed b the Boar-0 _ o { R ~ e.c..,a;;__r...;;._ese.;..=--._nta..;;_;c_;__;;_ti....;..v ~es_~of--"--th_.;:e___:;:;_C1;::;..;;.. ~ o_;::_f _.;:T::....:::am=.::,a;;::..:::a::i__=.F.;..::lo~ n = d = a-'--------"------1 0 0 0 0 I] 0 • NUMBER 6775B 6778-B 6804-B 6807-B 6808-B 6309-13 6310-::S 6315-B 6816-B 6817-B 6823-B 6824-B 6825-B 682$-B 6330-B 683()-B 6331-B 6831-:B 6SJUr:B ' 6S33-::s 6834-:B 6337-B 6-.~ 611;1 ... 6157-1 6865J 6871...J 6872-.I 6873...J 6874-1 6875-B 6876-B 6s77-J) 6877-1 D A T E Month Day Jun 3 Jun 3 June 1 0 June lG Year r SUBJECT MATTER 1 941 -Adopting the Budget for the liecal year :B'9ginning June l, 1941 and endinc Mq 31, 1942. 1941 J .M. BAUR SUBDIVISIOB -~thorizing sale and conTe7ance of Lot1 l to 5 InclueiTe, Block 4 and Lota land 2 Block 3 J.M. Baar'• Sub. t o Joe Chillura, OD tel'llle JOHN BABUJl!Y -Aut h o r i z inc sale and conT e yance of Lot 8 Block 2 Maya Add. to John Barkley on ter••• 4 BUS91 . -Granti ng t o !amp a Transit Company richt to extend operation of Bue•••• from llorida Ann ue West to Hillsborouch ATenue Bridge on H1ll1bo r ouc h Annue, in the Cit7 of 'l'upa • • Jun 12 1941 BONDS, WATER REVENUE -Providing for the con1truction, enlargement, etc of the waterworks system of th• City of Tampa and providing for the issuance o f water revenue bond• payable from wate r revenues to be used t o finance said construction. July l July l July l J '11.y l July l J u l y } July 3 July g July 8 July g July 8 July g July 14 1941 1941 1941 1941 1941 1941 1941 19u1 1941 1941 1941 1941 BIDS~ Approving bid of Heney Hilgemann for painting and general r~paire to City Hall ann Police Station. c .•. BRAT -Authorizing sale and conveyance of Lot, l e.nd 2 Block 109 H & X Garr,eon to c.w. Bray for $6oo.oo caah. BUSES -GrMting p•rmit to A.B. Grandoff, doing bueineea as 'l'empa Transit Co~paey to extend operation of Bueees to certain additional te!ritory in the City of Tampa. ' A. BARRIERO & SON -Correcting per-mal tu aesese~nts egainet certain individuale and firme in the City of Tampa. BIDS Acceptinr, bid of !u1hn~ll-Lyons Co for finishing the roof over the Grandstand in Cuecaden Park. BUR.irs Ai'c:m McDOinTI!JLL ENGINEERING COMP.AMT -Authorizing employment of Burne & McDonnell Engineering Company as consultinc . tngineere on the Waterworks Improve~ent Program. B OBDS -Directing publication of notice of sale of $2,000,000 City of Tampa Water Revenue BondR. BI D S .Authorizing the Ma.ror to purchase certain supplies for the Water Department,to-wit Fuel Oil. BURTON CAST siOllE CO, INC. -Correcti~ pere•nal true assessments against certain individuale and firms in the City o! Tsnpa. EAST B~GALOW PARK SUBDIVISION liesc1ndi?l Resolution lfo. 6551-13 Authorizi~ ea.le of Lots 17, 23,24,:?5,26 Revised Map of East Bungalow Park Subdivision. EAST BUNGALOW PARK SUBDIVISIO?T -Allocating Lots 23,24,25,26 East Buni:alow Park for a lite !'or Com!!l-unity Center :Buildi~. NORTH B STREET .AND NORTH BREVARD AVENUE -Authorifing the placirll; of stop si~n! a.cross ~orth :Brevard Avenue on the North end South ~ides ,r North B Str~et, and slow a~ne across North :B Street on the East and west sides of North Brevard Avenue. 194i BIDS -Awardi~ $2,000,000 Cit~ of Tampa, Florida, Water Revenua :Bo~da, to HAleey St1Jart & Co, and associates. July 14 1941 BQNDS, WATER RE'1ENU2 --------Same ae abov•-----July 14 1941 BIDS -Coneerni~ bid~ for conetruction.o! Waterworks project as eubmitted April 16, 1941. July 14 1941 :BURFORD, HALL 8t SMITH . ----,-Same ae above------July 14 1941 M.E • .BOYCE -Aut~orici~ Employment o! Cone :Bi:01, C. T. Dawkin& and M.R. Boyce in c;onnection with the Waterworks improv~ment project in t~e City of .Tampa. July 14 19~1. July l j ' 1941 July 15 1941 Jul7 22 1941 Jul7 22 l~l Jv.17 22 l~l Jul7 29 1941 Aue 5 1941 -a 5 1941 Aue 5 1941 .t.uc 1941 Aue 5 1941 5 1941 Aue I 1941 Aug 5 1941 BIDSr.-Authorivi?lf; th• Mayor to purchase certain supplies and property for uee by the Water Department, to-wit: Cnet iron pipe, fittinef, Jute,. etc. ' :BIDS -Authorlzi~ t~e ~or to purchta _ e certain suppliee for use by Water Department, to-wit: One million end a half ~al-tan.le. JESUS :BLAUCO Aulllo:>rhi~ execution and delivery of satiefactlon of mortg8'• to Jesus :Blanco on Loh 6 and 7 :Block l Crilly's Su~divi~ion. x.a. JOTQI ~roftl of ooa,rao, tor Va\er .,eaaioa laproT•••••• Wi,h K.L io7o•, u Bo7o• a Oo, C.t. awklu ... Cou Jroe. Coa\racUnc ColfPU1'. BIii -jpproTiJIC Bi4 of O.a,ra1 OU C~ tor '11• h,raS.ahiJIC of '-1 ill tor '• Wa\er hpanaea,. BIIWi'fD TOOA!ICIIAL ICIOOL -••Mbllehiag' a :,o too, loa41Bc apue oa \he •or\h alt. AftllU, 50 , •• , ••• , ot . t..., ltrN\ for lnwewr TooaUonal lohool. 1118 M. L. BD:tma -Authorhinc appor,1own, of ,ma for 1941 Loh 15 aad 16 Block 1L1 &idcffood Park Sub. BIDS -.t.ppronnc bid of -.r1caa Out Iron Pipe Collp&DT for the turnhhinc of certaill auppliea tor uae b7 the •~'•r Dept. BIDS -ApproT1DC bid of United Stat•• Pipe & Joun4ry Co, for the furn11hi1g of auppli•• for uae b7 Water Dep,. • BIDS -Appronnc bid of NcWue Oaat Iron Pipe Co. for the turn11hi11g of av:ppli•• for u•• b7 Wa,er Dep\. BIDS -ApproTiq bid of Ma B Tal.w !'1tt1ng Oo. for ,he turahhiag of certaill auppliea for u•• b7 Wat• . Ill>$ -ApproTing bid of S. Morgan SmUh Co f~ the turniahing of 1uppl1e1 for use b7 Water Dept. BIDS ApproTinc bid of Obapeen Talfl Mtc. Co for funiahinc •~1•• tor ua• 'b7 Water Dep,. BIDS .t.pproTi.Dc bid of Muller oonwa,111' for tha turnhhinc of oenaill npplt•• for ue b7 Wa,er Deparuen • BII>I • A.pproTlnc b14 of A. T. IW'ona14 llfc• Oo, for ,1ae turaiah111C of anpl1.•• for UH 'b7 U1e wa,er J>ep,.


NUMBER 6884-:B 605-B 6889-:B 6895-B 6900-1 6913-B 6916-B 6917.J 6920-:B 6922-:B 6926-:B 6930-:B 6939-B 6940-B 6941-B 6942-l3 6954-:S 6956..J3 6963-B 6968-B ff/69-B 6 977-:S 6981.-B 6982-:B 6987-1 6988-B 6989-:B 7 7005~ 7011-:B 7012-B 7012..B 7013-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the City _ _ o _ f _ T _ a _ m ___ p _ a __ , _ F _lo_ n _d_ a--=--------~ DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Vear Aug 5 -"IC 5 Aug 5 12 A1JC 12 1941 Bll>I Appri Ting bid of Horne-Wilaon Inc. tor the turniahing of certain auppl1ea tor uee b7 the Water Depart•nt. 1941 BIDS App90Ting bid of Ba.ioca OorporaUon for the tunriahing of certaia auppli•• for uae b7 the Water Department. 1941 BIDI Aalthorizing bide tor Jute ud !leap tor b7 the Water Depart•nt. 1941 BIDS -Authorising th• ._.or to purohaae certain auppl1ea or property for the uae of the Becreation Dept. ud proTicUnc tor the adTertiaement tor bide tor the furni1hinc of nppliea or,prapert7. . 1941 BILL'S ADDI'l'IOI' -Authorising remiHion of taxea oa Lota 2. 12, 13 and 14, Bell• .Additioa becauee of uae b7 V P A. -1941 DD AID WID PDMI! -lleTOking Beer &D4 ,ln• Peral t of ~t Mauria, operating aa Boil Jeer Garden, at ~5 J'lor14a Afl. B.!. WSBDLL -Authorilinc aale. and conveyance of Lot 492 •orth Parle ~•x to •.'1'._ Buahnell tor $105.00 caah. _-UNI -Authorizinc UTOr to purchaae certain tuppll•• for uae by Water Departa•nt, t~-~itl 1,500,000 Gallon Water iank. J.x. BADR1S SUBDIVISIOB -Authori1inc aale -~ CODTefUC9. -~t Lota land 2, lloclc..J, J.x. Baker'• Subdivialon to Joe• J'. Jer.nandes tor $300.00 oaah, and authorizinc the execution and d.ellTery of a 4ee4 by the Proper officer a of th• Oi t7. . 1941 l3IJ>I .t.pproTing bid•ot the Schlichter Jute CorcSage CoJDP&D7 tor the furnishing ot 1uppliea or property for the Water Dept. 1941 BIDS Approvini bid ot, Chicago :Bridge and Iron Comp&n7 for the turniahing ot auppliea or property. to-wit one Steel lleTate Storage Tank tor the uae ot the Water Department. Aug 19 1941 BOU'l'ON 6 SXINNJCR SUBDIVISION Re1cinding Resolution Bo. 6727-B and authorizing aale and conTe7ance of Lot 28 :Block 6 :Bouton• Skinner Sub., to Joe Guggino. I Aug 19 . 1941 BIOi'. BJl0Wlf JWIBl!R SHOP -Correcting personal tax aHe111Mnt1 againat certain indiTidual1 and fil'llt in the C1t7 of Tupa. AUi; 26 AUC 26 AU& 26 AU& 26 A1J& 26 1941 BIDS -Authorizing the Mayor to adverti1e for bide for the conat:r:uction of Auditoriuil at Municipal Trailer Park. 1941 KAST -Prohibiting parking on the N0rth aide of Ea1t Broadway for a of 60• Immediately we1t of 36th St. 1941 :BUS LOADDfG SPACE -latabliahing rt1erved Bua Loading apace an South aide of Wilder Ave., between Central & :Branch. l941 BUJ'J'ALO AVENUE -Prohibiting parking on the Borth aide of Buffalo between lebraska And Taliaferro. 1941 J.M. BADR'S stmDinSION Authorizing cancellation of certain tax liens on propertiea purcha1ed under forecloaure by City of.Tampa and later sold, Sept 9 1941 • Sept 9 Sept 9 Sept 9 BIDS AU.thorizi:ng advertisement for bids for the sale of certain City owned property not in use by the City. BIDS -Authorizing advertisement for bid1.for the Cleaning of the Water Maine. :BUILDING Authorizing erection of a frame building within City lire Limita. 1311ILDING RESTRICTIONS -W iVing certain restrictions of the Building Code of the City of Tampa. ,, Sept 1 6 15~1 1 BIDS A p proving bid o f Henry W . HiJ.&emann for construction of Auditorium for the Trailer Park. Sep t 1 6 1941 ARTHUR L. l3EllRY -Authorizing payment, of $50.00 medical aerrices r e nder e d to Arthur L • .:Se.rry, injured while in the employee of t h e Police D e partment. Sept 23 1941 s~pt 33 1 941 S ept 23 1 9 41 Sept 23 1<)41 Sept 39 1941 , Sept 30 ~l SPpt 30 1941. Oct Oct Oct 7 1941 7 1941 7 1941 Oct 7 1941 I Oct 7 1941 ct rr 1941 Oct l> 1,41 Oct 7 1941 0c, 7 1941 Oct 7 1941 BIDS -Authorizing a dv e r t isement for bide for certain City owne d property not use d for Municipal Purpose,. . ' EAST BUNGALOW PARK SUBDIVISION Authori zing sale and conv eya nc e of Lot 17 East Bungalow Pa r k Sub., to W.B. Vaughn on term,. JANE BOURQUARDEZ su:BDIVISION Authori ?ing condel'tna t ion p r o c Pedings Lot g B l o ak 19 J ane B o urquardea Sub., for use by Wat f'r Deps, rtment o f the C ity o f Trunpa. BIDS-Authorizing Ma~or to advertisP~or bids fo r t he hauliru; of pipe for thP. Water Departm ent. ndvertise for bics for BIDS Aut~orizing 1/iayor/to purchase certain supplies for use by FoliceDept. , to-wit: Uniforms. , . :BIDS Approvinc bid of G.J. Vaccaro for the &ulin~ o f pipe fo r use by W ater De~ rtment. J,M. BAKER'S SlJ.BDIVI~ION Authorizing sale and conveyance of Lots l,2 and 3 Bl o ck g J.v.. B a ~ er's Sub to Carlo A. 1Prlita, for $375.00 on teros. BIDS Authorizing the M&7or to adnrtiae tor bide for the sale of certain City propert7 not u1ed for Municipal purpo1e1. BIDS -Authorizinc Me.~or to adnrtiee for bids for the PriniDM an4 of the i942 !u.Jlolls. BUILDIIG DlSPSC'l'OR -Botice of condemnation ot Lot 5 Block 4 Mosses Addition to Borth Tbor Subdivieion. JroILDIBG I1'SP!C!OR -lotice of condemnation of Lot, 6 and 7 Block 2 A.J. Xni~ht1a SubdiTiaion. 1'UILDIBG IlfSPECTOll -Notice of condemnation of liot 576 North Park Annex. . w.c. BLACX'S 21D AUDITION -Authorizinc cancellation of ,ever Certificates again1t certain prepertiea. BIDS -Authorizing aal~ of certain City ovned property on bids received therefer. ~IDS -Authorizing sale of certain Ct~ owned propert7 en bid• receiTed, for cash, J.M. BADll1S SUB ------Sue a1 aboTe-----BIDI -1>1rect111g rejection ef certain bide received fer the ule ef certain C1t7 owned prepert7. a [} ., _ .. . D 0 C 0 -0 0


0 o . 0 0 0 0 NUMBER 7013-1 7014-B 7014-B 7015-:e 7016-B 7022-B 7023-B 7025-B 7026-B 7050-B 7053-:B 7058-l3 7Q64-B 7066-B 7066-.B 1 706'-B 7066-B 7067-:e 7070-B 707l-:B 7083-B 7085-B 7091-13 7 0 91-~ 7093-13 7~ 709s-:a 70?8-B 7105-1 Tlla711,-. 7130-1 7139-1 7145-B 7147-B 7150-:B 7'152-1 7153-1 7153-B 7167-ll Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER Oct 14 19lu NllS. ~STBIR LEE DCDR -Authorinnc refeciion of Bid ncehed under H•Md bid• fer Cit7 prepert7. Oct 14 1941 BIDS -Rejecting bid• en certain City Property a4Tertited under aealed bide. Oct 14 1941 J.M. BADR'S SUI --------Sue aa .abofl----:SIDS .A.uthori1inc sale and conTeyance of Lot 16 :Bleck 5 !e Joe C. Nerria for $50.00 Cash. Oct 14 Oct 14 J.M. B4DB'S SU:SDIVISIOI -Autheri11nc cancellation of certain tu and. liena en prepertie1 purchaaed under forecloaui:e by the City of Tampa and later aold. Oct 21 1941 Oct 21 1941 Oct 21 1941 Oct 21 1941 Oct 28 1941 Oct 28 1941 Nov 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 lloT . 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 Nov 1 2 1941 Nov l2 1941 Nov l! 1941 ~Tov 18 1 91n Nov 18 1941 Nov 18 1941 Nov 1 8 1941 •oT 25 1941 •oT 25 l~l loT 25 1941 •oT 25 1941 Dec 9 1941 Dec 9 1941 Dec 9 1941 Dec 16 1941 l3IDS -Authori1inc the Mayer to advertiae for bide for certain City property net being used fer Municipal Purpeaea. BIDS -Authori1ingtlil Mayor te ad~ertiae for bid• for the purchase of certain 1upplie1 or property for u1e by the Fire Deprtment. BIDS .6pproTinc bid of Billabermgh Printing Comp~ fer printing and binding the 1942 Tax Bolla. BIDS Approvin,; bid of Jranklin Me~•• Shop for the furniehiDC of unif,rma fer the Police Dept. BUSSXS -S1t1lbliahing reeerTed parking spactt fer receiTing diechargint; pauengere by bua, 35 feot apace on Veat aide of Mari•n Street immediately Nerth •f Lafqette Street. G.N. BJCNJAMll'S ADDITIC!T -Authoriiing aale <:I Let 7 Bl•ck l G.N. Benjamine Addition te Teny Latteri. BIDS -Authoriiing the Me.~or to advertise for bids for sale uf City owned p_Toperty under thP sealed bid plan. J.M. BADR'S SUBDIVISION -Authorizing satisfaction of Mtg. covering Lota 1 to 5 Block 4 Baker's Subdivision. BUNGALOW PARIC SU:SDIVISION -Authorizing sale of certain City ownP-d property under the Sealed Bid Plan. G.N. l3ENJAMIN1S SECOND ADDITION --------Same ae above------BUFFALO AVElTUE ------Same aa above--------s.w. BOATWRIGH'l' --------Same as a'bove--------BIDS -Directing the rej~ction of bids on certain City owned property under the ee rled bi~ plan. -G.J •• BIBJAMIN'S ADDITION -Authori2ing cAncellation o! certain tax and improvemebt liens on properties sold by the City. J.M. BADR1S SUBDIVISION -______ .;:.Same as above-l:.'..-.: __ MRS. BELLE L. BAKER Extendint; time for er~ct~ on of a 'buildin.: on Lot 192 North Park Annex. BIDS -Directing rejPction of bide rec~ived under the sealed bid plan. MRS. W.E. BILLINGS -Providing for the grentine ~fa chickPn permit at 106 E. Euclid. JNO W. BLOUNT -Providin~ !or the trantine a chic~ en permit at 705 E. 7lorabraeka. BUNGALOW PARK SU:SDIVISION -Autroriring canc~llation of certain ta~ an~ public improvPment li~ne on properti~• ~old by th~ City. 1111 -adwrti•••nt tor for certaia Oit7 owne4 propert7 unur \he leale4 bl4 plan. ll1mfl !WmWAD l!OD -a tr.icht on aide of lranlclia Street in the 1100 :lloolc. lWIDB • !OLLY --~~--••n •• abon---D&TMI••• DCCIID Am>I'!IOS AuthorisiDC certain \ax aD4 iaprowMnt lieu on 1014 bJ' tbe Oit7. JlJJI -.Autborilinc Nl• of certaia 01 t7 Pwaet ProperU•• UD4er tbe Haled bicl PJ.aa. BIDS -Authortstac re.jeotioa of tor oertaia 01'7 owae4 propert7 m4er the b14 plaai. BIDS -ApproTing bid of J'ranklin Men'• Shop tor turniniDC of uniforaa for Jire•n. JAB BOUllQIUltDIZ SUBDITISIOS -leacin4inc Be10lution •o. 6969-B, authori11Dc Cit7 Attornq to exerci•• conde•atiCD proceeding• againat Lot 8 Block 19 Jane Bourquarde1 lubdi•taton. BUDS -••tablishing naerfld apace for buaea on lorth aid• of Caaa Street imMdiately •••t of franklin for a dhtance of 6o J't. and far an additional apace at Cor. Norean and Zack. OLI!TOBD BAILrr -Authorilinc payment of $22.00 Mdical HrTioH rendered to Clifford kile7, eaployeee of BeenaU• Departaent. ._ :O.c. 23 1941 BIDS -Authort1tng adnrti•••nt ~or bide on uterial for UH in Defenae Dec. 23 1941 DTTIS SUBDIVISIOB -ProTiding for the acquiattion of certain property in Sub. for Municipal purpoaea Dec. 2} 1941 BIDS -Authort1ing adTerttaeraent for bide for turniahing fuel 0~1 for the Watft Dec. 23 1941 BETDL BIIGB'l'S SUBDITISIOX -Authorising S.AI.K of proper\7 in Bethel Beighta Sub. to D. K. Partriclc under aealed-bid plaa Dec. 23 1941 BIDS -Directinc rejection of bicl •of Jo1ie l.nighton on propert7 in Bethel Height• lub. aubaitted under •••led-bid plaa Dec. 23 1941 BIIOB'l'S smm1ns10• -Directing rejection of bid of Jo,te highton for propen7 in Bethel Height• Sub. Dec. 30 1941 BIDS -Authortnnc for for repair• to filter Plant u4 Pu.pine ltaUoa of later Depa-ant


_________ l=----ndex to Resolutions P~_by the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida NUMBER 7168-lt 7169-B 7172-1 7172-B 7172-13 7172-1 7199-:B 7222-1 7254-1 7258-1 7259-1 7f61-1 7264-1 7266-1 7272-1 7273-B 7274-J 7275-1 7276-1 7279-1 1,a-1 7284-B 7285-B 7287-B 7299-:e 7300-:B 7300-:B 7303-:e 7303-B 7304-:e 7305-B 7:516-:e DATE SUBJECT MATTER .. Month Day Year Dec. 30 1941 BIDS ApproTin& bid of Central OU Oo.mpaDT, Inc., tor furnilhing hel 011 tor the "ater DepartMnt . Dec. 30 1941 Bl'l'Bli. BIIGB'l'S llmDITISIOW Oancelinc oerta~n Oit7 on propert7 in !ethel Sub., by the Cit7 Jen. 6 1942 :SIDS -Directing rejection o! bids receiTecl for City owned and directing return of depodte eade with off~r• .. Jan. Jan. Jan. 6 6 6 llilCILO, 'l'01IT -Directing reJeotion of bid of 'l'ony !arcelo to purchaee City owned propert7 and directing return of depolit DNJAMINS, G. N., SUBD?TISIOI -.Same above BOA'NRIGB'l', s. V •. -Directin& reJect1.on of bid of s. v. Boatwright to purchase Ci t7 owned propert7 and dire-cting return of Jen. 13 1942 13UIG.ALOW P.A:81 SU:BDIVISIOI -Directinc retund to William J. taxes paid through error on Lot 10 of Junalow Park Sub., and lien propert7 Jan 13 ND SHOE S'?ORI -Correctin personal tax a&•inet certain indiviiuale and firms in the City of 'l'apa. Jeb 3 IDI -a,bori1iac ~or to pv.roba1e oeraia 1upplie1 or proper,7 for '1le ue of \be Water Dept., ooacrete fOU4atiOAI fort propo1e4 1,5()()(),000 calloa ele'f&te4 ltorN9 !'Mt. 1•'b 10 llOU'fO• a mlllJl 8tJBDITIS m -•••o1114111c •o. 6913-1, Aa4 av.thorh1111 of Lot 28, Jloolc 6, Bo.ton• lklAMr lv.bcli to Joe Gaccino oa teru. rt'b 10 iwr@4 IIJJI DAOJC -ProT141111 for cer•i• oroHllll• for tbe OU7 of fupa for •hr lluH aoroH r1ght of w, of taapa WortherA lailroad C~ • • Jeb 10 l~ IUl'J'ALO AUIUI ProT14iJtC for oertala Ol'OHiltC• 'b7 tbe Ol t7 of taapa for wa,er liae,-owr the rlcht of of the ha'boar4 Air Liu Bailvq Ooapur. Jeb 17 Jeb 17 reb 1942 !l!TIS 8UBDITISION -Dedioatinc part or portion of Cit7 owae4 propert7 for aa alley ia Jettie l,a.2 lllftl8 StJBDITIIIOJr -Allooatinc Lota 4 5, or a part thereof for reoreatloa aa4 ~k.purpoMa. 1942 LOADmG IP~ -:laabliahiac a bua loadiDC 1paoe at a OorDer of G144en• and 1lorl4a Annu. • 1•b 24 1942 DD aD WID PDKif -bYokinc beer aa4 wine perait of Leonardo aiacile, 3915 fulpa l\rttet in tbe OU7 of !&Ill)&. 1eb 24 1942 Bc:JO! ADDITION Authori1in sale and conTe7ance of a certain pert of Lot 2 llook 7 BenJaain'• 3rd Addition to Leon and latie lernan4e1, Kar 10 1942 \ -Grantinc to !aapa OoapaDT to extend operation of it• bu••• to certain addi&>aal territo17. <••braeka ATenue~ Nar 17 1942 ALO GilDDS SU!DITISIOJJ ApproTin u.p or plat of Buffalo SubdiTieion. Nar 17 L~ JOODB & DDA!IDEZ SUBDITISIOR' Authori1in eale of Lot 2 :Block 2 :BoOker A JerD&Dde1 Sub., to SE. Shelhamer for $t0.00 cae Mar 24 1942 !IDS AUthori1ing sale of certain Cit7 owned propertT under the bid p\an. . Mar 24 1942 SN WIOOBS SU! -Rejecting bid• on certain Oitr owned propertr under the sealed bid plan. Mar 24 1942 :BIDS -Sue aboTe--------------Mar 24 1942 BABZA. SUBDIVISION .&.uthoriz1nc of 3 and 6, Block 6 Banza Jania Sub to Grace Bae1, on teru. RAC! BAIZ -----~---Sw above---Mar Mar Mar 24 24 24 Alffl.l T. DS! .&.uthorizin acceptance of pqment of taxes for 1940 Lot 8 Block 11 Suwannee lleighte Sub., _ without . I BINJAMll'S ,RD ADDI'l'ION Authori1in& cancellation of certain tax and public improTeaent lien• on propert7 sold by CltF• ;f . . . Mar 31 1942 :BABU :BAlfZA SUEDIVISION AUthorizing cancP-llation of certain tex and public improwement liens on property eold by the City. 0 0 0 0 o • [I . (J Q


_ _.___ ________ In _ d _ e_:_x___;;tQ_ Resolutions Passed b th~ard of RePI_esentatives of th..::....e --=C=-:i :..,.__;;;.o==-f--=T::...;:;am = P-a Florida ____ _........,. u 0 0 . . 0 C) 0 0 NUMBER 7322-B 7326-1 7329-1 . 7331-~ 7331-1 7332-B 7JJS-B 7340-'B 7~3-1 7361-1 7378-J • 7 3g1-B 7414-B 7 417-! 741g_j 7421-15 7422-! 7426-B 7427-B 7427-B 7429-J 71164-:a 71668-1 7 4 75-:s 7477-:a 74go:..:a 7484-B 7487-B 7495 -B 7517-~ 7518-B 7520-B DATE Mo nth Day YHr , 1 J SUBJECT MATTER .lpr .lpr Apr. Apr .lpr 7 1942 Jllll -,_ ,a1c1ac of b14a for u a&lltiOll ,o ou, B•alth OUnio Jhlll4lnc. 7 1942 l9IDI -A.pproTiDC bid of J'lorlda Jtooflag u4 •\al Worn for \be n-rooflAc of Munlolpal terllinal. 1 1 7 31JCDADII' S -Oornctinc pez:aoMl \u acainat cenaill lJl41 T1411al• an4 ill th• Clt7 of !Ufa. DI VIOOID SUBDITISI

____ ---'---,-___ Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci_ty_ of Tam a Fl _ o _ ri _ da __________ ....;...-, t • NUMBER 7525-1 75f6.t 7535-1 7536-1 715"-1 7560-1 7565-B 1567-B 7580-B 7584-B 7595-'B 7601-B 76111-1 7611-1 7625-1 7633-1 7634-B 176110-B 7667-B 7610-1 I ' . 7617-1 7'96-1 7703-1 77e>i.-1 7709-1 771}-I 77111-1 7715-1 7718-J 7719-1 7720-1 1t,-...1 7747-1 7754-1 7760-1 DATE Month D a y -MC . 25 lept 1 hpt 1 SUBJECT MATTER ) Year 1,a.2 ILIID, n.tmDil COU!CIL roa -Aa\bortsillc nat,etoa of _., a oertaia Pro:per\7 t.a General llap ot ,...,. for WP A u4 1lor1cla C01UlCll tor \he llilMl. l,a.l .,... -Aa\horiliac :Bu l\op1 at D Oorur of r1orUa all4 lla41aoa, aa4 • Corur of tupa aa4 Polle 1942 IVIII -.. ,c11141ag Bua l\op at Va\rou u4 l!owarcl Aftllu. • 1942 DIA •• DAT -AcaepUng crut or 4e41catioa clate4 A.Qctl1\ for allq purpo1••• 25th 1942 froa lua I• u4 c.w. B~ of a certaia.e\rlp of laD4 1~ ILUI RIBBOW OW>ODt 6 MABD'f -OorrecUac peraoaal \u ap.iu\ certain 1.&41T1.aal• aa4 flnla lA \he 01'7 of! lept 15 1942 Sept 22 1942 .AID VID ,nlCI! Beer aa4 Viu Perm\ 11111114 to 111nai• Quriao, a, rNlD41h1p Bar, 610 13th Street. .an YID -JleToldnc Beer aa4 Vine Perait of JuH H. P7a an4 111'1, .r .... , H. PTke, bapect1Tel7, at 228 s. r,anklia at. lept 29 1942 Sept 29 1942 H PABE WA.TD STfflM ProTidiDC for the purchaae of the leach Park Water ~•tea b7 the Cii;T of Taapa • • !. BOU'l'Oll • CONPAIY SUBDITISI

... 0 0 • 1 • NUMBER 7768-1 7769-1 . 7771-B 7772-1 7772-:B 77774 ~ 1 77757778-1 7783-1 7784-J 77857787-B 7790-B 7796-B 7797-B 7801-1 7803-:B 7806-B 7813-B 7814-1 7816-B -7829-B 7830-B 7831-'B 7834-B Index to Resolutions . Passed b the , Board of :Re resentatives of the Ci . of Tam a Florida DATE Month Pay Year l .. SUBJECT MATTER Apr. 13 t943 :BETHEL !EIGHTS SUBDIVISION Authorizing cancellation of c•rtain tu and-public!Iaprovement lien• on propertl•• eoldby the City of Tampa:. Apr 13 1943 BIDS Approving bid ot Remington-I.and, Inc. for the furnishing of certain eupplie1 for the uae of The Tax A••••eor. Apr 13 1943 DER AND WID PEBMIT Revoking Beer and Wine Permit of Sclwar4 Dean, lOcD and 1022 Central .Avenu.e. I Apr 13 1943 BUSHNELL-IVINS LAND COMPilT Accepting deed of comvepnce from Buahnell-Irlne Land Co., conveyiu to the Cit7 a certain 1trip of land for Street purpoee1, It• • _, Apr 13 1943 'BUILDIN G PERMIT Authorizing 1esuance of !uilding Permit for J.R. !urke for erection of a cement block Bldc. at SI Corner 1'ebra1lca and hoolwood. Apr 13 1943 J.R. BUU:S ---------Same ae abOTe--------" Apr 13 1943 BOBD -Reducing caeh bond of J.J. Stone, in Police Court Ca1e, to $5().00. -Apr 20 1943 US! BBOADlf.A? -••tabli1hinc certaill freight on certain 1treet1 in the Cit7 of Tupa. . , . Apr 20 1943 :BIDS -Authoridng the llqor to &4nrtile for bi41 for re,air1 to !aapa Municipal Apr 20 1943 BOIDI -Authorising. inn1taent of certain of Cit7 of !up& hn41 Water ~rt•at in Y. I. • Apr 20 1943 BIDS Approving bid of W.L. !eagu and P.I. liner for the o'f certain for the uae of !u AIH11or. Apr _Apr Apr Apr Apr 20 1943 27 1943 27 1943 27 1943 27 1943 4 1943 BIDS -Appronng bid of Oou Brother• Oomp&DJ' for the turni1hing of certain •terail1 for u .. of Cit7 •ngineer in the panng of a portion qt Thrace Street. BO.ATHOUSI -Authorisinc purcha1e of 0.1. at Mai-Jorie Park Yacht Ba1in. BULIJISAJ), OOlfS!Rt:JClfIOB O'I -Ordering to .certain Cit7 owned propert7 Oil :la1t 1ide o~ Ybor Channel, Ste. BDR a. WID 1leecinding reeolution 111'0. 7714-B, revoking beer and Vine Permit of M. Itturi~o and Peter Roig, 1902 fup& St. BED AID WID Revoking Beer and Wine permit of flora leyar. 1263 Scot~ ~treet, fampa. florid&. . BIDS Approving contract for lmproveaenh to cit7 owned propert7 Oil kit 1ide of Tbor Channel, to be uaed b7 fupa Shipbuilding Comp&Jl1'. Mq 4 1943 BDJl AID wm -JleTOking Beer and Vine Perait of 011le Cbaaber1, llJO Central Animl. 1n the Ci t;r of !upa, lloriu.. Ma7 11 1943 IUJTAI,O RIIGB'l'S SUBDIVISIOB • Authoridn lale of Loh 1,2 u.4 3, :Block JS Buffalo Beichh Sub., to O.J. Lopes, Ste. Mq 11 1943 BIDS -ApproTin&,bid of H•nrT w. Bilce11&1m for certain repair• to Municipal llllaeua, Jtc. Mq 11 1943 BOBDS, WA!'IB DlDUI -Reque1t1nc Legillature to enact Jill pertailliDC to Water Rennue Bondi, •tc. Mq 11 1943 BUITALO Afflltm -Authorising Water Buffalo Aflnue to 4Jrd Avenuie between 24th an4 29th Street,. x., 18 1943 BUCDn BIIOB'l'S SUBDITISIOlf -Dedicatin a part or portion of Oit7 owned propert7 for• public \horouchfare or Street, •tc. Mq 25 1943 !OUTOlf aD SKinD SUBDIVISICB Authorising 1ale of cert•in Cit7 owned propertiee in Bouton 6 Skinner Sub. Ste. Mq 25 1943 Na;, 25 1943 M87 25 1943 ~IDS A.uthorhin advertiHaent fo-r ~141 for Gra4e O. w..,. Junbr ~el 011 for \he ~ater Department. ', BIDS -A.uthorisinc advertieeaent tor bid1 for for \he u1e of the Water Depart•nt, Ste • :BI• -.tuthorising adnrti1ement of bi41 tor Lime for the uee oft~ Water Department, •tc. June g 1 1943 G.1'. RNJAMDPS SUYIVISI0111' -Authorizinc eale and conn7&Ace of Lott 15 and 16, Blk 10, G •• BenJamin' • Sub to Antlono Acebo. June 8 1943 BtJJTALO HIIOHTS SUBDIVISI01' . Authorizing cancellation of certain tax anf Public Impronment on propertie1 eold b7 the Cit7. 7836-B June 8 1943 BOU'rOB & SIINDR SUBDIVISION --------Sue u abon------. 7837-! June 15 1943 BIDS -Approving bid of Dixie Lime Product• Compa~, and llorida Lime P~oduct• Compaq for the furnishing of Lime for the Water Depart~ent. 1 7838-B • June 15 1943 BIDS Approving bid of Bercu.lee Powder Compaey for the fu.rniahing of Alwn for the uee of the Water Dept. 7'50-'B 7853-1 7858-B 7862-B 7862-B June 15 1943 BOUT()N &S SXINN!lR StraDIVISION A.uth:>ri2ing sale of Lots 12 and 13 !lock 11, to Henr7 A. Montesino. June 15 1943 BIDS Authorizing advertisement for bide for installation of a ~alvani~ed Wire fence around Water tank of the water Department. June 22 1943 BUDGJI! -Approving budget for the 11scal 7ear beginning June i~ 1943 and ending Ma7 31, 1944. June 22 1943 SUSIE BRYANT -Authorizing payment of $150.00 in eettlement of claim of law euit of Sueie B1"7ant, ltc. • ' Jun~ 22 1943 BIDS ' ApproTing bid of Central Oi~ Compa?17 for the furnishing of fuel 011 for the u~e of th~ Water Department. June 29 191~3, BRUCE'S JUICES -.\Uthorizing eale of certain property in Gilchri1t'• Oak Grove Sub., to•s Juices. June 29 191+j G.N. !FiJAMINS .ADD. TO.WEST TAMPA -Authorizing cancellation of certain lien• on property aold by City of Tampa. June 29 1943 BOUTON & SKINNER strn. --...:------Same as above--------


NUMBER 7g74-:e ~:a 7876-J 7879-J 7112-J -~ 78a-J 7a9-:a 7U,-J 7'91 719'~.:-, 7193-:a 7902-J 1'0T-I 7910-1 7913-1 7911t-1 7914-:a 7919-1 7920-1 7921-1 7921-1 . 7922 1 7f23-J 792i.-1 7935-1 7941-1 7943-:1 7~-J 7965i,61-J 7971-:a 7971-:1 7971-1 mw 79m-1 7919-1 791,-:a ft•• 7991-1 Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida ---"-------------! DATE Month Day Year J uly 6 July 6 July 6 1943 Jue 13 1943 Juae 13 1943 JUM 13 1943 Juae 13 1943 J1ll7 20 1943 20 1943 llll7 20 1943 J'Gl.7 20 19~3 Nl7 27 1943 27 1943 27 1943 :, 1943 10 1943 10 1943 10 1943 10 1943 10 1943 A11C . lT i943 Aue 17 194:, Ave 17 ~943 A11C 17 1943 lac 17 1943 Aue 17 1943 Aue 17 1943 lept 9 1943 Sept . 9 1943 -Sept 9 1943 ... , 9 1943 lept 28 1~3 .. ,t 28 1943 ..,, 28 1~3 lept 21 1943 Sept . 21 1943 • .,, 28, i943 Oot 5 1943 Oct 5 194:, Oct 5 1~3 Oct 5 1943 Oct 5 1943 Oct 5 1943 Oct 5 3 SUBJECT MATTER G IUS!~ LA. BRU2ZA. sale of Loh 11 and 12, Block 35 X.cfarlane Is Add to Giuseppe La Bruna. ~Ins -Authorizing Mayor to dispose of certai ~ property o f tbe P o l i c e Dept.(Old Ca~•) and authorizing advertisement• for !ids f o r nev c ars. !AmC ACCOUNT -RATION -Providing for opening and matnteining of a Ration !ank ACcount for use of the Water Dept. -Jll)I .-, Aat1aor111nc llqor to a4ftrt1•• tor lt14• for •ppl1•• for -tu ue of '1le Jecreat1aa .partaat • . JIDS -Autboril111C Nqor to tor for certata for \he of the .. creatioa J)eJartMat, . BIJ>I -AuthoriziDC Nqor ,o tor bl4• for no 1tn.oa for the ue ot ,11e Water Departaent. BIDI -atborts 1IIC the Nqor to for tor pipe for lbl ue of \M Water ~\•at. .J. ,ILLDGar.n • Aathor1s1M ot a 4"4 \o •• J. :llUf.Jtcalq for Lo, 816, !lalr4 .A44tt1oa ,o Woodlawa le•••r,. ... .,.. a co...-., for tvat.allbc of cenata aterlal aA tor tile .. orea'1oa Dept. LTOII DOS 10111, IIC. Aathoril111C 1Hauoe of lndl4t111 pend.I to erect teapora17 ebe4 at 5\11 Aw., aa4 21th It. -.......•• •• abow~---JID -Appronnc ~14 ot Orap ltate llotor 0o_,..u411ml' !nck CoapaJiF tor furahhlac of'" ,r~a to• the of the Yater Depar•at. JIii • App,onmc lttcl of llotor OOllpUT for ,be tvuth111C of ou car for'-ue ot ,he Pollo. hparuea. BIDI -AuthorhtBc a4wrt1M•nt for ltlcl1 for the of four uw oar• for the ue ot the Polio. Departaat. ... BID -Approdq b14 of Aaerloaa Cut lroa Pipe Co, tor pi-tor the Yater !)epart•at, •tc. • Al>ANI !mJG1-DUCIS JUI(38 • .,hortdag •recttoa ot a CO&ftJ'OI' OTer Cuear ''"' 11,0. . for b14• fortruck for th• ue or ,he laalt&l'J' Dept, •to. for for a oa Araenia Awm• betnea 1,. a lathl••• •tc. for for i,anac brick for the wtleatnc of Oh•ZTT ltr•t tr011 .Araenia to hapanta • .. cm-n~m PAYIII -_____ .._ u a'bow -----IDI -AJqhorhlag tor blcl• tor ptpe for the ue ot the Water DGJI, opa111g ot whlcular Bridge to. lecldon Ito. !B-BOLJCII CONPilt -ApproTillC blcl or ~•ckwl th Bolae• OMpeny for fou.r autoaob1l•• for the Polio. Depart••'• ------IDI -Appronnc b1cl ot 7er•n Chenolet Cap&DT tor t~ok for th• or tile laaitar, J)epartMllt. aD wm PDKI! -JtevoJdac of Jeer all4 Wl•• Peralt of .. tella llaraball, 2'K>8 21th Awau: AID WID PmDIIf -BeYoklnc eer am Yin• Perait C.Y. Parker, 701 Kaet AffnU11. Il)8 -Authorising Mayor to adT. t.or bid• tor tor the of Local Propert7 Officer State J)eten1e Council. ACccmft', li!IC. -ProTiding tor ratio n Bank Accowit for the C1t7 of Tupa, Ktc. _ . AID WI~ Pb.NIT BeTokinc leer an4 Vina Pera1t of Joe L1aehoue at 918 Main St, 0811 -Concerninc changee of routes &J1d loding tor faapa t Oo • BIDI -atllorh1mc llqor ,o aclT, for 114• for repair of root of Ma. :a14c. at Peter O.laipt Airport • BIDI -Authori11nc llqor to paroba•• certain eqv.ipaeat for UM of Municipal Hoap , ud to adT. for bid• for•-BAT.1111, SUJDITISIOIAuthoriliDC apporU. olllNnl of acaiA•t certain la :lapaca.. lub •• ' DAUft' DIGB'rl ----• •••a.-•• abon---------Bu,,~ GAIDIII•, ..... •• abow-,-----1 I G.•.'.IIIJJ.JCIW• I 'IUIDITISIOS------a• alM)Te, ___ _ JIDI-Aathorl11ac ~or to adwrtiee tor b1cl• for of a atora ~ewer in 18th-.. letael6t16to 20th.It. oBl!A SUJDITISIO._ 18101 pron41ac tor excbanr of tvo loh wt th Nat tie Yowac to c~l•t• • fUlillC proeraa. _ YILLUII c. BAl1l-Authorhbc 11114 coaT9Tance .ot cerkia propert1' tn fe4ad~ lub. to NM for of .00. J. AlW4I BKUOI-.t.uthorhiDC •al• and 001Ln7uce of certain proper'7 to ... for .00 and 4el1Wr"7 of deed . DADff DIGl'!I-Authorl11ac apportioDMnt of tu aca1ut oe~ propertl•• for 1943. IDJ.&Xll'S 5!'11 ADJ>l!ICII--------IAJII Al~--0 0 0 0


Index to Resolutions Passed by Jhe Board of R~resentatives gf the City of Tam~ Florida 1----.,----------------0 0 0 NUMBER 7996-1 7997-1 7997-1 7999-1 8000-J 8004-B 8005-1 8008-1 8009-B 8010-1 _8013-1 . 8023-:B 8024-:B 8025-:B . 5026-B 8029-:B 8031-1 8033-B 8033-B 11>31-B 8039-J so4o.:.:s 8041-J 8042-B 80.49-B 8052-B 3 052-B 8053-B 8060-1 . 8061-J 8062-1 1067-1 8072-1 !Of7-I SOTS-I 8079-1 SOSO-I a>83-1 8086-J 8089-1 8090-B 8101-B DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year Oct 7 1,a.3 :SIDI --,ronnc bid of Surgical Suppq c....,-for aterili~er for !aapa Nuaiclpal Hoaplkl. Oot 7 1943 JIUILDIIO nma, -Oran tine Bu1141nc pend\ a\ 1002 South !veat7 lecou Street • . Oct 7 191'3 JIUILDIIG IIIPJC'l"OJl -Orut1nc :Bu1lcl1DC Pel'lllt at 1002 South !wea'7 leooll4 StNet. Oct 12 1943 J11CB PI.ACD SUBDITISICII-Authorizinc of taze1 on certain properti•• on acoount ue b7 u.s.Coa1t Guar4. Oct 12 1943 :SIDIAuthort1ing Mqor to purcha1e certain 1uppli for u1e of Health J)epart•nt an4 a4T for .. e. Oct 12 1943 DIJAXIl'S !HIBD ADDITIOW-Authori1inc apportionment of tax certalficate1 and tax•• apln1t certain propert7 in ..... Oct 12 1943 BODBHUllST SUBDIVISIOW-Au.thorhinc cancellation of panng cerUficat•• apla1t certain propert7 in ..... Oct 12 1943 JOWITA sum>ITISIOIAuthoriliDC apportionmnt of tax•• acai111t certaill propert7 for 1943 in , .... Oct 12 1943 BIDS-bjectinc all b141 for con1tructlo11 of ,ever in Kichteenth In. 16th ro 20th. 8t1. Oct 12 1943 BIDI-Authorhing Nqor \o dva4nrthe for b141 for----a..e abon---" Oct 12 1943 BIJ>I-athoriaiDC Mqor to certain 1upplie1 for u1e of Bello• Dept. aa4 a4T. for bi41 for ..... Oct 19 1943 BID-ApproTiDC bid of I.W.Phillip• cl Coapeq for furnilhinc certain 1upplie1 for uee by the Water Dept • Oct 19 1943 BIBApproTing contract of Cone Bro,. Contracting Co. for ,ewer iD 18th An. 16th to 20th Sta. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 19 1943 19 1943 z6 1943 z6 1943 26 1943 26 1943 26 1943 ALO AVDUI-K1tabli1hint two re,ernd 1pacee at the Church of God on at 10th Street. BOULEVARD-b1cindinc Section •a• of Re,ol o. 7946-B, passed on Sept.9,1943 BotJ'l'01f A.ND SKI!nreR SU!DITtSIOW-Permittlnc the Children•• Home of to use certain lot, at cor. St. Loui1 & rre110Dt for parkin purpo~es during cir_cua. BIDAppronn bid of~ B. Oralle Co. for the furnishinc of a tton pick-up truck for use bt the Health Deaprtment . BOU'l'Oll Alm SKIWNER SUBDIVISION-Authorizing sale of certain properties OW11ed by the City. G .ll. BENJAMIN'S ADDITIOJJ TO WEST TAMPA-----S.AK! AS ilOVJ-,-----------BIDS-Authorising the Navor to adT. for bids for uniform• for the Police Depart .. nt. -lfOT 9 1943 lloT 16 1943 BO.Alm or JlEPRESEIITATIVIS--llulea of Procedure, .A.doptin rules of Procedure for Board of ReprHentativea. ' BIDS-Authorizing the M&7or to purcba1e c~rtain 1upplie1 for the lire and Police Depts. and to adT. for bids for eaae. NoT 16 1943 BUDG~T-Authorizing certain changes in the budget for the fiecal 7ear endiag May 31,1944 pertaining to the Department of BeTenue, 1inance and;kdita, Legal Depart•~•t an4 Engineering Department. loT 16 1943 lloT 16 l943 BIDS-A.uthorising the Meror to purchase c~rtain eupplie1 for the use of Sanj.taey Dept.and to adv . for bids for same.(iceba~~ BAT.AKO su:BDIVISION-Abatement of Taxes on properties u1ed by the U.S.A. BoT 16 1943 BEllJAMIB'S A!)DITION-Authorizing cancellation of certain tax and public improTement liens on certain propertie1. lfoT 16 1943 BOtJ'l'ON & SfflltmR SUBDIVISIOW------------IAIII Al~-------BoT 16 1943 BOU'l'ON & SXIWNER SUlmIVISION-Authorizing apportiouent aasess~ents for the year 1943 oncertain tract, of land_-J IOT 23 1943 DDI-Authorl•inc the Na7or to a4v. for bid• for the ooa,truction of' toilet an4 buildiDCI for the boreatlon Dept. lov 23 1943 D&JAMil'S FOOlffll AJJDifIOW-.Authorialnc the acceptance of a oonTqance Jack P. Jerrera aa4 vife,to certain,-~ ert7 and authoriliDC the ezecution of a 4~4 to ..... ( lenJ.4th Ud.) BIDI-Authori1inc the Jlqor to pu.rcha1e ce•taln 1upplie1 an4 to a4T. for --for u1e of tb• Water Dept.(Lede•r loT 23 1943 ~~Authorising and of delinq1W11t taze1 oa certain Wo-i 30 1943 W.J. DLL-Authorhinc ~ent to W.13. 1~11 and L.1:. Dq at foe expeneH iaourre4 while attendiDC 32n4 llatlonal Safet7 Ooagr••• at Chicaco, Ill• Deo Deo Dec Dec .c Dec ec 7 1943 BIDS: .Authorisinc the Na70r to purcha1e certai111upplie• for the Pol~c•an4 lire Dept,. &D4 to adnrti1e for "-6• for, .... 7 1943 JIDI-Au.thorizinc the Kqor to adnrti1e for bld1 for oon1tructioa of plq court, for the Recreation Depart•nt. 7 1943 BUILDING ISSPECTOll-buildiDC at 322? -10th &n ... -----1ire 14 Blk 2, Powell'• Add. to Ybor Cit7. 7 1943 JUILDIIG IDPIC'!OA-buildiDC at 1019-21 llJ:nralle aane--OlclnJ'ith HouH-Lotl 869 ll1Terfltont Lott. 7 1943 JODGKT-Nakiq certain chance• in the Bwlcet of the Saal tar7 Dept. an4 author111DC th• Coaptroller to ••t up JtaU7 C..h 1WMI. 7 1943 JIUJTALO GAiDDS-Authorising apportiouent of for the 7ear 1943 in certain trach of land in the Cit7. 7 1943 JID8-ApproTin the bid of Johnaton Yizture Co. for the furn11hinc of an 1~• boz tor the 8anital'7 Departlll8nt. Dec 7 1943 BID-.lppronnc the bid of Gl A. Miller Co. ,Inc., for con1truction of a liDCle toilet an4 1torace builcl1ac for the lecreatioa Dec BOWMKB Nl'l'HODIST CHO'llCJI-Authorising cancellation of taxe1 for 1940,41,42, an4 tax for 1943 acain1t certain pror in Noble,'• SubdiTi•ion. Dec 14 1943 :BID-ApproTlng bid of MacDonald Printinc Compaq for 40,000 Ledger Sheet, for u1e of the Water


!I ; / -----.::Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the Ci1 y of TampaJ Florida -{--------1 1 ,' J NUMBER Sl02-B 8103-B s104-:e 8109-:B 8112-B 8122-:B S12s-l 8129~ 81:,0-1 8132-J 8133-B 8133-! 8142-J 8145-J 8146-B 8152-:B 8153-! 8154-B 8157-B 8159-! Sl6o-B 8162-B 8168-B 8186-'I 8186-• 8187-1 8181-J 819i-J 8199-:B 8200-:B 8202-J 8212-:B 8214-J 8216-:B 1216-J 8217-! 8~7-! , _.msaa r, 11'1,, f_.; 1218-:I i DATE Mgnth Day Year Dec 16 1943 Dec 16 1943 Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan lu 21 1943 21 1943 4 l~ 4 1944 4 1944 4 1944 SUBJECT MATTER II BID-~roTing bid of Cone Broe. Contracting Co. for conetruction of either 1,2,3 or 4 cement court• for Recreation Dept. (See 7ile Wo. X-362) JroDG~T-Authorizing and meldn certain changes in the budget of the Reca•ation Board for the fiscal rear ending Ma7,31,1943. ( See rue Bo.~-362) l BUDO!T-Alle~ding Re1ol. 7933-B as amended by Beeol 7972-:B providing for additiou.l. emplo7eee and certain ealaey increa1ee at the Tampa Munic pal Hosp. and Tampa Negro Hoep. -:BENJAMIN'S smDIVISION-ApportioD.111ent of certain taxe1 in BenJamin'• 3rd • .Addition.tLot1.1,3, and 4 of 10.2101 Blk.l. BENJAMIN'S SUBDIVISIOB-Apportionment of certain taxe1 for 1942 acainet c~rtain land• in eame. I : BIDI-Authorisiac the llqor to an4 tiapoae of certaia peraonal propert7 of the Cit7 ancl to advertiae for bi4• for ..... i, BIDS-Authorisinc the Pursbaeing Agea\ \o purohaee ecrtain aupplle• for~ • !ax Aaaeaaor•• office and to adverti1e BIDS-Authorising the Nqor to diapo1e of buildia at CTPre•• and Lie'bon and to adnrti•• for bide for :BUILDIVG--------------------------8.UII AS ilOYI--------------------BUDGft-Authorldnc certaiA obaale•xia the bu

________ lnde~ to_Resolutions _ Passed by the -~ard oLRe_m-~ntatiYis ol_the City of _Tam~ Florida NUMBER -SIIJ-B . . 8223-B 8230-B 8241-:e 8243-1 8246-:s 8247-B 8250-J 8261-1 ... 8265-1 ; .. . 8272-1 4 . 8273-1 8274-1 8271'-B 8274-1 8276-1 8284-J 8294-B 8295-:t l l _ 8,00-1 ' 8302-1 8306-B 83()8-B 8313-1 8314-:e 8315-:B 8317-B 8319-B .1 ) 8325-B 8326-B 83 27-B !] 8329-B 8332-1 8334-B 8335-B 0 8336-B 0 SJ4)-J 83~1 s:,46-1 S:,47-J . SJ41-> DATE Month Day Yea r J'eb 29 1944 J'eb 29 1944 J'eb 29 1944 Mar 7 1944 Mar 14 1944 Mar 14 1944 Mar 1 4 1 944 Mar 14 1944 Mar 21 1 944 Nar 28 1944 Kar 28 1944 Nar 28 1944 . llar 28 1944 Nar 21 1944 Nar 28 1944 Mar 28 1944 Apr 4 1944 ll. 1944 Apr 11 1944 Apr 11 1944 11 1944 ll 1944 11 1944 qr 18 1944 Apr 18 1944 18 1944 Apr 18 1944 Apr 18 1944 Apr 18 1944 18 1944 l,pr 25 1944 25 1944 25 1944 Apr 25 1944 ~r 25 1944 Apr 25 1944 SUBJECT MATTER IIDS-Authorizing adTertiaeaent for bide for a b1111n lt&Chine for the use of ~he VUer Department. BILLING MACHm---------------------lAMI AS aon:----------------------------. BUDGft-ProTiding for the transfer of $600 froa .Acct. •o.41-5U to .Acct. Bo. ~1,62 at applicable to Di_atrict l'o. 11. BID-Ap~roving bid of Sherman Ooncte•e Pipe Co. for furnishinf og 8001 -24• concrete pir,e for u e s by EngineP.ring Department. BIDS-Authorizing the Purchaain& A&ent to purchase certain supplie1 and to advertise for same, for the use of the . E~neering Dept.(Sever Cleaal .. E q uipment, etc. ) BUILDING INSPECTOR-Authorizing the M~or to sell and dispose of window sash end doors at 1615 Lamar St. etc. BOND-.W.thorizinc the execut•on of a release releasing Glens rall Indemnity Oo. from libilit~ under Boad Wo. 183023, Etc. !IDS-Ordering certain improTemeQtl for the Vater-Worka and authorizing advertisem nt for bidB for 1ame, Etc. irdering construction of a aprinkler ey~tem for Highland Park and authorizin& the Mayor to adv ertise for bids for same. ID-~provinc bid of Lotti• Ut1liti•• Oonatru.ction Co., for oertain Water Work• Iapron•nt1.(lle1ervoir, Puapinc Statioa). • o. Caap for coatr1uctioa of hard. 1vface com-ton recreation arfa at Buffalo and 22nd Street. A.. Miller for conatruction. of one toilet aD6 1torace buildinc at Buffalo &ad 22nd &t.(Recreation J>ep .) . . I--~roviac bid of Burrouc}l U.dinc Machine Co. for furnhhiaf of lillinc lfa~iae for uae of Water Depar~•nt. . . UBBOUGIS ~DIIIG IU-CRID ocIPAIT----IAICI .l8 A.IOU-------------•••-. . JID-.A.uthoris1nc the ad.vArti1ement for bid• for 444 Lin. rt. 30• Dia. binforced coacrete pipe for uae of th• :lncineerinc De,. A. s. BOJl'fOI-.A.uthorisin purchase of I 25ft.of the 11ft of the tnft, Jl-?8-19, le11 W 40•, for street purpo1ea, fro• aaae. BIDS.A.uthlrizinc t~ MaTor to adverti1e for bid• tor contr1ution of toilet and storace buildinc at Pl7aouth Pla7cround. Ate. JCIJI'l!A SUJDIVISIOB-.A.uthorhin& pqment of $100.00 in ful.lseettlement for d.Uace to fenee in Bonita Subdivision. to frank .U JDJ.AKl•'s ~DITIOI.A.uthorizing apportionaent of taxea for 1943 acain1t certain lot• or tract• of land in 8&11le aubidiTaion. D~V:IIJED PUCS-Cancelling taxe1 for 1942 for operatinc expenaee acainat lot• 9 and 10, llk.5, 1ame aubdiTition. BID.Appronng bid of Albert Haworth for 40,000 cal tank no longer of any u1e to the Water Depar!Jaent. ID.A.uthorizing the purchaaing Agent to purcha1e 50,000 gal cut-back aaphalt for Inc. Dept. and authorizing adT. for bid• fo • • ID.A.u.thori1io Purchasing Agent to purchaae Outfit for cleaning nginea etc. at Sanita17 Dept. and providing for advertiae m t of bids for aame. :BOURQ.U.&BDJ:Z SUBDIVISION-Providing for settlement of indebtedne11 etc. on Hl95' of S21101 of ~101 same aub1n. (Barry Sommers) . BO-JTON & SiCIN"'1-ll1S SUBDIVISION-Authorizing sale of Lota .26 and 27, Blk.6, aame aub1n. MARY MARGARET BDNGL&-.A.uthorizing sale of Lota ll and 12, McX!light'• Subdivision to aue for $75. BONITA SUBDIVISION-Authorizinc execution and delivery of deed conveying Lot 14, Blk.41, Bonita Sub'n. to Willa Sime. BID-'pprovistg bid of Cbafpion Corp., Hammond, Ind. for furnishing of Power Sewer Cleaner for :&:ngineering Department. BID~ .Approving bid of Sherman Concrete Pipe Co. for furnishing 444 lin. ft. 30• concrete pipe for uae of EncineeriQC Depart BIDSApproving bids for purchase of care to be sold b7 the Cit7, formerly in use by the Health Deeprtment. BUILDING INSPECTOR-A.uthorizinc same to ae"e Botice of Condemnation on buildinc at Lota 8 and 9, llk.102, B & l Map DAU'?! RBIGR'?S-.A.uthorhing apportionment of taxes againat certain land• in aame aub'n. and Ke.cfarlane1a liev • .A.dd. bid of G. A.. Killer for the construction of toilet and storage facility at Pl)'llOuth Pla,rcround. BIDAuthorizin& the Purchasing Agent t o adve rtise for bide for 699 Lin. rt. 12• V. O • ..Sewer Pipe, use of Encineer1DC Depart D BUDG~T-.A.u.thorizinc traaafer of $2500 from .A.cct. 4162 to item l'o.4151-.A., in Di•trict Rep. lo.8, bein& in the Internal Jund Budget of that diatrict. Apr 25 1944 BID.AppDorlng bid of The Texas Co. for furnishing 50,000 cal cut-back aaphalt for use by the En~ineerin,; Department. ICq llq liq liq liq 9 1944 BODGft-.A.uthorlliDC traa1fer aD4 re-allocation. of t,-.S0.81 fro• ~-t~-,.••••t-,fuacl to the Stora Sever .Account of Dietrict I';. 9 9 1944 9 1944 9 1944 9 1944 9 1944 BIDI-Authorisiac a4"9rti1eaent for bid• for 1420 ft.36• coacrete pipe aad 6o ft. 181 cC>Aallt• pipe for uae of the ~acin.eer iDC Depart• • BIDS-AuthorhiDC ad.vertheaen.t for bide for Ga• Machine for uae of the 'l'upa Municipal Bo1pita1. JIDI--.A.uthorisin adTerti1ement ••• bid• for 3 cab• ud cbaad.1 for u1e of \he 8aalt&r7 D9J1&rtMnt. B.A.TSIDI SUBIDVISIO•-AuthorhiDC cancellation. of Pavia Certificate •o.2810 acain1t Lot 2, Blk.J, 1&M •u~neioa. :B.A.TSIIII ltJBDIVIIIOJI-6-ithorlsiag cucellatioa of Pann O.rtifica: •o. 2811•• 15 ft. ,ot J, Ilk.), UM .tel J.A.TIIDI IUIDIYIIIO•--••n•tac oaaoellattoa of PaTtac Oentfloat ••.15.351, aplu,Lot 2, llllc.3, .... euMtTi1l•.


____ __;,_Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the _City of Tamw Flo_ n _d_ a ______ ___.___---'I NUMBER . 8352-:B 8353-1 83~:B 8155-:B 8351-1 8369-:a 8371-J 8372..J 8373-1 8374-1 DATE Mo11th Day Year 9 1944 9 lgi.4 9 1944 9 194h 9 1944 9 1944 9 19" NaT 16 1944 Mq 16 1944 Kq 16 1944 Mq 16 1944 8380-J Mq 16 l~ 8386-B Mq 25 191'4 8388-B M&7 25 1944 8389-~ Nq 25 1944 8391-1 Ma7 25 1944 8392-1 May 25 191'4 8393-1 Ma7 25 1944 8394-B • Mq 25 1944 8395-1 Mq 25-1944 8396-B R379-:B 8411-:B 8413-1 8414-1 8415-J 841-9-B 8420-B Ma7 Kay May 30 1944 30 1944 Ma7 30 1944 Jun• 6 1944 June 6 1944 June 6 1944 June 6 1944 June 6 1944 Jue 13 1944 Jue 15 1944 SUBJECTMATTER JtlDdl!: Au\horlsiac aa4 4irecUnc tran.efer of t1o4.057.27 tbl 'l'aapa Water lforlc• Work• .. T. raacl to \bl Qceral ha4. BODClft-JQ'1lorisiac tranefer of $1000.00 froa Uuppropriate4 evplu tad acct. to Acct. •o.7160-A for parcba•• of Juua Par • . :BID-Appro-nnc bi4 of Motor Co. Inc. for furnhhiag OM portable outfit for cleaninc cba18la etc. for uae of San. Dept. JUILDI.cJ IWSPIO!'OB-Authori1iac of Wo\ic• of Condumatioaat 42041lori4a An.(I.ot '58-Mea4ow Brook -:BUILDillG llSPJIO!OB-Authori1iac of Wotice of at 4207 1lori4a An. (I.ot 1, Ilk. 22, • Sub •a.) -UILDIWG IDP.JCtcaAu'1lor11iDC ••me• of •oi1ce of Ooll4eaation a\ 7306 Bantle7 lt.(Bouoke ~.i.o, 8, llk.2). IUILDI•G llSPIC!OB-Au\horhinc ••Tice of Wotice of Conclemtioa at I.ota 10 an4 11, :Ilk. 7, Weet 114-Parle Sv.b'a.(2 •bOtn). :BIDS-Authorizl.D for bide for of practice tower at lire Sation f5. BIDS-~;>ronn,s bid of ll. J. Goul4, *ng ancl ~ecUac Oo. tor of 1tePl and iron materiala NlT-Cec! propoHcl aunicipal Pl'IJle in the of $895.00. BUDCJI'!-ProTidia tor of $3500 troa Budget .Acct. Jro.4l-5U to Budget -'cct. lo. 41-62 16. BIDS-Authorizinc adTertieement tor bid• for 1122 rt. 30• pipe tor of Encineerinc Departaent. . ' BIDS-Authori1inc for bid• for 1320 rt.241 pipe and 1175 rt. 181 pipe tor of Enciuering DepartMat. BUD wm J>ERMIT 'l'B.ANS7!R-.Approvin& of Permit llo. E-6909 iuued on December 14, 1944 of lrank: L. at !15 Jeffe Street. to 102• IGl!Y ~O'l'RIC O aaphaU, for UH of the :a..c. I>ep • BIDS-••bol'l•lDC .,,.....i~ ~r.litoofhliesits Gnclllf,lm~---OollJ)&DT tor ou poweN4 raocl grader(trca\orJ for uu of :EncinHr ac Depar J11M 15 191'4 :BIDS--.1hori11-. a4nrti•••nt tor b~d• tor cer,ain luaber tor repair of the Gar~ia Ayenua BricSce. 1,0 Jane 20 1944 DI.GLOJlIA uno.-Mo4itJinc and condiUoae of Nleolf Lot 9, Jllc.3, lzcelda 8ub1n. to :Barbon. J1lll• 20 1944 June 30 1944 .TUile 30 1944 .. UDO• BLOUI!-Authoriziac to ... e for ~nl for professional HrTlcee of Dr. 1orbea account of~ natained while u of \he lire Depart•n. :BOU!O• cl SIIWDK'S ADDl!ICS-Au\horilia apportlo .. nt of tazea for 1943 certain lot• or tr .. h of l&lld. Kto. ILL-ApproTiDC fora of application to appq for passace of Local Bill relative to program for the City of Tampa • • •• JIDJAMIB'S .ADDITION-Author11ing apportionment ot for 1943 certain or of land. Etcl PAIi-Caacellin& tazea,lllltereet aD4 penalt1•• qaillet Lot1 58 and 59, ,it.60 , ... eub. for Church. 0 n o 't


. ' I . t 0 0 NUMBER g479-1 8479-:B 8479-:B s4go-B -J 8482-B 8485-B 8486-B 8'8T•B 8491-J g496-B 8497-1 B498-B 8499-B 8505-:B 8505-:B 8507-B 8'515-B 15218526-1 861S•B 86M-B 8688-B 8Nl-B SMT-8 . 8563-! 8564-J 8566-J 8567-! 8568-J 8569-1 8577-1 . 8578-! 8580-B 8581I 8582-1 . 8583-J ~14-J 8586-1 8587-J [f;sof ui,'o ws . , Index to _ dinan=e• Passed by the Board of Representativ _ of the . City of Tampa_, Flonda DATE Month Day Year June 30 1944 June 30 1944 June 30 1944 June 30 1944 June 30 1944 SUBJECT MATTER JID-Approving bid of Gulf Fettilia•r co.,Burnett Broe & Hamill, and Booker and Dickson Co. for 666 1/3 tDJ11 ea. lime for Water Dept. BOOIER AND DICXSOB, IWC.--------:------------IMKI AS ilOft-~-----------------BURNETT BROS. & IUJCILL----------------------8.AO AS ABOVE-----------------Jil>-J.pproTing bid of Oentral Oil Compan7 fo, furnhhing 36,000 barrels Fuel oil tor use ot the Water Department. Jil)..ApProving bid of Tea.a Company for furni~hing 150,000 gallon• Cut-Back Asphalt for use of Engluering Department. June 30 1944 BUILDillG INSOECTOR-Authorhlng condemnation of building at Lot lot !lk.94, Addition to Ybor CitT Sub'n. known aa 1820,llth e. June "JI) 1944 Jue 30 1944 June SO 1944 BID-J.pp roTing bid of McCa1kill Olothin& Co. for certain extraa of folice and Firemen'• unifol'll1. Etc. (~olice) :BID-----------~-------IAME J.S ABOVI--------------~----(ftre) BUDGI! -Appl'O"fing Badget tor Flaoal 1-.r ending lllr s1. 19'6. no~ July 11 1944 BIDS-Orderin,; eertain public improvement•, namel7 dam across Hill• otough River, and authorizin,; adverti1ement for bid• tor 1aid construction of same. Jul1 11 1944 JJ11:NJ.AMI111S 5TB ADDITIOI-J.u.thorizincc apportionment of taxes against certain tract• ot land. ~tc. July 11 1944 !UDGY.r-Amendinc certain item in 1941-45 Budget relating to salarie1boC ho1emen in the lire Department. Julr 11 1944 JIDS-Authorizinc ~roval of bid of Southern Erectin & Engines-ing Co. for dismantling steel tower at Ftre Station f5. :BIDS-Authorizin& alverti1ement for b•d• for certain lUllber !or reRair to Gar eia Ave. Jriqe. . -Jul7 11 1944 lul.7 11 1944 July 11 1944 July 18 1944 July 18 1944 Jaq 25 l~ ~ACTERIOLOGIOAL INCU! advertisement for bid s for same !or use of the Water Department. WATER m:P.lR'!MDT'!---------•-ISAM:I AS .ABOVJ:---------------BELL'S A.DDITIOI-Cancelling taxe1 for 19~3 ~inst i,ota l, 2 and 3, !lk.3, said aub'n. and Lota 4 and 5 , Blk.8, ~rew'• .Add'n. BUDGET-J.uth orizi~ certain change in wage rate o! Patrol Operator from $6.25 per da;y to $7.50 per dq, in Engr. Dept. JOUTO• cl UIDD-AutherllillC apperu~--•' ef IUH acaiaet oenala lot• or tract. et land. f•r 1,a.3. It~. l 19"' BIDI • Auiilcr1&111g ldvertl•--t tor bid• tbr•• 1treet aweeper• for uae ot the Saitar)' Departact. 1 19'' BIDS -Autbcri&lnt -Id nrtl•••t tor bid• tor three all aetal enol eel bocli .. tor garbage oolleoting tor uae ot the Ban. Dapt 1 19" BUDGJr ProTid111g tar $660 1n Mot. Io. ,-su. to Aoct. lo. ,1-e2 u at,11.oable to Diatriot lo. 2. 1 1944 FAIIIS BASS .Alf]) MART WAI.Ill• Aathcr1&1ng allownoe ot tu ondlt• D in •ohabge fbr ued to Cit7 t• I.Pt a. Blt.19. Z.•-1.,.1 I Bub. et •tt Tupa. 1 19" BIDS Aathar111Jtg adnrti•--t tor bod• tor certld. n oonorete pipe tor u•• ot th• lbgineerb,g D epart .. t. 1 1944 Bma -"1Prmng bN ot Robbina Mtg. Ccmpe7 tor o.-tai11 lumber tor: repair• to Garoia ATe11Ue Bridge. l 19" BACTIRIOLOGICA.L IICUBA1'01 • ApproYiDc b~ ot Burgioal Suppq Co. tor ••• tor •• ot IS96.00 tor u1e ot tm •ter D partamt. A 1 lMt BIDI •• ......... •••• •••---IAIIB JS ABO'f ... ----------.....,•~-------g 1944 i.. JUCDD --Aaa.thorhinc ••le ot Lot 7 Jlock 34, Weat S•vane• Beichh S•b4iTilion to Tel• i.. hckn•r. S 1944 IDS -Mthori1inc l,,JJ'f. for IIDI tor repair• to roof• •f -n.riop fir• Station• in th• Cit.7 of !aapa. 8 1944 ID JOl])8 -Mthorisinc retllrn of bid boncl.1 in connection with bi41 on Uuutli'nc 11N tower at Bo. 5 Station • 15 15 15 !UDGE'l' --.A.uthorilinc lraa1ter of certain fund• in budcet acco'llllt o Sanit&rT Departaenl, ltc. IID --A.pproTinc lid ot Oa.7Do11 Iroa Work• for 3 all enclo1e4 bodie1 tor carbace to Sanita17 DepartMnt. ~IDS --.A.athori11nc .AdT. for bid1 for .A.utoaobile1 tor the u1• of the Police Depart••• \ 15 1944 !IDS --Authorl•inc .Adv. for bid for Auto for the uae of the Police Depart•nt. 15 1944 IIDS -Aaa.thorising AdT. tor bid• tor auto for the ua• of th• Police DepartMat. Ave 15 1944 !IDS A.v.thori•inc eale Lot 24 !lock 6, lo lollUlo and Alic• Centeno. Aue 15 1944 BIDS .A.v.tborhinc .A4T. for !14• for .A.aphalt for th• uae ot tm I aHriDC Depart•at. Aue 15 1944 BIDS --.A.uthori1iac Adv. tor bid• for Npair1 to Police Departaent Juildinc, b7 fir•. Ave 15 1944 WD

.. NUMBER 8589-1 8590-1 8591-1 8592-1 8595-1 I -S6ol-1 86o2-J -8~ 8605J S6o6-J 8609-1 8610-:a 8611-1 8612-1 -8612-:B 1613-1 8619-:B 8622-J 8623-:9 8621'-J 8624-B 8625-1 8626-B S628-> 8620-J 8620-B s629-1 8631-:B 8631-B 81~4-B 86J6-B 1637-1 8647-:B 8648-J 8649-1 8650-1 8651-B 8653-1 8654-J 8655-:B Reso)v t,on.S Index to 01di11anc:e.t_ Passed by the Board of Representatives of the City f Tampa,_ Florida DATE Mollth Day -15 Aue 15 .&.uc 15 .be 15 Year SUBJECT MATTER 1944 IIDI -atboridnc Ad..-. for 'faactor ud !raotor for th• -.aH of th• Parle Depart••• 1944 IIDI --.&.•thorisinc Ad..-. for for !oilet U4 ltorqe for llacfarlau Park. 1944 IIDS -.&.-.athori1inc Ad..-. for for !oilet aad atorac• faciliti•• for Drew Park, Jtc. 1944 IIDS -.&.uthorisinc .Ad..-. for bide for toilet ud atorace tacilitiea for Ola ud K•U7 .&.fla••• . . . Aue 22 19lt4 J, M. BAlll'I .&.DDI!IQI 'fO CIJlll'tJ'S P.AII---.ADthorisinc l~J aD4 l~ acalnet certain or tract• of_ lancll I c. .&.1lc . 22 -22 Aue 22 Aue 22 .&.ac 22 .&.ac 22 .&.u 29 .&.111 29 .&.uc 29 Mg 29 Ao 29 .Aue 29 Aue 2' -29 .&.uc 29 .UC 29 .&.uc 29 Alie 29 .lug 29 -29 Aac 29 lept 5 8.-pt 5 Sept 5 Sept 5 Sept 5 Sept 5 Sept 12 Sept 12 Sept 12 Sept 12 Sept 12 Sept 12 19llll-JtJDGn--.&.uthorl1lzac ceruin ~• in the ~et for the flecal. 7ear of the 7ire a44ltloaal hoee•n and..unlfora ). 1944 JID8--.&.uthorl1inc a4Tertieement for bide tor two.2-wbeel aotorQTclee for uee of the !raffle Departmnt. 19114 ~l!-.&.uthorillnc eaplo,-nt of an additional engilleer in the :Iner. Dept. to be paid froa Juqet Acct. •o.41-10. 19114 IIDl---.&.uthorlslnc ... nt for bide tor 351 Lin. 7t, 18• Diameter T. C. Sewer ipt for ue• of the lnclneerlnc ~artae • i9llll-IIDS--.Authorlsinc adnrti•••t for bide for ce rtain eheeting and luber for uee in J:ncineering Departaent. 19lt4 JtDl--.&.uthorlda ad.TertlHMQ for bid• for 417 rt. 16• Dia. Studard Stractll Concrete pipe for ~. Dept. 1944 JIIDl--.&.pp-oTlng bid of Levie cit llcDonll, Inc. for construction of Du aero•• Hilleborough :a1..-er. •tc. 1944 IIDI--ApproTlng bid of G • .&.. Killer Co.,Inc., for conetru.ctlon of toil~t and atorace buildia• on three nanation 1944 BOilD <:II PUBLIC BIU'!IOD-.&.uthorhing certain chance• in l ... e t of tor fiecal 7ear ending Ma7 31, 19115. (l caretaker). 1944 JUDG•!-----------------------8.ANI .AS ABO~-------------------. 1944 BtJmJ!--.&.uthorizinc certain change• in bw!cet of 'l'upa Municipal Tourlet !railer Park for fhcal 7eazo,(l caretllllcer and l J 1944 IOU'l'OB i. SXIllDll ADDITIOI to WBS'l' 'f.ANPJ.-.&.uthorldng of Lot 8, Ilk. 18, eaid eub. to l)oaclae NcMichael in achance for laet 111 Lot 6, Blk.l, Molnicht'• Bub. --1944 IWltmL JOUZAI-.ADthoriz1 DC of Lot 4, llk.15, lut !•pa 8ub1n. to eaae for $75.00. 1944 JID-.&.ppronng bid of Gile• Motor CollJ)&Dl', for one new car for uee of the 7lre Department. 1944 DDIWI!'II-HOUdl co.,nrc.-.&.pproTin& bid of eaae for one new Bud.eon for uee of the Police 1944 BIJ>-.------_..._ .... ~------.------..,._,_S.AIII d ABO'B-----~------------. 1944 JID--~pi-oTi.Dc bid of 1eraan Cb.e..-rolet Co., for one aw Ohe..-rolet for uee of the Police Depart•nt. . 1944 MIS. ll. B, !IAD.PQID-.&.uthorhia retun4 to eaae for lot boucht bJ her and ue d thru error b7 another part7. :itc.$20. 1944 IID-.&.ppro..-ia bid of '1'1111p& Sand and lle.terial Co~ for 400 tone cold patch upbaltlc concrete for uae of the Zngr. Dept. 1944 BOUJQU.dJJIZ PLAl-.&.uthorhi .. of tuee agaiaet certain or of land. Ito. 1944 IOU'!


, .. _____________ Index to Re1olution1 Pa,sed by tlie Board of Repretentative1 of tLe City of Tampa, Florida 0 J 0 [ l o 0 . . ,( ' illlll.JHUU1 I J NUMBER 8663-1 8664-B 8672-B 8680-:B 8680-B 8681-B 8682.J 8683-1 1690-1 1691-1 8692-1 8693-1 . 1695-1 8697-1 86980 8700-:B 8703-:B 8704-1 s705-J 8709-J -8711-1 8712-:B 8712..J -8713-1 8714-1 8716-1 8718-J 8721-J 8T2lt-:1 -.!.-8726-:1 8729-1 8729-:B 8730-:B 8732-1 8740-J 8741-J 8742-J 8745-J 8747-1 8749-:B 8749-1 8750.1 DATE MONTH DAY YKAII Sept 19 944 Sept 19 1944 Sept 19 1944 Sept 19 ' • 1944 Sept 19 1944 Sept 19 944 Sept 19 944 Sep\ 944 lep\ 26 1944 lep\ 26 l~ leJ>' 26 19164 Sep\ 26 .lg44 hp' 26 1,i.i. lep\ 26 1944 lep\ 26 1944 Oct 3 1944 Oct 3 19144 . le\ 3 1944 Oct 3 19114 . Oct 3 1944 Oct 3 1944 Oct 3 1944 . Oct 3 lgli4 Oct 3 19114 Oct 3 1944 Oct 3 1944 Oct 3 1944 3 1944 Oct 10 19114 Oct 10 1944 Oct 10 19144 Oct 10 1944 Oct 10 l~ Oct 10 1944 Oct 10 19lt4 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 Oct 17 1944 SUBJECT MATTER DLL1S DVISID .ADDI'fIOI..Authorhing apportionment of taxee certain loti or trac!te of land. for certaij 7eare, eto. :BATJMO SUBDIVISIOW-~proving and ratifying leaae between 01 t7 ,and U. B. on 7 and 8, BUc. 9, eaid eub. BIDSAp:p-orlng bide of Jaaee B. llov & lau\and of XcWane O&et Iron fipe Co~ for pipe for Water Department'• uae. BID-Appronng bid of Booker & Dick1on, Inc. for certain pipe for uee of the ~nciuering Departaent. BOOD:a la DICXS01', IWC.----------8.AMJJ J,J-.UOff------------• :BIDS-•Jectin,: all bide receiTed and authori1ing re-e.dvertieement for bid• for certain pipe for uee in Di1tricta •oa.5, 9 and BIDS-Authorizing for bid• for certain graTel, etc. for use of the Water Department. BUDGn-Au\horiaing ef Uappaopriat 8urplu ,~ 166.l , relaUn to Pollo• Departaent, \o prm4• fer ef laapec\er of Police. JD>I-AuthorhiDC a4T~rUNuat for b141 fw '750 GPII Paper for ef \be fire Depart-,. JIJJI-Appronnc bid ef •• I. tiobaru ia •euat of $1000 for repair• to roof• ef :rtre etc. -IIDI-Aulhoristnc a4nrU1oaeat fer fer 2 aew lgli4 tnca, u4 eal7 for ue ef Sui ar7 l>oparUlea\. :IIJ-Au\hori11Ac for for ••• \we er Ulfte tractor• for u• et tbe But \ar7 I>eparuaeat. JIDI--'pproTiac b14-.of Ill& t G. for certaia plqcrou4 for UN •f .. l>opartaet. 1ma-a4wrU••••at fv for clllertu for of '11a Water Dopart--.t. BIDS~•erlliJIC for fer •• er twe aew 3/4 toa pick-up fer ue .t the Va\or l>epan•at. tJDGft-AuthorhiDC certaill oh~• in tor fhcal -,ear ••ding :,1, 194', proT14i;. tor ,ever 1A f 59 91an410. IDB-jppro~iDC b14a recelnd JurnoU • lno., llobbiu Mtc. '-o., Md-S.raaa Cono•t• Pip• 0o. ,ator 111ppl1• for ute in th• Departaent • . Jtlllft! nos. ,. HAMILL, I1'C •• ------------------Al Al()~----------. BOID JILL-Urcinc to enact the :Bill, D 1502, etc. BtJDCDll'-Authorising change in wace rate of ~nciaeorinc Dept. Garage Mechanic. :aumwr-Making certain chance• in the Buqet of Parlet and Coaoterie• hnd to prm4• for of one •claalo. JlJJ)(J111-Authorising purchate of certain for park (Kate Jaclc1on proport7') •• aet up in Acct.f716o-:B. JUDCD!Makin cer\aln cbace• la bud•\ of Boepital loard to proTldo for certain re1ldent phT1lclu• and lntora1, o,a. JUILDI•G IJSPIC!CII-Wainn,: charge, for frame buildin to be erected on C011St Square, etc. BUILDil'G PBIMI!----------------------------am .u aou--~--~--------------------~~. JRJDCD!-Making certain chace• in budpt a• applicable to Dietrict flO, to proTld• for :;,urchate of Lot 1, B. U. Jon•• iub. for Jtarlc and P.l,qgroand :BOAT SLIPS-Ordering to plllJIC ad.Joining certain boat at Mar,1orie Park Yacht hlin, et-. BIDS-Au.thori1lnc adnrtl .. ••t for for certain threaded pipe, otc. for Water IIDI-Ac,Tertlllnc for for aephal t tile ~oorla for 5th floor of Oit7 Ball, eto. -!DJ.Allff18 5'l'll ADDI'l'IOJI-Authorhia a-pportlouent of taz .. aga1net certain loh or of land for c•Hain -,.are, eta. MJILl>IIG mso•C'fOA-•otice of ooademnation of building at 1516-1518 It, ill Kobl.,-11 lub'a. MPMl'l'.Aiu.tllorisinc certain ch~•• ia ltudpt of PoU.c• Dept. to 190Tich increaH in lalU7 of IIDI-A4Tertiaiag for bide for pur baa of certain water ftvelope1, etc. for uae of Water Dept. •ILLS, nnLOPZS, 20.---------------~ .AS .Al!IOU---_; _________ _ :BIDS-a\,tlroY1~i6:19frllo&•ana•f .... 9'0fllpallT for tvo 3/lt-ton. plck--up tralct for UM -of Water DepartMnt. IUDCD!--Makiaac oor•u. ohanc•• in th• •udc•t in Dietrict 17, fer t• Jlk.11, Clarkeen Ir•• .A4dlti••• in •uacet ef Legal Dept. t• preTl~• fer incr•a•• in 1al~ ef •n• ca1hi•r. !::TI.n{:!--Malcinc certain ch&D8et in :!udget •f the Cit7 •• at te preTld• fv three Miat•nanc• ••• fer Cit7 Ball aA4 Pelle• ep, JIDI--Mtheriaing adnrtlH .. nt fer f• fv Pelle• '&n4 lir• l>e~t•nte, •to. JIDS-Apprmnc bid ef Jeraan Cunelet C•~ fer 2 new tru.cka, cab• and chaHl~ -.17, fw UH ef th• Sanit~ l>epe&-t•a,. JIDI-Av.therill DC fer bid1 fc in• tracter au trac•er Hwer fer UN ~f Park D part .. at. • ~IDI------------------•-~-------IMII AS .t.:!Off------------------------------. :BIDS--Ap ?r•Tl~ 'bid ef llathieHa llkalt Werk,, Inc., fer 90, 000 l'b1. chlerin• fer ••• ef tbe Water •


Index to Re90lutiona P&Med I, the Board ol Re reHDtative• ol tlie Ci ol Tam a, Florid.a I.,_ ________ __,.~ -------'----------------------1 NUMBER 8759-1 1759-1 8759-1 1760-~ 1711-B 879'-I 1766-1 1770-1 87J9-I 8782--I 8783-B 17ss.-J 1790-1 1791-J 1792...1 , 1793-1 8194-B 1111-1 SSl.2-! 1813-1 .1115-i) 1115-1 1821-:B 112i.-1 81,0-1 ss,1-1 11,1 .. IS.,2-1 ':'J)-! .11,W -~ 2 DATE ' . SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YRAII I~ •thorlslac a.,or ,o a4ffrt1•• for b14a for of~ertaia iafel"ll&tioa troa th• of fer all 01'7 ew-' properH•••--• ). Oo11t'7, for a.H of OU7, etc. • Oct l~ • G. •• BDJMD'I 21D ADJ>l!IC.~ron41ac for •UleMBt u4 a4J•t•at of aa4 pa.Thi 'beiac tonclo• la o••b (Yaa ,a) • Oct aa. 19" Oct 24 l~ Oct l~ Oct 1~ Oct 24 1~ Oct 24 1~4 Oet 31 191+4 Oo,t Oct Oot :,1 1944 31 19i.1J 31 1944 Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oot Oct 31 19411 31 191+4 31 1944 31 1944 31 1944 31 1944 31 1944 oet 31 19164 Oct 31 191'4 •• • 19" WoT I 19114 9oT I 1~ •o• I 1~ •o• I 1,a.i. •o• . s 1,a.4 •o• I 1944 •• I 1,a.4 •o• I 1, • .,. 11' •oT l~ .OT 1i. •o• 11' .OT 11' ••• 1i. •oT 11' .OT J., .. loT 11 loT 21 •oT 21 1~ 19" 1944 19" 1944 19" 19" l~ 1944 19" 19111t • G. •• llll.AIIIS'I 5'1B AJl>ltlOS------~----IAIII M AJOYI-----Beml• ,. mrm. s .ADJ>I!IQI !O Oft !JIIP..,_ _____ ... .AS .oou-----------------. . ' . JIDl-atborlaiac tu -.,or to a4ffnl• ~or 'bl4• tor ooutnoUoa of toilet &114 at Ttrctaia aD4 Ola AT••• BUILDIIG lllPIO'l'OI--Av.tborillDC hia to lH• )eaper&r7 peral t for ereoUoa of oertaia bu1141ac \hat will eaoroach oa Jor\h • A1 ltn•t----!owaHad SUh, Door aa4 Luber Coa~. lt11LDllG to Mllpe1'817 pel'lllt for ereoUoa of oertala ba.114111C tha't willmeacroaob oa Jall Stnn-I ,. , • Ja.S.oe • • lao. 1 J,WUl18 JUICII, mo.---,__,_-~..,.-~__, _____ _..._,_,.,_,_-1.1111 Al ~----4t-----:-------------------. . BD>I-Authoriaiac tbe Na7or to for 'bid1 on buildiDC at 0J'pr••• and Li1boa an4 to draw another reaol. fo adT. for teac• aroua4 u.14 bu114hc. in:n.,__$orlainc of'oertata fwl4• 1n bw!cet of ~ineerinc to PJ!OTide for of offto• 4eak, etc. BUDG~Alathorh1.DC oertaln ohup• tn aw of Legal Dept. to pron4e for la •alarJ of ouhhr in dept. u4 repealin •o.871'0-B. ltID-ApproTtnc bid. of !'lorid.&-Georgla ! ractor 0ollpllll7 , for oae, tvo or three tractor, for of the laai t&r7 D8partment. IIJ>-Authorlsinc for for hon pick--up .truck for of Police D • JDl-athodliDC for bl4• for_..., trwsk for Jleoreatloa D partaeat. • . ltIJ>S-ApproTtnc bid of Lee Opp for lAduatrial 'tractor tor jae of th• Park Depart•nt. (wt th ltlDI-App:m Ting bid of KoWue Oa1t Iron Pipe for lateral• and adapter• for Water D_partaedt. .llJ>I 1pgrOTillC bid of a,;.• Silica Miniac for 4 $0 of filter for Yater ltl1>8-Authori;1DC adTerti1emeni for bid• for graftl for u1e of Water Departmen t . -BIDl-.ti,pronac bid of l>wlcan Pr••• for with an4 withou t window• tor Water llDI-ApproTtnc bid of McDonald Pr1aUng for water bill• for uae of the 1ater 11:DI-Mlthorlalac aclTertiH-t for for oertaia public of Coaa'7. mJAllll'I 21D AmI!lOP .Aathorlalag of tu•• agatut NrtaJa or of lN4 for certaia 7NI'•• . BIL!-Authorlslac th• llqor lo .. 11 aa4 of 014 l't'bber 'belt fonerl7 la 11H 'b7 tha laaU&r7 D • • MJlatbortatnc the NaJor to for for Grawq ladutrtal tractor for ue of tu Park .part•at. l~jpproTiac bid of .. U7 W. ati.,.ua for ooutfaotloa of ... let u4 lN114111C at Tllliala u4 Ola llN ..,,NTillC bt4 of Jeraa Oheffolet COllpaDJ' for lt toa truck for•" of leoreatloa l?,p&rt•at. 11--..turtatac for for oer\aia pipe (3,000ft.) for ue ol ' -partllllat. PIMP l'CILa-C>raaUac perlll••toa ,o lbarl•• A. Gar ' •rect a, lla41•• •••• IIJILD~~--------------~----IAIII Al M~---------------~---.-----. _ lmlJ.Allll'S .AD1>l'fIOl-8ettle•at. aa4 of tu•• iaTtlhd la •o. 7111,-CL eto. JUJ'f~ DIQB!_I 81DDITISlOI-Settl•••t and of 11Yoln4 la S'llit •o. 7~202-0, etc. lll>-Appronnc ~id of c. Warfield in of t90, for fence around C_it7 owad property at 07PNH aa4 BIDMin,rmac 'bicl of I.t. B. KcSoia 1A aaOUDt of $500 for 2 llml4tac at o,pn .. Lhboa. 117ILDI_.~ -----~--~~---~--IAICI Al ABOfS-.---------_...._---.-.. JID-Appronac bid of Motor Co._111' for hoa pick-up tnaok for Polle• Depart••'• . :BIDI-.Aatborlsiac ... at for 'bid• for oon,trlctioa of certain paT9119At aloac It. O.ntraJ-to Jloitcla. II.__tborlaiac a4nrUHMat tor 'bl4• for of atorm ••wer aloac Bruch An, thru lov.liDC Aatborlt7 to 104'1'Im-jppoiaUnc u.1. 0ou, Gau-4 Jiu, •iottlla 7, Di•. ), !-,a, to ucl 4••~1• boatlac u4 ,acthiac ta iru,,a. eto JOAft111-Coaaell4tac u.1 • hara Alla, noulla 1. DiT. 3~ 'l'aapa, for work ta to•t~~ac aa4 4enlopiac 'boating u4 _rachU ta etc. BOINIDUllS'l' SUBDIVISIOl~foTidin& for ~ettlement and-p-,.ent of delinquent apinst certain property in Drew•a,""Xulllere '• an4 llonntehur1t SubdiTilioa,. Suit lo. 61 4-C --m.JAllll'S 2IJ) -'1JJ>lT~OI-Authoriziac apportiouent of tue• a&a1n1t certain or i~act1 of laad for c ertain 7ear•~ JIAtJ'ff Dllll'II IOJ911.ProT1.dinc for an4 a4Jutaent of 1a 1&14 1u'b., I t io. 69525-C (Ben BaiaoTUa). D . u 0 -0 O 0


• C __________________ Index to Re10lution1 P .. ,ed 1,y the Board ol ReprNentati~e• ol the City .of Tampa, Florida I 0 • J • DATE . ' NUMBER • • , C • SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&A" 5 . Feb a> . 1889 COJlll'l"l'E& ON OiDDUJCi8--Reeol.1natruoting 11111e to prepar• an Ord.proY14inc tor pa, ot council and that th11 pay be 11 12 21 23 26 29 32 42 61 59 61 66 90 91 M 146 151 161 162 167 1,,: 175 182 189 • 196 200 202 208 211 212 214 218 220 221 225 235 235-j-244 245 247 248 No# Wo I depend•nt on attendano• at aeeting1 of th• Council. . . Oot l 1889 CITY HALL--Resol.authorizinc expenditure of $10,000.00 for the erMtion of a City Ball. . . Vay 23 1890 CLEANIWG--Resol.authori1inc .IIIJor to employ whatner help neoesaary to aa1i1t oontraotora in cleaning up Cit7. Jul 16 1894 CIRTIFlCATK OF LOAN--Reaol.IS ll ot ce;t1tioate ~t Depoait tor 116,000.00 1~ • Kay 24 1896 CITY CHARTJ! precipitate matter• at Tallahauee oonoerni?Jg City Cbartw. . Jun 14 1896 CONTRACT--Resol.aocepting same with 11.s. CARTBR & co. to turniah ateel and iron for auperatruoture or IAtayette St.Bridge. Jun 14 1896 CRIMI & VICI--Re1ol.1howinc position taken by City Council in regard to aboliehiq aaae in thi• ocawnity. . Aug 2 1896 CITY BAIL--Reeol.authorhinc City iagineer to make repair• to am., and ~ding about $2500.00 for ..... Jul 17 1896 CITY ATTORNff--Reaol.requeetint or , ... by the Mayor, due to 1eriou1 d111ati1raotion between Mayor am ••e• Feb 16 1897 CITY study charter and see what ch1111gN or reocamendationa to be m&de it ~• . Jaa 13 1898 CONSl:Mm-~esol.reque1ting Coneumera Street plaoe their track• on 7th Ave. in ,ood condition. . . Jan 16 1898 CONDBKNATION--Re1ol.oondenmi1Jg old buildiq at lfW cor ot Lafayette and Franklin Sta. Feb 25 1898 CIRTIFICATIS--Resol. IN RJi: Tax Sale Cert1ficate1. Jun 18 1899 CILEBRilION--Reeol.r••oindinc Reaol.paued Jun 9, appropriating t200.oo for 4th ot July Cllebration. . . Jun 9 1899 CliLEBRATIOB--Resol.appropriati~ $200.00 ror 6th or Jul7 Celebration Jun 16 1899 ~118--RHol.that Finuoe Comnittee examine & pall on all claima owi13g by the City Jun l, 1898. l.'tc. Dec 21 1900 COMYITT!:Ji.13-..Reaol.ll&ld. ng Pre1.ot the City Council a memb.-ot all atan41~ C0111111ttMle Feb 15 1901 C}!mTERY FENCE--Reaol~ordering paintin& or iro; feneo at Woodlawn Cemetery. 26 1901 C O NTRACTS--Resol.requesting Board of Public transmit to City Council all papers in re to contracts for paving streets, let Feb. 27, 1901. , . 6 1901 . ' CITY CP'.A.RTm--Roaol_.appropriatinc $500.00 for to procure the enactlllent o~ proposed City Charter. Ma.y 31 1901 CULV~TS--Reaol.requeeting Board of Pu , l" turniah Council with an eat~te or ooet ot placbg same on so.Franklin Street, south ot S .A. L.RWY. Jun 7 1901 CI'l"i ATTORNE!'--Reaol.aaid file answers in auit ot LC.Webb vs City o ?mnpa. Jun 14 1901 CON'l'RACT-lteaol .notifying Tampa Water that in the future the Ci.ty would require tull pertormarJOe ot service under its contract. ~, 16 1901 CLl'IEUJID STREEr--Re1ol.dirooting Board ot Public oepn 1ame from Sixth. Ave. to Fifth Ave. Sep 20 1901 CtEVEL\ND STRIA"l'--Reaol.ordering opening ot same frcn 6th Ave. & 5th Ave, or Hyde Park. Dec 00 1901 CITY Al'TORNiY--Reeol.authoridng said ct.tend injunotion 1uits againat City ot f-,..; Jan Jan 3 1902 3 1902 Jan 24 1902 Jan 24 1902 Jan 31 1902 Jan Mar 31 1902 28 1902 Apr 25 1902 J.piM _ 21 , • 1902 liq 13 1902 Jul 26 1902 Jul 25 1902 ~, 8 1902 ., 22 1902 • , 22 1902 Aug 22 1902 Sep 2 1902 Sep 2 1902 BO Tl cmn.un STRDT-Reaol.appropriating $1875.00 tor openiiig said ltJreet. CUVEUND STRu.T--Reaol.appropriatillg money'! to opern 1&1d street. OORDERA, John--lte1ol. IN Ri to non-attendance or eaid m,uer of the Co~oil trom 4th Ward. CARNEGII UBRARY--Resol. IN RE to the 1aid Library, dom.tion by Andrew Carntgie ot 126000.00. CULViRT-Res~l.ordering B ot P \9Jca. to build aame aoroaa Spanish Town Creek at St. CUSCADIR'S & WIU.S SumJ.~eaol. IN RI Tax Sale Cert. on loti 4, Blk. 3 qt 1aid Subn. CHILDR.i'lf' S HOMI--Resol.appropriat1~ 1100.00 to ,._ tor aonth1 ot Jan-. & Feb. 1102. CBARTm--R .. ol. IN RE aq,enee inourrred s•e in the cue c.1.Webb Tl CitJ or !upa. COURT ~B--Resol.ordering City take 111 appeal to Supra,• Court ot the oaae or C • v1 City ot T....,.. enlarce .... on printing ballot• tor K:lection troa a to 6 maber•• cl.&1.a or Louisa Hunter, for the am ot t&oo.oo and 001t1. . CIJRKS--Resol. IN RX Clerk• & Ineppector1 tor E:leotion. CITY HAJL--Resoi. Ill RS repairs to City Hall root. COURT C.,1--Reaol. Ill RE to appealinc Henry w.Beaoh•• ca1e to higjler oourt. COJmBMRATION--Reaol.oomaning two buildings on Lot l, Blk.27, General llap, known u 307-09 Caes st • c mm~TION--Reeol.condemning oertain atable on Lot 2, Blk.27 • General •p, known u 306 Caaa St. . buildi!JilOA Lot 10, Blk.29 Ybor City Subn, 1804-6-8• & 10 St. ONDliUNA'l'ION--Reaol.condemning buildin& on Lot 5, Blk.34, Tbor l.iity Subn, NTRACT-Resol .IN RE llayor requeating eleotion to ratify contract• for 11ght1n& CU~. IN RE to pa_y1ng lf'1 & Bon in i'ull for work done r c11:w.


NUMBER 262 268 257 264 273 283 285 289 299 302 303 306 320 321 344 348 357 380 361 362 366 3'73 379 380 391 398 410 412 415 416 427 438 442i 443 '" Ill Ill lndes to Re.olutiold P&Ned Ly tLe Board of RepreHntativet 0 tLe City 0 Tampa, Florida ----,-------------DATE MONTH DAV VSAII Sep Oct Oct 6 1902 3 1902 3 1902 Nov 7 1902 Nov 14 1902 SUBJECT MATTER CLlIJf--Resol.auttiorizii:g p~nt ot $2374.28 to Huch c.vao,a.lane tor Henry w.Beach claim in full against City. COND!MlU.TION--Resol.oondemning awning at No 1911-14th St., in Ybor City. COND:wNA.TIOW--Resol.condemning awning at No 1901-03 -14th St. in Ybor City. CROSSING--Reaol. IN RE aame at Franklin st. by A.C. L.R.R.Co. being in bad condition and notifying aaid put in shape. CITY HAIL --Resol.orderinc B or P ilks. to repair aide-walk at City Hall. • Dec 19 1902 CONDD.!NATION--Resol.condanning building on Lot 6,Blk.58, General Map, known as 514 Franklin St. Jan 2 1908 OURT C&Si--Resol.instruction Attorneys in retere.DOe to the Water 'forks Plant. Feb 6 1903 CIVIL S!RVICB-..Reaol. to place Fire Dept. under same. Mar 'l:1 1903 CHlRT.111--Reaol.adopted to amend City Charter. Apr 3 1903 CITY CHARTER--Resol.requesting citizens & property owners to present suggestions IN RE City Charter, itc. Apr 10 1903 CITY CHARTER--Resol. IN RE amendments to Charter and c~ea in General Ian. ~ r 28 1903 CITY COUNCIL--Resol. IN RE to resolution passed at last session in relation to Gen. laws. Yay 'May Sep Sep Jan 22 1903 COURT CASi--Resol.cployinc Hugh C.lacFarlane & Glenn in Water Works Suit. to assist the City Attorney. 22 1903 COURT CASB--Resol.------SAJIE j;S .&.BOVE • -------18 1903 purchase sa.Jllee for use of Sanitary Dept. 18 1903 C R EW.TORT--Resol.-- • SAJ(E Al A BOVE • - • - • -22 190 & oompromiae ol&1a ot 'Mary O'Neil f'or $300.00. Jan 22 1904 CWK--Reaol. ---SAME It, ABOVi • ------Jan 29 1904 CROSSING--Resol .ordering A.C.L.R.R.Co. to place said crossing at 5th Ave, between 13th & 14th Sta. in goo4 repi.11". Jan 29 1904 CHOSSING--Resol . ---S,ra j;S ABOVE -------Feb 19 1904 ndemning one two •tol7 stable on lot 1. Blk.79, Ge.Map, SW cor Tampa & Jaclcaon Sta. 8 1904 ROCIC--Resol. IN RE to a bill tor rook turnialred by G.W.Cline to make r.p&ir• -on 7th AYe. 27 1904 CIURLJS.Cyru•.--Resol.direoting the Mayor to execute and deliver a Deed to certain peice or land to the only 1urviving heir • • ot 1aid person. Jun 3 1904 CHARUZ, CYRUS.--Resol. -----BAJIB AS Wff -.J --------Nov 29 19()4, CHA.RGBS, Resol.and report presented by Special Comm.appointed to innatigate certain charges made agaimt the Mayor, F .~SalOJ1011son. Mar 6 1905 C ONDDINATION--Resol. condemning two story frame bldg.on lot 2. Blk.27, Gen.Map or T1111pa,Sor. Cau & Franklin Sta. Aug 29 1905 CON'l'RACT--Reeol.ccmposine the City Council and City or Tampa f'rom entering into aey-contraot to purohaae _ a garbac• oremator w:tth the DeCarrie wtg. Co. , Btc. Oct 24 1905 CONDJIMlQ.TION--Resol.condenuling 1 two story bldg. on lot 3• Blk.79, Oen. Map. belonging to J.D. & C.H.Spenoer. Feb. 27 1906 COND~TION--Resol.oonclS11ning bldg. on W 100' or tot 3, Blk.36, General Map, to be removed w1 thin 10 da,a. Feb 27 1906 C01'Da!Q.TION--Reaol.---------SAUEAS ABOVE -- • ------ • 6 1906 CWGSTREET, close said Street trom. Palm Ave. to Hill1borough River. Jan 8 1907 CITY CHART!R.--Resol. INRE t o appointine; conmittees to amends8Jlle. Jan 15 1907 CITY CRARTiR,-Resol.prepari~ amendementa to City Charter. by City Attorney and COllllli tteemen_alao e111ploye tranacrib said drat't, Bto. Jan 16 1907 CITY CRARTER••-Resol--S.AJlE AS ABOVX -----------Jan 15 •1907 COJ.MI'M'EX. Special,-Resol.appointing Special connittee on Public Improvement,, Ito. Jwl 10 llOT COWi or KTI.I...,.,_•• l1•l•llfPOlaUac a Otlldi-'M M Nat• Id.Ill 0eutJ 0-. DU__. ---et •Mf ... tlle at.t, fill flllfa tw ••U•tl--tNa ._ .... ha ...... 1111 N llOT COmff OJ' IILLIBOIOUa,....a.Nle • • • -IWII M ABOYS ._ • • • • • • • • 11ar I 1101 CanAL ----••• __.Sac JlffUI aa&• ...... NII "'• to ,-lk It. .... • 1808 . . . 0 0 • C


• Index to Re•olution1 Pa .. ed by, the1 Doud 0 Repre1entatives _ ol!. lie .. Cig ol Tampa, Florida ~----,.......-='--,.-----------. ---' D 0 NUMBER ' I 10 11 1, u 20 21 28 80 a, aa ,o 32 n 81 81 80 " 100 101 10I 101 10t 111 111 121 111 121 110 11, lTO 181 1 .. 1• 111 -208 .,. -201 110 Ill Ill DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YllAII Jul 2S 1908 Cil'TLWrohi' runninc at. lars•• oattl• ud ho'N ... b aeotioe ot Cit1. •• ot 22JMI ltrec • DOr b aeotsloa •orta ot 111oh1gan A'Ama•• nor 1D ••ot1011 •• ot Boulnard Aft• aor 1D aeot1011 a. ot B.A.L.RR tr Jal Z1 1908 COIDDINA1'.IO. ... thori&1ag , ... ot biilcl.JII b rear ot u,t '• Blk.31• G.....i, •P of Tape.. . -Jul 21 1908 CCIIDallU.TIOS.,..1111oriaiDC ••• ot bulldlng b rear ot Lot s. Ilk••• General llap ot Ybor Ci•• Jul Z1 1908 COBDalQTI0 ... thoriaillc -ot 'bu1ldlJ11 OD •orth Weat oorn.-ot Lot 10. Blk.18. O.•ral 1111) ,r Ybor CitJ. aag , 1808 CBATUJOOGA mmmro COIIPAIY~•oa.undatioa bf Ju L aal•r• that no be granted to tor 1alocm bulin .. • at 1ca l&flr•t• Btr,-• • , , 1908 COBTRACTORS-9"4'1111 ~to olear atrfftl ot all uad ••t• aaterial u r91>i~ u work alone •tre•• b ooaplat:-. Aug 18 1908 CROIS-I•t~oting Taapa Bl.eotrio CaapaJV to plao• a oro•• at iateraeotio11 ot 26th Bt. &1111 Ms.obigua Jir1DU•• Sept I 1908 CARP•r~. ~01'BSBOOD-011 iDrltdiOD to w to holcJ 1ta •-1 ..-111c tor 1908 1D , .... ., , 1908 COID .. A.TIIIIIA.TIIIID!lOS.taor1a111C .... ot baU41Ds oa I.t &. Blt.lH, .. , ot Tbor CitJ• -r U 1909 OODIIIU.!I~thariaiJIC , ... ot '1111.lcliq on u,t 2• llt.M, llap ot Ybor C~ty. , .. ,r U 1101 OOIDamul~Ol'i&lnc .... ot build he OD. 9 • Blt.M. llap ot. Ybor Ci•• jpr 11 1909 00.D-ATI~riaiDC -OIi baUcliJII OD Lot •• Blk.M. Ybar City jpl-11 1809 ocm>IIIU.TICIS-a1lloria1DC ot 'ba1ld1Jlc • Lot_ 1. Bllc.1. B!chbv& hbdin91"oa. Apr :u Apr lS 1909 Ciff A.Ttollll'-D.l.reotuc •-w Co to !alluaa ... to look att1r aattora of grwe mportuoe a4 City to pq e11ee . . 1909 Ciff OBAR!a-B.,,_Allfll DC that hate Jl"'preaemat1na •t 1.Dtnacluoe U11 ~11 1111111111111& ouac• in oity Charter, eto. 11 1109 COlll'l' CAll._.•tuDd ot tlo n.-illpo1ecl on I>. c. Cart.-, erromoaaly ollarpcl 111th ftC"IIOJ', ••• l(q 11 1909 D. c. Cll!a----------------SAID II ~--~• J1ar 1, 1909 CIGAII-Proteatinc asatut p&Hage ot u, 'bill that 111.11 all• ... to 'be !aport• tr. PhilllpiJIII 1.1 ..... duty tr ..... .. • llOt 00IJ)-A.TIOS--11lar1dnc --ot builtiJtc OD. Lot 1. llk.t, Clarks Subd1T.laioa. liq , 190I CLARII IUBDIVlzd:OJI-••-----•--UI• d aon--------------• ..,. , 1109 CODIIIUrI~horiaiDC .... ot baildine • W; t otr.ota ' ud &, lll:elle Map o~ Y'bo1' 01'7 la1MUT1a1oa. 1 1909 OOIIW! an.....e1&t1T• to 01rtaia repair• to add atrfft and to briok f••• around Oatbollo c .. 1:e..,.. eto. Oot 11 1909 COURT W~atiT• ot lfarr7 loiter. an4 rlltwul to tor i,ppearano• et om Bmry BbaJ'IIUl• vr•atN• ••• ho T 1909 con OP ua>.wtlOII D1r•t111C that -• 'b• aa4e ab4 tarm.lhecl to 01 \y Attormy • ot al 1 naolutiou pa1Mll. ho 161 01909 CA~•lat1Te w oelebratioa ooao•rn1Ds buildiJII ot Paw Caal. no. J• ll 1110 OOlJITY OONNIIUCllal-Jlo_,.4 •••• WNWl'll boUlldar7.' 'belitc op...a ap br -m4 City• jol.nq• alll requ•tine . c. L. n. co • ..,1 ... oondllp at illMl'aeotioa ot alll + _ c •. L. U. ~tot w.,,. Ja 18 1910 COlm! c~.., to a-,-.t.on ot •-=-• 1apo• oa J111N Bcl'illg. or1n1 ... •• . . . 11ar 8 1910 COSS'l'RlJCrI~. C. L. Ill. ordered to ohuge nitoh ud oollatnot o•uuc at 2,t11 ltnc ... 111l A...._. Jaa 21 19IO COIDmA.TIOS~dloriai.Dc • •• ot bu1ldi.J1C al Lot a, Ille.lie Ge1ral Jlap ot !&JIii&• ._. 22 1910 com caa-aaap•aioa ot ••t•DH ot 111ari.a White • llu' 22 1910 COUl! C ..... apadoa ot ••---• et LMe . ._. 12 1910 ... 21 1910 111r 10 1110 111W 11 1910 ca,•w SJ...all MIMIIC &PJNprlatioa ot t100 per aonth iut.4 ot tn. . COUl1' CA8111-111aptllll.Oll at JliM (I) pria__.a, ••• . . . cm1 l!ltllr•arteu1 et nr•• rn. aag1e '-rHt: w GnDI O•tnl AT.••• Ju n 1910 GIIB •• -~• ..._ s.,o• • a, , 1 -c~ .. ltrea•• l! •


• • 1ndes to Re.olutiold Pa1,ed by tLe Board oE Repreaentativa 0 tLe City oE Ta.!!lpa, Florida _ ---------~~ . NUMBER NI 281 Ill 181 . , •• -806 IOI 110 . , Ill HI 111 Ill -,11 --"l "' 489 497 503 511 515 • 519 5291 544 545 545 c:;49 550 "' 577 516 519 5,1 '23 611 a. "" 671 676 61:, '93 "' 7U DATE MONTH DAY YaAII hit 11 1910 1910 •cw Deo . Jan M ... 1 20 1910 10 1911 lt 19U 1, 1911 SUBJECT MATTER cur City aaglDNr to aaJce ooapl•t• plat or aaoooupie4 poretioa ot City c.et_.1 and tile with City c1 . . "' CJWUna, J8SOCIATID-C1ty to pq to -• additloaal. .. ot tao, .. ao11tb tor tbrM aomlla, ••• . . . com-a, CQJICILIUII-Beaolutlo11 on realpatioa or 'Ciff CHAR!'a-C0-1ttoe ot ti'l"e W411l>w• report t o Counoil o~ leclalat1Ye aatten at't•tlac •-• "• aiaD aa.lIGIS.aela'1Ye to •Notion ot l'rN PubU.o Libr1ry, 9'o. CARDDII, •lllllWl•latln to Pree 1-'ablie I4'bra17 ill tile cur fl !, fte.Ua. -Ap. , 1911 caorar-a.1at1w to owta111 pn,p...,_. adjo1111.Dg Woocllawll u4 aoqalaltt.011 ot •~ Apt. 18 1911 CBAl!IR or ml cm-a.ooa1111diltc o•tai• obugea la .... 'lllf COlla!tat•• ••• jp-11 1111 COlaff, PIDLIA.I ffi•lltin to oreat1011 ot .... 'lllf 4l'f' Coun,• ••• Jal 8 1911 Ciff BAil,....lllt1Ye tlD owtaill oil uce• 111 builcllDc, eto • . .Ille I 1111 c:ROISDIII ..... 1:ills I.A.I.. to pleM ul blip la l'llltir ..... 11111p at Jatt.rNa u4 11111tillc lta. .... u 1111 Ciff P!l!IICUI • C...S.ttee to •arce• aplmt Clt7 Jlllploi-. Oot. 1 1111 uWIII• ... el. Mnett111-a41tor clnnr wiuTaln tor tr.OO to .... tw 1ft f:11 -• I 1111 . CIOUDN-•••l• r..,a•tiJlc &.c.u.a. npdr noN1111 at ,..-. 1l"uklillc. n..wa ... llarioa a-. • Polk. I 1111 CIOIIIIR-INol. ...... R•trl• eo.. ..,.S.r • llloll. --•• •• &11.,. htzs• Jeff••• I ~rcu 1'8. 15 1111 COURT WI -Raittlnc tlne ot tll.11 ot Dall llerrltt. l'eb 11 1912 COIQDI OP I car PIBCI -Jlaa Coimc• ot TbrN-oent pl••• and • \I. enclomnc ooncreaaloaal bill tor ..... liar 28 1912 c•!W. MDU& -IaproTiJIC C.ntnl ---troa fth AY•a• to ftonbruka ........ I 1911 CHICMJO BilICII& Bjftl'PjJJ, CLUB -Dlrl ... -lit tnla la flap& ill 111atw. Jun 25 1912 CI'l"r Jleaol.author111n,; Special Librar"7 Coll!llittee to aecure options on ~lk. nitable for Ctv BAll aite. Jul. ; 5 1912 CLIV!!LAWD STBD'l'-Re1ol. of ~oard of Public Work, to open 1ame from Willow A'ff~ to Oregon ~Te. Jul 9 J'ul 1912 CI'l't A'l'l' in1titate coll4eanat1on proceedinc• to condemn propert7 neoe11&17 to open Be-71bore JouleTard. 1912 COli'?llACT-lle•ol. aaending Lighting Contract. Jul Sept Oct Oct 1912 1912 1912 1 1912 l 1912 1912 8 1912 8 1912 o., 1912 o., 1,12 loY 1912 leY 1912 ••• 11 1911 ,_ 1 1912 WI& SfdlCIN-leaol.&irln con,ent to the Tampa lleotrio con1truct and maintain it1 oable atatlon at the toot of Whitinc or Waahincton Street. CONDSMN.\TION-ieaol.author1z1ng Cit~ Attorne7 to h&Te property condemned t~ oepn BB7ahore ilTd. ~Gll, Andrew-, Be,ol. reacindinc lleaol. to accept donation ot same for Public Llbrar, in Tampa. etnel!lU.AID AV!.-Be1ol.authori11ng !oard ot Public Vork1 to paYe .... Norean &t. to Xerldiu Aft. . CILUU-lle101.authorh1ng !'inance Coami ttee to purchase 25 chair• tor the counoU chaaber. COOE'CIL CF-'KBD-lleao.authori,in 11.Aance Committe to purchase 25 for ,aae. CZDAR AVE-Beaol.authori zinc :Board of Public to pave 1ame from !reTarc! and 1lelcilnc Ant. CROSS-SVI!CHIS-directin A.C.L.~.Co.,to remoTe 1ame of! ot Polk It. b~\ween 1upa and Marlon Sta. CAIi har4 et hblle lol'lal le ,afl aw fl'• fnekl1a wt..,.••••••-.. .,-... , ... 1.t1.Z1ac wt&lll et ,anac •• troa 711l .,._ ,. flen-~ Aw. .Almllf leHl.Moopttac t,o,000.00 l>GaaUoa tr• .... fer a ~U• J.lbn17, AU---..1.aalllorlldac ..-UC ot .... a wl&lll et dD7 t•, to ta.e .. 111a17. fl-• la---•U• et lorpa 1, . lo iato ..... H• et llsd&lu ( ... tlaaa ---aa .... U Aft,) OIOlllm-•••l.Una'1ac A.0,1,.-..0..,to pi_.•'• at law ... 11• et IWr U• _. 1e.-..i~&. GIOII .... Ml.anollac A;O.L.-.O..te npau OftNillc ., lalerNnl• et IJtti ., Ml 6111 .... Jaa 11 1913 01ft 1AL1, 119 .... 1 • ...,..1ac to puollaH •lk. 21, hMral llap et faaJa fer Ott, lall lt.u fer ,1ae,,ooo.OO.wlON -, -feb 25 1913 CIIDa A~M1.4inauac -..n •t Palla • •• _..., ,-tac • 11ar 11 1,13 OIIIIOll'I OOIHOIO&'I ---.. apt,ul , ... t..,.. • 15 1913 nm, •-z .... 1.•tMrtstac ,-Tiac ., ... ,. .... •. 1,pr 15 1913 00II os--.. .. 1.a .. ouas ,aYlas et tr• h • .._ Aw lator••H• et 1o.-.... w laMneeU• et ..,._" Dr. I • 15 1913 OUICWlal'I ,.. .... et Leta 9 • 10 et A.W.Ou .... u Ma. tor ftN lull• fer ta,oo.oo. jpr 12 1'13 can&I, AU--leMl. ,-. et aw ,._ JI ;.'9 ftert.._ Aw. .. . ... 12 1913 Gall ft,-... ol.DUNtndac ,aTtac .t fta. --• lo o..,ni. Afte 13 1913 GIii •• • utartac pntac et fta. ..... ,. 0..val .... la IJ 1913 ICIIIUe ... i_ ..,_ .................... • --.a.. t• _.;..l• et •--•lal LiplS.., oa fnatlla II, D 0


\ D 0 0 NUMBER 1449 1467 1479 1489 1505 1519 1520 1521 152S 1523 1529 1545 16'8 1553 1554 1563 157ai 1584 1585 I 1586 18871 1588 1590 1591 1592 1618 1618 1621 1622 1622 162:5 lffl 1627 161.8 1630 16,1 1eM1 1663 1669 1678 1679 1693 169' 1696 DATE MONTH DAY YEA,-'., . •. i."' SUBJECT MATTER 6 1917 CUSI IIG IS SUBDIVISIO!l-lieaol. authori&iDC purohaae ot one toot a trip ot land in aaid aubn. tor Cua hag AT•• \. c.. qr 17 1917 CITY CDD&-A.uthorid~ City Attorney to oompel T•pa •t•r file annul _!eport or receipts & diabur1ementa with . City Clerk ot the City ot Tampa. ' May 2 1917 CITY CH.&RTE--Reeol.adoptiDC report or Charter Comm.and propoaed aaendanta to same tor 1917. Jun 26 [ . 1917 CITY COUICIL--Reaol.oree.tinc a market Committee as a Comnittee or the Cit7 oounoil an4 authorizinc ot Cit1 Oot 9 New 20 Council to ll&k• D81f appoin1act1 ot Standinc C~tte•• or City Counoil. 1917 COI.LmTIOlf DILIBQUINT City Attorney to enforoe oolleotl. on ot all Delinquent Taxes. 1917 .CBIETBR'Y FUm-Authorbingrrau.of' 1500.00 from said Fund to Sanitary Dept. Fund. 1917 CONDDINATION--Resol.oondami~t old" Building at 909 LW e St. 191'1 CJIMl'l'IRT FUHD--Reaol.authorizing Trana.or tsooo.oo trClli. eaid Pun4 o Publioity.Fund to apl07 a Band to llusl.o at Publio Parks duri~ th• Tourbt •••on. JlOT 27 Nov 27 1917 COBTUCT--Reaol.authori~iAC _Mafor.City ja)ditor & City Clerk to execute a oontraot ror llusio at Court Hou•• Square,. Bto. 1917 CONTRACT--Resol.authori&iDC Jlqor.City Auditor and City Clerk to exeoute oontraot Hill Printi11g Co.tor printiag the Nn City Code. BOT 27 Deo 18 1917 CITY CODS--Reaol. -----SMIE AS ABOVE --------. . -1917 CITY CX>Dm--Resol.authorizing Trana.or 11128.00 f'rcm Cemetery Fund to Gen.Fund to pay tor , .... Feb 5 1918 Cll'rI.!ICATa-OBs!DDT.--Resol.authori&iDC Moneya appropriated tor redeeinc pavin& Cert.againat oertain propertiea on Central Ave. turned' OTer to. Board ot Public Worn. Feb 12 1918. Clt(ITEY--Resol.authori&iag rrana.ot l:55~00 ti-oa--.14 appropriation to Fir ... n'• Appropriation. 1918 CIMETIRY. FOflD-Reaol.authori&i~ Trana.of $2000.00 rrom said Fund' to In~erml Impronment Fund. Feb . 26 Var 6 1918 CONDDm.A.TION-Reaol.authoriaiDi City .Attorney to start oondamat1.on prooeediZJga to oondann oertain lands neoeHary to extend ,and open up Grant S~, in But Tanpa. Apr 9 Jun 11 1918 CD4ETIRY FUHD-Resol.authorizinc trans.of lnso.oo trca said Fum to Publio 7:-ProvemeAt Fund tor poillg parts ot Ola St••• 1918 COJIIITTliB--Reaol.appointinc Standing Committeea ror City Counoil of the City or Taq,a. Jul 16 1918 CONDDINATIOB--Resol.ratityi~ oondcmtion ot trmne bldg.,lcnown as No 102 LConstant St. Jul 16 Jul 16 1918 CONDDml.TION--Reaol.ratityi~ condemnation of frame bldc.,known u 2212 llarooni St. 1918 CONDEMNATION--Resol.ratityi~ condemnation ot f'raae(.;Bldg., known u No. 1030 ,th Ave. Jul 30 Aug 6 Aue 13 1918 COTTERS DRUG STORI-Reaol.authori&ing payment to Ju4'e II.Henry Cohen oammiHion on collection ot 1917 Per. Taxes or ..... 1918 C01'DamA..TION-•Re1ol.oondemni~ building on Lot 2,Blk.9• Robles 2nd Subn.,known as 704 Rose St. Aue 1:s .a.u, 13 1918 CONDM'ATIOB--Resol.obndenni~ triae bldg. on Lot lOF,Blk.6.01' Bonniehur1t Subn., llo. 1912 Nebr. ATe. 1918 COND!IIIQTIOW--Resol.oohclemn1~ i'Nllle bldg. on lot 4,Blk.6• of ~oDAieburst Subn• Bo. 1910 Bebr. A.Te. 1918 CONDIJINATION--Reaol.oondemning f'rame bldg. on ~t 4. Blk.6; ot Bonnielmrtt Subn. No. 1910 Nebr. Ave • 1918 CITY OODE--Reaol.authorizinc 1ale and'di1tribution ot sami. NoT 12 1918 OMPILID ORDIIUBC!S--Reaol.authorizing City Clerk to distribute to various Departmed; hea48 the ••e• Deo 17 1918 llDBIIIQTIOlf--Resol.oondaning frame build111g on lot 5,Blk. 90.John Jaokaon Bubn. 210 Whiting St. Deo 17 1918 ONDDGU.TIOW--Reaol.oondemniig 1'ram• building on Lot 1. Blk.1. Charle• Md;, No 1008 uhl.,-st. Deo 17 1918 LIS ADDITION--Resol. -----S.AJIE AS ABOVE ---------Deo 17 1918 NDANATION--Reaol.oondemning f'ramebuilding on Lot O,Bllc.18, Park t>'laoe Jr:nawe,al .. 2614 Corimie St. Deo 17 1918 1'raJU buildiJJC on Lot 13.Blk.93, L.W.Smith•al Add., 125 St. Jan 14 1919 ON'.l'RACTS--Resol.authorizing proper City otticiala to ueoute oontraot w1 th Tampa Gas Co. tor lightii,g Streets. Jan 1' 1919 BTUCTS-Reaol.authoridng proper City Of'tioiall to execute oontraot w1 th Tampa Kl.eotrio Co. tar lighti~ Street1.1to. Jan 21 1919 NDEMHlTION--Resel.ratif'ying the•oondemmtion c Auto shed at No. 2410 Tampa St. by Buildi~ Inapeotor. Jlay 13 1919 ONDEMHATl ow--Reaol.oondemning trem,, build:inc at :rr.w.oor. 23rd Si;:. & 6th AT•-.Auc ' 5 1919 OLORID PARX & PLA.TGllOlpm SIT.,!,horidng Part CODlllittee to select aJitable site e,r ._., Mp. ,. Sep 2 1919 A'!"l'S• Hon.Sidney J.-Resol.~11?,•oring Gc,yer Catts tor _ clef' oitiuna of' th•. City ot Tampa in a apeeoh at Sep 23 1919 llDDINATION--Reaol.oondcning frame buildiJlC at tot one• Blk.3• Ybor Height• Subn• 2916-17th St. . Oct 28 1919 frame build1J:1C on Lot 5, Blk. 70, Ybor City lubn., 1911-l 7th St. Oot 28 1919 ONDmm,.TIOW--Resol.oOAd•nin& f'rame building on Lot 5.Blk.70, Ybor City Subn •• 1909-17th St. Jan. 13 1920 OND!JllU.TlOB--R••ol.oondaminc fr•• wilding on Lot 2. Blk. 82, Gen. Jlap ot hmpa. 207 Ila.An. Jan 13 1910 CONDD.mATION-Resol.oond~nc. trame buildinc OD Lot ~I Blk.82. ; Jan U 1920 CORDIMBA1'IOW--R•sol.oondaning 1'raae builcllng on lot 3.Blk.82• • •P ot Tuq,a. 211 na. AT• p Ot falp&. 20-1 l'la. &Tee •


• ------------~Index!<> RetalutioN Pu,ed l,y the Board 0 Re~re1entative1 0 the Ci~ ol_Tampa, Fl~rida NUMBER 731 732 752 753 770 771 795 860 887 t 869 889 871 879 881 901 9iO 921 92fi 980 • • 1001 1011 1017 1029 1079 1102 1127 UII 1161 1167 1160 1161 1169 llM UM 1188 1216 1221 . 1241 1279 U21 -lMO 1:566 1379 DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AII ' Ju 2~ 1913 '1 Clff CI.DI-Be1el. erler1ac .... te tva1all Ille Pelioe -,,. wl'1l 0~7 et Aul ... bil• Jleclater. • I Jul I Jul 22 .ru 22 191J 1913 1913 CI!T 0Lm--lleael.a11lheri1iac llqer, Auiter ul 01'7 Ol•rk te aip acre•••' with .kl• laY.0.. fer pa.peal •f ti.5,000.00 fer Lt'braJ"T lit•. ac 12 1913 CtlCIDLUD ift'dft--a.Hl.•r.,.rlac •~ ef h'blle Wkll. ,. pneMI wl th ~nae oa •aunt aw U• ace. Oot 7 19U CJI.IBRAnOB-Reaol.appropriating 176.00 to celebrate lut blut in _th•. Pa--. Canal. Oot 28 1913 " C&SS STRD!• Jleaol. orderl11 C parlDC ot , ... fr• Fla. '-"• to Central A.Te. Oot 28 191.a CUBA sm.n-Re1ol.orderl11C •-e p&Ted tr• Sprlnc St. to LolUID St. Oot 28 1911 00118UIT 8!RB1l'--Re1ol. _.derinc ot •-tr• SpriJIC at. to Lo&&DD at. . ]lcw f 1913 CUBl STRKJ:r.--Re1olorderinc , ... p&Ted tr• Spring at. to Aahl-, at. 1911 CDTUL AVI-Beaol~ Nq1Je1tlng to ft.11 .... through Roble• P•cl. WOY Deo Deo ,l 11 191.a a 191.S 18 1911 J'eb 17 19lf Feb lT 191, CASS '81'RBSr• Re1ol. orderiJlc p&TUC on ... e oba.Dcecl troa 80 tt. to 60 tt. Ws-Re10lecr4erinc that•-b• pated and pa-rinc be laid with pitch ftll•r• CBRISftfAS DOU'l'IOJI-eol.appropriati• 126.00 a Jae Donation to the S~te Retbna Sollool. COIDIIID.TIOB-•Reaol • . •uthorising City Attorm., to p-ooeed with .... on ?,ud tor ot C\mberlaad ••• ClJIIBELAll> A~ .. ol. • • - • ----sa. AS ABOVa • • • • • • • • • .. Jan 23 1914 COLLE'l'OR o, tsoo.oo to • ot .. , rel.attn t• ot .... traa Taapa. Aaac , ltlf 0011T1ACT-Re1ol.author111nc aLyw. Auditor u4 City Clerk to execute oontraot with Tapa IJ.eotrio Oo. tor white 1la1' on 7111 kr • Aue 18 1n, Sep 1 1914 8-s, 16 19lf Jan lfq 12 1916 so 1916 26 1916 . l 1911 CASS s'l'Rn:r-Reeol.ordering pa'ring or aaae from Fla. AT•• to Central AYe. CHIU>Ra•s Bon,;.Reaol.appropriatilig 1126.00 per month to the aupport ot ..... Ciff CLlltt-1leaol.authoriliDC City"Clerk to oolleot aon-, due aad uDp&id on lot• in Woodlawn C•et-,. COJffllACTS-Reaol.authoridnc payment of oontn.ot1 tor Land tor openinc Jetteraon St. and Tenth AT•• COn'IACTS-Re1ol.appror1nC oontn.ou b.-..n City ot T•pa allCl S.A.L.R.R.,ror ript ot 1la1' un4er tn.olca at lnu•• ucl 11.liot Ive.ta. ClJBl s:nn~eaol. ordering pa~ et .... troa Losano St. to Iaat St. CARD!' STRKar-Reaol.orderinc pavi.11& .... trca P _lant AT•• to~ St. Jun 29 1916 , COURT WK-Reaol.ref"Undinc 116.00 ot t26.00 tine et Paul Bethel tine iapoaed bJ Municipal Court. .. .. .. . JUL 6 1915 CANCILl.lTION OF TAX CIR'l'.--R~.oucell1. Tu Cert. t,66 tcr tuea or 1~9'7 againat Lot a.Blk.&, !lee• Subn. Jul 13 1916 CONDIIIRlTION••!tHol.oonda.ning building on Lot 6,Blk.63, Gen.Map, . owned b7 Mrs. Jul 13 1916 CONDaJflTIOB--Resol.oomami11g builclin& on Li ot Lot 2, Bllc.77• Gen.Map~ owned by J1r1.aaphemia lelliher. .DC 3 1916 COURT CAS.,_!te1ol!to auapend aentenoe impoeed upon detemanta under 16Jni~ipal Court Dooket 1fo1.1502i uu! 15025. Sep 2 1915 COURT CAS~-Reeol. to remit tine acainat Ben hpaan, r~•ona uplain~d by the Polio• Co..ttte•• Sep 1915 BIN CJl&Plfa-Resol. ----- • Sd): AS ~n -----• • - • Sep 2 1916 COIIIIT'l' all atandinc ommitte .. or City oounoil and authoridn& the appoint Bew ComdttM•• • • I • • Oot 12 1916 C.u:t"Er-Reaol.aathorldnc 600 oonorete 1taa1 made tor marker• ot graY•• Jn CitJ 0111:LeCl C~tery. Nor 2 1916 CITY Ht.L~Re1ol.proYidinc tor appointment ot Jam.tore and elevator attendant tor n• City Jlall and aalariN, ao . Jan F eb 29 . Apr 11 1916 1916 1916 1916 CARDY STREn--Reaol.ordering paving or ••• trca Plam; AT•• to :sq St. zt;o. -COWTRACT-..Reaol,re1oinding .o!trut.with :fdward• Conatwuotion Co. ror pavinc Cea1er thia t1ae it po11ibl•• C.A.NCILLATION PAVING CET.,fe9 2-Reaol.aooep tiDC Qtter ot JudgeP.K.Roblea to dedioate 1trl.p ot lu4 26 rt.wide and 990 tt. long on K aideot Central,..,. •• tor oanoelling aaia Pavillg Cert • PAVl?lG CIR!. fe 2-.Reaol.acoepting deed• trca c.B.Boll,o.,.Mowilltama &D4 11.A.Barkadale oonnyinc •trip• or lancl to widen Central kre. and orderill( ld.4 Cert. oa.noelled • . 111f 30 1918 COURT 1916 CITY COUBCI~-RHol.appobting S t andinc Ccmaitte .. tor .... tor tera 1916-18. 19 1916 CORVDTION,COflFliDIRATI $250.00 entertaining delagat•• to •aid oo!lV'ention. 19 1916 COBa, JI.Henry Attny.--Reeol.•pioying 1aid Attny.tor oolleot1011 or deli~'llallt Personal Tax•• and give au~et7 Bon4 ot 16000. • . 13 1917 COIDIIID.TION--Resol.oonclcl11nc traie on Lot 2,Blk.i ot l!Jd• fark Subn. ma aa Warner relidenoe. C D o-0


~----------__,.._._Index to Reeolutions Pa .. el .. Lvhe Board . 0: Repmentative• J?f tli _ e .. Cify.-0 T.am_pa, Florida. • • J V 0 ,nm•rrrT~11 r, NUMBER 1710 1'71'7 17a) l '733 1734 1738 1746 1758 1'759 1791 1791 1809 1812 1818 1821 1825 1826 1829 1829 1838 1840 1845 DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YKAi. .., Apr 13 1910 CONTIU.CT-Resol.authorizing execution ot contract tor orDa11mtal lightinc on Zaok St. with Tampa lleotrio co. Jlay 11 19a) CLARICSON clo1e all-,y in said Suln., in Blk.19 & a) of 1aid Subn. May 11 1920 Cau:I'IRY .,ll'PROPRIATI0ll--Reaol.authoridng trans. ot 11101.97 trca NJ.d F\.and to Internal blprovement Fund. Jun 16 1920 CLARJ[l'S have tu a1ae1amenta on Lot 4,Blk.12, ot 1aid Subn. reduoed trClll 126,000.00 to 12600.oo. -Jun 15 1920 COIOCITTEIS--Reaol.appointing 1tanding ot111mittee• tor tiao&l. year. Jul 15 1920 CISTIZ' Caam.on Ho1p.&: C•• to purchaae • ..,. tor rain water at Nur1e1 H0111e, Ito. aae as a City C•etery and pavini Public Roads to said C•eteey, mto. COll!Jl6C~~iW•t.approving appoin1aent ot .Henry Cohen, .Attorney tor City ot T•pa for oolleotion or Del.Personal Tax••• C0N'l'li.CT-Reaol.authorid~ execution ot contract between City ot Tampa &: Fla.Waite Paper Co • . Jul .Aug .Aug Oot 'l/1 1'7 17 12 19a) 19?.0 1920 19a> . CITY CI,IBI--Reeol.authorisinc Clerk to rurni1h at each polli~ plao• neoe11ary Boothe ror Charter 11.eotion,Oot.19?.0. • Oot 12 1920 CH.ARTJi:R KLE'?I0B--RHol. -----SAD J.B .AOO'VK - • - • - • • • • • llov 9 1920 cmt.DRJN•S H0n-R~sol.fixing date for Witt Show&: CarniTal tfr Benefit ot •am•• Ito. NOY 16 1920 CLmKS &: :rJIPBC'roRS--4esol.appointi~ Clerk• & In1peotor1 tor Gen.lleotion Deo.7, 1920. NOT. ao 19a) CEMBTERY WWD--RHol. trane.113, 126.00 trca a&id to Interml laprOTaunt F\.and f'or widening Fla.Ave. & Tampa St. Deo a :'..1920 CITY .ATTORJfn'--.1:(eaol.authorizing same to repreeent City at hearinc betore State Railroad C011111.on Petition or Peninsular Telephone Co.tor ra1ae ot rate• tor Telephone aervioe. Deo Deo '7 1920 CITY .ATTOR1'1Kf--Re1ol.authorisinc eame to a1oertain 01111erehip ot property on 24th ATe. 7 1920 CITY' OOJIIISSI0NBRS--Reeol.deolari~ result ot Special llection Hela Dec.'7,1920• tor aame. Dec 21 1920 exeoute agre .. nt between City ot Tampa & Cornelia Craven tor purohasH ot land to open l.ftth .Ave. Deo 21 19a) CORWILU CRAVm--Resol.---SAME'-' .ABOV~ --------Deo 24 19?.0 COURT cosr--.1:(eeol.ordering warrant drawn in tavor ot,City .Attn,. tor 1112.44 to pa, 1ame. Dec 4 28 19a) COONKLli CRAVIN-.Resol.requeetiJlg ume not to red•• Delinquent Ta.xea on land sold to City to open 14th Ave. Dec al 1920 CITY ATTORBi.Y-...Reaol. approving payment or bill tor t?S.56 to Tampa Abstract & Title Inauranoe Co.,tor work done. • • I •

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_______ lndes to Re.olutio~Pa1,ed by tLe Board 0 Repre,entativea ol tLe . Ci!f 0 Tam~ Florida ----------------~ DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER • MONTH DAY YIIAII • • ... . .. . . • \ ,,

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J • ,11111•1"'"''1 IJ NUMBER 3-.l 4-A 4-.l S-.l 10-.l 10-.l 15-.l 16-.l 27-.l 34-A 35-.l 36-.l 38-.l 41-.l 44-A 4--.l 49-A 50-.l 108-.l . 109 -.l 110-.l 111-.l 112-.l 112-.l 117-.l 125-A 129-.l 134-.l 14}-.l 1~7-A 157-A 164-A t77-.l 181-A 199-A 201-.l 203-.l 207-.l 213-.l lnde~, to Re,olution• Pa••ed by the Board of Repre•~ntative1 .of ,the City of Tampa, Florida DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIIAl'I Jan 4 l.921 CClmISSIODR-aU!'Oll(PllO•'.l'ICM)-llecting w. 'J. :Barritt a• 1Me to eerw at pleaaure of -the Comilsion. 4 1921 CITY AffORDT~roTidin& for electin and tenure of eaJDI for the Cit7 of Ta11pa. 4 1921 CIT!' COMMISSIOD!B~roTiding -that all sessions of same b~ held openl7, etc. • Ju Jan Jan Jan Jan 4 1921 CUT C~..ProTiding for election an4 tenure of .... , b7 the City and -eppolntinc W.J. Johnaon Pro-Ten, etc. 4 1921 CITY COMMISSIOS---------------------SAKI AS ABOU------------------. 4 J.921 CITY COMMISSION-MUNICIPAL JUDGI-ProTidin for election ud tenure of sue for the Ci t7 of Tampa. 4 1921 • CLERX J'OR CITY CCJCMISSICll-.luthorhin emplopent of sue and :fixing-1,lary, etc. Jan 4 1921 cm Dl:POSI'l'ORDS-Deaign~tin eaae tor of the Cit7 of Taapa. Jan 4 1921 COMPTROLID-Providing for election end tenure of same for the Ci t:r or Tampap Jan 4 1921 CI'l'T COMMISSICS----------------SAMI AS ilOVF------------------. Jan 6 1921 CLAllffS -Receivin g report of Botl)ital .ldTiaor,Board, relatin •o Gordon Ieller Hpapital and re:ferrin,: aaid repprt to co -1ttee of two, etc. COJJDEMl.lTIOJJ-0:rdering same of-buildinc on 10 and 11, :Bllc.24, --•t 'fupa S1,lbd,6Tblea,aetc. CONDED.lTIOlr~O:rdering same of building located at 807 Oregon .lTe., property of J.V. Moma. CI'l'Y AftOBBn-A.B. McMulle~, ~ppointed to 1erTe same, during ab1ence of City .lttorn~, etc. ca~ aaldnc that aaid from Alb~ Ave. to An., be paTed, etc. CITY OOMMISBIO~ ------------------------8.ANE AS A'.BOU-------------------. omfl'BAL AV!:ITtJ:I-Directinc Tampa Water Worlca Oo11pa117 to enlarge water aain on a aid aTenue from Michigan ATe., to e o . . OOirnEMJr.lTIOB-AuthoriEi~ ape of buildin located at 821 Zack Street, owne4 by John Sherman. CLADl-~thoriiing p&1'111ent of $100 to Mary acc ount clamace• suatained b~ accident o~ defective 5th An.) CITY PBYSICid..PrOTiding for time when aalaey of aball co•enoe, etc. Sept 20 1921 CI'l'Y RTSICI.lll-Transferring $1175 in budget for of Oct Oct 4 1921 CITY IJJSPEQll'OllS JOR OOMMI8SI011 sacTICS-Detignating certain and. cleklla for election firat 1'1"da7 in Bov. 1921. f election of two etc. 4 1921. CLI~ ,ca ZI&CTICll--~-----~~-----------8.6NJ .AS ABOU-----------------. oct 11 19a CBRTirICA.TES 01 INDEBTJ!DDS8-Candellat1on of againet Lot 7, Blk. 1, BoU1'1l11'-rdn Sub., etc. JJoT l 1921. CO~c.dlal & 'GLL8 sumt. -Direc_tinc Purchaae of quit claim deed conriq Lot 5., Blk.2, aaid 1ubdiThion. JJoT 8 1921 OOllDEMl'A!IOll-Authoridng •ame of buildiac located at corner of Gr. Central and South RJ1ed by o . s. Middleton • :roT 22 1921 CHARITY P.lTIEN!S-RelatiTe to and regulation• regarding 1&111e at Gordon Keller Ho19ital, etc. JloT 22 1921 CIVILS SDVIC3 BOARD-Trensrer of funds from Gener.,i Fund to aame. NoT 22 1921 OONDEMN.lTIOJl~uthorisinc 111118 of buildlng known u tk)O Garcia,. own~d :loT 29 1921 CLEVm.A.5D .lV'Elflm-Confirming report of Ci• .ll:ngin~er on completion of paTinc Cl!Telend i....., froa .llban7 to •••tlam. JJoy 29 1921 CERTIJ'ICA!• or INDJ:B'l!!D!IESI-Directing pa711ent •

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• _...._ _________ In_ dex to Re1<>lution• J>u•ed by the Board of Representative• of !he City of T~mpa, Florida NUMBER I 225-A 2J2-A 237-A 241'-A 244-.l 246-A 247-A 184-.l 292-A 298-A 312-A 323-A 324-A ,21_.. 332-.A. 334-A ,,~ ... '59-A "2-A )6s.:..a. 376-.A. 377-A 378-A 378-.A. 387-A JSS-A 388-A 390-A 390-A 394-A 395-A 395-A 1602-A ~3-& 1107-A . 419-A . . 42';-A ~)1-A ~:,2-A a.:,:,-.a. . DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y•AII Dec 19 1,921 CONTRACT--CANCELLING SAXE-Dated Jan.17, 1919, betw.een.. C1t7 and 'tamp& Ga1 Co11p8111' for atrHit liglh. Dec 27 1921 CLAIM-Directin. ~ app•U in the caH of C1t7 of Turpa Ta Thomae Pal•r. Jan 10 1922 Cunt-Authorizing paym,ent of $2213.19, to :l1D1Det Rohn• and I. B. Drullr1ch\. AttT, 1n 1atilfaction of jqe111ent of H4hn • Tl. C t7. Jan 10 J,92 . 2 CONTBACT-Directinc City Xanacer to carey into effect contract made with Tampa Gaa. &o111J>aD7. Jan 10 1922 CITY IUB.AGD.----------------SAd AS .&BOU-------------~----. -Jan 17 192.2 CANCELLA!l'IOV or CIRTI1 ICAD-J>irectin , ... A,-ll for pereoul. tu•• again•t r. X • .lnderaon for 1920. Je,n 17 1922 CIVIL SDVIC~ CGllMl88~01-Directing tran1fer of tllnda from eaae to credit of Health Depart•nt. (purchaee of t7P•writer>. 1122 c•mAL P~ SUBDIVISIClf -Cloalng u all-, 1n Bloot s. 0..-.l Parle labdi:ri.don. u P• reoordecl lllp. • I 1922 CMC&U.DrG PAVIllq -Calloelling paring cert. •o-. 1' tor 0.11. Pritobard. Mar 1922 COIDBOIATIOlf -Jotloe ot oondemnation Lota • and e Bloolc T Leal-,a .l44. • knoJnl u 1007-ot-ll 2nd .lT111ue. Apr • 1912 Clff AnORllr --.Aalthorlslng tunda tor ault againat AC L RR eo. and refunding .... to 011:i, AttJ tor tunda upended bJ him• in aaid 1uit. Bto. Apr 18 1922 MRS. A. C. 81.EWIS-To serve as Trust•• of Tampa Museum of Fine Arts. -MeT 9 1922 OLA.BX STDET-Directing laying of s anitary sewer on said etr•Ft from intersection of 1ame and 26th Street. -J .un 3 1922 COO'"'ROIJeD-Luthoridng same to pay to J. P. Vall, $5,000, A tt'• feu in euit of L. B. Harrhon a&ainet Cit7 of Tampa. JUA 3 1922 CLADI-Directi~ settlement of claim of L.B. Harri1on the Cit7 Tampa, 1lor1d&. Jun 6 . 1922 C0URmll CI!Y-Cancellation of certaificate f o r 1912 on Lot 11. Blk.ll said Courier City. Jun 20 1922 CIBCUIT C0Ull'!-.A.uthoriring deposit of $25 with Clerk of eame for Hill1borough County, to appl7 to cost, authori16d by Cit7 At • Jun 27 1922 0OIOOJ'l'ING SD'?ENCE -Co111111uting sentence o f D . D . Dani. Jul 18 .1922 CLABK ltlillt-Ccmt1n1nc report ot Ci Q" ~aeer o, co11ple'1oa of laT1DC .. .,.r -,,a • •'rM' froa 2s,h s,., ' uar 26,h s,. Jul 25 1922 OOtJJl! CAD-llefua41nc to a. B. Owea, '5.00 Sn connection wUll collrt .c&H, e,c. MC l 1922 01ft NOAGl~roTt4111C for elecUoa u4 ••mar• of ew aa4 appotat1ac 1. ltea1-, Browa aa ..... l 1922 0iff NAI.Ma~r••dDC aiD.c•r• t.benke ,o Alber, V.D. Ball, for 18 aoaUla of MrTice a• ou, lluepr u4 cowacllac hi• • aanata procr••liw ••ep• • 4urtac ht• H•, e,c. -Aue 15 . 1922 0lff 0U7 Olen ehall call for npor, fro11 OUT llaaapr aa4 all bead.a of-4epanaea,e, ,o ,.._ 4ooa,, haw -been referred e,c. MC 15 1922 om OLm--------------------------lAD AS aou-------------------------. lac 15 1922 0I!T NA1MJD-iequ1ttac ••• ,o ob\&1n repor, of 0t t1' bcia••r abowtac work ••• ,owar4a lea Vall repair•, eto. MC 15 1922 0lff NAI.Aaa2-fll• .... , Ohtef ot Polle• eaa. OU,-lngtuer, aball be r911Btre4 to-atten4 ell of Contaatoa. Aue 15 1922 OI!_, OPPOLIOI-----------------------IAIII AS BOYi-------------------: Sept 12 1922 Ill? WiiO.LLD-Gran.Ung leaw of abHac• tor JO c!.q1 to Joe. ~. BeD4•rt0a, fa14 caaptroller, c1u ,o 111 beal\h. s.p, 1,2 1922 OONPftOLLD-Appotattnc 1. L. 0owl•• u acting coaptroller, 4m'tac _. ..... Of Joe. P. Ben.4eraoa. Sept 12 1922 r. L. COWia-------------------------SAld AS A!Oft------------------. sep, 12 1922 OBILJl'll'I ltrect1ac t to •--M proT14ed. in .Aieeol. 1~ an4 1840, 4ate4 ec. 1920, for cer\ain trac, If Ua4 fo a part of a•'"•'• 0c, 17 1922 COftliC!-Be,wea-ti. C1t7 aa4 !ampa Sh1pbuil4iag &D4 lnctuertnc Co~, •.ldtan 411-A. etc. 0c, 24 1922 Cll!UICADI, ~•llic cer\atn. 014 ,u certtftcat•• in certain n.bclt~toaa~ . Oct 31 1922 Cll!IJ'ICA!D, tU:-OaacelllDC CU7 tu Certtttca••• •o. 561m ... t&Da o t 1920. 0o, Oot 31 J1 1922 1922 OBILDm•s ~rem.dine for papen, of to N14 h,fM. OA111 IBJll~ac water ll&ln. on 1&14 awnu froa Norpa to Jraakl.1a 1n. th• Garrtaoa. D r

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C ..___,.. ____________ Indez to Rnolutio~ Pa1..d l,y . tlie Board~ Repre1entativa oE".tLe Cityo{ Tam~. Florida _______ __. 7 0 .. ,, ... ~, .... ..,,_. ~6:,-A 16,-A "'.5-" 4So-A Im-A 412-A ..,6-A 512-A 513-A 51"-A 515-A 516-A 517-A 511-A '509-A 5a.:5-A 5-.,-. 51'1-A 5a.9-A 559-A 56o-A 56:5-A 591-A 607-A 611-A 635-A 6115-A 6116-A "1-A 811-.A 81Ti-A 818-A Ml-A 8TM 88M 881-A 890-A 811..& DATE MONTH DAY YIA" 31. 1922 SUBJECT MATTER OCIIIDMl-albOl'lstac a4 01,, Clas H aeoaM Rpp1-lal ooa,no, wtUL aoa1NO,on 4olae \he p1ao1-. ,u .. , 01'7 111,. Oo5 31 1.,22 01ft .... M ~-------• • ... 1 loT 21 1922 1912 1922 1922 CLUIL.'OlreaUac ,_,_, ot $100 ,o P. Bilbtra. uUac •• Cllanoe ... 7 Mann la Ml• ot to, 2, Ilk. 2, looar 6 I • . Dea 5 CWlllf ffllll-Dtrec,tac i.,tac of wa,er •Saa~ luMll.&'1•• of fln b7tra••-u oenala •'"•'• la '119 0117, e,o. Dea 5 CtlCIIJX,llD AfflUI-------------UIII M .DO'fl--------. 5 1921 Odltl •HflW .. ri'-.....:. . ..;.. __ ------~~. --. -um M ~----. , .. ,_ 2 1923 OIBD'ICdll .. 1.uw to "4ftl)UOD of Paflag ••• . Ju 2 1923 CIWlI'l'T lo. 199-A, relaUw ,o patten .. a, Iba Gorcloa loller llfepUal , elo. . . .r.. )0 1923 OddllI,W" .A.ftla-Coaftrabg repon of 01,, :laclw oa oaapl•Uoa ot i.tac oa alle7 belweoa C•berlanll all4 Wal,oa 8' • fr• ltnet to MU' lebrau:a Awa•. -Ju 30 192) callf AUIUI-Coat1ralas report of Cl,, ~1 ... r en ooapleUoa ot 1q1ac Hwe r oa aflau troa lebn• Aw.• ,o It Ju 30 1923 C.dlAI lfJlllt.Ooaflndag nporl of our • OOIIP\•doa of 1-Ftac oa froa let all-, I . of lall It., to all-, I. of r1a1-, ''"•'• Job 13 192) .... ot lna1141ac oa Loi 6. lllc."6, Ybor 01,7 hbn. lmown aa 1701-3 -15UL lveet. . . . 1e'b 13 1923 COGAMU'l'lCII..Au,horll1111 .... not bui.141111 oa Lo, 6, lllc.i.t, nor 01,7 lea. lmon •• 15()2 -6\ll Aflne. . Jeb 13 1923 .... of lndl41-. looaw4 oa Lot 6, 1Uc.lt6, Tbor cu, Saa. non ae 1707 15,1a ''""'• . Jeb 13 192) of lnlilc11a localed oa Lot 6, lllc.116, Tbor 01,7 ~-. lmow u 1705 -115,h 1,ree,. Je'b 13 1923 of lM1141-. leoaw4 on IM 7, llk.13, ..... Bu• a.a. aown •• 2807 -,, .... ,. , hb 13 192) ocmwcl.A'l'ICll-:&u,11ort.stac ot bui.141111 i.oaw4 oa Ln 10, 111c.21 fw •'• -.., fbor San. Iman•• 2210 -6,h Aw. Aw. Jeb 13 1923 OOIJWCI.A.'l'l
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IndeK to Re.olutiom Pa11ed Ly tLe Board oE RepreNDtati•• tLe City oE Tam~ Florida ------DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 734-A 734-A 74~747-A 762-A 763-A 764-A 765-A f66-A 768-A 771-A 780-A 784-A 790-A 793-A 79~A 802-A • 806-A 816-A 843-A 851-A 853-A 86t-A 861-A 89)-A 903-A 911-A 913-A 918-.A. 944-A 95S-A 96o-A 960-A 961-A 962-A 963-A g6~ MONTH DAY YaAII •OT 6 1923 COBRltnm S'!Bln-OOD.ftrminc report of Ci t7 Engineer on co11pletion of pannc aaid aTenue from 22nd St. to 26th Street, etc • . Dec 11 1923 COUllT CAII-B.eaolrtng that no petition for remittance or change of sentence impoaed b7 Kunttipal Juqe, shall be considered unleaa 1• acc ompanied b7 cop7 of eTidence in caaecto be conaidered, etc. Dec 18 1923 OAYOOA STBET~etitionera of aaid etreet aeking for ...-e to be pand troa Welt line of •ebraelca An. to ~a•t aide of Stovell "• .Ju. 15 . 1924 CI'!'!' COMPTBOXJ,EB-~pointing Albert A. Miller ae eaae. JanS 15 1924 COMPTROLUB-Acceptin reaignation of Frank L. Cowl•• aa a..-. Jan 15 1924 ?RAIi L. COWUS------~SAKI AS ABOU-----------. feb 12 1924 COIDAMIA'!I011-Authorhin&1l9 ' of propert7 beiac ; 1!ba.t part of JJ. 3/4 of w a! Dt of Sec. 29, Tovnehip 28, South Range _ 19 ?eb C01m!MlfA!ICl'-Authorhing eame (for ~icipal water plant etc.) Part of 8'.lf of D of Dt of 3()-28-19. Mar 12 4 1924 1924 CCITTR.ACT-Directingp irment of. $10,000 70 Nichol•• s • .tiill, Jr.,•• Coneulting Xngr. in connection with certain plane aAd. epec ' ficatione of contract, re, Water Exteneion, etc. -Mar 4 1924 CON'l'RACT-~proTing contract betweeen Cit7 and D. P. Davie. Contract dated Feb.26, 1924. Mar 4 1924 CJ)tETJ:llT-D~eignatin land on east aide of River, a• Riverside CelllfJtery, etc. Mar 4 1924 CI'l'T KAW.A.Gill-Directing same to haft Water Supt. render monthl7 report•. etc. Mar 4 1 9 24 CCICPI'RO~Directing same to open •InTentory B ook' of all City pro~rt7, etc. . Mar 4 1924 Cl[!]l~ A1E!1U!-1'etit t onera asking t hat same be Pfl'Y8d OriTe A-enue to Clifton .A.Te. Mar 11 1924 CATHCAR'l, J. M. -Directing r ef\m d t ; ttame on account of erroa in Warrant lro. 1809. Apr Apr . l 1924 CONDEMNATIOl!J-~irAeti ng payment for s8.Jlle, Judgement of J. D. Watkin•. (acqniring land for water 8 1924 OOJlrDEMIATIOJr-Di r eeting P"Y'ffl~nt for same, Ju.d&ement of J. D. •atkine, etc. • • • • • . Apr 22 1924 COIDDQTATiaf-Directine payment for sa11e, Judgem ent o f J. D . Warldns. etc. • • ti " " ~pr 29 1924 CAMPOBELLO AVE! roE-Confirming report of lngineer on completion of paving said avenue froa 2let An. to Buffalo Ave. Apr 29 1924 CAYUGA ST~T-Confirming report of Engineer on completion of paving on eaid street from Nebraska ATe. to Stovell Ave. t. Mq 13 )(q 13 19!4 19~ 1924 1924 OCl!laSS lO)TJ!R-KA!Oll-Requeating same to write each member of Committee askia same to continue to serve on said co m M i tee, etc. Ma7 20 Jul 15 Olff PLilNER AlID .ARCJIIRO!-BeeolTing that saae be eecured for Cit7 to make surTe7 of etreeta, ciTic center, and other improv m ent•. CITY A!TORNET-lnetructing 8ame to institute validatin proceeding• tn relation to bond• authorized by Ord. 139-A, etc. COBTRACT•city to ezerciee right• under clauae in contract with Erne1t ~reher and that aaid contract be declared null and Toi Jul 29 Jul 29 Aue 12 Au 12 1924 1924 1924 1924 and Cit7 to ceaee P81'inc on eaid cont~act • . ODMATOllT COMPANT-Directinc p87Jllent of ,680.00 to ll7e otorleH Ore matory Co., of Macon Ga. OOND.AMNATIOlf-Directing same of certain propert7 to pPen and widen Lafqette ~treet. CCll'1'JUC'l'-.Authorizing execution of contract with !l!Ullpa Electric Compan7 for conetruction of er0111ng, etc. ; OROSSIBG-----------------Sjl(E AS ilOVE------------. Aug 12 1924 COlffRAC'l'-Apprortng contract betw•~ Cit7 and SAL BR. co •• Aue 19 19~ COJDEMlfATIecidiDC to eaplo7 John Bolen, Ma•••• to make preltminar7 of Cit, at coat of not more than $500.00. Oct 2l 1924 CONRDIRA!E ffffRABS-Contribution of $500 made b7 Cit7 for entertainment of eaae. Dec 9 192~ CCIO(IIIIOB, !..x-Preacr1bing certain detail• of work for eaid collldaeton of the 019. Dec JO 1 924 CITY A!'l'OJDIET-Reeolution thanking Hilton S. Hampton, former Att7, for paet eerncea---now reeiped. Dec JO 1924 DOYL!! CAlll!OS-Appointi~ • ame a-, new Ci t7 .httorne,. Dec 30 1924 AffODET FOR AS ABOff------. Dec 30 1924 G. H. OOBDLIU'S-Appointi~ same a• >bnicipal Juqe of the Cit7 of !Mpa. Ju 6 1925 COITRAO'f-Authorizi~ execution of eame with Tampa Northern ml. Co. for conetruction of epur track. Ju 6 1925 C.AIS 91'JIIZ' ERIDCD-Direct i n ~ advertiePmmt f o r bide for conetruction of bridge• e t Oaaa St., Carew or Platt Street. 6 1925 CA!IV OR PLATT ST!mft----------------1.AMJ: AS ABOVI---------

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illl ll.JHf ... 111] ' NUMBER e t ' -99'-A 986-A 995-A 999-A 1005-A 1015-A 1029-A 1035-A 1090-.A. 1092-A 1115-A 1118-A 1118-A ll2J-A 1129-A 116,-A 1165-A 1181-A 1182-A 1190-A . 1194-J. 1207-A 1212-A 1219-A l2J}-A 1232-A 1234-A 1235-A . . 1244-A 1246-A 1257-A 1287-A 1297-A 1J2g'!A 1337-A 1~. 1355-A 1356-A 1365-A 1380-A 1388-A lleo4-.A. to 147 1478-A 1488-A ~5R.1:-:f . DATE . . SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AII Jen 6 19~. CLARI S!RIIT-Oonfirming report of lngineer on completion of paying eewer inJllle;y be _tveea aaid street and Marconi St, f,roa 28th. St. to near lJth St. ?eb 3 192'3 -COIDEMIATIOI-A.uthorh:l ng same of certain land• in Randall'• and Newcomb' s SubcUTieione, for public etreet,. J'eb 10 1925 • i [ com: Reeolution accepting bid of for reparlng and widening certain portion of Laf~•te Street. 1eb 19 1925 CASS S1l'RDT !RIDTROLUR'S DEP.ARTMEN'l'-~------S~ AS .ilOVE---------. 1925 COWTRAOT-ktifying 9reement between City and Tampa Northern BR. co:, for side track connecting Water Works Plant. 1925 CDSUS-OommendiDC P. G. Waldron for aame,of Apr. 15, 1925. 1925 CLUSTD. AVDl'lD-Directing paving same from 1lorida Ave. to Vibe St~,et. . Jun 2 3 1925 CDTRAL AVENUE-Directing improTements to same from N , line of 7lorabra•lca An. to s. line of Taft Street, • Jun 23 1925 OYPllSS STlmft-Oonfirming report of Engine e r on compl ~tion of paving same from Armenia Avenue to Howard Aven ue. . Jun 3 0 1925 CITY MANAGER-Authorizing same to borrow $ 3000.00 in coonection with structure of Plant Perk buildi ng, etc. Jun 30 1925 CRENSHAW STB:IET-Relative to iniprovements to aaid street from Grin Avenue to Park Circle.--Jul 7 1925 CLEVF.L.AND .ADNUE-Relative to improvements to said ave nue from Cherry Street to Ponce DeLeon Street. I-Jul 7 1925 CYPRESS STDJ;T-ConfirmiD& report o f Engineer on completion of paving same from N. Blvd. to J'ra r.cee Avenue. Jul 14 1925 CIVIL SERVIC! B OARD S~CRETARY-Incre• ing salary of aue. Jul 14 1925 CHESTNUT SmEm-Directing laying of eewer i n a atey betwe en said streEt and Oak St., from Willow to Delaware Ave. Jul l~ 1925 CLARK_5TllE:r?-llelative to paVing s,une from 2'?nd Street to 30th Street. Jul 14 1925 CHAPIN STBJD:T..lielative to paving same from 2?.nd Str••ttto 19th Street. Jul 14 1925 Jul 28 1925 AU, 4 1925 Aug Aug Aug Aug -A-Aug Aug ,S?t 11 11 ll 11 ll ll 11. 18 ar 25 25 ~i?-1925 . 1925 1925 1.925 1925 1925 1925 1925 925---1925 1925 1~ ., CODELIA STF.JF.T.Jlelative to paving same from Ar•enia ATenue to Howard Avenue. . . . ,. CHEROKEE AVENUJ:-liP,lative to pav i ng same from Hillsboro Avenue to Heney Street. CONDIMNATIOB-Directi ng ee, e of Lot A Blk. 3, and Lot B, Blk.J, We11t F.nd Subn. CENTRAL AV!NUE-Relativ~ to pavinc same fro• 7lorabraeka Avenue to Taft Street. CIEVELA.ND AVENUI-Belative to paving same from Cherry Strer-t to De~on Street • CRENSHAW STRDT-Relative to paving same from Grove Stree t to Park Circle. CABIW SmzE'l'-Bela~~ve to pAving said etreet from Water Street to Moreen StrePt. CORnELIA S'!BDT..lielati ve to rwaving said etre& fro• Armenia Avenue to Howard Aftnue. CJUPUI STDET-11elat1Te to pavin& said stre~ froa 22nd Street to 19th Street, CLUSTEll AnltU!!-i.elative to11>a~ne; said avenue from llorida Avenue to Vine Street. CHARITY OASIS AT G.,I. HOSPITAL-Hospital Board to furnish Commi1sion with complete information regardin& same, etc. ID PATIBG JI~. CCl4P'!'ROL U!Jl-Author1 rl ng same to make •~ba,r,ntion concerning D.P. Davis Propertiee Note,, etd. CllDSHAV 8!'111!-RelatiTe to pavin said etre~t from Webraska A'ft. to Grove Stre~ OBDODE AffltJl-lwlati Te to paving eaid aTenue froa Hilleboro119h A.venue to Bs17 Street. -_...,.. __ "\ •

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• _In~ dez to Re.olutiom P~d Ly tL.e Board oE RepreHDtatiTet 0 tL.e City oE Tampa, Florida --------------------DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 1532-A • 1r::;'15-.1 1536-.&. 1537-• 1 538 -A 1542-A 1548-.A. -1-A 1566-A 157&-A 16J1-A 1~)-A 161111 A 19'5-A 1651-A l~A 1666-A 1675-A 1610-A 1691-A 1'706-A 1'71'7-.A 1'719-.A 1'128-A 1731..-A 181~ 1820-A 1821-A 188'~ 182&-A 1828-4 181W 1aa-A l8M-A 1898-A 1898-.A 1901-.A 1906-A 1911-.A 1918-A 1918-A MONTH DAY Y&AII Sept ' l 1925 .A.LBER!-leiel• tton ot the death ot Mr. C a r lton, t athervot Doyle Carlton, Oit7 Attorne7. Sept 8 1925 OITIOS AVDtll-RelatiTe to paving eaid avenue from Bebraeka Avenue to Central .A.venue. Sept 8 1925 CQRD1:LIA S'l'UET..llelative to paving said 1treet from Ro~aevelt to Habana . Avenue. Sept 8 1925 CLEVILAID 8Tlml11'-Belettve to paving said street from South Boulevard to Willow Avenue. sept S 1925 CLEVELAND STREF'l'-Belati~ to pavib 1aid 1trefllt from A. C. I.. Right of way to Ho,,,erd .A.venue. Sept 8 1925 COMM.ANCHEE AVENUE.Jlelative to paving seirl &T81lae from Florida Avenu~ to iebr~•ka Av@nue. Sept 15 1~25 COMPTROLLER-Authorizin~ ee.m~ to substitute certain not~• regarding D.P. Davis Pro~rtie1 • . -..,, • 1'25 • .,, 29 1925 OCIIIUISICIID .AID CIDl,,.'1lorlsl11C .... ,o eunt• .,reeMa\ .,,,... 01'7 aa4 JJ11. II. Oo. tor , ... ,. •cl8r oerula ...... ~r\T • , . . -of A.0.1.. I !TO Ii d. _ lep\ 29 1925 .... io n1t1\law oer'-la no•••~.-..~ hopenl••• ..,, 29 1'25 CAIi AD QAIII it111t MJDQW ~-•I'S.nae Cl~ N HIT .. $60.000 N .. ,,.s.,-w Ml• of boll4a. 0o, 6 1925 Oc\ 6 1925 0o, 13 1925 0o, 13 1925 Oo\ 13 1925 QUI W DIDIS-l9la'1n \o work • aat.4 ltrltlp._ ••• ' Ollltiut w.-1a,1n ,o panac iat.4 , ... , tna Aw " Orecoa Anw. 1111 amt-lelatln \o panac ••n• ti-• 1,ne, N ... , l\n9' lrl .... GAIi IS LL aU•• ,o ,-t.c aat.4 e,ne, fNII 0..• It. lrl ... M lorLh9laTS4. WtlU'f lflDf-.. 1.uw ' ,a•tac aat.4 ,, .... ma._~ It• 1-1..,..4. 0o, 10 1925 CADllllf.U. tuifi IICCIID lblll-fatTlac oll'"lata \o raoftl. of ... nle .,.. \o aa14 oa•ewq. fl-oa tt• ortciul leoaUoa. Aleo ,o wat" e1tJec,,1ou areu lo be 41'a1M4, ••• Oo\ 20 1925 0o, 210 1925 0o, 1925 0o, 27 1925 0o, 1925 '" 3 1925 '" 3 1925 Cll&flOf IBll!f-Ooatt.1'111111 repor\ of lact.•er oa ocapleUoa of lqt.a, la allq ltehffa lpnoe a,. u4 1...-4 \o Aneala Awa•. -C&ilftuf MD Oil ~lrlllllC r1port of Snci•er oa ooapleUoa et~---1a all• ltewe• aat.4 •n•\1, tro11 Willow ,o Mar Del.nan---• CAIi m-clluehc .... of L1M 1\ren M 0.1 l\ree,. 011ft PttCI ielatlw \o paflaC aat.4 a,net ... le'brula Aftae M -J\. IM\. -CJlltflOt ltJllmlt-lnoUDC la7111C of aewer • 1\ne\ hoa lt.Uft Aw •• "•••• -GlftUL ATIIIUI lela'-l•• ' ,anac aat.4 anne troa httalo Awau \o laa4 Iv.a. . . -COIIIAJJCBU 8TRllr-2elat1Te to paving street troa Ma-ion Street to California ATcue(l&th Stre.t). •oT 10 1926 CO-..CBBS A.VBJUWel&in to paving ••u• troa FloridaAn.Due te llabruka Avmu .. 11oY 10 1925 CAHRUTH aD SPBiC!R8 StJBDIVISIOJl~latiTe ti> paring all-., ot Blk.l. aaid trca Bebrulca A-venue to Blk.6, Gi-ddena b. 110Y ' 1'7 1926 cm OOCBS STORAGS, BrC-Pis:ing rat•• tor .... in Citr, Ollled W..hou•e• and Bov 1'7 1926 C_,jR STRm-RelatiTe to p•iJJg 1tre.t troa Platt Street: to Azeele 81:l"fft• Deo 1 1926 COJJOVa P•K~•lat iTe to paving -• trca ••bruka I.venue to Stonll l.nDue.--Deo 8 1925 COIIIIRCIJL STATE BISI-Relatin to at oertain Pimlla• Count, BoDll•• .to. Dea 8 1926 COMPTROILIR~thoriaing h1a to .;.. otrtaln eu'b1t1tut1.on ot ot D.P . Dlllri• Proptrtie1. Dea 8 1926 COHDJIOlA!IOJW>ireoting ••e ot o.-tain prop tl'tJ tor extenaion ot Taapa Stnet Car• ancl Kraaa• Street;,. Dea 8 1926 C011Dao1Al' •--ot o.-yain p-o,-,tJ in B & K lllp ot -relltiTe to ot at. eto. Deo 8 1926 CM>B Bfllm-Conftraing report ot ~mer on 0011pl.tion ot p&Ting tr• Cctral ATeue to lie'brub. A.Tmue. • Deo 16 192.& OOMPTROLLJR..,vthoriliag•-to -le• oertain ot ot D.P . Propffti••• eto. Deo 12 1925 CRAWJORD 8 MET.aelat i Te to pa"t'lng Ni 4 nr•• trca An. te 16th kretlb. Jan Jan 1921 c•TRAL COURT-Relllti-n to pa'rlng trca Palaette Street: to 199' Bar1dl. & 1926 Ciff LDIIff 8IGJII-Direotillg all ba-cl-avtaoecl higlrn.ya to ll&Te rNding.JIICitr ot Tape.,•. & 192.6 ca• lftE!-Dlr• ting ad.4 at."• to be opllllN troa Jettenon to AT .. Jan lS 1926 CCl&P'l'ROLI.a~1haridng ••e to eub1titut• o.-tain note, ot DP Dan• Prop~••• eto. Jan lS 1928 . COJlllo.m.t.l IUBDIVI8IOlf-Relllt~n to oautl"Uetion et 1iclffal.t1 in aa'b. u4 1,p Weatlad Subdinalon. . Jaa lS 1926 -Relatin te pan.Ilg nr.-trca Jlorgu St"et to J.tterao.,. Iv••• Ja lS 1925 CUICIIT elat1n to paring ••• trca Broa~ to Blk.T, 1&14 Cre1oent Park 8ub4lnalon. Jan-lS 1928 CRJSC• r SU BDIV I8I Cir• -• • • SMU: AS ABO~,----• -. .(

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0 . NUMBER 19M-A. 1969-.l 1970-,. 1981-A. 1989-A 20M-A. 20l~A. 20lt-A. 2015-A. 20SO-A. 2032-A. 20S6-A. 20M-A. 2072-.l 208'1-A. 2088-A. 2089-A 2091-A. 2091-A 3>98-A. 2108-A. 21.M-A. 2138-A. 2162-A 218&-.A 21'12-A 2181-A 2184-A 2189-A 2218•A 226S-A. 22'16-A 22'19-A 228'-A 2290-A 2298-A 2303-A 2321.-A lndexto Re•olution• Pa11ed 1,y the•Board o{ Re~e•entatives oI the eity of. Tampa, .Florida. DATE SUBJECT MATTER ,. . ,. MONTH DAY YllAIII Ju. 19 19,J6 CcaDlC!-A.uthcrbing aeoation ot .... bet"We City-mcl A.CL u. c o. to lllJ on Horatio St, 111Ml• tn.oa, eto. feb l'eb 2 1928 CllfflW.. a 1---Lr•ting lqing ot _. • .... troa hlaetto A-nn•• to Worth' 200 Peet. 9 1928 COMPTBOU.a-A.u1bo:r1dng ._. to nbatitute oertain note• ot D P DaTi• Properti••• .to. hb 23 1926 CBISmuT STRDll'..J>ireoting laying ot •ewer in all e., betwe• Cheatmt &cl Oak Sta. trom Frcont to llcae An. J'ab 23 1928 CHIRRr l'!Rlll!-Dir.,ting lq1Jlg ot a__. in all.,between Ch•l'J an4 Pine Sta. from Bonr4 to near Arrawanna AT•• . hb 23 1928 CDT'l'RAL AVltHJWellltiTe to paving aaid aTenue tr• Plorabraab. Ave. te Taft 8tr•~t. feb 23 1928 CIUPD STIIET-llelatin to pa-dng Hid atreet trca Z2D4 Street to 19th Street. . Mar 2 1928 ca Sftm-RelatiTe to, and oonf'il"lling report ot lngimer on oonpletion ot p&Ting said atre.t troa Central A-re. to point 26 • •• ot Cct.-line ot lebraak& A•e• Jiu .... Mar .11• CYPRISS Sl'UIT-Collt'traing report ot Dlgi.Mer on eoaplel:ion ot pavbg Nid •tr•et tr• Rom ATe. to W l '19f Ft. 9 1928 CRISDUT $'DllL'T• .ltring ot aewr in alley betwe• Cheatxmt and Oak Sta •. troa Roa he. to Oregon ATe, 9 191.6 CB!:!STIUT STRm-Direo ting laying ot a ner in all.,-bC1N• Niel atreet ancl Sp:ruoe St, tr• h..aint to Oregon ••• Mu-16 1926 OOll'TRAC!--1\lthcrbing ueoution ot aaae betwe• City-md A.C.L. u. Co. tor nona sffer parpoHa la Eataary Zom. • Mar 18 1928 CRl8TlflJT 8'1'1lllr-Collt'inaingff91>ort ot lagi-. on ooapl..t;lon ot layillg aewr on aaid atre.t troa lfillow Weat too P•t• -111.r 16 1926 CYPRIIS STIEET•Dlreoting laying ot aner in alle, bnwe• CypreH atreet eel Graoe St. tr• B. Boulnarcl to Delaware An/ . lid 2S 1928'lborbing a ... \o del1T.-o.-tain paid 1-oioe• to Logan Broa. tor oontraot. re, Rex Be&oh Dooka, .to. Mar ZS 1928 COIDMATIOW~uthcr~&ing a ... ot oertain ,.-opertJ tor exteui~n ot Tupa Stre.t. Mar 30 1926 CUBA. S!lllEl' -Collt'iming report ot Dlgineer on otnlqing aewer in aaid atreet fr• Spring Str .. t to Hillaborough R Mu-30 1926 COBSTMT STRJn-Cont!rlling rtiport ot .ragiDHr on ooapletion ot lqing aew e r in aaicl atre.t trca Spring at. to Rillaboroagh 111r 30 1928 CUM lrllD-Collt'inaing report ot lbgi.DNr on 0011plet ion ot laying a.-r in alley-bet,,.,.en Portune St. and Cuba St( trca Ripl to ~pring Str•t. 111.r so 1926 CUBA. sm•Er-Collt'1naing report or 1':lgimer onmcapletion ot laying aewr in alley bet•• rorttm St. and Cuba St. lpri St. to Losano Street. llar O 1926 CUBA St'Rm'-Contlnling report ot ingln•r on oomp'.letion ot l.lring a .. r in alley-. 'bet ..... ll Caba It. allcl Conatant St. troa Spr It. to near Highlm4 Avcu .. -Mar 30 1926 CONSTANT STREET------------aalB 18 ABOVB-------__;.• Apr 8 1928 caa• snan-D1reot1ng wide~ng ad lapronac ot aaid atreet troii Morgan Street to Jett .. ton ~tre.t. . r lS 1928 CHBSTHU'I' ST11n-Cont1naing report ot lng1Dler on ooapletion ot lqing aner in Gey betwen Cheatmt and Oak Sta, Borth Boulnard to Delaware Aw. Apr lS 1926 CjREW Sl'REET-Contiraing pe,Uai~ue• ,.,._.l,t ~t !lo. 18, Carn Street troa Wat.-St. to Morgan Street. Apr 2'1 1928 COBTBAC!~thoriaing aeout:ilon ot .... between Ci-tr, and jCL RR. 0011. ----..ter Nina, eto • • Apr 27 1928 t 1928 CONDFJOljl'IOW-Condemnation ot oertain propertJ tor extemion ot Bayahore Boalnvct. AVIIU-.Coatiming report ot lngl.n.eer on ocapl.tion ot laying a.-r 1n 1aid aTenue tr• J ... a It. to all_,. betn• Buttalo am Sela. AT.a. JfaJ t 1928 CITRUS AV•UJ.Collt'iraing report ot lb.gin..-on ocmpl.tion ot laying an.-in aaid atreet trca :1:1.aore ATe. to alley betwwa B e'braua AT•• to l'leaHnt Btre.t. t 1928 c•TRAL A VmnJJ.Collt'iraing report ot In~ near on aompl.tion ot lqing •ww ill aa i d anme traa L Palmetto .be, to point 169.6' Horth. Mir 1928 OOTDR Sl'Rm'-Street lateatv u Highland AT••• be reatored to its original nae ot Cotter Street. 1far 11 1926 CORDILU S1'RDr-D2r•ting l1f1ng pt anv in alley-between Cordelia I'YJ' Street tr• Gomes to mar Rooanelt. Mir 18 1926 CITRUS rtiport ot Bnglmer on oomplel:ion ot paving said avenue troa Florida Ave. to Jetteraon Sti,eet. liq 18 1926 CARBW' m'RBET-ldftrtiaanent tor bide tor paving said atreet trca llorgan Stre.t to Jerteraon Str•t. lfll' 26 1928 CIVIL SIRVICa B OARD--A.ppointing E.J. , .. ,. and w.J. BiYena •• mabera ot aaid Board. Vq 26 1926 CLINTON 80URT-D1reoting lavillc ot sewer on said plaoe from Sues Ave. to mar Ola Avenue. Mil' 26 1926 CitiTRAL COURT•Direoting paving or same .f'roa PUmetto AYe. to Northward 199 Ft. 111D l 1928 CIVIL S!RVICI BO.ARl)--A.ppointing Kra. MK>• Norria, E.J. Keet• and w.J. Bi Tena aa manbera ot a•e, etc. Jun Jun Jun .Jun Ju 1 1928 CAR&Y AVENUB,,,ltelatiTe to certain improT•ent1 to IBJM trca \Yater ltreet to Morgan Street. . . 8 1926 CHFZfflUT ST~-Contirming report ot Engl neer on completion -pt laying ,ewer in alley betlreen Cheat.nut and Oak Sta., traa • • • Fremont to near Rame. . 8 1926 CHES'l'BUT STR BET-Contirming report of\ lbgineer on completion ot ~ing a .. r in al191 betw• Cheatnut and Spruoe sta, troa Fremont to near Rene .ATee 8 19?.6 CRAWFORD STRDT-Direoting paving aid street trm liebr•lca Ave. to 16th Str..t. 8 1926
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• ,TITTl. 'lf"I' I' NUMBER 2370-A 2381-A 2394-.l 2399-A 2463...A 2463-.l 2492-A 2608-A 2609-A 2611-A 2618-.A 2622-.A 2630-.A 2533-.A 2643-A 2685-A 2693-.A 2100-A 2601-A 2602-A 2605-.A a;~ 2605-.A 2606-A 2607-A 2608-A 2609-.A 2611-A 2611-.A Index to Re.olutiom P~d l,y tLe Board.J!. RepreNDtativ~ 0 tLe City 0 Tampa, Florida ___________ _ DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y•AII Jun 16 1926 CH.EBOKll .AVIHlm-CoDf"imi.llg report ot Bngineer on oompletion ot paring smd aTmue froa OrOTe at. to Clirtoir st. Jun 22 1926 C()JiTRlC?-Authoridng execution or •mm between .A.C.L. RR. co. and 011 of Tallp& trr purpose ot stonn sewerage ayatea undlr tracks of said cClllpaDJ and aero•• certain rights or way ot said comp.DJ, etc. Jun 29 . 1926 CHIRRY Sm!ET-Confirming report or lbgineer on completion ot laying sewer in alle:, betweei. ch.-ry and Pine Sta., from Howrard Jamplllia blllUee Jun 29 1926 CDTIR STJlZ!.'t(LYNB .AV!BUJD-CoDt'imibg report ot lngine.-on completion ot laJing Nnr in •aid street trom lat allq 8 ot Butalo Ave. to mar Ohio An. Jun 29 1926 caRIW .AV:m~Directillg iaying ot sidewalks on said _.mue trClll Water Street to Morgan Street. . Jun 29 1985 Cl!NTRAL COURT•Direoting paving ot .., troa f.&lmetto Ave, to Nor1hward 199 Feet. Jul 6 1926 OOIIPTROLLIR-Authoridng same to make transr.-ot tund• in budget to Bngine.-itlg Dept and Bridge Acct • .Jul 6 1926 CiNTRAL preliminar:, uHaaent• • aaid aTenue frca Florida .A.Te. to AdalN hN•• Jul 6 1926 CliWFORD STR•Bl'-Direotinr-paTing ot said atreet troa Nebraska ATe. to 15th Street. Jul 13 1926 CARA.CAB STJlBBr-Direoting paTing ot •id street trca Bebraalca ATe. to 12th 8tre.t. Jul 13 1926 CHKIBEA smm-Directing p&Ting ot said street troa Nebraska ATe. to 16th Stre.t. Jul 20 1926 CYPRISS SrRDl'-CoDf"iming report ot lbgineer on ocapletion ot paTing said street trca Araenia to Lincoln. tlul 20 1926 OORDELli STRm-CoDf"iming report of lb.gin•• on completion ot la:,illg aewer in alley between said atreet and IT)' St. f'l-ca Roosnelt to Goaea. Jul 20 1926 CYPRESS STREEl'-DireotiDg layiag of sewer in alley between said street am State Street trom ilbany to How.-d A.venue. • . Jul 20 1926 CONOVIR STRE!!.'T-Directing la;yiDg of sew9r 6n said street trca all-:, w. or Nebraska A.Te to near Taliaferro Street. Jul ff 1926 DOYLE B. CARLTOl-(City Attorney) Authorizing same to ne:otiate with p-opertauthoritiea of the State relatiTe to purohue ot property lying ••t ot Ybor <;hannel • Jul 'l7 1926 CHESTNUT STRlm'•DirectiDg la;yiDg ot sanitary aenr in al.le:, between said street u4 Spruoe Street trom •remont 'to Alb~• Jul 2'7 1926 CHIS'l'NUl' smm--t>ireoting laying ot sewr in alley between said street am Union St. frca haont to ilbllllY'• Aug 3 1926 CHISTNU'l' SlRD:l'•Directi~ lqillg ot aenr in alley between said street and Spruoe St. trom N. Blvd. to Delaware Ave. Aug 3 1926 CAIWSAB STRU-DirectiJJg paving of said street from Bebrulm. Ave. to 12th Street. Aug 3 1926 CBlmUL AVDU..Contiming report ot IDgineer on completion ot laying • ewer in all e:, between said avmue and Wilson Ave. fr Frierson to Wild.-Ave. Aug 3 1926 CHmOIBI report ot lt>.gine• on completion of laying aewer in alley between said &Tdnue and Osceola traa Hilllborough to H9111T An. 3 1926 CIHTRAL .AVJINtm-Contirming report ot Bngineer on oompletion of laying sewer in alley between Seminole and •aid avmue froa • Henry to Wilder. Aug 3 1926 CHBtOID AVIIJtJa-coDf"irming report ot ibgineer on ocmpletion ot lqing •ewer in alley between said avenue and Central Ave. t .HCU"1 to Giddens. Aug 3 1926 Clili1'RAL ~INUI------------Silil AS ABOV------• Aug 10 1926 Cili:'N STRD-RelatiTe to cerrain improvemmts to aaid street flllli in ChUlberleJ.n'•• Pinley and Caesar•• and Wilhelmeni& luba. Aug 19 1926 CLBVELAND NEtnra-Confirming report ot aJgineer on completion ot paving said avenue troa Aron to )fain St. jug 10 1926 COMANCH:U AV!NUI-Conf"inning prel1~1 a•ey. aHHa.-nt rol 1---~said •tre.t or averiue troa Florida ATe, to Nebraska ATe. Aug 1'7 1926 CHILSIA. mRm-Direoting paving said street troa llebraaka ATe. to 16th Street;. q 17 1926 CHAPIN S!RD-CODf"irming prel1minar;y useument roll----said street trom l9t.h Street to 22nd Street. jug '7 lfte CAR&f .AVS~DireotiJJg la;yiDg of sidewalks on said aTenue troa Water Street to lb-gan Street. • Aug 1'7 1926 CITRUS AVEUWireoting paring said avenue trom Jetterson to Avon A.venue. Aug 17 1~26 CONDDlNATIOB-J.uthcr idng same ot builcl. ng on Lot 1., Blk.49, Ybor Ci 1 Subn. Aug l '7 !926 CONDliMNA.TION-Authorizing same of building on Lot 6., Blk.23, Turman•• last Tbor Subn. . Aug l '7 1926 CONDEHU.TIOB•.Authorizi ng sane of building on Lot 18• Blt. 3, Deni• Addition. !ug 7 1926 CONDAMlUTIO~uthorizing s11ne ot buildiDg on Lot 1., Blk.8., Clrke's Subn. ug 17 1926 ~':SUBDIVI-----•SA?E AS AOOVK--• . . Aug 17 1926 CONDFXNA.TION~u1horizing sfllle or building on Lot 14., Blk.15., Turman's Ybor fJubn. Aug 17 1926 COND&rnATIOB-Authcrizing sse of building on Lot 2• Blk.24., Mobley• I Subn. Aug 1'7 1926 COHDIMNATIOll-Authorbing •~e of building on Lot 4• Blk • .A• Charles Wright Subn. I Aug 17 1926 OONDJMNATIOB-Au thoridng same of auildillg on Lot 8 • Blk.4., Sei nr' s Subn. g 24 1926 COBDDlNATION-Authoridng BBJre at Building on Lot l. Blk.17., Cl.-lce'• Subn. Aug 24 1926 CLA.RXB•S SUBD1VISIOB--------;--------SilB jS .ABOV---------------•

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C .. Indes: to.Re10lution• Pa .. ~J,ythe Board o~ Repre1entative1 _0 tl.e.City 0 Tampa, Florida 1------------------:--• NUMBER 2612-A 2612-A 1811-A 252'-A 2847-A 2861-A • 2511-.A 2668--l 2704-A ~11-A 2721-A 272-,-A 2762-A 2772-A 2777-A 2'177-A 2779:.A 278'-A ITS&-A 2786-A 2789-A 2801-A 2806-A 2814-A 2826-A 2844-A 2865-A 2868-A 286~ 2861-A 2861~ 2170-A DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AII Avg 24 1926 OO! IDJlllU1'1011-Authcri.~ing s .. ot buildlng on Lot 1, Blk.8, Clarke's Subn. Aug 24 1926 CLJRll'S SUBDIVISIOB -----SANE' AS ABC>ff--••--• •--•• A1lg 24 1928 CONDallU.TIO~ihcrising auae ot building on Lot 18, Blk.Denia Subn. Aug 24 1928 OONDJMNATION~th? ... ot building on Lot 2, BlJc.21, Charls1 lubne g 24 1926 CH.ARLIS SUBll-------UJII AS ABOVI--•--•• .Avg Sl. 1928 re-NDIFINIW.Olltit~131ape•lflnln+:tfiqs•..,,,+, roll--aaid 1treet trom Gron to Park Cirole. • -Aug Sl 1928 C!IIB'ditJT sram-contiming preliminary u1e1mamt roll--aaid atre.t troa Roae to 111. Boulnarcl. Sept 7 1928 CRIS:IIT PUCW1recting paYing .... troa L&tllfel:t• Street to North •s• Btre.t. Sept 7 1926 CORDm.U S'!Rl!T-Cuf'inling preUain.-y UIH-nt roll-sai4 ,tree 11-om Haward Ave. to Armenia An. Sept 7 1928 CLff'ILAHD STRSll'-Cont1raing pr•Uaimry a1 .. 1aent roll--1aid 1tre.t tl'OJD Howvd to .IJ.L. Ri,Jit or 1fa7• 8-,t; 14 1988 CI'l'RU8 parlng ot add annue troa Jett.r1on yo Avon AT._ Oot 5 1926 Cli1lTRAL AVBHJE-Con.f'irmi ng report of' llbgineer on completion of lay3 n g sewer ln alle) between said avenue and Stowell from New rleana t o Louisiana. Oct 5 1926 CITRUS (C~CAS) .\VFNUJ:-Contirming rep,rt or ~ineer on oompletion of laying sewer in alley between 1aid avenue and Orange (Ellicott) from alley E. or Central-to alley w . or Ne b r aska Ave. Oot Oct 5 1926 CHJi:lBIA S1'RiiT-Conf'l nning report of' Qlgineer in alley between 1aid street and Genesee from 10th St. ytc,12th St. 5 19.26 CA.SS STRIZT-Confirming preUm1nary aaaeeaent roll---said street from a buttment or Caas St. Bridge to N . Boulnard/ Oot 5 1926 CLEVEUND STrE&'-COllfiraing preliainary u1•smmt roll---said s treet frClll S. Boulenrd 1x> itllow. , t 12 1926 Cli:NTRAL ., alU&,.Confirming report or lbgineer on oompletio n ot laying aewrrln alley bc-..e n said aw-. ._..,.Marguerite hall . J . Bq lt.eet to alley between N. Bay and Buffalo. Ave. Oot 19 192'9 CURTIS STRIKl'-Conf'iming report or Algineer on oompletion or 1 .. .-in alley between aaid atre.t and Cqauge froaf alley between Stowell and Nebnaka Avsiue. Oot 19 1921 OAYAUGA mm------------un jS illJV,,__ ______ /. Oot 19 1926 C!N'l'lUL A,VJNUI-Confu,ning report ot lhginHr on oompletion or laying sftllr in alley between said avenue and Taliaferro from Lou11iana to 01borne. Oot 19 1926 CURTIS STUll'-Confirmimg report ot Bbg1 neer on oomplet ion of laying s ell9r in alley bet'W9 en said street am Pal if ox rroa l2 th to 11th ~treet. Oo4s 19 1926 CJiDAR STRET-Continning report ot D:lglne.-o n oompletion or laying 1ew.-in alley betwesi 1aid atreet and Central A-re. rro, Chellea to North B a y Street/. t 19 1926 CINTRA.L Ja OVK--------. Oct 19 1926 CAYAUGA STREl!-Contirming report of' ibgt. neer on oompletion of' laying SWIFer in alley betweea 1aid 1treet and .._ Street troa • 12th :itrec to 13th Street. Oot 19 1925 Oct 18 1926 BAY, HlWBOROUGB-Condumation of' certain property tOI' extenaionnot Ba)'lhore Dr1Te, eto. CONDIMNAl'IOW--------------•S&JIE JAB~-••••--•• • • Oct 26 1921 CUBAN CLUB..(}cmmending said o,lub on certain aotiTitiH during reoent hurriouae, eto. Oct 26 1926 (1USTl:R A.VINUI-Confinning preliainary uH1sment roll-eaid aTenue from 1-'lorida Ave. to Vine Street. . Oct 26 1926 CA.YOOA STR.iET-Coni'irming report ot lbgineer on completion of lqing sewier in alley b.twem said street lbd .._. St. 11-ca lSth to 16th street • . Bar 2 1926 CURTIS SmDT-Conf'irming report of' lngineer on oc:mpletion ot laying , ... r in all!f between said 1treet and Cayuga St. troa 10th to 12th St. Now 2 1926 CAYUGA Sl'RDT-------------SlS ABOVI---------• OT 2 1926 CAYUGA 8TRDr-Cont1rll1JlC rtp0rt ot lnginNr on 0011pletion of laying , ... r in all91 between 1aid 1treet and .._ St. tJ-ca lat alley L ot !lebralka Ave. to 12th Street. NOT 2 1926 COIQNOHI A~ontirming i:reliminary aueesment roll---said street trom 9th St. to 15th ~treet. 2 1926 CHliROKD AV1ffl11-Conrmlnc preliainary u ••smmt roll---said avenue trom Hillsborougla.hto He1117 ATee 9 1921 OONOViU BT~ J;Er-Co.Df'irming report ot lngine.on oompletion ot IMrinc ,.,.r in-.aid reel: 11-ca lit al leJ w. ot Nebra11ca Ave. to near Taliaf'err o Street • . 9 1928 CiWTBAL Avntm-Contirming report ot a,ginNr on oompletion ot l• illg •ewer in said avmwue troa H•Dl'J to Hanna Ave. 9 1935 OHliROKll AVINtJa-Con.tinaing report ot lngl.DNr on oompletion ot i.,ing •ewer in 1aid a-renue ldlewild to .tiery A-re. 9 1926 UPTOI STRUl' report ot lngin•r on 0011pletion ofnlaying aewer in lat al lq •• or said avenue rrca Central to the • '•t 418ef Pee• 9 1926 6 1926 RISS STRm-ContirlliDg report ot limg1 mer on completion ot lqing 1ewer in alley between said street and State St. 11-ca to Albany A-ne ' •

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;-'1TTT'la•Tlllllol1 11 NUMBER 2903-.A. 2904-A 2923-A 2945-A 2966..J. 2960..J. 2976-.A. 2986-A -2990-A 2992-A 2996-A 2997-A 2998-A 3007..J. 3008•A 3010-.A. 3038..J. 3039-A 3083..J. 3116-A 3116-A • 3129-A 3130-A 3131-A 3132-.A. 3149-A 3151-A 3163-A 3184-A 3191-A 3193-A 3195-A 3200-A 3202-4 3215-A 3216-A . 3234-A 3246-A 3248-A 3260-A 3250-A S251-A ' MONTH lloT NOT Nov Dec Deo Dec Dec Deo Deo Dec Deo Deo Deo Deo Deo Index to Retolution1 PaMed l,y the Board~ R~e1entative1 of the City of 11ampa, Florida DATE DAY YaAII 23 1926 23 1926 30 1926 14 1926 14 1926 14 1926 21 1926 28 1926 28 1926 28 1926 28 1926 28 1926 28 1926 28 1926 28 1926 SUBJECT MATTER COJmlMNJl'IOB..tutho~dng same ot :t,u~lding on Lot 7 , Blk.6, G1Maa aubn. CONDIMNATION-Authorizing sane of ?Uild1ng on Lot 6, Blk.100 m.lhelm&ia &ubn. CHESTNUT'-Co! p-eliminary aa ••ament roll--aaid street from Rame. to Franoia Avenue. . . . CITRUS a•U&-Relsl;ive to paving said avenue tram Jflfteraon Street jx>oAvon Annue. . . . CHJ:Rom AVlilmm-Relative to paving said avenue from Henry to CllUN.a. . CDTRAL IOURT• RelatiTe to par, ing_ same froa Glady• to I. 198.05 Ft. to•• line ot Central Court Subn. CJSS STRD:r-Confirming preliminary u •••ent roll--said atreet trom to L abutment ot Cass St. Bridge. CARACAS AVE!JI-Confinning preliminary assessment roll---aaid avenue i're111 llebruka. to Central Av111ue. CURTIS smBET-Confirminc rep:, rt ot )a]gineer on 0011pletion ot lqing sewer in lat al lq N. ot said street trom 10th -.21s.e•. AVDtm-Confirming report ot &igineer on oompletion of laying sewer _ in alley between Central and Marguerite froa Chel to Cayuga Street. CRlllSHA.W STRDT-Conf'inning rep er-t ot lngineer on completion of laying sewer in said street .trom 1st alley ~. oof Nebraska Av to near 12in Street • •--.contt.:nning report or &lgineer on completion ot laying sewer 1n Cctral Ave. from Patterson to Flora Street. CRliNSHAW STR•-Contirming .report of lklg1J1eer on completion of laying sewer in said street from 1st alley w. or Nebraska to 263.4 Ft. 'lest. CHIS'.l'NU'l' sm•r-cont1rm1ng report at lngineer on completion of laying sewer 1ll alley betwen said street Spruoe St; f'rom Fr•ont to Albany. OHl5TNUT STR••Contirming report of ibgineer on completion of laying sewer in alley between said street and Union St. troa Fraont to Albany. Dec 2 8 1926 CHl8TNUT SmDT-Confirming report ot Engineer on oompletion ot sewer in alley between said street and Spruce St; trom N. Boulevard to Delaware. Jan 4 1927 Jan 4 1927 Jan 11 1927 Jan 26 1927 Jan 26 1927 Jan 26 1927 Jan 26 19:!> Jan 6 1927 Jan 25 1927 Feb 1 1927 Feb 1 1927 , Feb l 1927 Feb 9 1927 Feb 1927 1927 1927 1 1927 l 1927 l 1927 8 1927 6 1927 9 1927 9 1927 1927 2 1927 2 1927-CWCWI STRST-Relative to paving said street from I,febra.slca to Ninth Street. CAR.ACAS STRm _Relative to paving said street trom Ninth ~treet to 12th Street. C ONTRACT-GAaht~zillpnae betwu Ci-w and s. A. L. RR • co.-sewerage and lirainage, under tracks, etc. CITY' CLERK-Requiring t hat all p•titions intended tor the City Commisaionbe filed with said Clerk and City Manager to require . . reports trom deparbnent heads or officers, when a metter has been referred to same.. CIT'! COZOOSSIOlllR------------------------SJlll..&S AfOVS--------------. CliNTRAL JVENUB-Confinning repcrt or Ergineer on completion ot lqing sewer in lat alley W. of' Central from Jean to Hanni . Ave • CiN'J.'RAL !VlllUi-Contirming report ot Engineer on c~mpletion of laying sewer in 1st alley w. of' Central frcm North to Fern St. CANTR.AL AV:&NU5-Conf:irminp-report ot &lgl.neer onnoomplel: ion or laying sewer in lat alley w. ot Central troa Pern to Jean. Ci'NTRAL AV!lnYI-Contirming report or Jbg:1 nee r on completion or laying sewer . in lat alley w-. ot Central tram. Lambright to North COMPTROLLli2-Direoting same, tor the Ci~, to ref'und certain part ot collected taxee und.-Petition B-900. OOlT TRACT-Authorizing City to enter into same 111 t.h A. c. L. RR, tor extension or water syatema, etc • • CR.liSCENT PLAC:S-Relative t9 paving same trom Laf'9iVette Street to lilorth •B• Street. .. ~t. ClPRiSS STRm.-1'-Continning rtp ort ot ibgineer on completion ot laying sewer in alley between said street and State St. trap il any to near Howard. CJmTIFICA:rEa OF tor cancellation of certain certiticatea heretofore iaaued against improvement of He f'rom Nebraska to 15th St. ITY FUND-Transf'er of tunda trcm General Fund for same. CliNTIU.L report of Bngineer on completion of lqing a ewervin said avenue fre111 Pc teraon to Pieroe . CERTIFICAT~ OF INDEBTEDNESS-Amending Resolution 3034-A, relative to same. CHIPCO AVi'MU:1-Contirming report of Engineer on completion or laying acwr in alley bet,veen said avemie and Osceola tre111 26th • to 28th Street. .. STRili.T•Directing lqing of sanitary sewer on said street from Taliaferro to alley w. ot Nabraska. •. . CR:&NSHAW STRD:r-C~nfirming preliminary as se11ment roll---:..said street from Nebraalca Ave. to 12th Street. ' L • CAMPOBILIO .A.VENUB {29TH STRm)-Continning report of' ingineer on completion of l~ing sewer in 1st alley :&. or said avenue fr 32nd Ave. to al 1~ between 32nd Ave. and 31st Ave . AUS&'l4Y AND BRIDG-..Requestinc War Dept tor hearinc in cinneotion with same to connect Dai'ia Island with Uainland. BUDG,BT. • amaa;i-Transrer of' funds from Tax Asseaaors Budget to C lerks Budg.t. CITY CHARTIR..Relative to making-City Cla-k and City Judge el eotive offices, etc. CI'lY CLEI AND CITY JUDGi-------------8.A.ME AS ABOVh-••-----• CONT.QlCT-illtering into same with, A. c. L. RR. co. for oonstruotion 0 water system under traoks, eto. L__ ' •

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,n111ar1t~11,, DATE NUMBER MONTH DAY 3262-.l Apr 12 3304-A Apr 26 3308-A May 3 3313-A May 3 3322•A May 19 3330-A May 19 3332-A y 19 3333 A May 19 . . 3334-A 19 3335-.\ May 19 3 335-A May 19 1 336-A May 19 3336-A May 19 3337-A May 19 3338-A 19 3342-A May 24 3358-A May 24 3360-A 31 3378-A Jun 28 3378-A Jun 28 3391-A Jun i2 3396-A Jul 12 3397-A -Jul 12 3401-4 Jul 19 3425-A Aug 2 3433-A Aug 9 3445-4 Aug 16 3468-A Aue 30 3482-A Sept 6 -3492-A Sept 13 .. 3508-A Sept 27 3521-A Oct 4 3623-A Oct 11 3629-A Oot 26 3530-A Oot 25 , 3534-A Nov l 3542-A Nay 8 o 3543-A Nov 8 IIM-A Ip 11 16&1-A lfOY 11 -.S&l'r•A lfOY 15 •et-A .OT 11 SHI-A •cw 11 .... IOY 16 NeT'-A .OT 11 INS.:.A I or 11 Yt:A" 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1127 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 192'1 1927 1927 1 921 1921 1921 ,.. • SUBJECT M ATTER CLJ.Y STR1i:i;r-Coni'irming report or ihgineer on completion or laying sewer in said street .from 21st to 24th Ave. CiN'TRAL-Confinning report of iklgineer o n oompletion ot laying ••wer in aaid avenue trom Flora to Norrtlk Street. ClmTRAL AV1iNUS-ConN. ming preliminary u sea anent roll--eaid avenue .from Butfalo to Broad Street• CITY CHARTIR•Providing .fer distribution of af'.fairs ot .five different departments • t th• City, etc • . CARACAS AV~Coni'inning report ot ~ineer on completion of laying sewer in said ave#)Je .from 9th St. to Nebraska Ave. • CHELS~ SlRKET-Confirming report o.f ingineer on compl'etion of l~ing sewer in said street .from Taliaferro to alley w. ot Neb. • CONDJUNA.TION-Autneridng same of building on Lot 5, Blk.100, Wilhanenia Subdivision. CONDIMNATION-Authorizing same of building on Lot 14, Blk.94, Garrison Subdivision. CONDliUNilION-.A.utnorizing same of .. building on Lot l, Blk.49, Ybor Ci~ Subdivision. COND.iWlATION~utnoriz~ng same of buildinc on Lota. 1-2-3, BlL 4, Coronella Subdivision. CORONEILA SUBDIVIS IOll•--------•-SAMI AS JBOV-------------• • OOBDliUNATION-Autno::~zinc same of building on Lot 4, Blk.12, Clarke Subdivision. CLARKi SUBDIVISIOB•••--------------SAME AS .ABOVI-----------~---••• COND.anlA.TION•Au5herizing same o.f building on Lot 2, Blk.32, Tampa, 1863. CONDliVNATION-j.uthorizing same o.f building on Lots 8 & 9, Blk.27, Turman's i:ast Ybor Subdivision. . ' OOMPTROLLIR•Direoting him to draw voucher payable to T. C. Keller, Confederate Reunion Fund, oherged to General Fund. ' CHARTE•BOARJM&mendments or City Charter to compny with Legislative l.ot 6940 of State ot Florida. I CUITI I STRnT-Continning report ot on completion of paving said street .from Nebraska to Talia.ferro. I ,. CITY CLllUt-Direoting same to plaoe on olticial ballot for members of Cherter Board, question of retifioation fer issuance ot b<;>nds,. eith~r tor or against, in fora, •etc. CHAnTliR BOARD, J:l'C•-------•---~ N3 ~OVB-----•-•• CARA.CA.$ STREAT-Directing paving said street from Nebrasia Ave. to 12th ~treet. CENTRAL SINUE-Direoting paving said avenue from Jimily Street to Buffalo Avenue. CRAFT'S S UBDIVISION•Discherging certain parcel of land from paving lien, etc. CLINTON C OURT-Directing paving same t rom Suez to Ola Avenue. C!R:SW STRliT•Relative .to paving on said stre~ from Jefferson to Nebraska, eto. CURTIS STR~-Contirming report ~t ~ineer on completion o.f pavinc said street trcn Nebraska to Talia.ferro. 'cARi'Vf STRJii:T-changing name of street gereto.fore known as Carew Street to i:ast Platt Street. CONTRACT•intering into same with tampa ileotric Company for lights. CITY' CLIRK & CITY C0MMISSION--Relative to White Municipal Party eleotion to be held Oot 4, 1927. CliNTRAL AVliNUi-Direoting paving said a venue frcn Hanlon to Hillsborou,h Ri ver. CHARITY FUND-Relative to budget funds for same. CAREW STRim'-ColLfirming pe~ihtilinirp~)aeemnantc
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• • ..._ __ _,.. ___ Indes to Retolutiom Pa11ed Ly tLe Board of Repreaentative• of tLe City 0 Tampa, Florida, DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 1181-A 181M 1810-ll 1618-A aea, .. aeae .. a•M le) .. 11&1-A . IMl-.l IMM MONTH DAY Y•AR ...-ll 191T OOll)IIUfIOl-illltberldJIC .... 'bldldlllg •• Lot I ot J. L IIUsohall h1Nl1Tlllion. Deo 8 1921 JCIII B. Jallr D--.oJllim'f CD11Pat.a..ola4111g reaoldoa ooaftl'lliJlg agreaelllt 111th . ad.4 ~• Deo e l,ZT cmTR&C!-• •----8.AIII • ABOV.. ------• Dee 11 J.927 COIOIIIC• S'l'llE•••t•rbg iato ooatruis tor purpo•• et proo1rbg wi4cimg md pa'rimg ot ad.4 11:r .. t Nlllr•• lra11•• street u4 earn Btren. Dee 1& 1921 COITIAC!--••••••••-w-•-sAJII JJJ AIOVS---••• , •• "' he 11 1921 ClllTODI~tlDg JoJla ll. Dr ... u •-ot lluloipal Airport. . . IN 11 1917 OIICAOD-TMPA DSa.-ATIO• •• •-fl bld.141.111 • 1-t 10, Blk.11 YbOI' CitJ SulNll~ld.oa. ocaamA!IOl ...... oriaillg •-ot ballcl.111 on Lot e, lllcel2 Ybor 011" 8.Wbial.ODe CIIICAOO-!JIIPJ. DSllDPIUIIT CDMPaY-CcaMadlllC 1alcl OcapalJ 0A olno .... 'bJ •W ~ Oil lMl:-1• et people ot 'flal!alt Ciff ATmBlr•Appoi.D.tillg u Karl L 'lhltakw, otreotlTo J• 11. 1918. • , .. D ..

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• D D ... D NUMBER 78-B ff•B 82-B 91-B 89-B 19-B 101-B 116-B 1•-B 1,,-1 lie-I l'l-1 1,1-1 . 101-B lll•B 238 237 26S-B 288-B 2'70-1 SOT-I Index to Resolution• Pu1ed by the Board of Repre1entative1 of tlie City of Tampa, Florida DATE MONTH DAY YIIAII hb 1, lffl Peb 1' 1128 Jiu-. 11 1"'8 10 1a8 l,pl' 10 1918 qr 17 1128 SUBJECT MATTER CAICILLATI ••• ot pvt et Lot 8, Dbte !en-ue h'bdlTillloa. CLAJll•S IUIDIYJIIOa • Ln '• Blt 11, Caaoell•tloa et Ia .. 'bt .... ••• J. W. Pruter. coon, JIDICIPAL -aa4 laY•tlptl•• •t reoorcla ot ... . COLI.Ia 8TB&IIBHIP LUI• Caoelllag U trnMD11• .... amt •l•t CL& OP' CIRCUIT aeon• Drawing ot YOD_. p&J•l• to•-f• aount 11eoH•U'J te WMII baluoe ... oa tu C--'•'ffl et a. llt.1, Btr•l4•• Cl1'IZll8 BAR AID nuar OOIIPJIY-lletand et 121.te r ............ tu ... CALO!, DILOta • Bale of .. et ln 1t, Ilk.lot ot Ybor Cit)' •lMllnd.ea tD .... • CALV&!, JtOBDTO • Sal• ell If et Let 1, lllc.109 et tlff Clti, h'Wirilll•a to , .... c111nat -.. , fl'ID.t• et tac,,000.00 •n aai.S. tor pm,_ .. ot .... te hrk ,_._ ,_ C.-CKU.ATIC9 • CW tu ..-tlfteate f c-eotl fer ,... of 1117,. ••• ,. oon a01. OOllftuen<11 co.c .... t wttll ... tor nnw Sapenaata(lltlll 11. tr• 18th• lltll •••> c..e11.._ •

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I C -, Index to Retolution• Paued bv the Board 0 ReprHeDtativet 0 the City 0 Tampa, Florida .__------,-----------~--!..---------------------i 1 ; : , , t , I : I i I i I r ..:,_ h I NUMBER 126-B 112-1 688-B 189-1 698 •B 802 122-B a2-1 DATE MONTH DAY YKA .. jpr ZI 1911 T 1919 T 1919 llq 28 1919 Jun 21 1919 9 1929 . SUBJECT MATTER ft1JST . CCIIPAIY -Authoriaiag llapr w gi-.. n~io• of th• illltelllti• •f th• Oi1r • • at pabU• -, . MdlUd,N 4-,.ltitecl 'bJ -• CHART• a.m:now-Jleaulta ot ..... Aathoria111C CitJ Clerk to tile in ta..~• et tb8 Board Proel-ti• et the Gffenor ot Flori .. , cleolaring ad.4 r..Uta. BI OTBBl8 Aoo91'1:lng wrt clo11• by ••• tar l)ILYi.Jt u4 illpromct• w Boua St...-tr• 21• te 11111 Aft••• 001• BII!Dll Aoo-,1;1111 -wort .... bf .... tor parlJtc ot 18th Afflllle fl"• 18th strM to ZOth av.-• co•• Jll01'HIII A,toeptl.-c wrt a... 'bJ w tw t• panJII of 19th An1111• tr• Ona• w 19th ltl'Nb • 0d 11 1• GLIUD• • .,. S01JTIIIRW cmp •• jpplieati.en el .... 1 --•t .... 1:n.ttie 4il'eoter ligu at oertaia It..-ineraeotiou. Oot 11 1•. CLms Am DSPa'.:!ORI , • Appeimllellt et .... te effloi ... lD th• 0.•nl lleotioa 1D be hel4 w.n.ber I, 1111. Oot II 1129 Oot II 1129 Oot 19 ltl9 •n I 1929 I 1 c1nzaa BAR AID RUST CCIIPaY • Acr~-t bwt•• --ua4 Cly et tape, tJDite4 Staw ftcleliV & Gunnt, Ce, ot Bal~• a4 Colabia CU.alt, Co, et•• Y. • •• CMIDIDAT• • Cer1;Jfioat1• ot lin et .... t• ettS.• • ._ Geural ll•ti• '9 be OY•ber I, 1921. CI!IZm Ulll OD !RUST OOIIPlff • W .... 11 bftn• ... u4 Cly oft-,., U.S. tlullv & Gaaraaty Co, ef llarflUlll-ua4 Col• •bi& Co, ef I. Y. -athcri1bg •• ...,,.,__t te .... , no. Cln'IAL ATIIIUS -Aat• C111ptroller te draw warrallt payable to !ax Colleotor 1lll ,.,._t et PaTiag C.-titioato Wo. 11,U, tw ~• pafllll ot C•tnl ATa11e, laned agdllM Lot 1, 1 ... IMt II ft. la Dlaname lab41Tlalea, ne. cos• B RotBas COISTRUc:rtow co, -A,to.ptlng wrt 4tNle bJ .... tor gnd1Jlc Billabarwp ATeu• tl"oa Webruta .-.. te .. , ... Cit, 14aita ot !apa, nor1c1a • . Wcw 8 1919 CLIHS AID IWSPa'.:TOU • Appeill'tllet ot ... to ottioiate lD 1he ap.,1&1 •l•ti.ea to_ bo lael4 IOYe2T, 1929 (Airpen Bond. Kl~ti ) • . IOY U 1121 J. I. • Aartlhorlal.11& retlan4 to .... ot uouat plll4 ae 11•• tar Citr LioeN. Deo 10 1929 catinCADS 0., DDD!DIII • Canoell-1011 et w. 1••-4 I.ta Z mcl I, Ilk.II, Gaairal lllp of ,...,_. . Doe 11 ltal catIPICAT• OF IWDIBTDIII -CanoeUati• •t tin iutallamt oaapeu clue upoa .... iuue4 a•iut offtaia pnpertJ, be1JtC i.ta a, 7, e. e u1 10, wit.19 ... , a. A4411l-.) Dee 17 1929 Doo 21 1129 Jaa 1, 1110 ,_ 21 1111 QAUJlla.L as IAtllaD -Apprniltg 'lllotcr Mnio• ~N4 l,J , ... fer npn•tlltillg C11r la o41meotioa witil -ot •••• COJIII, n• TAIIDI • ppl"ffiag b14 et .... tor tvnllh~ nppll• ter ueo ot tb8 Fire ~• COLDIBIA CASlJALff co. • Aaltlllri1illc llayw Ull Ccaptroller to anti• olaua et the Citr epiut .... , no. 891-1 Fob 21 llSO ~. D. w •• a., Pqiltc ea• tor work do• aDll -t.tr1a11 hrm•h lD tlw oonatnnio• of 1he llalliolpal Beapitale Cllm!IIY • 111.000.00 ot Partc full te be uae4 tor the purehu• et -u4 part te. ,01-1 ... 21 1980 'nl•B 811-B ._. 21 .-Apr 1 1130 Apr 11 1910 jpr 21 1110 8 lNO llaJ' 11 lllO J-1 12 1110 J-.1 zt lllO J11ac 11 lffO CR!IPICA1'•, .DIPllOY .. !I • Canoellaid.ea ldM agld.nn oertllia property. cannOATI -!ax••: A-1806 u111.-1m. qpert1011Mnt .... ter t• 1988 a 1917 acu.ut Let 11, Ir••• t...s.11&1 Illcluatrlal tnn, no. I Cll!IW, AVIIR • attaorillq Cclll>tl'oll• to draw 11UTU1' Jl&Jllbl• te !ax C.ll•tw in f1&111&t et 'b&l._ •• ea Pa~ Cert-. ltioato •• .&, tor•• ,-lag •t ... , iamM agaillft tu• 110 tt. 1M • 11D ft. tb8 It et Rt • Seotiea .11, t'olmahip II I, IMge 1-S JMt, Bllla'bclro•gh ca-,, fterl4a. C&DlmL a: IA?Jl>D . • Bom Ahornwyw, .. , ISllle ene1.aSac aa4 tvn1alli11& itllllr lopl opillloa upon ftli41t, et tfloeOOO Airport 1e1111 •• CL&U•a • ._ A. llJBDIVISIOW • Apporti .... nt flt -.. f• 1919 I II ft Ln ,. Lft I, u4 i..t •• Blk.H. --4 bf Geo ...... '••I'• Oloa, ._ L. an ... u4 Alloe ISM. . . CAfflSB POift • Jtojeotioa ef ••• • alrpert 1it bf 111• Boa~ . . CIIDIDlfll JOK RIPlllSIIITATIYII, msmot f 11 • O..ti.tioatioa ot liat •t .. DCW1.Nw4 tor lttlM at apooial •l•oti•• te be JMlt .Jane 11, ltlO, •• Al~O IJII!OUUII • lqn•t et ola1a ef w tw ........ • tw lol lnlrmra (anora) 'bf Water ~t. CALDnU, a: W1l>ID • jppr~ bill•• aailllorldJII ,.,._, attena-,a fer Nffl ... et, .... am. P. W. • Pr.,._l ot .... w Nll Cit,, .Ja ClV ..__. Ma Dlnrlbnift •J•HI tw 11:'0I-OO. a ' •' -' J D o . D ---

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____ _,_ __________ ~ I _ndex to ~e1olution1 Pa11ed by \he Board '!-fRepree,ntative• of the City of Tampa, Flori~ D • ,. NUMBER 8M-B 851-1 8To-l 811 8TS-B 888 899 99T•B 1001.•B 1002-B 1019-B 102l•B lOM-1 1038-B 1062-B 1086-B 1089•B DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YEAft • 1no CAUJIIIU, , , :unDI]) • Apprff11111 bill et tor rondlrecl relat1Te to aaainiag 'boJlllla ot CitJ et !•pa, ••• . A,ag 28 lN0 CALJ>Wl!LL a. JU.Y\IDJID • jppl'ffhgr 'bll~ tqr raA-:• bf .... relatiTO to evw1n1ng boacla. oto. . Sept 21 1130 CU8CAJ)• GllOR 81JBDIVISI PLAZA -Changing ... ot a pertloD ot Wat• ltren to •--• . . Sept IO 11!0 CBln:JWI, IIISS K. L • Alaillorid.Dg rttUDII to ••• t• per1oul taxee by hll' ill 1928 .thru error. Oot Oot Jiff Sn Dee Ju hb Kai' Jiu' .. ... Ju Ju Ja Jul ., 19IO 2a ltS> 12 1110 26 1110 COPPOCI, J. et ,-aoMl propertJ agatnn .... tor 1918, ••• CALDllmL a. UJl>ID • Apprntnc 'bill l"eJIMl',t ter l•~ Hffl.ON • &etudlng Ifft•• •r. CITY mU>TDB - • ., C.naiclel'bc -,1.,..11 et •-• CA'IS>lal, ROIIWA • A.-riaillc •JINJUO• et 4eecl to ... •• Lna h al 21, Ilk.,, La Gar1Mron .h'bcltrial•n. ...... 21 .1119 • COUii. ma WLQl • Apprffllll ' •t •-ter u.ltenu .tor hllc:m,a. . 20 1911 OOftlll•S SNUG BILl. IUBDIVISIOS • ... lale uil omY-,uo• et ,_ I u4 22 ot ... ••n. acl J.n 21, Ilk.I• Aoti'N lha'b•a. ... 1. w t r lenHn I 9'•• . . 10 1111 CITlllJS tAJtI IUBDffllIOS • c .. reottng ............... f9r -- • Let 16, Bllc.,, et a et Blb. 1, I, , I an4 8 oda41.Tldea, •• 8' 1111 . CAJIIU'l'lDlll •...... • A,ponl•--at ax• tor 112T and 1930 Oil Let I'! Blk.2. i.-• Mdl-•D, .... bJ ..... lT 1111 2, . 1111 11 1111 11 1111 . 1, 1911 21 lNl 28 1111 12 1Nl . 12 1111 . 2 1111 Z 1911 2 1111 2 lNl . t ltll CAITIR, .... B. -ae1un4 •t Nrtala ,....a1 UEff .paicl •• CDCIIIAU USDALL CLUB • jpprffhg 1gr1mmt 'bet;~ u4 tile CiV tor ••• et Plmt ftelcl tor 1911•• CBMBa OP COlllaCS • Gnllt1DC •pnpr1a'1•• et 11.IOO.OO • ter pnlioiisJ pup••••• . cam • .&. B. • Jte1'an4 to tor otrtaia peraonal '-• paid 'bf ,_. 1a _.,.Nlr and rNOiluU.Dg lleaol. lo.981-B • CHART•• --WtS 1'0 S..,_ Aaathol' _.. to 11gD aotlo•• et 1nt..-1oa to app~ t• tlut ewtact et mm oertalll lan -JMl1Jlc the Clm-ter et f•pa, ••• , l ,,. C!Wl!E • .,.,.. ... 1'0 Ulm• .lutMl"l&iag C1tJ Cl.-k to waa..s., to laater, no, b i.ct•latur• et the Stae et Plerlda, oertaill propoaecl ••--• to tho Chart_. ot !•pa with. req111at tor paaage, eto • .J.em1a41ng le1olutloll ••• stT-1. CURCI, .DI. ••A • An1a..S.1iq a-,tlea olaill et ... tor 1910 tax.. aplut Det u. Blk.S, 1tD BuJ,t lubclin.aien. CALDOU. a. UDOB • jppnTlng 'bill tor affrioN ., • .._. .. •pl9TOcl to ..,._.,_ prao .. 41aga and tun.iah legal oplnlea upon ftl.141.tJ ot 1200,000.00 ----•• llllprn-nt a.. ClUIIBIR8, PRilCII !. • Authorlli11g -,1-, ot •-u epeo1al ooano1J fer Cit, la oortaia poncling litigation. CUNlfDGBAII ~'!'Ila! ao. • :lotmut to •-et tn.20 ...... ill ll'NI" on •oount of 19SO --•• CJ.LDWILL & UYJl>ID • Proridillg tor the t11pl .0J1U11t ot •--and ~t .t u -,.01&1 tor CitJ reJ T&liM.tJ et 1110,000.00 :lefllllding Bon4a. OALDIIBLL & l,lDIJIID • Prmcling tor the -,1.,._t ancl payam ot .... a• apeolal oouuel tor th• City in oemeotiea with paaalllg upon nliditJ ot th• pnpo1ed lanano• et Retu41ng boll4a. . f • Ciff ATTORDr • ,uabten.t te •-• r•• ,1111ti11g et, eto. ' COLI.DI. PHILIJt .A.DDITIOB TO WIST _!IIIPA • Sale and •nn,aaoe of Ln 17, BlJc.8, .... aubdiTi1ion to Julia V. Crawtercl. ClrY DIPOSifOllD • Dnignatiag --• end prOTid1Jac tor tho depoait ot all belonging to tho CitJ thoroia. . CALDRLL as UtJIJID • jpprOTiag 11111 ot aw aplOJel to ... 1 .. TaliclitJ ot 1160,ooo.oo ht'lm41JIC (?llprO'f'••t) Bolllda . l0TS-B Jul 1, 1111 1, 911 1, 19Sl c.uJJWILL & R,lYIIDID h p-nicle tor tlut p.,._t et u apeolal oouna:1 in OODD80tlon with paaaillg on T&l1cl1tJ et kleOOO 1088-B 1089-B 1111-B 1111-B 1128-B 1115-B 1111-1 1178-B 1190-B 1211-B l2l8•B , ltSl . 21 1911 lept 18 1911 ha' 18 1911 Oot Jm Ju 8 1911 11 1911 11 1911 . 8 ltal 11 J.111 19 11a 11 1• llehad1• Boma. et.o. . . . CALDWELL & RAYll>BD • jpprOTiDg Dill et-.... tor Gllllinlng ua4 twm.ahlng legal ep1n1ea in T&l1cl1'f ot llG0.000.00 lle1'alld1JIC Bolllla • • "r • c1aT1nca• or DD1Btlllil98 -... ,101, laaaed wt ot LoW. 1n.1,, B1ghlan4 Park ftrat Addition. C~.L & RmD • jppNTi~ 'bill renderOll t•r •errl••• 111 oennootien with e:rudn1q ot pNooedinga apon wallclitJ et 1110,000.00 llllproT•mt Bo ... , loriN •r:J". CALDIIILL I .ltAYIIOID • AppnTing bill ot •-tor 1ern.o•• ND4ored tor examining pnOMdlnga Ulcl tarnilhing legal epillioa •• TallclitJ ot 146,ooo.oo Pll'JIU8at J'Jlprnm11nt B01141, •c•. . COJWI, •• .l. -IA&alng Lota 8 ancl e. Blk.1, Jen ift.gaiM lab•n. to .... tor period ot tiff aontha. c•a. S'Dla!' BRIDGS -c-,rea1.. Nttltaellt wl th OflDtnD tor ill ••nneotim wl th it• oomtnotlon. . Cam!EY • to •• •• W.lleu, 411pl1•te d .. d to oaet..7 lot. CASS Sn&lr BllIDCa • PLATT snnr JIUDGS • kDMrleclglnc 1'1111 p•rt•raano• ot oontrut with Pleuant, Gl' .. n, ~--CMCBLLATIO• OJ' CIRTIPIC&TS • Ot ID4•'bWDN• agailln •• IO ft. anti I 20, n. •t Le~ 2. Blk.S, ner CitJ ..... --..., . Vhoemina Lagrl•• CMCILIJ.TIOB OP !il • Agaiut W-TO ft. et Lot 81 .r, •• Go•• to Cora Do-.rk. CAJCR.Ll!IOS OP ACC01Jl!8 • Ot 'boob ot a,q,t. et OltJ !erma.i.a \2 . '

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.,__ _ ______ Index to Retolution• Pa1,ed by tlie Board of ~e re,entatives of the Ci of Tampa,._ F _ l _ o _ n _ da _____________ -1 DATE NUMBER MONTH DAY Y•AII •• 12it-1 , .. 19 1912 2e 1112 I 1911 1111-B ,_ 1111 • hb 1161 hb 21 102 a 1912 12,w .., 1290-1 llar 11 1132 111912 12 1112 II lUI II ltU n 1911 22 1932 21 1932 1111-1 lllr 1261-1 12N-1 1217 12&8 1219-1 1280-1 1281-B 12d•I 128'-a 128W 12TtMt 1m-1 12'2-B 12'11-1 12,,-1 12TI-I 12T8-I 12ff-B llTS-1 12,e-a 1280-1 1281 1ao1-1 1180-B 1se1-1 1aee-1 1381-1 1'603-1 1'11 1618-1 1411-1 ltk-B ltae-1 Jiu' llar 22 1912 llar . 21 1912 llar II 19SI ... 29 1932 J,pr I 1931 Apr Apr J,pr liq Jua Jul Jul I 1912 I lNZ I 1911 I 1911 I 1911 I 1932 I 1912 I 19S2 I 1912 I 1912 I 1912 28 1912 11 19S2 29 1912 1Z 1912 lt 1911 Jul 19 lNI Jul • 19SI I 1912 1-i,t I 1981 lept 11 19S2 8-i,t 20 1912 U 1112 18 1912 II 19S2 SUBJECT MATTER c•CILLATIOB -Ot Jleoerd ot Sewr C.r1:1.tioat• in ettio• 'et tu C.lleo1'ff ••• 892e891. CAIi• OffICUL • .utberidDC Cit, hrollut,C. jgen to pvoba1• lioeue taga tor Cit, .._ .. ean. CAIi• Ciff 01IDD • leNiJl41DC baelwt4.a ••• ~-I u4 AlltMrlsing City Pllrohulllg jgm, to pll"Obaae liomae taga tor all City oned Tellio le•• . CITY ATTORD!' • Aaathori11llg .... to eel 1 ••t et boob to Barri1on law Ce111pm 1 tor 1110.00. HKI-ATIOS or BUILDDG • OIi .... , llk.100. WllMlaat.e IDbftrid ... Ill aM 11,t ... 11 ltren. OOIDalliTI0• or Btr!LI>DG • 0a Ln 1, La Bell• 111Wlnat•. tMWD u S808 •el:>nab ATccaDalli!IOII o.r BVILDIJO • OIi 1ft 11, Blll:.8, Pama lpaTial••• lmnD u 1610 -21 .. ltrNte OOID-ATIOS or BUI LmlG • 0a Lfl •• Ille. T • .... " &11111 Clq Adclltl•a. lmollll u UOI • 11th A ..... COE)-A!IOS OP BOILDIJrG • On wt •t Ln a. Ilk.IT. Tbor City labcl1Tlal•a. Imam u 1111 • Ith Aftmae. Com>BIUTIOI or BUIJDI•G •On .. ot tat •• Bn.1. tiollarta Su4lndea, )m-u 21U Str..t. . COIDllllilIOI OF BUILDDG • On 1lle1' 1-11 9, Dlc.'1, Uur14p hbtina1011, Jmon •• 808 Buderaen -CCIID .. A!IOS 01' BOil.I>IIG • On Let I, Blk.l. Ce11nlla h'••---u 706 Pw..t C(IIJ)W'fI(II or BtJI:u>DG • Oil Let IO, m.1. 1'NI' Belglna S..Wln•l• tDon u 2919 .... stn.t. COIDllllilICII or BOILDIJIG • 0a LR 21,11.LI, Der .. tgh,a hbcllnlll•a. kmB u 2921 P CllCIIIIAtl BASDAU. CLUJ• ~rm111 pnpea .. 91r1--' 'bftw• .... u4 City~ tapa fer uae et Gt-ulatuil• ll•ohera, tiela, no, 1••• in Plut Park tor Spring s ..... , 1911. OOLLIII, PHILLIP, hi> ADII'l'IOI • AJatheri.dllC ot Let lT, Blk.2• aa14 to I. P. OOIDIIIUTIOI or BUILDDG • OIi Let 21, Ilk.I, 1'bor Beighta, blown u 2919 YbOI' av •• oo•DIIIIATIOII or BUILDIIG • On Ln• 21 ... 21. Ilk.I, tNr Beight•. aon •• 1811 n.z. ....... COE>llaATIOB OF BUIU>IIG • 011 lDt 61 Blk.lO, llut 'flllpa la'Wl.ril1• Jmon u 2211 Lillda-., ltren. COIDMA!ICII or BVILDIN • 0a 1n ll• llk.11• .. , Bar Milltlft, 1mRa u 1'10 • 11•• 'Nia AYmllee C(lfl)alQ!IOI OP BUILm•G • ta wt et Ln I, Bllc.11 .._11'• AddUd .... lmon u II02 -'Nb ••••• . . . ccmD-ATIID-.UIOI 09 BVIU>DG • 011 'lllt•r Ln• I uc1 e, Geenl llllp of,.... oor •....... Jaoblll • . CWJI • letti ... nt et .... ot Jira. Sli1abeth Delolwr tor wiclniDC •f pa,....t. eto, at lllahigen am nmda Dia•• COLI.DI, PHILLIP bD AIJ>In OJJ -C.oellatio11 et c.-taln outatend1ng tax oertitioat•• u1e1Md againat i.t 11. Blk.2, 1u cma:s C
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1-------------Index to Re,olution• Passed by tlie Board Hoeper•• hbclln.1-. a>JDJIISAfICI( 01' BUILDI----11• •t BlNlc •• 11ag .. ,. lllbdinlllm. COIDamuiot-1 4()• Lot 1 11•• M Celllu A'clitlon. ODm>IIIJA!Im-Lot 9 BlNlc II ... larl•• hdt lubd.1n.oa. cooumca-1.ft T, Bleak a, IA 1a1 .. hbdln."don. .. CIICIDUI BAIIBALL CLUB-jppropriati111 1100 to K.J. Carroll 1lo help tetra7 oeat et a.tfftalmng .... durillg 19A •--a. CJWIBa OF a>IIIIRCS. JUIIOI--M1hori&tag .... te taapol'U'Y 1--all Oil B&J•here. CULLAII0 IOIALU -C~•llbg eDllptlOD all .... -.. Lot ' Bl•ctc 12, Ybor 11500-B 1601-B 1611 lll?•B 1611-B 1121 , 1911 CHlll!, JOIIPB C. ---..rt1C1Da11Dt ti •• ter 19S, Let T, labdin.lllen. 11 1111 c-mz:u"'IOJ-l'Ol-OS-06-09-11 hukllll ftreet. 18 1911 CJWtTa Allll!IIIIT-1-te 8111 ltT m1ah W'Qllcl tnnater control et vt111t1N 1lt •••• C...S.•noa. 1188-B 16&a•B 1188-B 16'72 11?1-B ., lla7 I 11aa • CAUl)UI, JOIIPB c. -Parehu• •t watw llM leoated BiPW&T ud lerth Oaaes wmue, Ibo. 181T•B lMl•B 18M-B 1866-B 1881-B 1866-B J,m Jun Jun Oot u 19sa 13 19A 20 1931 20 1911 1 19U 21 1913 . 21 1911 29 1911 1, 19sa 19 911 28 HA 1 1,aa 18'16-B Oot a lNI 1881-B On lT 19A 1eet-s 0ot 1'1 19aa 1'120 . In 11 1931 1'721-B lff 21 1911 1'122-B In a 19A lTII-B ._., 21 ltll 1T2f•B _.,. 1T26-& :IOT 1T2S-B l?ll•B 1712-B lTal•B l?M•B 1716-B l?M•B lTl?•B In ff In 21 ltSI 21 1911 21 1ta1 21 1931 21 19a1 21 1933 2, 1911 z, 1911 If lNI 2, 19" CBIIDI' m:aacw. CDIIPAJY-Aoo-,tinc bl• -tbJtlll•h aa-.ta te ..... .. . OOIWII, CARL B. -jpportio•ent tu•• 1a1-1919, lllel, IA,t T, Bloot 2 Bei_1a1D•, Add. 1D W.1t !apa. CMTa, SAIA Jt. --C.oellatlon C.-t. aga1ut !Atta f ud 6 Bleok &, B•cler•cm • 1 !apa hb. • Ciff AnOB• ---.,1.,..nt et atra help tw oolleotlon ot clellDtaa.t tazN. COIIUlla•s ICK (l)JIPAIY-Mj••tlng , .... Ml tuH ter 1910, 1911 •cl 1911 .... CUI.LI, Ill B.---.,""111g bid •r ot •te t• Pollo• 1>9par1amt. cou_ THCIIAS -jpportl•--t •t tu•• ter 1911 aplut part •t Let S Bleo1c 1, llobl-,•• hWin.lllm. . CJUICll--oJMoka hel4 b7 4-• ol•d.JtC Cltbeaa Bak. m11lorl&ta1 orecllt 1D 0011Deotlo11 CACBCAIT IIAGGll c. -Caoellatlea Pa'ri.111 Cwt. Je.loeo&. GIM,lllBVI lllIVa-Chang111g ._. et IU.ciligm Affme to Colabu1 Dnn. CI n1•• • BAB & ffUIT a>IIPat -OorreotiJlg p1r1onal tu u•••--'• fer .... , ... 1911, ... . CIICIIU!I BAIIBALL CLUB .tppn'ri.11g acr•--t 1br the uae ot Plut 1'1el4, i.r ltM Clllm"aT !!ACT-Kmtal leoatecl e leblN AYmue 1114 &8th lu•-'• • CRIIIHAW mos. PRODUCI (J)JIPAJY Cerreotl11g tu ........ tor .... tff 1911. -Cert. 1Dll•btNll8•• agailllt Ln e, leJmrw lubd1T111l• ~r , ... Laa•. CIVIL 1l>RD AJII. BJALTH DIPT. PIOJICTI -Joa. B-10'1• 1-101, B-110, B-1• • CIVIL 11)118 AIIIDIITUTI~ DNb ad llaan•• Dept. 1-,drbg belt Limn. liclbig. C.WJ.. -Pena, DNb _. lllarff• Dept. ~roeft11g llmdol,-1 'IIINhoue. C.WJ....,.,,.••• DDolc1 •cl ........ , Dapt. a.pair l'lllpa Bq DNb. c. W.A • .;..hl"t•, Coon ad llban .. , llepair u4 paint Jlarjer!.• Park Tubt Bulll. C.W.L-Pert1, DHb ud lhane•, • ..., tlabera •cl pilic• Jlulliolpal DNa. C _.W.&. -Porta, Dtolcl a4 lllarY••• a-,..u, ta ..._,., at toot et Julcaon ltr•.t. ~.-.A.~outnottoa ot lfPNaoh•• te a.rota A"•• Bridge • . c.w.A.--Alr,ort beautlftoatlea aDll r-r F"'• c.W.A--Bridg• Pi'ejeot, r-,..lrlllg approaoh .. to Jllohlgm •••• Bridge. c.w.A.--a.,..,.rt.111 lllm1o1pal one4 Bailcl111ga, ao. c. W.A.--C.ut~tl•n et fJl• lweet outfall t• ...... c.w.A -Cou~otien ot 1nw 011 'fallaterro trea Jlllllen t• Unr. c.w.A. -!arrlag acl oertaln ltreetl 1D !lap&. -,. ... . •

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• Lides to Re10lution, Paued Ly tLe Board-of Re re11entativet of tLe Ci of Tam......:....a.._;;_;.z__;Fl~ o ~ n_;_da;___ ___________ -1 DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER l'TS8-B 1Tl9-B lT'O-B 11,1-1 1,,2-1 1,,s-1 1161 lTM•B 1166-B 1166-B 111,-1 1768 1119-B 1181 1TT2-B lffl-B lfff-B lff6-B lTTS-B lffT-B lffl-B lffe-1 1T80-B 1T81-I 1 '181-B lTM-1 1186-B Ule-8 1T81-B 1T8W 1189-B 1790-B lTll-B l'Tta-B 179'--B 1-.. 1T9W 1~ lTff-B lne-B 1'99 'l&OI-B 180&-I 1806-B 1808-B 1aor-1 1811-B MONTH DAY YRAfl 2, 1911 H 1931 M 1111 2, 1911 M 1911 H 1111 28 1933 28 1911 28 1911 28 1931 28 911 28 1911 I 19m & 19&1 I 1913 I 1911 I 1111 I 19&1 I 1911 6 1933 1 1911 I 1911 I 1911 I 1911 9 Ill 9 1911 9 1911 t 1911 9 1911 9 1911 9 1111 9 191a t 1111 9 1913 9 1933 9 1911 9 1911 9 1911 9 1111 9 1•• 9 1111 it 1911 12 1911 U 1111 12 ltsl 11 lNI 11 1111 c.w.A. -Repairi1g lnth nu.ta Affnll• traa lmw Annue to S.lhore Boulnard. c.•.A. -Ooutr.tlon ot NDitarJ •--• 1JI •ertila atrNta ill ti. Ciir et Tape. c. W.A. -aela7bc aD4 gndbg ot pawaet ot Gr11ul Ceatral ad otller •tr•ta ill !lllpa. c.w.A. -ImproriJIC with a llixed in Jleoe tar pa ~••t et oertaia •••• c.w.A. -Buildic and reta1D1Jlc oertaia wall buta aleag t• Blll11torollgh 11TS. o.w.A. -... Dille and rolqillg pn111eat: en r..m:Jta ltrec _b'clll llaffleon to WldN• It. c. w.A. -haolciJlg pier tor S.apl• baa• at Ballaat Poin. c. W.A. Illprori.Jlg oertam Rl'Mta with aind 1a plu• tar panamt. c.W.A. -Gemral repair to th• htlc Depal'tlNln ima'llii-mt &114 Ballan Pout Pl•• c.w.A. -Per oaatlning uatimahed •illc• •t _prNent llamio1pal Boapital aD4 onniea •t ...... 1mr••• c.w.A. • hr buildiag bridge at P1rk. OOUlla CITY SUBDMSIO•-Alatllorldltg ot Lot 9• Blk.11• aald to Billhp fel' teoo. . . c.-.A. • Support et •aio tor tovlat em•tai--t. Aeld nc tor ll&oo.oo. c.w.A. -Autllorlsl111 purclllaN et 111 aoata wh ... ill ao•• an...i by c.w.A.(hr hospital oaaplotiea.) O.W.A. • Beal th •VY • Cit, et tapa. c.w.A. • lat •adioatloa ud Control tor Clt7 •t taapa. c ..... -J'er p•lltg o.-tain 1a ,.., •• nort.11a. c.w.A. • J'er ooaatnot1on et •erth Bl.Tel. traa Pala•••• to Billabol'Ollgh Jl1v ... o. W.A. -ror lcterillg pd.atbg • ..._ .... •• oil oortaia nrena ill r-pa. • c.w .... -hr -Library hlldlllp anl .. [ ,, .,. •terwora Dapt. Ottioe BuildiJtC• all4 Blllldlllg• IIIICS9r ot Lu4. n.p_.tamt et the City ot fapa, fted.4a. 0.1f..A. • l•r oombruotloa ot aa.itvy and appvtenuoo• in o .. tam all9J8• c.W.A. • Beuatiftolll;1on •rlc• planting 011 Ind AT11111e troa .. tlllll'i' te 22IMI liren. c.w.&. • B•utitioation in Plat Park • -. • c.w.~ • lefl•••t ot t'lmlla tor buildlng ot atadl-. c.Q. • Adopting • projet th• nb11ildl11g et T.B . Suitorlua. c.w.a. • aelqtmg pawa•t on Vlrgi.Jlla ATeme flooa •• Baalnu-4 te 114g• ••••• c.• J.. • Wayillg Pff••t on •ob rub Awme trca lligh to Soott ltnot. c.•J.. • Shollhg IU.ohigan ATe trca Babana to Li110ol11 AT-•• C.W.A • • Gnidillg me! ahellillg oertain iD Citr ot tape. c.w.&. -ftllhc. cn4111g u4 ollinc oertaia (H) ln Cl'r ot taapa. o.•.&. -1e1q111g p&T-at oa ••tu• h Tapa.norl4a. c.w.&. • Plaaillg roae lN•h .. la Jto'bl•• Park. c.w.a. -Building nnk•• garden in Jaoben Park. c.w.A. • Pluting IOO re,. 'ba1h• ill Bal laat Poilrb Plrk.' c.w.A.. • PlatiBc 800 re•• bulle• la Plallt , .. 1c. c.w.&. -a.oral n....01...-1: et Jlmd.oipal Alr,art ill c~t Tupa. c.w.4. -hr repairing, apilrtd.ztC u4 rao4a1.1DC CitJ Building•• o.w..A. • l'or .tomloa et wat• lime ad to ooutrne ..u. a. . ..,_. D-,trtaent. cu,• ot Tuipa. c.w-.&. • POI' lutalllng 8000 watff ... n aD4 ateadillg .... lboe 1a Cell•p Bill leo1111111. • bpd.l'a aad r9Plu'8 to llmd.o:\palS .. apltal Jlar••• 011 . c.w.A. • .. layuc p&T ... t • Boratio Itron tr• Cedar A.Tame to s. 1oa1....-i1. c.w.A. • Pilliltc u4 1hellllrc ucl pad1Jlc o•ta111 la !up&. 11.erida. O.W.A. • Plllillg ad lhoUiJtc Na I_... tr• •-• i:o lllleott Stnet la the Cii:J et !apa. nor14a. c.w.a. -ftllillc •• ••llJllc oertaia r•et• aDll applJillC t• tlhtret.r. c.w.a. -ftllilll ul 'beaa~ Jaojaoa Pirie u4 applJinc tor twa4a tt-.ol'.,.or. o.w.&. • eoutnot'i• •t rook tlll at Dul of Tapa m.eotrlo ec.p-,. to hold tinr at prMolli: 1 ... 1. 0 D

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._ ____________ Index to Re,~_!ltion• Pa,,ed by the Board 0 Repre,entative• 0 the City 0 Tampa, Flo~da D 0 D DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 1814-B 1815-B 1816-B • 1817-B 1818-B 1819-B 1820-B 1821-B 1822-B 1823-B 1824-B 1825-B 1826-B 1832-B 1833-B 1834-B 1835-B 1836-B 1837-B 18~8-B 1819-B 1840-B 1841-B 1848-B 1860-B Ji851-B 1862-B 1863-B 1854-B 1866-B 1858-B 1860-B 1861-B 1862-B 1863-B 1E}64-B 1866-B 1870-B 1871-B 1872-B 1873-B 1874-B 1876-B 1876-B MONTH DAY YltAR Deo 16 1933 c.w.J.. -APthoridng purchase ot m.teriala tor Bridge Projecta.(Garaia Avenue Bridge) Dec 16 1913 purchase or materials in exceae or 1hoae turniahed by c.W.A (lliohtgan Avenue Bridge Project) Deo 16 1933 c.w.A. --For replacing Fire Hydrant• at varous looationa. Dec 16 1913 c.w.A.--For resurfaci~ plqground•• tennis Court•• and developement of negro reor•tion site. Dec 15 1933 C.W.A.-For conatruction of Storm Sewer 24th Street to Bq at intersection of Gordon Street. Dec 16 1933C 1:vc.w.A.-For t.1.lling and grading certa,in streets in 1he City or Tampa. Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec 16 15 15 16 15 16 16 1933 1933 1933 1933 . ' 1933 1933 1933 c.w.A.--For filling and shelling certain streets in 1he City or Tampa. Florida. c.w.A.-Authori, purchaae of materials tor Nurses Home Project. c.w.A. --Provi di~ tor purchase ot materials 1:n Water Line Projeot'•in Hills Avenue District. I. c.w.A.-ProTiding tar purchase ot :materials tor e~ension ot-Arlington Avenue Water Un••• c.w.A.--Providing for purchase of material.a tor water line u:tension project 1D Borth A (Bradford Street) c.w.A.-Provi dl ng for purchase ot matar _ial I tor water line extension 1D College Hill Section. c.w.A.--Providing for purchase of materials for resurfadng playgrounds & Tennis Court Projects. t Dec 19 1933 c.w.A.--For construction of ramp for SM Plane Base at Ballast Point. • Dec 19 1933 c.w • .a.--For re-laying pavsent from 14th St. trma 11th Avenue 1a> Kiohigan and 15th Street trca 11th Ave to Michigan. Dec 18 1933 c.w.A.--For filling mi shelling nng Street from Hanna llorth 650 Feet and 25th Avenue from 12th to 13th Street. Dec 19 1933 c.w.A.--Construotion of Stonne Sewers at Hillsboro~h River 1a> Ola Aves Ola Avenue from Hillsborough .lve to CamancheeJ Comanchee Avenue frcm Ola Avenue to Florida. Dec 19 1933 c.w.A.--For digging and replacing old water mains on 17th Avenue frcm 12th to 13th Street. Dec 19 1933 c.w.A.--For replacing and repairing Water Kaina in Sunset Park. Eto. • Dec 19 1933 c.w • .a..--For oonstruction of additional warehouse room at Filter Plant. Dec 19 1933 c.w.A.-For oonstruction of Concrete Band Shell at Plant Park. Deo 19 1933 c.w.A.-Shelling and Oiling 15th Street from Buffalo to Osborne. Deo 26 1933 COm>BlHATICIJ' --Authorizing condemnation of certain property on Nebraska Avenue tor Right-ot-way. Dec 26 1933 c.w.A--Requiring report to Board ot Rep-esentativea or all projects requiring exoess material• over 70-30 allowed. . ' Dec 26 1933 c.w.A--For re-laying pavement on Comanchee . Avenue from Florida to Ola Avenue. Dec 26 1933 c.w.A--For f'illiJJg md !helling certain streets in the City or Tanpa. Etc. Dec 26 1933 c.w.A.~-For tilling and shelling certain Streets in the City of T•pa. Etc. Dec 26 1933 c.w.J..--For filling am shelling and grading certain streets in the City of TEpa Lisbon trom Laurel to Cypress. Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan Jen Jc Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan 26 26 1933 1933 ., ..,._, c.w.A--For development of Rq-Park as a community play-ground. _,.. ,, . C.W.A.--For purple ~t material for the repairing of the Municipal A.uditori\111. 5 1934 C.W.A --Purchase ot material far Project B-335 Michigan Avenue BridgeJB-336 Garcia Avenue BridgeJ B-187 Re-roof Municipal Warehouse. 5 1934 c.wJ..--Purohase of material tor Fire Station Project•• ao. 6 1934 c.w.A.--construction of sanitary s~rs in District No. 14. 6 1934 c.w.A --For filling, grading mi shelling certain streets in the City of Tampa. 5 1934 C.11.A.--For construction or Bulk head. 6 1934 c.w.A.-Providing for Physical Education \Yorkers in publich aohools under supervision of Recreation Board; Btc. 6 1934 c.w.A.--Guarenteeing payment of excess material costs in Water Department Projecta. 9 1934 c.w.A.---For re-laying paving on Twiggs Street trom Jefferson to Nebraska & 5th ATenue trom Maryland to 13th Street. 9 1934 c.w.A--For filling. shelling and gradii:g atreeta,parlcways and playgournds in front ot the Catholic School. Etc. -9 1934 c.w.J..--For filling and shelling 10th Aveme from Florence Street to 9th Street9th Street trom 9th Avenue to 10th AvenueJ 3rd Avenue tran 22nd to 24th Street. 9 1934 c.w.A --For filling and shelling lat Avenue fran 13th to 22nd Street. 9 1934 c.w.A --For filling and shelling South Brevard frcm j.leele to DeLeon Street. 9 1934 c.w.A.--For filling and ,shelling Hanlon from Florida to Highland1Riverside Drive from Florida to llichiganJ 27th .A.venue from 22nd to 22rd s-treet. 9 1934 c.w.A--Filling and shelling 14th Street fran tlhhATe11ue to 5th ATenue. .,..

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1 ________ Indes to Ret0lutio111 Paned l,y the Board of R~re1entative1 of the City of Tampa, Florida .. DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER • 1877-B 1884-B 1886-B 1886-B 1887-B 1888-B 1889-B 1890-B 1891-B 1892-B 1893-B 1895-B 1896-B 1897-B 1898-B 1899-B 1900-B 1903-B 190&-B 1905-B 1906-B 1907-B 1908-B 1910-B 1915-B 1921-B 1927-B 1928-B 1929-B 1930-B 1931-B 1932-B 1955-B 19M-B 1936•B 19!7-B 1958-B 1959•B lHO-B 1941-B 1M5-B 1K8•B 1K9•B 19e0•B MONTH DAY Y&Alt Jan 9 193• c.w.1.. of SaJlitary Sewer in alley between Ifft' Orleans and &llicott 15th to 16th Street. Jan 18 19M c.w.1..-For tilling, grading and shelling certain J111 16 1934 c. w • .&.-Water Dept. Project, cleaning 700,000 Uneal Feet of Water Jsn 16 1934 c.w.A.--Repairing old undergound troa ptaping to tilter plant and to Sanitary Sewer Line. Jm 16 19M c.'QA.For or two c.I. Lat.-al Water Main• 290,000 teet tor Water Dept. Jan 16 1954 c. "•'-• --Detail Kip of City Water tor City Water Department. J111 16 1934 c.w.1.. --1'or leak and pressure ot City Water Mains for Ci.ty Water Departaeot. Jan 16 19M c.w.A --To build Jleuaniae Floor in No. 2 Pump Station for Water ~nt. Jan 16 19M c.w.A -llakimg rock bearing at rinr bed at Pumping Station.Slight ATenue and the.RiTer • • Jan 16 1954 c.w.A. --For iapronment at Barrett Park, cleaning, landscaping and BeautU'ying. Jan 16 1954 c.wu.. --c. ~-r.A. Progr•, urging maber• ot CongrH1 to support bill to oontinue ••e• Jan 25 19M c.w.1. For dnelopement or Negro Reoreaticn and athletio f'ield Buffalo Avenue and 22nd Street. Jan 23 19M c.w.1.. --For re-laying pav•ent on certain Streets in the City of f•pa. Jan 21 1934 t.w.1..--For repairing pavement in certain Streets, Btc. Jan 23 19M c.w.A --For tilling, ggadtilg, certaill Jan 25 19M c.w.A.--ror tilling, grading and oertain Jan 23 193• c.w.A. --ror re-arran geaent of Project Ro. 2ot,Incillerator lfo. 1, adopted • • Jan 21 193' COIDIIIHA1'ICJl -Condemnation ot Lot 10 Bloat: 4, Nebraska hb. 1505 Cquga. Jan 23 19M OOIDIIIIIA!IOI --Condannation Lot 11 Block 50 H ooper•• 2nd AdditiCGJ 1028 Ri-•rlide Drive. Jan 23 19M COIDBMllilIOll -Condemnation or Building Lot 13 Block 2, PinH Subdin.aion,2705 State StrHt. • Jan 23 193, c.w.A.--For relaying pav•ent on 10th Avenue trca 1,th to 23rd Street. Jan 23 1954 c.w.A. --For re-laying pavement on 9th Avenue troa 25rd Street to Nebraska Avenue. J111 23 195, c.w.1. --,Re-laying pav•ent on 11th ATenue rem 14th to 23rd Street. Jan 30 19M c.w.1. -For general repair• to Fir• Station No. 1,suppl•ental Project. Jan 30 193-1 c.w.4. -For r1111nc , Shelling m.d gradiq,; certain Streets. Feb 6 19M c.w.1. --Suppl•ental labor on project 329-B tor Water Department. Feb 6 19M c.w.A.--Supplsntal labor on lfo. 205-B tor Water Department. Feb 6 193' c.w.A --Suppl•ental labor on Project 193-B tor Water Department. Feb 6 19M c. w.1. --For re-laying pavement on Fielding Avenue from Grand Central to Aaeele. Feb 6 1934 c.w.A --Relaying paTanent on 15th Street tran 11th I.Tenue to Michigan. Feb 6 1934 c.w.A --Relaying paTement on Hyder Park Avenue trom Lafayette Street to the Bay. Feb 6 19M c.w.A.--Relaying pavement on Cedar Avenue trcm Granll Central to DeLeon. Feb 6 1934 c.w.A. --Relaying pavement on Virginia ATeme Boulnard to Ridge Avenue. Feb 6 1934 c.w.1..--For rel~ing paflmlent Aaeele Street froa Hyde Park Avezm• to Brevard. Feb 6 1934 c.w.1..--Relaying pav••t on Grand Central Aveme tor 6210 1'eet. Feb 6 1934 c.w.A.--Rel~ing pavement on 4th Avenue frc:n 13th to 36th Street. Feb 6 19M c.w.A.--Relaying puemmt on 8th Avenue between 13th am 23rd Streets. Feb 6 1934 c.w.A.-•Relaying pavanent frc:m 14th Street between 6th and 11th Avenue. Feb 6 1934 c.w.A --Relaying pavement 18th Street from 7th to 24th l.vezme. Feb 6 19M c.w.A.--Relaying pavement on 15th Street from 4th to 11th Avenu.. Feb 15 193' c.w.A.-ror r•oving or repairing old library Building in ffd• Park. Feb 13 19M or tire proot vault water Dept & City Attorney. Peb lS 19M Incinerator addition to Jail. Feb 13 19M c.w.A-•Por iminerator Plant lfo. 1, Addition& and to ottioe and addition to lail. Feb 13 19M COID ... TIOI --Condaing Building Bl Lot 2 Bloak 1, OaJcland Sub, 1522 ••t Part Street. Feb 15 19M Bldg on If Lot 10 Bloolc ,, Adels 1008 8th Avenue. )elt 11 19M IDIIIQ1'l
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D NUMBER 196l•B 1952•B 1963-B 1954-B 1966-B 1966-B 1967-B 1968-B 1969-B 1960-B 1961 1962-B 1963-B 1964-B 1966-B 19N-B 1967-B 1968-B 1969-B 1970-B 1976-B 1976 1981-B • 1982-B 1983-B 1984-B 1986-B 1986-B 1989-B 1990-B 1991-B 1992-B 1993•B 2008-B 2008-B 2007-B 2015-B 2018-B 2019-B 2028-B 2063-B 2089-B 2080-B 2091-B 2093-B 2094-B .... Incle:,. toluo!~tiOD9 Pused l,y ;,e Board of Representative•" tl.e City of Tampa, Flori_da _______ ...,;a DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIIAR Feb lS 19:S-i OOHDIIUIATION -Condsm.tion ot Bldg• Lot 2 Blook e8 Leeley Addition, 1618 16th Avenue. Feb 13 193' CONDDDIA1'ION-Condmnation ot Building Lot 4 Blook 11, But hapa, Street, 2-i' lfu'ion Street. Feb 15 1934 c.w.A.--Grading &DI ,helling Borth s• StrNt troa Iebra1ka to 16th Street. Feb 13 19M c.w.A.-Oradiig md 1helliq; Branch ATenue troa Buttalo to Cayuga. Feb 13 19M c.w.A.-Grad1ng and 1hei.l1ng 14th Street tr<111 26th to_ 30th Avenue in the City ot T11111pa. Feb 13 19M c.w.A.-Grading and Shelling 8•~ Stre.t trc:a Florida ATtnue to Central ATanue. Feb 13 19M c.w.A.-Grading and Shelling Virginia A"t"IDue Florida to Central. Feb 13 19M c.w.A.-•Painting and repair• tq ottice -ot Superintendent ot Dookl. Feb 13 1934 c.i,.A.--:aebuild1ng and repairing IQ. l and No 2 B&1eball D1aaond1. Feb 13 1934 C.W.A.--For Bed and Orche1tra c0Deef1;1 tor Touri1t Reai.c!ent1, Ito. Feb lS 1934 c.w.A.-Providing tor Phyaioal •h10at1on worker• tor Publio Sohool1, ao. Feb lS 1934 c.w.A--Repairing and rebuilding Recreation Ar• Jaokaon Height• Recreation Center. Feb 13 19M c.w.A-Rebuilding Reor•t1on Ar• at RoblH Park, Etc. • Feb 13 1934 c.w.A.--Rebuilding Reqreation Area at Macfarlane Park, Eto. Feb 13 19M c.w.A--Rebuilding recreation Ar• oorner 16th Avem,e ud 20th Stre.t, Bto. . Feb 13 19M c.w.A.--llebuilding taeilitie• at fh111p Shore Pla,ground, src. Feb 13 1934 c.vr.A.-Rebuil41~ Recr•tion Ar••• 1n De1oto Park. Feb 13 1934 c.w.A--Rebuild1ng. Reoreation Ar• Negro Athl.tic Field Buftalo and 22nd Street. Feb lS 19:54 c.w.A--llebuilding and repairing taai-llti• at Davia Island Tennil Club, Marjorie ParkZ Feb 13 19M c.W.A--llebuilding and repairing Recr•tion Area 6th ATenue md Jlarylancl tor negroH. Feb 13 19M c.w.A.--Renffing tloor 111 Di•~ibation Ottioe Henderson cl: Jert .. ,on ud re-rooting Building, •t•r Dept. Feb 13 1934 c.w.A.--Renning 41,r pipe line, bftween No. 3 Pumping Station and nrou1 w.111, Wat• Department. Feb 20 1934 c;.v.A.--Contlnuation ot work on Water llain1, Sunaet Park SubdiYili.on. Feb 20 19!4 c.w.A.--Continuation ot .,rk on Water Jlalu 17th ATmue betwffn 12th and 13th strNt•• Feb 20 l~M c.w.A.--lloaquite eradication work Project. Feb 20 1934 c.w.A.--Ko1quito Eradication work project. Feb a, 1934 c.vr.A-HNl th ot City to be made by nur1e1 and women worker,. Feb 20 193' c. W.A--llat eri.dication and oo.ntrol work. Feb 20 19M c.w.A-Por Reor•tional tacilitie1 at llaroelo Go•alez Poat aaerioan Legion. Feb 20 1934 c.w.,.--Repairing Recreational taoilitie1 at Balla1t Point Park. Feb 20 1934 c.w.A--Repairing Recreation taoilitie1 tor Ragan Park. Feb 20 193' c.w.A--For 0011pletion ot the 16mioipal Ho1pita1. Feb a, 1934 c.w.A--Conatruot:lon ot Reor•tion Area• in Cu1oaden Park. FH 2a 19M c.w.A-Setting forth neoe1aity ot oontinuing CW A Progrmi and urging Pre1idellt ~o~•nelt to make provision theretor. Feb 27 1934 c.w.A-•For extension of Wat.-Main• on Arlington .lTenue tor Water Department. Feb 27 19M c.w.A--For extenaion or water main• on North A (Bradford Street) tor Wat .. Depvtamt. Mar 6 U9M c.w.A--Supplaental Project, Cuaoaden Park. lfar 6 19M c. W.A--Drrelop•ent of Negro Athletic Field lurtaoing, clearing ud grading, Bto. Mar 6 1934 c.w.A.--Tour11t Center, 'Plant Park. Build small Recreation g•e tacilitiea. llar 13 1934 C.W.A--For combined Land and Sea Plane Base on Davia Island. Apr 3 193, OOllDBINATIOll --Botioe ot oondanat -on oertain building 1306 Cayuga Street. Apr 24 1934 CONDBmATION--Botice ot aondenation certain building 512 South Freont Avmue. Apr 24 19\4 CONDD4NATION-Notice of oondemnation 1404i-06-o8-lO Tampa Street. Apr 24 19M COODFJOUTIOO--Botioe ot oondemnation-ot 1204 Spring Street. Apr 24 193' CONDEDATIC. --Notice ot candemnation SW Corner Ruby and 9th Streets. Apr 24 19M CONDBmATICJI-Notice ot condemnation SW ccrner 11a1nut and Tulpania. Apr 24 1934 C OND.ItfflATION --Botioe ot condemnation 2108-12-14-16 Chestnut Street. r I , .... .

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• ~------~Inda~ R.,.,Jution• Pu11ed by tLe Board 0 Repre11e11tative1 0 tLe City 0, Florida •~ . DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 2096-B 2096-B 2097-B 2098-B 3>99-B 2100-B 2101-B 2148-B 2149-B 2150-B 2151-B 2152-B 2163-B 2164-B 2200-B 2205-B 2206-B 2207-B 2208-B 2209-B 2210-B 2211-B 2212-B 2213-B 2214-B 2215-B 2216-B 2217-B 2218-B 2222-B 2223-B 2224-B 2225-B 2226-B 2227-B 2228-B 2229-B 2230-B 2266-B 2266-B 2287-B 2288-B 2289-B 2290-B 229l•B MONTH DAY YaAII Apr 24 1934 CONDDmATION ••Botioe or oondannation 1614 4th Avenue, Apr 24 1934 COIDJ!MNilICB-lotioe or oondemnation 601 South Alban7 ATenue. Apr 24 1934 CONDDUQTION--llotioe or aond•nation SE corner 4th ATenue and 26th Street. Apr 24 1934 CDNDF!ilU.TION--Rotioe or oond•nation 1518 4th Avenue • . Apr 24 1934 COND.Fl4NATION--Botioe of oondemnation 1004-06 Highland Avenue. Apr 24 1934 CONDEMNATIOR--lfotice or oondemnaticri n corner H1,tlland and CaH Stre.t. Apr 24 1934 COND&rnATICN--Rotice ot condemnation 120 Weit Pala Avenue Jun 19 1934 CONDDmATION --Hotioe or condannation 901 South 20th Street. Jun 19 1934 CONDWNATIOO--Notice or condemnation 1511 Alhley Street. Jun 19 1934 CONDB4NA.TION--Notice of condemnation 2420 19th Avcue. Jun 19 1934 CDNDa~ATION--Rotioe of oondamtion 2913 Beaoh Street. Jun 19 1934 CONDEUNilI(J{--Notioe or cond--.tion 1403 llorth Pr•ont Aveme. Jun 19 1934 COODf'NATION-Notioe or condemnation bldg between Plant ad Onad Central. Jun 19 1934 CONDWNATION --Notice ot condemnation ot 2116 111.oheoheuchetta Avenue. Jul 24 1934 CODDIJDcr .. nND -Appropriating t1000.oo to repair Bridge Fmder,. Jul 24 1934 CONDPJmil'ION--Botice ot condaanation ot 2208 Long Street. Jul 24 1934 CONDOOJATION--Notioe of condemnation 2808 Jlarooni Street. Jul 24 1934 CONDDrfNATION-Notioe ot condemnat ion 522 S. lebra1lca Avenue. Jul 24 1934 OONDBCNATIOB-Hotioe ot oondemnation 517 South Nebraska Avenue. Jul 24 1934 • ~TWA--Allocating oertain property for City u1e until otherwise disposed ot by City. Jul 24 1934 CONDFlfflATION --Notice of condemnation 1513 8th ATenue. Jul 24 1954 COND:alNATI Notice of condaam.tion 1405 •st Cayuga. I Jul 24 1954 CONDEJ&NATI N--Notice of condemnation 1302 Ea1t 01borne Avcue. Jul 24 1934 C ONDDmill N Notioe or condenation 1226 Eut Osborne Avenue. Jul 24 1934 CONDWNATION---Notice of condemnation 1944 Union Street. Jul 24 1934 CC!iDBmATION -Notice ot oond--tion 2009-11 17th ATenue. Jul 24 1934 CONDllfRATION-•lfotioe condemnation S\l corner 13th Street and New Orleans. Jul 24 1934 CONDFJINATICli--Notice of condmnation 1104 Curti1. .Aug 14 1934 CITY ATTORNEY --Providing OCJ!llpen1ation tor help in City Attorn91'1 Offioe, Etc. • :ag 28 19M CITY PROPl!ltTT -Authori&ing 1ale and raoval of iapro..-•ent1 or City own•• property Lot 3 Block 3 Bouton Sub, and Lot 8 Blk 2 Mays Addition, 1old to A. Sari• for 1120.00. Sept 11 1934 C OND&\iNATION -Directing llayor to orde.r destruction ot Lot l Blook 21 Courier City Sub. 601 S. Al~ ATenue. Sep 11 1934 COND~ATI(J{--Direoting Mayor to order destruotion or Building on &f Lot 7 Block 5, Riverside Subdbilion. Sep 11 1934 CONDJMNATIOO --Directing Mayor to order destruction of Building on Lot 11 Blook 24 Ohira Sub !913 Beach Street. Sep 11 1934 COB'D~ATION --Directing Mayor to order deatruction ot Bldg. Lot 13 Bloolc 11 Benjamin'• Add. 1403 w. Fraont Avenue. Sep 11 1934 CONDEKNATIC!J-Direoting Mayor to order destruction ot Lot 18 Block 5 May's Add. 2420 19th Avenue. O

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., 0 • 2J0$-8 1~v l.~11-" .. -'" •.t~ Index to Re,olutiom P~d by tLe Board of RepreMDtativa 0 tLe City of Tamp~ Florida • DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 2292-B 2300-B / 2156-B 2367-B 2358-B 2359-B 2360-B 2361-B 2378-B 2379-B 2380-B 2381-B 2393•B 2419-B 2421-B 2422-B 2424-B 2426-B 2426-B 2437-B 2-i38•B H39•B 2471-B. 2486-B 2487-B 2488-B 248~B 2490-.S 2496-B 2503-B 2504-B 2606-B 2632-B 2533-B 2534-B 2674-B 2576-B 2576-B 2577-B 2578-B 2584-B 2639-B MONTH DAY YIIAII Sep 11 1934 CONDEXNATICB-Directing Mayor to order destruction of' Bldg. 1450' S ot 820' Weit of 1ll corner GoTt. Lot 2, Seo 13--29-18 L 2116 ATenue • Sep 18 1934 CINCINXill BASEBALL CLUB -Authori&ing contract tor ot Plant Field tor Tn.1111ng Caa" Eto. Oe~ Z3 1934 CONDBlNA.TION--lfot1ce ot oondmnation or 1403 lfn AT111ue. Oct 23 1934 COND&mATIW--Notice ot condemnation ot 1420 11th ATenue. Oct 23 1934 CONDBlNATICB--llot1ce ot oond-.nation or 609 w. Henry. Oct 23 1934 CONDEMNATION-Notice of' condemnation of' 2108 lfaua0hu1etts ATmue. . Oct 23 193-i COND!MNATION "!'-Jlotice or condemnation or "817 Florida kt"enue. Oct 23 1934 C O NDaaiATION•-Bot1ce of' cond•nation 1-illt 12th Avcue. .,_ lS, 1 193' COND&lNATIirectiZJg Kqor to order destruction or 609 Jfut Idlnild. 8 1934 CONDBltiATIOJl-Direoting X.or to order deatruotion of' 1406 11th Avcue. JIil ,1111 Jan 8 19M OONDBUiilICN --Direotillg Mayor to order destruction or & 30• Lot 3 Blk 38 Eut T•pe. Subm on Stwwut Street i Blk troa Parle. Feb 12 1936 ireoting llayor to order deatruotion ot buildlng at Ml8 29th Street. Feb 26 1935 CONNELL. S.P.-Cornoting Resolution 2471-B authori&ing sale <:I Lot 6 Block 2 Marrietta Subdivision. lla1' 6 1935 C OHDEKNATIOW -Notice or condemnation of 922 Twiggs Street (Rear) Kar 5 1935 CONDalNA,TION --Notice of condemnation of' 942,946 and 948 Twigg• Street. Kar 6 1935 CDNDEMN.A.TION--Notice of Condanation or 2716 Kathleen Street. Apr 2 1936 OOND&iNATION -Notice of' o 011dem.nation of' 206 West Sw th Street. Apr 2 1936 CONDIIIBATION--Notioe or condemnation or 3501 Clay Street. Apr 2 1936 CONDEMNATION -Notice of' oondenation or 9091 Swann ATenue. Mar 17 1936 CONDEMNilION--Notioe of' oondemnation or 3006 24th ATenue. K-, 17 1936 C ONDEJINATION--Directing ~or to order or 1202 Nebraska Av111ue. May 17 1935 CONDIWNATIOO--Direoting Mayor to order deatructic.a of' 2716 l:athleen Street. lfllr 17 1935 CONDDfiATION--Directing Mayor tx> order deatructio~ of' S501 Clq Street. liq 17 1936 CONDrl4NATIQl--D1reoting Mayor to order ot 909t Swann Aveme. 17 1935 CUSCA.Dml, A.W.--1.uthoriling to hia or Delinquent Tax Anticipation Note No. 482 tor t1,200, juthori&ed by No. 2682•B. Jul 9 1936 CROSS STA.Tl CANAL oomprehenaive surTey ot underground ot Southern and Central Florida before construction of' canal 11 begun. •

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• _______ lndes to Reaolutj.0119 P ... d ~tLe Board 0 Re_prnentativ.e1 0 the City ol Tiampa, Florida _______________ _ NUMBER MONTH 2&i2-B Jul 2653-B Jul 2656-B Jul 2661-B Jul 2665-B .. 2671-B Aug 2780-B Oot 2800-B Oot 2804-B Oot 2805-B Oct 2806-B Oot 2807-B ..,Qot 2808-B Oot 2880-B Deo 2859-B Deo Continaecl ca 2303-B Sept Z,~B Sept 2106-B Sept U06-B Sept 2S07•B Beipt --2308-B Sept 1109-B Sept 2Sl0-B Ull~ S11pt DATE SUBJECT MATTER DAY YaAII 9 1936 CCIIE BRO'l'HlRS CONTRACTING OOMPANY --uoppting bid tor turn1ahing oertld.n equ1paent 1br the uae otthe lng1neering on rental baaia. 23 1935 CWII -D.A. Burkett. Httl•mt tor injurie• ~•tained llbile aployed bf Sanitary Department. 23 1935 OONDJlfNAUON--D1reoting deatruotlon ot building known aa 3005 2•tb ATcue. 30 1935 rum--Eatablhhing Tampa Kunioipal Delinquent Tax Adjuataent Board. 6 1936 CIJJCINIQ.TI BASIBA...L CLUB--A,ithorhing oontraot tor the uae ot Plant Field tor lprizlg Training. Bto. 6 1935 :118CADl'N PROPBRTY --Authori&ing Kqor 1D tile appl1oat1on throup 11.a• tor loan to .f"laanoe oertain project• thereon. 8 1935 OOLUMBUS DRIV._-Deolining allotment and requeeting tranater to othtr projeot•• 22 1936 CONDEMNATION --Authorizing aoquhiticm under power ot anent dcaain or oertdn property tor City Pule Purpoa ea. 22 1935 C ONDDIHUION --Notioe ot condsmtion ot 2008 Armenia ATcue. 22 1935 COND!MNUIOB-Botioe of oonclemnation ot 102 w. lnollwoocl. 22 1935 COJJDBANATION --JJotioe or oondenation ot 1605 Swann ATenue. 22 1936 CONDEJmATIIDIIIIATICII -Completing prooeedinp. 2009 -2011 -17th An. am direoting Mqor to crder deatruotion ot building. COHDDIUTIOII -Ccapletiag prooeecliJlp. 1106 L Oartia Stre.t. and directing Mayor to order cleatruction ot building. " . [ D -

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------,,,----,-----Index tQ_Resolutions_ Passed by_the Board of Re_m-esentatives of the City of Tampa,_Florida 1 0 D 0 0 D 0 D D 0 DATE NUMBER Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER 2919-B J&ll. 14 1936 CONDD4NATIONS--giving notice of aame on certain building located Lot 11 Blk 15 Suburb Royal Sub. known•• 922 Weat St. 2920-B Jan. 14 1936 COHDWNATIOl~S--giving notice or a on certain building located Lot S 45' ot 3 Blk 23 Avalon Heighta-6701 Branch Ave. 2921-B Jan. 1 4 1936 CONDruNATIONS--gi ving notice of a ame on certain building located lot 669 Borth Park Almex-304 W Lambrig!it St. 2962-B 2967-B 3001-B 3029-B . Sl88-B S202-B S208•B S209•B 3211-B 3212-B 3252-B 3253-B 3266-B 3276-B 327'1-B 3278-B 3279-B 3282-B 3285-B 3287-B 1118-B Sl&T-B 1936 CBRTIFICA'l'SS OF IIIDIBTBDlfBSS-authori&ing tu purohue ot oertai11 ot ••• ae per aohedule attached. • 1936 CAIBBLLA FRA.11-authcri&ing the payment ot tze.,a ooapenaat1on tor auatained due to detectifl atreet pa-,e•nt. t 1936 a.lDILISRI IGJIACIO-correoting p1raonal ta againat .... tor ti. year 1936, ltol Highland Aft. • 10 1936 CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS-authorizing the purehu• of certain of aame per aehedul e attached. Mar. 31 Kay 28 June 30 1936 1938 11S6 . CUSTOMS BUILDING -In the matter or request fer Federal Funds for the erection of United Cuatoma Building in the City of Tampa Carter. B. H. -Authorising sale to E. H. Carter ot Lot 9• Blook 9• PaDUII. 111bd1Ti1ioa CO?IDEMNATIONS•giving notiae or condemmtion of certain buildillg located Lot Water Lot 32 H a: K Map ot Garrilon Slloor ot Water and F.ut Platt St. JIil. 1, 19N CB • .lpplio&'tlOll throup 1farlca ProgreH Jdllt.Dletntloa tor a14 to N•OocHt, City .... , J111. 1-6 19N CWK -To ocapenate Jira. Violet CJallt.Mr tor clwg•• autalmd to ur autcaobil• oaued by cleteotin street Aug. , 19S6 CIVIL ORVICE BOABD • Authorising aployaent ot B. B. Draright u Attorney in a apeoial prooee41ng to th• awthor• 1t7 ot the Cin.l hrrl.oe Board to adopt l"\1les the diaoharge ot 1111ployeea on reduotion ot toroe ot the City .lug. 18 1936 CITIZEIII BAH AXD TRUBT CCIIPBY• Author1&1Dg the Liquidator to clrill a -..11 in aidnal.Jc on Borth aide ot Zaok lta Mt Aug. 18 1936 CBARTm ELECTIOB -Reterrl11g petition tor Charier Eleot1on to the Cl•k and Caaaittee or Board ot Repreaentat1n• Aug. 18 1938 CUBCADD PARK -Authorizing applioation through Worlca Progreaa .Admim.atration tor aid to ocaplete noreatioa Aug. 25 19SI CDiCIBKATI BASEBALL CLUB CCMPAllT • Authorising the Mayor to e.xeout• LEASE AGREElm'n' with Cincinnati Baseball Club C~ to 1937 Spring training Ang. 25 1936 CHARITIES A.CCOUBT -Appropriating $3,000 trca the unappropriated 1935 tax tun:! to 1\l!lC!J7 Charit1•• Aooount tor 4• tor the 1110ntha or April and Jlay • 1936 Sep. 1 1936 CLAIM. MRS. J. H. CULBREATH -Authorising iasuaJJCe of Warrant payable to lira. J. li. Culbreath in settlement ot CWJI Sep. 8 1936 CLINTON• R. L. • Authorizing cancellation ot Certitioato ot Indebtedness San:R CERTIFICATE against Lot 12• O.Orp B. Cart.rt Subdivision .. Sep. 8 1936 CLAIM -Allthoridng compromise settlement with Captain Pepoa Ph111~ tor damage to Schooner VACILAXI in oolliaion with * Laf'ayette Street Bridge ..... • 1936 CEIIBTIR1 -Authori.&ing the issuance of DEED to Sadie Wilson to N. 6' or Lot G, Block 41. Woodlawn Cemeteey upon pa~ ot balance due in the sum of $7.00 Sep. 15 1936 CAMPBELL'S SNO':r AVL'NBE PH.AIU:ACY -Establishing parld?l{; space for, at 1601 Sno\T Avenue Sep. 29 1936 CI.AIU -Approving payment or claim or Dr. M. R. Winton tor rental < X-Ray equipnent to tho Uunieipal Bo-,1,tal Sep. 29 1936 CONDa!NATION -Notice or condemnation of building located on Lot 4, Block 18, East Tampa Subdivision. known aa 2811 C1111"1c Sep. 29 1936 CONDEMNATION -Notice of condemnation or buildings located on Lot 12, Block 2, tratch Rill Subdivision, known u 8614-281 .. East Co 1 umbu s Drive Sep. 29 1936 CONDEMNATION -Notice or oondemm.tion or building located on Lot 10, Ni of Blook 12, I.lay'• Subdivision, East Columbus Drive Oot. G 1936 CUSC.ADEU PARK -Urgin~ tho approvo.l by tho iiPA for the project for tho developnent of Cusoaden Park Oot. 6 1936 CUSCADEN PA.~K -Authorizing ~pplication throuGh tlPA for aid in coBstructinG LIBRARY BUILDITTC in Cusca.den Park Oot. 6 1936 C~TIFICATES OF INDEBTEmiESS -~ualifying certain Improver.ient Lion Certific~tes for aoeoptanoe under the Rev . Oot.'. 6 1936 CERTIFIC~S, PAVING, SEJER AlID TAX -AUthorizlnz tho cancellation or Pnnni C ertificate No. 169, Sewer Certit1e•~• .._ and 1545 nm Tax Certifies. te No. 106, acainst certain rroperty i!l General !.:ap of • 0o1;. 27 1936 COL
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. 2 . NUMBER 3362-B 3364-B 3365-B 3374-B 3386-B 3388-B 3389-B 3392-B • 3395-B 3423-B 3433-B 3439-B 3466-B 3468-B 3473-B 3491-B 3492-B 3492-B 3493-B 3508-B 3512-B 3517-B 3523-B 3529-B 3532-B 3532-B 3555-B 3567-B ' 8187-B 3696-B 8800-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida DATE Month Day Year Dec. l 1936 Dec. l 1936 Dec. l 1936 Dec. 8 1936 Dec. 22 1936 Dec. 22 1936 Dec. 22 1936 Dec. 22 1936 SUBJECT MATTER CLARKSON, w. c., ESTATE OF -Authorizing cancellation or TAXES against certain property deeded to the City ot Tampa tor atre purposes in Seotion 17, Township 29 South Range 19 East, 26th and 29th'Streeta CONDEMNATION -Directing the llayor to ca.use the destruotion or removal ot building No. 2614 am 2616 Columbus Drive, located on Lot 12,. Block 2, Watch Hill Subdivision CONDEMNATION -Directing the Mayor to ca.uae the destruction or removal ot building No. 2402 East Columbus Drive, located on E. or Lot 10, Block 12, Kay•• Jddition CUSCADEN PARK LIBRARY -In regard to WPA project cOTering Cuscaden Park Library CITY ATTORNEY -Authorizing the employment ot apecial counsel to cooperate with the City Attorney in preparation of all necessary resolutions for accomplishing the retunding of of outstanding bonds CITY ATTORNEY -Authorizing the City Attorney to secure associate counsel in the contest or Ordinances 588-A and 589-A, prohibiting miisances along Bayshore Drive CERTIFICATES -Qualifying oertain Public Improvement Lien Certificates tor acceptance under the Revolving Fund CENTRAL STORAGE GARAGE -Correcting personal tax assessment for the year 1935 agt.inat A. T. Rollins as Central Storage Garag am ordering tre assessment or said item apinst Brown & Haney Dec. 29 1936 CH.ARTER BOARD ELECTION -Directing tm City Clerk to deliver petitions tor Charter Board Election to t~ Board or Elections of the City or Tampa, in compliance with Court Writ Jan. 12 1937 Jan. 12 1987 Jan. 26 1937 Feb. 2 1937 Feb. 9 1937 Feb. 16 1937 Feb. 23 1937 Kar. 2 1937 Mar. 9 1937 lfar. 9 1937 Mar. 9 1937 Kar. 16 1937 Mar. 16 1937 Mar. 16 1937 Mar. 23 1937 Kar. 30 1937 Apr. 6 1937 Apr. 6 1937 Apr. 13 1937 Apr. 13 1937 Apr. 17 1937 Apr. 17 1937 Apr. 28 1937 May 4 1937 May 11 l,987 May 11 193'1 liq 18 1937 cmnncATD -Q,aal1fy1Dc o.-taia PlabU.• IaproT1 ,nt Lia CertU'loatea tar uoeptw• 11114w thl llnolTillg .Flam Ccan.&CT -w1 th Atl&Dtio Coaat Lim Jlailroa4 Collp~ tor ooutruotioa ot ut.. Mt oroaaiJtg to opa 19th St.a Mt uroa• 1 ta nght-ot'-ny am traoJc• CERTRO ASTURLUIO -Branting permi11ion to Centro Aaturiano the uae ot property owned b7 City tor parking purpoeea CERTIFICATES -Qualifying oertain Public ImprOTement Lien Certitioates tor aooeptanoe under the Revolving . .Fund CLAIM -Authorizing payment of $500.00 to Mrs. Silverio Fernande& in settlement c claim for damages on account ot deteot in sidewalk CLAIM -Authorizing com.prcmdse settlement of CLAIM or Eugene Edward Butler for bodily injuries am damage to bicycle, caused by collision With Police Patrol Car No. 15 CIBBTBRY -Directing City Bngineer to la.7 out a plot in Roble• c .. tei'y Traot tor burial ot PAUPBR DUD CCllllU5ITT BUILDIBG • Authorising appli•tion through WPA tor t?onn1nit7 Building -tnot ot land known •:nole Cin.o Cent.r COL
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u 0 D .. D o . NUMBER 3609-B 3612-B 3613-B 3618-B 3619-B 3820-B 3628-B 3829-B 3853-B 3663-B 3684-B 38n-B 3672-B 3680-B 3681-B 3682-B 3683-B 3684-B 3704-B 3724-B 3724-B 3726-B 3726-B 3738-B 3747-B 3752-B 3753-B 3754-B 3755-B 1801-B 3807-B 3825-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida 3 DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year llay 18 1937 C!W{GI ACCOUNT -Change Aooounta in the Delinquent Tax Colleotion Departaent;J Dr .. Field Airport, and 1a the otfioe ot thl Deputy Clerk ot .lllmioipal Covt May 18 1937 CCfiTilfGENT LIABILITI18 -Di.Noting ouoellation ot o.rtain Contugent up in or Ordinane• No. 461-A and '62-A May 18 1937 May 18 1937 liq 18 1937 llay 18 1937 May 25 1937 May 25 1937 Jun. l 1937 CIRCUIT COURT -Cont'irJling o.rtai:a payaente into the Jund• troa Internal Iaprcw•ent FuD4 ot re~ acmeya on aoo ot Bebraeb. ~TeJllle Illpronaent lletund ordered by the ~iroui t Court CONDEMNATION -llotiee ot Cond81111&tiOD ot oertai:a traae buil41Dge looated on Bebruka ATemieJ llinth (9th) Street and at.lla It COHDEMIATICIJ -JlotiN ot Condemnation ot trae buolding looated on Lot 4, Bloolc 3, Leele,-•• nat, known 4201 Flor.icla .ln. CUBCADIIT PAIK P!lOPDTY -Authorizing appU•ation through \T P .l tor oertain oonatruotiou am • CONDEMNATION -llotiee ot Collldanation of tr ... building looated on South 83' ot Lot 6, Blook 95, Ybor City mown 1902 -newnth (11th) ATemae COHDBMNilIOH -Botioe ot .Condeanation ot traae building looated on Borth 1/2 ot Lot 8, Bloolc 5, Bourquar4es SubdiTiaion, known aa 1603 Tampa Street C!lUZ., F.AR11A.CIA DI LA. -Co1Teoting pereonal tax aaae1aent1 againat tor the year 1936 Jua/ 8 1937 CLAUDB-DOJJ SOUTHE1lX COllPORATIOI' -CoZT•cting pereou.J. tax aeaeeaent, tor thl yM.r 1936• against Claude•N•on Southera Corpcration. 902 Street Jun. 8 1937 CONDEMIIATIOI -1'otioe ot Co:ademation ot b11ilding located on W. t ot Lot 5., Block 32• Ybor City lCJlown aa SE oor ur ot 14th Street and loth Annue Jun. 8 1937 CONDli:MNA'.l'IOlf -Notice or Condanation ot bailding located on s. ot Lot 10, Blook 28., Ybor City lCloWD u n obrmr ot 14th Street and 6th ATenue Jun. 8 1937 CONDEMNATION -Jlotioe ot Condemnation ot building located OD•• i ot Lot 7, Bloolc 29, Tunlan' • SubdiTiaioa, kzlown u II eorn 22nd StrNt and 4th ATenue Jun. 15 1937 CONTRACT -Authorizing contract with Atlantic Coast Lim Railroad Campany tor water under ita traoJca at Bay-to-Bay Bl...._ Jun. 16 1937 CONTRACT -Authorizing contract with Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company tor water main under its tracks at 10th Avenue Jun. 15 1937 CONDEMNATION -Notioe or Condemnation of building located on Nff' ot s or _Lot 6., Block 5, Bourquardez Subdirlaion., known u 1601 Tanpa Street Jun. 15 1937 CONDEMNATION -Notice of Condemnation of building looated on Lot &f., Bl~ck 96., . Ybor City Addition., known aa 1904 -11th .ln. Jun. 15 1937 CONDEMNATION -Notice ot Condemnation ot building located on Lot 14, Block 4, Carolina Terrace, known aa 2705 32nd Street Jun. 15 1937 CONDEMNATION -Notice or Condemnation ot building located on Lot 1, Blook 2, Drew•• Subdirlaion., known as 108 •• 8 Jun. 15 1937 CctIDEMNATION -Notice or Condemnation or buildi~ located on Bf or Lot 8 or J. s. Go11 SubdiT11ion., known aa 7000 Central A . Jun. 23 1937 CITY PENSION FUND -Authorizing the borrowing of $12,000.00 for use or City Pension Fund for Policemen and Firemen Jul. 6 1937 CONNOR., A. ~;. -To canpensate A. W. Connor for damages sustained to his autanobile caused by defective MANHOLE on Morgan St. at the intersection or Zfuiting Street Jul. 6 1937 CLAIM -Srun.e as above Jul. 6 1937 CRAYfl.,EY • T. L. -Authorizing payment of $35.00 to T. L. Crawley for balance of SALARY as Stage Han.ager., Municipal Auditorium Jul. 6 1937 CL.AIM -Same as above Jul. 13 1937 CEDAR STRE.E.T -Authorizing application through W P A for removing., relaying ond widening pavement on Ceder Street rrcm Grand Central AvemM to Azeele Street Jul. 20 1937 CLAIM -Authorizing payment of' $600.00 to Mrs. Mary Leighty in settlement or CLAIM and law action for danages aooount dei'eot in sidewalk Jul. 20 1937 CONDEMNATION -Notice or Condemmtion of building located on Lot 6, Block 1. Ho.nkins Virginia Heights., known aa 1402 New Orleans Avenue Jul. 20 1937 CONDEMNATION -Notice of Condemnation of building located on Lot 2., Block 7., Original Town Subdivision. known as 1011 Tampa S. Jul. 20 1937 CONDEMNA1'IOlT -Notice of Condemnation of' building located on Lot 2, Warner Subdivision, known as 7502 Nebraska. Avenue Jul. 20 1937 CONDEMNA1'IOU -Notice of Condemn~tion of buildi~• located on Lot 19., Block 8., c. B. Bouton Subdirlsion., known as 921-923 Green Street Aug. a 1917 CLDIC BUitm•G., IIUIICIPAL • Anlloris1Dg applioation tlanu.gll WP A tor ooutnotiOD ot a llmi..S.,al Olbi• lnd.lcliJlc I.lag. 17 1917 COLUMBUS DRIVE• Alrthori&ing applioatiOD tbroup WP A tor w14ezd.Dg Coluabua Drin tr• Flori4a Awme to Billaboraugll llnr Aug. 24 1937 CIR'.l'IJ'ICil'B OF lllDBBTEDVBSS • Authorising oanoellation ot Certitioate ot IndebtedneH tor PA'VlllG agaiut Lot 87 Borth Pu-.k lubdiTieio~ -The s .. raet r-owpe~ Aug. h 1937 CLAIJI • App~, Ratityinc am Continl1J:lg report ot ti. F1nenoe Comlittee reoomending pa,-ent ot flOO.OO to Dr. D. Ge lleighen tor proteaaional eerrio•• remered to L. B. Baley wbil• in tM -,107 ot the Polioe Departaent . l•P• 8 1937 CORTRACT -Authorizing oontraot with Atlantio Coaet Li.D9 Railroad Company tor Water Main along right-ot-w9.7 tt• Bay-to-Bay Boulen.rd South about 800 teet

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( r ... -i' "" II •• ; r-' . 4 ____ I _ndex to Resolutions Passed by_the Board of Rem:._esentatives of the Citv of Tamp_c!, Florid _ a ________ _ ) II , t::============~============================================+======:::: I ' DATE ii ' Ii " , 11 , ,, : : NUMBER 3836-B 383'1-B 3838-B 3839-B 3840-B 3844-B 3858-B 3865-B 3891-B 3896-B 3898-B 3899-B 3902-B 3909-B 3912-B 3915-B 3917-B 3929-B 3932-B 3936-B 3952-B 3953-B 3955-B 3956-B 397.l•B 3986-B 3988-B 3989-B 3990 B 3990 -B 3992-B 3993-B 3 99 8-B • 4002-B 4015-B Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER Sep. 14 193'1 CCIIDDIHATION -Notice ot Condemnation or building looated on B. 1ft Lot 10. Bloolc 1. Fol"rest Park Rm.sed Map. known ae 110. I'! 3414 -12th Annue I • 8ep. 14 1937 CONDEMNATION -Notice ot Condemnation ot building located on NE le11 E 191 lesa N. 8' ot Lot 1, s. Mitchell Subdivision. knmm as No. 1212 lfebraslca Avenue Sep. 14 1937 COBDEMNATION -Notice ot Condemnation of building located on Lot 9 and N 20' ot Lot 10, Block 6, Seher North Ybor Subdn. known as No. 2905 -12th Street Sep. 14 1937 CONDEMHATION -lfotioe or Condemnation ot building looated on Lot 5 or Cotter•• Spring Hill Subdivision, Jmown ae No. '1001 Duoan Sep. 14 1937 CONDEIOJATIOB -Notice ot Condemnation ot building located on 8-~ Nlf-or Lot 2. lluggee Subdivision. known as 1010 Nebraaka An Sep. 14 1937 COLUIIBU8 DRIVE -Authorizing applioation through W P A tor grading, tilling and pa"t'iJig Columbus Drin tram 29th to 40th 8t1. Sep. Sep. Oct. 21 23 1937 193'1 COBDEMNATIOH -Notice or Condemnation or building located on Lot 1, Block 4, Bourquardez Bubdivision, known a1 1616 Tampa CIA IM To compensate J . II. Wertz .for damages to his eyeglasses by reason of lovr hanging tree limbs on Platt Street 5 1937 CONST.ANT STREET -Prohibiting PARKING on the South side of Constant Street between Jefferson and Orange Streets Oot. 28 1937 CBRfll'ICATB -~horidJJC oanoellation ot .._r OertU'ioae JJo. A-5487 agaiut part ot Lot 2. Blook 1. ~ry•• SubcliTilion, Dalde H. Miller Oot. 28 1937 C!WlDI0FF. I.SO • Correcting personal tax tor the year 1936 againlt Leo Chardkott, et al. Oot. 28 1937 C
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• I ________ Index to Resolutions Passed b t e .~ard of_.Ee~resentatives of the City of Tampa"-=--F.;;;;_;;;;lo...;;;c..:ri:;..;;;.;;;d..:;;..;;_a _____ --'-..:...a 0 ,, 0 D 0 0 \ .. NUMBER 4061-B 4061-B 4075-B 4076-B 4079-B 4081-B 4086-B 5001-B 5003-B 5007-B 5009-B 50ll-B 5017-B 5021-B 5022-B 5027-B 603T•B 6080-B &061-B 5072-B 6074-B 5076-B 5091-B 5092-B 6096-B 5098-B 5102-B 5118-B 5129-B &l&O•B DATE r SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year Jan. 25 1938 CROSIBl'I Allowiag t'U'teen~nute pu-ld.Dg trca 8100 a. a., to 8100 P• a., in trout ot 111 Zaolc Street tor Croaier•• M. 1 1938 CER1'IJ'ICA1'1S -Qualifylag oertaill Pllblio Lien Certiftoate• tor aooept&DM under thl Jlnolnng PuDd Feb. 8 1938 CERTIFICATII -Authorizing oanoellation or Paring Certitioate #118'T2 againat Lot 6, J. N. ilehmOD Subdin.sion ,f4 Feb. 15 1938 CONTRACT -Authorizing execution of' contract f'or turnishing water to th, City c Port Tampa City Feb. 15 1938 CDTIFICATK -Authorizing n,-iutatiz: n+.._ et. Tax Oertitioate oanoellecl through error against Lot 4, Blook A, Chas. G. Dill',. Subdivilia, am iaauanoe ot Certitioate agaimt Lot 3, Blook A, Chaa. o. Dill'• Bulldin.don Feb. 22 1938 C~TIFIC.ATIS -Authorizing canoellati•n or Paving Certitioates Bos. 8857 am 8858, property in Hayden Subdiviaion Kar. l 1938 CITY DGII.IER -Authori&ing City bgineer to ia•ue PERMIT f'ar ereotion of' filling atation at JlW oornet 5lliott &JI(] 13th St•• tem,orarily waiving requireDnt• t• oeaorete &pproaohe• thereto Kar. l 1938 CITY lea•• The ColiHtm on D&Tia Islam• tor uae u quarters for the men in ••nice in Military Maneuv.-a to be oon:luoted during the a>nth or .Maroh 1938 Mar 8 1933 CKNTRAL FOllIDRY CCl4PAJY-Approvi?g 'ti d or aaie fbr t'lrnilhing naterial1 to Water Department. Mar 8 1938 CITY An'CRNEY' S om CE-Authorizing employment of' additional olerio al help in •aid office and expend not J110Zoe th.a $250.00 p.-month th.-eta-. Mar 22 1938 COWAUNITY CENTIR BUILDING-Jt••olution Mayor to tile Application throur,i 11'. P. A. totr aid in tinancinc Coanunity Center BuUdimg tor Hellenic C-mm11ty ot Tampa Lot• 18,19,20 Blk 17 Hayden'• Sub. Mar 22 1938 CINTRAL TRU::JC LIDZ-Waiving certain building reatriotiou on propo•d building f'or their uae at Jacka n & Bruah Stre.t1. Mar 22 1938 CBDAR AVE?HS-Reaolution Nqueating Llqor to open usLnc brioke and block• being taken up f'rcm Bayahcre Drive. Mar 29 1938 CANDII.ERI, MRS 1.-Authoritlng apportionment or certain taxes for ~ars 1929 to 1934 inclusive on~ of' vf or lot 2 Blk 71 Ybor City Sub on petition of' same. . Mar 29 1938 Apr Apr Apr Apr 5 1938 5 1938 5 1938 5 1938 Apr. 12 1938 .&pr. l2 1938 .&pr. 12 1938 • 12 1938 • 12 1938 CINCINNATI BASEBALL C LUB CO.-Aut;horiz ing llayor to exe,ute Leas e Ar;reement f'cr use of' Plant Field by aame. for 1939 fra1.n!ng. CHANCEY. ! ,RS BERTHA apportionment of certain 1937 againat B 150 teet l & 2 Blk 10 Chelsea Sub. CONDEMNATIO NS-Reaolution giving notice to repair or remove bldg 1804-06 N Te.mpania Ave. \.. CONDEMNA.'l'IONSResolution i;ivine; notice to repair or :n,m ove bldgs 2142-2142 & 2144 Chestnut Street. CASS STREET-Resolution abolilhing two stop on Cua Street at interaeotion with N. Boulevard. CLllJIB • Alrthorisillg p&1119nt ot 150.00 OD aoootllt to ova ot Jira. Verona am Llo,.I 111.-worth with City Bealth C&r on April a, l9S8 c
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II ,__,_ ____ Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Regresentatives of the City of Tampa, _E_lo~ n =d=.;.a _______ ----', ' NUMBER DATE Mo11\h Day Y11r i' SUBJECT MATTER ,1-.. ------1---+--+---+-----------------------------------------------------t-------~ I . • I 1 , 5151-B 515'-B 5164-B 5181-B 5192-B 5193-B 5194-B 5196-B 5196-B 5200-B 5208-B 5210-B 5211-B 5207-B Jun. 28 1931 C!RTIFICATIS• Authorizing ot-ncellation ot paving certifioate Ho. 11155, agaimt B 1.2 tNt ot the Welt '6.2 teet ot Borth 66 tNt ot Lot 2 Block S6 • General Map ot TaJnp&. Jun. 28 1931 CURBIBO-Authorizing City lngim• to grmt permit tor lowering curb on Lale• ATenue tor a di•tance ot 76 teet opposite Lot l Blk 6 RoH & Randall'• Sub and penait the pe.Ting ot the area b9twffn the C\11'b and property line with •hell. Jul. 12 1938 CLAIM -Authorizing the compromise and settlement ot the CLAIM of Joe Noto tor dmagee to hie automobile by a talling tree July 19 1938 cmTIFICATES-Authoriling the cancellation ot tax certificate No B-6440 1.'or year 1936 and B-6324 for 1937 alao amending Reaol-ution No. 6066-B pa••ed on May 6th 1938. July 26 1938 CALLAHAN CUT-OFF-Qidoraing the request to the State Road Department or Florida to complete the ao-called Callahan Cut-Ott in Naaaau Qounty. July 26 1938 COND~.fflATION-Reaolution giving notice of condemnation or building 1606 Mitchell St, on Lot N 44' of lot 10 Blk 2 Stocken Court. July 26 1938 CONDEUNATION•Reaolution giving notice of condemnation of building 1616 Tampa St on Lot l Blk 4 Bourguardez Sub. July 26 1938 CONDEMNATION-Reaolution giving notice of >ndemnation or buildi!lg 600 W Palm Av• on lot l Bllc 9 Riverlide Sub. July 26 1938 CON DRfNATION•Reaolution giving notioe of condemnation of building 106 E Francia Ave in rear Lot -lot 4 Bllc 2 and W 32• 01.' Lot 3 llunro &: Mointoah Subdivia ion • . I.July 26 1938 C Ol~OLIDATED FURNITtEE CO•R•aolution reaerving parking apace in 1.'ront ot building No. 1424 Franklin Street for uae ot s &l!l•• Aug. 2 19~ CONDEMNATION-Giving notice of comemnation or wilding in rear of 3607 Nebraska Ave. Lot 11 Blk l Francis Sub. lug. 2 1~8 COMMANCHE A.VE STORM SE'ilm-Authorizing application througp w. P. A. tor construction of aame, and relooation ot drainage di tohe I in areas • Aug. 2 1938 CLAIM-Resolution autJtorizing payment of $39. 76 to Henry Iweraen in compemation 01.' dalnagea to hia Automo bile oaus ed by running into hole in i:-vement on North Boulevard. Aug 2 1938 CERTIFICATES -Qualifying certain Improvement Lien Certificates for acceptance, under the Revolving Fund 5218-B -Aug. 9 1938 CONDE?.m.ATION -Notice of Condemnation of building 916 -7th Avenue 5219-B 5220-B 5221-B 5221-B 5223-B 5228-B 5236-B 5237-B 5243-B 5244-B 5245-D 6253-B 6281 5282-B 5284-B 6299-B 5306-B 5307-B 5316-B 5317-B 6S28-B Aug. 9 1938 CONDlllNA.TION -Notice of Condemmtion of buildings 1501-03 16th Street. Aug. 9 1938 CONDllmATION -Notice of Condemnation of buildings 1901-3-5-7-9. 14th Street Aug. 9 1938 CONDllmATION -Notice of Condemnation of buildings 1900-2-4, 16th Street Aug. 9 1938 CONDllmA.TION -Notice of Condemnation of building 1906 -15th Street ' Aug. 9 1938 CONDllmATION -Notice of Condemnation or building 1503 -4th Avenue Aug. 16 1938 CffiTIFICATE -Canceling Certificate :fr-vr49. elated May 2, 1898• for taxea for 1897, on Lot 2, Block 6, Gidden, Subdivision Aug . 16 1938 COUNTY SOLICITOR -Establishing two (2) parking spaces on North side of 1~dison St •• between Franklin St. and Florida Ave., for use of the County Solioitor•a Office. Aug . 23 1938 COOPER, A. F. -Authorizin~ the pui,ohase of the Water System and equipment owned by A. F. Cooper known as Bey Bluff ~ :a.ter Co. Aug . 23 1938 C ONDE.:UA.TIO N -Notic e of Condemna tion or buiilding 2618 hlarconi St. Aug . 23 1938 COIIDE:.:NA':.I O N -i~otice of Condemmtion of A."11JDJGS on building 5401 Florida Avenue Aug . 23 1938 C ONDE!nt\TION -Notice 01.' Condemm.tion of AltNINGS on building 702-04 Nebraska Avenue Aug. 30 1938 CERTIFICATES -Qualifying certain Improvement Lien Certificates for acceptance under the Revolving Fund Sep. 8 1938 CORBITT. H. c. -J.uthorlaillg apportlomumt ot tu••• tor th• 1•w 19S8• agalut Lot• ST and S8 ot !Inner'• Aon• a petition ot H. c. Corbett Sep. e 1938 COUlft'f TAX COLLETOR -Batablishlng PAllDG SPACB Oil the South • ot llacli80ll Street between Pruklill Street and norlcla An • tor ue by J. II. Blll'mtt, County !a Colleotor 6 1938 CITY CI.llm -eking a.pproprlation. on aooo11Dt exp•u• ot additiom.l help ill th• otfic• ot th• City Cl•rlc Sep. 23 1938 Cl!RTIPICATB -Canceling Tax Certiftoate llo. D-1188, isamd qainst Lot 23, Block 46, John H. ~-•• Fir•t Blcteuion, t"or taxe • 1937, and reiutating Tax Lien agaiut Lot 23• Bloolc 43, ot the,.. 1ubdlvilion Sep. 23 1938 COlfDDINA.TIOW -Notice ot Condamation ot blllldlng• 410-412-414 and 416, Bell Street \ Oot. 4 Oot. 11 1938 1938 CITY MA,RKEl'S-Establilhing 1 reHned •pace tor loading and unlaoding t'J'eigpt on Morgan Street aide ot ttle market. CITY OF TAr.PA-Authorizing apportionment of te.xea tor the ;y9ara 1924 1x> 1929 inclusiTe on Lot 2 Blk 7 Benjalllin'• petitl.on ot the City Att
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1----------I _ ndex to R_esolutions Passed by the &Qard of _Re_m-esentatives of th~ City of Tampa, Florida ____ _ o . I] 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 NUMBER 5341-B 6348-B 5349-B 5360-B 6S5l•B 5363•B 5364-• 6364-B 6368-B 6376-B 5376-B 5380-B 5384-B 5389-B 5402-B 5403-B 5404-B 5405-B 5406-B . 5409-B 6413-B 5415-B 5'20-B 5'28-B 5430-B 5430-B 545~-B 5457-B 5459-B 5459-H 5460-B DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER NoT. l 1938 CUSCAD!Ji PJRK-Requesting Reor•tion l;joard to exempt ohildren 14 years ot age and under f'rClll tor ad.minion to aame at entertai:rmBnta and eport aotivitie I when accompanied by pared: s or other person responisble. NOT. 8 1938 CONDllfNATION• Giving notice ot condemnation of' building No. 204 S Brevard on Lot 11 Blk 6 Washington Sub. NOT. 8 1938 -COND!MNATION-OiTing notioe ot oondemnation of' building No. 2426 Stuart St on W 20' of' Lot 3 and E 20' ot Lot 4 Blook Feat Tampa Subdirlaion. Nov. 8 1938 CONDlMNATION'-Oiving notioe or oondemnation of' building No. 2601 6th AT• on Wfl-Lot 1 Blk 25 Turman• s Bast Ybor Sub. NOT. 8 1938 CONDD1NAXION-Oiving notioe ot oondemnation of building No. 2102-04-06-08 22nd St on Lota 6, 61, 7 & 71' Block 90 of Cha:mber-lain's Sub ot Ybor City. Nov. 8 1938 CONDFJINATION-Giving notioe of' condemnation of building SOOl Green Street on Lot 16 & 16 Block 3 Baisden•• Addition. Nov• 8 1938 CONDEMNATION-Gi Ting notice of condannation of' building 2-ill Stuart St on Lot 10 Blk 28 :East Tanpa. Sub• . Nov. 15 193~ CONDEKNA.TION -Directing the Mqor to oauae the destruotion and removal of' building numbered 1503 -4th Avenue Nov. 15 1938 CANDILimI, IGllCIO -Correcting personal tax usessment, tor the year 1937, against Ignacio Candilieri 1402 Highl,and Ave. Nov. 15 1938 CUSMANO, STEVE -Correcting personal tax usessment, tor the year 1937, againat Steve Cuamano 1112 Nebraska Avenue Nov. 22 1938 CORONA GROCERY CO-Authorizing reduction of personal J1X use11ment tor year 19!7 to $250.00, l 720-12th Ave. Nov. 22 1938 CULBRF.A.TH, AIRS MYRTLE M.-Fatabliahing parking space on Madiaon Street between Franklin Street and Florida Ave tor • Nov• 22 1938 OLEBK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT• --Same as above--Dec. 6 1938 CONDil!NATION -Notice of' Condemnation or Building No. 505-507 Scott Street on N of Lot 2, Blook 20, Mobley's Sub. Dec. 20 1938 cmTIFICATESAuthorizing the cancellation of record of certificate or indebetedness issued against Lot 17 McMa.ster's .Add•n being Paving Certificate No. A-12030, dated Decanber 6, 1937, upon the furnishing of' proper bond. Dec. 20 1938 PHILIP COLLINS ADDN-Authorizing the cancellation of certain tax and paving liens on Lota 10, 11 and 12 Blook 3 and Lot 10 Block 2 or same, acquired by the City under foreclosure and later sold to Nicolina Ficcarotaa. Jan. 10 1939 CERTIFICATES -Authorizing cancellation of Paving Certificate :{/=2907, against Lot 16, Block 3, Denis Addition to Ybor City Jan. 10 1939 CONDEllNATION -Notice of Condemnation of building loQated on Lots 9 and 10, Blook 108, Garrison Subdivision, at the SV/ Cor. Platt Street and Florida Avenue . Jan. 10 1939 COND~ATION -Notice of Condemnation of buildings on SE corner Lake Avenue and Jefferson Street, being Nos. 405-407-409 Lake Avenue Jan. 10 1939 COND?l.INATION -Notice of Condcmmtion of building No. 2017 -13th Avenue, located on Lot 2}, Blook 99 of an Addition to Ybcr City Subdivision Jnn. 10 1939 CH.ARTER OF CITY OF TAMPA -Authorizing application through ,If P A for grant to compile the Charter of the City of Tampa Jan. 10 1939 CASINO ENTERPRISES, INC. -Permitting the erection of a NIDl'l sign on the nest sido of Howard Avenue at Cass Street by the Casino Enterprises, Inc. Jan. 24 1939 CAMPBELL, UTE -Authorising SALE of' W. 60 teet of' Lot 9, Block 1, Idlerild on thll Hillsborough to Kate Campbell Jan., 24 Jan. Sl CLmlONS, JESSE • Authorizing SALE of Lot 9, Blook 44, .Lesley' 1 .Addition to Je11e Ulemona CmTIFICilES -Authorising oanoellation ot mproTanJ CertU'ioate '6117 Bloot 6 ot Prall'• Subd1Ti1ion 1939 1939 Feb. T 1939 CERTIFIOilES • Authorising oanoellation of' SD1m. CertU'ioate ~1263 againlt Lot 6 ot Dr. Goldateil111 Rmaed ot u. B. Bouton c!c Compan,•• Addition to Weit Tampa on petition ot w. J. 16.lea Feb. 7 1939 CmTIFICATES -Authorising oanoellation ot PAVING Certitioate fl4192 against -cl Lot 13• Blook T ot l>ide Park Subdn., on petition or Marjorie B. and w. E. Rumer Feb. 7 1939 CHARDKOFF, LPD. -Correoting tax aaaesam.ents against Leo Chardlcott, tor thB 7ear1 1937 and 1938, at 3008 I. Feb. 7 1939 CACCIMORE BROS. GROCmY -CorreotiDg personal tax assessment, againat Caociatore Bros. Orooery, tor the y-eari 193'7 an4 1938 at 1822 -7th ATenue Feb. 7 .1939 CWK -Authorising papent ot tl00.00 1n settlement ot Law Aotion and Claim tor tor injuries by llubJ Elisabeth Felder Feb. 7 1939 CmTIFICATES -Authorising oamellation of' oerta11l Tax and PaTing lieu on 9• 10 and 11, Blook 2, Lakewood liaaor Subdn. purolaaed under toreolosure sale b)' the City am later 11ld to Don L. am Killioent lt. Robinlon Feb. T 1939 CRESCENT APART.MBNTS -Eatablhhing reaen-ecl in tront or Creaoent Apartment• at 607 Latqette Street Uar. 1 1939 CALD"ilELL'S, W. H. RESUBDIVISION-Authorizing cancellation or Cert A-5868 tor Sewer issued o.~inat Lot 4 of aame, on petition of Elouise Bimmerman Bell. Mar. 7 1939 CAUSEY, 1:'.RS FRAI: CES-A11thorizing al)portiomnent; of taxes on W 60 ft of :Bast 120 ft of Lot 7 Blk 17 Idlewild an the Hillabor-ough Sub on petition of !Jar. f 1939 CERTIFICATES OF I1'DEEBTEDNESS-Authorizing oanc ella.tion of certain of Same for Paving, Sewer and Tax liens on w 60 .ft of' Lot , MAJ-. 7 1939, ...!RS KA.TE-9 Blk i Idlewild on the Hillsboz:oue;h !:>ub acquired by the City under for ~losure and later aolcl to Kate Cro:tpbell. Sarne a s a lOVe----7 1939 cou:m TAX ASSESSOR-Esta'!::>lia_hing reserve space for -use of hie office on Ji.adison Street

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F ,. i \, Index to Resolutions Passed bv the Board of Reoresentatives of the Citv of Tamoa. Florid:;..;;.;:.a ________ ------1' . NUMBER DATE Month Day SUBJECT MATTER Mar. 7 1939 CONDEUN'Al'ION-Giving notice of condemnation of build~ on Lot 6 Blk 3 Futch Sub. 2707 13th Ave. ?tar. 7 1939 CO!rDE:,:J: UTIOH-Giving notice or oondemna';ion of buildinr; on Lot 25 Blk 2 El Valle de Tt>Jtpa Sub.5216 6th Ave. 5463-D 5464-B 5470-B wo.r. 14 1939 COifJllJ!ATIO: ~ -Giving notice or condennation bf buildings 2109-11-11 1Iain Street. on Lot 12 Blk 5'arlnn e Addn to •;1. Tempi. 5471-B 5472.-B 5485-B 5491-B . Mar. 14 1939 CONDE:.INATION• Giving notice or condemmtion of building 2302 14th Street (front only) on Lots 5&6 Blk 3 Sanchez &: he.ya Sub. Mar. 14 1939 9HI~DRIDl' S CL:C:IC-F.stablishing reserved spnce (I{o Parking) for use of same in front of ll. 1804 14th Street. IJar. 28 1939 CINCINNATI BASEBALL CLUB-Authori zin~ !layer to execute Lease A"Teement with same for Traini:r.g Quarters in Tampa. .. t:a.r. 28 1939 CRITCHLO;{ HEtGHTS-Authorising sale of' Lots 9 t: 10 or same to B. L. Wilson for ..;soo.::>o on tenr.s. • 5492-B ?.lar. 28 1939 C~TRAL PARK sun-Authorizing cancellation or oertificat• No. 31044 agninst lot 13 Block 5 of same. for paving in sum of ~199.87 and releasin--property from said lien. 5495-B llo.r. 28 1939 COiIDEl~UA.TION-Givi.q; notioe of condemnation of building 2108 r,:itchell Street on Lot 5 Blk 6 Spencer Place Sub. 5498-B 5504-B . 5513-B 6626-B &62'1-B 6628-B 6629-B 1510-B 6631-B 663'7-B 6666-B 6668-B 6569-B 6683-B 6684-B 6686-B 6690-B 6691-B 6696-B 669'7-B 6612-B 5635-B 5654-B 5657-B 5662-B 5663-B 5664-B 5665-B 5674-B 5674-B A pr. 4 1939 Apr. 4 1939 Apr ll 1939 COPELAND, 'if. H• Authorizing cnncclation of record in Tax Collectors Office or Certificate of indebtednes& issued against N 8 3/4 ft or Lot 11 Block 9 ~ashington Sub on petition of same for owner. CARLTmr , c. c-Authorizing homestead exemption to same on•~ of Lot 2 Blk 1 .luffo.lo Sub for year 1936 and aut~orizing can-cellation of certificate No. C-7255 for taxes issued for said yeex. • CALJPOBE..l..O SUB-Authorizing sale of Lot 12 Blk 33 of same 'b:> c. A. Anderson upon certain terns. k(tr 18 19S9 OO!R'8 SUB-RHolution Nnounoing ot the City to oertain propertr in Co,-•• labdinaion in tM lity ot T ..... jpr 18 1939 COBDalNA1'ION-G1Ting 120tio• ot oond&Jatica ot building on Lot 13 Bllc 'I Bide Part Sub• 1' Orand Central kn. jpr 18 1939 COBDJIOU.TIO•-Ginng notioe ot oondamation ot building on lot '1 Bloolc I Beokw1th'a Sub, 1021 Coutant st. jpr 18 19S9 COBDJIDQTION-GiTing notioe ot cond-tion ot building on Lot 6 Blook l& Mobley•• Sub• 1406 Jetteraon Street. jpr 18 1939 COIDIIIKA.1'1011-Oinng notice ot ccmdenation ot building on Lot 8 Bloot I Jti.Ttra14• Sub. m Plant AT•• 18 1939 COBD1IDIA1'IO•-
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Q. 0 0 0 0 D o . Index to . Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida DATE SUBJECT MATTER NUMBER Month Day Year 5682-B July 25 1939 . COND~.rn.AT ION -Giving notice of condElllllation of buildings located 1320-22-24-26 11th Ave, on Lots 1 & 2 Blk 2 Sanchez & Haya •. 5683-B July 25 1939 CONDEMNATION-Giving notice of' condEmmation of buildings located 305--7-09-13-15 E. :0nily Street, on Lot l Blk 20 Central Par • 5693-B Aug. &TOT•B Aug. 1'708-B Ang. 6'709-B Aug. &nO-B Ang. &'113-B Aag. 5716-B • 1 1939 COOK1S HOSPITAL-Directing c nncellation of record of taxes outstanding oh Lot 21 Block 17, Hayden's Sub, on which sam e is located. 8 1989 ffl TRABSFIR CO-'11thori&111g the establialment ot reatM'ed parkiJtg apaoe at lo. 806 Aahley Street tor ue ot •--• 8 1939 BDIIOJA1'IOB-GiTing notioe ot eetndwmtion. ot bailclhtg wo. S006 Highland kr• on Lot & Bllc , Plaoe Sub. 8 1939 ID!JIXArIOJr-GiTing not1oe ot oondeamat1on ot lnd.lclin 21 T Jllzftll St at toot ot Jaobon on Lota l & 2 Bl~ 8 1'1.Dley & Stilling • 8 1919 OID!MJUfiO._ Os.Ting IIOtioe oond-t1on ot The Old Cnnaha,r Bdlclillg oa hlgga Street. 8 1989 LtlMBU8 mr,g. Welt Tuape. CiTio Club to •ect a aip on Part.., on Ho,-th ot .... jut aero•• Jliahigan AT• Bridge. 16 1939 OLUMBUS DRIV&-ordering ••tablilhlunt of trattic signal light at interaeotion ot •-with 'faJDp& s~. 6'718-B AJlc• 15 1939 OBTINGDJCY FUID-Appropriati.Jlg 1260.00 troa aame tor tlonation to Color Guard tJ. S. Tampa hat #6 arioan Legion. 6712-B Aug. 22 1939 x. nunn1ng for daJlla.p to jxztcaobile tirea uoount del'eot 1n Columbu Drin. 6133-B Aug. 22 1939 CWJIS• Campenaating A. L. Linton tor dug• to ._..,bile uoount defeat on Henry An. 5'747-B Aug. 29 1939 CIRTIFICA!IS -Cameling Certitioate Jlo. B-646, against Lot 1. Bloolc 17. Oaoaua and reinstating lien against Lot 4, Bloot lT, Oaoawana Subcliviaion 5'153-B Sep. T 6'764-B Sept T 5154-B Sep. T 5761-B Sept. 12 5762-B Sept. 12 5769-B Sept 26 5776-B Sep. 26 &'181-B Oat. s 6191-B Oot. 10 5804-B Oat. u 6810-B Nov. s 6819-B NoY. T 5822-B Nov. 7 58Sl•B Nov. 14 5832-B Nov. 14 6832-B Nov. 14 6834-B Nov. 14 5835-B Nov. U, 5837-B Nov. 14 5845-B Nov. 2l 5849-B Nov. 28 ,. . 1939 CRUZ. OSCAR AND GRACE -Authorizing SALE. ot Lot 13• BlooJt: 1, lloClung & Berry SubdiTiaion #2 to Oaoar and Graoe Crus . . . 1939 CAJl'l'O, HERRY -Authorising SA.LE ot Lot 16• Bloolc 3• Crilly•• to BeDl"7 Canto . 1939 CRILLY•$ SUBDIVISION • SUJ.e as above 1939 CONDamATION-Reaolution of final oondcnation ot buildings located 306-07-09-11-13 E Dnily Street Lot l Blk 20 Central Park S • 1939 CONDEMNAnON -Giving notice of oondammtion of building 5311 Nebraalc& Avenue. 1939 CENTRAL PARK SUB-Authorizing cancellation of Cewer Certificate against tract in NW corner of Block 4 Centre.l Park Sub 125 ft on Central Ave and 3:04.1 2 ft on Taf't Street. on 1>etition of G. C. Spicola Jr, under certain conditions. 1939 CLUSTER STREEl'Directing installation of street light on same at intersection with Central Ave. 19S9 CUD-Asathcriaing payant ot t50.00 in ocmpeuation ot 4-ag•• to Mr-a GlMlp ,Vuques tor ~Ul'J to her oh114. 1939 CllILLY•S oamellation ot Paving oertit1oate llo. A-14022 datecl Sept N. 19• agaiut Lot 1 Bllc 8 ot ... on peti t1 on ot 8•ba•tian s .. n.. 193 CLADl• Athoriaing oampraai•• aettl-nt of olda of Vaii Wallaoe tor clanage to hi• oar tue to detective apot 1n StrNt. 1939 CHBST!mVII,LB SUB-Authorising apportiomnent of outstanding tax•• on Lot 15 of aame on petition ot J. B. Vinson. 1939 CBESTmVILLE SUBAuthori&111g apportionment ot paving auee•ent on lot 15 or aame, on petition~ J. B. Vinson Jr. 1939 CAMPOBELLO SUB-Authorising ot Lot 4 Block 29 of aaJD.e ix, s. J. Gooden tor the 1Um ot 1240.00 on 19S9 COURI!m Clff SUB• Allowing S...r connection on lot 3 Blook 10 ot to be extended trom Lot 6 block 10, and pe:rmitti11g w. B. Hamilton owner to make such connection at his own expenae without &JJ connection tee. 1939 caw-Author iaing pqment or oalim or Gaspar Centinaro tor danage -t.o tombstone in Fwly plot in Woodlawn aocount of tree falling and br-.king the aame. 1939 CENTINARO• GASPAR• ---S11119 as abow----1939 CONDEUNATION-Giving Notice o f Condemnation or l:uilding No 81 '7-19 Zack Street(Irregular deaoription Chas Wright' 1 Sub) l9S9 CONDEMNATION• Giving notice ot oomemnation ot b.lilding 3801 Pendleton Street on Lot 13 Blt l Hewton Sub. 1939 1939 INA. and conveyance of lot 12 Block 40 of li.Tffview Park Sub to tor 1136.00 Cash. E. A.. SUB-Authorizing appcrtioIDllent of p-operty tax asseesment tor year 1939 on Lots 2 and E 46 .tt, and w 30 tt of Lot l and South 23.5' triangle less 17.05' thereof of Lat; 4, Block 23 of same, which is owned by Belva E Morris, and included of property owned by Asaal Co. Inc. 1939 CATHOLIC CHURCH-F.atablilhing status of Lots 3 & 4 Block 19 owned by aame u exempt property account use for charitable purposes as provide d by law. 5872-B Dec. 19 1939 COURIER CITY SUB-Authorizing cancellation of certii"lcate of indebtedness issued against.lot 3 Block 4 of aame on petition of William Taliaferro Attorney for Paimer National Bank & Trust Co. 5873-B Dec. 19 5874-B Dec. 19 5876-B Dec. 19 5882-B Dec. 19 5S88-B Dec. 19 -1939 CENTRAL FOUMDRY CO-A pp roving bid of seine for furnishing Pipe for iiater Departman t. 1939 CONDlMNATION-~dering final co memnntion of wilding on lot 12 Block 5 Macfarlane Sub, 2109-11 & 11 Main Street. 1939 CLAIU -Authorizing compromise settlEll'IB nt of claim of William walker fer damage to his a~tomobile account defect in paving. 1939 CONDK.illATION-Diving notice of condemnation of builcling on Lot 5 Blk 7 Bell1s Add, 613 Bell Street. I 1939 C.A!JPOBELI..0 SUB-Cancelling all City liens on Lot 4 Blk 29 of same, being property acquired by the City under foreolosut,t ... later sold •

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. ' r-NUMBER .... I Index to Resolutions Passed by _ the Board of Representatives of the City of Tampa Florida DATE MOllth Day I Year SUBJECT MATTER 1.-0 oouaia cm aa--.Dling naolu1d.on 1812-B utllomiq oamellatlcm ot •oorcl offtiftoate ot 11ldebte4Dla• 1••_. apt ... Ln I Blook 4 ot ..... beiDC paTing oenltSGate 18&19. lNO CUD, IL\BJLIA-A,ltborlslJIC ret'\mcl ot .,.oo .......... H'l'OI' 1a ooll•timc tma cm Lot I Blook -a-lallllllll•• •wt•• M fl. NO lpt tor wb1ob 11U l ..... Cll IA 11 llook .,. ot .... a11bcl1YU1 •• aDI Nl•tatlac 11• 011 prop_.. •ndl•• 111 el'NI'. . 1901 Jan. 9 19'0 oc••u.1:, IIRI BamA-A.uthcriallle Qport.t.onact or tan• oD IM• II ud SI Blook •• Dan• Ialallll• t• ,-ar• 1918 aDcl on pfti ti OD Ot ..... 1906-B Jan. 9 5916-B Jan. 16 1110 notioe ot •anatloa ot lnd.lclillC looatecl 1811 llat ATe OD Lot 11 Blook 41 Bonita Sub. 1940 CILO OOIIFAJT• jg1horbiq oancallati 011 ot umpa14 balanoe ot i-r•oaal tma lbr tla ,-ar la• aooom Bankrllptoy. 5919-B Jan. 11 1940 CBRTRAL Aul.hcriaing plaalng ot retleotar ai;op aipa aoroaa tm --d 8ovtb Side ot Broad Street. 5932-B Jan 30 1940 CANDIL!2I, I -Correcting personal tax aaaeument against I. Candileri ror the year 1938 and 1939• at 14' Highland Ave. 5939-B Feb. 6 1940 COLLINS, c. F. -Correotillg peraoml. tu aaaeaaent: tor the year• 1937, 1938 and 1939 against c. F. Collina aa Daria bland• Me.rlceta 8 lMO COl!IDEIOllTIO• -Bctioe ot Condeuation ot building• mmbered 1109-ll-13-15-17-19-21 Central Aftnue looated in s. Kitobell Sub, 6942-B Feb. 6 1940 COJIIDDOII.TIOB -Botioe ot CondmnaticD ot building• mabered 1619-21-23-25-27-29 tth ATenue located on Lota 1 md 2 ot Blook 43 ot Lealq' • Addition • 5943-B Feb. 6 lMO COBD!MHATIOW -Notice ot Condemnation ot buildillg mabered 1228 -'7th Annue looated on Bit or Lot 9, Bloc'lc 16, Lealey•a Add. 6 1940 C~NDDOaTIOW -Botice ot CcndamtioD ot building mab.-ed 916 -fth Annue looated on wt ct Lot 20, Bloolc 2, Hi~burge Sub. 5962-B Feb 13 1940 CllU'IFICA.TBB-cancellation paving certiricatea against Lot 1. Block 29, Ybor City Sub. .. 6956-B F eb 13 1940 CONDPJINATIOB-Notice or oond-tion or building at 6400 Nebraalca ATenue. 5957 Feb. 13 1940 COBDBIIN.ATION• Notice of condemnatio• of building at 3'07• 10th Street. 5960-B Feb 13 1940 CLONIBGR • -Sale of lota 19 and 20, Block l, and lots 10 and 11, Block 3, Minor Height• Sub to Jira. N.K. Cloninger. 5965-B Feb a, 1940 CIR?IFICA1'BS -Cancellation or Paving Certificate No. 9247, datet October 21, 1913 !'or paving abutting Ill Lot 8, Block 13 Highland Park Pi.rat Addition, City or Tanpa. 6966-B Feb 20 1940 CENTRAL PJWU4A.CY -Resolution oorreoting per1onal tax asaosementa against certain individual• and firma in the City of T•pa 6972-B reb zr 1940 CLUM -Reaolution providing tor the payment ot $138.00, Clalm ot A.Y. Jqer1 damages a1 result ot an accident on Ea1t 5913-B 1976 sies-s 6186-B 5989-B 5991-B 6006-B 6007•B 6008-B 6010-B 6014-B 602W '~ 6027-1 6oeW Broa~ near 26th Street, on the morning or February 14, 1940. 'Feb 'l:f lHO CAOCiil'OU BROTHERS -Correcting per1om.l tax aueasment againat Cacciatore Brothera, No. 1822-?th Avenue f'or the y-.ra 1937 and 1938. Feb 2'7 1940 cmTIF.IC.ATBS • Resolution authorising oanoellation of certain tax and illlprov•ent lien• on certain properties deacribed and purchaaed under foreclosure aal es by the City of Tempa and later a, ld. Mar. 5 1940 ~ERTIFICATES -Paving and Sewer-A rosolution autbotiz:lng cancellation or certain tax and public 1mprovfm8nt liena on propert, Mar. Mar. Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar l2 12 purchased by the City on foreclo1ure and later eold. . 1940 ?BS . JERRY CLONINGFB -Authorizing sale and oonveyance or lot a>, Block 2, lloClung and Berry Subdiri1ion # 2. for ~oo.oo on tC"ma. 1940 CIT'f ATTORNEY' -Authori&ing the apportio:mnent of tax certifioatea certain tracts of land now in the hands of the City Attorney for oollection. 12 1940 CLAD( -Author! zing conpromiae and settlement of claim of H.C. Hamn, Police Of't'icer for glasses broken by prisoner who was in hie custody. 19 1940 CE!.!El'Drr -Authorizing closing or walk \T&Y 8 feet by 24 feet in ,ioodlawn Canetery tor B.P.o. El.lea Lod&e No. 706. 19 1940 COND~lATI O W CondEl!lll&tion of Duilding loaatoad at Lot 52, North Park Sub, known a1 6400 Nebraeka Avenue. 19 1940 CONDEMNATION -Notice of condemnation proceed~• ai:;ainst building on Lot W~ Block 6, Honestead 3418 10th St. 19 1940 CONDEtrnATIOlT -Notice or condemnation proceedi nga ar;a.:.nat buildill; on Lot w• 70 or 1, Block 20 Idlewild on B&llaboro, at 5918 Tampa Street. !Jar 19 1940 CERTIFICATES PAVIUG .trn SE'7ER -Authorising oanoellation of certain t ax and Improvement liens on prope~y purchased under foreclosure ?Y the City of Tepa am later sold. Mar 26 1940 April 2 1911<> April 2 1911<> April 2 1 91'0 April April 2 1,a.o CERTIFICATE:3 PAVING AND SE\'IER• Authorizing cancellation or Paving certificate No. 63, dated Jan. 31, 1900, and Sewer certificate No. 806 dated Jan. 31, 1900, on Lot 11, Block 1, Hyde Park Sub. CIVIL ADOMD'fIOI AlffllOllff -a\llorlnac ezclaace of qurtera la \he Peter o. laip\ MalaleuaUoa Juil4lac 'be\wea \he Wea\her lvea• &114 ClTll Awona11.Uo1 a\horl v &114 athorillac ezecv.Uoa of new lea••• tor --. COLUNBUI DIIU ICdD! -Oorrectl• per1cll&l tu •••••••n\1 aca1a,, certala 11141Tl4• aacS til'u for oertala 19ar1. oa!IPICADI-DeUnqu.en\ tu -lehll4inc to 1; J'ecau tazea pai4 la error aacS niutauac cerUflcaw canc•l thereof in Certain 4-acrl 'becl proper\1' in Laa loblH 111.'b. OD!UICAB tu -OaueUac tax oerUfioate •o. acalna\ i.o, M of W .I. le-or•• orlcla Aw. hb &114 nlu\a\illc taz 11•• aca1u, 1.o, 24. cmll!UICA!.11 lapronMnt ~lea -Cpallf7lac certaia l111ron•at llea oertifloa\ea 'b7 \be Cit7 for acceptance for \he ,.,_n, of ia•tac, UIUler ,be HTOl nae flm4. ii . -0 IJ 0 • ,l ' 0 0 D i' • I

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1-,-----..------------NUMBER 603()-ll . 6oJ()-J I • 6)37~ D 6olt2-iJ ~,,a 6042_. ,.(7 605,-. 6058-ll . 605~ 6061-1 6066-ll • I • 6073~ 6073-ll 607~ I 6077~ . 6o7a-. D 6081-ll 6085-J 69s6-.> 6)~ 6096-1 6096-1 • 6102-J . 6104-ll 0 . 6105-1 6115-1 0 61~ , , , , 6120-1 I-6121-1 0 6127-a I > ~IW 6u,J 61,o-a . .. 0 '11to-a 6141~ '142--1 61a.w 61~ I -.. Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the City of Tampa, Florida DATE . Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER l,'pril 2 1,i.o OOKDIMIA!'IOS -Ooll4auUOll •• i.o, 11, •• Mitchell au. aunm u 1109, 11, lJ, 15. 17, 19, 21 Cea\nl .lnau, . . . jApril 2 1,i.o CD!IAL .l.TDUI -laa a• a'bon. • Apr, 9 l~ CIJlTirlCABI UW:11 -Aa\herhtac cancellatiea of cer\aia certifica\•• of 1n4e'btMH ea Loh I and 11 of lllock l,Ch'HllTill• lubd1T1oa, fer Ola'114 Villiaa•. Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr 16 Apr . 23 Apr 23 Apr 23 Apr 23 Apr, . 30 Apr 30 Apr, 30 Apr JO Apr JO Apr JO 14 14 Mar 14 M&T 14 ICq 14 ICq 21 Mq 21 M&T 21 liq 21 Mq 29 1940 Cla!l110.l'l'II DVD -Aa\hori•lac OAflO•llatioa •f cer\ala ••wr certlficate1 acain•t •orth 98 f••t of Lot, l an4 2, Jlock 6!erra ••Ta lubcl!Tl1loa for• lv•oa ••• 194<> CU!IrlO.lftl P.l.YIIG -Au\horhiac O&llCell&Uoa of cer\aia !u alld P&TillC Lieu OD Lo\ 6, lloclc I, .l,J. lllicht'• hb Hld t, ClawSe Willi&M, 194<> CD!IJ'IO.l'l'KI !AX ---la• a• a'bon----. 194<> . 194<> 1glc) 1940 . 194<> 194() 194o 194<) 194o 194() . 194o 1940 1940 1940 l~ 194<> 194<>, 1940 194<> lt4o 1940 cmlTIJ'IO.lnl !Al -Autherisiac cucellatiea •f certain \ax ant p&TiDC li1a1 en propertie1 purcha• under foreclo•ur• b7 the Oit7 of Tupa and later 1014, COBm B4Jl -Corr•ctinc \ax ••••••cent•, per•onal, acaln•t certain firm • and in4iTi4ual• for certain ,ear• in the Cit7 of !•pa. CMCll4 CDfD -• 1w a• COBST~ STDI! -Prohi'bitinc parldac on th• South 114• o• Con•taat 'b•tweea florid& Annue an4 Taapa ltre1t, . CBAlll~ PtJKPOUI -Coaittinc the lloard of Aei,r•••ntatln• •• to proTi•ion• in the •n•ueiac Bwtcet of the City of !aapa • for Charitable purpo•••• COMPILID CIIAJl!'D ProTi4iDC for th• ••l• of coapll•d Obart•r •n4 8oap11 Ordlnance1 of th• Cit7 of !a-s,a, 71a. OONPILID OllDll.llal ----laa• a• abon ----Jinal coa4ewtioa Lot• l an4 2, !look 43, Ll•l'• Sub. known•• 1519, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 4th An. OICAA UD a&ACI amJI -Authorlslac •x•cutlon &Ad. d•liT•J'7 of aatl•factioa to Grace ud O•car Orus, on Lo\ 13, !lock 1, . McOluc cl h1T7 lub, COLLm .ADDITIOI !O Oft T.UIPA -Authori11ac •pportiount of tu•• on Lot• 9 •n4 10 !lock 19, Collin•~ to •••t b7 Oi t7 Att7 to Marion IUcltler cl Jlob1rt G•rT&a • • . cml!IJ'Im> CHICK -ProTidinc tor th• 41•po1it6on of c•rtifled check 4•po•ited to incident to the .. 1. of Oit7 Jou,, COJDIMIATIOI -Oeueanatioa of• Let 4 llock 16 et S,A, Cluk luWTi•ion in the Cit7 tf Taapa, 7lori .. ~!IOI' -letic• of c..._.aation of builtiac en Lo\ 3 Jlock 50 Nactar1__. Para, in th• Cit7 of !aapa, Oml'flAl. AVDUI -.t.tbor111nc la•tall•tioa of Traffic licnal llc't• at int•r••ctioa of Central am. u.ffal1 and at int•r1ection of Central an4 Hillt'boro~h .lnnue• in th• Qit7 ot !•pa, 7lori4a, alllTllIO.lftl-!~ Authorisinc cucell•tion ot certaiJt tu and. paTi:ac liena on Lot 20 Jlock l ICan•r llicht• lub, la the Oit7 of !aapa, Jlorita. CIJl!IJ''II PAYIJrG----a... •• ab1n----1 DK. 1,A. CAklllOI-01rrect1.Dc por••aal tu •••••••nt• acaint\ certaill in41T14ual• and in the Cit7 ef !aapa, Jl&. C~IOB -••tie• •f c1n4111nati1n •f Buildi:ac at 1421 Ce11U1111nch•• ATenue lcnevn •• Let 5 !leek lb, Hampten Terrace. CO>tDIMKA!IOS -Httic• of c1nd1anati1n tf !uildiq at 3107 12th .l.Tenue, lcnevn •• Let 2 Jl•ck l Jtclcull••n lub, OlllTirICA.Sa, !Al -Autheri1i111 C&Dcellatien 1f c•rtain tax and public lien• en pr•perti11 purcha•~ unur f1reel11ur• b7 th• C1t7 •f !aapa ana later . CZJl!l1'ICA1'ES,COJlllSO-A r11 olution authorisiac cancellation of certain c•rtificate• of ind•'btn••• i••ued acain1t Lot 4 !lock 2, n Dorado Sub, upon coapliance with pr0Ti•ion1 th•r•of, Mq 21 1 94() ClllTilICAn8 PAVING------l&M •• &'bOTI.:._ __ ,...,. 11 , .. 11 J,au u , ... lll , .... U i ClaTIJ'IOAnl, -Authorhlnc cpc11lation of l•ver Cwrtificat, •o. 1517 aca1n,, t,ot 2 , lllock 3 Packwood lub. N••---A!tm -Ooatcma'\ln prOON4.lap aplaat 1,o, 55 of lleuonrook M. t..,. lteok hn llp at ftortcla Aw. 0011 .... l

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I ____ Index tQ_Resolutions Passed by the Board of ReQresentatives of the Ci_ty of Tam~ Flo~da 1 I ! • NUMBER 6156J 617~ 618()..1 6181-B 6182-1 61S~ 6184-1 DATE Day Y ear .Ja1 11 lglio ,,.. 25 Jue 25 1,-.0 19110 Jul7 • 194<> Jul7 9 1940 Jul7 9 1940 iv.1.7 9 194<> Jul7 9 194<> Jul7 9 194<> 6185-I Jul7 9 19~ 6186-B Jul7 9 194<> 6201-1 Jul7 16 194<> . .11117 ::,0 19110 . Jv.17 ' 19110 J-17 ::,0 • 1,ato 11117 ,0 Jul7 ::,0 '1117 ' Jul.7 :,0 J1117 :,0 6252J J:1117 ::,0 191K) ~I J'lll.7 :,0 lglio . 6271J 13 1940 6272J .-ac 13 l~ Ave 13 1940 SUBJECT MATTER aDftAL PB 11DDIYIIIOS -Appontoant of apeotal aaNe ... at• tor paflaC .... ,.._ ta.,. liooal Iapronanet -'ct tor •.o. lcnader. CD!,PAT!m -•Uaoristac ouoellaUoa of oenata tu Lteu oa • 211' llook IJ flu7towa lo. PvohaN4 toreclonn lJr \he Cl IT, a porUoa ot whloll we later eol4. . . . COaflliO'f10l18 -Co•ttting the Ctt7 ot fupa to a contrlbutloa ta th• aaout ot \azee &Del one-halt th• iuvwe oa oertala proper'7 1a th• ct t7 ot tupa to be ue4 a• a loeteH loue tor eol41•r• ttatton at llcJ>fll lleU .. AVIIG -Authorhlac oaaoellaUoa of , oerU!loate lo. ~39, aplaet the It Lot 2, lloolc 27, General Nap of !aaplt.. COIDIMJIJ.!IOI -COACleamaUoa Lot 45 AA4 46. fu.uclo SprtAc•, known u hncal•tt• at rear 216 Veet ~la It. COIIJIXJUTIO. -Lot 5 Block i., llunroe It Clevie Bub, known u cbrellinc II corner Col1J11bu Drin am 'lupa It. C~IOI Oondeanation Lot 33 of 1.)-oae ltret A44lt1on, known a• i.so3 1lor14& •••nu• COJDIMJl4TIOI Oonclaanation Lot 10, Bloolc 15 laet 'laapa lub. known u 2610 Marconi ltrHt. COIJJldA!IO! -Condeanation Lot 10 Block 2 Pak:rt.clc•, nova aa l~l Central ATenue. COIIJIMIATIO!f -Coadeau.tion a 50' • 75' Block 6 Mactarlanee leneed to VHt !upa, lcllown •• 1711-13 I. Jlowrd •••nue. COIDINll.l!IOW Condellll&tion Lote 6 It 7, Block f hrytovn Sub, lcllovn ae 2709 7th ATenu. OOIDIKIA!IOllf -Oon4e1111&Uon Lot 5, Block 7S, Ybor OU7 Bub, know •• ll05-7tb Annu. • ITD'AIO com-Correcting peraoul tu aeeee.-nt• acaill•t certain ln4tT14-1• an4 flrae tor certain 7eare • . csm'IJ'ICA.T.11,!il 6 PATmG -.Auth•rhlnc canceilat!oa of certain tu and parlnc li•n• on Lot 61 Cllahtnc'• lub. K. CLGIII.c&D -Author111DC execution and delin17 of eat1etact1 on of to Jerr,. K. Clontncer on Lot 19, Block l, and Lot 10 Block 3, Manor Belghte lub. •.A. CI.ABll'S SUBDIVISIOI -Authoridnc ot outetan41nc tu aeHeMnt tor the 7ear 194(> a.gainet , Lot 1, Block. 11, •.A. Clara•• "ub, upon certala te:r•• and ctlone. aD!I11CAB, PATIIG -•\horlliDC oaacellala of p&Tllll Nl'Uft.cale aplaet 1.o, 12, lleok 1, Lfa• .... -Coue-.Uoa et Lei 1,2,,,~, .... 5 MtlTe lu. 1-0,-11-15 lpnee 1,r .. ,. OOIDIDllU!IQII -CouemUea Lot 15, Bleck 10 GNeaTille lull, lcaova ae 2912 19th Anna. COIDC*l:l'lCII -Coat.muon of Loi 2, lloolc 2. .... ta ._,, lcaowa aa 2706 I.anl ''"•'• bOiiWIA!tQII -Coauwuoa et 8 ~1 • .r • R' et • 100 , Lei IJ I, Block I, kaowa aa 6002 h9'11a 1,. OuiWlQII -Ceuemuoa 1.o, 5, Bloolc 2 •u • ,...,all'• lab, lmon u 3620 21•' ltne,. OCili#NIA!IQII -Couewti• of Lot I, lloolc 2, ... • lavull 1 • '-'• laova u ,61, 21., ltrH,. OOIDINIA!IQII -Co114--Un •f Let 9, llook 2, ..... lawdall'• .... DOWll u 361a. 2let a,. Oci..,4!1011 -0.DMaaUon ot(le 4eecr1pUa ctna) 2007-15 Yiotor ltreet, PBlliLD' COLLDI ADDI!IOII -.&a.tbortllJII apperUe.-a, ot tu•• ter 19110, Le, '• Bloolc I, Philll> Colllae AM1Uea tor Poff'7 Pata, It GlaH Co. OltaUI PAK DS1JBDIVIIICII Authori1lDC apportto ... at ot uxoe tor 1,-.0 Let 16, Block 3, Citna lark leeub41Tleloa, tor LT. Anol4. JOIIPH G. CBlllff -Aatherhinc apperUon••nt ot tan• fer 1,a.o tor J .G. Cbrte, • Lo, IJ. hltnfu• le. A.P. CAIBI.LQO -Aa.,borhiDC ap,ortt ... at of tan• tor 19'K) for A.P. Caetellane, Let 22, lloolc 22, llap hb41rleten. COSIOLIDA!ID JOI CO -Correotta I pereoul tu •••••••nt• acatnet certala la41al1 an4 tirae for oertala ,eara. aD!DICA!Jll,P.ATtm AID DCPIOW I.DD -•tborts~ oaacellaUea .t oertala taz aa4 l•rOTOMat Ueu oa preperUH . panbaaN uur foreclonn 'br th• Cu7 &114 lawr eolt .. Cll!I1ICAB
Block 2, KcClunc It lerr, Bub. ' O' 0 , 7 U r . 0 I I 0 0 I

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1------_,_-__ .......--__ Index to _ Resolutions Passed by the Board of Re_presentatives of the Ci!Y of Tampa, Florida 0 I] I ' 0 ' I r ' !] : . 0 D NUMBER . 62s7J 6289-B 6299-B ~S-B 6309-B 6310-:B 6311-B 6..Jl 6320..JS 6J2l6324..JS ' 63J1U 6332~ 6333-B 634o-B 6342-B 6,a.7-> '~ 6Jij9--J 635()J ,,~ 6369J 6373..J 6374-JS 6J75..J 637~ 6377-1 6378..J 637~ 63S>..J 64o464o6DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year " Aue 20 194<) COIJJPOU.TIOB -linal con4eanat1on Lot 1, Block.2, Tounc'• Sub. known u lfo2 s. Laa Avenu. Aue 20 19lfo CCDIDIIOTJ.!IOB -linal condemnation Lot 45 and 46, Twcedo Sprinc1, in Bear of 216 V. Sla. Aue 20 194<) CD'rRAL PABE SUBDIVISIOI -Authori1inc apportionment of out1tandinc tax certificate, and acain1t 8 202' Block 13, Central Park now in th• .hand.1 of the Cit7 Attorne7 for collecti011. Aue 20 19lfo CtJBRING'S SUJDIVISIOI -Authoritin purcha1e b7 the Cit7 of Lot 61 Ou1h1~1 8ubdiT11ion. . Au& 27 194o COJDD COIIJDIJJUIOI -•ottce of ccm4eaatloa 11'06 Gran4 Oeatral. Ana• -VI Lo, 1), llock 7, WHt Side Parle lub. lep1 21' lglio MIIIPOU.!10• -•ouoe of coll4•-ttoa of 1216 hflraor 8\rHt, lj, of Lot 5 lloek S Joas Acl41Uon. Oct 1 Oct l 191'0 Oct 1 191(> Oct l 191K) Oct l 191'0 Oct 1 1914<) Oct l 191'0 Oct 8 19lfo Oct 8 191'0 Oct 8 191K) Oct S 1940 Oct 8 194<) Oct 8 194o Oct S l~ Oct S 194<) Oct 22 194() Oct 22 19lto Oct 22 194<> I CI.ABDCm B1101. SUJDITISIOI' -Oaaaelliac !ax Oertifioat• •e. 1-167~ fer taze1 fo~ i939, aad roin1tat1nc tu tea aca1D.1t ••rth Balf of • CD!IJ'ICADI, !AX ------lul a1 abefl_.;_ __ AVDtJI -Prohibttiac parldnc ea th• ••rth 1i4e of Wilur Annu C.atral to lraach Afln• in tbe Oit7 ef '!IIJ>a• "' ~10• -•otioe oef coD4e11Datioa JOO •••t Bligh Anna, Loi 7 of lfuedo Spriac•• OCIIIIDCIA!I01f -••tice of 541411ori4a Anau Lot l llock 1'o We•t Suvanue lleight1. OOlllll'l'tJIOK CBAlm. -.luthori1iac the lfaTor te a4flrt11e for bi41 for tilliac Currituck Cbannol ia connection with tbe te Peter O. hight Airpor,. 0LAD1 -!e coapeaeato •.A. NcDalft• tor.uaace• 1uatained to hil b7 4riT1ac into an opea -.allele on Platt Street. C0111J1MRA!IO• -linal Con4eanatien Lot 10, Block 2, Oalcrid&e, lcnevn •• 1801 Central An. COB'DBM11A1'IOM -1inal Ceueuatien, Lot 5 Block 4, MunrN and NalntHh Sub. knnn a1 D Cer. Celuabu1 Dr. & !•pa It. COIDENIIA!IOI -linal Coademnatien ofLot 5 Block 78 Tbor Cit7 Sub. knevn a1 1805 7th An. OOJIDIMBATIOI Condeanatien Let 2 Block 25 S.A. Clark Sub, hewn a1 1213 lprine St. COIDIMBATIOlf -lottce ot condoamatien of Let 11 lrank Ghira, knovn •• 1206 Lone ••rT St. COIDENIIA!IOI -lotic• of con4eanat1en ef Lot 7 Dorcheater, known a1 912 Lulla St. OOJIIJJl~IO• -W 53' of Block 7 Cu1caden A Welle, knew a1 1306 12th ATo, CORDINIIATIOI -letice of condeanatien-of D t ef Let 18 8. llitobell, knewn aa 107-09-11 Lone S•rT an4 1111 te 1121 Central ATe, Inclu11n, . COLUM!UB ImI'f'I -PreTiding fer an,r,ular parking •n the Sa1t si~e •f 1lor1 .. Annue betw~~t Jean & lern Street and en ~a,t eide ef 16th Street b ~tween Columbua Dr1Te and 17th Avenue. CORDXMXATIOI -Notice •f of 3901 Arlington A•enue. IGRAZIO CANDILDI • Correcting peranal taxes againet certain intiT1duale and firm• in the Cit," •f Taapa, • ... -' ,, .. i.... .. 1 I . ' ' ' I : ' ' .

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. . Index to Resolutions Passed by_ the Board of Reoresentatives of the Citv of Tamoa. Florida DATE NUMBER M0ttth Day Vear SUBJECT MATTER j ,.,_.,._ _____ 6413-13 6413-B ~1--.. 6419-JS 6419-B 6422-.B 6428-.B 6432-B r~,w 6435-B 6437-B 6438-B 6438-B . 6446-B 6447-B 6456646~ 6464-B 6468-B 6511-B 6527-.B 6528-B 6535-JS 6536-B 6553-B Oct 29 1940 Oct 29 Oct 29 Oct 29 Oct 29 1940 Oct 296 . 1940 lioT 12 1940 •oT lZ 191'0 lloT 12 191'0 • OT 19 l9lto lfOT 19 191'0 lloT 19 1940 •oT 19 191'0 llov 26 26 lloT 26 194o 194o 191'0 194o Dec 3 l94o Dec 10 l94o Dec 10 1940 Dec 10 1940 Dec 17 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 14 1941 Jan 14 1941 COVEKAN'? -Authorising restrictive coTenantragainst Lot l, :Block 22, Oakford Sub, and Lot• land 2 :Block 1 Woodl.7nn• Subdi vis i~n. . Clark•'• Subdivision -Authorising cancellation of Paving Certificate llo. 1766 again1t Lot 4, :Block 4 Clark•'• Sub. cmlTIPICADS, PAVING -------Same ae aboTe--COBRIBD STRUT -Prohibiting parking on Corinne Street east of 26th Street in front of_ De•o*o School, and establiehing School Zone eign in th• wicinit7. OUID GOWN SHOP -Correcting personal tax aeeeeemente againet certain firms and individual• in th• Cit7 of Tampa. COX SPORTING GOODS CO ---Same ae aboTe----COIDIMRATIOll -lloUce of conclemiation of Lot 11 Block 10 GreenTille Sub, known a1 2901 29th Street. WI.LT'S SUBDIVISIOll -Authorizing eale and 0onve7ance of Lot l !lock l, Crill711 to.Jacinto Oni1. . . CBIS'.rJttJT S!lllmT -fixing Speed Limit on Cheatnut Street between llorth BouleT&rd and Oregon. CIDO ~T, 1110. -Authorising a pportionment of 'fue1 ••t 53.4 ft. of lfeet 68 ft. Lot 3, Block 5, Garytown Sub • 0Sll!l1I~S, PAVIlfG -Authorizing cancellation of Paving Certificate lo. 13968-A, Lot 668 lorth Park .limes. N.llnmL OlllllVO -llewking Beer and. Vine Pel'llit lo • ._4235 heued to Manuel Cue"o, 4408 lebraek:a Avenue. CEITll'IOATmS, PAVING & SIWIR -Authorising cancellation of certain improvement lien• on propert7 purcbaaed under fore-closure b7 the Cit7 of Tampa and later sold. CRILLT'S SUBDIVISIOB ---Same u abon----COBIJDQIJATIOI -Botice of condemnation of L~ 7 Bernier'• SubdiTieion, known a1 1110 Short Emel'7 Place. CONDl:MNATION -Notice of condemnation of St Lot 4 Bernier'• SubdiTieion, known ae 103.~38 Long lmel'7. C01!1DENIATIOB -Botic• of condemnation of Lot 7 :Block B D. Ghira Sub, known as 909 ~ 11arrieon Al.1• COllDldATIOU -llotic• of cond.e11D&tian of Lot 13 Yrank Ghira Sub, known a1 1206-08 Harrison Street. • CEN'l'RAL PABX Su:BDIYISION -Authorizing sale and conveyance of Lot 10, Block 19 Central Park Sub to Joe Rodriques for $160.00 on terms. I CO!IDEMNATION -Final CoO;kiemhation of Lot 1 :Block 4o Weet Suwannee Height• known ae 5414 Florida Avenue. CONDEMHATIOB -1inal Condemnation of Lot S Block 2 Bose & Randall'• Sub known ae 3616 21st Str•et. DR. F.A. CAMERON -Correcting personal aeees~ment• against eertain firms and individuals in the City of Tanp!• CLAIM -Authorizing the City to acquire aey claim for the purpoe~ of cl••rin title from certain property in the City. CUT11IOATES-T.AX -Directing cancellation in office of Clerk of Circuit Court 'fampa !u Certificate, againat Lota 4, 5, 6, and 7 !lock 9, 1inle7 & Caesar'• Suhdivi1ion. . . ILA,Dl -Directing p.-ent of funeral expeneea of John I. Mclachern, decea1ed e11plo7ee of the City of !•pa• CK1ft'RAI. PABI: SUBDIVISlal -Authori1inc apportionment for 191'1 againat the 1-t of Block 8 Central Park SubdiTition on petition of George Gon1ale1, jgent. CUT11ICA.1'1S-IMPBOVEMDT LID "1Jalif71ng certain improvement Lien_Certifi0&te1 i1aued for acce~ce for pqaent of lien• under the revolTing Jund. CUIK Autr-orizing the comproaiee and aettleaent of claim of 1. Miceli for damage to gla1e caused b7 bullet gun of police officer. COIDEMNATIOlf -lotice of condeanation of 101 V. Street, de1cribed a1 Lot 22 Jla. ATe. Height• SubdiTiaion. CORDIKB'A!IO• -lotic• of condemnation of 1W corner of Caeur & :Ball St. known a1 Lota 1,2, and 3, Block 3, Oak Grove Sub. Jin 28 1941 CONll!MNJ.TIOB -linal ~ondemnatio.n of 3106 Pollock Street, known as Lot 5 :Block 3, Mc1arlan Park Sub. Jan 28 1941 Jeb 4 1eb 4 leb 4 leb ll leb ll !'eb • 11 1941 CUIM -Authorizing eettl11tment of claim of loarace lla7e1. OlULLI! S SU:BDIVISIOtT -Authorizing aale and c nveyance of Lots 6 & 7, Block l, to Jeeua Blanco, for $200.00 on t~rma. ~TIFICATES, PAVING -Authorizing diech&ag• of certain pavin& certificat•• owned by the City o4 the basis of 85 cents on the dollar. ~TIFICATES, PAVING Au.t~orizing cancellation of certAin tax and imprevement liQn• on Lots 6 & 7 Crillfd.a Subdivleion, purchased und~r foreclosure And later sold. OONDEMMATION -iotice of condemnation of Lota 5 & St of 6, ef :Block 46, BiTerviev Park, known as 710-12-14 Laurel St. ORILLY'S SUBDIVISION Authorizing execution and delivery of eatiefaction of mortgage to Ralph Diaz coTerine; Let 15, Block 3, Orilly1e Subd!vieion. -CUR.--:U~UCK Cwr!EL -Aut?lorizi:ng thf" May T to advf'rthf' 1"or Bids for the Fill1~ of Currituclc Channel. . . - • ' 0: 0 C 0 0 C 0 0 I ,l ' ' . l

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_________ Index to Resolutions.._PaSed by _ Jhe Board of R~resentatives of the Ctty o_f_ Tamp~ _Florida 0 I] 0 0 -0 1' " O. NUMBER 6616-:B 6616-B 6617-ll 6618-B 664<>-J 6664..J 6675-:& 6680-ll 66~ 6687-B 6695-B 6703-! 6718-B 6721-B DATE Month Day Year ll'eb 1 8 1941 Feb 18 1941 J'eb 25 1941 J'eb 25 1941 Mar Mar 11 Mar 11 1941 Mar 11 1941 Mar 18 1941 Mar 19 1941 Mar 18 1941 Mar 18 1941 Mar 25 1941 Mar 25 1941 Apr S 1941 Apr S 1941 Apr 8 1941 Apr 8 1941 Apr 8 1941 Apr 15 1941 Apr 15 1941 Apr 21 1941 Apr 22 1941 Apr 22 1941 Apr 22 1941 Apr 29 1941 Ma7 6 1941 Ma7 6 1941 Ma7 6 1941 May 6 1941 SUBJECT MATTER CERTIFICATES,,TAX CMcellin.g City of Tampa Tax Certificate No. 24, dated April 15, 1896 on Lot 2, Block 84, General Map of TBmpa. CASS STREET -Directing the installation of a Fir, Hydrant on Cas a Street betwe~n the Hill1borou:h Aiver and North Bouleverd. CONDEMNATION -lotice of condemnation of 4-17-19 Davia Boulevard, known as Lot, 1 and 8, Block 35 Davia Island,. CBR!IYIOATJCS 01 I~DIJISS Au.thori1in cancellation o! certain certificate, of Indebtedneaa acainat 8t Lot 5 and St . Lot 4 Block 2, J .J. '4.dition to Oak Tilla. OOLUKBU DS!~,IIO WaiTinc penalt7 on certain liceane !uea. cmJrl'IlIOADS, PAVIBG -.Authorilinc cancellation of paTinc certificate Bo. 14863 Lot 8 Block 28 Ybor Cit)' Subdi vhion. COlml!UOI OBillllL -ApproTiDC bid of~ Dredgiq and CoJlllll'D7 for the J'illinc of Currituck Channel on Davia hlan4. ODTIFIOATJ:8, DWlll -Authorising cancellation of Sewer Certificate Lot 9 Bloclc 3 Centralia Sub for W.A. Johnaoa. ODTRALU SUBDIVISION --------Same Abon-~----OllTIJ'IOATES, T.AX -Authori1in cancellation of certain tu and pavinC lien• on propert7 in Lot 14 Block 27 John H. I>rew Sub. Property b7 the Oit7 under forecloeure sale and later eold. CARMElf COTO -Authori1ing sale and oonveyance or Lota 7 and g Block 4 Crill.T's Subdivi,ion to Carmen Coto, on term,. ( ORILLY'S SUBDIVISION -----Saae ae aboTe-------DEANNA CURRY -.i.uthori1i~ sale and conveyance ot Lot 9 !lock 3 Munro & Clevie Sub toDeanna Cur~. on term1. CLAIM Authorizinr, COJ!l)romise and settlement of claim of Leander M. Parmelee accouat personal injuries to wife. CAUDWAY Urging State Highway Commission to make on the 22nd Street Oauaewa7 at as early a date a, poa1ible. C3ll'l'IFIOATES, PAVING -Authorizing cancellation of certain tax & Public Improvement Lien• on properties her~inafter de,cribed, Lot 4 Block 27, Kacfarlane's Addition to West T•pa, 114.5• of West 116,8' of Set Riverview Park Subdivision and Lot 9 Block 3 Munro & Clewis Addition to West Tanpa. CD!IJ'IOA'l'BS, TAX -Oancellinc !ax Oertiticate lo. :,047-1 Lot 13 llock 8 & Ola7 f•r 7ear 1931 and tu lien Lot 11 of the 1ue llock. COID!M!U.TIOH -otice of condeanation of ~t 6 Block l~ •• !aapa 1-8 known 150112th Street. OOJIJJIMKATIOlf -•otice of Oondewtion of tot 9 Block 10 I. faapa 1-8 Leale71, known u 1120 3rd ATenue. . OOllDBMKA'fIOlf -•otice of conclnnation of Lot 7 11.ock 19 of•• !urpa 1:s Leele71, known 1204 4th Annue. OIJl'l'IJ'ICAft:S, !AX & PATIJD AuthoriliDC cancellation of-certain !ax and Iapronaent under foreclonre b7 the Clt7'of !aapa and later CIBCIIBTI DDS JA~Al,le CONPABT -Authorilinc the Mayor to execute a leaee acreeMnt with the Clad nnaU k1ehll Coap_,.. 0mlTI1ICATES, PAVING & BIWD -Authori1inc cancellation of certain tu and improTeaent lien, on propert7 hereinafter purchaeed under foreclo1ure sale b7 the 01 t7 of Taapa and later aol4. .. OD'l'll'ICADS, !AX ,Cancelinc Tax Certificate 5o . 3762..J acainst Lot 4 Block 6-B, and !ax lien u Lot 4 ~lock 6 Sanchez & ~a Beal Oo~ Sub., beinc the sane aubdiTiaion, OBISDJt A & S'?ILLA D. OOOPII. -Authorizing cancellation of certain certificate of indebtedne11 Lot 13 Block -.0 Suwannee ~icht• lub.(Pavinc Certificate Bo. A.-14446. CKll'l'I1IOADI, PAVIS ------Saa abon---o.•. OAll'!'D -Sxten4lnc time aUowed for buildlnc on propert7 coTered b7 executed b7 0.1. Carter conrinc land 2 Scblurrer's Subd1Ti1ion. COTTER'S SPRDm HILL SUBDIVISION -Authorizing and conve79,nce of Lot 35 Bprin g Bill, Cotter'• Sprinc Bill Sub to Heney Mulder for $125.00 caeh. CRILLY1S StT.BDIVISION -~thorizing sale and conTeyance of Lots 2,3,4, 5 and 6 Block 4 Orilly1s Subdivision to Maey O. C Oona on MAllT c. OOB -------Same as aboTe-----CRILLY'S SUBDIVISION -Authorizinc sale and conve78Jlce of Lot 2 Block l Crilly'• Subdivision to lacinto Oni1, on ter111. COORIU CI'l'Y StT.BDIVISION -Authorizing sale and conveyance of Lot 9 Block 15 Courier City Subdivision to Billu:p1 on t er••• DEANU.A. CURRY Authorhi~ execution and delivery-of l!atiefAction of mort.:ace to Deanna Curry on Lot 9 Block I , Munro & Clevis Subdivision. . OO'l'TER'S SPRING HILL SUB1N -Authori2ing cencftllation of certain tax and improvement liens on property purchased un4er' forecl"'1.,... _ b7 the Cit~ , of Tampa and later sold.

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I Ir ____ Index to Resolutions Passed _by. the l3oard of Representatives of the City of TamQaJ Florida 1 1 1 1 ' NUMBER 6721-.B 6721-B 6726J 6731-B . 6762-J 6771-B 6780-B 6781-.B 6784-1 . 67~0-B 6794-.B . 6794-B . 6797-1 6So4-! 6806-! 6g10-:s 6!15-1 6ij22-:B DATE 111011th Day Year 13 1941 Ma7 13 1941 liq 20 1941 liq 20 1941 Nq 27 1941 Nq 27 1941 Nq 27 1941 Jun 3 1941 Jun 3 1941 Jun J 1941 J,m J 1941 Jun J 1941 June 10 l~ll I SUBJECT MATTER COURill CITY SUBDIVISION -Authorizi~ canc~llation of certain tax and improvement lilns on properties pu:-chased by the City under torecloeure sale and later sold.-. . CRILLY SUBDIVISION -----Same as above------CDTIJ'ICA!'ES, DOll Au\horisiDg cancellation of lever Certificate •o. 1122 acainat ._ Lot 5 Block 62, General Nap. WI.LT StmDIYlSIOI -Authori1inc cancellation-of oertai~ !ax and Public ~aproT•ent lien1 purcha1ed under torecloiure aale b7 the Cit7 of !aapa and later 1014. cmt~IJ'ICA!IS '!AX -Directing cancellation ot tu •o. IK>, lo.~ and •o. 654. COIDINIIA!ICB -lotice of Oondeanatioa of Bu114inc lo. II Oor fl.7aou\h and lorth loule•r4. CAMPOlllLLO SUBDIVISICS -Authorhinc execution and 4el1nl'J' of aaUafact1.on of aortcace to I.J. Gooden coT•rlnc Lot 4 Block 29 Oaapobello lubdJT11ion. OAL!l'.AGIROD & 00 -Oorrectinc per1onal tu aH•H•nta ap1nat certain indindual• and fira1 in the C1t1 of Taapa. 0ll'TBAL PABX SUBDIVISIOI -Authorilin execution and del1Te17 of aatiefaction of Kortpee to Joe llodriques on Lot 10 Block 19 Central Park &ubdlTision. -cmffllAI,li SUBDIVISIOB -Authcri1ing cancellation of lever Certificate lo• 16100 ~ainat Lot 6 Block 2 Centralia Sub tor tor Jane D. and s.r. Goodrich. CIJl'l'IrICA'l'SS, nwD -----l•e aa aboye--CONPKISATIOB, VCIBIMIW'a -Authorizing J)a1111ent of 1uneral, Ho1pi tal, luretDc, and coapen1at1on to the dependents of Saa Spoto, dece~•ed, an eapl07ee of th• Sanit&l'J' Departaen\, who .aa inJur while on dut7 and later died. JOI QAOBIKA -Correct1.~ pereonal tu a1aeasNnte 9&1nat certain indiTidual• and fir•• 1n the CitJ of Tupa. C1DllYO Cal ------S... as abon----OBILLUJIA, JOI -Authoriling eale and conn7ance of Lota l to 5 Inclualn, Block 4 and Lot• land 2 Block J J.M. Baar'• SubdiT11ion to Joe Chillura on ter•• Clll'l'D'ICADS, PUBLIC IMPROVEMD'f -Authoristnc cancellation of Public Iapronaent Lien Certificate• ap.inat Lot1 l nd 2 Block 66 'l'a11pa General Map. CDTI1ICA!IS, PAVING AID TAX -Autborisinc cancellation of certain tu and public Lien• on properti•• purcba1e, b7 the City under forecloeure and later aold. June 10 1941 OU1K -Authoridng payment •o Lawrence lf1l1on of $5.00 for iDJUl'J' to fincer while under aentence in the C1t7 Stockade. June 117 June 17 1941 June 17 1941 June 17 1941 June 24 1941 Juen "24 1941 JunE 21tl-1941 June 24 1941 July l 1941 July l 1941 July l 1941 July 3 1941 July 3 1941 Jul:, 14 1941 July 15 191.1 DOYLE CAMPBJ:LL -Authorhing Refund of $45.43 on 'l'axee paid in error on Lot 8 Block 2 Vatch Bill Subdivieton to Do7le Campbell ae ag~nt for Luuretta Carne,. LOURE'l"l'A CARNES -----lame u aboTe---CITIZENS lroILDmG JUJ03ERSHOJ> -Correcting personal tu aeeesemente against certain individu~le and firne in the City of 'l'ampa, J'lorida. Clllfl1ICA.1'ES, PAVING -Authorizing cancellat1o~ of certain tu and improYeoent lien• on propertiea purchaeed b7 the City under foreclo1ur• aale and later sold. OI'l'Y HALL -Authorizil'll: Mayor to let contract for generll llepaire to the City Hall and Police Station. HINRY CANTO -Authoriring sele and conveyAnce of L~t S, Block l Crill7'• Subdivision to Henry Canto on term1. ClULLT'S stmDIVISic& -----lame aa aboTe---CtJSCADEN PABX -Authorizing the Na~or to adverti•• for bide for the construction of a roof over Cuacaden Park Orand1tand Ciff HALL -Approvin,cr bid~~ Rt"nry w. RilgeJMn for r,f'neral repairs to City Hall and Police Station. CONDEMN'ATIOl! -lfotic• of c 'lnd.-mnat! nn of 2131 Union Street Lot 17 :Block 4 Macfp_ rlent-a Addi Uon to West Tan pa. CUSCADEW PABX -j,pproving bid of lhiehnell-~ons Company for finiehi~ gcrandatana roof in Cuacaden Puz, CONSULTnro ENOINT.!!RS -Autlx>rbinr, employment of :Burn• & McDonnell !:nginee~ing Company as consul tin.t X~ine@ra on the Waterworks ImproTement Program. . . CEaTIFICA'rnS; Ilii'ROVEM!N'l' LIEN -Qw!l1fy1~ certain Improvement Lien Certificates 1esuud by the City of TAnpa for PCCAptence for peyment of Improvements under th• Revolving Fund • . com~ BROS. C01'T~TIUG CO -Aut"orbi~ emplo~•nt of Cone Broe, C.T. Da,.•:.dne & K.R. :Boyce in connection with the i~Jrovement ~nd ••tension of t~e Vaterworka program. CRILLY SU!DIVISIOli -Authorhi~ executi'>n and ddi,••ry o! eatia!act!on of mort:a.;e to Je1ue :Blanco on Loh 6 and 7 Block l Crilly Subdivhi on.' CO!IDElTATION 1lotice of condHmation o! Lot 21 :Block 4o Mactarlnne' • Addi ttr,n to West Tampa, k.'lown ae 2513 Spruce St. 0 [I o. 0 0 0 1 j ' . I , . ' . , ••• -. ...... .. llli~----. ...... --1111111••• ... ~IIIIIW"...,_,...,.._.,.. ............. .._ ... ._....,,.....,. ___ ..___._. .. _..,.. .... .-..,.. ____ .,_ ... __ .. ...,••..,. .. -._. ... _..,._....,...,....,_,. . ..i

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'.I C ,i:...l. ________ In ~ dex to Resolutions Passed by the Bo~d of R~esentatives of the City of Tam_P-a Florida . J ] I , J J o . " I : I , NUMBER 6151..1 61511 a • 6156-1 615S-I 6176-a 6890-3 6907-.B . 6921-B 6933-B 6934-B 6945-:B 6946-:B 69,>-B 6951-B e951-.1 6987-B 6988-B 6989-B 6993-• 6998-:B 6999-:B 7~ 7001-B 7002-B 71103-B 7006-> 7012-B 1012-B DATE Month Day Y•ar Jui, 12 l~l '~ 22 1,a.1 J-aq 22 l~l J~ 12 l~l Aue 26 1941 Sept 3 1941 Sept 3 1941 Sep1 9 1941 Sept 9 1941 Sept 9 1941 Sept 9 1941 SUBJECT MATTER I OOD .a:>fili6 oal'DAO!III -Pro~ cllac f• fi-1 &ptroftl of ooa"9ol for t!w Waler hpron•at ,recna lo • L Jo,oe, ae IOJ'CM 6 Oo. O.t. Jtanlu u4 0ou ~\bare Coatraotlac a..p..,.. "\ ann.u. OIL CO.Alt --'l,ronac 'Id.I of C.aval Oil,,, .... for tval•hbc ful Ul ' lh• 1faWr hpartaea,. OOIJalllA!IOS -loUo• of Ooia4-ne~ioa of a.11' 1f. Col•llu J>rt.e, bowa •• liol T llook S Veal •~cb1•n4• ~• LILI.ta K. C1Ar,f -Aa\hcr tdac apporu ... , Im• for-1;.1 -ta•, J.o, 13 11oo1c a. ~arlc la. CIAUOftl ll>!ll. -Oorno\i._ pereoaal as aaata•t oanala b41T14ul.• aa4 fine la \he Cit.7 of fupa. OJUliNd TAI.U IIAltaAO!UIIIE OOICPat -Aa,horistac b14a for the fU'almlac of mppl1H for ua• b7 ,m Water Depart••'• OUlX -Aathori1iac of of Nra. le11r7 W. Daven. CHI~ BRIDG~ .uD IBOW CCICPANY -Appronnc bid of Chieao Briqe and Iron 0ompe.D1' for the 1urnieh1nc of a Steel ~levat•~ Storage !ank tor the uae of the Yater Depart•nt. CONDIMK4'101 -Wotice of condemnation of Lot 10 !lock l !ooker-J'ernande1 Su'bJ, known•• 1910 23rd Annue. CON1'RACT .A.uthorhinc contract with Pan Metican Airwq1 for uae of Peter O. !'.night Airport. CO\rl'ilCT -.Concerning propoaed contract vith Pan 6'Mrioan Ainta71. CAUSJCWAY SITES. NO. 2 -~pro~ ng map or plat of Cauaewq Si tea lo. 2. CHICAGO &~CU'l'HIRll AIR LIDS, IIC Urging and recommending more air line• in the Tlcinit1 of Tampa. CltftllAL .A.VENUS -Pro~ding for Stop Signe on the Borth and South 1ide of Central Aveniw at the interaection of 7th Ave. OEN'l'RAL AVEN'UI -Authorizing inatallation ot Traffic Signla liht at interaection of Central and Hanna Avenue,. Sept 16 1941 C.E. caRTER -Authorizing execution and deliveey of satiefaction of mtc. to C.E. Carter covert~ Lota land 2 Scheurer'• Subdivieio~. Sept 23 1 , 1941 COLUMBU$ DRIVE -Aut~oriring thP plnctnr, of stop sighs on cert&ine Streets in the City of Tampa. North & South sides Oolunbu~ DrivP at Str~et. Sept 23 1941 Sept ?3 19h1 Sept ?3 1941 Sept 30 1941 Oct 7 ' 1941 Oct 7 1941 0ft 7 Oot 7 Oct 14 1941 Oot 14 Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 Oct 14 Oot 14 1941 Oot 14 1941 Oct 14 1941 . MART C. CON.A. -Aut~nr1.1ing ~XP-cutinn ~nd deliver:v of ~etiefaetion of mortgage coTering Lots 2.3,4,5 and 6 Crtlly's Sub., for Mary O. Oona. CRILLY SUBDIVISI(m -----Same as aboveQ----COllD!MUATI CU -Auth('\rhing eondt>mnation of Lot ! :Block 19 Jane :Bourou.ardez Sub., for use by the Water Dept. C OURIER CITY' SUl3DIVI$ION Au.thorirint; sale and conveyance of Lot 2 :Block ll Courier City Subdivision to HAnkins Realty Oompan.v, Inc., tor $?26.oo CoAh. OOJfDIMNA'l'IClf -Bottoe of condemnation of Lot 5 Block 4 Nones ~dltion to Borth Ybor Su'bdiTiaion. COUDIMNAWIOll ll'otice of condemnation of Lota 6 an4 7 Block 2 A.J. lnight',-8ub41Ti9lon. OOll'IJ!!MNA!IOIT -Botice of aon41tanation of 576 lorth Park Annei. -JOSIPH CAGJrINA GROCD? -Correcting ir•onal tax asuent1 acainat certain incliTiduah e.D4 in the Cit:, of !•pa• OOLOBED DLISDD MIN'S RBCDATIOlf OENtD -P ,repoaing participation 'b:, the Oeunty of Hilhberouch in the Celored Znlieted Men'• lecreatien Center • COU1".l'Y 01 HILLSBOROOGI -------Sue u abon---C!'B'l'RAL LI!'E INSUllABCE CO (J1 PLORIDA -Authorilia Oi t:, of fupa to la aae Central Lite lac., Ce. , ef 1leride, Leta 7. 8 and 9 llleck 12. ~-IT It Simmon• Sub. to 'be ueed fer colered aen1 • -recreational Center for Soldiere. COLODD MD1S ENLIS'l'ED RZCRL\TICllAL CIN'l'!R -------Bue u a'boff------CIVIJ. ADOSAIJ'fICS ADMISISDATION lleco .. endia g crantiac applioatien ..of Eaatern Air Line te 1ly Miaai 1lor1de. da t Veet Beach, te Taapa. . CffIL aROJIAU'l'ICS .ADIIWIS!UTIOI -llequeatinc iapreved air eervice between f•pa and lew Terk Cit:,, Waahinctea D.O. Ti.a Jackaonwille, '1erida. CIVI~ ADONAU'l'ICS AtJTHOlll1'!' -llequ"tinc hearing on application of Pu American on Bout• frem Miami r1a. te Bevana and Merida, ' Mexico. CIVIll AKROJIAO'l'ICS AU!HOlll1'!' Bequeetln hearing on air routt. water route between fupa and lev Orleue, La. CITY 01 TAMPA -Authori•inc appertionment of tu certificate llo. 4338-C tor 1928 en certain miecellaneoua tract of land. 0.0. CODJl -Authorising sale and cen"7anoe of Let 2 Bleck 23 Leale:,1 • Plat. under aealed bid plan. OANPOBKLLO SUBDIVISIOH -Autheri1ing 1ale at Leta 23 an4. 24 Bl!ck 45 Sub., te J.A. & K.D. Jia7l. CAN.l'UIX,X-0 SUBDIVI SIOH -Same u . ab oft on Lot 12 Block 33. V.A. OOJlAM -Resolution reJectinc certain bid• fer propert7 UD4•r the 1ealed bid plan. Oct 14 1941 0.UIPo:B!LLO BUBDIVISIOS -llejectlnc bid fer aale of certain propert, under the 1eal.ed bid plea. .. ,Ji • i' . I 1, j I I 1

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________ Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the City of Tamj!a_, Florida __ __...__--,-------,l NUMBER 7019-B 7020J 70~2-B 7024-B 702g-B 7 0 33-B 7033-B 7 036B DATE Month Day Year Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 1941 Oct l=T. 1941 Oct 21 1941 Oct l 1941 Oct 21 1941 Oct l 1941 Oct 2 1 1 941 Oct 21 194 1 Oct 21 1941 Oct a1 1 9 41 Oct 21 1941 7o4?-B ' Oct 28 1941 7o43-B Oct 28 1941 7044-B 7o4W -70QS---7047-B 7048B 7o49-B 7056 B 7"5~-7063B 7 063-B 7066-B 7066-B 7067-3 7069-B 7070-B 7071-B 7073-B 7077-B 7078-B 7079-B 71')80-:iS 7og4-B 7084-:B 7 085-B 7091-:B 7091...B 7091...B Oct 28 1941 O c t 2 8 l.941 Oct 28 1941 Oct 2g 1941 Oct 2 8 1941 'Oct 28 1941 Oct 28 1941 Nov 1 2 1941 llov 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 'Nov 12 1941 Nov 12 11)41 Nov 12 1941 Nov 12 1941 Uov l? 1941 Nov 12 1941 Uov 1 8 1941 Uov 1 8 1941 Nov 1 8 1941 Nov 1 8 1941 Uov 8 1941 llov 18 1941 llov 18 19141 lTov 18 1941 ?Toi 18 19;1 ~ov 18 1941 SUBJECT MATTER o.c. CANPDLL -BeJectinc bid ef c.c. Oaapbell fer certain propert7 uader the Haled bid )lu.. COtlllID Clff SUBDITISIOI -Authorhin cucellatiall of certain tu and public iaprne•nt Uen1 en prepertiee pvcha1e4 b7 City under ferecleaure and later •• 0OLUNBtJS DJliff -Pnhibiting parking en the Seuth aide ef Celuabu Drin between !•pa ltNet aD4 J'lerida Annue. OOLLID ADDITICJI TO OST TAMP.A. Auther iliDC cenTe7ance ef Leh 3 It S aD4 the N,rth 321 ef Leta 4 and 7. all in Bleck 11 Collin• Addition to Veit !aapa t• United State, •f America fer uae •• celeNd enli1ted un • recreation center. CITY PROPSllff -Aut ~ori1in the Ma.Tor to adnrtiae for bide fer the sale of certain 0it7 eaned propert7. COh"l'RACT -Authorizinc cqntract between the City of Tuipa and laatern Air Linea, Inc. CKRTilIC~S,T.A.X CBEDIT Q,ualif7ing certain tax credit certificate, iaaued by the City for acceptance for payment under th llevolTing Fund. CIRTIFICATE, SXWD -Ordering cancellati•n ef Sever Certificate••• ~36 7 -'ge.inlt Let 16 Block l Nerth Arlington Height,. . . CONl]l)nU.TION -lfotice of condemnation •f Let 8 :Block l Vricbt Sub., lcnevn a e 8 11 Can St. COVD.ur?S, R.eatrictive -Authorizing the Ma.Tor ef the City •f Turpa to execute re1trictiTe covenant, againat certain land• owned Jointl,T b y the Ci t:r •~ Tupa and County of Bilb'bu~gh. CITY a, !.AMP.A. -------Same a, abeff----COUN'l'Y HILLSl30RClJOH -----laae a1 abeni-•--MRS. "f. CUSVMAN0, (Grocer,-) -0erreclting p eraon a l tax a ese1uent1 againat-certain lndiTiduab and f'irm• in the Cit7 et Tupa CEMIDRY -Accepting c•nveyance ~f the Jack~on Height• Ceaeter, at 37th Street and Lake Avenue. L.D. CAGIIXA Autho :iri~ appertionment ~f taxP1 Leta ~land 32 Villa WennieTentur e Sub for L .D. Canina, for 1941. . D.H. CARTER -Authcrhi~ apperthnr.ient of ta.see en Let 10 Che1terv1lle Park Sub fer D .H. Carter. Clmll!'ERVILLE PAR~ SUBDIVISIOll ----lue a1 abne----CLAlM -Autheri2ing 1e ttlement of suit ef Clyde W . Taylor v1. Cit~ of T~. CERTIFICATES, TAX -Di r~cting r e fund to Manue l Al.on•• of Tax Certificat~ • paid on property purchated frtm the City •f Tampa B.L. CHABLIS -Authorizing eale and catrTPyance o f Let 3 Bleck 3 Munre & Clevie .\dditien to Veit Tampa to H.L. Charle,. CD'l'1UL A'VElltll ~,ta bliah ing three r e aer...ed parking ~ aces fer Jackaon lab Cemp&nT 1328 Central Ave nue. CEll'rI?ICATES or INDEB'l'EDDSS -Can celi~ certain certifie&te • of indebtedne11 Leta 4 and 5 Hemeatead Sub. OCT!' PROP~RTY -Authorizing ~or to adv•rti1e for bids for the sAle of certain City owned property. CARMiN COTO -.A.utha1tiJ1B satisfaction of Mortg~e on Lot, 7 and 8 Crilly ' • Subdivision. CRILLY(& SUBDIVISION -------Sue a s abo'Yf'-----CRIC3LOW HP.:IGH'l'S AUthorizing sale of Lot l Crichlow Height• Sub t o Paul Neleon under the sealed bid nlan. 0HAMBERLAtW'S StrnDI V I S I0N -Autlrori~in e~le of Lot l Block 1 2 C~rmberlain11 Sub. , to Triple Lake Land Co un de r the HEiled bid plan. CI'l'Y PROPD'l'! -Rejecting cert,.in bids for Cit~ owned pro!)flrty under the eealed bid plan. C & M ?-t.\RDT -Corr~ct\n~ ")flreon~l t~Y as,~s~IM'~t• ~ainst certain individuals and firm, in the Cit7 of Tanpa. CAMPOBELLO SUBDIVISIC!l .A.uthorizine cancellation of certain te~ and public improvement lien• on propertie1 purchased b~ the City under foreclosure sale and later sold. (RA?mA1L'S COLLEG E HILL SUB) -Same ae above-------C0LUMBUS mun: -Prohibitint; parlci~ on the N0rth side of Columbu• Drive between 211t and 22nd Streets between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m . • CASS ST'REET -E1tablishine r~served space on South ~ id~ of Case Street at ,.ntrAnce of Jackson Grein C ompany. C0N DalN.A.TIOll -Final Condemnation of lS0l Central .A.vrnue. C0?IDEMNATI0U -linal Condemnat i on of S W Cor. N0rth Street and L)rnn .A.venue. Jf.M. & Jl:RRT CL0UIU0Eli SRt id'act~on ,:,f Mort.~,. Lot 11, Block 3, Manor Heichtti Su bdivhi~. C O'!'T'ER' S SPRI U G RILL SUB -.A.uthorhint; sale of' certain pro,erty under tbP Sf"aled 1::id plan. CAROLin.A. TERRACE -.\ut'f',orizine snlf-of certain city owned property , inder t h e bid plan. COTTER'S SPRIHG HILL SUB RPJect ne bid for certain prl'lperty under the Bf"! ldf'd bid plan. O.I. Collin• -Providi, f'or chicken permit at 308 E. Adal,.e. JI. C CARL'!'O! -Prondinr, for chick,.n penii t at ~')04 W o odrow Av~nue. CHICXY.N PERMI T S -Provi~i~ certain chicke n u~rmit• in Repre~Pn~ativ~ Di~trict No. 6. 0 n 0 [ u 0

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" I t---_ _______ In _ dex to R~solutions Passed by th~ Board of Representatives of the _ Ci_ty of TaIJ1W::,•--=-:Fl= o =rid= a:.::,___ ____ _., I > 0 IJ 0 , II 0 1 ,• {} 0 NUMBER 7092-:B 709'3-:B 7093-B 7093-l3 7097-:B 709W 7099-> 7101-B 7105..B 71~ 71~ 7123-B 7124-:a 71~:a 7139-B 7142-B 7149-ll 7162-ll 7164-:B 7168-B 7170-ll 7176-B 7183-B 7197-B 7202-:B 7?0'5-::S 7207-"B 7q?ll-:B 7212-:a 7213-1 7235-:B 72J8-:I 7258-B 7260-:a DATE SUBJECT MATTER Month Day Year ; NoT lS 1941 W.A. CORAM GROCERY -Correcting pereonal tax aeee!ements again1t certain individuals and firms. Nov lS 1941 COTTER'S SPRING HILL SUB -Autho;izing cancellation of .certain tex and improv~ment li~n• on pro}'.:erty eold by the City. Nov lS 1941 CRICHLOW HF.IGHTS .SUB -------lame ae aboT•-------Nov 18 1941 lloT 25 1941 l'oT 25 1941 •oT 25 1941 BoT 25 1941 IoT 25 1941 IoT 25 1'41 BOT 25 1941 Dec Dec Dec . Dec .. 6 1941 Dec 16 1941 Dec 16 1941 Dec. 23 1941 Dec. 23 1941 Dec. W l~a Dec. 30 1941 Dec. 30 1941 Jan. 6 1942 Jan. 13 1942 Jan. 13 19ij2 Jan 20 1942 Jan 27 1 942 Jan ?7 1942 J an 27 1942 CRILLY1S SUB ----------Same as abov~--------. COWNBUS muu --.thori11Jt.c erection of directional algna tor .na Caueway, at certaia locatlou. CRtS!AL UD JllUI'! OCJCP.ut -••tabllahlnc a 1relcht apace at 909 Aeblq Street. COIJBIOT.A!IOJI -•otlce of conde-tioa of platfora at a Oor. Narioa ud Oa•• Street•. OAl!II l!BII'! ProTidlna for parallel parkinc on Marion ltnet between Polk ud Oa•• OOLLD8 Al)J)l'!IOI -Authorislnc oancellatlon of certala tu and plblic laproTeaent on aold b7 the 01'7. 000ffD 18 IPIIIG HILL -----lue u abow----__:_ . CWCPODLL0 SUDIVI8IOW -~----lw aa abon----• .... ._ COBIJSIQIA!IOJI -lo•ic• of Oondeanation D Cor. 1lori4a ud Clinton. OOBDIMRA!l'IOli -Botice of Condeanation of 412 W. Aaelta. OONIJIMIA!IOB -Botice of Condemnation of 211 w. Ila . CIIAliLBS SUBDIVISION Authori11Dc apportion11ent of !axeAaaeaaaent• certain propertie• in Charle• Sub., on Petition of lxchance Bational Bank. OWM -Autborilinc pa7ment of $22.00 aedical bill of Clifford !a1le7, laployee of the Becreation Dept. CDSOEN'l' .APAll!ICIB1rS -Oorrectinc personal tu a1ae1ament• acai~•t certain 1n4iT1dual• and firm• in the City of !•pa• CIVIL Am!OatJTIOS .ID(IBIS'.rliTIOB -Prondinc for the operation of Peter o. In.icht Airport by Cinl A.ronautic1 -'4a1niatrat101 QAllOLI?U ff'BBMll -Cancelin& certain Oity li•n• on propert7 in Carolina Terrace 1014 b7 the C1t7 CIVILIAN VOLUll'l'DB BA.DOR PATBOL Ooncernin,; the uee of houe and tvo aanit&17 priTie• located on City propert7 at the D corner of Channel and Streeta OD'l'RAL OIL COMPABT -~ronn,; bid of Cent~al Oil CoapaJl1', Inc, for furniahia Juel Oil for Water De,artaent aBNTBAL AVllltJI Authori1in& the placing of •STOP" alp• acro11 Central Annue on Borth and South 1ide1 of O..•• Street COX'S SPORTING GOODS Waiviqg penaltiea on personal tazea of Cox'• Sporting Gooda, 1106 Tampa Street for 1940 CLEMENTS, WILLIAM J. -Directing refund to William J. Clement, taxes paid through error on Lot 10 o f :Bungalow Park Sub. , and reinatating tax lien a,;ain1t said property (r1,) OOBRONELLA SUBDIVISION Autho~izing acceptance of payment of taxes for the 7ear 1939 on Borth l/2 of Lot ll, and L1f..llock 8, Corronella SubdiTieion. without penalties _ CASS S'l'REIT -Deaignating certain described streets ae parking meter zonea , _ and provi~i~ for parallel parking on South eide of Casa betveen llorida end Marii:n. COMl-roNI'l'Y SERVICE PROGRAMS -Appropriating $500.00 to Statevid• Sewing Projct WPA Community Service Programe. OAUSlll'IAT SITES, UNIT f2. -Approving plat of reeuodivieion of Lot 11 Oausevay Sit••• Unit No. 2. CALTAGIRONE & CO -Correcting personal ta.x assusnent• ~&inat certain individuals and firm• in th• City of Tanpa. J an 27 194 2 CIVILIAN VOLUNTEER HARBOR PATROL Waiving plumbine and sewer connect1on fee1 for building l ocated D Cor. Vern• and ~,vshore Eoulevard. -'hb 3 1942 COmDA!IIVISIO• Aut~orl1ing cancellation of certain tu and public iaproTeaent li•n• on propert7 1014 b7 01'7. Jeb 24 1942 OOl'l'RACT ApproTinc contract between CU7 of '!aapa and lallp& lorthern Jlallroa4 Compaq for certain Maementa in th• extension of 19th and 20th Street• in the Oit7 of fupa. .. I, . -, , J I', I I I I ' ' I i ' I I J ' . : ' ! I I l , .. l l • •. ; I ; ..

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___ Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives __gf the City of Tampa, florida NUMBER 7270-B mw 7273-1 7274-1 7275-1 7276-1 7286-1 7289-1 7299-1 7)01-1 1,10-1 7110-1 7~12-! TJ29-J 1329-J 1329-1 7329-1 7329-1 7332-1 7:,:,:,-1 n,~-1 77337-1 73:57-1 7341-1 7~ 71}5-I 7355-1 73'5-I 7~69-:! 7369-1 7172-1 7381-1 7386-1 7391-1 7395-1 7395-1 7399-1 71a06-1 , 7~7-1 ~S-1 7409-1 , , .. 11-1 7425-1 DATE SUBJECT MATTER . 10 1942 COIDDCIA!IOI -JlD&l O oa4eamatioD of 211 Veit Ila ltr••t. llar 10 1942 COIDIMJtdtOS -loUc• of OolMlewUcm of D Oon•r of 1or4 aacl V•ll1nctoa. Mar 10 1942 OOIDIDA!IOI -lotlc• of Ooa4eanatiaa of 218 V••t Voocllawa. Mar 10 1942 CO IOI -lotic• of coa4e1m&tioa of ,a.24 7th A••n•. Mar 10 1942 COl1SIIIA!IOI -lotice of OondeanatioD of 3205 7th A•na. Mar 17 1942 810.lCJO BAROAII HOUSI -Oorrectinc per1onal tu a11111•nt1 acain1t certain in41T14ul1 and fir•• in the Oit1 of ! Mar 17 1942 COLLillS EX'!'DSIOJ -Authori1inc apportioDJ1ent of tu•• on certain propert1 in hten1ion on petition of I.S. l.nne7. Nllr 1942 .JOS COLLUBA -Authoririnc tale of certain c1t1 owned propert7 uncSer tm ••aled bid plan. Mar 24 1942 CWM Payment of claim to !onnie I. Gregor, accoW\t d~ to car when 1trildnc mnholt. r 31 1CJ1'2 C~ODLLO SU!DITISIO! -Mthoriria of Lot 18 lllock j6. ~obello Sub to Leiter .Jack1on. Mar Jl 1942 V.A. CORAM Authoririn,; ••le of Lo,, 8 and 9, Jlock 1, Jen Yiaint Subd1on ~or $175.00. . Mar 31 1942 Ol'l'JltJS Pill: su:BDtVISION Author1r1n,; apportionment of Lot 9 Block 6, Citru1 Park Sub., to Joe A, Garcia. Mar :,1 1942 ml'II NAIii! ___ .,._ u &NTI --..,. ooaeuo----•• -••• u alMtfl---ODA 6 Dft.lDJlAl'f ------•Iii••• u •ltoft---OWN P'""141DC for ••ttl••nt of cl•l• of Olareno• l••••lteu, tnJve4 whea he fell la 41tah of Yater Oo. onILUI DD'DD -ADtborhlnc coatraot with 01T1Uaa DefenH Otttoe for oenaia nppll•• u4 uoeH'7 for the protection of tha Cit7. • OCJllf'IAC-P -------••• •• aboft~ ..... -----~ UII OCIIPADftO -AuthorillDC of ... Ooaparetto of Lot U ~look 11 lut hap& hb41Tilioa to Ooaparetto. ' ---u a'bo.e-----OJAOm•a PLAOI -OorncUnc per1onal tu a,H .. •nh a&&1ut cenaia 1a41clul1 aa4 firu in tbe , C1'7 of !aapa. OOIDDIUIlld'l -Authorhinc apporUouent of tuH for 1'41 a certain tract of lu4 in Nab1'7'• lubcllT11i n. OOOl'l'Y or HtLLOOROUOK -Conoerninc radio polio• ••rTlc• turnilbecl to the Count7 b7 the Ci t7 of !aapa. Olff 01 !AMPA -------laM u abon----------R!UCH L. Ol!ARLD -~t•D41nc ti• for erection of a buildiDC ~ot 3, llock 3, Munro a.n4 Clewi1 OOIDIM1I.A.!IOI -lptice of Condemnation of 701-703 7th ATe & 17llt Taliaferro. ~O!f -lotic• of Oonclemnat1on of 706 I. ia1a Aflllu.. 0C9'mlllfAlflOW -lot1ce of of 200) PiecSmont (Shed lD_re.,-) OOlffl!l!N!fA!YOW -Wot1ce of Condemnation of 603-605 & Stand at 6o3l Ca••• CLAIM -Alathor1~ •ettlemnt ~f of J••• Bichard1oa,coll1on with policft 1Cotol'C7cle. COIDEM!fA!IO!f -lotic~ of Coademnation or ~405 Jlorida Annue. 0 0 -0 ' l_

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.,___ ________ ...:::.::.Index to _ Resolutions Passed by the Board of Represelltatives of the City of Tam~ Florida 0 f} 0 0 I] NUMBER 74716-1 7U77-1 T4T9-I 7483-ll 7487-1 DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER Jw 23 1942 OOIDINXATT
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--.-------.;;Index tQ_Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the Cit of Tampa, Florida ----------'-------,.__----.----4 NUMBER 7637-1 7638-1 7641-1 7659-! 7664-! 7665-1 7666-1 767.._, 7692-1 772,-1 7723-'.9 . 7726-1 7730-1 77:,2-1 7738-1 774<>-I 7741-1 7742-! 7750-1' 7753-B 7755-1 7761-1 7763-1 7765-:a 7767-1 n19-1 ns2-1 7715-J 7719-J 7792-J 7799-J 1ao:,-1 DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER Dec 15 1942 ec 5 1942 Dec 22 1942 OOl'fJlACl1' -Authorisin contract between City of Taapa and Rill1borough Count7 tor Police Radio Ser..-ice to Count7. B 0, CHRIS! -Wai'fin charge, for Pluabin an4 Sewer Connectiou for benefit of Church of Chr11t at 9th Street aD4 6th ATenue • . Dec 29 1942 O~S ft!SM' -Dedpatin South tide of Can Street between Tampa and Athle7 Streett a1 a parking aeter 1one, Ste. Jan 5 1943 COLLI!lS 21D ADDITION -Authoririn tale and con..-e7ance of Lote 11 and 12, Block 4, Collini 2nd Addition to Owen and Ir• Smith tor 273.60, on tera10 . aan 12 1943 0.ADEB AND WELLS SUBDIVISIO N Authori~ing tale and conTe7ance of Katt 32t' of Lot 3, Block 3, Cuacaden and Velle Sub., to Manuel Dias, for $75.00 Oath. JIUl 12 1943 BILLIP COLLINS ADDITION Authorizin& 1ale and conn7ance of ~ot1 10 and 11, Block 6, Phillip Collini Additio ~ n to X.I. Drullright for $300.00 Ca1h. JIUl 12 1943 OURID CITY straDIVISION Canceling Tax Certificate !-241 f o r 1927 again1t propert7 sold b7 the Cit7 under foreclosure. J~n 19 1943 CUSCADEll AND WELLS SUBDIVISION -Autboriztnc eale of Z 321' Lot 3 Block 3, Cuecaden and Well• Sub to Manuel Dias for $75.00 cash. Jan 19 1943 COLLINS 2nd ADDI!IOI• .Authori2tn,; apportionment of taxee for 1924 on Lota 21, 22,23 and 24 Colline 2nd Addition. Jan 19 1943 LIVONIA DODDS CLID SUBDIVISIO. -Authorising leate of Lott l and 2 !lock 2, to the 'l'ampa Shipbuildinc Comp&DT. e'b J'eb 16 1943 J'eb 23 1943 CJL&ft'S 8tJBDITISIC.W -a,urtstac apportlonaea, of tan• oa certala propertl•• la Crat, lub OA pe,1,1oa of ~cl• 11M. CANPOIILlrO SOm>ITIIIO• -AD,horhiac caacellaU• of tu cerUfloalea 1933 k 1~ aplut Let 20 Block 21 Cupobollo Se., propert7 of ..... Obapol ••• Ohvoh. la VKLLI IUBDITISIOB -Authorising cuoella,i• of tu aa4 hbllc l111prowMn, 11oaa Oil cenaia propertiee 1014 b7 Cl • ADD & WILLS SUBDIVISIC.W -Aaen41nc Jleeolution •o. 7699-:1, authortslnc cucellaUon of certain tu and public 11••• oa properU•• 1014 by tho Oit7. Nar 16 1943 OOUffl' a, HILLIBOllOUGB Oonc•rnin per1onal propert7 owned jointl7 b7 Ooun~7 an4 Olt7 aD4 u1ed b7 rood ltaap Office. liar 16 1943 OI'l'T a, 'l'.All>.A. --------:.--1&• a1 abon---------Mar 16 1943 H.L. CHAJlLl8 -~•a4in ,1. for erection of lnill4ince on Lote 19 Jlock 2 aa4 Lott 3 u4 8 Block 3 la Clowia Bub • Kar 16 1943 Dll. B.G. COLI -.Author111a pepent of $15().00 Medical 1111 of C.D. Greoa, _ lDJured vhll• in eaplo)'e• of luitar, Dept. llar 16 1943 PHILLIP COLLID 21D ADDI'l'IOS-Authorisiq eale of lotl 11 and 12 !lock 4 Phillip Collln1 2n4 A44. to CorlDM T. GlOflr. llar 23 1943 CASOII,I,&TlOll-P.A.TIBG -Authorhin cancellation of. paTtnc Certificate ~in1t Lot 8, Jlock 18, Moble7'1 Subdi'filion. Mar 23 1943 C.W. ~ISLJ:, AGO! -Authorbin tale of Lot 6, J.I. lo11 8ubd1'fieton to C.W. Carlille, ~nt, for .00. Nar 23 1943c CAIRO stmDITISIOff .A.uthor1sinc aale of Lot 21 !lock:,, Cairo Subd1Ti11on, to Lenfe1t7 1upp17 Ooap&DT for f320.00 Ca1h. Mar 30 1943 COAS'l' GU.ABD .Authorising Nqor to -permit U. s. Coa1t Guard the uee of Lot 81 Block 54, Dane Ieland for training purpote1. Mar 30 1943 00111J!Nlf.A.'l'IOI' -Aut hcri1tn Cit7 .A.ttorne7 to in1titute proceeding• of right of ellllinent doMia 9ain1t certain property ill •a•t 'l'AJDpa SubdiTition. Apr 20 194:, CLAIM -.A.ut,ori1in compPneation to M.A.., naR1en for daa9e1 to tire, b7 a lleged open ~hole on 17th Street, •tc. pqrLLIP COLLINS 2ND .A.DDITIOI Authorising eale of Lot 22 !lock l, to 87lveeter 'furn•r for $100.00 on terae. CI'l'T .A.TTO!Ulft -.A.utborizinc apportionaent of tax•• on certain propert7 in Katt Tuapa lubd1T11ion on petition of 01\7 Att,. ComrrT or HILLS!OllOUGH -Authorlzinc eale to County of Bill1borouch, th• City'• int•r••t in personal. propert7 u@ed in \lie ~ood Stup office. , s. CLEMONS Authori1inc ,ale of Lot 17, kst Buncalov Park Sub •• to s. Clemon• for $110.00 Cath. CDTIFICATES, PAVING Authorizing cancelation of certain tax and public Improveaent certificate, on certain propert1•• eold by the Cit~ of Tupa, Ztc. O.A.ICILU'l'IO• Authori1inc cancellation of pa'finc cortifloate Jo. 324 ~inat Lo, 2 Jlock 6 Koblq lubd1Ti1ioa. CAlfCULl.!'IOI -Authortstac oancellaUon of pan_. certlfi'oato •o. 2511 acatn•t • 26• of 1,o, 2 Block 59 General ..... COD ]11()'!8118 COl8fttJC'l'IOI COMP.DY -.tppro'fin bid of Cone Jro,hor1 Coa1truction OoapaDT for tb.e fVDhhiDC of certala -teriale for CU7 bgiaeer ill the panac of portion of !hrao• ltr••'• Apr 27 1943 OWJC -An'1lor11in of M.s. Anrr Account &aaace to 0oar ln colllelon with Pollo• ladlo Car on Nar, 21, 19~:,. Apr 27 194:, cml!IYICAffB, 'l'il -Authoridng ~nt of State A Ocnmt7 tuee oenatn propert7 in ••braaka Height. Sub, •to. Apr 27 1943 OOLUMBIA DRIVI -:l1tabUahin certain reHrnd parldn apac•• on lolmabia Drin at Dana hland Pool, s,c. Oll'1'RAL AfllOS -------lame u abOff-------• 0 ll l Q ; U . 0

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J-----_.-;:,. ___ --'Index to Resolt1tions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the City of Tampa, Flori......;;..;.d-"--a ____ .... 0 l_l . 0 0 \ NUMBER 7812-B 7817-B 7818-B 7833-1 7841-B 7849-1 7853-B 7g50-1 7362-:B 7s63-:s 7864-B 7368-J 7873-'B 7Sl4-I . 71,a.-1 ,.,,_. 7901-1 7907-1 7907-1 7909-B 791a...1 7926-J 7921~:a 7930-:1 7944-B ftp->,, 7950-B 79611-1 7966-J 7971-J 7971-1 7971-1 7994-B . 1998-1 8003-1 . 8015-1 8017-B BSOl&;B 8023-B 8024-B 8024-B . 1025 B '9~?-:' • DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER ltq 11 1943 CDTI!'ICA.TKI, TAX -Authorilia cancellation of certain tu and public lieu on propert7 aol4 b7 C1t7. Nq 11 1943 Ol'1'lWl! -laplo,-ing Jlobert an4 Ooapa117, lnci•••n, for oenaia waterwork• Iapro.,••nh, ltc. Nq 18 11111 l June 15 1943 AWOELLA!IO•, PAVIWG -Authori1iac cancellation of panq certificate, againat certain propert7 in! 6 E G&rri1on, Ito. 1943 OELUTIO•, PAVIJG -.Authoriziq cancellation p&TiDC Cert lo. J--1278 ag&inat Lot 10 Block l , Loa Oien Sub. 1943 HILLIP COLLINS 2ND .ADDI T I O I Authori2lng sale certain property in Phillip Collins 2n~ Add. to T.W. Hartsfield, ~tc. J une ?.2 1943 O c,;1LUTI01'f -Authorizi~ cancellation of eever certificate 19691 again•t tot 17, !lock 43, Ea1t Taapa Sub. June 2 2 1 9 4 3 CD'l'RAI, OIL C OMP.lNT -Appr o -nng bid of Central Oil C ompa~ for furnhhi11g 011 for the W a t e r Department. June 2 2 1943 CLAIM -Authoriring pa7ment of $150.00 to S ueie 'Bryant in settl ement of claim again1t t h e Cit7, ~tc. June 194; PHILLIP COLLINS 2m> ADDITION• Authorizi~ cancellation of certain improvement liens on properties t old by the Cit7. June 29 1 9 43 CWM -Providing for the claim of Jack Spi,, injured vhile in the Stockade. ClPUSS STREI'? -Authoriring placeing of ••top •in•• on Onrees Street at the inter1ection ot B orth Lincoln Avenue. CS. CROSSOI .Authorlzin 1&le of L o t 364 Nor t h P ark Annex to J.&. Crosson, ltc. I June 29 July 6 July 6 J1111 13 194 3 CA.Bl Concerning change 'of name of Jackson Cab Company to Wa1 Cab Compan7, ltc . 1~3 . COAS! GU.&BJJ -.Jata\liahiae certala reaenecl .,-oe tor U.. Oou\ .....,. • lack ltnet Mar .... Off. Jv.1141ac. JlllT 20 1943 llllT 27 1~3 J-aq 27 1943 MC 3 1943 A11c 3 1943 MC 10 1943 MC lO 1~3 .Aue lO 1943 Ave lO 1'43 Aue 17 1943 .Aue 24 1'43 .Alie 24 1943 Sept 9 1943 Sept 14 1943 Sept 14 1943 lep\ 28 1943 lept 21 1943 lept 28 1943 lept 21 1~3 lept 28 1943 Oat 5 1943 Oct 12 1943 C.L. GIAft -Aatborlsla Nl• of cartala Clt1 owae& proper\1 to C.L. Craf\, Ito. C!tLDID'I 1101111 a Cllli•' SODI oa tba lorth 114e of 26th Affll-1lor14a ...... for a cliatuoe of 100 feet. CASI ltJlD'i', liAI! -Jata'bliahiag oertaiA reaene4 parlciac apace tor ue of Ho\el at IK>9 Jlaat Ou• lv••t • OGl!nBlJ!IOI -~o~cllQC for coatrlbuUoa ' v.1. Qeoloeioal 1u .. .,, for . . Jeuflt of ._ W.Mr De,art•nt, Ito. OOIIOlll+A stmDITIII<:a -Coaoermac o•ftl'W• of Lo\ 16, . llook 4, Oorroulla M., to ,. ... ..IOn. 001,110a -a\horl11ac ereotioa ot oon.,.,.or Oftr Cuaar ltrfft by >rao•• Juioea: oma ffJlDt ------•• ...... u altcwe---OOl!I.DU!IOI -laoreuiac ooatrilnltion .. Tbor 01 t1 Obeeber of O-.roe for oolleoUoa ot oerM!a vawr 1111a • OIIDT ITDH -Au\hDrldac A4.,. tor 'bl4• for the w14elliac of OIi.en, Street fr• Ar•nla \o fMpenta. CacmLLA!I<:a -,~ -Authorhlng oucellation erroneou taze• •••t baU Lot 6, Blk, 9, llacfarlaae•• Ad4 to Weat ,.._,. IftUI P.dl SUM>ITIIIOI Authorh1DC cancellaUon ceriain It&\• aa4 Cou'7 !ena on propert1 aolcl 'b7 Ci '7. WCIL TOU!II .AalSOBI AID t01ffll -Authariliq of \azea on oertaia properq la General -., acc•t •• of ... by Oov.ncil of Youth jgenciea an4 Tou\h. WI S'l'llft -Authori11nc re1e"ed apace• on Oa•• Street for a,.,. Clifford Walker for certain houra on Sahrclq lip\,• CLAIM -ProTiclinc for settlement of claim of Oeorce v • . Curr7. GJIO~ v . OUBY -Prondia for aettle•nt of of George,. Ourry. CWII-.. aol. au\borl11ac oapeaaaUoa \o llra. &N'11 PlUIU for 4aaece ' her oar,•'-• OOOIOU. 0. TOU!II AaDOIII-leaol. 41no\lac ,-peat of llcht bill for .... at 305t wa,er Ive,, • 0OIIOIILLA IUBDITI8IOI ._ leaol. authorlllac apponiouent of tuH acataat aertala laa4 or \.rach la CorroMlla M. OOLLIII DOCSD >DIIICII• TI I 7 , .... to•• ---.. --omn IIIDI-Authorfsinc the 11&7or \o pt,rcbu• oer\aia aappliH for uae of the Water Depar\•n, u4 a4T. tor 'bicla. Ol'l'JIAC!-baol acceptiDC work done b7 ~•rd 8. MooreMona uder contract with th• Cit7 for of cenain propelf Oct 12 1943 nm Clll!IJICAH-Authorhinc caacellaUoa of -• acataa\ oerata propert1 in Korriaoa Groft lubd1T1s1 on. Oot 12 1943 SIIGI-Pron41DC tor certain croHlJIC• b,-tbe 01'7 for Water L1Mt acroH ript-of--. of S.A.L. lall•lll' Coh Oct 1 9 1943 COlft'liC! .AC;DIMIJff-Aaell4tq S!)oUon II of Beaol . lo/8014-B.b Jederal Public Bouaing .Author1t1. Oct 19 1943 COtnl'l'Y 01 !ILLSJOllOOOB-ProndiDC for ~•tabliehaent of a Joint Health Pre..-enti..-e Depart•nt. with th• Cit7 ofn!aapa. ., Oct 19 1943 OOl'l'RAC'l'-Appronnc bNtofcl. WrPWH .. nA Oo. for the turnhhiDC of certain aupPli•• for ue b7 the Water Dept. .. Oct 19 1943 COl'?RAC! -Appro..-iac contract a• aubaitted bf Na7or t Cone Broa.) re construction of a atorm ,ever in 18th An. from 16th Oct 19 1943 COD JsJiO'fli.&b COJl'l'llACTIN G OONPAJ?~----~7"-z !"7•-kaaN • u aboff-----jo 20th Sta. Oct 19 1943 CHUJlOR a, GOD-~•tabli!'hinc tv~ 1pacea at aa ae on Buf falo A..-e a t 10th &tree,. 0c, l94J CltLmf'I • ~ . Jt~~~~ia&- •fflv!~1~~e ~e~~l ~t'~~, . 11 ~4to~it~4 .. .. • 1 m , n2&!~~,c!'~9,~ ~~-,~ ~ --~ir~~-,loT.~tbf1 ~ '1l

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..,...__,.-,---___ In= dex to Resolutions Passed by the Board Qf Representatives of the City of Tampa Florida • NUMBER so,:r1 8031-B 8065-1 8069-ll 8070-1 . 8 0 70-1 8071-1 8072-1 8075-1 8076-1 8078-1 8079-1 8080-1 8085-1 8087-J 8097-B 8102-J 1no2-11 8112-ll 8116-'B 8120-B 1125-a 1127-a 1133-1 Sl~I 8136-1 8137-1 111'0-I G262-1 11,._, 11164-a 1155-1 11'39-1 8164-1 8169-B 1169-1 8177-1 S1"4 119,-a 1197-1 a.,,.. -.,a. DATE IIIOftth D a y Oc\ " 26 Oct 26 Wo'f 23 SUBJECT MATTER Year ____ ..... 1,!l-3 BIi?' OAPIWO-Aiitliorlwlnc ule ol cer\a\D' propert,-in Bo'1tonifi.b. ~ to~lame-'.:!...(Bfttff ad:•slriuer•'allub'.~ r1 -• < 1943 lit 3. CB.U.I& CCIIPilT-Appro'fing bid of aame for tton pick-up truck for uae of the Health 1943 OLAIIC-Authorhinc acceptance of $75.77 in for to oar owned b7 the 01t7, !upa Sau an4 Material Ooa -Wo'f 30 1943 CLAIM-Atuthorizinc ,-ymenta&.o P.D . Shirle7 for for expenaea incurred in con~eotion with injuriea au•tatn•• whil . certain 11erTice• for the Ci t7. lloT 30 194 3 CLAIM-Authorisinc ••ttlement of apinat the City for pereonal daaalie• ltc. accidental diacbarc• of PoliceM.11'• to be -de to Mr•. Jean C . Curan. llo• 30 194 3 111:'ad C. Olllld---------------lAMI AS .DOff----------------WoT 30 1943 CUIIC-Allthorisinc of coat• a11e11ed the Cit7 re appeal Mun. Court to Circuit Ct. ,.ca•• of.Illa Mae Porter. llo'f 30 1943 CWM-Anthorhinc pqMnt to V.B. llell an4 L.I. Dq for ezpenae1 for trip to Chicaco -to attend 32114. ••Uonal Safet7 • loT 30 1943 CWII-Authorhizac pqaent of hospital and Mdical bill for llooaeTelt an eaplo7ee of the Yater Departaent. Dea Dec Dec Dec C Dec 7 7 7 7 7 7 1943 1943 194 3 1943 1943 Dec 14 1943 6 1943 C 6 1943 21 194 3 D ec 28 1943 Dec 28 1943 Ju 11 1944 lomaaft-Antho~i•inc exeoutloa ffraanA1c••eMtlald taapa18-1p1N.11tillC fCorrlnofau ...... tl•l~hpl•••tfb\p!uilM~Co authorised in Reaol. •o. 7780-1. , OEMEr1' COUJlT~-Author11inc. t~e NaTor ,o adverti•e for for the conatruction of 1a11e f~r. the Becreation COWDEMlllTI~•-. 1u11~1ng condemninc 'buildinc at 3222 -10th An. COIDJl:MNATtO!I-lluilding Inapector conde•inc butldinc at 1019-21 Binreide Lane. (014 111h llouae.) CUIJC-AUthorhinc tht p-,-nt of $17.00 to v.c. John1u for cluaea broken while arrut. CAMPADLLO SUM>IVISIOW-Authori1inc the apportio1111ent of for tbe 7ear 1943 certain and tract, of la CLAIN-Authorizinc aettleaent of ac&inet the City for damee to car of Mr•. J.W. i,barp due to colliaion of car of the driven b7 O.L. • OD BROS-A.pp_ron9e bid of 1ame ( Contraetinc Co.) fo r conetruct1on of four cement cou rta for use of t t.e Becreation Dept. 1ee file Ho. X-362) OOtm!S-~--------------------8.AXI AS .liOU-~------~-----------• (~• • 1ile ~o . X-362) il'l'HUR CABOT-Apportionment of certain tax certificate• in !enJuin'• Jrd Addition for aam. • COJTnm?n'AL CAN C O~-Aut ~orizing r e fund to same of paymen t mad e of occupational lice nee tu o f \ $750.00 for year 1942-4,. WILLIAM CARROLL-Birecti~ refund to !ame in the sum of $S.OO. (Paid for release of CaTl Smith who served hia time.) ' OllffllAL G08JISl, IIALL-AuthorilillC the cuoell&Uoa of tu ••aeHMDt for 1~3 acala•t oenaia propert7 owmd. bJ ..... OANPOJ11LU>-.&utboriltac the of tax for 1943 ac&ia•t cerlala --••oet.llaM. \ ILAJlA nn llcaPI'UL-Anthortsinc the Me,,or to adnrthe for bid• for repair• to old bu14linc now b7 Urban Leacue. COIIPDS.l!IOW-Authorilinc .... to G.Pelus aacl Katon '7Jca• _for daaac•• to on er ._t Deo.16,1~3. ' Ju 11 1944 Jan 11 1944 Jan 18 1944 Jan 18 1944 Jan 18 194,4 OLAIJ(-AcceptiDC offer of !aapa Karine C. $4'5.00 to co'fer coat of water iaatalled on their propert7.Lot,9,Blk.l,Sal'• b'• • Jan 18 1944 Ju 25 1944 1eb ,., 1eb 1eb 1 e b h'b l 1944 l 1944 1 1944 1 19~ 8 1944 15 191tlJ 15 1~ 15 1~ 15 1~ l.lj 1~ Apr 18 1944 CLAIM• Authorisinc cancellation of Pa'fiag Certificate Lot 24, Bik.5, Ju ller•• Sub41'fieion. :Ito. I'l'T A'l.'l'ORllt-Authorisiag ezedute a 1tipulatlon in certain cauae pendiDC in U.S. Court • .a.-lellenic Collll\lll1t7 \ ilOLIWA 'l'KBJWD-.Authorhiat the apportionaeat of for the 7Ur 1943 acainat certain tract• of laa4. :s,c • • Iff CI.m-Allthori1inc and dtrectinc •aae to f'urni•h the Offfce of the 3rd Air force with a cap7 of the Co • , piled• Or41nance• of the Cit7 1937, without coat • CONPILID OltDII8011-----------------8D AS AJK>ff----------------------------Q.UIPOBILI,0 som>JVISIOW-Authorl1inc the apportionmnt of t~e, for certain ~t• ot lan4. .ltc. CI.AlU. 11lTE HOSPITAL-Authorizinc the ~or to readnnl••cfor for Npaire to thl• buildiDC, now uae b7 the Urban Leacu, CWX-Authorbiq aettleaent of of X1ton S1a1 in the of * for dau~ to hh c,:-. , CLAIM-Author11inc ~•nt of $23.00 to Oorlew in full of the City for daaage1 to hi• car. . COBLWV, JAMIS 1.---------------------r~-UXI AS A!Off-----------------------~-----AAMPO!ELLO ~UBD IVISIOB-Authoriri ng t h e ap portionmP-nt or taxe a for the ~r. 1943 againet cert) tracts of lnnd in Fairview Caapobello Sub•. ,, WDIS-Acc-,Unc work 4one b7 Cone llro•.Ooatractiac Oo. for ooa•tr11C, loa of a etora eever on 18th 16th to lo OUICAlJII IVIllllll JIOOL-.Allthorhiag the llqor to adTertt•• for b141 f• palaUac De.'fia hlaa4• 1ool. . ~tan-.Authorlllq ule AD4 CClllfl7UH of .,, of Let J, Illa ,. ,1 •• Plue lub•a. for $15.00 ouh. OLAaA nn .. IUL-ApprOT111C 'b14 of I.E. atchart• for repair• lo \be 014 Olan h7e Mo•pUal oomDU!IO•-Aceeptiq ooatribuUoa troa v.1. Baaer of $800.00 for ooutr11CUon fef 8'0111 eewer 40WA INN 1treet. • • CIASS1~ .Authoriainc adTerti ... nt for for Portable outfit to! cleaning cha1ai1 and of car•• true~• ate, Saa.D t • • • I • 0 fl u ' [I u a \

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___________ Index to Resolutions Pa~d b the _ Board of Representatives of the City ol_Tampa, Florida ____ _ n .I] 0 J] C. NUMBER S20W 8212-:B 8216-B 8218-B 8222-1 8229-1 82"53-! -8235-:B 8237-1 8240-B S26s-J9 8272-:B 8292-B 8295-:B 83()4-B 1:,13-:1 • 8313-B 8325-11 s32s-:1 . 8329-B 8333-1 S342-B s,44-11 8344-1 S,~:B S:,47-1 8348-:B S3')2-:B . -,,,_1 s:,;4-1 1"5-J 8366-:B 8381-1 s3ss-1 8390-1 DATE Month Day Year r .. SUBJECT MATTER feb 22 1944 OLA.Ill-.iuthorhinc ~-ef $67.15 to 8. L. Sh.,._. ln full aetUeMnt .,..laia againat the Ci\7. J•b 22 1944 CO.ODD PIPS-Au\hori1inc the Pvchaainc Acea\ to purchu• oertaia auppli•• for u1e b7 the Xnineerinc J•b 22 1944 ooun-Autbori1inc th• l&qor to a4Terti1e for bid• tor the con1tructlon of a bard 1urtac• court .. rlutfalo & 22n4 St., leb 22 1944 CUSCADII P.Alm-Apprortnc vbid1 of 1. lhHtt for th• .,1nunc DaT11 hlaad1 and Cu1caden Park 1wta tac pooll. 1•~ 29 1944 CWK-Authori11n p9Tllent of $32 to J. Ired 11111 for inJurie1 receind while in the eaplo7 of the Sanitaey Department. 1eb 29 1944 0.UIPA-Pro..-1.ding for and rel&ting to the deli serine of to Cupe and Hoepi tall operated b)" the State Board of Beal th Mar 7 1944 COMPDSATIOlf(CLAIM~ Authorizing compen1ation to W.B. llaggert7 for radio stolen from plane at Peter O. Xnqht Airport. Nar 7 1944 E. L. COB!-Authorizing sale of Lots, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23-D7al'1 Sub1n. to E.L.Cobb for $375.00 u1h. Mar 7 1944 CCICPEN'SATIOl(OLAIM)-Authori2i~ compeneation to Weldon and Hanson for radio 1tolen from plane stored at Peter o. Inight Airpo t. Mar 7 1944 CONTRACT(.Agrecment)-Approvi~ 9reement v between Tampa Northern RR. Co. and City to 1& a wtaer main on property belomgin& ;o the former. Mar 28 1944 OLOA NOEC _ IP.U. IIOIPft.U.-Au\horilinc pq•a\ of .15 to ..... for Nr..-1.cH rea4erecl to Jo1eph sat. th, e11pllp• et a-. ICar 28 1944 I. O. O.AIIP-App~oTin bld of I. O. Oup for con1vucUon of oourt .lor RecreatioD Dept. at Jutfalo an4 22&4 ltre Apr 11 1944 IVIL 6'DOSAU'l'IOS ASS'••-ApproTing propo1ed lease for plot of ground for power 1hed and encine generator at hight Airport. . . ,Atr 11 1944 CLAIN-Authorieinc of $100 to lrank Al.ftre1 in full 1ettlement of all claim• for daaap to fence in :Bonita SubdiT1.1io. Jpr 11 1944 .lLAll C. CLABXSOB-Acceptinc deliT•rT of deed for Rich-of-vq extension of 19th and 20th Stre-\1, fro11 ...-e,entatiTe of 1ame part7, now decea1ed. jpr 18 1944 CliSSISAuthori~inc adTertiaement for bid• for Portable outfit for cleaninc 1ame and encinea of cars etc. for San. Dept. Apr 18 1944 CLEANING-------------------~-------SAME AS ilOV'E-----------------. Jpr 18 1944 ClliMPION CORPORATIOlf-Appro..-1.a bid of eame for furnilh1ng Power Sever CleaniQC Etluipaen\ for Encinei>ring Apr 25 1944 CUD<-Authorlzin& City Enciuer to accept $49 in payment from Wm,. Fl7inc School a1 full settlement of Cit7 Cle.Ml of $98. jpr 25 1944 COIDINlfATIOB-Authorizing the !uildin& Inspector to eerTe notice of Condemnation at Lot, 8 9, llk.102, BAX Nap of Qarr Apr 25 1944 CITY CIDI-Authorizinc and directinc the City Clerk to furnieh Hill1borou.:h lount7 Health Unit certain item, of literature, with out coat, pertaininc to Health matter,. itc. 9 1944 OOIICD'l'I PIPI-~~orilinc adTerU•••nt for bid1 for 1420 ft.J6• pip• aa4 6o f\. is• pipe for ue• of hglneerinc l>epar\NDt. for bi41 9 1944 O.dl-Av.thorlliDC adnrthe•at/for 3 cab, and chuli1 for ue of the laai t&l7 Depart ... t. g 1941&. lJIIASstl•-----~----------------.. 1.1111 Al 800--•--_, ________ __.._ ....... 9 1944 '0.&JIOKIJ,l!TOS, PAnn-:Autborhtnc cancellation of PaTiDC C er,. lo.2Sl.O ..-in1t Lo\ 2, Blk.J, Bq1ide lu'b41Ttaloa. 9 191'4 oacm.LA!IO., PAVtm---Authorlslnc canoellat•on of Partnc Oeri. •o. 2811 apia1t Lo\, ), Blk.), (1fe1t 151 ) ~Ha. lallllTlal 9 1944 O.UQILLfftOS, PAYIIG--AutbortHnc cancellation of PaYin Cert. •o.15,351, apia1t Lot 2, :Ilk.), lqlid• 8ubclh1eioa. 9 I91'4 O-Authorhiq cancelling tax and public impnTement lien, on certain lots or tracts of land. ltc. . -Ma7 30 1944 OANC!LLATI01'-Canct11l li~ taxe1 exi eti~ 9ain11t land, owned b7 Cit7 which tax•• were levied after date of tax lien, forecloaare•. ltc. June 6 1944 •• CASS SIBDT-Ap~roving tranefer of !ee r and Wine Permit of Frank L. rauetfrom 815 Jef~e.r,on to 102 ~. Ca1e Street.June 6 1944 E. CASS STRJ:ET-lppmoving transfer of Liqour Permit of Har17. A. Som mer• from 102 E. Casi Street to 815 Jefferson itraet. -une 6 1944 CONTliCT-Wai•ing penalty of $10.00 per dB for unfinished work by Bigb7 Electric Co. according to contract betwee~ MM and Cit7 off~. June 6 1944 CO'l'T.D1S 8PlU1'G BILL .AJ)l)~~IOB:....U.thorlain apportionment for 1943 again1t cer~ain or of 1Nl4. iito.

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NUMBER 8448-B' 84;0-I ~I 84;184;2-J -8 47 ~ 847 4 -B 84&>-J ~482-1 g4gg..J 85 0 8-J 8523-1 8521'-J ~2'-1 81&18-B &KT-B. . 8553-1 155~1 8';70-J 8';72-J • . . . A58rl "'5-1 .,95-1... .,,,_. lfi07J 1616-J 1611-1 '620-J .~2:,-1 1631'-B 86)8-1 1611.1.4 1645-J 8646-J 8648-J 1652-1 Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the -=-C _ it _ o _ f _ T _am___._ a..L--F _lo_ n _ d _ a ________ --4 DATE Month Day Year June 13 1~ Jue lJ 19" JUJle lJ 1944 June 13 1944 June 13 1944 JUJle 13 l~ June lJ 1944 June 3 0 194 4 June 30 1944 June 30 1944 June JO 1944 Jul,-5 19~ July 18 1944 Jvl.7 25 l91t4 Jvl.7 25 l~ J,al.y 25 19" Alag 1 19'4 Aag 1 19" Alie s 1944 MC. . s 1944 ag 15 1944 Alic 15 1944 15 1944 -22 1~4 .A1ac 22 1944 -22 1~ Aue 22 191'4 29 1~ -29 1944 1944 Aug 29 1944 Au 29 1944 .be 29 1944 Sept 5 191+4 sept 5 191t4 Sept 5 19i.i+ SUBJECT MATTER OIII.LO StJIDITIIIOI-Authorhinc reductioa in intere1t rat• oa aortpp on Lot 11,, UM 1ub'n. for Ootarta t,LIP OOLLID .ADDI!IOll '?O US'l' UMP~ JtroTillillg for the cnaotllatioa of all 1Dtere1t on Lotl 10, 11 u4 12, Ille. J. an4 Lot 10, Jloclc 2, Phillip Collin• Atdition to Veit !upa. for Nr1, •• Jioarrotte. IIOJELLA SUBDIVISIOI-.Authoridq eale of Lot 20, llk.5, 1ue 1ub41Tilion to~. ~. Ozbun an4 Paulenia 01bua. ($250) AWCILUTIOB OJ O!Jl'J!'IJIOA'n OP INDEBTBD.08S-Certificate f28S72, apin1t Lot 2, ll)c.20, 00\ll'ier OU7 Sub41Thion. -OB.ID CI'l'f SUBDIVISIOJI--------------------IJMJI .AS~--------------. LLIJIS ~SIOJI -CmcelliDC interett and penalU•• apin1t Lot 4, llk.32 ..... 1ub41Ti1ion. M-.i,ithorhiDC pqment of $15 to Paul' ' 1 hmoe Station for c1aMce to l&M 'b7 truck of tbl Bani t&!7 DepartMnt. OLAY1S stnmITISIOI'-Authorlain& 1ale of Lot 2, llk.14, 1aid aub1n of llJc.14, Bandera and Clq'• Sub1n . to A ri-,;el o DiS al.'fO. -COllOBA SUBDITISio•-.Lu.thori q apportionment of for 1929 and 1930 agaln1t certain lota in e aid 1ubdi rl1ion. O!L,COMPAIT-Appronng bid of C entra l Oil Oompan7 f9r 36, 000 fuel oil for uee of the Water D -partment.-• OllDEMlfATIOB-Authorizing the Buildtn& Inspector, relative to Lot lOt of Blk.94, Add . to ?bor Cit7 Sub'n. known a1 1820 -llt IDnlI.mlOBS-Sale and aHignment of mlttgage and indebtednel'a of Lot 9, Blk.44, Leale:,'11 ldd. from eame to Cit7 of 'l'uipa. E c. CAROLINA TERRACE-Authorizinc sale of Lot, 16 and 17, Jlk.2, said nb'n. to Pauline Rerne.ndez for $1~.oo. OOtJBID OI'l'T IUJDIYISICS-~therilinc oaaoellaU•• •f Cert. •f IadebtedM11 •• r.e, 1. ~llc.19, 1&14 •lib'• OOO&DR OI!T ~DIYIIICJI-Autherla1J1C ouoellaUoa ef Cert. ef Ia4.ebteclM11 ea Let 6, llk.U, 1ub1a. COIDINIAflC.-atherisille coa4emt1•• ef cenaia bu1141ap in lleble7' • h.b., 1falhbcte• Sub., ad Se1Ter1 Sub•a. :1,c. OOIIPAJJSil'IOI• Authoris:l.:ag aDe to Ludwig Sohool ot Ariatlea 1br daugea 01ultilaed b:y t.hree plam1 1tored at bight Airport. a>•CRnB PIPS -Alathoriaiag alnrtia ... at tor bicla tor ••• tor u1e ot th• IDgiDMriag DeJ)81'taet. J. QI CmDO .--Aathorhinc 1alt of Leh 15 an4 16 Jloclt 4, Jehn ll. Drew•• Sv.b41Th1on to Jaaon Carreno. :Ito. Cl.IBO SUM)IVISI O B --A•thorizirc •il• of Lot, 18 and 19 Jlock 4 Oairo 8v.b41Ti1ion to Su1h1n1 Stat• lnTe1taent Ool!p&n,', Inc. :J JlOMUL0 .&ID .ALICI OIRHIO -Authoriziq 1ale Lot 24 !lock 6. !outon & Skinner S~b41Ti1ion for $100.00 naozs CtTSCADD -Acoeptinc 4ee4 J'ruc•• 0'11caden for I 111 Lot 9 >look l, Kcbight Sv.b41T111oa. :Ito. O~, mEL A1ID LI.AD -Aathorhiag Ad.T. for bide for Steel an4 lead cable for the u .. of the Jire Depart•nt. CDLSllA-luthori1inc apportionaent of taze1 for 194,-44 a&ain1t certain tract, of lan4. Ito. OUIIIl'I-----------------------IAIII Al .DOQ---..---------------------------~ . . CUSCADIJI cl !WIRIIOl'S SlJIDIYISIOlf-Cancelling intere1t and penaltle1 on tam acain1t Lot 16 for the 79ar 1942. OTPDIS ftlllf-le1cindinc Be1olutioa •o. 7864-, and authorizing placin of 18top1 lip• aaroa1 Lincola AT•. on • an4 s. 1tnet. ~-athorizinc ooapeneation to Jen Jone• for equipaent 1tolen atored pl&11e at the Peter o. bicht Airport. O~-athor111nc Jran~i• L. Judd tomrepreeent hap& in certain hearinc• before the Oil in Va1hincton. qu&O.ADD & WILLS-~thori11n ap_portiouent of taxe1 again1t certain lot• or tract, of land f o r certain 7ear•. Ito • CWl-Appr~TiDC bid 0, Gile•••• 00llp&IIT for one new Buick for UH of the Jire Depart•nt. CAB-ApproTinc 1li4 of Btckwith-HolaH Oo. ,Ina. for one new car (Bud1on) for UH of the Police Dept ~ . . OAB--Ai,roTi ~bid of J'eru.n OheTrolet Op. for one new Ohrrrolet for uee of the P~liae Dept. CIBCUIT OOUll!-Atthorhinc e11plo7Mnt of &11 attorney to reprHent the Board in IUUlduU procee41nc•, re, Boapital caH. OTPDSS ffdl!-Authorial nc the Nlt"or to dhpoH of cectain bu114in& at 0Jpre11 and Lhbon and authorhinc adnrthe11ent for bid• for 1aae. O.AMPODLLO--Authorhiq apportlouent of taxes ~ln•t certain llt1 or t-ctl of land for ced aia 7ear1. :ltc. Sept s 19i.4 OI'l'T AffOiDT-Authorhinc def en .. of M&lldunl• 1ui t tor reln1tatement of of the Bo1pi tal Board, ~to. -l, lept 12 1944 OOnffilCB-.Accepting conTeyancle of I. 11 1 Lot 6, Jlk.l.WII. McXnight11 Sub. Dougla1 and Ida Mae KcMichael. Sept 12 194U Cllft'IR HILL SUBDIYISIOB-Authorill ng oan.c ellatlonbof P sT1ng Cei-,.•o. r 152, .gai.aa; Lot l, :Blk. l, eaid 1ubdiTi1ion. Sept 12 1944 ILIUBl'l.'11 W. CARROLL-Authorizing 1ettlement and payment of taxes againet Lot 7, '.Bllc.4, Sparkman'• Sub'n.. Sept 12 19i.4 O.ABLW S!DL A1fD LEAD-ApproTlng bid of Grq"bar ~lect!'ic Oo. for certain 1teel and lead cable tor uee of the Jire DepartMnt. Sept 12 Sept, Sept 1944 OBIU
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D -----------= Ind ex to ~e,olution • Pa .. ed I, ~ tlie Board o f Reprne~tative• of ' tlie CitLof _ Tamp ~ Florida :-T'l'l'T"T.~J''l""'T• NUMBER ..iONTH • wo I Jun 8, May 9S Jun . 0 • 177 Jun a>Gj-Jan 218 liar 233 Jul ~9 318 379 379 lay 380 JuJ 410 Aug 422 AUg IOI Dae 110 Jaa -... D • DATE DAY YKAII 17 1898 l 1899 9 1899 21 1901 24 ' 1902 2.8 1902 ll 1902 8 1902 22 1903 27 1904 27 1904 3 1904 29 1905 14 1906 I llOT II llOI 10 1I08 SUBJECT M ATTE R DINIS SUBDlVISIOll--Reaol. ordering grading ot Lota 17 & 18 ot Mid Subn. DllA,ll--Resol.ordering Lota l & 2. Blk. 19 ot General lfap ot Tulp& be tm.AIN&GI--Reaol. IN RB drainage and lqizg or 1ner pip•• on Jaolcaon St, and to builld bulkhead at tt.ot Jackaon & \'ihitiDC• Streeta • DRAINS--Reaol.appropriating ~1430.00 tor drains at root or Jackson st. &Dd v'lhiting St. also tor rebuildin& the south Fender pier of I.atqette St. bridge. DID>--Reaol.authorizing City to iuue same to Mary J.Grittin for certain PJ?PertJ• DICK , Helen lL --.Kesol.returning thank• to said person in re donation or 125,ooo.oo tar library. DlSWB.Contagious--Reaol.oonveying to the State Boe.rd or H-.lth the,Cityh interest in certain piece ot land eui table tor a hospital tor contagious diaeasH. DE'l'K:TIV&-Resol . ot -or to •ploy aame at $55.00 per .110nth. DAMA.GES--Resol.directing City Attny. & City Audi tor to pay Chu.Halliday $300.00 in full payment or ~ea. UGI.ASS. Mary I. & Charles T.--Resol.direoting ~or to execute and deliTC' a deed to piece or land to Mary B. Douglass the only aurTiving heir or Cyrua ~'harlea. E ED--Ra.sol. ----- • SAME jJJ ABOVE • • --- • -----IED--Resol. -----SAME jJJ ABOVE ------ • -DeCarrie Mtg. Company,--Resol.compoaing the Cit)r Council or the City of Tampa t'rom entering into any contract to purchase • a ,arbage cr--.tor with •aid compaey. Bto. DWnGE--Resol.direoting B of P Wks. to drain ott water at cor. or Harrison St. & Nebr. ATe., Etc. ' aw---••el••flMl'latac -... • ..... -,. a.c.-... tw •..W. Jata vstts set • .,_ ""• It. la ..,_ .... DIITI!UP l•o1.•tlloria1JIC ..,_. tie .U ._ ... id. ... la tile Ol'r .t I I•• DDIUID'Uft Hoool.....-UC all perNM ,._ aap -r llol'W• ... • ...._ •ef•J• la p-la Cl'J tie tlelafMt a, 1--, ..._..._ .... wS.a1--. ... •

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' \ _______ ln _des to Re.olutiold Pa11ed Ly tlae Board ol RepreHDtatiT• oE tlie City ol Tam~ Florid. ___________ 1 DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AII • .. C . . . . -0 •

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_____________ Index to Re,olution• Pu,ed Ly tLe Board of Repr.-entative• 0 the City 0 TaJl!p~ Florid.:.c..::....:--------0 G . . • -0 0 NUMBER llT m 1H 101 119 180 11, I" Ml too -539 571J ,1, 576 593 ,, .. 671 '95 1oa. 771 790 MB -871 919 1018 12" 12M 1267 121a 1290 1538 1S89 :u9a 144'7 1451 1469 148'7 1489 DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Yl:A .. " 21 1909 DIPAR!llllffS OF !Bl Ciff-Cit!T ad11Nr not to pq bllla unleH .-e apprcwed by at 1--• 1Mo ff Maben ot Cclllldttee ' oharg• 4itt•en1: I I 1 tr f • • 1909 DAIRI..,.elatiw to •--talA euitm-7 or 11JdmU1&ey ooaditiou ot .... ;. J• 2 2 DRIDCJDG-Ooditloaing 1'oot ot J•lcaon 11:Nc •n ot Rinr, tha ••• -. 'be uaed 1', p'llblie, 1', loU"4 ot Pablio lt'cra, • ... Apr l 1910 DICKalOS as ,-., a.le Pa, lajun4 1D p$trol was-. waznn papbl• to .... tor taoo tor 111jur1••• .to. I 1910 DOOl~opriatiotl .t 1120.00 troa INen• 1'aa4 ' Int-Imel Jiw. fWl4 tor ereotion b111ld1DC or doc-houM, t• . illpou~---.... 111!F 11 u • , 11 lrff ' Dee 11 Ju I Ju SO liar 28 ct l 1910 DAIUOll-lllrraat payable to Dr. a. •• A.11-. llbD•• ou-wu 4-&ed tbn fault tla• Ciy. ltll ~-a••t1N laJd.tU7 Depar1alnt to open ,ap •--and •le• 411iell, .t:e, at 14th ••• ull 28th Bt, ot I.A.L. ' llll DIAl~..-•tilll 8oaN Pllblto .... oom.,..1: brlelc 111111 baa la,, 1Na 81llt. ATNe, Oil ftwh. b.-... 1811h ft 11th • llll DAPGJIDII OP ~-..... 1. -~r1a1111 apprepriatloa fl tloo.oo w ----... . llU DRtm.a. ••ol. ftlllNtilll l.&.1..1.a. w epea u4 o1 .. a ... ud dnlllll Oil 111s .... &is Ideneotloa 16,11-618 ••• 1912 Dl4I)WIK --lelati" to dra1nqe laa4 ly1Dc .... ot 101:b AT••• •• lfoz1h ot Boulnu-4. 1912 DlIRY IIIPEi'OI -AppropriatiDc 120.00 perm •ath tor Hor•• tor Dair., 11.o. 1912 Da LmS ftl..--lllpronnc Del.ooa ftreet trca Plallt--A-..a•. to Ba:, Street. 1912 Ma7or,A~d1tor and City Clerk to eocute ._.. to J.1.Pearce & V.G.Pearce to part, of 4eacribe4 within, for lan4 for the openin& and extenaion ot Parker Street. o., 1912 IIUlt _..ei.•••n•lac :ao.rt et hlll• Wera ,..,. .... t1"0II , ._, ,. •.•l• ot Iman Aw.••• o., 22 1912 1!1111--a.oel.uuchc LM, la S.!aapa M hrMa 1,. . o., 22 1912 Dll0fO &YD • . -a.eel. allaclac .. 7 ta •• laapa ,o T1.. .,...._, .. T 3 1912 B• STllDr-RNol.orderlng pavinc ot .... 111th loek• ao. Jiff , 1911 DtlmAJI hap• •t• llk:a. Co. to lq water llllla on .... 1'raa 21a4 st. 11D .&Te. •c-. Feb lT 19U FIRIIWI DAYmOB-Reaol.direotiJIC Fire CGllllittee and Aud1tar to pq Dr.LA. BoffJ ITl.00 bill att•D41DC ..... jpr 21 1916 D&'l'IDTIVI PlJBLIIBIIG co.-Roaol ci-ring Tote ot thaab to .... tor lpeo1al md1tion 1D the lat.Nat ot TWlpa. , Sept 18 111-& DUIQOI OP 1100DL&Jllf aap-. ••• r9POrt iA I.ea .... reterrecl to ftaanoo a. c-. Coad.ttM to pl'OT14• ~• &114 -.u to haTe 4ra1ap clou. lfff 18 1916 DRIVaur-RHol.order111g paviJls ot .... ot Plant Field trca CrHoent Pl&oe to lo. BlTcl. Ito. Deo 7 1916 Dns>B sr.-a .. 01.ordering pmnc ot traa Hyde Pu-Jc to Jfaconila and croute with c•mt. Deo '7 1915 DBLAWARB .A.VI-Reaol.11.1thorbinc D.B.Givena to -.Jee arrang•ent• with property f'or widening ot ..... ao. Dec lt 1916 DKii>N , ST.--Reaol.orderi• paving or aaae trClll Plant An. to BJcl• Park A.Te. and grout• aaae with o•u.t. in ~1., Jaa 18 1916 DRl.198 8Ulll.-B.oaol.d1reoting Chief' ot Polio• to h&Ye obatruotiona/ln B~k.S and 10 in Hid aubn. rtaOTecl. t 1918 Dll.a>I' S1'JlEIT--•Hol.orderiJIC ourbinc ot trca BlTde to Willow with oonoret• curb. 26 1916 D~ ot ••e itaTecl traa So.Raae ••• 8 1-918 •LI TDIJ>& Water 1q JD&in on .... trc. Gunby .A.n. to St. Deo 19 1918 ILIJIQUBl'l' 1'jXIB--Reaol.aployillg .lttny.X.Hery Cohen to Tax Colleotor to oolleot Delinquent Peraonal Taxe1. 11ar '7 .1917 i.Ti'NTION HOD--Reaol.appropritatinc t100.oo per month tor Junevile Detention Hc:aa. Jlar lS 1917 DRINKING Mayor to have •--that ft.a ranored trm lfebr.& 7th Ave. up at another looation near or in Tbot c11r • .Ap-10 1917 DRUG City Board ot Health to take oare and provide tor trea111ellt ot •--• Aug 2 1917 DR.llQUllf'l' PERSOIIAL TAXIS--Reaool.direotiJJc City Tax Colleotcr to pl'Ooeed at ome with all poaalblo emra to oolleot Aug Sl 1917 DKLilfQUDT TAXIS--Reaol.requeating City Attorney to entcroo the oolleotion ot all clelillqa.t •

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• Florida Indes to Ret0lution1 Paaed L tlie Board 0 Re reMDtative1 o tlie Ci 0 Tam .,__..;.__________ ------------------------------------------------1 NUMBER , 1'52'7 1527 l!U51 161S . J 1515 1815 16'9 1666 1610 1681 i111 1730 116' DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Ya.AR ... AJIC Sl 1911 DtltHAII STRUl'-R!eol.direoting Tampa •ter extend u on Durh• aD4 28th lta. and plaoe h1d,ranta tbilreon. Sep 25 1917 Dm'lllTI0N BOD,JuneTe--Reeol.appropriatinc 176.00 per mnth to ..... Oot 9 1917 DIFICl•ct--Authorb1n& Trau.ot l&oo.oo trca c-.Pund to Sanitary Dept Fund to _. up deflo1emy. Bew 20 1911 mDS SJBDMSI0R..Jieaol.oonctaninc buil41nc on Lot l, Blk. le ot aa1d Buba. 909 I.Let.,-tte st • • Deo 11 1917 DIDICilI0H--Reaol.aooeptinc DeSoto Park be aooepted a• a Publ1o !ark• Bto. Deo 11 1917 DB>'l'O PARX--Reaol. ------SAD Ji! ilOVI - • • • • - • • Feb 19 1918 DALE STRD:'1'--Reeol.direotinc T1111pa Water lay ina1na on eame and plaoe hJ(!rant•• 1918 DKLIBQUER'l' TAXBS-...aeaol.~ot,.t6 ,p-ant no relief tr-om '?UH to pereou or oorp.who•• tax•• are delinquent under ot the City Charter. . . 1918 DELIWQUDIT WES--Resol.reacinding that part o Reaol.#1567 turning over to II.Henry Cohen the 1917 delinquent Peraoml. Taxes tor oolleotion. Feb 21 1919 I>m..llqU•! 'UXl8-Je1ol.d1reotinc Cit7 1r1ng aui1' tor the oolleotion ti aaae. June 2' 1919 DKa>--Reaol.author1sing Jlaor & C1ty'Clerk to exeoute deed to tot 2,Blk.9. Leal91•s Pietro a.Martino, et ale Sep 16 1919 DE'l'EITI0N HOIQ-Reaol.wi thdrawing $75.00 par month trClll add Hae ,proridecl Kra. Anni• BaH ii not re-e.ppointal.. Ito. Sep 2S 1919 D11'1lfl'I0N H0KI--R••ol.reao11141nc Reaol.1666 for withdrawing appropriation tor•--• ao. •ff 25 1919 Du,;>-~Hol.authC??izing 111or to deed baok to L.Sparaoino, lfo.70 • I.Pt 2, Blkel, .W.'8 SUlll.,ho. 111 , 1920 DISOU. AVliHUI-.Reeol. to curb same trca Bayahore BlTd. to Howard Ave. Jun 8 1920 DEDIClTIOW-..Reaoi.dedicating lot• and apaoea tor streets and alley• in W.E.Hamner•• Subn. . . . Sep 7 19a> DISl,0fi'1.oe--Resol.authorizi~ Police Camnitte• to purohaae same tor Police Headquarter•• • .. . . . . . . • .t. D • 0 -D

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b ____________ lnde~ to Re1olution1 Pu1ed by the Board of Repre1entative1 ~f t'lie City of Tampa, Florida 0 o. D • • NUMBER 7-A 13-A 15-A 38-A 41-A 48-A 49-A 50-A 97-A 138-A 139-A 140-A 177-A 204-A 211-A 214-A 237-A 23~A 241-A 261-A 211--t 278-A 280-A 281-A 302-A 332-A 334-A 391-A 412-A 537-A 539-A • DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YllA,-Ju 4 1921 DEPOSITOllllS-DeatpaUng Nllte for mone7a of the City of !upa. Jan 11 1921 manner of execution of same to lots in Woodlawn Cemehry ... Jan 12 1921 DOOS .lND C.&.!S-Prohibiting r'>nning at large, sue, la the Clt7 of faapa. 1eb 15 1921 DOGS AllD O.&.TS-Be1cinding resolution •o. 15-A, relattTe to 111p0unding u.d deatruction of aame. Mar l 1921 WM. :I. DUWCAN-Appointin, a&111e a1 Ci t7 Olerk. , Mar S 1921 m: SO'l'.&. Afflffll~roTidin for of notice to propert7 owner, on aaid aVtniue, Howard ATe, South 94.6 •t. Kar Mar 8 1921 SOTA ATI:trolg 1921 DE SOTA-AVENUI-• • • • II II " " • I II II II • • -. 11 Bqehore Bl'Yd., Borth 210. Jt. -• II " • near Hovard ATe.,21011. of Bq1hore B1 Jul Sept 5 6 6 1921 1921 1921 DU BOIS A~Petitioner, asking that said. avenue be paTed from Gunb7 ATe,to Gidden• .we. DEKLE AVENUE-Petitioner, asking that avenue from Watroue to Alb.any be paved, etc. . . DU BOIS AVENUB-t>ireGting Ta~pa Water Company to extend water main from_Gunb7 Ave., and DuBoh Ave., to liaace Ave._ and Du:Boi1 and fire h7m"ant between Guhb7 and •idden1 An • . sept 13 1921 DU BOIS AffllUJ!-Directing !ampa Water Wal9cs Company to lq water main on aaid avenue from Gunb7 to lancesAve1. Bov l 1921 DEED-Authorizing purcha,e of quit claim deed coverin& ' Lot 5, Blk.2, Cuwcaden & Subdivi1ion. . WoT g 1921. D~.AD AvntJS-letitioner1 a1king that same avenue be pan4 from South line of Grl Central to North line of Clenlan4 St. Nov 15 1921 DlmOIS AVl!ffl!-Confirming report of Ctt7 Engineer on compl•\ion of pavia 1treet from Gunby to Gidden,. Nov 15 1921 DIIL! AffllUE-Con!irming report of Cit7 lngineer on completion ofpavin 1a1d etreet from W~trou1 Ave. to Alban7. Wov 22 1921 DSLAWAHI AV'1tNU!-Petitioner• a1king that same be paved South line o f Or. Central to Yort• line of Cleveland. Jrov 22 1 921 DEKLE .l'V!:~irectinc laying of water mai n on same. Bov 29 1921 DI SOTO AVEJJtm-.Petitioner1 a1king that 1a11ebe paved Weit line ot Bay1hore Blw. to Kaat lineof Howard Avenue. Dec Jan Jan 6 10 10 1921 1922 1922 . DIUWAD .l~etitionera aaklnc that aue be pand troll Jlorth ltne of Swann to South line of alle7 s. of Platt StNet. • • • • ...of Cit I. B. DJWMWRIOH!-Authorid. rg payment of $2213.19, be paid to Emmet Hohne and eame, Att7., in sathfaction of judgement/acain1 D!'l'lm'l'IOlf HCIIB-Tran1fer ot fund• in Budget for benefit ot .... , etc. Hohne, etc. _ Jan 10 1922 m:UWAD .lVJ:RULConfiraine; report of City Enginef'r on completit>n ot paTing on •aae Grand Central to 01e~l&Dd. eb. T 1922 Mar T 1921 Jlar T 1922 Mar 1, 1921 lllp-1, 1922 Jlar 1, 1922 Jlar 21 1Q22 jpr , 1921 jpr 11 1922 DI 80!0 P.lRI -~ing ot lanituy a ... r in alley in Bloot 36 ot De Soto Part; :Ito. D180m ATIIJtJI -Panng ot De1oto Avenue troa Ba79hore BCJUlnard llortherl7 tor a -d1,tano• ot 189.8& Peet. no. Dl90'1'0 . AVIIUI -Iotioe ot ooapl.t.1011 ot the abon ao. DlltLS AVBIJUB Direot1ng the lqing ot •ter Ki1n along a portion ot Dekle lTmue within torty eight hour•• Ito. Dll.KlrAJm AVINUS -Contirmlng report on ooapletion ot paving portion Delnari ATenue 11Doa Swann to Horatio. DILIIWl& AV!BUB-Paring ot Delware troa bratio to ft r1t al lay South ot Platt at. ao. DAVIS STRIIT -••• laying ot •nw in au.,. between Cb-ant & Davi.a St. troa %4th to near 22nd Stre.t. DRINKIBG ~lffAIJr8 -tr-.aterring Bllldget aooa.anta tor th• purohaa• ot Dr-inking-t' DIDIWICS .--Dedioating Lot a. Bloolc ' Lum. Part t~ Str..t Pllrpo•• jpr• 11 1922 DURIWI STRIIT -!hat oertain atend1ng 211t Stre.t ••t 10 30th Stre.t be de1-ignated u Durbul Street. Apr 28 1922 IEKLE AVEN'tra-J>etitionera a1king that same b e paved from Albany to D•~••o. Jun 20 1922 DEPOSIT-Authorizing same of $ 2 5 ~~th Clerk of Circuit Court of Hill•~orough Count7, to apply to coats auta.rized. Jun 27 1922 D. D . DAVIS-Commutill8 sentence of lept 12 1922 m mot IDDt~•UUoner1 tbat , ... be pan4 fro• Dakot1 An. to l>elaware ATe. Oct J 1922 DI i.aar l!JID!~•U Ucmera MJciDC that , ... be pan4 froa l>elawar• to _Dakota .&.n. loT 21 1922 DS fJWllr repor\ of Oit7 Knc1Deer OD c011pletioD111f paylac aai4 ,veet &o. Delaware to loath Will.4l,w • Dec Dec llar 21 1922 28 1922 5 192? 5 1922 lJ 192J DI i1J11t fflllll!-COllfiratnc report of Clt7 ~1aeer oa coaplet1on of J:_TiJIC 1a14 atreet fro• lo. Willow w lo. Dakota An. tmliGOJ nYD-tru1ferrlac . 75, Vnappropria\ed Balance of 11eneral Jund to Aealth Dept, for dequ fewr work. . D1JIIW( S!lll!..collf'iratnc report ot IDgiDeer OD ccapleUon of lqing OD alle7 betvND Dvhu u4 Narcoal It., fna 21tll s,. to near )0th 1,. / DlJJIIW( report of ~acilleer OD coapletion ot iqin Hwer la ailq betvffa Luc ua I>trua ''•• ,troa litll M near ~• ltreel. . _ DATIi aniD1•-0oatira1Dc repor\ of ~illMr 011 caapleUoil of lqiac ,ewer in alle7 betVMa Gordoa aa4 Dan• ''•• a,11 w uar 22114 ''"•• 11111D 20 1923 DIIDl-hlthorlstac exounce of clee4a wUh Ida ll. Cope, 111 larrea 6 Ke,a •

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• ----~--ln_ des to Raolution1 Paued by tLe Board of Repre1entative1.of the City of Tampa, Florida __ NUMBER ,1a...1. 62a...1. 627-A SM-A 810-A 919-.l 937-A 946-A 946-A 947-.1 . 952-A 975-A 975-.l 976-A 97S-A 978-A 985-A 1001-• 1014-• 10:,0-A 1050-A 1051-• to52-A 1067-1. 1151-A 1161-A DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIIAII lq 1 1923 DUIIWl itJiDf-lteU Uoaere aeklag th1t 1&14 e\Ht\ be pa~ troa 22a4 I\. to 2'tll H. Jul 11 192) 1118. ,. L. DOW-'LI,.CaaoellaUoa ~4 reducttoa of oertatn tu aplut 1a14 par•• J,m 17 192) m.11 PiiAaa--cancelllAc oertaia tu certlfioatee upon real eetate. t I 1921 DU BOIIS AVll111a -Pm ag ot DaBoi• ti'• Oid4em to ~---Oot S 1921 DB 9l1'0 PAU tJee ot Deeo11o Part bJ ~• J_u 15 1924 DtmBAM STJD!-Oonfiraiq report of City En&ine, . r on coapletion of p&TiDC ••id etreet 22ml Street to 26th Street. Ju 1924 DU !01S AVElllm-Oonfirmin& report of Ci~ .Engineer in completion of paTin& on 1ald annue Gidden, to •ance An. Mar 4 1924 D. P. DAVIS-Directing ~or and Cleric to execute contract with MIiie. Sept 23 1924 DEIJ)-I)irectinc execution of quit claim deed to N. Mirabella &nd r. lodente. Oct 21 1924 DITISI{)I' OI 9'1'.A!I BAJXS-Dir~ctinc IUlfl. Jo. 4 1924 1m Ll<:m S'1'11111!-Directi~~ re-paTin ~nd widening portion of aaid atreet. Jo. 25 1924 DSPOSI~OlllD-Jleduction of cert-in depoeitory bond1, g1.Ten by Tariou1 banka. -Dec 20 1924 D. P. DAVIS-A,..orizing ieauance of deed to ,ame and acceptd.nce of aecuritie1 offer by hm purauant to acreement of 2/26/~. . . Ded 20 1924 DAVIS ISLABDS, ffC.--------------IAICI AS ABOV1'.-------------------. . --Dec 23 1924 DY.POSITORIES-.Authoridn& Tampa Bank of Co11~,erce be permitte('I to withdraw $1(),000 i n United Libert7 Bonda which are conred b lleoelpt IO of !xchane la tional Bank ot !uapa. Dec 30 1924 D. P. DATIi PRCPErJ'I:Z~lowinc that be eschaned (note,) ligned b7 V.J. :larritt, with notee dgnea by J.J:. Wall,aJDOunt to aBJ1e •~. etc. Jan 20 1925 DELA.WAD AVEITUE-Directi&Jg paTiDC of DeLe011. Street from South BouleTard to South Delevare ATe0 . Jan 20 1925 DI LEOlf S'l'Blft----------------------S.AME AS ABOVE-------------------. Jan 20 1925 D. P: DAVIltPJIOPmDIS-permittinc same to withdraw certain not•• ~nd 1ub1titute other, of ~1ke uount, etc. Jan 27 1925 D. P. DAVIS-PllOPERTIKS -Connying to 1ame, portion of 30-29-19. lying weat of Gonrnment Channel. for $25.00. Ju 27 1925 DAVIS ISLAID----------~---------SAKI AS ilOU-----------------. 'Peb Ker 3 1925 DIP<9I!ORIS8-Wotif7in of Cit7 moneya, to furnieh Additional bond,, etc. 3 1925 DI LEON 8TDn-Advert11ement for bide for widening find paving aaid ,treet s. lllTcl. to I. Delaware ATe. Nar 10 1925 DEPOSITORT-RelatiTe to saine of certain City mone71 and certain detail• conceminc aame. Mar 31 19" Im I.KOU STBIET-Directing pavin& of aai,d 1treet from i.oJDa ~nue to So. Dalcota "'nnm. Apr 7 1925 JJI 1&05 STBD!-Conflrminc report of lneineer on coepletion of pannc frOII 11749 lark ••• H llant .lTenue. 1ir 7 1925 DE LIOI report of •ncinePr on coapletlon of , ... froa Magnolia Awau to Byde Parle •Tenue. .Apr 7 1925 JJI LEO?T S'tBEET-Confirming report of Engineer on completion of pavinc atreet fro• Plant Aqnue to Bq Street. 21 1925 DI LIOJ STP.Jllf-Adwerthement for bid• for parlnc aaid ,treet from Affnue to 8. Dakota -'Ten .... MaT 19 192'5 lZdT iffdl'f-l>ir~cting paTiDB said 1treet Armenia Ayenue to CleTeland Street. J,m 2 1925 Im IJ!OI S'l'Bll!~onfirmin report of E~ineer on completi,,n ot paTing eaae S. Boule.,.r4 t,, S. Au Aue 9 1925 D. P. DAVIS PBOPZR!llS-Allovin ••• to Mke cer sin aub1titution of note• and to notifJ Bxclla114:e Wational Bank. 4 1925 D. P. DAVIS PROPERTDS-T o with draw certain notea and sub1tituting other, in place of IAme, etc. 4 1925 D. P. DAVIS PBOnP TI~S-Same to be known a• Da•i1 Ielanda, etc. 4 1925 DAVIS lSUll])l--------1.UCE AS ABOVE------. llJOl-A to lli -A f ye r 19 SD P:lfllG J'ILW, 147!-A 15i.s-.t. 1,,._A i,61~' 15'1-A 1630-,A 1'611 A . . AU& 25 1 19?5 D.P. DAVIS PROPER'l'IES-RelatiTe t o eub~titutio~ o~ e~rt~in n~tt• of qi~ propertiea, etc. 8~t 15 1925 D.P.DATIS PROPD!llS-Reletin to subetitutinc Of'lrt e1n note• of s nid propertt, etc. On ' •••• Mffl ..... DI atMrtalal ..,,.,.11 ... H ..-.u, • .-Nna1a ...... , NU ,.... .. , ... m.LJOS Ir+ :_Oeattnl .. ,,.,_, fd •ai~ • -~••l~ flt ,a~ NU ~--,.__ .._ Ant1w H I. Dabla An • DIJm ATlll8Jelattw te Jafllll Niel a, .... )... ,.....,.ree, M .._!• On 27 1925 D ••• DATIi 11GPAtlll lelattw to nlteHhtloaoet aerial• ..... tJI ,n,-nl•.-•natac Olllptroller te to ..... --o • 0 C

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lndes: to Re90lution1 Pa11~d by the Board of ReprNentative1 of the City of Tampa, FJorida --~--------------' DATE NUMBER MONTH DAY 181'-.l Dm l l8ZI.-A Deo 8 1886-A Deo 16 lM&-A Deo II 1901•.l J111 18 19M-A hb 9 2000-A ... 2 2089-A Mir 21 2161~ _,r ff 2281-A liq 26 2.s22-A Jun 8 2464-A Jul 20 2504~ Aug 17 2813-A Aug 24 2641-.l allep ., 2641-A Sept 7 2641-A Sept 7 2652-A Sept 7 2868-A Sept 14 2686-A S-s,t 28 D .. .. . . 2713-A Oot 6 2718-J. Oot 6 2748-A Oot 12 2747-J. Oot 12 2843-A Jay 2 2962-.A Deo 14 2964-J. Deo 14 2971-A Deo 21 2972-A Dec l 2984-A Dea 28 3248-A Kar 29 3290-A jpr 19 0 3297-J. 26 3313-J. 3 3370-A Jun 4 3390-J. Jul 12 tl66-.A J.uc 16 D ue,~ -~ 1807-.A ...... -.1. YllAII 1926 1926 1926 1926 1928 1ezeL 1928 1989 1988 1928 1926 1988 1926 1926 1926 1928 1926 1926 1928 1926 1926 1928 1926 1928 1926 1926 192.6 1926 1928 1926 1927 192'7 1927 1927 1927 1927 1927 1917 1917 191f 1917 1917 1917 SUBJECT MATTER IRDr STRJl!-llelatiTe to paYing aaid atrec fr• Jaoboa Btrett to 'l'w1gg StrM1ie D.P. MVIS PROP1Rfl~utboril111g 1UbatituUoa ot o.-taia not•~ ot add p-q,ertiH. D.P. Dall fR(J) ETID-.&u1horis1ng aubat1tut1on ot o .. t.s.n DDtea ot •aid p-q,ffti••• .. . DUmUM S!Rllr-Co nt1nling r1port ct a:.,.1.DMr on 0011pl.tion ot laying ••er in all-, betwe• Long and Durh• Sta, troa 28th to 28th st. D.P. DAVIS PROPETIII-Relllt1Te to nbatitution or oertain DDtea ot aaid p-opertiea, eto. B.P.DlVIS HtOPETIIIMlelat1n to aubat1tution ot o.-tdn notea ot add propertS.ea, eto. DUBOIS AVlllu.-ohallging ..., tit aaid aTenue tp Boobard.aon Piao .. DAVIS STRIJl'-Dire .. ting paTing ot atr•t traa •• Boulevard (Maine St)t'o Jtieycm Awme. DB LK>1f SftlS'l'-Cont1nd.ngvprel1Jlinary A.Te. tram Del.eon ijtrfft, tow. Latayette Street and Plant he. troa street to !>el.eon lftre.t. DRE'iY' smm-Relatin to paTiDg street trca Jaoaon Street to Wwigga Streelt. DAVIS STRDT-Direoting paving ot street trcm 11. Boulenrd to Kieyon Avenue. DEWI!' STRll!r-DtatirDling rep crt ot lagineer on oompl.tion ot puing same trc:a Cleveland It. to Armenia AT•• DlllIS SUBDIVISION-4uthoridng oondemnation ot building on Lot 18, Blk.3, aaid aubdirilion. DDUS condemnit.tion ot building on Lot 18,alt.4, eubdirlaion. DAVIS ISLANM-ContirmiDg ao oeptame ot deed trom D.P. Dana Propertiea to C 11 of Tampa, eto. D. P. DAVIS PRCJ> JRTIIB------81JK JS ABOV&-------• -. . . nrm • • • • • •-•-•----•• SAU • AS ABOVI--•••••• DK LD STR&T-Contl ming preliminary aaaeHDLtnt roll--.... lhsloluntr.trc:a DeLeon Street to Grand Cmtral ATe. DIPOSITORIBS OF CITY 1()111!' oertain aounta to be drawn trom .to. DIR.A STRU-Cont1ming report of &igineer on completion of lqing aner in said atrNt trcn 13th St. to 16th st. DOWNING AVRHJS-Confirming report of Iingi.neer on completion or lqing sewer in avenue free N. Bq St. to Chelsea St • CLINIDN OOUR1'-Contirming report of_ lngineer on completion ot laying in •-from Sue& Ave. to Ola Ave. IlliW AV!tHJS-Contirming preliminary ueeasment roll---•aid avenue from Mgg to Latqette Street. DR&'l J.ViNU~nf' preliminary as aes saent roll--aaid avenue from Latayette to Jaokaon Street. Dl8'.>TO Pill-0rdtring certain improTemmt to same, eto. D.-U \'f.W J.VINtJ-.aelative to paving trma Platt Street to Clneland Street. DAXOU. BiNtm pRelative to parings 11ne from Swann Ave. to Snow Avenue. •• •ell u repeal~. DAVIS STR&ET~••oi~ng Reaol. awarding contract tor paving/aaid street a.nd_p>rderiac aaid imp-ovcent trom N. Blvd. to .n...:J.Jo.1n1,.-DiSOTO Pal-Directing Health Officer to advertise for bids frr tilling in same, eto. DUTE pepilbin&r,:t1-aeaaneat cnl,le't,taldottre.t trom Henry to Hanna Avenue. . DAVIS War Dept. for hearinc in refeneaoe to Bridge and Caus~ to conneot Davia with Mainland. DU"WARE AVF:rol-Relative to pavings ame trcm Platt Street to Cleveland Street. DAKOTA J.VDU.i-Direoting paving eto., of said avenue rran Swann tp Snow Avenue. Du>ART'JFl,TS OF THE CU'Y..Rele.tive to distribution or af'fairs or same. DEL\~ AVINU&-Direo ting paving of said avenue trom Platt Street to Cleveland. . IUKOTA AVbll'U.,.Contirmi1tCvreport of lbgineer on completion of paving said avenue from Swann to Snow Ave. DIUWARI AVKNU.,.Continning report ot lbgineer on oompletion of pavinc said avenue trca Platt Street to Clrreland st. MVI8 IILDD DC-mree'111s .... to aeath llalt ot Dffia IalaDII Bride•, ••• Dllllr, JOD B. OCIIPAl! ..... eilldiltC Jleeol,ati• SIT~ n1G1Te to 0Gllt1mi111 acs--,.n wUb aaSd o~• --. JOD B. (X)JIPJrf ... laift 11D l•M 1111:11 NIU tor ... -.111 et laJld tor-u airpon. ••• J
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__ -~---lndes to Rw,lution, Pa11ed by tlie Board ol R~reNDtati•• o tLe City ol Tampa, Florida DATE NUMlll!R SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YIAII .,, • • D • •

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---------------Index to Re1olution1 Pused l,y tlie Board ol Repr~tative1 ol tlie City ol Tampa, Florida u D NUMBER 123-B l36•B 131-B 180-B 206-B 218-B 2ST•B 621-B 681-B 618-B 627-B 629-B • 66S•B 681-B 891-B 696-B 707-B 710-B 798-B 800-B 8!6-B 8!8-B 856-B 866-B 918-B 917-B 942-B 1014-B 1032-B 1066-B 12'4-B DATE MONTH DAY YIIAII jpr 10 1928 .&pr S 1928 July 24 1928 July 31 19!8 Aug. 2 1928 Aug 1, 1928 Aug 28 1928 Sept 11 1928 Oot 2 1928 Oot 16 1928 Oot 20 1928 Ftb 6 1929 SUBJECT MATTER DAVIS ISIJRDS DIC.--Cos.anoe at: Parle to Ciir ot T&pa. DIXCII, •• F. -nu Ret\uul ... DAVIS ISIDDS, IIC.-J.ooepting deed tn>a .... tor Bridge ooDDeoting •-wiUl aaiA land. . -DllOJr, J . c.--To oanoel 2nd. P•ing . c .. titioatea ooupon againat Lot 10, Block &, 111.ddletown Subdirldon. Dt)l[I, c. w.--Canoellation ot c .. titioate ot Indebtedneu againat •-• . . . , . oomu.a, c. 1.-HEIRS OF SAJIB-.b1hor1&1ng proper ottio•• to draw TOaoher 1a t•or ot hx Colleotor 1A P91JlGt ot baluloe • due on Certitioate #C-'TI, ua• Nd agaimt propert7 ot heir• ot C.L Douglaa, .to. DKilUTH, J.U.-Rea reducing tim t2&.oo, .to. DBPARNIB'l' RUDIS, lla-Board ot llepreaentatina not intertering w1 i;:b proper tumtioniag. DA.VIS ISIJIIDS--Stonn and Sanit.-y aewera in leotion 6, 6, 1 and 11, aooepted. DIXIE Ta:UCE SUBDIVISIOll•-Sale ot part ot :u>t 8, ot aae to ~llippo Caooitore. DAVIS~ISLAIDS-Stora and Saitlry s--••, roaoinding RoaoluU.on Bo.218-B. IllElf, JOHll H.-jppro"fing agre•ent betnen same and Ciir, ReJ raonl ot hangar. Apr SO 1929 • DlVIS ISLAJD8 DC.,--Reaoluti on aooeptiag ooDYeyanoe tram .... tor Puapiag Station •s-, •c• and "I>", and grant ot ea•-11111; 11-r 1, 1929 Aaig If 1928 Aug 21 1929 Sept M 1929 Oot 29 1929 . Deo a 1929 Deo 10 1929 Deo 12 1929 Jm H 193> Feb 11 19!0 Feb 18 1930 Feb 26 19!0 11111' 11 19!0 ._. 26 193> .&pr 16 193> Apr 29 1930 tor aanitary and atona N DJOD Darla Ialanda. DAVIS ISLAIDI PUJIPDIG STATION SIT~ooepting rel••• ot mortgap upon ••e• :llceouted bJ Bltohango Bational Baa1c. DIPUTY Rm1STRA1'IC3 t:h• lqmmt ot ocapenaation to auae not to exooed tour dollar• p• d&J• DIPOSI'l'ORY BORDS-Citiaena Bank and Truat Coapany, AuUlorbing KaJor to giTe norioe ot the cctenaion ot the Cit7 to aell at publio. aale, ••e• DISK SJ!RGEABTS--l•e in Po_lioe Deparlaent, allall gin b•• aaaounting to 11000.00. DREW" nBLD--Authoridng the Mayor to advertiae tbr b~d• tor lipting oquipaent tor ..... DRElr FIIID-Authorbing the Mqor to advertiae tor bid• tar lighting oquipaent t'or airport. DODD IIO'l'OR CCIIIP.U Y-ApproTing bid ot aaae t'br turniahing oertain auppliea to certain departaenta. Iltl'K FIEIJ>-Authari&l ng the )lqor to re-dT.-tiae tar bide tor lighting oquipaent tor airport. DETROIT ~BB.UJ, CLtJB-.Apprcrd ng agreeamt between Cit7 ad ••e, eto. DBSOTA PA.RX the Mqoa, to have aame raoYed or tirn do .m. DOID MOTOR COMPaY~ro" bid ot •-tor turnilhing oertain ,uppliea to oertain depar1aeta,(Polioe o.p..rtams). DJ!SOTA PARX--Appropriation ot llo,000.00 ot Park Fund be uaod in treotion ot pmlion pitr at Deaota Park, oto. • DIBOTA PARl-llL-.ldvertiling tbr bid• tor oonatruoti on ot pavilion at same. DODD 8TOR COIIPJfiY--Apprmng bid of, ... tor turniahing oar• t'br u• ot the Water Depdtaet • DBSOTA PA.RX PAVALIOll-.Aut:hori&iag the Mayor to re-adT.-tilemtcr bid1 tor oonatruotion ot -e • DESO'U PARK PAVIUOB--J.pproving oontra,t with G. A. Hanaon Company tor oonatruotion ot •--• 11-r 28 1930 D!LDIQUENT TUIB--!:xtending tiae tor payaent ot ..... Jul 16 1930 Jul 16 1930 Jul 22 1930 Aalg 6 19a0 DEPOSITORHS, Clff-0.lignating aame for depolit ot all monaya belonging to t"ie CitJ theNin. DICKilfSJB, DR. J. c. --as--m. BUNDY" ALLBN--Reocmncding pqaent M t20 to .... tor HrriOH relld91'e4, eto. DBS9TA PARX PAVALIOJr_:Aocepting IUle u ocapleted by G . A. Hanaon, Co.,Ine., Contractor. DOTI.I, JAB. F.--Canoelling erron>u• •••amt ot nae tor 1929. • Aalg 12 1930. D
MOTOR OOMPANY-Aooepti ng bid o f same for oars furnished to El.eotrioal Department. DO\ 'fiS, JACl(TAILORING co.)-Apprmng bid ot •ame tar turniahing nr-.n'• Unitonu. D1AKA.'l'O, MARY AND PIETRO D1AJQTO-Settleamt ot auit brought againat the City by aaao for alleged i~uriH auatai-4 bJ llr•• D'AJaato, oau1ed by de1'eotiTe DffllEILER, H . s. bid o f HM for purchaae, daolitica ..S ralOftl ot aernnta quarter• or Tapa Sq Holel 1a Plan, Park. DBPOSI'l'ORIBS, CI'l!-Deaipating ••e tar depolit ot all aouya belonging to the City ot Tape.. DSMARI. CORA,-Purohue ot Weat 70 tt. ot lat e, J. s. Goaa 8ubd1Tiaioa. Re4aptioa aal._ •

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• ---------Indes to R->lution~ PuHd by the Boan! o Representativ• 0 the City 0 T ~a, Florida NUMBER 1206-B 1252-B 1355-B 1384-B 1399-B 1406-B 1411-B 1412-B 1466-B 1529-B 1545-B \~i 1638-B . 1644-B 1650-B l'TOO-B 1831-B 1844-B 1.014-B 201 'T•B DATE MONTH DAY Y&AII Jan 12 1932 ._, 1~ 1932 Jul 12 1932 .Aug 12 1932 Sept 3 1932 8-i,t 13 1932 Sept 13 1932 sept 13 1932 Deo 13 1932 Jan 10 1933 Apr 18 1933 Jfq 16 1933 July 18 1933 Aug 29 1933 Sept 12 1933 S-i,t 12 1933 Oct 31 1933 Deo 19 1933 neo as 1933 1111' 6 191& 6 19M 2261-B Aug 21 1914 IMB-11 Oot 23 193' 2316-B . Bn lS HM 2386-B lfOY 20 1934 238'1-B 2566-B 2692-B 2814-B 2810-B 2'190-B 2810-B NOT a) 191& Kay 'T 1936 Mir 28 193& June 26 1931 . J11ly 30 1931 Oot 16 1936 SUBJECT MATTER DR&Y FIEID-•Reinetating oonceaaion "ri@Jlt to City" ot T•pa• DOCKS AND WHARVES FUBD-Authoriaing Comptroller to furnish ,o 'Supt. or Doak• and WharYe•• Petty Cash Fund or t10.oo • OOIICO, DAVF--Co11Yeyance or Lot l, Blk.Z'T. An.1011 Hei@Jl ta Sub•n. to ••e ror tl788.33. DEPOSITORIBS•-Deeignllt ing HIH for moneys by the Mayor • DEPOSITORY. --Deaign,rtion ot the Morrie Plan Company. DJl.llQlBN'l' Tillll•Appointment or Special Committee to im-eatigat• Delinquent Tues. DB.CHER, MRS. !LIWETH••Sett lenient ot olaia tor wideniJJg at paT-ent and building sidewalk at Florida and lliohigan ATem.aea. DAVIS ISI.AiDS, mc.--settlanent of cla1• on aooount of Wuer System on Davia Island•• DRIW FIElD--Prortding tor the purohaae or saae. DUZ:, KISS ELV....,Authoridng payment or t76 to s•e tor serrioea rendered to City Of.fioe. DAIJGH'l'BRS OF THE AURICJN REVOLU'l'IOB-Leue or Plot of ground in Plant Park to Chapter ot •--• DELUXB UtJBDRY-qprou ng bid tor laundry work at the Jlmlo1pal Hoap ~tal. • Da.D'Qtmm'B"1C~••Perta1n1ng tx> oompenaation ot oolleotor1 of amae in Ci1 Attorney•• oitaic•• -. DAVIS, A. B. --Apportionnmt or tax oertitioate1 tor 1932 and outstanding tax uaea•ent tor 1933 1 and 2, Blk. , Corronella lubdiviaicm. DEPOSITORia, CITY--Deaicz-tion or certain lab tor deposit ot Ci-tr 1\anda. DUZ, F. J. --Pa~t ot olai• ot 160 for injurie1 reoeiTed and 1011 ot property by detectiTe paT•ent. Dl!SOU PJRX--Authorbing the exoan.tion in said Park 1'>r tr••ure. D!DICATICII, ~oepting deed or Mrs. ualella Wallaoe, et al, to s.s20• or It ot NW;-or the Inff, 'T-29-19 ••t, tor ddewalka. DBBDI-Aooepting dNd or Cartie L. Phillipa, certain land ill oanoel lation or ta••• tor 1tadiaa projeot. DA.VIS ISLAIDS -Proriding tor the deTeloi-ent or oertain proparn •quired ill 1w, ant ~he Fedtral Gorl. that aoquiaition or said property will be ocapleted by the CitT (Airport). DAVIS ISIAlDS--Providing tor the aoquieition from DaTia Im., ot oertain lanlll1,(airport)anlll statiag the aathod ot huulliJJg the tiaoal ••t up by the City" ot 'l'•pa, to eonolu4e tranaaotiou, an4 aaking appropri tion oertaill in the City ot 'l'•pa as Ci. DepolitoriHe DM IS ISJANDS., IWC.--,lu1:horbing the oanoellation or oertain taxe1 agalmt same tor ot illftliclS:t:,. DIB!ff.l, IIIDI--Permit tor erection ot traae buildl ng in Fire Zo•• () therator. DOCU-.Authorising llqor to exeoute leaH with u. s. Goverment tor use or ••e tor bertbage 1pao• at •lip Wo. l, Marj.Park. DAVISn ISLJIDS jlRPORT SEA.PLANE WI-.A.uthorbing the Mayor to negotiate with u. s. GoTe1"111111t ror oomtruotion or breakwater turning be.1ill and other neoeHary taoilitie• at ••e• DA.VIS ISLANDS AIRPOO.T-A.u1horidng acoeptanoe ot Fee Siaple Deeda on oertain u1igmmt ot aortg•c•• reoeincl in buying auie and return or and oanoellation ot notH ot and Frank I. J ... a, Willie Wlllam ai J.B. lliua. Dllll, AI,--Rnoking Taxicab Cbautt..Permit iuued to •-• DBLllQUDlT TAX ACCOUNT-'l'ranaterbggo•~ •quiJ-ed thru ._. to the property parohaHCl unclff toreoloaure aooount, with approftl or the •,-. DOCKS AND the Kqor to puroh• e certain rootiJJg :mat.-1al1 f'or UH ot 1aicl 41ipartamt aDI to ad!'. tor b d1. oertain bdlc1 in Tampa as City . DDD-Aooepting same to 8 261 ot lot 2, J. 8. Sub•n. ill return tbr certain oouideratiou. . DBLllQUllr'l' !AX AJ'l'ICIPATIOll-NOTE-qprorl.JJg prlT&te •al• ot t2,,ooo to $1Dk:1ng hDd • • < • 0 C 0 0 .0

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a----------Index to Resolutions _Passe_g_ by_Jhe Board of Re resentatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida 1 0 D 0 0 I] 0 I] I]. DATE NUMBER Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER .. IOff-B Jlq 21 1916 DA.VIS ISLANJ)S-Foviding tor the 01.DMllation ot oert&in outetand'ing tax ot tlie City otY Tiap& on oertairi"lancla therein acquired by-the City tor JNblio Sl.81-B Jule 1-1 1918 DILIJIQUBIT !AX DBPAll!ll'IIT • .tllnll1Dg Jt.1olut1oa •o. 1~. Ultllorisinc ot a441t1oml help tfll' tbt oolleotioa ot cleUDquent tm•• anl proricliDg o pD4'&t1on tllienf'or 1118-B J 111. 28 1936 DBPOSI1'CEIBS • AppronJIC the of City u -4• by the llaJ'OI' Sl88•B Aug. 4 1936 DRUJIRIGHT. z. B. -Authorising aployment ot E. B. Dr1aright u Attorney in a prooeeding to cletenai:ae the authority ot the Cirll Service Board to adopt nlH governing the ot employees on reduction ot toroe ot the City Sl99-B Aug. 6 19S6 DISCOUIT • Fixing the clieoount to be &llond on payment ot ourrent taxe1 32 93-B Oct. 13 1936 DETENTIOU Het.IE -Authorizine the use by Seminolo Heights Alllorica.n Legion Post Mo. 111 or the old Detention Home which is owned jointly by the City of Tampa and Hillsborouch County on. 20 1936 DtJLIJT BROIBUGJ C
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_ _ 2 ___ In _dex to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of th~ CtiY_ of _ Tampa,_ Florid_ a-'----------'---~ NUMBER 5149-B 5171-B 5182-B 5210-B 5213-B 5320-B 6368-B 5402-B 5407-B 5460-B 5502-B 6694-B 5617-B 6634-B 6658-B 5653-B 5656-B 6687-B 5688-B 5694-B 1801-B .. DATE SUBJECT MATTER Mo11th Day Year Jun. 28 1958 D&'JOR!ST SUBDIVISIO if • A.uthori zing oancella.tion ot oerta1n and taz liena OD lot 1 Bllc 20 Demore1t Subd1Ti11on by the City to L. L Benjamin. July 19 1958 DISCOUNT• F1.x1ng the discount to be allowed on payment ot current tax•• during the Fiecal year 1938-1939. July 19 1938 DETENTION HO~eao lution accepting lea•• trom Seminole Post American Legion to Old Detention Home Pr.operty in order to sponsor w. P. A. project tor Recreation Cent.-tharein and naming Post Custodian of 1aid propert:,. Aug 2 1938 DRAINAG~uth.orizing filing of application through VI. P. A. fer construction ot Storm Sewer on Commanche Ave, and relocatio of drainage ditches in contigent area. Au 2 1gs8 DRAINAGE-Authorizing the filing of' application throuftl il. P . A. for construction ot the fir st \Ulit of a atorm sewer in Draimge areas 16, 18 and 32 am the reoomtruotion and ?9looation of drainage ditches in contir;ent areas. Oct. 11 1938 DEXTIIR AVENUE-Correcting paving number 5807, made under project S-7•• being paving or Dexter A.venue betnen Henry &: Hanna Ave, and requiring Clerk to give notice of preminiary 1upplamental use11ment roll. Nov. 22 1938 DIAZ, v . GUERRA & CO-A.uthori ing reduotion or personal tax L'3sessmeZE • for years 19S7 and 1Q58 26th St &: Clark Street. Jan. 10 1939 DENIS ADDITIO N TO YBOR CITY -A.uthorizinc cancellation of Paine Certificate No. 2007, against Lot 16, Block 3. Denis Add. to Ybor City Subn. Jan. 10 1939 DR~T FIELD -Authorizing payment or rental, for 1938, on 80 Ac~es or land adjoining the Municipal Airport (Drew Field) on Aug . Nov. Iw. the South and used in connection with the said Airport 28 1939 Dj,VI~ I:sWIDS-c:anceling tax certificate No. A.-877 lot 19 Block 7 Davis Islands ror taxea for year l9Sl. and rein1tating lien againat lot 19 Block 9 Da vis l1land1. 4 1939 DAVIS ISLA ]DS• Authorising cancellation or tax certif1co.tes Xo. 2352-A laiued for taxes for year 1932 and 2301-.l issued for taxes for yeer 1934 against Lot 11 Block 82 Do.vis Islands. and reinstating tax lien ago.inst lot 3 Block 92 DAvis Islands which was :,aid in error by J • T. Hiohol. 2 1939 DLU!>ND CAB COIIPAIY -Reducing the maber ot allowed Diaaond Cab Company b:, I Cabe 6 1939 DE:l'llU.ING, PHILIP A• Authorizing 1ale to 1ame of Lot 37 Bungalow Park tor $270.00 on terms. 20 1939 DREW FIELD AIRPORT-Authorizing canoellation ot certain uncollectable accoud;e on books or Supt or 27 1939 DAMAGES-Compensating Myra K McEniry tor damages to her automobile due t.o defeotive paving' on E Columbus Drive. 27 1939 DEM>R~T SUB-Authorizing apportionment or paving alBH811lent made under 1923 .Aot against S 60 rt or E 115 rt or w 130 tt ot Block 26, and S 90 rt of E 50 rt or W 180 rt of Block 26 or same on petition ot R. E. & Mary Blackburn. 18 1939 DRSif'S, JOHN H. SUB OF N.:;. TA:1'A-Authorizing apportionment of certain taxes on Lots l to 6 inclusive and 19 to 23 inolusiv• 1 8 1939 1 1939 l 1939 l 1939 & l9S9 I 19S9 I 19k9 . 22 1989 22 19S9 29 19S9 ' a 1• 10 1919 M 1988 H 1919 , 1939 28 1939 28 195 Block 5 of sCllle property or Robert 1.:ugg•• Co. DeCASTRO , ALF.JA?I IRO-Authtl"izing apportiomnent or certain truces on Lot 6 Oakdo.le Sub for year 1939 on petition of same. eLOACH , 7lALTm o AND GERTRUDE-Authori dng snle to same or Lot 14 Block 4 Lake 10od Manor Sub for $360.00 on tenns. DRUID'S -J.. resolution cancelling taxes for years 1932 and 1933 against Lot 9 Block 8 of We.cfarlane's A.ddn to ,4 Tl'lllpa, proper of Libery Grove Number T\'l'O Association. Inc. (Order or Druids). ONATION-Authorizing donation or . .,2so.oo to Hatton-Gillette Post No. 121, Veterans or Foreign 'Tars and making appropriation or same from the Contingency Fum. IU.TI0JSA.ut!ur1&1Dg &>natl.on ot tzso.oo tio Color Gavel u. s. s. T•pa Poet 16 ,...riou Legion_ and ..tS:nc appropt'latsllll of a.-troa tbe CoDt1Dceno1 Pucl. DeLB>B BDDI'• A.uthar1&1ng oonn.,anoe ot oertain propwt7 ill olCla' to plaoe ill etteo1. tbe pl.all tv ot 11BN ,., at De Leon and Plat A.vemae with Bqahore Drin. IPOII1'0BIIB-~rori.Dg deaignation ot Cit7 DepolitariN u b7 the Kqor. am mDff ot mld:ag report• w Ccllipt.l'oller. naow. ll. T• Correoting pw,onal tu ......... nt ap1mt ... at &17 laok Street tor tm 1919. • B. E• Ocmpaaating Nile tar claap• to autoaobll• tire• aoooat 4eten la pa'f!.Dg on Coiabua Drl••• DOBATIOB -Authorising donation ot oertain hou1ehol4 eq111.paent now 1tore4 in th• Clan PrJe Hoepital to the Urban Leap ot 'l'•pa DATIi I1LAE9-~. OOIINJaDN to tbe 1Jld.tet State, ot .... 1oa f4 a •enata tnet et 1aDI ill lfarjori• Pm. Dan• I•l ..... a4 pl"O'ridlnc tor a fl'Nllo14•n eleotioa to raillty N14 .. .,.. .... na ISLA111J8 Im• A,vthorising apportiomes of tazM oa lota , a. I Bloolc 109 Dan• I1lalll1 tor vu-1011• ,-are oa pet11:1on ot ..... '--a, J.B. SUB OP•••• TMJ>A~i&lng apportio-nt ot tu•• ot wt of Lot;a II• H Blook 1 o r on ,.tli:1.m et Jaoaon llr•ing eo • ... a.v.1A AU. &ourB• Prohibi' parting on , ... 1a front ot relliclenoe mmbwecl 901 a. Dalmta Aw. cx•s AUTO PARTS-Direoti• oorreotion ot error made 1D tax•• paid b:, Norman llbitna, tor D1ok'• aato oreclite4 1n •ro to •Bill'• Auto Part•• &Del rei.natatinc eertitioate oredited by -wror. D!XLE A.VENUE-Directing th• placi12g of Stop Signs acro11 the Nm• at its inter1ection with Watrous Avenue. DIVOB STREEl'-.Authoriag Mayor to tile application with w. P. A. tor comtruotion ot Sanitary on trom wt Lab A.venue South for d ietanoe ot 285 feet • • 0 n . . 0 ( ... Q

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1--------....----------Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives .9f the City of Tampa1 Florida 3 0 ._) 0. ) J D 0 NUMBER DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER 5861-B Dec. 12 1939 DAVIS ISLANDS-Authorizing apportiomnent or outstanding taxes and current assessment on Lot 26 Blk 6 or same on petition <: Dr J. Leon Schwartz. 5877-B Dec. 19 1939 D1AL]SS~IDRO, A!.WELO-Directing application of his claim for diso.bility exanption • . 5877-B Dec. 19 1939 DISABILITY EX.E:-.1:PTIONS------Same as above-----5885-B Dec. 19 1939 DiFRA .. 'hTCO, JOE-Correcting personal tax assessments for 1937, 1938 and 1939 at SW corner Dela.ware and !,ia,in Street. 6901-B Jan. 9 1!J40 DAVIS ISLABJ:8 SUB-Authorising apportiomct ot tax•• tor use and 19S9 on Lot• as and as Blook 32 c on petition. ot Bertha Corral. 6906-B Jan. 6912~B Jan. 5927-B Jan 5930-B Jan 6935-B Feb. 5939-B Feb. 5964-B Feb 6962-B Feb 5964-B Feb 5966-B Feb 6034-:s Apr 6067-:B 6081-B Apr ,~ Juu 9 104Q DK S01'0 ROTm.loading apaoe on aide ot Morgan Street between Polk & Zaok tor loading apace tor ot .... 16 194.G) D:&10RE3T SUB• Fixing tax Uabili~ on North 60 tt ot South 120 tt ot :I 116 tt of lSO tt ot Blook 16 ot .._, being property ore41ted for w. P. A. oooupamy and later abandomd by w. P. A. 30 1940 DENNIS ADD-Authorizing apportio1J1Dent ot taxea against lot 2, block 5, Dennis Addition, on petition of H.T. Linebaugh. 30 1940 DREDGE DEPOT SITE -Providing for aoquiaition of 400 1.'t. on Channel tor dredge depot aite. 6 1940 DETERLING, PHILIP A. -Authorising execution or aatisfaotion of )l)RTGAGE to Philip A. Deter ling oo~ring Lot 37, Bungalow Pk. 6 1940 DAVIS ISLANDS MARKETS -Correcting personal tax assessnents. for the years 1937, ).938 and 1939 against C. F. Collins trading as Davis Islands Markets, De.vis Boulevard and Biscayne Avenue 13 1940 HmRY DAUBm-Authorizing refunding or $ s.oo on f'ine imposed by Municipal Court. 20 1940 DONATIONS -Appropriation of$ 1500.00 to the La Verbena Del Tabaco out of funds set aside for local Fairs, Carnivals, eto. 20 1940 A.B. GRANDOFF -Granting A.B. Grandofr, Doing business as Tampa Transit Ccnpany a permit to &ttend operations or Busse• to certain additional territory in the City <: '/spa, 1''1orida. 20 9 af 30 4 1940 194<> 194<> 1940 1,a.o GEld DRUG STORE -Correcting personal tax assessments against certain individuals and firms for certain years. DllDGK ~TD~ -A.uthorizinc execution of graat to the U.S. for the right to d,poeit dr•dc•d material excant•d in th• widening of Tbor Channel, on certain Cit7 Propert7. DDW 1IIL1> -Authorizing execution of a lease to the United States of .America of Drew 1ield Air 1iel4. DIIPOSIT -Providing for disposition of certified check deposited incident to sale of Cit7 Bonde. Jll'f.illtlo• BONI PBOPl!l!t -A.uthorhiac reaoftl 'b7 leaiaole lo. 111, AMr1caa Lec1on of un.ocnpled.. houe oa the 014 Deteatioa lo• hope~ to tract of lu4 beloactac to tbe 0U7 at the 1W corner of lhe •i of the 11ft of tbe Sit leotion 25 ftP 28 louth, Janee 11 I. 6176-:B June 9 1940 lSTEli'l'IOlf HOMB PROPRTT -Sponaoring Project of the Hational Youth Administration to raze Old Detention Home Buildiac and clean and atack •teriale. 622~ J,aql, 30 6301-ll Aue 27 6302-11 Aue 27 6321-B Sep 10 6322-B Sept 10 "~ Ooi l 6369J 041 l 6382-I Oct g 611.9-3. Oct 29 6419-:B Oct 29 6427-ll •o• 12 646o-B Dec 3 6485-B Dec 17 6547-B feb 11 6562-B F eb 113 7145-:B Dec. 23 191fo 1940 1940 1940 1940 194<> 1~40 194<> 194<> 194o 1940 194o 1941 191a 1941 DDV JUI.]) AIIPOll! -A.uihorilinc leaae of Drew 1iel4 Airport to the United. Stai•• of Amerioa. DAVIS ISLANDS -Authorizing apportiollllant of taxes for 1937, 1938, 1939 and 1940, on certain ~ract of land on Davia Islands on petiti on of the City Attorne7. ImSOTO HO'l'ZL -Correcting personal tax assessments againat certain individuals and firms for certain 7eare. RALPH DW -Authorh'ing sale and conveyance of Lot 15 Block 3, Crilly' a Sub to llalph Dias. ANICE DOUGLAS -Authorizing sale and conveyance of Lot l Block 22 Oakford Sub to I.nice DoUglae. DAVIS I8I.AIJ) Authorir:1 nc the Mqor to a4-tertiae for bide for dredce for fillinc Curi tuck Cbabnel in connection vi~ Iaproveaenta t• Poter O. Knight Airport. DAMAGX8 -!o compensate •.A. NcDuffie for 4&-•• euatained to hie when he ran int• an open •nhol• • • a1att Street in the Cit7 of !aapa. WAI.DR o. .LOACH -Authorizing e%ecution of satisfaction of mortgae to Walt•r o. .Loach onLot 14, Block 4, Lalcevoo4 Manor Subdi vis ion. r.s. DAIGER, Jr-Correcting pereonal tax aeeee@mente against certain firme and individuals in th~ City of T8'1P&• DllSLJ: SA.LES COMP.ANT _ _:,. __ Sa11e ae above--DeL0'1"1'0 A.uthori&in of Lota 108 and 118 •vel.7n Cit7 Subdivision to .Lotto 011 DREW FIELD WELL -Authori2ing cancellation of account of Nat Geller for watPr con1umption deliv~r8d from D.ew Jield Well. DOCKS Au.thori?~np lPasP of Dock at the foot of Jackeon Stre8t to Knight & Wall Company. , RALPH DIAZ -Authorizin,; eaPcution ~f setisfaction of mort~a.g• to Ralph Diaz on Lot 15, Block 3, Crilly's Subdivitid.on. DREDGE DEPOT -Providing for completion of purcr~s~ of Dre~r.~ Dep~t Site Int•retet~ Inv~st~e~t Company. Dll'IBS! PBOJEO'fS -Authorising advertisement for bide on material tor use in l>ofanse ~roJects •

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I ~-........... --........,...--1-t------~~----------------------------------------------------~~------------------, __ 4 ____ Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the City of Tampa, Florida NUMBER 6582-B 6587-B 660O-B 6630-B 6651-> 6684-B 6693-B 6693-B 6710-:B -6746-:B 6746-B 6776-B 6783-B 6321-B 61332-B 6040-B 6S4l-l3 6P9-B 7CJ13-JI 7O65-B 7085-B 7O85-B 7091-B 7O91-:S !71.U-B 7176-B DATE Month D a y Year J'eb 25 1941 Mar 4 1941 Mar 4 Mar 11 Mar 25 1941 Apr 8 1941 Apr 22 1941 Apr 29 1 941 Apr 29 1941 May 6 1941 Nq 27 1941 Mq 27 1941 Mq 27 1941 Mq 27 1941 June 10 1941 June 17 1941 July 8 July 14 1941 July 15 1941 July 15 1941 Aug 26 1941 Sept 9 194 1 Sept YJ 1941 Oct 14 1941 Nov 12 1941 Nov 18 1941 Nov 18 1941 Nov 18 1941 Nov l~ 1~:1 Dec 2 1941 SUBJECT MATTER DDmE DEPO! SIH -Authorizinc execution of proper deed of conveyance from the City of Tampa to United Stat•• of America for the of providing aite !or reae~tion and l>recSc• Depot for U.S. JAMBS DI ff'l'TO -Directinc refund to De Tetto of tue1 paid throuch error on Lot 2 Hamner'• Subdivision. JOHJI H. DBIW SUBDIVISION -Authorizinc sale and conve79.11ce of Lot 14 Block 27 John H. Drew Sub to Jacinto Preiola on JOHJr H, Dll'i SUBDIVISION• Authorizin& cancellation of certain tax and pavin,; lien• on pro~erty purchaeed under forecloeurt by the City of Tampa and later eold, DEDICATION FOR STREET PURPOSE S -Dedicating certain propertie1 owned by the City for Street Purpo 1e1 for exteneion and w idening of Platt Street. ISDICATION J'OR STREft PUBPOSES -Dedicatinc certajn properties owned b7 the City for the Extension and videninc of Plat Stieet. DlllW 11ELD -Authorizinc execution and delivery of a deed of conve7&Dce for Drew 1ield to the United State• of .Aaerica. DELUU DIND C orre cting certain personal tax~• for certain in4ivituale and firms in the C i t y of Tampa. PHILIP D'ELU --------Same ae above--------DAMAO~S -To compensate Harold Uarkley damages sus t a i ned t o his car while parked on Scott S tr~et being ~it by Tru ck of City Erlineering Department, DDW rBLJ> -Concernin the diamantlinc of the Airplane Hancar at Drew lield. EMilBHT DOMAil\T -Authorhin& City Attorney to exerche ri,;ht of Kainent Domain I 2' ot • 90• Lot l Dyal Sub Bo. ~. for the purpose of wideninc Bill1borouch .A.venue. DIXI• ROG OOMP.ut? -Correcting pereonal tu aueumenh certain and in the City of Taapa. PUBO COMPil? --------S... a1 above----DAVIS ISLANDS, INC. ~ Authorising aaceptance of propoeal of Davi• Inc., for lea1e by the City of Davis Island Swimming Pool, to be operated by the Recreation Department. DAVIS ISLANDS, INCORPOB.A.TED -Providing for t he acquisit i on o f certain lots on Davie Island for the National Spanieh War Memorial. DA•rrs Isu.lTD SlI"DPrISI-ON -Authori7ing a,portionmPnt of t~.xee for 1940 Lot 6 l!lock 38 Devh hlande for W.P. Moore. C.T. D.i\i/KIUS -Au.thorirl~ emplo;,ment of Cone :Broe. , C.T. Dawkine & M.R. :Boyce, in connectio.'l wit~ the conetruction of waterworks improvenent eyetem for th~ City of Tampa. JAMES F . DOYU: Correctin; personal tax ase~semente 9&ain1t certain individual, r.nd firms in the City of Tampa. DEPOSITlm.IES -Deei~nation certain depositori~• for the Cit~ of Tampa a~ made by the Mayor. c. ,. DAWXDI -Pro'tl Ung for final approftl of ooatraot K.L Bo,-oe A Co., C. t. Dawld.u u4 Ooae O•tracUac Co, for Water bteaet.on laprOftll•t• t.n the CU7 of laapa, DIPOSI!OmD -Appronnc 4eaipation of oertailL baaka aa4 tnat oOIIJl&D!•• aa ot.'7 hpoaUort.••• DS. KAKf A. DAWSOB -Authorising of claia of Kra. Mu7 A. Daveoa. JULIUS DI LO!TO -.A.uthoridnc delivery and execution an4 delivery of of to Juliu J>e Lotto, covering 10~ an4 118 Svel.yn Cit7 8ubdivi1ion. DDW FIELD Aut horizing emplo~nt of South~rn Ino. to remoTe hangar from Drew 1ield to Penr O. Xnicht .A.irpor1. DIXON AVENUE -Directing install a tion of street lights on certain stree t s in t h e City of Tampa, D!AL SUBDIVISION Authori~ine: sale and conv~~imce o~ Lots l~ t,23, Inclunive Dyal Subdivi@ion to Jor.n B. Gunning for $50.00 each a totnl of caeh. A.A. DWGLAS -Rejecting bid of A.A. Dougla• certain lots in Munro & Clevh Sub., under eealed bid plan. JOSE DIAZ -AuthoriEin~ canc~llatinn of Sewer Cer+,ificate No, 32724 against E of Lot 6 Block 4, Homestead Sub. A.A. DOUGLAS -R~Jecting bid on certain city own~d pronerty under the ecal~d bid plan. DYAL'S SUBDIVISION -Rejecting bid on cert~tn property under th~ ~~~lea bid plan. L.M. DAVIS -Providin~ for chick~n n~rmit nt 710~ N~braflka Av~nue. HRS, CLEOLA DA~IS -Provid1~ for chick~n p~rmit at ?71~ Poplar Av~nu~. A.A. A MILDRID A. DOUCJLAS .A.uthorh inc of Loh 11 an4 12, Block i. llwaro & Clevta hb41 Tlaioa •o Xt.14N4 A. -and .A. • .A.. for .225.00 Oil tel'Mt DAVIS BOtll.lVARD Concerning ionee for receivin& and diechargin& passenger• by taxicabs for Yellow Taxicab and Tranefer Co. . two 1pace1 on the ~a,t eide of Davia Boulevard immediat ely South of Columbia DriTe ' . 0 0 ' 0 v • 1 '-0 .... I I

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0 0 0 0 • .. . 0 0 . 0 0 NUMBER 7180-.B r190-B 7196-:B 7196-:B 7207-J 7'207-B 7210-B 7255-. B 7264-:e 7269-B 7286-:B ,730()7,301-:B 7~B 7339-B ' 7341-B 7355-:B ,7355-:B 7363-1 7369-1 7J79 ... J .7380-B 7389-B 7--:B 74,-0-1 741;:.:e 7475-B 7477-B 7t.J78-B 7479-B 7489-B 7629-B 7632-:a 76"-:B 7657-:a 7664-:a 7669-:a 7670-1 • I Index to . Resolutions Passed b the . Board of . Representatives of the Ci of Tam a Florida DATE Month Day Year -' • T J T SUBJECT MATTER Jan. 13 1942 De SARDD. SIMEONE -Authorizi~ 1al~ of Lota 29 and 30, Block S, Weet Pine• Subdivieion to Simeone De Sandre for $175.00 Jan. 13 1942 DDD -Authorhinc the delive1'7 of duplicatf! 4e.d to Lot 2, Block _ lSS, Woodlawn Cemetery to L, Valdee Jan 20 .1942 DAVIS CAUSJ:WAT -Authorizing erection of directional s1ttn• for Davia Causewa7 at certain street intersection,. Jan 20 1942 DIRECTIONAL SIGNS ---------iue a1 above--------Jan 27 IXIE DAMP WASH LAtmDKY -Correcting pereonal tax as11ssment1 against certain individual• and firms in the City of T8lllpa. Jan 27 1942 IXIE CailERS ----------Same as above--------Jan 27 1942 SOUTH DELEW.AD AVENU! -Dir•c~i~ installation of 1treet light• at_certain location• in the City of Tampa. 1eb 2i+ 19lt,2 DA.VIS ISLAE>S -Prondiac for th• acquieitlon of certain ad4ltlonal lot• in diacharge of 4elinquent tax lien• from Davi• _IalMd•• Inc., in pu.rnanc• of lle _ao_lutloa •o. 6783-:B. Jeb 24 194~ DAVIS ISLAJIDS, IIC. ------Saa• a• above----Mar 3 191+2 DOCD, KtmICIP.U,_ -Authorising adverti•ement for bld• for re-roofinc Municipal _ Varehoua• at Municipal Dock•. Mal' 3 1942 DAVIS ISLAlfDS -Authorizia apportionMnt of tax~•.for certain 7•ar• Lot 46 Block 42 Davi• l•land•. Mar 17 1942 CARM!'LO DI BOWA -Correcting pereonal tax ae1ea1ment1 against certain individual• and firms in the Cit7 of Tampa. MMar 24 1942 V,C.DRACY. -R•Jecting bit• received for certain city owned property under the sealed bid ~lan, Mar 4 1942 DAMAGE -Authorizing pqment to :Bonnie I. Gregory account damage t_o hie car when hlttincg a manhol•. 7 1'42 DA.TO cl GUITASO -Oorrecth1c permll&l tax for certain iD41Ti4ual• &Jld fin• in \he 01'7 of '!aapa. r • -14 1942 IWUOJ:S -Coapen•ation paid to had.ore damaf , bNaking of -gla•s•• while arN1ting a prisoner. Apr 14 1942 LILLB DI BlffA -Correcting personal tax a•Haaaenta agaia•t certain individuals and fin.•. Ap~ 14 1942 DIXIJ: GROCDY -Oorrectiac t)er•onal tax •••••••nt• ae,inet certain individual• and firu ln the City of '!aapa Apr 14 1~2 DOW.AL JWJLBRS01' --------lalle a1 above-------~7 6 1942 JOBI H, DDW Str.BDIVISIOW -Providing for allowance of tuee Lot• 19 to 24, incl. account u•e of •ame b7 WP A. Mq 6 1942. LA. CAD_ m: VALLft -Correcting per1onal tax a•••••ments again•t certain individual•~ firm•. MAT. 12 1942 JDU:Olf S'l'RD'l' Concerning the opel\lng of _DeLeon Street across Sp!:ing Block of Packwood Sub. MaT 12 1942 DILJ:Olf S'l'DE'l' Cono•rnln,; th• opening of Spring Street aero•• Spring Block of Packwood Sub • 19 1942 JOD H. DDW SUJDIVISIOll -Authorizing 1ale ot L~t• 5 and 6, :Block 27, to 1red DiLorenzo and wife Mq 19 1942 RID DILODNZO -----Sue a1 above----June 2 1942 JOHN H. DllW'S SUBDIVISIOI Author~zing_ satisfaction of Kortge to Jacinto Pierola covering Lot 14 Block 27. June 2 1942 JOHN H. DBEW SUBDIVISICI -Authorizing canc~llat~on tax and public improvement liena on property sold by City • Jul7 ?.l 1942 Jul7 21 1942 Jul.7 2l 1942 Jul.7 21 1942 July 2g 1942 IIPOIIfl'•-., s -Concerning 4epodta with bid•. for purobaee of Cit7 propert7. DEPOSITORI~S -depo1itorie1 for the City of Tampa. SALLI! B. DIJM -.Authorhln apportionment of tuH for 1942 on petition of Sallie JS._ DeJan. IlAMA,(BS Provl41nc for ••ttlement claim of damage• to Clt7 o~ Port Taapa ucount burninc of Jail. DEVOW PilX SU:BDIVISIO• -Authorising apportionment of taxee for 1942 againet Lota 5 and 6 Block 4, Devon Park Subdiviaicn. ou petition of Mr•. P.H . Nixon. -DIDICA!IOII De4icat1nc Lot• •A• IUlCl • of fa-W••-Co Place lub41vioa for Street purpo•••• Oct 6 1942 DAVIS ISLAll'DS Concerning leaH of certain parta of Marjorie Park Yacht !aeln by Coa1t Guard. of U .s.A . .i ,. Dec. l nu -Cancella !u Oertlfioat• acatnat It of Lot 3, .Block 13, Idlewild 8ubn.. &114 relnetaUac tu Ll• aca1ae, It of Lot 10, Block 14, •ue lv.'ba. , on peti Uoa of ta J>eShonc • Dec. 8 Difillll !IOtJSIWO PROJJ:C! J'LA. SOJ2 AuthorbiDC coatract with \be Boueing Authori'7 for tbl collection of garbap f:roa DefenH Boulac ProJ••• na. 8032 Dec. s 1942 DOCD -Pron41ac for leaH to th• Uni te4 ltate• of Aaerioa of tM .PlaDt Park Dock Jan 12 1943 Jan t2 1943 DlltJKIIGR! -Authorizing ,ale of Lote 10 and 11, Block 6 Cuec•den and Well• Subdiviaion to I.B. Drumright for $JOO.CO ca1h. DW eal• and conveyance of laet 32t' of Lot 3, Block 3, Cu1caden and Vella Subdivision to llanu.l Dias for $75.00 caeh. Jan 19 1943 MAIUIL DIAZ -Authorlrlng eale of S 321' of ~ot 3, !lock 3, CUacaoen and Yell• Sub to Manuel Dlaz for $'5.00 caeh. Jan 19 1943 JORN B, DREY'S SUBDIVISI01' -Authorizing sale of Lot 5, Block 100 John ~B. Drew SUbdlvielon to Ceferino K•unde1 for $55.00 caah. ' Jan 19 194J JOHN B. DR:r.V1S SUJmITISIOJ' Authorid-ng aale of Lot 12, Jlock 10, to Julio Gon1alH for $75.00 ouh? 4

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of Tam a Florida Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Ci ...... --------===-===_..::;....:::;_...=..:::.= ---------,,-----=------t NUMBER 7699-1 i 77Jl-J 7735-1 7745-1 7764-B 7767-1 7769-1 7789-1 7799-B 7809-1 7810-B 7810-B 7820-B 7 f82)-:B 7837-B 7843-B 7848-B 7851-:B 7867-! 7940-J 7942-B 7957-B 7959-J 7959-1 1021-1 ' !021-1 8027-1 son-1 ,.8045-! 8053-! • 8061-1 8067-:B so12-1 1209-1 121.IJ DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER t Jaa 26 1~3 1Acea\e Sl• De TILLJI -Autborlllq l&le coan7UOe of Lo\ 10 Block 31, turau•a lubcUTiaioa to fillaenh 01• ] fille. 1eb 16 1943 JOBI!. D11V SUBDIVISIOW .Autbo~isiag oaaoella\iOll of tu IUld public iapronMll\ lieaa on propertiea aol4 b7 the Cit7. Mar 16 1943 Mar 30 1943 JJENBIS PLACI SUBDIVISIOB -.luthorilin of tuH on certain propert7 ill Dennis Place lub. account uae of .... b7 Hillaboroueh Oount7 Detenee Council. DIMOUS'r StJBDIVISIOll -.luthorilin cancellation of Hwer certiflcatH again1t lota 9 u4 10 Block 19. JOBB B. DIEV1S SUBDIVISIOll -Authorlsia •ale of Lot• 17 to 20, incl, Block 27 John H. Drew•• Sub., to Arthur Montanon for $40.00 ~h. Mar 30 19~3 DAVIS ISLABD SUBDIVISIOW -Authorising Mayor to permit the U.S. Coaet Guard uee of Lot 81, Block 54 DaYil Island Sub., to be ueed for training purpo•e•. Jpr 13 1943 Apr 13 1943 Apr 13 1943 Apr 27 1943 m:i:D -Author111n,; iaeuance of deed to I.D. Rodenberger to Lo~ 180, 4th Add. to Woodlawn Cemetery on pqment of $10.00, ltc. JOHN H. Dll'tf SUB -Authorizing cancellation of cert•ln tu and public improvement lien• on pro p•rti•• •old by City~ ~AllD D"...All -Canceling per~it of Edward Deen to •ell B••r end Vine at 1020,1022 Central ATenu~. DAMAGES -.luthorlsinc pqaent of claia M.B. ATer7 daaae• to car in colllalon vltb Police Patrol Oar, Kar. 21, 1943. Apr 27 1943 DAVIS ISI.Alm SVIMMING POOL -ll•t•blhhinc re-,ne4 aapcea on Coluabla J>rin tor DaTl• hlan4 8wi11111in Pool, ltc. Ma, ll 1943 . JI. Bdl,U, -Autborhiag cancellation of certain account• on the book• ot Peter o. lnight Airport. Nq ll 1943 DISO'fO ~. D. A. B. -Autborhiq eztendon _ot leue ot a plot of groWMl in Plant Park to Deaoto Chapter, D • .t..•. Ma, ll 1943 Ma7 18 1943 ICq 25 1943 Jun 15 1943 DADGIIDll8 or .ADRIC.d BITOI,U'fIOI, Dl80!0 CBAPDJl -----... •• abOT•-----A. A. DOOOLAS, JB. -A'U.thoriliDC aal• of Loh 8, 9 u4 10 Block 4, lhmro 6 Olevia SubcliTialon for $3()0.00. • Ito, DAVIS ISLAID8 LOl'S -Authorising acquiaition of certain Lot• in J)avi• Ialuda, in 41.acharge ot delinqueAt 'fu lieDa, Ito. DIXll LIMJ: PRODUCTS COMPANY Approvin,. bid of Dixie Lime Product• Co, and 1lorida Lime Products Co, for furniehing of lime for the uae of the Water Department. -m:POSITORI~S .Approving designation of Depoeitorie• and providing for deposit of a l l mon1ee belongin,. to the City, ltc. June 22 1943 JOHlf H. DR!'l STJBDIVISION -Authorizing sale of Lots 15 and 16 !lock 27 John H. Drew Sub to rrank Sal••• ltc. June 22 194 3 DDD -Authorizing issuance of deed to Vincente Suares for Lot 5 Block 4, Los Cein Subdivision. July 6 19h3 JOH?T H. DREW SUBDIVISIOB -Aine ndin ~ R esolution lo. 7g4!-B on Sale of certain property to rrAnk Sela•, ltc. Sept 9 1943 "JCIDJ I. DDW'S SUB -Authori1inc cancellation of certain tu and public improve•nt lien• on properti•• aold b7 the Cit7. Sept 9 1943 JlDl) -Authorising is•uance ot a deed to M.I Short for Lot 2, Block 129 Woodlawn Oemter7. Sept 14 1943 Dm>ICA'l'IOI-Acceptinc crut or dedication Georce D . 'l'homa• to the Ci t1 for a •trip of lau for atreet purpoaea. ' lept 211943 DDICAtI------------••lw a• "Above--------------Acceptlnc Deed to Lot 5 of Blk. ••• of Kiverbend Subd1T11ion,for park and other public purpoaea. DBLEOI PAB-.Authori1i~ a-pportionaent of •••••• .. Dta tor the 7ear 1943,Kain•t certain tract, of land in thi• Sub. DAVIS ISLANDS-Authorizing re~i~si~n of taxe• on Lot• 1,2,3,o.nd 4, Blk 1110, for benitit,'Of U.S. Coaet Guard. DAVIS ISLA.lfDS su:BnIVISION-Authoriain& ap ortionment of tax a11es e m enta for th~ year 1943 a,;ainet certain tracte of land. Etc Acceptlnc a conTqaace troa Jack P. 1errara aad vif• aad authori1lnc ezeoution of a 4ee4 to ..... for certainlpropert1. !ADS;; Authorl1inc a ••ttleaeat and a4Ju•t•nt of .... on certaiD ,ropert7. Suit--Cit7 of 'l'aapa beiq plaintiff . and ?red Ba• et al., 4efendu.b. .s. DAT-Authori1in& pay119nt of expenaea ,o L.~. Dq and V.J. ;Bell incurred iD connection with their atteiulinc the 32nd Wational Safet7 Oongre•• at Chicago,111. IXU 1?DllACI-Authori1inc apportionaent of •••e•a•nt1 for 1•ar 1943 againet certain tract• ot l•n4. ltc. UBlllT DURBdm AID W'In-AcceptlD grant• of eu••nt through, onr, under and acroH certain land• in Bl)c.10, Rev.Kap of I. DATIi l8UIDS IWINJIIa JIOOL-.Authorhinc ,11e llaJor w aclTerthe for bi4• to paiat ... an4 alao the Cucacl•n ~ool. . . JIii])-Autborhiac hnanc• od a 4ee4 to I.K. NorH for Lot S, IUc.69, Voocllawa C...ter7. JC81 B. DIIY SUJDITISI
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,_ Index ' to Re1olution1 Pa1ffd • Ly__ ~e Board ol R~resentative~l the City of T amp_a, Flori ~cla'----__ .. ----~-------------------D • , 111 T 1 Tl t' "11 I' NUMBER 10 18 40 66 68 69 79 225 235-ii 237 256 262 277 279 300 329 336 351 35. 2 372 377 No# 429 ,. IU-DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y•AII Oot 3 1889 :&:L&:TRIC FIRE ALARM SYSTJM-..Reeol.approvizic plans & •peoifioationa for 1ame and approving expexiditurn, Etc. Apr 28 1893 ELJX:'l'RIC LIGHT & STREm' same right to pl&oe their polH, and •trinc wire• through• 1treet1 or City, It Jun 1 1896 JnETION U.,S-...Reaol. IN U 1ame and inetructiona to Inspectors, lite. Mar 11 1898 BUX:TION,Special-11esol.d1reotin& Mayor to call a Special Blection ll U Bonda for Water Worlca, atc. Apr 29 1898 TIOWS--Reeol. appointing Inapeotor• tor Special BJ.ect1on. Jun 2 1898 LOYiRS-..Reeol.giTing authority to City aplc,yeea to take up axid have cancelled Tax aale vertt.ricatea. Oct 21 1898 IDYm--Reaol. IN ll to the head ot each Dept. keeping Time Book• fer eaoh aplOfN under him. lfay 13 1902 lix::TIONS--Reaol.ordering mmes or Inapeotor1 & Clerks published at least 15 days prior to Eleoti on. May 13 1902 enlarge committee on printing ballots for Kl.action .i'rom 3 to 6 members. Jul 25 1902 ELECTIONS--Reaol.appointinr; Clerks & Inspectors tor Election. l 1902 IXPINSES-Reaol.allcnring Polioemen and two mounted policcen $15.oo per month for teed or their hor•••• NO Tl: tn.mTIONS--Resol. or the ~or oall1nc for same to ratify lightinc oontiwrts tor Cit7. Sep 26 1902 .EL!UTRICUN,City--Reaol.authorizinc a wagon for said Dept. Oct 31 1902 KrGHTH paving ot same trom 14th to 19th Sta. Nov 28 1902 Et GHTR AV.,_Reaol.ordering paving or same i'rm 14th St. to 13th St, Etc. Dec 5 1902 ~Gli.'lfCY HOBPITAir--Reaol.appropriating $175.00, and $75.00 per month i'or aame. Mar 27 1903 ELLINGER CITY'--Reaol.orderi~ paving of certain streets in said Subn. . jil' 7 1903 !MliRGmCY mSPIT4--Reaol.authoridng Board of Trustee to maintain & manage said Hospital. .lug 31 1903 ~UITA.BLE TRUST co.--Reaol.aaaigning certificates or Baok Taxee to said canpany. Nov a> 1903 E!LINGFll CITY--Resol.ordering certain closets in aaid Subn. removed. Nov 28 1903 EIGHTH paving oi' same from 14th to 13th.Streets. ~r 8 1904 WERGENCY HOSPITAL--Reeol.ordering City Auditor to draw warrant tor $704.6S in favor or J.R.WilliaJDS to pay indebt.of •am•• Jla'y 20 1904 EL.EX:TION--Resol.appointing Inspectors &nd Clerks for Gen. il.eotion to be held Lay 7 .1904. Bli{!.RGERCT HOSPITAL--Resol.authori&i~ payment or 1704.63, City part 0 indebteclneaa againat said Hoapital, Bto • • 1906 XIGBTH AVimm--Resol~ordering widening ot pavement on aame tram 15th to 2lat Street,. ...... •~ a...1 ... anac 111.tmac or p&T1J1c • 1a1• ,-. tra ...... -.. • 11• n. mClll!mn 1,.-a ••• 1 • ..._111c pafl.111 ., ..s.• •••et tr• Mia -.. te 11t1a -. • ...... .. . ' • 1IOf 110, 1IOT •••-Jeeo~. D ll • a11 ..... tw i. .... tee4 t .......... •t PoU.oe ..,,._/ 1-Nulltc fNII tia.oo • 11 .. 00 ,_. .._ I llOT m ... --aeaol. • • • • • • • • ... Al ABOYa • • • • • -- • • ff HOT IIPIIDI'"!'9 -a..ol.ealll.JII • 1llle I ot P lib. fer fl ..... 1 .... fer llOl-nOT. Ir 1IOT &IC!IIO • .,...._ JIO!M '•.enerlac ILMtrla• hl ..... u u4 tel..,..aa Coe. to pl•• all ,o1M t11111• •wit liaa. .. 6 llOT ILICTIOl-&Nol. D U to lpoolal ll•U• MU o., '•llOT, 4lno'l.11g 1111n 01-..-... 3Vltl I II• WW -..S...,. CEIW to 1:M Ci're O.t II llOT aanaDIIIT-aNOleto -,1.,. ._ N .. H-,_... to liat tlao ,...,... ...... ., •• Ol-la al A..U-. ,_ I 1I08 BI! leN1 • .,_.., 1110.oo fltr ml'blt a, •• J'l.&. ltaM ... .. . • ..

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• ~-----lndes to R.olatiom Pa11ed Ly tLe Board oi Repre1e11tati•• tL. Ci~ oE Tampa, Florida __________ _. DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YUlt D o • , • •

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1---,------:,-------~---Inda to Re10lution1 Pa1•d Ly tbe Board 0 Repre1entative1 of' !he City o Tampa, Florida _______ ___,...,,. 0 D D ' \ 1111 rtar,,,.,1 1 • DA.TE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER . . MONTH DAY Y&A" V' I 18 -a 11 1908 ILE!'IICAL DSPE!Ol•lmt.noting , ... to rake mathq r..,ort1 to Chi•t. ot ftre Dtp&rtaent, tto. 19 • Oot 13 1908 J. L lfZLIIR-atp•ll1Bc , ... oa ._., .. ot aal-oODlluot ill ottl••• u a ••I-ff ot the City Comoil ot ,...,_, ••• .. "' 171 1N .,_ ae . ffl 190 454 503 519 522 "' 567 512 5A 519 599 610 6a., 667 671 671 611 68' 6'6 720 715 733 1,~ Tito 811 818 ea IOI 926 1008 1011 101T 1066 1088 1072 10,, 1091 O.t e 1908 J. L fflLa-SUaped1 • w u . a cu~ CoumU Wltll atter illfflticatioa ot •llarg• .. peDlliJICa ••• hb U 1909 -..:nos-~DDG-1.elatin to -ill 0OIIDNtioll wi 1Jh briqe.-,1.i" .............. , •to. Oot 19 1909 m.a,mcIAI, Clff ... l••inc v.a. ftd•lii:J an4 Ouarut, Co. tr• 11. l llbilltr Oil bo• tor Ju. S.. S.0... ••• .,.. 18 lilO ••T & II--8 All>ITD TO SWI or IIDIIDl-lDatnotiOA to ..... ot PMtll.o .. b to ...... 1 .-inc Certlfteat. ,,Ml ., ... Lot I, Blk.1, 1&14 1111Nlin.lloa. J• 10 lGO UOTI~ill--U to 1..-n matil aat C•mnl e1Nt1oa ull4er 11he. ehaJi'Nli iDll or41--• ot .. Cur ot !•pa• fttl'W.. .,_ T 1910 •!' te ,...,..., in WD 1tr1,-ot lulll oa wll flt prepNe4 Gon. Chennel• It•• BLICTIO .... latiT• te .... ill .1111• !lw-4 ........ 1'o J. L. Oooper. eo-11-troa ..,. .. 1-lllltl ta cu,, ••• •m••• Clff•D1r•t1Dc to au• lllffeJ tor proper padS.Jac tw ._,..,,nc ot ••rtal.ll nn••• -'•• U'l'UARY -lie1ol. authorhin& Joard of Publ~c 'fork• to builcl bulkhead on .•am•. Jul 9 1912 ~[llJDJT ~•-lle1o l . City Attorne7 to 1natitu\e coa4eanat1on ~roceeding1 to condaan propert7 nece11a17 to open !ayahor~ !oulev&rd. Al.IC 13 1912 EMINIII DONAIN-lle1ol.~thori1inc Citf Attotne7 to have propert1 oondemned to open !qahore •. . 20 1912 ELJ:C'l'RI CIAlfS C01"J:JM'IO!r-B.eaol.appropr1at1n& $150.00 to defrq exp en1e1 of City Electrician E.D.1itqerald to convention. o., I 1912 T'-fEQift t\J ....... 1. Uno\Sac ...... et hltlle WN'b paw .... gu. ... le 12'11 Aw. o., 15 1912 lall AUIIII-.. Nl.Unouac INl't •f h)Ue Wua to ,aw ... fr• 1:,a 1,. \o lev • .tae. a wtt\ll et 3' ,,. .... ._. 5 1912 ... 5 1912 ... 12 1911 ,....._ ifJIIH-JeNl.UnoUac 1Nr4 et MU• ••• •• paw •-troll 11.aa\ ""• ,. a111.1aen &lwr • ... ---••.i.appnpna,iaa '25.oo per .... , .... ter pert• •t ... ,-r. ••••••lac lw 1,1912. IIW..,. .. ~•. or .. rillc ltn•t .,._. froa ••r •""• ... , '• Water 1,. a w14Ul of 6o ti. . ... 19 1912 ho llar .. :, 1912 .IMLI ...._..e1.u .... ,1ac haN et Pull• lka. \o JP1 .... ul Pala Aw., •te1. plier to •\Iler l\net,. a. 191:, '!Uar_.,.1. Unouaa Jeart et h'bll• ... • .... , .... , appnaall ., 1,, A•• 6 u,,11 .,. fer a ONIIUC eflr I.A.L.•.• . 1 191:, BLL98 __.,-pa'f'iac ., ... ,,... ....... ,. ,. laMrNo\l• et aw wi\ll rs., ., _,. et I.A.I.. 15 15 15 15 22 13 10 1913 1913 191:, 191:, . ••ataft& J.U.--.. .i.u\llerhtac ,anac et fr• le'br.Aw. ,. 1:,Ul II. 'be Wt tia,. WIJ1PA11 " .... 1.a11\llerhiac PaflaC •f .... fNII ta\erN0'1•., .... , •.. l'pll .,. ,. talenN\lN .,,. \e rtcbt •f ef I.A.L.-.,.c.. tin ,.-,.._. •• i. pvohaae et Le\• 23 6 a et Ilk. 51 et .... fer 11n ltaU•a fer ,1000.00. LIVW Jafllll et -fr• 1e,r .... ••' '• r1t1en,~ ''• GIA1II a, 111ca.At1 IGIOQL-apJlftdatln le .... fer taTltaU• le 'aoll••• mm!109-la1el. •rt•riac ... \o aelee\ a 01 q lall 6 l.lbru7 Ii \e. lu a 191) •"'&&IS w.--a. .. 1 •.... riac --,awt laneaA ef 1,-ll lvNI. ,_ M 1,1, A._.Nl.ntertac 1W ....... aA p1aN reek troa UM ll"ft. • ..... Ju 1 191) m.nDfll W_..•el.• .... nac 1W paTd tNa 711l Aw. ••\la \e 1lnla Aw. •c ze 1911 SIClffll AVL-Reeol.ollenpag lll4111l ot the pan• oil ..... Oot Oot II 1911 111,., anm-Reeol. d:lreot1nc T•p& Water ... co. to lay Oil .... trca lo.••br.AT• to 12th at. 21 1911 IA81' LAFATm• 81' .-baol.ar4•r1Jlc pl.TUii ot .... tra PN.Dklill It. to Br14p, Ill th bltullthio ,-.-nt. llU IILAMAI S!Rm-RNol. orurillg pt.TiDC ot .... troa Fla. An. to 11,rp.A It. ., 191' IIIIBD'f DOIIA.1W-Re1ol.authoridng Cl 1J AttorDIJ to prooN4 with Cnnclle•tion ot lan4 tor opeaillc Ouaberlmd AT•• 11 1916 IIOHTJI AVIIIUS-Re1ol.ordert111 p&TiJIC , ... troa 11th and Uth at.,UMI wiMnic ot ,_._ 2Z lllf .IAST 8ftDr-Re1ol.d:lreot1111 'flllpa •t• 11a. co. to lay ad.a on .. t It. boa W~ette to Twig• st.•• • 191• llGHTDITH AV.,_Reaol.orderimc paric ot .... traa 22114 to 26th at,. Wcw 2' 19lt llGBBTIIITH A,,.,_loaol.orderlng ot l&M trca 18th St. Weit to 11th It. •err 2' 191' ILIV.llffll AV&-~eolorcler1-paring ot , .. traa 11th at. to Urcl It. Deo 29 191' ELICTRICAL DIPT.--Reaol.authorising purohaae of autaobile tor Mid 1>9pt. ,ud tlwir ol4 Auto be Fire Dept. Deo 29 ie1, muH'l'l!Dltll AVs-lile1ol.ordwlng paving ot .... fr• 22nd to 11th Sta. Feb 2S 1911 ILICTRICJL DIPT-Re101.autbor111• or rd•• ot 11.eotrloal Imp•tor ... Lia--.

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, _______ Indez to Re.olutiom Pa••d l,y tLe Board ol Repre1eDtatiTe9 o tLe Ci~ ol Ffampa, Florida _________ _,. DATE ; 1---........ -......----1 SUBJECT MATTER 1101 1111 1118 1180 12'.8 1272 U'Tt 1280 Wl 1376 1-118 1421 lt2' 1'32 ltt2 1-196 1501 165-i 1581 1682 1688 1616 1619 1716 . 1737 1791 1812 1822 1826 1834 1837 ... MONTM DAY vaAII 1111' Sep Deo J• Ju JIU' Jun Oot Oot Oot Deo Ju Sep Seip liar Jul Jul Jul IOY lloT •• . ,. Jul Oot NOY Deo Deo Deo Deo ao mUDT l!ID:r-leaol.appronng Contn.ota between CitJ Tupa & I.A.L.1.1.tcr right ot unllw tnota at lrau•• a: Millot. 1 1918 11.mTIICW. D•AJrllfi-• tarn OYer to the lleo."ept. •to atancl 'llltll hre Dept. e 1918 1111110• Av-.-a .. ourb .... trca Platt It. to Boratlo It. wl th oomnte aurbiJlc. 2 1916 -..:me& DIPl'-Re•l•n.nnc aalary ot ~eotrical In•peotor a: Linau anll Aaat. linaen ot 1aid Dept. 2 1915 ILICTRICAL DSPIC!Olt-~•ol.tixing aalarJ ot .... at 1100.00 per mnth bec1nn1mc Oot.l, 1911. 1916 1918 &ILI0T m1n--Re1ol.order1.JJC cn4inc ot , ... trca 11:u'• A.Te. to 12th a~. llto. JIWWIM oo•ftll1101'10• m.-Reaol.nao1Dilmg oontrut with aaid t1nl tor parinc C.U• It. a tM• tiae 1t poH1b1-. , 191CJ IIGBT•m an1•.Re1ol.orderiilc Tampa Water lka: to lay •in on ... trca llleh. to lb4 AT•• 28 1118 RT•Io• OF WAT• JQIII-Re1ol.d1reotl-llg fllllp& •ter Worn Oo. to G'tezad it• ll&iu on Pltth AT•.&ghth AT•• ftnth An. 10th nlto• lS 10 n Sl ., 18 26 26 6 2 2 18 6 12 ' 6 12 16 s 7 21 2' 1918 .,.,!RIC FO--&e101.au1hor1dnc -Chi•t et Polio• to p11Nhue one MW nee.ran tor hi• ettioe; 1918 m.LIO! 8'1'llAlr--lle1ol.direot1ng Tapa 1'ater lq aa1n on 1dc! atl'e.t ••t Twig It. to Border It. Ibo. 1911 ILEDICA.L DISPICTOR-~ol.mthoriaing aale et Suon Auilo in a,e 'bJ Micl 1916 11..,DICAL IDPICTOJt-Reaol.authoridJIC purchue ot Fon two pa11amcer Jato tor u1• ot Niel 1918 ILICftICAL DIPU'l'llEIT--R•aol.authoridng nr• Coma. to parobaH a D.,, auto an4 • 014 _. -iD UM b7 aaid Dept. 1918 ILIC!R IC.U. IISPICTOJl-.Jleaol.authoriaiJIIC ••• to purobaH Deale or table tor h11 ottioe. 1917 ILIVAT
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D • 0 __________ Inda: to Re90lution• Paued Ly tl.e Board Cl{ Reprnentative• of the City of Tampa, Florida---~---' T'l l . , , '""I I' NUMBER 99-A 109-A 157-A 163-. A 171-A 172-A 178-A 206-A 210-A 3()8-A 319-A 319-.a. 339-A 344-A 3~A 311J. 37S-A 312-A 387-A lao9-A 420-A ~2-A ~. 1152.-A 5a.1-A 560-A 595-A ,~ 709-.A. 727-A DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AII Ju 19 1921 DPLO!DI, .AD(IWISDA'J'IU-llequirlnc eaae of the Clt7 to clnote ail tllter tiae to the bulinee1 of the 01t7. Kar 3 1921 UTU.urf 20D-D1r•ct1nc that check• drawn b7 Ooaai1aion for payment of atora eewer conetruct1on in utd zone, be honored b7 City C611ptroller out of fad• heretofore lcnOYD aa Port Co ... lunda. . . Jul 5 1921 Er~ORY .,ft.,mt_..•-PeUtlonera a~tng that aaid etreea be p&Te4 .Jefferaon to Central and eaid 1treet be crubed a)•~-•tc. Jul 26 1921 !.lS'l' TAMPA stmDITISICII-Orderin conde,nnat1on of 'bu~l,din on Loh 10 and 11, Bllc.24, Hid aubn. known a1 prop. of Jt.B. Msrray. Oct 1 ~ 7 921. m&C!IOS IBSPEOTOBS AllI> C~ roa-Deeignatinc s ... for election lnJloTember, 1921, etc. Oct 11 1921 :II.LIO'!'! S!DIT-I>lrectln the lqing of vatermain on •aid 1tr•d. Oct 22 1921. !LSC!IOll, GD1llAL-Directinc notice of for cancellation of pre1ent l1ghtinc contract betveeD Cit7 and T•pa Ga• Co. Oct 3 1 1921 DGID7RIN G DXPA1ffl4D'l'-Tranafer of fund• for uid departMnt and vork in clesniag up b1111ah etc., after •••-•• lo• l 1921 ELUOT Sftlft-Dinctin certain paTing on aaid etre4"-t 'l'wlgga to 13th St. lo• 29 1921 llJ:V.IB!H report of CitJ' lnginHr on co-i,htion of paTinc Aid etreet 23r4 It. to 24th &t. RoT 29 1921 J:dRT S!BSl!-Cobtiraing report of C1t7 ~ncineer on coiapletion ot paTinc •aid ,tree Jeff•r•on to Central ATenue. Jan lO 1922 m&CTR.IC com, JllfO.-Bequirinc all work• to be croun4e4 at entrance of building. Ju U 1922 ISTIJIUIS FOil DBVC.OP•IIT PORT OF TAIIPA-That Ciir Jlanager autmit 1uoh eatillat••• 1eb 28 1922 BLLIOTT S'flDr -Pan11g ot troa .. t end ot Mgg1 St. 11D 13th St• &to. . . Mq 9 1922 EUCLID AVEltm-Directi~ le7ing of 1ever on eaid 1treet from interaection of••• and Main Street. . Ma7 23 1922 EXPDSD-!rane!er o! fund• for Engineering Depi v . aacount of expen1e• in clean up after hurricane,, etc. Mq 23 1922 DGTBEEBIN O JJ!PARTM!ll'l'--------------SAim AS A.BOU-----------------. Jul 5 1922 ~T TAJ-!J>A SUBDIVISI01'-Directinc lay!~ of ,anitery fttwer in elle7 alone Blk.17, ••id 1ubdiTi11on, from 28th. St. jo 30th St. Jul 18 1922 CI'l'Y ElfGillnll-Dir~cting .... in futtre, to determine wh~ther or not tre paring propo1ed will cor.aect with other paTinc on etr•~t• C?Mectln therevith, etc. l -~t of MM wbo II futlt.• wltb o•rtalD 4•ta111 of.autotpal ~• MftlopMat wotk. wttb A.W.D. lall, la conMcUon with NM • 1 Alie 1 1922 bft mcLD> AUIUl,.,ltetUlour,, ukiDC Iba\ •aid aTeae M paw4 troa V. 11• -of 1lort4a Aw. to•. 11• of t-,a ltn•I. .&ac 15 1922 IIIU-IWIIP •ciae•Uac Olly -. • .,s~r to obtain repon troa ..... oa work of repairlac ••• wall, eto. Aac 1t 1922 IIGUDa, Cllm C1I POI.IOI aD 01ft IUWMJD, the,. ellall al HHloaa of Coailatoa 111ll•H •sau•t. MIS 22 1922 •LOUIi a, otff lapfft-c ..-uou of ..... Sept 5 1922 :IAI! !Ala'A IUIDIYIIIOIQJ)lnottac i.tnc of NWI', HD1tal7, oa DvbM It., la .u-, of llk,.8 U4 9, N14 Rb. Oct J 1922 JIUOLID report of Ot t1' :lnct•••r oa ooapleUoa of paTiac a••u froa fupa it~ to ~lorHa 'wD•• Oot 17 1922 •tCtJiiQfli W.J>ireottmc tarta ot eanitvT •ewer on 1&14 etnet 22114 Aw. to 24th -'w. Oct 17 1922 mlGIDD'S BODG11r-tru1ferrtnc '2,000 ew to rile 1/, laaltar,-••wv 1u4, etc. Oct 17 1922 IIGIDmDG DJIPA1l9111!.Jorrowtac *J0,000 qlllut tu• leT1e4 apoa clepart•Dt for the ,ur 1922, etc. (Boade>. •n 21 1922. hlf !AIIPA IUJ>JYIIICll-1>1.notiac 11171ac of ,ewer (eaatta17) allq~•t ... a !braoe 1, aa4 Gor4oa Aw., tn 11:c:.31, U4 u allq b., .... Gorcloa .,. aa4 Dabil .,. ia Ilk. ,a., 1&14 1Ub4i flllOD. Dec l 1922 SLllOfICll-laetncUnc Oit7 AUeraq lo prepare nece11a17 paper1 all4 prooee41ac• lookiltC to tbe calllDC of u electioa to CU'17 1Dto effect th• pvcbaN of tbe !•pa Wat•z: Work,, etc. Ju liar Apr 9 192) 30 192) 20 192) 12 192) •IGB!'JIJffll ftlll!-conttntac report of CUy -..1 ... r on cOllpletioa of l.ql~ 1ner OD 1&14 1\Nel 22a4 .A.w. . . IRE • report of 01t7 l.aciuer on coapl•Uoa of lqiac HWel' oa 2114 allq I. of ••bralka Aft., ~lee Aft., •• to let a11.,. • of Ball It, th•ac• kit ta 11\ alle7 •. of lall 1,. ... , !.611PA IUDinl?OS-DtrecHnc retuncl of ,u .. pa14 b7 ,.,. llolltollul, OD I.ot 3, llk.l, ... Lot 5, llk.31, • lift tilll'A ltllDlflHOs-!>1reot1ac refu4 of tue1 on Lot1 2 and 3, Blr.18, Clark'• lun. aa4 oa J.ot 1, llk.lf.5, kit fMpa Bu. ICq 29 192' :llaO!ICII-Dlr•oUac Ott,. AltJ'. te pnpar• or41aaao• oalllac tor eleottoa ta oollriectloa wUh uuamatioa of oertaiD temlorl•• Jul 17 192) &&ft !ANPA IUDJYUICII C•CMllaUoa of PffiJlc Cert • ..-1a1I J.ot 1, •l-k.10, 1&14 1ub41Thloa, for 1uita17 1 ... r. Oo, I 1921 •GIDIIUWG JIUD -Borronag tao.000.00 troa 111• Sngl.llNl'iac Pull• ... Ooi; II 1911 alGmmllG DPO'NWf -fl'uatettlJlg 1'1114• to pa, tor o•il ot 11:reet Puing; WoT 1923 IIGH't.tiS'l'H STRD!-Confirming report of Cit7 Engineer on coapletlo n ot ~IIC atreet 2114 .A.n. to lit ~lq 1outh of 2nd"'"• thence Bait in lit al•e7 6011th of 2n4 .Aft to lit alle7 Weat of 19th Street. Dec 4 1923 I.UST !.ucPA StJBDlTISIOS-~irecting lqtng of 1ever ln allq of Block 24, 1ai4 1ubdiTl1ioa. .Jen S 1924 L\ST TAMPA SlJJIDIVIS!OI-Ooatlniac report of Oit7 Kllclae , r on coapletlon of leTiDC •~wer in Block 24, 1a14 1ubdiTi1ioa •

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________ Li ~ des to Re10lution• Pa•aed by the Board of Repre•entative• of the City of Tampa, Florida NUMBER M ONTH 772-.1 Mar. 7-87-.1. Apr 791-J. Apr ... 799-A M&T , 801-J. )(q 808-.1. Mq 812-A May 815-J., Kay 820-J. Mq 825-A Jun 845-A Jul ~52-.1. Jul 877-.1. Sept 881-J. Sept 891-J. Sept 917-A Oct 929-.A. !JOT 932-J. NOT 941-.A. Dec 953-A Dec 976-A Jan 9g6 ... A J'eb 991-A J'eb 997-.1. J'eb 1004-.1. Jeb 1009-.A. Mer 1043-:-.A. Mar 1090-.A. Apr 1118-J. Me,-1127-J. May ~i--• Jv.n 1164-J. Jun 1226-.1. Jun 1241-.1. Jul 1241-J. J\il 1252-:l Jul _1295-.A. Au,; 1297-A Aue 1304-.1. • Aue 1315-.1. Au,; 1330-J. Aue :J.~ AiJi 1372-J. Aug 1373-.A. Aue l;"',-• DATE DAY YKAR 18 1924 15 1924 22 1924 6 1924 . 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 13 1924 27 1924 14 1924 15 1924 29 1924 2 1924 2 1924 23 1924 21 1924 4 1924 1 2 1924 2 1924 30 1924 20 .1925 3 1925 10 1925 10 1925 24 1925 3 1925 ~l 1925 28 1925 . 1 9 1925 19 1925 9. 1925 2 1925 30 1925 14 1925 14 19?5 14 1925 4 1925 4 1925 1 1 1925 11 1925 ll 1925 iJ. 1925 u 1925 ll 1925 SUBJECT M ATTER DGI11DRI1'G DEPAirl'ME11'1'-Transferri~ $500 from ,aid department furul1 to coTer co1t of 1itebfor fire 1tation in Seminole .llgte. M.BO'l'I01f-Tran1fer of certain fund• to coTer expenee1 in connection with ••!"9• -E~C'l'RICAL DEPAR'l'MEN'l'-Transfer of fund• from Sund17 Acct. to CityvOommi1eion '1ahd, from Purchaeing 1und to Electrical Jund, Purchaeing iund to Kunteipal Judea hnd, etc • nISCII J.VEJIUl-l'et1t1oner1 asking that same be panel froe Horatio Street ti) Platt Street. EBIOTIO!l ~F WATER PLAl!-Directing adTertieement for bid1-for eaae. IX"!DSIClf A1ID BBPAm or SJ:Oll-Directing Engineer to prepare and map 1hoving where 1ewer1 moet need repairs, etc. • EJJGIDEllING DEP.AllTMRl'?-Directing t hat Engineer collect all data, together-,,itb hi• recommendation• ahd arr ange early hee.ring 1 t h United States Engineering Dept. for proper permit•, etc. ENGIIDll-Directing same to prepare and sui.&1t plane of work to be done relati'Yfl to extentiq,.eeawall on Bayehore :Ir • • ELECTRICAL DEPAR'?KEN'l' ~~OLI<3 DIP! • .AJID SAWIT.ARY D.IPT.-Tranefer of fund• in Bu(!&et to meet nece11ary expen••• of dept• ILECTIOI-Jixing rate of intere'et, maturit7 and place of payment of $2,691,000 bonds Toted at election Apr.22, 124. !LECTION-frovidin for taxation to pay the printipal and of $2,961,000 bond• Toted at election 4/22/24, and fixing e tail1. -. :IAST T.AMPA SUBDIVISION-Directing redemption of paving char~es at;ainst Lot• 8, and 9, Blk.35, 1aid subdivision. ENGIDEB.-Directing same to advertile for purcha•e of naturel rock uphalt for 1treet repair. D (HNBEBING DlllPARTMENTJ.uthoridngele of ReTenue Bonde for the said department.Jund. :IAS'l' LAJA!ft'l'E STnn-Widening of eaid 1treet from 1lorida Ave. to •ater Street. :IL VALLE DE TA>4PA StIBDIVISICIJ-Clolinc all 1t?'ftete in Archer Subn. and maldng certain in 1trel't• in El Valle De Tampa . BNGIJIIDR iliG .alD-Authoridng •ale of Revenue :Bond• for 1a1d fund. TAMPA SUBDIVISION-Directinc laying of 1anita17 in alley of Block 16, said 1ubdiTi1ion, D'GIBEERI B G 1UID-.Authorhing 1ale of lie-renue Bond• for fund. EVA STRP!-Directing la7ing of sanitary eewPr on uid 1treet from Border Street to ~•ridian ATeaue. EXORA1'GE JlJ.TlOBAL BAllK.-D.P . DaTie Propertiee be permitted to withdraw certain notee..and make eubetitution which are c n -,ered ' • said bank. ~IDll'l' DCICAI1'-Conde11nation of certain land in Randall'• Sub. and in ••~o•b's Sub. for ~blic 1treete. UOIIIBll Is BUME'l'-1'ranafer of fund• in eame relati Te to build! nc in Ri wreide Cemeu17, etc. ENGIIEERING DFP.ARTMEW'l' J'Ulm-'frensfer of ~unde for payment of Incineretor Bo. 3, etc. and ENGillDRilfG DEPARTMENT-Aelcing Manat;er to on advieabllitT ot wideni~ 7th Aft., all4 a-, to J2ncl_ St. :IMILT STRD!-Directing paTing of said etreet from Tampa Street to 1larida ~nue .. EL:IC'l'IOJr EXPUUS-Tran1fer of fund, in thA !uc!t to coTer 11eme. IMllh'? DOJ,(Aill-Condemnat1u o f Lota 4 and 5, ~ lSlk.3~ and Water Lot• 4, 5 and. 6, of Bqaide SubdiTiaion. EGPTT TDCPLI SHRilB-InTitation to same and representatives of ~ame, to lo~t• cripples children'• home in Tampa, etc. -llCHANGE l'-A.'l'IOIAL BANX-Comptroller to notif:v-bank 'Of certaih of notei, by D. ?JI. DAVIS PBOPERTIES, 9.l'C. EXCILUJGE NATIOIAL BAB-0011ptrol ler to notif7 ~sid MDk of certain eultetitutiona of notee b7 D. P. Dari, Propertie1, Etc. WCLID AVENUI-Directing paving Pame from Kas1achu1ett1 .A.Te. to Kaine Street. EDISOI AVEBUJ:-BelatiTe to improTemente to avenue from ilorth "A" Street to Borth "B" St., or Fig Street. ELIZABETH STRUT-Relative to improvemPnte to •aid street from Woodlawn An. to 26th Ave. EMI~T STlmll,..----------------~ AS ABOVE------~--------. !LMW~D A'VENUE-Rflle.ti ve t o pe:~i~ same from 19th StrMt to 22nd Str~f"t. EXOBANGE IATIONAL B.ABE:-Jlel~tiTe to certain note, bflint; 1ubetitu tad b_y D.,P. Devis Pa,ppertiee, etc. EMINENT DOMAilJ-Dn-ecttng condemnation of A and B, Blk. •• Y~at End Subdi ,Tision._ DGIJIDRIIG DEPAR'IMIJl1-Authorh1nc eal• ot Rennue Bonda for aid. dep&rtaent. EUCLID STBIJfl'-Belathe to paving same MaHachuHtta .Aft. to Maine Street. EDISON AVE?nm-Belatin to paTing same from North •A" Stree t to Horth 11:811 Streetl E~OOD .A.vntm-Relative to paving said aTenue from 19th Street to 22nd Street. JIILIZABl!TB S~ft-Belati-re to pe-ing 8efflf" Woodlawn .A,venue to 26th •venue. EMILY .AV'!ffl.JE-iielative to pav ng eam ~• Ola Avenue to 'l'ampa Street.-• D D 0 D

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0 D D ~-------Indes to Re1olution1 Pa1aed l,y tLe Board 0 Repre8elltatives 0 the City 0 TamP.a, ,Florida DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Yl:Alt 1389-A Au 18 1925 !MEllGDCT W~S AT G.l. ROSPITA.I,,.Jielati ve to 1ame. lleol-.A A llf' •.l• l ... ~..-.-------. ••Ti• flla. lleao-A • 1i.,1-.l 1543-A 16lto-& 16-1-A 1649-A 1663-A 1697-A 1699-.l 1702-.A ITOS-.A 1108-A 1811-.l 1e1M l8a>•.l 1822-A 188'-.l 1826-4 1 880-1. 1886-.l ' -1925 1925 1925 Ml! till'A 8UIDlrill~•••'-'1oa of wa,er Lo\ 1~. of of ••' ,...,., 'b7 ..._ lleotr1o Co. ' th• 01 '7. uaulB itlLlli_lilaUn ' ,-tac aa14 nnn froa l9ta Aw~u• to 2l1t Ana•. 11111A ftllD!-lelaUn to pn-iac aa14 nnc troa 15\h ltreet to ••'bl'ulra ATell1M. • 13 13 21 mica. ,..,.,1,-,-..1aun to ••MltllahMat of 8wpemae4 BecreaUon 1,-, •• to 'b• for 19aeral eleoUoa. ' . lift LAJADffl ffmt-lelaUn to pannc nn•t 1jt1i ltne, to appraooh ot LafaJWH• ltr••' ,1 ...... •oT :r 1'25 JUI IDll!..a.latift to paTillC atreet nort4a .lna• to C.atral J.nau. lloT s 1926 IIJl)U STRm-Jlellll.iT• to pa1Dg ltre.t boa norabr .. ta .t.Tmue 1:o Preaaey ltre.t. JIOY s 1926 a.l!NE1'B BTRD'l'..Relld;ln to pa-dng 1aid 1treet traa llillabarough 4Tmue to B~Dl'f Avmue. BOY o 1926 aolll•IlfG ~u1bor1&1ng •al• at Bnema• Bonda tor aa.14 tum. _ . Deo l 1926 llJIAIJI-Com•mtion ot o.-ta1n property in B&I lllp ot the Garri..,n tor extenat.on ot r-.,. ltr•t• eto. 1926 •rm.LB snnr.a.1111: iTe to pa.Ting aald 1treet trca Tupa ltrett to llillhland A.-enue. 1928 JD:OHTmTB to p•i ng 1aid aveme trca 12th Street to l-&th Street-, 22 19215 ... amm..a.iatiff to 11d ... lb OD 1&14 •tr•t. & 1928 IIDfl snm~ls1Te to paving on 1at.4 ltreettrca 16th StrMt. to llebr .. ta .lffllll•• Jan lS 192.9 . IV'ISTOI a•tm-aelative to puing aa.14 annue troa 8. Oirole Drive te Blk.8 Creaoent Plaoe Bubd1T1•-. Jan 13 1911 BVBRITTB AVmnJB-2elatin to puing 1aid avemie trca Brot.dn.y to Blk.11 Creaoent Plaoe SubcllTialon. Ju la 1928 IIIDIOO'l'T EllIVW.lain to paving Hid avenue trca Braal a., to ..S..ton Avcue. Jan lS 19218 INGUNK>OD AVllllJWelllt in to paving 1&1d annue trca Clrole Drive to Gecrgia 4Ttnue. Jan la 1928 DOD to paving said awnue trca BrolldftJ to Blk.1-&. Creaoent. Plue 8ubd1Tiaion. Peb 23 1926 EUCLID STRIET-RelsiTe to p•ing 1&14 1treet trca lla11. Ave. to Maille Street. Feb 23 1928 a.JIIDOD AVDJUWelet ive to paving avenue troa 19th Street. to 22ncl Str"4:. '• Mar 2 19218 ILB:TRICAL to budpt. rL 1aid department. Mir 9 19218 IIJCLID a•tm-D1reot1ng p•ing Hod annue fros Hi,Jilan4 An. to alley bet veen Highlam Ave. m4 !•pa Street. . liar 9 1928 IUCLID AV!JrlJ~D1reot1ng paving at said avenue troa T1111pa l:itr•t to allq betw._ Jli&hl.and Ave. and T•pa Street. . 11111' 23 1928 OOIIAII-Condcmtion ot o.-tain pfl)J) erty tor exteneion ot TUI)& Street. . Apr 2T 1928 EIIIH!NT oom•-conclenmatlon ot o_.•in property tor exteulon ot Ba71hore Boulffldlll.1 • 4' 1928 lillU. STRIIT-Direoting pa-dng ot aaid ltreet traa 16th 8tr ... to •ebraata Av-eDU•• •. 111.y ., -& 1928 JLll>U STRllll'-Contirming rtp0rt. ot lngineer on ooapletion ot lqing ,..,.. in 1&1d 1trew tr• Blymoah Bt. to Oitrua AT .. JIit -& 1928 BAST PALIDl'TO AVDros-CoDf'1ralng report ot lbgimer on oompletion pt laying ... _. in 11d.d tr• Jetter•• to mar ' Central. • 1878-4 1892-4 1919-.l 19a>.J. 1921.J. 1922-A 1926•.l 1971-4 1981-4 2008-A 2018-4 2019-A MW Zl.52.J. 2168-A . 216~ 2182-.l 2a>6-4 May 18 1926 a.WENTB lr(JRTHUR)-Contirming report ot Sbgineer on completion ot laying 1ner in all-, bet•en Martha Ave •• and Arthur St •• trom near 26th Ave. to near Lake Ave. 2209•.l 2277-.A 1327-.l . 18 1928 ILEVENTH STREET•(JRTHUR)-Contiming repcrt ot 1:ngineer on oompletion ot laying 1ewr in said 1treet froa 26th An. to all-,; betwec Lale• andnlfordioa Avenue. )faJ 18 1926 alILY sr ~T -Conf'inning report. ot ltngineer on oompleyion ot poing aaid 1treet fro• Taq,a Street to Florida j.venu .. llay 18 1928 liDCLID AVENUB-Advertiaemct tor bids tor i:aving laid avenue tr
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Indez to Re.olutio• Pa••ed Ly tLe Bond 0 Repreaentativea of tLe City ol T ~pa, Florida ----------. ' N UMBER 2384-.A. 2~ 2461-A 2515-A 2519-A 2562-A 2580-A 2594-A 2637-.1 2702-A 2706-.A. 2719-A 2781-A 2782-A 2823-.A. 282~ 2848-.A. 290<>-A 2912-A 2926-.1 3013-A 3041-A 3100-A 3118-1. 3192~ 3265-A • 3269-A 3272-A 3294•.A • 3 .348-A .3349-A 3392-.A. DATE MONTH DAY YaAII Jun 29 1926 Jun 29 1926 Jul 6 1926 Jul 6 1926 Jul 6 1926 Jul 13 1926 Jul 20 19P.8 Aug 3 1926 Aug 3 1926 Aug 10 1926 Aug 17 1926 Ilg 17 1926 Aug 31 19P.8 Sept ., 1926 Sept 7 19P.8 Sept 14 1926 Oot 5 1926 Oot 5 1926 Oot 5 1926 Oot 19 1926 Oot 19 1926 Oct 9 1926 Oot 2.6 19P.8 NOY 2 1926 Nov 2 1926 WeT 2 1926 . NOY 9 1926 Nov-23 1926 Nov-30 1926 Deo 7 1926 Deo 28 1926 Jan 4 1927 Jc 18 1927 Jan 25 1927 Feb 22 1927 Apr 12 1927 ~r 12 1927 Apr 12 1927 Apr 12 1927 Apr 26 1927 24 1927 24 1927 Jul 12 1927 Jul 19 1927 SUBJECT MATTER IIIU.BRl'B STRm•-contirming report ot aigi:neer on oompl.t1.on ot ~ -idg aew.-von aaid street trom alley between aaily "Streat and " f ood lawn to 26th Ave. . -IA.ST S1'R1i':li:r-Contirming report ot ltlgineer on oompl.tion ot laying aewer in aaid street trom Buffalo At-e. to Ohio Aw. BNGINEIRIBG DJIP.lRl'Df1'-Ccmptroller to make trnaU.-of tuncla in budget in favor or said dept. and also to Btidge ~oount-, IiLIZABEl'R (SUit) STRD.T-Contirming preliminary aaaes1ment street frm Woodlawn .Ave. to 26th Avenue. Ji14Ill' STR.m-Confinning preliminary u aea..-nt street f'raa 1'up. Stre.t to Ola Stre.t. KLUCOTT STRl:1'-Direoting paving street from 9th Street to : 12th Streel.. IIIU STRB•Contirming preliminary useaaent roll--said street from Nebruka Ave. to 15th Street. • miGIBEERING DEPAR'.IUENT FUND-Authorising aale of Revenue B onds fer add fund. ELLIOOTT 81'1.IEt-Direoting paving ot said atre.t trom 9th i:>treet to 12th Street. EUCUD AVENUE-Confiming preliminary aaaeaammt avenue from Highl&DI_! '-'e, to Ola Avenue. EX:CiLD.l AV!Ntm-Co~~~ng report ineer. on oomplet ion of .layilJ& •--er in_ alley b.tween 11coelda and Babu& .tram Gitq • . to North••" Street. ILMVOOD AVENlD-Contirming preliminary~aeaament ro:U, avenue trca 19th St. to 22nd Street. . , -J{ational Bank of Ccmaneroe i:XCHaGI NML"IONAL BJNl-~e to be perllitted to withdraw certain btnda f'rauaid bank and qomptroller to be authorised to surrender two Surety Bonda to National Bank: Camneroe. INGIWIIR ~uthcridng sale ot Rwenue Bonda tor aait' tund. . . UCHANGi NATIONAL BANE-That National City Bank be permitted to with draw certain' note for tso.000.00. IDISJN AV Ji2IDB-Continning p-eliminary uaeaament roll-said •enue troa lforth "A1 ' Street to North 118" Street. rGINi:lR FUND-Authorising sale of Revenue Bonde for same. JLUCO'l'T STREft-Conf'irming report of completion of 1-, ing sewer in alley between said street and Bew Urleana fr Oem:ral to llebraslm. Ave, etc. J:Ul)R.I S'l'R&T-Confinning preliminary assessment roll--aaid street from Floribruka to Jmily Street. liMMA STRm-Oont'1rming report of lbgine.-on completion of laying sn9r in alley between aaid street and Chelsea frcxn 12th to 13th St. lliMA. STREm-Conf1.rming report ot ingineer .on oompletion or lqing sewer in alley between said street and Chelsea troa 13th t 15th st. IMINltiT DCllQIN-condemnation ot o.-tain proper "ty tor extension of B~ahore Dtive, etc. • EIJIOR:S STRDr-Coraeoting aving •aeaaaent against oa-tain traot of land on said atre.t, eto. II04l STRm-Oom'irmiD& report ot Eagt. neer a ocmpl.t;ion of la ing sewer in a.11 ey between aaid stre.t and Chelsea from West e of alley to 12th st. IMILT Sr:RBJ.T-Confirming preliminary auesament roll--aaid street frm West ot &iebraslca Ave, to Park ::Street. BMILY Smut-Confirming preliminary aaaeammt roll-•••aid street from Nebruka Ave. to Weat of .Debra.aka Avenue. JtlGINEER sale of Revenue Bonds for same. . . IUCLID .AVaroa-Oonfirming preliainary u aesament roll----1d street or avenue trom :lfaaeaohueetta • to N • . Boulev-ard. iLl:tA'-Conf'irming report of Iihj.neer on oompletion of laying sewer in said street trom. lat allq s. of Bristol to Mirr on. . Ji.'NGIN~ FUND-Authorizing sale of Revenue Bonds for said tuncl. 1114.A. S?RIET-Conf'irming assessment roll for improvements on said street, aa ordered by Resol. ao. 2158-A. iILICO'l'T STRD'l'-Relatin 1x> paving said stre.t fr0111 Nin-th Street to 12th l:itrett • . ILfiiNTH STRIET-Relative to paving aaid street from 26th Ave. to 30th Ave. M. LID iILIOTT AID OTHmB•Instruoting same to prepare plan4 and speoiticationa for Hospital for Negro••• IiMINiNT OOWN-Condemnation of certain prq,erty in Bqaide Subdivision. ELEVENTH AViNUS-Confinning report of 11:lgineer on oompletion of laying sewer in alley between 11th Ave. and 12th Ave. from 30th St. to 32nd Street. EIGHTH AVENUE-Confirming report of libgineer on completion of laying sewer in alley between 7th and 8th Aves. fr0111 3oth to 36 St. "KtGHTH ' AVIiNUI-Confirming report of &lgineer on completion of ll!f ing sewer in alley bwtween 8th and 9th Aves. frcm 30th to 3 th St. ELEVENTH AVE:ftra-Cobfirming report of Engineer on completion of l~ing sewer in alley b8tween 11th and 12th A.ves. from 32nd t 34th St. iLLICOTT STRia'-Directing paving said street from Nebraska Ave. to Central Avenue. EI,EV':5l;TH AV.S.Wtra-Conf'irming report of -ngineer on completion of laying sev,er in same from lat aley w. ot 36th St to 37th St. ELEVll !TH. AV1:l'H1i-Confinning report of Angineer on completion of laying sewer in sane from alley between 11th and 12th Aves. en 34th St. to 1st all q neat of 36th Street. iIG HTE::NTH STRm-D.ireotillC paving of said street frcm 24th Ave. to 26th Avenue. i , LLIC01'T STRET~Confinning report ot illgineer on completion of pavillC said street frm Nebraska to Central Avenue. C ... D

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Indes to Re10l!!tiOD8 Pwed],1: the Board of Repretentative• of the City of Tamp~ Florida 1-----------------~--DATE t NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AR 1,....;... _____ ---11------+-----l~-+--...... -------------------------------------------~--""!!'~-------"1-""1. 3482-A M90-A 3616-A 3532-A. Jul 26 1927 IMMA STRKU->irectinc parinc 1aid 1treet frm Cetral to Branoh .. Aug 9 1927 ENGIN i iiRIN G sale ot Rneme. Bonh for said tund. Aue 16 1927 IAST PLA.rT STRm'•Chenging mm• ot Oar• Street to la. s t Platt Stre.t. Aue 23 1927 Sept 6 1927 Sept 6 1927 Oct 4 1927 Oct 18 1927 Oct2 5 1927 lov 1 1 927 Nov 8 1927 In 11 lllf •w 11 191T Die IO lffl ho IT lNT DN 10 1917 Dee 10 19ff ILUCOT'r STRUT•Direotinc p&TiDC laid itre.t trom 9th to 0b9J AT•nu•• :&:UX:TION-RelatiTe to same to be held by 1/fhite •moipal Party, Oot, 4, 1921. .... liWGINlli:RING FUND-.A.uthori&inc akle of Revenue Bonda tor said tund. ENGTI{Sli:RnTG FUND-Authorizing sale of Revenue Bonds for said fund. • ELEVlillTH STR:&:ll'-Direoting paving of said street tram 26th Ave. to 30th A.venue. ilGHT.mtTH STR El.T-Con!'irming report of Engine• on completion of paving said street from 24th Avenue to 26th A ~enue. . STRm-Directing paving of said street from Central Avenue to Florida Avenue. ENGINLRING FUND-Authoridng sale of Revenue Bonds for sai& tund. llllt. anm~u.g i.r1111 ot ..... • .s.c1 atren traa ....... &tree to c.tn1 a.LJOOff an•-cOAttrah& report ot IDgiae_. on oo-,1a1oa • p&Tille N14 atre.t tr• 9th stren 'llo Ola-,. str•t• ILIVIITII ••~ rtp0rt of atgia__. oa ooapletion ot 111riJtc , ... r in aald ••a• troa IIHI' 11th ltrec to • ..., 18th kren. a.Sllffll lnllr-C:ont1nlbg r-,ort ot llgillNr • oe11pl9'1oa ot ,-nnc a14 •tn• t'l'a 18th Aft. 11o 10t11 Afta•e. . ao1a-Iaatnot1Dg •-to nt put to•r oora.-e ot Platt ua4 Pluat ATe. ao u 1lo pat 'baot ovldJI& u tar u po11u,1-. •• 111! PLATT lftll!•lllnnatillg -1•• to w14• ,-111c 1'rea 1& atrNt to 111• •ort1a to Ir••• It. •• , .... a,, ••• DIO IO 191T a&DIII--•• •••••--------lla::I Al-----------•--• Ja 11 1911 -..:nm, -&enlte ot •-hel4 January lot;h• 1911. ..

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._ ______ I _ndes to R.olutiom Pa11ed Ly tLe Board of RepreNDtati~• of tLe City oE Tampa, Florid. ____________ 1 DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YUII • • . . D

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, _____________ Index to Re10lution1 Pu1ed Ly tlie Board o{ Repre1entative1 o{ the City o{ Tampa, Florida ___ ---=--..----~-~• 0 • ,. D 0 NUMBER 8•B 101-B 119-B l&a•B 226-B 22'7-B 2Sl•B 24-i-B 2t6•B 246-B 268-B 262-B 2'71-B 292-B 29S-B . t5'7•B 60~8 518-B 6'72-B '768-B '7'7t-B '78l•B DATE MONTH DAY YUII Peb 28 1928 Mu-lS 1928 . jpr 2t 1928 Jun. as 1928 Jul 1'7 1928 M!g 21 1928 Sept 18 1928 Oot I 1928 Oot 9 1928 9 1928 Oot 9 192S Oot 9 1928 Oot 9 1928 Oot 23 1928 Oot 21 1928 Oot 21 1928 Oot ZS 1928 Oot 23 1928 Oot so 1928 • OT 20 1928 BOT 2'7 1928 Deo-18 1928 Deo 18 1128 Jan 9 1921 ,_ 9 1929 Jan 9 1929 Jan 29 1929 J,e 29 1929 ... JIJq May '7 1929 '7 1929 '7 1929 '7 1929 'I 1929 SUBJECT MATTER BASBMl!Br OF STllBll'•l.ast ot S'7th st. trca 2lat to 26th Annu• BSTUART LUIIB!R OOMP•T-Cuoel ling .-roneoua tax (peraom.l) uaeaact. !llGillEERING PUWD-•Tramter to Port O....l~c t Fund,tl&, IA.ST TAMPA SUBDIIVISIOw--Authoridng sale an.d CODTeyaDC• or Lot 12, Blk.68, said sub. tor t1es.e&. BSS!2, FIWII'. P, co.-Re1 lloditioation or contract between. City and s .... ILEVA.T 1929 • 1v•u....~cm lut ll~ ot 18th at., to Weit line ot 20th st.-deaigm.ting aat .. 1a1a to be uHd 1n. paTing an4 illpr jaag 2'7 1929 Sept a 1929 Sept 10 1929 Kept z, 1929 891)1; 24 1929 Ju 28 1930 Apr 22 1930 Mir 20 1930 Jun 5 1950 Jun 1'7 1980 Ting IUlee KLICTIOJ( COMMISSIOIIS, SPB:IAL-Authorbing the trauttr by the Cclllptroller, ot tNa.,e trca appropriation aTUable 111 gemral tund to the I.cot. ot th• Special ll•tioa and autbor111Dg pa,-•t ot bill• iDDurred by the Special lleot1on Coani.Hion. EXCHANGI BATIOIAL B8JC~tbor1a1ng md ireot1ng aane to deUT.-to the C011ptroller ot the City ot T•pa, aeourit1 .. depoal in aaid bank b7 the Citbeu Bmk md rruat ~. II GRTIIITB Ccapletion. ot paving ot 1ame trca 18th St. to 20th St. BIGHTEEllrB AV~Aoc1pting work done by Cou Bret. tor parlng et •-trca 18th St. to 20th St. BIGHTEDrTH AVBNUS-Aaaeaaing the ooat ot grading and p&Ting ot •-trca 18th at. to 20th St. BSTUART Dl'VELOPIID{T CCIIPAIT--Author1&1ng apportio1mct ot tax oer~tioate ••• tor tu.a tor 1928•againat traot ot lam owmd by •••• lliGDIBmlllG DFPR TKBJT-~rorlng bid ot Obeohobee Conatruotion Co. tor certain auppli•• tor •aid depa.rtaent. ELJ!CTIOI. CLIRIS AJTD Il1SP11:TOR~ointamt ot saae to offi.oiate in. Spatial Sl.eot1on held in Diatriot fl2• D:a:>.ARTKBN-r--1.uthorbing puroh&ae or oertai n 111ppli .. tor 1aid 4-i,aa 'la...miJe !IIGIIEBRING ~!Pil'l'IORT-A.pprcm. ng bid ot Sh.-llU Conorete Pipe Collpu, tw oertaub auppliH tor Mid clepu1aant.

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_______ lndes to R.,.,lution• Paued Ly tLe Board-~J Reprnentative• 0 Ute City 0 Tampa, Florida. NUMBER 81T-B 826-B 82T•B 828-B 829-B 8SO-B 8M•B 8S6-B SST•B 8S8•B 860-B 86l•B 86T-B 909-B 911-B 91T•B 92T•B lOS&-B lOM•B 10T4-B 1082-B 1188-B 1302-B 1soe-1 1318-B 14'18 1481 1640-B 1666-B 15'19-B 1596-B 1602-B 1606-B 1811-B 18'6-B DATE MONTH DAY Y•AII July 29 1950 Aug Aug 6 193) 6 19~ . . 6 19SO 6 l9SO 6 19SO • , 6 19~ .lug 12 19SO Aug 12 1930 ., 12 19~ Aug 12 193> Aug 12 llSO Aug 28 19SO Aug 26 19SO Sept 2 1930 Aug 19 19!0 Oot 28 1980 • IOT 12 19:50 llor 26 1950 JIOT 25 19SO Deo 2 19~ Deo 18 19~ J111 2 1931 Peb 5 19Sl Feb l'T 1931 , . SUBJECT MATTER . BHGIU:mIHG DEP!RTMPBf--' Jfayor to purohaa• truok1 1br u• ot 1uu, department. J!RGilflEllfG DIPJRTll!Bf--Reacinding RHolution tor the purchase ot auppliH tor UH ot ••e departaent. • • -For th• purchase ot 6 dump truck•• 11 • --Por the puroha1e ot one n ... light caupe. • • --For the purohat e oteone new light pick-up truolc. • • --For the• purohue ot one new light truok w1 th Jlartin P&1T7 bocly • WTTTBBs-Authciridng Jlqor to. H 11 md dhpOH ot T&• l•d OO'Y .. oabi• tu .... dept. ~! TAMPA SUBDrlISIOJ1-aelea1ing Lot• l, 2, 7, and 8, ot Blk.S2, laid •ub•a. trca lien ot mortgage dated 8/slfte, ginn by ,. w. S111ion & wit•• INGIJIIEIHG DIP~!-luthori&ing Mqor to allot oertain parcel ot land tcir •aa• department looated on loo1nelt An. ancl Cypr••• ltr .. t.(•eoutift Orcler llo.l.) IAS'l'IRN AIR TRANSPORT IOJIPANY-Jgre..nt betW'een ••e and City and John H. Dr• DeTelOp1111tvCo. ot lllnioipal Airport upon certain terms and oondi tiou. Jun Jul Jul 1931 l!)(BtS)lf, A. V .--Appi:oving repor~ ot Appeal• & GrinuN CoJIIDittee, reocmaen.ding payaent ot olaim ot , .... .&Dg Jlor Jan Feb Deo Kay Jun Jul Jul Aug . Aug Sep 19al 19Sl 19Sl 1931 1952 1952 1932 19S2 l9S2 19S2 19:53 DC!WiGE lfATICIUL BAHi OF ~A-Canoelling i~l•gal portion ot u1es•mt tor tax•• tcir 19SO agaiut --•• IHODEERING og,AR~'l'-Autharl& ~or to purohase a1phalt block• tor paTing l&th 8t. troa lliohigan to 2llt AT-/ WNGilflBUNO DEP.\R'l'1iT-Api:roving .bid Florida Asphalt PaT•mt Jltg. Co., tor t'urni1hing ••rtiln tor 1aid dept. ILJE'l'IOlf B O~•Direoting P.aP.tnt ot mcpeDIN 1nourred by 1aae in holding priJlary and general elaotlou,. BiGIJIURllfG DEPARTIIBT'l'-Auth01"1~111g .. or to di1po1e ot Dodhe truolcl 1D 1aid dept. whloh are wortbi•H• EDB• Sale or Lota 19 and 20, lltuar7 Sull/#8. to SeratiD Montill, tcr 12928.,8. FZTUARY SUBDIVISIOB 10.1-lale ot Lot 4, Blk.l to H. T. Lylcel tor 1299.M. il!rtJARY SOBDIVISIOI #1--Canoellation ot tax oertltioat•• uae11e• agaiut Lot• 19 ud 20, 1&14 •ula. ~d 1old to Sdatin Mon 11. ICIIRfD SUBDIVISIOB• Apprcm. ng map or plat of •ame• EDWARDS, L. C •• -R9tun.ding tax penalty oollected on Lot 4, Korr11on GrOTe SubcliTllipD Olrmcl by •--• 84!.RGI!NCY REI.I~ COUNcii,--Requeating 1ame to allocate neoeaaary tund• for ocapletion ot moaquito control b•utitioation pro am. i938 JIIBRGDCY RELIBF COU?iCIL-ApprOT&l ot C!•rtain project• to be done aa reliet wOltk. 1933-D1PLOYla•lll1--Propo1al ot diaoharge ot thirty or more. 19!3 BHGIJrllRIJrG l>EPARl'llBl r-Re(fle1ting bid• otflt tar binda'---~s,ooo 193S Em'l'IS, w. H.--canoellation or Tax c_.titioat• C-'1253, tor 1931, agal.ut S21' ot Lot 19, am If. so• ot Lot 18, Blk.l, GMrd 19:53 INGillKBUNG DEPMtT?miT-Appronng bid ot 'l'ar Pro duota Co • .t'or furnishing auppliea .tor laid department. 19S3 EI.EC'l'RICAL & PonmilfO PERMI'l'S-Suapending .fbr 90 dq1 tees on permit• o t ••• up to Taluation ot tloo. 1983 ElmlGllfCY RILIEF CO NCIL--.Approval ot certain projeota to be done u reliet work. D . o • 0 D

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0 0 ~-~--~~-~~Index to Retolution• Pu1ed Ly tLe Board ol RepreHJitativn ol the City ol Tampa, Florida DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 1646-B 1667-B 1667-B 1668-B 1669-B 1670-B 1671-B 16 72-B 1673-B l70S-B 1706-B 1727-B 1728-B 1765-B . 1766•B 2059-B 2060-B MONTH DAY Y•AII Sept 12 19S3 Sept 19 19S3 Oot Oat Oct Oot Oot Oct ]lo,-3 1933 3 1933 3 1933 3 1933 3 1933 3 1933 T 1933 T 1933 Jiff H 1933 Jlov H 1933 Deo 6 1933 Deo 5 1935 lpe 3 5 lllM Apr 3 1934 Apr 17 1934 2110-B 1 1934 DD,Brms -. K e 19M 223l•B 2S69-B 2196-B 2699-B 2612-B 262'9B 283'9B 2636•B 2642-B 2779-B 2887-B Jul al 1934 Aug • 14 1 S.,4 Oot 23 19M Jiff 6 1934 Deo 18 1934 Jm 8 1936 Jc 16 1916 Jm 16 1936 Jan 22 1936 Jm 29 1931 Jun 4 1931 Jun 11 1936 Jun 18 1936 Jun 26 1936 Jul 2 1916 Jul 2 1936 Jul 9 1936 Oot 8 1936 Deo 10 1936 DLERGSCY REU!F COUNCIL--Approval ot certain projects to be done as relief' work•" in park•• • • • -~ppronl of' certain pro jeots to be done as relier work at Roae and Sl~••• • • • -jppronl or certain projects to be done u reliet work at Branch and Slllinole Aveme. • • • -Jpproftl ot project at JI. Bay Stre.tJ llebrak:aa to 15th St.,and 32nd AffJ l~th to West to Park. • • • -App-oval ot projeot , 27th, 28th, 29th, Ave1.,am 13th, 14th rnd Dnon Stl. • • • -•Approval ot project at Virg1.nia iTilllue, norida to Cmtral An & Sela St to norida to Central b • II • --Appron.l or projeot, Iaprov-.nt ot Jeokson Height• Parle at 34th St. alld 30th Ave. • • • -•Approval or project, eliaination of mosquito breeding land• at Hooker• s Point • • • • -Approval ot project, lettering nanea ot street10n curb stonu. l!JlGDrBBlI1fG DIPARftlBlf•-Approrlne bit ot Jlen-111 Jlat .. ial Corp.tor•turni1~ 1upplie1 tor building ramp at lallut PoU.. Dl!RGBICY RELIEF COUHCIL-jpprcnal of projeot, beautU'ication ot park•• ENGIIIWUNG O:JljR'l'll!BT-A~oridng )(qor to get bid cobtrut for 200,000 repoe11ecl paving brick. ENGIEEllING DEPARTMltiT• .& K ayor to get bids on 1,000 Tona paving tiller. ENGIJrEiiRI1fG DJ!PARl'IO!NT -Approving bid ot W.S.Hotchld.11 tfr purohll e ot 1uppl1••• ENGilfEHUIG DEPMU'MllfT-Appr09"ing bid of Georgia VitU'ied Brick and Clay Co. tfr certain 1uppli••• !!NCRO.&.CIDIBiTS-Reaolutl on directing that building at 2110 88th AYe. and 190 --22nd St, in CiiF, enorouhing about l' .9 on 81h .&.Te. and .9• OD 22nd St. Lot 10. Blk.81,a&l: to Ybor Cit7, pro1•ty ot Ouileppe PrOYaDSUlo, will not be disturbed during lite ot mortgage by Hoae Own.-Loan 8orporat1on. , ENCROAC~TS-Direoti.'lg tlat buildibg 3222 Armenia 4,Te., which encroachea the 1.e• and on C•llcltlia St. about 1.,, will not distmrbed llatring 1h • Ute ot mortgage to Haae Ownera Corp • • ENGDIDlING DIPARDmlT-Authorhing the liqor to pirohaH certain mppliH tor 1tacl1• project and to adv.-ti1e tor bid• tor fflGIBEERDlG DEPARl'MllfT•-Aocepting bid of T•pa Sand and l,(at.-ial Co., tor trap rook nm on stadlta project 1.11d 1anit .. 7 , ... r on Cypre11 Street. IDGB, JltS. s. J.-Author1&1ng delinry ot duplicate._. to Lot 6, Bllc.136, Woodlawn C•etery, tx:, .... !NCROACBlmfTS• Certain buildlng on .. ot IDt 1, Blk.2, LylcH Sub'n., Victor Licata, will not be aole1-tea during lU'e aortgage of Hcae Owller1 Corp. ENCROACHKSTS-<>n all-, II' Lota 7 and 8, Blk.S, C.C ..... Sub'a. , Cornelia Robinaon• waiving right• to r•cwe during lite ot aortgage to Hcae o.m.-1 Corp. BNCROACIDUlfT8n al lq Lot 4, Blk. 1, Caing Sub 'D•, directing cnm.-or agent to appear bet fre Board and lhcnr cauae 11.M 1hould be r•oved with1nthirtJ days. TS-0n allq be houH and garage am tenoe by-•••• woned b7 Jeclro Al•ngual• Lot l, Blk.1,•at Jrebraalca not tx:, be d1 sturbed during lite ot mortgage to Hoae o.i.-1 Corp. !JSIHDRINO DEPAR'Dlllf!-Authori&ing credit to lfra. Bridget Dozmell1, R. T. Joughin & co.,ud Glenn T. 111.,..,, tor oheon drawn on Ci• bank a: Trust eo •• prior to July-17th, 1929 and bank ot Ybor City, which f'a11-!JiCROACHMBiTS-Pi,,Tiding tlat encroachment on allq 1A baok ot 2703 -04 -171h St ot approxiaateq 6' property-Ilaria Fer lloequerra, will not be disturbed luring lite ot Mortgage to Boar Own.-, Corp, ar watil rebuilt. ENGDIUIUBG DBPjRTD!-Auihoriaing the Jlayor to w:lvertiH tor bid1 tor f'1ve u1ed traolc1 tor 1&1d deplltamt. !NCROM;IIJQNfS-2906 -17th Street, two aall will not be disturbed during lite ot mortgage to Heme 0..-1 0.., DGDWilG' i'HPAR'l'MBJT--Authori&ing 1ettl•ct ot oooalioned bf llgr. Dept. truck on the 8th day ot Jan.198& 1ie J. D. Fourchtr • NE-C ..... olutioaf 2"3-B, nlative to aot clbtllrbing buildiJIC 11hioh enoroaohH on all-, baok ot 2708 -17th daring Ute or aortgage to Ba.r Omer, Corp~or untll rebuilt, Ilaria F.-m.ndes lloequ•ra. PBGIBlalDrG DBPARTaf'?-C0111proailing olaia ot 111-1. A. H. lnifJlt tor tire burning garage started bJ worP1en ot laid dept. ENGilllliRING DEPARTJI.T-&uthor1&1ng the Jlayor to purohue ten truck1 far UN ot •-• and to aclnrtbe tor bicll theretcr. ENGIBl&IBG DEJ>jRT?1'5T•-.Approving bid ot Rankin, Bayle11 Motor Ccapa. otr t\rnbhing ten truckl tor UN ot said depart.ct. •OIBDRIBG DBPJR the Mayor to purcha1e oertain auppliu tor laid departamt, being 380,000 gallou tar binclar and to achertiH 1b r bid1 there tor. !BGIB!:iRING DBPAR1'111ln'-& bid ot Tar Proctuota eo. tar sae,ooo gallona tar b1n4er tor u,e of' laid cleparta•t • I!IIGIBDING DEPAR'l'IO!lf!~utlloridng the Mayor to adTertiH tor bid• for rental equipamt to be uaecl in conatruotion ot aixed in plaoe pavaent•• PNGIJIEERI1fG DEPJRTK5T--Aooept1ng btd ot Com Broa. Conatruat ion Co., tcr rental ot equip11ent 1A coutruotion paY•mt, BHCRO.&.cmmfT8-Agremg not to mole1t Raigio Garcia at 2008 Lake ATcue dm-iJlc lite ot aortgage to Hae O.era Corp. BHOil:S.P.RDG DEPUDIJ!ll!-Aut.hori&ing the Jlqor to purohue 210 tou lteel 1heet piliJtc to be uaed 1JI reooutnotiea flt Boulffl.l"d• by 1aid departact.

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Index to ReMlutiom Pu,ed I, tl.e Board ol ReprHeDtativn 0 tl.e City ol Tampa, Florida -------~----DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY Y&AII L t. 0 ) • f . . .. . . ' . • '. , • D •

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____________ Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Representatives of the City of Tam~a, Florida 1 0 0 0 I] 0 ... 0 D o. NUMBER 2930-B 2934-B S08'1•B al'71-8 llTM S208•B 3210-B 5245-B 3256-B 3395-B 3489-B 3534-B 3808-B 3686-B 3740-B 3761-B 3762-B 3'166-B 3767-B 3869-B 3890-B 3896-B S89f-B S900-B S947-B DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER 14 1936 ELUOTT, u . L • o--authorizing execution of contract with aame for Architects ••rvioes on the 21 Jan. 21 ' Ju. 28 Apr. 21 Apr. 21 liq 26 Jw.. 21 Jul. Zl Aug. 18 Aug. 25 1936 ELLIOTT, M. L•o--~uthorizin~ execution or contract ror plana for the edmiristretion building on Peter O Knight Field, Dsvia Ialanda. 1936 ENGINEERING D~ARTm:T-authorizing the purchase or certain equipm•nt nHded ror construction of aho:-• protection e.long Bayshoro Boulevard from Ro~• Avenue to Swann Ave, and providing.for the advertiaement or tida 1938 ICOll'
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, 2 _ Index to Resolutions_ Passed b_y_ the Board of Representatives f the C_fu of Tampa Florida----'--------------NUMBER 3954-B 4076-B 5076-B 5079-B 6088-B 6088-B ' 6131-B 6164-B 6166-B 6167-B 51 8 7-B 6201-B 5249-D 5250-B 6269-B 6303-B -6311-B 6326-B 6336-B 6875-B 5399 B 5410-B 5411-B 5474-B 5494-B ss10-a 5521-B 6649-B 6566-B 566'7-B 618'-B DATE SUBJECT MATTER Mo11th Day Year Nov. 30 1937 EL BIEN PUBLIC O DRUG STORE -Correcting personal tax assessments against El Nien 'Publioo Drug Store at 1703 North Howard Ave for the years 1936 am 1937. Feb. 15 1938 KVERKTT, JULIA -Authorhing refund to Julia herett, the aua of ts.oo imposed for selling sandwiches 4uring the Fair withou license Mar. 1 Apr. 12 1938 DJGIJIUR Authorizi11g City lngineer to issue PKRJIIT tor erection ot tilling atation at J11" corner nliott aDd 13th Street, taporarily nirlng requirement• tor oonorete approach•• ther~to 1938 si.LmRTH, LLOYD -.AJathoriaing payatnt ot teo.oo on &ooouat f tr to Nr• ot Jin. Verom Ben4er•on 11114 IJ.oyd lllnonh in ooll11ion 111th City Health cu, on April s, 1938 ' Jla7 17 1938 EXCISE TAXES To camnit tlw City to repay-any excise taxee collected under pro'ri.liona of Ordinance No. 651-A, it held unl May 17 1938 EMILY STREET -Concerning building of retaining walls am 1idmllca on Bmily Street between Florida Avenue am Tampa . Street May 24 ~93~ ECONOMICAL FURNITURE CCl,U>ANY -Correcting personal tu auesaent ageJ.nat EcQIUIDioal Furniture Company for the year 1937 May 24 1938 :EAGLE DRUG STO~ -Correcting personal tax assessment against Eagle Drug Store tor the year 1937 Jun. 21 1938 UCISE !ADS -COllllitting th• CitJ ot r..,.. to th• adoption ot Ul ordimnce or ord1neno•• lnying exobe 1-m• to the Ila of 1331,000.00 Jun. 28 1938 !NGIBmING DEPARMEm-Authorizing City &igiuer to iuue permit tor lowering Curb on Lake AT• tor diltanoe ot 75 teet oppo, it• Lot l Blk 6 .ioH !i Randalli Sub an4 permit to the paving between the curb and property-line with shell. Jul. 12 1938 EUX:TRIC RATES -Authoridn,: Special Public utilities Comittee ot the Board at ReprtsentatiTea to aeleot and reoomend to the Boara llec'IIHllry help and assistance with teohnioal knowledge lDd experience and prOTiding tor setting e.part the sum or ts,000.00 tor payment of same Jul. 12 1938 ELEX:TRIC RATES -Requesting information tl,oa the ExeoutiTes and Departmental Boards of the City a• to rates paid tor eleotri current used in auoh Depart.enta Jul. 26 1938 1938 ENGINEmING DEPARTMFNT-approving bl.d of Hart Machinery Co for furnishing aenrage pump and equiJrllellt for use of same. ELEX!TRIC RATES-RHollution employing Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company. of Kansas City, Missouri, to make preliminaey au-vey of Tampt. Electric Compu1y's property for ratesijustlllll!llt purposes. Aug. 2 Aug . 2 4 19!38 ELEX!TION -Providing for holding the Special Election September 27, 1938, to vote on SE'.'iER DISPOSAL SYSTEM and issuance of SE':JER REVENUE CERTIFIC.A1' ES Aug. 30 1938 ENGINEERING DEPARTI1E1{T -Authorizing Mayor t o sell one 193 0 Ford Truck of Engineering Department s-i,. e 1938 ILLIOft. M. Ll!l> -Authorising apportio-nt ot tan•, tor the -,ear 1938, against Lot s, Blook 18, L A. Clara•• Subdinaioa on petition ot M. Leo Elliott Oct. 4 1938 ENGINEmING DEPARTI.iENT-authorizing the sale of one flyers Water Pump belonging to tame. Oct. 11 1938 mRY RIDI STl!R co. Authorizing correction ot personal tax assessment tor year 1938 to $100.00 instead of $1,000 as atae81ed. Oct 26 1938 BIIGIBEmING DEPARTMBlT -Authorising SALE of One 1930 Chnrolet Coupe ot the Ebgineering Departant NOT. 1 1938 ENGINEFJUNG DEPARTMENT-Authorizing th• City to ar:,quire on the l••t option plan certain equipment tor street work including 6 dump truoJca. 1 asphalt boiler, and one 1eoond-hand roller. aame to be uaed in oarrying on Work• Progreu Administration Projects and allowance made the CitJ on contributiona tor or 11.14 equipmen on said projeota uaed in payment of said rentals. Nov. 29 1938 !lIBASSY APARTMllllll'S-Authorizing reduction and correction of personal tax assessments for years 1936, 1937 am 1938, of same. Jan. Jan. 1 0 1939 ErmINE.FlU!JG DEPARTMENT -Authorizing the sale of certain personal property of the EnginNring Department, 1,!i.scellaneous Scrap ~etal, now junked. 1 0 1939 ECONOMY CAB C01!PANY Gr!.\nting permit for an additional 15 taxicabs to Economy Cob Compaey under its permit previously ~ ant Jan. 17 1939 El,ECTRI c ~ES AND CHARGES-Resolution requesting the !JaYor to take the necessary s tops to protect the pub lie interest with respect to Street Lighting. and Departmental lightin~ and poyrer, as f'urnished the City by the Electric Company and in connection with said Company's rntes nnd charges covering same. 7 1939 EDELSTEIN, .liK)RRIS B. -Correoting person tax aaaeument against Morril B. F.delatein, tar the 7ev 1938, at 131'7 Franklin St. llir. 14 1939 EKGIU~Ii;G JEF AR'.i' ~IT-Authorizing compromise scttleI!l.ent of claim ot T. o. Buzbee ii: sum or $15.80 for damage to his cnr. I 28 1939 ERIE STRm-Authorising and directing installation of stree t light at 3lanca Avenue and Erie Street Illands. Apr. 11 1939 EL PASAJE HOTEL BUILDING-Reaollution authorlzinc remission of taxes on Lots 6, 7 , a, 9 o.nd 10 Blk 31 Ybor t ity Sub. o l d {Pasaje •. otel Building) accoun t of its use by ,"l. P. A. as of June 15th 1938. A pr. 11 1939 F.AST BAY PARK 2nd ADDITIOir -Authorizing rei'und to Ernest P for taxes paid in error on i1 100 rt of S 95 Ft of Blk 17 May May May Jlay of same and reinstatin~ lien on property credited in error. 2 1939 !X:OHOMY CAB COMPANY Reducing the nmber ot Caba allowed .EcoMlllJ Cab Campa~ bJ 10 Caba 16 1939 BlfORY & SDOl>NS SUB-Authorising oancellation ot parlng oertiticat•• Jlo• 1660 and '7651 againit lot• 1 and 10 Blk 2 ot lame. 18 1939 EDGTAT!R PARK SUB-Authorizing apportionment ot outstanding oertitioatH and aHHaent agaimt lots 9 4: 10 Blt 5 of aame. 29 1939 EXCISE TADS-Ruolution committing the Cit)r to adopt an Ordimm• levying excise taxH autticient to raise the aum ot 29 1939 1350.000.00 during the filoal ,-r endinc Ma.7 3lat 19'0. IXCISB TAXIS-Reaolution. committing tha Cit, to adopt an Orclinanoe levyiJJg exoiH ~• as authcri&ed bJ Speaial Aot ot the Legi•lature ot the state ot •l.onda 1939 to man refund• ot amounts oolleotM under Lioem• OrdinanoH lnying tor • • P. A. projeota am hel4 lm'alid by tu Courta, Hid 1lo be lni•d turing the tiaoal 19ar •ncliDg -lln 19'0. . 0 n 1 D 0 O 0 0 0

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Index to Resolutions Passed by the Board of Re_m-esentatives of the City of Tampa Flo ~ n ~d.c.=a ___ 3 _ _ 1-.:.....---e----------=----H f 0 0 . , 0 D D 0 o . DATE NUMBER Month Day 5612-B June 5614-B June 5642-B June 56 76-0B July YHr . SUBJECT MATTER EADY, G!X> M-Tit oompeneate 81U11e tor damage to his oar account detective manhole on 24th Street on May 27th 1939. EDYUROO, CLIFFORD A and MARIAN• Authorizing sale to same ot LOt 23 Block 6 Lakewood Manor Sub tor IS90.00 on terma. . ELECTRIC MACHINERY C 0-.A.uthorizing correction ot 1938 personal tax aaseasment against same to $1,000.00. EIY:fAR DS, T. B-Authorizing sale 1D same of Lot 12 Block 4 Lake wood I1!anor Sub for the sum of $360.00 on terms. BNGIIDRil'G DIPAimmfT• Authoridng aale ot one hick Coupe ...,I' fa'lZS9 ot •~• wluoh baa been replaoed • • ILICTRIC IIACHIDR!' CO.-CorreotiJtg peraonal tu ....... nt ot ... at toT S FJ.oncla AT• tor year 1939 • BABDmft' -Oranting ••-nt to R-s,unlio 011 Retining Ccapq to lq is,pe line aoroH an4 a long 19th SU"Nt am aorou am along that 80 toot atreet 11!Lioh nm nabvcl troa 19th str..t to-t:t. City property on the Tbor Cbamwl, BT...-&T~-B Aug. BAST TAMPA SUBDIVISIO• -Saae u aboff 6'149-B .Sep. '1 . 1939 BASBIIElffS -Authorising the aoqm.lition the neo••aary .. ,.._, in the Tllllpt. Barbor to .. et the requil'-nte ot the 6762-B Sep. T 5766-B Sep. 19 &791-B Oot. 10 680'1-B Oot. 2, 5841-B NOV• 21 5842-B Nov. 21 5910-B Jan. 16 6926-B Jan. ZS 1118-B Jan 30 I GarerDMDt in tb9 unloi-ent ot .... l9S9 BIIGIBEmING DEPMTKER'l' -A~rising SALE ot one 1933 Dodge Coupe ot tbl BngSneering Deaprtaent 1939 ELmTRIC LINE-Providing tor an electric line to the Kunicipal Hoepital, aorose Marjorie Fark, on Davia Ielande. 19!19 DCR0A.CJDIDT• athori1iz1C oertain mocraohMnt. Oil property ot 111"1 ll.B. Biuon lot 10 Bllc 20 %\ll'll&Dt 1 lub ot ••t Tbor, to raain 4un. 11g Ute aortgap to L r. c. 19!19 BAGLB VDDDIG 00-latablilhing reaerTed parking ep ace in tront ot 206 Tampa Street, tor 1aa-. 1939 mCROACH?AENTS-Authorizing certain enccraohmlnt by buiilding ot .Ltra B. R. Hinson on Lot 26 Block 2ot Highburg Sub to remain duriag life of' building. 1939 mCRQlCHKEN'l'S-Author•izing oertain encroaclurent by building o t Mr• B. R. Hinson on Lot 10 Block 20 Turman'• Eut Ybor Sub to remain during life or the building. l BOOBIUE BOTBL-Wai'fing payaet ot pmaltJ cm 1988 per1oaal tu .. agaimt --•• ERGIDmS-DireotiJg application be prepared to the lforb Project• Adm.niatration tbr the oonatruotion ar a Mader Snw 87ata, and author11ii:g negotiation with oapable engineer• tor ane • . ELLIS SUB-Authorizing apportionment of epecial asaea•ent tor paving made under Tampa Local lmprOY•ent Act against LOt• 1, 4, 6, 6, T, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and l& ot Same. FIRE DEP~~ -Authorizing advertizement tor bide tor unitorma tor :memeera ot the Fire Department. 5948-B Feb 13 1940 ENGINEERING DEl>ARTMM -Authorizing Mayor to sell end dispose ot certain pereonal property, to-wit-6 trucka(Strippedt 6003-B Mar 19 1940 ELKS LOOOE NO. 708. -Authorizing the closing ot' walk way-8 feet by 24 feet on the S~ th Side of El.ks Plot in '\'loodlawn Cemetery and proper City offiaial s directed to convey to El.ks Lodge No. 708 same strip of lanj. Apr 1940 C.A. m>IIABD8, JB. -l.uthori1inc execution of ••tisfaction of mortgage te C.A. Edvarda, Jr. coverinc Lot 230 Block 6 l.akevood Maner lubdiviaien. . l ,. -JlequHtiDC an tho Seaboar4 Air Lia• lailwa7 ia the clevelopement of the Barbor la the Oit7 of !aapa. "6107-1 )(q 21 1940 LITTLJ:T :IDWABDI -Vaivinc charge for interest up te Mav 1, 1940 ~n mertgage coverinc Let 6 :Block 4 Prall'• Sub. hecute4 by Littleton Kdvarda and •dtie and Ida Maura. 6120-ll May 29 1940 BL DORADO SU13DIVISION -Authorizing cancellation of certain certific~te• of indebtedneaa ieaued qainet Lot 4, Block 2, :lldorado Sub, upon the complaince of the provision• herein. Juna 11 l~ mavAtJB BO!IJ. -Aa.thorhhc NIIOftl of :lqewter Hotel Jeoa, •tea froa ih preHa\ locaUoa at th• foot of llapoUa ATena to a point thrH f••t lov.,h of the pr•••t Bun on Co. llcA 1-uatel.7 la front of leat 8161 of Ihm 011 Co 11&tioa at foot of llacaolia ATemw. and Aue • 20 1940 nGEWA!lll P.ABX SUllDIVISIO• -Authorbing apportionment of taxea for 1938 and 1939 for the yearl940, on I.oh 10 and 11 block 3, Kdgewater Park Sub. for Mra. A. ~nicht. 6306-B Sept. 3 194o ENGINEERING DEPT.-Authorh ing the Mayor to sell and dhpoee of l V-8 lord Truck, now ill uae by the KagiJleering Dept. ,. .. Oct l 194o ucm.s1oa IUJDITISIOI -Authorilinc acceptance of papent of tuea for 1936 Let 3, :Block l Sub without peii . .1.t peultlta. 6367-B Oct l 1940 ~T MT ADDI'l'IOI.: Authori1inc aale and cenveyanoe of Let ll Block l~ :laat lla7 Addition te B.P. Teat, on ter••• Oct 15 1940 SASl1' l5AT ADDI'l'IOI -Autherizing cancellat1en ef certain tax and sewer lien• on preperty purcba,ed under fer~cleeure b7 Octv 22 1940 643~ lov 19 191K> 6438-B lov 19 194o th• City and later aold. !.JI. EDWARDS -Authorizing ~xecutien and delivery of eatiafacti•n of mortgage to T.B. Edwards Lot 12 Block 4 Lakewood Manor Sul:>divitri on • .UX.ff CI!? SUBDIVISIO. -Au"1oridng ule and mnve7&noe of Lota 108 ud 118 he171L Cit7 lub to Jullu• Del.oUo. M.ITE HOMI CAn -Correcting personal tu aueumente a,;ainet certain individual• and in the Oit7 of !•pa• , EVELYI CI'l'T stnmIVISIOI -Authorizin cancellation of certaiD lapronment llene on properti•• purchaeecl by th• OitT foreclosure and later.eol4. .

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4 Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re resentatives of the Cit of Tam a Florida l.,_ _______ ..;c___;_...;___.;;._ NUMBER 6486-B 6502-B 6~48-B 6550-B 6625-B 6661J 6662-:1 6731-B 6740-B 6746-B 6760-B 6760-:e 6765-B 6793-:e 6799-:B 6809-B 6824-:B ' 6825-B 6168DATE Month Day Year Dec 3 Dec 17 1940 . . SUBJECT MATTER EXCELDA SUBDIVISION ..J.uthorizing the ~or to execute restrictive against certain lands owned by the City of Tampa, Florid.a. ENGINEERING DEPAR'l'MEMT -Authorizing th• Mayor to sell and dispose of Terraplpne Coupe of the Engineering Dept. Dec 23 Jan 7 1940 EAGLE DRUG STORE -Correcting personal tax assessments for cert•tn individuals and firms for certain year~. 1941 JU.ST TAMPA StIBDIVISIOB -Authorizing apportionment of taxes for 194o on certain d.e1cribed tract of land in ket Tampa Subdivision on petition of G.~. Mabry, Agent. Ju 14 1941 DPBISS -Correcting or cancelling personal tu•• certain indivit•le ud fir•• in the City of T•pa• leb 11 1941 Feb 11 1941 Mar 18 1941 Apr 15 1941 Apr 15 1941 Mq 6 1941 Mq 20 1941 M&T 20 1941 X-. 27 1941 Jun 3 1941 J 3 1941 Jun 3 1941 June 24 1941 1 1191.Q. 8 1941 Jul~ 8 1941 Jvl:r 29 l~l ECONOMY C.A:B COMPANY Refunding a portion of license taxes paid by Economy Cab Company through error. .vELnt CITY SUBDIVISION -Authorizing sale and 0111nveyance of Lot 97 Evelyn City Subdivision to J.L. Whitley. EVELYN CITY SUBDIVISION -Authorizinr, cancellation of certain Tu, Sewer and pavinc lien, on property purcha1ed by the City under .foreclo1ure and later sold. ~L!ll CITY SUBDIVISION ~uthorizi114: aale and connyance of Lota 99 and 179, and Lot 46 McKa1ter• Addition to :Jruce M. Robbin• for $670.00 on ter••• KL PBOGBESSO mlPOllIUK GllOCBllY -I,, re1tolut1on correctinc per1onal tax a11e11ment1 a,;ainat certain and fir•• in the City of Taapa, 1lori4.a. EVELYN CITY SUl3DIVISION -Authorizing c~ncellation of certain and l;lblic Improvement Liens hereinafter described purchased by the City under foreclosure and later sold. ~L'I BliDING COMPAIY -Pertaining to correction of pereonal tu a11e11ment1 tor certain individual• and fir•• in the City of T~. :snLll CITY SUBDIVISIOll -Authorhinc cancellation o t certain tu and public i.lllJ)ronaent lien, on properties 07 the City under forecloaure 1al•• and later aold. EMIBD"? DOKAill -Authorizinc Oit7 Attorney to exerci•• richt of Eminent Domain' acain1t B 21 of• 90' L~t l l>Tal Sub llo. 2, for the of wideninc Hillebor01ch Anna. :IL BID PUBLICO DRUG 00 -Correctinc per1onal tax a1101ement1 acainat certain indiTiduala and firm, in the City of Tampa. KL PALACO QAIIII -Correctinc personal tax assesement1 again1t certain individuals and firms in the City of Tampa. EL PABAISO CAFE ------Same ae above-------~DW.ARDS & ROICHSDR -Waiving penalties on license tu•• due by Bdwarda & Roehaner, in the City of Tampa, 1lor.ida. EMINENT DOMA.IN -Authorizing the City Attorney to institute proceedings of Eminent Domain in the acquisition of certain property in.Preston Subdivision for the widening . of Aveaue. EL PROG-RESSO MARKET -Correcting personal true against certain individUAla and firms in the City of Tampa. EAGLE VENDING COMP.ANY -Correcting pers nal tax assesaments against certain individuals and firms in the City of Tampa. EAST :BUUGALOlT PA..'IUC Re,scinding RPeolution No. 6551-13_ authorizing sPle of Lota l7,?3,21J,?5 e.nd 26 East Bungalow Park ~T BUNGALOW PARK -Allocating Lots 23.~4,25,26 East Bungalow Pn_}'k for !ite for Community CPnter Buildinc. 6898-ll Allgu l2 1941 :11 Bien Publlco Drug Store -Oorrectlnc per1onal tu aeHHMnta apiut oenaia 18'1n4uale an4 fira1 1a the C1t7. SlELff Oiff SUBDIVISIOI -juthoriziDC e:icecutlon an4 delive17 of of aortgac• to Juliu J>eLotto conriac Lota 108 and 118 •nlTB C1t7 Sub41T1d.on. 6942-::a . 6946-B 6961--ll 7000-:e 7oog.;.:e Sept 9 1'?41 Sept 9 1941 Sept 16 1941 Oct 7 1941 Oct 7 1941 Oct 14 1911. Oct 14 1941 Oct 14 191)1 EVELYN CITY SUBDIVISION -Authorizing execution and delivery of eaati1faction of mortgqe to J.L. Whitley covering Lot 97 of lvelyn City Subdivision. J:AST TAMPA SUBDIVISION Waiving certain restrictions of the Building Code in the City of Tampa • -. EASTERN Ala LINES Urging more air transportation for Tt111pa and viclnit7. DBOEESUS ASSESSMEMT -Directing partial payment to William LeDuc of $500.00 on property erroneously assessed under SenatP Bill N0 • 848.Laws of Florida, 1941. KAST LAJ'AnTTE STRDT -letablhhing three_ reserved parkinc spaces at 60! ... t Lafayette S .trtiet. EAGI& BARBIR SHOP -Correcting ' i:er1onal tax a1sesements againet certib individual, and firaa in the City of Tampa. :IMBR? It SIMMONS ADDITION TO TAMPA Prepo1ing te County of Hillaborough participation in the acquia1tion ef certain property in IMry &,-Addition t1T1111p& fer colored men's ltecreationa . Center. ' BMIRT & SI.':MOIS .ADDITI
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0 0 O 0 D D •• f .. 0 NUMBER 7012-B 7021-B 7024-:e 70667084J 7084-13 • 7085-:B 7092-13 7143-B 7153-:B 7154-:B 7154-:B 7172-:B 7188-:B 7195-B 7206-JI 7260-1 7266-1 7300-B 7310-:a 7129-~ 7137-:S 7J41-~ 7J46-:a 73~:a -7355-1 1J56-J 7157-B Index to Resolutions Passed b the Board of Re~resentativ~ of the City of Tam a ~ F ~lo..c:;..;;ri:..=da.:c.:;__ ___ ___ DATE SUBJECT MATTER .-Month Day Year Oct 14 1941 n~ Sum>MSIOB Aut heri1in ea.le ef certain property in Kxceld.a Sub. t••••• Lucaa under 1ealed bid plan. Oct 14 1941 mmRT & SIMMOBS ADDI'l'IO. 'l'0 '?AMPA -.luthorbinc leaee to the United -Statea of .Imrie& fer Lete 7,8 u.d 9 :Bleck 12, Kaer, & Simm•n• 6'dcli tion to Tampa. Oct 21 1941 lUS'l'EmT AIR LINES, INC. -Authorizing contract between City of Tempa and •a,tern Air Linea, Inc. Nov 12 1941 EAST TAMPA SUBDIVISION Au.t~orir.i~ Pale of Lota 17 and 18 Block 19 East Tampa Subdivision to s.w. Boatwright under the • plan. Nov 18 Nov 18 Nov 18 Nov 18 -. 1 941 EMPIRE JEWELRY COMPANY -Authorizi~ eale of certain city owned proJerty under the eealed bid plan. . 1941 EXCELDA SUBDIVISION -Authnrizing ~nle of certain city oYned pro~rty under the s.-aled bid plan. 1941 EXCF,LDA S~DIVISION -Directing r~J~ction of bid for certain Cit? owned property under the s.-el.-d bid plan. 1941 . EAGL'E DRUG. COMPANY -Correcti~ pl'reonal tax au.-e~m.-nh against certain individuab and firms. •o• 2'5 l~l JIIBASST .AP.AB-diff -OorrecUnc peraonal w.x acaiut ~r\aia 1n41'f'14ual• and fir• in tbe City of !urpa. ~•o 2 l~l m1111n~ ltl'DVISia -Pl'O'f'i4lnc for th• • ..,1oyae of two a44itlnal 111p•mDC Jaciae•r• in the Water Kxtea1icm proJeot. Dec 9 1941 IMillEll'f DOMAIB Jleacinding resolution Bo. 6969-:&, Authori1inc 01-t1 Attorn.,-to in1titute cond81111&tion proceedinc• acain1t Lot S, Block 19 J~• Bourquardes Subdi'f'idon. Dec 16 1941 UCELDA SU:BDITISIOI Authori1in,: cancellation of tax and impronaent liena on propertiea sold b7 the lit7. • . Dec. 23 1941 SS!UAllY fl -Directin reJection of bid of Bart Machjne17 Co. for propert7 in ~•t'flar1 fl, under aealed-bid plan ' Dec. '23 Dec • . 23 L\ST TAMPA SU:BDIVISIOI -Authorising City Attorne7 to in1titute prooeedinc• of •~•nt Do•in acainat property in ~ast Tampa '1(1liD'l' DOMAI• -Authori1ia City Attorne7 to in1titute proceedinc• exerciainc right of :lminen• Domain against propert7 in Kaat Tampa lubdhilion etc. . . . Jan. 6 1942 EXCB~ SUBDIVISIOH -Directing rejection of bid of Jrank Jelicione_to purchase City owned property in ~xcelda Sub., and dircetia return of depoait made Jan • . 13 1942 !STUART smDIVISIOH -ProTiding for acquisition of prl)!)erty nece1ea17 for railroad right-of-way in relocation of tracks on JIBST Avenue -Lot, l, 2 and 3, Block J. l1tuaey Subdivision fl Jan. 13 1942 EAGL'E STD!'l' -Prohibitingparking on the South eide of lagle Street betwee_n P~rker Street and the entrance to the Tampa Slectric Oompa!lY' Plan* Jan 20 1942 ESTUARY Sum>IVISION -Providing payment to W.E. Jonee 6f $250.00 in connection with acquisition of property neceseaey for acquisition of Right of way in re-locativ,. of tracke on Jiret Avenue. E!JCLID AVENUE .A.uthor12ing contract with City of Tampa and AOL RR Compaeyfor laying water main• under RR Track• in certain location& i . n th• City of Tampa. Jeb J'eb Jeb DIBS'BAOJI COISDUO!I
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.,____ ___ ___;In = de..::....::x.:;..__;;;_;to;;._Resolutions P~ b the Board of Representatives of the City of Tampa Florida NUMBER 7477-B 7478-B 7483-B 7492-B 75O6-:e 7595-B 7596-B 7604-1 76'6-1 7 7750-1 7750-1 77s;8-B 7761-1 7765-1 7767-"J 7lS,-B ns,-1 7806-B 7112-B 7849-B ' 7852-l! 79()16-1 1,1.._:i 79)1.-B 7927-1 7939-B rt 7948.-1 1962-1 mi-a DATE Month Day Year SUBJECT MATTER Nq 6 1942 :VISOB OJTICK NAOKID COMPdT -Oorrectinc per1onal tax a1aeuaent1 again•t certain iAdiTiduala and fir•••. June 2 1942 DOilllEFJlING DEP.A.RTM!!N'r .A.uthoriiinc Mayor to allot or ••t apart certain City owned propert1 for the uae of the Xngineerin& Department. June 2 1942 E.lST TAMP.A. SUE>IVISION AUthor1t1:i cancellation certain tax and public improTement liens on propert7 aold b7 Cit7. June 2J 1942 UST BAY 8UBDIVISION Autbori11Ac apportio1D.11e&t ot tuea on certain propert7 la --•t on petition of Oit7 .A.ttoru7 of \he Olty of !aapa. June 23 1942 iAB!IU .A.IBLIDS, mo. -.A.aldnc tor beUer air tac111t1•• !allpa to !allabaH••• and the X1441• Y••t. -Jue 2J 1942 nllYDtH .A.TDD -latabliah1DC ltop atn• oa lalt and of 10th, lUh, 12, 13th, 14th ancl 15th .A.nnueeoa Jut all4 Jul7 21 July 21 1942 1942 Y••t 814•• ot ltreet, in tbe 01'7 of !upa. llCB.A.llJOE N.A.TIOIIAL BAH (JI TAMP.A. -depo1itorie1 tor the Cit7 of Taapa. m. CDRO 1ST ADDITIOlf .A.uthoridng apportionment of Lot 8, Block 9 11 Oerro Sub., on peti tio~ of Sallie B. J>eJan. Jul7 21 1942 ECCllOMY CAI CONPAJIT Concerninc Cab to the !aapa Cab Oo, Zcono.JIT Cab Co and Jlorida Cab Co. July 28 1942 AU& 11 1942 lept 1 1'42 EAST TAMP.A. SUBDIVISION -Authorizing acquiaition of W 15' Lot 13 Block 50 :last Taapa SUb,. in the widening of 20th St. J'BED AND MA.RY J. EDWARDS ~xtending time allowed. for building on Mortgage Lot 10 Block 3, Munro and Clewis .Addition. DGillllllG JJIPiliWWWf -.A.uthorldac aqor to Hll a4 clhpoH of Cheffolet tnck 1a ue b7 bgiaeerinc 1)9part•Dt. Oct 20 1942 EAST TAMP.A. SUBDIVISION ProTiding for exchange of certain properties in Saat Tampa Subdiviaion between Henry Willia an4 Cit7 of Tupa. Oct 27 1942 PLUM!3I~G Waiving charge, for plumbing and aewer connection• for Bethel Temple Church at 2204 Highland Avenue. ct 27 942 m.s. ffAlfS MOTORS -Directing cancellation of certain erroneous tax a11e1uent againat X.S. Evane Motora • . 0c, 30 942 DPDBI -Prov1d1nc contribution to expeue of 4elepte ,o ••tloaw14e War Boulac Oonnreioa Proeru, ,.,. 2 1~3 tilt tillf.A. IUl1>1'18IOS -Alltllorlllac •f J.ote 1:, u4 14. >look ,..,-... , fMpa w ._ alc!aaru Mar JO 19~3 Mar 30 1943 Apr 6 1943 Apr 6 194, Apr Apr 13 1943 13 1943 20 1943 20 1943 ~! TAMP.A. SUBDIVISICJJ .Authorising City Attorney to inatitute proceedin• exerciaing right of eminent ~omain againet certain prope-rt7 in kat Tampa Sub., for the extenaion of Thrace Street. mllND"l' DOMAIN -----------lame•• above------1.AS! ll.A.T f~ 21D BEVISIOI Correctin& certain erroneoue asse11mnt• aainet Lot 9, Block J. ~! TAMP.A. smDIVISIOlf -Providing for the apportionment of tax•• on certain propert7 in laat Tampa Subdivision on petition of the City Attore117z ~T BUlfOALOW P.l.RX SUBDIVISION .Authorizing aale and conveyance of Lot 17 East Bungalow Parle Sub., to s. Clemons, ~tc. ~T T.AkP.A. SUBDIVISION -Authorizing cancellation of certain tu and public improveaent lteDs on property sol4 by 01'7, Etc. •fttUJlt -.Authorising leaae. to 'l'aapa lhipbu114iac Co~ ot 100 teat on :laet aide of Katuary tor th• dv.ratioa. DGimJlIIG DIPAM'MIH -Approvtnc bid of ec;u Brother• ConetrucUoa Coapaq for fv.rai•hiac ot certain •terial for tb• ,Jngilleerinc J>epart•nt in the pavtnc ot a portion ot !brae• Street. S!tJ.A.R! -.Authori1inc auppl••ntal contract with 'l'ampa 8h1pbu114iac Ooapaq for uae of certain property on ket s14• of T'bor Channel, in the Kat-aary. S'l'tWI! Approvtnc bi4 of Kward 8• Moore 6 Sona for iapronaent• to certain propert..7 1a tu SetU17 on kat aide of_tNr Channel, to be b7 !aapa ShipbuildiDC 11Q 11 1943 1.t.S'l' TAMP.A. SUBDIVISIOB .Authorising aale of Lot 1 Block 37 laat !upa SubdiTieion to J.Y. Jra1ier, Jr, Ste. Xq ll 1943 ZA8'1' l!Ul(GALOlf PARK -Authorizing cucellation of certain tu and public on propert7 aold by City. Jun 22 1943 EA.ST 0TAMPA SUBDITISIO!I' AUthori2ing cancellation of Sewer Cert. lo. 19698 against Lot 17, !lock 43, kat Tampa Sub. Jun 2? 1943 EVJ:Lff CI'rf SUBDIVISION -Providing for the purchaee of certain propert7 in Evel70 Cit7 Sub., for park purposes, ~tc. AN 10 1~3 KAft BJIOADW.A.t -••tabllehlac fnlch\ apace 1,oa. leflnth Aft., ( ... t Jroa4-,,) a4T. -.C 10 1,a.3 DClIIWIR Dm'f. -J.wtborisS:ac/of 'bile for v14eala of Oun,-froa .I.Iwata \o ,a..,.nt•. (YUftftet Panac Brick) ,Aue 24 1943 m>GD.A.!ZJl PAIi SO!DI'fISIOll -.A.uthoriliq oanoellation ot NWr certificate •o. 24719 ~atut I,ft 17, Bloolc 4, Mcewater Parle l1lb41 Tl doa. 24 1943 10Jl'l' lffmlS-l'l'Um CAI.AL Co•eACliac .Atlantic and Gulf for *•ir effort• at lllproTeMat to 1ort NT•r•~ Sept 14 a.p, 28 28 8"1Art Canal, -~'1' TAMP.A. SUBDIWISIOB .Authorising cancellation of certain pa-nae lien• on Loh 1 and 2 !lock 4b, hat 'l'aapa Sub. -mxDV.A.!'lll :,mr~nSIOllthori~ing apportionment of taxe• a.taii•t certain propertie• in Zqevater Park 8ub4iviaion. a.a J..mJWAIDI-Bef'a4 of \az paicl in error oa aertala laACl for ,u ,ear 1936 aa4 tu lien oa ..... I Mlf:111111 apporUoaMa, of ta acat.ut lot• o r vao,a la eat.4 eu. 0 -17 0 G [l 0

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_________ Index to R~solution~Passed by the Board of Representatives of the City of Tam_pa,L Florida Li . (] 0 D NUMBER 7'7l-a 7,-,.a 798'-> 7991 ... 1 7991-1 . . soos-:a 8009-:8 11010-1 8037-1 8050-J 8051-1 go53-1 8055-B 809';;-! 1135-1 8152-1 115:,-1 8154-J 8186-1 1187-1 8119-1 Sl.95-1 1212-1 8222-1 S22rl 8233-1 8237-1 sni.J 8242-1 8245-B 8253-1 8255-! 8261-1 1276-1 8278-J DATE Month Day oo, ' 0o, ' Oot 5 Year Oct 12 1943 Oct 12 1943 Oct 12 1943 Oct Z6 1943 'fOT 16 1943 lloT 16 1943 JOT 16 1943 lloT 16 1943 lee 14 1943 Ju 11 191+4 Ju is 1944 ( Ju 18 19164 J•n 25 19~ Ju. 25 1~ . Ju 25 1944 1 15 1~ ,., 15 1'164 ,., 15 1,a.a. 1eb 22 1944 Jeb 29 1944 Jt1b 29 1944 SUBJECT MATTER cm-a\borta1-. apporU011Mat of 1u ••••-•'• -1u, loll or • .aw 'UIIUI-OztMtt•oeannatt•••f . ... .,..,. ..._ iai!lla fl'ea.1"11:-,, ,20th 1,reot• 1a u. o,-,. llll,AIWUI ..... Pronllac for •zobace of'" lol• with ICattl• TOIIIIC to ooaplet• cll7 fllllac procru. CILdD -1.uthorhlac apporUouoat of tu • ooflala proptrU•• ta 1943. 1'l'D PAIi-Authorlriac apportioa•nt of tu•• for 1943 propert7 l~ ~wwwta AT!IUI-leJeottac all bl4• for of a -uMWWW& AlDUI-Authorhiac ~r to readnru .. for bld• fa. of ln 16th to 20th •h IIDDW:A'!'D apportiomaent of •••••••nt1 for tho 7ear 1943 ac&1n1t certain fract1 of land in thi• Sub. IXDYATD P~ SU!DITISIOW-Authoriring p&Tment of State and C6unty taxe1 onproperty 1old under foreclosure by the Clt70 COWOMIC D!!VLEOPMEN'r COMMI'l"!'n-Appropriatin $16.'66,66 to of Bill1borouch Count71 Inc. AST bMPA SU!DIVISIOB-Authorlting the ~ppo~•ionment of tax aeae11ments for the year 1943 on certain tracts of land. s, TAMPA SUBD IVISION-Authorizing can•allation of Sewer Cert. 101. 19700 and 19701 &f:ainet Lota ?5 and 26, " 1ub0111 BAT P.UUC SUIDIVISIOJT-~DTin petition of Aaerlcan Welding and Tau o. retund ot certain tu•• tor 1942 and crantinc cu.collation of certain tar•• for 1943. US! fANPA IUIDITlSIOIAuthorlllQS Nl• and coa"7aac• of Loi 1, IUc.ll, ••'•• aa4 aul!aorbinc eunUon and dol1N17 of 4Nd bJ" proper officer• of tho Cl'7. v.ponbpqaent of 01ft D'lDII-Authorhiac u.d dinoUac .... to aoulract tho 34th Hvor. Said work to b• done bJ" the Cit7. AccopUac grant• of ••••nt• thn. onr. WMler aa4 aoroH certain 1&1141 la llk.10, leT1N4 •p of Kut 9a7 hb1a. mGIDlllllG DIP.Alft'KlftAutboriliQS th• PvchaHac Acent to adNrUH for certala n.pPU•• for tho UH of thh E, • JIIOimB.IJG DIP~---------------8Aa Al ABC)ff...-------------mlGIDEll'IG J11tb!•l'!---------------------IANZ AS ABOU---------------mlOIDJP.llIS mPil!DI!-.&ppronac bi4 of BuraeU and Iac. for cor\ala n.ppltH tuahh for UH of De,-r (wnr pipe u4 DIJIIIDIJJI JaP.di'Wf-Appronac bit et !he fnu o...,..,. for •f oorl&la nppll•• for .... top,. (Aepbal,). JIRIDIIII• ..,atlGJlt-Apprmac bl4 of~ .... A llatol'ial c. .• Iaa. for h.rlliahiaf of oertala eappll•• tor 11M ot --.,ui,...r-. tac Dept. (1&7 IMU). wwwu AU1111-AocepUac work 4oao bJ" Cou lrea. for or 1owr l a 18th 1,. l6Ua w 201h ltne,,. 'SIIUaT IUDfflllCII-AuthortalJIC ••tUneal an4 a4Jut•at • 12 an4 13. Ilk.Ii ..... DCHIIDIII DIPil!Kift-AutboridDC th• PvohuiQS ~•al to pvohaH certain nppllH for tho ~aciuel'iac Dept. (coacnl• pl ). J. YDD JI.LIi-Authorising pa:,men• of $32 to J. lr~d !111• for nceiTed while in emplc,t of the Sanitar., SI.IO'l'llIC EILLIWG MAOHID-Authoriri~ '4nrt11ement for btda for an electric billlnc lll&Chine for the use of the Water Doparta nt Kar 7 1944 DGIDERIWG DEPA~TMEI.rr-Authorizing compeneation to W. !. Jla~ert7 for tadio etolen from hancar at Peter o. hight Atrpo•t. Mar 7 1944 !BGIDERIW IJEPARTMER'?-Authoririnc to Weldon and Hanson for radio stolen from Peter o. Knigh t Aitport. Kar 7 1944 ~IIEEJUm D!PAll'l'MEJ1f--~to•lng bid of Sherman Concrete Pipe for supplies furnished to Cit7 for uae of same d epar Mar 14 1944 IDEJUm IJIP.lBllllll'f-ApproTiDC acreeaent between the Cit7 and Wm. !hetfore and Jue• Math~ for lunch rooa at tho Peter o. Xnicht Airport. Kar 14 191w Q:tmmm !DPAllflCllff-Au.thorhinc the furchadng .Agent t " purcha1 e certain 1u ppliea for the of the Enc. Dept. aDd. to adTertise for same. (Sewer Cl eaninc !qu ipment). Kar 14 1944 XA,9'1' DM,Ai-Authoririnc apportionment of for 1943 apintt cer*ain tract1. of land. %tc. Mar 21 1944 ~T 'l'AMPA SUJDITISIOlf-Autboridn sale of Lot 10, Block 7, 1ue 1ub'n. to Bathan lenr.,. !tc. Kar 21 19~i STUART' SUBDITISIOll-Authorhing leaH to C. 1. Loper conring Lot l, !lk. l, 1ue Sub•n. llo. l. , Kar ~1 1944 DGIIBJll?TG ~AllTMll'l'-Auth ~riring contr1uction of eprinkler 1yttem in B i ghlan;d Park u.d •uthorizin adT. for bid1 for, .... Nu 2S 19114 IJDJll& mP.All'r61-Authorhtac tba Pvc1&• Aa98'tto adNrU•• for bid• fer • It. ,o• coacnto pipe • Nar 28 1~ IE . ..,~• AftlUI-l•labltehtag oortata n••rw4 .,_.. ta froat of 1,. ftaceat' • Ohurch---2109 -11'h Awau. jpr 11 1944 IDDI'I~ DRil!Mllf-adTerti•••nt for bid• for 50.000 pl. cut-bacllc a1phalt for u•• of the lncineorlac Apr lS 1944 IlD!'JlISG ePAMICll'f.tpprodsag bid of Challpion Corp. fol' funh" Power cl••hc equip•nt for use of 1w Dept. Apr lS l~ ;11EERI11G D.Zm'l'IClllT-Appro•tn bid of Concrete Pipe Co. for of 444 lin. ft. 30• concrete pipt tor uu Apr 25 1944 lff DGllBll-Authorhing ••• to accept $49 fro• 11.J'lac School a1 f'llll Hlllo•nt for bill of s. ~tc.

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_ ,---___ Index to Resolutions Passed by_ the Board of Re_presentatives of the City of Tam_Qa _ F _lo_ n _d_ a ____________ _____,. NUMBER 8JJ5-B ' .J3 37-1 ' SJJS-:a 8Y4()-1 " . , .. 8Jlt5-B 8357-B 8362-B 8371-iJ . 8J72-B 8373-B s374-i 8375-B 8380-B 8385-B 8386-B 8390-B z,,,1;;1 8392-B 8397-B 8411-B 8411-B 8413-B 8415-B 8419-B 1115"-J 81155-B ~6-J aCll60-J 8469-1 8~1 ')~94-B Slf9~ 8514-B 8514-B 8515-B 1527-> DATE Month Day Year Jir 25 1944 Apr 1944 NAT 4 l,a.4 liq 4 19't4 l4q 9 1944 M&T 9 1944 .. MAY 9 1944 May 16 1944 Nq 16 1944 Ma7 16 1944 Nq 16 1944 Nq 16 1944 Mq 16 l-944 M87 16 1944 Ma;v 25 1944 Kay 25 1944 May 25 1944 Kq 25 1944 Ma, 25 1944 Ma;r 30 1944 30 1944 )lay' 30 1944 Kay', 30 1944 May 30 1944 Mq ,o 1944 June 6 1944 June 6 1944 June lJ 19't4 June lJ 1944 15 1944 15 19114 June 20 1944 Jun• 20 1944 SUBJECT MATTER DG~JDRiliG m:PARTMIR'l'-.Auth ridnc the Purchaae of 699 Lin. It. 18 " Diaaeter T. C. Sever Pipe for Encineerinc .l41!l"'•OVI 1,J. /31,:J, . XIQIDEIII() DIPmMIIIT-.l.\ttaerlztn& ~h• pll'euee of 5Q,OOO cal,lon1 c~t-bacg aephalt for 111• of the Sncineerinc DeJ>&rtaen\. :IAS! .....,,. SUBDITISIOI-.Au\horislnc apportloaaent tor 1943 acaia•t certain lot• or tract• of lancl. Ste. 81JWAID DIGffl IUll)IfIIIOI-facaUac &HH ... nh tor operatlJlc qpea••• Oil Loh 8, 9 an4 10, BJJc.Jl, NM eub•a. , DGIJDRIWG D!PARTMEI'?-Authorising for bid• for 1420t• 36• pipe an4 6o ft. 181 pipe for of Sacineeriag Departaen t. SAS! !AMPA SUBDITIIIOI-J.uthorhing apportionaent of taxee for 1943 ap.inet certain lot• or tract• of land in ,aae n. Clff DGIDd,. Autboridn& Cit;r :Engineer and Nqor to mix-in-place-pan or coat certain etreet• in Dht. fll vUh certain aonqe now allocated tor eaae. ~T TAMPA SOBDIVISIOW-Authorizing sale of 17 and 18, Bllc.ll, eame eub'n. to W. 'fruncale. . GilmlBG lllPil'ftmll!ProTiding for tranefer of funds fd of draina&• in •o. 6. IIDRDJG D!!PARTM!N!-J.uthorizin advertleeunt for bide for 1122 Lin. ft. 30• pip• tor u1e of Engineerinc Depe.rtaent. INDllING DIPJ.RTMENT-Authorizing adnrtieement for bids for 1320 17. 24• pipe and 1175 It. 181 pi,. for uee of eame dept. -GINDRING lllPAllTMZK'l'-Authorizing tran,ter of f1md1 in •o. 9, for of drainage vorlce. Etc. LI,Alld STBDT-Prohibitin all puking on both dcle of 1treet at lTo. 1139 belle b7 the U. S. la~. NGIDERING DJ:P.AllTM!IT-J.pproTing bid of I. W. Phillips for 699 Lin. rt. 12• pipe for of the Engineering Department. AJ1f TAMPA SUBDIVISIOVAuthorizing sale of Lota 21 and 22, Blk.5, 1ub'n. to Rene Morale•. ($200.00). CELDA SUJ,DIVISIOB-Authorizing eale of Lot 9, Blk.3, to Kr,. Gloria Barbon for $160, Mme 1ubdivi1ion. GNIDERING DEP.ARTMDTT-Authoriring to Edvard Gomez for damage to hie car b;r tractor of Eng. Dept, at lnight Air ort. -GIDEJUllG DIPARTMEBT-Authorising adverti1ement for 1122 1 30• pipe for use of Engineering Department • • IIEERIBG DJ:PAR'?MEN'l'-•uthoriring bid• on 1501 30" pipe for uee of department. CIIA1'GE 11:ATIOSAL BAB][ or TAMPA--t-rir all moneys belonging to the City of Tampa, Etc. AJ1f TAMPA SUBDIVISIOI-.Authorizing cancellation of tax and public improvement lien, againet certain lot, or tracte of land. CELDA StmDIVISIOH---------------------------SAMJC AS ABOU-------------------------------------------------------EG:!WOOD SUBDIVISI01'-Cancelling and penaltiet acainet Lot 26, eub1n. for 1941. DGINDJUNG DIPA.RT~TBeecinding Resolution Ho. 8392-B, which authorized the ,dTerti1ement for 1501 30• pipe for ot • DGIIDBI•G IJEPAllTMENT-J.ppr~ving bid of Sherman Concrete Pipe Comp~ for furnishing 11221 30• pipe at $2805 tor uee of ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR-Waiving penalty of $10.0 0 per da,v for unfinished work by Bigby Electric Co. faccording to contract . , between same and the City of Tampa at Knight Airport. Etc. EliGINEERING DEAPRTMDT-Authorizing Purcaaeing Agent to advertiae for bids for a povered pader for same depart~ent'a use. DmIBG DKP.d!'MII!-Auth~rhiac the Purcbalinc Acgent to adwrth• for blcle l)n 150,000 pl.lln• aephalt for UH of eaU. dep t•nt. 1DD m.LIS-.._thorhiDC pq•nt of $90 to Dr. W. Cooper to'? profeHional Hrric•• rendered to ... eal4 llr. Sllle; eaplo e ot the Sani tar7 Depar51Mnt. IDDI•G DIP.AR'l'MIJl'l'-ApproTinc bid of 1lori4-0eorcia ~rcator Compa117 tor powere4 roa4 'grader for ~ncineerinc-~•pt. -IJDRIJrG DIP~dl'l-J.uthori1ing adnrti•••nt for bide for.certain luaber for repairinc Garcia Avenue Bricl&e. ~,c. llCDLDA SUIDITISIO•Modifying term and eonditione of sale of Lot 9. llk.J, eaid eub. to Mr•. Gloria Barbon. llST !.AMP.I. SOJDIVI8IOJl-Authorizing ap ? ortionment for 1943 certain lot• or of land. ~tc. June 30 1944 16S'f BA.T A.DDITIJI-Authorh:1ng of Lot l of Blk.9, to H. Linnlle for $80.00. June 30 1944 BNGID:EllIWG DEPARIMDTTApproTing bid of Texae Company for 150,000 gallons cut-back asphalt for department. JuU 11 1944 Jul7 11 1944 Jul.T 18 1944 July 18 1944 Jul;r 113 194 ~ ~ . 1 lMt .bg 1 19'6 EAST BAT .Al)DITIOM-J.uthori1ing apportionment of againet ceztain tracts of land in 1ubdivi1ion. . DGDmERING DEP.ARTMJIT! i.u.thorizing advertisement for bide for ltmber for repair of Garcia Avenue Bridce. ESTU.ARY SUBDIVISION-J.uthorizin,; apportionment for 1943 certain ~ota or lract, of land. Etc. EYCELDA SUBDIVISIOlf-------------~----~.Akl AS~---~----------••-------~--. DGillDRING DFPARTMr.n'-Authorizing caan,;e in budget of~'Vae ute of Patrol Operator in said department to $7~50 per day. Ml! LOJ.!P.'rl ftlllf-llxlac UM fer :,arklac la treat et la>S ea14 etreel at tea alaut••• fer 41etaace et 35 fHt. IICLOSID llll'AL BODia, • A,dllodalg adY•t1•--t tor bi .. tor thrN o! N.i4 'bo41•• tor ot tba, 1Ulltar7 D.i-r--t. IIGDla DG athorisl 11g adYert1•--t tor b1cl• tor oonoret• pipe tor •• ot aa14 clepartaent • ALJ'OIIO SCDfjlUUA -athoriziZJC Lots 13 and. 14 ~lock 5. Naofarlan• Park l•bdi to J.loue •ch•varria. IAft lit P.ARX DVISIOI --A1&t~or1dnc apportionaent of propert7 for 1943, oertala loh or ot lan4. 0 \ [J 0 0 D

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.. f . ..._ ____________ Index to Re•olution1 Pa11ed .Ly the Bo~d of Repre1entative1 _of th~ City of ~ampa, Flori ==da'.=-----~----..,.., D • • 0 • NUMBER 10 13 17 25 so 38 82 83 85 94 . 102 116 123 127 128 137 138 16' 156 163 164 172 217 222 258 266 270 274 282 289 290 293 294 295 323 324 330 . 338 361 DATE SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YSAII Feb Oct 6 1889 FIRST NATIONAL BANX--Re1ol.authorldng City Clerk 'to 0draw ~rant in favor ~r same tor t,4&&.83 ,payment ot loan. . 3 . . . . 1889 FIRI .A.UR)( SYSTll(..-Reaol.approving plans & specifications and authorizing expenditure ot money for same. .. . . . 19 1891 FORT tioning State Legislature to extend City Um.its to take in aaid Fort Brooke. n . . . . Feb 10 1893 fflANJCLill atreet--Reeol.ordering Chiet ot Sanitation to clean up said 1treet, lii't:o. Jun 14 1895 FU.DREDGING COMPANY--Resol.approving plane ot City 'it,gineer for buiiding Bride• at toot ot IAf'~ette St, Eto. Jun 28 1895 FORTUN& STREAT BRIDGJi--Reaol.inatl'Jotinc the Tender to arrest aey oni: driving taster than a walk. over aiad bride•• J(OY 22 1896 F.IRB PROT!I:TION-Reeol.orderlng Tampa Water Wlca.Co. to lay maina & plaoe as designat.d in contract. Ibo. ~r 13 1896 FLA.. DREDGING co.:-~eaol.authoridng PJ1Wlent ot balance due aaid compu;y. out or available .f\mda in City Treas. Mar 31 1899 LLING--Reaql.or4er1ng a&N on Lota 6 & 7, Blk.28, Gen.Map ot Tbor City. Apr 21 1899 May l 1899 X DEPAR'l'IONT--Reaol.di~eoting s ... to O.K. all tor all & supplies ot hil Dept. ILIBG--Reaol.ordering Lota 6 & 7, Blk. 28, Tbor City Subn. be dU.. and charge aae to pr~rty' abutting. ..,. Jun 16 1899 l"
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• .._ _ __. ____ Inda: to Re.olutiom Pa..d Ly tlie Board 0 RepreHDtative1 0 tlie City 0 Tampa, Florida DATE NUMBER ------.----,-----1 SUBJECT MATTER 362 3'74 376 384 386 No# 397 408 419 428 430 445 MONTH D A Y YaAII Jm 29 1904 FIFTH AV.,_Resol.orderi:1g the plaoe crouinc at aame, between 13th a: 14th Sta. in good condition. Apr 8 1904 FlLl.m(UN S'l".--Resol.orderi:ng sprinkli~ or same, betwe,n Scott St. and 6th AT•• May 6 1904 FOURTEmTH AVE.--Resol.ordering Tampa Water , i'lca.~o. to extend its mains on same, from Central Ave. to llor~e.n St. Jul 3 1904 FlRE STA.TION ?W.4, disoontimJe Fire Sta. :f!,4. Jul 19 1904 FIRE STATION !}4. --Hesol.resoin:ling Reaol. ,fe84 abolishing Fire Station :/14. NO D 'l'E 1904 FIRE STATION ,e.--Resol.(Ureoting B ot P build an corrugated shed on W side of Fire Station to keep and maintain a Hose Wagon an~ the Asst.Chiet•s Buggy. Mar 13 1905 FAIR,--Resol. IN RK to the Mid-Winter State •Fair to be held at Tampa, Fla. Jun 13 1906 STRDT-Reaol.orclering pt.vine ot a.-trClll Fla. Ave. to Franklin St. 29 1906 RIDA AVIRUS-Resol. ordering paving of ..... tr
ft • -• • • • • a& IO llOT IT. :atll~ • • • • • • IAIII,. A!Oft • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dee I llOT .--•.tl ... tl.Jll "t'IIJlla .. _. ... • rr ftll ... u 111 t.a • •'llnlNt&N _. ,M cur..., IOI IM DN 11111i11e to .,... l1nll ... tie 1lle UTa"e . . 11 llOT JUICU ATa-le1ol.d1net1J1& !lllp& au eo. • lq ... '----,.... .... _, .......... . I llGI • •

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F . .._ ____ • ________ _____,l__,ndex to Re1olution1 Pa11ed by~the~Board ofRepre1entative1-~f:tlie,City'.of l'ampa,}:lorida. u D • NUMBER 1 18 Z2 II 81 T8 8T 114 128 168 110 l80 101 111 NI Ill 211 .. IN 171 2,, 111 ... 19T ,za 460 464 465 . _4g7 496 516 522 528 587 5~ 6oo 6o7 615 63a. &a.7 '53 670 670 DATE i & SUBJECT .MATTER MONT H DAY VIAii I "1111 za 1908 1'Ill m•;.ae1a111. .... • a'4w!:tac ftrt 14 11r1o1c Uldte u eooa u la et tllt 01t7 ot ta,-. -S -ll llOI ftllS D•amaT, CBilr Or-IMtl'IIOtbg' Chief' ot m.eotrloal Dtpt. (Sleotrioal to nport to •-• ••~• bJ rtpa't POllCS On'Ic .... 1.1 .. to 'bU. ll tw .... t•• •. AJ.10 -"P" . • . • , 21 Sept 29 , 1908 1908 1909 1909 1909 1909 1909 1909 1909 1909 1910 1910 1910 1910 1910 POLIOS ornr.w•••Ja•t•• to . ..,or oapln• Roata' ot all ~"• '1am ..-,, llbo, to CitJ•o 1 • "P• • • Peb 2 FIU PL110-RelatiT• to , ... in a1d41• ot •ti-•• cm Morpn Street mar Portune. ••• naa DIP~ AID CHIIP-ielat1•• to oha.llgtnc looatiou ot nre plug•. ete. PAIi COIIIIIIIOSa~otatiJIC Co. J • B. Andmon. a1 , .... PW RIDA AV.....a.palr1Jlc aa4 o111nc •d.4 a ftmae tro111 Oak 4T•a• to A.Taue. IRPll,D lftm-2equ••t1nc SAL llR. co. tp plao• _., .. oa Ml4 •tn• ...._,. truk• oro•• atre.t • eto. , .. Jiu 2 Jiu' 18 • ff Ja 1 Jul 27 Oot 11 nu CHI ... llTIIUUCIIAL jlSOCUTIepu1amt, • IJd;atutlo-.1 oaavutioa. a,w•• pa14, ••• -------•c 9 1110 J'IU ftATIAD CX>IIPAllT Jlelati'Ye to Prmohi•• on A.Tcuo. JUBCHIIS -Jlolat1T• ' llllon ltation tor Jud.lrou• in Tapa. FLCllIDl AVlllJS -ror paTi.n& nortda -beWND Pala all4 lllohlgan. ! 1912 JLORIDA •~BUl--lle1ol. r~ecin4inc aboTe, and 1am be pawd with Tit~ified brick in1tead of aephalt. K91' 14 _ 1912 J I ~ •ff.-lleeol. •uthoriria Board of Public Works grade and cut out tree1 on •am• trom Nebr.Ave. to 10th St. Me.1 1 4 1912 l iiE DllPT.-ieeol. Authorizin& fire dept. to turn ove~ to th~ 1olice Dept. tvo horse,. Jun 19 1912 !'ID CONKITTl:E -AU.thorhing •au to. advertiaeitor Jj.cl1 to purchase t.wo Auto Combination hoH and Chemical trueJca. ul. 2 1912 1"~ COM.~I'l"n:E-B.1101. direotinc Tampa Water Work• Co. to lq Mini on lla.AT• and 15th Street & place lfTdruts thereoa. Jul 30 1912 100D PaODUCTS-Ie@ol.creatinc Pure Yood Committee of the Cit~ Council. Aue 20 1912 ~.D . 1ITZGll:RAU>-Beaol.appropriatin& $l50.')0 to 4etray expen••• of City llectrician to con•ention. Sept. 3 1912 IRE COMMITTEE -Re1ol.o! 1aae appropr1at1114; $150.00 to defrq expeneea Ohi•t W . k.Mathew1 to attend lire Chief Con•entlon. •• 1912 fllDDrG ta..., .'15.00 pa ••th for t..aac of Ls. ..... Iupeotor'• horN. ff 19 1912 1L&GIIAW leeol.UnoHag,A_O.L.-,..Oo. te pale• napaa at 0roHill at ••• ~o..ie_.,4. ••T 19 1912 JUI OOIDU'ftD-leeel._. .... a•Ulol'l•iac I ........ et peeelit NI" et 11N Olaiet f• a ur et licllff powr. In 2' 1912 1J.OIIDA AU. -JeMl. e1' >ead et Pulte lfka. u paw .... fr• Xleb.ATa.Ull'Ul H Pal.MU• It. • he 10 1912 JIU CMIIUftD leMl.av.tllol'ldac fin Chief aM Jin 0...S.UH to Uepo•• et thl'M llon•• •• 1-.r ..... '-Je, 5 1913 nD AID WAID OCllllftll--••l. laetnnlac ,..,. later ... o.. to i. atu • fnuUa a,. • -. .... . .... .. 1913 JID ..... l'bc Water ... 0.. to ew al lpnag aM 0.UIMI It•• 12-ft ... , ea . . . .... U 1913 JIii ftA!IOII fl...lleMl.atllorldac eale ef 12 Jtn ltatt• ul et lot to hill aao-.r. jpr l 1913 J'J,OJl!DA Aft-leNl.•tb•rl•iac paflaC ef fNII hudo Aw. ' M llerpa It. .tpr 1 1913 DASOII AU ------8MIS .11 MOU -----------. . . •

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• .. _______ Lida to Re1e>lutio111 Pu,ed l,y tlie Board 0 Repre1e11tative1 0 tLe City of Tampa, Flon _da,,__. -----------., DATE NUMBER SUBJECT MATTER 613 686 699 71 .. 717 7-735 751 761 772 77~ 775 715 790 791 799 799 802 81T 86' 888 878 8T9 caa 881 906 911 911 H8 981 NI . 111 968 '" 988 991 101'1 1029 10815 1062 1062 i012 llk.58, of a.taapa ftt .00. 11pr 22 1913 a. .. 1. ,o -"m: s::J ta 1,. froa 7u A"• ,o s,11 An. llq 13 1913 JID -AINlllf--leHl.aaULerialac Jin 0-1,, .. ,o pvoba•• ~,,.fir• .... 13 3 1913 1913 191J 1913 1913 1913 1913 1913 MC 5 1913 A11c 5 1913 -. 191:, 1913 12 1913 19 1911 . lq 10 191.a Oot U 1911 Oot 28 191.a SOY 11 1911 •cw 11 . 191.a JU.BLIW ft'Dl!--leeol.•rt•rlac ,..,.., fNII 7~ Aw. \o a1p\JI Aw. _ . . . . . JIii DP41Td&f-.. ••l.n\una1a, .... ,. • .. 11 ..... AU-Jleeel.or4ertac pant froia •eltr.Aff. we, \o na. Aw. ,ouan ortenac pan.a, of fr• ,o ~* 1,reoa. JAll---i.Hl. !aapa oe,r10 O.. ,. roclue tan ._, 1111.phv lprlJII 11• ,. ?be* ts1 '7 ,. fl fl ... , •• rm 'AU--lteHl. orterlac lqlac of 'brlek fla, ta Jnn)I An. ,-nae, fr• 22M 1,. ••' ,o ~th 1,. JU>mDA Urocuac !upal Yater Va. Oo. ,. aala• oa .... tria Mal•• 1,. \o P~\ll 1,. JOtaft All-AIHl.orurtac pa-tlac •f .... fra 19'1l to 20\!l 1,., a4-'brlok lalt fla\. .00 •• .... ~o a,, •• la\leaal Naipal \rl•tw Ooafta\1•. ,un AUIOl--leHl. erurlac panac of .... fr• 21J\h ,. JO'h ltno,a. I •. JID DIPAmlClft-.... 1.a,bllriib& l'lN CoilllUtH • Cblof ,. ut--9 elf fin _•acu• for• uw .... , • r aauw ' . . ,. ' J'ID DGID--• * • • • • -Al AIOU -----------FlU CHI•' S appropriattnc lleo.oo tor Fire Chief to att-4 •••• YIU C I 191' PLORIDl AVI -aoaol.cr4erlnc pa'f'ing ot ..... tr• H•clry a. bipt Doalca .to l.l.L.llarehouae • .., 18 191-1 F.ID DIPARTIIIIT-.Beaol.g1 Tine -.,or to oontraot to purchue a IAPnaoo .Caab1mtlon p1111p Ul4 Chaloal lbgino. Jun 18 191-& P0RTURI SftKn-R .. ol.orcloring pannc ot •--troa Franlclin St. to lliTor Brida•• Jul f 191-1 Fll'1'H••ol,orderlng pan• .... trca lSth St .... t to 22m St. J\11 T 19~'6 J!lil<%S .lVI-Roaol.orcler1ias .... en.clod tr• l'la • .Avo. to C•tral AT-. a-, 1e 191, nARLIJ amar-R~•ol. to z-epaTo ,... tr• Polk st. to. Bev•~.'-'!•• u4 p-0111:• 1111 th up11a1,. _hp 11 191-1 Jl'IRJrMHZ.AJ'thur-Roaol.nm tt1111 110.00 fl• lllpoaecl upon penon. aDd tllat he bo a-, • .191, l'LOUICI BTU ..... oaol.Ol'4ffla& Piria& et ....... alao Bow.a a,. . troa Willth .lTe. to Kl.nOllth .lT-. Oot 11 191-1 FIU DIPARTJOft•-R•ol.apt,ropriatlJIC 1200.00 to Chiot W.11.llath ... , apena• attendinc oosoatloa at Iff Ori. .... I&e . . . 1'0T U 191-1 FIRI DIPAR'l'IIIIT--Re~ol. authorisiJlc aaid Dept. to sell two horses. D.a 29 1914 FIRE DEPr.-Rasol.authoriti~ .l:i].ec.Dept. t o parohuo anauto and Trana; old one to Fire IMpt. Doo 29 191-1 FIRI DIPT.--Reaol.author1&1ng Hid Dept. to purohaeo one Ford •to tor aaid Dept. . . . Jan 19 191' PORI FOOD DIPT.-R .. ol.authoridq •aid Dept to purohuo 6 fly natt .. a. as 191, PRJICIS p&TiDC ot me -tr• Iebr. Ave. to 111.tchell st. • I D u • D • 0 ,

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1-------------l _ ndex to , Re1olution11 P.aaed-.1,y tlie . Board 9,. Reprnentativ~• ~ ~f'tlie. City .of: Tampa, Florida ___ ....._ ____ __,. 0 NUMBER lS66 1670 169' 1697 ll98 18'2 1682 1698 1708 1728 1712 1738 . 174.2 1T69 • 1761 1783 1790 1'798 1'799 1820 1829 184.0 1846 DATE I • '-' SUBJECT MATTER ,, ' I MONTH DAY YllA,-.. .. .1Wl 16 1918 30 1918 20 1918 .27 1918 27 1918 FIRI D•A.Rnm--Reaol.authorbinc ChiAtt to aohep one Ford TouriJlg oar tor a lllllr on. J>&Yime ditt•r•no• ot 1219.48. FIRI ISCAPIS--Resol.authorisinc inatallation ot •-on the Gordon leller Hoapital. FIFTl.a'ftl STRX& open anlll atell4 .... troa llioh.l.Te. to 24th I.Te, aDd pue .... with •oadaa and ooaoret• c,urb. FU.I BQ8~-Re1ol.autboridng Fin purob ... 2000 n. Hip pnuure ho••• PIFTmTH ST.-Rtaol.ordering panac ot , ... tr• llioh.l.T .. to 2llt I.Te. with a ahell bue aD4 I\D"taoe ot uphalt.,ao. I a 1918 FJII CHill'•S COIVINT10J1-lieec,l.appropriat1ac taoo.oo to Chief w.a.11at1a ... tor atteDlliDC oowention iJl ran ... 0itr. 28 1919 FIRI C FIRST CHURCH OF CHRII!•• lleaol.tor oanoellation ot TuH qainat lot 6,Blk.,, LiTonia Doclu Cline'• Subn. 29 19a) FIRE C 0MUITTEie--llHol.authorbing aa14 COIIIDi.ttee to purohue Tiree tor puaiping appe.rabJ1, Ito. la 19al FIU CHIIF-Re1ol. appropriatiJ:Jg taoo.oo tor aaid Flre Chief to attend International A.11n.ot Fire ll2ginaer1, i.'to. 1'7 19a:> Fl.l.WASTJ: PAPIR co.-.a .. 01.autboridnc exeoution ot Contrut between C1t7 ot T•pa and Hit! Co. al 19a> FIJtK & \YATER OOIIIIT'l'D aaid Ccanittee to purohaae Flre Apparatu1 tor 1'7&00.00 • 28 1920 FU>RIDA. AV&--RHol.proTid~ tor wi4en1~-o~ laid Stre.t troa Polk to Warette 8t1. 12 19a:> Fml COYIIIffD--Resol~uthorbing add 'Ccad ttee to 1ell IS old Hose 'itagom •to the Crystal Ioe & Colt! Storage Co. 26 19a) FIR& OOIIIIT'1'.U--RHol.a11thorld111C add Ca.dttee to purohue 1 JIDtor Dr1 TeD 76-P't.1.erW Truok t'ully equipped. 26 1920 FIRI co•I'rrn-..aeaol.allthoridna paroh&•• ot 1000 rt. & pa,.tng ~-, ... , •• ao 19a> FIRI CCJOIITTD-Reeol.authoridng 1aid Comnitte• to purohaae 1000 Ft. 21'9 HoH. 21 1920 FUURTEJilml Contnot & ~reeent between City ot T1111.p& a: Cornelia CraTen tor purohaH ot land to .. D 8~• Dec 28 19a> FOtlRTllffl'H 1.v&-..Resol.Cornelia Craven .not to ret!etm Delinquent 1'axN OD lam 1014 Cit7 to open 1,th I.Te. Jan S 1921 FRANCHIS&--Re1ol.againet renewal ot ••• to Tampa Water Work• Co. OD it• expiration and purohaH ot plant f"OII-t1, I •

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Indes to R.olutio~ PaMed Ly tLe Board~ Rep~tatiYet o tLe City 0 Tampa, Florida ___________ _ DATE NUMBER 1---.---r----1 SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY YUII 1089. Jan 18 1916 J!UJICIS A.,V&,,..lle1ol.ord1riJ1C p&T~ ot .... trc:a ....... A.Te. to llaine 81:. 109'7 Mar 2 1916 FIG STRDT--R•ol.orderi11g p&Ting or ... trca Brnard A.Te to •o. Blri • • llOS Ill.I' SO 1911 rtOllIBIAID A.Va..Jle1ol.orcler1Dg puimc ot troa Celltral A.Te. to .. br.Are. 1106 Apr 8 1916 FLORIBUID A.Va--Re101.orier1ng -o oonorete ourbinc on .... tr• Central. to ••br.A..v••• . 1110 . AF, 1J 1916 n.<>RIBUIU AVI-Re1ol.ordering p&TiDg ot .... trca na •• .,. •• to Jlorpa It. 1118 • .., , 1916 FIU CHIii' a. C<11affn-ae1ol.authorisimc puroba•• ot Mtaobil• Tnot tw 111e et aait Dept. 112' -18 19ll P'IU DIPAR!'Jllllf'-.ieaol.authoris1DC Fire Cma. to puroh&le 1000 Peet tin hoN 6 ~p 014 typwr11'er tor a MW one. 1110 liq U 1916 FOU:ST ~••ol.ohmsing nuie ot ltreet to Foreet A"'•• 11,1 Ju 21 1911 IIWICIS Avs-R.101.orclmnc J'l'Y'iltc et .... trca J'la. AT•• to llarpa It. U Jun 29 191& PIPTIS!'H AVI-Re1ol.orcleriag JaflJIC ot w tr• 11.tte•th It. to llgJa-n111 a,. 11&6 11'10 11 '1'1 1186 llN Ju 8 1916 Flffll Ava--l.101.orderimg p&TiJlc et .... troll 11th St. ••t to Urd It. ag S 1916 ,OtJR!IJIITB H'JU2-Re1ol.ordering p&Ti.Dg ot .... tr• Sizth AT•• to I.A.Le&~. fnoa. Aue 1'7' 1916 FIU t200.oo to w.11.11a1:11 ... , .Chiet, to att•cl •tional ftre lagr.,Cos•tion at c1no1mat1, o. Sep 2 1916 FlfflmH STRDT-Re1ol.orderinc paring ot .... tr• 6th I.Te. to lit A.Te • . Sep 28 1916 • l'Dl• DIPT.-Reaol.authoriainc enhance ot oM LAJ"nno• Ste.a Plr• aagi.m ror oM Triple Ccabination llotor Dr1Ten appuatu•• 119' Sep 28 1916 FIR• .ODI-- • • • • • • SjD Al ABOR - • • • - • - • • • • • 12015 • Oot I 191& IO ... e p&TN trcia •o.&Nna4 .., .. to .,_ Blri. 121.a lMO 12,1 18" 12&1 1281 1268 1289 1286 13" la80 1367 1367 1372 1382 lsel 139' 1396 1 1111 1,ae 1,61 1''11 1,.,, 1'7& 1 1612 1M8 1&66 1667 168' Jfcw 1916 Plft&lli'B S'lltDf....aeaol.orcl•illC two low plao•• tilled oaa .... t all4 Weit ot 11th ltreet. 1911 FRIIICII .AV-.-R.-ol.qrcleriJtc pmms ot --• trca C•tnl A7•• to •ebr. AT•• 1911 G STRKlr--Jleaol. arclei:ing pannc , et trca Brfflll'd AT• to ... th 81T4. 191& UllTaaTB Av.-lleaol.orcleriJIC pa"f'iJlc ot .... ha IHxteath to llp~nth lta. 'IOT 18 191& FlUJCIS A,,._lte,ol.oriering p&Ting of ••• tr• Central I.Tee to na. AT•• Ito. Deo . ., 191& FIU Chief or Fire Dept. to purchaH one For4 Touriac Car tor ot Alat. Chiet ot Dept. Deo 7 1916 FIFTEIITB BT.-Re1ol.orderifc p&T1!2g ot .... trca 111.oh.ATee to 26th I.Te., with Bitumno111 IIMdul. Deo 14 1916 FIG STRD.T-Reaol.orderinc Tampa \Yater to lay •in on ••• trca 110.BlTd. to Bren.rd A.Te., Ito. Jan 11 191& FIRC&-~e,ol.author1&1ng c.,.ter7 COJD. to build tenoe on Salt or Woodlan C••terJ. qr 11 1918 FalRIBT .Av•u&--Reaol.orderiDg puing ot •aa between Slllor• St. aACl 1'ebr. AT._ 1111 9 1918 FIRI Fire Dept to to Sanitary Dept tour hor1ea u4 to one hor1e and Buca an4 Barm11. May 16 1916 Fllll Fire Chiet to 1000 Ft. tire ho••• J 18 1918 FIRI Fire Chiet ti> p,rohue 1000 tt. fire ho••• Jun 9 1916 FIRS DIPARTllm•.Reaol.authoriliJlg Fir• plrob&H one Bud1on 1'our1,. Car tor u•• tJI Pire Chiet. Jul 18 1916 FIRE CBID'--Re1ol.authori&1ng , ... to purohue 1000 tt. ot aa-tire ho••• Jul 18 1916 FIU ---- • -- • SAJII A:S ABOV&-• ----- • --Alic 8 1916 FIFTUBTH AV&-.Re1ol.direotinc T•pa Water la, main on rra 15th st. to 19th st. us 8 1916 FIRI DBPARTX•T-Reaol.awropriatinc t200.oo to w.11.ath ... ,Ch1er ot J'ire Dept. apeuea to attem oonvention. &ep H 1918 FIRWDII, 11:r,.--. De~ Bmbert, 18.clow--Re1ol.authoriliDC Cit7 Att~. to reduce Tu •••••tor 1916,1200.00 on !Pt lo, Bllc. 2.8, Ben4ry 4: lnishta llap or DeSoto Part. Jan 9 Illar lS May 29 Ju 6 Jun 12 Sep 18 Oct Feb 12 Kar 19 liar 19 •r 9 1911 1917 191'1 191'1 191'1 1917 191'1 1918 1918 1918 1918 FAIR GROUNDS-~eeol.authoridng cloling ot No.BlTd.along Fair durinc the So.P'la.Fa1r 4: G&eparllla Carniftl. 1'0Ulft'AI1'.Drinlc1nc-R•• h&Te 1&M that n.1 r•cwed re-iutalled at acme looation near Ybor cu.,. FI:r?IJll'T!I STUZl' have ••• w1clened and opened up bet.Nil lfioh. and 211t P'Illl OOIIICITTD--Reaol.authori&i DC to purohaH 2000 tt. hoH. FIILlf''S 4: sntLDG1S SUBII.-Re1ol.olo1111g 10-rt.alley running I and 1f thru Blt.s ot aaicl Subn. P'IR8r AVENUK-Reaol.direoting TUl)a Water extend it• maiu .on •aid AT•• FIU DIPT.--.Autlao1'1zinc Chier or ereot and equip one motor driTen Chmoal and HoH Wagon at a 001t ot 11100.00. FIRI DPPT.,Foroe-Re1ol.authoriling ts&oo.oo tram Cea.Fund to Firaen•• Appropriation to 1Jlor-.1e Fcroe. STREII'--Reaol.authorizing purohaae or land aurtioient to oepn .... trca JO.oh.AT•• north to ATe.,fto. tnrl'AIBB,Drinld.•-R••ol.pluiac Chier ot Sanitary Dept, 1n ru11 oharc• ot •••• FIRI & WATIR CCIDllffBa-Re1ol.cl1reoting , ... to what 11 known the two platton 1yat• ot nr-a u in other oi ••• .

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N UMBER MONTH 1666 1670 .. 16M D 1697 1198 18'2 Jun 1662 .\Ilg 1698 Feb ' 1708 Mar 17?.8 Jun 1732 Jun i736. Jun 11,2 Jul . 17 69 .au, • 1'161 I.lag 1'183 Sep 1'190 Oot 1798 Oot 1799 Oot 1820 New 1829 Dec 1840 Deo 1846 Jan DATE DAY YKAII 16 1918 30 1918 20 1918 27 1918 27 1918 3 1918 26 1919 10 1920 30 1920 l 1920 11 1920 29 1920 13 19al 17 1920 31 191D 28 1920 12 191D 26 191D 26 1920 30 1920 21 1920 28 1920 3 1921 ' . ' SUBJECT MATTER .. FIRI DIPARTKllf'l'--Reaol.authorhinc ChiAt to exohanp one Ford Touring OU' tor an• om payiJtc d1.tter•no• ot tzae.48. FIRI ISCAPIS--Resol.authoriainc installation ot .... on the Gordon Keller Hoapital.. FIFTQ'm BTRXIT-lle•ol. to open and extend trca llloh.ATe. to Mtb AT•• aDI! p&Te .... 1d. th •oadam and oonorete aurb. FU& BQS&--Reaol.authoriaiDg Fire purohaM 8000 tt. Hip preaaure ho••• FIFTEIITH pannc ot .... tr• llioh.AT._ to 2lat AT•• with a • hell bue an4 1urtao• ot uphalt.,ao. . , FJI~ CBlll''S COJVll\ifIOlf--lieaol.appropriatinc hOO.OO to Chief ....... th ... tor att-41.Dc OOIIY'ention in ran ... Oitr. FIRI cc11in1•~••ol.authonlinc ••e to puroha•• one Triple Ccab.lfutlin• tor u•• ot l-'1re Dept •• ror .600.00. ao. FLA.FAIR & G.,PARILLl CARNIV&--Re1ol.ololing part •o.BlTd. for aaae during Nr. FINANCIAL R.EPOR? OF TJIIPA WATIR wmd-Resol. 11' R& of •--.ttaat City AttnJ. inatruot Ccwpu11 to omply with Ord.19&0. FIRI COIOllffl&-Re•ol.authoridng purohase ot blue ahirts and cwerall• for Firaen. ao. F1RST CHURCH OF CBlllT•• Re101.ror _oanoellation ot Tu•• aaainat lot 5,Blk.,, Li.Tonia Dodds Cline•• Subn. FIRI COMUITTEir--Jeeol.a.uthoridng aaid COlllllittee to purohaae for pumping apparab.11, Ito. FIRI CHIBF-lleaol. appropriating 1200.00 tor 1&14 Fire Chief to attend International A.e1n.or Fire lllgineer1, ao. FJ..l.WASTE P.APIR co.-.a .. 01.1.uthoridnc exeoution ot Contraot between City or Tapa and Co. FDA & ~ftli JIIITTD aa14 Cc.nltt•• to puroh&I• Fire for 1'1500.00. FIDRIDA AV&--Resol.proT14~ tor w14•n1~-ot add Stre.t tro• Polk to Warette 8t1. Fml COMIII'ITD--Resol~uthorbing to • 6 014 Boie Wagona-to the Cr19tal Ioe & Cold Storage Co. m1 OOMIIIT'I'.i-.-..Re1ol.authorid1g •aid Ccaaittff to puroha•• l IIDtor DriTM 76-Ft.Aerial Truok fully equippecl. FIRI CO*l'l'TD-~eaol.authorbi!J& puroha•• ot 1000 tt. & paying tor •--• ••• FIRI CCIOIITTEi-Reaol.authorizing 1aid Comnittee to purohue 1000 Ft. 2~ Ho••• FUURTE mTH AVJ-ieaol Contn.ot a: Acreeent between City ot Tanpa a: Cornelia CraYen tor purobaae or land to~ s~• t FOURTUR'l'H AV&-..Resol.Cornel1a Craven _ no t to redean Delinquent 1'uN OD lam 1old City to open 1,th A T • • FRAWCHIS&-..Reaol.againat renewal ot ••• to Tampa Water Work• Co. OD its expiration and puroha1e or plant f'OII-t1,

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.,_ ______ Index to Retolutiom Pa-.ed Ly tLe Board of Repre~tati.-e1 0 tLe City of Tampa, Florida DATE NUM8ER 1--.......... --r-----t SUBJECT MATTER MONTH DAY 1089. Jan 28 1916 109'1 )far 2 1916 • 1103 Jiu' ao 1916 110& Apr 8 1916 . 1110 . 11 1915 1118 . ... ' 1916 112' . ..., 18 1936 USO ll&y 26 1916 1166 Jun 22 1916 ll4i9 Jun 29 1915 1166 Jun e 1916 1170 ., a 1916 117'1 . .&uc 17 1916 1186 Sep 2 1916 1196 Sep 28 1916 . llM Sep 28 1916 1205 • Oot 6 1916 121.a t 1916 lHO IIOT 1916 12,1 Bew 1916 12'6 llcw 1916 1251 IIOT 18 1916 1286 Deo . 7 191!5 1288 Deo 7 19l6 1269 Dec 14 1915 1286 Jan 11 1916 13" .&pr 11 1916 la&o 9 1916 1367 16 1916 1367 1 16 1916 1372 Jun 9 1916 1382 Jul 18 1916 1S82 Jul 18 1916 13~ ., 8 1916 1396 Aue 8 1916 11111 Geja 2' 1916 1639 Jan 9 1917 1,s1 lfar 11 1917 1'71 11&7 29 1917 1676 Jun 6 1917 1676 Jun 12 1917 1'96 S9J> 18 1917 1612 Oct 0 1917 16'8 Feb 12 1918 1656 Kar 19 1918 1667 liar 19 1918 166' ,"Pr 9 1918 1UlfCIS p&Ti!lg ot .... trca I.Te. to Kaine St. FIG STREIT--Reaol.order1~ p&Ting of --trClll Brnard I.Te to llo. BlTd• J'LORIBIAIU. p&Tillc ot •-troa Central I.Te. to ••br.Are. FLORIBRAID -o oonoret• ourbing on .... tr• Central. to llebr.Av••• FLORIBUSli I.V ... Reaol. ordering pa.Ti.DC ot .... trca na. ATe. to llorpa st • FIU CHIIF & ot Autaobile Truolc ot u.14 Dept. FlRX DIPARTJIIRl'-.ieaol.authoriai~ Fire Conm. to 1000 Feet tin hoae & ~C-olcl typwr11Jer tor a new one. FORIST UM ot ltreet to Foreat I.Te. llWlCIS l.~aol.crdmnc p&Ting ot trca J'la. A.••• to Jklrpn St. Pirl'llftH JaTiDC .r Nae tr• P11"teeath It. to llgJlteath 111. FIF'l'H 1.., p&TiDC ot tram 18th St. ••t to lard St. POURTIJaTB p&Ting ot .... tr• Buth AT•• to;&. ~a. FIR& CBIIP-Reaol.appropriating 1200.00 to lf.11.lfath ... , .Chiet, to attena ... ,1011&1 ftre lagr.,Oom-ention at C1Doimati, o. FlfflmH STRDT-Reaol.ordering paring ot •--trca 6th A.Te. to lat AT•• . nRI DIPT.--aeaol.authori&ing •ohanc• ot OM L&J'ranoe Steaa Fir• lltglne _tor OM Triple Caabination Motor DriTen FIRI IBGII-• -- • • SAMS il ABOVK - • -- • - • • - • • FlHDl'lil two loar plaoea tilled Q •• lut aa4 •••t ot l&th ftreet. FRPCIS paring ot ••• trc:a Ceatnl 1.7•• to llebr. 4••• G STRD:r-Reaol. o:rder:ing pa.Ting , ot •-• trca Brnard .A.Te. to •crth 81Tcl. URTDBTH 1.v.-Reaol.orcleri111 paTiJIC ot .... fNa Sixteenth to :11.p~llth lta. PR.AWCIS pa.Ting ot ••• troa Central Ave. to Fla. ATe. Ito. FIB D!Pf.--Reaol.UJthoriling Chief' ot Fire Dept. to purchase one Ford Touri~ Car tor uee ot Ntat. Chiet ot Dept. FIFTEIJITH ST order~ pa.Ying ot .... tr• lfioh.l.Te. to 26th A.Te., w1 th Bi tumnoua Jl&oadul. FIG smn:r-Reaol.ordering Tampa Water to la7 on ••e tr• lfo.BlTd. to Brevard AT••, ao. thoridng Cemetery Conn. to build fence on .. t ot Woodlan C•etel')'. F
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Index to Re10lution• Passed 1,y_ tlie Board of ~r~ntative1 of ~lie City of Tamp~ Florida -----------------. ' .. 0 . . • 0 .D 0 1nrn•1TT,~1111 • NUMBER 11-A DATE MONTH DAY YltAII Jan 10 1921 SUBJECT MATTER ;, . J'UllD8 01 TB! CITT-11x1n the fora b7 which 1ue 1hall be drawn 07 dep01itory until election and qualification ot a -City Manager • 19-A • -,ii S IP 1921 J'IG SmET-Directing itl"UADCe to propert:, owner, on 1&id street, from llome to Alb8.Jl7, of con1truct10n ot sewer, etc. Jan -21 1921 J'IDMll1S PDSION !'UID,.Deeignating certain members of COllffliHion as officer• of sue for the City. Jan 21 1921 J'IREMAl'S PDSION J'OID-Authorhing withdrawal and •t1burHment of fund . 1 of same. Jan 21 1921 !'ONDS-----------------------SAM!! AB ABO'IE---------------. 24-A 25-A 25-A 26-A Jan 25 1921 JIG STBD!-Clo1ing • ~oulevard ATe., between point aproa.45() J't. Borth of 1aid 1tr••t and right-of-wq of AOL ll. co. aero•• H. BlTd, etc. 70-A 74-.A" 85-A io4-A 123-A 124-A l4li-A 145-A 145-A 1g9_,1 195-A Jan 27 1921 J'UBDS--..PAU-Authorhin temporary tranefer of fund• from Intennal ImproTemm t Jund to Park Jund. hb 15 1,921 !'OURTH AVIRUDiBinHtn placing of 1anita17 Hwer in alley bet~een 4th An. , and 5th An, Hartland ATe, to Blanch &tnet. 1eb 15 1921 ' JI1"1'B AYBNlm----------SAMI AS ABO~-------------. J'eb 18 1921 JILL-lleq_uiring ownerof Blk.42, Lot 1, Leele7' • Addn. to laet Tampa to fill in aaae, etc. Mq 10 1921 !'UIDS, '1'RAW8J'lllDD-Authorbing certain tranafera in the General J'und of the Cit;y