Hydra automatic wireless telemetric system for water management and hydrology - January 8th, 1973

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Hydra automatic wireless telemetric system for water management and hydrology - January 8th, 1973

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Hydra automatic wireless telemetric system for water management and hydrology - January 8th, 1973
Parker, Garald G. (Garald Gordon), 1905-2000
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,; ... ~ -... ..; ... "' tiC2 .61~ ' -~ . . t . ~~-;, ~ , ' .. . .Ii> ' } !/ , ! ••.• ~: .. , i .. . . t • E1~~8.!S~-~~ ang__J~-~ o~-9& I<. • i f,,/' 1,. "f .,,_ '>'1 V , T J lc.. l , +-' v ,-, "~ The telemetric. syster:~ is able to coll~ct information in a " . region with a radius of 50 km-s /31 miles/~ The different me~sw:• ing stati. on~ can be plaoed -according to their. ai.m -within , this area~ The measuring oente.r and tj.1e -mer 4 .auring statioJ;J.s are . oonn~ 0ted with each other by .radio transmitter-raceiverso The measuring p~ocess is :i,nitiatad by the measuring Qanter, giving through the oent.:cal r.,lclio stat ion a selective call. Having received this measuring orde. r the measu.ring proGe~s will be o~rried out at the .rel.avant meas1u~ing stat ion, and the result will.be sent back to the measuring cente~ by ;cadio, in a digital ' form~ The center e v':3-lUates the result and pr~ts it I automatioa.lly .. _ on a paper band, together with the. symbol of the relevant m easur-. / 1ng station an~ with. tb.e accurate time /rp:inut . e . , houl.'7 day, mo.th/ . . at which the1 :measu:!em.ent was carried out~ The j>.rinte.r can bs. rapl.ac,ad, if req~csted, by a t i3.:pe:r.-= ... .,,ch device., It ~s possible ~o set in the cente~ for each measuring ,station a n.on-desired value of the mea~ur.ing result~ In case . ' one of tho measuring stations sond6 a result whioh exoeds tbat proseh , value~ the measuring center gives automatiaal t"" ala??m signals~ . , Tho ~c -lemot~ing ~stem. is-doo~gned fo~ automati~ mode of ope rat-ion /without hutian c ontrol/ The mcasu .ring p.rogiam is fixed. in advanca /L,o. the sequence and frequency of calls/. Thcr measuring ccntc.,;1 however . , can' also be opo:r:ated in a -,, m~ual mode of opo~e.t ion-. Switc1hing ov_ar to this mode, a:tJ.y measur• ing station can b o _ yal~Jd by m aans of push bottoms and awitchas. T AO .'result of maasu~amon . t as well .. as al) ... othc: impo.r tant q.ata appo?,~ at the visual display unit du~ing-each measu.rement. i ,_ I • I Tho.-rQ.dio station. s a~e ope.rating with a o~.tiier frequency of 160 MHa~ Thcr infol'mation to cc t:ransmittcd consists of a--seiies of audio ~uls_e_s, modulating tbo ~arria" in frequeno1~


. . T}l.e outpu1i power is 10 W, put it can bo adjusted to the diffe~en~ applications. •. By now two ki)lds of S~llsers c.an be dGl ivered: water level meters ~nd ~ainfall mcto~s~ Thn water l evel meter ha s the following pninoiple ofcpe-, . ration-?leto.l e~actrodee isolutcd t.rom each other,. .are plaqad . . in the water verticnlly. The distance between tham isl cm. Each ot the. m is connected by wiz'es to an elect.ronio equipment. ' . The alaot;codos covered with wat'e r have a low .resistancc, the - • olcotrodas being ~bov0 the watJr level show a high rasistanoa. Tho -measuring order starts a pulse gene.rater the pulses of which a~e lad at, thG same time to. the elootrodos /ono by-one/ and to the output. ~ As soon ~ s a pulse. roaches a free electrode, the goncra~or. is stopped. Tu. this w ay the number .. of pulsos at the output cquuls tha water level in centimeters~ The measuring. aco uraoy is obviously. + l am • . ' -. The . rainfall .m~tc r it;J nsin. g also electrodes,. which ar-o covered by the' rain water~ The !!aill oorncs t •~ough tho usual recipient vcsse~ into a measuring oylider~ The clcotrod,os ~re built in vcrticnlly into tbc. c ylinder~ R eceiving a oa+l the sama measuring proccdu;o sto.r t s e s ::1bovc 1 on l y 0 1 111 pulse oorresponds ,, . . to 1 mm ~ainfo.11 .. Th e cylinder. can r e ceive 100 mm rainfall. Whan the level goes over 90 :ru:a, th, ~ n the ap~aratus evacuates it self au_ t omat iQi!."'7 u sl.!}g .an eleotromo.gnct ic value., after the --next measuring p.rooess . Tho r e sult of the aotual measurement ,/ can be obtnir).cd by subtracting the p.r _ovious result from the , actua l value. Thero i. s an .obsc;cving oucuit which offe~ .ts that tho apparq.tus answers on} _ Y if mo;a t r.i.an 015 mm rainfall was •.reooivcd in the meq.Ilt ime 1hc p .owc.r consumption can ba kept to , : a minim •um this way. For the purpose of checking it is possible ~o call. /m~uall? / in a coclcd form ___ the rainfall m~as~ing stat.ion at any tit1e ~ Raving rco0ivcd the ,coded cail the appar.atus will answe!C indapendqntly of the .rain. The ma-asu.r,ing ac~uraoy is + l mm rainfall. ~ -


I . • :,, The frequency' of measureme .nts is, for example _ in a syate~ . . \ w1th 5 ta~fall-and 5 wate~ level measuiing stations, e vsry 12 minutes, eaoh ~ainfall stat ion and eve . cy hour eaoh wate~ le:vel station~ The measur:Lng stations can be s~pplied as well fl!om t-he mains /220 V/ as :from batte:1\Y /12 V/" Obviously any sanser oan be connected to the telem~tfj.o . . , system, which gives the measured value in the form o:e d -~o~ pulses, -the numb.er of which co.J:?-responds to the value. Both the Qenter and the measuring stations are :fUll;y transistorized~ \ I


/ ' I Having proved that the Hyclra teiemetrio system is oolleot automatioly withou. t cables information ion different - • • • . . . . I . ' ' hydrologio -meteorologic measu.:. 'ed values i.n a regi~n ~ . t approximatively 50 kiiotaeters, and to ,giv~ alarm signals , if the measured val~e is .higher_ shan a cermin preset value, we pla.n to apply the system in the followi.ng main dire~t. i o,?ss a.,/ waterman.ageing ,and op. 6:catio.ti 4ir6otirig. systems, :b.,/ flo~d-warning .systems, c./ ir-rigation systems'. . :crnder section a ~.; a conc.rste application of the telems.trio sys~em is .bsing ple.nned. for the Atale.r catchmsnt area •. This , \ . . system aims t o prcmote both the fload control and the / . . .l'lageme,nt Of WaJGErr re soUr06S syst6IDS~ . U.nder section b0 / a rsgionat flo: od-warni.nf; network is consideration, which wov.ld consist of sight local tE.l~metrio . ~ystGms -situ.a ted in the mcst rainy-. area s of .the reg~ol'l. .. co-opera ting with each othGr a.nd signaling any irregular b6ha vior of any --stream observed. to_ . the main_ center• un.dGr se~tion c~./ the. irr~.ga tion system of the 2 nd barrage . . of the riv-er Ti:sza could be operatcd by th use of tn~ Hydra tale.metric ~ystem •. , . . I


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