General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 1

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General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 1

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General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 1
Parker, Garald G. (Garald Gordon), 1905-2000
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Aquifers -- Hydrogeology -- Everglades (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Hydrology -- Florida -- Biscayne Aquifer (Fla.) ( lcsh )

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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GENERAL HYDROLOGY BRA?:H FIELD PROJECT PHOTOGRAPHS VOLUME I (Photographs 3-16 to 1'1-9, incl.) Garald G. Parker Water Resources Division U.S. Geological Survey


-1 Co Lo 1/125 f'l3 W.A. 3-20 View across pickup toward the snow-capped Beaver Rim. N.J.King 1/250 f9 W.A. 3-31-59 GGParker 3-17 N. J. King explaining sediment due to permeable material soaking up fiood flow. Downstream from 3-16. Lew bank of Ft. Union f rmation . behind King. Snow rvau..uts against • 1/13S n3 w.A. 3-S9 3-19 Rabbit in greasewood and sage brush. 1/250 f9 W.A. 3-21 N. J. King servicing recording rain gage at Lower Logan Draw. 1/250 f9 W.A. 3-31-59 GGParker


4-0 -Norman King servicing precipitation recorder, Logan Draw, Wind River Basin Wyoming 1/250,fS, W.A. -3-31-59 G. G. Parker ~es and bar" ( ? ) in bottom of channe 1 of Logan Draw, near lower Logan Draw recipitation recorder f 6.3 G.G. Parker -


4-4 North Logan Reservoir spreading area \ ind • basin, Wyo. 1/250 f7 3-31-59 G.G.Parker preader of ey Rock water ln main ch. and Managem;1f;d River Bas1 ogan _oraw, 1n .


Eroded anticline showing stripped dip slope on the Cretaceous Fron-: tier formation, and overlying Cretaceous Cody shale. Upper Log Draw, ind River basin, Wyo. f8 T.P. 3-31-59 G.G. Parker


G. G. Parker examm1ng sage below hwy bridge near . B sampling station on 5 ile Creek, ind R. basin, yo. Two dead cows on terin distant center of picture 4-1-59 G.G.Parker


Delta of 5-Mile Creek, about 25' thick, deposited since 151-'52 when Boysen reservoir began filling. Water level in res. is ordinarily about 201 higher than now ( 4-1-59). Driftwood snag indicates hisher water mark. flO 4-1-59 B.B.Parker Delta of 5-Mile Creek at Boysen eservoir, Wind R. Canyon mouth, through th Owl Creek Mts., in central distance. Boysen Dam is in this canyon, j t inside the mouth. 1/125 flO W .A. View across 5 ile Creek (looki eastward) at table lands of the ind R. for tion, Wind R. basin, yo. ind .-fin. i.s-about.. ..5-r<)OO' thick in this 1/125 flO W .A.


-section. e put old channel by usm in I Creek _ n a gad.ns t wall 1 0 to 1 ve its pres channel. N oraan King on • • ps -. ile Creek, ind R . basin, Norman K ng on st re am bank . way bridge in background t 5-18 Upp~r cataract of "Little N .iagara" 5-Mi!e Creek , Wind R . basin,Wyo. Norman King in pie. 1/125 flO W . A . 4-1-59 G . G .Parker


-0 5-Mile ere k above Borth Portal Rd. Sh~herd's horse on bank tar distanc te overgnized 'lllaillfl'A. 1/125 f'lO W.A. 4-1-59 G.G.Parker above "Little 1'1agara. is above the i:-.o in 5 k where irrigation waste wa r re • creek. Borman cona • -.. •-----:t this about what 5 looked like ior to receat cutting in e,---'d.ti~


rod forced el, e the ten fta'I~,.. we Little Dome oil in, Wyo.


J'urass ic :rorma tions ( WiJlSEttteNavaJo-EntredtL) in cliff', with well-developed tans at base of clitt. View across Colo. R. -Just west of Glenwood Springs, Colo. 1/125 f. 3.5 W. A. 4-4-59 O.O.Parker


k Clit~ tr a US 6 near Palisade, C l • , about 6 miles E. of Grand Juncti n, Cel. The B k Cliffs are Kmv (Cretaceous Mesa Verde fll). The valley here is permeable alluvium overly Kmc (Cretaceous c s shale ) • • -Fr m our wind w at 50 mph 1/250 f5.6 TP 4-4-59 View NE at Book Cliff's beyond Grand Junction; lying in the :tar of the Grand alley, from Red J Cla:lrtVBD OVarlook in the Colo; t 11 on the northern of -Unconq,a&b,U P teau. Be Triassic rocks lie directly n the PreCambrian diori • W are 2;000 feet above Y~.L.ICY rat this point. Dick Ha ey, Stan Schumm and Hal Peterson by road-way wa11: ---1/250 .:r6.3 W.A. 4-5-59 GGParker


rim of the •=•~--• across Frui , ey, Colo;; the Book Cliffs Oidag in (out ot • de. Grand ., 1n far distance • Colo~ R. makes center.


waa 1/250


Badg ing soil grasses, Lusby and


. . . . . ........ \ -""""'~ -speed up ero • Gregg top ot one o se ii. ~a ot Badger W Proje Jijst north of the North Bas fence. --


With recip. , an t of e). Fluted erosion faces on cliff ot Mancos shale N. ot US 6 and 50 a mil '1'11119.t!I0.111 Utah. ir ho From car w at 65 mph.


, o e or zo, 60; the rde is a blue d scarp 60 miles away car window at 65 mph.


Chimney Roe, ~to about 5 mi. • ot Ariz. line. Note Mancos shale and bl Mesa Verde ss from over •


Fluting on clitt face of Mancos shale ud caprock ot Mesa Verde ss, 666 Wash, Colo. Dick llad].ey lower right ot pie. 1/125 t8 W. A. 4-6-59 View up 666 Wash where four feet of sedime't ha accumulate in past 23 years. Hal Peterson standing at confluence ot two branches of 666 Wash, Colo. 1/250 f8 T.P. 4-6-59 GGParker


Shiprock, view across San Juan r ver valley from US 666, a.bout 2 miles N. of town ot Shiproak, N. M. 1/250 f8 T.P. 4-6-59


-16 Looking NW across Kutz ""__. .... LJI near its entrance with S betwee F~Aliu.MilC."'-'n & oo eld, N. M. Eros n is in the Wasatch f'ormation. (Tew). Dick Hadley stand1ng on headland. A large gas f'ield has been developed here in the underlying Mesa Verde tin. 1/250 f'5 W.A. 4-6-59 OOParker Pueblo Benito ruins in Chaco Canyon. See Kirk Bryan' "Geol.ogy of' Chaco e&nyon," Smithsonian Miscel. Coll., vol. 122, No. 1, 1954. G. Parker 9-17 Same as pie #9-16, but looking NE at "The Angels" an erosion remnant the horizo11. Site Kutz ... -~.n 1 E. of Ji• M. Rt 44, about 10 mi. s. of' oomf'ield,N.M 1/250 f'5 T.P. 4-6-59 GGParker


Ruins of Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon, N. M. See Kirk Bryan's " ology ot Chaco Canyon," Smithsonian Misc. Pap. Coll. v. 122, Ko. 7, 1954 4-6-59 G. G. Parker Cornfield Wash ProJ., N. M. Dick Hadley, Stan Schumn & Durl Burkham nearby; in the distance Hal Peterson. This is Dam lfo. 4 1/250 t6 T.P. 4-7-59 G.G.


10-2 Cornfield This is Dam 11 view trom tha 1/250 t6 W.A.


. ; Corntiel.d Wash Dam & Res. No. 2 slightly aownstream trom view in pie. No. 10.7. llote Navajo hogans and sunmer house across the Wash. l/250 f5 W.A. SKLT 4-7-59 GGParke 10-9 Navajo dwellings 1n 10-8 above, . Cornfield Wash, R. M. r ' { l/250 f'5 !J>. ., 4-7-59 GG~~r ••


Evaporation (bluish vapor 1n center ot pie) from Chinle shale (Triassic age) o road south from U.S. Hwy 66 to the Rio Colorado ProJ., N. M. W.A. 4-8-59 G.G.Parker I view as 1n 10-101 closer, looking No. 12. Snowstorm ing in center dis f T.P. SKLT 4-Evaporation (thin blue-gray lines 1n central part of pie) from Chinle shale. Same loc. as #10-12. Last nite's precip. evaporating. f9 T.P.


Rio Colorado project, 11'. M. Build.oz coutn.cting spreader dike. f9 T.P. r 10-16 Colorado project N.M. rese r contaiDs :bout 5' of water hea~ n with reddish-brown 41alD.t. gulls & ducks feed on the reservoir. In far distana the USGS gage with cars behind it. f8 W.A. 4-18-59 G.G.Parker


View upstream at Orab! Wash 3 miles uth ot Orabi. A botanical protil has been made of the slipoff 1~ in the channel. R .F .Hadley on the headland. t9 W.A. 4-9-59 till 'behind tor about Parker among


Downstream new of Orabi Wash shoving l ity of 1-year old salt cedar. .F. Haclley and s. A. Sc walk1ng in channel. f9 W.A. 4-9-59 OOParker View downstre from channel c about 9 miles ..._ __ baa cut el 1n tion. s. A. c to latt. Apache Pond No. 1 view from watershed toward the Dam. Top of red silt loam daJl can be seen in center of photo. n. c. Culler 1n left foreground. f8 W.A. 4-10-59 GGParker


Part of group visiting the Apache Ponds. R. r. Badley, F.d.. McKay (Eng. Geol. WRP mapping), c. T. Sumsion, R. C. CUller and G. E. Koberg. f8 T.P. 4-10-59 OOParker


h Pond No. 1 er checking r. View up~ draining into Apache Pond No. 2. Stake by Dick Culler repr sents headcut location in July 1958. Succ sive stakes record he t position later in s r. G.E. Koberg, H. v. Peterson and Fil. Mckay on lef't. f7 W.A. 4-10-59 GGParker


ange • • • • ri i:oberg changes hydro-graph chart as Diet Culler on.


above confluence w Creek. Heavy stan in Carrizo Ck. -Cordurr Cr Proj., A; z. View upvalley, USOO ga ng sta. against red rock (.., ... _,. f ii(. ) center pie. 'Ibis area cleared of jun per fall '57 to spring '59. Mote down brush on bench scarp and l::Jllmed stubs upon the bench. 1/250 t4 W.A. 4-ll-59 oGParnr S view from same place as 13-2 (Carrizo Creek upstream from confluence with Corduroy Creek, Ariz. but with telephoto lens. 1/250 f6.3 T.P. 4-11-59 OOParker


View down Salt River from left wall ot vent etru.cture aver:. looking curved spillway at Mormo Flat Dam. o t.e: Huge rock slide area on right wall several hundred yards downstream. 1/2.50 r6 w .A. 4-11-.59 OOParker ewwor e a Mountains, across the Gila Rive and the Buckeye Project Site, from near the base of unnamed butte. 1/250 f6.3 W.A. 4-12-.59 GGParker


S. A. Schwmn, R. F. Hadley, H. V. Peterson, and o. E. Koberg on the Buckeye Project. View across one of the distributariee of Waterman Wash. 1/250 .3 W.A.


ac sit vae ot .P R. , • • c G. of terman Wash. View is om 14-3. Tallest tree on is mesgui te. W.A. GGParker View up (sOllt&) main\el ot Waterman W h near the 1hck8J8 Project site. O.erhanging aaJ. cedar branchea are closeup. H •• Peterson, S.A. Schwnm, G.--.. ""ana R. F. Hadl.e7 1/25 o t6.3 W.A. h-12~9 ~Park View southwest across cul tiva1:8d field adjacent to Buckeye ProJect site. Farm house is hidden by trees to right of car. R.F.Hadley standing beside car. 0 . -12-59 GOParker


Peerless p on an irrigation well discharging through an 8-inch pipe into an irrigation canal. This is one of scores of such installations in the Buckeye area. 1/250 f7 w.A. 4-12-59 OOParker ev Gila Olla The tore th G is co the Hadl


p water temperature rec G. E. Io'berg on left. Mendes o1r near Texas. l/250 W.A. 4-13-$9 GO


•• I g at float support-ing an 1oa1tatr water temp-erature Up Mendo Lake, n Texaa.


Zimmerman Stock Tank, Laredo, Texas. o. • Koberg servicing recorder. Dr. Chas. Shrewsbury wa ching. 0 fS T .P. 4-14-59 GGParker 15-2 Southeast corner of Briane•s stock tank. Flower iined bank this sid • Hexadecanol injector cent r of picture. water stage recorder on right sid. 1/60 rS W .A. 4-14-59 GOP ker Acroe Briane•s Stock Tanlc G • lo c workini on control mechania. In foregromd one of the qu.adecanol inject,or tanks (red cylinder) amt battery power source. 1/259 f5 T.P. 4-14-59 GOParker View NW across Briana • s Stock Tank. Floating anemometer right side. Land based anemometer and cont ol mechanism left side. Mesquite and cactus in foregrcund 1/60 r, W .A. 4~14-59 GGParker


lS-6 Reservoir No. 12 (184 acre-teet capacity). F.W.Kennon on tilled field of black soil developed from tlie Austin chalk. -1/60 W .A. 4-1.5-59 GGParker Tank. ntrol-shelter in een pi e. G.E. Koberg walki te pect injec


R "oir No. 11 Honey Creek Proje • F.W.~•on in graea7 terraced field. t e Austin chalk is exposed wi alJnoat black soil. Dam w ccmplet in 1952. rN1eRP'Gir bu a capacit ot O am,.... i t and ill th larg tin the pro 1/60 tS W.A. 4-lS-59 Erosion in Pdy ( Doxey shale) shoving gullied abandoned homeste d, SW 1/4, Sec. 36, T.12N., R. 23W, l/2 mile south of reservoir 13, sandstone project, 12 miles W, of Elk City, Oklahoma. A. P. Leonard on right. 1/250 r, W .A. 4-16-59 GOParker 15-ll Erosion in the Pd7 ( Permia n Doxe7 shale) shoving central gully system. Sandstone ~ re-ek project 1/2 mile south" at Reservoir No. 13. A. R. L eonard in foreground. 1/250 f5 W .A. 4-16-59


Sanda A. R. Leo atancWig a, t gage hcMae on or AnomOMter • n -on in reaeno1r. t1 W.A. 4-16-S9 GGParker iation s tion on ocu~tone Creek Project. Eppley-p oheliomater on r t side of root. Beclonan and i 7 thermal radiometer on left side. Wet bulb hygrometer on pole at right. -F.W.Kennon and A.R. Leonard. 1/250 f7 W .A. 4-16-5 9


ge Bo. 3, ma • A. F. on • s tu ab • D p ia • below preee View down sand tone Creek channel long t bank sh(ild.,Dg dark layers, which repre en t the soil and land sur. bout 60 years ago when tar g first started in this valley. WI 4-16-59 GGParker ' • Spring eaeraing from um d sandstone la7er (Doxie shale) in the &DU7. Sandstone Creek roject. A.Jl.Leonard 1 g up ?rom spring. f6 3 W.A. 4-16-59 GGParker


Delaware River Memori~ Bridge, Wilmington, Del., and Christ River from 1,,000 .feet, looking WSW. fS WJ.. 6-3-59 16-18 Coastal Plain east of Philadelphia. 1/250 T.P. 6-3-59 G.G. Parker


Alan Jopling and John Kannerer at site of recording rain gage, Hop Brook Project. U.S. 202 right center. f7 W.A. 6-4-59 GGParker


John Kanunerer am Alan Jopling at well no. H-5, Trucheck rain gage in the f oregroond. Hop Creek Project. 1/250 f5 T.P. 6-4-59


., ., Maine • • Peterso, •• r\J', G Knox, .W.Fear and D.F.Dougherty, J.C. G.S.Prescott., R G c.s.conover at-st -at Baring., Maine '"


A.M.LaSala, J.A.Creatura, M.P.Thomas, C.S.Conover, A.M. Cameron, o.c.Prescott, R.G.Peterson, D.F.Diugherty, D.S.Wallace, and c.E.Knox at the gaging station St. Croix River at Baring, Maine. 1 12 t'Y!.t:> ... -11,..,.,.., 1_,....,.w .. -----~.-.• ••----a,. _ _ . , •• Conover at the gaging station St. Croix River at c.s.eon-over aging station St. ver at Baring, Main Baring, Maine. 1/12, r6.3 T.P. 6-7-59 GGParker


Left right begiing with th at car door R .A .Morrill, H.C.Philbric, c •• Knox, A.M.caaeron, and D.S.Wallace t the gaging tation S. Croix River at Baring, Ma • 1/125 t6.3 T.P. 6-7-59 OOParter R.A.Morrill ani H •• Philbrick in boat on St. Croix River 1/2 inile upstream from Baring, Maine. 1 12S t6.3 T.P. 6-7-59 GGParker


M.P.Thomas, D.S.Wallace, H.W.Fear at east -end of railroad bridge New Brunswick, Maine. .3 T.P. 6-7-59


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