General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 4

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General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 4

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General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 4
Parker, Garald G. (Garald Gordon), 1905-2000
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Aquifers -- Hydrogeology -- Everglades (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Hydrology -- Florida -- Biscayne Aquifer (Fla.) ( lcsh )

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Buckeye Project, Arizona. T. W. Robinson & T. E. A. von Hyckama in front of the air conditioned trailer office lab. 125 fS W.A. Buckeye Proj., Arizona T.W.R. & T.E.A.v.H. Water Supply pump and well house. Buckeye Project, Arizona T. W.R. & T. E. A. v. H. and the open-air, screened tool and supply shed. Buckeye Proj. , Ar tzona T.W.R. & T.E.A.v.H. 700 gal. water supply pressure tank. 1/125 fs WA' 6/10/60 G.G. Parker


Buckeye Project,-Arizona T.E.A.v.H. at edge of salt cedar that surrounds the evapotran piiation tank site. Sal ' cedar is 6 to 10 yrs. old. 1/125 , WA 6/10/60 G.G. Parker Buckeye Proj., Ariz., von Hylckama It T.W.R. water measuring meter to tank N~. 6. G.G. Parker Buckeye Proj., Ariz. corner of tank field and wind vane pole with observation platform about top of saltcedar that surrounds tank fiel Rain gage is mounted on platfor • Pie. taken from It unplanted tank No. 5. 27-10 Buckeye Proj., Ariz. , Jack Siddera, laborer, at water teq,erature It quantity recorder at taak No. 6.


Buckeye Proj., Ariz. T.~.A. v. Hylckama at Honeywell recorder that registers soil tea perature both inside and outside tank n. 6, both wet l dry-bulb air temperatures • asper• 27-12 Buckeye Proj .-, Aria:. , Looting along west side of tank field from platform at S.W. corner shown in pie. 27-8, White Tank Mts. in distance acress the Gila Valley. and beyond Buckeye. Buckeye Proj. Ariz. Looking ilmost B across tank field from SW corner. The windvane mast & recorder house of view. 1/250 f7, WA 6/10/60 G.G.


Buckeye Proj., Ariz. "Middlemast'with anemometer• pryroheliometer. View SW from SW corner of tank area on raingage platform (pie. 27-8) 1/250 f7, TP 6/10/60 G.G. Parker 1z. "outside" mast, se over of salt 27-M> Buckeye Proj. Ariz. "Middlemast", closer view of subject in 22-15, on trail to middlemast. Upper pipe carries AC carrent wires; lower pipe •rries wires to thermocouple 1/250 f7 i , -6/10/60 27-18 Buckeye Proj. Ariz. ''Outside" mast, off S.W. Corner of tank farm area.


27-21 Buckeye Proj. Ariz. Southward at " utside" mast, USGS "warningn sign, It in the-distance the Buckeye Hills. 27-20 Bue eye roj. Ariz. View west rd d9Wl the Wate man Wash its distributaries, just E of the tank site. The Wash flooded 10 times this spring, & prevented the planting of tank No. 5 . Buckeye Proj. Ariz. View from tank area looling SE across tanks No. 3 and No. 5. Note cuttings sprouting in No. 3 just across pipes. 1/500 f7, WA 6/10/60 G.G. Parker


"Desert willow• in Waterman Wash near Buckeye, Ariz. T.W.R. in Picture. Blossom of the "desert in pies 28-0 & 28-1 f4, WA 6/10/60 G.G. Parker Car stuck in sand of Waterman Wash near Buckeye, Ariz. It took 1 hrs. of digging out sand, jacking up car, placing planks under rear wheels, then repeating the process until we finally reached firm ground. T.W.R. & Jack Sidders.


Van Hylckama family: Lucy, Garrett, & Tineo. The cocker is "Lady'•. WA Same area as 28-5. Hand-emplaced rock lineameant to channel flood flows back into Wash. c.c.c. work ca. 1933. Hackberry Wash, about 10 mi. s. of Hackberry, Ariz. Up (N) from the fence is a newly built stock pond dam; below it and just over T.W.R.'s head, is a low c.c.c. rock dam to check erosion, built about 1933. Same rock dam shown in 28-5 A hog-fence wire mesh is bent over the rock & its edges buried in trench along dam.


Cottonwood Wash Project, Ariz. & the McKinney Ranch from a point about mi. E. of Cottonwood Mt. -P_ass, abeu.t 7 mi. E. of the Hackberry-Ariz. Route 93 road. U.S.G.S. weather station is at Kinney house. 28-10 c.w. Proj. Ariz. G.W. observation well no. T-1. Chart shows semidiurnal max. fluctuation at 0.14 feet during recorded period 5/18-25/60. L.-R.: T.W. Robinson, F.arl K-inney, Ivan Kinney, Richa .rd Aro (summer sci. aid to Farrel Branson) lens 1/500 f4.S TP 6/11/60 G.G. Parker 28-11 c.w. Proj. Ariz. Vie downstream from a point opposite G.W~ well no.T-2 twward T-1. T.W.R., Fkrel Branson, & Richard Aro moving upstream. 1/500 f4 TP. 6/11/60 G.G. Parker


28-12 C.W. Proj. Ariz. Measuring G.W.well T-2. Chart here show water-table fluctuations with maximum difference of 0.08 ft. during period of record 5/18-25/60 C.W. Proj. Ariz. in the meande .ring section of C.W. Creek Valley fill is fine meduim • coarse sand; gravel, cobbles & boulders line thenarrow flood plain. 1/500 f4.5 TP 6/11/60 G.G. Parker Earl Kinney changing recorder chart on T-3 while his father, Ivan Kinney, looks on. T-3 chart shows max. fluctuations of 0.09 ft. for the recorded period 5/18-25/60.


28-16 C.W. Proj. Ariz. View downstream several hundred yards above -the low~r stream gage# on Cottonwood Wash Creek. Bed rock is gr~nite & gneiss, chiefly. l/500 f4.5 TP 6/11/60 G.G. Parker 28-17 c.w. Proj. Arlz. Ditto, loo yds. downstream from 28-16 site. 6/11/60 G.G. Parker 28-19 c.w~ Proj. Ariz. • • & Pe.rrel Branson checking recorder. l/500 f4 TP 6/11/60 G.G.


28-20 Do. as 28-19, checking the water temperature recorder. Chart shows range of 540 -880 for recorded peroid of 6/6-11/60.


29-1 C.W~P., Arizona. Downstream at site: .of 1111dtt1e--gagn-jlr~ .. -yond grove of cottonwoods at right) on Cottonwood Creek. _This is the lower end of the.upper reach & will not be defoliated. 29-3 C.W.P., Arizona. T.W.Robinson and saltcedar at site of middle gage. This was our first knowledge that saltcedar had spread this far up the basin. 6/11/60 OOParker . . .... .• .. . . C. W. P. , .A~Jzo~~ &4iddl~ .:.. , .gage , lo. okiiig::d ; stream. : Bedrock /" is cryS-{alii e i : . 1;1gel: y p .ink -'gran.-it~ aild,,gray~ei ~,. •: _. •,,,'.. 1/500 f4 6/i1Y60 .. ;Parker . -~. • 29-4 NW at Las Vegas Range . from U.S. 91 & 93, about 10 mi. N. Of Las Vegas, Nev. Typical of the fault block mountains of the Basinand-Range Province.


ENE at Dry Lake Range from U.S. 91-93 opposite Arroline Quarry, about 24 mi. NE of Las Vegas, Nev. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. at 60mph 6/12/60 GGParker Dry Lake Range near north end of the range near Garnet, Nev., showing large fault block rotated inward against the range. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. at 60mpb 6/12/60 OOParker


NNW at Arrow Canyon Mts. from 1 mi. N. of Dry Lake Station on Union Pacific RR (Los Angeles to Sa 1 t Lake ection). Block-fault mountains tilted in all directions. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/12/60 OOParter S.W. at N~ end of Arrow Can yon Mts. across Muddy River Valley About 10 mi. NW of Moapa, Nev. Note synclinal mt. in center of pie Tertiary lake beds form valley.floor 29-10 N.W. at Arrow Canyon Mts. across Muddy River Valley. Tertiary lake beds (light colors) in valley, on Moapa Indian Reservation. About 6-7 mi. south of Moapa and Glenda le, Nev.


29-13 Alluvial fans coalesce to almost bury bedrock fault blocks. View across Muddy River Valley at Sheep Range from a peint where U.S. 93 cuts through Arrow Canyon Range Meadow Valley Range, about TO mi. N. of Las Vegas, Nev. --1/500 fS.6 T.P. at 60mph -6/12/60 GGParker 29-14 Five miles N. of Lincoln County Line on U.S. 93 in Nevada. A different part of the fan and range seen in 29-13.


Pahrock Valleys. from Seaman's Wash junction. Seaman Range on east. Looking down Nevada Rt.38. 29-18 View E. across N. End of the Pahranagat Valley about 1 mi. N. of Hiko, Nev. Cottonwoods, willows, & other phreatophytes on valley. --Paleozoic sediaan-ts fault-blacked --to N. Tertiary basalts cap some of the fault blocks. pictographs on tuff valley, 12.2 mi.N. of Seaman's Wash junction on Nev. Rt 38.


White sage on valley floor & rabbit brush on fans. Oen could nearly draw a contour of base of fa-ns by abrupt change in vegetatio~. Site about 17 mi. N. ofSeaman•s Wash junction on Nev. 38. 30-3 U.S.Bureau of Land Management range-water supply well located by C.T. (Ted) Snyder, who is standing beside the Jensen jack. Well is in lower White R. Valley & is 357 ft. deep. Water level is 252 ft. below land surface. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/12/60 OOParker 30-4. E. Across White R. Vci Uey from well site in 30-3. Note vegetation differences on: (1) valley _ floor-; (..2) f-a-nS-; Ii (3) -te..rrac.u..--


West from Corral Pass at crest -of Seaman Range looking across Coal Valley past a water gap in Golden Gate Range into Garden Valley The Quinn Canyon Range forms the skyline beyond Garden Valley. 1/500 fS.6 T.P • . 6/12/60 GGParker m a w . eaman Range at playa in y, Nev. 30-6 View from halfway down W. slppe of Seaman Range at playas in Coal Valley, Nev. 30-8 E. edge of Quinn Canyon Range looking down Cherry Creek intothe~Coil-Valley. Present A stream of Cherry Creek is cutting a deep & very narrow meandering trench in old flood plain. See Carpenter, 1915, S.E. Nevada Report W.S.P. 365. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/12/60 GGParker


30-9 & 30-1~ Panorama looking west across White River Valley at huge alluvial fans of bast of the Egan Range. Mountains are typical fault-blocks, comprisedchiefly of Paleozoic sediments. Spring at base of alluvial fan supplies ranch, among trees. Near Sunnyside, Nev. 30-11 S0utb along base of Egan Range in White R. Valley, Nev., showing a typical ranch headquarters with farm pond developed from a spring that issues from base of the fan. Site is about 3 mi. W. of site of pies 30-9 & 30-10. 30-12 Long distance view across and down White R. Valley at N. end of Golden Gate Range separating Coal Valley (on E.) from Garden Valley (on W.) 16 mi. S. of Lund, Nev. on Nev. 38.


Fan at mouth of Mosier Can yon across Ste-Ptoe Creek-i..ol1l-l.J.S. 6 & 93, 2 mi. S. of ~iv, Nev. Schell Creek Range in background. Base. of cutoff part of fan is abru t 3 mi from camera. 30-14 Profile of fault block mt. and fan on E. slope of S. end Egan Range at a point 8 miles N. of Ely and due W. of McGill, 10 mi away from camera. 3?-16 Another view of fan in 30-15 View to NE showing lines of shrubs along drainage courses on fan. These mark fan profile from mouth of canyon to Steptoe Creek.


30-17 View NE Dom Connor Pass at an elev. 7730 feet above sea level in Schell Creek Range at Mt. Moriah in Snake Range (etev. 12,0S0) across Spring Valley (lost from view between the mountains. View SW from 2 mi. W. of Majors Place on U.S. 93 & 6, looking across Baking Powder Flat in Spring Valley, Nev. at the low pass ---iis Snake Range. The pas-s is about 32 mi. away from camera. 6/13/60 OOPa:ker 30-18 View SSE from mi. below site of 30-17 looking at Wheeler Peak in Snake Range (elev ~ 13,06n:Snow in deep ravines. Wheeler Peak bears a notable rock glacier, not visible in this pie. 1/125 f7 T.P. 6/13/60 GGParker 39-20 View S. down Lake Valley from the Spring Valley--Lake Valley Pass at elev. 6200 ft. at unnamed peak in Ely Range to left side of pie. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/13/60 GGParker


Same site as 30-20. to SW at alluvial fans on E side of Schell Creek Range, ab out 6-10 mi. away from camera. Note fault scarp cutting across base of range, parallel to it. 1/500 f5.6 T.P.


31-1 Old horse-powered pump. Rig in foreground is a turntable with a wooden sweep to which an auxiliary pipe sweep has been added so 21i:irses could work at once. Turntable is geared to turn the pipe (driveshaft) -coupled to pump by means of severa 1 universal joints. Pump is ancient piston type. Carving on pump house is 1913. Site is about 18 mi. from S. end of Spring Valley. 31-3 T Snyder measuring water -"temperature of discharge ~m H'..tesian well at site of pump (31-1) Discharge=3gpm; temp=54F 1/500 fS.6 W.A. 6/13/60 GGParker Details of crankshaft and connecting rod assembly at top of well. This pump appa .rently worked like an automobile engine, upside down with its pistons in the water of the well.


31-6. 31-7; l 31-8 Panorama look~ ing west across Spring Valley, Nev. from top of alluvial fan near the Everett tungsten mine. Elevation at camera is about 7200 ft. and at valley floor is 5750 ft. 31-5 Old leaky artesian well at site 31-1. 1/500 f5.6 W.A. 6/13/60 GGParker 31-9 View NNW i-rtway down from top of fan, pie site 31-6-7-8 shows tungsten mill and tailings pile with Blind Spring nearby. GGParker


31-10 Glacial cirque in. Snake Range below the Highland Ridge near Hill Top Mine. View from road about mi. N. of the tungsten mill in pie. 31-9. 31-12 Pleistocene lake terrace in Spring Valley looking S. along the cruving scarp where the dirt road _(Nigger Creek Rd) _lo Yelland Ranch crosses scarp. --31-11 5536 Playa in Spring Valley seen from a high bench on Nigger Creek dirt road to Yelland Ranek.---Playa is about 6 mi. from camera. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/11/60 GGParker 3'1-13 View SW across Spring Valley from 2 mi. up on fan on the Four Mile Rd. Old terrace st•ands show as faint light-colored lines. -


Set of Pleistocene shore lines show as faint, light colored parallel lines in rabbit brush on fan in center of pie. W. side of Snake Range opposite Spring Valley Ranger Station. Spr1nkler irrigation from supply used on alfalfa. Eld-ridge Ranch on E. side of Spring _ ya1~ey. 31-17 Set of Pleistocene shorelines in Spring Valley about 2 mi. N. of 31-16. Note highly contorted crystalline rocks in fault block outlier rising above the lake shore deposits.


3 -18 Spring Valley, Nev. tocene lake-end bar jutting out from -valley wall opposite the Yelland well on E. side of Spring Valley. _l/500 f5.6 T.P. 31-19 Spring Valley, Nev., Yelland Ranch wind-mill and stock-water tank. Spring Valley well delivers 5 gpm to windmill.


32-1 Road is built on top of Pleis tocene lake end bar running across N. end of Spring Valley. 6/13/60 1/500 f5.6 T.P. at 50mph GGParker 32-3 Cirque still bear~ng some of winter•ssnow on E. side of East Humboldt Range about 2 mi. N. of Snowwtter Lake in Clover Valley, Nev. View from U.S. 93 about 4 mi. from mts. View W. into Steptoe Valley from W. side of Shelbourne Pass. 6/13/60 GGParker


W. down Humboldt Valley about 6 mi. W. of Elko, Nev. on U.S. 40 1/250 f5.6 T.P. 6/14/60 GGParker 32-6 View diagonally to SE across Humboldt R. Valley about 11 mi. W. of Elko, Nev. from U.S. 40. Sprinkler irrigation in field beyond segment of stream meander. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/14/60 GGParker 32-8 Looking owns ream same site as 32-6 & 32-7. s meanders of Humboldt R. & p phyte growth.


In the Humboldt R. Canyon where it cuts through the Sulfur Spring Range, about 14 mi. W. of Elko, Nev. 32-11 View SW down face of mountain range bordering Boulder Valley on west side. Looking toward site of stock-well to be located by Ted Snyder. Bust is from N.S.B.L.M. truck. 6/14/60 OOParker 32-10 Humboldt R. Canyon about mi. E. of Carlin, Nev. showing u.s.G.S. stream gage at bend of river. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/14/60 OOParker


Same site as 32-12. well location is chosen & a rag tied to fence wire to mark it. Site is near outer periphery of a _iarge alluvial fan directly behind the men. 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/14/60 GGParker Tufa terrace of Beowawe Hot Spring, about 2 mi. W. of town of Beowawe, Nev. Steam well discharges a plume of steam that can be seen for several miles. 32-14 Snyder & Isaacson measuring water level in U.S.B.L.M. stock well in Boulder Valiey. 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/14/60 GGParaer Beowawe, geyser field, Nev. Ted Snyder faking temperature measurement of bot wate~ rivulet. __ T.P. 6/14/60 GGParker


Hot spring boiling furiously up on slope of terrace. Orifice, about 4' diam., partially clogged by 2 large boulders that have been rolled into it., Beowawe, Ne~. ~--1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/14/60 Diagonally up valley across top of hot-springs terrace with a small hot spring steaming up in center ef pie. Playa of valley _ beyond. 32-18 The well drilled to tap steam fro geothermal electric Beowa we , Nevada . OOParker Small valley bottom geyser boiling & sloshing furiously. It had been erupting to height of abou 5 or 6 feet when we were up on high terrace. Orifice is elliptical, about 4'x6'. Beowawe, Nev. 1/500 f4 T.P. 6/14/60 GGParker t/500 f4 T.P. 6/1/460 GGParker


32-21 Another small geyser about 3'x4'. Steam bubbles upward clockwise. Beowawe, 1/500 f4 T.~. 6/14/60 GGParker


33-0 Humboldt River, view upstream, from bridge at Beowawe, Nev. 1/250 f5. w.A. 6/14/60 GGParker 33-1 Humboldt River, view downstream, from bridge at Beowawe, Nev. View SW across meander-scarred flood plain of Humboldt R. about l miles. of Winnemucca, Nev. In far distance isupper river terrace; flood plain is lower terrace. Near site of USGS & ARS phreatophyte test site. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker


33-0 Humboldt River, view upstream, from bridge at Beowawe, Nev. 1/250 f5. W.A. 6/14/60 33-2 Beowawe Hot Springs near Beowawe, Nev. GGParker 33-1 Humboldt River, view downstream, from bridge at Beowawe, Nev. View SW across meander-scarred flood plain of Humboldt R. about l miles. of Winnemucca, Nev. In far distance-isupper river terrace; flood plain is lower terrace. Near site of USGS & ARS phreatopbyte test site. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker


Phreatophyte Subcommittee inspecting Humboldt River phreatophyte project. Tonuny Robinson lecturing. Tommy Robinson showing young greasewood plant. Black alkali developin of soil surface in tank. 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/16/60 GGParker Same site as 33-4 but different tank. Plastic liner marks edge of tank. Young greasewood plants making good start--planted 4/14/60. Phreatophyte subcommittee members at Winnemucca, Nev. project site. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker


33-8 As 33-7. 33-10 Distant view of ARS salt-grass project site. USGS greasewood site is off to right, adjacent. Near Winnemucca, Nev. 33-9 ARS salt-grass tanks at. Winnemucca ~ite. Victor Myers, ARS, in charge 6 16 60 33-11 Winnemucca, Nev. phreatophyte test site; phreatophyte subcommitte specting; Vic Myers lecturing; Skip Cramer, C. of E., L.A., kneeling. 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/16/60


Winnemucca phreatophyte test site; George Hardeman, Nev., lecturing; Harry Blaney and Wayne Criddle beside him. 33-14 Tommy Robinson at willow tank planted 4/15/60--Winnemucca, Nev phreatophyte test site. GGParker 33-13 Winnemucca, Nev., test site. Three tanks planted to willows. Tommy Robinson lecturing and bending over to point out plant growth. Willows, saltgrass, s~dges and reeds in distance GGParker s.c.s. portable, light-weight drilling rig in Paradise Valley near Winnemucca, Nev. Rig is a "CONCORE", manufactured by Frank L. Howard Eng'r. Co., of Los .Angelesr Cali-f. It 3"-5" auger to 30' depth. Type E-5. GGParker


33-16 -As 33-15. Rig hitched to panel delivery truck for moving. 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/16/60 GGParker 33-17 Tommy Robinson, Paradise Valley, Nev., showing, L. to R.: (1) Greasewooa. (Sarcobatus vermiculatus) (2) Rabbit (Chrysothamnous sp.) (3) Big sagebrush (Artemesia tridentatar----As 33-17. Plants L. to R.: (1) Giant wild rye (Elymus sp.) (2) Horsebrush (Chrysotha.mous sp. (3) Saltbush.(Atriplex canescans) These comprise a phreatophyte assemblage indicative of shallow groundwater--8' L.S. here today. 6/16/,0 GGParker


33-19 & 20 Panorama shots up the Rumbolt R. Valley from U.S. Hwy 95 at a point 4 mi. N. of Winne mucca, Nev. The Kern Ranch in right side 33-20. Basalt flows cap low mesas left side. 33-19, and mark junction of Humboldt and Little Humboldt Rivers. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker Winnemucca, Nev., in Humboldt R. Valley seen from u. s. Hwy 95 at a point about l mi. N; of town. Grass Valley in far distance to south. 1/500 f5 T.P.


34-0 Humboldt R. Valley--view to west across valley at a point on U.S. Hwy 40 and 95 three miles south o 0reano, Nev. Shows a set of wide meander scars cut in Lake La.hont sediments abot the. .meanders of t modern river. l/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker 34-3 As 34-2 but looking SSE across south end of Humboldt Sink. Toulon Lake, the west part of Humboldt Sink, at Toulon, Nev. l/500 f5.6 W.A. 6/16/60 GGParker Humboldt Sink, about 2 mi. south of Toulon, Nev., looking due east across the Sink. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker


34-6 As 34-5 . 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker Steam blowing from exploratory well for geothermal power at Brady's Hot Springs, south side of U.S. 40, about 17 mi. NE of Fernley, Nev. Bubble of steam about to burst "mud pot'' vent at Brady's Hot Springs, Nev. 1/500 f5."6 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker


Ted Snyder examines "mud volcano" orifice at Brady's Hot Springs, Nev. Lake Lahontan shores and ~ediments in Truckee Valley 3-4 miles south .. of Wadsworth, Nev. and 26 miles E. of Reno, Nev. Lake beds abut against basalt of hills to right and back of center. 34-9 "Mud volcano" at Brady's Hot Springs, Nev. 34-11 00. , A little farther west than 34-10. A Southern Pacific freight train speeds by.________ ' I 1/500 f5.6 T.P.


View up Truckee R. Valley from U.S. Hwy 40 near Orchard, Nev. Phreatophytes, chiefly cottonwoo and willow l mi. the river banks. Squaw Valley, Calif. View of VIIIth Winter Olympics skating rink bldg. 1/125 f5.6 W.A. 6/16/60 GGParker 34-13 View down Truckee R. Valley from U.S. Hwy 40 about 2 miles west of Thisbe Derby Dam. Lake Lahontan sediments make terraces on both sides of valley. This view from north side terrace. 6/16/60 GGParker Squaw Valley, Calif. View of the Victor's Statues and the Chalice of the Eternal 1/125 f4 T.P. 6/16/60 GGParker


34-16 Squaw Valley, Calif. View up skijump alley. 1/125 f4 T.P. 6/16/6o GGParker 34-17 Lake Tahoe, Calif., from Cal. Hwy. No. 28, near ~ahoe City. 1/60 f4 T.P. 6/16/60 GGPiuker


Lake Tahoe, Calif. GGParker


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