General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 5

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General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 5

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General hydrology branch field project photographs - volume 5
Parker, Garald G. (Garald Gordon), 1905-2000
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Aquifers -- Hydrogeology -- Everglades (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Hydrology -- Florida -- Biscayne Aquifer (Fla.) ( lcsh )

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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35-0 Silver City, Nev., a "suburb" of Virginia City, Nev. View from about 1 mile away, on Nev. Hwy. No. 17. 1/500 f5 T.P. 35-2 Virginia City, Nev. View from top of Gold Hill, Virginia City, Nev., probably looking into Alkali Flat about 15 miles away. 6/17/60 GGParker As 35-2


View down and diagonally across the Carson R. Valley from a point about l mile east of Doryton, Nev. Lots of cottonwood and willow in this valley. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/17/60 GGParker Calcareous tufa (fresh-water limestone) on west bank of Truckee R. about 6 miles north of Wadsworth, Nev. Ted Snyder walking toward high-level channel above present river. 35-5 View ea$t across Truckee Valley about 3 miles north of Wadsworth, Nev. Pleistocene Lake Lahontan _shorelines o _ n basa-1t hills to east.. Lake sediments {white in pie) bein cut by riven Cottonwoods Flood plain. 35-7 View down into Truckee R. Valley from tufa ridge shown in 35-6. 1/500 f5-T.P. 6/17/60 -----GGParker


Profile of a hill showing lakeshore terrace notches. From same site as 35-7. 6/17/60 GGParker Modern shoreline strand--marksAwJ in and small bay at southwest~ at Pyramid Lake, Nev. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/17/60 GGParker 35-9 View f~om southwest end of Pyramid Lake with Anaho Island in center, and Fremont's Pyramid to right for distance. ' 35-11 Knob of "thinolite" and calcareous tufa, part of a tombolo on west shore at Pyramid Lake, Nev. about 4 miles south of Sutcillf e, Nev.


35-12 Small, breached knob associated _with large one in 35-ll. Garald G. Parker sampling rock. 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/17/60 GGParker 6/17/60 GGParker . 35-13 Detail in center of breached knob shown in 35-12. Pocket knife for scale. Elongate crystals are known as thinolite. 35-15 Detail n area shown in 35-14. 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/17/60 GGParker


35-16 A "window" in the tufa knob shown in 35-11 1/500 f5 W.A. 6/17/60 GGParker 35-18 Fremont's Pyramid, from which Pyramid Lake takes its name. •• View from and point 3 miles south of Sutcliffe, Nev. Light values changing rapidly with fast-moving clouds. See pie. No. 35-19 • • •• 35-17 Pyramid Lake, Nev. A view of the shore shingled with waste from tufa deposits. Site same as 35-11. 1/500 f5 W.A. 35-19 view as 35-18 but with different lighting. 1 500 f4.5 T.P. 6 17 60 GGParker


Lake La.honton shorelines and terraces on west side of Pyramid Lake, about 5 miles south of Sutcliffe, Nev. View to southe~st. 1/500 f5 T.P. 35-21 Truckee River at Nixon, Nev. jus above where the river flows into Pyramid Lake. 1/125 f5.6 T.P. 6/17/60 GGParker


36-1 Pyramid Lake area--tufa heads at Marble Bluff on southeast end of the Lake. 1/60 f5 T.P. 6/18/60 GGParker View north into Winnemucca Lake (day) from hill between"" and Pyramid Lake. Tuf a columns and heads on nearby shore. As 36l, showing here details in the tufa, especially the effects of weathering. 1/60 f5 T.P. 6/18/60 GGParker 36-4 Nightingale Mts. seen across Winnemucca Dry Lake. 1/250 f5 T.P. 6/18/60 GGParker


Spring areas (dark green) on east side of Lake Range about mile south of north end of Winnemucca Dry Lake. Smoke Creek Desert from pass abou 14 miles south of Gerlach, Nev. View across Mud Flat and Granite Creek Desert. 36-8 View toward Gerlach, Nev. with U.S. Gypsum Co.'s bldgs. for right margin of pie. beside Nev. Hwy 34. Granite Creek Desert to left, Blac Rock Desert to right, Granite Mt. in center bag~ground.


36-9 Ted Snyder digging for water in Alkali flat of Black Rock Desert about 4 miles north of Ger;-J...CH,o~-, Nev. Lake Lahontan shoreline on side of Granite Mt. behind car. at edge of alkali flat. As 36-10 but taken with Telephot lens. Lake Lahontan shorelines on south side of a headland extending into lower end (south) of Black Rock Desert. Compare this W.A. shot with no. 36-ll, a T.P. shot from same place. 36-12 Alkali Flat from Nev. Hwy No. 34 on pass from Black Rock Desert. The Washoe County--Pershing County line runs N-S through Alkali Flat.


Dust storm in Alkali Flat about 10 miles away from camera. Calic Mts. in background. GGParker Same dust sto:nn as seen in 36-13 but looking at right angles to it. View east from Nev. Hwy 34 opposite Ives. on Ranch. Man-made lake in Alkali Flat, with dikes at north and south ends. Site is about 21 miles north of Gerlach by way of Nev. Hwy 34. 6/18/60GGParker Massacre Lake Proj. Area. View up South Willow Creek showing two rhyolite feede-r dikes with hiu--side eroded away leaving dikes standing like stone walls • . 1/500 f6.3 T.P. 6/18/60 GGParker


36-17 Massacre Lake Proj. Area. Hog Ranch Creek cut into head of Little High Rock Canyon from Nev. Hwy 34 at top of pass from Willow Creek, near Swingle Ranch Rhyolite flows cap the hill tops and tertiary lake beds fill valley bottom. Petrified coniferous tree stump near site of 36-17. Tress were buried erect by ash falls and by rhyolite flows. Site protected by Nevada State Museum, Carson City, Nev.


Massacre Lake Proj. Area. View across southern part of Cottonwood Valley from Nev. Hwy. 34 after crossing divide from Hog Ranch Creek. GGParker Massacre Lake, Nev., seen from stock-water well windmill derrick of Bureau of Land Management. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/18/60 GGParker 37-1 Massacre Lake Proj. Area. View north up Cottonwood Valley showing Tertiary lake beds and terraces. 1/500 f5.6 T.P. on a dirt road View east across Alkali Lake central part of Long VaJ.ley. 1/500 f4.5 T .P. 6/18/60 GGParker


37-4 View north toward Berry Brooks Ranch and Parry Ranch from same site as no. 37-3. 37-6 GGParker View north into Mosquito Valley from site of 37-5 and 37-7• l/500 r5.6 W.A. 6/18/60 GGParker 37-5 View south into Long Valley from the divide separating it from Mosquito Valley on Nev. Hwy 34.


37-8 One of the "Coke Ovens", erosion remnant of volcanic agglomerate Ted Snyder examining rock sample. Nev. Hwy 8A at Old 49 Camp on 49 Creek. 1/60 f5.6 W.A. 6/18/60 GGParker 3J-10 View southwest across Surprise Valley toward Eagleville. The Warner Mts., in California, in distance. High peak is Eagle Mt 37-9 The "Coke Oven" area, same site a 37-8. 6/18/60 GGParker South Fork Pitt River valley, about 3 miles south of Likely, Calif. View north up the valley 1/250 f5.6 T.P. 6/19/60 GGParker


From same site as 37-11. View to northwest toward the West Valley Reservoir. 1/250 f5.6 T.P. 6/19/60 GGParker 37-14 Cattle grazing in field not far from Mt. Meadow Reservoir. l/250 f5 T.P. 6/19/60 GGParker 37-13 A typical Sierra Mountains valley, this one just west of Fredonyer Pass, on Cal. Hwy. 36, about 2 miles east of Mt. Meadows Reservoir 1/250 f5 T.P. . GGParker 37-15 View of .southeastern side of Mt. Lassen from Calif. Hwy 36 at northeastern end of Almanor Lake. 1/250 f5 T.P. 6/19/60 GGParker


Al.manor L. from Calif. Hwy 36. View toward north end of lake. See 37-17 which overlap,this view. 6/19/60 GGParker Solfatera at "The Sulfur Works" Mt. Lassen Volcanic Nt'l Park. Note sulfur coating rocks that shore up the road /500 f5 T.P. 6/19/60 As 37-16, but view to south end Al.manor Lake. This view overlaps 37-16. 1/250 f5 W.A. 6/19/60 GGParker As 37-18 but different viewpoint. Peak in center is Brokeoff Mt. S~ow patches in protected places on slopes in distance. 1/500 f5 W.A.


Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park, Calif., sign. 1/60 f5 T.P. 6/19/60 GGParker 37-21 Same area as 37-20, viewing fumaroles.


38-0 Mt. Lassen Volcanic Nt'l Park, south entrance and exist. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/19/60 GGParker Mt. L.V.N.P. at Drakensbad, Calif The open-backed bath house is supplied with hot mineral water f:om spring. Ranger Station in distance across meadow Th" . • 1S 1S upper end of Warner Creek basin Warner Creek 1 -t • s a ributary to ---~ Feather River at Chest~r, Calif. 1/500 f5.6 W.A. 38-1 Mt. L.V.N.P. at Drakensbad, Calif. Wild doe in forest glade. 1/500 f5 T.P. 6/19/60 GGParker North Fork Feather River Canyon about 3 miles below Crescent Mills, Calif. looking downstream. 1/500 f5.6 T~P. 6/19/60 GGParker


View down N. Fork Feather River Canyon from a point on u.s. Hwy 40 slt. about 4 miles south of Virgilia, Calif. View down N.F.F.R. just above its confluence with Jackass Creek. From U.S. 40 alt. bridge. Note huge boulder, some 30' x 12' x 8' in channel. 00 f .6 T.P. 6 View up N.F.F.R. to confluence with the stream from Almanor Lake, near Rich Bar, Calif.


Menlo Park USGS Center. side of Bldg. No. l l/500 f4 W.A. 6/21/60 GGParker View down N.F.F.R. , from U.S. Hwy 40 slt. about 2.3 miles north of Jarbel Pass. GGParker Sharon Project Area at entrance gate. Arvi O. Waananen, Project Engineer, in road. View to northnorthwest down Sharon Creek basin.


Sharon P.A. View to north-northeas at Sharon Weather Station near trees high up on shoulder of hill. Blue oaks and eucalyptus, tress are connnonest 1/500 f5.6 W.A. 6 21 60 5 x e" photo. notescale. Soil polygons with bounding fissures 3 or more feet deep and ranging in width at land surface up to 2 inches. These serve as'local areas of recharge for a short while but runoff is accommodated through them as a system of sub-surface drainage. GGParker Reedy area in Sharon Creek valley bottom indicative of permanent shallow water in draw here. Arvi Waananen gives scale.


Small draw emptying into Sharon Creek from the south about 50 feet below the reedy area shown in pie. 38-15. The gully below the road culvert is "healed". A small alluvial fan from hillsid at mouth of little gully is constricting Sharon Creek valley. 6/21/60 . GGParker View downstream along little draw shown in 38-16. Note small landslide scars (cusps) on the west wall of the draw. Arvi Waananen changing rain gage recorder charts at Sharon Creek weather station. 1/500 f.5.6 T.r. 6/21/60 GGParker Sharon Creek gaging station near Menlo Park, Calif. This is at lower end of Sharon area of the San Francisquito Project. Note ragged hole (a plunge pool) in cha~el foreground, and the erosion channel beyond it which also has a deep plunge pool at the head of the cut.


"B" basin upstream view from near lowe; basin gage, .view toward "B" basin weather station. 6/21/60 GGParker Series of shallow plunge pools in side gully to main drainage in "B" basin. Water standing in lowest pool where side gully meets main channel.


39-2 Stanford Univ. with Herbert C. Hoover Memorial Tower in cente of pie. View northeast from just over the rim of area "C". View toward weather sta. "C" from site of radar tower near upper end of area "C". 1/500 f5.6 T.P. 6/21/60 GGParker Entrance of U.S.G.S. Menlo Park, Calif., center. Bldg. No. l is in background through the trees. GGParker


MenJ.o Park USGS Center, Bldg. No. l which now houses Water Resources, Geologic, and Administrative Divisions. 39-7 As 39-6, but different viewpoint USGS flag flies below national flag. 1/500 f5.6 W.A. 6/21/60 GGParker


Menlo Park USGS Center Bldg No. l/500 f5.6 W.A. 6/2l/6o GGParker 39-9 As 39-8 but slightly different


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