Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Multidisciplinary Conference
Carlsbad, New Mexico, May 6-10, 2013 / Lewis Land, Daniel H. Doctor, J. Brad Stephenson, Editors.

Keynote: Speleological, Hydrogeological and Engineering Geological Challenges Of Tunneling in Karst Areas / Mladen Garašic --
Natural and Anthropogenic Sinkholes: From Identification, to Surveying, Studying and Modeling a Subtle Hazard / Mario Parise --
Tectonic Influences on Petroleum Migration and Speleogenesis in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas / Harvey R. Duchene --
When the Carbonate Plumbing Goes Bad: Sinkholes, the Hydra, and the General Public / William Kochanov.

Session I: Engineering and Geotechnical Aspects of Karst
Towards a karst assessment standard practice / Robert K. Denton, Jr.--
Geotechnical case history for sinkhole investigation and stabilization methods along a high pressure petroleum pipeline / John T. Pusey, Jr. and John M. Caccese--
Problems associated with the use of compaction grout for sinkhole remediation in west-central Florida / Edward D. Zisman and Daniel J. Clarey--
Evaluating karst risk at proposed windpower projects / William J. Bangsund and Kenneth S. Johnson--
Application of stability charts and reliability concepts for simplified analysis of a void in soil overlying karst bedrock / Timothy C. Siegel, Danner F. Drake, and Eric C. Drumm--
If it's weight of hammer conditions, it must be a sinkhole? / Edward D. Zisman and Daniel J. Clarey--
Exploratory grouting of a subsurface detention/infiltration system / Joseph A. Fischer, Todd K. Miller, Michael J. Miluski, and Joseph J. Fischer--
Need for a standardized approach to characterizing, permitting, and constructing landfills in karst geologic settings / Robert C. Bachus and Richard B. Tedder--
A calibration test of karst collapse monitoring device by optical time domain reflectometry (BOTDR) technique [Poster] / Guan Zhende, Jiang Xiaozhen, and Gao Ming--
Induced sinkhole formation associated with installation of a high-pressure natural gas pipeline, west-central Florida [Poster] / Ted J. Smith and George C. Sinn--
Cover-collapse sinkhole development in the Cretaceous Edwards limestone, central Texas [Poster] / Brian B. Hunt, Brian A. Smith, Mark T. Adams, Scott E. Hiers, and Nick Brown.

Session II: Evaporite Karst
Salt karst and collapse structures in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma and Texas / Kenneth S. Johnson--
Evaporite karst in the Permian Basin region of west Texas and southeastern New Mexico: The human impact / Lewis Land--
Evaporite karst and hydrogeology of the Castile Formation: Culberson County, Texas and Eddy County, New Mexico / Kevin W. Stafford--
Gypsum karst causes relocation of proposed Cedar Ridge Dam, Throckmorton County, Texas / Kenneth S. Johnson and J. Mark Wilkerson--
The role of sulfate-rich springs and groundwater in the formation of sinkholes over gypsum in eastern England / Anthony H. Cooper, Noelle E. Odling, Phillip J. Murphy, Claire Miller, Christopher J. Greenwood, and David S. Brown--
Gypsum karst and potential risk in siting wind turbines in Blaine County, Oklahoma / Kenneth S. Johnson, William J. Bangsund, and Neal A. Hines--
Evaporite karst in the Black Hills, South Dakota and Wyoming, and the oil play in the Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana / Jack B. Epstein and Daniel H. Doctor--
Variations in evaporite karst in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona [Poster] / James T. Neal, Kenneth S. Johnson, and Paul Lindberg--
Monitoring evaporite karst activity and land subsidence in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) [Poster] / Brian D. Conway and Joseph P. Cook.

Session III: Geophysical Investigations in Karst Terrain
Geophysical investigations of the Edwards-Trinity aquifer system at multiple scales: Interpreting airborne and direct-current resistivity in karst / Marcus O. Gary, Dale F. Rucker, Bruce D. Smith, David V. Smith, and Kevin Befus--
Subbottom profiling investigation of sinkhole lake structure in Bay and Washington Counties, Florida / Thomas L. Dobecki, Sam B. Upchurch, Thomas M. Scott, Beth Fratesi, and Michael C. Alfieri--
Improved imaging of covered karst with the multi-electrode resistivity implant technique / David Harro and Sarah Kruse--
Reconnaissance evaluation of a potential future sinkhole using integrated simple surface geophysics and surface monitoring points / Michael L. Rucker, Sean Hulburt, and Mark D. Edwards--
Ground-penetrating radar, resistivity and spontaneous potential investigations of a contaminated aquifer near Cancún, Mexico / Philip J. Carpenter, Ryan F. Adams, Melissa Lenczewski, and Rosa M. Leal-Bautista--
Typical methods for forecasting karst collapse in China [Poster] / Yan Meng, Jianling Dai, Long Jia, Mingtang Lei, and Feng Ji--
Statistical analysis of GPR and SPT methods for sinkhole investigation in covered karst terrain, west-central Florida, USA [Poster] / Henok Kiflu, Michael Wightman, and Sarah Kruse--
Integrated geophysical methods for groundwater exploration in a karst area with or without thin cover - a case study from Tai'an City, Shandong Province, China [Poster] / Fuping Gan, Yixiang Chen, Wei Zhao, Yuling Chen, and Wei Liu.

Session IV: Formation Processes of Karst and Sinkholes
Examples of anthropogenic sinkholes in Sicily and comparison with similar phenomena in southern Italy / Marco Vattano, Mario Parise, Piernicola Lollino, Marco Bonamini, Di Maggio, and Giuliana Madonia--
Development of sinkholes in a thickly covered karst terrane / Sam B. Upchurch, Thomas L. Dobecki, Thomas M. Scott, Steven H. Meiggs, Sarah E. Fratesi, and Michael C. Alfieri--
Paleokarst crust of Ordovician limestone and its capability in resisting water inrushes in coal mines of north China / Lin Mou and Gongyu Li--
Deep time origins of sinkhole collapse failures in sewage lagoons in southeast Minnesota / E. Calvin Alexander, Jr., Anthony C. Runkel, Robert G. Tipping, and Jeffrey A. Green--
Emergency investigation of extremely large sinkholes, Maohe, Guangxi, China / Mingtang Lei, Yongli Gao, Xiaozhen Jiang, and Zhende Guan--
Karst landforms in the Saraburi Group limestones, Thailand / Gheorghe Ponta, Bashir Memon, James LaMoreaux, Jade Julawong, and Somchai Wongsawat--
Clastic sinkhole and pseudokarst development in east Texas [Poster] / Kevin W. Stafford, Melinda G. Shaw-Faulkner, and Wesley A. Brown--
Characterization of karst collapse hazard based on groundwater fluctuations in Qingyun Village, Guigang, Guangxi, China [Poster] / Xiaozhen Jiang, Mingtang Lei , Yongli Gao, and Zhende Guan--
Investigations of large scale sinkhole collapses, Laibin, Guangxi, China [Poster] / Yongli Gao, Weiquan Luo, Xiaozhen Jiang, Mingtang Lei, and Jianling Dai.

Sessions V: Karst Hydrology
Mapping flood-related hazards in karst using the KARSYS approach: Application to the Beuchire-Creugenat karst system (Ju, Switzerland) / Jonathan Vouillamoz, Arnauld Malard, Gabrielle Schwab Rouge, Eric Weber, and Pierre-Yves Jeannin--
Conceptualization of groundwater flow in the Edwards Aquifer through the Knippa Gap hydrogeologic constriction, Uvalde County, Texas / Jennifer Adkins--
Delineating source areas to cave drips and cave streams in Austin Texas, USA / Nico Hauwert and Brian Cowan--
Use of physical and chemical response in cave drips to characterize upland recharge in the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer, central Texas, USA / Brian Cowan and Nico Hauwert--
The need for presumptive habitat considerations in working with subterranean aquatic species of concern: Three Ozark region case histories, USA / Shiloh L. Beeman, Thomas J. Aley, and Michael Slay.

Part VI: Mapping and Management of Karst Regions
A chronological catalogue of sinkholes in Italy: The first step toward a real evaluation of the sinkhole hazard / Mario Parise and Carmela Vennari--
Lessons learned from occurrence of sinkholes related to man-made cavities in a town of southern Italy / Pietro Pepe, Nunzia Pentimone, Giuditta Garziano, Vincenzo Martimucci, and Mario Parise--
Restoring land and managing karst to protect water quality and quantity at Barton Springs, Austin, Texas / Kevin Thuesen--
The use of drought-induced "crop lines" as a tool for characterization of karst terrain / Samuel V. Panno, Donald E. Luman, Walton R. Kelly, and Matthew B. Alschuler--
Mapping surface and subsurface karst geohazards for highway projects: SR 71 South Knoxville Boulevard Extension, Knox County, Tennessee / Harry L. Moore--
Government Canyon State Natural Area: An emerging model for karst management / George Veni--
Combining LiDAR, aerial photography, and Pictometry® tools for karst features database management / Scott C. Alexander, Mina Rahimi, Erik Larson, Cody Bomberger, Brittany Greenwaldt, and E. Calvin Alexander, Jr.--
An evaluation of automated GIS tools for delineating karst sinkholes and closed depressions from 1-meter LiDAR-derived digital elevation data / Daniel H. Doctor and John A. Young--
Delineation and classification of karst depressions using LiDAR: Fort Hood military installation, Texas [Poster] / Melinda G. Shaw Faulkner, Kevin W. Stafford, and Aaron W. Bryant--
Locating sinkholes in LiDAR coverage of a glacio-fluvial karst, Winona County, MN [Poster] / Mina Rahimi and E. Calvin Alexander, Jr.

Field Trip Guide
Evaporite Karst of the Lower Pecos Valley, New Mexico / L. Land.