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Digital collections in the USF Libraries originate from multiple sources:

  • Digital collections created from a physical collection owned by the USF Libraries, primarily from the Tampa Library Special Collections Department
  • Digital collections created from physical collections owned by USF Libraries' partners
  • Digital collections that were purchased and are hosted locally
  • Digital collections for which USF Libraries purchased subscription access (fee based, network affiliation, or freely available)

USF Libraries Digital Collections History

Digitization and digital collection building began at the USF Tampa Library Special Collections Department in the fall of 1995. In 1997 the library formally began to develop a plan to create a "virtual library" via twelve Virtual Library Implementation Teams. The Digitization Project Group (DPG) studied current standards and best practices in digitization and digital collections and created a plan for the organization of the Library Digitization Center (LDC). The DPG finished its work with the formal organization of the LDC in 1999, while the overall Virtual Library Project work concluded in 2001. Digitization staff have continuously studied emerging standards and best practices and researched new procedures to keep the digitization unit productive and efficient. In that spirit of innovation and efficiency the unit has gone through several reorganizations.

A Digital Collections & Imaging Unit was constituted in the fall of 2005 under a plan to streamline imaging, digitization, and digital collections operations by merging staff from multiple units across the USF Tampa Library. Greater efficiency was attained by gathering staff expertise and equipment into a single unit sharing the same facilities. In early 2008, the unit was renamed Digital Collections & Services in order to emphasize its role in assisting patrons. In December 2008, DCS formally merged with the Special Collections Department to form Special & Digital Collections. In the Fall of 2013 another strategic realignment caused the digital collections unit to again became a separate unit, then renamed Digital Initiatives & Services under the Administrative Services division.

In July 2016 the Digital Initiatives & Services unit joined with the ScholarCommons unit to form the new Digital Scholarship Services division.