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Note: The remainder of this page will be updated soon in regards to the new public interface released on 2018-08-19.

Home page organization

Collections on the home page are organized by subject area: Tampa and Hillsborough County Studies, Florida Studies, Arts, Humanities, and Literature, History and Heritage, Science and Technology, and USF History. Individual collections are listed there as well as parent collections. Collection type groupings are also listed there such as archival, genealogy resources, oral history, periodical and newspapers, photographs, etc.

On a collection home page a brief collection description is provided and links for accessing the collection in different ways. If the collection is a parent collection all of the sub-collections will be listed below the collection description. Clicking on the sub-collection link will take you to the home page for that sub-collection.


The default search on the site home page and each individual collection home page is a full-text search. For items that don't have full-text the item's descriptive metadata is available in the search index. Note the additional contextual reference provided in the toolbar, "All Collections:" or "This Collection Only:".

Advanced Search: This is a search of descriptive metadata and provides dropdowns for searching specific fields, also including boolean searching options. See the "Quick Tips" section on the Advanced Search page.

Full-Text Search: This is the same full-text search as the default search. The "Quick Tips" also appear on the Full-Text search page.

Search results: The brief search results provides key descriptive metadata, search terms in context in the full-text, a thumbnail, and a link to the item. Results are 20 per page and can by sorted by rank, title, and published date. There are 3 view types for the brief results: brief, table, and thumbnail.


Browsing at the 'All Collections' or 'This Collection Only' level provides the familiar brief results pages with the addition of an expanded descriptive metadata summary.

Viewing content

There are many viewer per content type, images, documents, video, etc. According to the content types available different viewers are available via the toolbar. No additional plug-ins are required, only full HTML5 support in modern browsers.

Downloading content

Multiple viewers provide built-in features for downloading content.

Custom Image Download Service: For items that have images our custom image download serice is available via link in the toolbar. Upon clicking that link you are navigated to the service (pop-up window). You are provide a number options. Patrons can download up to 25 images per daily/per IP. Notice the terms of service provide there.


myUSFLDC provides services to customize your digital collections experience. USFLDC stands for University of South Florida Libraries Digital Collections. Register for an account or login via the myUSFLDC Home link in the top right of each page. While registering please include as much detail as possible.

In myUSFLDC you will be able to view and organize your tags, bookshelves, and searches, etc. If you have site permissions you will also be able to submit items and work with them.

When logged in the My Collections service will be available where you will find your customizations - My Collections, My Links, including your bookshelves.

Statistics about the collection

Visit the statistics pages to learn more about collection item counts & usage statistics.