As the original contributors and project curators, we conceptualized an open-access, persistent, expandable, easily appended, and updated exhibition of multimodal text analysis methods and research artifacts that could be brought together through the process of curation. Our vision for this digital exhibit would not have been realized without the support, insight, and technical skills of our colleagues in the USF Tampa Library:


  • Carol Ann Borchert (Director, Digital Scholarship Services): Thank you for your vision and support of faculty sponsored projects. You created the pathway for our work and helped us assemble the perfect team to create this collection.


  • Richard Bernardy (Digital Collections Systems Administrator & Software Developer): Thank you for helping us shape this collection through innovative programming, creative problem solving, and exquisite attention to our goals and outcomes for the project. We truly appreciate your willingness to make this project work behind the scenes and on the screen.


  • Jason Boczar (Digital Scholarship and Publishing Librarian): Thank you for understanding our literacy and methodological purposes for this collection and finding ways to translate the project into library language. You understood our big picture and helped us find ways to make it work.


  • Jane Duncan (Manager, Library Operations): Thank you for your insightful feedback and thoughtful commentary throughout the development of this collection. Your exceptional ideas, matched with careful attention to detail, were essential in the creation of this collection.


  • Nafa Fa’alogo (Media Resources Specialist): Thank you for creating graphic designs based on our sketches, drawings, and rough drafts. We appreciate your responsiveness to our visual and graphic requests.


  • Melanie Griffin (Children’s Literature & Young Adult Literature Special Collections Librarian): Thank you for sharing your expertise in library collections development and supporting our foray into digital collections and curation.


  • Xiying Mi (Metadata Librarian): Thank you for labeling and cataloging. Your work allowed us to create a networked and searchable system that is easily accessed by anyone.

With appreciation,

Jenifer Jasinski Schneider
James L. Welsh
Susan Constable
Anne W. Anderson
Lindsay Persohn
Carrie Scheckelhoff